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Hastings Co., 1882

birth place is given before residence


4526-85 (Hastings Co): James S. BARBER, 24, merchant, Ontario, Napanee, s/o James BARBER & Margaret WILSON, married Margaret M.E. MACKIE, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o James MACKIE & Margaret FRENCH, witn: James EDGAR & S. MACKIE, both of Belleville, 15 June 1882 at Belleville  
004284-82 (Hastings Co) John BATEMAN, 30, yeoman, Rawden, Rawden s/o William & Margaret BATEMAN married Elizabeth Ann BURKETT, 26, Rawden, Rawden d/o Francis & Ann BURKETT wtn: William H. HASLETT & Mary Jane BURKETT both of Rawden, 5 April 1882 at Stirling 004252-82 (Hastings Co) James BATEMAN, 21, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon s/o John & Jane BATEMAN married Jane ROBERTSON, 20, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Robert & Mary ROBERTSON wtn: William John BATEMAN of Huntingdon & Elizabeth ROBERTSON of Hungerford, 22 March 1882 at St. James Church in Tweed
004491-82 John BEAMISH, 31, Percy twp, same, Farmer, s/o Henry BEAMISH & Sarah BAKER married Frances SMITH, 27, Belleville, same, d/o Robert SMITH & Agnes MACGINNIS. Wtn: William SMITH of Belleville and Miss DUNSON of Montreal on June 6, 1882 at Belleville  
04364-82 Nelson BEATTY, 22, Hungerford Tp., same, Blacksmith, s/o John & Anna BEATTY married Jessie MORDEN, 18, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Sylvester & Catherine MORDEN. Wtn: Stanley? MORDEN of Tyendinaga Tp. and Edith HAMPTON of Belleville on December 6, 1882 at Shannonville 004334-82, (Hastings Co), John G. BLAKLEY, 21, Farmer, Madoc, Madoc, B, Methodist, William J. & Mariah, married Lorna BRAND, 20, Madoc, Madoc, S, Methodist, Joshua & Harriet, witn: James and Margaret BRAND, November 8th 1882, Madoc
4315-83 (Hastings Co): James BOLDRICK, 38, yeoman, Thurlow, same, s/o John & Dora, married Amanda HOMAN, 29, Thurlow twp., same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Harvey HOMAN & J. BOLDRICK, both of Thurlow, 20 Aug 1882 at Thurlow 004335-82, (Hastings Co), James R. BRAND, 28, Farmer, Madoc, Madoc, B, Methodist, Joshua & Harriet, married Margaret LACKEY, 30, Elzevir, Elzevir, S, Episcopalian, Walter & Ellen, witn: Thomas BURNSIDE, Hattie BRAND, Madoc, September 6th 1882, Elziver
004239-82 (Hastings Co) Isaac BRIGGS, 32, farmer, Marmora, Marmora s/o Richard BRIGGS & Mary PAGET married Caroline REED, 18, Marmora, Marmora d/o Daniel REED & Barbara KEENE wtn: Jerome KEENE & Emma REED both of Marmora, 3 July 1882 at Daniel Reed’s residence in Marmora 004234-82 (Hastings Co) Frank BROWN, 27, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o Edward BROWN & Elizabeth Lydia STEWART. married (illegible- scratched out), 28, Marmora, Marmora d/o Bartholomew Cody JOHNS & Annable Jane CHISOLM wtn: Charles N. BROWN & Miss Harriet BROWN both of Douro & Murchison C. JOHNS & Minnie BLEECKER both of Marmora, 21 February 1882 at Marmora
#004452-83 (Hastings Co): William BUCKLEY, 25, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Patrick BUCKLEY & Catherine BRYSON, married Mary A. POWER, 23, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John POWER & Bridget KEENAN, witn: Hugh BRYSON & Bridget KEENAN, both of Tyendinaga, 27 Nov 1882 at Read (Rom Cath) 004349-82 Michael BUCKLEY, 25, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o Patrick & Catherine BUCKLEY married Jane JORDAN, 20, Tyendinaga, same, d/o James & Anne JORDAN. Wtn: William TRARY (Tracy?) of Tyendinaga and Bridget JORDAN of Tyendinaga on February 12, 1882 at Tyendinaga Tp
004350-82 Daniel CALLAGHAN, 44, Ontario, Tyendinaga, Widower, Farmer, s/o Daniel & Johanna CALLAGHAN married Bridget McKENNEY, 39 Tyendinaga, same, d/o John & Catherine McKENNEY. Wtn: Edward McKENNEY of Tyendinaga and Lizzie CLARK of Tyendinaga on February 13, 1882 at Tyendinaga Tp. 004358-82 Thomas William CARTER, 26, Thurlow Tp., Tyendinaga Tp., Farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth CARTER married Agnes Ann ANDERSON, 26, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o James & Eva ANDERSON. Wtn: Mary J. ANDREWS and Arthur W. ANDREWS both of Shannonville on July 10, 1882 at Shannonville
