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Hastings Co, 1923, part 2 

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012766-23 Cecil Everett HAWLEY, 26, chiropractor, Thurlow Twp, Timmins, s/o Edward HAWLEY & Edith WILCOX, married Irene Gay MILLARD, 34, accountant, Picton, 50 Everett St. in  Belleville, d/o Percy Mc [blank] & Susan BUTLER, witn: Ula C. BELLARD, Jessie C. E. SWAQUE, both of Belleville, 3 Mar 1923, Belleville 012776-23 Robert Mack HENNESSY, 25, section man, Monteagle Twp, Dungannon Twp, s/o William Davis HENNESSY (b. Canada) & Hannah McCORMICK, married Mary Jane MILLER, 18, house hold duties, Ashby Twp, Dungannon Twp, d/o Alfred MILLER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CLOSE, witn: Russell HENNESSY, Dungannon, Ethel MILLER, Hartsmere, 10 Oct 1923, Detlor
012772-23 Lorne Percival HERMON, 21, cheese maker, Sidney, same, s/o Royal HERMON (b. Stirling) & Emma DAFOE, married Mabel Irene TANNER, 20, Rawdon Twp, Sidney, d/o Merkson TANNER (b. Canada) & Emma KERR, witn: Sherwood SCOTT, Mrs. Sherwood SCOTT, both of Foxboro, 1 Dec 1923, Foxboro. 012767-23 Howard Wilson HOLLAND, 26, baker, Sydenham, Yarker, s/o Albert HOLLAND (b. Canada) & Ida WILSON, married Gladys DOWN, 24, teacher, Ontario, Yarker, d/o J. W. DOWN & Elizabeth TONE, witn: Amy A. NEWTON, Mrs. L. S. WIGHT, both of Tweed, 21 Feb 1923, Tweed.
012764-23 Jarvis Leslie HOLMES, 19, farmer, Madoc Twp, 4th Con. Sidney Twp, s/o William HOLMES (b. Madoc) & Mabel FOX, married Mary Euphemia LANIGAN, 21, house-work, Rawdon Twp, 21 Olive St Belleville, d/o James LANIGAN (b. Stirling) & Jennie MUNNS, witn: Albert HOLMES, RR2 Belleville, Lenora BELSHAW, Harold, 14 Mar 1923, Belleville

012760-23 Robert Easterbrook HOUSTON, 23, accountant, Ontario, Tweed, s/o John F. HOUSTON (b. Ontario) & Annie EASTERBROOK, married Jennie Ruby WAY, 18, Ontario, Tweed, d/o James WAY (b. Ontario) & Ella ROBINSON, witn: Harry ROLLINS, Maude HOUSTON, both of Tweed, 16 Apr 1923, Tweed

012762-23 Ted Benjamin HOWARD, 21, farmer, Crookston, same, s/o Jonah HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Minnie KELLAR, married Lillie May DAFOE, 16, house work, Crookston, same, d/o John DAFOE (b. Ontario) & Mildred ROGERS, witn: Frank KELLY, Anorah KELLY, both of Crookston, 4 Apr 1923, Tweed 012763-23 Percy HUBBLE, 23, farmer, Rawdon Twp, same, s/o Byron HUBBLE (b. Rawdon Twp) & Annie ROWE, married Irene Laura Fern CLANCY, 20, school teacher, Rawdon Twp, same, d/o Urbane CLANCEY (sic) (b. Rawdon Twp) & Eleanor WHITTON, witn: Bruce ARMSTRONG, Frankford, Alice WHITTON, RR3 Stirling, 12 Mar 1923, Frankford
012748-23 Edward Meredith HUBBS, widower, 39, machine agent, Prince Edward Co, Belleville, s/o Reuben B. HUBBS (b. Prince Edward Co) & Jennie HARTLEY, married Elizabeth Catherine POTTER, 31, musician, Prince Edward Co, Belleville, d/o Wilfred A. POTTER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Eve. McCUTCHEON, witn: Mrs. A. E. McCUTCHEON, Little Britain, Wallace W. HOARD, Stirling, 12 Sept 1923, Belleville

012759-23 Porter Corwin HUGGINS, widower, 35, car inspector, Logan Ohio USA, same, s/o William HUGGINS (b. Logan Ohio) & Lottie VANHORN, married Grace Mary PROTAIN, 23, house-work, Belleville, same, d/o Fred PROTAIN (b. Quebec) & Isobel HUNTER, witn: Arthur JOHNSON, Margaret CHADWICK, both of Belleville, 30 Apr 1923, Belleville.

012751-23 Elias Norton HUMPHREY, 28, carpenter, Belleville, same, s/o Frank HUMPHREY (b. Deseronto) & Mary RUTTAN, married Verlie BENNETT, 30, waitress, Adolphustown, Belleville, d/o George BENNETT (b. Adolphustown) & Mary RUTTAN, witn: Mrs. Rosa May BATTY, Mrs. Abby HARROW, both of Belleville, 9 Aug 1923, Trenton

012770-23 Dan Charles HYDE, widower, 66, retired, London England, 133 Foster Ave Belleville, s/o Dan HYDE (b. England) & Sarah Wyatt LONDON, married Hattie Adelia BIRD, 48, house-work, Thurlow Twp, Wallbridge, d/o Francis John BIRD (b. Hungerford) & Ada THRASHER, witn: Ada TREVERTON, Latta, Sydnie? W. BIRD, Belleville, 3 Jan 1923, Wallbridge
012802-23 (Hastings Co) Oscar William KING, 24, electrical contractor, Kingston, Kingston s/o John King (b. Canada) & Mary YATES married Melba Selina HOAG, 23, Kingston, Kingston d/o Franklin John HOAG (b. Canada) & Annie McGILL wtn: Harold K. SCRUTON & Mary J. BEAMISH both of Belleville, 24 March 1923 at Belleville 012816-23 (Hastings Co) William LABELLE, 21, labourer, Haldimand twp Northumberland Co, Trenton s/o George LABELLE (b. Colbourne Ontario) & Mary PICKLE married Keitha SEXSMITH, 18, Brighton, Trenton d/o William SEXSMITH (b. Manitoba) & Wale BAKER wtn: J.J. WEBB & A.E. ARMSTRONG both of Trenton, 5 March 1923 at Trenton
012813-23 (Hastings Co) William Joseph LAFFERTY, 29, steam shovel, Hastings County, Trenton s/o Charles LAFFERTY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth REED married Nora Geraldine Aileen FITZGERALD, 21, housework, Carrying Place, Carrying Place d/o Thomas FITZGERALD (b. Ontario) & Ida BUCKMAN wtn: E.B. CONNELLY & Sarah CATHCART both of Trenton, 23 May 1923 at Trenton 012824-23 (Hastings Co) Amedie LAMARRE, 23, butcher, Trenton, Trenton s/o Joseph LAMARRE & Sophia LaFRANCE married Rose GENEROUX, 20, waitress, Queensboro, Trenton d/o Neilson GENEROUX & Harriet DENYEA wtn: Louis LAMARRE & Mary GENEROUX both of Trenton, 15 October 1923 at Trenton
012823-23 (Hastings Co) William LAMB, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kaladar twp s/o William LAMB (b. Ontario) & Stella PRINGLE married Violet TRYON, 17, housework, Ontario, Kaladar twp d/o Kenneth TRYON (b. Ontario) & Ada NEFF wtn: Joshua STONE & Mary M. STONE both of Flinton, 21 September 1923 at Tweed 012805-23 (Hastings Co) Alex LAMOREUX, 49, widower, fisherman, Manitoulin, Cutler - Sudbury s/o Charles LAMOREUX (b. Penetanguishene) & Rose KING married Kathleen Agnes HAMILTON, 29, housework, Belleville, 20 Albert St in Belleville d/o George HAMILTON (b. Belleville) & Catherine DONOVAN wtn: Robert Henry HARRISON & Maud Ellen HARRISON both of Cranbrook, 17 August 1923 at Belleville
012815-23 (Hastings Co) Frederick LANDRY, 21, labourer, Deseronto, Point Anne s/o William LANDRY (b. Bancroft Ontario) & Elizabeth CARETICETTE, married Etta ARCHER, 19, maid, 4th concession Sidney, 170 May Street in Belleville d/o (unknown) & Florence ARCHER wtn: Almira LETTCHARD? of 107 Main St in Belleville & Mrs M.L. SHARPE of 87 St Charles St in Belleville, 23 March 1923 at the house of Rev M.L. Sharpe in Belleville 012818-23 (Hastings Co) John George LANEY, 22, chauffeur, England, 162 James St in Belleville s/o John LANEY (b. England) & Alice WRIGHT married Mary May Louise BOLYEA, 20, housework, Belleville, 56 Foster Ave in Belleville d/o Peter BOLYEA (b. Canada) & Mary BROW wtn: Lewis Alexander RUSHLOW & Lillian J.M. SHARPE both of Belleville, 10 February 1923 at Belleville
012811-23 (Hastings Co) Joshua LANG, 76, widower, contractor, England, 46 Dunbar St in Belleville s/o John LANG (b. England) & Jane SPRY married Annie SHAW, 57, divorced, housework, Trenton, Catherine St in Belleville d/o Tobias WESTFALL (b. Ontario) & Nancy PATRICK wtn: Mrs G.M. JAMES & Bertha T. HARRIS both of Belleville, 6 June 1923 at Belleville 012825-23 (Hastings Co) John Denis LARKIN, 34, salesman, Wolfestown PQ, Frankford s/o Timothy LARKIN & Anne GOOD married Mary Arissa KEHOE, 22, Northumberland Co, Frankford d/o Andrew KEHOE & Estella McMULLEN wtn: Leo MacAULEY & Anna McAVOY both of Frankford, 16 April 1923 at Frankford
012819-23 (Hastings Co) Charles LAWRENCE, 22, clerk, Toronto, Toronto s/o Thomas LAWRENCE (b. Ireland) & Hilda LITTLE married Margaret Evelyn SIMPSON, 23, Bannockburn Ontario, Trenton d/o William SIMPSON (b. Peterborough Co) & Phoebe DELINE wtn: Frank SARLES & Harry WEESE both of Trenton, 17 December 1923 at Trenton 012809-23 (Hastings Co) Orick LATCHFORT, 20, labourer, Huntington, Trenton s/o Frederick LATCHFORT (b. Tyendinaga) & Carrie HAIGHT married Ida Lillian THOMPSON, 21, printer, Milford, Carrying Place d/o William E. THOMPSON (b. Waddington New York) & Blanche BOWERMAN wtn: Mrs Gladys JONES of Caring Place & Ruby A. WOODGAR of Trenton, 14 July 1923 at Trenton
012804-23 (Hastings Co) Frank LEAL, 27, mechanic, Tweed, Marmora s/o William Edward LEAL (b. Isle of Wright England) & Mary Jane HOLBY married Jennie Alfreda HAMILTON, 19, bookkeeper, Marmora, Marmora d/o James HAMILTON (b. Madoc) & Annie McGARVEY wtn: Lillian McGARVEY & S.E. McGARVEY both of Marmora, 16 August 1923 at Marmora 012814-23 (Hastings Co) Frederick James LEBOW, 27, farmer, Monteagle, Monteagle s/o Wesley LEBOW (b. Canada) & Louise FISS married Violet Florence HYNES, 20, farmer's daughter, Monteagle, Monteagle d/o of Charles HYNES (b. Germany) & Sabrina GRANT wtn: Sarah Ann LEBOW of Maynooth Station & Clifford HYNES of Monteagle Valley, 9 May 1923 at Monteagle
012803-23 (Hastings Co) Joseph Angus LINDSAY, 24, labourer, Norwood, Campbellford s/o James LINDSAY (b. Tweed) & Annie EMBURY married Mary Ellen YOUNG, 21, Madoc, Madoc d/o George YOUNG (b. Harlow twp) & Harriet Amelia BISHOP wtn: A.H. YOUNG & Mrs A.H. YOUNG both of Campbellford, 26 September 1923 at Trenton 012812-23 (Hastings Co) Henry David LINGARD, 21, section man, Ontario, 76 Dundas St W in Trenton s/o Jack LINGARD (b. Ontario) & Annie EAST married Leah F. DERRY, 24, Ontario, Cowan St in Trenton d/o Willis DERRY (b. Ontario) & Sarah KERR wtn: Errol DERRY & Hazel DERRY both of Trenton, 4 June 1923 at Trenton
