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Hastings Co., 1910

birth place was usually not given on 1910 registrations


012181-10 (Hastings Co) John ALEXANDER, 29, farmer, Elzevir twp, Elzevir twp s/o John ALEXANDER & Hanna LENNOX married Maggie ALEXANDER, 22, Elzevir twp, Elzevir twp d/o Robert ALEXANDER & Mary ALFRED wtn: Mrs A. SAGAR & Mrs A.E. McQUADE of Queensboro, 6 October 1910 at Queensboro


012192-10 (Hastings Co) Nelles Glendi ALLEN, 23, farmer, Richmond Twp s/o Albert A. ALLEN (farmer) & Elizabeth MARLIN married Jessie Edna YOUNG, 21, maiden, Hungerford d/o Charles YOUNG (farmer) & Margaret ARMSTRONG wtn: Nina WILSON of Switzerville Ontario & Robert A. ALLEN of Marlbank Ontario, 26 January 1910 at Marlbank 012246-10 (Hastings Co) Albert ALLIN, 28, labourer, Madoc s/o August ALLIN & Marie DEISE married Alvina STEVENS, 38, widow, housewife, Madoc d/o Frederick KRAUSE & Caroline VON LICHT wtn: Joseph COX & Mrs Addie COX both of Madoc, 2 July 1910 at Madoc
12036-10 Carl BAIER, 29, widower, farmer, of Bangor, s/o Wilhelm BAIER, farmer, & Albertina GUTZ (Geitz?), married Agnes KUNE, 30, widow, of Bangor, d/o Ewald GAPKE, farmer, & Marie SCHAUSSHEIMER, witn: Wilhelm & Henry BAIER of Bangor, 20 March 1910 at Bangor #012317-10 (Hastings Co): Arthur BARLOW, 23, farmer, of Sidney, s/o Alford & Mary, married Minnie L. LOVELL, 18, of Sidney, d/o John L. LOVELL & Mary E. LUNN, witn: Charles EVES of Sidney Crossing & Mabel GRAY of Foxboro, 15 Dec 1909 at Sidney
#012320-10 (Hastings Co): Francis BARRON, 53, widower, fireman, of Stirling, s/o S. BARRON & Eliza JERMINE, married Cinderella PHILLIPS, 53, widow, of Foxboro, d/o Henry SEELEY & Mahalay BANNON, witn: Absolom & Louisa PARKS of Belleville, 12 June 1910 at Sidney 12227-10 Henry Francis BERTRAND, 24, carpenter, of Marmora, s/o Stanislaus BERTRAND, carpenter & Emma WATSON, married Margaret Helena DOYLE, 18, of Marmora, d/o Patrick DOYLE, farmer & Sarah DEMERS, witn: Daniel MURPHY & Rose DOYLE both of Marmora on Sept. 26, 1910 at Marmora
012188-10 (Hastings Co) Robert W. BLACK, 22, farmer, Faraday Twp s/o James Nelson BLACK (farmer) & Margaret Ann JAMIESON married Maggie Estella ZUFELT, 22, Campbellford d/o Lester John ZUFELT (labourer) & Isabella BAKER wtn: Alexander C. McLELLAN & Susan BLACK both of Bancroft, 22 February 1910 at Faraday Twp 12173-10 Thomas BLACK, 57, mechanic, widower, of Deseronto, s/o George BLACK, farmer & Sarah Jane HERBISON, married Linnie R. McDONALD, 37, of Deseronto, d/o John McDONALD, farmer & Christina FRAZER, witn: A. B. COPELAND & Eliza GARRISON both of Deseronto on Nov. 2, 1910 at Deseronto.
012159-10 (Hastings Co) William Edgar BLACK, 29, business teacher, London s/o William R. BLACK (farmer) & Jeannette HETHERINGTON married Laura SIMPSON, 27, Belleville d/o Benjamin SIMPSON (farmer) & Tanzen SPRY wtn: Henry Thirwall THOMAS of Colbourne & Susan SIMPSON of Belleville, 28 December 1910 at Belleville 012173-10 (Hastings Co) Thomas BLACK, 57, widower, mechanic, Deseronto s/o George BLACK (farmer) & Sarah Jane HERBISON married Annie R. McDONALD, 27, Deseronto d/o John McDONALD (farmer) & Christina FRAZER wtn: A.B. COPELAND & Eliza GARRISON both of Deseronto, 2 November 1910 at Deseronto
012186-10 (Hastings Co) Gilbert Archibald BOOMHOUR, 30, farmer, Faraday s/o James BOOMHOUR (farmer) & Sarah E. PALMATEER married Hattie WHITMARSH, 21, farmer's daughter, Faraday d/o Sidney WHITMARSH (farmer) & Mary BOOMHOUR wtn: Thomas FOORN (Fooris?) & Ruth FOORN both of Bancroft, 30 September 1910 at Faraday 12224-10 James Edward BOOTH, 23, farmer, of Rawdon Tp., s/o John BOOTH, farmer & Elizabeth SHARPE, married Annie Cecilia ROBSON, 18, of Marmora Tp., d/o John ROBSON, farmer & Ella KERR, witn: T. H. & Ella MOORE both of Marmora on March 27, 1910 at Marmora Village

012248-10 (Hastings Co) John A. BOVAY, 28, farmer, Crofton in Prince Edward County s/o Peter W. BOVAY (farmer) & Sophia PENNYCOCK married E.B. Jennie PLANE, 18, Madoc Twp d/o Edward A. PLANE (farmer) & Maggie ARTIS wtn: Oliver A. PLANE & M.B. LOVE both of Madoc, 7 September 1910 at Madoc

012077-10 (Hastings Co) Marshal W. BOVAY, 55, widower, mason, Bloomfield s/o John BOVEY & Minerva BLAKE married Eliza A. BARNES, 56, widow, Belleville d/o Philip ACKERMAN & Margaret J. JOHNSTON wtn: Florence PHILLIPS & Rachel PHILLIPS both of Belleville, 18 May 1910 at Belleville

12222-10 James Albert BOYD, 23, farmer, of Marmora, s/o James BOYD, farmer & Hannah HARRIS, married Clara RILEY, 21, of Belmont Tp., d/o George RILEY, farmer & Elizabeth KELLY, witn: Alexander BOYD of Blairton & Mrs. Harry RUSSELL of Marmora on March 9, 1910 at Marmora Village 012251-10 (Hastings Co) William BREEN, about 50, widower, blacksmith, Tweed s/o James BREEN (mechanic) & Elizabeth KIRWIN, married Mary LEFEVRE, 50, widow, domestic, Queensboro d/o Edward LAFFERTY (farmer) & Mary McILROY wtn: Charles LaPALM & Julia GENEREAUX of Queensboro, 14 September 1910 at Madoc

012076-10 (Hastings Co) Edward Albert BREWER, 21, labourer, Belleville s/o Edward Stanley BREWER (labourer) & Louise Anna FREDERICK married Jane MOUNTNEY, 20, Belleville d/o Louis Allen MOUNTNEY (labourer) & Nancy Amy WILSON wtn: Mary J. BEAMISH & Henry James POWELL both of Belleville, 8 May 1910 at Belleville

012257-10 (Hastings Co) William Gerald BROWN, 25, cheese maker, Hazards Corner s/o John S. BROWN (contractor) & Catharine HURST married Minnie Cora HOWELL, 28, Cooper d/o James COOPER (painter) & Sarah DAINARD wtn: James E. DAINARD of Hazard's Corner & Edith M. DAINARD of Cooper, 26 January 1910 at Cooper

#012319-10 (Hastings Co): Alfred E. BROWN, 33, farmer, of Carrying Place, s/o Mayer Andrew BROWN, farmer, & Camilla WALT, married Pearl M. LOCKWOOD, 23, of Sidney, d/o Harry M. LOCKWOOD, farmer, & Amanda MYERS, witn: David M. LOCKWOOD of illegible & Mabel WILSON of Bayside, 31 April 1910 at Sidney

