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Hastings Co., 1885

birth place is given before residence


#004621-85 (Hastings Co):, Rodney C. ALYEA, 22, farmer, Prince Edward Co, same, s/o Peter & Mary ALYEA, married Julia Ann RUSSELL, 17, Prince Edward Co., same, d/o Wellington & Fanny RUSSELL, w: Peter HUNT, Mary RUSSELL, 10 Mar 1885, Trenton 4482-85 Gordon ALCKONBRACK, 20, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Wesley & Phoebe, married Minnie A. SPENSER, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o Thomas & M.J., witn: Murney ALCKONBRACK & George H. SNIDER, both of Huntingdon, 29 Sept 1885 at Stirling
004621-85: (Hastings), Rodney C. ALYEA, 22, Farmer, Prince Edward Co., same, s/o Peter & Mary ALYEA, married Julia Ann RUSSEL, 17, Prince Edward Co., same , d/o Wellington & Fanny RUSSELL, witn- Peter HUNT & Mary RUSSELL, March 10 1885 at Trenton 4624-85 Peter ANDRE, 27, cook, Montreal, Trenton, s/o Peter ANDRE & Helena COMAIS, married Emma BOULRICE (Boulbrice?), 22, Montreal, Trenton, d/o Louis BOULRICE & Celina DUPUIS, witn: Joseph BOULWAGE? & Emma BOULRICE, both of Trenton, 13 April 1885 at Trenton
  004412-85 Robert ARNOT, 22, brick labourer, Belleville, Belleville s/o (none given) married Carrie ANDERSON, 18, Pittsburg - Frontenac Co, Hungerford twp d/o James & Christina ANDERSON wtn: Charlotte ANDERSON & John GRAY, 2 November 1885 at Deseronto
004232-85 Benjamin J. ATKINSON, 27, Orillia Ont., Winnipeg Man., Mechanic, s/o Thomas ATKINSON & Sarah A. GILL married Catharine McWILLIAMS, 25, Rawdon, Marmora, d/o Wellington McWILLIAMS & Maria HOLLISTER. Wtn: Jacob McWILLIAMS of Marmora and Margaret McWILLIAMS of Desoronto on January 29, 1885 at Marmora 004670-85, (Hastings), Charles BAILEY, 45, Farmer, Picton, Rawdon, s/o David & Hanna BAILEY, married M. Elivira RICHARDSON, 35, [widow], North Fredricksburgh, Desoronto, d/o James & Ann CLARK, witn-William E. MILLAR & Mary A. MILLAR, December 15 1885 at Trenton
4629-85 Joseph BAKER, 24, yeoman, Huntingdon, Tudor, s/o Palmer & Sarah, married Phoebe MORTON, 17, Tudor, Limerick, d/o William & Agnes, witn: William A. & Thomas FISH of Trenton, 12 May 1885 at Trenton 004403-85 Charles Levi BAKER, 30, labourer, Demorestville, Demorestville s/o William BAKER & Mary GARRISON married Sara Jane RYLETT, 29, Northport, Deseronto d/o Joseph RYLETT & Ann CODLIN wtn: Susannah CROSS & Fanny EMPEY both of Deseronto, 11 May 1885 at Deseronto
4526-85 James S. BARBER, 24, merchant, Ontario, Napanee, s/o James BARBER & Margaret WILSON, married Margaret M. E. MACKIE, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o James MACKIE & Margaret FRENCH, witn: James EDGAR & S. MACKIE of Belleville, 15 June 1885 at Belleville 4628-85 Arthur BARKER, 21, farmer, England, Sidney twp., s/o William & Mary Ann, married Mary B. GALWAY, 18, Edinburgh, Sidney, d/o Peter GALWAY & Margaretta COX, witn: Henry SCOON & Alice BARKER, both of Sidney, 9 April 1885 at Trenton
004653-85, (Hastings), Robert BARNUM, 38, Laborer, Sidney, Canifton, s/o H. A. BARNUM & not given, married Annie BALSHAW, 35, Canada, Canifton, d/o W. BALSHAW & not given, witn- Dorland PHILIPS & Annie BARNUM, November 4 1885 at Trenton 004408-85 John BARTLEY, 24, labourer, Napanee, Deseronto s/o John & Elizabeth BARTLEY married Mary Jane FOOTE, 18, Lonsdale - Tyendinaga twp, Deseronto d/o Allen & Sarah FOOTE wtn: Edward FOOTE of Deseronto & Libbie BARTLEY of Napanee, 5 August 1885 at Deseronto
004399-85 Cornelius A. BEDELL, 27, yeoman, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o William H. BEDELL & Mary GUNSOLUS married Ida A. DAVIS, 23, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o William H. DAVIS & Jane KENNEDY wtn: A.J. PEAKE & E.A. PEAKE of Shannonville, 17 August 1885 at Shannonville 004366-85 John W. BEDELL. 26, farmer, Cramahe, Brighton s/o William & Jane BEDELLL married Sarah McCALLERY, 18, Murray, Murray d/o James & Sarah McCALLERY wtn: Andrew & Mary FOX of Frankford, 20 April 1885 at Frankford
004224-85 Clarence BELL, 23, Murray Tp., same, Farmer, s/o George BELL & Amelia HOARD married Lucinda CUMMINGS, 23, Rawdon Tp., same, d/o Anson CUMMINGS & Matilda HEAGLE. Wtn: George ROSEBUSH & Ida CUMMING of Rawdon on December 8 1885 at Rawdon 004634-85, (Hastings), James R. BELLAMY, 23, Laborer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Andrew & Fanny BELLAMY, married Dora A. POLLOCK, 24, Cobourg, Cramahe, d/o Henry H. & Claris POLLOCK, witn- Alice M. FINKLE & Alice Reubena KEM--? (edge of page cut off), June 30 1885 at Trenton
#004274-85 Richard H. BENNETT, 22 book keeper, England, Cleveland s/o Richard & Mary BENNETT married Ida M. L. STRATTON, 21, Aultville, Madoc d/o Frederick B. & Sophia E. STRATTON wit: Harry O'FLYNN & Ida STRATTON both Madoc, 21 Oct 1885 no place listed, but in Madoc register 4627-85 David R. BENSON, 20, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Jacob Rosy Ann, married Letitia DAVIS, 17, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Emanuel J. ALEXANDER & Phoebe Christiana DAVIS, witn: L. M. YOUNG & E. A. ASSELTINE, both of Trenton, 14 April 1885 at Trenton
4523-85 (Hastings Co): Clarence Arthur BERNARD, 25, commercial traveller, 25, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Aldis & Sarah, married Mattie Elizabeth DIAMOND, 21, Belleville, same, d/o Abraham & Louisa, witn: Joseph E. LANCASTER of Toronto & Matie DIAMOND of Belleville, 18 June 1885 at Belleville #004620-85, (Hastings), Marshal S. BLY, 21, Number Clerk, Thurlow, Trenton, s/o William & Adelaide BLY, married Edith PARKS, 20, Richmond, Trenton, d/o Emerson & Elizabeth PARKS, witn: M.Y. YOUNG,and G. A. ASSELSTINE, 3 Mar 1885, Trenton
004223-85 William BONEHAM, 26, England, Rawdon Tp., Laborer, s/o Thomas & Harriet married Lofuna (Lofuna?) POTTS,15, Rawdon, same, d/o William POTTS & Ann BARNHAM. Wtn: William & Ann POTTS of Rawdon on November 29?, 1885 at Rawdon #004622-85, (Hastings), George S. BONTER, 21, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o John R. & Mary Ann BONTER, married Jessie E. CHASE, 19, Murray, Murray, d/o John & Mahala CHASE, w: Hubert MABEE, Alidya? BONTER, Trenton, 25 Mar 1885, Trenton
004270-85 Ernest BOOTH, 48, Ireland, Kildare, Farmer, Widower, s/o Christopher BOOTH & (not given) BOOTH married Mary CRONKWRIGHT, 26, Foxborough, Kildare, Widow, d/o William SARGENT & Mary Frances DAYKIN of Madoc on August 19, 1885 at St. John's Church, Madoc Village

4326-85 George A. BOOTH, 21, grocer, Prince Edward Co., Frankford, s/o Nathaniel & Mary, married Jane Augusta HUYCK, 21, Hungerford, same, d/o Isaac C. & Lucinda, witn: Francis CHAPMAN & Mary BOOTH, 30 Sept 1885 at Hungerford

4327-85 William BOWAN, 32, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Phoebe POTTER, 20, Hungerford, same, d/o George & Jemima, witn: Albert CAMPBELL & Alzada POTTER, both of Hungerford, 9 Nov 1885 at Hungerford

