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Hastings Co., 1890

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5197-90 Henry Edgar ALTON, 25, cutter, Branscombe Devon England, Brockville, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Florence Mina YOUNG, 21, Grand Haven Mich., Belleville, d/o William & Emily, witn: Sadie M. YOUNG & Alf McCRUDDEN, both of Belleville, 10 Dec 1890 at Belleville  
004930-90 (Hastings Co) Albert ASSELSTINE, 19, machinist, Canada, Michigan s/o Robert & Jane married Emma BAKER, 21, England, Trenton d/o George & Mary wtn: C.C. ALLEN & Elvira D. LEE both of Trenton, 30 October 1890 at Trenton 004881-90 (Hastings Co) George H. ASSELSTINE, 23, labourer, Ontario, Madoc s/o William & Nancy ASSELSTINE married Minnie BYERS, 19, Cavan twp, Madoc d/o James & Sarah Jane BYERS wtn: William ASSELSTINE & Josephine BYERS both of Madoc, 10 October 1890 at Madoc
004868-90 Ward BADGLEY, 23, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Stephen BADGLEY & Abby Ann BONGAR (?), married Sarah STILES, 24, Rawdon, same, d/o John STILES & Elizabeth FROST, witn: Simone STILES & Hetta BONGAR both of Rawdon on Jan. 22, 1890 at Rawdon 004836-90 (Hastings Co) Henry BADGLEY, 26, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o William & Abigail BADGLEY married Elizabeth PURVIS, 23, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Robert & Margaret PURVIS wtn: R.B. ALLEN & M.J. METHERELL both of Hungerford, 10 February 1890 at Marlbank
  005017-90 (Hastings Co) Joseph BAKER, 20, cedar mill hand, Marmora, Deseronto s/o Nelson & Mary BAKER married Mary McHENRY, 19, South Fredericksburg, Deseronto d/o William & Mary McHENRY wtn: A. STANTON of Deseronto, 8 October 1890 at The Rectory in Deseronto
004968-91 (Hastings Co) Martin Howard BARNES, 26, carpenter, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o John & Maria BARNES married Mary E. LAWSON, 25, Rawden, Sidney d/o Stephen & Julia LAWSON wtn: William BARNES of Sidney & Cassie BARNES of Hungerford, 26 November 1890 at Sidney 005014-90 (Hastings Co) William BARNSTALK, 26, engineer, Canada, Deseronto s/o Charles & Rhoda BARNSTALK, married Ida REYNOLDS, 19, Canada, Deseronto d/o Henson & Adeline REYNOLDS wtn: Parker MARSH & Ettie MARSH both of Deseronto, 11 August 1890 at Deseronto
005159-90 Thomas H. BEATTY, 28, Ireland, Sheffield Tp., Farmer, s/o James & Eliza (HARKNESS) BEATTY married Isabella Alma GRAHAM, 23, Hungerford, Huntingdon, d/o Samuel & Rachel (WILSON) GRAHAM. Wtn: Mary Stuart JONES of Brockville and Isabel MURNEY of Belleville on July 8, 1890 at St. John's Church in Belleville 004839-90 (Hastings Co) Isaac BEATTY, 26, farmer, Tyendinaga, Hungerford s/o James & Eliza BEATTY married Elizabeth Jane LUCK, 23, Port Hope, Tweed d/o Joseph & Matilda LUCK wtn: H.S SHEPHERD & G.H. WILSON of Bridgewater, 16 April 1890 at Bridgewater
004926-90 (Hastings Co) Levi BEECHMAN, 29, mechanic, Canada, Trenton s/o Samuel & Sarah BEECHMAN married Ellen PATRICK, 18, Canada, Trenton d/o Gilbert & Phoebe PATRICK wtn: Elvira M. & Gertrude P. GEE both of Trenton, 12 July 1890 at Trenton  
004857-90 James Henry BELL, 28, farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o William R. BELL & Jane LYNER, married Annie Mary YOUNG, 20, Hungerford, same, d/o James YOUNG & Mary Ella WATTERS, witn: E. WILLIAMS & Hellen M. YOUNG both of Sheffield on Dec. 23, 1890 at St. Matthews Church, Milbank #005086-90 (Hastings Co): William BENNETT, 29, farmer, widower, Canada, Thurlow twp., s/o John & Eliza, married Alwilda THOMPSON, 29, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Mary COURTICE of Toronto & Bessie COURTICE of Canifton, 30 July 1890 at Canifton
004877-90 (Hastings Co) Robert S. BEST, 20, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o William & Lucinda BEST married Matilda REMMINGTON, 20, Madoc, Madoc d/o Thomas & Charlotte REMMINGTON wtn: Edward H. WOOD & Alice J. REMMINGTON of Madoc, 10 April 1890 at Madoc 004889-90 Ezekiel BOYD, 23, farmer, Belmont, same, s/o Ezekiel BOYD & Mary JONES, married Sarah Margaret RUTHERFORD, 23, Rawdon, same, d/o R. & Elizabeth, witn: Richard RUTHERFORD of Rawdon & D. A. & Joseph W. BOYD both of Belmont on Oct. 8, 1890 at Rawdon Tp
#005112-90 (Hastings Co) Charles Boyd BOYLE, 26, gas fitter, Ireland, Belleville, s/o James BOYLE and Eliza CORBETT, married Annie Crawford CANNING, 17, Belleville, Belleville, d/o William and Jane CANNING, witn: Brides parents, brother and other relatives and Miss Maggie JOHNSTON, January 1, 1890 at Belleville 004842-90 (Hastings Co) Albert BRADLEY, 20, labourer, Elzevir, Tweed s/o William & Mary BRADLEY married Elizabeth WOODCOCK, 17, Tweed, Trenton d/o Charles & Maria WOODCOCK wtn: Peter VALNEFF of Tweed & Alice LAKE of Trenton, 16 February 1890 at Tweed
004851-90 William James BRADSHAW, 25, laborer, London England, Deseronto, s/o Thomas B. BRADSHAW & Annie WALTON, married Grace ROBINSON, 25, England, Tweed, d/o Joseph ROBINSON & Mary CONELSON, witn: Wellington HARDY & Mary A. CHRISTIE both of Tweed on June 2, 1890 at Tweed 005013-90 (Hastings Co) Frank BRANT, 20, teamster, Mohawk Reserve, Deseronto s/o Jacob & Susan BRANT married Mary MOSES, 18, Mohawk Reserve, Mohawk Reserve d/o Jacob & Sarah MOSES wtn: Stephen MARACLE & Rebecca MARACLE both of Mohawk Reserve, 8 May 1890 at St. Mark’s Church in Deseronto
004822-91 Edward BRENNAN, 28, Marysville, same, Farmer, s/o Michael BRENNAN & Ann MOORE married Margaret SEXSMITH, 24, Richmond, same, d/o William SEXSMITH & Julia MULHELL. Wtn: Michael BRENNAN of Tyendinaga and Alice SHANNON of Napanee on April 21, 1890, at Read 005007-90 (Hastings Co) William John BROWN (Brawn?), 24, farmer, Madoc twp, Cashel twp s/o Robert & Mary Jane BROWN married Jennie Bell McCLENNAN, 21, Madoc twp, Cashel twp d/o William & Eleanor McCLENNAN wtn: Wallace BROWN & Bertha HARRIS both of Cashel twp, 22 December 1890 at the residence of William McCLENNAN in Cashel
#005093-90 (Hastings Co): Hiram Wesley BROWN, 28, farmer, USA, Sidney, s/o Amos & Hannah, married Almira L. DEAN, 23, Canada, Thurlow twp., d/o William & Catherine, witn: M. NAYLOR of Canifton, 19 Nov 1890 at Canifton 004855-90 William Nelson BROWN, 29, yeoman, Richmond Tp., same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Margaret THOMPSON, 26, Hungerford Tp., same, d/o Thomas S. THOMPSON & Ann WEIGHILL, witn: George A. BROWN of Richmond & Matilda THOMPSON of Hungerford on Nov. 11, 1890 at Hungerford