12229-10 Isaac BROWN, 28, farmer, of Rawdon, s/o John BROWN, farmer & Elizabeth EASTWOOD, married Melissa MOORE, 24, of Rawdon Tp., d/o James Elliott MOORE, farmer & Phoebe HARRIS, witn: F. H. & Elenor MOORE both of Marmora on Nov. 8, 1910 at Marmora

12164-10 Jonathan BRUCE, 26, farmer, of Hermon, s/o John BRUCE, farmer, & Mandy Malvina McCOY, married Grace YOUNG, 23, of Boulter, d/o David Taylor YOUNG, farmer, & Margaret Galetta WHYTE, witn: Norris DODS of Hermon & Annie YOUNG of Boulter, 6 April 1910 at Boulter

12206-10 Joseph G. BURKE, 26, farmer, of Sidney Tp., s/o Lorenzo J. BURKE, farmer & Amanda McTAGGART, married Annie J. HAWKINS, 20, of Huntingdon, d/o James HAWKINS, farmer & Julia Ann FARGEY, witn: A. L. BURKE of Anson P.O. & Lizzie HAWKINS of Stirling on Sept. 7, 1910 at Huntingdon

12043-10 George CARSWELL, 37, widower, farmer, of Tyel twp - Nipissing Dist., s/o John CARSWELL, farmer, & Ann PAYNE, married Margaret LIVINGSTONE, 32, of Wicklow twp., d/o George LIVINGSTONE (late) farmer, & Jane CARSWELL, witn: D. Campbell CARSWELL & Annie LIVINGSTONE, both of Maynooth, 22 Nov 1910 at Maynooth

12217-10 Charles COCHREN, 26, farmer, widower, of Campbellford, s/o John COCHREN, farmer, & Bessie ATCHESON, married Ethel SABINS, 22, of Campbellford, d/o Sylvester SABINS, laborer, & Mellisa WILSON, witn: Mrs. Mary SNYDER of Marmora & Maggie MILLIKEN of Midland, 10 May 1910 at Marmora twp

12042-10 Patrick COE, 23, farmer, of Maynooth, s/o Mitchell COE, farmer, & Tate Jane HICKEY, married Martina FITZGERALD, 22, of Maynooth, d/o Ed FITZGERALD, farmer, & Johannah RODY, witn: Michael FLYNN & Mary Ann COE, both of Maynooth, 20 April 1910 at Maynooth

12205-10 William COOK, 23, farmer, of Tuftsville, s/o George COOK, farmer & Nettie EGGLETIN, married Effie STAPLEY, 20, of Tuftsville, d/o James STAPLEY, farmer & Sarah LONG, witn: William STAPLEY & Florence COOK both of Tuftsville on June 29, 1910 at West Huntington

012024-10 John Wesley COONEY, 24, farmer, of Limerick Tp, s/o John & Ricki, married Florence May REID, 17, of Limerick Tp, d/o Anson REID & Mary Jane HAILSTINE, witn: Mr & Mrs Ed BRINKIN of Bancroft on Apr. 5, 1910 at Bancroft.

012160-10 (Hastings Co) Harry Irwin CORDON, 23, iron worker, Belleville s/o John CORDON & Katherine McLEOD married Lottie Ella HARRIS, 21, Belleville d/o Charles HARRIS (labourer) & Martha ALLEN wtn: Minnie CORDON & H.A. ELVINS both of Belleville, 28 December 1910 at Belleville

012394-10 (Hastings Co) Samuel Templeton COVERT, 21, labourer, Campbellford s/o Alfred COVERT (cooper) & Sephrona DARROUGH married Rosannia STICKLES, 20, Campbellford d/o George STICKLES (labourer) & Henrietta SAVOIE (Savins?), wtn: Gilbert & Mave VANDYKE of Brighton, 5 July 1910 at Trenton 12168-10 Thomas P. CULHANE, 41, clerk, of Deseronto, s/o James CULHANE & Margaret McCOLLUM, married Mary Ethel EGAR, 29, of Deseronto, d/o William George EGAR & Mary Agnes ADAM, witn: Joseph E. & Mary Camille ROBITAILLE both of Deseronto on May 25, 1910 at Deseronto.
  012387-10 (Hastings Co) Oliver Nathan DAFOE, 34, widower, blacksmith, Holloway s/o James E. DAFOE (carpenter) & Elizabeth M. JONES married Lilly May BRINTNELL, 21, Corbyville d/o George Nelson BRINTNELL (farmer) & Sarah Ann HAMILTON wtn: Charles E. BRINTNELL of Corbyville & Armenettie DAFOE of Holloway, 14 December 1910 at Corbyville
012234-10 (Hastings Co) Joseph DECHENE, 22, farmer, Belmont Twp s/o Peter DECHENE (farmer) & Meuda YOUMANS married Sarah ELLIS, 18, farmers daughter, Belmont Twp d/o Harvey ELLIS (farmer) & Margaret CLAPPER wtn: Margaret ELLIS & George YOUMANS both of Cordova Mines, 7 September 1910 at Marmora 012383-10 (Hastings Co) Christopher DELINE, 24, labourer, Foxboro s/o Hugh DELINE (farmer) & Charlotte CRACKNELL married Mary HAYWOOD, 18, servant, Madoc d/o Thomas HAYWOOD (labourer) & Mary HAYWOOD wtn: Herbert DELINE & Hessen DELINE both of Foxboro, 2 November 1910 at Foxboro
012255-10 (Hastings Co) Jack DEMARSH, 27, farmer, Madoc Twp s/o Frances DEMARSH (farmer) & Annie CORMIER married Jennie LAIRD, 23, domestic, Elzevir Twp d/o John LAIRD (farmer) & Ruth PARKER wtn: Peter LATON (Latour?) of Madoc & Gill DANARD of Tweed, 21 November 1910 at the Catholic Church in Madoc

12174-10 Clarence Percy DENISON, 26, mechanic, of St. Catharines, s/o St. C. DENISON, merchant & Martha ROSE, married Jessie May KIMMERLY, 23, of Deseronto, d/o James KIMMERLY, labourer & Martha DAFOE, witn: Fred. G. KIMMERLY of Collingwood & Edna R. DENISON of Napanee on Dec. 25, 1910 at Deseronto.

012390-10 (Hastings Co) Louie Ernest DENYES, 26, merchant, Foxboro s/o W.A. DENYES (merchant) married Edleen G. HENDERSON, 19, at home, Foxboro d/o Rev Johnson HENDERSON (minister) & Lillian LOUCKS wtn: Leah PHILIPS of Phillipston & Roscoe VANDERWATER of Chatterton, 22 December 1910 at Foxboro 012158-10 (Hastings Co) Clarence DICKINSON, 32, merchant, Regina in Saskatchewan s/o William G. DICKINSON & Jane Cockburn Wilson married Grace Burrell BOGART, 32, Belleville d/o Curtis BOGART (lawyer) & Ella BURRELL wtn: H.M. BOGART of St John in New Brunswick & Mary Agnes BARR of Renfrew Ont., 28 December 1910 at Belleville

12211-10 Norris DODS, 26, farmer, of Mayo twp., s/o George DODS, farmer, & Christena GUNN, married Dora RAMSBOTTOM, 26, of Mayo twp., d/o Robert RAMSBOTTOM, farmer, & Elizabeth Hartney WHITE, witn: David DODS of Hermon & Elizabeth RAMSBOTTOM of Rowland, 16 Nov 1910 at Hermon

012259-10 (Hastings Co) Charles Robert DORGHTY (Doughty?), 24, farmer, Eldorado s/o Robert DORGHTY (farmer) & Ellen MOORE married Anna Belle McCOY, 21, Cooper d/o John McCOY (farmer) & Hattie BLAIR wtn: Percy McCOY & Jennie ROBINSON both of Remington, 8 June 1910 at Hastings

