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Hastings Co., 1896


#005222-96 (Hastings Co) H.C. ADAMS, 26, Belleville, Trenton, b, stone mason, s/o Augustus ADAMS & Mary SADRAE?, married Charlotte CRONKWRIGHT, 26, Huntingford, Trenton, S, s/o N. CRONKWRIGHT & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, witn; Hector CRONKWRIGHT, Ella M. DILWORTH, both Trenton, married 16 September 1896, Trenton 5302-96 (Hastings Co): James AKEY, 21, farmer, Ontario, Hungerford twp., s/o Peter & Mary, married Henrietta WILSON, 21, Ontario, Elziver twp., d/o John & Christena, witn: C.T & Mrs. C.T. LEWIS of Tweed, 27 April 1896 at St. James Parsonage, Tweed
#005227-96 (Hastings Co) Wm John ALLAN, 26, George Town Ont, Trenton, b, merchant, s/o James & Priscilla ALLAN, married Rosa May BOWEN, 18, Richmond Twp, Trenton, s, d/o John & Mary BOWEN, witn: R.K. DEVSLIN of Marmora, MM. ALLAN of Trenton, married 2 September 1896, Trenton 5163-96 (Hastings Co): Ernest A. ARNOTT, 21, farmer, Stafford England, Thurlow, s/o not given, married Ella SIMPSON, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Mary Jane SIMPSON & blank, witn: Maggie SIMPSON & George CHAMBERS, both of Thurlow, 8 April 1896 at Thurlow
5171-96 Joseph C. ASHLEY, 24, baggage master, Foxboro, same, s/o Charles & Mary, married Libby WICKETT, 21, Foxboro, same, d/o Richard & Emma, witn: Lucy D. McRAE of Belleville & Walter RAMSAY of Foxboro, 6 May 1896 at Foxboro 5144-96 Moses BEAUDRY, 23, farmer, Raglan, same, s/o John BEAUDRY & Anna BEAUDRICK, married Adeline BANDY, 18, Mayo, same, d/o Richard BANDY & Elizabeth LONEY, witn: George & Sarah BANDY of Mayo, 31 March 1896 at Mayo
005532-96 - Joseph BELL, 35, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, Widower, d/o William & Catharine BELL, married Ida Margaret ANDERSON, 30, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John & Elizabeth ANDERSON, wtn: Martha TROTTER & Mary FAPAR?, both of Belleville, on December 23, 1896, at Belleville 005329-96 George BENTLEY, no age given, New York U.S.A., Dungannon Tp., Widower, farmer, s/o Henery & Annie D., married Emma Victoria PELSHAN, no age given, Dungannon Tp., same, d/o Francis PELSHAN & Mary Ann PELSHAN. Wtn: Timothy and Minerva LIVINGSTON of Bennson on April 1, 1896 at res of Francis PELSHAN in Bennson
005307-96 Robert Edward BLAKELY, 27, Madoc, same, Farmer, s/o Robert BLAKELY & Jane BOYCE married Annie A. CAVERLY, 19, Marmora, Madoc, d/o Miles CAVERLY & Elsie WILLIAMS. Wtn: Fred BLAKELY of Madoc and Clara CAVERLY of Marmora on January 1, 1896 at Marmora 005269-96 Melbourn BOWEN, 22, farmer, Richmond, Elziver, s/o Henry & Eliza Jane, married Cordelia KELLAR, 23, Elziver, same, d/o John KELLAR & M.A. JOHNSTON, witn: H. J. & Mabel M. KELLAR both of Elziver on Jan. 8, 1896 at Elziver Twp
005260-96 (Hastings), Thomas BRADSHAW, 47, farmer, Tyendinaga, Elziver, B, Methodist,s/o Benjamin BRADSHAW & Margt MURRY, m. Jessie McGUIRE, 25, Huntingdon, Huntingdon, S, Methodist, d/o Saml McGUIRE & Ann McLURE, w: Charles McGUIRE Huntigndon & Maggie BRADSHAW Elziver, 12 Aug 1896, Madoc Village 005143-96 Herbert BUSH, 25, Murray, same, Farmer, s/o William & Helen BUSH married Maggie NUGENT, 20, Wollaston, same, d/o Thomas & Jane NUGENT, Wollaston. Wtn: W. T. B. CROMBIE of The Ridge and M.S. NUGENT of Wollaston on February 25, 1896 at Wollaston
#005229-96 (Hastings Co) Arthur E. BYWATERS, 27, Ontario, Trenton, b, jeweler, s/o R.E. BYWATERS & Elizabeth TRAIN?, married Mary Annie LITTLE, 26, Murray twp, same, s, d/o George LITTLE & Mary FOSTER, witn; James LITTLE of Murray twp, Annie BYWATERS of Trenton, married 9 September 1896, Trenton 5145-96 Charles CAMPBELL, 20, farmer, Elziver, Mayo, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Lucy ADAMS, married Ruth WANNAMAKER, 23, Marmora, Mayo, d/o Thomas WANNAMAKER & Rachel HANNAH, witn: Archibald WANNAMAKER of Mayo & Olivia CAMPBELL of Elziver, 29 April 1896 at Mayo
5276-96 (Hastings Co): William Henry CARPENTER, 55, widower, sheriff, England, Rat Portage, s/o Thomas G. CARPENTER & Sophia HATTEN, married Annie LAWRENCE, 28, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Francis LAWRENCE & Adelaide McCAMON, witn: W.J. & Mable M. LAWRENCE of Tweed, 22 Jan 1896 at Hungerford #005224-96 (Hastings Co) James CARR, 25, Sidney Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o George CARR & Mary A. DUFFEY, married Edith ELLIS, 21, Sidney Twp, same, s, d/o Tobias ELLIS & Matilda BEAUMAUX?, witn: Cassie M. HORTON, Bethena B. HORTON, both Trenton, married 3 October 1896, Trenton
  005258-96 John CASSELMAN, 22, farmer, of Madoc Twp., s/o Francis CASSELMAN & Maria FINCH, married Caroline WALKER, 18, Hungerford Twp., same, d/o Jedidiah WALKER & Maria PARK, witn: Lezille E. BROWN of Madoc & M. A. CLENDERMIN, of Stouffville on July 8, 1896 at Madoc
5170-96 John Henry CAVERLY, 27, laborer, Plainfield, same, s/o Peter & Maneroy?, married Eliza Jane LUCAS, 20, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Amos & Sarah, witn: James GAY & Bella ADAMS, both of Foxboro, 6 Jan 1896 at Foxboro 5293-96 (Hastings Co): Peter CHAMBERLAIN, 34, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Pascal CHAMBERLAIN & Delila CASSIBE, married Emelia BOSLEY, 27, Hungerford, same, d/o Louis BOSLEY & Emelia LAPRAD, witn: Joseph CASSIBE & Julia BOSLEY, 3 Nov 1896 at Tweed (Rom Cath)
