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Hastings Co., 1897


#006717-97 (Hastings Co): James Richard BAKER, 29, railway agent, Thorold, Caledonia Springs, s/o Henry & Ellen, married Sarah Elizabeth CHARD, 28, Stirling, same, d/o Albert CHARD & Emma W. BYGOTT, witnesses were Emma Louise CHARD & Lettie E. BOLDRICK, both of Stirling, April 21, 1897 at Stirling  
6570-97 Edward D. BARKER, 24, farmer, Dungannon, Rat Portage, s/o Stephen BARKER & Emma BARTHOLOMEW, married Emma RUPNOW, 20, Dungannon, same, d/o August RUPNAU (sic) & Barbara HENDERSON, witn: Allen HALL & Annie RUPNOW, both of Dungannon, 22 Dec 1897 at Dungannon 6663-97 Frank W. BARTIN, 25, laborer, Aswago?, same, s/o Hiram & Jane, married Ann Bell McCARTY, 23, Madoc, same, d/o John? McCARTY & Bella HOFFMAN?, witn: Alfred & Nellie BOYLE of Aswago, 11 Aug 1897 at Madoc
#006727-97 (Hastings Co): James W. BARTLEY, 35, widower, farmer, Brighton, Murray, s/o C. BARTLEY & Anna SAUNDERS, married May BURLEY, 24, nothing else given, Dec. 23, 1897 at Stirling 6664-97 John C. BEST, 35, widower, blacksmith, Madoc, same, s/o John BEST & Mary COLLINS, married Carey FRANK, 23, Tudor, same, d/o Michael FRANK & May McCARE?, witn: Charles & Mabel FOX of Madoc, Sept 1897 at Madoc
  6704-97 Fred BONTER, 28, carpenter, Belmont twp., Marmora twp., s/o William BONTER & Margaret PLUNKETT, married Beatrice Mary BARTON, 21, teacher, Rawdon, same, d/o Aaron BARTON & Nancy ALGUIRE, witn: John BONER of Marmora twp & Agnes A. BARTON of Rawdon, 29 Dec 1897 at Rawdon
#006634/97, (Hastings), Benny BOWEN, 30, Sailor, not given, Trenton, s/o John BOWEN & Mary E. MASTIN, m. Anna STEENBURG, 20, not given, Limerick, d/o Sidney C. STEENBURG & Nancy Ann MAYBEE, witn: Archie GRIFFIN of Tudor & Carrie STEENBURG of Limerick, 14 Dec 1897, Limerick 6693-97 John BRETHOUR, 27, farmer, Faraday twp., same, s/o august BRETHOUR & Caroline OSWAY, married Louise Priscilla PEEVER, 18, Bromley twp., Herschel twp., d/o John PEEVER & Sarah JOHNSON, witn: Thomas PEEVER of Herschel & Caroline BRETHOUR of Faraday, 19 May 1897 at St. Johns Church, Herschel
#006636/97, (Hastings), William R. BRINKLOW, 24, farmer, not given, Limerick, s/o Joseph BRINKLOW & Jane AULDRIDGE, marr: Ella May SCHRIVER, 22, not given, Limerick, d/o John SCHRIVER & Anamelia PETERS, witn: James H. & Mary J. BRINKLOW of Limerick, 22 Dec 1897, Limerick #006713-97 (Hastings Co): Elam? W. BROOKS, 44, widower, yeoman, Rawdon, same, s/o John & Lucinda, married Catharine A. EMBURY, 35, Hungerford, Stirling, d/o James & Elsie, witnesses were Elsie A. EMBURY & E. LAUGHEE? both of Stirling, Feb. 3, 1897 at Stirling
6699-97 John BROWN, 29, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Henry BROWN & Mary C. CLARK, married Olive Beatrice GUNTER, 24, teacher, Cashel twp., Trenton, d/o P. M. & Nancy, wtn: William C. BROWN & Rebecca MUMLEY?, both of Rawdon, 19 May 1897 at Trenton 6705-97 Christopher BURKITT, 27, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Francis BURKITT & Nancy Ann WEBB, married Rowena STEWART, 26, Rawdon, same, d/o Duncan STEWART & Locina ALGUIRE, witn: John BURKITT of Springbrook & Effie STEWART of Sarginson, 29 Dec 1897 at Rawdon
