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Hastings Co., 1874

birth place is given before residence


3438-74 James ADAMS, 28, widower, farmer, Ameliasburgh, Athol, s/o Christopher & Jane, married Mary Ann CRONK, 29, widow, Consecon, Sidney, d/o Joseph WALKER & Sarah SPRING, witn: John FARLEY of Nora? Illinois & David A. WALKER of Sidney, 4 Feb 1874 at Sidney 3429-74 Ephraim W. ADAMS, 27, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Samuel & Susannah, married Martha COLEMAN, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o David & Sarah, witn: Stephen ADAMS & B. A. BIRD, both of Belleville, 24 June 1874 at Belleville
#003212-75 (Hastings Co): Robert Scott ADAMS, 24?, yeoman, Canada, Ameliasburgh twp., s/o Robert & Isabella, married Clarysa Ann DELONG, 23, Canada, Ameliasburgh twp., d/o Simon & Byancy Permelia, Dec 1874 at Belleville 3565-74 Adam Henry AIRHART, 26, yeoman, Sidney, Lake, s/o Adam & Hannah, married Matilda HOWE, 24, Marmora, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Albert & Maria HOWE of Marmora, 11 April 1874 at Marmora
3431-74 John Wesley ALCOMBRACK (Alcornbrack?), 36, widower, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Ellen KNOX, 28, Toronto, Rawdon, d/o James & Mary, witn: Edmond & Almira ALCOMBRACK of Huntingdon, 10 June 1874 at Cole Hill, Thurlow 3460-74 Joseph ALLEN, 22, laborer, Prince Edward Co., Trenton, s/o John W. & Harriet, married Adi HUTCHESON, 28, NY state, Trenton, d/o Noah & Adie, witn: Sarah J. CULMOT? & Sarah J. CHAPMAN, both of Frankford, 1 Nov 1874 at Frankford
3436-74 George Good ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o James & Every, married Flora Eliza PARKS, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Elijah & Lucy Ann, witn: Sylvester & Mary E. PHILLIPS of Thurlow, 4 Oct 1874 at Philipston 3413-75 George ARCHER, 22, laborer, of Seymour, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Nancy McGOWN (McGowan?), 20, Rawdon, same, d/o Marquis & Almina , witn: Thomas HUBBLE & Jane SHERMAN no residences given on Aug. 24, 1874 at Peter Hubble’s residence at Rawdon
3455-74 Harford ASHLEY, 33, reeve of Thurlow twp., Thurlow, same, s/o Simeon & Mary, married Sabra Maria VANDERWATERS, 17, Sidney, same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Abraham HORTON of Sidney & Elizabeth ASHLEY of Thurlow, 15 Sept 1874 at Sidney  
3492-74 (Hastings Co): Ancil Edwin AYLESWORTH, 24, yeoman, Tyendinaga, 4th con of Thurlow, s/o Niles & Ruth, married Mary Jane BEATTY, 21, 3rd con of Tyendinaga, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Alice AYLESWORTH of Thurlow & W. A. BEATTY of Tyendinaga, 20 May 1874 at 3rd con of Tyendinaga 3653-74 (Hastings Co): Garret BARKER, 30, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Garret & Elizabeth, married Eliza CLARK, 21, Hungerford, same, d/o George & Margaret, witn: George & John CLARK of Hungerford, 9 April 1874 at Hungerford
3634-74 Thomas Major BATEMAN, 19, farmer, of Madoc twp., s/o James & Rachel, married Minerva Jane ROBISON, 18, of Madoc twp., d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel ROBISON & Margaret J. BROWN, both of Madoc, 23 Dec 1874 at Madoc 3637-74 Robert BAUDER (Bander?) 24, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o John & Abigail, married Rebecca SAGER, 18, Napanee, Madoc, d/o Charles & Ellen, witn: William J. & Emily BAUDER of Elziver, 14 Jan 1874 at Elziver
3187-75 Joseph BEACH, 22, laborer, Huntington, Trenton, s/o John & Linya?, married Hannah Maria VANGESAN, 18, Prince Edward, Belleville, d/o John E. & Maggie, witn: William VANGESAN & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, both of Belleville, 24 Dec 1874 at Belleville 3428-74 James BEASH (Beach?), 34, widower, accountant, Ohio - Knox Co., USA, s/o Bennet & Elizabeth, married Mary MORTEN (Morton?), 23, Huntingdon, Thurlow, d/o James & Margaret, witn: William SILLS of Thurlow & R. R. BIRD of Sidney, 7 March 1874 at Huntingdon
3450-74 John BENEDICT, 51, widower, farmer, Sidney, Stockdale, s/o David & Lavinia, married Rachel GERMAN, 44, Prince Edward Co., Murray, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: Luther W. GERMAN of Murray & W. E. MARSH of Frankford, 2 June 1874 at Frankford 3665-74 (Hastings Co): John Anson BENN, 26, Canada, Richmond, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret MILLS, 19, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Allen & Pheba, witn: Mary MILLS & Elizabeth FARMSWORTH, both of Hungerford, 18 Feb 1874 at Tweed
3495-75 (Hastings Co) William BENNETT, 21, yeoman, Tyendinaga, same, s/o John & Ellen BENNETT, married Elizabeth DORAN, 26, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John & Ann DORAN, witn: Philip DORAN & Catherine BENNETT, both of Tyendinaga, 21 Sept 1874 at Tyendinaga, RC 3423-74 William Law BENNIGAR, 36, clerk, Thurlow, Belleville, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Delphine DENYES, 30, Thurlow, same, d/o Jacob & Sarah, witn: J. W. HAIGHT of Stirling & E. B. LAKE of Foxboro, 19 May 1874 at Thurlow
003539-74 Stephen George BENSON, 21, Ameliasburg, same, Yeoman, s/o Peter BENSON & Catharine BENSON married Caroline ALLEY, 23, Ameliasburg, same, d/o William W. ALLEY & Jane ALLEY. Wtn: Catharine T. BENSON and W.N. CRONK of Ameliasburg on December 30, 1874 at Trenton 3654-74 (Hastings Co): Thomas BERDON, 33, butcher, England, Orillia, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Phebe Ann NEWTON, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: R. W. NEWTON of Huntingdon & Ida LYON (or Lynn) of Belleville, 23 June 1874 at Huntingdon
003553-74 Fedel BILL , 29, Baden Baden Germany, Trenton, Labourer, s/o Nathan BELL & Agnes BELL married Amilia LIPKIE, 18,  Moravia Russia, Trenton, d/o Charles LIPKIE & Henrietta LIPKIE. Wtn: Levi Bell & Catharine BELL both of Trenton on April 7, 1874 at Trenton  
3399-74 Pierre BONNER, of age, laborer, Quebec, Belleville, s/o Louis BONNER & Emilie BRUNETTE, married Virginie GONNEAU, of age, Quebec, Belleville, d/o Michael GONNEAU & Leocadie LA--?, witn: Louis BONNIER (sic) & Julia GOMMEAUX (sic), both of Belleville, 23 Aug 1874 at Belleville 3526-74 George Shuter BONTER, 23, merchant, North Port, Trenton, s/o Shuter S. & Sarah, married Georgianna HIGLEY, 22, Oshawa, Trenton, d/o Peter & Amanda, witn: George H & Mary E. GORDON of Trenton, 6 Sept 1874 at Trenton [with note: This marriage was previously celebrated but doubts being thrown upon its validity from lack of authority of its previous administration they were thus remarried"]
003535-74 George Francis BOVEY, 23, Ameliasburg, same, Yeoman, s/o John BOVEY & Minerva BOVEY married Fidelia FERGUSON, 18, Ameliasburg, Norfolk Co., d/o Truman FERGUSON & Margaret FERGUSON. Wtn: James A. CARNRIKE and Matina S. CARNRIKE of Trenton on November 29, 1874 at Trenton 3663-74 (Hastings Co): Samuel BOWERS, 27, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o Britton & Sarah, married Matilda FLEMING, 19, Canada, Elziver, d/o James & Anna, witn: George BOWERS & A. J. CRONKWRIGHT, 18 Nov 1874 at Tweed
3178-75 James BOYCE, 24, harness maker, Ontario, Colborne, s/o Alex BOYCE & Mary MILLER, married Frances CONSOL, no age given, widow, of Belleville, d/o Elisha WESLEY & Maggie ATKINS, witn: Elisha WESLEY & H. D. HAMPTON, 24 Dec 1874 at Belleville 003544-74 Thomas BOYLE, 24, Rawdon, Trenton, Labourer, s/o John BOYLE & Mary BOYLE married Margaret SHERIDAN, 17, Trenton, same, d/o John SHERIDON & Mary SHERIDON. Wtn: John SHERIDAN and Teresa BOYLE both of Trenton on November 1, 1874 at Trenton
3343-75 William O. BRAINARD, 31, farmer, Merlia? Ohio, Iowa US, s/o William H. & Abigail, married Amelia LOTT, 17, Percy, Marmora, d/o George & Mary, witn: Andrew WANAMAKER & Julia A. LOTT, both of Marmora, 25 Dec 1874 at Madoc 3317-74 George Nelson BRINTNELL, 30, farmer, Canada, Thurlow, s/o George & Betsy, married Sarah Ann HAMILTON, 25, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Archibald COLLINS of Tyendinaga, 21 Jan 1874 at Belleville
003511-74 William BROATCH, 25, Cramahe, Murray, Yeoman, s/o James BROATCH & Isabella TEMPLE married Catharine Elizabeth WAY, 18, Murray, same, d/o Benjamin WAY & Charlotte FAIRFIELD. Wtn: Horatio WAY and Elizabeth BROATCH both of Murray on February 11, 1874 at Trenton 3288-74 (Hastings Co): James BROUD?, 37, yeoman, Canada, Ameliasburgh, s/o Joshua & Lavina, married Hannah Catherine MILL--?, 32, Canada, Ameliasburgh, d/o John Everet & Alice, witn: James & Sarah A. BECKETT of Belleville, 27 Jan 1874 at Belleville
3405-74 Peter Wilbur BROWN, 25, farmer, Sidney, Brighton, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Harriet M. HAWLEY, 24, Napanee, Belleville, d/o Charles & Hannah J., witn: Jacob BROWN of Brighton, 21 Dec 1874 at Belleville 3598-74 Wellington BROWN, 26, farmer, Huntington, Thurlow, s/o Joshua & Mary, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 25, Norfolk, Madoc, d/o Stephen & Sarah, witn: Lucy SING & Emily SCOTT, both of Madoc, 5 July 1874 at Madoc
