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Hastings Co., 1876

birth place is given before residence


3909-76 Julius ACKERS, 44, lumberman, widower, Sidney, Lake Tp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Ellen LAKE, 37, widow, Scotland, Blairton, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: John & Elsie ACKERS both of Marmora on March 29, 1876 at Marmora.  
003810-76 (Hastings Co) John ADAMS, 24, yeoman, Tyendinaga, Madoc s/o Cummins & Catharine married Margaret BURNSIDE, 20, Huntingdon, Madoc d/o Robert & Harriet wtn: William CURTIS & Hannah BURNSIDE both of Madoc, 15 March 1876 at Madoc 3782-77 Jonathan D. ADAMS, 28, yeoman, widower, Rawdon, Thurlow, s/o Daniel & Esther, married Sarah VINCENT, 22, Thurlow, same, d/o James & Susannah, witn: Sanford D. VINCENT of Thurlow & Bertha MASSEY of Belleville on Dec. 25, 1876 at Belleville.
4064-76 John AKEY, 26, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o Peter & Mary, married Margaret LUFM--?(cut off Luffman?), 21, Canada, Hungerford, d/o James & Susanna, witn: Peter AKEY & Melissa ORR both of Hungerford on Dec., 25, 1876 at Bogart. 003770-76 (Hastings Co) James ALEXANDER, 26, widower, labourer, County Down Ireland, Shannonville s/o John & Mary Jane ALEXANDER married Mary Jane REED, 21, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Hugh & Jane REED wtn: Mrs. C. BETTS & Mrs. SOBY both of Shannonville, 21 June 1876 at the Soby house Shannonville
003780-76 (Hastings Co) James ALLEN, 42, widower, school teacher, Ireland, Rawdon s/o John & Francis ALLEN married Susan Jane GORMAN, 33, widow, Sidney twp, Sidney twp d/o Isaac & Artemesia [no surname givne], wtn: A.B. RANDALL of Shannonville & W.W. WATT of Belleville, 13 April 1876 at Shannonville 3616-75 John E. ALLEN, 23, printer, Toronto, same, s/o Robert & Maria, married Frances EVES, 23, Belleville, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Willoughby Mc--? & illegible Jane EVES, both of Belleville, 27 illegible 1876 at Belleville [faded reg'n]
003641-76 (Hastings Co) David Wright ALLISON, 53, gentleman, Adolphustown, Adolphustown s/o Joseph B. ALLISON & Mary HOOVER married Amelia Elizabeth MEMBERY, 23, Adolphustown, Adolphustown d/o Giles MEMBERY & Elizabeth RAYMOND wtn: Daniel YOUNG M.D. & Barrie E. CHALMERS both of Adolphustown, 22 August 1876 at Belleville  
3869-76 William ANDERSON, 21, farmer, Prince Edward, Rawdon, s/o Robert ANDERSON & Mary J., married Mary GAULEY, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o James GAULEY & Jane, witn: Allen McMULLEN of Rawdon & Mary F. ANDERSON, 24 May 1876 at Stirling 003768-76 (Hastings Co) George ANDERSON, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Alexander & Jane ANDERSON married Lucey KILMURRAY, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Peter & Bridget KILMURRAY wtn: Edmond McNEIL & Eliza McNEIL both of Tyendinaga, 8 May 1876 at Tyendinaga twp
003937-76 - G. W. ANDREWS, 27, Montague, Thurlow, Teacher, s/o J.H. ANDREWS & M.J. ANDREWS married Mary R. WILLIAMS, 27, Fredericksburg, Thurlow, d/o Rev' d H. WILLIAMS & Lucy WILLIAMS. Wtn: E. WILLIAMS and L. WILLIAMS of Thurlow on June 20, 1876 at Albert College in Thurlow #003858-76 Henry Temple ARCHER, 25, carpenter, Haldimand, Campbellford, s/o James & Margaret ARCHER, married Sarah Jane BAILEY, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o John & Jane BAILEY, witn: Allen BAILEY, Rawdon & Batrice M. ARCHER, Campbellford, 6 Nov 1876 at Rawdon
#003687-76 (Hastings Co): Thomas ARNOLD, 52, widower, yeoman, Scotland, Seymour twp., s/o Andrew & Agnes, married Rebecca HENDERSON, 35, Ireland, Seymour twp., d/o John & Mary, witnesses were Rosalie M. BRIGGS & Eliz. GOODFELLOW, 21 Feb., 1876 at the Methodist Parsonage, Belleville 003804-76 (Hastings Co) Thomas Leslie BACON, 21, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o Richard & Catharine married Maria MARTIN, 23, Huntingdon, Elzevir d/o Mark & Isabella wtn: Amos LOUCKS of Marmora & Martha Jane BACON of Madoc, 8 March 1876 at Elzevir
3843-77 Richard BADGLEY, 20, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Stephen & Louisa, married Mary Esther SECORD, 17, Prince Edward Co., Tyendinaga, d/o John & Ann, witn: A. M. WASS & Catherine VROOMAN both of Shannonville on Dec. 26, 1876 at Shannonville Village 003818-76 (Hastings Co) Frederick BAKER, 26, yeoman, Huntingdon, Limerick s/o Peter & Sarah A. married Elizabeth VANKLEEK, 19, Madoc, Madoc d/o John & Harriet wtn: N.A. PETERS & Maggie MAYBEE both of Madoc, 4 October 1876 at Madoc
3733-76 Alexander BAKER, 28, printer, Napanee, same, s/o Nelson & Alicia, married Mary PIERCY, 22, Perth, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: William VARLEY & Bridget CONLIN, both of Belleville, 5 Jan 1876 at Methodist Parsonage, Belleville 3672-76 David BAKER, 22, brick maker, Goulbourn, Belleville, s/o Jeremiah & Mary Ann, married Mary GRAHAM, 25, Goulbourn, Belleville, d/o Francis & Elizabeth, witn: William HANNAH & Margery BROWN, both of Belleville, 15 Nov 1876 at Belleville
3685-76 Henry illegible (?-oger?) BALL, 25, railroader, England, Belleville, s/o James & Sarah, married Carrie BEAUPREY, 19, Belleville, same, d/o Peter & Anna, witn: William & Margaret HOPKINS of Belleville, 2 May 1876 at res of William Hopkins, Belleville #003693-76 (Hastings Co): Isaac BARLOW, 25, no occupation given, Thurlow twp., same, s/o George BARLOW & Mary Ann ALCOTT, married Janet Grey MUIR, 22, Richmond Quebec, Thurlow twp., d/o William MUIR & Maron BURT?, witnesses were John MUIR & Moira BELL, both of Thurlow twp., April 12, 1876 at Thurlow
003781-76 (Hastings Co) John BARTLEY, 37, widower, mariner, Ireland, Mill Point s/o John & Jane BARTLEY married Rebecca CURTIS, 23, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Newcome & Mary Ann CURTIS wtn: A.B. RANDALL & G. SOBY both of Shannonville, 18 January 1876 at Shannonville 003956-76 (Hastings Co) John BATTON, 26, tailor, Canada, Ameliasburg, s/o John BATTON & Sarah HUTTON married Susie MORRISON, 26, seamstress, Canada, Hillier, d/o John W. MORRISON & Sarah Ann LAMPTON wtn: W. PARLIAMENT & William BELL of Ameliasburg, 1 January 1876 at Trenton
4063-76 James BEAUFORD, 34, yeoman, Ireland, Tyendinaga, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary Ann STEWART, 25, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Fanny FOSTER & Louisa M. McINNIS both of Thomasburg on Sept. 6, 1876 at Thomasburg. 3732-76 James BELCH, 29, laborer, Thurlow, Belleville, s/o John & Ann, married Harriet BARLOW, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Caleb BUCKLE of Thurlow & Hannah Jane ALLCOCK of Belleville, 1 Feb [1876] at res of Joseph Allcock, Belleville
3618-76 Alexander BELLAIR, 21, tailor, Ontario, Belleville, s/o John BELLAIR & Margaret PERKINS, married Mary CONNOR, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o John CONNOR & Catherine SHEA, witn: William PERKIN & Agnes O'KEEFE, both of Belleville, 27 Nov 1876 at Belleville 003817-76 (Hastings Co) Almon BENEDICT, 27, photographer, Hungerford, Belleville s/o Ard & Hannah married Emma DUNN, 22, Madoc, Madoc d/o William & Sarah A. wtn: W.T. FULLER & Jane FULLER both of Madoc, 11 July 1876 at Madoc
  3681-76 Norman Leslie BIKLEY (Rikley?), 20, farmer, South Fredericksburg, same, s/o William H. BIKLEY & Mary ANDREWS, married Hester Alberta SHARP, 19, Sidney, same, d/o John SHARPE (sic) & Mary Ann KELLEY, witn: Mary Ann (nee Kelley) & John SHARP, 26 Dec 1876 at Belleville
3625-77 William Thomson BLACK, 27, farmer, Pennsylvania US, Millbridge Ont., s/o Martin & Minerva, married Frances Eleanor NORMAN, 28, Ireland, Millbridge, d/o Ralph Moore NORMAN & Annie Maria, witn: John COOK & Margaret GRAHAM, both of Belleville, 10 Nov 1876 at Belleville 3736-76 Tobias BLEECKER, 25, lumberer, Belleville, same, s/o William & Janet, married Eliza Jane JONES, 19, Belleville, same, d/o Nathan & Jane, witn: William BIGGER of Toronto & Minnie JONES of Belleville, 9 Dec 1875 at res of bride's parents, Belleville
003723-76 Phillip BOJUS? (Bajus?), 30, Kingston, same, Brewer, Widower, s/o Jacob BOJUS & Mary MOON married Grace STEVENSON, 19, Belleville, same, d/o Robert STEVENSON & Agnes AGNEW. Wtn: W. BOJUS of Kingston and A.A. FARLEY of Belleville on March 1st (year not given, s/b 1876) at Belleville 3870-76 William BONESTILL (Bonesteel?), 32, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Charles BONESTILL & Elizabeth, married Clarissa KELLY, 26, Sidney, same, d/o Reuben KELLY & Elisa, witn: William & Mary TOMBLIN, 4 May 1876 at Sidney
003819-76 (Hastings Co) Robert BORDEN, 26, widower, farmer, Elzevir, Elzevir s/o John & Abigail married Sarah Ann McCABE, 20, Madoc, Madoc d/o James & Jane wtn: William JENKINS & Mrs WISHART, 2 August 1876 at Madoc 3683-76 Henry BOWLER, 21, farmer, England, Sidney, s/o George BOWLER & Elizabeth MADAMS, married Susan E. VANDERVOORT, 18, Murray, Sidney, d/o Tobias VANDERVOORT & Juliana SHARP, witn: Burton VANDERVOORT & Alice LAWRENCE, both of Sidney, 16 Aug 1876 at Belleville
#003832-76 Joshua BRAND, 25, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o John & Mary A., married Eliza C. BACON, 21, Madoc, same, d/o Robert & Ruena, witn: Hiram & Jane SQUIRES, both of Madoc, 12 Apr 1876 at Madoc 3850-77 Josiah BRANT, 22, farmer, Picton, Tyendinaga, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth MOSES, 21, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Jacob & Sarah, witn: Levi & Alicia BRANT both of Tyendinaga on Dec. 12, 1876 at Mohawk Parsonage Tyendinaga.
