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Hastings Co., 1875, part 2

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3442-75 Amos ALLISON, 33, teacher, Prince Edward Co., Belleville, s/o Benjamin & Margaret ALISON (sic), married Cinderella ALLY, 29, widow, Prince Edward Co., same, d/o Arnold & Sarah BUSH, witn: Wesley WEESE & Ann BUSH both of Ameliasburgh on March 10, 1875 at Cannifton 3131-75 Charles AVERY, 51, yeoman, widower, Prince Edward Co., Murray, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Anna Mariah EMPEY, 40, Richmond, Murray, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Wellington MILLER & Bernard FOX both of Trenton on Oct. 30, 1875 at Trenton
003849-76 (Hastings Co) Allan BADGLEY, 22, yeoman, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Simeon & Pamela June BADGLEY married Abbie Ann JONES, 21, Thurlow, Hungerford d/o Stephen & Ellen JONES wtn: Hannah HOLGATE of Thurlow & Mary A. BRILL of Cannifton, 12 October 1875 at Cannifton 3427-85 Samuel R. BADGLEY, 24, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o John A. & Margaret, married Maria E. SCHRYVER, 26, Huntingdon, same, d/o Walter E. & Ruth, witn: Simeon M. SCHRYVER of Belleville & Margaret M. SCHRYVER of Huntingdon on Feb. 2, 1875 at Huntingdon
3396-75 Richard BAMBER, 28, farmer, Murray , Sidney, s/o John & Catherine, married Hannah MAINS, 19, Hungerford, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Edward BAMBER of Sidney & Jennie ROOTE? of Rawdon, 8 March at Thomasburgh 3431-75 Almeron W. BARTLETT, 35, station master, widower, Augusta, Tyendinaga, s/o Arvin & Lucinda, married Louisa CLARK, 27, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Levi A. CLARK & Sylvia McMILLIN both of Tyendinaga on May 18, 1875 at Belleville.
3137-75 Alexander BELLEFEUILLE, 20, laborer, St. Angel, Mill Island, s/o Antoine & Sarah, married Elizabeth GOULETTE, 20, Trenton, same, d/o Napoleon & Harriet, witn: Napoleon DERIPE & Agness LE BARGE both of Mill Island on June 21, 1875 at Trenton. 003901-76 (Hastings Co) Charles D. BENN, 24, farmer, Fredericksburg, Huntingdon s/o Valentine & Malinda BENN, married Rachel THOMPSON, 21, Thurlow, Huntingdon d/o James & Rachel THOMPSON wtn: John LENNOX & Margaret LENNOX of Thomasburg, 23 December 1875 at Huntingdon
  3449-75 Samuel L. BENSON, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Peter & Catharine, married Rachel LEWIS, 20, Latta's Mills, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Thomas McVETY of Belleville on May 24, 1875 at Cannifton.
3439-75 Paul H. BETTISE, 30, physician, New York, Belleville, s/o John & Margaret, married Martha HART, 18, Shannonville, Ameliasburgh, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Agnes HART of Ameliasburgh & P. A. BIRD of Belleville on Sept. 23, 1875 at Belleville. 3162-75 John Gilbert BETTS, 24, baker, Murray, Frankford, s/o Lorenzo D. & Sarah, married Jane CAVERLY, 18, Sidney, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Hannah & Emma SILLS both of Trenton on Dec. 23, 1875 at Trenton
003792-76 (Hastings Co) James BLACK, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o John & Bridget BLACK married Margaret MURPHY, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o John & Honora MURPHY wtn: John MURPHY & Mary Ann MURPHY both of Tyendinaga twp, 21 July 1875 at Tyendinaga twp  
3415-75 Daniel BRADLEY, 55, yeoman, widower, Canada, New York State USA, s/o William & Debhard, married Clarissa HUBBLE, 43, widow, Canada, Rawdon, d/o George & Ann HUBBLE (sic), witn: William HARRIS & Gilbert CUMMINGS both of Rawdon on April 10, 1875 at Rawdon 3430-75 Adam Henry BRUMBLE, 23, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Samuel & Matilda, married Eva WILLIAMS, 18, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Thomas & Phoebe Ann, witn: Catherine & Jennie HASKINS both of Belleville on April 19, 1875 at Belleville.