003532-74 Marshall J. BRUNDAGE, 21, Murray, same, Yeoman, s/o Harvey BRUNDAGE & Ruth BRUNDAGE married Emma A. MOYLE, 19, Frankford, same, d/o William MOYLE & Lucy Ann MOYLE. Wtn: Lucy C. HOWELL  & Hannah BOUTER of Trenton on November 4, 1874 at Trenton 3397-74 Albert BURGEON, of age, laborer, Quebec, Belleville, s/o Albert BOURGEON & Marie COMPLIN, married Mary Jane JELLIER, of age, Quebec, Belleville, d/o Louis T. PELTIER (sic) & Jane DURAND, witn: John PELTIER & Clen CLEMONT, both of Belleville, 21 July [1874] at Belleville
#003281-74 (Hastings Co): Philip BUSH, 35, Dublin Ireland, Guelph, s/o William BUSH & Jane WIGHT, married Eliza HOSE, illegible age, Napanee, Belleville, d/o Charles HOSE & Susana PORTER, witn: James EMSLEY of Belleville, 14 May 1874 at Belleville 3494-74 (Hastings Co): William CAMPBELL, 19, laborer, McNab, Carlow, s/o Colin & Mary, married Margaret WILSON, 22, Bagot, Carlow, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: William FOSTER & James WILSON, both of Carlow, 8 Jan 1874 at Maynooth
3664-74 (Hastings Co): Charles CARNEY, 37, farmer, Canada, Tyendinaga, s/o William & Ellen, married Mary Ann PRESTON, 24, Canada, Hungerford, d/o William & Barbara, witn: J. T. REYNOLDS & E. FARMSWORTH, 14 Feb 1874 at Tweed  
3506-74 John CARR, 25, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Daniel & Rebecca, married Abigail CARR, 25, widow, Canada, Rawdon, d/o Benjamin CHARD & Rebecca, witn: Austin HUBBLE & Georgianna McKEE, both of Rawdon, 18 April 1874 at Rawdon #003215-75 (Hastings Co): William Frederick CARRIER, 25, wholesale jeweller, USA, Toronto, s/o William & Frances, married Emma BURRELL, 23 (or 28), Canada, Belleville, d/o Ellis & Jane, witn: Ella BURRELL of Belleville & William McCAULIFFE of Montreal, 18 Nov 1874 at Belleville
3306-74 Walter CARRUTH, 30, blacksmith, Glasgow Scotland, Belleville, s/o James & Isabella Knox, married Catherine GRANT, 30, Glengarry Ont., Belleville, d/o James GRANT & Christena McDONALD, witn: J. MARSHALL of Belleville, 5 Feb 1874 at Belleville 3452-74 George CHEALL, 25, illegible maker, England, Sidney, s/o Joseph & Frances, married Emma Georgina H. CROWTER, 21, Sidney, same, d/o A. L. & Elizabeth, witn: Egerton CROWTER of Philadelphia & Sylvia McMULLEN of Sidney, 26 Aug 1874 at Sidney
3418-74 John CLAGIE? (Clayre?), 32, mason, Scotland, Percy, s/o John & Margaret, married Agnes RITCHIE, 26, Scotland, Thurlow, d/o David & Christine, witn: William CLEYIE? & James HOGG, both of Belleville, 5 Dec [1874 or 1873] at Thurlow 3668-74 (Hastings Co): Alexander W. CLAPPER, 47, widower, farmer, Quebec, Huntingdon, s/o Jacob & Bella, married Martha Ann NICHOL, 28, Huntingdon, same, d/o Thomas & Nancy, witn: Anna & Arnold S. DOXSEE of Hungerford, 24 Dec 1874 at Hungerford
3188-75 James CLARKE, 25, widower, carpenter, Rawden, Belleville, s/o William & Ann, married Harriet COLLINS, 25, Ireland, Belleville, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Rosalie BRIGGS & Rose LEONARD, both of Belleville, 14 Dec 1874 at Belleville 3190-75 William Thomas CLIFT, 23, mariner, Belleville, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Sarah Matilda LLOYD, 21, Tamworth, Belleville, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas TURNER & Grace TAYLOR, both of Belleville, 31 Dec 1874 at Belleville
3561-74 Alexander CLYSDALE, 37, widower, farmer, Dummer, Norwood, s/o Samuel CLYSDALE & Agnes HALLIDAY, married Elizabeth SHEARER, 28, Otonabee, Hastings, d/o Andrew SHEARER & Ellen WADDELL, witn: Mrs. & Katie MEACHAM, 8 Sept 1874 at Trenton 003494-74 - Charles COLLINS, 27, Huntingdon, same, s/o James & Mary COLLINS, married Elizabeth McKENNY, 23, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John & Catherine McKENNY, wtn: James COLLINS of Huntingdon & Bridget MULLINS of Tyendinaga, on July 27, 1874, at Tyendinaga
3476-74 (Hastings Co): James COLLINS, 22, yeoman, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Edward & Lucretia, married Ann Elizabeth COLE, 20, Sophiasburgh, Tyendinaga, d/o Lucius & Emiline, witn: Lycurgus & Margaret COLE, 12 Sept 1874 at Shannonville 003538-74 George Henry COLTMAN, 25, Ameliasburg, Thurlow, Yeoman, s/o William COLTMAN & Alvira  COLTMAN married Joanna VANCOTT, 22, Thurlow, same, d/o Steven VANCOTT & Joanna VANCOTT. Wtn: Lucy C. HOWELL and Margaret LANE of Trenton on December 17, 1874 at Trenton
3307-74 Mathew Wilson (Nelson?) CONNER, 21, tinsmith, Thurlow twp., Belleville, s/o William & Mary Ann WILSON (sic), married Matilda MARSELA, 21, England, Belleville, d/o Edward (Edmond?) & Mary Elizabeth, witn: W. John CONNER of Belleville, 28 Jan 1874 at Belleville 3597-74 James CONSOLUS, 27, lumberman, Madoc, same, s/o Peter & Isabell, married Hannah RHODES, 22, Madoc, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Miss & Mrs. CONSOLUS of Madoc, 8 March 1874 at Madoc
3316-74 William Scott COOK, 23, merchant, Glasgow Scotland, Belleville, s/o John COOK & Elizabeth HENDRY, married Isabella Clark SCOTT, 21, Toronto, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: George THOMPSON of Belleville & Jennie KENNDY of Toronto, 17 Feb 1874 at Toronto [reg'd in Belleville ] 3479-74 (Hastings Co): Richard S COOK, 27 (or 29), blacksmith, Canada, Tyendinaga, s/o James & Catherine, married Harriet DEMILL, 24, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o Fleet & Christena, witn: Mrs. TURNBELL of Melrose, 9 Dec 1874 at Melrose
3434-74 Samuel COULTER, 23, farmer, Huntingdon, Hungerford, s/o William & Ellen, married Roxana BADGLEY, 21?, Hungerford, same, d/o Gilbert & Fanny, witn: Mary A. & Clara E. BRILL of Canifton, 23 Dec 1874 at Canifton 3442-74 Alfred COVELL, 28, mariner, Brighton, same, s/o David & blank, married Nancy GOULD, 27, Murray twp., same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: J. G. & Mrs. J. G. GERMAN of Frankford, 26 Jan 1874 at Sidney
3172-75 Joseph COX, 40, laborer, widower, England, Belleville, s/o Edward & Susan, married Eliza SNIFFEN, 40, widow, Canada, Belleville, d/o Charles & Elizabeth MAYS, witn: R. S. FORNIER of Belleville on Oct. 20, 1874 at Belleville. 3322-74 David COX, 28, farmer, Lower Canada, Olden twp., s/o David COX & Ann CRAWFORD, married Dorothy Ann CANNING, 25, Ireland, Olden, d/o John CANNING & Ellen DUGGAN, witn: William DUGGAN of Sophiasburg & Mary Ann KNIGHT of Belleville, 21 Feb 1874 at Belleville
3511-74 George CRONKWRIGHT, 21, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o John CRONKWRIGHT & Clara BUSH, married Mary GIRDWOOD, 17, Rawdon, same, d/o James GIRDWOOD & Jane JOHNSON, witn: George GRAY & Margaret GIRDWOOD, both of Rawdon, 17 July 1874 at Rawdon 3410-74 Samuel Brown CROOKS, no age given, widower, Ireland, Campbellford, s/o John CROOKS & Agnes BROWN, married Florida Blanche COLE, no age given, Hastings, Rawdon, d/o Samuel COLE & Caroline WRIGHT, witn: Lorenzo PARENT, 17 Dec 1874 at Belleville
003492-74 - John CULKEEN, 30, Tyendinaga, same, Yeoman, s/o Michael & Elizabeth CULKEEN, married Elizabeth EGAN, 24, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John & Mary EGAN, wtn: Patrick KELLSHU? (Kellehan?) & Bridgett EGAN both of Tyendinaga, on June 22, 1874, at Tyendinaga 3507-74 George DAFOE, 38, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane GRAHAM, 25, Canada, Rawdon, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: Frederick & Catherine KELLAR of Rawdon, 25 March 1874 at Rawdon
3439-74 Daniel DAFOE, 31, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Michael & Mary, married Electa PERRY, 17, Sidney, same, d/o Caleb & Sarah, witn: Clarence & Albina B. HUFFMAN of Sidney, 17 Feb 1874 at Sidney 3566-74 Samuel E. DAVIS, 36, cooper, Hillier, Belmont, s/o Alvy & Dorothea, married Margaret HOWE, 47, widow, Adolphustown, Belmont, d/o Peter & Lavina DALINE, witn: Rufus DAVIS & Lydia Ann DAVIS, both of Belmont, 15 June 1874 at Marmora
3334-75 (Hastings Co): John Robert Grisberry DAWSON, 27, widower, merchant, Ireland, Ompah, s/o Rev. Abm. & Ann Jane, married Frances A. THOMPSON, 20, Queensboro, same, d/o Daniel & Ann, witn: George W.W. DAWSON of Ompah & Margery THOMPSON of Queensboro, 3 Sept 1874 at Queensboro 3525-74 George DAY, 25, laborer, Somersetshire England, Sidney, s/o Henry & Anne, married Julia DEFOE, 25, Trenton, same, d/o Duncan & Elizabeth, witn: William SHEA & Elizabeth DAY, both of Trenton, 24 June 1874 at Trenton
003574-74, (Hastings Co), John Henry DELINE, 21, Farmer, Hungerford, Co. Peterboro, s/o Denni & Alsina, married Margaret PARKS, 17, Madoc, Tudor, d/o William & Mary, William HORNER, Peterboro, Sarah PARKS, Madoc, September 20th 1874, Madoc 003529-74 Anthony DERONCEAU, 19, Chattigua, Trenton, Labourer, s/o Antoine DERONCEAU & Emilie BOULLERICE married Catharine ADAMS, 22, Hesse Castel, Trenton, d/o Augustus H. ADAMS & Mary ADAMS. Wtn: Antoine DERONCEAU & Emily BOULLERICE of Trenton on September 6, 1874 at Trenton
