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Hastings Co., 1899


007454-99 Archibald ABBOTT, 34, Trenton, same, Widower, Barrister, s/o Lewis ABBOTT & Ann WEAVER married Emma AIRHART, 25, Marmora, same, d/o Asal AIRHART & Charlotte KEENE. Wtn: A.M. VARS of Marmora and Hattie BOWEN of Marmora on April 5, 1899 at Marmora 007457-99 George Henry ACKER, 28, Laton?, Seymour Tp., Farmer, s/o Julius ACKER & Mary ROOT? married Ada Jane CLARKE, 24, Belmont, Seymour, d/o Stephen Phillip CLARK (sic) & Elizabeth Ann NIXON. Wtn: Alexander ACKER of Marmora and Mrs. R. McCULLOCK of Marmora on May 17, 1899 at Marmora
#007758-00 (Hastings Co) Freeman ALEXANDER, 20, Brighton Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Archie ALEXANDER & Colissa FORBES?, married Margaret ALLAN, 17, Rochester USA, Trenton, s, d/o John ALLAN & Elsie MAYBEE, witn: Mr. S.G. RORKE, A.M. RORKE, both Frankford, married 15 November 1899, Frankford #007284-99 (Hastings Co): Elijah ASHLEY, 26, book keeper, Rawdon twp., Burlington Vermont, s/o Allan Walter ASHLEY & Anny REID, married Maggie Matilda McCRUDDEN, 30, Montreal, Belleville, d/o Richard McCRUDDEN & Rebecca BLAKELY, witn: Sarah & Ida MCRUDDEN of Belleville, 30 Aug 1899 at Belleville
#007288-99 (Hastings Co): Barton BABCOCK, 23, farmer, Amherstburg, same, s/o William BABCOCK & Mary BRYANT, married Calista WAY, 20, Ameliasburg, Belleville, d/o Alpheus WAY & Adelaide OSTROM, 3 Sep 1899 at Belleville 007469-99 William BAKER, 27, Madoc, Michigan U.S., Farmer, s/o Samuel BAKER & Adelaide VANKOUGHNET married Ella KNOX, 28, Marmora Tp., same, d/o William KNOX & Elizabeth LYTTLE. Wtn: Leslie H. KNOX of Marmora and Annie B. KNOX of Marmora on December 21, 1899 at Marmora
7623-99 John BARKEY, 22, laborer, Flinton, Madoc, s/o Nelson BARKEY & Margta? HOLT (Hott?), married Jennetta DUCATT (Ducalt?), 30, servant, Flinton, same, d/o Alexis DUCATT & Rosie CANARD? witn: Harman HOTT & Mary BAKER, both of Tweed, 19 June 1899 at Tweed 007388-99 Frederick BARNES, 23, Cardiff, same, Farmer, s/o Joseph BARNES & Henrietta NEWBATT married Celestia A. KIDD, 31, South Dummer, Cardiff, d/o Walter KIDD & Annie ANDREWS. Wtn: Walter KIDD of Cardiff and Ellen BARNES of Cardiff on June 20, 1899 at Bancroft
007477-99 James W. BAUMHOUR, 25, Kennebec Tp., Faraday Tp., Farmer, s/o George BAUMHOUR & Mary A. CLARK married Florence E. SWEET, 24, Dungannon Tp., Herschel Tp., d/o Haskel SWEET & Eliza VANCE. Wtn: James CLARK of Faraday and Hannah BAUMHOUR of Faraday on May 10, 1899 at Herschel 007450-99 William BEATTY, 19, Alnwick, Rawdon, Farmer, s/o Richard BEATTY & Rebecca McCRACKIN married Minnie Mary NEAL, 19, Rawdon, Marmora, d/o T.C. NEAL & Hannah WELLMAN. Wtn: P.J. HARRIS of Marmora and Mary BENTLEY of Marmora on February 8, 1899 at Marmora