005138-96 Hiram CHISHOLM, 25, Chisholm Rapids ?, Limerick Tp.,  Yeoman, s/o Alexander & Susan CHISHOLM married Betsy GUNTER, 25, Cashel Tp., same, d/o Hiram & Margaret GUNTER. Wtn: William GUNTER of Cashel and Trihe? REID of Limerick Tp. on May 5, 1896 at Cashel 5159-96 (Hastings Co): Wilmot CLAPP, 30, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Benjamin & Catherine, married Eliza PEAKE, 24, Seymour, Thurlow, d/o Frances & Harriet, witn: Maggie & Walter P. MEYERS of Thurlow, 26 Feb 1896 at Thurlow
005268-96 Jerry CLARK, 25, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o Wm & Eliza, married Sarah ALEXANDER, 18, Elziver, same, d/o John & Frances, witn: Emma WIAMOND & Robert WIGGINS both of Elziver Twp. on Dec. 23, 1896 at Elziver Twp 5198-96 (Hastings Co): Edward CLARK, 21, farmer, Hillier twp., same, s/o James & Mary, married Gertrude BUCHANAN, 19, Hillier twp., same, d/o George & Mary, witn: M.S. & Ethel JOHNSTON of Trenton, 28 Jan 1896 at Trenton
005499-96 (Hastings Co.) Adolphus CLEMENT, 28, Wid., Miller, Cannifton, Belleville, s/o Ambrose & Alf (? – likely Olive) CLEMENT & married Nellie MOORE, 20, Bancroft, Belleville, d/o Robert & Amelia MOORE, Witn.: William WILSON of Belleville, Sadie WILSON of Plainfield (?), July 22, 1896, at Belleville 005172-95 Edwin Ansen COLEMAN, 21, miller, Castleton, same, s/o William & Eliza Ann, married Marie (?) Emily FREDERICK, 21, Belleville, Trenton, d/o Paul & Lucinda, witn: R. COLEMAN of Castleton & Edith GREEN of Belleville on Jan. 1, 1896 at Trenton
  5286-96 (Hastings Co): Richard CONLIN, 34, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Richard CONLIN & Mary BOYLE, married Jane CASSIDY, 29, Hungerford, same, d/o Mathew CASSIDY & Sarah McGRATH, witn: John CASSIDY & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, both of Hungerford, 27 April 1896 at Sugar Island (Rom Cath)
005262/96 (Hastings), John A. CONNELL, 26, minister, Smiths Falls, Bixley Twp., s/o James CONNELL & Olivia WILSON, m. Christina A. GUFFIN, 28, Madoc, Madoc, d/o Spencer GUFFIN & Clarissa BARAGAR, w: H.B. ROWE of Eldorado & Mand GUFFIN of Madoc, 2 Sep 1896, Madoc Village 005502-96 (Hastings Co.) Edmund COOLEY, 30, Clerk (?), Tyendinaga, Belleville, s/o John & Jane COOLEY, married Mary Ellen MACOUN, 25, Belleville, Belleville, d/o James & Margaret MACOUN, Witn.: John BISHOP, Annie BISHOP, both of Rochester N.Y., August 5, 1896, at Belleville
5146-96 (Hastings Co): Robert Andrew CRAFT, 34, doctor, Hallowell twp., Plainfield, s/o John & Sarah A., married Lillian Luella BECKWITH, 30, widow, Plainfield, same, d/o John & Mary Ann HALL, witn: W.H. MELBURN & Kate SHOREY, both of Thurlow, 6 May 1896 at Plainfield, Thurlow twp 5169-96 (Hastings Co): Willie C. DAFOE, 26, carpenter, Illinois, Thurlow, s/o James C. & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane HUDGINS, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o Nelson Adam & M--?, witn: Lena SINE of Sidney & Elias HUDGINS of Selby, 8 Jan 1896 at Thurlow
5150-96 (Hastings Co): Egbert DEMOREST, 25, farmer, Murray twp., Thurlow twp., s/o Charles & Emeretta, married Alice Maud PHILLIPS, 24, Thurlow twp., same, d/o Joseph William, & Emma Cecilia, witn: Edward BAKER of Toronto & Clara PHILLIPS of Thurlow, 8 Oct 1896 at Thurlow twp 5295-96 (Hastings Co): William John DODDS, 24, clerk, London England, Prince Edward Co., s/o Isabella & William Tait DODDS, married Adda Mabel CANNIFF, 22, Hungerford, same, d/o Allen & Lorinda, witn: Batha CANNIFF & Mary Ella DAKE, both of Hungerford, 12 Nov 1896 at Thomasburg
005139-96 Lucius? G. DONALD, 21, Hixville, Cardiff, Farmer, s/o Jas. & Margaret DONALD married Eliza Jane SHIELDS, 22, Pittsburg U.S.A., Chandos, d/o Jas. & Margaret SHIELDS. Wtn: Mrs. George SEABORNE and Mrs. John SEABORNE of Wallaston on January 15, 1896 at Wollaston 005141-96 William Norris? DOXEE, 23, Rodon (Rawdon), Wollaston, Farmer, s/o William & Eliza DOXEE married Mary SHORT, 19, Brighton, Wollaston, d/o John & Jane SHORTS, Wollaston. Wtn: S. F. DIXON of Coe Hill and Alice LIVY of Coe Hill on May 6, 1896 at Wollaston
5296-96 (Hastings Co): Edward DWYER, 40, widower, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Dennis DWYER & Anna MURPHY, married Rosa SMYTHE, 25, Hungerford, same, d/o John SMYTHE & Rosa FLYNN, witn: Hugh DONNELLY & Minnie BURNS, 23 Dec 1896 at St. Edmund's Church, Hungerford (Rom Cath) 5273-96 Thomas EASTERBROOK, 22, railroading, Tweed, same, s/o Thomas EASTERBROOK & Edith BLAND, married Roxa KLEINSLINTEN?, 25, Elziver, Bridgewater, d/o C. KLEINSLINTEN & C. WHITTHOUR, witn: Simon ASHLEY of Sidney & Martha KLEINSLINTEN (Kleinstuben?) of Elziver, 7 Sept 1896 at Elziver
005324-96 Richard L. EDWARDS, 29, Wilberforce, Carlow, Farmer, s/o Thomas EDWARDS & Ruth EDWARDS married Adilia GRANT, 20, Wicklow, same, d/o Jonas GRANT & Maraha (sic) GRANT. Wtn: Samuel EDWARDS of New Carlow and Lizzie GRANT of Wicklow on April 6, 1896 at Bancroft 6665-97 George EMPEY, 32, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Levins EMPEY & Catherine VUDEL?, married Alice COMERFORD, 23, Madoc, same, d/o John COMERFORD & Janet McILROY, witn: Arthur EMPEY & Nettie KINSOL, both of Madoc, 16 Sept 1896 at Eldorado
5166-96 (Hastings Co): William H. FALCONER, 34, cheese maker, Oxford Co., Thurlow, s/o George & Mary, married Sarah J. WOOD, 25, Plainfield, Thurlow, d/o James & Ann, witn: John E. & E.E. THRASHER of Thurlow, 21 April 1896 at Thurlow #005228-96 (Hastings Co) James FORTUNE, 22?, Belleville, same, b, broom maker, s/o Thomas & Eliza FORTUNE, married Annie FRENCH, 21, Belleville, same, s, d/o Thomas & Annie FRENCH, witn: John GERROW, Eliza TURKET, both Belleville, married 22 August 1896, Trenton