3848-77 Thomas Garnerson BRANT, 25, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Abraham & Eleanor, married Mary MARACLE, 23, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Henry H. & Mary Ann, witn: William & Deborah LOUIS both of Tyendinaga on Nov, 3, 1876 at Christ Church Tyendinaga 3665-76 Francis BROOKER, 19, Belleville, same, s/o George & Eliza, married Sarah Isabella LINKLATER, 18, Quebec, Belleville, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn: Nelson & Hattie ENGLISH, 19 Oct. 1876 at Belleville
003627-76 (Hastings Co) Henry BROWN, 50, widower, yeoman, Canada, South Fredericksburg twp, s/o David & Catherine married Mary McDOUGALL , 40 widow, Canada, Frankford d/o Emerson & Agatha [no surname given] wtn: Marianne REID of Belleville, 14 July 1876 at Belleville 003952-76 (Hastings Co) George N. BROWN, 21, farmer, Shannonville, Thurlow s/o Nelson & Martha BROWN married Emma TAYLOR, 21, Thurlow, Thurlow d/o Allan & Margaret TAYLOR wtn: E.K. COOK & N.A. PALMER both of Thurlow, 26 January 1876 at Thurlow
  003625-76 (Hastings Co) John BRYANT, 22, bricklayer, England, Belleville s/o John & Isabella married Elizabeth Grace WOOLCOCK, 22, England, Belleville d/o Francis & Mary wtn: George FROST & Venelia WITMAN?, both of Belleville, 24 June 1876 at Belleville
3822-76 (Hastings Co): Thomas BURKET, 20, yeoman, Rawden, Limerick, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Emma Jane SAMIS, 18, Limerick, same, d/o Timothy & Hannah, witn: Irah ROBLIN of Madoc & Mary TAYLOR of Belleville, 11 Aug 1876 at Madoc 3658-76 William B. BURNETT, 24, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Elizabeth, married Agnes E. McNABB, 22, Arbioath Scotland, Belleville, d/o David & Agnes, witn: T. McNABB & R. MURPHY, both of Belleville, 25 Oct 1876 at Belleville
003722-76 David Nelson CALVERT, 25, Huntingdon, same, Yeoman, s/o William CALVERT & Janet ROY married Viletta Maria RUTLEDGE, 18, Huntingdon Twp., same, d/o James RUTLEDGE & Ann Jane BROWN. Wtn: William Archibald FOX and David FOX of Huntingdon on May 24, 1876 at Belleville 3617-76 Thomas CARNEY, 29, butcher, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Michael CARNEY & Ellen BURKE, married Maria MYLNE, 22, Ontario, Thurlow, d/o Peter MYLNE & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: John CARNEY & Eliza MYLNE, 27 Nov 1876 at Belleville
4065-76 Harry CARR, 22, farmer, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Daniel & Rebecca, married Tryphena CARR, 18, Canada, Tweed, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: May WEBSTER & Emilia ORSER both of Tweed on Dec. 9, 1876 at Tweed. 3731-76 George C. CARSCALLEN, 32, farmer, Loughboro, North Fredericksburg, s/o Luke C. & Catherine, married Oedelia PHILLIPS, 29, Loughboro, same, d/o Asa & Mary A., witn: Alvin CARSCALLEN of Fredericksburg & Amelia MULLETT of Madoc, 12 April 1876 at Belleville
003646-76 (Hastings Co) James CARSON (Carlin?), 36, labourer, Ireland, Belleville s/o Thomas & Jane married Francis SATHILL (Lattrell?), 32, England, Belleville d/o Thomas & Mary Ann wtn: John H. CLAPP & Elizabeth CLAPP, 25 September 1876 at Belleville 003954-76 (Hastings Co) William Henry CARTER, 26, farmer, Thurlow, Tyendinaga s/o Edward & Deanna CARTER married Margaret VANCE, 23, Madoc, Hungerford d/o Thomas & Amelia VANCE wtn: Mary & J.W. BRILL of Cannifton, 24 May 1876 at Thurlow
003927-76 Willet CASEY, 30, Thurlow, same, Farmer, s/o William CASEY & Margaret CASEY married Hester Ann DENYES, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Simon DENYES & Eliza DENYES. Wtn: John W. DENYES and Henry DENYES of Thurlow on September 26, 1876 at Thurlow 3832-77 James CASSADY, 28, farmer, Richmond, Madoc, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Victoria Jane BLAIR, 21, Madoc, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Annie CASSADY of Madoc & John BATMOR? of Rawden, 20 Dec 1876 at Madoc
#003694-76 (Hastings Co): John Marsh CHISLETT, 24, accountant, Port Hope, Belleville, s/o Charles & Emma., married Ella Louisa GARRATT, 24, Wellington Ont., Belleville, d/o Stephen & Eliza, witnesses were John B. HUTCHINGS of Port Hope & Florence WESDEN of Belleville, 26 April 1876 at the bride's parents' home, Belleville #003829-76 Durlin CLAPP, 27, yeoman, Thurlow, Madoc, s/o Philip & Maria, married Mary DOUGHTY, 25, Norfolk England, Madoc, d/o John & Ann, witn: Ellen KEENE & H. KENNER, both of Madoc, 14 Nov 1876 at Madoc
003880-76 (Hastings Co) George CLARK, 54, widower, hotel keeper, New York State, Frankford, s/o Isaac & blank, married Mary McMURRAY, 26, Rawdon, Frankford d/o William & Sarah McMURRAY wtn: Mary A. CLARK & John CLARK of Frankford, 11 November 1876 at Frankford 3844-77 Joseph CLARKE, 33, farmer, widower, Caledon Ont., Tyendinaga, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah Marie BESONDAY, 21, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Solomon & Elmina, witn: Emeline CLARKE & Francis BESONDAY both of Tyendinaga on Dec. 27, 1876 at Tyendinaga
003724-76 Francis CLAUS, 33, Ontario, Tyendinaga, Farmer, Widower, s/o Isaac & Christina CLAUS married Sarah Jane BRANT, 28, Ontario Tyendinaga, d/o Seth & Debil John BRANT. Wtn: Albert GUN (or Geen?) of Belleville on February 10, 1876 at Belleville 003778-76 (Hastings Co) Thomas CLAZIE, 23, yeoman, Scotland, Thurlow s/o William & Jane CLAZIE married Sarah WARE, 20, Kingston, Thurlow d/o Thomas & Ann WARE wtn: James CLAZIE & Rosa WARE both of Thurlow, 9 November 1876 at Shannonville
#003688-76 (Hastings Co): John CLIFFORD, 34, yeoman, England, Belleville, s/o John & Ann, married Mary M. HOGLE, 33, Sidney twp., same, d/o Jacob & Betsy, witnesses were R.E. GRASS & B. ROSE, both of Belleville, 23 Feb., 1876 at the Methodist Parsonage, Belleville  
003821-76 (Hastings Co) James COCKS, 23, miner, England, Limerick s/o Richard & Mary married Sarah Jane GREENWAY, 22, England, Limerick d/o Thomas & Martha wtn: Richard HENESEY & Sarah ROBLIN both of Limerick, 29 August 1876 at Madoc 3653-76 James COLEMAN, 28, laborer, Ireland, Belleville, s/o James COLEMAN & Catherine O'NEIL, married Margaret HAMPTON, 25, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Jeremiah HAMPTON & Margaret O'GRADY, witn: William James MAPON? (Matron?) & Rose KENNEDY, both of Belleville, 11 Sept 1876 at Belleville
003845-76 (Hastings Co) Edmund Burritt COLLINS, 25, yeoman, Long Island Locks, same, s/o Charles & Olive A. COLLINS married Catherine CORNELL, 24, Beverley, Bridgewater d/o Benoni & Susan CORNELL wtn: John TUCKER & Sarah PLATO of Bridgewater, 21 October 1876 at Bridgewater 3916-76 George W. COLLINS, 22, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Edward & Luiza, married Eliza Monah (Mariah?) CLAPP, 22, Thurlow, same, d/o Shubal & Mary, witn: Charles E. COLE & Eustatia CLAPP both of Thurlow on Dec. 27, 1876 at Thurlow.
003695-76 (Hastings Co): John Henry CONNOR, 36,, yeoman, Canada, Pittsburgh twp Ont., s/o Luke & Ann, married Esther CONNER, 36, widow, Canada, Hallowell twp., d/o Thomas & Mary, witnesses were Charles DESMOTT of Belleville & William RYAN of Cannifton?, 7 March 1876 at the Dennison Hotel, Belleville 003769-76 (Hastings Co) William COOK, 23, labourer, Tyendinaga twp, Thurlow twp s/o Edward & Eliza Jane COOK married Anna SMITH, 18, Prince Edward Co, Tyendinaga d/o Charles & Catharine SMITH wtn: Mrs. C. BETTS & George BETTS both of Shannonville, 20 June 1876 at the Methodist Episcopal Parsonage Shannonville
003813-76 (Hastings Co) Peter COONEY, 23, farmer, Rawdon, Madoc s/o James & Sarah married Mary Ann McGLAID, 17, Huntingdon, Madoc d/o Peter & July Ann wtn: Alexander PALMER & Hannah Ellen PALMER of Madoc, 6 December 1876 at Madoc 3734-77 (Hastings Co): John COUNTRYMAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o Martin COUNTRYMAN & A. WERT, married Mary Jane POTTS, 21, Canada, Hungerford, d/o George POTTS & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: T.W. COUNTRYMAN & M.J. POTTS, both of Hungerford, 25 Dec 1876 at Hungerford
  003777-76 (Hastings Co) Dennis COWAN, 28, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Michael & Honor COWAN married Catherine BUCKLEY, 29, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Michael & Mary BUCKLEY wtn: Thomas GALLAGHER & Annie TRACY both of Tyendinaga, 21 February 1876 at Tyendinaga twp
3784-77 George CRAIG, 30, yeoman, widower, Prince Edward Co., Huntingdon, s/o William & Barbara, married Cornelia BROWN, 27, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o Elias & Mary, witn: C. A. BIRD & Bertha MASSEY both of Belleville on Dec. 12, 1876 at Belleville 3668-76 Henry CRICK, 38, farm laborer, England, Northumberland Co., s/o John & Mary, married Ann Eliza MAUNDER, 32, widow, Hamilton twp., Alnwick, d/o Wallia & Jane, witn: Henry & Mary Ida YOUNG of Belleville, 15 Nov 1876 at Rectory, Belleville
#003856-76 Lewis DAFOE, 33, labourer, Seymour, Rawdon, s/o Lewis & Rosella DAFOE, married Marinda WRIGHT, 32, Belleville, Rawdon, d/o John & Samantha WRIGHT, witn: James & Jane WRIGHT, both of Rawdon, 13 Sept 1876 at Rawdon 3882-76 Farwell DAVIS, 34, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Cornelius & Sarah, married Nancy LONGWELL, 30, Sidney, same, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: Jane LONGWELL & Augusta DAVIS both of Sidney on Oct. 11, 1876 at Sidney.
003894-76 (Hastings Co) Fleet DEMILL, 32, widower, farmer, Tyendinaga, Sidney s/o Peter & Elizabeth DEMILL married Hannah Maria SMITH, 30, Sidney, Sidney d/o Samuel & Elizabeth SMITH wtn: Walter DEMILL & Mary Jane DEMILL of Sidney, 3 February 1876 at Sidney 003717-76 Thomas DEMPSEY, 21, Quebec, Prince Edward Co., Yeoman, s/o Andrew DEMSPEY & Margaret DEMPSEY married Densilla LOVELESS, 24, Prince Edward Co., same, d/o John LOVELESS & Amanda LOVELESS. Wtn: Jacob BASS & Mrs. Jacob BASS on May 20, 1876 at Belleville
003898-76 (Hastings Co) Francis DESJANE? (Deupane?), 55, widower, shoemaker, St. Marys Que., Prince Edward, Frankford s/o Louis & Mary DESJANE?, married Anne LAFAY, 37, widow, Rednersville - Prince Edward, Frankford d/o Andrew & Mary ROSE (Chase?), wtn: Ann VAN NORMAN of Frankford, 7 June 1876 at Frankford 3661-76 James DICKSON, 24, moulder, Ohio, Campbellford, s/o John DICKSON & Janet JOHNSON, married Mary Charlotte CLARK, 23, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Rob CLARK & Jane VANEHT? (Vanch?), witn: M. A. BURTON & P. MILLER, both of Belleville, 25 Oct 1876 at Belleville
003628-76 (Hastings Co) Thomas DIXON, 32, barrister-at-law, Trafalgar twp, Walkerton - Bruce Co s/o John DIXON & Jane BELL married Mary MACKAY, 21, Belleville d/o John D. & Lydia MACKAY wtn: Jacob DIXON of Milton & Hester Ann MACKAY, 25 July 1876 at the bride's house in Belleville 4060-76 Edward DOONAN, 29, yeoman, Hungerford, same, s/o James & Prudence, married Julia EMMERSON, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John FORTEN of Thomasburg & Sarah Elizabeth EMMERSON of Hungerford on June 19, 1876 at Thomasburg.
