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Hastings  Co., 1924

birth place is given before residence


11431-24 Robert Perry SAGER, 20, labourer, Deseronto, same, s/o Abram SAGER (b. Deseronto) & Elizabeth LEWIS, married Thelma May LYMAN, 21, match factory worker, Deseronto, same, d/o Edward LYMAN (b. Sheffield Tp.) & Laura SHATRAW, witn: Donald JOYCE & Iva LYMAN both of Deseronto on Nov. 22, 1924 at Deseronto.

11432-24 William Elmer SANDERCOCK, 30, butter maker, widower, Hamilton Tp., Stirling, s/o John SANDERCOCK (b. Canada) & Phillis CARRUTHERS, married Ethel Irene CRANSTON, 25, Rawdon Tp., Stirling, d/o James CRANSTON (b. Canada) & Ellen HOWARD, witn: Alice TUCKER & Richard J. CRANSTON both of Stirling on Nov. 111, 1924 at Stirling.
11449-24 Sidney Marshall SANDHAM, 26, machinist, England, Belleville, s/o Richard SANDHAM (b. Lancaster England) & Sarah J. COULTHARD, married Beatrice VERDEN, 33, England, Belleville, d/o William VERDEN (b. Lancaster England) & Rebecca TOWNLEY, witn: Marie & Isaac STEPHENSON both of Station Rd. Thurlow Tp. on Feb. 28, 1924 at Belleville 11440-24 Albert SAYEAU, 24, steam fitter, Quebec City, Montreal Que., s/o Reuben SAYEAU (b. Quebec) & Electa VANSTONE, married Helen REDDICK, 20, Rossmore, same, d/o Charles REDDICK (b. Rossmore) & Minnie KENT, witn: Carolyn MALOTT & Violet STEPHENS both of Bridge St Belleville on June 21, 1924 at Belleville
11454-24 Edward SCHREIDER, 29, boiler maker, Bosserem? Austria, Belleville, s/o August SCHREIDER & Lofed HOLWICK, married Violet Katherine DEACON, 21, Belleville, same, d/o William DEACON & Catherine O'CONNOR, witn: Nellie RONSKEY & William DEACON both of Belleville on Sept. 2, 1924 at Belleville 11446-24 Lemuel Randolph SCOTT, 22, labourer, Tamworth, Point Anne, s/o Cornelius James SCOTT (b. not known) & Amerilla WOODCOCK, married Lillian VANCE, 20, maid, Marlbank, Point Anne, d/o William VANCE (b. Flinton) & Lydia Ellen LINDSAY, witn: Arlie SCOTT of Point Anne & Mrs. R. W. IRVINE of Shannonville on Feb. 24, 1924 at Point Anne
11450-24 Robert Hector SCOTT, 27, farmer, widower, Herschel Tp., same, Hector SCOTT (b. Harcourt) & Laticha BELT, married Alvina Susan FRANTZ, 27, Wicklow Tp., same, d/o Fred FRANTZ (b. Germany) & Christine HANCHE, witn: James SCOTT & Salome RIEMAN both of Maynooth on Jan. 2, 1924 at Monteagle Tp. 11443-24 Ross Bernard SCOTT, 20, farmer, Athol Tp. Pr. Edw. Co., Hallowell Tp., s/o Calvin SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann CURRIE, married Leone DAYTON, 18, telephone operator, Prince Edw. Co., Picton, d/o George DAYTON (b. Ontario) & Evalina HINEMAN, witn: Margaret & Jean BROWN both of Belleville ON May 6, 1924 at Belleville.
11433-24 William Earl SCRIMSHAW, 29, farmer, Bonarlaw, same, s/o Philip James SCRIMSHAW (b. Rawdon Tp.) & Mary BEACHAM, married Sarah Olive STAPLEY, 20, Rawdon Tp., Stirling, d/o Edward Franklin STAPLEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Capitola CARR, witn: Douglas STAPLEY & Lola May CARR both of Stirling on Nov. 8, 1924 at Stirling 11437-24 John William SEMARK, 21, optical polisher, London England, 346 Pinnacle St Belleville, s/o Charles SEMARK (b. England) & Annie SKELTON, married Augusta HILTON, 19, Cash Co employee, Bradford Simcoe Co., 85 Gordon St Belleville, d/o Allan (b. Canada) & Minnie, witn: John Victor & Ruby A. MORRIS both of Belleville on Nov. 1, 1924 at Belleville.