12199-10 James Melville DRUMMOND, 24, clerk, of Madoc, s/o John William DRUMMOND, clerk, & Susan Maria BROOKS, married Mabel Althier CATERINE, 22, of Hungerford twp., d/o William CATERINE, railway section foreman, & Ida Elenora MAYNE, witn: Melville CATERINE of Havelock & Stella MAYNE of Actinolite, 28 Sept 1910 at not given 012161-10 (Hastings Co) John Stanley ECCLES, 24, teacher, Janesville Wisconsin, s/o George ECCLES (gentleman) & Augusta HORN married Nancy Ethel LESLIE, 25, Belleville d/o Adam LESLIE (gentleman) & Mary Ann MATHER wtn: George ECCLES of Toronto & Adam LESLIE of Belleville, 27 December 1910 at Belleville

12228-10 Harvey ELLIS, 42, farmer, widower, of Belmont Tp., s/o Brooks ELLIS, farmer & Margaret BROWN, married Hannah CLAPPER, 30, widow, of Belmont Tp., d/o Joseph CLAPPER, farmer & Elizabeth GROVES, witn: Joseph & Elizabeth CLAPPER both of Havelock on Oct. 24, 1910 at Marmora. (see ** bottom of page)

012252-10 (Hastings Co) John F. ELLIS, 22, labourer, Marmora s/o Simeon ELLIS (farmer) & Minnie ALLT married Mae Flora ARTHURS, 20, Madoc d/o Fred ARTHURS & Jane ARNOTT d/o Fred ARTHURS & Mabel ALLT both of Madoc, 21 September 1910 at Madoc

12239-10 Harry FENN, 35, farmer, of Milestone Sask., s/o Robert FENN & Julia A. JOHNSTON, married Margaret SANDFORD, 32, of Scotch Settlement, d/o Peter SANDFORD & Susan DOUGHTY, witn: Mrs. R. BAMFORD of Madoc & Mrs. A. illegible of Trenton on Feb. 23, 1910 at Madoc

12166-10 John H. FINIGAN, 29, rancher, of Napanee, s/o Robert FINIGAN, farmer & Delia BAKER, married Lillian I. WOODCOCK, 27, of Deseronto, d/o Alexander WOODCOCK, farmer & Isabella HYSLETT, witn: W. C. & Evelin STRATTON both of Deseronto on March 3, 1910 at Deseronto.
  012073-10 (Hastings Co) Maurice Lionel FITZGERALD, 24, bank clerk, Tweed s/o Duncan FITZGERALD & Margaret McMAHON married Gream Alice VAN NORMAN, 33, Belleville d/o John VAN NORMAN & Sarah FERGUSON wtn: Kathleen TANNER & Hannah M. VAN NORMAN both of Belleville, 16 April 1910 at Belleville

12039-10 William Patrick FITZGERALD, 35, farmer, of Monteagle twp., s/o Patrick FITZGERALD, farmer, & Elizabeth L'EVEQUE, married Bridget Ann McALPINE, 32, of Monteagle twp., d/o James McALPINE, farmer, & Maria DONAHUE, witn: Joseph FITZGERALD of Greenview & Mary Theresa McALPINE of Maynooth, 29 June 1910 at Maynooth

12034-10 William E. FITZGERALD, 26, farmer, of Maynooth, s/o Edward FITZGERALD, farmer & Johanna RODY, married Margaret Ellen COE, 24, of Maynooth, d/o Peter COE, farmer & Ellen HICKEY, witn: Michael COE & Martina FLYNN both of Maynooth on Feb. 7, 1910 at Maynooth.

12225-10 Terrence FITZPATRICK, 34, miner, of Marmora, s/o Daniel FITZPATRICK, miner & Annie FLYNN, married Mary Ellen GALLAGHER, 31, of Marmora, d/o Patrick GALLAGHER, farmer & Anne CONWAY, witn: James McKENNAR of Deseronto & Anne FITZGERALD of Marmora on April 11, 1910 at Marmora

12040-10 Timothy Jeremiah FOLEY, 27, laborer, of Bancroft, s/o Timothy FOLEY, farmer, & Ellen BURNS, married Margaret Ann BROWN, 18, of Monteagle twp., d/o John BROWN, farmer, & Mary BURLANGETT, witn: John FOLEY of Birds Creek & Delilah BROWN of Maynooth, 27 June 1910 at Maynooth

12037-10 Edward FOSTER, 26, farmer, of Wicklow twp., s/o John FOSTER, farmer, & Christena RUSNOW, married Mary CHIDLEY, 22, servant, of Wicklow twp., d/o Joseph Charles CHIDLEY, farmer, & Frances Hannah MURPHY, witn: William CHIDLEY & Grace Ellen FOSTER, both of Maynooth, 28 Sept 1910 at Lot 29, Con 2 of Wicklow twp

12041-10 Joseph Lawrence GANNON, 24, farmer, of McClure twp., s/o John James GANNON, farmer, & Julia TIVON?, married Elizabeth CASSIDY, 26, of Monteagle twp., d/o William CASSIDY, farmer, & Jane McNALLY, witn: Peter CASSIDY of Greenview & Lizzie McDONALD of Tamworth, 13 Aug 1910 at Maynooth

  012200-10 (Hastings Co) George GIBBS, 49, widower, teamster, Sheffield s/o William GIBBS (farmer) & Mary COULTER married Elizabeth McGUIRE, 45, maiden, Sheffield d/o Charles McGUIRE (farmer) & Rebecca wtn: C.J. CLARK & Philip SIMMONS both of Tweed, 28 September 1910 at Hastings
12243-10 Charles GIFFORD, 37, farmer, of Marmora Tp., s/o Charles, farmer & Mary Anne, married Dora RODGERS, 19, none given, d/o John & Margaret, witn: John COOPER of Marmora & Florence RODGERS of Madoc on April 23, 1910 at Madoc.

012189-10 (Hastings Co) Lewis GLEN, 32, painter, Toronto s/o Oliver GLEN (painter) & Gertrude REID married Myrtle Lucy LINDSAY, 23, fur finisher, Toronto d/o Joseph Allen LINDSAY (farmer) & Hannah Margaret RUTTAN wtn: Kenneth Earl LINDSAY & Mary Ethel TURNER both of Toronto, 28 December 1910 at Faraday Twp

12216-10 John Lester GOODRICH, 22, farmer, of Marmora twp., s/o Charles GOODRICH, clergyman, & Elizabeth BALL, married Isabella PACK, 22, of Marmora twp., d/o William PACK, farmer, & Ida Francis BAILEY, witn: William John PACK & Margaret LOUGH, both of Marmora, 24 March 1910 at Marmora

12212-10 Charles Tupper GRAHAM, 27, carpenter, of Hastings, s/o William GRAHAM, carpenter, & Caroline JENKS, married Maggie Erith Lucinda WANAMAKER, 16, of Hartsmere - Mayo twp., d/o William Henry WANAMKAER, farmer, & Eliza Jane HANNAH, witn: Mathew Henry WANAMAKER of Hartsmere & Pheby Olive BREMNER of Detlor, 25 Dec 1910 at Hartsmere

012233-10 (Hastings Co) Floyd GRAY, 19, labourer, Marmora s/o John GRAY (labourer) & Emma REVOY married Lillie Victoria REYNOLDS, 20, housework, Marmora d/o John Nelson REYNOLDS (labourer) & Elizabeth N. NEAL wtn: Frank GRAY & Mary DOYLE both of Marmora, 27 July 1910 at Marmora 012256-10 (Hastings Co) Frank GRAY, 22, labourer, Marmora s/o John GRAY & Martha DONNAN married May BOWEN, 18, Marmora d/o David BOWEN & Sarah WRIGHT wtn: Annie BEAUFORT & Charity GRAY both of Marmora, 21 December 1910 at Madoc
012194-10 (Hastings Co) Sanford Alexander GREATRIX, 32, yeoman, Hungerford s/o Elijah GREATRIX (farmer) & Mary MORGAN married Caroline AKEY, 22, maiden, Hungerford Twp d/o Roderick AKEY (farmer) & Margaret CARR wtn: Percy AKEY of Tweed & Francis RODGERS of Actinolite, 23 February 1910 at Hastings Co 012230-10 (Hastings Co) Morley HAGGARITY, 25, farmer, Huntingdon s/o William HAGGARITY (farmer) & Mary McCONNELL married Nellie HOLLAND, 22, housework, Rawden d/o William HOLLAND (labourer) & Robina POLLARD wtn: F.H. MOORE & Eleanor MOORE both of Marmora, 28 December 1910 at Marmora

