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Hastings Co., 1925, part 2

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11835-25 Charles Kenneth MASSEY, 18, farmer, Sidney Tp., same, s/o Charles J. MASSEY (b. Sidney) & Bertha REDDICK, married Elsie Bernice WESTCOTT, 18, Rawdon, Sidney, d/o Elam WESTCOTT (b. Rawdon) & Viola WHITE, witn: Mac SALES of Stirling & Lottie Mae WESTCOTT of Foxboro RMD 1 on June 24, 1925 at The Parsonage Sidney Tp.

11852-25 Hugh Mark McQUEEN, 27, labourer, Plevna Ontario, Hamilton, s/o William McQUEEN (b. Plevna Ont) & Jennie THOMPSON, married Jennie MOORE, 25, Hay Bay Ont., Hamilton, d/o Edward MOORE (b. Hay Bay) & Emma POST, witn: Mr.. & Mrs Percy BROOKS both of Deseronto on Sept. 16, 1925 at Deseronto.

11834-25 George MILLIGAN, 24, fireman, Trenton, 128 Chatham Street Belleville, s/o William Henry MILLIGAN (b. Tamworth) & Etta RIGHTON, married Alice Lillian MARTIN, 25, Belleville, 306 Charles Street Belleville, d/o George Edward MARTIN (b. London England) & Lillian Effie PALMER, witn: Anna Louisa MARTIN of Latta Ont., & Walter MUMS of Belleville on June 16, 1925 at Belleville.

11850-25 George MILLS, 23, miner, Barblues? Scotland, Rouen Que., s/o Hugh MILLS (b. Springburn? Scotland) & Mary MARTIN, married Annie Beatrice PARKHURST, 19, McArthur Mills, Rouen Que., d/o J. M. PARKHURST (b. Canada) & Susan MILLER, witn: J. L & L.L. PARKHURST both of McArthur Mills on Oct. 19, 1925 at Maynooth

11846-25 Harold MIREE, 25, cheese maker, England, Thomasburg, s/o William MIREE (b. England) & Grace PORTER, married Mary YOUNG, 27, Carlaw Tp., same, d/o David YOUNG (b. Canada) & Margaret WHITE, witn: Robert & Margaret THOMPSON both of Bancroft on Nov. 18, 1925 at the home of Robert Thompson in Bancroft

11827-25 William MITCHELL, 36, grocery clerk, widower, Scotland, Belleville, s/o Alexander MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Ethel Eleanor Mary KELSEY, 23, widow, London England, Belleville, d/o George Albert ROBINSON (b. England) & Bessie MOORE, witn: John B. & Edith RICHARDSON both of Belleville on Sept. 7, 1925 at Belleville

11832-25 Albert Garfield MITTS, 22, farmer, Huntington, same, s/o Albert MITTS (b. Huntingdon Tp.) & Martha LARSON (Carson?), married Amelia CRONKWRIGHT, 19, Elziver, Thurlow, d/o Charles Wesley CRONKWRIGHT (b. Rawdon) & Annie Elizabeth WOODCOX, witn: Harry Frank & Nina Irene CRONKWRIGHT both of Halloway on Aug. 18, 1925 at St. Peter's Presbyterian Church Madoc.

11821-25 George Graham MONTGOMERY, 21, farmer, Rawdon Tp., same, s/o Edward MONTGOMERY (b. Frankford) & Bertha WESTCOTT, married Jessie Elizabeth GEMMELL, 26, teacher, Huron Tp., Rawdon, d/o Thomas GEMMELL (b. Ripley) & Elsie HEWITT, witn: Lillian McKEOWN of Bonar Law & Reg L. McGEE of Harold Ont. on Dec. 23, 1925 at Stirling.

11825-25 Alexander MOORE, 63, retired, widower, Thurlow Tp. Hastings Co., same, s/o Alexander MOORE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth Jane McCOY, 63, retired, widow, Madoc, same, d/o William MOORE (b. Ireland) & Ann ADAMS, witn: Albert PARADISE of 55 Hillcrest & Bertha MOORE of Belleville on Nov. 25, 1925 at Belleville.

11837-25 David Price MORRIS, 22, police constable, England, 17 Ernest Street Belleville, s/o William MORRIS (b. England) & Elizabeth PRICE, married Annie Florence WICKSON, 24, England, 22 Dunbar Street Belleville, d/o Henry WICKSON (b. England) & Lucy COOKE, witn: Olive Marjorie & Margaret WICKSON both of Belleville on June 8, 1925 at St. Thomas Church Belleville

11836-25 Allan Ross MORRISON, 19, farmer, Rawdon Tp., same, s/o John MORRISON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Mabel Clara SPRY, 18, Rawdon Tp., same, d/o Bradford SPRY (b. Canada) & Lillian NUNNBY (Mumby?), witn: William C. F. WALT & Florence B. BARRETT both of Stirling on June 12, 1925 at Stirling.

11824-25 Douglas Allan MORRISON, 20, labourer, Gooderham, same, s/o Joseph MORRISON (b. Canada) & Margaret MADILL, married Edna TRIPP, 18, Cardiff Tp., Gooderham, d/o Nicholas TRIPP (b. Canada) & Anna VELENDA, witn: John LEBARGE & Olive RAY both of Bancroft on Nov. 27, 1925 at Bancroft.

11822-25 William Alman MORRISON, 22, labourer, Limerick Hastings Co., Frankford, s/o William John MORRISON (b. Belleville) & Catharine SLEEPER, married Edna WADDELL, 18, Frankford, same, d/o Alfred WADDELL (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Maggie CHARD, witn: Mary SAILSBURY of Corbyville & Ralph WADDELL of Frankford on Dec. 24, 1925 at Frankford

11830-25 Donald Victor MOTT, 27, clerk, Lapier Michigan USA, Frankford, s/o George B. MOTT (b. USA) & Minnie LEE, married Gladys Marion MACK, 18, Peterboro, Frankford, d/o Samuel MACK (b. Canada) & Helena SHARP, witn: Earl A. & Retta E. BELL both of Frankford on Aug. 30, 1925 at Frankford.

11845-25 George MOUNTSTEVEN, 24, fireman, Coldwater, Toronto, s/o John MOUNTSTEVEN (b. Ontario) & Bridget MARTIN, married Lilian RODGERS, 23, Tweed, same, d/o Wesley RODGERS (b. Ontario) & Margaret WOODCOCK, witn: Fred RODGERS & Florence MOORE both of Tweed on Jan. 1, 1925 at Tweed

11839-25 Gerald Lesley MOXAM, 22, harness maker, Monteagle Tp., Bancroft, s/o William (b. Canada) & Mary E., married Martha Irene VARDY, 23, Monteagle Tp., Bancroft, d/o Arthur (b. Canada) & Sarah A., witn: Eric H. MOXAM of Bancroft & Lizzie VARDEY of Porterville on April 29, 1925 at Porterville.

11844-25 Earl MOYNES, 23, farmer, Coe Hill, same, s/o William MOYNES (b. Murray Tp.) & Kate SMITH, married Grace Amelia BLACKBURN, 18, clerk, Coe Hill, same, d/o Robert BLACKBURN (b. Coe Hill) & Bertha TIVY, witn: Mrs. Ida B. STOCKER & Edyth E. EBY both of Bancroft on Feb. 9, 1925 at Bancroft.