11441-24 Albert Edward SHOENER, 26, labourer, Belleville, 54 Murray St same, s/o Ernest Walter SHOENER (b. Germany) & Elizabeth KLINGBELL, married Flossie Isabel MARTIN, 22, Harold, same, d/o Alexander MARTIN (b. Canada) & Emma Elizabeth LUERY, witn: Roy Wilbert & Clara Helena HAY both of Belleville on June 23, 1924 at Belleville. 11445-24 Charles Albert SHONIKER, 22, auto mechanic, Trenton, same, s/o Albert SHONIKER (b. Trenton) & Catherine BABCOCK, married Gertrude Florence VAUGHAN, 18, London England, Trenton, d/o William VAUGHAN (b. London England) & Gertrude WEBB, witn: E. B. CONNELLY & Sarah CATHCART, both of Trenton on March 25, 1924 at Trenton
11436-24 Nathan Wallace SHUTE, 24, locomotive engineer, Nova Scotia, 13 Lees Ave Ottawa, s/o St. Clair SHUTE (b. Nova Scotia) & Clara DUMONT, married Marjorie Helen WARDBOUGH, 22, operator, Belleville, 6 Brassy St same, d/o Gordon WARDBOUGH (b. England) & Bessie Lucinda SYMONS, witn: Alexander WARDBOUGH of 6 Brassy St. & Consuela Isabell ORNE of 360 Bleecker Ave both of Belleville on Sept. 17, 1924 at Belleville 11442-24 Benjamin H. SIDDALL, 51, bank manager, widower, London, Trenton, s/o William SIDDALL (b. London) & Sarah O'NEILL, married Florence Mary PLATT, 28, registered nurse, Norwich England, Trenton, d/o Alfred PLATT (b. Cheshire England) & Elizabeth WEBB, witn: Brenda & Marian McLEAN both of Trenton on May 7, 1924 at Trenton
11444-24 Everett Percival SMITH, 27, hardware salesman, Hastings Co., 234 Coleman St Belleville, s/o James E. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Mary BELCOUR, married Muriel Marie HYLAND, 19, saleslady, Belleville, 162 Coleman St. same, d/o Thomas E. HYLAND (b. Ontario) & Ellen Euresa KAITING, witn: Olive Agnes SMITH & Gerald Alfred DRAYCOTT both of Belleville on April 21, 1924 at Christ Church Belleville 11435-24 John Wesley SMITH, 47, farm foreman, widower, Hallowell Tp. Pr. Edw. Co., Hillier Tp. Pr. Edw. Co., s/o John Francis SMITH (b. Hagar Tp.) & Louise JEROME, married Sadie BARRY, 29, widow, Trenton, Mitchell, d/o John WILSON (b. Ireland) & Annie Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: H. Arthur BARTON of Toronto & Mrs. E. C. LAKER of Trenton on Sept. 23, 1924 at Trenton.
11448-24 Cecil SNIDER, 20, gardener, Ameliasburg Tp.., same, s/o Fred SNIDER (b. Brighton) & Josetta CLARK, married Margaret CRUICKSHANK, 22, Scotland, Murray Tp. Northumberland Co., d/o George CRUICKSHANK (Aberdeen Scotland) & Mary MOIR, witn: Harold HARRINGTON of Carrying Place & Isobel CRUICKSHANK of Trenton on April 3, 1924 at Trenton 11438-24 Cecil Derwood STEELE, 22, farmer, Arden, same, s/o John STEELE (b. Canada) & Caroline GODFREY, married Evelina LOYST, 18, Arden, same, d/o John LOYST (b. Canada) & Millie NUGENT, witn: Elizabeth ACKERILL & Mary J. BEAMISH both of Belleville on Sept. 8, 1924 at Belleville
11447-24 Cecil Gerald STEPHENS, 21, clerk, Campbellford, 412 George St Peterboro, s/o George STEPHENS (b. Ontario) & Ellen OAKLEY, married Waneta DAVIS, 18, clock maker, Peterboro, same, d/o James DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Nettie LUCAS, witn: Vera MAINES & Mrs L. S. WIGHT both of Tweed on March 1, 1924 at Tweed 11453-24 Thomas STOKES, 23, salesman, Rochester New York USA, same, s/o Thomas STOKES & Catherine CALLAHAN, married Mary DAVISON, 23, clerk, Belleville, same, d/o Robert DAVISON & Mary McAULEY, witn: Catherine C. STOKES of Rochester & Robert DAVISON of Belleville on Jan. 8, 1924 at Belleville
11434-24 Oscar STORRING, 21, farmer, Huntingdon Tp., same, s/o William STORRING (b. Canada) & Christina HOWARD, married May WINTER, 18, of Madoc Village, d/o Simon WINTER (b. Canada) & Lula ELIGH, witn: William & Mary MacMILLAN both of Ivanhoe on Sept. 30, 1924 at Ivanhoe 11451-24 Daniel James SWEENEY, 25, labourer, England, 276 Foster Ave Belleville, s/o Daniel James SWEENEY (b. England) & Agnes CONWAY, married Elsie Violet HEARD, 23, maid, England, corner of Foster & Bridge Sts in Belleville, d/o Walter James HEARD (b. England) & Emily Elizabeth MOXHAM, witn: Catherine EARLINGTON of 50 Murray St & Katherine M. CLARKE of 44 Everett St both of Belleville on Jan. 16, 1924 at Belleville.
