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Hastings Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


12379-27 William Leo ADAMSON, 27, machinist, Belleville, same, s/o William ADAMSON & Mary LOYNES, married Helen SEXSMITH, 22, stenographer, Tweed, Belleville, d/o Henry SEXSMITH & Helen BROWN, witn: Charles LOYNES of Kingston & Lilian ADAMSON of Belleville, 19 Sept 1927 at Belleville 12380-27 John Earl ALEXANDER, 19, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o John ALEXANDER, b. Hungerford & Lillias Jane WEIR, married Leola Rosetta YOUNGS, 21, Hungerford, same, d/o Thomas YOUNGS, b. Hungerford & Laura Annie WAYTE, witn: Rupert YOUNGS & Norine PERRY, both of Marlbank, 23 June 1927 at Marlbank
12381-27 George Gilbert ALFORD, 25, farmer, England, Hallowell twp., s/o not known, came from England as a child, married Mary Annie ROSE, 34, widow, England, Hallowell twp., d/o Harry ROUT, b. Hampshire England & Lucy PINK, witn: Elsie ROUT of Bloomfield & M.E. GEEN of Belleville, 19 Oct 1927 at Belleville 12382-27 John Brown ALLAN, 68, retired farmer, widower, Madoc twp., Madoc village, s/o Adam ALLAN, b. Madoc & Eliza BROWN, married Ella Cartwright SECORD, 57, Bracebridge, Madoc, d/o Elijah SECORD, b. Bracebridge & Harriet TROTTER, witn: Eliza J. HOLLAND & John HAILSTONE, both of Madoc, 31 Aug 1927 at Madoc village
12383-27 Arthur Percival ALLEN, 46, divorced, merchant, Amherst Island, Belleville, s/o Nathaniel ALLEN, b. Amherst Island & Mary HOWARD, married Ethel Vivian LINGHAM, 45, Belleville, same, d/o Nelson LINGHAM, b. Brighton England & Frances VIVIAN, witn: Walter LINGHAM & Eva PHIPPEN, both of Belleville, 12 Jan 1927 at Belleville 12384-27 Richard Henry ALLEN, 25, insurance agent, Washington Penn. US, Pittsburgh PA, s/o William Pressley ALLEN, b. Crosscreek Penn & Margaret Eleanor WOLFE, married Helen Beaty HUNT, 30, musician, Toronto, Belleville, d/o Vincent Perry HUNT, b. Whitby Ont & Elizabeth Ellen ROBINSON, witn: Harry HUNT of Westmount Que & Leonore ALLEN of Pittsburg PA, 18 June 1927 at Belleville
12385-27 Wilfred Joseph ALLORE, 24, clerk, Trenton, same, s/o Edward ALLORE & Mary CORMIER, married Mary PAYETTE, 22, Queensboro, Trenton, d/o Anthony PAYETTE & Harriet GENEREUX, witn: Edward ALLORE Jr. of Trenton & Margaret PAYETTE of Queensboro, 3 Jan 1927 at Trenton  
012387-27 Frederick William ANDERSON, 27, labourer, Madoc, Tudor twp s/o James ANDERSON (b. Elzevir twp) & Sarah HOLMES married Agnes Florence Minnie DAVIDSON, 15 (b. 18 Feb 1912), Tudor twp, Tudor twp d/o Frank DAVIDSON (b. Tudor twp) & Beatrice LAVENDER wtn: Robert ANDERSON & Mildred DAVIDSON both of Millbridge, 10 March 1927 at Madoc 012386-27 Frank Morrow ANDERSON, 25, banker, Kingston Ont., Cleveland Ohio s/o Milton Joseph ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Catherine H. BAXTER married Phyllis Suzette WALLBRIDGE, 26, housekeeper, Belleville, Belleville d/o Arthur WALLBRIDGE (b. Canada) & Lenora WALKER wtn: Arthur R. WALLBRIDGE & Edith M. MILLS both of Belleville, 11 October 1927 at Belleville
012388-27 John Henry ANDERSON, 21, auto worker, Trenton, Trenton s/o John ANDERSON (b. Consecon Ont.) & Cordelia PEREAU married Ada HENDERSON, 21, at home, Kingston Ont., Belleville d/o Thomas HENDERSON (b. Richmond Ont.) & Adelaide BOLES wtn: A. STINSON & Harold STINSON both of Trenton, 16 February 1927 at Trenton 012389-27 Robert Wellington ANDERSON, 21, labourer, Elzevir twp, Millbridge s/o James ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Sara HOLMES married Mary Elizabeth DALTON, 22, Glammis - Latta twp, Millbridge d/o William DALTON (b. Canada) & Ellen RYAN wtn: Charles AUGER & Hanna AUGER both of Marmora, 24 November 1927 at Marmora
012390-27 Clinton Russell ANDREWS, 21, farmer, Rawden, Point Anne s/o Philip Russell ANDREWS (b. Rawden twp) & Mable HEATH married Annie Luella BATEMAN, 16, farmer's daughter, Rawden, Point Anne d/o Francis Arthur BATEMAN (b. Rawden twp) & Florence HEAGLE wtn: Orison ANDREWS & Daisy McINROY both of Bonarlaw, 26 January 1927 at Springbrook 012391-27 Harold John ARBUCKLE, 30, banker, Tweed, Walkerville s/o James ARBUCKLE (b. Ontario) & Jennie CANTSTER married Margaret Elizabeth DOMINEY, 30, Nova Scotia, Windsor d/o Robert DOMINEY & Maud MILNER wtn: Mable FREEMAN & Bernice ARBUCKLE both of Tweed, 30 July 1927 at Tweed
012302-27 Percy Carman BADGLEY, 40, farmer, Hungerford twp, Tweed s/o Wellington BADGLEY (b. Ontario) & Mary J. CARMAN married Margaret Alethia CROTHERS, 37, nurse, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp d/o Joseph A. CROTHERS (b. Ontario) & Eliza CRONK wtn: Mrs R.G. COULTER & Mrs L.S. WRIGHT, both of Belleville, 7 February 1927 at Belleville 012393-27 Charles Francis BAILEY, 21, farmer, Rawden twp, Rawden twp s/o Frank BAILEY (b. Rawden twp) & Jessie THOMPSON married Leafa Rosanna Mae DUNHAM, 20, Rawden twp, Rawden twp d/o Charles DUNHAM (b. Rawden twp) & Margaret WALLACE wtn: Gertrude POUNDER & Harold JOHNSON both of Stirling, 3 August 1927 at Stirling
012395-27 Henry John BAKER, 37, CPR employee, England, Trenton s/o John William (b. Essex England) & Elizabeth (not known) married Hazel Maude CARR, 21, at home, Sidney twp, Trenton d/o Edward John CARR (b. Hastings Co) & Clara JONES wtn: Francis Ernest CARR of Trenton & Mary Isabel TURNECLIFF of Glen Miller, 20 April 1927 at Trenton 012394-27 Elijah Francis BAKER, 44, carpenter, Marmora twp, Madoc s/o (?) BAKER (b. Marmora twp) & (none given) married Beatrice Annie LATONDRESSE, 34, widow, Elzevir twp, Madoc d/o Walter O'BRIEN (b. Elzevir twp) & Catherine WILLET wtn: Joseph MILLIKAN & Agnes MILLIKAN both of Tweed, 28 February 1927 at Tweed
012396-27 Charles Thomas BALE, 66, widower, retired, England, 790 Queen St W in Toronto s/o George BALE (b. England) & Caroline WOODCOCK married Annie Elizabeth CARLISLE, 62 (b. 3 July 1864), widow, Thurlow twp, 13 Dunbar St in Belleville d/o Duncan CHAPMAN (b. Ontario) & Louisa CADMAN wtn: Kathleen WOODLEY & Mrs L.S. WIGHT both of Belleville, 20 March 1927 at Belleville 012397-27 German BARAGAR, 55, merchant, Limerick twp, Limerick twp s/o Charles BARAGAR (b. Canada) & Emily LAKE married Jessie BRADLEY, 51, widow, teacher, Limerick twp, Edmonton Alberta d/o William McCLEHMAN (b. Scotland) & Almira FOX wtn: Winnifred G. BRADLEY of Edmonton Alberta & Mrs George ROSEBUSH of Trenton, 20 January 1927 at Trenton
012398-27 Charles William BARNETT, 22, brass moulder, Picton, 201 Pinnacle St in Belleville s/o Charles BARNETT (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth MAUDER married Catherine McKechern GRANT, 19, waitress, Scotland, 41 Murney St in Belleville d/o John GRANT (b. Scotland) & Margaret MUNDELL wtn: Margaret GRANT & John GRANT both of 41 Murney St in Belleville, 2 October 1927 at Belleville 012399-27 Allan Wesley BARR, 24, farmer's son, McClure twp, McClure twp s/o James Allen BARR (b. Canada) & Emily LIVINGSTONE married Irene Winnifred DOUGLAS, 23, Carlow twp, Maynooth d/o William DOUGLAS (b. Canada) & Mary Ann EDMUNDS wtn: Jack S. DONALDSON & Amy B. CARSWELL both of Maynooth, 21 September 1927 at Bancroft
012400-27 Wesley BAYLISS, 31, body builder, Huntley Ont., 92 Wilkinson Ave in Oshawa s/o George BAYLISS (b. England) & Catherine MORRISON married Rose Mary Thomson GEDDES, 31, bank clerk, Aberdeen Scotland, Trenton d/o George GEDDES (b. Scotland) & Isabella GEDDES wtn: Isabella GEDDES & George GEDDES both of Trenton, 27 December 1927 at Trenton 012401-27 Charles Frederick BEDARD, 25, rubber finisher, Trenton, Toronto s/o William Michael BEDARD (b. Frontenac Co) & Annie ELLIS married Annie CASEMENT, 18, at home, Murray twp., same, d/o Philip Henry CASEMENT (b. Wooler) & Jennie CAMPBELL wtn: George S.A.F. WELLMAN & Kathleen WELLMAN both of Trenton, 28 November 1927 at Trenton
012402-27 Cecil Edgar BEDELL, 25, mechanic, Rawden twp, Stirling s/o Cornelius BEDELL (b. Thurlow) & Idella DAVIS married Rada Pearl CARLISLE, 27, telephone operator, Sidney twp, Stirling d/o William CARLISLE (b. Rawden twp) & May WEAVER wtn: Mary Estelle WHITE & Mrs F.W. WHITE both of 70 Bridge St W in Belleville, 7 September 1927 at Belleville 012403-27 William Thomas BELCHER, 23, labourer, England, Madoc s/o Charles BELCHER (b. England) & Ann E. NOTTINGHAM married Violet Christine ASHE, 18½, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o Thomas S. ASHE (b. Hastings Co) & Lena C. STORRING wtn: Mrs E.M. LUMELTY & Ethel M. FOSTER both of Madoc, 5 February 1927 at Madoc
012404-27 Alvin Basil BELL, 22, butcher clerk, Georgetown - Halton Co, Belleville s/o Nathaniel BELL (b. Ontario) & Mary V. THOMPSON married Ruth Elizabeth Esther CASE, 27, fur finisher, Belleville, Belleville d/o Charles David CASE (b. Ontario) & Esther WRIGHT wtn: Mrs M.E. WIGHT & Kathleen WOODLEY both of Belleville, 23 May 1927 at Belleville 012405-27 George BELMORE, 57, farmer, Ameliasburg twp, Foxboro s/o William BELMORE (b. Canada) & Mary Jane BURLEY married Mary Eliza STRATTON, 44, housework, Shannonville, Shannonville d/o Andrew STRATTON (b. Canada) & Margaret JANES wtn: Carolyn MALOTT & Eleanor MALOTT both of 100 Bridge St E in Belleville, 24 September 1927 at Belleville
012406-27 Michael Raymond BENNET, 22, railroader, Marlbank, Point Anne s/o Thomas BENNET & May CUNNINGHAM married Alice Marie RASHOTTE, 19, housekeeper, Tweed, Stoco d/o Charles RASHOTTE & Alice HINCH wtn: Vincent BENNET of Point Anne & Agnes RASHOTTE of Tweed, 14 November 1927 at Stoco 012407-27 James Owen BENOR, 26, manufacturer, Campbellford, Campbellford s/o Charles M. BENOR (b. Campbellford) & Sarah Jane OWEN married Florence ARCHER, 20, Marmora, Campbellford d/o William ARCHER (b. Deloro Ont.) & Charlotte CAPELL wtn: Forrest B. DANIELS of Campbellford & Ada ARCHER of Marmora, 25 April 1927 at Marmora
012408-27 Roy BENSON, 28, machinist, Rochester NY, Detroit s/o Adam H. BENSON (b. Ontario) & Almira YEOMANS (as Yoemans), married Alice Alvina BADGLEY, 19, Hastings Co, Belleville d/o Daniel BADGLEY (b. Ontario) & Nancy YEOMANS wtn: Helen Wilma JONES & Viola Maude JONES both of Belleville, 6 May 1927 at Belleville 012409-27 James BIRTWISTLE, 27, polisher, England, 26 Charlotte St in Belleville s/o James BIRTWISTLE (b. England) & Mary Ellen ELAND? (Claud?), married Bessie HIBBARD, 28, operator, Belleville, 19 Ridley Ave in Belleville d/o Sam HIBBARD (b. Belleville) & Emma PRATT wtn: Alice HOWARD of 132 Albert St in Belleville & Edwin John WALTERS of 48 Dundas St E in Belleville, 24 Dec 1927 at Belleville
012410-27 Morley Munroe BLACK, 29, garage man, Warkworth, Dunbarton s/o John A. BLACK (b. Canada) & Minnie A. JONES married Luella Charlotte SHAW, 22, clerk, Cavan twp, Dunbarton d/o Robert SHAW (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BARKER wtn: Mrs J.A. BLACK of Plainfield & Mrs Elizabeth DONELY of Millbrook, 3 August 1927 at Thurlow twp 012411-27 William Allan BLAIR, 52, widower, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o Hugh BLAIR (b. Hastings Co) & Francis DIAMOND married Charlotte Maud ADAMS, 47, housekeeper, Madoc twp, Madoc d/o John ADAMS (b. Hastings Co) & Margaret BURNSIDE wtn: T. Ed BURNSIDE & Mrs Fred McCOY both of Madoc, 23 February 1927 at Madoc
012412-27 Lester BOOMHOUR, 23, labourer, Faraday twp, Faraday twp s/o Norman BOOMHOUR (b. Kennebec twp) & Annie COLEMAN married Mary Kate WILLIAMSON, 18, Herschel twp, Herschel twp d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON (b, Herschel twp) & Mary SHIELDS wtn: Ernest SHIELDS of Maynooth & Eliza M. BOOMHOUR of Wood Ont., 4 July 1927 at Bancroft 012413-27 Gerald Meyers BOOTH, 21, wireless operator, New Milford Conn, Trenton s/o John Wesley BOOTH (b. Connecticut USA) & Mabel Maud MEYERS married Hazel Margaret KERR, 18, at home, Wollaston twp, Trenton d/o Howard Erastus KERR (b. Prince Edward Co) & Laura Mabel PETTIFER wtn: Mr C.R. TURNER & C.R. TURNER both of 2046 Gerrard St E in Toronto, 26 February 1927 at Trenton
012414-27 David Samuel BOWEN, 23, mill hand, Stirling, Campbellford Ont., s/o Herbert Ernest BOWMAN (sic) (b. Foxboro) & Jeannie YOUNG married Eva Rose WRIGHT, 21, housemaid, Bobcaygeon Ont., Toronto Ont., d/o Ephraim WRIGHT (b. Northbrook Ont.,) & Mary GEORGAN wtn: Bessie McLEAN of Trenton & C.F. DANSON of Windsor Ont., 2 July 1927 at Trenton 012415-27 Percy BOWEN, 36, farmer, Richmond twp, Richmond twp s/o Frederick Malcolm BOWEN (b. Deseronto) & Catharine MacMASTER married Ruby Thelma BARBER, 23, Richmond twp, Deseronto d/o Robert BARBER (b. Richmond twp) & Winnifred LEONARD wtn: Janet BOWEN & Robert BARBER both of Deseronto, 3 December 1927 at Deseronto
012416-27 Morris Smyth BRADLEY, 23, merchant, Navan Ont., Navan s/o JOHN T. Bradley (b. Ontario) & Florence SMYTHE married Elda Marion McGEE, 22, teacher, Stirling, Tweed d/o Samuel McGEE (b. Ontario) & Letty SPRY wtn: William B. BRADLEY of Navan & Helena McGEE of Tweed, 14 September 1927 at Tweed 012417-27 William Henry BRADSHAW, 24, cheese maker, Hungerford twp, Loughborough twp., s/o John Henry BRADSHAW (b. Hastings Co) & Margaret Jean BELL married Pearl Irene TUCKER, 21, housework, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o John Henry TUCKER (b. Sidney twp) & Maude DRACUP wtn: Frank TUCKER of RR#2 Belleville & Vera BRADSHAW of RR#5 Trenton, 12 March 1927 at Sidney twp
012418-27 Hugh BRANT, 30, widower, farmer, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o Josiah BRANT (b. Canada) & Elizabeth MOSES married Ethel BARNHART, 17, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o George BARNHART (b. Canada) & Isabella LEWIS wtn: Herman MOSES of Deseronto & Aldora BRANT of Bloomfield, 5 January 1927 at Deseronto 012419-27 Valentine BRESTHOUR, 49, labourer, Dungannon, Herschel s/o August BRESTHOUR (b. Hanover Germany) & Caroline OSWELL married Emma REDMOND, 29, housework, Dungannon, Herschel d/o Elijah SWITZER & Mary VARDY wtn: Fred PEEVER & Charles ROY both of Bancroft, 5 October 1927 at Bancroft
012420-27 John James BRETHOUR, 24, cheese maker, Bancroft, Madoc twp s/o John BRETHOUR & Louisa PEEKE married Myrl CANNIFF, 21, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o John A. CANNIFF & Alice LANGMAN wtn: Joseph BRETHOUR of Bancroft & Vera May CANNIFF of Cooper Mills, 21 December 1927 at Madoc twp [divorced 14 April 1953] 012421-27 John Joseph BRICKLEY, 30, teacher, Marysville, Read s/o James BRICKLEY & Catherine O'SULLIVAN married Mary Elizabeth CORRIGAN, 27, teacher, Read, Read d/o Thomas CORRIGAN & Mary HART wtn: John Joseph CORRIGAN & Veronica CANDON both of Read, 10 September 1927 at St. Charles Church in Read
  012422-27 William BRODOFSKE, 37, farmer, Raglan twp, Raglan twp s/o Leopold BRODOFSKE (b. Germany) & Annie BARRAGER married Annie LINKIE, 18, housework, Hagerty twp, Raglan twp d/o Henry LINKIE (b. Germany) & Amanda SOIKE wtn: Herbert LINKIE & Mary PILATZKE both of Maynooth, 5 October 1927 at Bancroft