5355-96 John FOX, 24, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o William FOX & Eliza HE--STIN?, married Nellie McCOY, 19, Madoc, same, d/o William McCOY & Mary GROVES, witn: Charles L. FOX of Eldorado & Mary GROVES of Remington, 28 Oct 1896 at Madoc  
005257-96 Sherwood Isaac FROST, 32, farmer, Elziver Twp., Hungerford Twp., s/o Joseph FROST & Emma OSBORNE, married Annie Maud TURNROW, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o Samuel TURNROW & Mary Jane HARVEY, witn: Lazille E. BROWN of Madoc M.A. CARDIMORE of Stouffville on July 13, 1896 at Madoc Village 5292-96 (Hastings Co): David GALLAGHER, 38, clerk, Belleville, same, s/o Michael GALLAGHER & Bridget LAFFERTY, married Ellen COLLINS, 26, Hungerford, same, d/o Charles COLLINS & Jane DORAN, witn: Charles COLLINS & Helena GALLAGHER, 26 Oct 1896 at Tweed (Rom Cath)
5297-96 (Hastings Co): James GARTLAND, 37, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o James GARTLAND & Rose Ann McCASTLE (McCaskle?), married Margaret CASSIDY, 30, Hungerford, same, d/o Peter CASSIDY & Mary HUGHES, witn: George & Margaret CASSIDY of Hungerford, 27 April 1896 at Sugar Island (Rom Cath) 5285-96 (Hastings Co): Alexander GENORE, 29, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Alexander GENORE & Philomene COURNOYER, married Mary COURNOYER, 27, Hungerford, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Peter COURNOYER & Kate GENORE, both of Hungerford, 17 Feb 1896 at Sugar Island (Rom Cath)
005251-96 William John GILMORE, 27, laborer, Kinmount, same, s/o John W. & Catherine GILMORE, married Catherine McNAB, 25, Monteagle, Carlow, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Enoch James BANYON, & Henry PRICE both of Combermere on Dec. 1896 at Combermere. 5277-96 (Hastings Co): James Murney GRAHAM, 22, farmer, Canada, Hungerford, s/o James GRAHAM & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Mary Elizabeth SULLIVAN, 24, Canada, Hungerford, d/o Timothy SULLIVAN & Ann Jane CRAWFORD, witn: B.W. SULLIVAN of Hungerford & Nettie GRAHAM of Tweed, 22 April 1896 at Hungerford
005325-96 William Henry GRANT, 23, Monteagle, Ashby, Farmer, s/o William Henery GRANT & Eloria GRANT married Mary Ann FORAN, 20, Renfrew, Ashby, d/o Duncan FORAN & Ellen FORAN. Wtn: Albert McCHESNEY of Hartsmere and Easter SOAMES of Hermon on May 11, 1896 at Bancroft 005389-96 (Hastings Co) George E. GREEN, 57, widower, labourer, Belleville, Stirling, s/o Joseph GREEN & ?, married Elizabeth ROSEBUSH, 29, not given, Stirling, d/o Frederick ROSEBUSH & Maggie, 24 Sep 1896 at Stirling
5279-96 (Hastings Co): Frederick GRIER, 25, laborer, Cannifton, Hungerford, s/o William GRIER & Elizabeth SIMMONS, married Annie WAY, 18, Hungerford, same, d/o Israel WAY & Jane PERRY, witn: Sarah SEXSMITH of Actinolite & Mary E. DAFOE of Hungerford, 18 May 1896 at Actinolite 005115-95 Thomas Henry GRILLS, 39, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o Thomas GRILLS & Christina MOCH, married Ann Jane WHEELER, 21, Hungerford, same, d/o John WHEELER, & Mary Jane HINDS, witn: Anson WHEELER, & Annie CASSIDY both of Hungerford on Jan. 11, 1896 at Hungerford
  6700-97 William GUNNING, 28, farmer, Huntingdon, Seymour twp., s/o James & Charlotte, married Lyba BAILEY, 25, Huntingdon, twp, d/o John BAILEY, farmer, & Jane TUCKER, witn: Charles BAILEY of Rawdon & Mary GUNNING of Huntingdon, 30 Dec 1896 at Rawdon twp
005137-96 Samuel Theodore GUNTER, 24, Cashel, same, Preacher of the Gospel, s/o Ephraim & Lousia GUNTER married May POTTER 24, Frankford Ont., Cashel Tp., d/o Jeffery? & Nancy POTTER. Wtn: David GUNTER of Cashel and Lena Ida CUNNINGHAM of Cashel on March 12, 1896 at Gunter, Tp. Cashel #005223-96 (Hastings Co) William A. HAMILTON, 23, Thurlow Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o A. HAMILTON & Elizabeth MAYBEE, married Eliza May HARRY, 23, Sidney Twp, same, s, d./o John HARRY & Eliza WESTFALL, witn: george H. HAMILTON of Thurlow, Irmine HARRY of Sidney Twp., married 7 October 1896, Sidney Twp.
5151-96 (Hastings Co): George Washington HAMMO--(off page, Hammond?), 25, baker, Rawdon twp., Thurlow twp., s/o Henry & Sarah, married Anna JONES, 34, widow, Thurlow twp., same, d/o James & Adeline CALLERY, witn: Albert & Mary CALLERY of Thurlow, 18 June 1896 at Thurlow twp 005497-96 (Hastings Co.) George Washington HAMMOND, 25, Porter, Seymour Twp., Cannifton, s/o Henry HAMMOND & Sarah HAMMOND, married Annie JONES, 25, Thurlow, Cannifton, d/o James JONES & Caroline JONES; Witn.: Albert CALLERY, Mary CALLERY, June 18, 1896, at Not Given
  #005173-96 (Hastings Co): Robert R. HAWLEY, 30, farmer, Sheffield, Monleigh, s/o James C. HAWLEY & Annie DARGE?, married Mary Ann MELLON, 22, Matatchan, Carlow, d/o Hugh MELLON & Margaret MALLARD, witn: Charles MALLARD of May? & Louisa WHITE of Carlow, 24 June 1896 at L'Amable
5291-96 (Hastings Co): Richard HAYES, 36, lumber inspector, Erinsville?, Deseronto, s/o Martin HAYES & Catherine MURPHY, married Mary MURPHY, 28, Hungerford, same, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Eliza FLEMMING, witn: John SNADREAN & Joanna HAYES, 5 Oct 1896 at Hungerford (Rom Cath) 005136-96 William G. HENLEY, 18, Simcoe Co., Tudor Tp., Farmer, s/o Thomas HEMLEY & Maria MOYNE married Libbie M.A. KEWELLS?, 23, Tudor, same, d/o Thomas KEWELLS? & Mary Ann MINTON? Wtn: Thomas HENLEY of Tudor and Mrs. Thomas HENLEY of Tudor on January 16, 1896 at Tudor Tp.