004275-82 (Hastings Co) Joseph John CHILL, 25, farmer, England, Bridgewater s/o (not given) married Catherine KEHOE, 21, Bridgewater, Bridgewater d/o not given, wtn: Edward DYER? & Mary Ann KEHOE of Bridgewater, 18 December 1882 at Thomasburg 4257-83 John CLARK, 38, yeoman, Hungerford, same, s/o Isaiah & Margaret, married Eliza CLARE, 37, Hungerford, same, d/o Thomas & Mariah, witn: Lise CLARE & Deborah HARRISON both of Thomasburgh on Dec. 19, 1882 at Hungerford
004277-82 (Hastings Co) Hiram COOPER, 22, lumberman, Sidney twp, Madoc twp s/o John & Malissa COOPER married Almira GOODFREE, 21, Thurlow twp, Madoc twp d/o Philip & Sarah GOODFREE wtn: Alex WELLMAN & Alice WELLMAN both of Rawden, 3 January 1882 at Stirling 004267-82 (Hastings Co) John Garrett CORNER, 26, harness maker, Bridgewater, Tweed s/o James & Muriel CORNER married Sarah Mariah PROVOST, 20, Tweed, Tweed d/o Edward & Eliza PROVOST wtn: James WRAY & Mrs W. D.P. WILSON of Tweed, 29 November 1882 at Tweed
004352-82 John CORRIGAN, 28, Tyendinaga Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Ann CORRIGAN married Agnes WHITE, 24, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o James & Honora WHITE. Wtn: William CORRIGAN of Tyendinaga and Ellen WHITE of Tyendinaga on February 19, 1882 at Village of Marysville  
004251-82 (Hastings Co) Robert COULSON, 29, yeoman, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Robert & Ellen COULSON married Mary Ann CLARE, 31, Thomasburg, Thomasburg d/o Thomas & Maria CLARE wtn: Robinson CLARE & Anna CLARE both of Huntingdon, 4 April 1882 at Thomasburg 004269-82 (Hastings Co) William COULTER, 30, farmer, Ireland, Carleton settlement s/o (not given) married Mary Ann McLANE, 22, Carleton settlement, Carleton settlement d/o (not given) wtn: Robert COULTER & Sarah Jane McLANE of Carleton settlement, 6 December 1882 at Thomasburg
#004189-82 (Hastings Co): Ian James DAVY, 19, farmer, Ontario, Monteagle, s/o Michael & Sarah, married Fanny Jane SWITZER, 19, Ontario, Monteagle, d/o Tobias & Fanny, witn: Elijah SWITZER of Monteagle & Mary Jane BOWERS of Dungannon, 5 Feb 1882 at Bancroft 004356-82 Paul DEAN, 25, Tyendinaga, same, Widower, Labourer, s/o Paul & Harriet DEAN married Samantha LINDSAY, 19, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Isaac & Samantha LINDSAY. Wtn: John HAIGHT of Newburgh and Paul DEAN Sr. of Shannonville on June 12, 1882 at Shannonville
  004279-82 (Hastings Co) Charles E. DEMILL, 27, yeoman, Prince Edward Co, Sophiasburgh in Prince Edward Co s/o Peter & Mary Ann DEMILL married Minnie STORTTS, 21, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh d/o Napoleon & Mary Jane STORTTS wtn: Ida Anne WALKER & Hatta Jane WALKER both of Stirling, 28 January 1882 at Stirling
#004310-83 (Hastings Co): Henry DENYES, 28, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Nathan & S.A., married H. Maude M. CHAPMAN, 23, Thurlow, same, d.o William & Hester, witn: William A. CHAPMAN of Thurlow & Jennie POWELL of Belleville, 12 Oct 1882 at Thurlow 004278-82 (Hastings Co) Thomas DERRY, 29, carriage maker, Marmora, Brooklyn NY s/o John & Sarah DERRY married Sarah J. GLASS, 31, Sidney twp, Stirling d/o Andrew & Anna GLASS wtn: James BROWN of Belleville & Maggie GLASS of Stirling, 16 January 1882 at Stirling
  004257-82 (Hastings Co) Charles DUNN, 22, cheese maker, United States, Thomasburg s/o James & Catherine DUNN married Jannie McDONALD, 20, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Noble & Jane McDONALD wtn: Thomas McDONALD & Charlotte MORTON of Hungerford, 20 April 1882 at Hungerford