007382-99 Samuel BELL, 30 Scotland, Herschell (sic), Blacksmith, Widower, s/o James BELL & Amelia CREIGHTON married Mary S. KING, 25, Eganville, Herschell (sic) d/o John KING & Almira McCABE. Wtn: David FULLER of Bancroft and Josephine FULLER of Bancroft on February 1, 1899 at Bancroft 007565-99 Edward BELLMORE, 27, Thurlow, same, Farmer, s/o Wm BELLMORE & Mary Jane BURLEY married Nettie S. CONKIE, 28, Brighton, Wellington, Widow, d/o Jas. SANDERSON & Catharine BAKER. Wtn: Jessie SANDERSON of Ivanhoe and Ernest BELLMORE of Foxboro on November 25, 1899 at Foxboro
007287-99 (Hastings Co): Ernest Thorburn BERNETT, 20, farmer, Thurlow twp., same, s/o William BERNETT & Maria WARREN, married Gertrude A. KISER, 20, Thurlow twp., same, d/o James KISER & Mary Ann BATES, witn: Leonard CRAWFORD of Thurlow twp & Florence KISER of Belleville, 16 Aug 1899 at Belleville 07560-99 Chas Herbert BERRY, 26, Murray, Sydney, Farmer, s/o Jas. BERRY & Isabella BERRY married Alice Alberta PETERSON, 26, Marmora, Thurlow, Farmer, d/o Samuel PETERSON & Eliza PETERSON. Wtn: Mary E. DUKE of Thurlow and Hannah Liza PETERSON of Thurlow on July 27, 1899 at Foxboro
7676-99 Frederick BINNINGTON, 22, cheese maker, Madoc, same, s/o John BINNINGTON & Maria THOMPSON, married Agnes LETTS, 16, Pontiac Que., Limerick, d/o Thomas LETTS & Jessie McINDOO, witn: Lillian BATSTONE & M. A. LOVEKIN, both of Wollaston, 26 April 1899 at Wollaston  
007391-99 Henry BLANEY, 27, Cambridge Tp. same, Travelling Evangelist, s/o Charles BLANEY & Jane COLDWELL married Mrs. Kate MORDEN, 39, Wilberforce, Combermere, Widow, d/o George RILEY & Elizabeth HIGGINSON. Wtn: Mrs. J.D. PAYNE of Bancroft and Mrs. W.A. DAVY of Bancroft on September 15, 1899 at Bancroft #007283-99 (Hastings Co): John Dugald BLUE, 32, stone cuter, Metes? Quebec, Crookston, s/o John BLUE & Ann MALLOCK, married Louisa LUNIMORE?, 23, not give, Crookston, d/o William LUNIMORE & Hannah FRANCIS, witn: George RIONS of Shannonville & Blanche JEFFREY of Huntingdon, 28 Aug 1899 at Belleville
#007295-99 (Hastings Co): James BLY, 23, tailor, Brighton, Belleville, s/o James BLY & Mary Ann SMITH, married Catherine LAINE, 22, Belleville, same,. do Patrick LANE & Margaret LYNCH, witn: William & Elizabeth LYNCH of Belleville, 16 Sept 1899 at Belleville 007805-00 James Franklin BROOKS, 28, Ameliasburg, Sidney, Laborer, s/o Charles BROOKS & Jane GIBSON married Mary Westfall MEYERS, 17, Sidney, same, d/o George WESTFALL & Betsy OSTROM. Wtn: Elmer FINKLE of Sidney and Mabel MEYERS of Thurlow on December 27, 1899 at Thurlow Tp.