012423-27 Albert Sidney BROWN, 22, clerk, Marmora twp, Deloro s/o Sidney BROWN (b. Deloro) & Ellen PHILLIPS married Rite Ann MURRAY, 22, Marmora twp, Deloro d/o John MURRAY (b. Deloro) & Catherine McGRATH wtn: Winter T. MYERS of 39 Balsam Ave in Toronto & Carolyn E. NEWMAN of St. Joseph's Hospital - Rockaway NY, 1 July 1927 at Marmora 012434-27 Charles Joseph BROWN, 30, farmer, Bird's Creek, Bird's Creek s/o John BROWN & Mary BERLANQUETTE married Kathleen KELLY, 17, farmer's daughter, Ormsby Ont., Ormsby d/o Michael KELLY & Elizabeth DRUMM wtn: James Leo HICKEY of Maynooth & Eileen FOLEY of Bird's Creek, 11 July 1927 at Marmora
012425-27 Charles Albert BROWNSON, 50, widower, farmer, Rawdon twp, Rawdon twp s/o Lewis BROWNSON (b. Kingston Ont.,) & Sarah SIMPSON married Martha Ann BRONSON, 54, widow, housekeeper, Rawdon twp, Rawdon twp d/o David McCOMB (b. Hastings Co) & Mary KEATING wtn: Anne G. MOUNCEY & John MOUNCEY both of Madoc, 1 March 1927 at Madoc 012426-27 William Ernest BURNETT, 24, farm labourer, Toronto Ont., Caledon East s/o William BURNETT (b. Quebec) & (none given) married Lenora Geraldine JONES, 19, Rawdon twp, Caledon East d/o William JONES (b. Marmora) & Florence JONES wtn: Kate LAWSON & Annie PETERS both of Bonarlaw, 22 November 1927 at Parish, Rawdon [divorced 12 March 1956]
012427-27 John William CAIN, 21, hotel clerk, Isle of Man, 158 Front St. in Belleville s/o John CAIN (b. England) & Emily KAY married Violet Mae MacDONALD, 19, housework, St. Paul Minn. USA, 35 Geddes St. inx Belleville d/o Charles MacDONALD (b. Ontario) & Alice HONAN wtn: Marjorie ACKERMAN of Belleville & Guy R. WALKER of Detroit, 27 June 1927 at Belleville 012428-27 Bartley CALLARY, 31, farmer, Read, Read s/o Patrick CALLARY & Bridget CULLEN married Mary McGRATH, 29, teacher, Marmora, Marmora d/o James McGRATH & Mary O'CONNOR wtn: Thomas CALLARY of Shannonville & Elizabeth McGRATH of Marmora, 7 September 1927 at Marmora
012429-27 Alfred Clifton CAMPBELL, 26, memorial craftsman, Stirling, Trenton s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Lida BULL married Nellie Aileen FINKLE, 22, school teacher, Sidney twp, Trenton d/o William Herbert FINKLE (b. Ontario) & Catherine SPAFFORD wtn: Reginald CAMPBELL & Elma FINKLE both of Trenton, 10 September 1927 at Trenton 012430-27 George Oren CAMPBELL, 27, steel worker, Ontario, Hamilton s/o George D. CAMPBELL & Elma ROBINS married Edith HUTCHISON, 23, clerk, Ontario, Belleville d/o John HUTCHISON & Hattie SMITH wtn: George CONNORS & Arthurena FULTON both of Belleville, 1 October 1927 at Belleville
012431-27 Samuel James CANNON, 33, farmer, Maynooth, Maynooth s/o James CANNON & Rose Ann GREEN married Ethel Emma CARR, 19, household duties, Maynooth, Maynooth d/o James Ornen CARR & Margaret Mary E. SMITH wtn: Joe CANNON of Madawaska Ont., & Anna CANNON of Maynooth, 4 July 1927 at Maynooth 012432-27 Arthur James CAREY, 26, labourer, Midland Ont., Toronto Ont., s/o James CAREY & Philomena BOILEAU married Clara Kathleen DARRAH, 25, operator, Marmora, Marmora d/o William DARRAH & Margaret LAGROW wtn: Joseph DARRAH & Gertrude DARRAH both of Marmora, 26 December 1927 at Marmora
012433-27 Ernest Rupert CARSWELL, 21, driver, Haldimand twp, Sidney twp s/o Ernest Albert CARSWELL (b. Cobourg Ont.,) & Maggie Lillian married Nellie Liethabelle JEFFERY, 18, at home, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o Robert JEFFERY (b. Rawdon twp) & Lillie Anne BONASTEEL, wtn: Roy Whitney JEFFERY of RR#2 Trenton & Nellie LYWOOD of Ca--?, 23 February 1927 at Sidney twp 012434-27 Clarence CASSELMAN, 26, labourer, Madoc, Trenton s/o David CASSELMAN & Sarah TURNCLIFFE, married Olive Marion JONES, 16, housework, Coe Hill, Coe Hill d/o John C. JONES & Mabel FINCH wtn: John C. JONES & Charles CASSELMAN both of Coe Hill, 13 June 1927 at Coe Hill
012436-27 Louis CASSIBO, 22, labourer, Sulphide, Sulphide s/o John D. CASSIBO & Emma ARMSTRONG married Rosaleen SMITH, 18, Kingston Ont., Sulphide d/o Charles SMITH & Mary Jane ARMSTRONG wtn: Sam CASSIBO & Marjorie TURCOTT both of Sulphide, 3 May 1927 at Tweed 012435-27 Charles CASSIBO, 22, farmer, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp s/o John David CASSIBO (b. Canada) & Emma ARMSTRONG married Myrtle Violet MAYERS, 18, domestic, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp d/o Percy John MAYERS (b. England) & Jessie AKEY wtn: Louis CASSIBO & Rose CARSON both of Sulphide, 22 March 1927 at Tweed
012437-27 Lindsay Francis CASSIDY, 23, farmer, Rawdon twp, Rawdon twp s/o John CASSIDY (b. Ontario) & Jane SIMPSON married Myrtle FORSYTH, 22, Finch twp, Rawdon twp d/o John FORSYTH (b. Finch twp Ont.,) & Catherine W. MARTIN wtn: Mrs Evelyn McMULLEN & Mr Earl McMULLEN both of Springbrook, 10 September 1927 at Marmora 012438-27 Edwin Arnold CHERRY, 26, printer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Edwin Thomas CHERRY (b. Ontario) & Clara Louise OSTROM married Eleanor Kate THOMSON, 22, Ontario, Belleville d/o John Arnold THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Eleanor Mary Archbold FEATHERSTENHAUGH wtn: J. Arnold THOMSON of Belleville & Ray ATKIN of Stirling, 21 June 1927 at Belleville
012439-27 Edward CHISHOLM, 20, farmer, Cashel twp, Cashel twp s/o Hiram CHISHOLM (b. Sidney twp) & Betsy GUNTER married Marguerite HELM, 15, Kennebec twp, Cashel twp d/o Robert HELM (b. Tamworth - Frontenac Co) & Roxie BOOMHOUR wtn: Allan GUNTER & Edna REID both of Gunter, 26 December 1927 at the home of the groom's parents 012440-27 Thomas Milton CHOINARD, 35, blacksmith, Ashby Ont., McArthur Mills s/o Aaron CHOINARD (b. Quebec) & Elisa WANNAMAKER married Hudlah Myrtle INWOOD, 20, housework, Ireland Ont., McArthur Mills d/o W.E. INWOOD (b. Carleton Place Ont.,) & Mary Ellen LONEY wtn: Fred TULLY & Ellen BRUCE both of McArthur Mills, 28 October 1927 at Bancroft
012441-27 Warren George CHRYSLER, 28, labourer, Belmont twp, Deloro s/o William CHRYSLER (b. Percy twp) & Amanda ELLIS married Iva Lurene KIRKPATRICK, 21, Bannockburn, Deloro d/o Richard KIRKPATRICK (b. Huntingdon twp) & Anne RILEY wtn: Wellington CHRYSLER of Norwood Ont., & Miss Sadie KIRKPATRICK of Madoc, 22 June 1927 at the home of the bride's parents in Deloro 012442-27 Ralph Reginald CLAPP, 26, labourer, Crookston Ont., Hungerford twp s/o William A. CLAPP (b. Actinolite) & Hester CREDICOTT married Dora Isabel MARSH, 19, domestic, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp d/o Stewart MARSH (b. Sulphide) & Mary ORR wtn: Sherman MARSH & Daisy LEAL both of Sulphide, 31 December 1927 at Sulphide
012443-27 James Peter CLARK, 27, vulcanizer, Tudor twp, 92 Gordon St. in Belleville s/o Albert CLARK (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Winnifred Emily SESKE, 21, housework, Kensington London England, 98a Cannifton Rd in Belleville d/o George SESKE (b. England) & Winnifred McLAREN wtn: Daisy SESKE of 98a Cannifton Rd & Allan MOORE of 92 Goran St. in Belleville, 28 May 1927 at Belleville 012444-27 Frederick E. COBB, 23, baker, England, 179 Foster Ave in Belleville s/o Frederick William CARR (b. England) & Harriett VINE married Cora Bernice McCOMB, 17, clerk, Madoc, 179 Foster Ave in Belleville d/o Archibald McCOMB (b. Ontario) & Florence DICKINSON wtn: Percy William CORNELL of Belleville & Keen? Myrtle CUDDY of Oshawa, 19 November 1927 at Belleville
012445-27 Bernard COE, 20, labourer, Herschel twp, Herschel twp s/o James COE (b. Herschel twp) & Nellie KELLY married Sarah Millies BOOTH, 19, Herschel twp, Herschel twp d/o Alexander BOOTH (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Lectie LAKE wtn: Katie BOOTH & Herbert COLEMAN both of Bird's Creek, 24 October 1927 at Herschel twp 012446-27 Robert George COLE, 23, farmer, Maynooth, Hungerford twp s/o Ezekiel COLE (b. Canada) & Joanna CARMICHAEL, married Sarah Viola HENDERSON, 20, domestic, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp d/o William Frederick HENDERSON (b. Canada) & Lillian CLARKE wtn: Mr & Mrs Norman BENN of Tweed, 29 October 1927 at Tweed
012447-27 Ernest Henry COLLINS, 29, clerk, England, Quinte Hotel in Belleville s/o Ernest COLLINS (b. England) & Elizabeth DOWSETT married Annie PERSHICK, 29, waitress, Adamston twp, Quinte Hotel d/o Augustus PERSHICK (b. Kitchener Ont.,) & Margaret SWITZER wtn: Carl D. KISER & Winnifred KISER both of Belleville, 21 May 1927 at Belleville 012448-27 Harold Alvin COMERFORD, 25, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o Fred A. COMERFORD (b. Eldorado) & Minnie McCOMB married Clara Hester BLAKELY, 19, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o Edward BLAKELY (b. Madoc twp) & Annie CAVERLEY wtn: Robert BLAKELY of Bannockburn & Irene WOODS of Madoc, 26 March 1927 at Madoc
012449-27 James Bernard COMPO, 19, labourer, Ameliasburg twp, Trenton s/o Peter Paul COMPO (b. Prince Edward Island) & Matilda FERNIE married Mary Alice HYDE, 24, dressmaker, on the Atlantic Ocean, Trenton d/o Joseph BOOTH (b. England) & Emily BOOTH wtn: David Harold HARRIS & Mary Eliza HARRIS both of Trenton, 20 August 1927 at Trenton 012450-27 Lawrence CONLIN, 31, farmer, Ormsby, Ormsby s/o Peter CONLIN & Mary MURPHY married Violet DRUMM, 19, farmer's daughter, Coe Hill, Coe Hill d/o William DRUMM & Helen KING wtn: Edward CONLIN of Ormsby & Loyola DRUMM of Coe Hill, 15 June 1927 at Marmora
012451-27 William James COOKE, 25, clerk, Thurlow twp, 24 Albion St. in Belleville s/o James COOKE (b. Campbellford Ont.,) & Emma ROE married Kate Evelyn BEARE, 25, stenographer, South Wooler, 115 Lingham St. in Belleville d/o George Frederick BEARE (b. England) & Elizabeth BALLINGER wtn: Lillian M. PERRY of 225 Station St. in Belleville & Harold Lionel GORDANIER of 334 Pinnacle St. in Belleville, 9 November 1927 at Belleville 012452-27 Philip COONEY, 21, labourer, Dungannon twp, Bancroft s/o John COONEY (b. Canada) & Reca ROBBINS married Mary BRETHOUR, 19, household duties, Faraday twp, Bancroft d/o Peter BRETHOUR (b. Canada) & Mary SARARAS wtn: Joe SEARS & Ida BRETHOUR both of Bancroft, 14 December 1927 at Bancroft
012453-27 Clarence COPELAND, 22, store manager, Tyendinaga twp, Tonawanda New York, s/o John Morley COPELAND (b. Tyendinaga) & Margaret Ann SPICER married Helen Elizabeth LOUCKS, 20, stenographer, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Albert LOUCKS (b. Thurlow twp) & Maria TWEEDY wtn: Mr & Mrs Alfred GRAY of Roslin, 12 October 1927 at Thurlow twp 012454-27 Joseph Clio COVENEY, 20, labourer, Campbellford Ont., Campbellford s/o Albert COVENEY (b. Campbellford) & Mary E. COWAN married Evelyn Lavina PLANE, 23, domestic, Madoc, Madoc d/o James Lester PLANE (b. Madoc) & Nellie CASSELMAN wtn: Mr & Mrs William Henry REYNOLDS of Madoc, 7 June 1927 at Madoc
012455-27 James Ernest CRAIGMYLE, 26, commercial traveller, Toronto, Toronto s/o James CRAIGMYLE (b. Ontario) & Jessie GREGORY married Lulu Marie KINCAID, 20, teacher, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o James KINCAID (b. Ontario) & Matilda BLAKELY wtn: Helen A. KINCAID of Madoc & A. Leslie ROWE of 26 Dorval Rd in Toronto Ont., 15 August 1927 at Madoc 012456-27 John CRAWFORD, 23, porter, Paisley, Toronto s/o Thomas CRAWFORD (b. Scotland) & Mary ADAMS married Margaret BYRNE, 24, maid, Coombe, Toronto d/o Thomas BYRNE (b. Ireland) & Bridget PENDER wtn: Michael KELLY & Theresa KELLY both of Coe Hill, 31 December 1927 at Marmora
012457-27 Wilfred James CRETNEY, 23, labourer, England, Coleman St. in Belleville, s/o James Francis CRETNEY (b. Isle of Man) & Matilda JOHNSON married Getha Irene ELLIOTT, 21, factory employee, Kingston Ont., 82 College St. in Belleville, d/o George ELLIOTT (b. London Ont.,) & Elizabeth BROWN wtn: James ELLIOTT of Prince Edward County & Hilda Margaret CRETNEY of Belleville, 26 December 1927 at Belleville 012458-27 Edward Russell CROWTHER, 24, CPR railwayman, Holland Centre - Grey Co, Trenton s/o John CROWTHER (b. Ontario) & Ella CARNAHAN married Florence Frances RISK, 19, at home, Birmingham England, Trenton d/o James RISK (b. Scotland) & Frances DEAKIN wtn: Gladys U. CROWTHER & R. RISK both of Trenton, 4 June 1927 at Trenton
012459-27 Fenwick Elwood CURRAN, 28, dentist, Verona Ont., Deseronto s/o Wellington CURRAN (b. Verona) & Olive Edna LANE married Marguerite Denise BOIVIN 22, Deseronto, Deseronto d/o Joseph BOIVIN (b. Deseronto) & Denise BOIS wtn: G.J. CAMPBELL & Jean GENEREUX both of Deseronto, 13 December 1927 at Deseronto 012460-27 Leo Francis CURTIN, 25, school teacher, Logan twp, Port Hope s/o John CURTIN (b. Ontario) & Christina REID married Mary Elizabeth FOOTE, 21, Madoc, Madoc d/o Gordon B. FOOTE (b. Ontario) & Margaret H. WEIR, wtn: Alice G. FOOTE & John W. FOOTE both of Madoc, 28 December 1927 at Hastings Co
012461-27 John Marcus DAFOE, 41, widower, grocer, Sidney twp, Frankford s/o Charles DAFOE (b. Sidney twp) & Emily VANKLEEK married Mable Anna GAY, 39, widow, teacher, Hastings Co, Frankford d/o James FLEMING (b. Huntingdon) & Emily COONEY wtn: Bertha L. SILLS & Sybil I. SNELL both of Foxboro, 27 September 1927 at Thurlow twp 012462-27 Robert Edward DAFOE, 26, CNR employee, Napanee Ont., 302 Bleecker Ave in Belleville, s/o John Nelson DAFOE (b. Canada) & Mary LAWSON married Edith HORROCKS, 23, domestic, Liverpool England, 134 Bridge St. E in Belleville, d/o Henry HORROCKS (b. England) & Ellen TARRANT wtn: Lily WARDLE & George ROLLINS both of Belleville, 14 November 1927 at Belleville
012463-27 Jack DALTON, 22, labourer, Elzevir twp, Trenton s/o John DALTON (b. Hastings Co) & Bertha WOODCOCK married Lottie SEEDS, 23, silver factory employee, Trenton, Trenton d/o Thomas Henry SEEDS (b. Hastings Co) & Essie Ann MICKLE wtn: Kenneth William WESTLAKE & Mrs Jessie WESTLAKE both of Trenton, 5 September 1927 at Trenton 012464-27 Cecil Richard DAVIS, illegible age, cooper, Trenton, Trenton s/o Charles DAVIS (b. Murray twp) & Margaret COLLINS married Mary Agnes PAYETTE, 21, at home, Queensboro, Trenton d/o Anthony SEEDS (b. Queensboro) & Harriet GENROUX wtn: John L. DAVIS of Stirling & Frances DAVIS of Trenton, 6 June 1927 at Stirling
012465-27 Charles Fraser DAVISON, 34, B.Sc. superintendent, Parrsboro NS, Windsor Ont., s/o Charles Edgar DAVISON & Christine MASON married Elizabeth Maud McTEAR, 29, school teacher, Westport Ont., Trenton d/o Alford Lawson McTEAR & Annie Maria TYNER wtn: F. Hilda McTEAR of Trenton & T.W. KENNEDY of Windsor, 10 September 1927 at Trenton 012466-27 George Harold DAYMOND, 28, salesman, Eramosa twp - Wellington Co, Guelph Ont., s/o Thomas J. DAYMOND (b. England) & Mary Jane HILL married Luella Pearl KETCHAPAW, 19, housework, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Reuben KETCHAPAW (b. Thurlow twp) & Emma Blanch ORION wtn: E.A. DAYMOND of Guelph & Lillian DAYMOND of Fergus, 22 October 1927 at Thurlow twp