4305-83 (Hastings Co): Daniel DRUMMY, no age given, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Nicholas & Catherine, married Ellen LEAHY, no age given, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Timothy & Ellen, witn: Joseph KENNEY & Ellen CARROLL, both of Tyendinaga, 27 Nov 1882 at Tyendinaga (Rom Cath) 004266-82 (Hastings Co) Andrew EAGER, 21, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o Lafaette (Lafayette?) & Almeda EAGER married Nettie KELLER, 17, Elzevir, Elzevir d/o Simon & Harriet KELLER wtn: Martha EAGER & Mrs Wilson SILLS of Hungerford, 18 September 1882 at Tweed
004247-82 (Hastings Co) William ELLIOTT, 53, widower, farmer, Ireland, Huntingdon s/o John & Jane ELLIOTT married Margaret ROBERTSON, 37, Belleville, Thomasburg d/o John & Christina ROBERTSON wtn: Edward ELLIOTT of Thomasburg & Mary ELLIOTT of Huntingdon, 31 January 1882 at Thomasburg  
004355-82 William James EMERSON, 30, Tyendinaga Tp., Deseronto Village, School Teacher, s/o James & Mary EMERSON married Henrietta LAZIER, 25, Shannonville, same, d/o Richard L. & Alice LAZIER. Wtn: not legible of Tyendinaga and S.W. LAZIER of Shannonville on July 26, 1882 at Village of Shannonville 004353-82 Michael FARRELL, 24, Tyendinaga Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John & Bridget FARRELL married Ellen MURPHY, 23, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o John & Rose MURPHY. Wtn: Patrick FARRELL of Tyendinaga and Catherine FARRELL of Tyendinaga on June 26, 1882 at Tyendinaga Tp
#004188-82 (Hastings Co): Augustus Henry FIELD, 28, farmer, Hartfordshire England, Chalk River, s/o George & Augusta, married Margaret BAIRD, 27, Bristol Quebec, Monteagle, d/o David & Sarah, witn: Andrew & Sarah BAIRD of Bancroft, 11 Feb 1882 at Bancroft 004258-82 (Hastings Co) Robert FINLEY, 50, widower, farmer, Ireland, Mulmur s/o James & Agnes FINLEY married Lydia WAGER, 41, Fredericksburgh, Hungerford d/o William & Elizabeth WAGER, wtn: Emanuel WAGER of Hungerford, 24 March 1882 at Hungerford
004248-82 (Hastings Co) John W. FISHER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Hungerford s/o Samuel & Mariah FISHER married Mary Ann FINLEY, 20, Ontario, Huntingdon d/o Andrew & Margaret FINLEY wtn: James FINLEY & Mary POTTS both of Huntingdon, 29 June 1882 at Huntingdon 004264-82 (Hastings Co) William E. FOSTER, 21, labourer, Virginia USA, Hungerford s/o Peter & Elizabeth FOSTER married Rosa CHAMBERLIN, 23, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Bosco & Sarah CHAMBERLIN wtn: D.A. BROWN & Miss W.D. WILSON of Tweed, 9 November 1882 at Tweed
004230-82 (Hastings Co) Alfred FOX, 23, cheese manufacturer, Rawden, Rawden s/o James & Eleanor FOX married Annie WICKETT, 19, Sidney, Foxboro d/o Daniel & S.A WICKETT wtn: Thomas WICKETT & Hettie CRAWFORD of Foxboro, 20 December 1882 at Foxboro 004363-82 William Daniel FOX, 43, Tyendinaga Tp., Farmer, s/o Isaac & Maria FOX married Ann GOODFELLOW, 33, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o Robert & Margaret GOODFELLOW. Wtn: Robert GOODFELLOW and Lizzie GOODFELLOW both of Tyendinaga on November 1, 1882 at Shannonville
004490-82 (Hastings Co) Edmond FREDETTE, 22, clerk, Ontario, Trenton, s/o Abner & Joanna FREDETTE married Catherine JOHNSON, 21, Ontario, Trenton, d/o John & Mary JOHNSON. Wit Kate JOHNSON, not stated. May 8, 1882 at Belleville.  
004237-82 (Hastings Co) William Edward GLADNEY, 27, merchant, Marmora, Marmora s/o Edward GLADNEY & Ruth GLADNEY married Mary Eliza MILLS, 25, Port Elmsley, Marmora d/o John MILLS & Sarah MILLS wtn: Frank DEVELIN & Agnes E. MILLS both of Marmora, 26 March 1882 at Marmora village 004383-82, (Hastings Co), Stephen L. GOLDING, 24, Farmer, Sidney, Tudor, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Esther BEST, 24, Madoc, Madoc, d/o John & Mary, witn: Robert BEST, Madoc, Amelia SINE, Sidney, August 30th 1882, at Madoc
004262-82 (Hastings Co) John E. GORDON, 24, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Robert & Catherine GORDON married Margaret E. GRAHAM, 28, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o John & Ann GRAHAM wtn: William GORDON & Maggie ELLIOTT of Hungerford, 29 July 1882 at Hungerford 004281-82 (Hastings Co) John GORDON, 38, cattle merchant, Ireland, Belleville s/o Timothy & Mary GORDON married Catherine McLEOD, 25, Madoc, Belleville d/o Norman & Julia McLEOD wtn: A. McWILLIAMS & Minerva McWILLIAMS both of Stirling, 6 March 1882 at Stirling