012821-23 (Hastings Co) Arnel William LINKEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Wicklow s/o Auguste LINKEY (b. Germany) & Matilda LORKE (Toike?) married Ethel Mammie DILATZKE, 16, farmer's daughter, Canada, Wicklow d/o Samuel DILATZKE (b. Alice twp) & Anne BLOOM wtn: Angus DILATZKE & Martha LINKIE both of Wicklow, 10 October 1923 at Maynooth  
012820-23 (Hastings Co) John LITTLE, 50, widower, labourer, Belleville, 6 Franklin St in Belleville s/o William LITTLE & Mary GARDINER married Jennie DONOVAN, 52, widow, housework, Hastings Co, 6 Catherine St in Belleville d/o Abraham BOWEN & Alice DOREEN wtn: Patrick L. McGUINESS & Mrs P.L. McGUINESS both of Belleville, 23 October 1923 at Belleville 012806-23 (Hastings Co) William LITTLE, 34, widower, labourer, Toronto, Cedar Dale s/o James LITTLE (b. Missouri USA) & Mary Ann KELLER married Ruth BEAUMONT, 27, lock factory employee, Belleville, Belleville d/o William BEAUMONT (b. England) & Harriet Elizabeth STOREY wtn: L. KELLAR of 72 Royal Street in Oshawa & Hazel LITTLE of 97 Cannifton Rd in Belleville, 18 August 1923 at Belleville
012810-23 (Hastings Co) Arthur Claud LOCKE, 26, physician, Tweed, Tweed s/o John Alexander LOCKE (b. Brinston Ontario) & Ida Luella WALKER married Anna Isabella MATHER, 26, graduate nurse, Tweed, Tweed d/o William Milton MATHER (b. Plainfield) & Emma Matilda ALLAN wtn: Kathleen LOCKE of 22 Thornton Ave in Ottawa & L. Pearl CAMPBELL of 212 George St in Belleville, 9 June 1923 in Tweed 012807-23 (Hastings Co) Thomas James LOGAN, 26, clergyman, Ulster Ireland, not sure where s/o William LOGAN (b. Ulster Ireland) & Charlotte ALCORN married Amelia Elizabeth COX, 27, photographer, Edinburgh, not sure where d/o Frederick COX (b. London England) & Louisa DOWNEY wtn: H.W. & Sarah BARGAR of Belleville & Mrs W.S. BARKER of Stirling, 8 August 1923 at Rawden
012822-23 (Hastings Co) Franklin Johnson LOUIS, 24, bridge man, Shannonville, Deseronto s/o Perry LOUIS & Maud Caudith HUBBLE married Edna Vera GREEN, 19, factory girl, Deseronto d/o John R. GREEN & Julia COOPER wtn: John R. GREEN of Point Anne & Mabel MARACLE of Deseronto, 6 October 1923 at Tyendinaga 012808-23 (Hastings Co) Alfred Pitchford LUSCOMBE, 42, widower, machinist, England, 31 Cedar St. W in Belleville s/o John LUSCOMBE (b. England) & Elizabeth PITCHFORD married Elizabeth Frances CONNELLY, 40, dressmaker, Belleville, 31 Wharf St in Belleville d/o James CONNELLY (b. Ireland) & Mary McCOURT wtn: J.C YOUNG of 9 Bettes St in Belleville & Laura BIRD of 67 Church St in Belleville, 7 July 1923 in Belleville
012817-23 (Hastings Co) John Frederick LYNCH, 34, accountant, Buffalo NY USA, Niagara Falls NY USA s/o John Joseph LYNCH (b. St David Ontario) & Adelaine BURDETTE married Lillian Marie McCORMICK 23, housework, Foxboro, 23 Isabel St in Belleville d/o Daniel McCORMICK (b. Belleville) & Lillian DALL wtn: J.A. McCORMICK & Hilda McCORMICK both of Belleville, 1 January 1923 at Belleville 012855-23 (Hastings Co) George MACKEY, 22, farmer, Fort Steward Ontario, Mayo twp s/o Robert MACKEY (b. White Lake Ontario) & Jennie HOUGHTON married Jennie McWHIRTER, 20, household duties d/o William McWHIRTER (b. ? Quebec) & Christine STEWART wtn: John M. McWHIRTER of Roulter & Loda Whyte of Fort Stewart, 17 October 1923 at Maynooth
012856-23 (Hastings Co) Mattia MAGGIACOME, 39, widower, labourer, Italy, Trenton s/o John MAGGIACOME & Rose MANZI married Dominica GUZZI, 30, widow, Italy, Trenton d/o Angeli CARDAMONI & Antonia MASCARO wtn: Amedee LAMARRE & May HOLLAND both of Trenton, 9 April 1923 at Trenton 012858-23 (Hastings Co) Louis MAHONEY, 25, farmer, Madoc, Tweed s/o Cornelius MAHONEY & Jane LEVEK married Catherine BEAUSOLIEL, 25, assistant, Queensboro, Tweed d/o Fermah BEAUSOLIEL & Catharine COURNYEA?, wtn: Michael MAHONEY of Tweed & Mary BEAUSOLIEL of Queensboro, 10 September 1923 at Tweed
012844-23 (Hastings Co) Oscar Allen MAINES, 25, farmer, Hastings Co, Sophiasburgh twp s/o Allen MAINES (b. Hastings Co) & Maude SPENCER married Myrtle HUNT, 26, lady, Sophiasburgh twp, Sophiasburgh twp d/o Charles HUNT (b. Prince Edward Co) & Rumina HUFF wtn: Charles & Rumina HUNT both of RR#3 Demorestville, 4 April 1923 at Belleville 012850-23 (Hastings Co) Albert Johnston MAINES, 22, farmer, Ontario, Tweed s/o William MAINES (b. Ontario) & Mary JOHNSTON married Helen Gertrude EMERSON, 23, clerk, Ontario, Tweed d/o Joseph EMERSON (b. Ontario) & Ida GRAHAM wtn: T.H. FRANCIS & Evelyn FRANCIS both of Windsor, 25 December 1923 at Tweed
  012852-23 (Hastings Co) Norman Frederick MAKER, 27, provincial police, England, 15 N. Front St in Belleville s/o John MAKER (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann McCOOEY married Muriel K. PATTERSON, 22, nurse, Belleville, 327 Albert St in Belleville d/o Nelson PATTERSON (b. Canada) & Catharine ACTON wtn: Arthur Edward DONAHUE & Mabel A. PATTERSON both of Belleville, 28 November 1923 at Belleville
012833-23 (Hastings Co) Samuel Edward MALCOLM, 27, farmer, Lennox & Addington Co, Tyendinaga twp s/o John Lonzo MALCOLM (b. Verona) & Alice Lucinda RODGERS married Hazel May LIDSTER, 18, housework, Hastings Co, Tyendinaga twp d/o John Wesley LIDSTER (b. Huntington twp) & Clarissa HAGGERTY wtn: Fred ROBINSON & Claudia ROBINSON both of Corbyville, 4 July 1923 at Shannonville 012835-23 (Hastings Co) Lorne Sherwood MALLORY, 24, railroad employee, Wensley in Frontenac Co, 31 Bettie St in Belleville s/o James MALLORY (b. Plevna) & Ella MALLORY married Nellie HARRY, 22, housework, Bayside, Bayside d/o James HARRY (b. Trenton) & Margaret WEESE wtn: Irene MALLORY of RR #2 Trenton & Billy HARRY of 346 Driveway in Ottawa, 27 June 1923 at Sidney twp
012847-23 (Hastings Co) Earl MARACLE, 42, widower, marine engineer, Deseronto, Kingston s/o Asa MARACLE (b. Mills Point now Deseronto) & Elizabeth BRANT married Caroline BRANT, 31, widow, Deseronto d/o Isaac BRANT (b. Tyendinaga Indian Reserve) & Melissa BATTISE wtn: James MARACLE & Sarah MARACLE both of Tyendinaga, 2 January 1923 at Shannonville 012851-23 (Hastings Co) David MARS, 28, labourer, Coatbridge Scotland, Highland Grove s/o John MARS (b. Scotland) & Agnes PAGE married Mary Myrtle CLARK, 18, household duties, Highland Grove, Highland Grove d/o John CLARK (b. Canada) & Emily LEWIS wtn: Walter MacGREGOR & Isabel MacGREGOR both of Highland Grove, 24 December 1923 at Bancroft
012839-23 (Hastings Co) James MARSHALL, 30, telephone employee, Chicago USA, 296 Charles St in Belleville s/o Thomas MARSHALL (b. Belleville) & Catherine BARRY married Florence Myrtle GILBERT, 31, telephone operator, Belleville, 47 Yeoman St in Belleville d/o William H. GILBERT (b. Thurlow) & Gatrey KETCHESON wtn: William GILBERT of 47 Yeoman St in Belleville & Clela BRUEIN of 30 Everett St in Belleville, 6 June 1923 at 120 West Moira St in Belleville 012853-23 (Hastings Co) Samuel Albert MARSHALL, 22, farmer, Madoc, Conc 8 Thurlow s/o William MARSHALL (b. Madoc) & Sarah Elizabeth HAYNES married Lellah MacMULLIN, 22, Rawden, Sidney d/o William MacMULLIN (b. Sidney) & Bertha Elizabeth SHARPE wtn: Clarence MARSHALL of RR#2 Holloway & Vera MacMULLIN of RR#5 Trenton, 14 November 1923 at Sidney twp
012829-23 (Hastings Co) John Walter MARTIN, 40, farmer, Jersey England, Murray twp s/o John Luce MARTIN (b. Jersey England) & Maria Jane COUTANCHE married Matilda Jane HOTTON, 25, girl-at-home, Jersey England, Murray twp d/o Clementine F. HOTTON (b. Jersey England) & Matilda Jane COUTANCHE wtn: R.A. BIRD & Mrs R.A. BIRD both of Brighton, 28 August 1923 at Trenton 012840-23 (Hastings Co) Harold Campbell MASON, 27, lecturer Ontario Agricultural College, Straffordville Ontario, Guelph s/o Thomas Henry MASON (b. Port Burwell, Elgin) & Minnie Campbell BASKETTE married Eva Mabel McINTOSH, 21, housework, Williamsburg twp Ontario, Stirling d/o Aza D. McINTOSH (b. Dundas Co) & Katherine Maria BARKLEY wtn: T.H. MASON of Ottawa & A.D. McINTOSH of Stirling, 31 May 1823 at Stirling
012845-23 (Hastings Co) Isaac Morton MAYZE, 40, farmer, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp s/o Samuel Charles MAYZE (b. Thurlow twp) & Sarah Miranda BADGLEY married Annie SHERWIN, 25, widow, housework, Ontario, Trenton d/o William WALKER (b. Madoc twp) & Emma ELLIS wtn: Edward Leon BULL & Agnes BREWER both of Trenton, 15 February 1923 at Trenton  
012875-23 (Hastings Co) Anthony McALPINE, 37, labourer, Monteagle, Wicklow s/o John McALPINE (b. Sheffield Ontario) & Annie WARD married Flossie Christina POMPHRY? (Pompa?) 23, Bancroft, Wicklow d/o William POMPA (b. Germany) & Christina FRANSKY wtn: William McALPINE of Maynooth Station & Katie ROWE of Maynooth, 3 October 1923 at Maynooth 012878-23 (Hastings Co) Harold Alexander McCARNEY, 32, hotel business man, Gananoque, Gananoque s/o Neil McCARNEY & Jessie KING married Helen Mary FEENEY, 30, Tweed, Tweed d/o James FEENEY & Mary HAWKINS wtn: J.S. SMITH of Gananoque & Agnes FEENEY of Tweed, 30 June 1923 at Tweed
012872-23 (Hastings Co) Marshall McCAULEY, 28, labourer, Chandos twp Peterborough Co, Chandos twp Peterborough Co s/o William McCAULEY (b. Canada) & Bertha LISCOMBE married Clara INGRAM, 20, housekeeper, Faraday, Chandos d/o Albert INGRAM (b. England) & Harriet BIRD wtn: Donald WHITMORE of Apsley & Mrs. Arnold DINGMAN of Apsley, 9 November 1923 at Coe Hill 012876-23 (Hastings Co) Leo Augustine McCAULEY, 26, government canal, Murray twp, Frankford s/o John C. McCAULEY & Catherine HIGGINS married Anne Matilda McAVOY, 26, domestic, West Huntingdon, West Huntingdon d/o Owen McAVOY & Mary CAIN wtn: Francis M. McCAULEY of Frankford & Mabel McAVOY of Ivanhoe, 3 October 1923 at Stirling