4472-85 Philip BOWEN, 46, widower, farmer, Richmond, Sidney twp., s/o Abraham & Catherine, married Abigail ROBLIN, 52, widow, Sidney, same, d/o Caleb GILBERT & Mary, witn: Brook WATSON & Alice WESCOTT, both of Stirling, 17 Jan 1885 at Stirling
#004543-85 Frederick S. BOWEN? 21 farmer, Canada, Madoc s/o Henry & Elizabeth married Josephine SCRIMSHAW, 17, Madoc, same d/o Marshall & Hannah wit: Louis & Louisa FOBEAR? both Madoc, 23 Dec. 1885 at Madoc  
004409-85 George BRADSHAW 22, labourer, Hallowell, Deseronto s/o David & Margaret BRADSHAW married Mercy STAFFORD, 23, Portland in Ont. Deseronto, d/o Philip & Cinderella STAFFORD wtn: Richard STAFFORD & Jennie BRADSHAW both of Deseronto, 26 August 1885 at Deseronto 004655-85, (Hastings), William B. BRANSCOMB, 44, Farmer, [widower], Sophiasburgh, Murray, s/o John & Betsy BRANSCOMB, married Roxey GERMAN, 27, Murray, Murray, d/o George Ryerson & Sophia GERMAN, witn- E. A. ASSELTINE & M. T. YOUNG, November 5 1885 at Trenton
#004546-85 Joseph BRANSON, 24 farmer, Canada, Kaladar s/o John & Mary Ann married Lillian JARVIS, 23, Madoc same d/o James & Sarah wit: Peter Ken??eck ? of Madoc & Ceclia FITZPATRICK of Marmora, 13 Oct 1885 at Madoc 004669-85, (Hastings), Henry Ed BROWN, 22, Farmer, Brighton, Brighton, s/o Thomas H. BROWN & not given, married Minnie Augustus BONTER, 19, Brighton, Sidney, d/o Wesley & Eliza BONTER, witn-Leslie BAKER & Maggie MILLER, December 23 1885 at Trenton
  004272-85 James M. BURKE, 31, Canada, same, Widower, Carpenter, s/o James G. BURKE & Charlotte BURKE married Susanna CLAPP, 17, Canada, Huntingdon, d/o Alexander CLAPP & Eliza CLAPP. Wtn: Annie L. BEER and Loretta BEER of Madoc on July 13, 1885 at Madoc
004571-85 (Hastings Co) Joseph C. BURKE (BUCKE?), 26, Merchant, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Arthur A. & Sarah BURKE, married Maud DIAMOND, 17, Canada, Belleville, d/o John W. & Eleanor DIAMOND. Witn: Charles W. HUYCK, Tweed, & Nellie DIAMOND, Belleville. October 14, 1885, home of Bride's mother. Belleville. 004574-85 (Hastings Co) William BURTON, 21, Painter, Potsdam N.Y., Ogdensburg N.Y., s/o Benjamin & Harriett BURTON, married Lizzie FERGUSON, 27, Belleville, same, d/o Oliver A. & Catherine FERGUSON. Witn: Libby FERGUSON, & P. W. JOHNSON both of Belleville. October 28, 1885, Belleville
004490-85 (Hastings Co) William BUTLER, 36, Accountant, Coburg, Belleville, s/o John & Mary BUTLER, married Sarah M. HOWARD, 31, Belleville, same, d/o Capt. Thomas A & Mary HOWARD. Witn: Florence & Herbert N. HOWARD, both of Belleville, January 1, 1885, Belleville 4480-85 John CARNEY, 29, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o William & Alice, married Jane A. CORBETT, 30, Huntingdon, Thurlow, d/o William & Elenor, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. J. GAVEY, 6 Nov 1885 at Stirling
004258-85 James CHAMBERS, 22, Canada, Madoc, Farmer, s/o Joseph CHAMBERS & Mary CHAMBERS married Mary McEWEN, 21, Canada, Tudor, d/o William McEWEN & Martha McEWEN. Wtn: Thomas WILSON of Tyendinaga and Annie BEER of Madoc on March 18, 1885 at Madoc 004664-85, (Hastings), Danziel H. CHASE, 31, Painter, Brighton, Brighton, s/o Isaac & Lydia An?, married Hinia-? May MARSH, 18, Consecon, Consecon, d/o Edmond & Jane ?, witn- William BONTER & Mr--?, December 24 1885 at Trenton (edge of page cut off on record)
004209-85 Stephen CHILDERHOUSE (Childerhose?), 24, Ross Tp., Wicklow, Yeoman, s/o James & Losse, married Agnes DAVIS, 19, Renfrew, Wicklow, d/o Joseph & Sarah . Wtn: James McLANE of Monteagle and Luzie CHILDERHOUSE of Wicklow on April 29, 1885 at Wicklow #004347-85, (Hastings), William Thomas CLANCE, 28, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon, s/o James & Jane CLANCE, married Mary WILLIAMS, 19, St. Therese, Thurlow, d/o John & Susan WILLIAMS, w: Solomon & Lydia BAPTISTE, Thurlow, 19 Nov 1885, St. Paul's Church, Roslin
4623-85 Thomas J. CLANCY, 28, telegraph operator, Trenton, same, s/o Bernard & Mary, married Agnes Mary GORMLEY, 17, Trenton, same, d/o Michael & Elizabeth, witn: William & M. P. YOUNG, 18 April 1885 at Trenton 004633-85, (Hastings), John CLANCY, 25, Tailor, Ireland, Trenton, s/o Bryan CLANCY & Mary MANSFIELD, married Bridget HANNIFAR, 21, Marysville, Trenton, d/o Jeremiah HANNIFAN & Bridget DENNIGAN, witn- James FITZPATRICK & Emma DEIGLE, June 8 1885 at Trenton
4485-85 William E. CLARK, 23, harness maker, Deseronto, Stirling, s/o John & Eliza, married Elizabeth Ann LANGMAN, 22, King, Stirling, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: George FROST? of S--? and Mary J. LANGMAN of Stirling, 25 Nov 1885 at Stirling 004612-85, (Hastings), Samuel B. CLARK, 44, Laborer, Canada, Trenton, s/o Henry & Delia CLARK, married Caroline VANALSTINE, 39, widow, Sidney, Trenton, d/o David & Jane VANALSTINE, witn-Paul ANDERSON & Mrs. ANDERSON, August 6 1885 at Trenton
  004401-85 Dow CLAUS, 30, farmer, Mohawk Reserve, Mohawk Reserve s/o Joseph & Susan CLAUS married Maggie MARACLE, 24, Mohawk Reserve, Mohawk Reserve d/o Cornelius & Nancy MARACLE wtn: Stephen MARACLE & Catherine MARACLE both of Tyendinaga, 13 January 1885 at St. Mark’s Church in Deseronto
4253-85 William Wesley COLLINS, 21, farmer, Canada, Huntingdon, s/o John & Ann, married Julia Ann FOX, 16, Canada, Huntingdon, d/o John B. & Rachel, witn: John McINROY & Margaret ROLLINS (Robbins?), both of Huntingdon, 4 March 1885 at Madoc #004345-85, (Hastings), James CROUSE, 30, farmer, Canada, Thurlow, s/o John & Jane CROUSE, married Sarah Ann ROBINSON, 32, Hungerford, Hungerford, d/o Thomas & Isabella ROBINSON, witn: Wilson COULTER, Roslin, Jane JOHNSTON, Hungerford, 10 Sep 1885, Hungerford
#004300-85 (Hastings Co): William H. CROW, 27, musician, Alnwick, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Hester J. BLACKBURN, 18, Tudor, same, d/o William & Susanna, witn: Sidney SPENCER & Anna BLACKBURN, both of Tudor, 27 April 1885 at Madoc  
#004549-85 Alexander CUNNING (Canning?), widower, farmer, Canada, Brighton s/o John & Azulia married Anna REED, 23 Madoc, same d/o Andrew & Adeline wit: Charles & Joanna ASHTON both Madoc, 28 Nov. 1885 at Madoc 004220-85 John Wesley DAFOE, 18, Huntingdon, same, Farmer, s/o Allen & Samantha Jane DAFOE married Catherine REED, 16, Huntingdon, same, Nelson & Mary Ann REED. Wtn: Marmaduke HAGGARTY and Elizabeth REED of Huntingdon on November 24, 1885 at Huntingdon
004639-85, (Hastings), John B. DAVID, 21, Raftsman, Montreal, Trenton, s/o John B. DAVID & Angelina JEANVIS?, married Elizabeth M. SNIDER, 17, Syracuse NY, Trenton, d/o Blis SNIDER & Febiana SMITH, witn- Louis QUIRT & Benegina KING, July 19 1885 at Trenton 4521-85 Thomas DAVY, 20, carpenter, Napanee, Belleville, s/o Samuel & Hannah, married Bertha WOOD, 20, Colborne, same, d/o George & Sarah Ann, witn: Maurice W. BRITTON & E. COATES, both of Belleville, 3 June 1885 t St. Thomas Church, Belleville
#004303-85 (Hastings Co): Hugh DELINE, 24, farmer, Hungerford, Bannockburn, s/o David & Alzina, married Charlotte CRACKLIN, 14, Madoc, same, d/o Daniel & Cynthia, witn: Gilbert PARKS & Anna CHA--, both of Madoc, 23 June 1885 at Madoc 004658-85, (Hastings), Antoine DeMARK, 26, Railway Laborer, Italy, Trenton, s/o Peter & Effia DeMARK, married Maggie MOUNTENEY, 21, Desoronto, Trenton, d/o David & Ellen MOUNTENAY, witn- George William. LeFAIR & Hellena HARRIGA--?(edge of record cut off), November 2 1885 at Trenton