11452-24 William SWEETING, 29, salesman, Bradford Yorkshire England, Belleville, s/o John SWEETING & Mary Jane PEASE, married Rose Mary HARYHIAN, 23, Burgess Tp. Lanark Co., Perth, d/o Stephen HARYHIAN & Sara Mann McLAREN, witn: witn: Anna Louth BEAN & Stephen GARVIN both of Belleville on Jan. 24, 1924 at Belleville 11439-24 Samuel Archibald SWITZER, 70, retired farmer, widower, Camden Tp. Addington Co., Trenton, s/o Joseph SWITZER (b. Camden Tp. Addington Co.) & Martha Jane CAREY, married Effie PROCTOR, 56, widow, Belmont Tp., Trenton, d/o William Switzer CORNEIL (b. Orillia) & Sarah LAWRENCE, witn: May POTTER & Alice McKENDRICKS both of Frankford on July 9, 1924 at Village of Frankford
11458-24 David Edward TAIT, 42, merchant, Campbellford, same, s/o Thomas Sanders TAIT (b. Ontario) & Adelaide Grace COUCH, married Florence Mabel BABBITT 40, clerk, Picton, same, d/o Horatio Nelson BABBITT (b. Ontario) & Annette Amelia FOSTER, witn: Marion Amelia COULTHARD of 546 Water St. Peterboro & Mary Georgina McELRATH of 49 Dunbar St. Belleville on June 18, 1924 at Christ Church Belleville 11464-24 Cyril Maycie TANDY, 31, plumber, London England, Niagara Falls New York, s/o John Maycie TANDY (b. England) & Louisa HOGAN, married Iva Mary PALMATEER, 19, St. Ola, same, d/o William Riley PALMATEER (b. Canada) & Maggie Elizabeth PHILLIPS, witn: Sherman PALMATEER of St. Ola & Edward WANNAMAKER of Eldorado on Feb. 9, 1924 at Eldorado
110465-24 Dorland Ralph TAYLOR, 21, mechanic, Madoc, same, s/o Frank E. TAYLOR (b. Madoc) & Clara DEBO, married Elsie Eileen VILNEFF, 18, Tweed, Belleville, d/o James VILNEFF (b. Tweed) & Fannie WOODCOCK, witn: Edward & Jessie TAYLOR both of 157 Station St. Belleville on Jan. 31, 1924 at Belleville 11460-24 William TAYLOR, 26, driver, England, 838 Manning Ave Toronto, s/o Ernest Alfred TAYLOR (b. England) & Martha OSBORNE, married Irene WILCOX, 20, Ontario, Hybla , d/o George WILCOX (b. Ontario) & Annie QUIRK, witn: Hilda RUTLEDGE & Stanley WILCOX both of Hybla on May 21, 1924 at Monteagle.
11455-24 Thomas William THIRD, 33, accountant, Campbellford, Jersey City New Jersey USA, s/o George THIRD (b. Campbellford) & Margaret Jane EAGLESON, married Marjorie Mackenzie WATERS, 34, graduate nurse, Campbellford, 2 Florence St Belleville, d/o David WATERS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STUART, witn: Bessie & Dave WATERS both of Belleville on Sept. 6, 1924 at Belleville 11466-24 Charles Alfred THOMPSON, 20, labourer, England, Trenton, s/o Henry George THOMPSON (b. England) & Mary PACEY, married Whilelmine HUFFMAN, 19, seamstress, Campbellford, Trenton, d/o Frederick George HUFFMAN (b. Bewdley) & Maggie May McKENZIE, witn: George THOMSON of Quinte St. Trenton & Beatrice Jane HUFFMAN of 113 Fulton Ave Toronto on Dec. 25, 1924 at Front St. Trenton
11472-24 John Francis THOMPSON, 28, labourer, Madoc, same, s/o Thomas THOMPSON & Bella JACKSON, married Margaret Anne GAFFNEY, 29, teacher, Read, same, d/o John GAFFNEY & Mary Jane McDERMOTT, witn: Teresa GAFFNEY & Thomas MEENEY both of Read on Sept. 29, 1924 at St. Charles Church at Read 11457-24 John Lebrun THOMPSON, 23, labourer, Deseronto, same, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Mary Ann HARVEY, married Olive Geraldine BRANT, 24, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o William J. BRANT (b. Tyendinaga) & Mary MARACLE, witn: John & Dora BRANT both of Tyendinaga on June 26, 1924 at Tyendinaga