11847-25 Oliver William MUNNINGS, 36, clerk (Hydro Electric), widower, England, 130 McDonald Ave. Belleville, s/o Samuel James MUNNINGS (b. England) & Ellen FENN, married Florence Elizabeth ROBINSON, 39, nurse, England, 130 McDonald St. Belleville, d/o William D. ROBINSON (b. England) & Elizabeth PRIOR, witn: W. C. ROBINSON of 67 Victoria Ave. & Miss L. J. WHIFFEN of 41 Greer both of Belleville on Nov. 18, 1925 at Belleville

11849-25 Lorne Percival MUNRO, 20, farmer, Sophiasburgh Tp., same, s/o Samuel James MUNRO (b. Sophiasburgh) & Cora Lillian TRUMPOUR, married Anna Evangeline ROLLISON, 19, Sophiasburgh, Belleville, d/o William ROLLISON (b. England) & Gertrude KIMERLY, witn: Morley WINSWORTH & Aleen ROLLISON both of Demorestville on Nov. 6, 1925 at Belleville

11829-25 James Ignatius MURRAY, 23, labourer, Belleville, 90½ Cannifton Rd. same, s/o Archibald MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Nellie FLANIGAN, married Addie Beatrice HUDGENS, 21, bottle packer, Murray Tp., 97 Cannifton Rd. Belleville, d/o William HUDGINS (b. Ontario) & Florence MARKHAM, witn: E. W. RYCKMAN of Belleville & Ruby A. WOODGER of Trenton on Sept. 11, 1925 at Trenton