#004193-82 (Hastings Co): John GRANT, 27, farmer, Leeds twp., Major, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Darithanna STOUGHTON, 23, Arnprior, Mayo, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: George GRANT of Wicklow & A. SCAMMELL of L’Amable, 13 July 1882 at L’Amable 004335-83, Henry GRIEVES, 32, Farmer, Germany, Carlow, s/o Johannes GRIERS, married Mary MICHAELS, 32?, Waterloo Ontario, Monteagle, d/o Theodore & Hannah MICHAELS, witn: John SARARAS, Ida MUSCLOW, Monteagle, December 27?, 1882, [with note."groom lost his father when a child & does not remember his name"]
004281-83 Edmund Saml GRILLS, 22, Sydney, Thurlow Tp., Butcher, s/o Richard & Elizabeth GRILLS married Catharine HOUSTON, 20, Thurlow Tp., same, d/o David G. & Rhoda HOUSTON. Wtn: David Walker HOUSTON of Cohoes N. York and Catharine WILLIAMS of Shannonville on October 31, 1882 at Thurlow 004256-82 (Hastings Co) Thaddeus N. GUNTER, 25, farmer, Canada, Cashel s/o Peter & Mary GUNTER married Hannah Melissa FISHER, 22, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Samuel & Maria FISHER wtn: Thomas MAY & Mary FISHER of Hungerford, 1 March 1882 at Hungerford
004489-82 Richard V.S. HAM, 25, North Fredericksburg Tp., Thurlow Tp., Farmer, Farmer, s/o John & Martha HAM married Sarah SMITH, 22, Kingston City., Belleville City, d/o John & Margaret SMITH. Wtn: E. B. SHOREY and Etta KNAPP north of Belleville on June 12, 1882 at Belleville 004274-82 (Hastings Co) Archibald HAMILTON, 31, farmer, Richmond twp, Richmond twp s/o (not given) married Mary Jane WILSON, 23, Huntingdon, Huntingdon d/o William & Mary Jane WILSON wtn: Samuel HAMILTON & Ida BENJAMIN of Richmond, 25 December 1882 at Thomasburg
004254-82 (Hastings Co) Charles HAYS, 25, cheese maker, Isle of Man, Tweed s/o Joseph & Isabella HAYS married Mary C. FINKLE, 23, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Henry & Claraney FINKLE wtn: Emily FINKLE & Annabella BADGLEY of Hungerford, 5 April 1882 at Hungerford [also 4261-82 with bride as Nancy C. Finkle]  
004357-82 William A. HICKERSON, 31, Tyendinaga Tp., Prince Edward Co., Farmer, s/o William & Sarah HICKERSON married Catherine BELL, 18, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o William & Catherine BELL. Wtn: John BELL of Tyendinaga and Mary E. HICKERSON of Tyendinaga on June 22, 1882 at Shannonville 004362-82 William J. HINCHEY, 27, Camden Tp., Belleville City, Labourer, s/o Thomas & Agnes HINCHEY married Mary Annie BROWN, 27, Murray Tp., Tyendinaga Tp., d/o Joseph W. & Angeline BROWN. Wtn: not legible (possibly Thomas Rathburn) and Christopher OLIVER both of Tyendinaga on October 31, 1882 at Tyendinaga Tp
004231-82 (Hastings Co) Melzer HOMAN, 29, blacksmith, Foxboro, Foxboro s/o David & Matilda HOMAN married Delilah WICKETT, 24, Foxboro, Foxboro d/o Richard & Sarah WICKETT wtn: George WICKETT & Mary MILLER of Foxboro, 27 December 1882 at Foxboro 004244-82 (Hastings Co) Jacob HOSKINS, 60, widower, labourer, Canada, Douro? s/o Timothy HOSKINS & Sarah HOSKINS married Jane CRAWFORD, 48, Marmora, Marmora d/o James CRAWFORD & Catherine CRAWFORD wtn: Thomas WARREN of Marmora & Ezekiel BOYD of Belmont, 15 May 1882 at Marmora
004354-82 James Franklin HOWELL, 21, Tyendinaga Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Richard & Janet HOWELL married Mary Alzina Minerva FOX, 17, Hungerford Tp., Shannonville Village, d/o Stephen Deloss & Eliza Jane FOX. Wtn: William A. EARLE and Eliza EARLE both of Shannonville on June 7, 1882 at Village of Shannonville 004488-82 (Hastings Co) Albert HUDSON, 22, not given, Clayton Jefferson Co N.Y., Belleville, s/o Henry & Angeline married Julia PROUST, 21, Tweed Ont, Belleville, d/o Edward & Eliza. Wit W. G. IRELAND and John McGUIRE, both of Belleville. April 24, 1882, at Bellville.