12182-10 Nelson HALE, 28, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o Abraham HALE & Amelia HOOD, married Mabel Melissa KELLAR, 29, Elzevir twp., same, d/o John KELLAR & Melissa JOHNSTON, witn: Reinalda KELLAR of Actinolite & Florence CAMPBELL of Queensboro, 7 Sept 1910 at Elzevir twp

012201-10 (Hastings Co) Donald Kelso HALL, 26, farmer, Thurlow s/o George HALL (farmer) & Libbie MAXWELL married Sarah Lily COULTER, 21, maiden, Tyendinaga d/o James COULTER (farmer) & Marion THOMPSON wtn: Frank M. YORK of Gilead Ontario & Maggie M. HAMILTON of Poucher's Mills, 2 November 1910 at Hastings

12214-10 James HAMILTON, 38, farmer, of Marmora Tp., s/o David HAMILTON, farmer & Margaret LOUGH, married Clara CAVERLY, 25, of Marmora Tp., d/o Amos Mills CAVERLY, farmer & Elsie Matilda WILLIAMS, witn: Henry & Emma HAMILTON both of Marmora on Jan. 26, 1910 at Marmora Tp.

012074-10 (Hastings Co) Thomas Wilbert HAMMETT, 25, railway employee, Belleville s/o William HAMMETT & Anna HENDERSON married Anna Marion MARSHALL, 25, Belleville d/o Garvin MARSHALL & Lilly GRAHAM wtn: G. MARSHALL & Margaret CASEY both of Belleville, 28 April 1910 at Belleville

012157-10 (Hastings Co) Charles Edward HANNA, 26, clerk, Belleville s/o John HANNA (electrician) & Susan THOMKINS married Rose Belle CALBERRY, 24, Belleville d/o William CALBERRY (labourer) & Elizabeth RAINES wtn: W. HANNA & Mary H. GRAHAM both of Belleville, 28 December 1910 at Belleville 12165-10 Leo HANIGAN, 21, barber, of Napanee, s/o John HANIGAN & mother not known, married Josie LOUCKS, 18, of Napanee, d/o Hamilton LOUCKS & mother not known, witn: C. M. McFARLANE & Annie COPELAND both of Deseronto on Jan. 7, 1910 at Deseronto.
012235-10 (Hastings Co) Edward HEWITT, 24, labourer, Marmora s/o Edward HEWITT married Jamie May BAUFORD (Banford?), 21, Flinton, d/o James BAUFORD & Mary Jane STEWART wtn: Mrs Sarah WELLMAN of Marmora & Elsie J. HEWITT of Hamilton Ontario, 12 September 1910 at Marmora  
012260-10 (Hastings Co) Harold Clayton HICKS, 25, farmer, Bannockburn s/o L. Warner HICKS (carpenter) & Tabitha PRINGLE married Margaret Ellen PARKS, 22, Bannockburn d/o William PARKS (farmer) & Johanna Rosena MICHEL wtn: Mrs M.W. LEIGH of Eldorado & Mrs H. HENNESSY of Wooler, 13 April 1910 at Hastings 012391-10 (Hastings Co) Francis Robert HICKS, 35, farmer, Corbyville s/o Hart HICKS (farmer) married Clara Loretta CHAMBERS, 24, at home, Corbyville d/o Samuel CHAMBERS (farmer) & Sarah HAMILTON wtn: Della HALL & Thomas HICKS both of Corbyville, 26 December 1910 at Corbyville
012236-10 (Hastings Co) Damon HOOVER, 21, farmer, Rawden s/o David HOOVER (farmer) & Victoria BROWNSON married Rosanna LIBERTY, 20, housework, Toronto d/o Robert LIBERTY (farmer) & Ellen KEATING wtn: Miles HOOVER & Lillian HOOVER both of Belleville, 30 August 1910 at Marmora 12180-10 David JACKSON, 28, laborer, of Madoc twp., s/o George JACKSON & Margaret SPENCER, married Nelly GREATRIX, 18, of Elzevir twp., d/o Oran GREATRIX, merchant, & Amanda KLEINSTUBER, witn: John KLEINSTUBER & Martha BOWERS, 16 June 1910 at res of John Kleinstuber
012184-10 (Hastings Co) Richard N. JEROW (Gerow?), 20, teacher, Rossmore s/o Edgar JEROW (farmer) & Amelia JINKS married Florence YOUNG, 20, farmer's daughter, Faraday d/o John C. YOUNG (farmer) & Rachel KERR wtn: Leslie YOUNG & Mary YOUNG both of Monk Road, 7 July 1910 at Faraday 012381-10 (Hastings Co) Wilbert M. JONES, 24, farmer, Sidney twp s/o William JONES & Elizabeth GRILLS married Carrie BROWN, 20, housekeeper, Thurlow twp d/o Edgar BROWN & Mary MERILE wtn: R. WARD & Clara YORKER both of Foxboro, 22 June 1910 at Thurlow twp
  012191-10 (Hastings Co) David KELLAR, 49, farmer, Monk Road Faraday Twp s/o David KELLAR (farmer) & Sarah KADE married Rachel Ann KENNY, 47, widow, farmer's daughter, Faraday Twp d/o Walter BOOMHOUR (farmer) & Flora WOODCOCK wtn: Chester KELLAR & Sarah Jane KELLAR both of Bancroft, 12 December 1910 at Faraday Twp

12035-10 Patrick George KELLY, 34, of Bancroft, s/o George KELLY, (farmer) & Ester OTTERSON, married Ellen DENAULT, 26, of Maynooth, d/o John B. DENAULT, (farmer) & Gustina FISS, witn: William KELLY of Bancroft & Katie DENAULT of Maynooth on Feb. 7, 1910 at Maynooth.

012185-10 (Hastings Co) John James Wellington KELLY, 23, farmer, Faraday s/o Benjamin KELLY (farmer) & Elizabeth KILBY married Florence Ella CONNELL, 24, farmer's daughter, Faraday d/o Samuel CONNELL (farmer) & Eleanor KERR wtn: E.J. CONNELL & Sarah KERR both of Monk Road, 17 August 1910 at Faraday
012190-10 (Hastings Co) Arthur James KIMBERLY, 23, shingle manufacturer, Desoronto s/o Conniff KIMBERLY (shingle manufacturer) & Mary Edith Howell married Bertha Jane VANLUVEN, 22, farmer's daughter, Faraday Twp d/o Aaron VANLUVEN (farmer) & Harriett Elizabeth SHALES wtn: Thomas Roy KIMBERLY & Mabel Mary VANLUVEN both of Bancroft, 16 November 1910 at Faraday Twp 12195-10 William John KIMMETT, 27, farmer, of Hungerford twp., s/o William KIMMETT, farmer, & Mary Jane WINDOVER, married Mabel Ethel DALE, 19, of Marlbank, d/o George DALE, stone cutter, & Martha Emma BACHELOR, witn: Annie KIMMETT & Carman YOUNG, both of Marlbank, 22 June 1910 at not given

12223-10 Ezra Sampson KING, 23, farmer, of Belmont Tp., s/o Noah KING, farmer & Elizabeth Ann PALMATEER, married Ethel ASBY, 19, of Belmont Tp., d/o Charles ASBY, farmer & Margaret GIBSON, witn: John N. KING of Havelock & Emily A. HINDES of Toronto on March 10, 1910 at Marmora Village.