6690-97 George CARSWELL, 24, farmer, Bangor, McKenzie Lake, s/o John CARSWELL & Ann PAYNE, married Mary A. PAYNE, McClure, McKenzie Lake, d/o John PAYNE & Margaret DENNISON, witn: Robert. J. CARSWELL of McKenzie Lake & Bella PAYNE of Whitney, 20 Oct 1897 at Maynooth #006723-97 (Hastings Co): Willie E. CAVERLY, 24, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Sandord CAVERLY & Elizabeth RUPERT?, married Ella M. FANNING, 18, Rawdon, same, d/o William FANNING & Annie GREEN, witnesses were J.P. FANNING of Rawdon & Anna ARMSTRONG of Kingston, Sept. 7, 1897 at Rawdon (also 6707-97, groom as William Edward)
6572-97 George Ira CLAPP, 32, laborer, Actinolite, Queensboro, s/o George CLAPP & Mary LUCAS, married Victoria L. KELLAR, 27, Actinolite, same, d/o W.H. KELLAR & Mary LACKEY, wtn: William G. CLAPP & Minnie CHARLAN, both of Actinolite, 10 Feb [1897] at Actinolite 006693-98 Frederick CLAPPER, 26, illegible, Belleville, Labourer, s/o John CLAPPER & Sarah ROE married Mary A. BLY, 38, Nova Scotia, Belleville, widow, d/o John SMITH & Amanda CHICK (Crick?). Wtn: D. F. RUTLEDGE and L? HILL of Belleville on December 30, 1897 at Belleville
6691-97 John COFFE (Coffee?), 34, farmer, Ross twp., Bangor twp., s/o William COFFE & Mary O'BRIEN, married Miranda SCOTT, 22, Haliburton, Bangor twp., d/o Archie SCOTT & Isabel MITCHELL, witn: William K. ANDREWS & Elizie Ann RILEY, both of Bangor, 26 Oct 1897 at Bangor 6628-97 George E. CONLEY, 23, farmer, Limerick, same, s/o Lawrence CONLEY & Mary Ann WALMAN, married Melissa Bell SARGENT, 18, Limerick, same, d/o Alonzo SARGENT, farmer, & Hanah BURKITT, witn: Alonzo SARGENT of Limerick & Ella WRIGHT of St. Ola, 3 March 1897 at Limerick
#006719-97 (Hastings Co): David CONNAUGHLY, 27, farmer, Murray twp., same, s/o William CONNAUGHLY & Mary MAINPRICE, married Nellie SHARP, 22, Murray, same, d/o Henry & Deborah, June 30, 1897 at Stirling 006700-98 Tolterw? Clement COOLEY, 25, Canada, Thurlow, Farmer, s/o John COOLEY & Ann J. ENGLISH married Ariel PALMER, 20, Canada, Thurlow, d/o Laurence PALMER & Mary E. GAFER. Wtn: Jessie CADE and Lotte CADE of Belleville on December 29, 1897 at Belleville
6706-97 William John CRONKWRIGHT, 25, laborer, Rawdon, same, s/o William CRONKWRIGHT & Sarah GRAY, married Maud Minnie BROWN, 21, Huntingdon, Rawdon, d/o Amos BROWN & Hannah GILLESPIE, witn: P. J. SCRIMSHAW & Mrs. Albert WELLMAN, both of Rawdon, 15 April 1897 at Rawdon 006699-98 Richard CROSS, 29 Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o William Tyendinaga, same, not given, d/o Daniel ROBINSON & Martha ELLIOTT. Wtn: Lucy Robinson and Joseph BELCH of Belleville on December 29, 1897 at Belleville
#006725-97 (Hastings Co): A.B. FARGEY, 32, farmer, Stirling, same, s/o Thomas FARGEY & Isabella MATHER, married Alice MILLER,24, teacher, Brighton, same, d/o Archibald MILLER & Mary LAICK?, witnesses were Sam FARGEY of Stirling & Mary MILLER of Brighton, Sept. 7, 1897 at Brighton #006855/98, (Hastings), William Charkes M. FARRELL, 29, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford, s/o Richard & Mary FARRELL, married Addie WILSON, 20, Kaladar, Hungerford, d/o Andrew & Ella WILSON, 22 Dec 1897, Hungerford