005322-96 Charles Edmund HINZE, 26, Posein Germany, Monteagle, Farmer, s/o Jacob & Rose HINZE married Sabrina GRANT, 28, Addington, Monteagle, d/o James & Catherine GRANT. Wtn: James GRANT of Monteagle and Elizabeth HINZE of Monteagle on June 30, 1896 in Monteagle 5284-96 (Hastings Co): Timothy HOPKINS, 28, farmer, Erinsville, same, s/o Bernard HOPKINS & Mary KELLY, married Sarah Ann GABOURIE, 27, Hungerford, same, d/o Richard GABOURIE & Mary GOLAN, witn: Edward GABOURIE & Bridget HINCH, both of Hungerford, 10 Feb 1896 at Hungerford (Rom Cath)
#005226-96 (Hastings Co) William HOSKINS, 28, illegible, same, s, tailor, s/o Wm & Sarah HOSKINS, married Nellie BLOCK (or BLACK), 20,Cosilton (Castleton?)Ont, Colborne, s, d/o Henry & Jane BLOCK, wit: ML. JOHNSTON of Trenton, N. HAMBLY of Drayton, married 2 September 1896, Trenton 5300-96 (Hastings Co): Thomas HOWARD, 20, farmer, Ontario, Huntingdon twp., s/o James & Amanda, married Florence McAFFREY, 19, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Patrick? & Amanda, witn: Roland M. PAUL (or McCaul) & Irene MARTIN of Tweed, 17 March 1896 at Tweed
5311-96 (Hastings Co): Henry Allen HOWSER, 25, farmer, Madoc, Hungerford, s/o William & Rachel, married Bertha TUFTS, 18, Hungerford, same, d/o Robert & Rachel, witn: Louis LOVE of Madoc & Maggie HOWSER of Hungerford, 29 July 1896 at Marmora 5177-96 (Hastings Co): George Francis HUBBELL, 27, farmer, Rawden, same, s/o Ira HUBBELL & Mary Ann HARLOW, married Jessie MENZIES, 32, Limerick, Stirling, d/o Alex MENZIES & Jessie MAITLAND, witn: James MENZIES of Limerick & Barbara MAITLAND of Wollaston, 5 July 1896 at L'Amable
6567-97 George Francis HULBERT, 27, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Ira HULBERT & Mary Ann HASLOP, married Jessie MENZIES, 32, Limerick, Stirling, d/o Alex MENZIES & Jessie MAITLAND, witn: James MENZIES of Limerick & Barbara MAITLAND of Wollaston, 8 July 1896 at L'Amable 005500-96 (Hastings Co.) George Thomas HUNT, 34, Stone Cutter, Devon England, Belleville, s/o Amos HUNT & Mary Ann ??a?klin, married Isabelle LARRA?Y (Laraby?), 45, Wid., Tyendinaga, Belleville, d/o William THOMPSON & Margaret GRAY, Witn.: Richard STAPLEY, Alice WELSH, both of Belleville, July 29, 1896, at Belleville
#005220-96 (Hastings Co) William INNIS? (JENNIS?), 32, Murray Twp, Sidney Twp, s/o H.C. IENNIS? & A.M. STRICKLER, married Mayble M. SMITH, 19, Wooler, same, d/o Rupert WOOLER & Fanny COOK?, witn: Cassie M. HORTON, Margaret TESKEY, both Trenton, married 9 September 1896, Trenton  
5294-96 (Hastings Co): James IRVINE, 28, farmer, Hungerford, same, s/o James IRVINE & Maria HINCH, married Lucy VAN PATEN (or Van Pater), 22, Hungerford, same, d/o John VAN PATER & Bridget MORROW, witn: John IRVINE & Bridget SHERBINEAU (should be Charbonneau?), 26 Oct 1896 at Tweed (Rom Cath) 005263-96 Joseph S. JACKSON, 20, laborer, Madoc, Huntingdon, s/o Albert JACKSON & Jane GUNGER, married Elizabeth STEVENS, 18, Madoc, same, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth A., witn: Edward ROBERTS of Belleville & L. BROWN of Madoc on Sept. 14, 1896 at Madoc Village
5317-96 John JONES, 24, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Hannah Maria BLAKELY, 19, Marmora, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Robert JONES & Jennie SHERIDAN, both of Marmora, 31 Dec 1896 at Marmora #005289-96 (Hastings Co): Owen KEHOE, 32, farmer, Elizer, Queensboro, s/o Thomas KEHOE & Mary NOLAN, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 27, Hungerford, same, d/o John JOHNSTON & Mary CONLIN, witn: Martin KEHOE of Elizor & Bridget JOHNSTON of Hungerford, 7 Sept 1896 at Hungerford (Rom Cath)
005271-96 William Albert KELLAR, 26, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o Simon KELLAR & H. CURTIS, married Mary Ann CLAPP, 22, Actinolite, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: B. STORY of Napanee Mills & Alice Maud CLAPP both of Actinolite on Mar. 25, 1896 at Actinolite 005306-96 William KINCADE, 31, Ontario, Madoc Tp., Farmer, s/o James & Mary Jane KINCADE married Annie MARTIN, 25, Ontario, Madoc Tp., d/o Thomas MARTIN & Sarah Ann MARTIN. Wtn: James MARTIN and Jane MARTIN on November 18, 1896 at Tweed
005267-96 Ernest KLINSTURBER (s/b Kleinstueber?), 52, farmer, widower, Germany, Elziver Twp., s/o Theo & Dorothy, married Sabra ASHLEY, 42, Huntingdon, same, d/o Simon ASHLEY & Levina SCHRAM, witn: Henry KLINSTURBER of Elziver & Arvilla ASHLEY of Actinolite on Apr. 14, 1896 at Actinolite 005261/96 (Hastings), Henry LAUNDRY, 36, merchant, Hungerford, Elziver, Widower, s/o Francis LAUNDRY & Hester VINSON, m. Lilly PARKS, 18, Elziver, Elziver, d/o George PARKS & Melissa EMPEY, w: L.E. BROWN & A. M. DERRY of Madoc, 4 Aug 1896, Madoc Village
5314-96 (Hastings Co): Henry LAVINGTON (or Lowington), 25, farmer, London England, Marmora, s/o doesn't know, "came out with Miss McPherson", married Rose Ellen CREAY, 18, Marmora, same, d/o Paul & Orillia, witn: Mrs. A. KEMP of Rawden & Phebe E. BALFOUR of Marmora, 31 Aug 1896 at Marmora 005529-96 (Co. of Hastings) George Franklin LENT, 30, Chatham, Ameliasburg, Farmer, Widower, s/o Martin LENT & Lydia TINDER, married Almina WAY, 23, Thurlow, same, d/o N. WAY & A. BES?IDA, wtn: Milton & Annie LENT, both of Ameliasburg, on December 16, 1896, at Belleville