012249-10 (Hastings Co) Albert Wesley KINGSTON, 23, farmer , Rawdon s/o Paul KINGSTON (farmer) & Harriett HAGERMAN married Gretta KETCHESON, 21, Madoc d/o John R. KETCHESON (farmer) & Margaret Jane CASKEY wtn: William COULTER of Chapman & Sarah KETCHESON of West Huntingdon, 7 September 1910 at Madoc

12183-10 Rudolph KLEINSTUBER, 28, farmer, Elzevir twp., same, s/o Carl KLEINSTUBER & Hanna POTTER, married Frances RODGERS, 20, Hungerford twp., Elzevir twp., d/o Embury RODGERS & Adeline MAYNE, witn: Mrs. A. SAGER & Mrs. E. A. McQUADE, both of Queensboro, 9 Dec 1910 at Queensboro 012196-10 (Hastings Co) Louis LAPRAIRIE, 26, farmer, Bay City Michigan USA s/o John LAPRAIRIE (farmer) & Adeline ARCHAMBAULT married Delphine LAJOIE, 22, Hungerford Twp, Henry LAJOIE (farmer) & Lena FOBERT wtn: John LAJOIE & Lena KEARNS both of Tweed, 22 August 1910 at Hastings Co
012396-10 (Hastings Co) Samuel Manson LAVERS, 23, electrician, Kingston s/o Robert LAVERS (mechanic) & Elizabeth KENNEDY married Cora Ethel HUYCKE, 22, Trenton d/o Caleb HUYCKE (labourer) & Amelia DEMILL, wtn: Delbert HUYCKE & Stella LEWIS both of Trenton, 16 February 1910 at Trenton 012202-10 (Hastings Co) Frank LEAKE, 25, yeoman, Hungerford s/o Henry LEAKE & Alice married Julius BENNET, 22, maiden, Hungerford d/o Julius BENNET (shoemaker) & Hester BLACKBURN wtn: Charles GRILLS of Hungerford & Rebecca MACK, 21 December 1910 at Hastings

12029-10 Arthur LETTS, 22, farmer, of Turriff, s/o Thomas LETTS, farmer, & Jessie McINDOE, married Mary CAMPBELL, 21, dress maker, of Blissington, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL, farmer, & Lizzie NEALE, witn: Norman PAYNE of Stirling & Effie MULLETT of Bancroft, 23 May 1910 at Bancroft

012380-10 (Hastings Co) James Ernest LITTLE, 21, plumber, Belleville s/o James LITTLE (labourer) & Mary Ann KELLAR married Ethel POVEY, 18, servant girl, Belleville d/o William POVEY (labourer) & Louise HUGHES wtn: Mrs Nelson KELLAR & William KELLAR, 16 July 1910 at Cannifton
  #012315-10 (Hastings Co): William John LIVINGSTONE, 27, farmer, of Rawdon twp., s/o Hugh LIVINGSTONE, farmer, & Eliza DOUGHERTY, married Alice RUPERT, 18, of Sidney twp., d/o William Nelson RUPERT, farmer, & Emily Victoria TRUMPOUR, witn: William Nelson & Ann Mary RUPERT, 5 Oct 1910 at Frankford

12226-10 Edward LOFT, 24, labourer, of Marmora, s/o William LOFT, shoemaker & mother not known, married Clara BATESON, 22, of Marmora, d/o Thomas BATESON, farmer & Mary ALWARD (Hoard?), witn: Katie LOFT & Mary NOBES both of Marmora on April 11, 1910 at Marmora

12240-10 James MABEE, 27, mining captain, of Cobalt, s/o Thomas MABEE, blacksmith & mother's name not given, married Margaret SIMMONS, 26, of Elziver Tp., d/o James SIMMONS, farmer & mother's name not given, witn: Thomas & Mary BLUE both of Madoc on April 3, 1910 at Madoc.

012177-10 (Hastings Co) Robert Irving MAXWELL, 23, farmer, Dungannon Twp s/o James MAXWELL (farmer) & P.J. PARKS married Mary Ann YORK, 18, Dungannon Twp d/o Thomas YORK (farmer) & Ida VARDY wtn: Frank PLUMLY of Beechmont & Rubina MOUNTNY of Bancroft, 23 March 1910 at Dungannon Twp 012203-10 (Hastings Co) Walter MAXWELL, 28, farmer, Dungannon Twp s/o James F. MAXWELL (farmer) & P. Jane PARKS married Jennie E. WANNAMAKER, 24, farmers daughter, Huntingdon d/o William Thomas WANNAMAKER (farmer) & S. Jane LONEY wtn: Robert Irving MAXWELL & Mrs R.J. MAXWELL both of Bancroft, 23 March 1910 at Philipston
012175-10 (Hastings Co) Joshua McCONNELL, 35, farmer, Bessemer s/o Joseph McCONNELL (farmer) & Margaret ROBBINS married Mary STEVENS, 25, Bessemer d/o Thomas STEVENS (farmer) & Caroline JONES wtn: William J. STEVENS & Caroline McCONNELL both of Bessemer, 19 January 1910 at Bessemer 012078-10 (Hastings Co) Robert John Percival McCULLOCH, 28, physician, Belleville s/o Robert McCULLOCH (clergyman) & Evelyn HAWKIN married Ethel May JONES, 21, Belleville d/o Phillip Clement JONES (merchant) & May NEWELL wtn: A.E. McCULLOCH of Greenbank & Marjorie M. JONES of Belleville, 18 May 1910 at Belleville
012198-10 (Hastings Co) Eugene Joseph McEVOY, 28, cheese maker, Hungerford Twp s/o Patrick McEVOY (farmer) & Sarah GREEN married Teresa MULRONEY, 25, Hungerford Twp d/o Thomas MULRONEY (blacksmith) & Jane WHELAN wtn: Patrick MULRONEY of Stoco & Sarah McEVOY of Plainfield, 4 October 1910 at Hastings 012253-10 (Hastings Co) William B. McGARVEY, 20, labourer, Millbridge s/o Robert McGARVEY & Caroline NIX married Margaret E. HOWE, 18, Millbridge d/o John HOWE & Ellen TANNER, wtn: Mr William HURLEY & Mrs William HURLEY both of Millbridge, 28 September 1910 at Madoc

012395-10 (Hastings Co) Andrew McGOWAN, 42, widower, farmer, Trenton s/o Mark McGOWAN (farmer) & Alvira HUBBLE married Tina REDDICK, 36, widow, Prince Edward Co d/o Daniel DAFOE & Electra PENNY, wtn: A.E. KEMP & E.J. DOWN both of Trenton, 14 February 1910 at Trenton

12163-10 (Hastings Co) Charles J. S. MCNEILL, 31, sawmiller, not given, Shawville, s/o Charles MCNEILL, farmer & Mary LUCAS married Catherine STRINGER, 22, not given, Carlow, d/o John STRINGER, farmer & Mary MCWHIRTER, witn: Peter STRINGER & Irene STRINGER of Havergal, 23 Dec 1910, Havergal
012025-10 George L. McPHERSON, 24, barber, of Regina Sask., s/o Edward McPHERSON & Robina MATHERS, married Luella May JACKSON, 25, of Bancroft, d/o John JACKSON & Amanda GALLAGHER, witn: Francis & Madelia TOWLE both of Bancroft on Apr. 8, 1910 at Bancroft 012022-10 John M. McPHERSON, 25, clerk, of Bancroft, s/o Edward Daniel McPHERSON & Robina S. MATHERS, married Margaret Isabella McKENNA, 25, school teacher, of Belleville, d/o John McKENNA & Margaret FULLERTON, witn: George Lamont McPHERSON & Luella May JACKSON both of Bancroft on Mar. 24, 1910 at Bancroft.