4316-83 (Hastings Co): George HUNTER, 31, merchant, Thurlow, Moose Jaw NWT, s/o James & Mary Helen, married Elizabeth MOORE, 23, Thurlow, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John MOORE of Thurlow & Maggie HUNTER of Huntingdon , 27 Dec 1882 at Thurlow 004360-82 John JEFFREY, 27, Huntingdon Tp. Hastings Co., same, Farmer, s/o Carson & Mary Slack JEFFREY married Agnes ANDERSON, 28, Tyendinaga Tp. Hastings Co., same, d/o Samuel & Agnes ANDERSON. Wtn: William Henry ANDERSON of Tyendinaga and Ann Jane JEFFREY of Huntingdon on October 25, 1882 at Tyendinaga Tp
004270-82 (Hastings Co) Thomas JEFFS, 25, merchant, Canada, Queensboro s/o William & Margaret JEFFS married Sarah Ida Eliza WALLER (Wallace?), 22, Tweed, Tweed d/o James & Francis WALLER wtn: Frank WALLER of Tweed & Mary WIGGINS of Queensboro, 27 September 1882 at Tweed  
4259-83 William T. S. JENNINGS, 21, farmer, England, Portage La Prairie, s/o William & Anna, married Mary Elizabeth GORDON, 18, Hungerford, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: James CASEY & Mary DENTON both of Hungerford on Sept. 7, 1882 at Hungerford 004286-82 (Hastings Co) Hugh JONES, 33, mechanic, Marmora, Marmora s/o Hugh & Ann JONES married Helen A. HAGERMAN, 25, Rawden, Rawden d/o John S. & Jane HAGERMAN wtn: John S. HAGERMAN & Jane HAGERMAN of Rawden, 27 June 1882 at Stirling
004243-82 (Hastings Co) Eli KING, 21, farmer, Sheffield twp, Marmora s/o Reuben KING & Abigail DODGE married Mary Ann WALKER, 21, Blairton, Marmora d/o Joseph WALKER & Ann WHITE wtn: Mark DEVLIN & Annie WARREN both of Marmora, 18 May 1882 at St. Paul’s Church in Marmora 004241-82 (Hastings Co) Charles KING, 20, farmer, Sheffield, Marmora s/o Reuben KING & Abigail KING married Sarah Marie WILKES? (Pilkey?), 22, Marmora, Marmora d/o John WILKES & Margaret, wtn: (illegible) both of Marmora, 16 October 1882 at Marmora [faded reg’n]
  004249-82 (Hastings Co) Reuben Willard LANSING, 22, farmer. Tyendinaga, Hungerford s/o Richard S. & Eleanor LANSING married Mary Elizabeth BADGLEY, 18, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Simon & Amelia BADGLEY wtn: Ryerson BADGLEY & Nesia A. LANSING both of Hungerford, 1 March 1882 at Hungerford
4258-83 William James LAURANCE, 22, mason, Bridgewater, Tweed, s/o Francis & Adelade, married Sarah Ida McGOWEN, 22, Tweed, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: John & Jannie McGOWEN both of Tweed on Dec. 6, 1882 at Tweed 004273-82 (Hastings Co) James LAWRENCE, 22, mason, Bridgewater, Tweed s/o Francis & Adelaide LAWRENCE married Sarah Ida McGOVERN, 22, Tweed, Tweed d/o Robert & Jane McGOVERN wtn: John McGOVERN & Jane McGOVERN of Tweed, 6 December 1882 at Tweed
004236-82 (Hastings Co) Oliver LESPERANCE, 30, lumberman, Laprance Quebec, Trenton s/o Joseph LESPERANCE & Marian JEROME (Jervais?), married Ida NICHOLSON, 22, Sidney, Lake twp d/o Chester NICHOLSON & Sarah SINES wtn: K. BENTLEY & I. GILEAN both of Marmora, 11 March 1882 at Marmora village 004253-82 (Hastings Co) John LINN, 30, farmer, Quebec, Rawden s/o Henry & Ann LINN married Susanna POTTS, 24, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o George & Jane POTTS wtn: George POTTS of Huntingdon & Sarah Jane SAVAGE of Tweed, 29 March 1882 at Huntingdon
004276-82 (Hastings Co) Cyrus A. LLOYD, 29, yeoman, Thurlow, Rawden s/o John & Julia Ann LLOYD married Hadeseby? STEWART, 26, Rawden, Rawden d/o Thomas & Elizabeth STEWART wtn: Robert S. LLOYD & Lucretia LLOYD both of Rawden, 2 January 1882 at Stirling 004485-82 (Hastings Co) Charles James LOCKERTY, 26, cigar manufacturer, Belleville, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth LOCKERTY married Annie Maria WICKET, 21, Belleville, Thurlow Twp, d/o James & Eliza WICKET. Wit James WICKET and Lillie NICHOLSON, both of Belleville. May 24, 1882 at Thurlow Twp.