11471-24 Leonard John THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Ameliasburg Pr. Edw. Co., same, s/o Virgil THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Blanche TITUS, married Eva CHRISTIE, 17, Demorestville Pr. Edw. Co., same, d/o Edward CHRISTIE (b. Ontario) & Annie BRUMMEL, witn: Bernice THOMPSON of Ameliasburg & Jean BROWN of Belleville on Sept. 30, 1924 at Belleville 11467-24 Henry George THOMPSON junior, 26, taxi driver, London England, Trenton, s/o Henry George THOMPSON senior (b. England) & Mary PACEY, married Delila Ann ROBINSON, 25, seamstress, Monteagle Tp., Trenton, d/o John ROBINSON (b. Monteagle Tp.) & Elizabeth BEST, witn: George Julian THOMPSON of Trenton & Mary ROBINSON of Campbellford on Dec. 23, 1924 at Trenton
11463-24 Claude Granger THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Richmond Tp., same, s/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GRANGE, married Mary Madeline PROVINS, 19, Deseronto, same, d/o Thomas Edgar PROVINS (Ontario) & Sarah McCONNELL, witn: Dorothy HARRISON & R. Eric PROVINS both of Deseronto on Feb. 6, 1924 at Deseronto. 11462-24 Albert Wesley TODD, 24, labourer, Murray Tp., Frankford, s/o Henry James TODD (b. Canada) & Lavina LEECH, married Bertha DAFOE, 18, Gilmour, Conc 3 Sidney R. R. 5 Trenton, d/o Nicholas DAFOE (b. Canada) & Eliza HAILSTON, witn: Lillian GUNSOLAS of 138 Bleecker Ave & Carolyn MALOTT of 100 Bridge East both of Belleville on Feb. 13, 1924 at Belleville
11468-24 Roy Oscar TOPPINGS, 22, farmer, Hastings Co., Conc 2 Thurlow Belleville R. R. 6, s/o James TOPPINGS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Helen Mae MOORMAN, 20, Hastings Co., Belleville R. R. 6 Conc 2 Thurlow, d/o William Henry MOORMAN (b. Canada) & Minnie VIVIAN, witn: W. J. MOORMAN of R. R. 6 Belleville & Miss M. F. WHITEHEAD of Port Anne on Dec. 24, 1924 at Belleville 11456-24 Frederick Harold TRACY, 21, musician, England, 46 West Maria Street Belleville, s/o Thomas TRACY (b. London England) & Emma WRAY, married Violet Annie BENFORD, 20, England, 158 Church Street Belleville, s/o Frederick James BENFORD (b. Northumberland England) & Florence STEVENS, witn: Agnes ETHIER of Belleville & William WARRAM of 157 Bridge St. in Belleville on July 26, 1924 at Christ Church Belleville.
11461-24 Wilbert Martin TUCKER, 35, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford Tp., James TUCKER (b. Ontario) & Rachael COUNTRYMAN, married Carrie DEWHURST, 34, Manchester, Hungerford, d/o William H. DEWHURST (b. Manchester England) & Janet BRIGGS, witn: William GORDON of R. R. 1 & Ella TUCKER of R. R. 2 both of Tweed on March 12, 1924 at Tweed 11469-24 Charles Walter TURNER, 19, painter, Thurlow Tp., Park Street same, s/o Walter Richard TURNER, (b. Belleville) & Harriet CHILDS, married Ida CLAPP, 18, Melfort, same, d/o Walter Richard CLAPP (b. Picton) & Minetta HAWLEY, witn: Harry R. ELVINS & Hilda TURNER both of Belleville on Nov. 29, 1924 at Belleville
11470-24 Percy Allan TWEEDIE, 22, jeweller?, Stockdale, Stirling, s/o Robert Allen TWEEDIE (b. Crookston) & Charlotte Louise BEDDELEY, married Lillian Ruth DUNK, 19, Campbellford, same, d/o Alonzo DUNK (b. Campbellford) & Annie CLARK, witn: Alonzo & Annie DUNK both of Campbellford on Nov. 24, 1924 at Belleville 11459-24 George Henry TWIDDY, 21, chauffeur, Ivanhoe Hastings Co., Madoc, s/o George Allen TWIDDY (b. Canada) & Margaret HENRY, married Mary Evelyn PIGDEN, 21, teacher, Madoc, same, d/o Arthur PIGDEN (b. Canada) & Alice CUTTLE, witn: Mrs A. OSBORNE & Alice PIGDEN both of Madoc on May 24, 1924 at Belleville
11475-24 Edwin G. VADER, 26, farmer, Coe Hill, same, s/o Matthew VADER (b. Napanee) & Sarah MORSE, married Clara Elizabeth WHITMORE, 16, Coe Hill, same, d/o Elijah WHITMORE (b. Chandos) & Rhoda BACHELOR, witn: Amos & Nora BATCHLOR both of Coe Hill on June 25, 1924 at Coe Hill 11476-24 Harry VAN VALKENBURG, 24, motor mechanic, Belmont Tp. Peterboro Co., Oshawa, s/o John VANVALKENBURG (b. Illegible) & Sarah Ann REID, married Maud May SMITH, 20, machine operator, Marmora Tp., Oshawa, d/o Joseph B. SMITH (b. Staffordshire England) & Alice R. COOPER, witn: Frank SMITH & Mrs. C. MICHAUD both of Trenton on June 10, 1924 at Trenton