003630-76 (Hastings Co) Allen Ranney DOUGALL, 49, widower, barrister-at-law, Picton, Belleville s/o Brian & Elizabeth DOUGALL married Clara Isabella DIXON, 22, Brockville, Belleville d/o Anthony & Mary DIXON wtn: Anthony DIXON, B.C. CLARKE, M.A. DIXON & Rose DIXON all of Belleville, 11 July 1876 at the house of Anthony DIXON in Belleville 003800-76 (Hastings Co) Richard DOWNEY, 26, farmer, Huntington, Huntington s/o Andrew & Martha Matilda married Ann FLEMMING, 21, Huntington, Huntington d/o John & Elizabeth wtn: Nicholas FLEMMING & Martha DOWNEY both of Huntington, 7 March 1876 at Huntington
003647-76 (Hastings Co) William DOWZER, 23, tinsmith, Canada, Belleville s/o Charles & Mary married M.A. BOWEN, 22, Canada, Belleville d/o Abraham & Ann wtn: William H. BOWEN & M.A. GRAHAM both of Belleville, 30 August 1876 at Belleville 003783-76 (Hastings Co) Isaac DOXTATER, 23, band master, Grand River Reserve, Bay of Quinte Reserve Tyendinaga s/o Isaac & Catherine DOXTATER married Elizabeth MARACLE, 19, Bay of Quinte Reserve Tyendinaga, Bay of Quinte Reserve Tyendinaga d/o James & Rachel MARACLE wtn: Andrew MARACLE & Annie A. BROWN both of Tyendinaga, 13 April 1876 at the Mohawk Parsonage Tyendinaga
3869-77 William ELLIOTT, 25, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o William ELLIOTT & Sarah DARCUS, married Cora WAY, 24, Hungerford, Huntingdon, d/o Thomas WAY & Hannah VANSIKLER, witn: William H. GORDON of Belleville & Alfred WAY of Huntingdon on Dec. 20, 1876 at Huntingdon. #003696-76 (Hastings Co): Joseph Henry ELLIS, 21, bookkeeper, Mosley England, Belleville, s/o William & Jane, married Alice Isabella WAY, 18, Belleville, same, d/o Joseph F. & Helen J., witnesses were A. & Sarah DAME? of Belleville, June 6, 1876 at Belleville
003787-76 (Hastings Co) John ELMY, 36, yeoman, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o James & Mary ELMY married Lucindy Ann CRUSE, 30, widow, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Edward & Dinah CARTER wtn: William CARTER & Maria ELMY both of Tyendinaga, 25 January 1876 at the residence of the bride's father, Tyendinaga twp  
003798-76 (Hastings Co) Simeon EMPEY, 22, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o Louis & Catharine EMPEY married Margaret Victoria BROWN, 19, Madoc, Madoc d/o John & Susan wtn: Sarah Jane EMPEY & William Thomas BROWN both of Madoc, 25 January 1876 at Madoc 003700-76 John FAHEY, 26, Ontario, Belleville, Bricklayer, s/o Peter FAHEY & Maria GAVIN married Ann BRITTON, 25, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Edward BRITTON & Johannah WALSH. Wtn: Patrick N. NULTY and Teressa FAHEY of Belleville on June 26 (year not given s/b 1876) at Belleville
  003636-76 (Hastings Co) Richard FAIRBORN, 26, Richmond Quebec, Belleville s/o Thomas & Isabella married Harriet MAYO, 23, Birmingham England, Belleville d/o Henry & Clara wtn: Robert MURPHY & A. DAVIS both of Belleville, 24 July 1876 at Belleville
3783-77 Byron FAIRMAN, 26, yeoman, Rawdon, Thurlow, s/o William R. & Caroline, married Sarah COULTER, 27, Thurlow, same, d/o John & Lettie, witn: Uriah A. COULTER & G. A. BIRD both of Thurlow on Dec. 26, 1876 at Thurlow 3680-76 Frank FANBURN, 22, chemist, of illegible Penn., s/o John FANBURN & Elizabeth HUBBARD, married Anna D. CROWELL, 22, Ohio, Belleville, d/o Wright? CROWELL & Frances DEVER, witn: John FANBURN of Erie & D. C. CRUTER? Of Belleville, 25 Dec 1876 at Belleville
#003865-76 Frederick B. FANNING, 23, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o John B. & Susan FANNING, married Emma A. HOGLE, 21, Rawdon, same, d/o Joseph & Catharine HOGLE, witn: Henry Blecker SIDNEY & Catharine Arzillia HOGLE, both of Rawdon, 5 Jan 1876 at Rawdon 3671-76 Eben FARRAR, 23, GTR employee, Vermont, St. Johns Quebec, s/o George & Sophia, married Emma DENNEAU (Dennean?), 22, Montreal, same, d/o Amable & Lucie, witn: Ella JONES & Florence MILES, both of Belleville, 8 Aug. 1876 at Belleville
3626-77 William FENWICK, 23, miller, Ontario, Madoc, s/o William & Isabella, married Mary CLARKE, 23, Frankford, same, d/o George & Fanny, witn: Rev. W. J. FINLAY of Madoc & Florence McDERMOTT of Port Perry, 18 Nov 1876 at not given [reg'd in Belleville] 3884-76 Abel Nelson FINKLE, 27, joiner, Sidney, same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Sarah Emeline COX, 20, Rawdon, Sidney, d/o Philip & Emma A., witn: George P. COX & Mary M. FINKLE both of Sidney on Nov. 1, 1876 at Sidney
3899-76 Alexander FITCHETT, 36, farmer, Marmora, Huntingdon, s/o Joseph & Martha, married Mary Elizabeth HOLBERT, 29, Huntingdon, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Nathaniel HOLBERT of Thomasburg & Matilda Lavina FITCHETT of Huntingdon on Feb. 1, 1876 at Huntingdon #003830-76 William John FRANKLIN, 20, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Richard & Mary Ann, married Ann Lavina DOUGHTY, 16, Rawdon, Madoc, s/o Richard & Susan, witn: Dunilla Jean KLEN, Madoc, 8 Nov 1876 at Madoc
#003857-76 James GAY, 32, merchant, Huntington, same, widower, s/o Robert & Ann GAY, married Jane WILLSON, 21, Rawdon, same, d/o Robert & Sarah WILLSON, witn: William WILLSON, Rawdon & Jane GAY, Huntington, 13 Sept 1876 at Rawdon 003851-76 (Hastings Co) Paul GEBHARDT, 26, farmer, Germany, Elzevir s/o August & Christiana GEBHARDT married Emma Jane LEAVINS, 17, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o James & Sarah Jane LEVENS (sic) wtn: Byron LEAVENS & Jane GUYETT of Hungerford, 14 June 1876 at Elzevir
003841-76, (Hastings Co): Charles GIFFORD, 26, Farmer, Prince Edward, Madoc, s/o Albert & Bettie, married Susan PARKS, 19, Madoc, Madoc, d/o James & Matilda, witn: Charles THOMPSON, Peter PARKS, Madoc, May 9th 1876, Madoc 3619-76 John GORMAN, 23, grocer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Thomas GORMAN & Johannah RODRICK, married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Michael GRAHAM & Emma DACEY, witn: Patrick GORMAN & Mary Ann GRAHAM both of Belleville on Nov. 27, 1876 at Belleville
3826-76 (Hastings Co): Francis GRAHAM, 30, farmer, Huntingdon, Big Island - Prince Edward, s/o George & Isabella, married Addie BRISTOL, 27, Madoc, same, d/o Norris & Mary, witn: Malcolm BRISTOL & Louisa HODGINS, both of Madoc, 23 Oct 1876 at Madoc 4061-76 William F. GRAHAM, 29, yeoman, Tweed, Thurlow, s/o John & Ann, married Martha ELLIOTT, 21, Tweed, Hungerford, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Thomas HAKES (Slakes?) & Robert GORDON both of Hungerford on July 18, 1876 at Hungerford.
3791-77 James Wright GRAY, 26, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o James & Hannah, married Catherine Jane FENN, 18, Sidney, same, d/o Henry & Susan, witn: Thomas GRAY of Sidney & Bella MATHER of Tyendinaga on Dec. 27, 1876 at Sidney  
003851-76 (Hastings Co) Thomas GRIER, 39, widower, cabinet maker, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o Archibald & Jane GRIER married Sarah Jane CUMMINGS, 40, widow, Cramahe twp Northumberland Co, Thurlow d/o Joseph & Julia CRANDALL wtn: E. BRINTNELL & Catharine BRINTNELL both of Thurlow, 30 March 1876 at Thurlow 003715-76 John GROTTO, 25, New York State, Belleville, Teamster, s/o Lewis GROTTO & Mary Ann WARD married Annie Maria WALLACE, 21, Sidney, Belleville, d/o Alexander WALLACE and Sarah STOLLERY. Wtn: Mrs. Katie ENGLISH and Miss Annie WALLACE of Belleville on May 31, 1876 at Belleville
003803-76 (Hastings Co) Joseph GUNTER, 20, Murray, Cashel s/o Hiram & Betsy Jane married Mary Jane POTTER, 17, Tudor, Cashel d/o Benjamin & Mary Jane wtn: G.S. SING MD & Lucy SING both of Madoc, 13 February 1876 at Madoc 4067-76 William H. R. HAGERMAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Thurlow, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Sarah Ann ROBLIN, 22, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Joy? & Sarah, witn: Willis ROBLIN of Tweed & Mary GRANGE of Tamworth on Dec. 27, 1876 at Hungerford.
003640-76 (Hastings Co) William HAIGHT, 24, yeoman, Thurlow, Tyendinaga s/o Margaret & Rachel married Margaret NAYLOR, 20, Cannifton, Belleville d/o Thomas & Margaret wtn: Robert FERGUSON & Mary FERGUSON both of Cannifton, 30 August 1876 at the home of Thomas NAYLOR father of bride 3686-76 Arthur Benjamin HAINES, 26, minister, England, Fort Francis, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah Paul POWER, 20, Montreal, L'Amable, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John Wesley POWER of L'Amable & Samuel SALTER of Brampton, 30 June 1876 at Belleville
003711-76 C.A, HALGATE, 37, United States, Huntingdon, Yeoman, Widower, s/o John HALGATE & Mary HALGATE married Sarah Ellen BENEDICT, 28, Murray, same, d/o David BENEDICT & Nancy BENEDICT. Wtn: Andrew BENEDICT and Elizabeth BENEDICT on April 20, 1876 at Belleville [Holgate?] #003691-76 (Hastings Co): George HAMILTON, 19, farmer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o John HAMILTON & Ann MURPHY, married Catherine DONOVAN, 18, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Cornelius DONOVAN & Mary BURNS, witnesses were Michael DONOVAN & Mary BROWN, both of Belleville, May 1, 1876 at Belleville
  003811-76 (Hastings Co) John HANNAH, 22, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o William & Eliza married Julian Ann LOTT, 16, Marmora, Madoc d/o George & Mary wtn: Joseph HUMPHREY of Muskoka & Rachel HANNAH of Madoc, 4 April 1876 at Madoc
3651-76 James E. HARDY, 25, gentleman, Ontario, Chicago, s/o Michael HARDY & Catherine O'CONNOR, married Sarah Jane NELSON, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Theophilus NELSON & Catherine WALSH, witn: Thomas McDONALD & Georgina NELSON, both of Belleville, 11 Sept 1876 at Belleville 3621-76 John HASLIP, 25, labourer, Thurlow, same, s/o John HASLIP & Nancy KELLY, married Isabella PALMER, 19, Tyendinaga, Thurlow, d/o Victor PALMER & Hannah Jane CUMMINGS, witn: James HASLIP of Thurlow & Josephine PALMER of Belleville on Dec. 31, 1876 at Belleville
3664-76 John HAY, 24, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o John HAY & Mary SPARTER? (Sparks?), married Elizabeth MILNE, 23, Thurlow, Sidney, d/o James MILNE & Elizabeth CHUFF (these might be witnesses & not parents), 1 Nov 1876 at Belleville  
3766-77 Sidney Wesley HENESY, 22, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o James Ryal & Sarah Ann, married Amy WEEKS, 21, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Solomon S. & Susan, witn: Randell WEEKS & Etta HUMPHRY both of Ameliasburgh on Dec. 6, 1876 at Trenton 3649-76 Peter HIBERT, 25, laborer, Quebec, Belleville, s/o Andrew HIBERT & Julia ROBIDEAU, married Victoria LEBEUF, 22, Quebec, Belleville, d/o Louis LEBEUF & Delia LOUGTIN?, witn: Alexander LONGTIN & Philomene LEBEUF, both of Belleville, 21 Aug 1876 at Belleville
3735-77 (Hastings Co): Philip HICKS, 25, yeoman, Ontario, Elzevir, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary GARRISON, 16, Ontario, Elzevir, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Charles GARRISON of Bridgewater & Margaret LACKIE of Elzevir, 22 Nov 1876 at B.C. Parsonage, Tweed 3914-76 John HOUSTON, 28, farmer, Fredericksburg, Roslin, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret DUNCAN, 26, Roslin, same, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: Robert McFARLANE Bruce Tp. & Sarah HOUSTON of Roslin on Oct. 31, 1876 at Roslin
  003784-76 (Hastings Co) William HOWARD, 32, labourer, Shannonville, Shannonville s/o Nelson & Mary HOWARD married Adelia SAGER, 22, Shannonville, Shannonville d/o Andrew & Louisa SAGER wtn: Kenny HOWARD & J.J. BETTS both of Shannonville, 23 May 1876 at Shannonville
003850-76 (Hastings Co) John HUFFMAN, 38, yeoman, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o William & Julia Ann HUFFMAN married Rhoda Ann WALKER, 19, Richmond, Thurlow d/o Robert & Susan WALKER wtn: Albert MARTIN & Julia HUFFMAN both of Thurlow, 15 March 1876 at Thurlow

3913-76 Hiram HUGHES, 30, farmer, Sidney Tp., same, s/o Hiram & Lucy, married Margaret DUNCAN, 28, Sidney, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: William & Margaret DUNCAN both of Roslin on Oct. 27, 1876 at Roslin.