  012869-23 (Hastings Co) Frederick Charles McCOY, 20, shoe repairer, Belleville, 6 Hillside St in Belleville s/o John McCOY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Jane AUSTIN married Bessie Julia CASSELMAN, 21, housework, Morrisburg Ontario, Sidney St in Belleville d/o George Nelson CASSELMAN (b. Morrisburg) & Fanny MORICK? wtn: Maggie REDDICK of Belleville & Ruth HEASMAN of Stirling, 7 March 1923 at Belleville
012860-23 (Hastings Co) Clifford Lorne MacDONALD, 24, Grand Trunk employee, RFD109 Thurlow, RFD109 Thurlow s/o William C. MacDONALD (b. Point Anne) & Mary Louise ELMY married Veral Gertrude MASON, 23, housework, Belleville, 68 Great St James St in Belleville d/o William Henry MASON (b. Thurlow) & Lawretta CUMMINGS wtn: Jack MASON of Belleville & Mrs D. BRADSHAW of Thurlow, 19 September 1923 at Belleville 012873-23 (Hastings Co) Christopher McDONALD, 21, fisherman, Brighton, Brighton s/o Lawrence McDONALD (b. Brighton) & Addie SEMPLE married Maud Helen SQUIRES, 19, lady, Brighton, Brighton d/o Adrian Alexander SQUIRES (b. Brighton) & Alice Adelia Maud WICKS wtn: Arnold DALE of Brighton & Ruby A. WOODGER of Trenton, 3 November 1923 at Trenton
012870-23 (Hastings Co) Albert MacDUFF, 20, bushman, Gooderham, Gooderham s/o James MacDUFF (b. Scotland) & Emma ADAMS married Annie Mae TRIPP, 20, household duties, Harcourt, Harcourt d/o Nicholas TRIPP (b. Canada) & Annie Velinda RAY wtn: John LaBARGE & Mrs Florence V. DETLOR both of Bancroft, 19 December 1923 at Mission House in Bancroft  
012866-23 (Hastings Co) Walter McGOWAN, 24, cheese maker, Rednersville, 37 Dundas St in Belleville s/o James McGOWAN & Cora FLETCHER married Florence MASON, 24, housework, Rossmore, Rossmore d/o James MASON & Margaret DEMPSEY wtn: Milton A. McGOWAN of Trenton & Mrs S.F. ELLIOTT of Belleville, 11 April 1923 at Belleville 012874-23 (Hastings Co) George Wesley McGOWAN, 33, stave joiner, Sidney twp, Trenton s/o Peter McGOWAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah PRYOR married Eva Muriel Kathleen MAYBEE, 23, Murray twp, Murray twp d/o James Nelson MAYBEE (b. Ontario) & Gertrude Matilda McFAUL wtn: Florence DESHANE of Trenton & E.W RYCKMAN of Belleville, 24 October 1923 at Trenton
012862-23 (Hastings Co) Frank L. McGOWAN, 23, timekeeper, Tweed, Tweed s/o J. McGOWAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LOWRY married Elsie Isabella GERALDI, 23, Renfrew, Tweed d/o Fred GERALDI (b. Ontario) & Opal SCOTT wtn: George GERALDI & Maude WALLACE both of Tweed, 5 July 1923 at Tweed 012877-23 (Hastings Co) Thomas Joseph McGURN, 34, farmer, Marysville Tyendinaga twp, Marysville Tyendinaga twp s/o James McGURN & Ellen WHITE married Sarah Margaret McCULLOUGH, 36, teacher, James McCULLOUGH (deceased) & Elizabeth TONER wtn: John J. McCULLOUGH & Mrs J.J. McCULLOUGH both of Lonsdale, 11 April 1923 at Marysville
012865-23 (Hastings Co) Daniel McKINNON, 21, machinist, Scotland, 73 Station St in Belleville s/o Daniel McKINNON (b. Scotland) & Margaret McPHERSON married Jessie May CURLETTE, 20, maid, Foxboro, 230 Ann St in Belleville d/o William CURLETTE (b. England) & Annie WARRIOR wtn: Carolyn MALOTT & Violet STEPHENS both of 100 Bridge St E in Belleville, 14 April 1923 at Belleville 012868-23 (Hastings Co) William Grant McLAREN, 25, farmer, RR#1 Corbyville, Tyendinaga Twp s/o Alex B. McLAREN (b. Tyendinaga) & Frances McFARLANE married Mabel B. BLAKELY, 27, teacher, RR#1 Corbyville, Tyendinaga d/o Alex BLAKELY (b. Madoc twp) & Minnie WILSON wtn: James LAZIER of RR#2 Shannonville & Mabel McLAREN of Belleville, 10 March 1923 at Belleville
012863-23 (Hastings Co) John McLEOD, 24, farmer, Scotland, Rawden s/o John McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Miss SCOTT married Winnifred Lillian RODWAY, 18, farm housemaid, England, Rawden d/o RODWAY (b. England) & Sylvia RODWAY wtn: Alex HAIG & Jessie WHITTON both of Rawden, 26 June 1923 at Stirling 012864-23 (Hastings Co) James Joseph McLEOD, 42, widower, labourer, Bannockburn, Bannockburn s/o Allan McLEOD & Sarah Ann PARKS married Gracianna WANNAMAKER, 26, Madoc, Bannockburn d/o David & Elizabeth WANNAMAKER wtn: Louisa M. ARCHER & Agnes E. ARCHER both of Stirling, 30 May 1923 at Stirling
012871-23 (Hastings Co) Harry Davidson McMULLEN, 28, engineering, Bowmanville, Campbellford s/o Frederick McMULLEN (b. Cobourg) & Mary Jane HEDGER married Margaret Evelyn CASSAN, 18, burler, Campbellford, Campbellford d/o Frederick CASSAN (b. Campbellford) & Lena DEAN wtn: Isabella WILLMAN & Ruby A. WOODGER both of Trenton, 27 November 1923 at Trenton 012861-23 (Hastings Co) Ernest Richard McQUILKIN, 19, farmer, Murray twp, Brighton s/o Harry Irvine McQUILKIN (b. Murray) & Rose Gladys COOK married Amanda Jean LINDSAY, 19, Brighton, Brighton d/o Frederick Manly LINDSAY (b. Deseronto) & Martha Jane CARSON wtn: Lois CLARKE of Trenton & Gladys McQUILKIN of Hilton Ontario, 29 August 1923 at Trenton
012867-23 (Hastings Co) Percy Garfield McTAGGART, 23, fireman, West Huntingdon, RR#5 Belleville s/o William Herman McTAGGART (b. West Huntingdon) & Martha ARCHIBALD married Dora Norma TURNER, 20, housework, USA, RR#5 Belleville d/o Walter Richard TURNER (b. Belleville) & Harriet Ann CHILDS wtn: H.B. JOHNS of RR#5 Belleville & Fred McTAGGART of Foxboro, 15 March 1923 at Belleville 012838-23 (Hastings Co) Murray MEIKLEJOHN, 35, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o Peter MEIKLEJOHN (b. Rawden) & Margaret CONNOR married Nellie Gertrude JEFFS, 22, farmer's daughter, Rawden, Rawden d/o Fred JEFFS (b. Queensboro) & Martha A. HAGERMAN wtn: Lelia M. POLLOCK of Harold & Ray WILLIAMS of Campbellford, 6 June 1923 at Rawden twp
012846-23 (Hastings Co) Ross Wesley MELBURN, 21, farmer, Richmond twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o Leonard MELBURN & Cassie STONE married Lulu Irene HILL, 20, Belleville, Belleville d/o Fred HILL & Florence HOGEBOOM wtn: Erwin I. HILL of Belleville & Opal G. MELBURN of Marysville, 14 February 1923 at Belleville 012828-23 (Hastings Co) Angus Keith MENZIES, 45, fruit grower, British Guyana, 169 Moira St W in Belleville s/o John MENZIES (b. Scotland) & Adriana CAMERON married Helen Maria BISHOP, 26, housework, England, 169 Moira St W in Belleville d/o Henry BISHOP (b. England) & Helen Jane HUGHES wtn: Charles F. BISHOP of Belleville & Isabel WINTER of Napanee, 28 September 1923 at Christ Church in Belleville
  012827-23 (Hastings Co) Clarence Elmer MEYERS, 21, meter man, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o Walter Porter MEYERS (b. Ontario) & Mabel FINKLE married Annabel BADGLEY, 24, housework, Thurlow, Thurlow d/o C.W. BADGLEY (b. Ontario) & Mary BLATHERWICK wtn: John BLATHERWICK of Shannonville & May BADGLEY of Thurlow, 26 September 1923 at Thurlow
012832-23 (Hastings Co) Gerald Jay MILLS, 21, labourer, Brighton, Brighton twp s/o Jay MILLS (b. Brighton) & Carrie ALLEN married Irene Muriel GEROW, 18, lady, Belleville, Brighton d/o Marshal GEROW & Mattie SWENOR wtn: Grant SIMPSON & Mrs Wesley KIZER both of Brighton, 24 July 1923 at Trenton ["divorced 21 December 1932] 012834-23 (Hastings Co) Richard John MOLONEY, 29, farmer, Hepworth, Marmora s/o John E. MOLONEY (b. Marmora) & Mary WOLFE married Mary Madeline GALLAGHER, 18, Marmora, Marmora d/o Michael GALLAGHER & Margaret CONNORS wtn: Charles GALLAGHER of Marmora & Veronica MOLONEY of Cordova, 10 July 1923 at Marmora
012859-23 (Hastings Co) Michael MONAGHAN, 28, farmer, Coe Hill, Coe Hill s/o Peter MONAGHAN & Matilda DRUMON (Drummond?) married Margaret Jane McAVOY, 31, farmerette, West Huntingdon, West Huntingdon d/o James McAVOY & Jane CAIN wtn: Richard McAVOY of West Huntingdon & Bertella MALONEY of Cordova Mines, 25 September 1923 at Stirling 012843-23 (Hastings Co) James Austin MOON, 19, machinist, Trenton, Murray s/o James MOON (b. Ameliasburg) & Lydia HARRINGTON married Ada Gertrude RICHARDS, 18, Murray twp, Murray d/o Peter S. RICHARDS (b. Murray twp) & Annie HANNA wtn: Mrs G.W. BULLIS of Smithfield & Lois CLARKE of Trenton, 5 May 1923 at Trenton
012836-23 (Hastings Co) George Henry MOORCROFT, 27, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o Thomas MOORCROFT (b. Madoc) & Maggie KINCAID married Mary Alice DEVOLIN, 23, Marmora twp, Madoc twp d/o John DEVOLIN (b. Madoc) & Maggie BROADWORTH wtn: Ogle DEVOLIN & Stella MOORCROFT both of Madoc, 25 June 1923 at Belleville 012826-23 (Hastings Co) Walter Frederick MOORE, 33, marble merchant, Belleville, 9 Grove St in Belleville s/o Charles MOORE (b. Belleville) & Elizabeth BRITTON married Edna May FORD, 33, bookkeeper, Cannifton, 361 Bleeker Ave in Belleville d/o Albert FORD (b. England) & Ellen SHEEHAN wtn: William DORAN & Elizabeth DORAN both of Belleville, 29 September 1923 at Belleville
012841-23 (Hastings Co) Richard Russell MOORE, 22, veterinary surgeon, Brussels Ontario, Listowel Ontario s/o Mathew Henry MOORE (b. Elma twp) & Emma D. HALPENNY married Jane Matilda YOUNG, 27, trained nurse, Southampton England, Listowel Ontario d/o Thomas YOUNG (b. England) & Jane Matilda COCLINS (Codins?) wtn: A.E. ARMSTRONG & A.B. ARMSTRONG both of Trenton, 26 May 1923 at Trenton 012842-23 (Hastings Co) Alexander MOORE, 32, farmer, Roslin, Deloro s/o Alexander MOORE (b. Thomasburg) & Elizabeth JACKSON married Mildred CASSIDY, 33, Springbrook, Deloro d/o William John CASSIDY & Margaret GAWLEY wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Cecil BATEMAN of Springbrook, 23 May 1923 at Marmora