004887-90 Philip Elgin BURGESS, 24, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Lily Gertrude MAYBEE, 18, Rawdon, same, d/o James & Ann Eliza, witn: George R. MUGGINSON of Sidney & Maggie A. MAYBEE of Rawdon on July 2, 1890 at Rawdon 004941-91 (Hastings Co) Charles A. CALLERY, 32, cheese maker, Thurlow, Centreville Ontario s/o James & Adeline CALLERY married Kate Gertrude EDGAR, 26, Camden, Selby d/o James & Nancy EDGAR wtn: Fred N. VALLEAU & Lisa SWEET both of Selby, 23 December 1890 at Napanee
005162-90 James C. CAMERON, 25, Ontario, Perth, Teacher, s/o William CAMERON (mother not given) marry Mary MAJOR, 21, Ontario, Perth, parents not given. Wtn: William FLYNN of Belleville and Josephine YOUNG of Brockville on April 14, 1890 at Belleville  
004879-90 (Hastings Co) William CARMON, 27, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o John & Eliza CARMON married Isabella ALCOMBRAC, 25, widow, Marmora, Sidney d/o Thomas & Margaret HAMILTON wtn: Eliza WILSON of Madoc & Isabella ROBERTS of Hornings Mills, 1 October 1890 at Madoc #005098-90 (Hastings Co): Adam Henry W. CARTER, 24, farmer, Sidney twp., same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary Effie J. BUSSELL, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o James & Prudence, witn: Florence MEYER & Bella HALL, both of Thurlow, 20 Aug 1890 at Plainfield
004845-90 (Hastings Co) William J. CHAMBERLAIN, 21, farmer, England, Hungerford s/o William H. & Eliza CHAMBERLAIN married Casey F. FARNSWORTH, 22, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o John & Eliza FARNSWORTH wtn: E.A. TIMBERT & Laura PALMER of Tweed, 9 Jan 1890 at Tweed 005158-90 Lorenzo D. CLUTE, 54, Seymour Tp. Northumberland Co., Belleville, Widower, Farmer, s/o George CLUTE & Sally CLUTE married Hannah Elizabeth BROWN, 35, Sidney, Frankford, Widow, d/o D. McDONALD & Sarah McDONALD. Wtn: Edward DAVIS of Thurlow and Eliza MERRILL of Belleville on July 1, 1890 at Belleville
005015-90 (Hastings Co) Edgar COMPTON, 20, barber, Canada, St. Thomas in Ontario s/o Jesse & Eleanor COMPTON married Alma BROWN, 20, Canada, Deseronto d/o Melvin & Olive BROWN wtn: Charles WAGNER & Lillie WAGNER both of Deseronto, 1 September 1890 at Deseronto  
004850-90 William COUSINS, 26, laborer, England, Belleville, s/o James COUSINS & Mary ALDRIDGE, married Mary POOL, 21, Hungerford, Thomasburgh, d/o Daniel POOL & Elizabeth BUSHALL, witn: George EATON & Richard POOL both of Thomasburgh on Feb. 12, 1890 at Thomasburgh 004859-90 - B. Flint COWER (Carver?), 29, lumber measurer, widower, Bridgewater, Muskegon Michigan USA, s/o James COWER & Maria BAUKER, married Eliza Jane GRAHAM, 31, Hungerford, same, d/o William GRAHAM & Mary COULTER, witn: Whitney A. IRVINE & Clara GRAHAM both of Hungerford on Feb. 18, 1890 at Ivanhoe
004821-91 Jeremiah CRONIN, 28, Read, same, Farmer, s/o John CRONIN & Mary HARRIGAN married Mary CALLAGHAN, 24, Read, same, parents “unknown”. Wtn: Thomas WALSH of Read on March 27, 1890, at Read 004831-91 Stephen CROSS, 22, Tyendinaga, same, Labourer, s/o William CROSS & Chloe HALSTEAD married Letitia REED, 20, Huntingdon, Tyendinaga, d/o Albert REED & Mariah DEAN. Wtn: William A. REED & Eliza CROSS of Tyendinaga on December 24, 1890 at Tyendinaga
004848-90 Bennett M. CROUSE, 45, miller, widower, Camden, Bridgewater, s/o John CROUSE & Catherine PRESLEY, married Grace M. HICKS, 20, Belleville, Bridgewater, d/o Charles M. HICKS & Hester Ann CLAPP, witn: Phoebe CLEWORTH of Hungerford & Florance M. WOODS of Tamworth on June 19, 1890 at Thomasburgh 004969-91 (Hastings Co) Sidney CUMMINGS, 24, farmer, Rawden, Sidney s/o George & Mary Ann CUMMINGS married Maggie Ann GRAY, 19, Belmont, Sidney d/o John & Martha GRAY wtn: John GRAY & Emma GRAY of Sidney, 25 November 1890 at Frankford
005175-90 John DALTON, 45, Dublin Ireland, Belleville, Mechanic, Widower, s/o Robert DALTON & Rachel DALTON married Mary E. FARNSWORTH 40, Tweed Village, Belleville, d/o John FARNSWORTH & Margaret Ann. Wtn: Martha J. BIMING? (edge of page) of Belleville and Cornelia BIMING? on September 11, 1890 at Belleville 004893-90 Robert DAVIDSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Seymour, s/o John & Margaret, married Anna CHARD, 22, Canada, Belmont, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Martha CHARD & Victoria KING, both of Belmont on Apr. 16, 1890 at Marmora
005028-90 (Hastings Co) William E. DAVIS, 23, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Philip DAVIS & Mary EMMONS married Carra Alberta BRUIN, 18, Lonsdale, Lonsdale d/o John & Catharine BRUIN wtn: Lucy BRENTON & Ladien DAVIS both of Tyendinaga, 16 April 1890 at Lonsdale 005027-90 (Hastings Co) Philip DAVIS, 52, widower, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o John DAVIS & Lydia FAIRMAN married Flora Ann EMBURY, Thurlow, Tyendinaga d/o William EMBURY & Mary ATKINS wtn: Hannah C. CREEPER & M.E. LEWIS both of Shannonville, 7 March 1890 at Shannonville
  004872-90 (Hastings Co) Sanford DECLARE, 30, farmer, Madoc, Elzevir s/o Jacob & Etta DECLARE married Charlotte HAILSTONE, 23, Elzevir, Elzevir d/o Thomas & Martha HAILSTONE wtn: Mrs BURTON & Charlotte HAILSTONE of Madoc, 23 April 1890 at Madoc
004860-90 John DEFOE, 26, farmer, Hungerford Tp., same, s/o Alan & Mary, married Margaret J. GORDON, 26, Huntingdon, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Isaac DAFOE of Trenton & Sarah GORDON of Hungerford on Mar. 5, 1890 at Huntingdon Tp #005112-90 (Hastings Co): David A. DEMILL, 26, mechanic, Stirling, Belleville, s/o Samuel & Sarah of Stirling, married Annie COUTTS, 22, Rawdon, same, d/o James & Laney, witn: Joseph R. COUTTS & Lizzie PARKS, both of Rawdon, 5 Nov 1890 at Rawdon
004843-90 (Hastings Co) Robert H. DOUBLEDAY, 23, farmer, England, Hungerford s/o Robert & Jane DOUBLEDAY married Mary May CONNERS, 16, Belleville, Tweed d/o John & Jessie CONNERS wtn: Daniel McGEE & Jessie McGEE of Tweed, 11 March 1890 at Tweed #005108-90 (Hastings Co): Charles DRYDON (Dryden?), 20, grocer, Deseronto, Campbellford, s/o Charles & Flinda, married Mary N.J. KENT, 17 (or 19), Campbellford, same, d/o Thomas & Catherine DRYDON (sic), witn: Thomas & Catherine KENT, 26 Oct 1890 at Stirling
004927-90 (Hastings Co) Robert DUNCAN, 20, labourer, Glasgow, Sharbot Lake - Frontenac Co, s/o Robert DUNCAN & Sarah GIVEN (both deceased) married Ellen LAMB, 22, Killadare - Hastings Co, same, d/o John LAMB & Jane ALEXANDER wtn: Maggie Anderson & Cliffronia? LINDSAY both of Trenton, 8 September 1890 at the residence of Nathan Anderson in Trenton  