3888-76 John HUNT, 29, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Burleigh & Mary Ann, married Isabella COON, 24, Sidney, same, d/o Mathew & Sarah Ann, witn: Charles W. TAYLOR & Sarah KETCHISON both of Sidney on Jan. 11, 1876 at Sidney 003706-76 Robert H. HUNT, 33, Ameliasburg, same, Yeoman, s/o Peter & Deborah married Phoebe A. WEEKS (Wicks?), 25, Hillier, same, d/o Stephen & Sarah. Wtn: J. R. COTTER and A. DAVENPORT of Belleville on May 31, 1876 at Belleville
#003692-76 (Hastings Co): James S. HURST, 30, bookkeeper, Wigston England, Belleville, s/o James HURST & Harriet CHOTTON, married Jessie McDUFFIE, 21, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Donald McDUFFIE & Sarah NOBLE, witnesses were Marion CAMPBELL & Edwin HARRISON, both of Belleville, June 6, 1876 at Belleville 003714-76 Thomas HYLAND, 22, Baldinsville NY, Belleville, Axe Maker, s/o William HYLAND & Hannah HYLAND married Delila BOWEN, 19, Thurlow, Belleville, s/o John Abel BOWEN & Dian BOWEN. Wtn: William OAKHAM and Lizzie OAKHAM of Belleville on May 31, 1876 at Belleville
003704-76 Samuel A. HYMAN, 24, Montreal, Belleville, Hatter Furrier etc., s/o Solomon & Sarah LEVIN married Emma Euratta GILLEN, 18, Belleville, same, d/o Michael & Hannah MITCHELL. Wtn: John FARLEY M.D. and George DENMARK of Belleville on April 6, 1876 at Belleville 003847-76 (Hastings Co) Allen JACKSON, 18, labourer, Elzevir, Elzevir s/o David & Deborah JACKSON married Jane GUNYA, 18, Sheffield, Elzevir d/o John & Amanda GUNYA wtn: David JACKSON & Deborah JACKSON, 19 January 1876 at Elzevir
003721-76 Robert JACOBS, 21, Kingston, Belleville, Cabinet Maker, s/o Thomas & Margaret JACOBS married Calista A.  MAYBEE, 19, Ontario, Belleville, do Samuel MAYBEE & Martha MAYBEE. Wtn: William THOMPSON and Catharine MAYBEE of Belleville on February 29, 1876 at Belleville 3907-76 George JARMAN, 23, farmer, Ontario, L'Amable Mills, s/o Henry William & Marian Elizabeth, married Betsy SPURR, 21, Yorkshire England, L'Amable, d/o Benjamin & Mary Hill, witn: Wilson SPURR of Dungannon & Emily E. JARMAN of L'Amable Mills on Dec. 11, 1876 at L'Amable.
003843-76 (Hastings Co) John JEFFS, 32, merchant, Elzevir, Queensboro s/o William & Margaret JEFFS married Emily CARLETON, 18, Queensboro, Queensboro d/o John & Dorothy CARLETON wtn: Armor? JEFFS of Elzevir & Hannah CARLETON of Tweed, 22 October 1876 at Queensboro 3657-76 Peter JOHN, 30, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o John & Hester, married Charlotte MARICLE, 18, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Cornelius & Magdalene, witn: Derv & Samuel CLAUS and Samantha BRANT, all of Tyendinaga, 24 Oct 1876 at Rectory, Belleville
003820-76 (Hastings Co) John JOHNSON, 35, farmer, England, Huntingdon s/o Joseph & Sarah married Margaret ELLIOTT, 36, widow, Ireland, Huntingdon d/o Thomas & Ann [no surname given], wtn: Arthur CUTTLE of Huntingdon & Mrs WISHART, 12 September 1876 at Madoc #003698-76 (Hastings Co): George Henry JOHNSON, 30, clergyman, Prince Edward Co., Malahide, s/o Henry J. & Sarah Ann, married Amelia POST, 19, Belleville, same, s/o John F. & Amelia, witnesses were J. VAN WYCK of illegible & Eva McKUTCHEON of Belleville, June 22, 1876 at Belleville
3663-76 Mordecai JOHNSTON, 54, widower, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, Ameliasburgh, s/o Lyman & Marthy, married Grace WALLACE, 45, widow, Sydney, Belleville, d/o Frederick & Hannah [no surname given], witn: John HUNTER & Lillian B. SILLS, both of Belleville, 26 Oct [1876] at Belleville 003677-76 (Hastings Co): John KAIN, 24, engine driver, Birmingham England, Belleville, s/o John & Harriet, married Jemima McNABB, 20, Lynden Ont., Belleville, d/o David & Agnes, witness was Y. McNABB of Belleville, 27 Nov., 1876 at Belleville
003848-76 (Hastings Co) John KELLEY, 29, yeoman, Sheffield, Sheffield s/o William & Elizabeth KELLEY married Jessie A. MANUS, 29, Kingston, Hungerford d/o William & Mary Ann MANUS wtn: J.D. HEWETT of Bridgewater, 6 April 1876 at Bridgewater 003895-76 (Hastings Co) William KELLY, 37, farmer, Sidney, Sidney s/o John & Abigail KELLY, married Margaret METCALF, 23, Brighton, Sidney d/o James & Elizabeth METCALF, wtn: R. WHITE of Sidney & H. SILLS of Trenton, 31 March 1876 at Sidney
#003828-76 Edward Lonsberg KENNEDY, 21, mechanack (as written), Hamilton, Napanee, s/o William & Jane, married Louisa BENNETT, 20, Bowmanville, Napanee, d/o William & Mary, witn: J.E. & Amelia MULLETT, both of Madoc, 14 Oct 1876 at Madoc 003776-76 (Hastings Co) Michael KENNEDY, 26, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Richard & Ellen KENNEDY married Ann NEVIN, 23, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Darby & Margaret NEVIN wtn: Dominick TIGHE & Margaret KENNEDY both of Tyendinaga, 24 January 1876 at Tyendinaga twp
  3669-76 George Elisha KERR (Kew?), 23, farmer, Rawdon twp., Huntingdon, s/o John KERR & Lydia SEELEY, married Mary Ann McCORMACK, 21, Ireland, Belleville, d/o James McCORMACK & Nancy HELME?, witn: Thomas & William GIVEN of Belleville, 21 Nov 1876 at Belleville
003924-76 James E. KETCHESON, 27, Frankford, Sterling, Carriage Trimmer, s/o Joseph KETCHESON & Anne KETCHESON married Sophia GREEN, 24, Sterling, same, d/o Joseph GREEN & Elizabeth GREEN. Wtn: Sarah NAYLOR and Lucy SING of Canifton on November 9, 1876 at Canifton 003814-76 (Hastings Co) Allen McNab KETCHESON, 28, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o Daniel & Almira married Margaret Miller McCOY, 22, Madoc, Madoc d/o John & Jane wtn: Hugh KETCHESON of Madoc & Albert HAGERMAN of Rawdon, 6 December 1876 at Madoc
003645-76 (Hastings Co) Samuel James KILPATRICK, 26, stone cutter, Kingston, Kingston s/o James & Mary Ann married Mina HEROLD, 22, Cannifton, Belleville d/o James & Barbara wtn: Mary BUTTERFIELD & Sidney L. MOORE both of Belleville, 28 August 1876 at Belleville  
3906-76 Ezra LANDON, 30, farmer, Ontario, L'Amable Mills, s/o Nathan & Agnes, married Jane ORR, 25, Scotland, Dungannon, d/o William & Agnes, witn: George JARMAN & Betsy SPURR both of L'Amable on Oct. 28, 1876 at L'Amable. 3616-76 Patrick LANE, 22, laborer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Thomas LANE & Bridget CRONIN, married Margaret LYNCH, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Michael LYNCH & Catherine HEGEN, witn: Michael LYNCH & Margaret LANE, both of Belleville, 14 Nov 1876 at Belleville
003878-76 (Hastings Co) Charles W. LAWSON, 19, farmer, Trenton, Murray s/o Frederick & Margaret LAWSON married Georgina CHARD, 17, Sidney, Sidney d/o Daniel & Catharine CHARD wtn: Nancy Ann SMITH of Murray & James SMITH of Sidney, 25 October 1876 at Frankford 003874-76 (Hastings Co) Charles Wesley LAWSON, 19, farmer, Sidney, Murray s/o Frederick & Margaret LAWSON married Georgina CHARD, 17, Sidney, Sidney d/o Daniel & Catharine CHARD wtn: James SMITH of Sidney & Nancy Ann SMITH of Murray, 25 October 1876 at Frankford
003635-76 (Hastings Co) Stephen Allen LAZIER, 47, widower, contractor, Shannonville Ontario, Belleville s/o Richard & Annie married Marion BROWNLEE, 25, Edinburgh, Scotland, Belleville d/o David & Janet wtn: L.L. LAZIER & Thomas BROWNLEE both of Belleville, 20 July 1876 at Belleville 003642-76 (Hastings Co) G.G. LE CRONIER, 55, widower, life insurance agent, New York, Quebec Canada s/o Joseph LE CRONIER & Louise GEORGE (both deceased) married Henrietta Boynton PERRY, 28, Oswego New York, Belleville d/o Atentea? WISHBURNE & Eliza Ann PERRY wtn: John J. WALLIS & Mary L. PERRY both of Belleville, 13 September 1876 at Belleville
  003844-76 (Hastings Co) Hamilton LEITH, 19, school teacher, Hope, Kaladar s/o Hamilton & Marion LEITH married Emma HUMPHRIES, 22, Ireland, Elzevir d/o Alexander & Isabella HUMPHRIES wtn: James P. HUMPHRIES of Bridgewater & William A.H. HUMPHRIES, 14 December 1876 at Elzevir
003812-76 (Hastings Co) George LENIARD, 36, widower, farmer, Ireland, Marmora s/o James & Isabella married Elizabeth HOLLAND, 23, England, Marmora d/o William & Sarah wtn: Hannah JENKINS & Nancy ALLEN both of Madoc, 30 June 1876 at Madoc #003859-76 Joseph H. LIBERTY, 29, labourer, Rawdon, Madoc, widower, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann LIBERTY, married Hannah MCCONNELL, 19, Belmont, Rawdon, d/o Jeramiah & Martha MCCONNELL, witn: Samuel & Louisa DANFORD, both of Rawdon, 22 Jun 1876 at Rawdon
003796-76 (Hastings Co) Richard LINDSAY, 20, labourer, Shannonville, Shannonville s/o Isaac & Jane LINDSAY married Charlotte WOODCOCK, 22, Fredericksburg, Shannonville d/o John C & Rose A WOODCOCK wtn: George KELLER & Lancey KELLAR both of Shannonville, 15 February 1876 at Trinity Church, Shannonville  
#003697-76 (Hastings Co): Samuel LONG, 36, jeweller, England, Belleville, s/o John & Mary, married Isabella MacGLOUGHLIN, 23, Kingston, Belleville, d/o Hugh & Mary, witnesses were Hugh MacGLOUGHLIN of Belleville & Margaret McCAULEY of Toronto, June 13, 1876 at Belleville 3731-77 (Hastings Co): Robert LOWERY, 21, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o J. LOWERY & M. FREEBURN?, married Elizabeth J. ORR, 21, Canada, Hungerford, d/o James ORR & Sarah NICHOL, witn: Thomas ORR & E. FROWLEY, both of Hungerford, 27 Dec 1876 at Tweed
003703-76 Vincent LYONS, 28 Sidney Tp., Belleville, (no occupation given) s/o George & Harriet D E GRAW married Maud BROWN, 16, Cape Vincent US, Belleville, d/o Henry & Clarissa PHILLIPS. Wtn: John HAYES and Alice E. HAYES of Belleville on March 4, 1876 at Belleville #003839-76 Jesse MACK, 26, farmer, Ontario, Chatham Ont, s/o Hanling & Sarah Ann, married Margaret Jane ANDERSON, 20, Ireland, Madoc, d/o Thomas & Rosetta, witn: William ELLIS & John MORE Sr, both of Madoc, 18 Apr 1876 at Madoc
3825-76 (Hastings Co): Cornelius MAGUIRE, 22, farmer, Huntington, same, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Sarah Alwilda SARGENT, 19, Huntington, same, d/o Elisha & Sarah, witn: Ellen & Gilbert KENNAR of Madoc, 19 Oct 1876 at Madoc 003881-76 (Hastings Co) Benjamin MALLORY, 22, farmer, Sidney, Sidney s/o Bradley & Louisa MALLORY married Elizabeth READ, 22, Belleville, Sidney d/o Edwin & Jennet READ wtn: Isabella FLEMING of Belleville & Charles READ of Sidney, 6 December 1876 at Sidney
4062-76 H. M. MARSH (March?), 26, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o George & Delilah, married S. J. FORSYTHE, 18, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: William & Catherine FORSYTHE both of Hungerford on Oct. 29, 1876 at Bogart.  