3620-74 James DONAHOE, 26, farmer, Quebec, Rawdon, s/o James DONAHOE & Mary A. STANLEY, married Rhoda MOSHER, 25, Rawdon, same, d/o Gideon MOSHER & Mahala CARR, witn: Walter MARTIN & Sarah A. SEALY, both of Stirling, 12 May 1874 at Stirling  
3500-74 (Hastings Co): George EASTON, 26, yeoman, Scotland, Dungannon, s/o Robert EASTON & Isabella DIXON, married Elizabeth GOULD, 31, widow, England, Dungannon, d/o James GOULD & Emily, witn: Robert & Margaret BOYD of Dungannon, 12 Nov 1874 at lot 23, con 6 of Dungannon 3302-74 John EATON, 45, widower, engineer, P. Edward Co., Baker Island - Sidney, s/o Isaac EATON & Betsy SPRING, married Louisa Maria SWEETMAN, no age given, Dublin Ireland, Belleville, d/o Henry SWEETMAN & Agnes BULLEN, witn: illegible J. MANLEY of Toronto & Sarah MINAKER of Belleville, 3 Feb 1874 at Belleville
3657-74 (Hastings Co): W. R. EMERSON, 26, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Charlotte BEATY, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John BEATY & Charlotte J. EMERSON, both of Huntingdon, 15 April 1874 at Hungerford 3458-74 Adam Henry FALL, 24, farmer, Murray, same, s/o Thomas & Barbara, married Jennie Elisa EDMUNDS, 23, Montague, Murray, d/o William & Sarah, witn: George MANNS & Hannah FALL, both of Murray, 18 Nov 1874 at Sidney
3169-75 Abraham FANSWORTH (Farnsworth?), 28, yeoman, widower, Ontario, Thurlow, s/o Zacarias & Lounda, married Mary Ann MOULT, 30, Ontario, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Matilda, witn: Henry HOSKINS & Annie GORDON both of Belleville on Nov. 7, 1874 at Belleville 3445-74 James R. FAULKNER, 25, farmer, Sidney, Thurlow, s/o Francis D. & Elenor, married Mary VANDERWATERS, 17, Sidney, same, d/o Daniel & Lucy, wit: Dr. FAULKNER of Sterling & W. VANDERWATERS of Sidney , 8 April 1874 at Sidney
3390-75 William Lafayette FERGUSON, 22, millwright, Tweed, Tyendinaga, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Sarah Ann DOONAN, 23, Hungerford, same, d/o James & Prudence, witn: Frances & Jane FOSTER of Picton, 22 Sept 1874 at Thomasburgh 3671-74 (Hastings Co): Hezekiah FITCHETT, 21, blacksmith, Fredericksburgh, Hungerford, s/o John & Caroline, married Sarah Ann FLUKE, 16, Marysburgh, Hungerford, d/o William Henry & Isabella, witn: William Henry & Isabella FLUKE of Hungerford, 30 Oct 1874 at Hungerford
3408-74 William FOLEY, of age, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o Michael FOLEY & Bridget O'LOUGHLIN, married Ann DOWNES, of age, Ontario, same, d/o John DOWNES & Bridget KIRBY, witn: William DOWNES & Mary Ann McGEE, 1 July [1874] at Belleville (Rom Cath) 3480-74 (Hastings Co): Frederick FORD, 21, paper manufacturer, England, Thurlow, s/o John & Mary, married Albertha SUTHERLAND, 18, Goderich, Cannifton, d/o William & Jane, witn: Robert FERGUSON & Mary NAILOR, both of Cannifton, 6 Dec 1874 at Shannonville
3497-75 (Hastings Co) Patrick FORD, 27, yeoman, Tyendinaga, same, s/o John & Jane FORD, married Bridget NEVEN, 25, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Dominick & Catherine NEVEN, witn: John NEVEN & Catherine FORD, both of Tyendinaga, 23 Nov 1874 at Tyendinaga, RC  
3502-74 John FOSTER, 25, laborer, Tyendinaga, Wollaston, s/o John & Anna, married Catherine HALSTEAD, 19, Horton, Wollaston, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John FOSTER St. & William HALSTEAD, both of Wollaston, 28 May 1874 at Wollaston 3421-74 Charles FOSTER, 34, farmer, Hillier twp., Plainfield, s/o Martin & Sarah, married Anna Eliza McCORMICK, 40, widow, Thurlow, Plainfield, d/o John & Martha CARTER, witn: P.H. & Minerva CAVERLY of Plainfield, 3 Dec 1874 at Plainfield
3658-74 (Hastings Co): Joseph Edwin FOSTER, 26, farmer, Huntingdon, Hungerford, s/o Benjamin & Amelia, married Margaret NEWTON, 18,m Hungerford, same, d/o John & May Ann, witn: R. NEWTON of Hungerford & B. FOSTER of Thurlow, 21 April 1874 at Hungerford 3656-74 (Hastings Co): Allen FOSTER, 25, merchant, Newcastle, Belleville, s/o Horace & Sarah, married Mary LAZIER, 24, Lanodale?, Belleville, d/o John & Sarah, witn: W, FOSTER of Newcastle & A. C. FOSTER of Belleville, 19 May 1874 at Belleville
3560-74 William Alfred FOSTER, 36, widower, brick maker, Huntington, Belleville, s/o Shubal & Phebe, married Eliza Ann PALMER, 23, Thurlow, same, d/o James & Ann, wtin: William & Mary Ann GILBERT of Trenton, 6 Aug 1874 at Trenton 3519-74 Bernard FOX, 23, farmer, Murray, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Allice AVERY, 23, Ameliasburg, Murray, d/o Charles & Emily, witn: illegible C. HOWELL & Annie WHITE, both of Trenton, 22 Sept 1874 at Trenton
3648-74 William F. FOX, 26, yeoman, Ontario, Rawdon, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Christena ROBERTSON, 19, Ontario, Thomasburgh, d/o John & Christena, witn: Robert SCOTT of Rawdon & Jame (sic) ROBERTSON of Thomasburgh, 4 Feb 1874 at Thomasburgh 3344-75 Christie FOX, 20, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o John & Rachel, married Ellen REEDE (Rude?), 16, Huntingdon, same, d/o George & Lucy, witn: Asahel PHILLIPS & George HAGERTY, both of Huntingdon, 25 Dec 1874 at Madoc
3635-74 Eddson Bandwin? FRALICK, 22, barrister, Sidney, Belleville, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Jane Elizabeth JUDD, 24, Stirling, same, d/o William & Agnes, witn: Mary JUDD of Stirling & John B. WARNER (Werner?) of Belleville, 12 Aug 1874 at Stirling (also 3310-75) 3443-74 William FRASER, 27, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o John & Margaret, married Annie GIBSON, 25, Brighton twp., same, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Anna FRASER & Nicholas BATES, both of Brighton, 2 March 1874 at Frankford
3486-74 (Hastings Co): Louis FRAZER, 36, yeoman, Tyendinaga, Lonsdale, s/o Norman & Christena, married Mary Jane McCULLOUGH, 34, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Israel HUFF of Lonsdale & Margaret McCULLOUGH of Tyendinaga, 15 April 1874 at Melrose 3622-74 James FRENCH, 27, laborer, Ireland, Huntingdon, s/o Thomas & Betsy, married Isabela D--N? (Dinnon?), 28, Ireland, Huntingdon, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: James D--? & Jane ROBINSON, both of Huntingdon, 13 July 1874 at Stirling
  3422-74 George FRIZZELL, 22, currier, Tyendinaga twp., Canifton, s/o Tober & Hester, married Clara H. ANDREWS, 20, Tyendinaga twp., Canifton, d/o Rev. J. H. & Mary J., witn: William NAYLOR & George ANDREWS, both of Canifton, 29 April 1874 at Canifton
003557-74 Eugene GALLIVAN, 27, Ennismore, same, Farmer, s/o Garret GALLIVAN & Mary KELLY married Catharine PARASOL, (no date of birth), Prince Edward, Brighton, d/o William PARASOL & Bridget FINNIGAN. Wtn: James PARASOL of Brighton and Elizabeth O'ROURKE of Warkworth on May 21, 1874 at Trenton 3469-74 Benjamin C. L. GARRATT, 21, farmer, Wooler, Brighton twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Bertha Jane HUFFMAN, 17, Sidney, same, d/o David & Eliza, witn: Robert GARRATT of Picton & Augusta HUFFMAN of Sidney, 21 Dec 1874 at Sidney
3318-74 Alex GILCHRIST, 23, railway employee, Canada, Toronto, s/o David & Mary, married Caroline FLEGLER, 19, Canada, same, d/o Solomon & Catherine, witn: James TRUESDALE of Belleville, 21 July 1874 at Belleville 3483-74 (Hastings Co): Thomas Henry GILLESPIE, 33, carriage maker, Roslin, Milltown, s/o Robert & Ann, married Anna KERR, 20, Belleville, Milltown, d/o Thomas & Anna, witn: James & Jessie FULLERTON of Milltown, 28 Jan 1874 at res of R. A. Fullerton, Milltown
3661-74 (Hastings Co): William B. GILROY, 21, cabinet maker, Canada, Tweed, s/o Adam & Ellen, married Mary E. ROCKEY, 18, Canada, Tweed, d/o James & Dorkis, witn: E. R. HUYCK & May SPROUL, both of Tweed, 25 Nov 1874 at Tweed 3409-74 Thomas GIVENS, 29, tinsmith, Ireland, Belleville, s/o William GIVENS & Rachel COTTON, married Mary McCORMACK, 24, Ireland, Belleville, d/o James McCORMACK & Nancy HOLMES, witn: Mary Ann BURTON & Mary McCORMACK, 9 Nov 1874 at Belleville
3419-74 Peter L. GOLDSMITH, 26, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Helen McTAGGART, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o Robert & Dency, witn: Wallace McTAGGART of Prince Albert & Emma FERRY of Brighton, 29 Jan 1874 at Canifton 003512-74 Edwin GOOLD (Gould?), 37 of Cramahe, Widower, s/o David GOOLD & Marinda WAIT married Catharine Ann CROSS, 34, Dummer, Murray, Widow, d/o Peter McPHERSON & Margaret McLAREN. Wtn: Byron BOND & Jessie BOND of Colborne on August 5, 1874 at Murray
3453-74 John GOWSELL, 24, carriage maker, Thurlow, same, s/o Joseph & Alice, married Mary Matilda MILLER, 23, Thurlow, Sidney, d/o Stephen & Lena?, witn: Frank PALMER of Thurlow & Emma GRIFFITH of Belleville, 7 Sept 1874 at Sidney  