012467-27 Frank Frederick DAYTON, 21, hydro employee, Sault Ste Marie Ont., Marmora s/o Frederick DAYTON (b. Canada) & Mary CORNISH married Nellie Emma COOPER, 21, Marmora, Marmora d/o Nora COOPER (b. Canada) & Luia COOPER wtn: Mr & Mrs C.F. STORMS of Warsaw Ont., 31 December 1927 at Madoc 012468-27 Hartman Agustus DELINE, 24, farmer, Barrie twp., Ameliasburg twp s/o Agustus DELINE (b. Ontario) & Ethel M. SNIDER married Lena Pearl BISHOP, 19, housework, Tweed, Barrie twp d/o John BISHOP (b. Ontario) & Maud GOOD wtn: Ethel DELINE of Ameliasburg & Mary Emily WRIGHT of Belleville, 10 October 1927 at Belleville
012469-27 Gerald Roy DEMILLE, 19, carter, Murray twp, Trenton s/o Charles E. DEMILLE (b. Glenross) & Maude E. SMITH married Dorothy May DUQUETTE, 17 yrs 11 mon, Schenectady NY, Trenton d/o Harry DUQUETTE (b. Trenton) & May YOUNG wtn: Harold DEMILLE of Trenton & Marguerite FRIEND, 25 April 1927 at Trenton 012470-27 Stewart DERUSHA, 24, labourer, Hungerford twp, Thurlow twp s/o Eli DERUSHA (b. Hungerford twp) & Isabel AKEY married Urenia Pearl SEARS, 17, maid, Herschel twp, Thurlow twp d/o William Melville SEARS (b. Kingston Ont.) & Elizabeth McCORMICK wtn: Mr & Mrs Philip DERUSHA of 50½ Catherine St in Belleville, 19 September 1927 at Belleville
012471-27 Thomas Earl DETLOR, 23, baker, Ontario, 215 Munro St s/o Earl DETLOR (b. Ontario) & Addie JOHNSON married Olga MARTIN, 24, seamstress, Michigan, 215 Munro St d/o Emil MARTIN (b. Michigan) & Catherine NEWMAN wtn: Louis VANVOLKENBURGH & Vera VANVOLKENBURGH both of Napanee, 31 December 1927 at Deseronto 012472-27 William Alfred DOHERTY, 32, fireman, Sophiasburg twp, Shannonville s/o Albert DOHERTY (b. Canada) & Victoria BAKER married Lillie May SCRIMSHAW, 21, domestic, Ernestown twp, Albert St in Belleville d/o Marshall Wellington SCRIMSHAW (b. Canada) & Gertrude SCOTT wtn: Joseph Myles SCRIMSHAW & Geraldine SRIMSHAW both of Belleville, 7 February 1927 at Belleville
012473-27 Clinton Nelson DOWN, 23, labourer, Brighton twp, Murray twp, s/o John DOWN (b. Ontario) & Orpha GROSJEAN, married Mabel Emily NANCARROW, 18, at home, Trenton, Murray twp d/o William NANCARROW (b. Ontario) & Alice POTTS wtn: Annie M. ADAMS of Kingston & Mrs Lake of Trenton, 11 June 1927 at Trenton 012474-27 Joseph Reginald DOXTATOR, 22, labourer, Deseronto, 40 Moira St W in Belleville s/o Joseph Nelson DOXTATOR (b. Hastings Co) & Lottie BRANT married Muriel Cyndril HOWARD, 18, clerk, Shannonville, 40 Moira St W inx Belleville d/o Daniel HOWARD (b. Hastings Co) & Floretta SMART wtn: William J. MURPHY & Mrs Cassie MURPHY both of Belleville, 3 October 1927 at Trenton
012476-27 George Edmund DRACUP, 25, farmer, Rawden twp, RR#2 Harold s/o Walter DRACUP (b. Harold Ont.) & Mary Ann WATSON married Lena May MORROW, 20, school teacher, Bathurst - Lanark Co, Rawden twp d/o John MORROW (b. Maberly Ont.) & Mary Jane SIMS wtn: Eva MORROW & Roy OSTERHOUT both of Frankford, 16 April 1927 at Rawden twp 012475-27 Fred Homer DRACUP, 21, farmer, Rawden twp, Stirling s/o W.S. DRACUP (b. Canada) & Eva THRALL married Marie Gertrude STAPLEY, 23, Huntingdon twp, Sidney twp d/o H.J. STAPLEY (b. Canada) & Mary Ann GALLIVAN wtn: Douglas STAPLEY & Iladel DRACUP both of Stirling, 30 June 1927 at Stirling
012477-27 Joseph DRUMM, 42, farmer, Wollaston twp, Wollaston twp s/o Edward DRUMM & Elizabeth NOBLES married Josephine CONLIN, 29, farmer's daughter, Wollaston twp, Wollaston twp d/o Peter CONLIN & Mary MURPHY wtn: Edward HUGHES & Mary TALLMIRE both of Marmora, 3 February 1927 at Marmora 012478-27 Clarence DUNHAM, 22, farmer, Rawden twp, Rawden twp s/o Charles DUNHAM (b. Canada) & Marguerite WALLACE married Myrtle RYAN, 16, lady, Sophiasburg twp, Rawden twp d/o James RYAN (b. Canada) & Sarah DAFOE wtn: Oscar MERRICK & Eliza DUNKLEY both of Stirling, 14 December 1927 at Stirling
012479-27 Clayton George Francis EGGLETON, 25, farmer, Rawden twp, RR#2 Belleville (Sidney twp) s/o Edward W. EGGELTON (b. Rawden twp) & Frances H. ESTROM married Emily Isabel BROWN, 23, music teacher, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o E.W. BROWN (b. Rawden twp) & Esther HALL wtn: Ethel EGGLETON of RR#2 Belleville & Annie BROWN of RR? Belleville, 20 April 1927 at Thurlow twp 012480-27 Earl ELLIOTT, 22, farmer, Hungerford, Rednersville s/o John Henry ELLIOTT (b. Hungerford) & Lucy ROBINSON married Ella Pearl FOSHER, 21, Hallowell twp, Hallowell twp d/o Edward FOSHER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Alberta WAY wtn: Percy ELLIOTT & Verna M. ELLIOTT both of Rednersville, 28 October 1927 at Belleville
012481-27 William Dennis ELLIS, 37, widower, miner, Elzevir twp, Madoc s/o William Dennis ELLIS (b. Canada) & Addie McDONALD married Margaret FLANAGAN, 24, Ireland, Madoc d/o John FLANAGAN (b. Ireland) & Margaret BRADY wtn: Carolyn MALOTT of Belleville & Elizabeth BELCHER of Madoc, 1 June 1927 at Belleville  
012483-27 Clifford Enos FARNSWORTH, 22, material inspector, Camden twp., Lockwood Ohio s/o Enos FARNSWORTH (b. Tyendinaga) & Mabel L. LINNENS, married Grace Adelaide CHRISTOPHER, 21, North Andover Mass. USA, Cleveland Ohio d/o William CHRISTOPHER (b. Millersburg Ohio) & Susie E.M. HINXMAN wtn: Dr S.F. FARNSWORTH of Baltimore Maryland & Mrs R.C. CAMPNEY of Ottawa Ont., 24 December 1927 at Thurlow twp 012484-27 William Perry FAUL, 24, farmer, Limerick twp, Wollaston twp s/o Madison FAUL (b. Ontario) & Ida MORE married Annie Margaret HENDERSON, 19, Wollaston twp, Wollaston twp d/o Robert HENDERSON (b. Ontario) & Agnes CARSON wtn: Mrs Mina MARSHALL & Mae KELLAR both of Madoc, 6 July 1927 at Madoc
012485-27 Jack FERGUSON, 32, mechanic, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o John FERGUSON (b. Wooler Ont.) & Elizabeth SHARPE married Lillian Mildred WINDOVER, 22, Frankford, Frankford d/o Wilbert WINDOVER (b. Frankford) & Mary STAPLEY wtn: George W. MOREY of Glen Miller & Bernice HOWARD of Frankford, 9 April 1927 at Trenton 012486-27 Clarence Charles FINNEGAN, 22, farmer, Coe Hill, Frankford s/o Patrick FINNEGAN & Mary Anne DRUMM married Agnes Margaret SULLIVAN, 23, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Nora HEFFERNAN wtn: Claude FINNEGAN & Mary SULLIVAN both of Frankford, 28 June 1927 at Frankford
012487-27 Thora John FISHER, 25, insurance agent, Northumberland Co, 171 Bridge St E in Belleville s/o Sidney James FISHER (b. Ontario) & Edith I. JOHNSON married Marjorie KERR, 27, dietitian, Belleville, 191 Charles St in Belleville d/o John A. KERR (b. Ontario) & Alice Ann HAGGARTY wtn: Alexander Gilroy KERR of Toronto & Jennie JOHNSON of Belleville, 24 September 1927 at Belleville 012488-27 Percy James FITZGERALD, 27, widower, war pensioner, Madoc twp, Madoc village s/o James Garrett FITZGERALD (b. Madoc twp) & Hanna Laura DOUGHTY married Mary Alice GENEREAUX, 25, farmer's daughter, Elzevir twp, Elzevir twp d/o Joseph A. GENEREAUX (b. Elzevir twp) & Mary PAYETTE wtn: Edward GENEREAUX & Rose CAUL both of Queensboro, 6 January 1927 at Madoc
012489-27 Gordon Kenneth FLYNN, 24, farmer, Trenton, Trenton s/o blank FLYNN (b. Trenton) & L. DOHERTY married Edna ARNOTT, 24, at home, Trenton, Murray twp., d/o A.B. ARNOTT (b. Murray twp) & H. MEYERS wtn: H.K.L. RICHARDSON DDS & Dorothy ARNOTT both of Trenton, 8 October 1927 at St George Church, Trenton 012490-27 Henry James FLYNN, 28, cinema photographer, London England, Trenton s/o Joseph FLYNN (b. London England) & Margaret SMITH married Florence GILBERT, 26, stenographer, London England, Trenton d/o James GILBERT (b. St Ives England) & Sarah BRAYBROOK wtn: A. McEACHEN of Queen St Trenton & W. J. BROWN of 97 Chester St in Toronto, 9 May 1927 at Trenton
012491-27 Walter FRADETTE, 22, fireman, Belleville 9 South Front St in Belleville s/o Harry FRADETTE & Agnes WEIR married Verna Ellen CRAWFORD, 19, housework, Hinchinbrook twp., same, d/o Robert CRAWFORD & Nellie McGINNIS wtn: Harry A. FRY & Madeline PARK both of Belleville, 2 August 1927 at Belleville 012492-27 Henry James FRY, 22, labourer, England, 301 Pinnacle St in Belleville s/o Leonard FRY (b. England) & Minnie SEAME married Mary Annie Elizabeth SEAME, 20, packer, Belleville, Pinnacle St in Belleville d/o George SEAME (b. Belleville) & Florence BURLEY wtn: James SWITZER of 37 Dundas St in Belleville & Viola LLOYD of 10 Barrett St in Belleville, 6 August 1927 at St Thomas Church in Belleville
012493-27 Edwin William FULLER, 22, labourer, Sussex England, Wollaston s/o Edwin William FULLER (b. England) & (not given) married Elizabeth Ethel May DANIELS, 17, housework, Chandos, Chandos d/o George E. DANIELS (b. Canada) & Nancy E. HUBBELL wtn: Max DANIELS of Glen Alda & Pearl FORBES of Coe Hill, 30 March 1927 at Coe Hill 012494-27 Philip Thomas GALLAGHER, 26, moving picture operator, England, 214 Coleman St in Belleville s/o Philip Francis GALLAGHER (b. Germany) & Agnes Ann BURGESS married Alice Dorothy Elaine HAYDEN, 32, widow, housework, Brighton Ont., 214 Coleman St in Belleville d/o George William WALT (b. Brighton Ont.) & Minnie SQUIRES wtn: Elizabeth MILLS of Belleville & Glen JONES of 214 Coleman St in Belleville, 11 April 1927 at Belleville
012495-27 John Ronald GARWOOD, 24, clerk, England, 168 Wolverleigh Blvd in Toronto s/o Thomas Herbert GARWOOD (b. England) & Gwendoline Alice LEAPER married Gertrude GRAHAM, 27, stenographer, England, Stirling d/o William John GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Annie HOUGH wtn: Lawrence Keith GARWOOD of 98 Scarborough Rd in Toronto & Lillian Mabel McGUIRE of Belleville, 16 April 1927 at Stirling 012496-27 Royal GAWLEY, 54, widower, labourer, Marmora twp, Marmora twp s/o Andrew GAWLEY (b. Marmora twp) & Elizabeth BEST married Maggie JONES, 40, widow, Marmora twp, Marmora twp d/o James MOFFETT (b. Marmora twp) & Margaret SHARROW (Skarrow?), wtn: Edna JONES of Marmora & Gardiner GAWLEY of Cordova Mines, 13 August 1927 at Marmora twp
012497-27 Louis Edward GENEREAUX, 28, lumberman, Elzevir twp, Trenton s/o Nelson GENEREAUX (b. Queensboro) & Harriet BURGER married Christina WELCH, 22, at home, Cashel twp, St Ola Ont. d/o Arthur WELCH (b. Queensboro) & Josephine EINBURY wtn: Louis PAYETTE & Margaret PAYETTE both of Trenton, 5 January 1927 at Trenton 012498-27 Samuel Sterling GIFFORD, 57, widower, night watchman, Huntingdon, North Monaghan twp., s/o Charles GIFFORD (b. Hastings Co) & Mary PHILLIPS married Teresa CARTER, 52, widow, at home, Manchester England, North Monaghan twp., d/o James WALKER (b. England) & Maria LOGAN wtn: Thomas Henry ROBERTSON & Etta Irene ROBERTSON both of Peterborough Ont., 23 July 1927 at Stirling
012499-27 George GILL, 24, polisher, Scotland, 163 Station St in Belleville s/o (do not know) married Violet Anne VESTERFELT, 17, bottler, Thurlow twp, 163 Station St in Belleville d/o Eli VESTERFELT (b. Marmora) & Mary McCORMICK wtn: Harry LUGNETTE & Emma LUGNETTE both of Belleville, 16 November 1927 at Thurlow twp 012500-27 Roy GILROY, 23, superintendent in factory, Coe Hill, Belleville s/o George A. GILROY (b. Thurlow twp) & Agnes McCAULEY married Helen McDONALD, 21, shipper, Belleville, Belleville d/o George McDONALD (b. Thurlow twp) & Mary HILL wtn: D.H. & E.M. HURLBURT both of Belleville, 29 June 1927 at Deseronto
012501-27 George GLOVER, 52, widower, bank manager, Whitby twp, Belleville s/o Samuel GLOVER (b. England) & Mary BRANDER (Branda?), married Helena Pearl THOMPSON, 42, saleslady, Belleville, Belleville d/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret Ann McCOY wtn: Mrs H. THOMPSON & Glencoe THOMPSON both of Belleville, 12 September 1927 at Belleville 012502-27 Edward Henry Vivian GODDARD, 20, mechanic, England, 562 Simcoe St South in Oshawa s/o Edward George GODDARD (b. England) & Nellie NORTH married Emily Annie Syble CURRY, 18, clerk, Belleville, 21 Stone St in Belleville d/o David CURRY (b. Tweed) & Effie Syble ASHBURY wtn: Elizabeth HARRIS & Henry HARRIS both of Belleville, 28 February 1927 at Belleville
25826-27 Richard Harold GOUGH, 25, Lonsdale Ont., Read, s/o John GOUGH, farmer, & Ellen WALSH, married Mary Veronica FORD, 22, Read, same, d/o John FORD, farmer, & Ann O'SULLIVAN, witn: Joseph WALSH & Stella FORD, both Marysville, 10 Oct 1927 at Church of St. Charles Borrowes? 012503-27 James Isaac GRANT, 39, farmer, Wicklow twp, Herschel twp s/o Isaac GRANT (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann PEEVER, married Helga Elsie LINKEY, 17, Wicklow twp, Wicklow twp d/o A.? LINKEY (b. Germany) & Othelia PSYCHE wtn: Mr & Mrs R. GRANT of Maynooth, 27 April 1927 at Wicklow
012504-27 Alfred GRAY, 29, farmer, Thurlow twp, Roslin, s/o James GRAY (b. Canada) & Eliza ALFORD married Mabel Luella COPELAND, 20, nurse, Tyendinaga twp, Roslin, d/o John Wesley COPELAND (b. Canada) & Margaret Ann SPICER wtn: Minnie A. BLACK of Plainfield & Samuel BLACK of Warkworth, 11 August 1927 at Thurlow twp 012505-27 Charles GRAY, 50, R.O.P. Inspector, Edinburgh Scotland, Bancroft s/o John GRAY (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & (unknown) married Elizabeth A. RUTLEDGE, 43, clerk, Monteagle, Bancroft d/o William RUTLEDGE (b. Ireland) & Margaret PRICE wtn: Cecil P. LAUNDRY & Emerson W. LAUNDRY both of Bancroft, 10 May 1927 at Bancroft
012506-27 Homer GROSJEAN, 45, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o Francis M. GROSJEAN (b. France) & Eve NELSON married Annie KEMP, 30, widow, at home, Brighton twp., same, d/o Herbert TOWN (b. Haldimand twp) & Clista DUSENBURY wtn: Effie FURNIA & David FURNIA both of Trenton, 30 April 1927 at Trenton 012507-27 John GROVES, 22, labourer, Elzevir twp, Glen Miller - Sidney twp s/o John GROVES (b. Queensboro) & Annie BARRY married Bernice Pauline BATCHELOR, 17, at home, Cramahe twp, Murray twp., d/o Benjamin BATCHELOR (b. Coe Hill) & Olive SMITH wtn: Frank Herman BATCHELOR of RR#4 Trenton & Sarah Ellen GROVES of Glen Miller, 3 September 1927 at Trenton
012508-27 Alexander GUNTER, 34, farmer, Cashel twp, McCrae, s/o Harvey Robert GUNTER (b. Cashel) & Maggie DONALDSON married Vearl Elvira GRANT, 20, housework, McCrae, McCrae, d/o David Frederick GRANT (b. Denbigh) & Francis Jane CHOINARD wtn: Roy GRANT & Elnora GRANT both of McCrae, 22 June 1927 at Cashel twp 012509-27 Guy Wesley GUNTER, 37, farmer, Wollaston twp, Hillandale Saskatchewan s/o Francis GUNTER (b. Hastings Co) & Amy INGRAM married Ruby Burnett KING, 19, at home, Wollaston twp, Coe Hill d/o William KING (b. Hastings Co) & Agnes KING wtn: Herbert STRONG & Etta STRONG both of Trenton, 2 March 1927 at Trenton
  012510-27 William David HALEY, 22, dredger, Halifax Nova Scotia, Hamilton Ont. s/o William Patrick HALEY (b. Cork Co Ireland) & Mary SMITH married Hazel YARROW, 18, at home, Trenton, Murray twp., d/o Samuel Bert YARROW (b. Northumberland Co) & Martha Brett FLETCHER wtn: Mrs Winnifred ROBINSON of 215 Glebemount Ave in Toronto & Arthur BENHAM of Rochester NY, 11 May 1927 at Trenton