#006721-97 (Hastings Co): Charles Edward GARDINER, 26, miner, Desoronto, Marmora, s/o Robert GARDINER & Eliza FERGUSON, married Frances Ellen PLYMPTON, 18, Brighton, Madoc, d/o James PLYMPTON & Pamella CLOTHIER, witnesses were Ethel & H.L. JOHNSTON of Stirling, Sept. 13, 1897 at Stirling 6631-97 Morgan Oscar GEORGE, 27, farmer, Prescul? (Presqu'il?) Point, Trenton, s/o William Charles & Louisa Jane, married Effa Blanch SOLMES, 17, Limerick, same, d/o Gilbert SOLMES, farmer, & Annis WRIGHT, witn: Thomas A. HAIN? & Hattie SOLMES, both of Limerick, 12 May 1897 at Limerick
6574-97 Edmond GROVES, 23, farmer, Elzevir twp., same, s/o John & Jane, married Martha J. WILSON, 21, Elzevir twp., same, d/o William & Edith, witn: Hugh McCLOUD of Bannockburn & Annie WILSON of Elzevir, 8 Sept [1897] at Queensboro #006722-97 (Hastings Co): Charles HALL, 24, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Adam HALL & Catherine ROSS, married Cora CARTER, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o John CARTER & Cynthia Jane HOFFMAN, witness was A.L. PATTERSON of Columbus Falls Montana, Sept. 15, 1897 at Stirling
006692-98 Jesse Wilbert HEARNS, 30 Frankford, Havelock, Brakeman, s/o David B. HEARNS & Mary Eliza SNIDER married Bertha Ellen GULLIVER, 22, Belleville, same, d/o Rufus GULLIVER & Phoebe WALLBRIDGE. Wtn: George A. HEARNS of Frankford and Helen M. HOUGH of Belleville on December 31, 1897 at Belleville  
6573-97 Robert HENRY, 37, baker, Madoc, Actinolite, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Emma COX, 20, Huntingdon twp., Queensboro, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Charles COX & Mary HENRY, both of Queensboro, 1 Sept [1897] at Queensboro 6694-97 Joseph Henry HEWITT, 29, railroading, Holland twp., Caledonia Springs, s/o Jonathan HEWITT & Martha DRINKWATER, married Emma A. A. PRICE, 23, Monteagle twp., same, d/o John PRICE & Ann WILCOX, witn: George WILCOX & Elizabeth YOUNG, both of Monteagle twp., 2 June 1897 at res of bride's father, Monteagle twp
6692-97 Maurice HICKEY, 25, farmer, Maynooth, same, s/o James HICKEY & Catherine CASSADY, married Lizzie FARREL, 22, Maynooth, same, d/o James FARREL & Maggie SHIELDS, witn: Joanna FARREL of bride's house & Thomas HICKEY, 4 May 1897 at Herschel twp 006697-98 James HOUGHTON, 27 Seymour Tp., Sidney Tp., Farmer, s/o John HOUGHTON & Margaret HOUGHTON married Lillie Eva HUFFMAN, 21, Tyendinaga, Sidney?, d/o George HUFFMAN & Hester HUFFMAN. Wtn: Annie MOORMAN of Thurlow Tp. and James W. HUFFMAN of Sidney on November 24, 1897 at Belleville
  6687-97 George Enoch JAMES, 27, farmer, Wilberforce, Bangor twp., s/o George JAMES & Annie HARICE, married Elizabeth TOWNS, 18, Bangor, same, d/o Andrew TOWNS & Susan BANDY, witn: Isaac RILEY & James ANDREWS, both of Bangor, 29 Jan 1897 at Combermere
#006726-97 (Hastings Co): R.A. JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Brighton, Seymour, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Maggie CORNELL, married Jennie THOMPSON, 21, Brighton, Seymour, parents not given, witnesses were M.G.D. GREEN & J.A. FAULKNER, both of Brighton, Sept. 2, 1897 at Brighton 006696-98 David Morrice JOSS, 23, Thurlow Tp., Corbyville, Labourer, s/o William JOSS & Agness JOSS married Florence DOUGHAN, 18,  Toronto, Corbyville?, d/o Samuel Nelson DOUGHAN & Clarissa DOUGHAN. Wtn: Agness JOSS of Corbyville and George Simmons of Corbyville on October 27, 1897 at Belleville
6571-97 Renaldo KELLAR, 28, farmer, Elzevir, same, s/o John KELLAR & Malina A. JOHNSTON, married Maud SMITH, 23, Thurlow, Belleville, d/o Stephen SMITH & Minetta KETCHEPAW, witn: Sarah SEXSMITH & Jennie KLEINSTUBER, both of Actinolite, 2 Jan [1897] at Actinolite  