4720-91 James Fitz Charles DUNLOP 30, millwright, Carleton Place, same, s/o James & Ann Chambers DUNLOP, married Mary Ann BREMNER, 25, Ramsay twp., Ashby, d/o William & Ann Dick BREMNER, witn: George B. FERGUSON of Renfrew & Mary Jane DICK of Carlow, 10 Dec 1890 at Harts Mere 004862-90 William Henry ELLIOTT, 29, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o George ELLIOTT & Jane La PARDE, married Margaret Jane FRANCIS, 32, Huntingdon, same, d/o John Thomas FRANCIS & Mary REYNOLDS, witn: George ELLIOTT & Mary Ann FRANCES both of Huntingdon on Apr. 8, 1890 at Ivanhoe Huntingdon Tp
004880-90 (Hastings Co) Wilmott EMBURY, 27, farmer, Hungerford, Camden s/o William & Mary Ann EMBURY married Bathilda HALLETT, 21, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Simeon & Angeline HALLETT wtn: D. WILSON of Napanee & H.E. WILSON of Madoc, 18 November 1890 at Madoc 004858-90 George B. EMBURY, 29, farmer, Ontario, Hungerford Tp., s/o Byard & Rachael, married Mary J. ROBINSON, 21, Belleville, Tweed, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Milton LAMBERT of Thomasville & Bertie CLEWORTH of Tweed on Sept. 2, 1890 at Tweed
005167-90 Charles D. EMPY, 23, Bay City Michigan, Belleville, Baker, s/o William D. EMPY & Matilda BUTLER married Hannah Priscilla SMITH, 21, Belleville, same, d/o David SMITH & Eliza RUTTAN. Wtn: Jennie D. EDMISON of Belleville and Mrs. H. G. OSBORNE of Belleville on July 25, 1890 at Belleville #005106-90 (Hastings Co): James FARREL, 28, farmer, Huntingdon, Madoc, s/o "Fits Morris" & Ann, married Christa DUMOND (or Dermond), 24, Madoc, same, d/o Allen & Margaret, witn: Edward DUMOND & Nellie FARREL, 10 March 1890 at Stirling
004888-90 Ambrose C. FAULKNER, 23, farmer, Sidney, same, s/o Gilbert & Huldah, married Nancy (Marcy?) McKEE, 18, Stirling Village, Rawdon, d/o David & Martha, witn: R.B. HAMILTON of Sidney & Ella CONLEY of Rawdon Tp. on July 23, 1890 at Rawdon Tp. 005171-90 Fred Edgar FENN, 27, Sidney, Madoc, Farmer, s/o Robert & Julia married Etta Edna EMPEY, 19, Madoc, same, d/o Eugene & Hannah. Wtn: Etta FENN of Madoc and E.M. COPELAND of Belleville on August 26, 1890 at Belleville
004843-91 Frederick W. FLEMMING, 19, Napanee, Brighton, Operator (Carpenter?) s/o Thomas & Eliza FLEMMING married Carrie MESSERLEY, 21, Sidney, Trenton, d/o John & Nasma (Norma?) MESSERLEY. Wtn: Minnie E. FLEMMING of Gananoque and George M. PALMER of Brighton on September 17, 1890 004934-90 (Hastings Co) Delbert A. FOX, 30, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh s/o H.J. & Margaret FOX married Ella BOWERS, 22, Belleville, Belleville d/o Nathan & Margaret BOWERS wtn: Ida G. STRATTON & Nellie M. STRATTON, 24 December 1890 at Trenton
4834-90 Patrick FOY, 30, laborer, Hungerford, Tweed, s/o John & Margaret, married Catherine O'DONNELL, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o Peter O'DONNELL & Jane CORNOYER, witn: William O'BRIEN & Mary GABOURIN, both of Tweed, 10 Oct 1890 at Tweed 005008-90 (Hastings Co) Reuben N. FRALICK, 30, carpenter, Morven, Deseronto s/o E.A. & Elizabeth FRALICK married Agnes INNES, 26, Culross, Deseronto d/o Campbell & Janet INNES wtn: Robert M. JACK & Euphemia INNES both of Deseronto, 8 January 1890 at Deseronto
  004956-90 (Hastings Co) William J. FREEBURN, 32, farmer, Hungerford, Flinton s/o James & Mary FREEBURN married Christiana McCLUSKEY, 27, Kaladar, Flinton d/o William & Ann McCLUSKEY wtn: Herbert FROST & Maggie FROST of Bridgewater, 19 July 1890 at Bridgewater
004970-91 (Hastings Co) John Albert FRENCH, 19, farmer, Canada, Sidney s/o William & Mary FRENCH married Annie RICHARDSON, 18, Canada, Stirling d/o John & Charlotte RICHARDSON wtn: John RICHARDSON & Emma CRAIG of Rawden, 25 November 1890 at Frankford 004935-90 (Hastings Co) John FROST, 27, labourer, Canada, Toronto s/o William & Ann married Sarah RIGBY, 27, Canada, Trenton d/o William & Jane wtn: James NELSON & Mary J. NELSON, 30 July 1890 at Trenton
004907-90 Louis H. GARDINER, 41, farmer, Sheffield Tp., Rawdon Tp., s/o Robert & Eliza, married Nancy A. KEENE (GREENE?), 25, Marmora, same, d/o Richard & Nancy, witn: Jerome KEENE & Matilda GARDINER both of Marmora on Oct. 27, 1890 at Marmora #005085-90 (Hastings Co): Thomas R. GARRATT, 44, widower, clerk of municipality, Murray twp., Wooler, s/o Thomas & Hester, married Margaret Jane ELMSLEY, 33, widow, Huntingdon, Belleville, d/o Thomas & Susannah MORTON, witn: Stephen A. TERRILL of Wooler & Lizzie POUCHER? of Plainfield, 1 July 1890 at Canifton
#005107-90 (Hastings Co): Albert W. GARRISON, 27, farmer, Canada, Rawdon, s/o Joseph & Tonye?, married Ida E. McKIM, 26, Canada, Rawdon, d/o Charles & Polly, witn: M.E. RICE & Elizabeth COALS, 26 March 1890 at Stirling 004838-90 (Hastings Co) William J. GAY, 32, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon s/o Charles & Mary GAY married Melinda HOWARD, 20, Huntingdon, Huntington d/o Jonas & Amanda HOWARD wtn: William WRAY Esq. of Tweed, 14 June 1890 at Tweed
004936-90 (Hastings Co) Chancy C. GILBERT, 29, carriage maker, Seeleys Bay, Seeleys Bay s/o Edward J. & Susan GILBERT married Alberta ALYEA, 22, Prince Edward Co, Trenton d/o Henry & Catharine ALYEA wtn: Lieut. J.M. WHYTE & Elizabeth BOOTH, both of Trenton, 6 August 1890 at Trenton 005161-90 John GRANT, 35, Ontario, Belleville, Merchant, s/o James GRANT & Mary POWER married Mary Ellen MULLINS, 22, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Michael MULLINS & Ellen MULLINS. Wtn: James GRANT and Helena MACKIE of Belleville on June 17, 1890 at Belleville
005024-90 (Hastings Co) Henry W. GREATRIX, 23, farmer, Thurlow, Thurlow s/o Thomas GREATRIX & H. HACKSHALL married Alice Maud ELMY, 19, Tyendinaga, Thurlow d/o John ELMY & Jane CARTER wtn: Martha ELMY of Belleville & Maggie E. LEWIS of Shannonville, 22 January 1890 at Shannonville  
005005-90 (Hastings Co) Samuel GREENLEE, 29, farmer, Ireland, Gilmour in Tudor twp s/o Robert & Allan GREENLEE married Margaret Victoria KEEN, 24, Marmora, Gilmour d/o Richard & Nancy KEEN wtn: John RUTLEDGE & Elizabeth RUTLEDGE both of Gilmour, 26 March 1890 at the home of John Rutledge in Gilmour 004853-90 Daniel M. HAGERMAN, 30, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Emma Jane GILLESPIE, 24, Tyendinaga, Thurlow, d/o John & Christina, witn: Christina GILLESPIE & Alva HAGERMAN both of Thurlow on Mar. 11, 1890 at Plainfield, Hungerford Tp.