012512-27 Wilbert Danecourt HALL, 22, labourer, Chandos twp, Chandos twp s/o Albert HALL (b. East Seymour twp) & Mary McCAULEY married Mary Alice Ida WINTER, 19, housework, Chandos twp, Chandos twp d/o George WINTER (b. Chandos twp) & Maud DANIELS wtn: Walter L. WINTER of Glen Alda & Eva HALL of Apsley, 6 July 1927 at Bancroft 012511-27 Hugh Ronald MacDonald HALL, 32, excise officer, Ontario, Lindsay Ont. s/o Richard Hunter HALL (b. Ontario) & Margaret Christine ROSS married Kathleen SIMMONS, 26, teacher, Ontario, Frankford d/o George Manvers SIMMONS (b. Ontario) & Mary Adelaide ANDERSON wtn: Sylva May ROSS & Ross Mack HALL both of Brock St in Whitby Ont., 10 August 1927 at Belleville
012513-27 Charles Gerald HAMILTON, 26, farmer, Roslin, Roslin s/o Robert James HAMILTON (b. Roslin) & Mary Ann DORAN married Frances Alberta GLASS, 24, at home, Latta, Latta d/o Orlean GLASS (b. Tyendinaga) & Emma PARKS wtn: Russell Orlean GLASS of RR Latta & Olive Rita HAMILTON of RR#1 Roslin, 26 October 1927 at Belleville 012514-27 William Agustus Gibbon HARDY, 62, widower, excise employee, England, 84 Catherine St in Belleville s/o William HARDY (b. England) & Emily BUSIK married Esther Isobel BROWN, 59, widow, lady, Belleville, 132 South John St in Belleville d/o Andrew COWIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth HINCHY wtn: Francis VANNORMAN & Harriett VANNORMAN both of Belleville, 6 July 1927 at Belleville
012515-27 William Starley HARRY, 29, widower, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o James A. HARRY (b. Sidney twp) & Clara A. DENCH married Flossie Irene JEFFERY, 20, housekeeper Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o Henry JEFFERY (b. Huntingdon) & Margaret Jane OLIVER wtn: Hazel Bernice ROY of Holloway & Franklin Harry HAMILTON of RR#5 Trenton, 6 April 1927 at Sidney twp 012516-27 William Henry HART, 25, railway clerk, England, Montreal, s/o William J. HART (b. England) & Mary H. HAWKES married Alice HOWARD, 24, bookkeeper, England, 30 Boswell St in Belleville d/o George HOWARD (b. England) & Martha J. WARDLE wtn: R.E. KEMBER of 33 Grove St in Belleville & E.G. HART of 45 Henry St in Belleville, 25 June 1927 at Belleville
012517-27 Elgin Alexander HARVEY, 23, labourer, Tyendinaga twp, Deseronto s/o William HARVEY (b. Tyendinaga twp) & Gertrude M. McCULLOCK, married Leita Mae THOMPSON, 33, Deseronto, Deseronto d/o Joseph THOMPSON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Edith E. THOMPSON wtn: M.? JOHNSTON & Hazel SCOTT both of Arden, 7 November 1927 at Deseronto 012518-27 Garnet Ivan HARYETT, 18, farmer, Carlow twp, Carlow twp s/o H. HARYETT (b. Rockingham Ont) & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG married Margaret Ulis WHYTE, 19, household duties, Mayo twp, Carlow twp d/o Henry WHYTE (b. Ireland) & Janet MILLS wtn: George FERGUSON of Renfrew Ont. & Connie WOODCOX of Cobourg Ont., 10 February 1927 at Mayo twp
012520-27 John Wilfred HEAGLE, 20, farmer, Sidney twp, Rawden twp s/o George HEAGLE (b. Canada) & Matilda FAIR married Hazel Frances BURKITT, 18, music teacher, Stirling, Stirling d/o David BURKITT (b. Canada) & Jennie CALVERT wtn: Mrs Nora WESCOTT & Florence B. BARRETT both of Stirling, 12 October 1927 at Stirling 012521-27 William HEARD, 39, widow, boiler maker helper, London England, 29 Herchimer St in Belleville s/o William HEARD (b. England) & Florence ABRAHAM married Edith NICKLIN, 34, domestic, England, 14 Howard St in Belleville d/o William NICKLIN (b. Stratford England) & Elizabeth PERRY wtn: Mary Alice YORK & Thomas YORK both of Belleville, 1 January 1927 at Belleville
012522-27 Joseph Henry HENN, 22, moulder, England, Belleville s/o Samuel HENN (b. England) & Mary KNOT married Ethel Annie FLAGHER, 21, house maid, Newcastle Ont., Belleville d/o John Beverley FLAGHER (b. Ontario) & Lena HARRIS wtn: William HENN & Viola LLOYD both of Belleville, 2 September 1927 at Belleville 012523-27 Robert John HENRY, 40, widower, labourer, Queensboro, Madoc s/o John HENRY (b. Queensboro) & Sharlatt OSBOURN married Mabel Kathleen WANNAMAKER, 25, housekeeper, Madoc twp, Madoc d/o Henry WANNAMAKER (b. Madoc) & Minnie BROADWORTH wtn: M. WHITE? of Madoc & Mrs L. STARK of 164 Jarvis St Toronto, 3 October 1927 at Belleville
012524-27 John Joseph HIBBARD, 23, salesman, Belleville, 19 Ridley Ave in Belleville s/o Samuel John HIBBARD (b. Ontario) & Emma PRATT married Alice Ann RAINBIRD, 23, musician, Ste Cyr Quebec, Thurlow twp d/o William Walter RAINBIRD (b. England) & Alice Annie WRIGHT wtn: Doris Maude HARWELL of 35 Grier St in Belleville & Howard Gorton RAINBIRD of Belleville, 30 June 1927 at Belleville 012525-27 John Marshall HIEATT, 21, baker, St John NB, 342 Front St in Belleville s/o Ernest John HIEATT (b. Oxfordshire England) & Blanche Edith MARSHALL married Pansy Velma EMMONS, 19, housework, Elfin - Leeds Co, 7 Harvey St in Belleville d/o James Edward EMMONS (b. Winchester Ont.) & Esther BURR (Burd?), wtn: Annie WAGAR & Albert E. BRICKER? both of 7 Harvey St in Belleville, 7 April 1927 at Belleville
012526-27 Cecil Alvie HOGLE, 24, train man, Trenton, Trenton s/o Alvie HOGLE (b. Sidney twp) & Ada HYDE married Jessie Lucille SMITH, 24, merchant, Frontenac Co, Trenton d/o Joseph SMITH (b. Frontenac Co) & Martha WAYNE wtn: Laura E. BULL & Annie M. McTEAR both of Trenton, 5 July 1927 at Trenton 012527-27 Lester HOLDEN, 21, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o William HOLDEN & Lavina GARDINER married Eva TOMPKINS, 16 yrs 8 mons, at home, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o John D. TOMPKINS (b. Frankford) & Florence GARDINER wtn: Mrs S.M. LLOYD & Mrs W.E. HONEY both of RR#5 Belleville, 21 March 1927 at Sidney twp
012529-27 Russell Norman HOLLAND, 28, widower, baker, Frontenac Co, Camden twp., s/o Albert HOLLAND (b. Canada) & Agatha WILSON married Jessie Frances BELL, 19, clerk, Camden twp, 22 St Charles St in Belleville d/o William J. BELL (b. Canada) & Mary Alice MacNEAL wtn: Laura G. BELL of Belleville & Claude Russell GROSSE of Napanee, 1 June 1927 at Belleville 012528-27 Henry HOLLAND, 30, plumber, Belleville, Belleville s/o William HOLLAND & Emma CUMMINS married Mary DAINARD, 19, domestic, Allisonville - Prince Edward Co d/o Oglethorpe DAINARD & Susan CLAPP wtn: William J. HOLLAND & Rita ST DENIS both of Belleville, 15 February 1927 at Belleville
012519-27 Bernard HOTT (Hatt?), 22, mechanic, Tweed, Tweed s/o Denis HOTT & Exorel CHAPELLE married Mary Rosaleen BOSLEY, maid, Tweed, Tweed d/o Noah BOSLEY & Mary Agnes LANGEVIN wtn: Patrick BRADLEY & Lilian BOSLEY both of Tweed, 27 June 1927 at Tweed 012530-27 Emerson Wilson HOUGH, 24, farmer, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp s/o Egbert HOUGH (b. Canada) & Annie WILSON married Laura E.M. FRANCIS, 20, Huntingdon twp, Stirling d/o Thomas FRANCIS (b. Canada) & Effie JONES wtn: Embury Egbert HOUGH of Holloway & Helen Marion FRANCIS of Stirling, 5 February 1927 at Stirling
012531-27 Arthur Leonard HOUSTON, 18, farmer, Shannonville, Shannonville s/o Herbert HOUSTON (b. Hastings Co) & Annie HART married Stella Helena HOWARD, 16, housework, Shannonville, Shannonville d/o Daniel HOWARD (b. Hastings Co) & Floretta SMART wtn: Joseph Reginald DOXTATOR & Muriel Cyndril DOXTATOR both of Cannifton, 11 November 1927 at Trenton 012532-27 Thomas Henry HOWARD, 21, mechanic, Deseronto, Shannonville s/o Daniel HOWARD (b. Shannonville) & blank SMART married Winifred Myrtle CRAWFORD, 18, at home, Detlor Ont., Belleville d/o Robert CRAWFORD (b. Shannonville) & blank CORNEAL wtn: Arthur Leonard HOUSTON & Stella Helena HOUSTON both of Shannonville, 24 November 1927 at Shannonville
012533-27 William Alexander HUME, 29, farmer, Seymour twp, Seymour twp s/o Alex HUME (b. Seymour twp) & Jane MATHER married Hilda Elizabeth Rachel ANDERSON, 23, Grenville Co, Stirling d/o William L. ANDERSON (b. Grenville Co) & Marion Maud ANDERSON wtn: John William RENNIE of Campbellford & Margaret J.A. ANDERSON of Stirling, 25 September 1927 at Stirling 012534-27 Wesley Whitfield HUNT, 22, baker, Wilberforce twp - Renfrew Co, YMCA in Belleville s/o Joseph HUNT (b. Wilberforce twp) & Ida Jan GREER married Evelyn Arvella LINDSAY, 21, clerk, Athens - Leeds Co, 54 Grier St in Belleville d/o S.S. LINDSAY (b. Athens) & Florence M. HENDERSON wtn: Henry BURLEY & Dorothy BURLEY both of Belleville, 21 January 1927 at Belleville
012535-27 Joseph Wilfred IMLAH, 34, undertaker, Fergus Ont., 14 Campbell St in Belleville s/o Joseph A. IMLAH (b. Scotland) & Hannah E. MATCH (Mutch?), married Lillian Esmeralda WRAY, 30, stenographer, Toronto Ont., 11 Hyland Ave in Belleville d/o Robert J. WRAY (b. Barrie Ont.) & Maude HOWARD wtn: Norma B. CLARK & Cora B. CLARK both of 98 Bridge St E in Belleville, 8 October 1927 at Belleville 012536-27 Roy Cecil JARVIS, 26, salesman, Madoc twp, 101 Front St in Belleville s/o James JARVIS (b. Madoc twp) & Melissa HEMSTREET married Amelia Madeline HOTT, 23, housework, Hungerford twp, 101 Front St in Belleville d/o Denis HOTT (b. Madoc twp) & Exoral CHAPPELLE wtn: Francis CARRY & Ellen KELLER both of Belleville, 13 May 1927 at Belleville
012537-27 Peter JAYNES, 21, farmer, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o Wellington JAYNES (b. Tyendinaga) & Katherine SCERO married Eleen BARNHART, 27, housework, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o Robert John BARNHART (b. Tyendinaga) & Annie MOSES wtn: David BRANT & Annie Elizabeth MARACLE both of R.R.#1 Deseronto, 30 November 1927 at Tyendinaga twp 012538-27 Roy Whitney JEFFERY, 22, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o Robert JEFFERY (b. Rawden twp) & Lillian BONSTIEL married Nellie Mary TYWOOD, 18, at home, West Hasham - Salisbury England, Thurlow twp d/o William George TYWOOD (b. England) & Alice CANNONS wtn: Harold Wellington JEFFERY & Martha Fox DERMOTT both of RR#2 Trenton, 14 October 1927 at Belleville
012539-27 Thomas William JENKINS, 48, farmer, England, Madoc twp s/o William JENKINS (b. England) & (do not know) married Fannie WOODCOCK, 67, widow, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o Steven JOHNSTON (b. England) & Sarah JOHNSTON wtn: Edward PLANE & Margaret PLANE both of Madoc, 2 February 1927 at Madoc twp 012540-27 William Edward JENNER, 76, widower, farmer, Rawleef (Raleigh?) twp - Kent Co, Herchimer Ave - Thurlow twp s/o Thomas JENNER (b. England) & Elizabeth ANDREWS married Annie Sophia CARR, 61, widow, housework, England, Herchimer Ave - Thurlow twp d/o Thomas BURTON (b. England) & Mary LONG witn: Mrs B. LOADMAN & Mrs L. MARSHALL both of Belleville, 21 January 1927 at Belleville
012541-27 George Henry JOHNSON, 24. solderer, Trenton, Trenton s/o John JOHNSON (b. Belleville) & Melissa NASCARROW married Bessie Irene SHEWMAN, 23, seamstress, Trenton, Trenton d/o Jacob SHEWMAN (b. Brighton Ont.) & Susan TAYLOR wtn: Rae OLDREY & Evelyn OLDREY both of Trenton, 6 January 1927 at Trenton 012542-27 Henry JOHNSON, 78, widower, farmer, England, Wollaston twp s/o William JOHNSON (b. England) & Charlotte BUSSEY married Olga MacDONALD, 43, widow, housekeeper, India, Wollaston twp d/o Harold LITTLEDALE (b. Ireland) & Ana TURKLEND wtn: J.F. FARNSWORTH & Mabel L. FARNSWORTH both of Cannifton, 24 June 1927 at Thurlow twp
012543-27 James JOHNSON, 22, farmer, Chandos twp, Chandos twp s/o Willis JOHNSON (b. Brighton Ont.) & Sarah COUCH married Agnes May CUTTING, 15, Mountselo twp, Monmouth d/o Franklin CUTTING (b. Mountselo twp) & Annie DEFOREST wtn: Mrs M.S. LEHIGH & W.N. GILROY both of Coe Hill, 1 July 1927 at Coe Hill 012544-27 John Harold JOHNSON, 21, spring maker, Stirling, 380 Beverley St in Oshawa s/o John JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret MERRICK married Barbara Margaret REMINGTON, 18, at home, Hastings Co, Hoard's Station d/o Frederick REMINGTON (b. Ontario) & Agnes LETTS wtn: Mr & Mrs Wesley REMINGTON of Campbellford Ont., 12 November 1927 at Stirling
012545-27 Wilbur Merrick JOHNSON, 29, widower, provincial police, Stirling, Bancroft s/o John W. JOHNSON (b. Castleton Ont.) & Margaret MERRICK married Gladys ASSELSTINE, 22, housework, Napanee, Bancroft d/o Turpine ASSELSTINE (b. Napanee Ont.) & Lena GODFREY wtn: Robert W. STOCKER & Florence M. STOCKER both of Bancroft, 25 November 1927 at Bancroft 012546-27 Francis Henry JOHNSTON, 25, clergyman, England, Toronto s/o Walter Henry JOHNSTON (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH married Elizabeth Matilda LANSING, 24, Wicklow twp, Wicklow twp d/o John Edmund LANSING (b. Canada) & Jessie McLEOD wtn: Cora LANSING & Earl McLEOD both of Maynooth, 31 August 1927 at Wicklow twp
012547-27 Donald JOYCE, 24, truck driver, Deseronto, Deseronto s/o Albert JOYCE (b. Lennox Co) & Ellen McCABE married Iva Loreen LYMAN, 22, glass cutter, Deseronto, Deseronto d/o Edward LYMAN (b. Addington Co) & Laura SHATRAW wtn: R.P. JOYCE & Brittanna JOYCE both of Napanee, 22 June 1927 at Deseronto 012548-27 William James JOYCE, 33, widower, farmer, Lennox Co, Hallowell twp s/o Franklin M. JOYCE (b. Lennox Co) & Emma BRISTOW married Herberta LEAVITT, 26, lady, Hallowell twp, Hallowell twp d/o Herbert LEAVITT (b. Prince Edward Co) & Annie TRIPP wtn: Mrs N. FARLEY & Mrs A.E. McCUTCHEON both of Belleville, 17 September 1927 at Belleville
  012549-27 Walter Ellis KAISER, 32, barrister, Belleville, Belleville s/o Albert KAISER (b. Belleville) & Mary LAVALLE married Ruby ALLORE, 19, at home, Madoc, Belleville d/o Paul ALLORE (b. Hastings Co) & Sophia WILLIS wtn: Walter James HEDGER & Annie BARLOW both of Belleville, 20 August 1927 at Trenton
012551-27 William Henry C. KELLER, 62, widower, farmer, Elzevir twp, Actinolite, s/o William Henry KELLER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Mary Frances LACKIE married Clara Elizabeth WAGER, 46, widow, housekeeper, Prince Edward Co, Hungerford twp d/o Walter THOMPSON (b. Prince Edward Co) & Sarah Jane McMILLAN wtn: Lizzie FISHER & B.F. FISHER both of Chapman, 24 August 1927 at Hungerford twp 012550-27 James Herbert KELLER, 34, farmer, Mountain Grove, Peterborough s/o Chester KELLER (b. Kennebec twp) & Sarah Jane BOOMHOUR married Ida B. BARNES, 32, housework, Tamworth, Peterborough d/o John BARNES (b. London England) & Mary MARTIN wtn: Mrs Dorwin VARDY & Dorothy ASKEY both of Bancroft, 11 May 1927 at Bancroft
012552-27 William Erastus KELLOGG, 26, labourer, Picton, Athol twp s/o Royal KELLOGG (b. Harrisburg) & Ethel Lena CRANE married Francis Grace BLEEKER, 16, lady, Lennox & Addington Co, Athol twp d/o Frederick BLEEKER (b. Belleville) & Margaret BLEEKER wtn: Belle BLEEKER & James BLEEKER both of RR#3 Picton, 30 April 1927 at Thurlow twp 012553-27 Frederick KELLY, 24, labourer, Canada, McArthur Mills s/o James KELLY (b. Ontario) & Mary FERGUSON married Ellen BRUCE, 21, household duties, McArthur Mills, McArthur Mills d/o James BRUCE (b. Mayo twp) & Lilly REAVES wtn: Mr & Mrs Edward WHITE of McArthur Mills, 22 December 1927 at Mayo twp