6629-97 Thomas KELLY, 26, farmer, Dungannon, Limerick, s/o George KELLY & Esther ANDERSON, married Susanna CAMPBELL, 18, Limerick, same, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Sarah ROSE (Ross?), witn: John KELLY of Dungannon & Edith LETTS of Limerick, 21 April 1897 at Limerick 6767-97 John Lawson KENNY, 23, North Marysburgh, Picton, s/o R. KENNY & Elizabeth COWAN, married Sarah Emily WAY, 23, Ameliasburg, Picton, d/o James A. WAY & Catherine S. WEESE, witn: Georgia ROSE & H. M. ARMSTRONG, both of Trenton, 12 May [1897] at Trenton
#006716-97 (Hastings Co): Gilbert KITCHEN, 28, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Frankie LINN, 28, Rawdon, same, d/o David & Fanny, witnesses were Herbert SPENCER of Sargentson? & Tilly LINN of Wellmans Corners, May 19, 1897 at Stirling 6688-97 Francis Xavier LABARGE, 40, farmer, Hungerford twp., Bancroft, s/o Francis E. LABARGE & Mary LEFEBVRE, married Bridget CASSASY, 24, Maynooth, Bancroft, d/o Edward CASSADY & Ann GANNON, witn: Philip LEVECK of Monteagle twp. & Mary CASSADY of Wicklow, 27 April 1897 at Maynooth
#006720-97 (Hastings Co): James Halford LAKE, 27, farmer, Foxboro, same, s/o Charles H. LAKE & Mary HAMILTON, married Eliza Jane ASHLEY, 27, West Huntingdon, same, d/o Simeon ASHLEY & Emma HAROLEY?, witnesses were Charles ASHLEY of Huntingdon & Mary E. LAKE of Foxboro, Sept. 8, 1897 at Huntingdon #006857/98, (Hastings), Ira Wilbert LANSING, 28, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford, s/o Richard LANSING & Ellenor PURDY, m. Stella MILLIGAN, 22, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga, d/o Alfred MILLIGAN & Flora Ann PARKS, 15 Dec 1897, Hungerford
6696-97 Louis LEVECK, 37, farmer, Hungerford twp., Monteagle twp., s/o Joseph LEVECK & Elizabeth KAVANAGH, married Theresa McNALLY, 26, Hungerford twp., Monteagle twp., d/o Peter McNALLY & Elizabeth KAVANAGH (sic), witn: Joseph & R. Delima DUCHESNEAU of Maynooth, 3 Aug 1897 at Maynooth 6766-97 Frederick M. LINDSAY, 22, farmer, Prescott, Brighton twp., s/o Richard LINDSAY & Lidia CLARKE, married Matilda CARSON, 22, Picton, Brighton twp., d/o Alex CARSON & Elizabeth BRECKENRIDGE, witn: A. E. & A. B. ARMSTRONG of Trenton, 26 April [1897] at Trenton
6695-97 George LOWES, 48, widower, farmer, Sussex England, Dungannon twp., s/o William LOWES & Maria HONGLEY?, married Anne JORDISON, 40, Hope twp., Monteagle twp., d/o Christopher A. JORDISON & Susanna PASHLEY, witn: John C. JORDISON of Hybla & Elizabeth A. BENNETT of Bangor, 3 June 1897 at res of C. A. Jordison 6768-97 Charles MANCEY, 19, Belleville, same, s/o Thomas MANCY & Jennie ROSE, married Emma ROSE, 22, Hastings twp., Belleville, d/o Samuel ROSE & Sarah BRADY, witn: A. E. & A. B. ARMSTRONG of Trenton, 6 June [1897] at Trenton
#006635/97, (Hastings), Nelson McDONALD, 21, farmer, not given, Frankford, s/o John McDONALD & Elenor PHILLIPS, m. Edith LETTS, 17, not given, Limerick, d/o Thomas LETTS & Jessie McINDOE, witn: Duncan CULBERTSON of Wollaston & Agnes LETTS of Limerick, 25 May 1897, Ormsby  