12238-10 Archie F. MORAY, 25, electrician, of Picton, s/o Rufus MORAY & Annie HOUGH, married Alice THOMPSON, 21, of Madoc, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Mary ROTH, witn: Anna L. ELLIOT & Frank KELLEY both of Madoc on Jan. 26, 1910 at Madoc

12221-10 Mark MORTON, 35, farmer, of Rawdon Tp., s/o William MORTON, farmer & Alice REID, married Millie NERRIE, 28, of Rawdon Tp., d/o James NERRIE, florist & Jane WHALEY, witn: Victor IRWIN of Ferguson & Pearl REID of Rylstone on Jan. 26, 1910 at Marmora Village

012162-10 (Hastings Co) George Clark MURPHY, 27, mining engineer, Porcupine s/o George Craig MURPHY (retired) & Christina CLARK married Olive Gertrude WELSH, 25, farmer’s daughter, Carlow twp d/o Henry WELSH (farmer) & Francis KERNIGHAN wtn: Herbert H. ARMSTRONG of New Carlow & Mary J. PAYNE of Stirling, 22 December 1910 at New Carlow twp

12026-10 Michael Thomas MURPHY, 30, farmer, or Ormsby, s/o Michael Patrick MURPHY, farmer, & Bridget WELSH, married Elizabeth Catherine KELLY, 24, of Umfraville, d/o George KELLY, farmer, & Ester OTTERSON, witn: Joseph MURPHY of Ormsby & Laura GREEN of Maynooth, 18 April 1910 at Bancroft

012254-10 (Hastings Co) Charles Frederick NAYLOR, 25, labourer, Madoc s/o James NAYLOR (brick maker) & Susan Amy BARLOW married Mary Mildred FEENEY, 23, tailor, Madoc d/o William FEENEY (labourer) & Harriet FOLEY wtn: William CALLERY of Marmora Twp & Mrs Carrie SHERIDAN of Madoc Twp, 26 September 1910 at Madoc

12219-10 James NOBES, 32, farmer, of Marmora, s/o Samuel NOBES, farmer & Catharine SCOTT, married Cora May McGARVEY, 20, of Marmora, d/o David B. McGARVEY, farmer & Mary Ann REID, witn: Mathew McGARVEY of Shanick & Kate COLE of Vansickle on Dec. 21, 1910 at Marmora

12027-10 Peter OBERG, 22, farmer, of Carlow twp., s/o Isabore OBERG, farmer, & Mary CHARRON, married Arthemissie SAUCIER, 18, of Carlow twp., d/o Lewis SAUCIER, farmer, & Lizzie BUNDRIE?, witn: Oswald FULLER & Stella MITCHELL, both of Bancroft, 26 April 1910 at Bancroft

012250-10 (Hastings Co) E. Arthur OLIVER, 20, miner, Tweed s/o Matt OLIVER & Isabella FORSYTH married Flossie RODGERS, 18, Tweed d/o Wesley RODGERS & Maggie WOODCOCK wtn: Mrs R. BAMFORTH & Betty SAUNDERS both of Madoc, 8 September 1910 at Madoc

12031-10 John OSBORNE, 30, widower, miner, of Bannockburn, s/o James OSBORNE, laborer, & Elizabeth DAVISON, married Margaret Ann TWEEDIE, 33, widow, seamstress, of Madoc, d/o John HENRY, carpenter, & Charlotte OSBORNE, witn: Robert F. DELYEA & Charlotte Victoria DELYEA, both of Bancroft, 29 June 1910 at Bancroft 012379-10 (Hastings Co) James Benjamin PATTERSON, 25, farmer, Stirling s/o Samuel PATTERSON & Martha HAGERMAN married Myrtle Claire REID, 21, Corbyville d/o Cartwright REID & Mary MOORE wtn: Emma HAGERMAN & John B. HAGERMAN, 7 September 1910 at Corbyville
012176-10 (Hastings Co) George PAYNE, 56, widower, farmer, Bronson s/o Richard PAYNE (farmer) & Hattie STEVENS married Parmelia SAGAR, 46, widow, Dungannon Twp d/o Comfort DELONG (farmer) & Annie ZUFELT wtn: Jessie KERN & William Enos SMITH both of Bronson, 23 February 1910 at Dungannon Twp 012020-10 Charles Henry PEACOCK, 29, farmer, of Faraday Tp, s/o George PEACOCK & Liddy HEGO, married Sarah INGRAM, 25, of Bancroft, d/o Albert INGRAM & Harriet BIRCH, witn: L. INGRAM of Faraday & Sarah Ann UNGER of Williston on Dec. 22, 1910 at Bancroft.

12209-10 John Wellington PHILLIPS, 30, farmer, of Tudor twp., s/o John Emmerson PHILLIPS, farmer, & Mary Elizabeth SMITH, married Ida May DENT, 28, lady, widow, of California, d/o Peter POTTER, farmer, & Ellen KEMP, witn: Moore German MOORE & Beryl PHILLIPS, both of Gehman?, 20 Dec 1910 at St. Ola

12245-10 Robert PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, of Marmora, s/o Edward PHILLIPS, farmer & Maggie HANNAH, married Matilda McCRACKEN, 27, of Marmora, d/o Robert McCRACKEN, farmer & Annie GRAHAM, witn: Samuel PHILLIPS & Carrie MORRISON both of Malone on May 18, 1910 at Madoc

12179-10 Horace S. PITTS, 18, farmer, of Madoc twp., s/o Chesley PITTS, farmer, & Minnie BOLTON, married Luella M. TEAL, 20, or Marmora twp., d/o Harry TEAL, farmer, & Alice PITTS, witn: George & Myrtle DUGGAN, 9 May 1910 at Queensboro

12204-10 John Edward PORTER, 36, farmer, of Thomasburg, s/o Robert PORTER, farmer & Jane Adelaide BECKET, married Annie Alberta GEEN, 23, of Huntington, d/o Charles E. GEEN, farmer & Elizabeth Burlington MINCK (Minek?), witn: Albert PORTER & Laura MORTEN both of Thomasburg on June 15, 1910 at Huntington.

  012258-10 (Hastings Co) John Little POST, 29, farmer, Marmora s/o Hiram POST (farmer) & Martha BUTLER married Emma E. GRAY, 29, school teacher, Gananoque d/o John GRAY (blacksmith) & Nancy COWAN wtn: Edward POST of Marmora & Ethel HARRIS of (?), 24 March 1910 at Eldorado

012171-10 (Hastings Co) Francis Harvey PRICE, 26, commercial traveller, Winnipeg in Manitoba s/o James H. PRICE & Ellen EGAN married Veronica SLAVIN, 21, Deseronto d/o Patrick SLAVIN (merchant) & Rose McKENTY wtn: Reginald V. SLAVIN of Deseronto & Genevieve PRICE of Winnipeg in Manitoba, 31 August 1910 at Deseronto

12237-10 John QUINLAN, 33, farmer, of Fallowfield, s/o Patrick QUINLAN, farmer & Margaret McKENNA, married Teresa O'REILLY, 36, school teacher, of Irish Settlement (near Madoc), d/o John O'REILLY, farmer (deceased) & Mary CONNELL, witn: Thomas O'REILLY of Madoc & Mary Anne KEARNY of Kingston on Jan. 25, 1910 at Madoc.

012385-10 (Hastings Co) George W. RAYNOR, 28, civil engineer, Toronto s/o William RAYNOR & Mary HARRAL married Lottie Lee ASHLEY, 27, at home, Foxboro d/o Harford ASHLEY (farmer) & Sabra VANDERWATER wtn: Rosetta DENYES of Foxboro & Josephine WALKER of Thorold, 1 November, 1910 at Foxboro  
12210-10 Clarence REID, 21, laborer, of Wollaston twp., s/o Enoch REID, laborer, & Nancy HANNAH, married Bertha May FERGUSON, 22, servant, of Wollaston twp., d/o Robert FERGUSON, laborer, & Elizabeth LANE, witn: Amos & Mary BACHELOR of Coe Hill, 21 Dec 1910 at St. Ola

12167-10 Arthur John RENDELL, 22, milk vendor, of Richmond Tp., s/o Edmund RENDELL, farmer & Abbie MILLER, married Lulu ARCHER, 30, of Deseronto, d/o Joseph ARCHER, mechanic & Sarah STRATTON, witn: Earnest RENDELL & Mabel ARCHER both of Deseronto on March 24, 1910 at Deseronto.

12169-10 Michael John RENEHAN, 31, government employee, of Toronto, s/o Michael RENEHAN & Mary Ann HARROP, married Mary Teresa WILSON, 30, of Toronto, d/o William WILSON & Bridget CAMPBELL, witn: James John OWENS & Elizabeth WILSON both of Toronto on June 13, 1910 at Deseronto.