012831-23 (Hastings Co) John Edward MOORE, 29, fisherman, Deseronto, Deseronto s/o Edward MOORE (b. North Fredericksburgh twp) & Emma POST married Lulu May SAGER, 24, Deseronto d/o William SAGER (b. Lennox & Addington Co) & Susan WAGAR wtn: Keith SHARPE & May SHARPE both of Deseronto, 27 July 1823 at Deseronto 012849-23 (Hastings Co) John Stephen MOORE, 28, labourer, Belleville, 9 Grove St in Belleville s/o Charles B. MOORE & Elizabeth BRITTON married Alice Gertrude WILDER, 19, clerk , Belleville, Moira St in Belleville d/o Nathaniel WILDER & Ella ROSE wtn: Mrs S.F. ELLIOTT & Mrs N. FARLEY both of Belleville, 4 January 1923 at Belleville
012857-23 (Hastings Co) John Victor MORRIS, 21, machinist, Lancaster England, Belleville s/o Thomas MORRIS & Elizabeth WALKER married Agnes Ruby WEIR, 19, Belleville, Belleville d/o John WEIR & Margaret ROCKY wtn: Michael SMITH & Helen McGUINESS both of Belleville, 14 May 1923 at Belleville 012854-23 (Hastings Co) Vernald Maclean MUIR, 21, carpenter, Belleville, 20 Pine St in Belleville s/o John MUIR ( b. Scotland) & Mary STINSON married Irene Constance WILDER, 18, housework, Rochester NY USA, 62 Greer St in Belleville d/o John F. WILDER (b. Rochester) & Margaret MARTIN wtn: Lizzie J. WHIFFEN & George H. PHIMTON both of Belleville, 11 November 1923 at Trenton
012848-23 (Hastings Co) Frederick J. MUNN, 24, paper maker, Glen Miller, Frankford s/o Albert MUNN (b. Sidney twp) & Elda CROSS married Edith Eleanor GARRISON, 21, clerk, Sidney twp, Frankford d/o Cyrus GARRISON (b. Sidney twp) & Anna McDONALD wtn: Grant A. SIMMONS & Sybil J. SNELL both of Frankford, 25 January 1923 at Frankford 012830-23 (Hastings Co) Henry MUSCLOW, 21, blacksmith, Monteagle twp, Bancroft s/o John MUSCLOW (b. Canada) & Ellen COSLOW married Lillian Elizabeth BOWERS, 17, household duties, Bancroft, Bancroft d/o Joseph BOWERS (b. Canada) & Annie HANNAH wtn: Pearl MUSCLOW of Bancroft & Kelvin VARDY of Musclow, 25 July 1923 at Bancroft
012837-23 (Hastings Co) David MYLES, 24, labourer, Glasgow Scotland, Trenton s/o Robert MYLES (b. Scotland) & Jane RUTHERFORD married Mildred M. COX, 18, Birmingham England, Trenton d/o Francis James COX (b. England) & Louise CARNELL wtn: George Henry LEE & Louisa COX both of Trenton, 21 June 1923 at Trenton 12886-23 Edward NAVAN, 20, machine hand, Newburgh, 76 Pinnacle St. Belleville, s/o Edward NAVAN (b. Canada) & Annie Perry FOX, married Irene WINTER, 19, maid, Colbourne - Northumberland Co., Belleville Hospital Belleville, d/o James WINTER (b. Canada) & Annie DAILY, witn: James Allan BABCOCK of Napanee & Mary Elizabeth NAVAN of Belleville on Nov. 6, 1923 at Belleville
012879-23 (Hastings Co) Harold Percy NAYLOR, 26, livery man, Marmora, Marmora s/o G.W. NAYLOR & A.L. BUTWELL married Mabel Beatrice LINN, 18, clerk, Marmora, Marmora d/o W.R. LINN & Maggie COSBEY wtn: L. Grant SINE & Myrtle L. NAYLOR both of Marmora, 15 August 1923 at Marmora 012880-23 (Hastings Co) Edwin Thomas NAYLOR, 29, A.D.C., Belleville, Madoc s/o James NAYLOR & Emma BARLOW married Gladys Marjory SPECK, 28, teacher, Actinolite, Actinolite d/o William SPECK & Emma COTTERILL wtn: Susan Amy NAYLOR of Madoc & William SPECK of Actinolite, 5 July 1923 at St James's Church in Tweed
  12881-23 Sidney NELSON, 63, retired farmer, widower, Brighton Tp., 149 Charles St. Belleville, s/o Daniel NELSON & Caroline BULL, married Edith ROBINSON, 55, widow, Prince Edward Co., 355 BLEEKER Ave. Belleville, d/o Martin LENT & Lydia SNIDER, witn: Gladys & E. W. GORSLINE both of Demorestville on April 4, 1923 at Belleville.
12882-23 George William Roy NESBITT, 26, farmer, Oak River Manitoba, same, s/o Thomas Henry NESBITT (b. Kincardine) & Clara Mabel SMITH, married Amy Storey BEAUMONT, 21, Belleville, 76 Cedar St. same, d/o William Firth BEAUMONT (b. Manchester England) & Harriet Elizabeth STOREY, witn: John & Ruth BEAUMONT both of Belleville on Jan. 31, 1923 at Belleville. 12883-23 Freeman Conrad NEWTON, 26, mechanic, Ardendale, same, s/o Elisha NEWTON (b. Camden Tp.) & Jane KNIGHT, married Aida Lorraine VANDERWATER, 18, Arden, same, d/o Jeptha Darius VANDERWATER (b. Napanee) & Effie Carolina LOYST, witn: T. M. & A. J. NICOL both of Madoc on Jan. 30, 1923 at
12884-23 Alexander Hunter NICKLE, 26, labourer, Marmora Tp., Malone, s/o Henry NICKLE (b. Madoc) & Margaret BEST, married Annie Lestine CARMEN, 34, Eldorado, same, d/o John CARMEN (b. Madoc) & Margaret LEONARD, witn: Miriam McCANN & Pearl CARMEN both of Eldorado on Jan. 31, 1923 at Madoc 12887-23 Frederick James NICKLE, 31, physician, San Francisco Calif. USA, Malone, s/o William D. NICKLE (b. Hastings Co) & Anna Bell PRESLEY, married Grace Allen BURNSIDE, 28, teacher, Bannockburn, Madoc, d/o Thomas E. BURNSIDE (b. Madoc) & Annie E. MCCOY, witn: Robert John BURNSIDE of Madoc & Edith Nickle LOUGH of Malone on Oct. 23, 1923 at Madoc
12885-23 Henry William NOFFKE, 38, farmer, Ottawa, Wicklow Tp., s/o Harrison (Herman?) NOFFKE (b. Germany) & Caroline MEIHEK, married Martha Henryatta LIMKIE, 20, Barry's Bay, Wicklow Tp., d/o August LIMKIE (b. Germany) & Aline SYKE, witn: Charles FELAKE & Albertinna NOFFKE both of Wicklow Tp. on Nov. 10, 1923 at Wicklow Tp. 12898-23 John O'CONNELL, 46, farmer, Huntingdon Tp., same, s/o Michael O'CONNELL & Catherine WOODS, married Catherine HOPKINS, 22, Madoc Village, same, d/o John HOPKINS & Phoebe WRIGHT, witn: Mr & Mrs. John LYNDALE both of Madoc, on Feb. 12, 1923 at Sacred Heart Church at Madoc
12897-23 John Edward O'CONNOR, 24, farmer, Tyendinaga Tp., same, s/o Bartholomew O'CONNOR & Mary Ellen BARRY, married Mary Marguerite GOUGH, 21, telephone operator, Lonsdale, same, d/o John GOUGH & Ellen WALSH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John P. McCULLOUGH both of Lonsdale on Jan. 17, 1923 at Marysville 12892-23 Frank Victor O'CONNOR, 31, mechanic, Barrie, 19 Everett St. Belleville, s/o Michael Joseph O'CONNOR (b. Canada) & Emma CLOUSON, married Margaret May PIGDEN, 20, Madoc, 19 Everett St. Belleville, d/o Joseph PIGDEN (b. England) & Elizabeth BURRIS, witn: Joseph & Elizabeth PIGDEN both of Belleville on June 18, 1923 at Belleville.
  12893-23 William Henry OLIPHANT, 20, electrician, England, 20 Holloway St. Belleville, s/o William OLIPHANT & Minnie MASSMAN, married Edna Marguerite GREEN, 18, Bloomfield Prince Edward Co., 43 Dunbar St. Belleville, d/o William GREEN & Thurza T. GULLETT, witn: Mrs. S. F. ELLIOTT & Mrs. N. FARLEY both of Belleville on Jan. 4, 1923 at Belleville
12896-23 Lennie Ray OLIVER, 21, barber, Ypsilanti Michigan USA, Madoc, s/o Miles OLIVER (b. Madoc) & Orillia HARRIS, married Beulah Ruth HOWARD, 18, telephone operator, Columbus Ohio USA, Madoc, d/o Ernest HOWARD (b. New York) & Elsie M. BERGER, witn: Dan H. O'CONNERY & Damon W. HOOVER both of Madoc on Oct. 4, 1923 at Madoc. 12890-23 Arthur OLIVER, 44, labourer, widower, Hastings Co., Yarker, s/o William OLIVER (b. Hastings Co) & mother's name not given, married Jane CRONKWRIGHT, 42, widow, Prince Edward Co., Yarker, d/o Elisha BAKER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Sarah TROUTER, witn: Jesse & Lena BAKER both of Yarker on July 4, 1923 at Deseronto
12888-23 William George ORMOND, 22, machine helper, Belleville, 277 Albert Street same, s/o George ORMOND (b. Belleville) & Eliza McKNIGHT, married Gladys A. RAYFIELD, 28, cashier, Toronto, 311 B Front Street same, d/o William RAYFIELD (b. England) & Blanche EATON, witn: Frank R. & Lilly M. RAYFIELD both of Belleville on Sept. 19, 1923 at Belleville 12889-23 Francis Edward ORR, 21, moulder, Tweed, same, s/o Thomas ORR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Ethel May BENN, 18, Tweed, same, d/o Clement BENN (b. Canada) & Ida MASTERS, witn: Clement & Norman BENN both of Tweed on Aug. 23, 1923 at Belleville
12895-23 Clarence OSTROM, 29, machinist, Trenton, 27 Johnson St. Belleville, s/o Ab OSTROM (b. Canada sic) & Nettie BATES, married Ethel Mae POPE, 20, Hastings Co., 27 Johnson St. Belleville, d/o Frederick G. POPE (b. Yorkshire England) & Kitty DETLOR, witn: A. E. & A. T. ARMSTRONG both of Oshawa on Oct. 3, 1923 at Trenton 12891-23 Burton OSTROM, 21, labourer, Murray Tp. Northumberland Co., Newton, s/o Leonard OSTROM (b. Murray) & Cecilia WRIGHT, married Gertrude May DALTON, 18, Elziver Tp., Sidney Tp., d/o Robert John DALTON (b. Elziver) & Bertha WOODCOCK, witn: Edward WEISE & Florence BROWN both of Trenton on July 3, 1923 at Trenton
12894-23 William OSTROM, 26, lock maker, Trenton, 130 Catherine St. Belleville, s/o Abe OSTROM (b. London England) & Nettie BATES, married Marie CASEMENT, 20, clerk, Wooler Northumberland Co., 83 Moira St. West Belleville, d/o James CASEMENT (b. Murray Tp.) & Jennie CAMPBELL, witn: E. H. RATHBURN (Ruthven?) & Lois CLARKE both of Trenton on Oct. 24, 1923 at Trenton 12901-23 Samuel Burton PALMER, 25, electrician, Corbyville, Cannifton, s/o Robert Ridley PALMER (b. Hastings Co) & Alzina COON, married Gladys HORN, 22, Cannifton, same, d/o Alfred George HORNE (sic) (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth KELLER, witn: Mary J. BEAMISH of Belleville & Phillip CAIGER-WATSON of Marmora on Aug. 15, 1923 at Belleville.