012554-27 William Floyd KETCHESON, 24, machinist, Frankford, Frankford s/o Darcy KETCHESON (b. Sidney twp) & Eva MOYNES married Mildred Venata STECKLES, 17, at home, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o George STECKLES (b. Sidney twp) & Ella Jane JENNER wtn: Grace JONES & Mrs J.S. BUTLER both of Frankford, 9 June 1927 at Frankford 012555-27 Vassaw Paul LAFEE, 22, labourer, Nippising District, Herschel twp s/o Paul LAFEE (b. Buckingham Quebec) & Lilly DUPUIS married Carmel GANNON, 23, Hastings Co, Herschel twp d/o Edward GANNON (b. Canada) & Rosetta LAKEY (Lahey?) wtn: Henry CHAMBERLAIN & Gladys CHAMBERLAIN both of Maynooth, 3 January 1927 at Maynooth
012556-27 Henry LAIRD, 25, labourer, Bath, Napanee s/o Charles LAIRD (b. Bath Ont.) & Edith BARRAGER married Hazel Lillian Maybelle ANDERSON, 17, housework, Faraday, Napanee d/o John A. ANDERSON (b. Perth Ont.) & Hannah M. RAY wtn: Winnifred NORRIS of Bancroft & John ANDERSON of L'Amable, 24 August 1927 at Bancroft 012557-27 William LAKE, 30, widower, farmer, Faraday, Springbrook s/o Norman LAKE (b. Olden twp) & Mary BOOMHOUR married Mabel Irene CASSIBO, 16, housework, Sheffield, Springbrook d/o Samuel CASSIBO (b. Sheffield twp) & Mildred CLARKE wtn: Doran LAKE & Mildred CASSIBO both of Monk Rd, 23 March 1927 at Monk Road
> 012558-27 Maxwell Earl LANGMAN, 20, optical employee, Belleville. 303½ Front St in Belleville s/o George LANGMAN (b. Merriton) & Edna Gertrude WINGER married Dora May CHURCHILL, 19, telephone operator, Brockville Ont., 46 Queen St in Belleville d/o Jonas CHURCHILL (b. Athens Ont.) & Elizabeth FERGUSON wtn: Mrs James DOUGHERTY of 65 Geddes St in Belleville & Edna Althea ROBLIN of 46 Queen St in Belleville, 31 January 1927 at Belleville 012559-27 George Henry Stanton LAWRENCE, 31, farmer, Ameliasburg twp., same, s/o Archer LAWRENCE (b. Thurlow twp) & Martha VANCOTT married Elsie Martha HONEY, 30, stenographer, Percy twp, 14 West Moira St in Belleville d/o Edward John HONEY (b. Cramahe twp) & Jane Eliza MITCHELL wtn: M. Magdalene LLOYD & Minnie E. HONEY both of RR#5 Belleville, 9 February 1927 at Sidney twp
012560-27 Albert Henry LEES, 23, miner, Michigan USA, Madoc twp s/o Fred LEES (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SPARKS married Bessie Agnes OSBORNE, 17, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o Samuel OSBORNE (b. Ontario) & Maggie MOON wtn: Rev J.S. COOPER of Watertown N.Y. & Mrs W.R. SCHAMEHORN of Madoc, 17 September 1927 at Madoc 012561-27 Felix LETENDRE, 25, farmer, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp s/o Peter LETENDRE & Alice KEHOE married Mary Kathleen O'CONNOR, 21, dentist's assistant, Madoc twp, Madoc d/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Ann WANNAMAKER wtn: Daniel O'CONNOR & Miss Minnie May GENORE both of Madoc, 30 May 1927 at Madoc Catholic Church
012562-27 William Walker LEWIS, 24, farmer, Highland Grove, Highland Grove s/o George WALKER (b. Ontario) & Clara PEEL married Kathleen HAWLEY, 18, housework, Monteagle twp, Highland Grove d/o William HAWLEY (b. Canada) & Mary McCORMICK wtn: Kenneth LEWIS of Highland Grove & Lena HAWLEY of Bancroft, 17 February 1927 at Bancroft 012563-27 Charles Alfred LIDDLE, 36, farmer, Limerick twp, Dungannon twp s/o James LIDDLE (b. Orkney Islands) & Mary? Jane McGREGOR, married Catherine Elsie TURRIFF, 37, household duties, Dungannon twp, Dungannon twp d/o Peter TURRIFF (b. Lanark Co) & Jessie A. McINNIS wtn: Alfred TENTHEREY of Turriff & Edna TURRIFF of 270 Carlton St in Toronto, 26 May 1927 at Dungannon twp
012564-27 Morey LINDSAY, 22, labourer, Deseronto, Deseronto s/o Edward LINDSAY (b. Deseronto) & Lena THOMPSON married Frances LEWEEN, 33, housekeeper, Tyendinaga twp, Deseronto d/o Simon LEWEEN (b. Tyendinaga twp) & Florence JACOBS wtn: Richard TOMPKINS & Mrs Rose Blanche TOMPKINS both of Deseronto, 12 September 1927 at Deseronto 012565-27 Wilbert LIVINGSTONE, 41, widower, labourer, Wicklow twp, Wicklow twp s/o (Unknown) & Janette LIVINGSTONE married Mary STEELE, 25, Wicklow twp, Wicklow twp d/o Hugh STEELE (b. Renfrew Co) & Margarite HAGGART wtn: Luetta STEELE & Earl McLEOD both of Maynooth, 7 September 1927 at Bancroft
012566-27 Cecil Edward LOCKHART, 32, machinist, Rockland Ont., Ivanhoe s/o Thomas LOCKHART (b. Carleton Co) & Elizabeth BRYCE married Candace William DEMILLE, 21, at home, Marmora twp, Madoc d/o William Arthur DEMILLE (b. Demorestville) & Margaret McFAUL wtn: Mrs C.B. BRETTEN & Mrs A.E. KEMP both of Trenton, 28 December 1927 at Trenton 012567-27 William James LOCKRIDGE, 20, textile worker, Wingham Ont., Trenton s/o William LOCKRIDGE (b. Wingham Ont.) & Lilian COOPER married Lulu Louise FERGUSON, 18, seamstress, Trenton, Trenton d/o Abe FERGUSON (b. Prince Edward Co) & Retta PALMER wtn: Annie M. ADAMS & Mrs E.D. LAKER both of Trenton, 18 September 1925 (sic) at Trenton [marriage licence issued 15 Sept 1927]
012568-27 William Carleton LOCKYER, 26, insurance agent, England, 12 Patterson St in Belleville s/o George William LOCKYER (b. England) & Martha May CHAMPION married Charlotte Gladys SMITH, 22, sales clerk, Hallowell, Picton, d/o Charles SMITH (b. Kingston Ont.) & Prudace PARKER wtn: Sidney George LOCKYER & Ruperta LOCKYER both of Picton, 3 May 1927 at Belleville 012569-27 Cecil Wellington LONEY, 25, farmer, Ireland, Ireland s/o Samuel LONEY (b. Ireland) & Anna May INWOOD married Lila Marion DILLABOUGH, 21, teacher, Pakenham, Ireland d/o Robert James DILLABOUGH (b. Canada) & Annie SHAW wtn: J.B. CREEGGAN & Myrtle M. STOUT both of Bancroft, 21 December 1927 at Bancroft
012570-27 Walter Burton LONGHURST, 21, railway employee, Barrie Ont., 31 Bettes St in Belleville s/o Archibald W. LONGHURST (b. Barrie Ont.) & Fanny ESTER, married Eileen Emily POINTER, 19, housework, Ireland, 81 South Church St in Belleville d/o Samuel POINTER (b. Norwich England) & Mary Ann BROWN wtn: William chkk & Mrs Mabel WANNAMAKER both of Belleville, 11 January 1927 at Belleville [divorced 16 Dec 1968] 012571-27 Harold McLaren LONGWELL, 20, farmer, Foxboro, Foxboro s/o John LONGWELL (b. Sidney twp) & Annie DEMOREST married Edith Armalia HENDERSON, 19, at home, Thurlow twp, Foxboro d/o Wesley HENDERSON (b. Thurlow twp) & Elizabeth LATTA wtn: Earl L. SNIDER of Carrying Place & Keitha I. HENDERSON of Foxboro, 15 June 1927 at Thurlow twp
012572-27 Claude LOTT, 27, labourer, Trenton, Trenton s/o George LOTT (b. Trenton) & Mary E. CUDLIP married Cynthia Irene BARTLEY, 21, machine operator, Marmora twp, Trenton d/o James BARTLEY & Lilly BURLEY wtn: N.M. MARTIN & Jeanette M. CRANSTON both of Trenton, 5 February 1927 at Trenton 012573-27 Norval Ernest LOWDER, 21, farmer, Hallowell twp., same, s/o Allen LOWDER (b. Hallowell twp) & Ella CHATTERSON married Lily Rowena Alexandria BALDREE, 21, compositor, Hallowell twp, 149 Lingham St in Belleville d/o Henry Edward BALDREE (b. London England) & Ellen LITTLEJOHN, wtn: Mrs May WHITTARD of 149 Lingham St in Belleville & Ernest John BALDREE of 148 Lingham St in Belleville, 8 March 1927 at Belleville
012574-27 Raymond Garfield LUCAS, 21, labourer, Belleville, Belleville s/o William Allen LUCAS (b. Tyendinaga) & Ellen DARTHURTY married Ethel Eva BRANTON, 19, laundress, Belleville, Belleville d/o Charles Wesley BRANTON (b. Brooklin) & Julia BOLYEA wtn: Charles LUCAS & Emma LUCAS both of Belleville, 3 September 1927 at Thurlow twp 012575-27 Earl Robert Reese LUMLEY, 23, farmer, Sophiasburg twp, Sophiasburg twp s/o Thomas William Henry LUMLEY (b. North Marysburgh) & Bertha Amanda METCALFE married Alice Bernice CRUICKSHANK, 20, lady, Hillier twp, Hillier twp d/o Charles Ross CRUICKSHANK (b. Hillier twp - Prince Edward Co) & Beatrice Helen ELLIS wtn: Irene Winnifred LUMLEY of RR#8 Picton & Arnold Austin CRUICKSHANK of RR#2 Consecon, 7 September 1927 at Trenton
012576-27 Nelson LYLE, 29, carpenter, Sommerville twp, Midland, s/o Thomas LYLE (b. Ontario) & Jane Ann CHALMERS married Grace Elizabeth REDDEN, 26, housework, Seymour twp, Campbellford - Seymour twp d/o Benjamin REDDEN (b. Seymour twp) & Elizabeth Jane ROWE wtn: Mr & Mrs Carmen REDDEN of Bonarlaw, 4 June 1927 at Springbrook 012577-27 William Dewalt LYMAN, 27, labourer, Deseronto, Deseronto s/o O. Edward LYMAN (b. Ontario) & Laura SHATRAW married Ada Elizabeth STONE, 17, Faraday twp, Deseronto d/o William H. STONE (b. Ontario) & Amanda CLARK wtn: Wesley STONE & Thelma SUGAR both of Deseronto, 2 January 1927 at Deseronto
012578-27 William John LYNN, 30, farmer, Queensboro, Queensboro s/o John LYNN (b. Stirling) & Margaret WRIGHT married Emma MAXWELL, 23, school teacher, Carlow twp, Queensboro d/o Wellington MAXWELL (b. Queensboro) & Catherine REDDICK wtn: Charles MAXWELL of Bancroft & Jessie B. LYNN of Queensboro, 4 May 1927 at Bancroft 012580-27 John James MALLOY, 27, labourer, Dungannon, Dungannon s/o Thomas Archie MALLOY (b. Ormsby Ont.) & Rose FINNIGAN married Jessie Loretta BLACK, 21, household duties, Dungannon, Dungannon d/o Henry L. BLACK (b. Lanark? Ont.) & Mildred May WOOD wtn: Donald McLELLAN & Bessie BLACK both of Turriff, 27 December 1927 at Bancroft
012582-27 Merton Henry MARACLE, 21, labourer, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o William Edward MARACLE (b. Tyendinaga) & Susan MARACLE married Mildred Hazel MARACLE, 26, housework, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o Richard MARACLE (b. Tyendinaga) & Essie CLAUS, wtn: Ruth BRANT & Wesley BRANT both of 81 Front St in Belleville, 19 October 1927 at Belleville 012581-27 John MARACLE, 27, labourer, Tyendinaga twp, Thurlow twp s/o Albert MARACLE (b. Canada) & Annie HILL married Clementina SMART, 31, housework, Tyendinaga twp, Thurlow twp d/o Henry SMART (b. Canada) & Julian MOSES wtn: Joe DOREEN & Effie DOREEN both of Thurlow twp, 13 August 1927 at Deseronto
012583-27 Martin Leonard MARKLE, 26, mechanic, Napanee, Napanee s/o Martin E. MARKLE (b. Napanee) & Mary Ann DONNELLY married Zeta Geraldine BRADSHAW, 22, glass engraver, Barrie twp, Deseronto d/o David J. BRADSHAW (b. Ontario) & Emma ASSELSTINE wtn: illegible SWEET & Violet SWEET both of Napanee, 21 March 1927 at Napanee 012584-27 William Henry MARSHALL, 23, farmer, Hallowell twp, Bloomfield, s/o David Henry MARSHALL (b. Prince Edward Co) & Ida Elmira WAY married Goldie Almira BELLAMY, 20, Cramahe twp, Murray twp., d/o Chauncey BELLAMY (b. Ontario) & Bertha TYLER wtn: Morley ROSEBUSH & Rhea SHARPE both of Murray twp, 13 April 1927 at Frankford
012585-27 Royal MASON, 47, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co, Thurlow twp s/o Thomas David MASON (b. Hastings Co) & Suzanne ADAMS married Mary Grace COOKE, 55, widow, housework, England, Detroit d/o William BLACKFORD (b. Devonshire England) & Emma BOARD wtn: Agnes MASON & John W. BUSH both of Cannifton, 23 August 1927 at Belleville 012586-27 Garnett Melbourne MASTIN, 26, paper finisher, Strathcona Ont., Prescott Ont. s/o Melbourne MASTIN (b. Tyendinaga twp) & Jane BROOME married Della Rose SIMMONS, 28, lady, Tweed, Tweed d/o Archibald SIMMONS (b. Hungerford twp) & Jennie COLLINS wtn: Morley SIMMONS & Hilda STOUT both of Tweed, 16 April 1927 at Tweed
012587-27 John Maxwell MATTHEWS, 21, clerk, Belleville, 15 Chatham St in Belleville s/o John MATTHEWS (b. Canada) & Winnifred PENNY married Daisy Alice SECKER, 18, housework, Belleville, 98a Cannifton Rd in Belleville d/o George SECKER (b. London England) & Winnifred McLEAN wtn: George MATTHEWS & Winnifred MATTHEWS both of Belleville, 3 November 1927 at Belleville 012588-27 Wilfred Basil MAY, 21, farmer, Carlow twp, Sidney twp s/o George MAY (b. Sidney twp) & Lydia BAILEY married Evelyn Mae HOGLE, 23, housework, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o Bruce HOGLE (b. Sidney twp) & Ethel STICKLE wtn: Claude HAMILTON & Gladys HOGLE both of RR Trenton, 25 October 1927 at Sidney twp
012609-27 Francis Earl McAVERIN, 21, florist, Brandon Manitoba, Cobourg Ont., s/o Francis Frank McAVERIN (b. Ireland) & Lily BEAVEN married Jennie Grace YOUNGS, 18, Colbourne, Colbourne d/o William YOUNGS (b. Vernonville Ont.) & Margaret ALLEN wtn: Camminga WESLEY of Young's Point & Beatrice YOUNG of Colbourne, 20 June 1927 at Trenton 012610-27 William Brown McCALL, 48, farmer, Stirling, Goodwater Saskatchewan s/o David McCALL (b. Ireland) & Sarah BROWN married Annie Mabel MASTIN, 36, housework, Hastings Co, Hastings Co d/o Adam M. MASTIN (b. Tyendinaga twp) & Elizabeth MARCHEN wtn: Carolyn MALOTT of 1205 Bridge St E in Belleville & Mr V.P. HUNT of 103 Bridge St E in Belleville, 17 November 1927 at Belleville
012611-27 William McCALLUM, 35, labourer, Toronto, Marmora s/o Patrick McCALLUM (b. Ireland) & Anne SHANNON married Agnes RILEY, 46, widow, Marmora twp, Marmora d/o Robert HENDERSON (b. Canada) & Melissa CRIPPEN wtn: Olive JONES & Oscar COLE both of Marmora, 25 October 1927 at Marmora 012579-27 Thomas Robert MACARTNEY, 26, bus line owner, Hamilton Ont., Belleville s/o David MACARTNEY (b. Chatham Ont.) & Sarah EDWARDS married Violet May THOMAS, 18, mill operator, England, Belleville d/o Luke THOMAS (b. England) & Charlotte JONES wtn: Catherine Mary CORNELL & Sara Ann Consuela GEEN both of Belleville, 21 January 1927 at Belleville
012612-27 Mathew Francis MACAULEY, 32, carpenter, Murray twp, Detroit s/o John MACAULEY (b. Frankford) & Catherine HIGGINS married Marguerite MULVIHILL, 28, school teacher, Kaladar twp, Frankford d/o John MULVIHILL (b. Prince Edward Co) & Bridget HUNT wtn: Leo MULVIHILL & Alvira MULVIHILL both of Frankford, 18 August 1927 at Frankford 012613-27 Reginald Garret McCAULEY, 22, labourer, Chandos twp, Wollaston s/o Robert McCAULEY (b. Canada) & Sophia CORAL married Genevieve Mary O'BRIEN, 18, housework, Chandos, Wollaston d/o Dennis O'BRIEN (b. Canada) & Mary KELLY wtn: Bert CADWELL & Pearl CADWELL both of Coe Hill, 31 August 1927 at Bancroft
  012614-27 Thomas Colin Scott MacCONNELL, 23, machinist, Rawden twp, 31½ Isobel St in Belleville s/o Thomas MacCONNELL (b. Canada) & Carrie RUPERT married Martha Belle BRONSON, 24, housework, Madoc twp, Rawden twp d/o Raniel BRONSON (b. Canada) & Mary PEACOCK wtn: Walter BRONSON & Helen BATEMAN both of Springbrook, 9 April 1927 at Stirling
012615-27 Arthur Francis McCORMICK, 23, farmer, Murray twp., Murray twp., s/o James F. McCORMICK (b. Wooler) & Bridget SHERIDAN married Neta Agnes MONTGOMERY, 21, at home, Murray twp., Frankford d/o Allan MONTGOMERY (b. Frankford) & Sarah STICKLE wtn: Charles MORAN of Wooler & Kathleen McCAULEY of Frankford, 28 June 1927 at Trenton 012616-27 James Francis McCULLOUGH, 25, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o James McCULLOUGH (n. Tyendinaga twp) & Sophia McCULLOUGH married Rebecca Jean SCOTT, 18, nurse, Richmond, Richmond d/o Adam SCOTT (b. Camden twp) & Maggie WILSON wtn: John McCULLOUGH of Lonsdale & Mrs H.T.L. SEYMOUR of Shannonville, 30 June 1927 at Tyendinaga twp
012617-27 Edward Ernest McDONALD, 30, auto mechanic, Glasgow Scotland, Trenton s/o Edward McDONALD (b. Aberdeen) & (not known) married Mary Louise WESTLAKE, 22, waitress, Murray twp., Trenton d/o James Robert WESTLAKE (b. London England) & Margaret Jane MARTIN wtn: William ANDERSON & Jessie? E. ANDERSON both of Trenton, 11 February 1927 at Trenton 012618-27 John Eurket McDONALD, 28, company's clerk, Flinton, same s/o Thomas McDONALD & Mary Anne WOOD married Mary Addie LASHAWA, 22, farmer's daughter, Actinolite, same, d/o Henry LASHAWA & Mary ALLAIR wtn: Leo McDONALD of Flinton PO & Annie LASHAWA of Actinolite PO, 20 June 1927 at Madoc Catholic Church