003789-76 (Hastings Co) Edward CARTWRIGHT, farmer, Canada, Tyendinaga s/o Amos & Mary CARTWRIGHT married Ann MURPHY, Ireland, Tyendinaga d/o James & Mary MURPHY wtn: John McGURN & Mary McGURN both of Tyendinaga twp, 3 May 1875 at Tyendinaga twp 003806-76 (Hastings Co) William CHAMBERS, 23, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon s/o Robert & Ellen married Emily HOLLAND, 21, Oxford England, Huntingdon d/o William & Mary HOLLAND wtn: George W. HOLLAND & Hannah E. CHAMBERS of Huntingdon, 22 December 1875 at Huntingdon
3450-75 Napoleon CHARLAND, 26, farmer, Huntingdon, same s/o Theophilus & Euphemia, married Mary ANDREWS, 20, Huntingdon, same, d/o Samuel & Martha, witn: William Elmer & Martha ANDREWS both of Huntingdon on Sept. 16, 1875 at Huntingdon. 3286-75 John CHEETHAM, 26, clerk, England, Napanee, s/o William Wagstaff & Elizabeth, married Agnes Amelia GEORGE, 22, Canada, Napanee, d/o John B. & Viva, witn: J--? GEORGE of Napanee & Samuel A. SPONGENBURG, 11 Aug 1875 at Belleville
3392-75 Donald Grant CHISHOLM, 23, yeoman, Marmora, Tyendinaga, s/o William Fraser & Eliza CHISHOLM, married Martha McCLAREN, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John McCLAREN & Elizabeth, witn: Mary Jane & Henry Kirkpatrick WATERHOUSE of Tyendinaga, 17 March 1875 at Tyendinaga 3123-75 Anthony CHOINARD, 31, laborer, Trenton, same, s/o Francis & Virginia, married Emilia BEDOR (Bedore?), 18, Trenton, same, d/o Louis & Adelaide, witn: Frederick SAUVE & Emilia CHOINARD both of Trenton on May 15, 1875 at Trenton.
003793-76 (Hastings Co) Stephen COLLINS, labourer, Ireland, Belleville s/o Andrew & Bridget COLLINS married Francis DOYLE, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o Charles & Mary DOYLE wtn: Allen MURRAY & Mary DOYLE both of Tyendinaga twp, 26 July 1875 at Tyendinaga twp 003808-76 (Hastings Co) Stuart COOKE, 23, yeoman, Madoc, Madoc s/o John & Catharine married Isabella LEONARD, 19, Marmora, Madoc d/o John & Margaret wtn: John CONLIN & Jane NICKLE both of Madoc, 20 September 1875 at Madoc
3240-75 Edward DEACON, 41, widower, carpenter, PEI, Belleville, s/o John & Martha, married Eliz. Adeline HOYLE, 26, Sidney, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: Rosalie W. BRIGGS & Rose LEONARD, both of Belleville, 17 March 1875 at Belleville 003779-76 (Hastings Co) Richard Osborn DICKSON, 35, widower, insurance agent, Prince Edward Co, Napanee s/o John & Sarah DICKSON married Frances CAMPBELL, 31, widow, Hull village, Shannonville d/o Armen & Cecilia McARTHUR wtn: Alex McLAREN MD & Elizabeth COLE both of Shannonville, 25 September 1875 at Shannonville
003805-76 (Hastings Co) Roderick EMBURY, 22, carpenter, Madoc, Madoc s/o John & Phoebe married Esther Jane MARTIN, 17, Rawdon, Limerick d/o William & Agnes MARTIN wtn: Donald McCURDY & Martha EMBURY, both of Madoc, 20 December 1875 at Madoc 003809-76 (Hastings Co) William John EMBURY, 26, carpenter, Madoc, Madoc s/o John & Phoebe married Mary McKINNON, 16, Huntingdon, Madoc d/o John & Catharine wtn: David McKINNON & Martha EMBURY both of Madoc, 15 December 1875 at Madoc
3420-75 William H. FANNING, 22, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o John B. & Susan, married Anna C. GREEN, 22, Canada, Rawdon, d/o John & Sarah E., witn: L. W. & L. D. DENIKE both of Rawdon on Oct. 26, 1875, at Rawdon.  