11479-24 Everett Gray VANCE, 21, labourer, Elziver Tp., 43 Murray St. Belleville, s/o William VANCE (b. Canada) & Isabel GRAY, married Edna Irene BELCH, 17, Thurlow Tp., R. R. 5 Thurlow Tp., d/o George BELCH (b. Canada) & Sarah ELLIOTT, witn: Roy & Helen Mae CHISHOLM both of Latta on Sept. 3, 1924 at Belleville. 11477-24 Earl Maurice VANMEER, 21, salesman, Picton, same, s/o Walter Norman VANMEER (b. Hallowell Tp.) s/o Eliza Ellen SWEET, married Mariam McCONNELL, 21, Athol Tp., Bloomfield, d/o Lewis McCONNELL (b. Point Peter - Prince Edward Co.) & Eliner WILLIAMS, witn: Maurice & Mae STARK both of Belleville on April 2, 1924 at Belleville
11473-24 Calvin Edwin VARDY, 24, labourer, Dungannon Tp., Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Miles VARDY (b. Canada) & Katharine McCORMICK, married Pearl A. MUSCLOW, 21, Monteagle Tp., Moose Jaw Sask., d/o John MUSCLOW (b. Canada) & Ella CASSELLO, witn: Fred MUSCLOW of Musclow & Mildred VARDY of Dungannon on Aug. 5, 1924 at Bancroft 11480-24 James Christopher VAUGHAN, 21, electrician, Eirth? - Kent Co. England, Detroit Michigan, s/o William VAUGHAN (b. England) & Emily ALLEN, married Hester PARKS, 24, Monteagle Tp., Trenton, d/o Andrew PARKS (b. Ontario) & Ruth REID, witn: John R. VAUGHAN & Marlina SERGEANT both of Trenton on Nov. 11, 1924 at Trenton
11481-24 Peter VEZINA, 22, farmer, Tweed, same, s/o Favian VENZINA & Rose LIGHT, married Viola MASTERSON, 18, Tweed, same, d/o Thomas MASTERSON & Alice IRVINE, witn: Mary GUERIN of Stoco & Fred KING of Tweed on Sept. 22, 1924 at Tweed 11478-24 Sylvester VIOLA, 29, railway trackman, Italy, Newton, s/o John VIOLA (b. Italy) & Michelina VINDLE, married Eivon FERNLUND, 17, Sweden, Newton, d/o Henry FERNLUND (b. Sweden) & Frida JOHNSON, witn: Sally & Nels GRANBERG both of Trenton on Jan. 28, 1924 at Trenton
11474-24 Kenneth Ross VIVIAN, 23, mechanic, Thurlow Tp., Shannonville, s/o Thomas Henry VIVIAN (b. Ontario) & Mary DAVIS, married Anna Myrtle JOHNSON, 22, Thurlow Tp., same, d/o William James JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Emma GREY, witn: Keitha May KEIRL & Henry Elmer VIVIAN both of Belleville on June 30, 1924 at Thurlow Tp. 011495-24 Alexander WADDELL, 25, farmer, Monteagle twp, Musclow s/o Alexander WADDELL (b. Canada) & Ida MUSCLOW married Edith Melva WILCOX, 21, household duties, Monteagle twp, Musclow d/o Archie WILCOX (b. Canada) & Sophia SHIER wtn: Alvin WOODCOX & Violet QUIRK both of Musclow, 18 June 1924 at Bancroft
011493-24 Frederick Tait WALKER, 26, clerk, Scotland, Coe Hill s/o Frederick WALKER (b. Scotland) & May Grace PETRIE married Joyce POST, 20, household duties, Glenalda, Coe Hill d/o Andrew POST & Florence HUFF wtn: Lily CRONKRIGHT & William WALKER both of Coe Hill, 1 July 1924 at Glenalda 011503-24 Harry Stanley WALKER, 22, farmer, 4th Con Thurlow twp, 4th Con Thurlow twp s/o Levi Stanley WALKER (b. Richmond) & Edith CASEY married Hazel Marie COLE, 18, housework, Cannifton, Cannifton d/o William Irwin COLE (b. Richmond) & Bertha Elizabeth CANNIFF, wtn: Arthur Ross MILLER & Kathleen Dora BRADSHAW both of Corbyville, 9 April 1924 at Cannifton
011515-24 Karl WALMSLEY, 25, mining, Springbrook, Crookston d/o Thomas WALMSLEY (b. Surrey England) & Mary Ann BAILEY married Mabel Irene RUNIONS, 24, Montreal in Quebec, Campbellford d/o Edwin RUNIONS (b. Cornwall) & Lillian MINER wtn: Alwilda ACKERMAN & Jennie WILSON both of Belleville, 1 September 1924 at Belleville 011507-24 Roland Elleville WANNAMAKER, 26, farmer, West Huntingdon, West Huntingdon s/o William Thomas WANNAMAKER (b. Madoc twp) & Sarah Jane LONEY married Ethel Alberta SNIDER, 21, housework, Shannonville, Holloway d/o Christopher Ernest SNIDER (b. Thurlow twp) & Jamie Alberta OSTRAM wtn: Earl SNIDER of Holloway & Marle WANNAMAKER of West Huntingdon, 3 September 1924 at Huntingdon twp