3459-74 Henry GREEN, 23, merchant, Belleville, Stirling, s/o Joseph & Jemima, married Jane MENDELL, 19, Croydon, Stirling, d/o Carlos & Catherine, witn: Lilia WALTER & Sarah Jane CHAPMAN, both of Frankford, 14 Oct 1874 at Frankford 3411-74 Silas GREEN, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sidney, s/o David & Mary, married Helena LOUCKS, 18, Ontario, Marmora, d/o George & Ruby, witn: Amos? LOUCKS of Marmora & Emma GREEN of Sterling, 14 Nov 1874 at res of Mr. William Gordon illegible, Belleville
003550-74 Valentine GREEN, 25, Rawdon, same, Yeoman, s/o John GREEN & Amanda GREEN married Alfaretta McKINNIE, 22, Rawdon, same, d/o John McKINNEY (sic) & Mercy McKINNIE. Wtn: William FANNING & Catharine GREEN of Rawdon on September 30, 1874 at Trenton #003180-75 (Hastings Co): John GREEN, 25, occupation not given, Scotland, Belleville, s/o Thomas GREEN & Henrietta TONY?, married Elizabeth Spier McKENZIE, no age given, Scotland, residence not given, d/o James McKENZIE & Jane STEWART, witnesses were John BURTON & John Ferguson MEYERS?, Dec. 25, 1874 at Belleville
3508-74 Alexander GREEN, 22, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o John & Sarah E., married Syvilla LINE (Sine?), 18, Canada, Rawdon, d/o Charles & Eliza, witn: Wilford SMITH & Harriet CUMMINGS, both of Rawdon, 4 Jan 1874 at Rawdon 3168-75 George GREY, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Tyendinaga, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah BELL, 21, Ontario, Tyendinaga, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Martha BULLEN & Abbie J. GORDON both of Belleville on July 15, 1874 at Belleville
3626-74 Truman GRISSLE, 22, farmer, Sidney, Trenton, s/o Truman GRISSLE & Susannah RICHARD, married Adeline MUNN, 21, Sidney, Trenton, d/o Wells MUNN & Rachel MYERS, witn: James REDDICK & M. HUBBLE, both of Stirling, 25 Sept 1874 at Stirling 003554-74 John GRISWOLD, 30, Sidney, Trenton, Labourer, s/o Freeman GRISWOLD & Susannah GRISWOLD married Abigail Jane ECKERT, 28, Consecon Prince Edward Co., Trenton, Widow, d/o William ROSE & Mary ROSE. Wtn: Charles GRISWOLD & Maria GRISWOLD of Trenton on June 6,1874 at Trenton
003533-74 Nicholas GROSHON, 19, Haldimand, Brighton, Yeoman, s/o Francis GROSHON & Mary GROSHON married Lucretia SIMPSON, 21, State of New York, Brighton, d/o Philip SIMPSON & Luana SIMPSON. Wtn: Lucy C. HOWELL and Margaret J. LANE of Trenton on November 5, 1874 at Trenton 3644-74 Elijah GREATRIX, 25, laborer, Elzevir, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Betsey MAINS, 24, Hungerford, same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Alex & Elizabeth YOUNG of Elzevir, 17 Nov 1874 at Elzevir
3630-74 George HAGGARTY, 27, farmer, of Huntingdon twp., s/o Marmaduke & blank, married Eliza BAILEY, 18, Huntingdon, same, d/o not given, witn: Adam & Mary Ann HAGGARTY of Huntingdon, 30 Nov 1874 at Stirling 3313-75 (Hastings Co): George HAGERTY, 27, yeoman, Rawdon, Huntingdon, s/o Marmaduke & Clarissa, married Eliza BAILEY, 20, Shannonville, Huntingdon, d/o William & Almira, witn: Adam & Mary Ann HAGERTY of Huntingdon, 20 Nov 1874 at Stirling
3432-74 James HAMILTON, 23, farmer, Fredericksburgh, Thurlow, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Agnes Adelia CARTER, 19, Thurlow, same, d/o Jacob & Jane, witn: Mary A. BRILL & Margaret CURL, both of Canifton, 5 Nov 1874 at Canifton 3340-75 (Hastings Co): James HANNAH, 22, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Gordon & Harriet, married Mary Jane GARDEN, 21, Ireland, Madoc, d/o Joseph & Matilda, witn: J.W. WANAMAKER & Mary E. HANNAH, both of Madoc, 4 Nov 1874 at Madoc
3522-74 William HARLOW, 23, sailor, Thurlow, same, s/o John & Jane, married Lana ZUFELT, 24, Ameliasburg, same, d/o John & Charity, witn:" Michael & Mary A. HARRISON of Trenton, 13 Sept 1874 at Trenton 3395-74 James HARRIS, of age, mason, England, Belleville, s/o George HARRIS & Ann CLARKE, married Margaret CAHILL, of age, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Michael CAHILL & Mary FITZPATRICK, witn: John CAHILL & Cassie HENDRICK, both of Belleville, 6 July [1874] at Belleville
3396-74 John HENAHAN, of age, merchants clerk, Ontario, Montreal, s/o James & Mary, married Ellen MEAGHER, of age, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Malachi MEAGHER & Ellen RYAN, witn: John MEAGHER & Elizabeth HUENN?, both of Belleville, 2 July [1874] at Belleville 3329-75 (Hastings Co): Jacob M. HENDRICK, 26, farmer, Murray twp., same, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Sarah Eliza JEFFS, 24, Elziver, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John JEFFS of Queensboro & Mary Elizabeth HENDRICKS of Murray twp., 17 June 1874 at Queensboro
3639-74 John HENRY, 25, farmer, Napanee, Elzevir, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Charlotte OSBORN, 26, Hungerford, Elzevir, d/o Ira & Rachel, witn: William HENRY & Sarah HERBERTSON, both of Elzevir, 15 Sept 1874 at Elzevir 3641-74 William HENRY, 22, joiner, Napanee, Elzevir, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Mary Elizabeth DECLAN, 19, Madoc, Elzevir, d/o Jacob & Henrietta, witn: Philip HICKS & Anna TOMBLIN, both of Elzevir, 20 Oct 1874 at Elzevir
003493-74 (Hastings Co): John HERALD, 24, Tyendinaga, Wisernin (Wisconsin?) USA, Yeoman, s/o Dennis & Margaret HERALD, married Catherine NIVEN, 27, Ireland, Tyendinaga, d/o Daniel & Anne NIVEN, wtn: John & Margaret NEVEN both of Tyendinaga, on July 5, 1874, at Tyendinaga 3596-74 John HERCLIFF, 22, farmer, New Jersey US, Cashel, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah Emily KEMP, 20, Percy, Cashel, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann, witn: James HERCLIFFE & Aaron KEMP, both of Cashel, 17 June 1874 at Madoc
3572-74 Thomas HOBSON, 28, farmer, of Madoc, s/o William & Alice, married Mary Jane BROAD, 26, Madoc, same, d/o Joshua & Harriet, witn: Joseph & Hattie BROAD of Madoc, 5 Oct 1874 at Madoc 3165-75 Arnold HODGINS, 30, yeoman, Ontario, Tyendinaga, s/o James & Jane, married Marchey JOYCE, 27, Ontario, Tyendinaga, d/o Valentine & Rachel, witn: Martha GREENLEAF & Annie GORDON, both of Belleville, 5 May 1874 at Belleville
3491-74 (Hastings Co): Henry H. HOLDEN, 23, carpenter, Strathroy, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Rosanna HAIGHT, 24, Thurlow, Tyendinaga, d/o Marvel & Rachel, witn: Harriet Ann ROBLIN & William HAIGHT, both of Tyendinaga, 21 April 1874 at 4th con of Tyendinaga 3338-75 (Hastings Co): John HOLMES, 32, yeoman, Kingston, Madoc, s/o Abraham & Ellen, married Sintha REDINGTON, 32, widow, Thurlow, Madoc, d/o Wharton & Emily [no surname given], witn: George WILSON & Lucy SING, both of Madoc, 23 Dec 1874 at not given [registered in Madoc]
3520-74 Samuel HOMAN, 27, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Gilbert & Sarah, married Laury Ann TALMAGE (s/b Dalmage?), 21, Brighton, same, d/o Aaron & Susannah, witn: H. G. BOWERMAN & H. BONTER, both of Trenton, 31 July 1874 at Trenton  
3495-74 (Hastings Co): John HOOVER, 24, laborer, Bagot, Carlow, s/o Benjamin & Frances, married Lydia Emma HOWARD, 17, Ross twp., Monteagle, d/o Eldridge & Sarah, witn: Archibald KERNAHAN & Permelia HOOVER, both of Monteagle, 4 March 1874 at Monteagle 3403-74 James HORN, 23, student, Hamilton, Belleville, s/o Christopher & Elizabeth, married Matilda JONES, 40, Sidney, Belleville, d/o Thomas & Lucretia, witn: William DILLWORTH & Margaret ERCOT, both of Belleville, 15 July 1874 at Belleville
3404-74 Thomas A. HOWARD, 47, widower, master mariner, Canada, Belleville, s/o John & Annie, married Eleanor May HOWARD, 28, Canada, Belleville, d/o James & Sarah, witn: E. W. HOLTON & M. SAWYER, both of Belleville, 29 Dec 1874 at Belleville 3199-75 George HOWKINS, 51, widower, farmer, Adolphustown, Thurlow twp., s/o Robert & Mary nee FORD, married Mary L. COAN, 46, widow, Fredericksburg, Thurlow twp., d/o Darias HERNS & Dorothy McDONALD, witn: Ada H. GILLEN, 8 Aug 1874 at Belleville
  3509-74 Austin HUBBLE, 19, yeoman, Rawdon, same, s/o Erastus & Clarissa, married Georgianna DAFOE, 17, Stirling, Rawdon, d/o Ezra & Miriam, witn: William A. & Lucy Ann FORWARD of Rawdon, 30 Aug 1874
3489-74 (Hastings Co): Ezra HUFF, 27, blacksmith, Canada, Tyendinaga, s/o Jotham & Lucinda, married Margaret Jane WHITEMAN, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Philip MORDEN & Agnes TURNBULL, both of Melrose, 27 May 1874 at Melrose 3570-74 James P. HUMPHRIES, 27, clerk, Ireland, Bridgewater, s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Christena SINCLAIR, 21, Madoc, Bridgewater, d/o John & Jane, witn: Sydmer RISS & William DELL, both of Madoc, 28 Sept 1874 at Madoc
3627-74 Henry Wilson HUTCHINSON, 27, laborer, Ernestown, Murray, s/o John & Clarissa, married Jane MOREAU, 24, Rawdon, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: John & Mary STACEY of Rawdon, 7 Oct. 1874 at Stirling 3191-75 John JENKINS, 24, livery stable keeper, England, Belleville, s/o Samuel JENKINS & Elizabeth PETLEG, married Mary SULLIVAN, 26, Ottawa, Belleville, d/o John SULLIVAN & Rebecca GARDINER, witn: David WHATMOUTH of Belleville & Ellen BARNSLOW of Kingston, 22 Dec 1874 at Belleville