004948-90 (Hastings Co) Wilmott HAMILTON, 22, yeoman, Wicklow, Wicklow s/o David & Pamela HAMILTON married Victoria RAMSAY, 17, Hungerford, Wicklow d/o John & Catherine RAMSAY wtn: George HAMILTON & Mary E. CARD of Wicklow, 14 September 1890 at Wicklow 005168-90 Newlove HANLEY, 33, Picton, Belleville, Labourer, Widower, d/o George Henry HANLEY & Catherine HANLEY married Annie CROZIER, 22, Alice?, Belleville, d/o Robert CROZIER & Nancy CROZIER. Wtn: M.M. MIHELL and Maria HOGLE of Belleville on August 4, 1890 at Belleville
  005016-90 (Hastings Co) Aaron HARBAND (Husband?), 24, labourer, England, Deseronto s/o William HARBAND married Annie Eliza HOWELL, 21, Ireland, Deseronto d/o Richard & Jane HOWELL wtn: William Henry RIXAN & Alice BELL both of Deseronto, 17 September 1890 at Deseronto
004871-90 (Hastings Co) John Thomas HART, 36, miller, England, Tamworth s/o Anthony & Francis HART married Eliza Mary Ann STEVENS, 23, London England, Tamworth d/o James & Mary Ann STEVENS wtn: father & mother of bride of Madoc, 9 April 1890 at Madoc 004952-90 (Hastings Co) William HART, 67, widower, wood turner, Lanark County Scotland, Monteagle s/o James & Jane HART married Elizabeth McGRAW, 80, widow, Montreal, Monteagle d/o Joseph & Elizabeth M. DE FOE wtn: Annie JOHNSTON & Angus SUTHERLAND both of Monteagle, 13 October 1890 at Monteagle
004854-90 John W. HAWLEY, 25, farmer, Tyendinaga, Perry N. York, s/o William & Mary A., married Frankie LAUNDRY, 24, Elzevir, same, d/o Alexander & Agnes, witn: E. A. LAMBERT of Tweed on Nov. 4, 1890 at Tweed #005113-90 (Hastings Co): Robert HAY, 50, widower, farmer, Scotland, Seymour, s/o John & Ann, married Ellen MILNE, 35, Belleville, Seymour, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Alice BENNETT & J.M. GRAY of Stirling, 26 Nov 1890 at Stirling
004883-90 (Hastings Co) Benjamin Franklin HAZARD, 30, farmer, Murray twp, Limerick twp s/o Smith & Elizabeth HAZARD married Ella HAGGARTY, 19, Huntingdon twp, Limerick twp d/o John & Clara HAGGARTY wtn: Thomas H. HINCHCLIFF & Mrs Thomas H. HINCHCLIFF both of Cashel, 26 March 1890 at the Methodist Parsonage in St Ola 4832-90 Dennis HOLT, 28, farmer, Hungerford, Tweed, s/o John & Mary, married Exiel LA SHAPELLE (s/b La Chappelle?), 23, Hungerford, same, d/o Lewis LA SHAPELLE & Emma ORION, witn: John HOLT & Addie O CION?, 29 Sept 1890 at Tweed
#005088-90 (Hastings Co): Harkeith Morley HONEYWELL, 21, blacksmith, Thurlow twp., same, s/o Israel & Hannah, married Minnie WRIGHT, 20, Huntingdon, same, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Emma PHILLIPS of Canifton, 27 May 1890 at Canifton #005090-90 (Hastings Co): John Perry E. HOUGH, 23, farmer, Canada, Thurlow twp., s/o Embury & Deborah, married Sarah Ann WILSON, 23, Canada, Huntingdon, d/o Robert & Melissa, witn: Martin HOUGH of Thurlow & Sarah BARREGAR of Sidney, 30 Dec 1890 at Thurlow twp
005173-90 William Henry HUBBELL, 27, Rawdon, Frankford, Miller, s/o Levi HUBBELL & Harriet HUBBELL married Annie HUBBELL, 25, Rawdon, Sidney Tp.d/o Edwin READ & Janet READ. Wtn: Minnie FLEMMING of Belleville and Robt. READ of Sidney on September 23, 1890 at Sidney 004967-91 (Hastings Co) William Henry HUBBEL, 27, miller, Rawden, Sidney s/o Levi & Harriet J. HUBBEL married Annie MEAD, 25, Rawden, Sidney d/o Edwin & Janet MEAD wtn: Minnie FLEMING of Belleville & Robert MEAD of Sidney, 23 September 1890 at Sidney
004971-91 (Hastings Co) Millard HULIN, 25, farmer, Madoc, Madoc s/o James & Fanny HULIN married Effie WILLIAMS, 26, Sidney, Sidney d/o George & Mary WILLIAMS wtn: George EMPEY of Madoc & Annie KETCHESON of Wallbridge, 24 December 1890 at Wallbridge #005084-90 (Hastings Co): John Patterson HUME, 30, merchant, Burnbrae?, Campbellford, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Ida WHITE, 24, Roslin, same, d/o John & Esther, witn: Thomas HUME of Buonbrae & John WHITE of Roslin, 2 July 1890 at Roslin
004846-90 (Hastings Co) John N. HUTCHINSON, 24, farmer, England, Hungerford s/o James & Eliza HUTCHINSON married Mary A. DEAN, 20, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Jabez & Eliza DEAN wtn: Adam DEAN & Mary A. REID of Hungerford, 11 February 1890 at Tweed 004941-90 (Hastings Co) John HUTCHINSON, 21, woodworker, Hastings Ontario, Trenton s/o John HUTCHINSON & Odile LAMORE married Ellen ALLAN, 22, Trenton, Trenton d/o David ALLAN & Ellen BLAIR wtn: Joseph CAMPBELL & Dilly WEAVER both of Trenton, 24 November 1890 at Trenton
004852-90 Elijah JARMEN, 45, farmer, widower, Hungerford, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Ellen M. HENDERSON, 28, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o John & Orpha, witn: Thomas ALEXANDER of Tweed & Sarah HENDERSON of Hungerford on Apr. 15, 1890 at Hungerford. #005094-90 (Hastings Co): Llewellyn JOHNS, 27, gardener, Canada, Thurlow, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Margaret ARCHIBALD, 24, Canada, Thurlow twp., d/o Andrew & Catherine, witn: Albert JOHNS & Ella ARCHIBALD, both of Thurlow, 21 Oct 1890 at Corbyville
004904-90 John Henry JOHNSON, 31, farmer, New York USA, Belmont Tp., s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah WESTERFELT, 16, Methuen, Belmont Tp., d/o Peter & Louisa, witn: T. Nelson BROWN & S. McCAMUS both of Marmora on Oct. 2, 1890 at Marmora 004896-90 George F. JOHNSON, 26, spinner, Canada, Marmora, s/o William & Julia, married Mary Ann PLATO, 22, of Marmora, d/o Andrew & Mary Anne, witn: William WELLS & Minnie PLATO both of Marmora on June 16, 1890 at Marmora
004899-90 George JOHNSTON, 25, mechanic, Rawdon, same, s/o James & Lydia, married Mary HASLETT, 24, Rawdon, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Thomas HASLETT of Rawdon & Maggie DUFF of Seymour on July 8, 1890 at Marmora  
004943-90 (Hastings Co) Orin B. JONES, 24, labourer, Brighton, Trenton s/o Henry & Mary JONES married Martha GREEN, 25, Rawden, Trenton d/o Louis & Deborah GREEN wtn: William H. MESLEY & Emma JONES both of Trenton, 29 November 1890 at Trenton 004861-90 Charles Henry JONES, 44, cheese maker, Tyendinaga, Huntingdon, s/o Thomas JONES & Alice BARKER, married Margaret QUINNSMORE, 30, Huntingdon, same, d/o C. QUINNSMORE & Jane SPRAT, witn: R. B. CHISHOLM, William &Mary L. MARTIN & Alice BARKER all of Huntingdon on Apr. 2, 1890 at Huntingdon Tp.