011498-24 Charles Ernest WARD, 21, machinist, England, Con 2 Thurlow twp s/o John WARD (b. London England) & Sarah NEW married Edith May VITTER, 17, at home, England, Con 2 Thurlow twp d/o W.H. VITTER (b. England) & Anna LLOYD wtn: W.H. VITTER & Mrs John WARD both of Station St in Belleville, 17 May 1924 at Cannifton 011486-24 Frank Bowers WARD, 28, electrician, England, 22 Greer St in Belleville s/o Frank Bowers WARD (b. England) & Annie RIDGWELL married Emily SIMMONDS, 28, housework, Toronto, 8 Harriett St in Belleville d/o Alfred SIMMONDS (b. England) & Selina COLLINS wtn: Mary J. BEAMISH of Belleville & Carlton L. BOONE of Rochester NY, 29 August 1924 at Belleville
011491-24 Karl Earl WARREN, 19, farmer, Athol twp, Hallowell twp s/o Fred Earl WARREN (b. Ontario) & Mary Esther McQUAID married Elda Jane McKIBBON, 19, milliner, Athol twp, Picton d/o Linnaeus Earl McKIBBON (b. Ontario) & Annie Laura OSTRANDER wtn: Elizabeth BROWN & Jean BROWN both of Belleville, 3 July 1924 at Belleville 011508-24 Alexander James WATSON, 20, publisher, Madoc, Madoc s/o Alex WATSON (b. Ontario) & Alice M. ROSS married Helena Eliza MORTON, 19, Stirling, Stirling d/o John MORTON (b. Ontario) & Helena MOORE wtn: George MOORECROFT of Madoc & Ruth MORTON of Stirling, 12 December 1924 at the Rectory in Tweed
11482-24 Victor Bramley WEAVER, 30, locomotive fireman, Hay England, 5 Bettes St Belleville, s/o George William WEAVER (b. England) & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, married Robina BASSNETT, 33, widow, Southport England, 331 Bleecker Ave Belleville, d/o John BASSNETT (b. Scotland) & Frances MORRISON, witn: Wilfred & Ethel MUIR both of Belleville on Sept. 4, 1924 at Belleville 011501-24 William Cecil WEATHERALL, 22, lumber inspector, Parry Sound Ont. Penetanguishene Ont., s/o William J. WEATHERALL (b. Canada) & Eleanor J. McQUEEN married Gertrude Harriet BOOTHBY, 27, at home, Coe Hill, Coe Hill d/o Henry N. BOOTHBY (b. England) & Gertrude Ellen GODBOLT wtn: Gordon WEATHERALL of Penetanguishene & Myrtle BOOTHBY of Coe Hill, 23 April 1924 at Coe Hill
011512-24 George WEBB, 36, section man, Irondale Ont, Bancroft s/o Joe WEBB (b. England) & Emma FINNEY married Agnes BLAIR, 36, widow, household duties, Raglan twp, Bancroft d/o Richard PERVES? (b. Canada) & Eliza JOHNSTON wtn: Peter GRIFFIN & Lillian DAY both of Bancroft, 3 December 1924 at Bancroft 011516-24 Alexander McClellan WEDDELL, 26, bank clerk, Ontario, 306 Jarvis St s/o Alexander WEDDELL (b. Scotland) & Lydia McCLELLAN married Marion Ethel BRUEIN, 27, Ontario, 30 Everett St in Belleville d/o Albert H. BRUEIN (b. Ontario) & Celia DAVIS wtn: William GILBERT of 47 Yeoman St in Belleville & Clela L. BRUEIN of 30 Everett St in Belleville, 27 October 1924 at Belleville
011489-24 Howard Edward WEESE, 20, farmer, Chandos twp Peterborough Co, Coe Hill s/o Charles WEESE (b. Chandos twp) & Eliza McGINN married Olive Maud RAE, 44, illegible worker, Opps twp - Hastings Co (sic), Bancroft d/o Isaac RAE (b. Alps? twp) & Mary Eleanor RAE wtn: Nora J. MacLELLAN of Trenton & Mrs Archie R. WHITMORE of The Ridge, 21 July 1924 at Trenton 011485-24 John WELLMAN, 24, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o Albert WELLMAN (b. Rawden) & Mary SCRIMSHAW married Violet SPINKS, 19, companion, England, Rawden d/o Ernest SPINKS (b. London England) & Rose TAYLOR wtn: J.A. TOWLE of Maitland & Florence McKEOWN of Bonarlaw, 20 August 1924 at St Mark's Church in Bonarlaw