  3315-74 Samuel JOHNSTON, 21, laborer, of Adolphustown, s/o Neil JOHNSTON & Parmelia SPENCER, married Oriania AMEY, of Ernestown, d/o Nicholas AMEY & Emily WARTMAN, witn: Robert & Martha CLARK, 17 Feb 1874 at Belleville
3412-74 James JOHNSTON, 21, axe maker, USA, Belleville, s/o Charles & Ann, married Ida LYON, 18, USA, Belleville, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Joseph LEMRENY? & Kate J--?, both of Belleville, 24 Oct. 1874 at res of Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mill? St. Belleville 3425-74 Anson JONES, 29, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Mathew & Hannah, married Sarah Ann BADGLEY, 19, Thurlow, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Lydia E. LAZIER & Mary A. BRILL, both of Thurlow, 15 July 1874 at Canifton
#003575-74, (Hastings Co), Llewellyn JONES, 24, Farmer, Marmora, Marmora, s/o Henry & Mary, married Ellin Frances DEROLIN, 22, Massachusetts U.S.A., Madoc, d/o William & Mary, JONES, Marmora, BROWN, Marmora, September 16th 1874, Madoc 3444-74 Oliver Nathan JONES, 28, runs a thrashing machine, Sidney, same, s/o Robert & Maria, married Ellen Jane TREVERTON, 19, Cramahe, Sidney, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn: Mary CULLEN & Maggie McGEACHY, both of Sidney, 2 April 1874 at Sidney
3517-74 Mark KEOGH, 24, farmer, Ireland, Sidney, s/o Martin & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann MURPHY, 23, Murray, same, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Thomas CALLAHAN of Murray & Mary Ann KEOGH of Colborne, 16 Feb 1874 at Trenton (Rom Cath) 3425-75 Thomas Harry KETCHESON, 18, yeoman, Huntingdon, same, s/o Owen R. & Jane, married Susan DARLING, 20, Huntington, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Owen KETCHESON & Robert BIRD both of Sidney on Nov. 23, 1874 at Huntington
3568-74 Robert KILPATRICK, 32, farmer, Madoc, Huntington, s/o Samuel & Mary Anna, married Sarah REID, 32, Huntington, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Samuel KILPATRICK & Samuel REID, 30 Sept 1874 at Madoc  
3569-74 Henry KIRK, 21, book keeper, Scotland, Belleville, s/o Henry & Jane, married Jane KINGSBERRY, 23, Prince Edward, Madoc, d/o Chamberlain & Eliza, witn: Sarah P. SHERIE of Trenton & Maria WISHART of Madoc, 24 Sept 1874 at Madoc 3601-74 Bingham KRAUSE, 26 (20?), livery keeper, Quebec, same, s/o George L. & Mary W., married Frances Louisa ODELL, 23, Campbellford, Huntingdon Ont., d/o John & Frances, witn: William M. KAY of Campbellford & James KETCHESON of Frankford, 18 Feb 1874 at Huntingdon
003530-74 Philip LA BARGE, 22, Chateaugay Quebec, Trenton, Labourer, s/o Louis & Mary LA BARGE married Maria POURIER, 17, Trenton, same, d/o Joseph POURIER & Mary (or Maria) POURIER. Wtn: Joseph TERRIEAN and Helena GENDRON of Trenton on August 10, 1874 at Trenton (also 3559-74) 3189-75 Edward LAKE, 20, farmer, Ontario, Sidney twp., s/o Richard & Abigail, married Caroline SHELPS, 20, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Orin & Elizabeth, witn: Denis & Jane LAKE of Stirling, 7 Dec 1874 at Belleville
03547-74 Sylvester LALONE, 29 Prince Edward Co., Trenton, Labourer, s/o Henry LALONE & Erecta LALONE married Almira BROWN, 28, Rawdon, Trenton, d/o William BROWN & Elizabeth BROWN. Wtn: Joanna HEWITT and Katie O’FLYNN of Consecon on November 24, 1874 at Consecon 003551-74 John LANGFORD, 27, Brighton, Percy, Yeoman, s/o John LANGFORD & Mary LANGFORD married Elizabeth SYKES, 19, Brighton, Percy, d/o Richard SYKES & Mary Ellen SYKES. Wtn: E. SILLS & H. SILLS of Trenton on October 22, 1874 at Trenton
3482-74 (Hastings Co): Gabriel LANSING, 47, widower, yeoman, Prince Edward Co., 5th con of Tyendinaga, s/o William & Catherine, married Mary Jane FOX, 34, 2nd con of Tyendinaga, same, d/o Isaac & Mariah, witn: Anna WYMAN of Shannonville & Emma VANALSTINE of Grafton, 1 Jan 1874 at Shannonville 3406-74 Stephen H. LAPP, 23, grocer, Baltimore, Belleville, s/o Chester P. & Charlotte E., married Annie E. JONES, 18, Kingston, Belleville, d/o Henry & Harriet, witn: William POLLY of Trenton & Susannah LAPP of Castleton, 10 Dec 1874 at Castleton
3625-74 Anson LATTA, 37, widower, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o William LATTA & Jane BRINTNELL, married Mary J. BRINTNELL, 34, Cobourg, Cramahe, d/o G. BRINTNELL & S. CRANDALL, witn: M. DUMAN? of Huntingdon & Sarah SCALES of Stirling, 7 Sept 1874 at Stirling 3435-74 Josiah LATTA, 28, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Gilbert & Margaret, married Mary Ann HALL, 18, Thurlow, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Mary Ann BRILL of Canifton, 23 Oct 1874 at Canifton
3433-74 James G. LATTA, 23, laborer, Lattas Mills, Plainfield, s/o Gilbert & Margaret, married Julia A. LATTA, 20, Lattas Mills, Plainfield, d/o Samuel & Caroline, witn: James & Agnes HAMILTON of Plainfield, 26 Nov 1874 at Plainfield 3672-74 (Hastings Co): William Henry LAWRENCE, 27, cheese maker, Sidney, Hungerford, s/o Robert & Harriet, married Lavinia Alwilda DORENS (Darius?), no age given, Hungerford, same, d/o Samuel & Janet G., witn: Robert ELLIOTT & M. E. GRAHAM, both of Hungerford, 25 Nov 1874 at Hungerford
3457-74 Sidney A. LAWRENCE, 23, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Cornelius & Caroline, married Harriet A. CATHEY, 22, Cobourg, Sidney, d/o John & Mary, witn: Mary M. FINKELL? & Mary CULLEN, both of Sidney, 14 Nov 1874 at Sidney [faded] 3401-74 Charles LE DUC, 23, laborer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Charles LE DUC & Marie LASELLE, married Edwige ROLAND, 17, Quebec, Belleville, d/o Joseph ROLAND & Anastasia BELILLE, witn: Octave ROLAND & Sophie BOLAND (sic), both of Belleville, 20 Oct. 1874 at Belleville
3430-74 Robert B. LENNOX, 26, teacher, Tyendinaga, Napanee, s/o Robert & Jane, married Laura WEESE, 25, Tyendinaga, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Frederick WEESE & Maggie LENNOX, both of Tyendinaga, 11 Feb 1874 at Belleville 3555-74 Precul LEROUX, 25, voyageur, St. Ignace, Trenton, s/o Ceril & Elizabeth, married Matilda BLONDIN, 19, Coteau Landing, Trenton, d/o Peter BLONDIN & Angelique LECOMPT, witn: Henry LE CLAIR & Annie ALORS, both of Trenton, 13 April 1874 at Trenton
3477-74 (Hastings Co): William LEVERTON, 29, yeoman, England, Tyendinaga, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Catherine Eva YAGER, 22, Thurlow, same, d/o Peter F. & Maria, witn: George W. YAGER of Belleville & C. A. PALMER of Thurlow, 8 Sept 1874 at Thurlow 3339-75 (Hastings Co): Charles Sleeper LEWIS, 24, carriage primer, Caniffton, Ameliasburgh, s/o Lucius & Mary, married Maud Adeline KNAPP, 23, Rednerville, Belleville, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Mrs. L.J. CHOWN of Madoc, 29 Nov 1874 at Madoc
  3628-74 Asa LLOYD, 42, widower, farmer, South Fredericksburg, Huntingdon, s/o Edward & Dorothy, married Mary Ann COOK, 23, Rawdon, same, d/o John & Fanny, witn: James FLEMING of Huntingdon & Ellen COOK of Rawdon, 17 Nov 1874 at Stirling
3287-74 (Hastings Co): John LONG, 19, mechanic, Canada, Port Hope, s/o William & Susan, married Sarah Jane ELLIOTT, 19, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Joseph & Isabella, witn: William FITZPATRICK & Ellen KENNEDY, both of Belleville, 14 Jan 1874 at Belleville 003531-74 Philip H. LOTT, 28, Sidney, same, Yeoman, s/o Andrew LOTT & Eliza LOTT married Mary DAUGHERTY, 20, Winchester, Sidney, d/o Edwin DAUGHERTY & Ann DAUGHERTY. Wtn: Lucy C. HOWELL and Margaret J. LANE of Trenton on October 7, 1874 at Trenton [Dougherty?]
3660-74 (Hastings Co): Alexander LOVE, 40, farmer, Ireland, Hungerford, s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 25, widow, Scotland, Elziver, d/o David & Mary, witn: Margaret MATHEWS of Elziver & Hanagh VANDUSEN of Demorestville, 3 July 1874 at Hungerford 3398-74 James LOWE, of age, brick layer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o William LOWE & Mary HURST, married Elizabeth LAWRENCE? (Solemer?), of age, Ontario, Belleville, d/o John LAWRENCE & Ann McGEE, witn: John LOWE & Catherine HOLMES, both of Belleville, 23 Sept [1874] at Belleville
3451-74 David LOWRY, 27, merchant, Tyendinaga, Peterborough, s/o David & Mary, married Mary Euseba CATHEY, 25, Owen Sound, Peterborough, d/o John & Mary, witn: Sidney LAWRENCE & Mary CULLEN, both of Sidney, 12 Aug 1874 at Sidney 3510-74 Benjamin D. MACK, 30, widower, yeoman, Rawdon, same, s/o Lewis MACK & Harriet REID, married Ruth A. SHARP, 28, Sidney, Rawdon, d/o James SHARP & Maria NEAGLE, witn: Albert PHILLIPS & Esther MACK, both of Rawdon, 14 July 1874 at Rawdon