3423-75 Jacob Matthew FINKLE, 21, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o John J. & Mary Ann, married Jane Ann THRASHER, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o William & Abigail, witn: Austin HEAGLE & Abigail FINKLE both of Sidney on Feb. 3, 1875 at Thurlow 3476-75 (Hastings Co): Henry FOSTER, 24, cheese maker, Hungerford, Thurlow, s/o Benjamin & Amelia, married Jane CASKEY, 24, Hungerford, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Edwin FOSTER of Hungerford & William John ALLEN of Madoc, 17 March 1875 at Hungerford
3144-75 James GAINSFORTH, 25, yeoman, Brighton, same, s/o James & Sylvia, married Mary Elizabeth GUILES, 17, Murray, same, d/o Daniel & Fanny, witn: Mary McINTYRE & John GAINSFORTH both of Brighton on Jan. 27, 1875 at Trenton. 3398-75 Charles GARRISON, 23, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o William GARRISON & Almira BADGLEY, married Deney? M. FINKLE, 20, Hungerford, same, d/o Ceny? FINKLE & Clarissa GILBERT, witn: Hannah & Charles FINKLE of Hungerford, 24 May at Thomasburgh
003794-76 (Hastings Co) James GERNON, labourer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Brian & Honora GERNON married Margaret DOMAN, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o James & Mary DOMAN wtn: Jeremiah CALLAGHAN & Ellen FRAWLEY both of Tyendinaga twp, 25 November 1875 at Tyendinaga twp 3122-75 Octave GOSSELIN, 24, laborer, St. Charles, Trenton, s/o Exi GOSSELIN & Mary GOSELIN (sic), married Lucy Ann DEROCHIER, 19, Trenton, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: James McCORMIC & Sarah Ann JOHNSON both of Trenton on May 10, 1875 at Trenton.
003887-76 (Hastings Co) William GREEN, 21, farmer, Sidney, Sidney s/o Levi & W. GREEN married Mary Ann McKEE, 22, widow, Sidney, Sidney d/o Robert & E. CARR wtn: William BELL & C. TEDMAN of Sidney, 23 December 1875 at Sidney 3159-75 George Albert HARRINGTON, 24, carpenter, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Charles & Harriet, married Mary Emmaline WANAMAKER, 17, Trenton, Ameliasburgh, d/o James & Catharine, witn: George F. WANAMAKER & Abigail HERRINGTON (sic) both of Ameliasburgh on Dec. 1, 1875 at Trenton
3441-75 Rufus HARRIS, 21, mason, Belleville, same, s/o William & Augusta, married Elizabeth HALL, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o Andrew & Sabina, witn: James HALL & Almira ARKLES both of Thurlow on Feb. 3, 1875 at Plainfield 3121-75 Michael HARTIGAN, 35, working man, Ireland, Trenton, s/o John & Catharine, married no given name GRIGGS, 30, widow, Brighton, Trenton, d/o John & Jeanette GRIGGS, witn: Henry McKEWEN & Bridget McALVERY both of Trenton on April 29, 1875 at Trenton.
3435-75 Thomas F. HAWLEY, 26, yeoman, Fredericksburgh, Ameliasburgh, s/o Sheldon S. & Sarah Agnes, married Georgina SPENCER, 16, Ernestown Addington Co., Thurlow, d/o Samuel & Esther, witn: Charles CHISHOLM of Sidney & Harriet HAWLEY of Ameliasburgh on Sept. 15, 1875 at Thurlow. 3307-75 (Hastings Co): Patrick HAYES, 21, plasterer, England, Belleville, s/o John HAYES & Hannah LESTON, married Ellen GAINEY, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Humphrey GAINEY & Jane MAHONEY, witn: Denis SULLIVAN & Jane GAINEY, 18 Oct 1875 at Belleville (Rom Cath)
  3889-76 George Washington HENDRICKS, 26, yeoman, Murray, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane KNOX, 22, Sidney, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: H. & E. SILLS both of Trenton on Dec. 8, 1875 at Sidney.
3436-75 James L. HERBERTSON, 23, yeoman, Elziver, same, s/o Robert & Rachel, married Sarah E. BIRD, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o William C. & Mary, witn: William E. BIRD of Thurlow & Sarah R. HERBERTSON of Elziver on Nov. 4, 1875 at Thurlow 3451-75 Anthony HERITY, 22, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Samuel & Christiana, married Eliza Jane BIRD, 21, Thurlow, Huntingdon, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Edwin KETCHESON & Mary WRAY both of Huntingdon on Sept. 28, 1875 at Huntingdon
3440-75 William HOSKINS (Haskins?), 60, yeoman, widower, England, Murray, s/o William & Ann, married Frances WELLS, 23, Cramahe, same, d/o Stephen & Margaret, witn: John ARMSTRONG of Murray & P. A. BIRD of Belleville on Sept. 20, 1875 at Belleville 3419-75 William HUBBLE, 26, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Peter & Betsy, married Elizabeth HUBBLE, 21, Canada, Rawdon, d/o Ira & Mary, witn: J.A. HUBBLE & Roderick RULLAR both of Rawdon on Nov. 16, 1875 at Rawdon.