11483-24 Rossay Albert WELSH, 25, cook, Picton, Belle River, s/o Frederick George WELSH (b. Canada) & Berle POLLARD, married Anna Louisa Marie ALEXANDER, 19, Brighton, Belle River, d/o Alfred Wesley ALEXANDER (b. Canada) & Ida Clare BOULTON, witn: George A. & Louisa L. BOULTON both of Frankford on Sept. 2, 1924 at Sidney Tp. 11484-24 Alfred Judson WHALEN, 29, banker, Penetang, 268 William St Belleville, s/o Samuel WHALEN (b. Canada) & Melinda GENDRON, married Dorothy Lowell JOHNSON, 30, bookkeeper, Belleville, same, d/o John Wesley JOHNSON (b. Ireland) & Sabra Mary SAWYER, witn: G. R. SINCLAIR of 156 William St. & Marjorie JOHNSON both of Belleville on Sept. 13, 1924 at Belleville
011509-24 John Arthur WHARRY, 34, contractor, Longueil twp Ont. Montreal s/o Thomas WHARRY (b. Ontario) Ellen Jane GRAHAM married Martha FARGEY, 34, teacher, Huntingdon twp d/o Peter FARGEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah RAY wtn: John Milton HAWKINS of 603 Shaw St in Toronto & Agnes F. WILSON of 4845 Westmount Ave in Montreal, 31 December 1924 at West Huntingdon twp 011514-24 Harry Cleveland WHITEMAN, 20, farmer, Marlbank, Madoc twp s/o Thomas WHITEMAN (b. Canada) & Tempe WHEELER married Mary Ida WILSON, 31, Bannockburn, Bancroft d/o William WILSON (b. Canada) & Mary ANDREWS wtn: P. WHEELER of Actinolite & Annabella DELYEA of Bancroft, 25 November 1924 at Bancroft
011497-24 William WHITMORE, 32, labourer, Coe Hill, Coe Hill s/o Samuel WHITMORE (b. Owen Sound Ont.) & Mary BACHELOR married Clara MASTERS, 20, Tweed, Coe Hill d/o Richard MASTERS (b. Tweed) & Bertha FINCH wtn: George PATTERSON & Annie PATTERSON both of Coe Hill, 11 June 1924 at Madoc 011487-24 William Russell William WHYTE, 25, labourer, Carlow twp, Bessemer s/o William WHITE (b. Canada) & Lizzie STOREY married Keitha BRADSHAW, 20, household duties, Detlor, Bessemer d/o Frank BRADSHAW (b. Canada) & Jane SEAGER wtn: Manley WHYTE of Hermon & Annie SUTTON of Toronto, 2 July 1924 at St John's Church in Bancroft
  011505-24 Harry WILLSON, 43, widower, machinist, England, 362 Bleecker Ave in Belleville s/o Robert WILLSON (b. England) & not known, married Mary LOTT, 43, widow, housekeeper, Canada, Watertown NY d/o William ROBERTSON (b. England) & Sarah ASHTON wtn: Mrs R. MARSHALL & Mrs H. BROWN both of Belleville, 23 February 1924 at Belleville
011506-24 Everett William Wesley WINDOVER, 19, steam fitter, Richmond - Lennox & Addington Co, 26 Everett St in Belleville s/o Mekley WINDOVER (b. Firest Mills) & Dora BRADSHAW married Ella Emma May CHARLTON, 21, clerk, Frontenac Co, 124 Bridge St W in Belleville d/o Alfred CHARLTON (b. Harrowsmith Ont.) & Nora CAVERLEY wtn: Helen BABCOCK of Harrowsmith & Arthur CHARLTON of 38 Chatham St, 7 February 1924 at Belleville 011510-24 William WINTERS, 40, widower, cartage, Ireland, St Catharines s/o James WINTERS (b. Ireland) & Mary COULTER married Delta WAGAR, 37, home duties, Deseronto, Deseronto d/o Sampson WAGAR (b. Deseronto) & Mary ASSELSTINE wtn: Joseph PEARSON & Clarissa PEARSON both of Deseronto, 6 October 1924 at Deseronto
011511-24 Chancey Claud WOOD, 33, hydro electric lineman, Stirling, Foxboro s/o Joseph Merrit WOOD (b. Stirling) & Susan Elizabeth HUFF married Edith ARMSTRONG, 21, maid, Belleville, 29 Catherine St in Belleville d/o William Harvey ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Bertha HOWARD wtn: Herbert James DAVIDSON & Edna Jean DAVIDSON both of 5 Sanford St in Belleville, 26 December 1924 at Belleville 011492-24 Harvey S. WOOD, 25, labourer, Addington Co, Tweed s/o David WOOD (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane HINCH married Grace May WOODCOCK, 16, labourer's daughter, Addington Co, Tweed d/o William WOODCOCK (b. Ontario) & Minerva PARKS wtn: Mrs Fred WOOD & Mrs R. WOOD both of Tweed, 4 July 1924 at Tweed