  011862-25 (Hastings Co) William James O'BRIEN, 24, labourer, Marysville, Niagara Falls NY, s/o William O'BRIEN & Rose McGUINESS married Margaret VAN NORMAN, 26, Belleville, Belleville d/o Frances VAN NORMAN & Hattie LAPALM wtn: John VAN NORMAN of Belleville & Stella O'BRIEN of Thurlow twp, 23 February 1925 at Belleville
011861-25 (Hastings Co) Francis Rae OLDREY, 24, labourer, Havelock, Trenton s/o Alfred Edward OLDREY (b. Ontario) & Florence E. CHAMBERS married Margery Evelyn WANNAMAKER, 21, tailoress, Murray Twp, Trenton d/o Walter W. WANNAMAKER (b. Ontario) & Clara PELKEY wtn: Bessie SHEWMAN of Trenton & George H JOHNSON of Trenton, 20 Jun 1925 at Belleville 011863-25 (Hastings Co) Frances Henry O'NEIL 31, farmer, Thurlow twp, Marysville s/o Peter O'NEIL and Nellie LARKIN married Levina KIELTY, 25, Stoco, same, d/o Andrew KIELTY & Katherine FENELON wtn: Tom KIELTY of Stoco & Cassie DUNKIN of Stoco, 29 June 1925 at Stoco
011875-25 (Hastings Co) Leslie B. PACK, 21, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc Twp s/o John PACK (b. Madoc) & Lydia McCOY married Stella MOFFATT, 18, Cordova twp, Madoc Twp d/o John MOFFATT (b. Marmora) & Emma HUNT wtn: Joseph & Lorna M WHYTE of Eldorado, 3 April 1925 at Madoc  
011877-25 (Hastings Co) John Clifford PALMER, 20, insurance agent, Hillier twp, Hillier Twp s/o Cory Nelson PALMER (b. Hillier Twp) & Sarah Elizabeth FLINDALL, married Celia Evelyn DUNN, 19, Campbellford, Hillier Twp d/o Charles Henry DUNN (b. Bath Ont) & Elizabeth Jane CASSELMAN wtn: Ella SMALL & Ruby A. WOODGER of Trenton & , 24 March 1925 at Trenton 011876-25 (Hastings Co) Franklin Leonard PALMER, 21, cheese maker, Ameliasburg, Ivanhoe s/o David L. PALMER (b. Sophiasburgh) & Phoebe THOMPSON married Dora May ASHLEY, 22, housework, West Huntington, West Huntington d/o Frank P. ASHLEY (b. Huntington) & May Maria CADMAN wtn: Harry KILPATRICK of Foxboro & Lila KILPATRICK of Foxboro, 23 March 1925 at Belleville
011872-25 (Hastings Co) George Malcolm PARK, 21. clerk, Ormsby, same, s/o William PARK (b. USA) Catherine KELLY married Lyla Anne Francis McKILLICAN, 19, phone operator, Bannockburn, Ormsby d/o William McKILLICAN (b. Canada) & Margaret BRONSON wtn: Effie BARR of Maynooth & illegible ROWSWELL of Maynooth, 23 May 1925 at Madoc 011881-25 (Hastings Co) Daniel PARKS, 31, farmer, Murray twp, Murray Twp s/o James Thomas PARKS (b. Murray Twp) & Samantha E. MAYBEE married Irene May NELSON, 23, housekeeper, Hillier, Murray Twp d/o G. William NELSON (b. Baltimore twp) & Elva DOWN wtn: Clinton DOWN of RR#3 Trenton & Mabel NANCARROW of RR#3 Trenton, 3 November 1925 at Wooler
011880-25 (Hastings Co) Alexander PARRISH, 32, labourer, widower, Glasgow Scotland, Frankford s/o Thomas PARRISH (b. England) & Laura NICHOLSON married Lydia Irene WANNAMAKER, 27, Trenton, Trenton d/o Peter WANNAMAKER (b. Consecon) & Edith Elizabeth MACK wtn: John McLAREN of Trenton & Effie McLAREN of Trenton, 4 February 1925 at Trenton 011864-25 (Hastings Co) Harry Vane PATTERSON, 29, farmer, Clayton NY USA, Clayton NY USA s/o Frank PATTERSON (b. USA) & Marjory PENNOCK, married Jennie Luella SEARLES, 20, Sidney Twp in Hastings Co, Clayton NY USA d/o Ben K SEARLES (b. Sidney Twp) & Mary E JUBY wtn: David PATTERSON, Clayton NY & Marjory SEARLES, Sidney twp, 12 October 1925 at Stirling
011869-25 (Hastings Co.) George Herbert PAULEY, 26, druggist, England, 89 Octavia St in Belleville s/o George H. PAULEY (b. England) & Annie MURRAY married Marjory Grace OSTROM, 25, clerk, Belleville, 136 Moira St W in Belleville d/o Charles OSTROM (b. Ontario) & Emily JONES wtn: Dan STEWART of Madoc & Doris E. PAULEY of 89 Octavia St, 22 August 1925 in Belleville 011896-25 (Hastings Co) Orlando PAULINI, 31, merchant, Italy, Belleville s/o Anaeleto PAULINI & Angela CERCI married Teresa MENNA, 17, Italy, Belleville d/o Antonio MENNA & Concetta ACERRA, wtn: Leonard FARDELLA of Cobourg & Marie CONSILLA of Port Hope, 14 October 1925 at Belleville
011868-25 (Hastings Co) Eric Albert PEPPER, 24, farmer, England, 152 Church St in Belleville s/o Frederick PEPPER (b. England) & Hannah Jane JOHNSON married Edith Amy Clara FAIRCHILD, 30, domestic, widow, England, 152 Church St in Belleville d/o James WELLS (b. England) & Clara HEARN (Wearn?) wtn: Mary J. BEAMISH of Belleville & Mabel EVANS of Belleville, 6 October 1925 at Belleville 011865-25 (Hastings Co) Charles Edward PERRY, 43, farmer, Brighton Twp, Murray Twp, s/o Charles H PERRY (b. Canada) & Margaret CASNEY married Phoebe Ethel STRATTON, 32, Clerk, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga Twp d/o Andrew STRATTON (b. Canada) & Margaret LITTLE, wtn: Peter C. DEMPSEY of RR#1 Trenton & Carolyn MALOTT of Belleville, 26 September 1925 at Belleville
011873-25 (Hastings Co) Richard Thomas PHILBIN, 40, Merchant, Allan Park Ont, Belleville s/o John PHILBIN (b. Montreal) & Margaret HAZLETT married Helen Mary LAZIER, 28, housework, Belleville, 225 George St in Belleville d/o Robert LAZIER (b. Belleville) & Catherine BELL wtn: Robert B. LAZIER, 225 George St & Sophia A. PHILBIN, 58 Metcalfe St in Montreal, 22 May 1925 at Belleville 011866-25 (Hastings Co) William George PHILLIPS, 35, labourer, England, 65 Foster Ave in Belleville s/o John PHILLIPS (b. England) & Alice Edna BROWN, 24, Domestic, Belleville, 65 Foster Ave in Belleville d/o Charles BROWN (b. England) & Sarah RIDER wtn: Walter BROWN of Belleville & Sarah BROWN of Belleville, 8 October 1925 at Belleville
011883-25 (Hastings Co) Joseph Ambrose PITT, 31, farmer, Read, Read s/o Joseph PITT & Ellen O'LEARY married Annie Maria O'CONNOR. 29, housewife, Marysville, Shannonville d/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Elizabeth BRENNAN wtn Frances O'CONNOR of Shannonville & Evelyn PITT of Read, 5 October 1925 at Marysville 011878-25 (Hastings Co) William Thomas PLUE, 29, labourer, Elzevir, Actinolite s/o Edward PLUE (B. Elzevir) & Catherine CONWAY married Electa Stella GREEN, 18, domestic, Elzevir, Actinolite d/o Robert GREEN (b. Canada) & Lovina KELLER wtn: Mrs Will MINNIE of Actinolite & Percy VANDAMEER of Actinolite, 21 February 1925 at Tweed
011871-25 (Hastings Co) John Austin POTTS, 84, retired, widower, Rawdon twp, Springbrook s/o William POTTS (b. England) & Hannah CRONKWRIGHT married Gatrey WESTFALL, 64, retired, widow, Sidney twp, Springbrook d/o James DRURY & Elizabeth ROBERTSON wtn: Mrs Thomas MORGAN of Springbrook & R.E. LUMSDEN of Springbrook, 20 July 1925 at Marmora 011882-25 (Hastings Co) Henry POTTS, 23, labourer, Belleville, Belleville s/o John POTTS (b. Canada) & Bertha DUESBURY married Diana CAMPBELL, 25, widow, housework, Muskoka Ontario, 80 Pinnacle St in Belleville d/o John ROACH (b. Australia) & Martha SMITH wtn: Alfred WOODHOUSE of Belleville & Edith WOODHOUSE of Belleville, 15 October 1925 at Belleville
011870-25 (Hastings Co) Hugh Stewart POWELL, 23, real estate, Rubenstown Wisc USA, Tomahawk Wisc USA s/o William Reuben POWELL (b. (?) Ontario) & Mary HAMILL married Rita Verna STICKLE, 19, housework, Sidney twp, Frankford d/o Harry B. STICKLE (b. Sidney Twp) & Mary Holland HENDRICKS wtn: Neta MONTGOMERY of Frankford & Bessie McTEAR of Trenton, 11 July 1925 in Belleville 011874-25 (Hastings Co) Morris Clare PRENTISS, 25, miner, Combermere, Hybla s/o William PRENTISS (b. Fort Stuart in Ontario) & Caroline FOSTER married Nettie Beatrice REID, 16, housework, Woods Lake, Hybla d/o Elijah REID (b. Huntington Twp) & M. Ann REID wtn: Harry PRENTISS of Boulter? & Kattie PUFF of Birds Creek, 23 March 1925 at Bancroft