004897-90 Leonard KEENE, 33, farmer, Canada, Huntingdon, s/o Leonard & Mary Ann, married Ellen COONEY, 22, Canada, Marmora, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: John WILLIAMSON of Huntingdon & Cordelia COONEY of Marmora on June 16, 1890 at Marmora 004895-90 Thomas KEENE, 28, farmer, Madoc, Belmont, s/o Leonard & Mary Anne, married Ethel Mary TAYLOR, 23, England, Madoc, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John & Eliza TAYLOR both of Madoc on May 31, 1890 at Marmora
004954-90 (Hastings Co) William H. KELLAR, 25, farmer, Elzevir, Elzevir s/o William & Mary KELLAR married Mary A. BOYD, 21, Glasgow, Thurlow d/o Alex & Mary BOYD wtn: William HAGGARD & Victoria KELLAR, 8 April 1890 at Bridgewater 004901-90 Edmond KENNEDY, 24, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Alex & Clarissa, married Sarah FAIR, 22, Marmora, same, d/o John M. & Catharine C., witn: Emerson & Emma THOMPSON no residences given on July 29, 1890 at Marmora
004937-90 (Hastings Co) Michael Pierce KINSELLA, 27, bookkeeper, Trenton, Trenton s/o Pierce KINSELLA & Bridget BYRNES married Theresa O'CONNOR, 28, United States, Trenton d/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Mary GANNON wtn: John P. CONNOLLY of Trenton & Margaret SHANNON of Napanee, 12 August 1890 at Trenton 004894-90 William T. LAFFERTY, 25, R. R. employee, Canada, Smith's Falls, s/o Edward & Jane, married Maud TUCKER, 20, Canada, Belmont, d/o George & Caroline, witn: Luther TUCKER & Lavina LAFFERTY both of Marmora on Apr. 23, 1890 at Marmora
004892-90 Albert LAIRD, 25, mason, Canada, Belmont, s/o Billings & Mary, married Ida WILDE, 19, Canada, Belmont, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Charles & Annie BEER both of Marmora on Apr. 2, 1890 at Marmora 004940-90 (Hastings Co) Joseph LAMARRE, 22, labourer, L’Islet PQ, Trenton s/o Charles LAMARRE & Louise LARE married Sophia LAFRANCE, 21, Ottawa, Trenton d/o Louis LAFRANCE & Philomene HANDELIN wtn: Charles COUILLARD & Emma LAFRANCE both of Trenton, 24 November 1890 at Trenton
#005105-90 (Hastings Co): Robert LANAGAN, 35, widower, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Carrie E. MONTGOMERY, 28, Rawdon, Stirling, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Albert LANAGAN of Marmora & Jennet MONTGOMERY of Stirling, 25 June 1890 at Stirling 005022-90 (Hastings Co) Peter LANIGAN, 28, farmer, Wyoming, Wyoming s/o (no names given) married Mary Ann EGAN, 17, Read, Read d/o (no names given) wtn: M. EGAN & Kate EGAN both of Read, 20 January 1890 at Read
004944-90 (Hastings Co) Antoine LAROSE, 26, labourer, Marmora, Murray s/o Leir & Arrilla LAROSE married Ida May SANGSTER, 17, Trenton, Trenton d/o Thomas & illegible SANGSTER, wtn: James E. CROUTER & Emma L. CROUTER both of Trenton, 11 December 1890 at Trenton 004835-90 (Hastings Co) Lewis LA SHAPELL, 28, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford s/o Lewis LA SHAPELL & Mary OCION married Rosalise RASHOTT, 24, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o Paul RASHOTT & Mary CORNOYEA wtn: Denis HOTT & Miss LA SHAPELL both of Tweed, 13 January 1890 at Tweed
004873-90 (Hastings Co) William LAVENDER, 26, farmer, Tudor, Tudor s/o Benjamin & Amelia LAVENDER married Annie BROWN, 22, Ireland, Tudor d/o James & Susan BROWN wtn: John BROWN of Tudor & Ch LAVENDER, R. LAVENDER & Miss ROSS all of Madoc, 3 May 1890 at Madoc 004837-90 (Hastings Co) Edward LAWSON, 28, blacksmith, Tyendinaga, Sheffield s/o William & Elizabeth LAWSON married Nellie McDONALD, 28, Sheffield, Sheffield d/o Patrick & Catherine McDONALD wtn: Emma M.L. FORSTER of Thomasburg, 12 February 1890 at Thomasburg
004951-90 (Hastings Co) James LEBOW, 26, yeoman, Westmeath twp Renfrew Co, Monteagle s/o Thompson & Sarah LEBOW married Marcella LIVINGSTONE, 19, Wicklow, McLure d/o James & Margaret LIVINGSTONE wtn: Wesley & Isabella LIVINGSTONE of Monteagle, 9 July 1890 at Monteagle 004931-90 (Hastings Co) Joseph LECROS, 44, labourer, Trenton, Trenton s/o Baptiste LECROS & Henrietta ERA married Martha COOLIN, 48, widow, Trenton, Trenton d/o Hugh CASSIDY & Mary HAYDEN wtn: John HORELIHAN & Louisa LAUZON both of Trenton, 10 November 1890 at Trenton
004932-90 (Hastings Co) Joseph Eugene LEGOS, 26, labourer, Bicencour Que, Trenton s/o Zepherine LEGOS) & Agnes GENES--?(off page) married Rose LAFLEUR, 38, widow, Birlhier PQ, Trenton d/o Bilanie PERREAULT & Rose, wtn: Herman PERREAULT &) Mary LAFLEUR both of Trenton, 11 November 1890 at Trenton 4831-90 Mitchell LESARGE, 27, farmer, Bogart, same, s/o Michael LESARGE & Ellen CORNOYER, married Philomene GENORE, 27, Bogart, same, d/o Alexander GENORE & Catherine CORNOYER, witn: Albert GENORE & Rosa LESARGE, both of Bogart, 8 Oct. 1890 at Tweed
004864-90 Albert H. LINN, 35, farmer, Quebec, Sidney, s/o Heinz & Ann, married Isabella CALVERT, 23, Huntingdon, same, d/o David & Angeline, witn: Jane CALVERT & Martha CARSON both of Huntingdon on Nov. 5, 1890 at Huntingdon 005164-90 John LITTLE, 22, Ontario, Belleville, Labourer, s/o William LITTLE & Mary GARDINER married Mary Eliza PENNY, 21, Ontario, Belleville, d/o William PENNY & Mary CUMMINGS. Wtn: Frank FLYNN & Winifred CUMMINGS of Belleville on June 23, 1890 at Belleville
004849-90 James LOWERY, 31, lumberman, Huntingdon, Tweed, s/o Robert & Mary Jane, married Margaret ROTH, 24, Hungerford, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Henry BENTLEY & Ethel ROTH both of Hungerford on July 9, 1890 at Tweed. 004841-90 (Hastings Co) Brennelda LUCAS, 47, widower, farmer, North Fredericksburgh, Richmond s/o George & Eliza LUCAS married Elizabeth A. DAFOE, 19, Richmond, Richmond d/o William & Gustus DAFOE wtn: John E. GORDON & E.A TIMBERT of Tweed, 15 August 1890 at Tweed
004878-90 (Hastings Co) William LUREY, 28, farmer, Belleville, Rawden s/o George & Eliza LUREY married Elizabeth Jane MARTIN, 26, Rawden, Rawden d/o Gilmore & Margaret MARTIN wtn: Mrs MAWSON, Charlotte LAVENDER & Mary LAVENDER all of Madoc, 1 September 1890 at Madoc 005163-90 Denis LYNCH, 27, Ontario, Toronto, Railroad Man, s/o Denis LYNCH & Ellen O'SULLIVAN married Bridget MANLEY, 25, Ontario, Belleville, d/o James MANLEY & Bridget O'HA? (edge of page, O'Hara?). Wtn: James and M?(edge of page) MANLEY of Belleville on June 9, (edge of page, 1890)
#005109-90 (Hastings Co): John Boydon MARTIN, 33, farmer, Thurlow, Rawdon, s/o Gillmore MARTIN & Margaret McMULLEN, married Mary LEWRY, 26, Belleville, Rawdon, d/o George LEWRY & Annie JOHNSON, witn: George DREWERY of Marmora & Christine BROWN of Seymour, 10 Nov 1890 at St. Johns Church, Stirling 004844-90 (Hastings Co) George C. MARTIN, 23, merchant, Hungerford, Tweed s/o John & Charlotte MARTIN married Ellen EASTERBROOK, 26, Thurlow, Tweed d/o George & Mary J. EASTERBROOK wtn: John EASTERBROOK & Jennie WRIGHT of Tweed, 26 February 1890 at Tweed
004890-90 John MASON, 26, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Levi & Jane, married Alberta BIRD, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Robert COOK & N. BIRD both of Rawdon on Mar. 5, 1890 at Marmora 004953-90 (Hastings Co) William MAXWELL, 21, yeoman, Elzevir, Monteagle s/o James & Jane MAXWELL married Johanna McNAB, 21, Monteagle, New Carlow Corners d/o Robert & Sarah McNAB wtn: Solomon ROBINS of Monteagle & Martha KELLER of Mayo, 1 October 1890 at Monteagle
004884-90 (Hastings Co) Harry MAYBEE, 22, farmer, Cashel twp, Cashel twp s/o Malcolm & Mary MAYBEE married Lucy BURKITT, 16, Limerick twp, Limerick twp d/o John & Elizabeth BURKITT wtn: George F. BURKITT of Limerick & Mary POTTER of Cashel, 30 April 1890 at the residence of Mrs Burkitt in Limerick  
005003-90 (Hastings Co) Christy McCABE, 28, farmer, Eganville, New Carlow s/o Robert & Catherine McCABE married Mary Ann EDWARDS, 21, Wilberforce, New Carlow d/o Thomas & Ruth EDWARDS wtn: George W. RUTLEDGE of Monteagle & Fanny EDWARDS of New Carlow, 8 December 1890 at Bancroft 004900-90 Richard McCALLUM, 26, farmer, Huntingdon, Rawdon, s/o Ralph & Maria, married Hannah Ellen BOYD, 19, Belmont, same, d/o George & Matilda, witn: W. H. BOYD of Belmont & Mary E. BOYD of Marmora on July 17, 1890 at Marmora
4879-91 Charles McCAW, 25, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o James & Jane, married Millie YOUNG, 18, Hamilton, Madoc, d/o Silas & Catherine, witn: Thomas & Lydia BURKETT, 24 Dec 1890 at Madoc village 005160-90 William McDONALD, 27, Ontario, Thurlow, Farmer, s/o Archibald McDONALD & Mary POITRAS married Mary CHAMPAIGNE, 27, Ontario, Thurlow, d/o Gabriel CHAMPAIGNE & Eliza O'BRIEN. Wtn: John CHAMPAIGNE of Thurlow and Jannie DOYLE of Belleville on May 8, 1890 at Belleville