004364-85 Walter H. DEMPSEY, 23, farmer, Ameliasburg Ameliasburg s/o Peter C. & Mary married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 30, Sidney, Sidney d/o John & Mary GRAHAM wtn: Mrs T. CARR of Colborne & Maggie GRAHAM of Sidney, 18 March 1885 at Sidney 004241-85 John George DEROCHERS, 27, Mount Clements US, Michigan US, Clerk, s/o Francis & Mary DEROCHERS married Brittania Esmeralda WALLIS, 29, Mineral Point Wisconsin US, Deloro Ont, d/o Richard & Georgiana WALLIS. Wtn: John E. ROTHWELL of Deloro and Clara A. BRAY of Rathburn Ont. on September 20, 1885 at Deloro
004547-85 Abraham DERRY, 25 farmer, Canada, Marmora s/o Henry & Mary Ann married Augusta TENNEYSON, 17, Canada, Marmora d/o Valentine & Rachel TENYSON ( sic) wit: Ira DERRY & Margaret BROADWORTH? of Marmora, 21 Oct 1885 at Madoc 4522-85 (Hastings Co): Jacob DEVALL, 20, baker, Caniffton, Belleville, s/o Elan DEVALL & Agnes OLIVER, married Hassie GIBBS, 18, Belleville, same, d/o Stephen & Julia, witn: Stephen & Martha BOPRY of Belleville, 15 June 1885 at Belleville
  #004548-85 Edward DOUGHTY, 30, farmer, Madoc, same s/o John & Hannah married Ellen DOUGHTY, 26 Madoc, same d/o Stephen & Mary Ann wit: John H. BURR & Annie BURR both Madoc, 8 Jul. 1885 at Madoc
004216-85 Samuel DOUGLASS, 22, Huntingdon, same, Farmer, s/o John DOUGLASS & Elizabeth DOUGLASS married Margaret EMERSON, 18, Huntingdon, same, d/o William EMERSON & Eliza EMERSON. Wtn: John EMERSON of Huntingdon and Edith BRADSHAW of Huntingdon on November 4, 1885 004231-85 John DOWNEY, 39, Marmora, Bruce Tp. Bruce Co., Farmer, s/o Andrew DOWNEY & Ann G. CONNELL married Frances McAFEE, 22, Napanee, Belleville, d/o William J. McAFEE & Sarah Jane BHATTERSON (sic).  Wtn: Harrison ARKLES and Caroline TENNYSON both of Marmora on January 20, 1885 at Marmora
004494-85 (Hastings Co.) Archibald ELLIOTT, 35, Hungerford, Camden East, s/o Joseph & Isabelle ELLIOTT, married Sophia S. E. BURKE, 26, Elora Co. of Wellington, Belleville, d/o Joseph William & Emily L.C. BURKE. Witn: James HAYDEN, Camden East & Bessie HOWARD of Toronto. January 7, 1885, St. Thomas Church, Belleville 004405-85 Frederick FEATHERSTON, 20, labourer, Ireland, Deseronto s/o William Henry FEATHERSTON married Maud ALLEN, 21, England, Deseronto d/o Henry & Emily ALLEN wtn: George SPRUNG & Delphine SPRUNG both of Deseronto, 4 April 1885 at Deseronto
005660-85, (Hastings), Joseph FIELDS, 20, Laborer, Cornwall, Trenton, s/o Oliver FIELDS & Sarah TOVALL, married Jennie LAROQUE, 19, Prescott, Trenton, d/o John LAROQUE & Mary MARTALL, witn- Adophus SHORBIA & Jane McCORMICK, November 23 1885 at Trenton 4479-85 John S. FINKLE, 38, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Jacob & Laura, married Margaret FINLEY, 20, Edinburgh Scotland, Sidney, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Lucy MAGOWEN of Huntingdon & Mauld (s/b Maud?) LAMLEY of Stirling, 12 Nov 1885 at Stirling
004206-85 John FITSGIBBONS (Fitzgibbons?), 24, Hastings Co., Herschel, Yeoman, s/o William FITSGIBBONS & Mary BUTLER married Maggie BURK, 26, Renfrew, Herschel, d/o John BURK & Margaret RYAN. Wtn: Ellen TONE of Monteagle and Patrick BURK on October 12, 1885 at Maynooth 4520-85 Thomas C. FLANN?, 24, blacksmith, England, Tyendinaga, s/o William & Susannah, married Elmede IRWIN, 18, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Thomas & Lucinda, witn: Louisa CLARKSON & Maggie CULHANE, both of Belleville, 26 May 1885 at Belleville
4211-85 John FLINN, 22, Yeoman, Sheffield, Monteagle, s/o Micheal FLINN & Catherine FITZGERALD, married Ellen RODDY, 25, Herschel, same, d/o Martin RODDY & Mary FARREL. Witn Michel FLINN & Martina RODDY, of Monteagle & Herchel, on 23 June, 1885, at Maynooth. 4530-85 Thomas R. FLINT, 38, commercial man, Wailswoode England, Montreal, s/o Abraham Marsh FLINT & Lydia Jane, married Amelia Maria CASSWELL, 34, Ingersoll Ont., Belleville, d/o Albert & Mary Elizabeth, witn: Peter MACDONALD of Montreal & Alma CASSWELL of Belleville, 14 July 1885 at Belleville
004644-85, (Hastings), Marcisse (Narcisse?) FOURCIER, 35, Mill Hand, Quebec, Trenton, s/o Daniel FOURCIER & Angelina BLAIR, married Sophie LECLAIR, 22, Quebec, Trenton, d/o Joseph LeCLAIR & Domesile GROTO, witn-Joseph LECLAIR & Mrs. Jos. LeCLAIR, September 5 1885 at Trenton 4487-85 Hugh FRASIER, 26, farmer, Rawdon, Belmont, s/o John & fanny, married Bella LYNN, 25, Rawdon, same, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: James FREEMAN of Belmont & Mary A. LYNN of Rawdon, 23 Dec 1885 at Rawdon
004234-85 Charles FRY, 24, Marmora, same, Laborer, Joseph A. & Laurie FRY married Caroline DINGMAN, 20, Hamburgh (Hamburg), Marmora, d/o John & Mary DINGMAN. Wtn: Catharine DINGMAN of Marmora and J.W. WILSON of Marmora on March 30, 1885 at Marmora 4488-85 Hugh GARRETT, 24, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Hugh GARRETT & Bertha PECK, married Marth PECK, 18, Huntingdon, same, d/o Isaac & Martha, witn: Isaac PECK & Mary GARRETT, both of Huntingdon, 3 Dec 1885 at Stirling
004572-85 (Hastings Co) Theodore GAUTHIER, 21, Railroad man, Canada, Lancaster, s/o John & no mother's name given GAUTHIER, married Annie DELLYEA, 19, Canada, Belleville, d/o Alex & Mary DELLYEA. Witn: M. E. NICE & Edith COATES, both of Belleville. October 18, 1885, Holloway St. Parsonage, Belleville 4213-85 George F. GERDAZ, 22, Farmer, Montreal, Clarendon, s/o William & Mary GERDAS (sic), married Eunice VanKOUGHNET, 19, Clarendon, Herschel, d/o John & Samantha. Witn John VanKOUGHNET & Loisa GERDES (sic), both of Herschel, on 05 Oct., 1885, at Herschel.
004402-85 Lewis GERMAN, 36, farmer, Tyendinaga, San Francisco in California s/o John GERMAN & Betsy SMITH married Flora GRIGGS, 34, Brighton, Napanee d/o John GRIGGS & Janet McDONALD wtn: Wilmot A. GERMAN & Martha ALLISON, 29 January 1885 at Deseronto  
4484-85 Samuel GIFFORD, 23, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Charles & Mary, married Ann LIDSER, 23, Huntingdon, same, s/o George & Ann Reid, witn: Kate & Maud LAMBY (Lamley?) of Stirling, 11 July 1885 at Stirling 4212-85 William GLOSTER, 21, Yeoman, Manchester Eng., Monteagle, s/o William GLOSTER & Catherine MOLANEY, married Sarah MOLANEY, 20, Manchester Eng., Monteagle, d/o Martin MOLANEY & Mary DUNNE. Witn William SHOUGHNESY & Catherine DUNNE, both of Monteagle, on 15 May, 1885, at Maynooth.
4210-85 William GOLDEN, 26, Yeoman, Thudor (s/b Tudor), Herschel, s/o Thomas GOLDEN & Catherin MAHONY, married Annie PARSONS, 19, Stocoe Lake, Herschel, d/o John PARSONS & Margaret SHERCUT (?) (Sherent?). Witn James RYAN & Maggie PARSONS of Herschel & Monteagle, on 04 June, 1885, at Maynooth. 004493-85 (Hastings Co) Edward Washington GORDON, 24, Clerk, birthplace illegible, Sophiasburgh, s/o Edward & Sarah GORDON, married Annie Eliza ALYEA, 19, Ameliasburg, same, d/o Samuel & Margaret ALYEA. Witn: M. C. SPINNY, & Nellie ALYEA both of Ameliasburg. June 6, 1885, Belleville
4519-85 Samuel GRAHAM, 65, widower, gentleman, Ireland, Rawdon, s/o John & Ellen, married Mary Ann BOSLEY, 43, Canada, Belleville, d/o Edward P. & Mary, witn: Elmina SCANTLEBURY & Bessie BOSLEY, 21 May 1885 at Belleville 004208-85 William GREEN, 35, Quebec, Monteagle, Yeoman, Widower, parents unknown, married Elisabeth MAGRA, 70, Montreal, Monteagle, Widow, d/o Joseph DEFOE & Elisabeth MERCELIER. Wtn: John MURPHY and Elisabeth MURPHY of Herschel on August 31, 1885 at Monteagle
004657-85, (Hastings), Matthew GREANEY, 29, Mill Hand, Campbellford, Trenton, s/o Lawrence GREANEY & Mary MUROONEY, married Annie QUINLIVON, 27, Campbellford, Trenton, d/o Michael QUINLIVON & Ellen AHERNS, witn-Thomas AIMEE, William RYAN, Nellie CALLAHAN & Catherine GREANEY, November 16 1885 at Trenton