011879-25 (Hastings Co) John George PRICE, 57, farmer, widower, Wilberforce, Monteagle s/o John PRICE (b. Ireland) & Annie WILCOX married Mary Florence KERRINGHAM, 40, household duties, Monteagle, Monteagle d/o Archibald KERRINGHAM (b. Renfrew) & Margaret PRENTISS wtn: William HALL of Bancroft & Ellen HALL of Bancroft, 16 February 1925 at Bancroft 011867-25 (Hastings Co) James PRICE, 69, labourer, widower, Wilberforce, Bancroft s/o John PRICE (b. Leitrim Co Ireland) & Ann WILCOX married Hannah Jane CHATTERTON, 56, household duties, Rockingham in Renfrew Co, Bancroft d/o William E. CHATTERTON (b. Manchester in England) & Matilda MARTIN wtn: J.A. LINDSAY of Bancroft & M. LINDSAY of Bancroft, 4 December 1925 in Bancroft
  011884-25 (Hastings Co) Evert Earl REID, 25, labourer, Limerick twp, Limerick Twp s/o Dan REID (b. Hastings Co) & Susie CHISM (Chisholm?) married Emma Matilda WELCH, 19, Limerick twp, Limerick Twp d/o Arthur WELCH (b. New York USA) & Josephine EMBURY wtn: R.C. FAIR of Madoc & Ethel FOSTER of Madoc, 14 December 1925 at Madoc
011893-25 (Hastings Co) Grenville Charles RILEY, 22, publisher, Havelock - Peterborough Co, Sidney St Trenton s/o Charles Wellington RILEY (b. Odessa Ontario) & Caroline Miranda HOUGH married Annie Maud ROBINSON, 19, telephone operator, Trenton, Ferguson St Trenton d/o James Herbert ROBINSON (b. Gilmour Ontario) & Sarah HOUGHTLING wtn: Ruby A. WOODGER of Trenton & Annie E. KEMP of Trenton, 16 May 1925 at Belleville 011894-25 (Hastings Co) Earl ROACH, 22, labourer, Killworthy in Ontario, 76 Pinnacle St in Belleville s/o John ROACH (b. Australia) & Martha SMITH married Hannah Louise BROWN, 19, housework, Orillia in Ontario, 76 Pinnacle St in Belleville d/o William BROWN (b. Canada) & Mary LEE wtn: Irene DAVIES of Belleville & Alice STORMS of Belleville, 9 February 1925 at Belleville
011887-25 (Hastings Co) Stewart ROBBINS, 21, labourer, Dungannon, Bancroft s/o Solomon ROBBINS (b. Hastings Co) & Martha M. KELLAR married Viola SWITZER, 15, housework, Dungannon, Bancroft d/o Manson SWITZER (b. Hastings Co) & Mary McDONALD wtn: W.H. THOMAS of Bancroft & Beatrice THOMAS of Bancroft, 11 September 1925 at Bancroft 011892-25 (Hastings Co) Donald ROBERTSON, 25, labourer, Cordova Mines, Marmora s/o Alexander ROBERTSON (b. Bridgewater) & Eliza Jane McCOY married Iris Aldora McGARVEY, 21, Marmora, Marmora d/o Allen McGARVEY (b. Sheffield Ontario) & Sarah Eleanor McGARVEY wtn: Floyd ROBERTSON of Deloro & Stella McGARVEY of Marmora, 19 May 1925 at Marmora
011886-25 (Hastings Co) Albert Bruce ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc Twp s/o Charles ROBINSON (b. Madoc) & Ida Jane BRINSON?, married Mary Jane WELLS, 21, Marmora twp, Marmora Twp d/o Charles WELLS (b. Marmora) & Martha Adelia GUNTER, wtn: Evelyn ROBINSON of Eldorado & Leone WHYTE of Eldorado, 17 November 1925 at Madoc 011888-25 (Hastings Co) William Earle ROBINSON, 37, engineer, Ontario Co, Oshawa s/o Luke ROBINSON (b. Whitby) & Ellen Robinson SCOTT married Helen Eliza KETCHESON, 36, household duties, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Samuel Hicks KETCHESON (b. Canada) & Emma Jane CLARK wtn: Vivian Pauline SMITH of Lunenburg Nova Scotia & Joseph Bernard HORTON of 88 Division St Kingston, 3 September 1925 at Tweed
011895-25 (Hastings Co) Arthur Harold RODGERS, 29, farmer, Rawdon twp, RR#2 Stirling in Rawdon Twp s/o Robert RODGERS (b. Prince Edward County) & Cynthia WEAVER married Nancy DODWELL, 18, housework, England, RR#1 Stirling in Rawdon Twp d/o William DODWELL (b. England) & Ada MEAD wtn: Ada DODWELL of Harold & Robert RODGERS of Stirling, 11 November 1925 in Belleville  
011889-25 (Hastings Co) Percy Smith ROUSSEAU, 22, blacksmith, Hallowell twp, Picton s/o Samuel ROUSSEAU (b. Prince Edward County) & Herbert (sic) FAIRBANKS (sic), married Lulu May FAIRBANKS, 20, servant, Hallowell twp, Picton d/o Herbert FAIRBANKS (b. Hallowell Twp) & Mary Jane DAINARD wtn: Carl GUEST of Picton & Miss Muriel LEEDER? of Picton, 10 August 1925 at Hallowell 011890-25 (Hastings Co) Leslie Robert RUNDLE, 28, clerk, London England, Marmora s/o Albert RUNDLE (b. London England) & Mary Jane HAMPTON married Alma Gertrude OSBORNE, 23, Marmora, Marmora d/o Frank OSBORNE (b. West Huntingdon) & Sarah DICKENS wtn: William RYLOTT of Marmora & Don OSBORNE of Marmora, 20 August 1925 at Marmora
011891-25 (Hastings Co) Thomas RYAN, 30, farmer, Rawdon twp, Rawdon Twp s/o Thomas RYAN (b. Upper Canada) & Mary KEENAN married Verna May STEWART, 18, housework, Campbellford, Rawdon Twp d/o Charles STEWART (b. Scotland) & Mary Ethel MORTON wtn: Leo FARRELL of Rawdon Twp & Mrs Leo FARRELL of Rawdon twp, 28 July 1925 at Campbellford 011885-25 (Hastings Co) Victor Raymond RYAN, 22, bank clerk, Spencerville, Trenton s/o Thomas RYAN (b. Canada) & Maria Smith married Leah Mae YOUREX, 19, stenographer, Trenton, Trenton d/o Cebron YOUREX (b. Canada) & Ida May BENHAM wtn: H.E. CHASE of Trenton & Olive G. LEE of Trenton, 14 November 1925 at Belleville
  011898-25 (Hastings Co) James Franklin SANDERCOCK, 19, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney Twp s/o James Albert SANDERCOCK (b. Sidney Twp) & Maggie MEYERS married Bessie BROOKS, 18, Sidney twp, Sidney Twp d/o James Franklin BROOKS (b. Prince Edward County) & Mary WESTFALL wtn: J. Frank BROOKS & Mrs. J. Frank BROOKS both of R.R.#5 Trenton, 21 December 1925 at Trenton
011914-25 (Hastings Co) John Henry SARGENT, 22, labourer, Cashel twp, Huntington Twp s/o Samuel SARGENT (b. Hastings Co) & Hannah ROLLINS married Alice May RODGERS, 19, Huntington twp, Huntington Twp d/o John W. RODGERS (b. Prince Edward Co) & Elizabeth SPURDON wtn: Mrs Elizabeth RODGERS of Madoc & John Wesley RODGERS of Madoc, 28 April 1925 at Huntington twp 011903-25 (Hastings Co) Wesley Clarence SAYLOR, 25, Realtor, Trenton, Trenton s/o Charles Wesley SAYLOR (b. Trenton) & Victoria MEYERS married Jean Asher McINTOSH, 23, Belleville, Belleville d/o John McINTOSH (b. Scotland) & Harriet CALDER wtn: Andrew D. STARKE of 851 University St in Montreal PQ & Harriet McINTOSH of Belleville, 16 September 1925 at Belleville
011919-25 (Hastings Co) Clarence Henry SCEA, 24, farmer, Sidney twp, Rawdon Twp s/o Jacob SCEA (b. England) & Lydia GRAVES married Annie CUMDEN, 23, housekeeper, England, Rawdon Twp d/o Samuel CUMDEN (b. England) & Annie MUSGRAVE wtn: Percy Roy SCEA of Stirling & Carrie GRIFFIN of Stirling, 14 February 1925 at Stirling 011921-25 (Hastings Co) Alexander SCERO (Sero?), 21, farmer, Tyendinaga Indian Reserve, Tyendinaga Reserve s/o William SCERO (b. Tyendinaga Indian Reserve) & Susan MARACLE married Cynthia Eileen BRANT, 18, bag sorter, Sophiasburgh Twp, Tyendinaga Indian Reserve d/o Elijah BRANT (b. Tyendinaga Indian Reserve) & Cassie GREEN wtn: Leonard HILL of Shannonville & Gladys BRANT of Point Anne, 19 October 1925 at Tyendinaga