004282-82 (Hastings Co) Robert LOWRY, 25, yeoman, Grafton, Seymour twp s/o James & Jane LOWRY married Sarah Amelia O’CONNOR, 21, Lacolle Quebec, Brighton d/o Andrew & Hannah O’CONNOR wtn: William GIRDWOOD & George WINTERS both of Stirling, 7 March 1882 at Stirling 004272-82 (Hastings Co) William Allen LUCAS, 22, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Samuel & Mary LUCAS married Charlotte Jane LOCKWOOD, 19, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Albert & Lillie LOCKWOOD wtn: F.A. LOCKWOOD & Mary MARSH of Hungerford, 31 October 1882 at Tweed
004263-82 (Hastings Co) Peter LUFFMAN, 21, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o James & Susannah LUFFMAN married Lydia AKEY, 28, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Peter & Mary AKEY wtn: Jeremiah PARROTT & Jane AKEY of Hungerford, 18 September 1882 at Hungerford  
004232-82 (Hastings Co) Thomas MARTIN, 26, farmer, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o A.& S. MARTIN married Ida A. SHEFFIELD, 19, Huntingdon, Thurlow d/o J.R. & S.E. SHEFFIELD wtn: Thomas YORKE & E. SHEFFIELD both of Thurlow, 27 December 1882 at Foxboro 4306-83 (Hastings Co): Charles McCUTCHEON, 25, farmer, Kingston, Tyendinaga, s/o John & Rosanna, married Emma Margaret SAGER, 25, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John & Olive, 15 Nov 1882 at Tyendinaga twp
004487-82 (Hastings Co) James McDONALD, 40, mechanic, Edinburgh Scotland, Belleville, s/o Charles & Catherine married Lucinda UPTERGROVE, 39, widow, Long Island Ont, Belleville, d/o Joseph & Annie. Wit Andrew DUNCAN of Belleville. April 4, 1882 at Belleville. 004334-83, Hastings, William Henry McGUIRES, 22, Farmer, County Down Ireland, Dungannon, B, Presbyterian, John & Jane McGUIRE, married Margaret HENDERSON, 20, Scotland, Dungannon, John & Barbara HENDERSON, witn: Charles McGUIRE, Rose Anne McGUIRE, Dungannon, December 25, 1982, Dungannon
004285-82 (Hastings Co) Edward McINROY, 23, yeoman, Rawden, Rawden s/o Daniel & Ellen McINROY married Anna HEATH, 18, Rawden, Rawden d/o William & Wealthy HEATH wtn: Letitia HEATH of Rawdon, 20 June 1882 at Stirling #004312-83 (Hastings Co): James A. McKENNY, 27 (or 37), cheese maker, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Sarah & James Good McKENNY, married Jane Lillian FAIRMAN, 20, Huntingdon, tyendinaga, d/o John H. & Matilda, witn: Arthur McFARLANE & Maggie McKENNY, both of Tyendinaga, 20 Dec 1882 at Thurlow
004250-82 (Hastings Co) Benson MOLYNEUX, 22, Kaladar, Elzevir s/o Samuel B. & Elizabeth Jane MOLYNEUX married Elizabeth GRATRIX, 20, Elzevir, Elzevir d/o John & Mary Jane GRATRIX wtn: Mary S. GRATRIX of Elzevir & Phoebe POTTER of Hungerford, 24 January 1882 at Elzevir 004486-82 (Hastings Co) John D. MOSE (More?), 25, not given, Lockport, N.Y., Desoronto, s/o David & Marietta married Maggie M. McROBIE, 25, Kingston Ont, Desoronto, d/o George & Margaret. Wit Robert CAIRNS and Mrs. Robert CAIRNS, both of Desoronto. March 4, 1882, at Mellville.
4302-83 (Hastings Co): Arthur MURPHY, no age given, widower, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o James & Catherine, married Catherine McCARRON, no age given, widow, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Neil & Bridget McCARRON, witn: Joseph DOYLE & Julia SWEENEY, both of Tyendinaga, 6 July 1882 at Tyendinaga twp (Rom Cath) #004215-83 (Hastings Co) Samuel NICHOLSON, 26, Madoc, same, labourer, s/o Donald & Ellen NICHOLSON, married Mary Ellen BUSH, 27, Richmond, Sidney, d/o James & Ann Jane BUSH, witn: James NICHOLSON & Sarah M. BUSH, both Sidney, married 25 December 1883, Sidney Twp. (date should read 1882, as return made in June 1883)
004611-85, (Hastings), Patrick O'BRIEN, 33, Laborer, Ireland, Trenton, s/o Timothy O'BRIEN & Alice LORD, married Mary Ann McCULIFF, 30, Welland, Trenton, d/o Michael McCULIFF & Ann DALAHIDE, witn- Martin COFFEY & Maggie McDERMOT, August 2 1882 at Trenton  
004259-82 (Hastings Co) Henry W. PALMER, 28, mechanic, (not given), Tweed s/o Henry & Jane PALMER married Harriet M. BATH, 27, Tweed, Tweed d/o Henry & Ann BATH wtn: Catherine BROWN & Charles MAY both of Tweed, 5 July 1882 at Tweed 004282-83 Medcalf J. PALMER, 35, Tyendinaga, same, Yeoman, s/o George & Tamson PALMER married Ruth Amelia HILL, 24, Tyendinaga, same, d/o James & Isabella HILL. Wtn: Andrew HILL of Tyendinaga and Meda PAKE of Belleville on October 31, 1882 at Tyendinaga
004351-82 Michael PELKINGTON (Pilkington?), 25, Tyendinaga Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Honora PELKINGTON married Catherine CALLAGHAN, 23, Tyendinaga Tp., same, d/o Martin? & Hanna CALLAGHAN. Wtn: Michael CALLAGHAN of Tyendinaga and Honora PELKINGTON of Tyendinaga on January 1882 at Village of Marysville 005359-82 Franklin James PETERS, 20, Yarmouth Tp. Elgin Co., same, Farmer, s/o Peter & Elvira PETERS married Mary Elizabeth HONEYWELL, 21, Kaladar Tp., Melrose Hastings Co., d/o Israel & Hannah HONEYWELL. Wtn: A? HONEYWELL and Louisa HAIGHT both of Melrose on September 13, 1882 at Shannonville
004280-83 Frank PETERS, 20, Yarmouth Elgin Co, Yarmouth Tp., Yeoman, s/o Peter PETERS & Elvira PETERS married Mary Elizabeth HONEYWELL, 21, Kaladar Tp., Tyendinaga, d/o Israel & Hannah HONEYWELL. Wtn Amasa HONEYWELL of Tyendinaga and Louisa HAIGHT of Tyendinaga on September 12, 1882 at Shannonville #004214-83 (Hastings Co) Herbert Wesley POOLE, 21, Brighton, same, farmer, s/o George & Emily POOLE, married Bessie SCOTT, 20, Rawdon, Trenton, d/o George & Huldah J. SCOTT, witn: Robert A. SCOTT & Jennie BAWES?, both Rawdon, married 25 December 1882, Frankford, Sidney Twp.