#007296-99 (Hastings Co): George BROWN, fireman GTR, England, Belleville, s/o William Henry BROWN & Jane COULTHARD, married Hannah ROBINSON, 24, Thurlow twp., Belleville, d/o William ROBINSON & Sarah ASHTON, witn: Thomas PALOS? & Annie ROBINSON, both of Belleville, 26 Sept 1899 at Belleville 007386-99 James BRUNNER, 43, Scotland, Hinchenbrook, Widower, Blacksmith, s/o James BRUNNER & Margaret MORRISON married Eunice GERDIS, 33, Clarendon Tp Frontenac, Faraday, Widow, d/o J.W. VANKOUGHNET & Samantha DAVY. Wtn: Joseph LAUNDRY of Faraday and Elizabeth LAUNDRY of Faraday on April 11, 1899 at Bancroft
7678-99 William CAIN (Cane?), 22, yeoman, The Ridge, same, s/o William CAIN & Jane NICHOLSON, married Vinie HARTLEY?, 19, Millbridge, The Ridge, d/o George HARTLEY & Lavinia ADAMS, witn: Alex PATTISON & Sarah NICHOLSON, both of The Ridge, 11 Sept. 1899 at Coe Hill 07559-99 John Thomas CALBERY, 25, Lansdowne, Thurlow, Farmer, s/o Thomas CALBERY & Sarah A. CALBERY married Sarah C. PALMER, 22, Tyendinaga, Hungerford, d/o Thomas PALMER & Matilda PALMER. Wtn: Frances C. MAGWOOD of Lindsay and Mary E. DUKE of Thurlow on July 26, 1899 at Foxboro
7616-99 John W. CALDWELL, 37, farmer, Ontario, Rawdon twp., s/o Charles CALDWELL & E. A. BATEMAN, married Mary F. GORDINIER, 24, Ontario, Rawdon twp., d/o Rob GORDINIER & Eliza FERGUSON, witn: E. A. BATEMAN of Springbrook & Rhoda LIDSLER of Ivanhoe, 1 March 1899 at Tweed #007652-00 (Hastings Co): Harry G. CAMPRIN, 24, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o George C. CAMPRIN & Mary BRONSON, married Alice M. KERR, 24, Madoc, same, d/o George & blank, witn: G.A. & Carrie KERR of Madoc, 7 June 1899 at Madoc
007344-99 (Hastings Co.) Jesse CARR, 31, gardener, Norfolk England, Belleville, widowed, s/o Hannah CROWE & Samuel CARR, married Anne May SCHRYVER, 22, Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o Maggie ROBINSON & Walter SCHRYVER, wtn: Daniel CARR of Belleville & Lillie May CARR of Hastings Co, on April 5, 1899, at Belleville 007348-99 (Hastings Co.) John CASSIDY, 35, blacksmith, Donegal Ireland, Rossmore, widowed, s/o Mary CARR & John CASSIDY married Lizzie NURSE, 32, Woolwich England, Belleville, d/o Ruth ALLAN & Henry NURSE, wtn: William NURSE & David CUNNINGHAM, both of Belleville, on April 26, 1899, at Belleville
007566-99 David CHURCH, 32, of Bagot, Farmer, s/o Thomas CHURCH & Sarah CHURCH married Sarah E. HORNE, 19, of Thurlow, d/o George HORNE & Esther HORNE. Wtn: R.S. RICKETT of Thurlow and Maude MULLETT of Canifton on December 25, 1899 at Thurlow 007459-99 Allan CHRISTIE, 25, Marmora, Madoc, Farmer, s/o Robert CHRISTIE & Mary SOMES married Susie Lavina LAWRENCE, 19, Marmora, same, d/o Thomas LAWRENCE & Charlotte YOUNG. Wtn: James REID of Marmora and Mary Ellen SPRY of Big Springs on June 7, 1899 at Marmora
  007347-99 (Hastings Co.) Benjamin Aubrey CLARKE, 22, farmer, Thurlow, same, s/o Mary Arty REED & Sam'l Jas CLARKE, married Maggie Jane EMBURY, 26, Limerick, Belleville, d/o Esther Jane MORTON & Roderick Cameron EMBURY, wtn: Edgar Smith VANDERWATER of Thurlow & Amelia COSHA? of Bellevilleon March 19, 1899, at Bellevi