011909-25 (Hastings Co) Russell Carlton SEELEY, 22, butcher, Sidney twp, Madoc s/o John SEELEY (b. Sidney Twp) & Merrels MERRISH?, married Jean May WARD, 20, Sidney twp, Madoc d/o Alic (Alex?) WARD (b. Sidney Twp) & May BARKER wtn: George E. McMURRAY of RR#2 Holloway Ontario & Myrtle Iva McMURRAY of RR#2 Holloway Ontario, 7 August 1925 at RR2 Halloway

011901-25 (Hastings Co) William SERO , 74, farmer, widower, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga Twp s/o Abraham SERO & Catherine MARACLE married Margaret Grace HILL, 18, housekeeper, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga Twp wtn: Charles JOHN & Catherine JOHN both of Shannonville, 2 September 1925 at Shannonville
011897-25 (Hastings Co) Earl Dewitt Barker SEXSMITH, 35 clergyman, Richmond twp, Elzevir Twp s/o R--? SEXSMITH (b, Richmond Co) & A--? BARFIELD married Florence GARRETT, 32, teacher, Tweed, Tweed d/o William Wilson GARRETT (b. Belleville) & S. Frances CAMPBELL wtn: Edith M. HUYCK of Tweed & Maude SEXSMITH of Queensboro of Tweed, 9 December 1925 at Madoc 011911-25 (Hastings Co) Robert SHAND, 27, lineman, Scotland, 530 Gladstone Ave Toronto s/o Robert SHAND (b. Scotland) & Joan KENNEDY married Olive ABBOTT, 15, Sidney twp, Frankford d/o Edwin ABBOTT (b. Frankford) & Mabel THOMPSON wtn: Mabel ABBOTT of Frankford & Thomas ELLIOTT of West Huntington, 25 April 1925 at Belleville
011915-25 (Hastings Co) Frederick John SHANNICK, 25, merchant, Herschel twp, Bancroft s/o A. SHANNICK (b. Germany) & Mary FRANG married Annie ASKEY, 20, clerk, Kinmount, Bancroft d/o Frank ASKEY (b. Canada) & Jane McINTYRE wtn: Frances ASKEY of Bancroft & Sybla McGEE of Bancroft, 18 April 1925 at Bancroft 24108-25 Donald Louis SHANNON, 27, farmer, of Marmora, s/o Hugh SHANNON, agent & Josephine TAILLON, married Joanna Rose MULLEN, 24, teacher, of Read, d/o Patrick MULLEN & Joanna BLACK, witn: Thomas LAWLOR of Marmora & Lucy MULLEN of Read, 27 April 1925 at St. Charles Church, Read
011904-25 (Hastings Co) Thomas Daniel SHEA, 31, manufacturer, Worcester Mass., Detroit s/o Patrick J. SHEA (b. Ireland) & Bridget DONAHUE married Estelle M. MANLEY, 26, Chicago, Detroit d/o Thomas MANLEY (b. Belleville) & Catherine COLEMAN wtn: John J. SHEA of 3430 Field Ave in Detroit Mich & Mrs Eleanor MANLEY of Detroit, 23 July 1925 at Belleville  
011900-25 (Hastings Co) William Roy SHERRY, 28, tea merchant, Port Hope, same, s/o Bryan SHERRY (b. Port Hope) & Lily NIXON married Anne Francis MASON, 22, house duties, London England, Oshawa, d/o Christopher MASON (b. London England) & Elizabeth SUMMERHOUSE wtn: Fred S.P. IRWIN of Port Hope & Phemi IRWIN of Port Hope, 22 September 1925 at Trenton 011922-25 (Hastings Co) Donald Clarke K SMITH, 28, carpenter, Frankford, West St in Trenton s/o Richard SMITH (b. Campbellford) & Emma TURNER married Mary Mabel POSSAU, 22, housework, Wilberforce in Renfrew Co, Dundas St in Trenton d/o Peter POSSAU (b. Renfrew Co) & Mary RENT wtn: Lena Mary STEWART of 271 George St in Belleville & Jane A. McGUINESS of 269 George St in Belleville, 24 October 1925 at Belleville
011923-25 (Hastings Co) Harry SMITH, 19, labourer, Durham England, Deloro s/o Harry SMITH (b. Yorkshire England) & Daisy REAY married Mary Rosalia Lillian HULSMANS, 21, Belgium, Deloro d/o Joseph HULSMANS (b. Belgium) & Johanna DIBT wtn: George BROOKS of Deloro & Daisy SMITH of Deloro, 13 March 1925 at Marmora 011924-25 (Hastings Co) John SMITH, 21, meter man, Scotland, 270 Huron St in Belleville s/o William SMITH (b. Scotland & Bessie JOHNSTONE married Jannie Baretta BOWLER, 18, clerk, Belleville, 102 Cannifton Rd in Belleville d/o Thomas BOWLER (b. Canada) & Annie BROWN wtn: Charles LUCAS of Belleville & Emma SMITH of Belleville, 20 October 1925 at Belleville
011918-25 (Hastings Co) Herbert James SOLMES, 26, farmer, Dungannon twp, Rawdon Twp s/o Gilbert SOLMES (b. Limerick Twp) & Annie ROBBINS married Frances McKEOWN, 30, Rawdon twp, Rawdon Twp d/o William S. McKEOWN (b. Bonarlaw Ontario) & Agnes LINN wtn: Thomas McKEOWN of RR#2 Campbellford & Verney HEATH of RR#2 Campbellford, 3 April 1925 at Springbrook 011907-25 (Hastings Co) Samuel Warren SOULE, 20, Clerk, Belleville, 135 Lingham St Belleville s/o Louis SOULE (b. Newburgh Ontario) & Suzanna JORDAN married Phyllis Orpha HANNAH, 15, Rawdon twp, 184 Foster Ave in Belleville d/o Hiram HANNAH (b. Mayo Twp) & Margaret LONEY wtn: John R. CUMMINGS of 246 Church St Belleville & N.C. CUMMINGS of 246 Church St Belleville, 14 August 1925 at Belleville
011905-25 (Hastings Co) Daniel Pomeroy SPENCE, 27, farmer, Hybla, Hybla s/o J. SPENCE (b. Monteagle Twp) & Mary Anne SUTHERLAND married Edith Elizabeth SEARS, 19, housework, Birds Creek, Hybla d/o Hesekiah SEARS (b. Bedford Twp Frontenac Co) & Patience DRADER, wtn: George H. CONLEY of Bancroft & Kitty A. PUFF of Birds Creek, 8 September 1925 at Monteagle Valley 011913-25 (Hastings Co) Daniel Vernon SPENCER, 23, cheese maker, Sidney twp, Madoc s/o John Gilbert SPENCER (b. Canada) & Caroline LAWRENCE married Lillian Mildred HOLLAND, 20, Huntingdon twp, Huntington Twp d/o Edwin HOLLAND (B. Canada) & Alberta TWIDDY wtn: Edwin HOLLAND of Crookston & John Gilbert SPENCER of Stirling, 11 April 1925 at Crookston
011916-25 (Hastings Co) Charles James STEINBURG, 57, baggage man, widower, Murray Twp, Trenton s/o Anson STEINBURG (b. Sidney Twp) & Mary Ann SILLS married Elizabeth MOORE nee HYLAND, 37, widow, England, Trenton d/o unknown & unknown) wtn: James Edward CROUTER of Trenton & Eva L. SIMPSON of Trenton, 2 April 1925 at Trenton 011920-25 (Hastings Co) Howard Peter STEWART, 32, labourer, Carlow twp, Boulter Ontario s/o R. STEWART (b. Limerick Twp) & Gracie PRENTISS married Violet Irene PRENTISS, 20, household duties, Carlow twp, Boulter Ontario d/o B. PRENTISS (b. Carlow Twp) & Janet KELLY wtn: Rose PENNOCK of Boulter & Mary STEWART of Boulter, 11 November 1925 at Bancroft
011925-25 (Hastings Co) Frederick Hubert STINTON, 20, labourer, Madoc, Point Anne s/o John STINTON & Catherine BROWN married Maria Alphide SANSCARTIER, 19, Ste Rose of Lima PQ, Point Anne d/o Joseph SANSCARTIER & Melvina BELLOC wtn: Thomas W. BOWLER & Mary BENNETT of Point Anne, 30 December 1925 at Belleville 011912-25 (Hastings Co) George Alex STINTON, 21, labourer, Madoc, Point Anne s/o John STINTON (b. London England) & Katharine BROWN married Kathleen Gladys KOROOK, 18, housework, Ukrainia Europe, Point Anne d/o John KOROOK (b. Ukrainia Europe) & Mary GRIBBLE wtn: Jay MURPHY of Point Anne & Gladys BRANT of Point Anne, 12 May 1925 at Belleville
011908-25 (Hastings Co) Hubert STRONG, 39, contractor, widower, Brighton - Sussex England, Trenton s/o George William STRONG (b. England) & Clara HALLOWS married Etta Lovina KING, 21, Coe Hill, Trenton d/o William KING (b. Sheffield twp Ontario) & Agnes Annie (married PALMATEER then KING) wtn: R. ELLIS of Trenton & Violet DRUMM of Coe Hill, 20 July 1925 at Trenton 011899-25 (Hastings Co) Arthur Charles SUMMERS, 21, clerk at CNR, England, 72 Great St James St in Belleville s/o Charles John SUMMERS (b. England) & Rosa BAKER married Cecil Violet LLOYD, 18, housework, Frontenac County, 16 Burrell St in Belleville d/o Arthur LLOYD (b. Canada) & Margaret BINGHAM wtn: Charles John SUMMERS of Belleville & Asa Benjamin LLOYD of Belleville, 13 November 1925 at Belleville
011910-25 (Hastings Co) Bruce Albert SUTCLIFFE, 21, civil servant, Ontario, 396 Danforth Ave s/o James Albert SUTCLIFFE (b. Ontario) & Esther Grace McCAUSLAND married Nellie Joan NUGENT, 20, Ontario, Trenton d/o Clement A. NUGENT (b. Ontario) & Carrie BOOTH wtn: Helen G. SUTCLIFFE of Trenton & Jack C. NUGENT of Sidney twp, 8 May 1925 at Sidney twp 011917-25 (Hastings Co) Oliver SWEANOR, 25, labourer, Trenton, Trenton s/o George SWEANOR (b. Trenton) & Georgina LESPERANCE married Hazel ELLIS, 21, Trenton, Trenton d/o Fred ELLIS (b. Ontario) & Lillie SMITH wtn: Lulu ELLIS of Trenton & Arthur ELLIS of Trenton, 14 April 1925 at Trenton