12919-23 Arthur James PARKS, 44, labourer, widower, Madoc, Point Anne, s/o Syrenis PARKS (b. Madoc Tp.) & Maggie CRACKNELL, married Annie COX, 46, widow, England, Point Anne, d/o William RANDALL (b. England) & Martha PAGE, witn: Matt AKEY of Point Anne & Emily Maud TOTTON of Shannonville on Oct. 9, 1923 at Shannonville 12917-23 John Elijah PARKS, 59, merchant, widower, Hastings Co., 80 Budge St. Belleville, s/o John Henry PARKS (b. Ontario) & Phoebe Jane PHILLIPS, married Florence Tryphena WARD, 42, widow, York Co., 18 Seaforth Ave. Toronto, d/o Ralph WARD (sic) (b. England) & Tryphena JAMES, witn: Masie PARKS & Elizabeth BROWN both of Belleville on Oct. 20, 1923 at Belleville
12913-23 Alfred Harvey PARNELL, 45, railway sectionman, Hoover England, Eldorado, s/o John PARNELL (b. England) & Susanna HARVEY, married Cora Matilda WRIGHT, 39, Eldorado, Corbyville, d/o William WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Mary ROSS, witn: D. B. & Lulu LIVINGSTON both of Corbyville on Jan. 10, 1923 at Cannifton. 12922-23 John PELLETIER, 25, railway man, Trenton, same, s/o James PELLETIER & Isabella McDONALD, married Gladys DEFOE, 20, Trenton, same, d/o Morton DEFOE & Louisa LOZO, witn: Thomas PELLETIER & Neta DEFOE both of Trenton on Aug. 14, 1923 at Trenton
12905-23 Clarence Oliver PENNY, 21, farmer, Richmond Tp., same, s/o M. M. PENNY (b. Canada) & Minnie OLIVER, married Beatrice Marguerite HUSBAND, 21, Richmond Tp., Tyendinaga Tp., d/o Marcus HUSBAND (b. Canada) & Effie VANALSTYNE, witn: Mr. & Mrs Fred VANALSTYNE both of Napanee on June 20, 1923 at Tyendinaga Tp. 12899-23 Thomas George PERRY, 40, railway mail clerk, Dufferin Co., Trenton, s/o James PERRY (b. Mono Tp.) & Madelene CROZIER, married Lucinda Ann FORSTER, 38, bookkeeper, Belleville, same, d/o Robert Ward FORSTER (b. Newton Yorkshire England) & Catherine SWAN, witn: Georgina WALMSLEY of Belleville & James A. FORSTER of Buffalo New York on Sept. 25, 1923 at Belleville
12904-23 Willis Arnold PETERS, 22, labourer, Methuen Tp., Chandos, s/o Willard PETERS (b Ontario) & Lydia ALTHOUSE, married Sarah Jane McCAW, 18, Chandos, same, d/o Robert McCAW (b. Ontario) & Madeline WOODLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis POST both of Coe Hill on June 20, 1923 at The Parsonage, Coe Hill. 12902-23 Clyde PFEIFLE, 22, machinist, Akron Ohio, same, s/o Frederick PFEIFLE (b. Akron Ohio) & Lydia KOCH, married Helen MOORE, 22, Newburgh, Trenton, d/o William Edward MOORE (b. Newburgh) & Christina WILSON, witn: William E. & Christina MOORE both of Trenton on July 16, 1923 at Trenton
12908-23 Charles Edward PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Tudor Tp., McClure Tp., s/o James PHILLIPS (b. Madoc) & Winnie BLACK, married Norma Dorothea BARAGAR, 18, McClure Tp., same, d/o Nathan BARAGAR (b. Sidney) & Mary MacLAREN, witn: Donald BARAGAR & Miss MacLAREN both of McClure Tp. on March 12, 1923 at Bancroft. 12916-23 Frank Sylvester PHILLIPS, 34, miner, Marmora, Madoc, s/o David PHILLIPS (b. Canada) & Sarah SAMPLE, married Ethel Alexandra SLEEPER, 22, Limerick Tp., Belleville, d/o Burdette SLEEPER (b. Canada) & Annetta SARGEANT, witn: Percy & Eunice PHILLIPS both of Belleville on Nov. 12, 1923 at Belleville.
12900-23 Wilfred John Earl PHILLIPS, 27, miner, Madoc Village, same, s/o David PHILLIPS (b. Madoc Tp) & Sarah SAMPLE, married Lucy KELLER, 22, Huntingdon Tp., Crookston, d/o Frederick KELLER (b. Huntingdon Tp) & Phoebe HOWARD, witn: H. L. & Martha E. KELLAR (sic) both of Madoc on Sept. 19, 1923 at West Huntingdon 12910-23 Edward POPE, 23, butcher, Belleville, 10 Greer St. Belleville, s/o Jonas POPE (b. England) & Elsie? illegible, married Katherine SPURGEON, 19, maid, England, 11 Queen St. Belleville, d/o Joseph Henry SPURGEON (b. France) & Katherine CHARBERVILLE?, witn: Prudence M. & Lewis STAPLEY both of 93 Lingham Street Belleville on March 14, 1923 at Belleville
12912-23 Burton Oswald POST, 35, apiarist, Ameliasburgh Tp., Sidney Tp., s/o Charles Washington POST (b. Ameliasburgh) & Henrietta WELLER, married Lillian Mary COOKE, 23, Winchester England, Sidney Tp., d/o unknown & Annie COOK, witn: Ruby A. WOODGER & Laura RANTON both of Trenton on Feb. 27, 1923 at Trenton. 12914-23 William Herbert Victor POST, 35, barber, Peterboro Co., Highland Grove, s/o Aaron POST (b. Elmwood Tp) & Mary HAWLEY, married Elida Viola BOWAN, 21, Highland Grove, same, d/o Stanley BOWEN (b. Canada) & Emily HOUSTON, witn: John W. SUTHERLAND & Margaret CUTHBERT both of Highland Grove on Dec. 26, 1923 at St. John's Church Bancroft.
12920-23 Harvey Howard POTTER, 22, driver, Bancroft, 210 Dundas St. Belleville, s/o John D. POTTER (b. England) & Susan REDMAN, married Stella Irene WOODCOCK, 18, Tamworth, Dundas St. Belleville, d/o Livius S. WOODCOCK (b. Canada) & Anna Laura BOYD, witn: Peter & Ethel BOLYEA both of Belleville on Oct. 6, 1923 at Belleville. [divorced 10/4/50]  
12903-23 William James PRENTICE, 32, steam pipe fitter, Carlow Tp., Schumacher, s/o Benjamin PRENTICE (b. Carlow Tp) & Janet KELLY, married Mary Olive KENNEDY, 19, Carlow Tp, Schumacher, d/o Nathan Dalton KENNEDY (b. Carlow Tp) & Katherine YOUNG, witn: Violet Muriel KENNEDY of Boulter & Charlie PRENTICE of Havergal Carlow Tp. on June 20, 1923 at Havergal 12918-23 William Kenneth PRENTICE, 27, tire builder, Ontario, 26 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, s/o William Robert PRENTICE (b. Ontario) & Adelia GOSWELL, married Jessie SMITH, 25, Toronto, 175 Charles St. Toronto, d/o David Edward SMITH (b. Ontario) & Annah HABKIRK, witn: R. G. COULTER of Foxboro & Margaret TAYLOR of 677 Bathurst St. Toronto on Oct. 20, 1923 at Belleville
12909-23 George Arthur PRESSICK, 20, labourer, Cordova, Marmora, s/o John PRESSICK (b. Havelock) & Lillian STEAMBURY, married Della May BURNS, 18, Marmora, same, d/o Fred BURNS (b. Havelock) & Inez BILLINGS, witn: William & Mrs W. R. GRAY both of Marmora on March 21, 1923 at Marmora 12923-23 John PREVOST, 30, farmer, Otter Creek, same, s/o Peter PREVOST & Margaret HEALEY, married Mary DERUSHA, 22, Otter Creek, same, s/o William DERUSHA & Delphine CASSIBO, witn: Pearl DERUSHA & John LABARGE both of Park House on Sept. 18, 1923 at Stoco
12915-23 Frank Davis PRINGLE, 28, merchant, Madoc, same, s/o Andrew Milton PRINGLE (b. Madoc) & Alma DAVIS, married Marguerite Grace HILL, 24, school teacher, Shannonville, same, d/o James Ferguson HILL (b. Shannonville) & Clara LESLIE, witn: Arthur HILL of Belleville & Blanche McMECHAN of Melrose on Oct. 24, 1923 at Shannonville. 12921-23 Harold Edward PULKER, 23, tire builder, England, Belleville, s/o Alfred PULKER & Jessie OXFORD, married Cassie Constance ROBINSON, 25, musician, Belleville, same, d/o James B. ROBINSON & Mary CONLIN, witn: William T. ROBINSON & Jessie E. PULKER both of Belleville on Feb. 12, 1923 at Belleville.
12906-23 Frederick PUTMAN, 29, farmer, England, Cannifton, s/o Joseph PUTMAN (b. England) & Emily WALINGTON, married Violet Lilies JENKINSON, 30, England, Cannifton, d/o father's name not known (sic) & Emma JENKINSON (b. England), witn: H. K. & Mabel F. BOYCE both of Cannifton on June 7, 1923 at Cannifton 12911-23 Samuel Eben PUTMAN, 21, sailor, Sophiasburgh Tp., same, s/o Eben PUTMAN (b. Sophiasburgh) & Olive SPENCER, married Lillian May RABBIE, 19, Sophiasburgh Tp., same, d/o Frank RABBIE (b. Flinton) & Florence McQUAID, witn: Jane SANDERS & Anna RADCLIFFE both of Deseronto on March 2, 1923 at St. Mark's Church Deseronto.
12907-23 William Herbert PYMER, 28, G.T.R. employee, England, 31 Station St. Belleville, s/o Arthur James PYMER & Lydia ABOU (Abon?), married Victoria Ethel CLARKE, 31, England, 274 George St. Belleville, d/o Walter CLARKE & Maria MINISTER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. R. C. SIDENIUS both of Belleville on May 28, 1923 at Belleville. 012944-23 Frank Treuman (Trueman?) RAINBIRD, 25, machinist assistant, Richmond Que., Thurlow twp s/o Thomas W. RAINBIRD & Annie WRIGHT married Flossie CLARKE, 23, house work, Mayo twp, 350 Bleecker Ave in Belleville d/o James CLARKE & Elizabeth COLEMAN wtn: W.J. COLEMAN & Shirley E.F. RAINBIRD both of Belleville, 1 January 1923 at Belleville
012950-23 William Edward RAYCROFT, 23, merchant, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke s/o John RAYCROFT (b. Kingston Ontario) & Margaret BROWN married Sylvia Madeline KLEINSTEUBER, 23, housewife, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke d/o Theodore KLEINSTEUBER (b. Actinolite) & Elizabeth H. BRETT wtn: Thomas RAYCROFT of Parham & Rachel KLEINSTEUBER of Actinolite, 24 October 1923 at Actinolite 12932-23 Carl Clayton READ, 28, power house operator, Sidney Tp., Campbellford, s/o Charles READ (ob) (b. Hastings Co) & Maud DRACUP (ob), married Mary Faye KETCHESON, 22, teacher, Sidney Tp., R. R. 2 Belleville same, d/o Clement KETCHESON (b. Hastings Co) & Rose LONGWELL, witn: Rose A. KETCHESON of R. R. 2 Belleville & Nieta KETCHESON of R. R. 1 Foxboro on Aug. 2, 1923 at Sidney Tp.