4324-85 Richard H. GULGAN, 39, farmer, Hungerford, Hippert (Hibbert?), s/o Patrick & Jane, married Sarah HEWITT, 38, Hungerford, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: David HEWITT & Jane JOHNSTON, both of Hungerford, 1 Jan 1885 at Roslin

004661-85, (Hastings), Nelson GUNTER, 35, Farmer, Murray, Murray, s/o Samuel & Sarah GUNTER, married Rhuma ROGERS, 17, Murray, Murray, d/o Josephus & Jane ROGERS, witn- Annie YOUNG & Gussie WELLS, November 27 1885 at Trenton 004637-85, (Hastings), William. W. HAGERMAN, 40, Farmer, Sidney, Sidney, s/o Henry & Muncy HAGERMAN, married Ida Matilda LANE, 25, Belleville, Trenton, d/o David & May LANE, witn- Franklin BEDELL & Nellie SMITH, July 15 1885 at Trenton
004221-85 Marmaduke HAGGARTY, 21, Huntingdon, same, Farmer, s/o Marmaduke & Clarissa HAGGARTY married Elizabeth REED, 18, Huntingdon, same, d/o Nelson & Mary Ann REED. Wtn: John W. DAFOE & Catharine REED of Huntingdon on November 24, 1885 at Huntingdon 004244-85 William James HAMILTON, 29, Marmora, same, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane HAMILTON married Isabella COOK, 30, Marmora, Widow, d/o John & Margaret LEONARD. Wtn: David HENRY and Mary HENRY of Marmora on November 4, 1885 at Marmora
004670-85, (Hastings), William HANNA, 39, Harness Maker, Carleton, Belleville, s/o Robert & Mary HANNA, married Margery W. BROWN, 23, Belleville, Belleville, d/o David & Matilda BROWN, witn- Mary R. BUCHANAN & Lila BUCHANAN, December 23 1885 at Trenton 004262-85 Robert J. HARRISON, 23, Madoc, Michigan, Yeoman, s/o John & Almira HARRISON married Harriet BROAD, 25, Madoc, same, d/o Joshua & Harriet BROAD. Wtn: Joshua BROAD and Harriet BROAD of Madoc on March 17, 1885
04274-85 John HATTON, 26, England, Cashel, Farmer, s/o George HATTON & Susan HATTON married Adeline GUNTER, 23, Canada, Cashel, d/o Ephraim GUNTER & Louisa GUNTER. Wtn: Mark APPLEBAY (Appleby?) and Mary GUNTER of Cashel on October 19, 1885 at Madoc 4682-85 Albert William HAWLEY, 31, druggist, Trenton, same, s/o Albert & Merinda, married Eliza Gordon BONTER, 24, Trenton, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Mrs. J. H. WILLOUGHBY & Charles L. HAWLEY, both of Trenton, 6 Nov 1885 at Trenton
004573-85 (Hastings Co) George HAY, 23, Farmer, Northumberland Co., Seymour Tp., s/o John & Mary HAY, married Eliza B. DIAMOND, 21, Seymour Tp., same, d/o Samuel & Margaret DIAMOND. Witn: Thomas Leslie DIAMOND & Minnie DUNFY both of Seymour. October 27, 1885, Belleville 004407-85 John HEGARTY, 30, widower, workman, Co Antrim Ireland, Deseronto s/o William & Mary HEGARTY married Jean BARNHART, 37, Fredericksburg twp, Deseronto d/o Charles & Eliza BARNHART wtn: Mary Jane HEGARTY & Frank BARNHART both of Deseronto, 29 July 1885 at the Manse in Deseronto
004659-85, (Hastings), Alexander HENINGER, 23, Mill Hand, Trenton, Trenton, s/o Basila HENINGER & Mary CANE, married Julia COMERFORD, 26, Quebec, Trenton, d/o Patrick & Mora COMERFORD, witn-Robert WILSON & Henrietta HENINGER, November 23 1885 at Trenton 004410-85 Robinson HETHERINGTON, 28, labourer, England, Richmond s/o James & Sarah HETHERINGTON married Mary Ann BELL, 22, England, Richmond d/o William & Mary Jane BELL wtn: Robert John BELL, William H. CAMPBELL & Eliza Jane BELL all of Richmond, 30 September 1885 at Deseronto
  #004550-85 Walter HICKS, 22 farmer, Canada, Huntingdon s/o James & Margaret married Amanila FARNSWORTH, 23, Canada, Hungerford d/o John & Ann wit: Anna BEER & Franka McDONALD both Madoc, 21 Sept. 1885 at Madoc
004217-85 Alfred HOLLAND, 29, England, Huntingdon, Farmer, s/o William HOLLAND & Mary HOLLAND married Harriett LANCASTER, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o Mark LANCASTER &  Ann LANCASTER. Wtn: Edwin HOLLAND and Emma LANCASTER of Huntingdon on December 23, 1885 at Huntingdon 004268-85 Sidney Leslie HOLMES, 24, Canada, Madoc, Farmer, s/o Abraham & Ellen HOLMES married Phoebe HAILSTONE, 21, Canada, Elzevir, d/o Thomas & Martha HAILSTONE. Wtn: Joseph HOLMES of Madoc and Charlotte HAILSTONE of Elzevir on March 26, 1885 at Madoc
004675-85: (Hastings), Rufus HOWE, 23, Farmer, Hillier, Hillier, s/o Daniel & Mary Ann HOWE, married Nancy Bell HESHERLY, 21, Hillier, Hillier, d/o Lancelot & Sarah HESHERLY, witn- Edward JOHNSON & Isabel WALMSLEY, March 30 1885 at Trenton 004236-85 Joseph Levi HUBBLE, 26, Seymour, Belmont, Farmer, s/o Henry HUBBLE & Hannah HUBBLE married Christina BANNON, 22, Belmont, same, d/o Robert BANNON & Dinah RYAN. Wtn: David BENTLEY & Jane GILLEN of Marmora on June 3, 1885 at Marmora
004400-85 Moses P. HUDGINS, 30, widower, yeoman, Richmond, Richmond s/o Ezekiel HUDGINS & Patience McKINNEY married Sarah J. SHERRY, 23, Thomasburg, Thomasburg d/o John R. PEAKE & Harriet McMURRAY wtn: John R. PEAKE & Anna LAZIER of Shannonville, 23 August 1885 at Shannonville  
004246-85 John Wesley HUFFMAN, 24, Napanee, Sidney, Farmer, s/o George & Hester HUFFMAN married Delia SIMMONS, 22, Stirling, Marmora, d/o William & Matilda Jane SIMMONS. Wtn: B.C. HUBBLE of Marmora and Annie WARREN of Marmora on December 17, 1885 at Marmora 004646-85, (Hastings), James HULSEY, 26, M?, Trenton, Trenton, s/o James HULSEY & Mary HOULIHAN, married Mary McAULAY, 22, Napanee, Trenton, d/o John McAULAY & Elizabeth SARA, witn- John SHERIDAN & Elizabeth SHANAHAN, September 13 1885 at Trenton
004671-85, (Hastings), William. HURST, 27, [Widower], Stone Mason, Kingston, Kingston, s/o William & Jane HURST, married Minnie MIKAL, 17, Trenton, Trenton, d/o William & Matilda MIKAL, witn-Minnie MIKAL, December 28 1885 at Trenton 004635-85, (Hastings), George Clarence IVES, 23, Carpenter, Colborne, Colborne, s/o William & Louisa IVES, married Emma Amelia KEMP, 20, Ameliasburgh, Ameliasburgh, d/o (not given), witn- George FINKLE & Alice FINKLE, July 1 1885 at Trenton
4681-85 Henry JELBUT, 19, laborer, Cornwall England, Carrying Place, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah MANN, 20, Leeds England, Trenton, d/o George & Charlotte, witn: Henry MEEHAN & Mary Ellen MANN, 29 Sept 1885 at Trenton 004406-85 Charles JOHN, 46, widower, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o John & Hester JOHN married Hester MARACLE, 39, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga d/o Joseph & Hester MARACLE wtn: Frances MARACLE & Christine LOFT both of Deseronto, 8 June 1885 at Deseronto
004205-85 James JOHNSTON, 20, Addington Co., Monteagle, Yeoman, s/o Dann? JOHNSTON & Julia SHEARCUT married Anne COE, 36, Stocoe Lake?, Monteagle, d/o James COE & Ellen BROWN. Wtn: Duncan McALESTER & Annie HICKEY of Herschel on September 28, 1885 at Maynooth 004415-85 Joseph JONES, 35, labourer, England, Deseronto s/o Thomas & Elizabeth JONES married Lucretia KIMMERLY, 28, Deseronto, Deseronto d/o Andrew & Hannah KIMMERLY wtn: Almond SCRIMSHAW & Lida SCRIMSHAW, 16 December 1885 at Deseronto
  004404-85 Andrew KELLY, 20, butcher, Napanee, Napanee s/o Menser & Eliza KELLY married Susan PARKS, 21, Rawdon twp, Napanee d/o John PARKS & Lydia ROW wtn: Reuben LINSEY & Jane LINSEY both of Deseronto wtn, 16 May 1885 at Deseronto
004649-85, (Hastings), Wallace KEMP, 23, Merchant, Hastings village, Wooler, s/o William E & Parmilia B. KEMP, married Margaret MCPHERSON, 23, Murray, Hastings, d/o Duncan & Sarah MCPHERSON, witn- William BUCHANAN, October 7 1885 at Trenton 004679-85, (Hastings), Jas. Gregory KENNEDY, 19, Laborer, Hampton, Picton, s/o Jas. & Julia KENNEDY, married Jennie EMPEY, 18, Trenton, Trenton, d/o William & Mary EMPEY, witn- John ALLEN Jr. & Lizzie ALLEN, August 23 1885 at Trenton
004245-85 Zardyous KING, 35, Seymour Tp., same, Farmer, Widower, s/o William & Julia Ann KING married Elizabeth HAUGHTON, 27, Rawdon, Belmont, d/o George & Mary HAUGHTON. Wtn: George McGOWAN of Belmont and F.S. HARRIS of Marmora on December 16, 1885 at Marmora 004632-85, (Hastings), Louis La POINTE, 20, Painter, Trenton, Trenton, s/o Joseph & Mary La POINTE, married Mary WALKER, 21, Ireland, Trenton, d/o William. WALKER & Lucy LINLAN, witn-Leo LaBELL & Kate JENNINGS, June 28 1885 at Trenton
004640-85, (Hastings), George LATURNO, 45, Mill Hand, Trenton, Trenton, s/o Peter LATURNO & Magdalen La BLA?, married Helena La BELLE, 45, St. Anne de la Poctier, d/o John La BELLE & Amelia CASIMIER, witn-Augustus JEFFERY & William Aug. JEFFERY, July 25 1885 at Trenton 004240-85 Alva LAURENCE, 22, Marmora, same, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Charlotte LAURENCE married Anna AIRHART,16, Marmora, Lake, d/o James & Melissa AIRHART. Wtn: William & Cinderella AIRHART of Lake on September 14, 1885 at Lake
004475-85 (Hastings Co) Lewis LEWELLYN , 25, Commercial Traveller, Hallowell, Belleville, s/o Lewis & Phoebe LEWELLYN, married Sarah BROWN, 20, Canifton (Cannifton?), Belleville, d/o George & Catherine BROWN. Witn: James BROWN, Belleville, Mary McWILLIAMS, Thurlow. August 5, 1885, Meeting House, Belleville 004237-85 David M. LITTLE , 31, Rawdon, same, Farmer, Widower, s/o Thomas & Ellen LYTTLE (sic) married Jane McQUAIGE, 21, Rawdon, Belmont, d/o Thomas & E. Jane McQUAIGE. Wtn: James LYTTLE and Mary McQUAIGE of Rawdon on June 17, 1885 at Marmora
004239-85 Adam H. LOUCKS, 28, Stirling, Marmora, Farmer, s/o George & Ruby LOUCKS married Emily E. OSBORNE, 24, Huntingdon, Marmora, s/o James  & Harryett (sic) OSBORNE. Wtn: Susan S. LOUCKES of Marmora and Annie OSBORNE of Belleville on September 2, 1885 at Marmora Village 004247-85 John LOUGH, 24, Marmora, same, Farmer, s/o Matthew & Ann LOUGH married Isabella Ann BAILEY, 24, Marmora, same, d/o James & Isabella BAILEY. Wtn: David LOUGH of Madoc and Ida Frances BAILEY of Marmora on December 24, 1885 at Marmora