#005091-90 (Hastings Co): Alex James McEWEN, 22, stone cutter, Canada, Huntingdon twp., s/o Alex & Mary Ann, married Martha DEAN, 22, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o John & Ann, witn: A.W. MALLETT & B. COURTICE, both of Thurlow twp., 22 Dec 1890 at Thurlow twp #005111-90 (Hastings Co): Frank Joseph MEHOBY, 22, mechanic, Petone?, San Francisco, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Maud A. VANDERVOORT, 23, Rawdon, same, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: Walter W. DRACUP & Etta M. TUCKER, both of Rawdon, 26 Nov 1890 at Rawdon
004942-90 (Hastings Co) William H. MESLEY, 26, labourer, Stirling, Trenton s/o John & Naomi WESLEY married Emma JONES, 18, Brighton, Trenton d/o Henry & Mary JONES wtn: Orin JONES & Martha GREEN both of Trenton, 29 November 1890 at Trenton 004867-90 John MILLS, 23, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Martin MILLS & Isabella NICHOLS married Elizabeth McCANN, 23, Rawdon, Huntingdon, d/o father's name not known (as written) Sarah McCANN, witn: Thomas MILLS & Carrie LIDSTER both of Huntingdon on Dec. 23, 1890 at Huntingdon
004875-90 (Hastings Co) Edward Nelson MITTS, 26, farmer, Huntingdon, Huntingdon s/o Cornelius & Mary MITTS married Lizzie FERGUSON, 18, Huntingdon, Huntingdon d/o Robert & Elizabeth FERGUSON wtn: O.R LAMBLY & Maude LAMBLY both of Madoc, 24 February 1890 at Madoc  
004876-90 (Hastings Co) George MONAGHAN, 20, farmer, Wollaston, Wollaston s/o Michael & Elizabeth MONAGHAN married Sarah DRUM, 17, Murray twp, Wollaston d/o Edward & Elizabeth DRUM wtn: O.R. LAMBLY & Maude LAMBLY both of Madoc, 14 April 1890 at Madoc 005169-90 Charles MOON, 26, Sidney Tp., same, Ironsmith, s/o John MOON & Clarissa MOON married Eleanor LOVELESS, 21, Prince Edward Co., Sydney Tp., s/o Hiram LOVELESS & Jane LOVELESS. Wtn: Alma DUPRAN of Belleville and Oliver DUPRAN on July 16, 1890 at Belleville
004874-90 (Hastings Co) William Samuel MOONEY, 29, guard at penitentiary, Portsmouth, Portsmouth s/o John & Jane MOONEY married Annie McCOY, 20, Napanee, Madoc d/o Edmund M. & Elizabeth McCOY wtn: Mina McCOY & Fraser McCOY both of Madoc, 15 January 1890 at Madoc 004947-90 (Hastings Co) James Patrick MOORE, 25, yeoman, Faraday, Wicklow s/o Josias & Mary MOORE married Sarah LAWSON, 21, Monteagle, Wicklow d/o Haviland LAWSON & Ann GLEN wtn: John LAWSON & Jeanna McLEOD of Wicklow, 15 July 1890 at Wicklow
004906-90 Caleb MUIN--?(Page cut off), 20, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Charles & Margaret, married L. SPRY, 21, Rawdon, same, d/o Richard & Maria, witn: S. McCAMUS & Hattie OSBORNE both of Marmora on Nov. 8, 1890 at Marmora 005025-90 (Hastings Co) Edward MURRAY, 29, stone cutter, Boston, Thurlow s/o Harding MURRAY & Mary Ann STIRK married Orray SPOONER, 16, Tyendinaga, Thurlow d/o Hiram SPOONER & Josephine BEDFORD wtn: Lester SPOONER & Mary SPOONER both of Tyendinaga, 18 February 1890 at Shannonville
004905-90 Mark NICHOLS, 68, miner, widower, Cornwall England, Marmora Tp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Rachael C. BENEDICK (Benedict?), 69, widow, Sidney Tp., Marmora, d/o John & Nancy TOOKE, witn: Baldwin C. HUBBLE & Louisa C. CLAIRMONT both of Marmora on Oct. 9, 1890 at Marmora. 004903-90 Robert NICKLE, 27, farmer, Madoc Tp., same, s/o William & Catherine, married Margaret Jane WILEY, 27, Marmora Tp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: William J. WILEY & Sarah FOX both of Marmora on Sept 30, 1890 at Marmora
004866-90 John ORR, 23, car inspector, Canada, Tweed, s/o James & Sarah, married Lillie J. McCUMBER, 20, Huntingdon, same, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Lilly GAY & Elizabeth McCUMBER both of Huntingdon on Dec. 3, 1890 at Huntingdon 004950-90 (Hastings Co) Silvanus PARKS, 19, yeoman, Madoc, Monteagle s/o Thomas & Rosa PARKS married Margaret M. SAGER, 18, Tyendinaga twp, Monteagle d/o James & Thankful SAGER wtn: Albert COLP & Elizabeth COLP of Monteagle, 18 September 1890 at Monteagle
005033-90 (Hastings Co) Donald Cameron PAUL, 25, farmer, Sheffield, Willoughly NWT s/o Robert PAUL & Mary STEWART married Agnes SHELTER, 21, Campden, Tyendinaga d/o Matthew SHELTER & Annie CLOSE wtn: Charles LIDDLE of Shannonville & Alice NORMAN of Belleville, 8 October 1890 at Tyendinaga 005030-90 (Hastings Co) Walter Ross PENNICK (Pennock?), 28, cheese maker, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o Joseph PENNICK & Elizabeth COONEY married Annie Jane Anderson RANDALL, 24, Shannonville, Shannonville d/o Ansel B. RANDALL & Elizabeth M. VALLEAU wtn: Mrs Amelia CAMPBELL & Mrs E. Dewart LEWIS of Shannonville, 13 August 1890 at Kingston [with note: "Married on GTR in Pullman car near & just after leaving Kingston"]
#005097-90 (Hastings Co): Harry E. PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Tyendinaga twp., Thurlow twp., s/o Jones & Rachel, married Florence MEYERS, 18, Oshawa, Thurlow, d/o Tobias & Mary M., witn: Clayton SHEFFIELD & Blanche ALLISON, both of Thurlow, 29 Oct 1890 at Plainfield 004891-90 Edward A. PLANE, 31, farmer, Canada, Madoc, s/o John & Martha, married Margaret ARTES, 21, Canada, Belleville, d/o John & Mary A., witn: John & Harriett NICHOL both of Marmora on Mar. 1, 1890 at Marmora
#005115-90 (Hastings Co): Robert POUNDER, 22, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Robert & Mina, married Annie LLOYD, 19, Rawdon, same, d/o John & Jessie, witn: Florence C. POUNDER of Rawdon, 30 Dec 1890 at Stirling 4833-90 John PRICE, 23, farmer, Hungerford, Bogart, s/o Supream PRICE & Emma TURCOTT, married Malissa DASHAWA, 28, Bogart, same, d/o Henry DASHAWA & Mabella RIVERS, witn: Peter DASHAWA & Mary PRICE, both of Hungerford, 21 Sept 1890 at Tweed
004929-90 (Hastings Co) Edward QUIGLEY, 27, bookkeeper, Syracuse NY, Syracuse NY s/o James QUIGLEY & Bridget SCANLON married Margaret McKERNAN, 25, Oswego NY, Trenton d/o Roderick McKERNAN & Ann COYNE, wtn: Annie JULIAN & Frank McKERNAN both of Trenton, 28 October 1890 at Trenton 4830-90 John QUINN, 26, store keeper, Ireland, Tweed, s/o John & Mary, married Kate MURPHY, 22, Tweed, Bogart, d/o Francis MURPHY & Catherine KINLAN, witn: James MURPHY of Bogart & Margaret COLLINS of Tweed, 17 Sept 1890 at Tweed
#005114-90 (Hastings Co): Robert READ, 28, farmer, England, Sidney, s/o Edwin & Jennet, married Ella J. FORGEY (or Fagey), 23, Huntingdon, same, d/o Peter & Heney?, witn: James HEGERTY of Huntingdon & Maggie BROWN of Belleville, 15 Oct 1890 at Huntingdon 004882-90 (Hastings Co) Wesley REID, 20, farmer, Limerick twp, Limerick twp s/o Anson & Rachel REID married Nettie Ann GODFRY, 14, Campbellford, Limerick twp d/o John & Mellissa GODFRY wtn: Frances J. PHILLIPS of Tudor & William H. CHISHOLM of Limerick, 5 March 1890 at the residence of Anson REID in Limerick
  005034-90 (Hastings Co) John RHOADAMES, 45, Urbania Ohio, Ernestown s/o Jeremiah RHOADAMES & Christina NEILL married Isabella BARBER, 24, Shannonville, Shannonville d/o James BARBER & Jane MIDDLETON wtn: William MUNDELL & Mrs RATTRAY of Melrose, 8 October 1890 at The Manse in Melrose
005170-90 William J. RITZ, 30, Guelph, Point Ann, Stone Cutter, s/o John RITZ & Mary RITZ married Ida May BLACK, 27, Mariposa, Point Ann, d/o John BLACK & Caroline BLACK. Wtn: David BLACK of Thurlow Tp., and Ethel BLACK of Thurlow Tp., on August 27, 1890 at Belleville 004949-90 (Hastings Co) Solomon ROBINS, 22, yeoman, Madoc, Monteagle s/o William & Elizabeth ROBINS married Martha KELLER, 17, Sidney twp, Mayo twp d/o Peter & Julia Melissa ROBINS wtn: William MAXWELL of Monteagle & Johanna McNAB of Carlow twp, 1 October 1890 at Monteagle
#005110-90 (Hastings Co): John ROBSON, 22, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o Edward ROBSON & Catherine CANE, married Mary Ellen KERR, 2, Huntingdon, Rawdon, d/o James KERR & Catherine JUSTICE, witn: George KERR of Stirling & Sophia ROBINSON of Marmora, 5 Nov 1890 at St. James Church, Rawdon 004902-90 John Edward ROTHWELL, 25, mining engineer, Ontario, Deadwood Dakota USA, s/o Hugh & Felicia Sarah, married Martha PLATO, 20, Bridgewater Ont., Marmora, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Charles B. ROTHWELL of Kingston & Mabel DEVLIN of Marmora on Aug. 9, 1890 at St. Paul's Church Marmora.