6708-97 Joseph E. MITZ, 29, teacher, Huntingdon twp., Ivanhoe, s/o Lewis MITZ & Catherine GARRISON, married Eva E. LINN, 24, Rawdon, same, d/o Henry LINN, farmer, & Ann HAMILTON, witn: James C. LINN & Sabra PATTERSON, both of Rawdon, 15 Dec 1897 at Rawdon 6749-97 Edward MONTGOMERY, 21, farmer, Murray twp., same, s/o John MONTGOMERY & Mary Jane MAYBEE, married Bertha A. WESCOTT, 17, Rawdon twp., same, d/o Allen WESCOTT & Azebah WHITE, witn: Wallace & Hannah HUBBLE of Sidney twp, 8 Dec 1897 at Sidney twp
#006718-97 (Hastings Co): Samuel John MORAN, 25, farmer, Muskoka, Rawdon, s/o James & Isabella, married Ida WILLIAMS, 18, England, Rawdon, d/o George WILLIAMS & Emma KYLE, witnesses were John & Alice SHARP of Rawdon, June 25, 1897 at Stirling #006856/98, (Hastings), Edwin Jas. MORTON, 26, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford, s/o Alex.? & Mary MORTON, m. Mary Betrice TRUMPOUR, 20, Murray, Hungerford, d/o Paul & Ella TRUMPOUR, 29 Dec 1897, Hungerford
6751-97 Alexander Fullerton PARK, 35, farmer, Thurlow twp., same, s/o William PARK & Isabella RALPH, married Mary Esther HANNA, 26, Sidney twp, same, d/o John HANNA & Martha COUCH, witn: Jeremiah MARSHALL & Winnie HANNA, both of Sidney twp, 22 Dec 1897 at Sidney twp #006637/97, (Hastings), James Arthur PARKS, 23, farmer, not given, Tudor, s/o Serenus & Charlotte PARKS, m. Almeda CLEVELAND, 25, not given, Tudor, d/o Charles CLEVELAND & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: F.W. WHITE & Mrs. P. P. CLARK of St. Ola, 22 Dec 1897, St. Ola
6630-97 Christopher PARKS, 26, laborer, Madoc, Limerick, s/o James & Matilda, married Rachel ROBBINS, 22, Dungannon, Limerick, d/o Henry & Sarah Ann, witn: Thomas HABSTONE & Matilda REID, both of Limerick, 6 May 1897 at Limerick 6638-97 William PEACOCK, 45, farmer, Lanark, Mayo, s/o Quinton PEACOCK & Isabella MATHER, married Lottie Jane KELLAR, 16, Madoc, Mayo, d/o Abraham KELLAR & Mary ROBBINS, witn: George KELLAR & Annie RAMSBOTTOM, both of Mayo, 5 March 1897 at Mayo
#006632/97, (Hastings), George R. QUACKENBUSH, 34, mechanic, Warkworth, Trenton, Widower, s/o Jacob & Sarah, marr: Hattie M. SOLMES, 25, Limerick, Limerick, Widow, d/o Gilbert D. SOLMES & Annis WRIGHT, witn: Thomas A. HAM & Fala BARAGAR of Limerick, 8 Sep 1897, Limerick 6698-97 Henry R. RADDITT, 32, farmer, Arnprior Ont., New Carlow, s/o Henry & Minnie, married Otillie MUSCLOW, 23, Monteagle twp., same, d/o John MUSCLOW & Amelia SCHROEDER, witn: Fred MUSCLOW & Lizzie HINZE, both of Monteagle twp., 29 Sept 1897 at Monteagle twp.
6697-97 John ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Monteagle twp., same, s/o James ROBINSON & Cath D. DOBSON, married Elizabeth BEST, 24, Madoc, Monteagle twp., d/o William BEST & Delilah SARGENT, witn: George A. MOXAM & Mary Ann ROBINSON, both of Monteagle twp., 15 Sept 1897 at Monteagle twp. #006712-97 (Hastings Co): Samuel B. ROLLINS, 29, baker, Huntingdon, Tweed, s/o James ROLLINS & Matilda McCORD, married Maggie A. McMURRAY, 24, Huntingdon, same, d/o William McMURRAY & Isabel FLEMINg, witnesses were J.R. ROBERTSON of Tweed & Alice HAGERTY of Huntingdon, Feb. 24, 1897 at Huntingdon
6689-97 George ROSE, 30, farmer, Pembroke, Bangor, s/o James ROSE & Susan BROUSE, married Eliza ANDERSON, 24, Ottawa, Wicklow, d/o James ANDERSON & Bridget GIBBON, witn: Thomas H. BENNETT of Bangor & Mabel E. MILLER of Combermere, 24 June 1897 at Combermere #006715-97 (Hastings Co): Morley SINE?, 23, livery keeper, Sidney, Belleville, s/o Dorcas & Margaret, married Ada MASON, 24, Springbrook, same, d/o Levi & Jane. witnesses were Charles McKEE of Stirling & Minnie MASON of Springbrook, May 19, 1897 at Stirling