4328-85 William Henry LUFFMAN, 22, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Edna Alberta LUSH (Lusk?), 18, Hungerford, same, d/o Peter & Eliza, witn: Henry & Eliza Jane LEWORTHY of Hungerford, 19 Jan 1885 at Tweed

004255-85 James LUMMIS, 25, Canada, Tudor, Farmer, s/o Daniel LUMMIS & Annie LUMMIS married Annie LUMMIS, 25, England, Lake Tp., d/o James LUMMIS & Eliza LUMMIS, Wtn: Alfred JENNER and Edith JENNER of Tudor on February 17, 1885 at Madoc 004677-85, (Hastings), John LYONS, 24, Conductor, Trenton, Trenton, s/o William & Phoebe LYONS, married Julia DADEY, 21, Madoc, Trenton, d/o David & Mary DADEY, witn- James BURTON & Minnie VAN VLECK, July 26 1885 at Trenton
004207-85 Rodger MAHONEY, 20, Thudor (Tudor?) Hastings Co., same, Yeoman, s/o Thedofelos? MAHONY (sic) & Bridget MULROY married Ellen TONE, 20, Monteagle, same, d/o James TONE & Anne SMITH. Wtn: Doctor P. CLRYAN? of Maynooth and Bridget QUINLAN of Thudor (sic) on November 17, 1885 at Maynooth 004214-85 Ezra D. MALLORY, 24, Sidney, same, Yeoman, s/o A.B. MALLORY & Louisa MALLORY married Phoebe E. JACKSON, 23, Lucknow India, Huntingdon, d/o  Rev. Henry JACKSON & Melissa A. JACKSON. Wtn: Irvine ROSE of Sidney and Junior? VAN TASSEL of Belleville on January 1, 1885 at Huntingdon
04222-85 Samuel MANLEY, 20, Rawdon, same, Blacksmith, s/o Joseph & Mary MUMBY married Margeory WILSON, 18, Ontario, Rawdon, d/o Thomas WILSON & Lettie WILSON. Wtn: Lottie CLARK and Elizabeth DUNKLEY of Campbleford (sic) on September 11, 1885 at Campbellford #004304-85 (Hastings Co): James MARRE??, 23, laborer, Ireland, Millbridge, s/o Andrew & Charlotte, married Jenny STARK, 23, Tudor, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: William NORRIS of Bannockburn & Andrew STARK of Tudor, 7 July 1885 at Madoc
004647-85, (Hastings), John MARSHALL, 40, Railway Employee, Ontario, Brighton, s/o Jas & Rebecca MARSHALL, married Lillian E. QUACKENBUSH, 23, P. E. County, Murray, d/o Louis & Mary Ann QUACKENBUSH, witn - James SNYDER & Eugene Maud SNIDER, September 18 1885 at Trenton 4528-85 Hugh MacAULEY, 20, Ireland, Belleville, s/o Hugh MACAULEY & Catherine MURPHY, married Ann McELHATTEN, 20, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Alexander McELHATTEN & Catherine McNADDEN, witn: Francis McKENDRICK & Mary McELHATTEN, both of Belleville, 27 April 1885 at Belleville

4329-85 John M. McCAMON, 50, widower, mechanic, Prince Edward Co., Hungerford, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Amey DAVIS, 45, widow, Prince Edward, Hungerford, d/o James R. & Mary WRIGHT, witn: John & Phoebe CLARE of Hungerford, 26? April 1885 at Hungerford

#004302-85 (Hastings Co): William McCANN, 27, farmer, widower, Tudor, Millbridge, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret Jane FOX, 26, Madoc, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Robert ROBINSON & Rebecca FOX, both of Madoc, 3 May 1885 at Madoc

4322-85 (Hastings Co) Prosper Lincoln MCEATHRON, 21, farmer, Leeds, Mayo, s/o John & Betsy MCEATHRON married Elizabeth BRUCE, 17, Griffith, Mayo, d/o Robert & Emma BRUCE, witn: James McEATHRON of Mayo & Catherine Ann GUINEY of Griffith, 6 Aug 1885, Mayo