3497-74 (Hastings Co): Edward MAYEUX, 21, laborer, Wire river? Dungannon, s/o Edward & Martilla, married Mary Ann ANDERSON, 19, parish of Carly (Earley?) - Scotland, Dungannon, d/o Stewart & Jenet, witn: Jenet ANDERSON of Dungannon & S. ROBLIN of Wicklow, 6 April 1874 at Maynooth 003490-74 (Hastings Co): Thomas McAULIFFE, 28, Ireland, New York, Yeoman, s/o Bartholomew & Ellen McAULIFFE, married Mary HERALD, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Dennis & Margaret HERALD, wtn: Patrick McRAY & Margaret McGINNESS both of Tyendinaga, on February 17, 1874, at Tyendinaga
3521-74 William McCAMUS, 35, physician, Cavan, Peterborough, s/o Robert & Jane, married Mary Eliza PHELPS, 31, Shannonville, Trenton, d/o James G. & Frances, witn: Isaac & Caroline NELSON of Trenton, 4 Aug 1874 at Trenton 3558-74 John McCLEVEY, 22, laborer, Murray, Trenton, s/o Bernard & Mary, married Mary ROONEY, 22, Niagara, Murray, d/o Edward & Eliza, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN of Trenton & Elizabeth WARD of Murray, 2 Aug 1874 at Trenton (Rom Cath)
  3198-75 Thomas McCONNELL, 25, sawyer, Thurlow twp., Mill Point, s/o Philip & Sarah nee BURDETT, married Julia FELSON, 24, Richmond, Mill Point, d/o Davis John & Mary Nellie, witn: F. W. FELSON of Mill Point, 14 Oct 1874 at Belleville
3621-74 Wilson McCONNELL, 25, tanner, Marmora, Rawdon, s/o Elias McCONNELL & Sarah LEGGETT, married Martha KNOX, 20, Percy, Rawdon, d/o James KNOX & Mary COOK, witn: Joseph McCONNELL & Sarah KNOX, 29 July 1874 at Stirling 3659-74 (Hastings Co): Alexander McCULLOUGH, 23, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Hungerford, s/o John & Jane, married Jane DALEY, 26, widow, Hungerford, same, d/o Adam & Ann WILSON, witn: Amelia & Cassie DOXSEE of Hungerford, 16 April 1874 at Hungerford
3496-74 (Hastings Co): Alexander McDONALD, 23, laborer, Westmeath, Monteagle, s/o George & Jane, married Eliza ROBINSON, 17, Ross, Monteagle, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Thomas ROBINSON & Sarah McDONALD, both of Monteagle, 20 Jan 1874 at Monteagle 003549-74 James McDONALD, 27, Sidney, same, Farmer, s/o Archibald McDONALD & Ann McDONALD married Mahala PHILLIPS, 18, Rawdon, Sidney, d/o Norris BRISTOT & Dianna BRISTOT. Wtn: H. SILLS & Fred SILLS of Trenton on September 29, 1874 at Trenton
3636-74 William McILMOYL, 26, farmer, Smith twp., Burleigh twp., s/o John & Abigail, married Anna MAIRS, 22, Huntingdon, Elziver, d/o James & Jane Ann, witn: James H. MAIRS of Elziver & Anna LANSING of Kaladar, 2 Jan 1874 at Elziver 003573-74, (Hastings Co), Angus McKAY, 51, widower, Tailor, Sunbury N.B., Queensborough, s/o Andrew & Nancy, married Martha Eliza ELLIS, 23, Madoc, Madoc, d/o John & Anne, John ELLIS, Madoc, Anne ELLIS, Madoc, October 12th, 1874, Madoc
3512-74 Thomas McKEE (McRee?), 25, harness maker, Napanee, Stirling, s/o William McKEE & Eliza HENRY, married Margaret J. WILLSON, 19, Rawdon, same, do George WILLSON & Ellen HOUGH, witn: William McKEE & Mary E. WILLSON, both of Rawdon, 4 Aug 1874 at Rawdon 003528-74 John McLEVY, 22, Murray, Trenton, Labourer, s/o Bernard & Mary McLEVY married Mary ROONEY, 21, of Murray, d/o Edward & Eliza ROONEY. Wtn: P. SULLIVAN of Trenton and Eliza WARD of Murray on August 2, 1874 at Trenton
3447-74 James Legate McMULLEN, 24, farmer, Rawdon twp., same, s/o John & Martha, married Nancy Jane ANDERSON, 20, Ameliasburg, Rawdon twp., d/o Robert & mary Jane, witn: John McMULLEN & Christopher REID, both of Rawdon, 31 March 1874 at Frankford 3496-75 (Hastings Co) James MEAGHN, 36, yeoman, Ireland, Tyendinaga, s/o James & Margaret MEAGHN, married Catherine HANLEY, 23, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Dennis & Ann HANLEY, witn: Dennis HANLEY & Margaret MEAGHN, both of Tyendinaga, 3 Nov 1874 at Tyendinaga, RC
3424-74 Joseph Shiriff MIDDLEMASS, 33, engineer, England, Belleville, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Eliza Jane HOMAN, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o Gilbert & Sarah, witn: Samuel HOMAN of Thurlow, 30 July 1874 at Thurlow 3414-74 Leslie George MILLER, 26, laborer, Ernestown, Mill Point, s/o William J. MILLER & Rebecca Ann LOSEE, married Lucinda Ann STAFFORD, 19, Sheffield, Mill Point, d/o Philip STAFFORD & Cinderella WAGER, witn: Albert COON & Jannette STAFFORD, both of Mill Point, 29 Sept 1874 at Mill Point
  3478-74 (Hastings Co): Alfred MILLIGAN, 30, yeoman, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Flora Ann PARKS, 20, Hungerford, Tyendinaga, d/o Nicholas & Lydia, witn: Sarah J. EARLE & Emma SMITH, both of Shannonville, 21 Oct 1874 at Shannonville
3490-74 (Hastings Co): Richard Edgar MORDEN, 22, yeoman, 4th con of Tyendinaga, same, s/o Alvina & Joseph Foster MORDEN, married Mary Ann REID, 20, 2nd con of Tyendinaga, same, d/o Alex & Jane, witn: Annie E. AYLESWORTH & Addie PALMER, both of Tyendinaga, 12 Feb 1874 at Shannonville 3485-74 (Hastings Co): Norman MORDEN, 22, yeoman, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Israel & Miranda, married Catherine PARKS, 21, Hungerford, Tyendinaga, d/o Nicholas & Lydia, witn: Jacob CATON & Flora Ann PARKS, both of Tyendinaga, 23 Feb 1874 at Tyendinaga
3632-74 Wilson MORTON, 24, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Gideon MORTON & M. M. CARR, married Susan M. REID, 19, Thurlow, same, d/o Silvester REID & M. J. HOUGH, witn: Martin SEELY & Marinda MOSHER, both of Rawdon, 9 Dec 1874 at Stirling 3487-74 (Hastings Co): Richard MORTON, 26, blacksmith, Canada, Kincardine, s/o Mark & Isabella, married Emin A. DYER, 22, Canada, Belleville, d/o Daniel & Sarah H., witn: John KEARNS of Belleville & Addie REID of Tweed, 22 April 1874 at Belleville
3170-75 Alexander MORTON, 27, printer, Ireland, Belleville, s/o Alexander & Elisa, married Isabella A. DIMOND, 26, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Abraham & Ellenor, witn: John BRYANT & Mary A. HODGE of Belleville on Dec. 23, 1874 at Belleville.  
3469-75 (Hastings Co): Asahel B. MOTT, 24, yeoman, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Jacob & Delilah, married Tabitha M. ROBLIN, 20, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Owen & Phidelia, witn: John DEMILL & Jane H. ROBLIN, both of Tyendinaga, 24 Dec 1874 at Tyendinaga 3642-74 Walter MULLET, 23, blacksmith, Ontario, Madoc, s/o Sylvanus & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth PRINDLE, 21, Madoc, same, d/o William & Jerusha, witn: James P. & Cristena HUMPHRIES of Elzevir, 20 Oct 1874 at Elzevir
3402-74 Horatio MUMFORD, 23, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o John & Angelina, married Amanda ARTHUR, 23, Sophiasburgh, Belleville, d/o William & Jane, witn: Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Belleville & R. W. MARSH of Frankford, 7 Oct 1874 at Belleville 003548-74 Albert MUNN, 25, Sidney, same, Farmer, s/o John MANN & Mary MANN married Elizabeth FITZGERALD, 21, Murray, same, d/o Samuel FITZGERALD & Hannah FITZGERALD. Wtn: H. SILLS and E. SILLS of Trenton on November 15, 1874 at Trenton
3662-74 (Hastings Co): Benjamin NAPP, 46, widower, painter, Canada, Belleville, s/o Benjamin & Mary, married Elizabeth CRAWFORD, 29, Canada, Belleville, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John CARLETON & Frances Y. MENO?, both of Tweed, 11 May 1874 at not given [registered in Hungerford twp] 3176-75 James Edwin NAYLOR, 25, laborer, widower, England, Thurlow, s/o James & Eliza, married Susan Amy BARLOW, 22, Ontario, Thurlow, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: John NAYLOR & Ann BUTWELL, 19 Oct 1874 at Belleville
  3125-75 Richard NICKLEWRIGHT, 30, commercial agent, England, Newcastle, s/o John & Mary, married Mary WINN, 28, Cramahe, same, d/o Joel & Mary, witn: J. C. CURRY & R. G. CLARK both of Brighton on Apr. 15, 1874 at Brighton
3518-74 James O'BRIEN, 28, cooper, Ireland, Madoc, s/o James & Mary, married Catherine CONWAY, 20, Trenton, same, d/o Patrick & Ann, witn: William DWYRE of Frankford & Mary McCARTY of Trenton, no date or location given (Rom Cath) [reg’d 31 Dec 1874 at Trenton ] 3413-74 William Emery ORSER, 31, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Elijah & Deborah, married Lucy Eliza BARKER, 30, Huntingdon, Hallowell, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: Louisa JAPE? & Rosalie BRIGGS, both of Belleville, 14 Oct 1874 at W.M. Parsonage, Belleville
3655-74 (Hastings Co): Hugh OUTWATERS, 23, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Lewis & Mary, married Elizabeth BEATY, 21, Huntingdon, same, d/o Samuel & Lettie, witn: Hannah VANDUSEN of Demorestville & Cassie DOXSEE of Hungerford, 7 July 1874 at Hungerford 3167-75 Alfred PAGE, 21, barber, England, Belleville, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Charlotte WOLSBEY, 22, England, Belleville, d/o Charles (no mother given), witn: Thomas HARRIS & Annie WOLSBEY both of Belleville on July 13, 1874 at Belleville.