003955-76 (Hastings Co) William Albert MARTIN, 23, farmer, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o Thomas & Sarah Ellen MARTIN married Julia Ann HUFFMAN, 24, Thurlow, Thurlow d/o William & Julia Ann HUFFMAN wtn: James HUFFMAN & Isabella MARTIN both of Thurlow, 31 May 1876 at Thurlow 003953-76 (Hastings Co) Walter MARTIN, 27, shoe maker, Picton, Stirling s/o James & Sarah MARTIN married Henrietta VANCOTT, 20, Napanee, Thurlow d/o Stephen & E.A. VANCOTT wtn: Martin SEELY & Louisa VANCOTT both of Thurlow, 3 May 1876 at Thurlow
  003631-76 (Hastings Co) Harold MAY, 28, dentist, St. Malo France, Belleville s/o Robert & Augusta MAY married Margaret Ann ROY, 31, Niagara Ontario, Belleville d/o Robert M. & Jane wtn: Mrs.. D. LISTER, H. MAITLAND & J. FARLEY MD all of Belleville & Miss E. MAY of Prince Edward Island, 26 July 1876 at the house of Mrs. May Belleville
003891-76 (Hastings Co) Valeros MAYBE, 32, clerk, Wallaceburg, Sombra, s/o James & Elizabeth MAYBE married Victoria L. ROSE, 34, Sidney, Sidney d/o Samuel & Margaret MAYBE wtn: William YUKER of Stirling & Mary C. ROSE of Sidney, 15 March 1876 at Sidney 003712-76 George W. MAYBEE, 28, Thurlow, Belleville, Machinist, s/o John A. MAYBEE &  Sophia MAYBEE married Jane CLUTON, 21, England, Belleville, d/o Benjamin CLUTON & Mary CLUTON. Wtn: Alen H. MAYBEE of Thurlow and Olivia A. STEPENS of Frankford on June 6, 1876 at Belleville
#003678-76 (Hastings Co): William James MAYER, 28, miller, England, Shannonville, s/o John & Ann, married Helena AYERS, 24, Belleville, Shannonville, d/o Margaret & William, witnesses were John MARGEST? of Kingston & D. --ANNISONN of Mill Point, Dec. 7, 1876 at St. George's church, Belleville 003860-76 Hugh McARTHUR, 34, yeoman, Seymore, same, s/o John & Margaret MCARTHUR, married Jane GAY, 23, Huntington, Rawson, d/o Robert & Ann GAY, witn: William GAY, Rawdon & Agness MCARTHUR, not given, 24 Oct 1876 at Rawdon
  003801-76 (Hastings Co) William James McCOY, 25, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o Alexander & Anne married Mary GRAVES, 20, Huntingdon, Elzevir d/o John & Jane wtn: Frances TROTTER of Madoc & Mary Ann HOWE of Elzevir, 2 February 1876 at Madoc
003926-76 John Hamilton McDONALD, 24, Cramahe, Listowel, Merchant, s/o Mary McDONALD & Alex McDONALD married Anna VANKLEECK, 21, Madoc, Thurlow, d/o William VANKLEECK & Julia Ann VANKLEECK. Wtn: James DALE of Madoc and Lily VANKLEECK of Madoc on September 19, 1876 at Thurlow 003876-76 (Hastings Co) James McDONALD, 22, yeoman, Canada, Sidney s/o David & Sarah McDONALD married Jane LOSIE, 18, Canada, Sidney d/o Angus & Elizabeth LOSIE wtn: T. BAKER & Harriet DETLOR of Sidney, 15 October 1876 at Frankford
003786-76 (Hastings Co) Joseph McDOUGALL, 30, yeoman, Belleville, Thurlow s/o Archibald & Jane McDOUGALL married Johanna MOTT, 30, Canada, Tyendinaga d/o Jacob & Delilah MOTT wtn: Charles WEESE & Cynthia ROBERTSON both of Tyendinaga, 26 January 1876 at Tyendinaga twp 3915-76 Robert McFARLANE, 28, farmer, Richmond Lennox Co., Bruce Tp., s/o James & Mary, married Sarah HOUSTON, 26, Fredericksburg, Roslin, d/o William & Mary, witn: John & Maggie HOUSTON both of Roslin on Nov. 1, 1876 at Roslin.
003922-76 John McGEE, 27, Stirling, same, Harness Maker, s/o Peter McGEE and Annie McGEE married Sarah Jane ROOT, 21, Stirling, same, d/o Leamon ROOT & Gitty Anne ROOT. Wtn: Sarah NAYLOR & Lucy  SING of Canifton on October 5, 1876 at Canifton 003702-76 William McKENDRY, 27, Canada, Morrisburgh, Merchant, s/o William McKENDRY & Fannie McKENDRY married Beezie Caroline MULHERN, 27, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Rev. Dennis MULHERN & Jane MULHERN. Wtn: Dennis MULHERN & Hattie MULHERN of Belleville on June 21,1876 at Belleville
003840-76,(Hastings Co), James McKNIGHT, 38, Farmer, Madoc, Madoc, Joseph & Jane, married Elizabeth DEARY (Drury?), 22, Ireland, Madoc, James & Mary Anne, witn: James BEST, Madoc, Jane LONG, Madoc, May 17th (1876), Madoc 3929-77 Arthur McLEY, 23, yeoman, Huntingdon, Madoc, s/o William & Abigail, married Mary Ann McGILVRY, 23, Huntingdon, same, d/o Angus & Jessie, witn: Daniel McGILVERY (sic) & Rebecca Jane McLEY, both of Madoc, 1 Dec 1876 at Huntingdon
#003838-76 Neil McLURE, 25, farmer, Scotland, Madoc, s/o Malcolm & Mary, married Eliza Ann McCOY, 16, Belleville, Madoc, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: James MCCOY & Mary Ann ARTHURS, both of Madoc, 24 Apr 1876 at Madoc 003816-76 (Hastings Co) John Frederick McMULLEN, 23, yeoman, Rawdon, Rawdon, s/o John & Hattie married Margaret CONLEY, 20, Madoc, Madoc d/o William & Phoebe wtn: Jane CONLEY & Allen A. McMULLEN both of Rawdon, 4 July 1876 at Huntingdon
3660-76 Colin McPAKE, 25, carpenter, Port Hope, Belleville, s/o Amos PAKE (sic) & Susan HUNTER, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 19, Fredericksburgh, Sophiasburgh, d/o Philip RICHARDSON & Nancy PARKS, witn: Mary CULLEN & Robert WATSON, both of Belleville, 8 Sept 1876 at Belleville 003639-76 (Hastings Co) Daniel McRAE, 66, widower, store keeper, Greenock Scotland, Mills Point s/o William McRAE & Janet McCOOL married Emily ACKERMAN, 32, London England, Belleville s/o George ACKERMAN & Jeannette HEEFKENE?, wtn: Effie GERRILL of Belleville & M.P. LESTBIERLAND? of Mills Point, 15 August 1876 at bride's home Belleville
#003836-76 John Lester McTAGART (McTaggart?), 24, yeoman, Hibard Twp, Madoc, s/o Hiram & Manerva J., married Matilda GORDEN, 19, Ireland, Madoc, d/o Joseph & Matilda, witn: William FARRELL & Phebe A. MCTAGART, both of Madoc, 22 Mar 1876 at Madoc 3652-76 James McWILLIAMS, 19, farmer, Ontario, Thurlow, s/o Jacob McWILLIAMS & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Emma DEMARCE (Demarse?), 18, Ontario, Thurlow, d/o Jeremiah DEMARCE & Denise LARAMIE, witn: Thomas LETRANE & Rose DEMARCE, 1 Aug 1876 at Belleville
3662-76 William MEADOWS, 23, polisher of edge tools, Eden Mills, Belleville, s/o James MEADOWS & Maria ALDERSON, married Estella C. M. QUACKENBUSH, 19, Napanee, Belleville, d/o P.P. QUACKENBUSH & Louisa E. OCOMB, witn; Willoughby McCANEL? (McCance?) & Almira E. QUACKENBUSH, 26 Oct 1876 at Belleville 003795-76 (Hastings Co) James MEAGHER, merchant, Ireland, Belleville s/o James & Ellen MEAGHER married Elizabeth McGURN, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp d/o Thomas & Honora McGURN wtn: William MILKY & Mary McGURN both of Tyendinaga twp, at Tyendinaga twp
003939-76 Layfayette A. MELBOURN, 21, Camden, Plainfield, Blacksmith, s/o Henry & Mary MELBOURN married Jane Ann TAYLOR, 20, Tyendinaga, Thurlow, d/o Allan & Margaret TAYLOR. Wtn: Mary A. PALMER of Thurlow and Benjamin FAULKNER of Foxboro on June 14, 1876 at Thurlow  
3917-76 James R. MIKEL, 37, merchant, Ameliasburgh, Trenton, s/o Daniel & Sarah Ann, married Hannah GUYETTE, 26, Hungerford, Tweed, d/o Joseph & Catharine, witn: George HUNTLEY & John FERGUSON both of Thurlow on Dec. 31, 1876 at Thurlow 003774-76 (Hastings Co) Peter MILLIGAN, 35, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Peter & Elizabeth MILLIGAN married Eliza Ann CONINE, 17, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Richard & Nancy Ann CONINE wtn: Richard CONINE & John MILLIGAN both of Tyendinaga, 22 March 1876 at Tyendinaga twp
003637-76 (Hastings Co) David MOLLETT, 19, engineer, Lincoln England, Napanee s/o John & Elizabeth MOLLETT married Mary STEWART, 22, Ireland, Napanee d/o Joseph & Mary STEWART wtn: Mrs. G.H. BADGLEY & Miss Jennie COOK both of Belleville, 3 July 1876 at Belleville 3682-76 Joseph MOODY, 26, farmer, Reach, Thurlow, s/o James MOODY & Mary Ann WIDDEN, married Catherine M. SANDFORD, 19, Shannonville, Belleville, d/o Simon SANDFORD & Nancy HUFF, witn: Lucy SANDFORD & Alfred BATES, both of Belleville, 18 Dec 1876 at Belleville
003923-76 Henry MOON (Moore?), 32, Huntingdon, same, Farmer, Widower, s/o Peter MOON & Hannah MOON married Margaret STEWART, 32, Ireland, Huntingdon, d/o John STEWART & Catharine STEWART. Wtn: Barbara SILLS and Lucy SING of Canifton on November 1876 at Canifton 003928-76 James A? MOORE, 31, Hastings, Toronto, Shoe Maker, s/o James & Eliza MOORE married Mary LARUE, 23, Picton, Canifton, d/o Leander LERUE & Eliza LERUE. Wtn: Paul LERUE, Leander LERUE, Eliza LERUE and Flora LERUE all of Canifton on January 7, 1876 at Canifton Thurlow
3827-76 (Hastings Co): Allen MOORE, 25, hotel keeper, Tyendinaga, Madoc, s/o Lyman & Margaret, married Dalia Amanda FRANCIS, 20, Huntington, Madoc, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: James C. DALE & C.J. MOORE, both of Madoc, 1 Nov 1876 at Madoc 4068-76 David MOORE, 26, farmer, Canada, Madoc, s/o John & Mary, married Angeline GUNSOLUS, 22, Canada, Madoc, d/o Peter & Isabella, witn: Mrs. May WEBSTER & Emelia ORSER, both of Tweed, 26 Dec 1876 at Tweed
  003930-76 Egbert MOTT, 29, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o Oliver MOTT & Mary A. MOTT married Martha Jane GILBERT, 17, Thurlow, same, d/o Samuel GILBERT & Deborah GILBERT. Wtn: Adam CORREGELL of Tyendinaga and Jane YOUNG of Thurlow on October 11, 1876 at Canifton