4680-85 John Ham McLAUGHLIN, 27, farmer, widower, Co. Antrim Ireland, Brighton, s/o James & Mary, married Emma Mina ORSER, 24, Murray, Brighton, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Hattie & Minnie THOMPSON of Trenton, 22 Aug 1885 at Trenton
4481-85 Lenzie? MEICKLEJOHN, 28, merchant, Rawdon, Stirling, s/o James & Margaret, married Alfreta WESCOTT, 26, Rawdon, Stirling, d/o Samuel & Rachel, witn: W. A. FOSTER of Napanee & Sarah MEIKLEJOHN (sic) of Rawdon, 7 Oct 1885 at Stirling 004617-85, (Hastings), Siba A. MEYERS, 25, Yeoman, Sidney, Sidney, s/o S. P. & Cinderella MEYERS, married Stella M. VANDERVOORT, 22, Sidney, Trenton, d/o Francis Uriah & Mary VANDERVOORT, witn- Milton MAYBEE & Nellie MEYERS, March 11 1885 at Trenton
004678-85, (Hastings), William J. MITCHELL, 23, Book Keeper, Belleville, Trenton, s/o George & Mary MITCHELL, married Francis Eliz. WERT, 22, Trenton, Trenton, d/o Rodney & Mary Ann WERT, witn- John BROATCH, Frank SCHRYVER, Ida PRINGLE & Florence BLEASDELL, July 29 1885 at Trenton 004643-85, (Hastings), Joseph MONK, 22, Organist, England, Trenton, s/o Alfred MONK & Annie BROWN, married Helena Maude HINDE, 17, Ireland, Trenton, d/o William. HINDE & Jane PRESNAIL, witn- Fred PRESNAIL, Fred McAULAY, Maggie McKEUEN, Beatrice HINDE, September 30 1885 at Trenton
  4524-85 (Hastings Co): John MOORE, 23, coachman, Co. Antrim – Ireland, Belleville, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Minnie GANT, 25, widow, St. Johns Nfld, Belleville, d/o Samuel & Olivia TILLEY, witn: F.W. WARDHAUGH & Eva HODGINS, both of Belleville, 30 June 1885 at St. Thomas Church, Belleville
4476-85 Charles MOSHER, 29, farmer, Rawdon twp., same, s/o Gideon MOSHER & Mahala CARR, married Abbie A. BUCHANAN, 24, Consecon, Brighton, d/o William BUCHANAN & Mary COWEN, witn: Jonathan & Sarah HORTON of Huntingdon, 17 Nov 1885 at Stirling 004271-85 William MUMBY, 22, Bannockburn, same, Railway Work, s/o William Mumby & Jemima MUMBY married Isabella Angelica KENSICK, 23, Belleville, Madoc, d/o Andrew KENSICK  & Margaret KENSICK. Wtn: Louis WEIS and Mary Frances DAKIN of Madoc on July 21,1885 at Madoc
4474-85 James R. MURNEY, 28, laborer, Prince Edward Co., Sidney, s/o Henry J. MURNEY & Nancy LAWSON, married Annie L. SARLES, 20, Sidney, same, d/o John SARLES & Sarah ROSE, witn: Delia MARTIN & P?. J. POPE, 16 May 1885 at Stirling #004299-85 (Hastings Co): James NICOLSON, 26, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Donald & Ellen, married Selina L. McMECHAN?, 22, Madoc, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Hugh McMECHAN & Angus NICOLSON, both of Madoc, 22 April 1885 at Madoc
004273-85 Frank OCCORNORE? 21, England, Madoc, clerk, s/o Samuel OCCORNORE? & Louisa OCCORNORE? married Grace TUCKER, 30, Canada, Madoc, d/o Frances TUCKER & Harriet LONG. Wtn: Alfred WARE and Mary Ann TUCKER of Madoc on August 3, 1885 at Madoc 004665-85, (Hastings), John B. OSTERHOUT, 22, Farmer, Canada, Canada, s/o William. & M. OSTERHOUT, married Emma WESTFALL, 22, Canada, Canada, d/o T. & H. WESTFALL, witn-A. B. OUSTERHOUT & Amelia WESTFALL, December 30 1885 at Trenton
004674-85, (Hastings), Byron Bonne OSTROM, 36, Druggist, Hastings, Frankford, s/o Daniel & Charlotte OSTROM, married Sarah Idella McMURRAY, 26, Rawdon, Frankford, d/o William & Sarah McMURRAY, witn- Chester CLARKE & Mary OSTROM, March 29 1889 (the year is clearly 1889, which is impossible), at Frankford 004261-85 James PALMER, 29, Elzevir, Madoc, Yeoman, s/o Rufus & Catharine PALMER married Josephine KINCADE, 21, Madoc, same, d/o Alexander & Mary Jane KINCADE. Wtn: Ada E. STRATTON and Minnie L. STRATTON of Madoc on January 6, 1885 at Madoc
#004347-86, (Hastings), Andrew PARKS, 18, farmer, Madoc, Dungannon, s/o Solomon & Richa PARKS, married Ruth REID, 16, Huntingdon, Limerick, d/o Gilbert & Hester Ann REID, witn: James REID, Ida SARGENT, Limerick, 25 Dec 1885, Limerick 004254-85 Edward PASSIN, 25, Canada, Haldimand, Farmer, s/o Seymone? PASSIN & Louisa PASSIN married Winnie DAVISON, 21, Canada, Haldimand, d/o Robert DAVISON & Electa DAVISON. Wtn: Terry. M.  WELCH and Annie BEER of Madoc on February 21, 1885 at Madoc
004242-85 Albert PETERSON, 32, Hillier, Marmora, Laborer, s/o Henry PETERSON & Sarah FRY married Eliza MASON, 32, Marmora, same, Widow, d/o George & Margaret KANE Wtn: George KANE of Marmora and Mrs. John FLETCHER of Marmora on September 26, 1885 at Marmora  

4325-85 George PHELPS, 23, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Alfred & Eliza, married Carrie HUYCK, 24, Hungerford, same, d/o Isaac & Lucinda, witn: Charles & Mary HUYCK of Tweed, 30 Sept 1885 at Hungerford