4238-83 (Hastings Co): Benjamin PRENTISS, 23, yeoman, Bagot, Carlow, s/o Michael? & Eliza, married Jane KELLY, 17, Renfrew Co., Carlow, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, witn: Charles KELLY of Carlow & Mary Elizabeth MACKEY, 18 Oct 1882 at Carlow 4256-83 Adam PRESLEY, 24, labourer, Richmond, Hungerford, s/o Fred & Margaret married Irena CLARK, 24, Hungerford, same, d/o Benjamin & Sarah, witn: George CLARK & Margaret ARBUCKLE both of Hungerford on Dec. 28, 1882 at Hungerford
004238-82 (Hastings Co) Philip REVARD, 21, farmer, Seymour, Marmora s/o Benjamin & Sarah REVARD married Catherine BROADWORTH, 19, Marmora, Marmora d/o John BROADWORTH & Louisa CORBY wtn: Marshall FAIR & Margaret BRIGGS both of Marmora, 5 April 1882 at Marmora 004242-82 (Hastings Co) Gilbert ROBERTS, 26, farmer, Sidney twp, Sidney twp s/o Daniel ROBERTS & Evaline FRASER married Elizabeth N. HICKEY, Tudor twp, Marmora d/o John Lorenzo HICKEY & Annie SHADDOCK wtn: James HICKEY & Laura ROBERTS both of Marmora, 19 October 1882 at Marmora
004833-83, (Hastings Co), William Henry ROBINS, 24, Madoc, Mayo, Farmer, William & Sarah Anne ROBINS, married Matilda LONEY, 16, Pakenham, Mayo, Samuel & Jane LONEY, witn: William WANNAMAKER, Madoc, Annabella D. W. SCAMMELS, L'Amable, December 20th 1882, L'Amable 004265-82 (Hastings Co) Wesley ROGERS, 26, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Samuel & Mary ROGERS married Margaret A. WOODCOCK, 19, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Martin & Elizabeth WOODCOCK wtn: Philip WOODCOCK & Lilly ROGERS of Hungerford, 30 August 1882 at Hungerford
004280-82 (Hastings Co) William SANFORD, 32, yeoman, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o Charles W. & Mary J. SANFORD married Jane LONG, 21, Madoc, Madoc d/o Archibald & Isabella LONG wtn: W.J. ROBINSON & Bella LONG both of Madoc, 16 February 1882 at Stirling #004190-82 (Hastings Co): Valentine SARARANS, 25, farmer, Waterloo, Werschell, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth REDMONDS, 22, Alice twp., Werschell, d/o Edward & Maryann, witn: Joseph CHIDLEY of Maymouth? & Jane REDMONDS of Werschell, 10 April 1882 at Bronson
004240-82 (Hastings Co) Benjamin SCRIMSHAW, 29, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o William & Mary SCRIMSHAW married Jane CARR, 24, Adolphustown, Rawden d/o Henry & Susan CARR wtn: Albert HELLMAN & Perry SCRIMSHAW both of Rawden, 2 July 1882 at Marmora 4420-83 (Hastings Co): James R. SHAW, 28, farmer, Ontario, Madoc, s/o Lewis & Charlotte, married Margaret ELLIOTT, 24, Ontario, Madoc, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: William FOX & Mary E. SHAW, both of Madoc, 27 Dec 1882 at Madoc
4303-83 (Hastings Co): Daniel SHEA, no age given, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Daniel & Honora, married Margaret WEADOCK, no age given, Tyendinaga, same, d/o James & Bridget, witn: Bridget MULLINS & Michael GAFFNEY, both of Tyendinaga, 30 Oct 1882 at Tyendinaga (Rom Cath) 004271-82 (Hastings Co) Allen SINCLAIR, 23, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Andrew & Mary SINCLAIR married Mary Elizabeth LINDSAY, 20, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Richard & Sarah LINDSAY wtn: James S. LINDSAY & Delia A. LINDSAY of Hungerford, 31 August 1882 at Hungerford
004255-82 (Hastings Co) Thomas SMITH, 32, carpenter, England, Hungerford s/o George & Sarah SMITH married Annie IRVINE, 28, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o William & Jane IRVINE wtn: A.C. IRVINE & Eliza M. IRVINE of Hungerford, 11 April 1882 at Hungerford 004245-82 (Hastings Co) Robert SOUTHWORTH, 23, labourer, Canada, Marmora s/o Martin SOUTHWORTH & Amanda SOUTHWORTH married Agnes HOSTLER, 26, Scotland, Marmora d/o David HOSTLER & Mary HOSTLER wtn: James THOMPSON & Euphemia HOSTLER both of Marmora, 29 May 1882 at Marmora
4336-83 (Hastings Co): Ellis STIMCARS, 27, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Dungannon, s/o Isaac & Ellen, married Victoria VARDY, 17, Hungerford, Dungannon, d/o Daniel & Sarah Ann, witn: Henry & Matilda SWITZER of Dungannon, 27 Dec 1882 at Bronson  
004492-82 (Hastings Co) Thomas TODD, 45, widower, manufactuer, U.S., Belleville,s/o John & Elista TODD married Cynthia SANFORD, 32, U.S., Belleville, d/o Simon & Nancy SANFORD. Wit William HALE and Simon SANFORD, both of Belleville.  