012619-27 Stanley Tripp McFARLAND, 20, thresher, Richmond twp, Deseronto s/o John McFARLAND (b. Richmond twp) & Della BRADSHAW married Minnie Iva McCABE, 18, Deseronto, Deseronto d/o Wilson McCABE (b. Prince Edward Co) & Martha SCHRYVER wtn: Dorothy HARRISON & Martha McCABE both of Deseronto, 10 October 1927 at Deseronto 012622-27 Reginald Lowe McGEE, 22, farmer, Pembroke Ont, Rawden twp s/o George McGEE (b. Stirling) & Elizabeth LOWE married Lillian Core McKEOWN, 22, farmer's daughter, Stanwood - Seymour twp, Rawden twp d/o John S. McKEOWN (b. Rawden twp) & Margaret MICKLEJOHN wtn: Clarence Lindsay McKEOWN of Bonarlaw & Helen Elizabeth McKEOWN of Stirling, 15 June 1927 at Springbrook
012621-27 Lindsay Warden McGEE, 27, farmer, Rawden twp, Rawden twp s/o John E. McGEE (b. Rawden twp) & Jennie ROY married Eva Viola Gertrude GREEN, 26, teacher, Rawden twp, Rawden twp d/o George E. GREEN (b. Rawden twp) & Annie V. CRAIG wtn: Esther GREEN & George E. GREEN both of Stirling, 27 December 1927 at Stirling 012620-27 James Roy McGHEE, 28, labourer, Dungannon, Bancroft s/o Ralph McGHEE (b. Canada) & Alice WAY married Muriel Evelyn McCORMICK, 17, housework, Ottawa, Bancroft d/o David McCORMICK (b. Canada) & Ethel May WHITE wtn: Thomas WILSON & Dorothy AKEY both of Bancroft, 15 December 1927 at Bancroft
012623-27 Alexander McINROY, 18, farmer, Rawden, Marmora s/o John McINROY (b. West Huntingdon Ont.) & Jerusha McCABE married Frances Ruth STEWART, 23, farmer's daughter, Campbellford, Marmora d/o Charles STEWART (b. Scotland) & Ethel MORTON wtn: George Clinton ROSE & Mrs Etta EMMOREY both of Marmora, 3 January 1927 at Belleville 012624-27 James Robert McINTOSH, 27, salesman, Belleville, Belleville s/o William McINTOSH (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BLANEY?, married Ruth Elizabeth COULTER, 23, nurse, Roslin, Belleville d/o Alfred Alexander COULTER (b. Ontario) & Evelyn CORKIN wtn: Evelyn COULTER of 280 Ann St in Belleville & Margaret ANDERSON of Roblin, 1 September 1927 at Belleville
012625-27 James MacKAY, 29, foreman Canada Cement, Inverness Nova Scotia, Thurlow twp s/o Donald MacKAY & Catherine McDOUGALL married Eva GENEREUX, 21, Deseronto, Thurlow twp d/o Felix GENEREUX & Emma GOUIN wtn: Joseph MULLIGAN of Belleville & Jean GENEREUX of Point Ann, 29 August 1927 at Belleville 012626-27 Donald Beaton MacLEAN, 43, civil service, Scotland, Whitby Ont., s/o John MacLEAN (b. Scotland) & Jessie BEATON married Sarah Agnes BOOTH, 38, matron, Belleville, Whitby d/o William BOOTH (b. Canada) & Mary E. PEART wtn: Charles DALRYMPLE & Ida May DALRYMPLE both of Belleville, 17 August 1927 at Belleville
012627-27 Clayton Arthur McMURRAY, 24, clerk, Gilmour, Gilmour s/o Arthur McMURRAY (b. Gilmour) & Evelyn HAM married Blanche Luella McCLINTOCK, 25, clerk, Eldorado, Eldorado d/o John McCLINTOCK (b. Eldorado) & Hattie MORRISON wtn: Versie A. McMURRAY of 421st St in Niagara Falls & Mrs William KEENE of Eldorado, 14 September 1927 at Eldorado 012628-27 David Leroy McMURRAY, 32, fire ranger, Minto Ont., Gilmour s/o Joseph McMURRAY (b. Canada) & Margaret BAMBER married Ila May GUNTER, 18, Woods Lake Ont., Gunter d/o David GUNTER (b. Canada) & Lenora TUCK wtn: Roland MILLER of Toronto & Effie MULLETT of Bancroft, 8 August 1927 at Bancroft
012629-27 James Gordon McMURTER, 20, labourer, Murray twp., Trenton s/o Harry McMURTER (b. Murray twp) & Ethel FERGUSON married Ellen GRAY, 19, at home, Marmora, Trenton d/o Asel GRAY (b. Hastings Co) & Annie BLAKLEY wtn: Fred FERGUSON & Cary GREY both of Trenton, 29 October 1927 at Trenton 012630-27 Ross McNARY, 25, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o David McNARY (b. Ontario) & Annie HOGLE married Lena BATES, 30, clerk, Toronto, Sidney twp d/o George W. BATES (b. Ontario) & Marjorie A. POTTER wtn: John SPANNER of Belleville & Evelyn HOGLE of RR#5 Trenton, 16 April 1927 at Sidney twp
012631-27 Clare Daniel McPHERSON, 31, manufacturer, Michigan USA, Woodstock Ont., s/o Robert William McPHERSON (b. Thamesville Ont.) & Ella ADAMS married Helen McKEOWN, 25, housework, Belleville, Belleville d/o John Spotswood McPHERSON (b. Belleville) & Caroline LINGHAM wtn: D. HUESTON of Toronto & Jean CAMERON of St Thomas, 1 January 1927 at Belleville 012632-27 Thomas Harold McQUAIGG, 31, labourer, Belmont twp, Marmora s/o David McQUAIGG (b. Belmont) & Mary COOK married Landra Grace BURNS, 24, Marmora, Marmora d/o John BURNS (b. Marmora) & Caroline TENNYSON wtn: Roy H. INGHEM & Mary INGHEM both of East Syracuse NY, 1 October 1927 at Madoc
012633-27 George Alexander McSTEVENS, 24, farmer, Picton, Picton s/o William McSTEVENS (b. Prince Edward Co) & Georgina THOMPSON married Lenora Eliza GOODMURPHY, 21, lady, Hillier, Bloomfield d/o Wallace GOODMURPHY (b. Hillier twp) & Margaret SHANKEY wtn: Lee B. FOSTER & Dorothy FOSTER both of Bloomfield, 21 November 1927 at Belleville 012589-27 Archie MEEKS, 30, returned soldier, Anglesea twp, Anglesea twp s/o Ian MEEKS (b. Canada) & Annie ROSEPLOT married Azeta LYONS, 27, domestic, Barrie twp, res not given d/o Abel LYONS (b. Canada) & Margaret CAMPBELL wtn: Ida SPENCER & John MEEKS both of Cloyne, 12 December 1927 at Tweed [with note: "This is a returned soldier who lost his eyesight overseas."]
012590-27 Walter MEENS, 29, motor mechanic, London England, Oshawa s/o William Arthur MEENS (b. England) & Elizabeth BALLARD married Annie Louise MARTIN, 21, at home, Belleville, Thurlow twp d/o George Edward MARTIN (b. England) & Lillian Effie PALMER wtn: Alice Lilian MILLIGAN & George MILLIGAN both of 191 Station St in Belleville, 26 March 1927 at Belleville 012591-27 Leonard Bruce MEIRE, 33, hairdresser, Sussex England, steamship SS Auraruia s/o William Bruce MEIRE (b. Norfolk England) & Mary BRUCE married Nancy CARRUTHERS, 33, widow, housework, Newcastle England, 68 Alexander St in Belleville d/o John WESTWELL (b. Leicestershire England) & Elizabeth FOSTER wtn: Liliane SINGER & Hugh A. SINGER both of 68 Alexander St in Belleville, 21 June 1927 at Belleville
012592-27 James MENZIE, 39, widower, labourer, Limerick twp, Wollaston s/o Adam MENZIE (b. Ormsby Ont.) & Annie GILROY married Mervie WOODCOCK, 22, housekeeper, Hastings Co, Faraday twp d/o George WOODCOCK (b. Kennebec twp) & Florence KELLAR wtn: Luke WOODCOX & Ida E. BOOMHOUR both of Bancroft, 7 December 1927 at Faraday twp 012593-27 John Nelson MERAW, 35, telephone helper, Tweed, Oshawa s/o Frank MERAW & Edith LAJOIE married Anna MULRONEY, 28, housekeeper, Stoco, Stoco d/o Tom MULRONEY & Jane WHELAN wtn: William MULRONEY of Stoco & Helen MERAW of Tweed, 5 November 1927 at Stoco
012594-27 James Martin MITTS, 19, farmer, Hungerford twp, Rawden twp s/o Walter MITTS (b. Huntington twp) & Minnie McCANN married Vera Viola Geraldine SMITH, 16, Belleville, Rawden twp d/o Harrison Bruce SMITH (b. Halloway Ont.) & Pherdella CARSCALLEN, wtn: Kenneth BELCOUR & Emily Amanda Marie SMITH both of Halloway, 21 September 1927 at Rawden twp 012595-27 Morley MITTS, 28, farmer, Huntingdon twp, Sidney twp s/o William MITTS (b. Canada) & Emma JONES married Flossie May HUBBLE, 31, farmer's daughter, Rawden twp, Sidney twp d/o Byron HUBBLE (b. Canada) & Annie ROWE wtn: Mr & Mrs Percy HUBBLE of Stirling, 1 October 1927 at Stirling
012596-27 Thomas James MOFFATT, 44, widower, farmer, Marmora twp, Marmora twp s/o James MOFFATT (b. Canada) & Margaret Elizabeth SHIRSON married Margaret LOUGH, 34, Marmora twp, Marmora twp d/o M. John LOUGH (b. Canada) & Isabella A. BAILEY wtn: Royal GANTRY of Malone & Maggie JONES of Marmora, 30 August 1927 at Marmora 012597-27 Reginald Andrew MOORE, 20, auto refinisher, Ontario, 432 St Clarens Ave in Toronto s/o Andrew H. MOORE (b. Ontario) & Ida CURRIE married Frankie Beatrice GROSE, 21, nurse, Ontario, Belleville General Hospital d/o Maitland GROSE (b. Ontario) & Alina BENWAY, wtn: George THOMPSON of 11 Bridge St W in Belleville & Helen E. INSLEY of Wellington Ont., 2 July 1927 at Belleville
012598-27 William James MOORMAN, 21, farmer, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp s/o William Henry MOORMAN (b. Thurlow twp) & Minnie Louise DAVIDSON married Doris Marion WHITEHEAD, 19, housework, England, Thurlow twp d/o Frederick William WHITEHEAD (b. England) & Elizabeth HIPPERSON wtn: Francis Lee PURDY of RR#4 Belleville & Mildred Irene DARLINGTON of RR#6 Belleville, 1 June 1927 at Point Anne 012599-27 Ralph Burton MORDEN, 32, YMCA secretary, Belleville, Belleville s/o Ransler B. MORDEN (b. Prince Edward Co) & Elizabeth PALMER married Greta Eileen MADDEN, 25, teacher, Belleville, Belleville d/o George MADDEN (b. Sidney twp) & Caroline BROWN wtn: Leroy MADDEN of 29 Albion St in Belleville & Ethelwyn MORDEN of 219 George St in Belleville, 9 September 1927 at Belleville
012600-27 Charles Roy MOREY, 22, paper mill scaler, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o William MOREY (b. Orono Ont.) & Lena PATRICK married Ella May FERGUSON, 18 yrs 8 mons, at home, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o Frank FERGUSON (b. Sidney twp) & Lillie ELLIS wtn: Mr & Mrs George W. MOREY of Frankford, 24 December 1927 at Trenton 012601-27 George William MOREY, 24, mechanic, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o William MOREY (b. Newcastle Ont.) & Lena PATRICK married Ethel Bernice HOWARD, 22, at home, Frankford, Frankford d/o Wesley HOWARD (b. Frankford) & Agnes SMITH wtn: Mr & Mrs Jack FERGUSON of Frankford, 30 June 1927 at Trenton
012602-27 Ernest Alexander MORTON, 23, farmer, Hungerford twp, Thomasburg s/o Edwin MORTON (b. Canada) & Beatrice TRUMPOUR married Dora Alvira FREEBURN, 22, domestic, Kaladar twp, Kaladar twp d/o Thomas FREEBURN (b. Canada) & Precila ANDREWS wtn: Jack FREEBURN & Anne MacLUCKIE both of Flinton, 27 August 1927 at Tweed 012603-27 Charles Amos MOYSE, 35, service manager, Port Hope Ont., Belleville Club on Pinnacle St in Belleville s/o William Henry MOYSE (b. Perrytown Ont) & Mary Emma CHAMBERS married Margaret Louise Josephine TAIT, 37, widow, housework, Campbellford Ont., 49 Dunbar St in Belleville d/o Stewart SHEA (b. Seymour twp) & Georgina FOUCHER, wtn: Mary Georgina McELRATH & Harold Cecil McELRATH both of 49 Dunbar St in Belleville, 30 December 1927 at Belleville
012604-27 Frank MULRONEY, 25, farmer, Stoco, Stoco s/o Peter MULRONEY & Norah MURPHY married May CLEMENT, 24, housekeeper, Bogart, Bogart d/o Gabriel CLEMENT & Mary COURNEYEA wtn: Wilfred CLEMENT of Bogart & Clara MULRONEY of Stoco, 28 February 1927 at Stoco 012605-27 Pat MULRONEY, 41, blacksmith, Stoco, Stoco s/o Tom MULRONEY & Jane WHELAN married Margaret COURNEYEA, 40, housemaid, Stoco, Stoco d/o Paul COURNEYEA & Clara VALAIS wtn: Eddie COURNEYEA & Annie MULRONEY both of Stoco, 7 June 1927 at Stoco
012606-27 Arthur James MUMBY, 21, labourer, Rawden twp, Thurlow twp s/o George MUMBY (b. Rawden twp) & Clara MOORE married Clara Belle RUTTER, 21, bottler, Ameliasburg twp, Thurlow twp d/o George A. RUTTER (b. Ameliasburg twp) & Helen A. COONEY wtn: Mrs Eve POTTER of 34 Howard St in Belleville & Leo McCUTCHEON of Ottawa, 2 September 1927 at Belleville 012607-27 Arthur Joseph MUMBY, 21, farmer, Rawden twp, Rawden twp s/o David MUMBY (b. Rawden twp) & Jane BURKITT married Leona May BATEMAN, 20, Rawden twp, Rawden twp., d/o (gaurdians) of Albert BATEMAN (b. Rawden twp) & Emma LIDSTER wtn: Gordon WEBB of Bonarlaw & Florence MUMBY of Springbrook, 11 June 1927 at Rawden twp
012608-27 Patrick John MURRAY, 35, teamster, Marysville Ont., Thurlow twp s/o Thomas MURRAY (b. Thurlow twp) & Mary Anne O'NEAL married Alexandria Adeline YORKE, 36, widow, housekeeper, Wesley Ont., Thurlow twp d/o Stephen MOWERS (b. Lennox & Addington Co) & Annie FARRINGTON wtn: Mrs C.B. BRETHEN & R.J. BRETHEN both of Trenton, 13 September 1927 at Trenton 012634-27 William Arthur NOBLE, 34, manager, England, Mayo twp s/o John T. NOBLE (b. Whitby Ont.) & Ada M. HARDY married Edna Gertrude CURRIE, 21, stenographer, Lambeth Ont., Montreal d/o John A. CURRIE (b. Harriston Ont.) & Elizabeth WEIR wtn: James E. GALLOWAY of 224 Ann S in Belleville & Carolyn MALOTT of 60 Bridge St E in Belleville, 8 June 1927 at Belleville
012635-27 William Michael O'CONNOR, 34, farmer, Marmora twp, Eldorado, s/o John O'CONNOR & Mary CRAWFORD married Myrtle Marguerite FORESTELL, 22, school teacher, Madoc, Madoc d/o Adam FORESTELL & Marguerite FEENEY wtn: Edward James DUNLAY of Marmora & Luella Cecilia FORESTELL of Madoc, 10 January 1927 at Madoc 012636-27 John William OSBORNE, 21, farmer, Bannockburn Ont., Huntington twp s/o John OSBORNE (b. Bannockburn) & Sarah MOORE (Moon?), married Irene Elmie KELLER, 19, domestic, Cooper Ont., Huntington twp d/o Stephen KELLER (b. Huntington twp) & Elmie DAFOE wtn: Ethel HUSSEY & Wesley HUSSEY both of Crookston Ont., 26 January 1927 at Huntington twp
012637-27 Percival Charles OSLAND, 32, farmer, Port Hope, Thurlow twp s/o Charles Edwin OSLAND (b. Hope twp) & Beatrice LADELL married Laura Ruby FAUL, 20, housework, Cashel twp, Thurlow twp d/o Manson FAUL (b. Murray twp) & Emma WEESE wtn: Carl FAUL of RR#6 Belleville & Mabel Irene COLE of Corbyville, 29 January 1927 at Thurlow twp 012638-27 Frank OWEN, 23, GMC employee, England, 113 Gibbons St E in Whitby s/o Frank Arthur OWEN (b. England) & Louisa THOMPSON married Florence Ivy TARR, 25, nurse, England, 113 Gibbons St E in Whitby d/o George Madders TARR (b. England) & Florence Jane BEER wtn: Louisa P. OWEN & Hugh OWEN both of 113 Gibbons St E in Whitby, 30 October 1927 at Stirling
012639-27 Charles Sherman PARKS, 21, farmer, Tyendinaga twp, Thurlow twp s/o James Wesley PARKS (b. Tyendinaga twp) & Lottie May SAYERS married Mary Olga BATES, 21, housework, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Edward BATES (b. Thurlow twp) & Olga FERGEY wtn: Arthur BATES of Roslin & Carrie PARKS of Plainfield, 19 October 1927 at Roslin 012640-27 George Francis PEAKE, 24, construction worker, Campbellford, Campbellford s/o Norman PEAKE (b. Sidney twp) & Ida TEMPLE, married Emma May TOMPKINS, 21, lock employee, Madoc, 45 Highland Ave in Belleville d/o Harry TOMPKINS (b. England) & Ella ROGERS wtn: Howard PEAKE of Campbellford & Lettie CURY of Belleville, 28 January 1927 at Belleville
012641-27 Albert Rennie PENGILLY, 28, mining engineer, San Jossda Madina - Portugal, Noranda Quebec, s/o Albert Edward PENGILLY (b. Portugal) & Catherine RENNIE married Nancy Bristow WRIGHT, 24, Melbourne Australia, Noranda Quebec, d/o Sidney Bristow WRIGHT (b. England) & Evelyn HORWITZ wtn: R.R. PARKER of Walkerville Ont., & Betty WRIGHT of Desboro, 20 August 1927 at Marmora 012642-27 Lorne Arlington PERRY, 25, farmer, Murray twp., Murray twp s/o Philip PERRY (b. Murray twp) & Nettie WOOD married Audrey Armina MAYBE, 18, at home, Murray twp, Sidney twp d/o John MAYBE (b. Murray twp) & Mary Eliza DONALDSON wtn: illegible PATRICK & Frankie PATRICK both of Murray twp, 31 August 1927 at Frankford