12220-10 Henry RILEY, 21, farmer, of Belmont Tp., s/o George RILEY, farmer & Elizabeth KELLY, married Blanche ELLIS, 21, of Belmont Tp., d/o Wilfred ELLIS, farmer & Catharine CRIPPEN, witn: Bert BOYD & Clara RILEY both of Blairton on Dec. 29, 1910 at Marmora Tp.

#012316-10 (Hastings Co): George Norman ROGERS, 24, foreman, of Peterboro, s/o R.B. ROGERS & Minnia CALCUTT, married Anita Emma SIMMONS, 21, of Frankford, d/o Dr. J.W. SIMMONS & Laura ARNOTT, witn: R.B. ROBERTS of Peterboro & J.W. SIMMONS of Frankford, 26 Oct 1910 at Frankford


012386-10 (Hastings Co) Jacob Frederick ROSE, 21, farmer, Sidney s/o William Robinson ROSE (farmer) & Rosanna RIKLEY married Flossie Ray EGGLETON, 22, bookkeeper, Foxboro d/o John EGGLETON (blacksmith) & Mary WICKETT wtn: Frank EGGLETON of Foxboro & Ida Louise MARTIN of Stirling, 28 December 1910 at Foxboro 12170-10 John RUSH, 43, farmer, of Petworth, s/o Michael RUSH & Margaret BOLAND, married Sarah GARTLAND, not given, of Deseronto, d/o James GARTLAND & Honora CANDON, witn: P. J. GARTLAND of Deseronto & G. L. LARKIN of Larkin on June 23, 1910 at Deseronto

 12241-10 John H. SANFORD, farmer, of Madoc Tp., s/o John SANFORD, farmer & Emily EAGLETON, married Gertrude SANFORD, 26, of Madoc Tp., d/o Peter SANFORD, farmer & Susan DOUGHTY, witn: E. B. SANFORD of Eldorado & Mrs H. FERM of Madoc Tp., on April 5, 1910 at Madoc.

12030-10 John C. SCHRIBER (Schreiber?), 32, widower, farmer, of St. Ola, s/o John W. SCHRIBER, farmer, & Ann Amelia PETERS, married Mary Eliza STIMERS, 26, of Egan Creek, d/o William STIMERS, farmer, & Amelia HUGHES, witn: Alex STIMERS of Egan Creek & Christena DODDS of Hermon, 8 June 1910 at Bancroft

12242-10 George SCOTT, 25, not given, of Tweed, s/o William SCOTT & Bella THOMPSON, married Margaret M. LA HASH, 24, of Tweed, d/o Henry LA HASH & Hannah REYNOLDS, witn: Betty SUDGEN of Madoc & Mr.. & Mrs LAKE of Kingston on April 13, 1910 at Madoc.

012232-10 (Hastings Co) Joseph Jones SCOTT, 35, farmer, Marmora s/o James SCOTT (farmer) & Martha SCOTT married Pearl HENDERSON, 22, Belmont Twp d/o Robert HENDERSON (farmer) & Melissa CRIPPIN wtn: John SCOTT of Malone Ontario & Anna E. SCOTT of Clyde NY, 20 July 1910 at Marmora

  012378-10 (Hastings Co) George SCROGGIE, 45, merchant, Montreal s/o William SCROGGIE (deceased) & Ann BURNS married Grace I. HUFF, 30, nurse, Montreal d/o Gilbert HUFF (farmer) & Mary GARIJN? wtn: Ernest SCROGGIE of Montreal & Helena VIVIAN of Shannonville, 7 September 1910 at Shannonville
12207-10 Edward SHARP, 24, salesman, of Huntingdon, s/o Marcus E. SHARP, farmer & Victoria NICKLE, married Stella POST, 22, of Huntingdon, d/o George R. POST, farmer & Mary E. ROLLINS, witn: Frank & May ASHLEY both of W. Huntingdon on Sept. 13, 1910 at Huntingdon 012023-10 James SHEEDY, 38, farmer, of Bessemer, s/o Martin SHEEDY & Mary MORIARITY, married Ida BURLANYETT, 33, of Bancroft Tp, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Mary CAMPBELL & L. A. ELY both of Bancroft on Apr. 1, 1910 at Bancroft.
012388-10 (Hastings Co) Warner Earl SIMMONS, 29, farmer, Corbyville s/o John K. SIMMONS (farmer) & Agnes LLOYD married Charlotte E. HOWES, 25, Corbyville d/o Benjamin HOWES (farmer) & Charlotte S. HUNN wtn: Blake PITMAN & Mrs B. PITMAN both of Corbyville, 6 December 1910 at Corbyville

12218-10 William Charles SIMMONS, 21, laborer, of Marmora Tp., s/o Samuel SIMMONS & Caroline VINCE, married Hannah Isabella Jane PHILLIPS, 22, of Marmora Tp., d/o Louis Sylvester PHILLIPS, labourer & Sarah Jane DAVIDSON, witn: George Louis & Florence Estella PHILLIPS both of Deloro on Dec. 21, 1910 at Marmora

#011372-10 (Hastings Co): Albert Edward SKITCH, 30, tailor, of Trenton, s/o William R. SKITCH, carriage maker, & Elizabeth HUNTER, married Edith Maude CLARKE, 27, of Trenton, d/o Philip CLARK, mechanic, & Catherine SHARP, witn: Percy H. SKITCH of Toronto & E. Beatrice CLARKE of Trenton, 24 Feb 1909 at Trenton

12033-10 Edward SMITH, 30, farmer, of Bangor, s/o Edward & Philomena, married Margaret PATTERSON, 18, of Combermere, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James CARR of Maynooth & Lizzie PATTERSON of Bell's Rapids on Jan. 31, 1910 at Maynooth.

012393-10 (Hastings Co) Malcolm STAFFORD, 21, labourer, Bloomfield in Prince Edward Co s/o William STAFFORD (farmer) & Emma GEROW married Pearl Madeline McGUIRE, 22, Bloomfield d/o Francis McGUIRE (mechanic) & Mary HEMMING wtn: T.B. SCOTT & Mabel SCOTT both of Trenton, 17 January 1910 at Trenton 012389-10 (Hastings Co) William STAPLEY, 29, farmer, Sidney s/o James STAPLEY (farmer) & Anneta EGGLETON married Florence A. COOK, 29, lady, Thurlow d/o George COOK (farmer) & Susannah LYONS wtn: Roy MELBOURNE of Rawden & Emma COOK of Thurlow, 21 December 1910 at Hastings Co
012247-10 (Hastings Co) H. William STORRING, 21, farmer, Fuller s/o Jacob STORRING (farmer) & Josephine PARKS married Elizabeth JOWITT, 18, housekeeper, Fuller d/o Joseph JOWITT & Annie LEE wtn: Jolen BICKETT (Birkett?) & Mrs E.A SANDERSON both of Madoc, 9 July 1910 at Madoc 012392-10 (Hastings Co) Charles Daniel TAFT, 27, baker, Trenton s/o David W. GIBSON (farmer) & Martha BROOKS married June May GIBSON, 19, Trenton d/o George GIBSON (farmer) & Mary LOWERY wtn: W.E. BROWN of Prince Edward Co & Bessie M. LOCKWOOD of Belleville, 16 December 1910 at Trenton

12178-10 Ralph THOMPSON, 28, bank clerk, of London England, s/o John THOMPSON & Mary, married Ida VOLLICK, 19, of Madoc, d/o Morris VOLLICK, laborer, & Helen BULPIT, witn: Mrs. Norris VOLLICK & H. THOMAS, 2 May 1910 at Queensboro

012156-10 (Hastings Co) Clarke Adolphus Darien THOMPSON, 30, policeman, Belleville s/o Robert THOMPSON (watch manufacturer) & Elizabeth HARGROVE married Amy Mary SHARPE, 40, Belleville d/o John SHARPE (mechanic) & Sarah MARRIOTT wtn: Howard SHARPE & Nellie LOCK both of Belleville, 21 December 1910 at St John’s Church in Belleville

12044-10 William H. TICE, 21, farmer, of Dungannon twp., s/o George T. TICE, farmer, & Sarah HENNESSY, married Rebecca BARR, 22, of McClure twp., d/o Andrew BARR, farmer, & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: Jasper D. HENNESSY of Detlor & Adeline BARR of Maynooth, 21 Dec 1910 at Maynooth 12213-10 Walter TOMPKINS, 26, harness maker, of Uxbridge, s/o Daniel TOMPKINS, farmer & Mary M. BASSETT, married Mary BALL, 22, of Uxbridge Tp., d/o John BALL, farmer & Catharine A. BURNHAM, witn: J. E. SNYDER & Aleda WILEY both of Marmora on Jan. 12, 1910 at Marmora.