3650-76 George MUNRO, 28, engineer, Scotland, Belleville, s/o George MUNRO & Christena FRAZER, married Rosanna O'BRIEN, 27, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Edward & Catherine, witn: Michael & Mrs. Margaret GREY of Belleville, 5 July 1876 at Belleville 3655-76 David R. MURDOFF, 23, farmer, Canada, Sidney twp., s/o Robert & Jane, married Frances A. CHISHOLM, 20, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o Sandford & Sarah, witn: Peter HAIGHT of Belleville & Josephine CHISHOLM of Sidney, 27 Sept [1876] at house of Mrs. Dorland, Sidney
3666-76 David MURRAY, 31, farmer, Ayrshire Scotland, Murray, s/o Hugh MURRAY & Catherine McCOLL, married Elizabeth Ellenor McCOLL, 21, Murray, same, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: H. W. McCOLL & Lydia JUNIOR, both of Murray, 31 Oct. 1876 at Belleville 3730-77 (Hastings Co): John MURRAY, 25, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o J. MURRAY & M. ANDERSON, married Jane RAY (or Roy), 22, Canada, Madoc, d/o W. RAY & C. MAULBROY?, witn: R. GALLOWAY & A. RAY, both of Madoc, 19 Oct 1876 at Tweed
3670-76 John William NAYLOR, 24, laborer, Briston England, Thurlow, s/o James & Eliza, married Anna Lavina BUTWELL, 19, England, Thurlow, d/o Henry & Ann, witn: Esson? NAYLOR & Elizabeth BUTWELL, both of Thurlow, 26 Oct. 1876 at Belleville  
#003673-76 (Hastings Co): George C. NUTTER, 34, photographer, New Hampshire USA, Belleville, s/o Benjamin & Sarah, married Hannah CRUPER, 20, Ameliasburg, Belleville, d/o illegible & Mary Ann, witnesses were Charles H. NUTTER & Lavina VANSICKLEN, both of Belleville, 8 Nov., 1876 at Belleville 0003701-76 Michael O'GRADY, 30, Ireland, Belleville, Gentleman, s/o John O' GRADY & Ann QUINCY married Jane NEVEN, 22, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Daniel NEVEN & Ann JUDGE. Wtn: Paul DENY & Eliza McGUIN of Belleville on April 7 (year not given s/b 1876) at Belleville
003773-76 (Hastings Co) Daniel O'LEARY, farmer, Tyendinaga, Asphodel s/o Timothy & Ann O'LEARY married Sarah McCULLOUGH, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o James & Ann McCULLOUGH wtn: James McCULLOUGH of Tyendinaga & Ellen O'LEARY of Asphodel, 29 February 1876 at Tyendinaga twp 003929-76 Benjamin OSBORNE, 23, Hinton, Hungerford Hastings, Harness Maker, s/o William & Elizabeth OSBORNE married Esther LOVELESS, 23, Hungerford, Tweed, d/o Randal LOVELESS & Elizabeth LOVELESS. Wtn: Stephen WERDON of Canifton and M.M. RYAN of Canifton on March 7, 1876 at Canifton
003648-76 (Hastings Co) James O'SULLIVAN, 30, gentleman, Ireland, California s/o James & Hannah O'SULLIVAN married Mary L. WALSH, 21, Ontario, Belleville d/o Edward WALSH & Bridget HAMILTON wtn: John HAMILTON of California & Eliza WALSH of Belleville, 28 September 1876 at Belleville 3790-77 Samuel Stanley PARK, 47, Magistrate, Ameliasburgh, Minden Haliburton Co., s/o James & Ann, marred Susan CADE, 38, widow, Sidney, same, d/o William & Abigail VANDERVOORT, witn: J. L. LOOMIS of Madoc & William R. VANDERVOORT of Sidney on Dec. 19, 1876 at Sidney
003705-76 Wellington PARLIAMENT, 29, Ameliasburg, Consecon P.Ed, Merchant, s/o Jacob & Agnes married Emma Augusta SNIDER, 24, Consecon, Belleville, d/o Henry & Letty Jane. Wtn: J.A. JOHNSON of Ameliasburg and Adelia SMITH of Hillier on January 10 (no year given s/b 1876) at Belleville 3905-76 Richard PAYNE, 22, farmer, Quebec, Farm road Dungannon, s/o Richard & Esther, married Maryanne CAMPBELL, 19, Ontario, Dungannon, d/o Robert & Eliza Jane, witn: Matthew CREIGHTON of Mayo Tp. & Emily VANCE of Monk Road Faraday on Feb. 1 (?), 1876 at James Vance residence, Monk Road, Faraday.
3729-76 Thomas A. PERSALL, 22, cheese maker, Sophiasburg, same, s/o Thomas PEARSALL (sic) & Janet MILLER, married Phoebe M. FINKLE, 22, Hungerford, Belleville, d/o Henry FINKLE & Clausia GILBERT, witn: Emeline FARLEY of Sidney & Mary CULLEN of Belleville, 23 Feb 1876 at Belleville 003893-76 (Hastings Co) James Henry PETTIBON, 22, farmer, Campbellford, Belmont s/o Jacob & Laura PETTIBON married Ann BENEDICT, 20, Rawdon, Rawdon d/o George & Margaret BENEDICT wtn: George A. BENEDICT & Samantha J. BROOKS of Rawdon, 3 January 1876 at Frankford
3829-77 David PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Elisha & Mary Ann, married Sarah SAMPLE, 19, Hungerford, Madoc, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Walker UNWIN & Sarah ROBLIN, both of Madoc, 25 Dec 1876 at Madoc 003958-76 (Hastings Co) (blacked out), 22, yeoman, Brighton, Brighton s/o William & Sophia PLUMPTON married Mary SIMPSON, 22, Brighton, Brighton d/o Abijah & Jane SIMPSON wtn: W. WILSON & David PLUMPTON, 1 March 1876 at Trenton
  003644-76 (Hastings Co) Jeremiah POLLOCK, 30, commercial traveller, Argenteuil Quebec, Montreal s/o Thomas & Jane married Hannah Maria HUNTER, 30, widow, Ireland, Kingston Ontario d/o John Fitzgerald SMITH & Mary Ann, wtn: Wesley BULLEN & Mary J. BULLEN both of Belleville, 4 September 1876 at Belleville
#003689-76 (Hastings Co): John Nelson PRINGLE, 28, carpenter, Napanee, Belleville, s/o Andrew & Jane, married Mary Jane ELVINS, 20, Belleville,same, d/o Richard & Jane, witnesses wwere Addie CANNIFF & Henry PRINGLE, both of Belleville, 4 July 1876 at the residence of the bride's father, Belleville 4066-76 Nelson PROVOST, 26, labourer, Canada, Tweed, s/o Edward & Eliza, married Margaret HEALEY, 20, Canada, Tweed, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Sarah Provost & William DAVIS both of Tweed on Dec. 26, 1876 at Tweed.
003938-76 George R. PURDY, 27, Sidney, same, Yeoman, s/o David & Deborah PURDY married Estella G. ROSS, 18, Thurlow, same, d/o Allan J. & Henrietta ROSS. Wtn: J.H. DOXLATER of Belleville and R.D. REDDICK of Thurlow on September 5, 1876 at Thurlow  
003875-76 (Hastings Co) Sanford REDDICK, 21, farmer, Canada, Sidney s/o John & Eliza Ann REDDICK married Nancy WESTOVER, 22, Canada, Sidney d/o Noah & Jane WESTOVER wtn: Frederick W. WATTS & George MARTIN of Frankford, 22 July 1876 at Frankford 3679-76 George Gl--? REED, 23, laborer, Rawdon, Huntingdon, s/o John REED & Lydia LALEY, married Mary Ann McCORMICK, 21, Ireland, Belleville, d/o James McCORMICK & Nancy HILME?, witn: John & William GIVEN of Belleville, 25 Nov 1876 at Belleville
#003861-76 James REEGAN, 27, yeoman, Ireland, Rawdon, s/o Charles & Ann REEGAN, married Mary Jane FLETCHER, 18, Rawdon, same, d/o Joseph & Julia FLETCHER, witn: William REEGAN & Margaret FLETCHER, both of Rawson, 25 Dec 1876 at Rawdon 003634-76 (Hastings Co) William REYNOLDS, 25, yeoman, Canada, Huntingdon s/o Francis & Mary Anne married Jessie McCLUSKEY, 19, Canada, Belleville d/o John & Susan wtn: Thomas REYNOLDS of Huntingdon & Jane McCLUSKEY of Belleville, 2 August 1876 at Belleville
  3911-76 Charles Wilson RICHARDS, 20, druggist, Bath, Belleville, s/o James & Catherine, married Mary Ann REED, 18, Bowmanville, Belleville, d/o William H. & Maria, witn: Sarah M. WILEY & Edward BROWN both of Marmora on July 12, 1876 at Marmora
3822-77 John RICHARDSON, 38, yeoman, Ireland, Marmora, s/o John & Jane, married Margaret CHAMBERS, 26, Madoc, same, d/o Samuel & Elinor, witn: Joseph RICHARDSON & Ellen Victoria CHAMBERS both of Madoc on Dec. 19, 1876 at Madoc. #003674-76 (Hastings Co): James M. RICHARDSON, 29, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Philip RICHARDSON & Nancy PARKS, married Rosetta McNUTT, 17, Percy, same, d/o Alphens m. McNUTT & Hulda MASTERS, witnesses were Philip J. HILL of Belleville & Sarah G. CAMPNEY of Sophiasburgh, 5 Nov., 1876 at Belleville
3868-76 Joseph RITCHEY, 28, harness maker, Sidney, Stirling, s/o Joseph RITCHEY & Betsey ROSEBUSH, married Fanny Ann CHARD, 22, widow, Rawdon, same, d/o Reuben HUBBLE & Malissa, witn: Biram HUBBLE & Martha J. WEAVER, both of Rawdon, 16 Feb. 1876 at Rawdon  
3792-77 James J. W. ROBERTS, farmer, Murray, same, s/o Edwin & Jane, married Illegible L. NORRIS, 19, Sidney, same, d/o Matthew & Rhoda, witn: E. L. & W. W. PERRY both of Frankford on Dec. 17, 1876 at Sidney 003849-76 (Hastings Co) Robert ROBINSON, 21, cheese maker, Ireland Tweed s/o Robert ROBINSON & Elizabeth GORDON married Margaret Ann GRAHAM, 19, Prince Edward Co, Elzevir d/o William GRAHAM & Margaret Ann WIGGINS wtn: William H. CRAIG & Theodosia WIGGINS of Elzevir, 5 March 1876 at St Peter's Church in Queensboro
003896-76 (Hastings Co) John ROGERS, 37, widower, farmer, Prince Edward, Sidney s/o Robert & Margaret ROGERS, married Elizabeth WRIGHT, 33, Sidney, Sidney d/o Anson & Julia WRIGHT, witn: Alexander ROGERS of Stirling & Maggie WRIGHT of Sidney, 24 March 1876 at Sidney 3793-77 Peter ROSEBUSH, 18, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Louis & Nancy, married Sarah? MIERS, 17, Sidney, same, d/o John & Charity Ann, witn: Caroline MIERS & William ROSEBUSH both of Sidney on Dec. 24, 1876 at Sidney.