007468-99 George CLEVEH?, 24, Limeston Co. Alabama Tp., Marmora Tp., Labourer, s/o Anthony Hector CLEVEH? & Emma WILLIAMS married Emma WRIGHT, 18, Rawdon, Marmora, d/o Dorland WRIGHT & Elizabeth SANFORD. Wtn: F.S. HARRIS of Marmora and Cecilia OSTROM of Marmora on December 2, 1899 at Marmora 007557-99 Thomas N CLEVELAND, 24, Hastings, Belleville, Labourer, s/o Chas CLEVELAND & Mary DAVISON married Annie GARDNER, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Canniff GARDNER & Phoebe STAPLEY. Wtn: George BOWLER of Belleville and Lillie GARDNER of Belleville on July 19, 1899 at Thurlow
007340-99 (Hastings Co.) Charles CLEVELAND, Charles, 63, farmer, Napanee, Tudor Twp, widowed, s/o Mary BABCOCK & Benj'm CLEVELAND, married Rosa B. BOWLER (Bowles?), 54, widow, Belleville, same, d/o Maria WALDRUM? & David BABCOCK, wtn: E.G. & Frances STAPELEY, both of Belleville, on January 24, 1899 007346-99 (Hastings Co.) Thomas Goldsmith CLUTE, 52, merchant, Pr E'd Co. [Prince Edward Co.], Stirling, widowed, s/o Hannah Armstrong WRIGHT & Richard R. CLUTE, married Mary Jane VANDERWATER, 56, Sidney, same, widow, d/o Frances BELFORD & Jonas LOTT, wtn: Wm E. & Milton VANDERWATER, both of Sidney, on March 15, 1899, at Belleville
007125-98 James R. COLE, 30 Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o John COLE & Alelina ROSS married Mary Jane SHERMAN, 29, Tyendinaga, same, d/o George SHERMAN & Eliza WHITEMAN. Wtn: S.G. SHERMAN and Theda COLE of Tyendinaga on January 4, 1899 at Tyendinaga 007563-99 Robert E. COLLING, 34, Thurlow, Marmora, Taylor (sic), s/o Edward COLLING & Eb COLLING married Florence M. BOYD, 25, Tyendinagea, Thurlow, d/o Jas. BOYD & Eliza BOYD. Wtn: A. COLLING of Madoc and L.M. HAMILTON of Clifton Sprgs (Springs) N.Y. on September 5, 1899 at Thurlow
007462-99 Benjamin COOPER, 28, Marmora, same, Farmer, s/o James COOPER & Mary Ann ROGERS married Eliza WESTCOTT, 24, Belmont, same, d/o Eldridge WESTCOTT & Lydia BAMBER. Wtn: William WESTCOTT and Carrie COOPER on August 30, 1899 at Marmora 007564-99 Robert COSBEY (s/b Cosby?), 27, Sydney, Hungerford, Blacksmith, s/o Jas COSBEY & Margaret REID married Minnie PALMER, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o Frank PALMER & Minnie O'BRIEN. Wtn: Gilbert HOUGH of Foxboro and Lillian PALMER of Belleville on October 25, 1899 at Foxboro
007458-99 William DAVIDSON, 24, Marmora, Deloro, Miner, s/o George DAVIDSON & Isabella DIXON married Martha LEE, 22, England, Madoc, d/o George LEE & Francis HARRIS. Wtn: John PHILLIPS of Deloro and Mary GREEN of Madoc on June 7, 1899 at Marmora  
#007290-99 (Hastings Co): William Crawford DIXON, 29, druggist, Peterborough, NY City, s/o James H. DIXON & Lucy Y. CRAWFORD, married Mary BURNS, 28, Port Hope, Belleville, d/o John L. BURNS & Susan L. GENOE?, witn: Fred H. DIXON of Peterborough & Mary Evelyn DEAN of Port hope, 6 Sept 1899 at Belleville 7620-99 James DIXON, 26, widower, laborer, Ontario, Deseronto, s/o Samuel DIXON & Harriet BOLTON, married Rachel DRUMMOND, 26, Quebec, same, d/o James DRUMMOND & Agnes BLEAKLY, witn: S. K. HOUCK & Jennie WRIGHT, both of Tweed, 7 June 1899 t Tweed
7624-99 John DURKIN, 27, laborer, Ontario, Napanee, s/o John DURKIN & Ann TYRELL, married Rebecca IRWIN, 22, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o Thomas ERWIN (sic) & Rebecca CHARBONEAU, witn: James KEHOE & Ellen ERWIN, both of Hungerford, 29 June 1899 at Tweed 007384-99 Robert EASTON, 32, Dungannon, same, Farmer, s/o Robert EASTON & Elizabeth GOULD married Sarah Francis CONNELL, 19, Bedford Tp. Frontenac Co., Faraday, d/o Samuel CONNELL & Eleanor KERR. Wtn: George A. EASTON of Dungannon and Hattie CONNELL of Faraday on March 22, 1899 at Lot 31 Concession A in Faraday Tp.