012643-27 Treffalee Arthur PETERS, 22, milkman, Coe Hill, Hybla s/o William PETERS (b. Glenalda) & Isabella McGINN married Doris Viola WASMUND, 19, household duties, Hybla, Hybla d/o Frank WASMUND (b. Renfrew Co) & Mary Ethel CARD wtn: William WASMUND & Susie THOMPSON both of Hybla, 29 August 1927 at Bancroft [divorced 27 December 1956] 012644-27 Garfield Arthur PLATT, 43, physician, Picton, Picton s/o John M. PLATT (b. Ontario) & Hilda A. BRANSCOOK married Mary Rawley Pauline VIPOND, 24, teacher, Toronto, Wellington - Prince Edward Co d/o Frank VIPOND (b. England) & Matilda Ida McCUAIG wtn: J.F. McCUAIG & H.K. VIPOND both of Toronto, 19 April 1927 at Thurlow twp
012645-27 Michael POHAJDAK, 34, labourer, Galacia Poland, Deloro s/o Nicholas POHAJDAK (b. Poland) & Anastasia SZUMEJO married Anna GLEMBICKY, 18, housework, Galacia Poland, Deloro d/o John GLEMBICKY (b. Poland) & Anastasia STEMBICKY wtn: Fred PYCHYL of Welland Ont., & Ellen DWORSKI of Point Ann, 24 September 1927 012646-27 Carmen Wellington POST, 25, bridge steel worker, Havelock Ont., Belleville s/o Marquis POST (b. Norwood) & Minnie LAUSON married Vera Marguerite MITTS, 24, at home, Tyendinaga twp, Trenton d/o William James MITTS (b. West Huntington) & Emma JONES wtn: Clinton MITTS & Mrs George BARRE both of Trenton, 24 January 1927 at Trenton
012647-27 Charles Wesley POTTER, 47, widower, salesman, Ontario, 243 Jarvis St in Toronto, s/o Richard POTTER (b. England) & Clara Susan FULLER married Edith Maud REID, 27, domestic, England, 108 Avenue Rd, d/o John REID (b. England) & (not known) wtn: Hiram ACKERS & Annie ACKERS both of Stirling, 20 April 1927 at Stirling 012648-27 Clayton David PRICE, 18, labourer, Dungannon twp, Dungannon twp s/o Alex PRICE & Geraldine CURRY married Dorothy Beatrice MILNE, 17, household duties, Toronto, Dungannon twp d/o James MILNE & Beatrice CAVANAUGH wtn: Russell PRICE & Emily PRICE both of L'Amable Ont., 31 January 1927 at Coe Hill
012649-27 Lyal Wesley PRINGLE, 23, clerk, Sarnia Ont., Thurlow twp s/o John Wesley PRINGLE (b. Belleville) & Lily GOODSELL married Beulah Leota HAWKINS, 18, housework, Belleville, 53 Giddes St in Belleville d/o Hiram Eugene HAWKINS (b. Belleville) & Violet BOWLER wtn: Leo St.LOUIS & Norah HARRIS both of Belleville, 13 July 1927 at Thurlow twp 012650-27 Matthew QUINN, 29, farmer, Croyden Ont., Thurlow twp s/o John QUINN & Amelia LEVEQUE married Clara BOON, 20, waitress, Belleville, Belleville d/o Frederick BOON & Elizabeth DECHANE wtn: Thomas QUINN & Marjorie McGUIRE both of Belleville, 27 June 1927 at Belleville
012651-27 Andrew A. RAEBURN, 26, stationary engineer, Scotland, Timmins s/o James RAEBURN (b. Scotland) & Louisa DUNCAN married Martha FRANSKY, 35, Bancroft, Bancroft d/o Martin FRANSKY (b. Germany) & Susan FRANE wtn: Eddie FRANSKY of Bancroft & Violet M. RAEBURN of Toronto, 24 August 1927 at Bancroft 012652-27 Edward REDDICK, 20, labourer, Thurlow twp, Rossmore - Prince Edward Co s/o Murney REDDICK (b. Belleville) & Melissa GARDINER married Clara Catharine Meyers VAN MEER, 22, housework, Peterborough Ont., Corbyville d/o George VAN MEER (b. Hastings Co) & Elizabeth LUCAS wtn: Clarence McPHERSON of Corbyville & Myrtle REDDICK of Rossmore, 15 June 1927 at Belleville
012653-27 Harold Winfield REID, 24, farmer, Huntingdon twp, Huntingdon twp s/o Baldwin REID (b. Huntingdon twp) & Mary MINCHIN married Edna Mae McGEE, 22, housework, Rawdon twp, Rawdon twp d/o John D. McGEE (b. Rawden twp) & Annie WINTERS wtn: Myrtle McGEE & Rosena P. McGEE both of Stirling, 26 December 1927 at Stirling 012654-27 Erwyn Redford RICHARDSON, 23, farmer, Sophiasburg twp, Hallowell twp s/o Orval H. RICHARDSON (b. Prince Edward Co) & Christina M. BAILEY married Claribel FRASER, 21, lady, Orwell NY, Athol twp d/o Frank FRASER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Mabel CLARK wtn: Mrs Nettie FARLEY of 300 Church St in Belleville & Mrs S. McCAULEY of 136 Dundas St in Belleville, 1 September 1927 at Belleville
012655-27 Edward Corham RIDLEY, 24, printer, Midland Ont., Montreal s/o Wellington James RIDLEY (b. Thurlow twp) & Margaret CORHAM married Annie Letitia TUCKER, 23, Bell Telephone operator, Wallbridge, Belleville d/o George Walter TUCKER (b. Sidney twp) & Elizabeth NICHOLSON wtn: Ralph Clement KETCHESON & Lena May TUCKER both of 8 Boswell St in Belleville, 14 September 1927 at Belleville 012656-27 Wesley Howard RIMMINGTON, 23, cheese maker, Peterborough Co, Seymour twp s/o Fred RIMMINGTON (b. Canada) & Agnes LETT married Thelma Irene WADSWORTH, 23, household duties, Carlow twp, Seymour twp d/o Frank WADSWORTH (b. Canada) & Margaret McDONALD wtn: James HINZE & Martha WADSWORTH both of Monteagle Valley, 19 April 1927 at Bancroft
012657-27 Linton James ROBBINS, 19, farmer, Tudor twp, Bancroft s/o John ROBBINS (b. Tudor twp) & Nora REID married Bertha GODFREY, 19, housework, Monk Road, Bancroft d/o Fred GODFREY (b. Kennebec twp) & Polly BOOMHAUER wtn: Inza GAEBEL & Milton REID both of Bancroft, 11 May 1927 at Bancroft > 012658-27 William Frederick ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Huntington, Tyendinaga s/o Montgomery ROBINSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CUTHBERT married Irene Bernice WOODEND, 18, housekeeping, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o James WOODEND (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Gertrude EXLEY wtn: Edmond F. GRIFFIN & Margaret ROBINSON both of Detroit, 21 June 1927 at Thomasburg
  012659-27 Theodore John ROBLIN, 18, farmer, Rawdon twp, Ameliasburg twp s/o George Raymond ROBLIN (b. Prince Edward Co) & Elizabeth Beatrice THOMPSON married Hazel Marie HAWLEY, 20, housework, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Myron William HAWLEY (b. Hastings Co) & Doris REDDICK wtn: Ewart S. SILLS of Foxboro & Helen ROBLIN of 63 Poulton Ave in Toronto, 19 May 1927 at Thurlow twp
012660-27 Norman Anson RODGERS, 33, farmer, Hastings Co, Sophiasburg twp s/o David H. RODGERS (b. Hastings Co) & Charlotte Jane WHEELER married Jennie K. GILBERT, 24, housekeeping, Sophiasburg twp, Sophiasburg twp d/o Buford S. GILBERT (b. Belleville) & Helen Estelle BELLE wtn: Clayton CARTER & Helen RODGERS both of RR#3 Demorestville, 17 February 1927 at Trenton 012661-27 Clarence Walter ROGERS, 25, electrician, Madoc, 67 Burk St in Oshawa s/o Walter ROGERS (b. Ontario) & Adeline PAGGET married Alma Mabel SAGER, 20, at home, Queensboro, Queensboro d/o Arthur SAGER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BADGLEY wtn: Irene SAGER of Queensboro & Alice ROGERS of Madoc, 15 June 1927 at the home of Arthur SAGER
012662-27 Leroy Vincent ROLLINS, 24, farmer, Huntingdon twp, Huntingdon twp s/o Joseph ROLLINS (b. Canada) & Jennie CARTER married Evelyn Irene STORING, 18, Huntingdon twp, Huntingdon twp d/o William STORING (b. Canada) & Christina HOWARD wtn: Olive K. LOVELACE & Mrs C.A. MITZ both of Ivanhoe, 7 November 1927 at Huntingdon twp 012663-27 Malcom Roger ROSE, 21, clerk, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp s/o George Henry ROSE (b. Sidney twp) & Emma ROGERS married Helena Frances MacDONELL, 21, housework, Brechin - Orillia twp, Stirling d/o Angus Francis MacDONELL (b. Stayner Ont.) & Jennie GILLESPIE wtn: Milton Mould ROBSON of Halloway & Annie Maude CONLEY of Stirling, 29 October 1927 at Belleville
012664-27 Charles Reginald ROSS, 21, labourer, Ontario, 23 Geddes St in Belleville s/o James ROSS (b. Ontario) & Margaret COLDEN married Dorothy Mary PAYNE, 20, domestic, England, 538 Jarvis St in Toronto d/o Joseph PAYNE & (ward of Children's Aid & doesn't know name of mother) wtn: William ROSS & Anne ROSS both of Belleville, 23 April 1927 at Belleville 012665-27 Garfield RUNNALLS, 25, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o John RUNNALLS (b. Rawden twp) & Mary Catherine JONES married Anne Jane ROLLINS, 31, farmer's daughter, Huntingdon twp, Rawden twp d/o Holsie? ROLLINS (b. Huntingdon twp) & Charlotte FLEMING wtn: Robert ROLLINS & Mrs A.G. REID both of Stirling, 17 September 1927 at Stirling
012666-27 Percy Edwin RUSH, 26, construction foreman, Trenton, Trenton s/o Francis RUSH (b. Trenton) & Annie Maude SMITH married Gladys Bernice HANDLEY, 26, railway clerk, Belleville, Belleville d/o Henry HANDLEY (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth CASE wtn: Lillian Gertrude SPRACKETT of 11 Forin St in Belleville & Mrs R.E. McCUTCHEON of 246 Church St in Belleville, 31 December 1927 at Belleville 012667-27 William Charles Ormand RUSHLOW, 22, labourer, Belleville, 15 South Front St in Belleville s/o Fred Ormand RUSHLOW (b. Ontario) & Rosella BOLGER married Ethel Annie PECK, 25, housework, Quebec, 185½ Front St in Belleville d/o William PECK (b. Quebec) & Annie SIMPSON wtn: Eric George PECK & Marguerite RUSHLOW both of Belleville, 5 April 1927 at Belleville
012668-27 Wichart William RYAN, 31, teacher, Peterborough Ont., Tweed s/o John Francis RYAN (b. Norwood Ont.) & Mary FOLEY married Mary Gertrude DELORE, 26, clerk, Erinsville Ont., Tweed d/o Charles DELORE (b. Hungerford) & Annie BROUGHAM wtn: Frank LONERGAN & Agnes QUINN both of Tweed, 1 March 1927 at Tweed 012669-27 Edward Courtland RYCKMAN, 24, taxi man, Murray twp, Trenton s/o Barton RYCKMAN (b. Prince Edward Co) & Hanna BARTLETT married Hazel Florence COVELL, 18 yrs 11 mons, Brighton twp, Brighton twp d/o Ross COVELL (b. Brighton twp) & Nellie SEMPLE wtn: W.W. LOWE & Marie LOWE both of Brighton Ont., 24 December 1927 at Trenton
012670-27 William Milton SAMPSON, 28, farmer, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o Robert? N. SAMPSON (b. Hastings Co) & Minnie GORDON married Mary Grace RUSSELL, 27, Richmond twp - Lennox & Addington Co, Richmond twp d/o G. Bruce RUSSELL (b. Richmond twp) & Annie Rebecca BERRY wtn: George G. RUSSELL of RR#6 Napanee Ont., & Grace SAMPSON of RR#1 Lonsdale Ont., 21 December 1927 at Belleville 012671-27 William John SANDERS, 26, machinist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Harry SANDERS (b. Ontario) & Lucy MARTIN married Emma Myrtle FORD, 23, Ontario, Campbellford Ont., d/o James FORD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Jane BOWHEY wtn: William John SANDERS of Detroit & Emma Myrtle SANDERS of Campbellford, 29 June 1917 at Belleville
012672-27 Robert Stanley Weaver SANDFORD, 26, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o Edmund SANDFORD (b. Madoc twp) & Lavina Ann THOMAS married Blanch Mable FRANKS, 22, Tudor twp, Tudor twp d/o Arthur FRANKS (b. Millbridge Ont.) & Charlotte BIGLOW wtn: Harry PARNELL & Hazel FRANKS both of Eldorado, 18 June 1927 at Madoc 012673-27 Fletcher Lewis SARGENT, 21, labourer, Brinklow?, Steenburg s/o David SARGENT (b. Hastings Co) & Susan BRUCE married Nora Belle GRANT, 18, housework, McCrae, Steenburg d/o Wallace GRANT (b. Hastings Co) & Ida POTTER wtn: Thomas Bruce SARGENT of Steenburg & Leathia Celina GRANT of McCrae, 7 December 1927 at Eldorado
012674-27 Charles Everard SAYLOR, 20, auto factory labourer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o George SAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Ethel LOTT married Edith Evelyn CLARK, 20, at home, Ameliasburg, same, d/o George CLARK (b. Ontario) & Minnie BROWN wtn: Everett JEFFERY of RR#3 Belleville & Jessie CLARK of RR#3 Carrying Place, 22 October 1927 at Trenton 012675-27 Raymond Philip SCHAEFER, 27, insurance agent, Buffalo, Buffalo NY, s/o Philip SCHAEFER (b. Buffalo NY) & Catherine KANMEYER married Aileen Lucy QUINN, 26, nurse, Tweed, Tweed d/o John QUINN (b. Ireland) & Catherine MURPHY wtn: Adolph J. MAXTER of Buffalo NY, & Rita QUINN of Tweed, 21 November 1927 at Tweed
012676-27 Archie SCHUTT, 27, merchant, Raglan twp, Raglan twp s/o Christie SCHUTT (b. Renfrew Co) & Annie LYTLE married Aggie Violet KIRGGENS, 26, household duties, Dungannon twp, Raglan twp d/o Edward KIRGGENS (b. Madoc twp) & Olive CONNELL wtn: Iona SCHUTT of Schutt Ont. & Ross KIRGGENS of Detlor , 28 September 1927 at Dungannon twp 012677-27 Everett George SCOTT, 22, mail driver, Lindsay, same, s/o William A. SCOTT (b. Canada) & Ethel BROWN married Lilian Marie PARKS, 18, domestic, Belleville, Thurlow twp d/o Egbert J.B. PARKS (b. Canada) & Jessie A. SMITH wtn: Egbert J.B. PARKS & May STANLEY both of Belleville, 23 May 1927 at Belleville
012678-27 Hector SCOTT, 48, widower, farmer, Kennaway, Maynooth s/o Thomas SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Kate McCORMICK married Theresa Francis COULAS, 19, housework, Killaloe, Maynooth d/o Paul COULAS & Mary VOLOC wtn: James WATT & Katherine SCOTT both of Maynooth, 9 November 1927 at Bancroft 012679-27 Lee Roy SCOTT, 51, widower, farmer, Kansas US, South Marysburgh twp s/o William B. SCOTT (b. England) & M.A. FARR married Alice DAVIS, 53, dressmaker, Bristol twp Que., Maryland Que., d/o W. DAVIS (b. Quebec) & Jane McFAUL wtn: Lewis A. RUSSELL & Bertha RUSSELL both of Belleville, 15 January 1927 at the Baptist Church in Belleville
012680-27 Everett Frederick SCRIMSHAW, 20, farmer, Richmond twp, Richmond s/o Frederick SCRIMSHAW (b. Ontario) & Nellie PLANE married Gladys May STONE, 18, farmer, Anderson Ont., Ernestown twp d/o Harry STONE (b. Ontario) & Annie May HARRIS wtn: Dorothy HARRISON & Edith L. DUNLOP both of Deseronto, 10 September 1927 at Deseronto 012681-27 Corry SCRIVER, 22, farmer, Brighton twp, Brighton twp s/o Corry SCRIVER (b. Brighton twp) & Eliza HARDEN married Martha Matilda COLE, 17, lady, Hastings Co, Brighton twp d/o Ezekiel COLE (b. Haliburton Co) & (not given) wtn: George CAMPBELL of Brighton & Helen AGNEW of Belleville, 8 October 1927 at Belleville
012682-27 James Edward SEXSMITH, 23, farmer, Wollaston, Wollaston twp s/o Simon SEXSMITH (b. Seymour) & Beatrice STORY married Charlotte Augusta BERRIDGE, 19, housekeeper, Wollaston, Wollaston twp d/o George BERRIDGE (b. Prince Edward Co) & Mabel McGINN wtn: Pearl FORBES & Max DANIELS both of Glen Aldo, 16 February 1927 at Faraday 012683-27 Silas Albert SEXSMITH, 39, widower, bank manager, Selby Ont., Whitby Ont., s/o George A. SEXSMITH (b. Ontario) & Margaret A. LAKE married Ida Leslie WEIR, 36, at home, Madoc, Madoc d/o Armour WEIR (b. Ontario) & Barbara KINCAID wtn: Lola WEIR & John BOOTS both of Madoc, 7 September 1927 at Madoc
012684-27 Michael Peter SHANNON, 21, farmer, Marmora, Marmora s/o Joseph SHANNON (b. Marmora) & Cecilia McGRATH married Ellen Bertella MALONEY, 29, at home, Hepworth Ont., Cordova Mines d/o John MALONEY (b. Marmora) & Frances WOLFE wtn: Patrick MULLEN of Read & Veronica MALONEY of Havelock, 29 August 1927 at Marmora  