3400-75 Robert LOVE, 24, Canada, Hungerford, s/o Francis & Margaret, married Isabella A. JOHNSTON, 18, Canada, Hungerford, d/o James & Jane, witn: J. CARLETON & E. JOHNSTON, both of Hungerford, 8 Jan 1875 at not given 3158-75 Samuel MACK, 28, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Sarah Elizabeth RODGERS, 17, Rawdon, same, d/o William & Sarah Jane, witn: William & Caroline MACK both of Trenton on Oct. 25, 1875 at Trenton.
3399-75 James MAINS, 25, farmer, Madoc, Elzevir, s/o James & Jane, married Mary Ann MATHEWS, 27, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o John & Eliza, witn: James TUTTLE of Bridgewater & Isabella Jane MATHEWS of Hungerford, 18 May 1875 at Hungerford 003791-76 (Hastings Co) John MARTIN, farmer, Tyendinaga, Michigan USA s/o John & Marcella MARTIN married Mary McFERRAN, 25, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o John & Bridget McFERRAN wtn: William MARTIN & Alice MURPHY both of Tyendinaga twp, 6 July 1875 at Tyendinaga twp
3333-75 (Hastings Co): Gilbert P. McCOY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Madoc, s/o S.H. & Nancy E., married Margaret McCLURE, 21, Ontario, Madoc, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Cornelius McGUIRE & Anna McCLURE, both of Madoc, 14 April 1875 at Bridgewater 3417-75 Ezekiel Allen McGOWAN, 25, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Mark & Almina, married Bertissia PEARSON, 16, Canada, Rawdon, d/o James & Rosella, witn: Mary & Edward LAWRENCE no residences given on Aug. 30, 1875 at Rawdon.
003788-76 (Hastings Co) Neil McKENTY, labourer, Ireland, Tyendinaga twp s/o Alexander & Hannah McKENTY married Margaret MURPHY, Ireland, Tyendinaga twp d/o Patrick & Bridget MURPHY wtn: Daniel McGEE & Ellen MOONEY both of Tyendinaga twp, 11 January 1875 at Tyendinaga twp 3418-75 Lewis McMULLEN, 24, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Alexander & Amanda, married Frances REYNOLDS, 23, Canada, Rawdon, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William & Christian FOX no residences given on Nov. 15, 1875 at Rawdon.
3124-75 Charles McNEIL, 40, farmer, Ireland, Richmond, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Sarah McNEIL, 30, Sidney, same, d/o Daniel & Bridget, witn: Patrick GALLIVAN & Kate McNEIL both of Sidney on May 17, 1875 at Trenton 3119-75 Patrick McNEIL, 25, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Daniel & Bridget, married Catharine McKEWEN, 19, Antrim Ireland, Trenton, d/o William & Catharine, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Margaret McKEWEN both of Sidney on Jan. 11, 1875 at Trenton.