012075-10 (Hastings Co) Ernest Frederick TURNING, 30, electrician, Belleville s/o George TURNING (mechanic) & Prudence GREEN married Charlotte Patience PEARSON, 20, Belleville d/o George PEARSON (merchant) & Patience CLUTTERBUCK wtn: George PEARSON & Gertrude ALFRED both of Belleville, 4 May 1910 at Belleville

12172-10 John D. VALLEAU, 19, farmer, of Picton, s/o James VALLEAU, farmer & Annie DIAMOND, married Irene Claude REID, 24, of Picton, d/o Robert REID, farmer & Lodema STRATTON, witn: A. B. COPELAND & Emma SMITH both of Deseronto on Sept. 12, 1910 at Deseronto

012377-10 (Hastings Co) Robert VAN ALLEN, 59, widower, farmer, Thurlow s/o Gilbert VAN ALLEN (farmer) & Margaret THOMPSON married Isobel PHILLIPS, 55, widow, housewife, West Huntington d/o Palmer BAKER & Sarah REID wtn: C.A. CALLERY & K.G. CALLERY both of Cannifton, 10 August 1910 at Cannifton 012384-10 (Hastings Co) Frank Mitchell VESTERFELT, 23, labourer, Cannifton s/o James VESTERFELT (labourer) & Louise CORBY married Margaret BADGELY, 19, servant, Cannifton d/o James BADGELY (labourer) & Annie MOUNTNEY wtn: Clara YORKER & Edleen G. HENDERSON both of Foxboro, 9 November 1910 at Foxboro

12028-10 Charles Foster WALKER, 21, farmer, of Faraday twp., s/o William J. WALKER, farmer, & Mahala CLARKE, married Myrtle Rose BOOMHOUR, 16, of Faraday twp., d/o William Robert BOOMHOUR, farmer, & Jane Ann KELLAR, witn: Andy & Polly Ann GODFREY of Faraday, 18 May 1910 at Bancroft

12244-10 Fred WALKER, 24, carpenter, of Hungerford Tp., s/o James WALKER & Helen CARSON, married Lucy W. STORRING, 18, of Huntingdon Tp., d/o William STORRING & Christina HOWARD, witn: Bruce CLIFFE of Springbrook & Maud STORRING of Crookstown on April 23, 1910 at Madoc

012261-10 (Hastings Co) Oscar William WANNAMAKER, 21, farmer, Eldorado s/o William R. WANNAMAKER (farmer) & Alice M. JOHNSON married Mary Rebecca HAGERMAN, 21, Cooper d/o John HAGERMAN (farmer) & Margaret LONG wtn: Cleveland MOON of Madoc & Myrtle HAGERMAN of Cooper, 6 April 1910 at Hastings 012382-10 (Hastings Co) Arthur M. WARD, 27, railway mail clerk, Moose Jaw s/o Robert WARD (cheese instructor) & Amelia SINE married Helena GOWSELL, 26, housekeeper, Foxboro d/o William GOWSELL (farmer) & Mary Ann CARTER wtn: R. WARD & Clara YORKER both of Foxboro, 6 July 1910 at Foxboro
12208-10 Robert WATT, 29, farmer, of Coe Hill, s/o Alex WATT & Jane Ann EVANS, married Jessie MARTIN, 19, of Ormsby, d/o John MARTIN, farmer, & Margaret MENZIE, witn: Ealin? MARTIN of Ormsby & Sarah WATT of Coe Hill, 14 Sept 1910 at Ormsby  
012231-10 (Hastings Co) Robert WEBBER, 28, farmer, Deloro s/o unknown & unknown married Susan M. KILPATRICK, 29, housework, Malone d/o Robert KILPATRICK (farmer) & Sarah REID wtn: William KILPATRICK & Lizzie KILPATRICK both of Malone, 13 July 1910 at Marmora 012193-10 (Hastings Co) Hugh A. WEIR, 26, yeoman, Hillier Twp s/o George WEIR (farmer) & Hannah COULTER married Edna Pearl MAXWELL, 22, maiden, Hungerford Twp d/o Robert MAXWELL (farmer) & Mary THOMPSON wtn: Joseph E. WEIR of Consecon Ontario & Libbie MAXWELL of Lime Lake Ontario, 23 February 1910 at Hastings County
012397-10 (Hastings Co) Frank WESTFALL, 24, farmer, Sidney s/o George WESTFALL (farmer) & Elizabeth OSTROM married Bertha Ethel BROWN, 25, Sidney d/o Allen BROWN (farmer) & Mary HUTTON wtn: James WESTFALL of Glen Miller & Nettie BROWN of Belleville, 16 February 1910 at Sidney twp 012197-10 (Hastings Co) James WILLIAMS, 32, farmer, Tyendinaga Twp s/o Michael WILLIAMS (farmer) & Ann WHITE married Sarah Anne HEALEY, 20, Hungerford Twp d/o William HEALEY (farmer) & Honora CLEAREY wtn: Ernest CASSIDY of Bogart Ontario & Ann WILLIAMS of Lonsdale Ontario, 26 September 1910 at Hastings

12038-10 Louis Francis WILLIAMSON, 32, farmer, of Monteagle twp., s/o Thomas WILLIAMSON, farmer, & Margaret DUONIS? (Dennis?), married Elizabeth SHIELDS, 20, servant, of Herschel twp., d/o Robert SHIELDS, farmer, & Mary KELLART, witn: Rody RYAN & Margaret WILLIAMSON, both of Maynooth, 3 Oct 1910 at Maynooth

12032-10 (Hastings Co) John David WILSON, 33, farmer, not given, Carlow, s/o James WILSON, farmer & Grace LEGLIN married Isabella STRINGER, 24, not given, Carlow, d/o John STRINGER, lumberman & May MCWHIRTER, witn: Willie LEVOY of Havergal & Catherine STRINGER of Craigmont, 12 Oct 1910, Bancroft

012187-10 (Hastings Co) Willard Archibald WOOD, 23, farmer, Lowville - Lewis County NY s/o John Martin WOOD (farmer) & Catherine Sarah BOOMHOUR married Martha Emilia LAUNDRY, 17, farmer's daughter, Faraday Twp d/o Peter W. LAUNDRY (farmer) & Martha BELL wtn: Marshall CARD & Helena DAVY both of Bancroft, 6 February 1910 at Faraday Twp 12215-10 Lewis Willard WRIGHT, 35, farmer, of Eldorado, s/o Robert WRIGHT, farmer & Mary Elizabeth ROSS, married Martha Delilah THOMPSON, 32, school teacher, of Marmora Tp., d/o Robert THOMPSON, farmer & Eliza Ann SCOTT, witn: Everett M. FOX of Stirling Tp. & Cora WRIGHT of Eldorado on March 2, 1910 at Marmora Tp.


012021-10 John Leslie YOUNG, 23, farmer, of Faraday Tp, s/o John C. YOUNG & Rachel Ann KERR, married Mary TURNCLIFF, 21, of Bancroft, d/o George W. TURNCLIFF & Rachel P. RUTTAN, witn: William KERR & Francis YOUNG both of Faraday on Mar. 16, 1910 at Bancroft.

** re 12228-10 Ellis - Clapper, with note: "The bride's real name was Mrs. John CLARK, her husband being still living…she and Ellis have since been arrested for bigamy"