011902-25 (Hastings Co) Carl Arnold SWEET, 22, labourer, Cardiff Twp in Haliburton Co, Trenton s/o Samuel W. SWEET (b. Bancroft) & Julia Ann WOODCOCK married Emily Helen Elizabeth HIND, 18, Merrickville, Trenton d/o Frederick HIND (b. London England) & Florence ALLEN wtn: John AYTON of Trenton & Faith HIND of Trenton, 5 October 1925 at Trenton 011906-25 (Hastings Co) Sidney SWEET, 42, farmer, Ormsby Ontario, Trenton s/o James L. SWEET (b. Canada) & Maude REID married Martha BYINGTON, 37, nurse, Seaforth Ontario, Kingston Ontario s/o William BYINGTON (B. Canada) & Minerva DERBYSHIRE wtn: Carolyn MALOTT of 100 Bridge St E Belleville & Emily CLARKE of 100 Bridge St E Belleville, 7 July 1925 at Belleville
011930-25 (Hastings Co) George Earl TAYLOR, 32, farmer, Ameliasburg Twp, same s/o George TAYLOR (b. Ameliasburg) & Annie HALL married Ruth STEWART, 32, teacher, Hillier Twp, same, d/o Samuel George STEWART (b. Sophiasburg twp) & Sarah GILLIES, wtn: N.M. MARTIN of Trenton & Jeanette M. CRANSTON of Trenton, 15 July 1925 at Trenton 011932-25 (Hastings Co) Murdock Roderick TAYLOR, 20, porter, Sidney Cape Breton NS, 158 Front St in Belleville s/o Benjamin TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Margaret MacDONALD married Hilda Jean TEMPERLY, 19, waitress, England, 158 Front St in Belleville d/o unknown (b. England) & unknown, (bride is a Bermuda girl) wtn: F.S. DEACON of Belleville & Annie E. KEMPSTER of Belleville, 19 January 1925 at Belleville
011927-25 (Hastings Co) Ray Clarence TEMPLETON, 23, Spring Lock Works, Belleville, Belleville s/o James TEMPLETON (b. Scotland) & Hilda BABCOCK married Claribel CONNORS, 19, Clerk Lock Works, Prince Edward Co, Belleville d/o Isaac CONNORS (b. Belleville) & Luella NOBLES wtn: John E. DAVIDSON of Belleville & Mabel CONNORS of Belleville, 19 September 1925 at Belleville 011936-25 (Hastings Co) Frank Agnew TENEY, 21, labourer, Desoronto, Point Anne s/o Ernest TENEY (b. Hastings Co) & Minerva DENNIE, married Lea Alice SPENCER, 18, maid, Cloyne, Point Anne d/o Milton SPENCER (b. Frontenac Co) & Sophronia MEEKS wtn: Clarence Parker RIGBY of 316 Bleeker Ave in Belleville & Ruby TENEY of Point Anne, 8 April 1925 at Point Anne
011926-25 (Hastings Co) William Blake TERRY, 23, farmer, Frankford, Frankford s/o Frank S. TERRY (b. Murray Twp Northumberland Co) & Ida May WALT married Mildred Agnes MORROW, 24, clerk, Maberly Lanark Co, Frankford d/o John W. MORROW (b. Maberly Lanark Co) & Jane SINE wtn: Mrs R.A. Morton of Foxboro & Mrs S.J. SEWELL of Foxboro, 14 September 1925 at Foxboro 011940-25 (Hastings Co) William Jackson THOMPSON, 32, engineer, Lake twp, Lake Twp s/o John THOMPSON (b. Cork Ireland) & Elizabeth THWAITES, married Joy LISCOMBE, 21 house maid, Monmouth Twp, Chandos twp., d/o William John LISCOMBE (b. Rice Lake) & Annie Sophia HOARD wtn: Edgar DAVIDSON of Mill Bridge & Jean HENDERSON of Mill Bridge, 21 December 1925 at Bannockburn
011929-25 (Hastings Co) John THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o Virgil THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Blanche TITUS married Philena PARLIAMENT, 16, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Hartford PARLIAMENT (b. Ontario) & Luella HODGEN wtn: Terry PARLIAMENT of Ameliasburg & Myrtle PARLIAMENT of Ameliasburg, 9 December 1925 at Belleville 011935-25 (Hastings Co) Clarence THOMPSON, 27, railway clerk, Desoronto, Desoronto s/o Robert THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Mary Ann HARVEY married Vera May TAYLOR, 26, Desoronto, Desoronto d/o Thomas James TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Sarah Edna COATES wtn: William Henry THOMPSON of Desoronto & Althea JOYCE of Desoronto, 1 June 1925 at Desoronto
011934-25 (Hastings Co) Dominick TIGHE, 31, electrician, Read Ontario, Windsor Ontario s/o Patrick TIGHE & Catherine NEPHAN married Annie FARRELL, 29, teacher, Read, Read, d/o Patrick FARRELL & Margaret HORRIGAN, wtn: Thomas TIGHE of Read & Rita HORRIGAN of Roslin, 28 September 1925 at Read 011939-25 (Hastings Co) James Ferrier TORRANCE, 25, clerk, Westmount PQ, Westmount PQ s/o J. Ferrier TORRANCE (b. Montreal PQ) & Alexandra Louisa DAWSON married Helen Louise ROBERTS, 21, teacher, Belleville, Belleville d/o Archibald Alexander ROBERTS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Gertrude KELSO wtn: Glenn TORRANCE of Montreal PQ & A. Kelso ROBERTS of Belleville, 15 Sept 1925 at Belleville
011931-25 (Hastings Co) George A. TOWES, 34, farmer, Dartford Ontario, Faraday Twp s/o Ernest TOWES (b. England) & Elizabeth REYNOLDS married Mabel TYLER, 22, housekeeper, widow, Dartford Ontario, Faraday Twp d/o Frank LAPORTE (b. Ontario) & Sarah REYNOLDS wtn: Herbert PEACOCK of Faraday Twp & Bertha PEACOCK of Faraday twp, 5 March 1925 at Faraday 011937-25 (Hastings Co) Ross Wilfred TOWNSEND, 29, farmer, Kingston Ontario, Madoc Twp s/o Thomas TOWNSEND (b. Sydenham Ontario) & Nellie DAVIS married Jessie Gertrude McKENZIE, 26, teacher, Madoc twp, Madoc Twp d/o Angus McKENZIE (b. Madoc Twp) & Gertrude HUTCHINSON wtn: John McKENZIE of Madoc & Myrtle McKENZIE of Madoc, 17 June 1925 at Madoc
011941-25 (Hastings Co) Francis TRUDEAU, 25, farmer, Otter Creek, Otter Creek s/o Mitchel TRUDEAU & Kate LETENDRE, married Angeline CASSIBO, 22, Otter Creek, Otter Creek d/o Exorel CASSIBO & Angeline LAJOIE wtn: Peter CASSIBO of Otter Creek & Agnes COMFORT of Otter Creek, 18 August 1925 at Stoco 011928-25 (Hastings Co) James Morris TUGNETT, 25, bartender, Belleville, Belleville s/o William Morris TUGNETT (b. Belleville) & Mary Ann DUDRIDGE married Dorothy May KENNEDY, 19, Belleville, Belleville d/o Andrew M. KENNEDY (b. Belleville) & Cecilia BLAIR wtn: Morley SPIKER of Belleville & Theda TURNER OF Belleville, 17 December 1925 at Trenton
011933-25 (Hastings Co) William James TULLOCH, 19, farmer, Stirling, Stirling s/o Henry TULLOCH (b. West Huntington) & Myrtle HOUGH married Thelma JONES, 19, housework, Louth twp - Lincoln Co, Stirling d/o George Wilbert JONES (b. Stirling) & Harriet ELLIS wtn: Nellie TULLOCH of Stirling & W PATTERSON of Stirling, 20 October 1925 at Stirling 011938-25 (Hastings Co) Thomas Curry TURRIFF, 32, farmer, Detlor, same, s/o Thomas TUFFIFF (b. Lanark Ont) & Margaret CURRY, married Alice May ADAMS, 30, storekeeper, widow, McArthur Mills Ont, Detlor, d/o David James CALDWELL (b. Unionville Ont) & Jane PATTISON wtn: Agnes BELL of 25 Chatham St in Belleville & Christy ADAMS of 20 Chatham St in Belleville, 7 August 1925 at Belleville
011942-25 (Hastings Co) James Gilbert UNGER, 23, farmer, Wollaston, Faraday s/o George UNGER (b. Ontario) & Mina WAITE married Mabel MARSHAL (Marshall?), 18, housework, Anstruther, Coe Hill d/o William MARSHAL (b. Ontario) & Annie KELLY wtn: Mrs A.R. WALSH of Coe Hill & Mrs George Snider of Coe Hill, 22 July 1925 at Coe Hill 011943-25 (Hastings Co) John VANCE, 30, farmer, Bancroft, Bancroft s/o James VANCE (b. New York State) & Christine MAGILLIVARY married Rose Ena HINZE, 24, teacher, Monteagle twp, Bancroft d/o Charles HINZE (b. Germany) & Sabrina GRANT wtn: Clifford HINZE of Monteagle Valley & Pearl VANCE of Bancroft, 30 December 1925 at Monteagle Valley
011947-25 (Hastings Co) Felix VARDY, 41, labourer, widower, Dungannon twp, Wicklow s/o Lewis VARDY (b. Canada) & Jane WAY married Mary Jane Joehanna OLMSTEAD, 25, Wicklow, Wicklow d/o Ephriam OLMSTEAD (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane MAYHEW wtn: Edwin REID of Greenview & Hanna OLMSTEAD of Maynooth, 10 June 1925 at White Church, Greenview 011945-25 (Hastings Co) James VARTY, 22, mechanic, Bancroft, Madoc s/o Elijah VARTY (b. Canada) & Margery DUNN married Verna Luella REID, 21, teacher, Minto Ontario, Madoc d/o Charles REID (b. Canada) & Emma FOX wtn: Charles L. HYDE of Belleville & Irene BLATHERWICK of Belleville, 1 Aug 1925 at Belleville
011946-25 (Hastings Co) Henry Joseph VIEAU, 20, Tugiden? Michigan U.S.A., Trenton s/o Henry Joseph VIEAU (b. Trenton) & Addie MERE married Eva SHONIKER. 27, Trenton, Trenton d/o Nicholas SHONIKER (b. Trenton) & Hattie LAIRD wtn: Romeo MARTIN of Trenton & Mrs Romeo MARTIN of Trenton, 21 July 1925 at Trenton 011944-25 (Hastings Co) Thomas Henry VINNISCOMBE, 43, section hand, Devonshire England, Huntingdon Twp s/o John VINNISCOMBE (b. England) & Elizabeth LANE married Daisy THOMAS, 18, Tonypaudry Wales, Huntington Twp d/o Luke THOMAS (b. Wales) & Charlotte G. JONES wtn: Thomas H. THOMAS of Crookston & Sophie MAHONEY of Crookston, 24 September 1925 at Madoc