003940-76 Albert ROSEVAIR (Rosevear?), 22, Thurlow, Hungerford, Mechanic, s/o John & Catharine ROSEVAIR married Rachael BADGLEY, 19, Thurlow, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth BADGLEY. Wtn: Jane BADGLEY & Mary CALEUY? of Thurlow on June 30, 1876 at Thurlow #003675-76 (Hastings Co): Walter D. ROSS, 21, engineer, Belleville, same, s/o James ROSS & Caroline KETCHESON, married Isabella FULLER, 18, Cape Vincent, Belleville, d/o Porter A. FULLER & Caroline HINCKLEY, witnesses were Eliza KYLE & Sarah FULLER, both of Belleville, 8 Nov., 1876 at Belleville
003802-76 (Hastings Co) Artemas RUD, 21, Huntingdon, Limerick s/o Anson & Rachel married Emiline SARGENT, 22, Thurlow, Huntingdon d/o Elisha & Sarah wtn: G.S. SING MD of Sarnia & Helena NOLAN of Madoc, 21 February 1876 at Madoc 3764-77 William Nelson RUPERT, 32, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o William & Ann, married Emily BARTON, 27, Sophiasburgh, Murray, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: George E. & Sarah Ann BARTON both. of Murray on June 22, 1876 at Trenton
3908-76 George RYAN, 26, blacksmith, Ottawa, Mayo, s/o John & Anne, married Maria KELLAR, 18, Ontario, Mayo, d/o Abraham & Mary, witn: William H. JARMAN & Eliza DOUGLAS both of L'Amable Mills on Sept. 8, 1876 at L'Amable Mills 003771-76 (Hastings Co) Timothy RYAN, 29, farmer, Tyendinaga twp, Tyendinaga twp s/o Patrick & Catherine RYAN married Bridget WHITE, 30, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Nicholas & Mary WHITE wtn: John RYAN & Agnes WHITE both of Tyendinaga, 25 January 1876 at Tyendinaga twp
#003690-76 (Hastings co): Peter ST. SEINE, 25, laborer, Quebec, Belleville, s/o Peter St. SEINE & Adalaide GIBRAL?, married Leonora GONNEAU, 18, Quebec, Belleville, d/o Augustus GONNEAU & Caroline VOUDRAIS?, witnesses were Alphonso GONNEAU & Mabel EGAN, both of Belleville, 29 May, 1876 at Belleville  
003632-76 (Hastings Co) Franklin M. SAUNDERS, 45, widower, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, Ameliasburg, s/o Peter & Margaret married Louisa CUNNINGHAM, 27, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o George & Phoebe wtn: L.B. SILLS of Belleville & H.E. CUNNINGHAM of Ameliasburg, 25 June 1876 at Belleville 003633-76 (Hastings Co) Joseph SCHERMERHORN, 25, mason, Kingston twp, Kingston s/o John SCHERMERHORN & Susannah KNOBOURK married Nancy SELLECK, 24, Smithfield, Brighton twp d/o William SELLECK & Rachel McCAUSLAND wtn: Adelia M. HAWLEY & Annie WEST both of Belleville, 15 July 1876 at Belleville
3872-76 Edgar SEELEY, 27, widower, farmer, Rawdon, Sidney, s/o Levi SEELEY & Abigail, married Charlotte PARKS, 22, Huntingdon, Sidney, d/o Christopher PARKS & Bertha, witn: Levi & Abigail SEELEY of Sidney, 6 Oct 1876 at Sidney 003853-76, (Hastings Co), Alonzo SERGANT, 20, Yeoman, Haslington?, Limerick, s/o Aaron and Hannah SERGANT, married Hannah BURKIT, 17, Rawdon, Limerick, d/o John and Elizabeth BURKIT, witn: Frederick BAKER, Limerick, Christopher WRIGHT, Limerick, 21st February 1876, Limerick
003782-76 (Hastings Co) George Thomas SEXSMITH, 30, farmer, Canada, Richmond twp s/o Joseph & Jane SEXSMITH married Ann Comfort SEXSMITH, 21, Canada, Richmond twp d/o David & Sarah An n SEXSMITH wtn: Mrs. Agnes TURNBULL of Melrose & Georgina McTAGGART of Tyendinaga, 3 May 1876 at Melrose 003957-76 (Hastings Co) Jacob SHARP, 25, yeoman, Murray, Murray s/o Jacob & Samantha E. SHARP married Annie BAMBER, 21, Murray, Murray d/o John & Jane BAMBER wtn: Henry SHARP & Almira BAMBER of Murray, 17 January 1876 at Trenton
3684-76 John J. SHEA, 30, bill poster, Ireland, Belleville, s/o Cornelius & Mary, married Ellen BRENNAN, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Michael BRENNAN & Ann MOORE, witn: John & Eliza BRENNAN of Tyendinaga, 20 Nov 1876 at Belleville 003775-76 (Hastings Co) George SILLS, 50, widower, farmer, Fredericksburg, Thurlow s/o Peter & Mary SILLS married Amerilla OSBORN, 40, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o James & Abigail OSBORN wtn: Samuel OSBORN & Jane OSBORN both of Tyendinaga twp, 5 April 1876 at Tyendinaga twp
003873-76 (Hastings Co) James SMITH, 23, farmer, Sidney, Sidney s/o James & Elizabeth SMITH married Nancy Ann LAWSON, 18, Trenton, Murray d/o Frederick & Margaret LAWSON wtn: Georgina LAWSON of Sidney & Charles Wesley LAWSON of Murray, 25 October 1876 at Frankford 003877-76 (Hastings Co) James SMITH, 23, farmer, Sidney, Sidney s/o Samuel & Elizabeth SMITH married Nancy Ann LAWSON, 18, Trenton, Murray d/o Frederick & Margaret LAWSON wtn: Georgina LAWSON of Sidney & Charles LAWSON of Murray, 25 October 1876 at Frankford
3824-76 (Hastings Co): John Ames SMITH, 28, farmer, Madoc, Dungannon, s/o George & Margaret, married Margaret LIDDLE, 19, Scotland, Limerick, d/o James & Catherine, witn: James LIDDLE & Alice SMITH, both of Dungannon, 18 July 1876 at Madoc 003807-76 (Hastings Co) Joseph SMITH, 35, widower, yeoman, England, Sophiasburg s/o William & Mary Ann married Elizabeth Ann TAYLOR, 18, Lancashire England, Huntingdon d/o John G. & Elizabeth wtn: Mark HARRIS & Eliza KEENE both of Huntingdon, 22 January 1876 at Huntingdon
003629-76 (Hastings Co) John Albert SPENCE, 26, labourer, England, Belleville s/o Robert & Sarah married Anne NICKSON, 28, widow, Ireland, Toronto d/o John & Anne Grace [no surname given], wtn: William MONAHAN & M.M. HENDERSON both of Belleville, 11 July 1876 at Belleville 003850-76 (Hastings Co) Corey M. SPENCER, 29, yeoman, Prince Edward Co, Elzevir s/o Amos & Laurie SPENCER married Sophia CHARTERS, 28, Prince Edward Co, Elzevir d/o James & Eliza CHARTERS wtn: Thomas CHARTERS & Hannah HAMILTON of Elzevir, 19 April 1876 at Elzevir
3622-76 George Edward SPRIGGS, 35, painter, widower, London, Bleckers illegible, s/o George SPRIGGS & Sophia HUCKWELL, married Grace SALLISHAN, 26, Lay Creek New Brunswick, Belleville, d/o Steven SALLISHAN & Annie FLETCHER, witn: Holden REED & Mrs. D. McDONALD on Dec. 31, 1876 at Belleville 003708-76 Johnathan SPRY, 59, England, Thurlow, widower, Laborer, s/o John SPRY & Grace SPRY married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 50, Ireland, Belleville, d/o William THOMPSON & Fanny THOMPSON. Wtn: William PERUTT of Colborne and E. CAMPBELL of Belleville on May 20, 1876 at Belleville
#003833-76 Hiram SQUIRES, 25, farmer, Thurlow, Madoc, s/o Ebenezar & Hanna, married Jane BRAND, 20, Madoc, same, d/o John & Mary A., witn: John & Eliza BRAND, both of Madoc, 12 Apr 1876 at Madoc, Bible Christian 003799-76 (Hastings Co) George A. SQUIRES, 25, farmer, Huntington, Madoc s/o Ebenezer & Hannah married Elizabeth SPARLIN, 23, Ireland, Madoc d/o James & Hannah wtn: John ARMSTRONG & Mary SUTTEN both of Madoc, 2 March 1876 at Madoc
  003716-76 George STANHOPE, 24, Ireland, Tyendinaga, Yeoman, s/o Robert STANHOPE & Mary STANHOPE married Nancy TAYLOR, 21, Shannonville, Tyendinaga, d/o John TAYLOR & Nancy TAYLOR. Wtn: E. CAMPBELL of Belleville on April 22, 1876 at Belleville
3656-76 George STAPELEY, 25, laborer, Belleville, Thurlow, s/o John STAPELEY & Mary GRIE-?, married Mary Pabille STAPELEY, 25, Belleville, Thurlow, d/o Daniel STAPELEY & Sarah BLECKER, witn: William BARBER & Pamela MILSE?, both of Belleville, 7 Oct 1876 at Belleville 003707-76 James Albert STAPLEY, 23, Belleville, Rawdon, Yeoman, s/o Daniel STAPLELEY (sic) & Sarah Ann BLEECKER married Annetta Marie EGGLETON, 16, Rawdon, same, d/o Paul EGGLETON & Martha TWIDDY. Wtn: Mary Jemima EGGLETON of Rawdon and James C. DICKENS of Sidney on June 14, 1876 at Belleville
3730-76 Denis SULLIVAN, 26, laborer, Ireland, Belleville, s/o Timothy SULLIVAN & Alice HEFFERNAN, married Emilia RYAN, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Simon & Bridget, witn: John SULLIVAN & Bridget RYAN, both of Belleville, 27 Feb [1876] at Belleville 3820-77 Robert George TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Port Hope, Seymour, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth Rebecca ELLIOTT, 22, Ireland, Canaford?, d/o Francis & Mary Ann, witn: Francis ELLIOTT of Madoc, 27 Dec 1876 at Madoc
003713-76 Henry THOMPSON, 41, Ireland, Thurlow, Baker, s/o George THOMPSON and Jane THOMPSON married Mary O'CONNOR, 28, Ireland, Thurlow, d/o Thomas O' CONNOR and Frances O'CONNOR. Wtn: William McGINNIS of Belleville and Hannah THOMPSON of Thurlow on May 16, 1876 at Belleville 003815-76 (Hastings Co) Charles THOMPSON, 54, widower, Thurlow, Huntingdon s/o Robert & Agnes married Susan M. THOMPSON, 45, widow, Picton, Madoc d/o David & Abigail [no surname given], wtn: Mrs A.C. MAYBEE & Susannah HUNTER both of Madoc, 5 October 1876 at Madoc
003638-76 (Hastings Co) Thomas THOMPSON, 26, bricklayer, Ireland, Belleville s/o Thomas & Anne THOMPSON married Margaret Ann McCOY, 18, Belleville, Belleville d/o Alexander & Mary McCOY wtn: James MAY & Margaret THOMPSON both of Belleville, 2 August 1876 at Belleville 3667-76 Lorenzo N. C. TITUS, 22, law student, Oxford Co., Trenton, s/o Henry Albert & Emeline, married Sarah Emma GILBERT, 17, Frankford, Trenton, d/o Samuel & Eliza Christienna, witn: Frank E. TITUS of Oxford Co & Mary VANLEEK of Sydney, 17 Oct [1876] at Belleville
003719-76 Samuel TOMPKINS, 23, Hungerford, same, Farmer, s/o David & Mahale TOMPKINS married Delia CANNIFF, 20, Hungerford, same, d/o Allen CANNIFF & Marinda CANNIFF. Wtn: L.M. SILLS and S.B. SILLS of Belleville (no date given, year 1876) at Belleville #003864-76 Robert TOTTON, 24, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o William & Agness TOTTON, married Mary Ann SHARP, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o William & Mary A. SHARP, witn: Alexander SHARP & Lydia PHILLIPS, both of Rawdon, 5 Jan 1876 at Rawdon