012685-27 Donald Aubrey SHARP, 23, farmer, Rawdon, Rawdon s/o Alex B. SHARP (b. Rawdon twp) & Mary E. WHITE married Della Anne Marie DOUGLAS, 17, Huntingdon, Huntingdon d/o John DOUGLAS (b. Huntingdon twp) & Rose Anne CARROLL wtn: Gerald SHARPE of Stirling & Mrs Burton CALVERT of Ivanhoe, 31 August 1927 at the home of the bride's parents 012686-27 Lucas Milton SHARP, 22, mechanic, Huntingdon twp, Flint Michigan USA s/o Rev Lucas SHARP & wife of Rev Lucas SHARP of Shannonville married Mary Vera ACKERS, 23, servant, Stirling, Stirling d/o James ACKERS & Cora CONLEY wtn: John ACKERS & Gertrude ACKERS both of Stirling, 30 April 1927 at St John's Church in Stirling
012689-27 John Edward SHAW, 44, widower, farmer, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp s/o William SHAW & Priscilla Jane SHEER married Stella Beatrice SMITH, 21, housework, Bancroft, Thurlow twp d/o George SMITH (b. Trenton) & Harriet CONNELL wtn: Mr & Mrs E.C.C. SHAW of RR#4 Belleville, 12 October 1927 at Thurlow twp 012688-27 Frederick Lee Suttle SHAW, 21, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o John R. SHAW (b. Madoc twp) & Catherine POST married Annie May WILSON, 21, Flinton Ont., Madoc twp d/o Andrew J. WILSON (b. Ireland) & Isobel ANDREWS wtn: William SHAW & Gladys SHAW both of Bannockburn, 24 February 1927 at Madoc
012690-27 Robert SHAW, 45, purchasing agent, Carrickfirgus Ireland, Ottawa s/o David Robert SHAW (b. Ireland) & Margaret McCROGAN married Hilda May STANLEY, 33, saleslady, England, Ottawa d/o G.H.M. STANLEY (b. England) & Selina Martha CLARK wtn: Jean SHAW of Toronto & Robert E. (?) of Belleville, 5 October 1927 at Belleville 012687-27 Clifford Harold SHAW, 25, labourer, Ops twp - Victoria Co, Trenton s/o Thomas Lewis SHAW (b. Omemee Ont.) & Alida FOWLER married Clare Catherine SIMPSON, 19, at home, Tweed, Trenton d/o William Leslie SIMPSON (b. Rawden twp) & Lillie May BROWN wtn: Harry Leslie SIMPSON & Lillie Ruth SIMPSON both of Trenton, 29 June 1927 at Trenton
  012691-27 John Willis SHERRY, 27, taxi driver, Port Hope Ont., Port Hope s/o Bryan SHERRY (b. Ontario) & Lily NIXON married Rowena Elizabeth ARCHER, 26, at home, Cartwright twp, Hope twp., d/o Samuel ARCHER (b. Ontario) & Maria EDGERTON wtn: Wesley SHERRY of Port Hope & Mrs R. BLAKELY of Trenton, 1 October 1927 at Trenton
012692-27 Alfred SIMMONS, 63, widower, mason, England, 260 Coleman St in Belleville s/o William SIMMONS (b. Worstershire England) & Ester HALLOWAY married Clara MOTT, 48, widow, housework, Stirling, Stirling d/o Stephen MARSAW (b. Stirling Canada) & Eliza JEANSANE? wtn: William V. FAIRBAIRN of 325 Charles St in Belleville & Laura May STEWART of 171 George St in Belleville, 4 February 1927 at Belleville 012693-27 Harold Arthur SIMONDS, 21, farmer, Hillier twp., same, s/o Philip SIMONDS (b. Ontario) & Alice SAGER married Mildred Nettie WANNAMAKER, 25, housework, Sidney twp, Hallowell twp., d/o Theodore WANNAMAKER (b. Ontario) & Isabel MURRAY wtn: Otto E. SERGEANT & Clara SERGEANT both of Belleville, 3 October 1927 at Belleville
012694-27 Bruce Frances SIMPSON, 33, chauffeur, Kingston Ont., Belleville s/o Charles SIMPSON (b. England) & Alice GERMAN married Anna Laura McCAW, 20, clerk, Madoc twp, Belleville d/o John McCAW (b. Madoc twp) & Beatrice WOOD wtn: Emma SIMPSON & Erwin Arthur SIMPSON both of 10 Bridge St E in Belleville, 14 September 1927 at Belleville 012695-27 James Gordon SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Hungerford twp, Hungerford twp s/o James SIMPSON (b. Belleville) & Sarah Jane PURVIS married Laura Mae SOMERVILLE, 19, nurse in training, Camden twp, Hungerford twp d/o Thomas D. SOMERVILLE (b. Marlbank) & Nellie May YOUNG wtn: Harry PURVIS of Marlbank & Bernice BANN of Sharps Corners, 22 June 1927 at Marlbank
012696-27 Charles Robert SINCLAIR, 37, boilermaker, England, 149 Church St in Belleville s/o Isaac SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Margaret EUNSON married Alice CHARLTON, 37, domestic, England, 34 McGill St in Toronto d/o Thomas G. CHARLTON (b. England) & Mary E. AINSLEY wtn: Carolyn MALOTT of Belleville & Mrs V.P. HUNT of 103 Bridge St in Belleville, 19 November 1927 at Belleville 012697-27 Frank SLATER, 21, engineer, Denbigh, Denbigh s/o William SLATER (b. Belleville) & Ida ROGERS married Marjorie HARVIE, 21, teacher, Mayo twp, Gilmour d/o Archibald HARVIE (b. Fitzroy twp Ont.) & Bernice MURRAY wtn: Francis B. HARVIE of Gilmour & Esther MILLER of Beebe? Que., 21 October 1927 at Belleville
012698-27 Willard Alexander SMART, 22, labourer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Robert SMART (b. Tyendinaga) & Alice MOSES married Lily Catherine GREEN, 19, Bethal - Prince Edward Co, Tyendinaga d/o Alexander GREEN (b. Tyendinaga) & Isabelle LOUIS wtn: Renford BRANT of RR1 Deseronto & Mary CORBY of Bloomfield, 1 December 1927 at Tyendinaga twp 012699-27 Clifford Ford SMITH, 28, student, Odessa Ont., 184 Rideau St in Kingston s/o Nelson SMITH (b. Ontario) & Amy SCOTT married Florence May STOREY, 26, nurse, Napanee, Napanee d/o Byron STOREY (b. Ontario) & Ethel HOGEBOOM wtn: J.G. SILLS & Bertha L. SILLS both of Foxboro, 23 May 1927 at Thurlow twp
012700-27 Fred SMITH, 28, farmer, Ontario, Allisonville Ont., s/o Fred SMITH (b. England) & Sarah WOODCOCK married Bessie LATCHFORD, 27, hairdresser, Ontario, 226 Jarvis St in Toronto d/o Fred LATCHFORD (b. Ontario) & Carrie HAIGHT wtn: Bert L. BELL & Mrs B. BELL both of Belleville, 19 April 1927 at Belleville 012701-27 Garfield Whitney SMITH, 23, farmer, Fredericksburg twp, Fredericksburg twp s/o John Lyford SMITH (b. Odessa) & Emma PARKS married Grace Marguerite GILBERT, 21, clerk, Ernestown, Fredericksburg d/o Edward GILBERT (b. Odessa) & Nora SIMPKINS wtn: Mrs J.L. SMITH of RMD Napanee & Mrs E.C. GILBERT of Odessa, 4 June 1927 at Trenton
012702-27 Harold SMITH, 23, plumber, Ontario, 153 Hammersmith Ave in Toronto s/o William SMITH (b. Trenton) & Gertrude L. DIXON married Edith Victoria NEILSON, 22, clerk, Ontario, Trenton d/o Alex NEILSON (b. Ontario) & Minnie L. BEATTIE wtn: Alexander WILSON & Audrey NEILSON both of Trenton, 14 July 1927 at Trenton 012703-27 Robert Edwin SMITH, 22, rubber worker, Sidney twp, Akron Ohio USA s/o Robert SMITH (b. England) & Jeanette MAINPRIZE married Stella May DAVIS, 20, house worker, Murray twp, Trenton d/o Charles DAVIS (b. Murray twp) & Margaret COLLINS wtn: Gordon Herbert DAVIS & Stella May DAVIS both of Trenton, 27 October 1927 at Stirling
012704-27 Earle Llewellyn SNIDER, 28, farmer, Ameliasburg twp, same, s/o Clarence Henry SNIDER (b. Consecon Ont.) & Ada Luella CHASE married Keitha Irene HENDERSON, 29, teacher, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Wesley HENDERSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth LATTA wtn: Marjorie HENDERSON of Madoc & Marjorie KETCHESON of Foxboro, 17 November 1927 at Thurlow twp 012705-27 Gordon Burton SNIDER, 22, farmer, Thurlow twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o Walter SNIDER (b. Prince Edward Co) & Jenny BALCANGRIAL married Muriel Elizabeth EMBURY, 20, house work, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o George Wilmott EMBURY (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane SPARROW wtn: Frances Mabel MacLEAN & Charles Franklin SNIDER both of Shannonville, 5 January 1927 at Tyendinaga twp
012706-27 Neil Gordon SOMERVILLE, 21, banker, Rear Leeds twp, Lyndhurst s/o James SOMERVILLE (b. Canada) & Josephine SMITH married Dorothy Margaret REDDICK, 18, Lansdowne twp., res not given, d/o George REDDICK (b. Canada) & Ethel YOUNG wtn: Helen J. REDDICK & D.H. WILSON both of Lyndhurst, 26 October 1927 at Belleville 012707-27 John Morley SPIKER, 24, banker, Stayner - Simcoe Co, 163 Pinnacle St in Belleville s/o Charles SPIKER (b. Stayner) & Margaret KNISELY married Theda Mae TURNER, 19, machine operator, Belleville, 65 Greer St in Belleville d/o Samuel TURNER (b. Hastings Co) & Mary Ethel MAYBE wtn: Harry Reginald ELVINS of College Hill in Belleville & Lillie Luella ANDERSON of Children's Shelter in Belleville, 18 April 1927 at Belleville
012708-27 Frederick Brock SPROULE, 25, farmer, Brock twp, Co, Brock twp., s/o Frederick William SPROULE (b. Ontario Co) & Harriett PORTER married Laura May LOVE, 23, teacher, Mariposa twp, Cannington Ont., Co d/o Thomas LOVE (b. Victoria Co) & Eleanor L. BAGSHAW wtn: Mrs I. McCUTCHEON of 33 Yeomans St in Belleville & Mrs R.E. McCUTCHEON of 246 Church St in Belleville, 7 November 1927 at Belleville 012709-27 Fred Ralph STAFFORD, 36, farmer, Richmond twp, Richmond twp s/o Hiram Aaron STAFFORD (b. Hastings Co) & Hanna May ABOTT married Hilda May BARLOW, 28, school teacher, Belleville, Belleville d/o Robert George H, BARLOW (b. Thurlow twp) & Mary L. BIRD wtn: Mabel A. STAFFORD & Gordon R. GIBSON both of Napanee, 30 June 1927 at Belleville
  012710-27 James Roland STALKER, 35, merchant, Plevna, McArthur Mills s/o James Wellington STALKER (b. Plevna) & Ossie YORK married Bettie May McEATHRON, 18, housework, Dungannon twp, McArthurs Mills d/o John McEATHRON (b. Carleton Place Ont.) & Edith SMITH wtn: Mrs Edith McEATHRON & Bessie HARVEY both of McArthurs Mills, 2 February 1927 at Bancroft
012716-27 Robert Ernest STAPLEY, 30, farmer, Sidney twp, Thurlow twp s/o James STAPLEY (b. Belleville) & Annette EGGLETON married Ethel May Irene WILSON, 15, housework, Tudor twp, Sidney twp d/o Herbert WILSON (b. Tudor) & Lavina PHILLIPS wtn: Ernest WILSON of RR Holloway & Flossie WILSON of RR Foxboro, 30 August 1927 at Thurlow twp 012711-27 Edward Lawrence STARK, 19, barber, Montreal Que., 8 Wicket St in Belleville s/o Andrew STARK (b. Scotland) & Catherine HUNT married Verna Maud WANNAMAKER, 18, waitress, Madoc twp, Madoc twp d/o Henry WANNAMAKER (b. Madoc) & Minnie BROADWORTH wtn: Gordon STARK of Belleville & Margaret WILSON of Thomasburg, 29 June 1927 at Belleville
012712-27 George Peter Emanuel STEPHENS, 25, driver, Ontario, 1544 King St W s/o Peter STEPHENS (b. Ontario) & Tina POTTS married Harriett LITTLE, 26, clerk, Ontario, Campbellford Ont., d/o William LITTLE (b. Ontario) & Kitty INGRAM wtn: George Peter E. STEPHENS & Harriett STEPHENS both of 1544 King St W in Toronto, 29 June 1927 at Belleville 012713-27 Earl Lee STICKLE, 25, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o George C. STICKLE (b. Sidney twp) & Ella JENNERS married Vera Mae MacMULLEN, 21, housework, Rawden twp, Sidney twp d/o William MacMULLEN (b. Rawden twp) & Bertha SHARPE wtn: Helen STICKLE of RR5 Trenton & Harold TERRY of Frankford, 20 April 1927 at Sidney twp
012715-27 Sylvester STONE, 27, labourer, Kaladar, Baptiste s/o William Henry STONE (b. Arden Ont.) & Amanda Ann CLARKE married Mary Ellen BOOMHOUR, 16, housework, Kaladar, Baptiste d/o George Paul BOOMHOUR (b. Bordenwood Ont.) & Mary Ellen WOOD wtn: Hester May BOOMHOUR & Paul George BOOMHOUR both of Ormsby Ont., 25 April 1927 at Bancroft 012714-27 James Harold STONE, 25, labourer, Mountain Grove Ont., Deseronto s/o Henry STONE b. Canada) & Amanda CLARK married Edna May TAYLOR, 17, domestic, Campbellford, Deseronto d/o Henry TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Lena PHILLIPS wtn: William STONE & Pearl STONE both of Paudash, 25 July 1927 at Bancroft
012717-27 Peter Raymond SULLIVAN, 36, farmer, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp s/o Robert SULLIVAN (b. Hastings Co) & Miletia LETTIE married Edna Josephine SILLS, 23, housework, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Wallace SILLS (b. Hastings Co) & Lily LESLIE wtn: Frank HODGEN of Latta & Mildred SILLS of Holloway, 29 June 1927 at Belleville 012718-27 Gerald Bruce SWAN, 21, farmer, Tyendinaga twp, RR1 Corbyville s/o Henry SWAN (b. England) & Electra GOODMAN married Keitha May HALL, 20, housework, Thurlow twp, Thurlow twp d/o Walter HALL (b. Ontario) & Margaret A. HAMBLY wtn: Thelma HAMBLY of Napanee & William Barton GOODMAN of Milford, 1 June 1927 at Thurlow twp
012719-27 Earl Francis SWEET, 19, hand carver, Tyendinaga twp, Napanee s/o Luther SWEET (b. ? twp) & Mary Jane DOREY married Violet May WILKINS, 19, art glass engraver, Deseronto, Napanee d/o T. Alex WILKINS (b. London England) & Sarah JOHNSON wtn: Leonard MARKLE of Napanee & Geraldine BRADSHAW of Deseronto, 16 February 1927 at Deseronto 012720-27 Ira Wilbert SWITZER, 45, farmer, Smith twp, Emily twp s/o John J. SWITZER (b. Emily twp) & Mary Jane STOREY married Grace Myrtle THOMPSON, 40, housekeeper, Rawden, Emily twp d/o T.J. THOMPSON (b. Rawden twp) & Margaret Ellen BURKITT wtn: Eugene SWITZER of Omemee & Ethel May THOMPSON of Stirling, 20 December 1927 at Rawden twp
012721-27 Alexander McAuley TELFORD, 40, section foreman, Owen Sound, Roblin s/o Daniel TELFORD (b. Scotland) & Margaret SINCLAIR married Viola Beatrice CRAVEN, 28, school teacher, Bath, Bath d/o Thomas CRAVEN (b. Bath Ont.) & Ann Elizabeth WITHERS wtn: Mr & Mrs John H. KIMMETT of Roblin, 21 December 1927 at Thurlow twp 012722-27 Dorval Ross THOMPSON, 26, labourer, Camden twp, Rochester NY, s/o Eli THOMPSON (b. Camden twp) & E. Luella YOUNGE married Ethel Blanch LAWRENSON, 26, farmer's daughter, Tyendinaga twp, Latta d/o Herbert LAWRENSON (b. Tyendinaga twp) & Martha SHELLY wtn: A.A. ROSS & H.A. LAWRENSON both of 2052 Denny Ave in Rochester NY, 1 June 1927 at Thurlow twp
012723-27 Walter Cyril THRASHER, 30, rubber worker, Sidney twp, 34 Gladstone Ave in Toronto Ont., s/o William THRASHER (b. Hastings Co) & Cora SILLS married May Elizabeth VALLIER, 34, house maid, Wicklow twp, Quinte Hotel in Belleville d/o Lou VALLIER (b. Quebec city) & Janet KNIGHT wtn: H.R. WILSON of Belleville & E.A. FORD of Simpson Saskatchewan, 24 December 1927 at Belleville 012724-27 Thomas John Clayton TINDLE, 51, widower, physician, Peterborough Co, Flinton Ont., s/o George Black TINDLE (b. England) & Mary IVISON married Mary Jane GRANT, 33, domestic, Kaladar twp, Kaladar twp d/o John GRANT (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Ann WATSON wtn: Elizabeth A. DALES & Wilma A. PATTISON both of Tweed, 2 September 1927 at Tweed
012725-27 Nicola TOMCHUK, 39, labourer, Chmieloko Eastern Galatia, Thurlow twp s/o Todor TOMCHUK & Mary WINIK married Ellen KARPUK, 22, Galatia, Point Ann d/o Tukach KARPUK & Ann OTINKIRVICH wtn: Samuel EURNICK & Mary KARUK both of Point Ann, 24 September 1927 at Belleville 012726-27 William Nelson TOMPKINS, 19, labourer, Deseronto, Thurlow twp s/o Nelson Parker TOMPKINS (b. Napanee) & Lucy Ann LOUISE married Sarah Mildred SHATTRAW, 19, glass cutter, Deseronto, Thurlow twp d/o Francis SHATTRAW (b. Fenelon Falls) & Frances Mariah DEROCHE wtn: Roland TOMPKINS & Jennie SHATTRAW both of Deseronto, 24 February 1927 at Deseronto
014651-1927 Frances Alexander VanNORMAN, 21, Laborer, Belleville, Belleville, s/o Charles VanNORMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary RUSHLEN, married Mabel Mary LITTLE, 20, Belleville, Belleville, d/o William LITTLE (b. Ontario) & Blanche A. KELLAR, witn: Franklin RUSHLEN, Marguerite RUSHLEN, both of Belleville, 1 Nov 1927 at Belleville