5280-96 (Hastings Co): Peter LIGHT, 31, laborer, Hungerford, same, s/o Louis & blank, married Harriet DASHNEY, 28, Hungerford, same, d/o Peter & blank, witn: Francis BOSLEY & Kate RIVERS, both of Hungerford, 19 Aug 1896 at Tweed (Rom Cath) 005327-96 Timothy LIVINGSTON, 28, Faraday, Dungannon, Farmer, s/o Timothy LIVINGSTON & Mary Ann LIVINGSTON married Minerva Jane SAGER, 20, Tyendinaga, Dungannon, d/o James SAGER. Wtn: George BENTTEY of Bancroft and Victoria PELSHAN of Bronson on November 18, 1895 at Res. of Bride's father
005328-96 George Allison LONG, 23, L'Amable, same, blacksmith, s/o Asa LONG & Eliza LONG married Mary BARKER, 19, L'Amable, same, d/o Alfred Chester BARKER & Isabela BARKER. Wtn: Annie H. LONG of L'Amable on January 29, 1896 at L'Amable 5149-96 (Hastings Co): Albert LOUCKS, 23, yeoman, Thurlow twp., same, s/o Sanford Lucinda, married Maria M. TWEEDY, 25, Huntingdon twp., Thurlow twp., d/o John & Sarah J., witn: James RAY of Melrose & Carrie TWEEDY of Smithfield, 30 Sept 1896 at Thurlow twp
005530-96 (Co. of Hastings) Thomas LOWS, 83, Prince Edward Co., Belleville, Straw Vendor, Widower, s/o David & Catharine LOWS, married Sophia VANVELKENBURG, 65, Prince Edward County, Belleville, Widow, d/o Samuel & Catharine MERRILLS, wtn: Martha BENINGER & Mrs. A.C. MAYBEE, both of Belleville, on October 20, 1896, at Belleville  

5330-96 (Hastings Co) William John MACKLAN, 33, merchant, Halton Co., Toronto, s/o Benjamin MACKLAN & Isabella WILSON married Jane Helen Amelia GOULDING, 26, Millbridge, Birds Creek, d/o J. GOULDING & Elizabeth GOULDING, witn; James STAYRETT & C. D. GREEN of Maynouth & Alta GOULDING of Bird Creek & Ada B. CLEAK of Bancroft, 24 June 1896, St. John's Church, Bancroft

5182-96 (Hastings Co): Frederick MADIGAN, 24, farmer, Camden?, Murray, s/o Patrick & Rachel, married Bertha LATTICE (Lottice?), 21, Camden, Trenton, d/o Daniel & Catherine, witn: Daniel & Catherine LATTICE of Trenton, 9 Jan 1896 at Trenton
5298-96 (Hastings Co): Charles Walter MAINS, 20, farmer, Ontario, Madoc twp., s/o James H. & Mary Ann, married Emily Elizabeth RUTTEN, 22, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o Abraham & Elizabeth, witn: Willie RUTTEN of Hungerford & Clara Mabel MAINS of Madoc, 28 May 1896 at Tweed 005142-96 Alexander MAITLAND, 28, Tudor, Wollaston, Farmer, s/o Jas. & Mary MAITLAND married Mary Ellen HALL, 28, Loborough, Tudor, d/o William & Mary Ann MAITLAND. Wtn: Wilmot HALL of Tudor and Barbara MAITLAND of Wollaston on June 2, 1896 at Tudor
005429-96 (Hastings Co) William A. MARSHALL, 24, cheese maker, Madoc, same, s/o Samuel MARSHALL & Mary, married Sarah A. ADAMS, 22, Huntingdon, same, d/o William ADAMS & Mary Jane, witn: Alfred CURTIS Madoc & Alice EMERSON Huntingdon, 15 Jan 1896 at Huntingdon 5301-96 (Hastings Co): Sandy MARTIN, 21, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Mary MARTIN, 18, Ontario, same, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: illegible (Perry?) & Hannah WOODCOCK of Tweed, 6 June 1896 at Tweed
005531-96 (Co. of Hastings) Isaac MAYBEE, 76, Prince Edward County, Thurlow, Gardiner, Widower, s/o Peter & Jemima MAYBEE, married Mary Ann COULSON, 53, England, same, Widow, d/o John & Fanny PARKER, witn: Mrs. A. HUBBELL of Foxboro & Mrs. A.C. MAYBEE of Belleville, on December 22, 1896, at Belleville 5178-96 (Hastings Co): Edward MAYHEW, 42, widower, farmer, Three Rivers, Faraday, s/o Edward MAYHEW & Mary MARLETT, married Harriet FOX, 41, widow, Cobourg, Faraday, d/o Samuel BURLY & Rosetta BURNS, witn: James SPURR? & Christena PORTEOUS, both of L'Amable, 17 Oct 1896 at L'Amable (also 6568-97)
5278-96 (Hastings Co): Robert H. McCAMON, 27, carpenter, Tweed, same, s/o John M. McCAMON & Frances Mary Ann DOWNING, married Margaret Agusta WOOD, 25, Arden, Tweed, d/o Martin WOOD & Sarah Catherine BOOMHOUR, witn: Sarah SEXSMITH of Actinolite & Mary E. DAFOE of Hungerford, 27 April 1896 at Actinolite #005176-96 (Hastings Co): Daniel M. McCATHRON, 26, farmer, Montague, Mayo, s/o John McCATHRON & Betsy WETHERILL, married Mary Catherine HENNESY, 23, Combemere, Mayo, d/o Albert R. HENNESY & Margaret Ann BINBY?, witn: William SMITH & Maud HENNESY, 27 March 1896 at L'Amable
5249-96 John McDIARMID, 50, farmer, Renfrew Co., Carlow, s/o John & Margaret, married Christena Jane HAMILTON, 28, Clarendon Quebec, Carlow, d/o J. R. HAMILTON & Christena McDIARMID, witn: Alexander Anderson GRANT & Mrs. J. R. HAMILTON, both of Carlow, 27 April 1896 at Carlow 005528-96 (Co. of Hastings) Walter McDONALD, 28, Ontario, Thurlow, Fisherman, s/o Robert McDONALD & Mary BEL?AF, married Elizabeth NAFRIN, 17, Ontario, Thurlow, d/o Daniel NAFRIN & Margaret BLACK, wtn: Edward McGINTY & Ellen BURNETT, both of Belleville, on November 22, 1896, at Belleville
005259-96 William McEWEN, 23, farmer, Tudor, same, s/o William McEWEN & Martha FOX, married Francis BRONSON, 22, Rawdon, Madoc, d/o Chester BRONSON & Elizabeth McLEOD, witn: Hugh G. & Catherine PINE both of Madoc on Aug. 3, 1896 at Madoc 005308-96 Adam McGARVEY, 35, Sheffield Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Susan McGARVEY married Mary EMORY, 38, Rawdon Tp., Marmora, Widow, d/o Matthew & Sarah McGARVEY. Wtn: Mark McGARVEY of Marmora and Alice FRANKLIN of Madoc on February 25, 1896 at Marmora