3249-75 Parker MILLS, 60, widower, shoe maker, Ireland, Belleville, s/o Joseph & Ann (both deceased), married Johanna MORRICEY (s/b Morrisey?), Ireland, Belleville, d/o John & Mary P. (both deceased), witn: Robert LARGE of Belleville, 28 Aug 1875 at Christ Church, Belleville 3426-75 Charles MILLS, 21, farmer, Hungerford, Thurlow, s/o Allan & Phoebe, married Lydia YOUNG, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o Jacob & Eunice, witn: Charles & Martha BENEDICT both of Thurlow on Dec. 2, 1875 at Thurlow
003903-76 (Hastings Co) Alexander MOORE, 24, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon s/o Peter & Sally MOORE, married Elizabeth JACKSON, 18, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Henry & Eliza Jane JACKSON wtn: P.W. WHITCOMB & Nettie WHITCOMB of Thomasburg, 18 October 1875 at Thomasburg 003902-76 (Hastings Co) Henry MULLETTE, 21, carpenter, Huntingdon, Huntingdon s/o James & Hannah MULLETTE married Sarah Jane LANCASTER, 20, Vadruil Que., Huntingdon d/o Mark & Jane LANCASTER wtn: John L. MULLETTE & Libbie M. BURKE of Huntingdon, 13 October 1875 at Huntingdon
3320-75 (Hastings Co): Jesse NEAL, 21, blacksmith, Rawdon, same, s/o Thomas & M.A., married Emily SPRY, 15, Rawdon, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Robert & Elizabeth NEAL of Rawdon, 7 July 1875 at Stirling 003790-76 (Hastings Co) Patrick O'NEIL, 25, farmer, Ireland, Michigan USA s/o Thomas & Margaret O'NEIL married Elizabeth MARTIN, 30, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o John & Marcella MARTIN wtn: William MARTIN & Ann CALLE both of Tyendinaga twp, June 1875 at Tyendinaga twp
3332-75 (Hastings Co): Richard PARK, 21 (or 24), farmer, Ontario, Elziver, s/o Solomon & Rika, married Mary Ann FREER, 16, Ontario, Elziver, d/o Daniel & Melissa, witn: William M. & Mary E. TOMBLIN of Bridgewater, 23 Jan 1875 at Bridgewater 3438-75 Franklin P. PATERSON, 22, yeoman, Waterloo N.Y. State, Tyendinaga, s/o Christopher & Sarah, married Mary E. BADGLEY, 21, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Stephen & Louisa, witn: P. A. BIRD & Hazelton SPENCER both of Belleville on Sept. 16, 1875 at Belleville.
3434-75 Nelson PELKY, 29, laborer, widower, Canifton, same, s/o Frederick & Jane, married Lella BELCK, 40, widow, Canifton, same, d/o Daniel & Catharine CANNIFF, witn: John PELKEY (sic) of Canifton on March 11, 1875 at Canifton 3129-75 John POTTS, 54, yeoman, widower, Murray, Brighton, s/o Thomas & Charlotte, married Mary Ann McWILLIAMS, 49, widow, Cornwall, Trenton, d/o Philip & Catharine McWILLIAMS (sic), witn: Hannah & Emma SILLS both of Trenton on Oct. 6, 1875 at Trenton
3414-75 John POULEY (Pauley?), 19, laborer, Birmingham England, Rawdon, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Hester MACK, 15, Rawdon, same, d/o Lewis Harriet, witn: Allen & Mrs. SINE both of Rawdon on Jan. 2, 1875 at James Butter's Stone House in Rawdon  
3429-75 Allan C. REED, 23, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Caleb & Mahala, married L. A HALL, 26, New York State USA, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Caleb & Mahala REED both of Thurlow on Jan. 22, 1875 at Thurlow. 3445-75 Norris S. REED, 39, farmer, widower, Thurlow, same, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann BIRD, 31, Hungerford, Thurlow, d/o William C. & Mary, witn: George G. & Mary J. OSTROM both of Thurlow on June 28, 1875 at Thurlow
3446-75 William Byron ROBINSON, 30, teacher, Tyendinaga, Belleville, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Margaret STINSON, 31, widow, England, Thurlow, d/o Isaac & Hannah FROSTE, witn: William R. BARBER of Belleville & William LINGHAM of Cannifton on June 9, 1875 at Cannifton 003846-76 (Hastings Co) Ockey ROLLIFFE, 30, yeoman, Germany, Kaladar s/o Frederick & Inckey ROLLIFFE married Rosa KLEINSTEUBER, 21, Germany, Elzevir d/o Dortha KLEINSTUBER wtn: Hugo KLEINSTEUBER & Sarah GREATRIX of Elzevir, 31 December 1875 at Elzevir
3463-75 (Hastings Co): Samuel SAGAN, 24, yeoman, Richmond, same, s/o Joshua & Mary SAGAR (sic), married Harriet E. SCRIMSHAW, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o Jeremiah & Phoebe, witn: Amos SAGAR of Richmond & Almira SCHIMSHAW (sic) of Rawdon, 18 Feb 1875 at Marmora 3452-75 Sidmer SARGENTS, 27, teamster, Thurlow, Madoc, s/o Elisha & Sarah, married Catharine SPRAG, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o Stephen & Patience, witn: Abraham MALRY of Madoc & Daniel WRIGHT of Huntingdon on Sept. 18, 1875 at Huntingdon