3488-74 (Hastings Co): Chancey A. PALMER, 25, yeoman, Thurlow, same, s/o Asahel & Almira, married Nevada YAGER, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Peter F. & Maria F., witn: P.L. PALMER & William YAGER, both of Thurlow twp., 30 April 1874 at Thurlow 3645-74 Joseph Clarke PARKS, 27, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Laurin PARKS, 17, Madoc, Dungannon, d/o Solomon & Reka, witn: Richard PARKS of Elziver & Charlotte PARKS of Madoc, 27 Dec 1874 at Elziver
3342-75 Richard PAYNE, 26, farmer, Longford Ireland, Hastings Co., s/o Christopher & Margaret, married Mary DENNISON, 24, March?, McClure, d/o John & Mary, witn: John & Eliza PAYNE of McClure, 18 Oct 1874 at Madoc 3440-74 James Henry PECK, 47, widower, insurance manager, Ameliasburgh, Thurlow, s/o James & Anna, married Catherine GEROW, 36, Athol, Sidney, d/o Peter & mary, witn: Nathaniel DAVENPORT & Maria PRINGLE, both of Belleville, 12 Jan 1874 at Mill Island, Sidney
3337-75 (Hastings Co): Ashel PHILLIPS, 25, yeoman, Huntingdon, same, s/o Daniel & Elevie, married Eliza Rura? REID, 18, Huntingdon, same, d/o George & Lucy, witn: Christie FOX? & George HAGERTY, both of Huntingdon, 25 Dec 1874 at Madoc 3628-74 George PINNER, 26, miner, Sidney, Marmora, s/o John PINNER & Ann MILLS, married Eurina McWILLIAMS, 20, Rawdon, Marmora, d/o W. McWILLIAMS & Maria ALISTER, witn: C. McWILLIAMS & Barney COLLINS, both of Marmora, 21 Aug 1874 at Stirling
3448-74 Andrew POGUE, 34, widower, farmer, Ireland, Percy twp., s/o Andrew & Margaret, married Mary Ann ISAAC, 26, Athol twp., Murray twp., d/o William & Grace, witn: Elizabeth CHASE & Sarah J. CHAPMAN, both of Frankford, 31 March 1874 at Frankford 3427-74 Norman POST, 24, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Abraham & Catherine, married Sarah VANSETT, 19, Tyendinaga, Sophiasburgh, d/o Hiram & Catherine, witn: P. A. BIRCH & Laura BATEMAN, both of Belleville, 15 Aug 1874 at Belleville
3194-75 James Frederick POST, 22, laborer, Thurlow, same, s/o Peter & Amelia, married Sarah McGANION, 32, Madoc, Thurlow, d/o Peter & Annie, witn: Giles & Stewart HUNTINGTON of Belleville, 31 Dec 1874 at Belleville 3595-74 Samuel Stanley POTTER, 25, gardener, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Jane Ann KIMERLY, 25, Sidney, Madoc, d/o George Allen & Sarah, witn: Stephen REID of Madoc & James B. FASHNER of Sidney, 16 March 1874 at Madoc
003213-75 (Hastings Co): Robert John POYNTZ, 31, merchant, Ireland, Orangeville, s/o Luke & Eliza, married Laura Ann YEOMANS, 24, Canada, Belleville, d/o Asa & Charlotte, witn: Martha POYNTZ of Orangeville & -- LESTER? of Toronto, 16 Dec 1874 at Belleville 3320-74 George Fenn PRETTY, 21, clerk, Belleville, Thurlow, s/o Henry & Catherine, married Rose Elizabeth McPHERSON, 17, Oxford England, Belleville, d/o Walter & Louisa, witn: Walter Richard McPHERSON of Trenton & Caroline McPHERSON of Belleville, 26 Jan 1874 at Belleville
003556-74 Peter PRICKLEMEYER, 25, Bavaria, Trenton, Labourer, s/o Peter & Catharine PRICKLEMEYER married Justine SHONEAKER, 22, Baden, Trenton, d/o Andrew & Dorothea SHONEAKER. Wtn: James TRINOUS and Mary SHOENAKER (sic) of Trenton on April 20, 1874 at Trenton 3211-75 Hugh RANKIN, 37, widower, farmer, Canada, Kingston, s/o Hugh & Mary, married Cassie GILBERT, 26, Canada, Sidney twp., d/o Benjamin & Wensey, witn: J. G. GILBERT of Sidney & Cassie SMITH of Belleville, 29 Dec 1874 at Sidney twp
3164-75 John RATHMORE, 28, mechanic, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Clause (Chance?) & Margaret, married Esther PECKHAM, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Chance RATHMORE & Jane LOBTON, both of Belleville, 29 Oct 1874 at Belleville  
3501-74 William RAY, 27, farmer, West Hawkesbury, Tudor, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Catherine ARMSTRONG, 23, Markham twp., Tudor, d/o Foster & Jane, witn: William & Matilda ARMSTRONG of Tudor, 9 Jan 1874 at Millbridge, Tudor twp 3631-74 Allen REID, 23, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Elijah REID & J. MICHLEROY, married Emmeline REID, 21, Huntingdon, same, d/o Iram? (Isaac?) REID & Flora DAFOE, witn: John DAFOE & C. REID, both of Huntingdon, 30 Dec 1874 at Stirling
3449-74 James REID, 24, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Sidney, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Cinderella WRIGHT, 23, Sidney, same, d/o Anson & Julia, witn: Robert CROSBY & Margaret WRIGHT, both of Sidney, 7 July 1874 at Frankford 3201-75 Amos A. RICHARDS, 23, saw miller, Lennox Co., Mill Point, s/o Amos & Nancy nee HUYCK, married Jane BEGGS, 20, Mill Point, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane nee FELSON, witn: Francis W. FELSON of Mill Point, 30 June 1874 at Belleville
3415-74 Benjamin RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, North Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Asa & Mary Palmer RICHARDSON, married Mary M. KIMMERLY, 25, Mill Point, same, d/o Andrew & Hannah Moser KIMMERLY, witn: Benson KIMMERLY & Hannah HARBEN?, both of Mill Point, 25 Dec 1874 at Mill Point 3523-74 Andrew RIVETT, 22, laborer, Murray, Huntington, s/o Joseph & Adaline, married Anna Eliza WELLS, 19, Cramahe, same, d/o Griffith HOWELL & Phoebe, witn: Griffith & Phoebe HOWELL of Ameliasburg, 29 Aug 1874 at Trenton [as written]
003546-74  William ROBERTSON, 29, Trenton, same, Clerk, s/o James ROBERTSON & Ann ROBERTSON married Margaret McAULAY, 28, Trenton, same, (parents not given). Wtn: John Albert FREDETTE & Rose McAULAY of Trenton on November 26, 1874 at Trenton  
3174-75 Samuel ROBINSON, 25, shoemaker, England, Belleville, s/o Samuel & Bridget, married Amelia CHAPHAM, 25, Canada, not given, d/o John & Ann, witn: John WILSON & Mary COWIE both of Belleville on Oct. 5, 1874 at Belleville. 3470-75 (Hastings Co): John ROBINSON, 31, cheese maker, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Jane OSBORN, 24, Tyendinaga, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Robert C. & Synthia OSBORN of Tyendinaga, 29 Dec 1874 at Tyendinaga
3472-74 (Hastings Co): Mathew ROBISON, 20, Methodist minister, Prince Edward Co., Huntingdon twp., s/o Samuel & Jane, married Jane KETCHESON, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o Charles & Lavinah, witn: Duncan A. WOOD & James FOSTER, both of Huntingdon, 17 Nov 1874 at Huntingdon 003301-74 William W. ROBLIN, 25, Prince Edward Co., Belleview, Clerk, s/o Stephen ROBLIN & Julia Ann WADEN? married Emma Louisa PEARCE, (no age given), England, Belleview, d/o Robert PEARCE & Eliza McCRIBEN? Wtn: Hugh McKAY and Robt PEARCE of Belleview on February 5, 1874 at Belleview
003543-74 Robert ROSS, 23, Rochester, Sidney, Labourer, s/o Benjamin ROSS & Ann ROSS married Annie MINAKER, 22, Ireland, Trenton, d/o Patrick MINNAKER (sic) & Bridget MINAKER. Wtn: Patrick TIERNEY and Bridget MINNAKER of Trenton on September 17, 1874 at Trenton 003885-76 (Hastings Co) James ROW, 22, yeoman, Sidney, Sidney s/o John & Mary Ann ROW married Phoebe Maria ROBLIN, 19, Sidney, Sidney d/o Philip & Abigail ROBLIN wtn: John ROW & Annie GILBERT of Sidney, 23 December 1874 at Sidney
  3640-74 William N. SAGER, 24, confectioner, Napanee, Elzevir, s/o John & Jane, married Catherine WILSON, 23, Madoc, Elzevir, d/o John & Christianna, witn: William HENRY & Sarah HERBERTSON, both of Elzevir, 15 Sept 1874 at Elzevir
3638-74 Archibald Fraser SAGER, 30, farmer, Sheffield Ont., Madoc, s/o William & Susana, married Martha Jane HAILSTONE, 20, Elziver, same, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: Francis R. BRUZELL? & Hannah HAILSTONE, both of Elziver, 18 March [1874] at Elziver 3643-74 William SAMPLE, 23, laborer, Thurlow, Elzevir, s/o George & Margaret, married Anna PYER, 18, Hungerford, Elzevir, d/o Richard & Mary Jane, witn: Edward PYER & Emma COLLINS, both of Elzevir, 22 Oct 1874 at Elzevir
3564-74 Ebenezer SANFORD, 22, yeoman, Madoc, same, s/o Ebenezer & Ann, married Stacie ELLIS, 20, Madoc, same, d/o Lonzo & Jane, witn: A. CARSCALLEN & Bessie BRAMLEY, both of Marmora, 17 March 1874 at Marmora 003537-74 James SAYERS, 25, Ameliasburg P.E.Co., Cavan Durham Co., Yeoman, s/o John SAYERS & Mary SAYERS married Phena McCONNELL, 17, Marmora, Murray, d/o William McCONNELL & Martha McCONNELL. Wtn: Mary E. WANNAMAKER & George F. WANNAMAKER on December 12, 1874 at Trenton
3484-74 (Hastings Co): William SEXSMITH, 28, yeoman, Canada, Tyendinaga, s/o George & Mary, married Isabella VANSCRIVER, 27, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Elizabeth & David ENGLISH of Tyendinaga, 12 Feb 1874 at Shannonville 3341-75 William SHAW, 37, widower, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o James & Anna, married Jane FOSTER, 27, Marmora, Madoc, d/o Alex & Martha, witn: Richard GAULEY of Madoc & Eliza E. DERRY of Marmora, 4 Nov 1874 at Madoc
003534-74 Robert SHEARON, 29, Murray, same, Yeoman, s/o John SHEARON & Ann SHEARON married Maria Ellen MAGUIRE, 19, Murray, same, d/o Francis MAGUIRE & Allice MAGUIRE. Wtn: Lucy C. HOWELL and Margaret LANE of Trenton on November 17, 1874 at Trenton 3391-75 George SHERRY, 22, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o George & Jane, married Caroline Montana CARLETON, 21, Hungerford, same, d/o Christopher & Caroline, witn: John WILSON & Eliza Jane CARLETON, both of Hungerford, 4 Nov 1874 at Hungerford
3666-74 (Hastings Co): John SIMMONS, 26, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o John & Mary, married Ester LICKEN, 22, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Jacob LICKEN, 15 Feb 1874 at Hungerford 3454-74 Charles Franklin SIMMONS, 22, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Samuel & Sophia, married Clarissa THOMPSON, 23, Sidney, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Franklin & Mary LOAKNES? of Frankford, 9 Sept 1874 at Frankford
3428-75 Robert SIRSAND (Sirsan?), 21, laborer, Hungerford, Thurlow, s/o James & Amanda, married Mary STEWART, 22, Belleville, same, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: John LOVE of Thurlow & Francis DeISILETT of Belleville on Oct. 23, 1874 at Thurlow 3446-74 Joseph SOUTHWOOD, 50, widower, farmer, England, Sidney, s/o William & Sarah, married Hariet PERRY, 36, Sidney, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Elizabeth NORMAN & Sarah Maria WHITE, both of Sidney, 11 March 1874 at Sidney