5315-96 (Hastings Co): Mark McGARVEY, 22, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o Matthew & Sarah Jane, married Alice Maria FRANKLIN, 20, Madoc, Lake twp., d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: William James McGARVEY of Marmora & Martha MANETTA of Franklin, Lake twp., 23 Dec 1896 at Marmora 6569-97 Colin McGREGOR, 26, farmer, Wollaston, same, s/o James McGREGOR & Jane TAYLOR, married Mary Josephine WILLSON, 27, Carlow, same, d/o James WILLSON & Grace TAYLOR, witn: Charles PARKHURST & Grace WILLSON, both of Carlow, 5 Nov 1896 at L'Amable
5179-96 (Hastings Co): Colin McGRYN, 26, farmer, Wollaston, same, s/o James McGRYN & Jane TAYLOR, married Mary J. WILSON, 27, Carlow, same, d/o James WILSON & Grace TAYLOR, witn: Charles PARKHURST & Grace WILSON, both of Carlow, 30 Nov 1896 at L'Amable #005219-96 (Hastings Co) Gerald S. McKENZIE, 24, Picton, same, b, Clerk COR, s/o Walter McKENZIE & Lydia CHAPMAN, married Emily G. Pape PRYNE, 21, Picton, same, s, d/o David PRYNE & Georgina HOPE, witn: W.S. FRASER? of Picton, Jessie WILKINS of Trenton, married 23 September 1896, Trenton
5156-96 (Hastings Co): Thomas McNIDER, 57, yeoman, Quebec, Thurlow, s/o Hugh & Ann, married Jennie ROSS, 29, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o William & Annie, witn: Bessie ASHLEY & Algernon ROSS, both of Belleville, 21 Jan 1896 at Thurlow  
005498-96 (Hastings Co.) John G--? MEAGHER, 31, Sessional Clerk, Kingston, Belleville, s/o Thomas F. MEAGHER & Margaret PAYON, married Rose Elliccia DEMARSH, 21, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Joseph DEMARSH & Rosanna LeSAYS, Witn.: Frederick T. DIBB of Odessa Ont., Anne Eliza DEMARSH of Belleville, July 14, 1896, at Belleville 005253-96 Thomas MICKLE, 27, machine agent, Madoc Twp., Madoc, s/o John & Margaret, married Nellie SPURR, 24, England, Madoc, d/o William and Elizabeth, no witn names given, on Jan. 22, 1896 at Madoc
5316-96 (Hastings Co): Stephen? James MILLSTEAD, 38, London England, Peterborough, s/o M. & Elizabeth Dinah, married Catherine McFALL, 29, Port Kennedy PA USA, Tweed, d/o not given, witn: A.H. & Mary BENTLEY of Marmora, 26 Dec 1896 at Marmora 5290-96 (Hastings Co): John MORAN, 29, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Michael MORAN & Bridget ROLEY?, married Elizabeth WHALEN, 23, Hungerford, same, d/o John WHALEN & Ann MURPHY, witn: Thomas MORAN & Catherine WHALEN, 5 Oct 1896 at Tweed (Rom Cath)
#004994-95 Cornelius MULLVANEY, 39, not given, Kingsford, Tyendinaga, widower, s/o Chas MULVANEY(as written) & Catherine MCCAMBRIGE (s/b McCambridge?), married Catherine MCGINNES, 30, Read, same, d/o Hugh MCGINNES & Mary WINN, witn: Henry SEXSMITH, Kingsford & Catherine HEFFERNAN, Read, 15 Jan 1896 at St Charles Church Read, RC 005256-96 Joseph E. MUMBY, 22, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Charles Henry MUMBY & Margaret Ann BATEMAN, married Charity V. NEIL, 22, Rawdon, same, d/o John NEIL & Jane WATSON, witn: Lazille E. BROWN & Adelia M. DERRY both of Madoc on Feb. 22, 1896 at Madoc Village
005527-96 (Co. of Hastings) John O'BRIEN, 59, Ireland, Kingston, Carter, Widower, s/o John O'BRIEN & Ellen O'REILLY, married Mary FOLTZ, 36, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Vincent FOLTZ & Martha TRUALTZ?, wtn: Joseph & Margaret GOLTZ, Belleville, on November 17, 1896, at Belleville 005501-96 (Hastings Co.) Benjamin OLIVER, 28, Farmer, Ontario, Kingsford, s/o William OLIVER & Catherine OLIVER, married Jane LOCKWOOD, 36, Wid., Ontario, Elgin? d/o Sylvester REID & Mary REID, Witn.: Mary Ann RUTLEDGE, Lizzie (?) ROBERTS, both of BROCKVILLE, July 25, 1896, at Belleville
005309-96 James A. NICKLE, 35, Madoc, Marmora, Farmer, s/o John & Margaret Jane NICKLE married Annie BAILEY, 24, Marmora, same, d/o James C. & Sarah BAILEY. Wtn: George NICKLE of Millbrook, Debby A. BOYD of Marmora and Mary JONES of Marmora on March 11, 1896 at Marmora Tp. 5310-96 Thomas PACK, 30, farmer, Marmora, Madoc twp., s/o John PACK & Nancy ROGER, married Ethel McCOY, 18, Marmora twp., same, d/o James McCOY & Margaret J. KENNEDY, witn: John PACK of Madoc & Lidy McCOY of Marmora, 1 April 1896 at Marmora twp
5180-96 (Hastings Co): George W. PACKARD, 18, farmer, Stockdale Ont. Murray twp., s/o George & Aurilla, married Elva Arminda DOWNS, 19, Murray twp., same, d/o Abraham & Harriet, witn: Erius? N. & Angeline FITZGERALD of Stockdale, 26 Feb 1896 at Trenton 5157-96 (Hastings Co): Simeon J. PALMATEER, 23, tailor, Ontario, Thurlow, s/o Simon & Hannah, married Edith Mary STAPLEY, 17, Ontario, Belleville, d/o Edward & Josephine, witn: Charles & Susan BULFRIT (or Bulpit) of Thurlow, 12 Jan 1896 at Thurlow
#005175-96 (Hastings Co): James M. PARKHURST, 30, farmer, McNabb, Carlow, s/o William PARKHURST & Mary MACKIE, married Susan J. MELON, 20, Carlow, same, d/o Hugh MELLON (sic) & M. MALLARD, witn: John MACKIE & Mary LUA?, 27 March 1896 at Presbyterian Manse, no place given 5165-96 (Hastings Co): Harford PARLIAMENT, 21, yeoman, Thurlow, same, s/o Marshall & Philine, married Ella J. HODGEN, 22, Huntingdon, Thurlow, d/o James & Rebecca, witn: Percy & Herman HODGEN of Thurlow, 8 April 1896 at Thurlow