004945-90 (Hastings Co) Michael RYAN, 22, labourer, Trenton, Trenton s/o Daniel RYAN & Fanny REGON?, married Mary Ann HULSEY, 20, Trenton, Trenton d/o James HULSEY & Mary HOOLIHAN wtn: J.A. O'ROURKE & Sarah RYAN both of Trenton, 18 December 1890 at Trenton  
004840-90 (Hastings Co) Thomas SAGER, 24, farmer, Deseronto, Shannonville s/o Andrew & Heloise SAGER married Emily RATH, 22, Hungerford, Hungerford d/o James & Mary RATH wtn: Mary RATH & George RATH of Hungerford, 11 March 1890 at Tweed 005031-90 (Hastings Co) Robert Newton SAMSON, 28, farmer, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga s/o Robert SAMSON & Mary Ann McNEIL married Minnie GORDON, 20, Brighton, Kingsford d/o James Bruce GORDON & Fanny DREWRY wtn: William O. GERMAN of Marysville & Mabel L. AYLESWORTH of Napanee, 17 September 1890 at Kingsford
004865-90 John W. SEELY, 20, blacksmith, Ivanhoe, same, s/o Lyman SEELY & Susan PREST, married Emma EVANS, 21, Madoc, Huntingdon, d/o William John EVANS & Martha WADINGTON, witn: John LIDSTER & Abigail SEELY both of Huntingdon on Oct. 29, 1890 at Huntingdon 005029-90 (Hastings Co) John Edward SEXSMITH, 24, contractor, Richmond, Richmond s/o J.J. SEXSMITH & H. REED married Alice M. CURTIS, 16, Richmond, Richmond d/o Newcombe CURTIS wtn: W.G. SEXSMITH & H.C. CREEPER both of Shannonville, 6 September 1890 at Shannonville
005165-90 Alfred SKINNER, 19, St. Catherines, Belleville, Sailor, s/o James & Elizabeth Wicket SKINNER Keane married Margaret CRAWFORD, 21, Tyendinaga, Belleville, d/o David & Sarah Oakely CRAWFORD. Wtn: James KEANE of Belleville and Mary S. JONES of Brockville on July 17, 1890 at my own residence in Belleville 005006-90 (Hastings Co) John Leslie SMITH, 24, farmer, Madoc twp, Madoc twp s/o John & Catherine SMITH married Annie PHILLIPS, 17, Limerick twp, Limerick twp d/o William & Sarah PHILLIPS wtn: George DYER & Elizabeth PHILLIPS both of Limerick twp, 7 October 1890 at the residence of John SMITH in Tudor twp
004939-90 (Hastings Co) Richard Henry SPENCER, 30, accountant, Camden twp, Trenton s/o Hazelton SPENCER & Mira Ann HOWLEY married Fannie Isabella JAMES, 26, Trenton, Trenton d/o James HOWLEY (deceased) & Eliza MAY wtn: Susanna JAMES & Hobart VANHORN both of Trenton, 12 November 1890 at the home of the bride's mother 005009-90 (Hastings Co) John STANHOPE, 20, piler of lumber, Shannonville, Deseronto s/o George & Nancy STANHOPE married Georgina KELLY, 18, Napanee, Napanee d/o Samuel & Victoria KELLY wtn: George STANHOPE & Sarah L. STEWART both of Deseronto, 8 January 1890 at Deseronto
005012-90 (Hastings Co) Thomas Allen STEWART, 30, Richmond, Deseronto s/o George & Mary Ann STEWART married Mary Emma BROWN, 19, Richmond, Deseronto d/o Thomas & Emily V. BROWN wtn: Tom S. NAYLOR & Etta BROWN both of Deseronto, 26 February 1890 at St. Mark’s Church in Deseronto 005020-90 (Hastings Co) William E. STEWART, 24, machinist, Canada, Deseronto s/o John & Margaret STEWART married Annabel HOGLE, 23, Canada, Deseronto d/o Benjamin & Abigail HOGLE wtn: William HUFF & Lizzie HOGLE both of Deseronto, 17 December 1890 at Deseronto
  004847-90 Robert STORING, 25, yeoman, Richmond, same, s/o Gordon STORING & Jane PRINGLE, married Ida PRINGLE, 20, Richmond, same, d/o Riley PRINGLE & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn: Mrs MORAN & Maggie BURTON both of Marlbank Hungerford Tp. on Jan. 22, 1890 at Marlbank
5199-90 Robert SYMONS, 32, harness maker, Belleville, Yeoman Street, s/o William SYMONS & Louisa, married Flora ROOT, 27, Prince Edward Co., Bridge St., d/o Heyland ROOT & Jane, witn: A.M. & Bertha SYMONS, both of Coleman St., 1 Dec 1890 at St. Johns Church, Belleville #005089-90 (Hastings Co): George W. TEAGER (Seager?), 42, farmer, Canada, Thurlow twp., s/o Peter & Mariah, married Lydia Uretta DAVIS, 29, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Philip & Mary, witn: Harry L. DAVIS & Almedia WATKINS, both of Tyendinaga, 27 May 1890 at Canifton
005018-90 (Hastings Co) Andrew THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Canada, Mohawk Reserve in Tyendinaga s/o William & Louisa THOMPSON married Emma PARKER, 22, Canada, Tamworth d/o William & Annie PARKER wtn: Mary E. RICE & Edith COATES both of Deseronto, 3 December 1890 at the Methodist Parsonage in Deseronto #005095-90 (Hastings Co): Frederick THOMPSON, 23, currier, Belleville, same, s/o William & "wife", married Nellie PIERSE, (Pierce?), 20, Sheffield, Belleville, d/o William & Anna, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.C. BAKER of Canifton, 19 Sept 1890 at College Hill, Thurlow twp
004856-90 Sydmer THRASHER, 51, farmer, widower, Thurlow Tp., same, s/o Zadoc & Abigail, married Margaret Ann LATCHFORD, 46, widow, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Elias & Rosann PARKS, witn: Emma M. S. FORSTER & Mary A. BARBER, no place of residences given, on Nov. 12, 1890 at Thomasburgh  
004885-90 (Hastings Co) Charles Augustine TONES (Toms?), 30. farmer, London England, Cashel s/o Edward & Anna TONES, married Mary Elizabeth GUNTER, 29, Cashel, Cashel d/o Abraham & Amanda GUNTER wtn: Mary J. GUNTER & Wallace BROWN both of Cashel, 20 August 1890 at the Methodist Parsonage in St Ola 4829-90 Francis TRUDO (s/b Trudeau?), 25, mechanic, Hungerford, Stoco, s/o Francis TRUDO & Sarah GENORE, married Rosalie LASHWA, 22, Tweed, same, d/o Nelson LASHWA & Edese RASHOLT, witn: Christopher TRUDO & Rosaline LESHWA (sic), both of Hungerford, 10 May 1890 at Tweed
004908-90 Luther S. TUCKER, 24, laborer, Rawdon Tp., Belmont Tp., s/o George & Caroline, married Amy BROWN, 21, Belmont Tp., same, d/o Absalom & Ann, witn: Sarah McCAMUS & Lizzie HEWSON both of Marmora on Nov. 26, 1890 at Marmora. (Meth) #005096-90 (Hastings Co): William Burton TUFTS, 26, farmer, Canada, Thurlow twp., s/o Stephen & Charlotte, married Victoria H.A. DAFOE, 24, Canada, Thurlow twp., d/o Benjamin & Frances, witn: Stephen J. & Alice Jane TUFTS of Huntingdon, 24 Sept 1890 at Halloway, Thurlow twp