012942-23 Harry Roy REDDEN, 24, store manager, Campbellford, Trenton s/o Henry REDDEN (b. Campbellford) & Henrietta JACOBS married Noreen Stella PARKER, 20, clerk, Marmora, Trenton d/o Robert PARKER (b. England) & Ella THOMPKINS wtn: Clinton SMITH & Lela SMITH both of Trenton, 7 March 1923 at Trenton  
12929-23 Richard Ernest REEVES, 27, farmer, Hermon Mayo Tp., L' Amable, s/o James REEVES (b. Canada) & Mary Ann SMITH, married Dianna Florence JENKINS, 21, Monteagle Valley, L'Amable, d/o James JENKINS (b. Canada) & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: Benjamin JENKINS & Bella ROBINSON both of Monteagle Valley on Sept. 12, 1923 at Monteagle 012952-23 Allan REID, 21, farmer, Rawden twp, Monteagle twp s/o John REID (b. Canada) & Samantha REID married Martha WHITMORE, 18, household duties, Raglan twp, Monteagle twp d/o Sam WHITMORE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BACHELOR wtn: Thomas WHITMORE & Flossie WHITMORE both of Bancroft, 10 October 1923 at Bancroft Mission House
012940-23 Clarence Delbert REID, 20, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o Harford REID (b. Ontario) & Alice CALDWELL married Eva Lena PEERS, 19, farmer's daughter, Scotland, Rawden d/o James PEERS (b. Scotland) & (don't know) wtn: Emma JONES of Bonarlaw & Bryson REID of RR#3 Stirling, 28 March 1923 at Stirling 12928-23 Arthur Wilson REID, 29, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Andrew REID (b. Rawdon) & Jane WILSON, married Augusta MORTON, 27, teacher, Rawdon, same, d/o John MORTON (b. Hungerford) & Mary IRWIN, witn: Nellie REID & Richard MORTON both of Springbrook on Aug. 29, 1923 at Springbrook
12926-23 Clinton Earl RENDELL, 29, farmer, North Fredericksburgh Tp., Richmond Tp., s/o Edward RENDELL (b. Lennox Co) & Abigail MILLER, married Helen Irene Amelia THOMAS, 21, Tweed, Deseronto, d/o Samuel C. THOMAS (b. Frontenac Co.) & Hannah ASHLEY, witn: C. Ross & Helen B. RENDELL both of Deseronto on Sept. 26, 1923 at Deseronto 012947-23 Albert REYNOLDS, 37, widower, machinist, Lachine Que., Trenton s/o Charles REYNOLDS (b. England) & Mary Victoria HERRON married Reata CROUTER, 24, at home, Picton, Trenton d/o William Francis CROUTER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Leila Maud RICHARDSON wtn: Mary E. CROUTER & Alford N. CROUTER both of Trenton, 31 December 1923 at Trenton
012951-23 Henry RHODE, 30, farmer, South Algoma, Bangor twp s/o Julius RHODE (b. Germany) & Annie YUKE married Lizzie COWAN, 28, Bangor twp, Bangor twp d/o Robert COWAN (b. Arnprior Ont.) & Jennet McCLEAN wtn: James COWAN & Annie RHODE both of Bell's Rapids Ont., 17 October 1923 at Bangor 012939-23 William Samuel ROBBINS, 21, sheet metal worker, Ontario, Tweed s/o John ROBBINS (b. Ontario) & Annie KELLAR married Helena GRIFFIN, 19, housework, Ontario, Tweed d/o Otis GRIFFIN (b. Ontario) & Ethel PRINGLE wtn: Archie SINCLAIR & Alberta SINCLAIR both of Tweed, 7 April 1923 at Tweed
012936-23 William James ROBERTS, 23, farm labourer, England, 212 Coleman St in Belleville s/o William James ROBERTS (b. Widnes England) & Susannah GARDINER married Alice Ellen LOTT, 24, domestic servant, Ontario, Trenton d/o David Q. LOTT (b. Marmora) & Elizabeth DEMERELL wtn: Gilbert M. LOTT & Julia E. LOTT both of Hillier, 4 June 1923 at Trenton 012934-23 John ROBERTSON, 40, widower, physician, Thorold, Belleville s/o Myles ROBERTSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary PRENDERGAST married Catharine O'DELL, 25, divorced, nurse, Brighton, Belleville d/o Oscar CHATTERSON & Melissa GUNZO wtn: N. Jeffers DIAMOND & E. May DIAMOND both of Belleville, 2 July 1923 at Belleville
12925-23 John McKeown ROBLIN, 22, butter maker, 7th Conc. Sidney Tp., 191 James St. Belleville, s/o Silvanus ROBLIN (b. Madoc Tp.) & Alice McKEOWN, married Gladys Mabel COLLINS, 18, stenographer, Prince Edward Co., 191 James St. Belleville, d/o C. R. COLLINS (b. Lennox Co.) & Melissa J. DAINERD, witn: G. S. & Lillian EASTWOOD both of Bonar Law on Oct. 3, 1923 at Belleville 012937-23 Lewis Roscoe ROBSON, 25, farmer, Hallowell twp, Hallowell twp s/o Lewis ROBSON (b. England) & Ida May CARNEY married Eva May HODGEN, 20, house work, Latta, Latta d/o R. Ernest HODGEN (b. Huntington twp) & Mary THOMPSON wtn: Percy HODGEN of Latta & Mabel HODGEN of Plainfield, 19 May 1923 at Plainfield
12933-23 James Rolph RODGERS, 22, labourer, Madoc, Deseronto, s/o John W. RODGERS & Elizabeth SPURDEN, married Mary Aletha SHATTRAW, 24, Deseronto, same, d/o Alonzo SHATTRAW & Edith Aletha CLARKE, witn: C. HODGKISSON & Ethel L. SAGER both of Deseronto on July 2, 1923 at Tyendinaga 012948-23 Robert Daniel RODGERS, 30, metal worker, Hungerford twp, Tweed s/o William George RODGERS (b. Hungerford twp) & Matilda Jane RODGERS married Georgie Elizabeth WHEELER, 17, Napanee, Napanee d/o George Henry WHEELER (b. Bridgewater) & Elizabeth Jane BABCOCK wtn: Violet Aleta STOREY of Deseronto & Roger Ernest PARKS of Belleville, 10 December 1923 at Belleville
012943-23 William Arthur ROGERS, 25, postal clerk, Belleville, 312 Foster Ave in Belleville s/o William ROGERS (b. Marmora) & Margaret CORBETT married Gladys Irene CHAMBERS, 23, housework, Madoc, 226 Coleman St in Belleville d/o Clayton CHAMBER (b. Thurlow twp) & Margaret HOUSER wtn: Mrs O.A. MARSHALL & Dreula? MASON both of 112 Bridge St E in Belleville, 5 March 1923 at 112 Bridge St E in Belleville 012941-23 William Alfred ROLPH, 25, labourer, Coe Hill, Coe Hill s/o Arthur ROLPH (b. England) & Marguerite DRUMM married Maud DOXSIE, 23, clerk, Coe Hill, Coe Hill d/o Charles DOXSIE (b. Canada) & Susan HUBBEL wtn: Arthur ROLPH & Evelyn ROLPH both of Coe Hill, 3 April 1923 at Eldorado
012946-23 Clayton Richard ROOKE, 26, manager, Madoc, Madoc s/o George ROOKE (b. Newburg Ont.) & Sarah JARVIS married Myrtle Eva MOORCROFT, 22, telephone operator, Queensboro, Madoc d/o David MOORCROFT (b. Madoc twp) & Carrie PHILLIPS wtn: Harvey J. McROBERTS & Miss Dora W. McROBERTS both of Madoc, 10 January 1923 at Madoc 12924-23 William Hawley ROOT, 23, carpenter, Hastings Co., 66 McGregor St. Oshawa, s/o George ROOT (b. Picton) & Eliza WAGAR, married Myrtle Fern WAGAR, 29, glass factory worker, Richmond Tp., Deseronto, d/o Sampson WAGAR & Mary HASELSTINE, witn: Arthur Elmer HASELSTINE of Frankford & Mary Emma WAGAR of Peterboro on Oct. 3, 1923 at Deseronto
012949-23 Robert Charles ROPER, 23, labourer, Hastings Co, Con 5 Thurlow twp s/o Alfred ROPER (b. England) & Mary Sophia JUBY married Myrtle Irene DAFOE, 17, at home, Prince Edward Co, Thurlow twp d/o Harry F. DAFOE (b. Thurlow twp) & Ethel Blanche HUSKINS, wtn: M.J. SCOTT & Mrs E. FARNSWORTH both of Cannifton, 10 November 1923 at Cannifton 012938-23 Francis Alfred ROPER, 24, farmer, Thurlow twp, Con 5 in Thurlow twp s/o Thomas Alfred ROPER (b. England) & Mary JUBY married Pearl Irene WANNAMAKER, 21, at home, Huntingdon twp, Huntingdon twp d/o William Thomas WANNAMAKER (b. Hastings Co) & Sarah LINEY wtn: Clarence ROPER of Corbyville & Merle WANNAMAKER of West Huntingdon, 24 May 1923 at Cannifton
12931-23 William Henry ROUSHORN, 21, farmer, Madoc, Elziver, s/o Adam ROUSHORN (b. Madoc Tp.,) & no first name given KELLS, married Lena DIAMOND, 21, Madoc, Elziver, d/o Harry DIAMOND (b. Madoc Tp.) & Minnie HENRY, witn: Stella BROWN & James ROUSHORN, both of Queensboro on Aug. 8, 1923 at Elziver. 12930-23 Charles Gilbert ROWE, 69, mail agent, widower, Sidney Tp., Trenton, s/o John ROWE (b. Sidney) & Angeline ROSS, married Mary Helen CAVERLEY, 54, widow, Sidney Tp., Trenton, d/o John H. ROWE (b. Hastings Co) & Margaret Ann illegiblex, witn: Mrs. A. E. KEMP & Jeanette M. CRANSTON both of Trenton on Sept. 5, 1923 at Trenton.
12927-23 John Arthur RUPERT, 23, telegraph operator, Madoc Tp., Hillier, s/o John Moore RUPERT (b. Madoc Tp.) & Whilelmina Elizabeth EMPEY, married Rose Isabel MURRAY, 22, Tweed, same, d/o James MURRAY (b. Tweed) & Isabel MURRAY, witn: Edna SMART of Tweed & Ina Mary RUPERT of Hillier on Sept. 20, 1923 at Tweed 012953-23 John Herigan RUSH, 32, farmer, Stoco, Stoco s/o Charles RUSH & Winifred SHEERAN married Margaret Mae LAFFAN, 31, living at home, Robert LAFFAN & Bridget QUINLAN wtn: James LAFFAN of Madoc & Marion RUSH of Stoco, 24 September 1923 at Madoc
012935-23 Lewis Alexander RUSHLOW, 22, labourer, Belleville, 15 South Front St in Belleville s/o Frederick Orman RUSHLOW (b. Canada) & Rosalla BOLYEA married Lillian Jessie May SHARPE, 18, housework, Deseronto, 185½ Front St in Belleville d/o William SHARPE (b. England) & Adelaide WHEELER wtn: William SHARPE & Rosalla RUSHLOW both of Belleville, 13 June 1923 at Belleville 012945-23 Frederick Freeman RUSHNELL, 40, widower, farmer, Huntingdon twp, Huntingdon twp s/o Adam RUSHNELL (b. Ontario) & Annie ALCOMBRACK, married Kathleen KINCAIDE, 23, housework, Stirling, West Huntingdon twp d/o William Henry KINCAIDE (b. Ontario) & Annie ROGERS wtn: Mrs Harold GARDINER of Foxboro & Clarence RUSHNELL of West Huntingdon, 31 January 1923 at Foxboro
13001-23 Charles TALMADGE, 22, farmer, Brighton Tp., Northumberland Co., same, s/o Arthur TALMADGE (b. Brighton Tp.) & Annie (Amea?) WARDSWORTH, married Edna WILSON, 19, Faraday Tp., Murray Tp. Northumberland Co., d/o James WILSON (b. Northumberland Co.) & Angeline DEAN, witn: Dorothy M. & Lois CLARKE both of Trenton on June 14, 1923 at Trenton

13013-23 Albert William TEARNE, 24, farmer, Worcestershire, Corbyville, s/o William Albert TEARNE (b. Worcestershire) & Matilda BEECHAM, married Edith HUGHES, 25, Birmingham, Corbyville, d/o James HUGHES (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary YATES, witn: E. S. & M. C. GILBERT both of Corbyville on Oct. 16, 1923 at Cannifton.