3624-74 - A. McDonald SPAFFORD, 28, iron founder, Hallowell, Belleville, s/o Gay S. SPAFFORD & Caroline THOMPSON, married Mary C. THOMPSON, 20, Percy, Belleville, d/o James THOMPSON & Catherine FLINN, witn: Sarah & S. H. SCALES of Stirling, 2 Aug 1874 at Stirling 3407-74 Warren W. SPAFFORD, 26, farmer, Brighton, Sidney, s/o Theodore & Janet, married Maria L. LAWRENCE, 21, Sidney, same, d/o Cornelius & Caroline, witn: Theodore & Caroline SPAFFORD of Sidney, 27 Oct. 1874 at Sidney
3424-75 Edgar STAPLEY, 21, laborer, Belleville, Thurlow, s/o Edgar & Fanny, married Placide SIRSAND (Sirsan?), 18, Madoc, Thurlow, d/o James & Amanda, witn: Amanda & Mary SIRSANE both of Thurlow on Dec. 31, 1874 at Thurlow. 3567-74 Alexander STEWART, 36, farmer, widower, Lanark, Carlow, s/o Alexander & Agnes, married Mary Ann Jane WORDSWORTH, 19, Aylmer, Carlow, d/o William & mary Ann, witn: William John ANDREWS of Raglan & George WARK of Carlow, 15 Aug 1874 at Carlow
3649-74 (Hastings Co): George STEWART, 25, farmer, Ireland, Huntingdon, s/o John & Catherine, married Hannah Louisa LUFMAN, 25, Fredericksburgh, Hungerford, d/o James & Susannah, witn: Thomas LUFMAN & Elizabeth McMULLAN, both of Hungerford, 22 March 1874 at Hungerford 3524-74 George STICKEL, 34, widower, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Addi N. & Elizabeth, married Sarah J. THORN, 32, Hillier, same, d/o Samuel & Priscilla, witn: H. & E. SILLS of Trenton, 13 Nov 1874 at Trenton
3499-74 (Hastings Co): William STIMERS, 30, miranower?, Prince Edward, Dungannon, s/o Alex & Elizabeth, married Emily DOUGLAS, 20, Madoc, Dungannon, d/o John & Mary, witn: Elias STIMERS & Lorane PARKS, both of Dungannon, 3 April 1874 at Maynooth 3200-75 Knox STRACHAN, 28, plaster, Kingston, Belleville, s/o James & Annie nee MAC--?, married Elizabeth McFEE, 30, Glengarry, Belleville, d/o Alexander & Hannah nee GRANT, witn: Miss McFEE of RR Station in Belleville, 17 Nov 1874 at Belleville
3670-74 (Hastings Co): Thomas Farley STUKNEY (or Stickney), 32, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Ruben & Maribeth, married Bertha WORDEN, 29, Sophiasburgh, Shannonville, d/o Henry & May WERDEN (sic), witn: Stephen WERDEN of Cannifton & E. C. YOUNG of Thurlow, 25 Nov 1874 at Shannonville 3503-74 James Albert SWEET, 20, laborer, Madoc, Limerick, s/o Benona & Flora, married Emma Eliza REED, 21, Canada, Limerick, d/o Joseph & Irena, witn: Edward E. SWAYNE & Benona H. SWEET, both of Limerick, 25 Sept 1874 at Limerick
3303-74 Jacob TABBLER, 42, laborer, Kentucky, Belleville, s/o Jacob & Jane, married Mary HARRISON, no age given, Kitley Ont., Belleville, d/o Hanson HARRISON & Betsy PERRY, witn: James GALLOWAY & Elizabeth MORRIS, both of Belleville, 16 Feb 1874 at Belleville 3600-74 Benjamin TANNER, 30, yeoman, Ireland, Rawdon, s/o Edward & Jane, married Mary Jane PRESTON, 26, Rawdon, same, d/o William & Eliza Ann, witn: John & Mary TANNER of Rawdon, 14 Jan 1874 at Rawdon
3456-74 Harlow? Hutt? TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Murray, Sidney, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Sarah Ann PARRY, 18, Sidney, same, d/o Lester H. & Mary, witn: G. S. VANDERWATERS & Mary CULLEN, both of Sidney, 27 Oct 1874 at Sidney 3527-74 Ira Blanshard THAYER, 31, merchant, Brighton, same, s/o Nathaniel & Frances, married Allice Maud SMITH, 22, widow, Trenton, Brighton, d/o James POTTER & Mary Ann, witn: F. O. PROCTOR of Brighton & Emma Jane FLINDALL of Trenton, 24 Sept 1874 at Trenton
3173-75 William G. THOMPSON, 24, not given, Ireland, Thurlow, s/o James & Phoebe, married Marion ANDREWS, 24, Canada, Thurlow, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: James PITTIS & Minnie THOMPSON both of Belleville on Oct. 8, 1874 at Belleville. 3319-74 John Boyd THOMPSON, 24, jeweller, Ontario, Orillia, s/o John THOMPSON & Mary Ewing BOYD, married Aggie Richmond HAMILTON, no age given, Brockville, Belleville, d/o Alexander HAMILTON & Margaret CORBETT, witn: Alex HAMILTON of Belleville & Robert H. COGGIN? of Orillia, 10 March 1874 at Belleville
003932-76 Joseph THRASHER, 36, Thurlow, Roslin, Hotel Keeper, Widower, s/o Gilbert & Christian THRASHER married Margaret CROSS, 21, Tyendinaga, Roslin, d/o William & Clara CROSS. Wtn: M. M. RYAN of Canifton on July 4, 1874 at Canifton 003536-74 Isaa (Isaac?) TOBY, 70, York England, Adolphustown, Yeoman, Widower, s/o Miles TOBY & Elizabeth TOBY married Elizabeth LOSIE, 66, Hillier P.E.Co., Trenton, Widow, d/o Cornelius & Perlina. Wtn: Jerh? SIMMONS and George LOSIE of Trenton on November 18, 1874 at Trenton
3321-74 John Stephen TODD, 24, machinist, Belleville, same, s/o Joseph & Phillis, married Rose Maria FRY, 19, Belleville, same, d/o Amos & Elizabeth, witn: Philip RIKLEY & Sterling E. EDWARDS, both of Belleville, 27 Jan 1874 at Belleville 3461-75 (Hastings Co): William Henry TODD, 29, yeoman, Rawdon, same, s/o Charles & Maryann, married Eliza MEIKELJOHN, 28, Rawdon, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John & Isabella MEIKELJOHN of Rawdon, 24 Dec 1874 at Marmora
3475-74 (Hastings Co): Alfred TOFFETT, 28, widower, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, Ameliasburgh, s/o Daniel & Betsy, married Harriet YOUNG, 28, Tyendinaga, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Alex MARTIN & Eliza LEE, both of Tyendinaga, 12 July 1874 at M. E. Parsonage, Tyendinaga 3498-74 (Hastings Co): George TWA, 21, laborer, Canada, Monteagle, s/o Oliver & Lydia, married Johanna CALLUSKY, 18, Germany, Monteagle, d/o Charles & Alleretta, witn: German CLUSKEY (sic) & William LABO, both of Monteagle, 6 May 1874 at Monteagle
3633-74 John VANCE, 21, harness maker, Rawdon, Stirling, s/o Thomas & Mary BROWN (sic), married Catherine MONTGOMERY, 18, Rawdon, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Maggie MONTGOMERY & Samuel BIRD of Stirling, 22 Dec 1874 at Rawdon 3177-75 William VANDERVOORT, 22, widower, farmer, NY state, Sidney twp., s/o Francis & Hannah, married Caroline TAPSON, 50, England, Belleville, d/o William & Elizabeth TAPSON, witn: Albert E. TERY (Fry?) & Mary E. MARTIN, 22 Sept 1874 at Belleville
3474-74 (Hastings Co): James H. VANDERWATER, 23, yeoman, Prince Edward Co., Thurlow, s/o Philip & Annie, married Phoebe E. SIDDELL, 17, Thurlow, Tyendinaga, d/o Albert & Elizabeth, witn: Philip G.& Lanie CLAPP of Tyendinaga, 20 May 1874 at Tyendinaga twp 3400-74 Daniel VANNEST, 29, widower, laborer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Peter & Eunice, married Ann REED, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: Mary Ann HILL & James H. VANNEST, both of Belleville, 10 Nov. 1874 at Belleville
3562-74 John VAN ORDER, 32, lumberman, Kingston twp., Hamilton, s/o Matthew VAN ORDER & Elizabeth LAIRD, married Mary Jane PORTER, 30, Kingston, Armagh Ireland [reversed?], d/o Joseph PORTER & Margaret LITTLE, witn: Daniel ARTHUR & Jane PORTER, both of Consecon, 28 Oct 1874 at Consecon 003545-74 John WAFER, 55, Peterborough, same, s/o Peter WAFER & Elizabeth WAFER married Catharine KEOGH, 34, Wexford, Harts Corners, d/o Simon KEOGH & Margaret KEOGH. Wtn: James McDONALD of Belleville and Ann Eliza KEOGH of Harts Corners on November 23, 1874 at Trenton
3426-74 William WAGER, 47, widower, farmer, Sates, Sophiasburg, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth PARKS, 30, widow, Thurlow, Madoc, d/o Alex & Rhoda WILSON, witn: George MORDEN of Belleville & Martha BENEDICT, 27 July 1874 at Belleville 3175-75 Thomas WALKER, 43, merchant, widower, England Belleville, s/o Michael & Mary, married Anna Maria EPPALETT (Epplett?) 29, England, Belleville, d/o Joseph & Charlotte EPPLETT (sic), witn: James R. CLARK & Harriet COLLINS both of Belleville on Nov. 23, 1874 at Belleville
3171-75 Henry Kirkpatrick WATERHOUSE, 32, merchant, widower, Ireland, Tyendinaga, s/o Henry & Ellen, married Catherine McLAREN, 24, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Robert LARGE & Martha MacPHERSON both of Belleville on Nov. 2, 1874 at Belleville 003214-75 (Hastings Co): Alpheus WAY, 27, agriculturalist, Canada, Ameliasburgh twp., s/o Henry & Catherine, married Harriet Adelaide OSTROM, 23, Canada, Hungerford twp., d/o Stephen & Nancy, witn: John OSTROM of Hungerford , 28 Nov 1874 at Belleville
  003886-76 (Hastings Co) R.A. WEESE, 32, widower, merchant, Napanee, Napanee s/o Jacob & Mary WEESE married Annie Elizabeth TAYLOR, 20, Thurlow, Sidney d/o Caleb & Ann TAYLOR wtn: Percy WHITE & H.J. LOTT of Sidney, 24 December 1874 at Sidney
3629-74 Harvey WEIS, 23, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Solomon & Eliza, married Jane FARMER, 24, Rawdon, Sidney, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: John & Clarissa HAGGARTY, 17 Nov 1874 at Stirling 3563-74 Wesley WELLER, 26, yeoman, Brighton twp., same, s/o Samuel & Sarah Ann, married Mary Jane POWERS, 19, Rawden, Trenton, d/o Robert POERS & Maria BULL (Ball?), witn: Stephen & Melissa THORN of Brighton, 23 Dec 1874 at Trenton
3571-74 William Temperly WHITE, 24, organ builder, Stirling, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Olivie, married Olivie JOHNSTON, 24, Marmora, Madoc, d/o Henry & Olivie, witn: William Alex GLOVER of Madoc & Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Elziver, 28 July 1874 at Madoc 003491-74 (Hastings Co): John WILLIAMS, 60, Ireland, Tyendinaga, Yeoman, Widower, s/o John & Honor WILLIAMS, married Rebecca Brady MONAHAN, 45, Ireland, Tyendinaga, Widow, d/o Patrick & Rebecca BRADY, wtn: Thomas KEENAN & Catherine MADDEN both of Tyendinaga, on May 18, 1874, at Tyendinaga
3481-74 (Hastings Co): William WILSON, 29, yeoman, Canada, Tyendinaga, s/o Nathaniel & Isabella, married Elizabeth McLAREN, 28, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o Alexander & Agnes, witn: Baptist WILSON & Agnes McLAREN, both of Tyendinaga, 31 Dec 1874 at Tyendinaga 003510-74 Adam Henry WRIGHT, 27, Brampton Ont, Colborne, Physician, s/o Henry WRIGHT & Sarah Jane WRIGHT married Flora May Anne CUMMING, 22, Trenton, same, d/o James CUMMING & Amelia CUMMING. Wtn: Richard ZIMMERMAN M.D. of Toronto and Jennie WRIGHT of Colborne on January 6, 1874 at Trenton
3493-74 (Hastings Co): William Penn YOUREX, 25, yeoman, 5th con of Thurlow, same, s/o Elijah & Patience, married Phoebe Wing ROBINSON, 24, North Fredericksburgh, 1st con of Tyendinaga, d/o Thomas & Unice, witn: Isaac Barton YOUREX of Bloomfield & Aseneth B. ROBINSON of 1st con of Tyendinaga, 12 May 1874 at Shannonville