007381-99 Levi EDWARDS, 20, Brighton, Faraday, Farmer, s/o Samuel EDWARDS & Charlotte YOUNG married Emma BAILEY, 18, Carlow, Faraday, d/o John BAILEY & Sophia WHITEFOOT. Wtn: David FULLER of Bancroft and Cassie BAUMHOUR of Bancroft on January 24, 1899 at Bancroft 007466-99 George ELLIS, 24, Belmont, same, Farmer, s/o Brooks ELLIS & Margaret BOWEN married Edith VESTERFELT, 17, Methuen Village, same, d/o Peter VESTERFELT & Louisa CORBEY. Wtn: Mrs. R. McCULLOGH of Marmora and Ella McCULLOGH of Marmora, on October 11, 1899 at Marmora
007456-99 Thomas Russell FOX, 22, Madoc, Marmora, Farmer, s/o Thomas FOX & Mandy SEELEY? married Catherine B. WANNAMAKER,  17, Marmora, same, d/o Levi WANNAMAKER & Frances WEESE. Wtn: William H. DENY of Malone and Maggie DANAH of Malone on April 26,1899 at Marmora 7625-99 Andrew D. FRANCIS, 22, barber, Ontario, Tweed, s/o Richard FRANCIS & Lucy A. BERRY, married Essa Warren WAY, 18, Ontario, Tweed, d/o George WAY & Ellen BADGLEY, witn: Thomas FRANCIS of Smiths falls & May CROSS of Havelock, 28 June 1899 at Tweed
#007292-99 (Hastings Co): Robert Burns FRASER, 24, illegible pottery co., Montreal, same, s/o Donald FRASER & Olive SOLINES?, married Katherine E. PHILLIPS, 23, Belleville, same, d/o Norman W. PHILLIPS & Mary E. CHARTERS, witn: A.W. SIMMONS of Montreal & grace WEBSTER of Belleville, 13 Sept 1899 at Belleville  
007562-99 Frank Hatten GOULD, 25, Thurlow, same, Teacher, s/o Ed Nicholl GOULD & Mary A. GARRISON married Nancy Letitia SNIDER, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Jas. Vincent SNIDER & Phoebe Jane McKAY. Wtn: Marcus A. SNIDER of Thurlow and Charlotte V. WRIGHT of Hungerford on September 6, 1899 at Thurlow 007475-99 Hiram O.  GRANT, 28, Monteagle Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Jas. A. GRANT & Catherine TWA married Elizabeth J. YOUNG, 20, Monteagle Tp., same, d/o George YOUNG & Mary A. PRICE. Wtn: James GRANT of Monteagle and Mary M. YOUNG of Monteagle on April 5, 1899 at Monteagle
007779-00 Geo Edward GREEN, 30, Stirling, same, Farmer, s/o Eleazer GREEN & Esther GREEN married Anna Viola CRAIGE, 25, Windsor, Stirling, d/o Robt J. CRAIGE & Minnie JOHNS. Wtn: Lyman F. MOON of Stirling and Dolly GREEN of Stirling on November 1, 1899 at Stirling 7615-99 William GUY (Gay?), 47, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Rawdon twp., s/o Robert GUY & Ann THOMPSON, married Annie Jane DOUGLAS, no age given, Ontario, Huntingdon twp., d/o John DOUGLAS & Eliza FLEMING, witn: W. J. & Lizzie ROBINSON of Melrose, 15 Feb 1899 at Tweed