004256-85 Christmas PLANE, 40, England, Madoc Tp., Widower, Farmer, s/o John PLANE & Martha PLANE married Mary WANNAMAKER, 21, Canada, Madoc Tp., d/o George WANNAMAKER & Catharine WANNAMAKER. Wtn: J. Herman BEER & Annie L. BEER of Madoc on February 12, 1885 at Madoc
#004346-86, (Hastings), Isaac Nelson POTTER, 21, Farmer, Cashel, same, s/o Peter & Ellen POTTER, married Emma ROSE, 19, Sidney, Cashel d/o Charles & Amanda ROSE, witn: John POTTER, Harriet ROSE, Cashel, 24 Dec 1885, Cashel 004235-85 James QUACKENBUSH, 27, Stirling, Rawdon, Farmer, s/ Reynard & Mary QUACKENBUSH married Margaret SMITH, 20, Sidney, Rawdon, d/o George & Ellen SMITH. Wtn: J.W. WILSON and S. WILSON of Marmora on May 13,1885 at Marmora
4477-85 Lester REDDICK, 24, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o John REDDICK & Eliza WATERBURY, married Thephena WHITE, 27, Sidney, Rawdon, d/o Allen WHITE & Eliza A. BUSH, witn: A. B. & Sarah E. WHITE of Sidney, 16 Nov 1885 at Stirling 4478-85 John REYNOLDS, 33, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Sidney REYNOLDS & Jane BOOLEY?, married Hester A. M. NEIL, 23, Rawdon, same, d/o John NEIL & Jane WATSON, witn: J. M. ANDREWS of Marmora & Anna MAVETY of Stirling, 8 Sept 1885 at Stirling
004667-85, (Hastings), P. S. RICHARDS, 26, Mason, Canada, Canada, s/o D. & E. RICHARDS, married Anna HANNA, 21, Canada, Canada, d/o L & J. HANNA, witn- R & E ALLEN, December 6 1885 at Trenton 4251-85 Hugh RONEY, 31, blacksmith, Canada, Madoc, s/o William & Maria, married Frances A. BROWN, 21, Canada, Madoc, d/o David & Nancy, witn: Frederick FROST of Belleville & Nancy BROOKS of Madoc, 2 April 185 at Madoc
004651-85, (Hastings), Frederick ROSS, 23, Mill Hand, Peterboro, Peterboro, s/o Cornelius ROSS & Flavia ENGUELLE, married Emma LaBELLE, 19, Trenton, Trenton, d/o Lewis(?) & Caroline LaBELLE, witn- Leo LaBELLE & Diana CORMIER, October 19 1885 at Trenton 004656-85, (Hastings), Peter ROY, 35, Mill Hand, Quebec, Trenton, s/o Charles ROY & Tarcilli(?) CHASSI, married Emma LaBELLE, 35, Quebec, Trenton, d/o Edward LaBELL & Celeste ALTON, witn-Thomas ALTON & Hedwyn CORMIER, November 9 1885 at Trenton
  #004545-85 James B. RUTLEDGE, 49, widower, shoemaker, Canada, Frontenac s/o James & Ann James married Sarah WILSON, 25, Canada, Tudor d/o Edwin & Hannah wit: John RUTLEDGE of Madoc & Alberta SANDERSON of Elziver, 17 Oct. 1885 at Madoc
004666-85, (Hastings), Joseph RYCKMAN, 34, farmer, Canada, Sidney, s/o W. & S. RYCKMAN, married Adaline PATRICK, 18, Sidney, Sidney, d/o G & P. C. PATRICK, witn-Fred FERGUSON & W. MOONEY, December 23 1885 at Trenton 004264-85 George A. SARGENT, 23, Canada, Limerick, Carpenter, s/o John & Hannah SARGENT married Edith L. SIDSTER (Lidster?), 17, Canada, Limerick, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth SIDSTER (Lidster?). Wtn: Annie BEER and Janet GUFFIN of Madoc on May 25, 1885 at Madoc
004636-85, (Hastings), Lewis SCHENCK, 23, Gardener, St. Catherines, St. Catherines, s/o John SCHENCK & Mary Ann CAIN, married Winnifred HOWE, 23, England, Trenton, d/o John HOWE & Maria HOGEY, witn-Michael TIERNEY & Maggie HOWE, July 6 1885 at Trenton 004672-85, (Hastings), George Baine SEEDS, 21, Contractor, Picton, Trenton, s/o Thomas & Margaret DEEDS, married Marsha Ann HANNESSY, 22, Murray, Trenton, d/o Horace & Sarah HENNESSY, witn- Clarence E. SEEDS & Mary HENNESSY, December 24 1885 at Trenton
004638-85, (Hastings), W. W. SHARP, 45, Farmer, Sidney, Sidney, s/o W & J SHARP, married Phoebe BRADSHAW, 37, Canada, Hastings, d/o H. & M. BRADSHAW, witn- Mr. Dafoe & miss CRONKWRIGHT, July 19 1885 at Trenton 004615-85, (Hastings), William. H. SHAW, 21, Cabinet Maker, Ireland, Stirling, s/o William. Shaw & Ellen McGOWAN, married Annie WESTFALL, 19, Trenton, Trenton, d/o Tobias & Nancy WESTFALL, witn-John OSTERHOUT, Emma F. WESTFALL & Tobias WESTFALL, February 10 1885 at Trenton
004233-85 John SHAW, 21, Madoc, same, Farmer, s/o William & Jane SHAW married Catharine Lucretia POST, 16, Huntingdon, Marmora, d/o Hiram & Martha POST. Wtn: Margaret E. BROADWORTH of Marmora and Joseph SHAW on February 11, 1885 at Marmora 004650-85, (Hastings), John SHERIDAN, 39, Mill Hand, Belleville, Trenton, s/o John SHERIDAN & Mary STAFFORD, married Eliza SHANNAHAN, 29, Trenton, Trenton, d/o James SHANNAHAN & Cath--? AYEN(?), witn-Annie SHANNON, Patrick SHANNAHAN , Manas SHERIDAN & Margaret SHANNAHAN, October 12 1885 at Trenton
4252-85 Jacob SHOEPFLIN, 25, USA, Hungerford, s/o Jacob & Minnie, married Emma V?. HINDS, 20, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Henry & Laura, witn: Edward BIRR & Ida HINDS, both of Hungerford, 26 Feb 1885 at Madoc  
004269-85 William SILLS, 23, Brockville, Madoc, Carriage Painter, s/o Bryan SILLS & Maria SILLS married Tabitha GUFFIN, 23, Sidney, Madoc, d/o Spencer GUFFIN & Clarissa Jane GUFFIN. Wtn: Sylvanus WEAVER & Christiana GUFFIN of Madoc on August 19, 1885 at Madoc Village [Griffin?] 004219-85 Jacob SINE, 30, Rawdon, same, Farmer, s/o Tobias SINE & Ruth SINE married Matilda HEAGLE, 25 Rawdon, same, d/o William HEAGLE & Jane HEAGLE. Wtn: Sarah A. McCAMUS? of Ivanhoe on December 22 (1885) at Ivanhoe
004215-85 John SMITH, 33, Glasgow Scotland, Thurlow Ont, Farmer, s/o John SMITH & Janet SMITH married Mary Jane SPARROW, 28, Rawdon, Thurlow, d/o Robert SPARROW  & Eliza Jane SPARROW. Wtn: Harford SILLS of Huntingdon and Isabella SPARROW of Huntingdon on December 30, 1885 at Huntingdon 004238-85 Abram SMITH, 25, Rawdon, Marmora, Laborer, s/o Elizabeth & (not given) SMITH married Mary Jane GILLEN, 26, Port Kennedy Pennsylvania, Marmora, d/o James GILLEN & Ellen McFAUL. Wtn: Hugh GILLEN and Annie WARREN of Marmora on August 26, 1885 at Marmora Village
4473-85 Henry SMITH, 25, laborer, England, L'Amable, s/o Harry & Ruth, married Mary Jane SPEER, 18, Dungannon, same, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: James F. SMITH of Faraday & Hannah SPEER of Dungannon, 18 Feb 1885 at Dungannon 004618-85, (Hastings), John S. SMITH, 34, Artist, Brighton, Belleville, s/o Henry & Jane SMITH, married Annie FULLALOVE(?), [widow], 28, Percy, Trenton, d/o John & W. Pricilla MILLER, witn - L. D. Miller & Flora M. Miller, March 11 1885 at Northumberland
004218-85 George Herbert SNIDER, 26, Thurlow, same, Farmer, s/o Smith SNIDER & Jane Ann SNIDER married Ida M. KETCHESON, 17, Huntingdon, same, d/o Ellen ALCONBRACK. Wtn: Richard MILLER and May MILLER of Foxboro on November 25, 1885 at Huntingdon 4630-85 Frank SNYDER, 23, tinsmith, Frankford, Trenton, s/o George & Mary, married Emma HERRINGTON, 22, Smithfield, Brighton, d/o Moses & Melissa, witn: Elenor J. ASSELTINE & Ella DEWEY, 20 May 1885 at Trenton
004654-85, (Hastings), William SOMERS, 33, R. R. Conductor, Trenton, Trenton, s/o Manhein SOMERS & Mary SHERIDAN, married Mary FINLAN, 20, Murray, Murray, d/o Edward & Elizabeth FINLAN, witn-John FINLAN, Agnes SUMMERS & Mary Ann OROURKE, October 27 1885 at Trenton 004243-85 James Stephen SOPHY, 22, Brighton, Methuen, Farmer, s/o Stephen & Catharine SOPHY married Victoria COLE, 17, Murray, Lake, d/o John & Mary COLE. Wtn: Wilmot G. COLE of Lake and Maggie GRIFFIN of Marmora on October 27, 1885 at Marmora
004266-85 William STORRING, 32, Canada, Sheffield, Farmer, s/o Merines (sic) & Noretta STORRING married Christina HOWARD, 18, Canada, Huntingdon, d/o Jonah (Josiah?) & Amanda HOWARD. Wtn: Reuben HOWARD & Emma HOWARD of Huntingdon on March 20, 1885 at Madoc 004489-85 (Hastings Co) Jacob M. STREET, 24, High School Teacher, Oxford Co. N.Y., Foresthill Ont., s/o Joseph B. & Hannah STREET, married Rose NORTHCOTT, 24, Widow, Belleville, same, d/o John & Jane NORTHCOTT. Witn: Prof. HOLGATE & Minnie A. NORTHCOTT both of Belleville. June 1, 1885, Belleville
4631-85 Henry SWEET, 28, blacksmith, Hastings, Trenton, s/o Cornelius & Catherine, married Agnes ROWE, 21, Murray, same, d/o Benjamin & Catherine, witn: M. Y. YOUNG & E. A. ASSELTINE, both of Trenton, 10 May 1885 at Trenton 4625-85 John W. SWEET, 34, yeoman, Camden, Rawdon, s/o David & Jane, married Agnes S. HUBEL, 20, Brighton, Trenton, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Marshal SWEET of Rawdon & Mary HUBEL of Trenton, 29 April 1885 at Trenton
004414-85 Alexander TAYLOR, 26, farmer, Morayshire Scotland, Deseronto s/o Alexander TAYLOR & Mary BURNETT married Letitia BOYD, 27, Co Antrim Ireland, Deseronto d/o John BOYD & Mattie DUNCAN wtn: J.M. McLAUGHLIN & Eliza KINARD, 7 December 1885 at Deseronto  
004204-85 Robert THOMPSON, 22, Renfrew Co., Monteagle, Yeoman, s/o George THOMPSON & Elizabeth WILCOC (sic, Wilcox?) married Jane LABOE, 20, Monteagle, same, d/o William LABOE & Albertina FIFE. Wtn: Jane THOMPSON and John LEE of Monteagle on April 13, 1885 at Herschel 004411-85 Samuel THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Camden in Ont. Deseronto s/o William & Eliza THOMPSON married Matilda A. BAKER, 22, Kennebec, Camden d/o John & Hannah BAKER wtn: Mary A. MALLORY & Annie CROWLEY both of Deseronto, 15 October 1885 at Deseronto
  004676-85, (Hastings), Walter TODD, 41, Farmer, Rawdon, Wollaston, s/o Walter & Margaret TODD, married Mary KNOX, 35, Paisley, Wolloston, d/o William. & Isabella KNOX, witn- L. G. BONTER & Florence BLEASDAL, July 1 1885 at Trenton
4475-85 William W. TOTTON, 22, farmer, Rawdon twp., same, s/o John TOTTON & Mary CLANCEY, married Annetta McMULLEN, 22, Murray twp., same, d/o George W. McMULLEN & Hannah HAZLETON, witn: S. MORROW? & Ida A. TOTTON of Rawdon, 10 Sept 1885 at Stirling #004544-85 Robert J. VANCE, 26 farmer, Canada, Kaladar s/o James & Mary married Martha Jane EAGER, 20, Canada, Madoc d/o Lafayette & Almeda wit: Thomas J. VANCE & Louise GREEN? both Madoc, 24 Dec. 1885 at Madoc
#004346-85, (Hastings), James C. VANNORMAN, 24, dentist, Madoc, Belleville, s/o John & Emila VANORMAN, married Mary Ann Houstin FRANCIS, 25, Huntingdon, Madocd/o John & Mary Ann FRANCIS, witn: P. M. HOUSTON and Mrs. W. J. LAWRENCE, Tweed, 4 Nov 1885, St. James Church, Tweed 004619-85, (Hastings), James VESTERFELT, 37, Farmer, Marysburg - PE Co, Picton, s/o Eli & Mary VESTERFELT, married Sarah M. JONES, 26, twp Rawdon, Trenton, d/o Peter & Phoebe Ann JONES, witn-Amanda SIMPSON & James SIMPSON, March 14 1885 at Trenton
#004278-85 (Hastings Co): John WALSH of Sterling, s/o James WALSH & Jane KENNEDY, married Mary Ann KEHOE, of Madoc, d/o Edward KEHOE & Mary CASEY, witn: Michael WALSH of Sterling & Bridget KEHOE of Madoc, 12 Nov 1885 at Sacred Heart of Mary RC, Madoc 4527-85 (Hastings Co): Michael WALSH, 40, farmer, Ireland, Belleville, s/o James WALSH & Catherine RYAN, married Mary Jane TROTTER, 27, Ireland, Belleville, d/o George TROTTER & Elizabeth BOND, witn: Francis WARD & Ellen KENDRICK of Sidney, 13 April 1885 at Belleville (Rom Cath)
4323-85 (Hastings Co) Henry WANNAMAKER, 31, farmer, Madoc, Raglan, s/o Thomas & Rachel WANNAMAKER married Jane BANDY, 19, McNab, Mayo, d/o Richard & Elizabeth BANDY, witn: Thomas BANDY & Annie WANNAMAKER of Mayo, 13 Aug 1885, Mayo