005321-96 John R. PEEVER, 33, Admaston Renfrew Co., Wicklow, Farmer, s/o James PEEVER & Elizabeth PEEVER married Mary EVANS, 29, Ramsay Lanark Co., Wicklow, d/o Richard EVANS & Isabella EVANS. Wtn: James PEEVER of Maynooth and Jessie McLEOD of Maynooth on June 30, 1896 at Monteagle (same as 005333) 005319-96 William PERRY, 57, Pakenham, Wicklow Tp., Widower, Farmer, s/o George PERRY & Jane McCORMICK married Julia PHELPS, 39, Renfrew Co., Monteagle Tp., d/o Joseph PHELPS & Tobiza McGRAH. Wtn: James McLEAN and Sarah McLEAN of Monteagle on May 6, 1896 at Emmanuel Church in Monteagle (duplicate of 005318)
5200-96 (Hastings Co): Benjamin F. PICKLE, 21, laborer, Trenton, same, s/o Franklin & Hanna, married Ellen PICKLE, 18, Millbrook Ont., Trenton, d/o George & Esther, witn: M.L. JOHNSTON & Hannah WALLMAN, both of Trenton, 24 Feb 1896 at Trenton #005230-96 (Hastings Co) Sylvester PINE, 51, Hillier PE Co, same, widower, farmer, s/o Benjamin PINE & Abigail GARDNER, married Henrietta HOWLEY? (cut off), 45, Trenton, same, s, d/o Charles HOWLEY? & -- VAN___ (cut off), witn; Annie LYONS, Carrie LYONS, both Trenton, Wellington PINE of Port Hope, Miller PINE of Hillier, married 8 August 1896, Trenton
005225-96 (Hastings Co) Jesse Harlow RAULEY, 23, Brighton Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Alson & Thomas RAULEY (or Rouley?), married Emma NANFORROW???, 19, Murray Twp, same, s, d/o Henry & Emaline NANFORROW???, witn: Ernest FLULSON? of Brighton, Malissa NANFARROW???, married 14 October 1896, Trenton 5147-96 (Hastings Co): Irvine H. RAY, 29, cheese maker, Tyendinaga twp., Hallowell, s/o Irvine & Mary J., married Mabel DUNNING, 20, Hungerford twp., Thurlow twp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: George & Eliza MARTIN of Thurlow, 20 May 1896 at Thurlow twp
005326-96 Joseph William RAY, 25, Dungannon, Hershell (Herschel), Farmer, s/o Joseph Lancaster & Martha Adaliza, married Sarah Jane McCORMICK, 21, Renfrew, Mounteagle, d/o William & Emma, Wtn: Efliram SCHICKLER of Leefield and Jennie RAY of Bird Creek on March 11, 1896 at Hershell (Herschel) 005254-96 Mervyn RAY, 27, farmer, Glenmyre, Pipestone Manitoba, s/o John & Sarah, married Margaret H. SPURR, 22, England, Madoc, d/o William & Elizabeth, no witness names given, on Jan. 22, 1896 at Madoc
005265-96 John REID, 21, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Nelson REID & May Ann LIDSTER, married Emma Rill McGOWAN, 19, Rawdon, same, d/o John McGOWAN & Ann HAGERTY, witn: James McGOWAN of Rawdon & Evelina FOX of Madoc on Dec. 9, 1896 at Rawdon 005264-96 Henry RIMSON, 27, engine driver, Cornwall, same, s/o William RIMSON & Christie Ann SMITH, married May RIMSON, 19, Belmont, Madoc, d/o Napoleon RIMSON & Alice ASSELTINE, witn: E. RIMSON of Madoc & M. WHITTON of Brighton on Nov. 4, 1896 at Madoc Twp.
5155-96 (Hastings Co): Jay W. ROSS, 46, widower, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Zenas & Elizabeth, married Edith Idella SILLS, 38, Rawdon, Thurlow, d/o Alexander & Amanda M., witn: Bernard A. SILLS of Thurlow & Edith NICHOLSON of Belleville, 29 Jan 1896 at 3rd con of Thurlow 5305-96 (Hastings Co): Edward Henry? RUTTEN, 22, farmer, Ontario, Hungerford, s/o Alexander RUTTEN & Harriet A. DELINE, married Earla? Ethel WANNAMAKER, 17, Ontario, Madoc, d/o John WANNAMAKER & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Effie WRIGHT & Annie C. WILSON, both of Tweed, 30 Sept 1896 at Tweed
5189-96 (Hastings Co): George M. SAMIS, 27, farmer, Cramahe twp., same, s/o James & Sarah, married Mary LOWE, 20, Brighton twp., same, d/o Ferman & La--?, witn: Alfred LOWE of Brighton & Sadie GARSON of Trenton, 22 Jan 1896 at Trenton  
005320-96 Ephraim SCHICKLER, 24, Waterloo Co., Herschel Tp., Boarding House Keeper, s/o John SCHICKLER & Mary TICK married Jennie RAY, 19, Faraday Tp., Herschel Tp., d/o Joseph L. RAY & M.A. ROBINSON. Wtn: John C. McALLISTER of Birds Creek and Sarah RAY of Huron St. Toronto on August 13, 1896 at Residence of Bride's father in Herschel 5191-96 (Hastings Co): William SCHULER, 36, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Murray twp., s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Martha LEWIS, 23, Roblin Mills, Wooler, d/o Timothy & Charlotte Ann, witn: J. Burt LEWIS of Ameliasburgh & Arilla ROSE of Consecon, 22 Jan 1896 at Trenton
5196-96 (Hastings Co): Albert SHOEMAKER, 24, laborer, Trenton, same, s/o Joseph SHOEMAKER & Rosa SPECK, married Catherine BABCOCK, 18, Ernestown, Trenton, d/o George BABCOCK & Jane CLEMENT, witn: Catherine PICKERING & Herman RYCKMAN, both of Trenton, 10 Feb 1896 at The Rectory, Trenton 5299-96 (Hastings Co): Perry SIMONS, 28, teamster, Ontario, Hungerford, s/o James & Susan, married Elizabeth VANCE, 19, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Annie J. & A. Carroll WILSON of Tweed, 26 May 1896 at Tweed
5181-96 (Hastings Co): Henry Cecil SMITH, 26, farmer, Tamworth, Glenora, s/o James M. & Cynthia, married Maggie ROMBAUGH, 25, Prince Edward Co., White illegible - Manitoba, d/o D.B. & Nelia?, witn: Bertha & Mary A. LEWIS of Trenton, 23 Jan 1896 at Trenton 5164-96 (Hastings Co): Charles W. SPENCER, 23, yeoman, Thurlow, same, s/o Charles & Jane, married Emma Jane PITMAN, 23, Thurlow, same, d/o John G. & Mary, witn: Minnie L. FAIRMAN of Corbyville & Franklin B. SPENCER of Thurlow, 15 April 1896 at Thurlow