011963-25 (Hastings Co) Charles Foster WALKER, 34, labourer, widower, North Dakota USA, Peterborough s/o William James WALKER (b. Richmond in Ontario) & Mahala Jane CLARK married Nora BAUMHOUR, 21, housework, Faraday twp, Peterborough d/o Robert CLARK (b. Kennebec twp) & Jane Anne BAUMHOUR wtn: Fred & Mrs G GODFREY of Monke? Road, 17 March 1925 at Bancroft

011952-25 (Hastings Co) George Stanley WALLACE, 25, farmer, Liverpool in England, Stirling s/o J. WALLACE & unknown, married Helena May WANNAMAKER, 23, Rawden twp, Rawden Twp d/o John WANNAMAKER (b. Rawden Twp) & Ester Ann ROBINSON wtn: John J HERBERTSON of Queensboro & Esther GREEN of Stirling, 10 October 1925 at Stirling [divorced 3/2/53]
011964-25 (Hastings Co) Walter Gordon WARDHAUGH, 18, plumber helper, Belleville, Belleville s/o Gordon WARDHAUGH (b. Belleville) & Bessie SYMONS married Alice Eva SIMPSON, 18, optical plant, Watertown NY USA, 87 Station St in Belleville d/o Oscar George SIMPSON (b. England) & Emma Laura LANE wtn: Emma E SIMPSON of 10 Bridge St W in Belleville & Carrie COLE of 90 Station St in Belleville, 13 March 1925 at Belleville 011955-25 (Hastings Co) Alexander Thomas WARDHAUGH, 21, clerk, Belleville, Belleville s/o Gordon WARDHAUGH (b. England) & Elizabeth SIMMONS married Teresa Violet ETHIER, 23, inspector (optical worker), Montreal PQ, 85 Pinnacle St in Belleville d/o Edward ETHIER (b. Michigan) & Elizabeth HUNT wtn: Samuel SIMMONS of Belleville & Agnes ETHIER of Belleville, 16 July 1925 at Belleville
011960-25 (Hastings Co) George WARDLE, 23, stenographer & bookkeeper, Chesterton England, St Agnes School in Belleville s/o David WARDLE (b. Chesterton in England) & Mary A. RATCLIFEE, married Lily KEEPING, 24, housekeeper, London in England, 45 Henry St in Belleville d/o William KEEPING (b. London in England) & unknown (bride is orphan) wtn: William HART of 45 Henry St in Belleville & Capt M. LOWE of Salvation Army in Belleville, 17 June 1925 in Belleville 011953-25 (Hastings Co) Ewart Wendol Gladstone WARREN, 19, blacksmith, Marmora, Toronto s/o Robert WARREN & Mary SOUTHWORTH married Mary Mildred BROWN, 18, maid, Stirling, Marmora d/o John Lesley BROWN & Martha HORTON wtn: George KNOX of Marmora & Ernest? WRIGHT of Marmora, 15 August 1925 at St. Pauls Rectory, Marmora
011965-25 (Hastings Co) William Henry WEESE, 35, railway engineer, Havelock Ontario, Smith Falls, s/o William Henry WEESE (b. Peterborough Ontario) & Sarah Jane HOLLBROOK married Verna Florence KIRKHAM, 21, Bathurst Twp, Christy's Lake Ontario d/o Thomas Kirkland KIRKHAM (b. Lanark Co) & Elizabeth DIXON wtn: William SIMPSON of Trenton & WW CARTER of Trenton, 4 March 1925 at Trenton 011950-25 (Hastings Co) John Robertson WELLMAN, 21 labourer, Huntingdon twp, Huntingdon Twp s/o Albert WELLMAN (b. Marlbank) & Ellen KELLER married Myrtle Elizabeth WHITEMAN, 18, Marlbank, Tudor Twp d/o Charles WHITEMAN (b. Marlbank) & Jane VANDUSEN wtn: John STORRING of Crookston & Mabel RUCKSTUHL of Millbridge, 24 December 1925 at Tudor twp
011948-25 (Hastings Co) George Edmund WEST, 30, insurance agent, Northumberland Co, 25 Ritson Rd N in Oshawa s/o William WEST (b. Northumberland Co) & Agnes WATERS married Ruth Ada COMINS, 32, Hastings Co, Campbellford d/o Herbert COMINS (b. Hastings Co) & Emma RAYNOR wtn: Juliet GAUSDEN of Belleville & Allen GAUSDEN of Belleville, 5 December 1925 at Belleville  
011966-25 (Hastings Co) Frank McLean WHITE, 28, farmer, Sidney twp, Trenton s/o P Thomas WHITE (b. Murray Twp) & Martha Jane ROWE married Gertrude Bernice BRIGHAM, 23, Peterborough Co, Trenton d/o unknown, wtn: William A. JONES of Frankford & Grace WESTFALL of Trenton, 21 February 1925 at Trenton 011962-25 (Hastings Co) Edwin Reid WHITE, 23, salesman, Toronto, Toronto s/o Ernest Edwin WHITE (b. England) & Margaret Ann REID married Evelyn ANDERSON, 21, Belleville, Belleville d/o Shelley ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Emily GRASS wtn: Brendon McTEAR of Trenton & Clara McTEAR of Trenton, 31 March 1925 at Trenton
011951-25 (Hastings Co) James WIGGINS, 30, electrician, Scotland, 1032 Ossington Ave in Toronto, s/o John WIGGINS (b. Ireland) & Jeanette DAVIDSON married Willena Marguerite SPRINTALL, 22, Ontario, Trenton d/o George SPRINTALL (b. Ontario) & Margaret ARTHURS wtn: W.R. WIGGINS of 1081 Bloor St W in Toronto & Anna SPRINTALL of Trenton, 23 September 1925 at Trenton 011956-25 (Hastings Co) Edward Clifford WILKES, 24, farmer, Church Stratton in England, Hallowell Twp s/o John E. WILKES (b. England) & Elizabeth BRYAN married Evelyn Maud HUBBS, 23, Hallowell twp, Hallowell Twp d/o David H. HUBBS (b. Prince Edward Co) & Hester GILBERT wtn: Albert LINKER of RR#1 Hillier & Kate LINKER of RR#1 Hillier, 13 July 1925 at Belleville
011949-25 (Hastings Co) Edward Leslie WILSON, 24, labourer, Flinton, Point Anne s/o Frank WILSON (b. Hastings Co) & Edith DAFOE married Daisy Dorothy ALLEN, 18, house work, England, Oshawa d/o John Henry ALLEN (b. England) & Alice FIELD wtn: Arthur WILSON of Point Anne & Ada ALLEN of 16 Union St in Oshawa, 31 December 1925 at Belleville 011961-25 (Hastings Co) Maurice Warren WOLFE, 24, banker, Napanee Ontario, Detroit Mich, s/o Arnold WOLFE (b. Canada) & Isabella MORRIS married Barbara Vivian WHITE, 23, Ontario, Trenton d/o William WHITE (b. Canada) & Emma SIMPSON wtn: Mildred BAILEY of Trenton & J.M. HAWKINS of 29 Margeuretta St in Toronto, 9 June 1925 at Trenton
011954-25 (Hastings Co) David Manson WOODCOCK, 56, labourer, widower, Ardendale, Tweed s/o Miler WOODCOCK (b. Canada) & Hannah WOODS married Matilda WOODCOCK, 63, housewife, widow, Frankford, Tweed d/o George C. SMITH (b. Canada) & Eliza PARKER wtn: Lacta V. COOK of Ivanhoe & Lillian NEITZ) of Ivanhoe, 10 August 1925 at Madoc