004570-85 (Hastings Co) Joseph WATTERSHEAD, 22, Evangelist, England, Belleville, s/o Abraham & Lois WATTERSHEAD married Jessie DULMAGE, 18, Canada, Belleville, d/o Edward & A. DULMAGE. Witn: Harvey CHISOLM, & Della HILL, both of Belleville. October 8, 1885, Belleville
004248-85 Amos H. WEESE, 22, Prince Edward, Marmora, Farmer, s/o Chancey B. & Jemima WEESE married Margaret GRAY, 19, Belmont, same, d/o William & Sarah GRAY. Wtn: Thomas GRAY of Belmont and Anginora WEESE of Marmora on December 25, 1885 at Marmora 4626-85 Allen W. WEESE, 23, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o James & Julia Ann, married Cynthia E. ALYEA, 21, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Peter HUNT & Mary RUSSELL, 22 April 1885 at Trenton
4525-85 (Hastings Co): John WEIR, 28, liveryman, Quebec, Belleville, s/o John WEIR & Mary MURPHY, married Jane SHANNON, 28, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Felix SHANNON & Ann HAMILTON, witn: Edward ROE & Ellen SHANNON, both of Belleville, 29 April 1885 at Belleville 004413-85 Sidney WELLS, 24, labourer, Fredericksburg in Frontenac Co, Deseronto s/o Redford & Catherine WELLS married Ella May WAGER, 17, Camden East, Deseronto d/o Shadrack & Elizabeth WAGER wtn: Mary LEWIS & Annie McGRIER both of Deseronto, 10 November 1885 at Deseronto
004267-85 Simon WEST, 24, Canada, Madoc, Farmer, s/o William & Hannah WEST married Eliza BEST, 18, Canada, Madoc, d/o William & Lucinda BEST. Wtn: Thomas EMBURY & Maria EMBURY of Limerick on March 25, 1885 at Mad 004416-85 William WEST, 33, widower, farmer, England, Elzevir s/o William WEST & Hannah JENKINS married Sarah ROBERTSON, 29, Canada, Elzevir d/o Robert ROBERTSON & Rachael GRAHAM wtn: Robert J. ROBERTSON of Elzevir & Ellen SHAW of Madoc, 12 January 1885 at Elzevir
004613-85, (Hastings), George Gel WESTFALL, 53, Laborer, Sidney, Sidney, s/o Jas & Lydda WESTFALL, married Gabrey DURURY (Drury?), 33, Sidney, Sidney, d/o Jas & Eliza DURURY, witn- Michael MONAHAN & Elizabeth Monahan, August 6 1885 at Trenton  
4486-85 Charles W. WICKETT, 22, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Richard & Georgina, married Sarah MONTGOMERY, 23, Rawdon, Stirling, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Thomas MONTGOMERY of Rawdon & Cassa MONTGOMERY of Stirling, 25 Nov 1885 at Stirling 004616-85, (Hastings), Alfred M. WILLIAMS, 40, Haldimand, Haldimand, Yeoman, s/o David & Nancy WILLIAMS, married Catherine ROBERTSON, 20, Castleton, Castleton, d/o Edward & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn- Alfred C. FISH & George W. FISH, February 3 1885 at Trenton
4529-85 John WILLIAMS, 28, master mariner, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary Ann STINSON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Gilbert SMITH jr. of Toronto & Maggie ROBERTSON of Amherst Island, 10 July 1885 at Belleville 004614-85, (Hastings), Alfred Bertrim WILLIAMS, 36, Dundas, Trenton, Printer, s/o Israel & Susan WILLIAMS, married Sarah SMITH, 25, Sidney, Trenton, d/o George & Margaret SMITH, witn- M. T. YOUNG & E. A. ASSELINE, February 25 1885 at Trenton

4321-85 (Hastings Co) Robert John WILSON, 22, farmer, Bagot, Carlow, s/o Robert & Jennie WILSON married Catherine Ann VANDUSEN, 19, McNab, Carlow, d/o Darius & Mary VANDUSEN, witn: James CAMPBELL & Mary Ellen VANDUSEN of Carlow, 22 April 1885, Carlow

004265-85 Christopher WILSON, 27, Canada, Wollaston, Farmer, s/o James & Margaret WILSON married Mary Alida BLACKBURN, 22, Canada, Wollaston, Widow, d/o Robert & Sophia WADDINGTON. Wtn: William B. BEER & Annie BEER of Madoc on May 13, 1885 at Madoc
  004365-85 Lambertus WINDSOR, 25, farmer, Sidney, Sidney s/o William & Margaret WINDSOR married Amelia LINE, 23, Sidney, Sidney d/o Adam & Charlotte LINE wtn: Robert WOOD of Frankford & Agnes WINDSOR of Stirling, 8 April 1885 at Sidney
004673-85, (Hastings), Oliver WOLFRAM, 23, Blacksmith, Percy, Percy, s/o Alex & Sarah WOLFRAM, married Mary Eliz. UNGER, 23, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Chester & Sarah UNGER, witn- Wesley MILLER & Lila BUCHANAN, December 30 1885 at Trenton 004645-85, (Hastings), Bruce Albert WOOD, 39, Farmer, Murray, Murray, s/o Robert & Mahaly WOOD, married Sara LOVETT, 39, Murray, Murray, d/o John & Sophia LOVETT, witn- Jennie MORTON & Minnie AUSTIN, September 10 1885 at Trenton
4483-85 George H. WRIGHT, 22, farmer, Rawdon, Stirling, s/o George A. & Sarah A., married Lenia PICKLE, 18, Murray, Sidney, d/o Franklin & Elizabeth, witn: Isaac NEIL of Foxboro & Hannah BOWN of Rawdon, 8 Sept 1885 at Stirling 004652-85, (Hastings) Rodney YOLT, 39, Sailor, Wolfe Island, Trenton, s/o John YOLT & Dora DAVIS, married Mary McCABE, 29, widow, Ireland, Trenton, d/o Terance TIERNEY & Catherine Mc?ARNAN, witn-Michael TIERNEY, John YOLT, Maggie McCABE & Alice TIERNEY, October 27 1885 at Trenton