13012-23 Harold Sylvester THOMPSON, 22, chauffeur, Rossmore Pr. Ed. Co., same, s/o George THOMPSON (b. Rossmore) & Ida Pearl DEAN, married Alice May GIBSON, 20, clerk, Belleville, same, d/o Robert GIBSON (b. Belleville) & Jessie SIMPSON, witn: Redford Ray BELNAP & Mrs. Ray BELNAP both of Rossmore on Oct. 20, 1923 at Madoc

13007-23 Steven Ross Ethelbert THOMPSON, 32, lumberman, Hastings Co., Shannonville, s/o George G. THOMPSON (b. Hastings Co.) & Margaret A. RODGERS, married Ada Eveline HICKERSON, 18, Hastings Co., Shannonville, d/o Albert HICKERSON (b. Hastings Co.) & Beatrice REID, witn: Carolyn MALOTT & Violet STEPHENS both of 100 Bridge St. Belleville on March 1, 1923 at Belleville
13002-23 John Larkin THRASHER, 60, retired, Thurlow Tp., 248 Charles St. Belleville, s/o Albert A. THRASHER & Zynthia REED, married Cassie ATKINS, 54, widow, Belleville, 283 Albert St. same, d/o William NELSON & mother's name not given, witn: Mrs. Isabel DELISLE & Mrs. Eliza ORMOND both of Belleville on June 6, 1923 at Belleville 13011-23 Charles Leslie TODD, 26, mechanic, Rawdon, Hoard's Station, s/o Edward TODD (b. Rawdon Tp.) & Helen INGRAM, married Marjorie Ann McGEE, 23, Pembroke, Rawdon, d/o George McGEE (b. Rawdon Tp.) & Elizabeth LOW, married Ella W. & Jack M. BROWN both of Hoard's on Nov. 30, 1923 at Stirling
13014-23 Herbert Alfred TRICE, 32, labourer, England, Belleville, s/o Edward George TRICE & Edith Sarah OVENDEN, married Madeline Annie LONGTON, 25, widow, Belleville, same, d/o Benjamin McCONNELL & Eunice SMITH, witn: Hilda G. ACKERILL & Frances J. GRINGAS both of Belleville on July 8, 1923 at Belleville. 12999-23 William Wesley TROTTER, 33, farmer, Madoc Tp., Tudor Tp., s/o Richard TROTTER (b. Madoc) & Sarah DEVOLIN, married Maggie Violet ANDERSON, 25, Elziver Tp., same, d/o Joshua ANDERSON (b. Elziver Tp.) & Annie MacLEOD, witn: Mrs. D. C. RAMSAY of 250 Albert St & Ida M. JACK of 148 Victoria Ave both of Belleville on June 20, 1923 at 250 Albert St Belleville
13005-23 Edward Manley TURNER, 22, trainman G. T. R., Thurlow Tp., 38 Chatham St. Belleville, s/o Gilbert TURNER (b. Frankford) & May FREDERICK, married Laura Gertrude COUSINS, 19, stenographer, Belleville, 57 south George St same, d/o Frank COUSINS (b. Thomasburg) & Marilla LARUE, witn: Joseph LARUE & Marguerite COUSINS both of Belleville on April 18, 1923 at Belleville 13004-23 Lawrence Edmund TURNER, 23, clerk, England, 99 James St Belleville, s/o Edmund William TURNER (b. England) & Josephine KENSINGTON, married Florence Emma BARLOW, 23, Belleville, 312 Charles St. same, d/o James George BARLOW (b. Belleville) & Martha HOPKINS, witn: Ivy? C. McKECHNIE of 290 Ann St & Mrs. Martha DENIKE both of Belleville on April 27, 1923 at Belleville
12998-23 Richard Oliver TURPIN, 36, street car driver, England, Kingston, s/o William TURPIN (b. England) & Annie LAMBERT, married Sarah Ellen LIGHTFOOT, 33, widow, England, Kingston, d/o Arthur HEADLEY (b. England) & Jane REDSHAW, witn: John & Harriet MULLIGAN of Box 80 Kingston on Aug. 8, 1923 at Christ Church Belleville 12997-23 Harry Percival TWIDDY, 21, farmer, Madoc Tp., Thurlow Tp., s/o S. H. TWIDDY (b. Madoc) & Jennie PRINGLE, married Helen Gladys ARCHIBALD, 24, stenographer, Cannifton, same, d/o John ARCHIBALD (b. Corbyville) & Victoria ALCUMBRACK, witn: L. A. JOHNS & Edith SMALLHORN both of Belleville on Aug. 22, 1923 at Cannifton
13010-23 Delbert F. UTMAN, 62, drover, widower, Dundas Co., Stirling, s/o Henry UTMAN (b. Dundas Co.) & Lonerig BRAEFLE, married Mrs. Jennie IRVINE, 38, widow, Rawdon Tp., Sidney Tp., d/o Charles HUBLE (b. Rawdon Tp.) & Susan SCOTT, witn: Harold FITTON of Sidney Tp. & Cecil M. SPENCER of Madoc on June 13, 1923 at Sidney Tp. 13015-23 William Ernest VANWART, 21, farmer, Mountain View Pr. Edw. Co., same, s/o Richard J. VANWART (b. Pr. Edw. Co.) & Charlotte KILPATRICK, married Isobell BENNETT, 21, England, 233 Charles St Belleville, d/o both parents "unknown" (b. England), witn: Frank BOSTOCK of 184 James St. & Alice PARRY of 233 Charles St. both of Belleville on April 25, 1923 at Belleville
13018-23 Harry Gordon VESTERFELT, 23, labourer, Picton, 12 Ashley St. Belleville, s/o Eli VESTERFELT (b. Canada) & Melissa McCORMICK, married Mary Pearl ANDREWS, 19, Hastings Co., 112 Cannifton Rd Belleville, d/o John ANDREWS (b. Canada) & Edith DARRAH, witn: Elizabeth A. ACKERILL & Mary J. BEAMISH both of Belleville on Oct. 24, 1923 at Belleville 13017-23 Joseph Ira VESTERFELT, 28, labourer, Picton Pr. Edw. Co., 12 Ashley St Belleville, s/o Eli VESTERFELT (b. Canada) & Melissa McCORMICK, married Helen Lois HANCOCK, 21, England, 214 John St. Belleville, d/o Arthur HANCOCK (b. England) & Lois JOHNSON, witn: Daniel H. ACKERILL & Mary Euretta MARSH both of Belleville on Nov. 2, 1923 at Belleville.
13016-23 Morden Clayton VROOMAN, 23, farmer, Odessa, same, s/o Donald VROOMAN (b. Odessa) & Margaret FERGUSON, married Eva JOYCE, 21, Deseronto, same, d/o Michael JOYCE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, witn: John & Elizabeth McLaughlin MARRIGAN both of Deseronto on March 19, 1923 at Deseronto 13044-23 Roy WALKER, 18, labourer, Madoc Tp., Madoc, s/o Roy WALKER (b. Huntingdon) & Clara PELOW, married Leona GIFFORD, 18, Madoc Tp., Peterboro, d/o Samuel GIFFORD (b. Huntingdon) & Annie LIDSTER, witn: Mr. & Mrs James WILLMAN both of Bonar Law on Nov. 7, 1923 at Marmora
13039-23 William WALDIE, 26, merchant, Scotland, Kingston, s/o Robert WALDIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret RICHARDSON, married Nina Elizabeth ASSELTINE, 31, teacher, Kingston, Frankford, d/o Charles A. ASSELTINE (b. Ontario) & Emily WAGAR, witn: Clarissa YOUNG of Trenton & Arthur E. ASSELTINE of Frankford on Dec. 25, 1923 at Sidney Tp. 13048-23 Charles Evered WALES, 21, auto mechanic, Cortland NY, 140 Elgin St. East Oshawa, s/o Charles R. WALES (b. Markham) & Lou VERNON, married Florence K. HASWELL, 21, clerk, Bristol England, Trenton, d/o Mr. (b. England) & Mrs HASWELL (both deceased sic), witn: Harriet MARSH of Trenton & Helen G. PURDY of Toronto on Oct. 31, 1923 at Trenton.
13031-23 Gordon WALKER, 27, telegrapher, Toronto, RR3 Belleville, s/o James Black WALKER (b. Montreal Que.) & Catherine POPPELWELL, married Nora Lillian BLACKBURN, 21, Coe Hill, RR3 Belleville, d/o Albert BLACKBURN (b. Wollaston) & Alice TIVY, witn: Albert & Alice BLACKBURN both of R. R 3 Belleville on March 29, 1923 at Trenton. 13052-23 Michael Joseph WALSH, 30, farmer, Read Tyendinaga Tp., same, s/o Michael WALSH & Margaret McDERMOTT, married Bridget Helen DONOVAN, 28, Forest Mills, same, d/o Patrick DONOVAN, & Mary McKEOWN, witn: Mr. & Mrs Joseph POWER both of Read on Nov. 26, 1923 at St. Charles Borromes? Church
  13035-23 Samuel Cooley WAY, 35, farmer, Thurlow Tp., RR1 Corbyville same, s/o William P. WAY (b. Tyendinaga) & Adelaide COOLEY, married Violet L. DOWNEY, 20, Thurlow Tp., RR1 Corbyville same, d/o John DOWNEY (b. Huntingdon) & Hattie PRENTICE, witn: John & Hattie Alberta DOWNEY both of Thurlow Tp. on March 6, 1923 at Foxboro
13034-23 Albert Everd WEASE, 21, farmer, Chandos Tp., same, s/o Louis Albert WEASE (b. Chandos Tp.) & Allice CAMERON, married Mary Evelyn DONALD, 18, Chandos Tp., same, d/o Herbert DONALD & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: Maude DONALD of Coe Hill & Mrs Lewis WEASE of Clydesdale on March 14, 1923 at The Parsonage Coe Hill. 13047-23 Willet WEESE, 23, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Gilbert (b. Prince Edward Co) & Alice L., married Susie McDONALD, 19, Colborne, Trenton, d/o Fred McDONALD (b. Colborne) & Florence DEAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Edward WEESE both of Trenton on Nov. 5, 1923 at Trenton
13032-23 Franklin G. WESTON, 36, farmer, Frankford, Sidney Tp., s/o George WESTON (b. Frankford) & Elizabeth MONEDY?, married Mary Anne ROGERS, 32, Murray Tp., same, d/o William ROGERS (b. Frankford) & Annie CALLAHAN, witn: George ROGERS & Annie WESTON both of Frankford on March 14, 1923 at Stirling 13036-23 Clifford Lambert WHALEY, 25, farmer, Murray Tp. Northumberland Co., same, s/o Daniel James WHALEY (b. Tyendinaga Tp) & Merilla E. POTTS, married Laura Pearl STEINBERG, 22, Limerick Tp., Trenton, d/o Joseph STEINBERG (b. Murray Tp) & Jane HUBBLE, witn: Mrs John BRUMMELL & Ruby A. WOODGER both of Trenton on Jan. 27, 1923 at Trenton
13024-23 Reginald Peter WANNAMAKER, 19, labourer, Trenton, same, s/o Peter WANNAMAKER (b. Ontario) & Edith (maiden name not known), married Helen WRIGHT, 18, Havelock, same, d/o Solomon WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Augusta HARTE, witn: Gordon ROSENPLOT & Violet HARTE both of Trenton on Aug. 21, 1923 at Belleville 13046-23 Lawrence Russell WANNAMAKER, 24, farmer, Renfrew, West Huntingdon, s/o William Thomas WANNAMAKER (b. Madoc) & Sarah LONEY, married Mae Edna WELSH, 18, Moira, same, d/o Edward Thomas WELSH (b. Moira) & Martha SARLES, witn: R. E. & Merle WANNAMAKER both of West Huntingdon on Nov. 21, 1923 at Belleville
13030-23 Clinton Roy WHEELER, 21, electrical worker, Bellevue, 37 Ridley Ave same, s/o Walter Henry WHEELER & Tena ELLIS, married Pauline Carol ARTES, 17, Belleville, 42 Boswell St. same, d/o Samuel ARTES & Ethel KORTRIGHT, witn: Mrs W. G. SWAZIE & Mrs Lydia HOPE both of Belleville on April 4, 1923 at Belleville. 13041-23 William Harvey WHEELER, 25, Hydro Electric employee, Belleville, 37 Ridley Ave same, s/o Walter Henry WHEELER (b. England) & Martha ELLIS, married Delphine Mary GENEREAUX, 20, Cardington, Carrying Place, d/o Felix GENEREAUX (b. Cardington) & Mary DENA, witn: Mrs. C. R. WHEELER of Dowell St. & Mrs L. MARSHALL both of Belleville on Dec. 8, 1923 at Belleville

13027-23 Wesley Morgan WHITE, 21, labourer, Wilberforce, Chandos, s/o Sydney Leonard WHITE (b. Barrie) & Lena YOUNGFORD, married Mary Marceline POST, 16, Chandos Tp., Chandos, d/o Leo F. POST (b. Chandos Tp) & Aline GEROW, witn: Eva & Milton POST no residences given on March 21, 1923 at The Parsonage Coe Hill

13026-23 George WHITEMAN, 20, farmer, Marlbank, Tudor Tp., s/o Charles WHITEMAN (b. Marlbank) & Jane VANDUSEN, married Annie OSBORNE, 19, Tudor Tp., same, d/o George OSBORNE (b. Ottawa) & Jane ALEXANDER, witn: Myrtle & Jane WHITEMAN both of Tudor Tp. on May 9, 1923 at Tudor Tp.