#005221-96 (Hastings Co) John A. STEEL, 24, Sidney Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Thomas STEEL & Harriet THOMPSON, married Josephine SIMMONS, 27, Sidney Twp, same, s/o John SIMMONS & Jane HOWDEN, witn: W.W. & Mrs.W.W. SIMMONS, Sidney, married 18 September 1896, Sidney Twp. 005270-96 Amos STORY, 24, laborer, Barrie Twp. Napanee Mills, s/o Benny STORY & Elizabeth CORNWALL, married Alice Maud CLAPP, 28, Actinolite, same, d/o George CLAPP & Mary LUCAS, witn: W. A. Mary Ann CLAPP both of Actinolite, March 25, 1896 at Elziver Twp
#005174-96 (Hastings Co): William STOUGHTON, 23, farmer, Mayo, same, s/o George STOUGHTON & Agnes CREIGHTON, married Catherine A. INWOOD, 17, Drummond, Carlow, d/o William INWOOD & Jane HAMPTON, witn: George STOUGHTON & Annie M. INWOOD, 18 March 1896 at Presbyterian Manse, no place given 5158-96 (Hastings Co): William H. SWALES, 47, merchant, Fall River Mass., La Riviere, s/o Ben & Sarah, married Edith LESLIE, 29, Thurlow, Latta, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: Gertrude LESLIE & A. MATHER, both of Latta, 29 Jan 1896 at Latta, Thurlow twp
5303-96 (Hastings Co): Charles Norris TERRY?, 28, laborer, Ontario, Tweed, s/o Norris TERRY & Mahatable MARTIN, married Elizabeth LLOYD, 25, Ontario, Flinton, d/o Elias LLOYD & Martha M. THOMPSON, witn: Albert JOHNSTON & Matilda LLOYD, both of Flinton, 22 Sept 1896 at Tweed 5304-96 (Hastings Co): Christopher THOMPSON, 22, laborer, Ontario, Tweed, s/o Christopher & Mary, married Mary VILLNEFF, 19, Ontario, Tweed, d/o James VILLNEFF & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Mary & Libbie THOMPSON of Tweed, 19 Aug 1896 at Tweed
5274-96 Daniel F. TROTTER, 21, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o W. H. TROTTER & Sarah J. McCONKEY, married Martha COLLINS, 18, Bridgewater, same, d/o Philip COLLINS & Delotha CRIVICA?, witn: Robert E. MOORE of Elziver & Emma COLLINS of Bridgewater, 23 Dec 1896 at Bridgewater 5199-96 (Hastings Co): John W. TURNEY, 21, tailor, Colborne, Trenton, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Emiline McIntyre BAILEY, 19, Madoc, Trenton, d/o William & Delilah, witn: John YOUNG of Ameliasburgh & Bessie TURNEY of Trenton, 12 Feb 1896 at Trenton
005255-96 George A. TWIDDY, 24, cheese maker, Rawdon, Huntingdon, s/o Samuel TWIDDY & Martha EGGLETON, married Margaret A. HENRY, 20, Elziver, Madoc Village, d/o John HENRY & Charlotte OSBORNE, witn: John & Charlotte HENRY both of Madoc Village on Jan. 21, 1896 at Madoc Village  
005332-96 Mathew VADER, 23, Richmond, Faraday Tp., Farmer, s/o Garratt VADER & Maria VADER married Hannah Elizabeth MACE, 26, London England, Anstruther, d/o James MACE. Wtn: Scott VADER of Faraday and Jane TINNEY of Ross  Island on June 22, 1896 at Bancroft 005331-96 Scott VADER, 23, Richmond, Faraday Tp., Farmer, s/o John VADER & Ester VADER married Jane TINNEY, 25, Percy, Cardiff, d/o John TINNEY & Alice TINNEY. Wtn: Mathew VADER of Faraday and Hannah Elizabeth on June 22, 1896 at Bancroft
5272-96 Frank VANDERVOORT, 28, barber, Madoc, Rawdon, s/o F. & Fannie, married Minetta DELYEA, 22, Queensboro, same, d/o Harris B. & Edith, witn: Harris B. & Edith DELYEA of Queensboro, 7 Sept 1896 at Queensboro 005323-96 Robert Frank WADSWORTH, 25, Carlow, same, Farmer, s/o William & Mary Ann WADSWORTH married Margaret McDONALD, 19, Monteagle, same, d/o Alexander & Eliza McDONALD. Wtn: David James McDONALD of Monteagle and Mary Ann ROBINSON of Monteagle on July 29, 1896 in Monteagle
005250-96 Halbans WASMAND, 29, farmer, Algoma, Monteagle, s/o Eliza & Theodore WASMAND, married Mary ALLISON, 29, Carlow, same, d/o William & Mary ALLISON, witn: George PEARSON & Annie ADAMS both of Carlow on Nov. 4, 1896 at Carlow Twp. 5148-96 (Hastings Co): David Albert WEAVER, 26, yeoman, Sidney village, Sidney twp., s/o John & Cinderella, married Lillie M. BRADSHAW, 23, Thurlow twp., same, d/o William R. & Mary E., witn: Maggie JONES & William W. BRADSHAW, both of Thurlow, 22 July 1896 at Thurlow twp
#006714-97 (Hastings Co): Franklyn J. WHITE, 21, yeoman, Sidney, same, s/o Reuben & Sarah, married Frankie REID, 19, Rawdon, same, d/o John H. REID & Ann RODGERS, witnesses were William H. RODGERS of Rawdon & Mary JAY of Prince Edward Co., Sept. 22, 1896 at Stirling 5312-96 (Hastings Co): Charles S. WILLIAMS, 3, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o Philip & Susan, married Maggie Ann DAVIDSON, 19, Marmora, same, d/o George & Isabella, witn: Joseph DAVIDSON & Sarah WILLIAMS, both of Marmora, 29 July 1896 at Marmora
#005172-96 (Hastings Co): John A. WILSON, 25, farmer, Carlow, same, s/o Thomas WILSON & Jane McGREGOR, married Ellen HYNES, 26, Carlow, same, d/o William HYNES & Ellen TEEFER, witn: James HYNES & Minnie WILSON, both of Carlow, 26 May 1896 at L'Amable 5190-96 (Hastings Co): Mathew WRIGHT, 27, farmer, Murray twp., Brighton twp., s/o John & Nancy, married Minnie BOWREY, 20, Ameliasburgh, Murray twp., d/o James & Kathleen, witn: Hiram WESTLAKE & Ellen WRIGHT, both of Brighton twp., 15 Jan 1896 at Trenton
5313-96 (Hastings Co): William YOACHER, 33, farmer, Brighton, Seymour twp., s/o Mark & Ann, married Emma REVOIS, 21, Marmora, d/o Mitchell & Almeda, witn: Henry BAKER & Susan REVAY (sic), both of Marmora, 18 Aug 1896 at Marmora