3790-76 Patrick SMITH, 25, farmer, Ireland, Michigan US, s/o Thom SMITH & Margaret, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 30, Tyendinaga twp., same, d/o John MARTIN & Marcella, witn: William MARTIN & Ann CALLE, both of Tyendinaga twp., June 1875 at Tyendinaga 3416-75 Wilford SMITH, 21, yeoman, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Nelson & Frances, married Harriet CUMMINGS, 19, Canada, Rawdon, d/o Gilbert & Jane, witn: Alexander JOHNSON & Ellen CUMMINGS no residences given on Feb. 16, 1875 at Rawdon
3444-75 Joseph SNIDER, 21, laborer, Sidney, same, s/o Charles & Ann, married Susan SHERIDAN, 24, Marmora, Sidney, d/o Peter & Ann, witn: John LITTLE of Cannifton & Margaret CHRISTIE of Sidney on June 21, 1875 at Cannifton 3507-75 (Hastings Co) George SNIDER, 23, yeoman, Earnestown, same, s/o Joel & Elizabeth Ann SNIDER, married Urena HOLLISTER, 22, Thurlow Twp, Shannonville, d/o Nelson & Jane Ann HOLLISTER, witn: Levi CLARK, Shannonville & Maria SNIDER, Earnestown, 1 Oct 1875 at Shannonville
3401-75 Wesley SUMMERS, 22, Canada, Lennox & Addington, s/o David & Elizabeth, married M. A. BURROUGH, 18, Canada, Flinton, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Rodah TRIPP of Lennox, 24 March 1875 at not given 3421-75 William TEDMAN, 25, farmer, England, Sidney, s/o Stephen & Elizabeth, married Margaret Jane BARTON, 23, Rawdon, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Merritt & Dianna BARTON both of Rawdon on Oct. 27, 1875 at Rawdon
3447-75 William TUMMON, 30, farmer, England, Huntingdon, s/o Cotton & Jane, married Hannah FRANCIS, 21, Huntingdon, same, d/o John Francis & Frances, witn: James BURNSIDE of Madoc & Martha TUMMON of Huntingdon on March 17, 1875 at Huntingdon 3478-75 (Hastings Co): William VAN BLARICOM, 35, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, Sidney, s/o David & Lottie, married Mary Elizabeth STICKNEY, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Reuben & Maribeth, witn: R.C. STICKNEY & Joseph BRENTON, both of Tyendinaga, 13 April 1875 at Shannonville
3432-75 Elisha L. WAGER, 24, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o William & Abigail, married Samantha REED, 26, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Ketcheson & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin REED of Thurlow & William ATKINS of Tyendinaga on Feb. 16, 1875 at Tyendinaga. 3397-75 Jediah WALKER, 23, farmer, New York state, Hungerford, s/o Francis & Eva, married Rachel Maria PARKS, 18, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o Nicholas & Maria, witn: Thomas CAUGHLIN & Ella WALKER, both of Hungerford, 26 Jan 1875 at Tweed
3359-75 James WANAMAKER, 24, farmer, Murray, Madoc, s/o Jacob & Dorothy, married Catherine Malissa WANNAMAKER, 20, widow, Marmora, Madoc, d/o Edward & Mary [no surname given], witn: John BROWN & Mr. WISHART, both of Madoc, 7 Sept 1875 at Madoc 3281-75 Henry James WEBB, 29, carpenter & joiner, London England, Wellington, s/o Henry J. WEBB & Rebecca HOLLAND, married Emma Ball HUKE, 28, England, Belleville, d/o William HUKE & Helene BALL, witn: Patrick McGARTH & Elvilda EATON, both of Belleville, 4 Nov 1875 at Belleville
3433-75 Charles A. WHITE, 25, farmer, Sidney, Thurlow, s/o James & Mary, married Lorinda ROSS, 20, Huntingdon, same, d/o George & Phoebe Maria, witn: Gilbert FREDERICK of Sidney & Eliza WHITE of Thurlow on June 8, 1875 at Huntingdon #003179-75 (Hastings Co): John WHITE, 22, yeoman, Ontario, Murney twp., s/o James WHITE & Susan KERR, married Sarah ORR, 21, Ontario, Thurlow, d/o George ORR & Matilda MATHER, witnesses were Albert WHITE of Belleville & Mary ORR of Thurlow, Feb. 1, 1875 at Belleville
3308-75 (Hastings Co): Thomas WILLS, 22, mechanic, Ireland, Belleville, s/o Thomas WELLS & Agnes KIDD, married Catherine HOLMES, 21, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Thomas HOLMES & Hannah McGEE, witn: Thomas HOLMES & Ellen MALER (Mabe?), 27 Nov 1875 at Belleville (Rom Cath)