011500-24 Hiram WOODBECK, 30, farmer, Wollaston twp, Chandos twp s/o William WOODBECK (b. Hastings Co) & Emma J. SMITH married Eva May ROSEBUSH, 21, Midland Mich, Glenalda d/o William ROSEBUSH (b. Hastings Co) & Susan HUBBLE wtn: Ray WOODBECK & Nellie WRIGHT both of Coe Hill, 14 May 1924 at Madoc 011499-24 Roy WOODBECK, 20, engineer, Owenbrooke, Coe Hill s/o James WOODBECK (b. Peterborough) & Lottie NESBITT married Nellie WRIGHT, 21, school teacher, Coe Hill, Coe Hill d/o Albert WRIGHT (b. Colborne) & Clara BERRIEDGE wtn: Hiram WOODBECK & Eva May ROSEBUSH both of Coe Hill, 14 May 1924 at Madoc [Divorced 22 August 1956]
011490-24 Sanford WOOCOX, 32, farmer, Kennebec, Faraday twp s/o Alfred WOODCOX (b. Canada) & Matilda PARKS married Edna HAYES, 19, household duties, Kennebec, Faraday twp d/o Charles HAYES (b. Canada) & Emma THOMSON wtn: Hedley George CARD & Elizabeth CARD both of Monk Road, 1 July 1924 at Bancroft 011494-24 Thomas Melvin WOODWARD, 21, railway yardman, Springbrook, Trenton s/o Samuel WOODWARD (b. Rawden twp) & Lucy KERR married Muriel Reta WALDRON, 20, at home, Trenton, Trenton d/o Samuel WALDRON (b. Trenton) & Clara BROWN wtn: Carmen L. MASSEY & Queena L. KERR both of Belleville, 25 June 1924 at Trenton
011496-24 Henry Lawrence WRIGHT, 25, chauffeur, Pontypool Ont, 178 Dundas St in Belleville s/o Samuel WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Ida BROWN married Marion Elizabeth MORAN, 22, housework, Manitoba, 28 Queen St in Belleville d/o Thomas MORAN (b. Scotland) & Marion MORAN wtn: Edward REDDICK of Rossmore & Hazel WRIGHT of Toronto, 16 June 1924 at Belleville 011513-24 William John WRIGHT, 60, widower, labourer, Prince Edward Co, 50 Church St in Belleville s/o John WRIGHT (b. England) & Sarah Ann JUBY married Phoebe Catherine ALEXANDER, 64, widow, housework, Trenton, 51 George St in Belleville d/o James WANNAMAKER (b. Ontario) & Eliza MOORE wtn: James BUDREAU & Evelyn BURNS both of Belleville, 2 September 1924 at Belleville
011502-24 George Edward WRIGHT, 22, railway station employee, Campbellford, 48 Station St in Belleville s/o James WRIGHT (b. Warcroft Ont.) & Nettie BLAKE married Evelyn BULPIT, 26, housework, Madoc, Thurlow twp d/o Charles BULPIT (b. Hampshire England) & Susan KELLAR wtn: Nina Milder TERBRUCK of 256 Pinnacle St & Ernest EDMONDSON of 63 Alexander St, 16 April 1924 at Belleville 011488-24 Raymond Pringer WRIGHT, 26, farmer, Prince Edward Co, Hallowell twp s/o James WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Margaret CARTER married Annie Irene HUNT, 18, lady, Prince Edward Co, Toronto d/o Burton HUNT (b. Canada) & Nettie MAYBEE wtn: Mrs Mitchell KLEINSTEUBER & M.J KLEINSTEUBER both of Bloomfield, 11 July 1924 at Trenton
011504-24 Thomas Lester WYATT, 25, cheese maker, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o Harry WYATT (b. England) & Alberta BRADSHAW married Muriel LUMMIS, 19, Millbridge, Millbridge d/o James LUMMIS (b. Quebec) & Mary DAVIDSON wtn: Arthur HOLMES of Cooper & Olive RAY of Millbridge, 8 April 1924 at Eldorado 011518-24 Melville YATEMAN, 24, labourer, Thurlow twp, Shannonville s/o George A. YATEMAN (b. Canada) & Rosalie POTTER married Letha May HAMMOND, 20, housework, Sidney twp, Stirling d/o William W. HAMMOND (b. Canada) & Emma HAGERMAN wtn: Frank HAMMOND of Stirling & Carolyn MALOTT of Belleville, 27 September 1924 at Belleville
011517-24 Leo Arthur YOUNG, 25, superintendent, Belleville, 275 Ann St in Belleville s/o William YOUNG (b. Belleville) & Hattie GILBERT married Viola Rose FROST, 25, clerk, Belleville, 21 Foundry St in Belleville d/o Charles Frederick FROST (b. Belleville) & Ethel BENNINGER wtn: William Gilbert BAKER & Irene M. BAKER both of 31 Colborne St, 24 September 1924 at Belleville 011519-24 Lorne YOUNG, 37, printer, Lanark Co, Belleville s/o David YOUNG & Matilda CARRON married Frances HAMILTON, 32, nurse, Belleville, Belleville d/o George HAMILTON & Catherine DONOVAN wtn: T.E. DOLAN of Belleville & Amanda O'REGAN of Oshawa, 27 November 1924 at Belleville