011957-25 (Hastings Co) Harold George WOODLEY, 27, cutter, Montreal PQ, Belleville s/o George Thomas WOODLEY (b. Belleville) & Ada May EMMON?, married Helen Grace GREEN, 22, playground supervisor, Montreal PQ, Belleville d/o Thomas GREEN (England) & Mabel SNIDER wtn: Martin BENEDICT of Belleville & Kenneth COLLING of Belleville, 5 Aug 1925 at Belleville

011959-25 (Hastings Co) Albert Henry WOODMAN, 38, metallurgist, widower, London in England, Flinton, s/o Mathew WOODMAN (b. England) & Alice JOHNSON, married Bernadette RENAUD, 21, Flinton, same, d/o Joseph RENAUD, b. Ont. & Addie LESSARD, wtn: Mrs P SIMMONS of Tweed & Marguerite SIMMONS of Tweed, 27 July 1925 at Tweed 011958-25 (Hastings Co) Claude Redvers WYATT, 21, barber, Madoc, Madoc s/o Henry WYATT (b. Madoc) & Alberta WYATT married Regina BEAUDERIE, 20, Mayo twp, Madoc d/o John BEAUDERIE (b. Madoc) & Nellie BANDY wtn: Yola WYATT of Madoc & Arthur HOLMES of Madoc, 29 July 1925 at Queensboro