004898-90 Henry UNIVILL (UNIVISE?) 23, farmer, Middlesex Co., Madoc, s/o Walker & Sophia, married Ella Blanche KETCHESON, 22, Huntingdon Tp., same, d/o Elijah & Martha, witn: Angeline H. BUCKLEY & Fanny HARRIS both of Marmora on June 21, 1890 at Marmora 005004-90 (Hastings Co) Robert John VADER, 22, farmer, Richmond (near Napanee), Faraday s/o John & Easter VADER married Ann Amelia BLACK, 21, Sheffield twp in Addington Co, Faraday d/o James Nelson & Margaret Ann BLACK wtn: George ALLEN & Susan BLACK both of Faraday, 23 December 1890 at Bancroft
005026-90  Z--? VAN VALKENBURG, Camden, Thurlow, s/o Paul VAN VALKENBURG? & Sophia ?--URRE--?, married Emily PALMER, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Obediah PALMER & Ludinda FALLS?, witn: M.E. DAVIS? & Mary illegible, both of Shannonville, 3? April 1890 at Shannonville [damaged reg’n] 004955-90 (Hastings Co) Morris VOLLICK, 23, farmer, Rawden, Rawden s/o James & Catherine VOLLICK married Ellen BULPIT, 18, England, Madoc d/o Henry & Mary Ann BULPIT wtn: Stephen McQUADE & Lillie VOLLICK both of Rawden, 28 June 1890 at Queensboro
  004863-90 John H. WADSWORTH, 36, laborer, Aylmer, Deseronto, s/o William WADSWORTH & Mary Ann SMITH, married Ellen Lilian HOWARD, 28, Thurlow, Huntingdon, d/o Jonas HOWARD & Amanda SERGANT, witn: Matthew EMERSON & Ellen HOWARD both of Huntingdon on July 9, 1890 at Huntingdon
004928-90 (Hastings Co) Thomas C. WARREN, 23, labourer, Canada, Trenton s/o Thomas & Harriet married Catherine ROSE, 24, Canada, Trenton d/o Samuel & Sarah wtn: George H. CROUDER of Trenton & Louisa CROUDER of Prince Edward Co, 8 October 1890 at Trenton 004910-90 Joseph Henry WARREN, 31, blacksmith, widower, Colborne, Marmora, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Elsie Alberta WEESE, 19, Marmora, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Mary REYNOLDS of Harold Ontario & Thomas R. WARREN of Marmora on Dec. 23, 1890 at Marmora
005019-90 (Hastings Co) William F. WEDMARK, 34, widower, filer, Burrett’s Rapids, Deseronto s/o Frederick & Rhoda WEDMARK married Euphemia F. INNES, 26, Teeswater Ontario, Deseronto d/o Campbell & Jane INNES wtn: Robert M. JACK & Mrs R. FRALICK & Mrs W. CARTER all of Deseronto, 10 December 1890 at Deseronto 005010-90 (Hastings Co) John WELBANKS, 26, farmer, Prince Edward Co, Prince Edward Co s/o David & Mary WELBANKS married Annie Pearl HARE, 25, Prince Edward Co, Deseronto s/o Daniel & Mary HARE wtn: David THOMPSON & Daniel DULMAGE both of Prince Edward Co, 28 January 1890 at Deseronto
004886-90 (Hastings Co) Arthur Henry WELCH, 23, farmer, New York State, St Ola s/o David & Rebecca WELCH married Josephine Mary EMBURY, 15, Madoc twp, St Ola d/o Wesley & Mary EMBURY wtn: Katie EMBURY of St Ola & Henry HAM of Limerick, 21 October 1890 at the residence of William MARTIN in St Ola #005087-90 (Hastings Co): William Casey WELLS, 63, widower, harness maker, Fredericksburgh twp., Thurlow twp., s/o Allen & Marthy, married Eliza Ann MEYERS, 51, Sidney, same, d/o John & Mary Mariah MEYERS, witn: Carrie & Florence MEYERS of Plainfield, 16 April 1890 at Plainfield
004830-91 Jeremiah J. WEST, 37, Hungerford, same, Farmer, s/o Jeremiah WEST & Mary Jane JOHNSTON married Alice E. LLOYD, 25, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Daniel L. LLOYD & Mary Ann BRENTNAL. Wtn: William A. LLOYD and Effie BADGLEY of Thurlow on December 24, 1890 at Tyendinaga 005032-90 (Hastings Co) Oren WHITE, 26, painter, Rockport, Lansdowne s/o Hugh WILLIAMS & Margaret WHITE married Phoebe C. CLASE (Close?), 20, Fredericksburg, Shannonville d/o William & Ann CLASE wtn: William WARNER & Carrie CLASE of Shannonville, 4 October 1890 at Shannonville
005166-90 George Alex WICKETT, 23, Belleville, same, Railroading, s/o James WICKETT & Eliza CH?ROY married Victoria Ann THRASHER, 21, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o Joseph THRASHER & Agnes THOMPSON. Wtn: Joseph NILESON of Belleville and Ida VANDEWATER of Belleville on July 30, 1890 at Belleville 004946-90 (Hastings Co) John German WILLIAMS, 47, widower, gentleman, Athol, Picton s/o Archelaus & Jane WILLIAMS married Sophia CLARKE, 40, Hallowell, Picton d/o Joseph & Phoebe CLARKE wtn: Benjamin CLARKE of Picton, 9 June 1890 at Trenton
005172-90 Jonathan WILSON, 23, Madoc, Thurlow, Blacksmith, s/o William & Emily married Maggie M. SPENCER, 21, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o Samuel & Debie (Deborah). Wtn: Lilly BARCLAY of Port Hope and E. M. COPELAND of Belleville on September 3, 1890 at Belleville 005021-90 (Hastings Co) John WIMS, 30, carpenter, Read, Read s/o (no names given) married Bridgett CORRIGAN, 24, Read, Read d/o (no names given) wtn: James WIMS & Margaret CORRIGAN both of Tyendinaga, 3 February 1890 at Read
5198-90 Henry J. WOOD, 25, plumber, Ernestown, Kingston, s/o Dennis & Ann, married Sarah H. FORSYTH, 25, Clough Mills - Antrim Ireland, Kingston, d/o Robert & Margaret Ann, witn: Etta M. WOOD & W.G. SIMMONS, both of Kingston, 24 Dec 1890 at Belleville 005011-90 (Hastings Co) Henry A. WOOLLEY, 25, captain in salvation army, Nottingham England, Stirling s/o Henry & Sarah WOOLLEY married Mary A. CLARK, 26, Fredericksburg. Stirling d/o Ephraim & Sarah CLARK wtn: Nathan Miller McDONALD & Mertle Hamly McDONALD (or Nathan MILLER & Mertle HAMLEY, both of McDonald), 6 March 1890 at Deseronto
005174-90 - R. F. WORTH, 26, Devonshire England, St. Paul Nebraska, Physician & Surgeon, s/o William Henry & Mary Ann WORTH married Sarah Eleanor SIMPSON, 29, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, Belleville, d/o Robert SIMPSON & Margery SIMPSON. Wtn: Hattie GAIF of Belleville and Chas A. HART of Belleville on September 10, 1890 at Belleville 005023-90 (Hastings Co) William G. WRIGHT, 25, farmer, Huntingdon, Madoc s/o Alexander WRIGHT & Charlotte Ann McCOY married Della Amelia COLE, 22, Shannonville, Tyendinaga d/o Lucius Elanson COLE & Emeline BADGLEY wtn: Hawley WRIGHT of Madoc & Emma PARKS of Tyendinaga, 29 January 1890 at Tyendinaga
004938-90 (Hastings Co) William P. YOUNG, 21, labourer, Canada, Shannonville s/o Stewart & Catharine married Alice BEATTY, 18, Canada, Trenton d/o James & Sarah wtn: Benjamin FULLER? of Shannonville & Alice BEATTY of Trenton, 19 August 1890 at Trenton #005103-90 (Hastings), James L. YOUNG, 28, carpenter, Consecon, Consecon, s/o Aaron & Norma YOUNG, married Martha CHEINE, 26, Consecon, Consecon, d/o Daniel & Jane CHEINE, witn: Jacob & Matilda EMPEY of Trenton, 1 Jan 1890, Trenton