3765-77 James TRIPP, 21, farmer, Tyendinaga, Hillier, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Deborah YOUNG, 20, Percy, Hillier, d/o Nelson G. & Eleanor Rebecca, witn: S. S. YOUNG & J. N. ROBINSON both of Trenton on Sept. 10, 1876 at Trenton 003892-76 (Hastings Co) Wellington TRIPP, 28, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Samuel & Mary Ann TRIPP married Frances Jane LEAY, 23, Sidney, Sidney d/o James & Jane Ann LEAY wtn: George LEAY & Evaline HANLIN? of Sidney, 9 March 1876 at Sidney
  003842-76, (Hastings Co), Frances TROTTER, 25, Farmer, Hungerford, Madoc, Alexander & Sarah, married Martha McCOY,  19, Madoc, Madoc, Alexander & Anne, witn: Alex McCOY, Emily L. CARLTON, Madoc, June 14th 1876, Madoc
3732-77 (Hastings Co): Paul TRUMPOUR, 25, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o W. TRUMPOUR & Jane WAY, married Ella J. MAINS, 20, Canada, Hungerford, d/o James MAINS & Sarah J. GERMAN, witn: R. TRUMPOUR & E. MAINS, both of Hungerford, 20 Sept 1876 at Hungerford 3910-76 John TURNER, 31, merchant, widower, Seymour, Blairton, s/o John & Christine, married Mary Ann Melinda BONTER, 22, widow, Bath, Blairton, d/o James & Melinda WAGG, witn: Thomas & Annie WARREN both of Marmora on Feb. 2, 1876 at Marmora
3654-76 William URQUHART, 25, laborer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o Donald URQUHART & Isabella FRAZER, married Mary HURLEY, 20, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Thomas HURLEY & Mary SHEA, witn: Timothy & Mrs. Timothy HURLEY of Belleville, 11 Sept. 1876 at Belleville 003879-76 (Hastings Co) James T. VANTASSEL, 27, farmer, Murray, Sidney s/o Franklin & Rebecca VANTASSEL married Elizabeth CAROLER, 22, New York State, Sidney d/o Joseph & Melinda CAROLER wtn: Abigail CAROLER & John W. BETTS both of Sidney, 31 November 1876 at Frankford
3737-76 Alfred VERMILYEA, 23, clerk, Ontario, Belleville, s/o William Henry & Jane A., married Antoinette L. CLARK, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o James W. & Susan, witn: R. C. DAVIS of Belleville & Clara BIGELOW of Chicago, 8 Dec 1875 at res of bride's parents, Belleville 3883-76 Joseph WALDRON, 24, farmer, Birmingham England, Thurlow, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Charlotte FENN, 22, Sidney, same, d/o Henry & Susan, witn: James HAY (Shay?) of Sidney & Bella MATTHEWS of Tyendinaga on Nov. 21, 1876 at Sidney.
3871-76 James Henry WARD, 34, teacher, Brighton, Sidney, s/o John WARD & Ann, married Ellen Adelia WALLER, 25, Hillier, Frankford, d/o William WALLER & Rebecca, witn: Deborah KINNEAR of Hillier & Lawrence HICKS of Montreal, 26 July 1876 at Frankford 3855-76 Anson WARDEN, 20, yeoman, Brighton, Cashel, s/o Elias & Jane, married Martha WELMAN, 17, Tudor, Cashel, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John GUNTER & Lorinz WARDEN, both of Cashel, 17 Sept at Cashel
003897-76 (Hastings Co) Norman Joseph WARNER, 25, carriage maker, Lanark Co., Londesboro, s/o William & Mary WARNER married Matilda VANKLEEK, 25, Madoc, Sidney d/o John & Harriet VANKLEEK wtn: L. TITUS of Trenton & Mary VANKLEEK of Sidney, 23 May 1876 at Sidney 003919-76 Henry WARREN, 24, Bathurst, Stirling, Harness Maker, s/o Joseph & Eliza WARREN married Mary CHAMBERS, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o Robert & Ellen CHAMBERS. Wtn: John ARTTNA of Stirling and Annie COLLINS of Huntington on October 4, 1876 at Canifton
3659-76 David WATERS, 26, cutter, Lybster Caithness? Scotland, Campbellford, s/o David & Margaret, married Maggie KEITH, 25, Sidney twp., Belleville, d/o Robert & Grace, witn: George SUTHERLAND & D. M. WATERS, both of Belleville, 25 Oct. 1876 at Belleville 3618-76 William J. WAY, 23, farmer, Tyendinaga, Thurlow, s/o John Francis & Sarah, married Sarah BADGLEY, 23, Thurlow, same, d/o Reuben & Mariah, witn: James Allan KETCHEPAW & Ira C. BADGLEY both of Thurlow on Dec. 26, 1876 at Thurlow.
#003837-76 Ernest Lewis WEESE, 24, watchmaker, Germany, Madoc, s/o Frederick L. & Argusta, married Maggie WELLINGTON, 20, Rawdon, Madoc, d/o John Wesley & Fannie, witn: Martial & Mrs. A. MAYBEE, both of Madoc, 27 Mar 1876 at Madoc 3854-76 George E. WEVER (Weaver?), 21, yeoman, USA, Limerick, s/o William & Clerry, married Ellen E. WRIGHT, 16, Bedford, Tudor, d/o Christopher & Mary Jane, witn: William LAWRENCE & Edsen DEREME, both of Limerick, 19 July 1876 at Tudor
3890-76 John WHITE, 57, yeoman, widower, Ireland, Murray, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Elizabeth LOTT, 43, Lindsay, same, d/o Jonas & Lavina, witn: Hannah LEWIS & Henry J. LOTT both of Sidney on Feb. 15, 1876 at Sidney. 3620-76 Robert WHITLEY, 28, butcher, Canada, Belleville, s/o John & Frances, married Ida Lowell HAYMES, 16, New Jersey USA, Belleville, d/o Albert & Catherine, witn: Carrie McKENDRY & Hattie A. MULHERN no residences given on Dec. 26, 1876 at Belleville.
3767-77 James WIGGINS, 32, farmer, widower, Ireland Hillier, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sarah Delia CRUTHERS, 21, Hillier, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William King BAKER of Kingston & E. R. YOUNG of Port Perry on Dec. 27, 1876 at Trenton. 3912-76 George T. WIGHTMAN, 27, teacher, Richmond Lennox Co., Leamington Essex Co., so Henry & Harriet, married Elizabeth Ann DUNCAN, 30, Roslin, same, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: John & Maggie HOUSTON both of Roslin on Dec. 28, 1876 at Roslin
#003676-76 (Hastings Co): Charles WILKIE, 31, clerk, Quebec, Belleville, s/o Daniel & Angelique, married Agnes C.C. EASTON, 21, Belleville, same, d/o James & Matilda Jane, witnesses were Arthur WILKIE of Quebec & John BELL of Belleville, 21 Nov., 1876 at Belleville  
003772-76 (Hastings Co) William WILKINSON, clerk, Ireland, Belleville s/o Lawrence & Ann WILKINSON married Ellen MEAGHER, USA, Tyendinaga d/o James & Catherine MEAGHER wtn: Thomas MEAGHER & Ann MEAGHER both of Tyendinaga, 25 February 1876 at Tyendinaga twp 3823-76 (Hastings Co): James WILKINSON, 42, widower, shoe maker, England, Marmora, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth FIDLAR, 29, Marmora, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: J.W. FIDLER (sic) & Nancy JOHNS, both of Marmora, 30 Oct 1876 at Madoc
003718-76 Charles WILLSON, 24, Belleville, same, Seaman, s/o Joseph WILLSON & Fanetta WILSON (sic) married Jane SOALES, 20, Belleville, same, d/o Richard SOLES (sic) and Jane SOLES. Wtn: Peter & Eishard? GREEN of Belleville on April 13, 1876 at Belleville 4059-76 James Coulter WILSON, 25, yeoman, Tyendinaga, Huntingdon, s/o William J. & Susannah, married Susannah COULTER, 23, Huntingdon, Hungerford, d/o William & Ellen, witn: John & Hannah Mina Maxwell FOSTER both of Thomasburg on June 7, 1876 at Thomasburg.
003626-76 (Hastings Co) William WILSON, 24, baker, Devon England, Belleville s/o Richard & Honey WILSON married Mary Ann WAY, 20, Guernsey Island, Belleville d/o Samuel & Sarah WAY wtn: Samuel WAY & Rose Maria TODD, 11 July 1876 at Belleville 003797-76 (Hastings Co) William WILSON, 27, farmer, Ontario, Camden s/o John & Mary WILSON married Sarah McCULLOUGH, 23, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Mitchell & Margaret McCULLOUGH wtn: James McCULLOUGH & Eliza McCULLOUGH both Tyendinaga twp, 1 March 1876 at Melrose
  003643-76 (Hastings Co) W.G. WINDON, 25, labourer, Tyendinaga, Belleville s/o Thomas & Eliza WINDON married Harriet MILLER, 23, Percy, Percy d/o Alfred & Mary MILLER wtn: Mrs. CAMPBELL & Frances TOPER both of Belleville, 15 June 1876 at Belleville
003720-76 Charles Joseph WOODLEY, 26, Ontario, Belleville, Mason, s/o Joseph & P. WOODLEY married Martha LINN, 27, England, Belleville, d/o Walter (late) & Louisa McPHERSON. Wtn: Richard McPHERSON and Clara McPHERSON of Belleville on February 17, 1876. (it is possible the bride's name is Martha Linn McPherson 003925-76 Stephen G. WOOLEY, 22, Farmersville, Madoc, Farmer, s/o George WOOLEY & Maria WOOLEY married Eliza WERDON, 19, Thurlow, Roslin, d/o Edward WERDON & Margaret WERDON. Wtn: Lottie NAYLOR and Lucy SING of Canifton on November 29, 1876 at Canifton
3900-76 George WRIGHT, 26, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Enoch & Esther, married Sarah HOLLINGER, 18, Huntingdon, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James HOLLINGER Jr. & Elizabeth OSBORN both of Huntingdon on March 23, 1876 at Huntingdon #003831-76 William John YOUNG, 20, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Peter & Catharine, married Turenz LLOYD, 18, Madoc, same, d/o Nelson & Olivia, witn: Emma DUMA & Wm FARRELL, both of Madoc, 1 June 1876 at Madoc
003699-76 Joseph YOUNGS, 40, Quebec, Belleville, Labour, s/o Benjamin YOUNGS & Harriett DESIER married Ann BURNS, 25, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Peter BURNS & Bridget DRISCOLL. Wtn: John RYON and Mary DALEY of Belleville on April 24 (year not given s/b 1876) at Belleville 003785-76 (Hastings Co) William S. YORK, 21, printer, Napanee, Napanee s/o David & Amelia YORK married Sarah M. MEYERS, 20, Fredericksburg, Shannonville d/o Herman & Elizabeth Ann MEYERS wtn: H. MEYERS & Chester CLARKE both of Shannonville, 24 May 1876 at the home of the bride's father Shannonville