#004313-83 (Hastings Co): George VANCOTT, 23, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Henry & Abigail, married Ida CLAPP, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o Benjamin & Catherine, witn: Stephen HAIGHT & Ruth WOOD, both of Thurlow, 25 Dec 1882 at Thurlow 004170-83 Joseph George WALKER, 27, Cramahe, Faraday, Yeoman, s/o Joseph & Esther  WALKER married Lizzie VANCE, 18, Wollaston, Faraday, d/o James & Isabella VANCE. Wtn: H. WALKER of Faraday and ? VANCE of Faraday on December 14, 1882 at Limerick
004451-83 (Hastings Co): Michael WALSH, 31, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Michael WALSH & Mary MEAGHER, married Margaret McDERMOTT, 26, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Michael McDERMOTT & Mary McGINNIS, witn: John GAFFENEY & Catherine WALSH, both of Tyendinaga, 9 Oct 1882 at Read (Rom Cath) #004191-82 (Hastings Co): Henry WALSH, 24, farmer, Griffith - Renfrew Co., Monteagle, s/o Jeremiah & Margaret, married Frances KERNIGAN, 22, Renfrew Co., Monteagle, d/o Archibald & Margaret, witn: William LEE & Sabrina GRANT, both of Monteagle, 3 July 1882 at Bancroft
004361-82 William John WATKINS, 32, Kingston, same, occupation “none”, s/o John & Elizabeth WATKINS married Sarah Elizabeth ILES, 37, Prince Edward Co., Belleville, Widow, d/o Daniel & Martha GEROW. Wtn: A. W. McKENZIE of Shannonville Village and D.L. BROWN of Shannonville Village on November 13, 1882 at Trinity Church, Shannonville 4421-83 (Hastings Co): Thomas WILEY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Marmora, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Alice NICKLE, 26, Ontario, Madoc, d/o James & Jane, witn: John D. NICKLE of Madoc & Margaret J. WILEY of Marmora, 20 Dec 1882 at Madoc
004268-82 (Hastings Co) William Allen WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o Bidwell & Josephine WILLIAMS married Harriet PARKS, 21, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Gilbert & Clarissa PARKS wtn: Wellington WILLIAMS & Mary E. EASTERBROOK of Tweed, 22 November 1882 at Tweed 004235-82 (Hastings Co) George F. WILLMAN, 22, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o Nelson WILLMAN & Charlotte WILLMAN married Sarah NEAL, 19, Rawden, Rawden d/o Robert NEAL & Margaret NEAL wtn: Letta M. McCAULEY of Marmora, 9 March 1882 at Marmora
004283-82 (Hastings Co) Samuel WINSOR (Windsor?), 44, widower, yeoman, Madoc twp, Sidney twp s/o Lamberton & Sarah WINSOR married Anna HORTON, 36, Stirling, Stirling d/o Samuel & Dolly HORTON wtn: Mrs DOWLING & Maggie DOWLING both of Stirling, 22 March 1882 at Stirling 004493-82 James WOODLEY, 60, Cornwall England, Belleville, Widower, Mason, s/o John & Jane WOODLEY married Agusta DOXTATOR, 38, Sidney Tp. Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o Jacob & Catherine DOXTATOR. Wtn: Mr. & Mrs. S. EUSTACE of Belleville on June 21, 1882 at Belleville
4419-83 (Hastings Co): Merchuson WRIGHT, 21, farmer, Ontario, Madoc, s/o Peter & Synthia, married Margaret SHAW, 20, Ontario, Madoc, d/o Henry & Amelia, witn: John R. SHAW & Sarah A. WRIGHT, 25 Dec 1882 at Madoc #004192-82 (Hastings Co): Henry Castle ZABELL, 29, farmer, Adelaide South Australia, L’Amable, s/o Frederick William & Emma, married Rebecca Elizabeth POWER, 17, Dungannon, Bancroft, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John & Maria POWER of Bancroft, 10 July 1882 at L’Amable