13019-23 William Levi WICHER, 60, carpenter, widower, Dartford Northumberland Co., Campbellford, s/o William WICHER (b. Ryde Isle of Wight) & Sarah BAILEY, married Mabel TARRANT, 37, cashier, England, London same, d/o James (b. Marlborough England) & Mary, witn: Mrs. C. & Vira F. KINDRED both of Belleville on Sept. 24, 1923 at Belleville. 13049-23 Archibald WICKENS, 23, farmer, Huntingdon Tp., same, s/o Joseph WICKENS (b. Huntingdon) & Mary Ann REID, married Eleanor Annette CRONKWRIGHT, 22, Dungannon Tp., Huntingdon Tp., d/o Charles Wesley CRONKWRIGHT (b. Rawdon) & Annie Elizabeth WOODCOCK, witn: Frank & Amelia CRONKWRIGHT both of Crookston on Oct. 31, 1923 at Madoc.
13033-23 William Frederick WICKSON, 31, farmer, widower, England, R. R 2 Frankford, s/o Henry George WICKSON (b. England) & Lucy Elizabeth COOK, married Anna Eliza ROWAN, 29, Marmora, R. R 2 Frankford, d/o Thomas Gordon ROWAN (b. Ontario) & Martha Jane NOBES, witn: David Price MORRIS & Bessie Alice HILLMAN, both of Belleville on March 14, 1923 at Belleville 13051-23 Frank Wesley WILKINSON, 32, physician, Sutton, 112 Grace St Toronto, s/o Rev. James Wesley WILKINSON (b. Hastings) deceased & Arvilla Ann RICHARDSON, married Martha Frances BATEMAN, 24, graduate nurse, Hastings Co., Rawdon Tp., d/o Caleb BATEMAN & Katherine Frances HASLETT, witn: Vera J. WILKINSON of 112 Grace St Toronto & C. J. BATEMAN of Peterboro on April 26, 1923 at St. John's Church Stirling.
13025-23 Frank WILLIAMS, 65, park superintendent, Hereford England, Galt, s/o Thomas WILLIAMS (b. England) & Charlotte WARBURTON, married Eleanor Mary Victoria RICHARDSON, 45, Marmora, same, d/o John RICHARDSON & Margaret CHAMBERS, witn: Anne M. SHAW of Eldorado & Leslie HERBERTSON of Queensboro on April 25, 1923 at Marmora 13040-23 James Calvin Ray WILLIAMS, 21, farmer, Rawdon Tp., Seymour Tp., s/o Totton WILLIAMS (b. Rawdon Tp.) & Ella JEFFS, married Esther Ursula SMITH, 23, Rawdon Tp., same, d/o Gilbert SMITH (b. Rawdon Tp) & Mary REID, witn: Anita WILLIAMS of Hoards & Osborne SMITH of Peterboro on Dec. 29, 1923 at the home of the parents at Rawdon Tp.
13038-23 John Gilbert WILLSHIRE, 25, police officer, Castle Cary Somerset England, Frankford, s/o John WILLSHIRE (b. England) & Sarah WEEKS, married Cecelia Viola MOTT, 22, Lapeer Michigan, Frankford, d/o George MOTT (b. USA) & Minnie MARTIN, witn: Gerald & Ethel Violet JOHNSON both of Frankford on Jan. 18, 1923 at Trinity Church Frankford 13042-23 Edwin Donachie WILSON, 30, barber, Ireland, 71 Octavia St Belleville, s/o Robert WILSON (b. Ireland) & Annie (last name "not known"), married Catherine Stella VANALLEN, 35, widow, Hastings Co., 71 Octavia St Belleville, d/o Porter COOK (b. Ontario) & Aggie GREWART, witn: Sarah J. THOMPSON & Florence Alice BROWN both of Belleville on Dec. 6, 1923 at Belleville
13037-23 Raymond Dafoe WILSON, 20, fisherman, Flinton, Point Anne, s/o Frank WILSON (b. Canada) & Edith DAFOE, married Edith SELDON, 18, England, Point Anne, d/o James Andrew William SELDEN (b. England) & Alice MARSH, witn: Fred RYAN of Crookston & Grace Aletha Irene WILSON of Point Anne on Jan. 24, 1923 at Belleville 13028-23 Robert Leo WILSON, 27, farmer, Burnley, Tweed, s/o John WILSON (b. Ontario) & Katie MOONEY, married Verna May HARDEN, 20, Centreton, Tweed, d/o John HARDEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WELLS, witn: Miss E. R. HUYCK & Mrs L. S. WIGHT both of Tweed on March 27, 1923 at Tweed
13023-23 Frederick Robert WINTER, 23, superintendent B. Tel. Co., Montreal Que., Westmount Que., s/o William Henry WINTER (b. Prescott) & Jean MYERS, married Doris Elida WHITTIER, 24, Newton, same, d/o Harry Fones WHITTIER (b. Consecon) & Nellie Elida GARRATT, witn: Nellie E. & H. F. WHITTIER both of Trenton & W. H. WINTER of Montreal on Aug. 18, 1923 at Trenton. 13043-23 Harry Eliel WINTER, 23, labourer, Cramahe Tp., Colborne, s/o James Henry WINTER (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Annie Estella DALY, married Beatrice May RILEY, 24, Colborne, same, d/o William Herbert RILEY (b. Cramahe Tp.) & Martha MOFFATT, witn: George Stanley REID & Vera GROSJENE both of Colborne on Dec. 1, 1923 at Belleville
13029-23 David WOODCOCK, 22, farmer, Faraday, same, s/o Anson WOODCOCK (b. Faraday) & Hester BOOMHOUR, married Rosie SAMMICK, 20, Faraday, same, d/o Tom SAMMICK (b. Faraday) & Nell DICKENS, witn: Elizabeth Ann REDMOND Bancroft & John Edmund JEFFREY of Bancroft on April 11, 1923 at the home of the groom in Faraday 13021-23 Clancy WOODS, 23, labourer, Elziver Tp., Kaladar Tp. L & A Co., s/o John Wallace WOODS (b. Ontario) & Annie JOHNSON, married Emma BROUGH, 18, Elziver Tp., same, d/o Jeff BROUGH (b. Ontario) & Merslean JOHNSON, witn: Jennie & John BEDARD both of Trenton on Sept. 8, 1923 at Trenton
13050-23 George Albert WRIGHT, 80, retired, widower, Adolphustown, Marmora, s/o Western WRIGHT (b. New Hampshire USA) & Margaret ROBLIN, married Elizabeth WRIGHT, 70, widow, Rawdon, Marmora, d/o James DANFORD & Mary Ann BARLOW, witn: Mrs D. R. & Margaret CLARE both of Marmora on Oct. 4, 1923 at Marmora 13022-23 William Arthur WYATT, 32, farmer, Madoc Tp., same, s/o Henry Arthur WYATT (b. England) & Alberta BRADSHAW, married Jennie HOLMES, 35, Elziver Tp., Madoc Tp., d/o George HOLMES (b. Hastings Co.) & Ella GROVES, witn: Isaac N. O'BRIEN & Yola WYATT both of R. R. 1 Madoc on Aug. 29, 1923 at Eldorado
13053-23 John Hiram YORK, 27, farmer, Dungannon Tp., Bancroft, s/o Thomas YORK (b. Tweed) & Ida VARDAY, married Blanch Sarah HENNESSEY, 23, clerk, Coe Hill, Bancroft, d/o Harvey H. HENNESSEY (b. Shannonville) & Mary WATT, witn: Flossie Eleanor HENNESSY & Aubrey John LING both of Coe Hill on June 20, 1923 at Coe Hill. 13054-23 Alfred Harvey YOUNG, 29, labourer, Madoc Tp., Campbellford, s/o Robert YOUNG (b. Madoc Tp.) & Mary Jane McCOLL, married Annie Elizabeth LINDSAY, 19, Marlbank, Campbellford, d/o James LINDSAY (b. Tweed) & Annie EMBURY, witn: Mr & Mrs J A LINDSAY both of Campbellford on Sept. 28, 1923 at Trenton.
13056-56 Cecil YOUNG, 23, clerk, Belleville, same, s/o Peter YOUNG & Margaret O'HARA, married Laura BIRD, 22, bookkeeper, Belleville, same, d/o James BIRD & Margaret McLELLAN, witn: Elizabeth & Alfred LUSCOMBE both of Belleville on Sept. 19, 1923 at Belleville 13055-23 Sherman YOUNG, 28, batting expert, Athol Tp., Picton, s/o George Riley YOUNG (b. Athol Tp. Pr. Edw. Co.) & Rebecca FRIAR, married Marguerite DRYNAN, 20, sales lady, Lanark Co., Belleville, d/o Robert DRYNAN (b. Ramsay NY) & Alice NEELAND, witn: C. R. WENSLEY & Isabel DRYNAN both of Belleville on April 4, 1923 at Belleville.
13057-23 Gordon Henry ZACHARIAH, 22, farmer, Hallowell Tp., Sophiasburgh Tp., s/o John E. ZACHARIAH (b. Hallowell) & Charlotte BRIANT, married Marguarite SMART, 20, Tyendinaga Indian Reserve, Sophiasburgh Tp., d/o Hewey SMITH (b. Tyendinaga Indian Reserve) & Julia Ann MOSEN, witn: John A. & Iva Leah HILL both of Sophiasburgh on Nov. 26, 1923 at St. Mark's Deseronto