  #006724-97 (Hastings Co): Gilbert SMITH, 21, farmer, Rawdon, same, s/o Wilfred SMITH & Harriet CUMMINGS, married Mary E. REID, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o Allan REID & Harriet BRADSHAW, witnesses were Peter E. WEAVER & Viola WHITE, both of Rawdon, Sept. 14, 1897 at Rawdon (also 6709-97)
6750-97 Frank Vandervoort SPAFFORD, 21, farmer, Sidney twp, same, s/o Frederick A. SPAFFORD & Maud A. VANDERVOORT, married Mary Caroline CLEALL, 21, Sidney twp, same, d/o George CLEALL & Emma CROUTER, witn: Harry L. & Anna Kate SPAFFORD of Sidney twp, 22 Dec 1897 at Sidney twp #006633/97, (Hastings), Harry M. STEENBURG (Steinburg?), 23, telegraph operator, Stockdale, Limerick, s/o Sidney C. STEENBURG & Nancy Ann MAYBEE, marr: Margaret E. SWAYNE, 23, Limerick, Limerick, d/o Edward W. SWAYNE & Margaret FOSTER, witn: John W. SWAYNE of Limerick & Hannah BLACKBURN of Wollaston, 16 Nov 1897, Ormsby
6701-97 Thomas STEWART, 23, photographer, Rawdon, same, s/o Hugh STEWART & Mary J. KYLE, married Florence BOOTH, 27, Rawdon, same, d/o John BOOTH, farmer, & Elizabeth SHARP, witn: James STEWART & Minnie BOOTH, both of Rawdon, 19 May 1897 at Rawdon 6710-97 William R. TELFORD, 27, clergyman, Dorchester England, Dresden, s/o Richard TELFORD & Martha HARLOCK (Haslock?), married Leah B. DENIKE, 25, Rawdon, same, d/o Solomon DENIKE & Sarah GREEN, witn: Blake DENIKE of Rawdon & Leah TELFORD of Paris Ont., 22 Dec 1897 at Rawdon
6702-97 - D. H. VANCOTT, 37, farmer, Thurlow twp., Ameliasburgh twp., s/o John & Catherine, married Maria Amelia BARTON, 35, cheese maker, Rawdon, same, d/o Aaron BARTON & Nancy ALLGUIRE, witn: Gilbert BARTON of Rawdon & Margaret SEXSMITH of Belmont, 24 Feb 1897 at Rawdon  
6711-97 John Sheldon VANKLEEK, 37, farmer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o John VANKLEEK & Harriet MALLORY, married Frances Emma WIGGINS, 42, widow, Ontario, Springbrook, d/o Groff JONES & Melinda GATES, witn: Susie WIGGINS of Springbrook & Mabel WEBB of Marmora, 7 Sept 1897 at Springbrook 6666-97 Robert VAN KLEEK, 26, farmer, Madoc, same, s/o Robert VAN KLEEK & Mary CONLIN, married Minnie ROLLINS, 23, Madoc, same, d/o George ROLLINS & Helen PHILLIPS, witn: Peter VAN KLEEK & Lillie ROLLINS, both of Madoc, 17 Nov 1897 at Madoc
006698-98 Robert John WALKER, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Sophiasburg, Farmer, s/o John WALKER & Martha GIBSON married Mary Jane HAUGHTON, 20, Seymour Tp., Belleville, d/o John HAUGHTON & Teresa Jane HAUGHTON (Hampton?). Wtn: Annie HAUGHTON of Belleville and Andrew J. STEWART of Belleville on December 7 1897 at Belleville 007394-99 Thomas WATSON Jr., 26, Boston, Cardiff, Farmer, s/o Thomas WATSON Sr. & not given married Ida BOOMHOUR, 19 Kennebec, Faraday, d/o Gilbert BOOMHOUR & not given. Wtn: Joseph WATSON of Deer Lake and Cassie BOOMHOUR of Bancroft on March 24, 1897 at Bancroft
6703-97 Christopher E. WEBB, 23, cheese maker, Rawdon, same, s/o Thomas WEBB & Elizabeth McKEOWN, married Minnie Mabel WIGGINS, 19, lady, Rawdon, Springbrook, d/o G. D. WIGGINS & Frances E. JONES, witn: Thomas WEBB Jr. of Rawdon & Cassie BATEMAN of Springbrook, 24 March 1897 at Springbrook