  007238-99 (Hastings Co.) Wm James HAYNE, 28, R.R. trainman, Belleville, same, s/o Grace WICKETT & Emanuel HAYNE, married Lillian May BEER, 20, Exeter England, Belleville, d/o Sarah POOK & Samuel BEER, wtn: S. FISHER of Orillia & A. Brams???? of Can Hill N.B., on March 18, 1899, at Belleville
007350-99 (Hastings Co.) William HAZELTIME, 52, farmer, Rawdon Twp, Sidney Twp, widowed, s/o Hulda LAKE & William HAZELTIME, married Perscilla KETCHESON, 42, Sidney Twp, Trenton, d/o Louse? SPENCER & David R. KETCHESON, wtn: Gat--? GILBERT & Ella KETCHESON, both of Belleville, on April 19, 1899, at Belleville 007349-99 (Hastings Co.) Isaac Dempsey HUYCK, 40, merchant tailor, Pr E'd Co [Prince Edward Co.], Tweed, s/o Sarah MAYBEE & Salium HUYCK, married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 33, Ireland, Belleville, d/o Margaret NELSON & Robert ELLIOTT, wtn: John T. CORKRAM of Belleville & Nettie ROTH or RATH of Tweed, on April 26, 1899, at Belleville
007383-99 Harry Niles JARMAN, 24, L’Amable, Trenton, Mail Clerk, s/o John C. JARMAN & Elvira NILES married Sarah Elizabeth SPURR, 23, L’Amable, same, d/o Benjamin SPURR & Mary HILL. Wtn: W.H. POLLEY Jr. of Trenton and Hessie JARMAN of Bancroft on February 8, 1899 at Bancroft 7619-99 Thomas Newton JOHNSTON, 32, livery man, Ontario, Tweed, s/o Stephen JOHNSTON & Ann GILLYAN (Gillgan?), married Elizabeth McGOWAN, 30, Ontario, Tweed, d/o Adam McGOWAN & Ellen COULTER, witn: Dr. Harvy CLARE & Anna JOHNSTON, both of Tweed, 19 April 1899 at Tweed
7677-99 William JOICE? (Jerico?), 22, yeoman, Midway PA, Wollaston, s/o Lewis JOICE & Emma JOLLY, married Grace PRATT, 22, widow, Elmira NY, Wollaston, d/o Albert MILLER? & Olive KENNEDY, witn: David & Mrs. D. GUNTER of Wollaston, 14 April 1899 at Wollaston 7212-99(Hastings Co): John Christopher JORDISON, 28, farmer, Rawdon Twp, Monteagle Twp, s/o Christopher A. JORDISON & Susan PASHLEY, married Elizabeth A BENNETT, 25, Bangor Twp, same, d/o Richard BENNETT & Ellenor THRASHER, witn: William BENNETT & Effie ORAM both of Bangor, 29 Mar 1899 at Combermere
07558-99 William KELLAR, 31, Thurlow, same, Laborer, s/o Daniel KELLAR & Joanna BARROW married Mary VANORMAN, 27, P. Edward Co., Thurlow, d/o Stewart VANORMAN & Annie GEROW. Wtn: Jas SIMMONS of Thurlow and Aggie BOWLER of Thurlow on May 17, 1899 at Thurlow 007476-99 Patrick KELLY, 27, Umfraville Ont., Bancroft, Farmer, s/o James KELLY & Ellen RYAN married Elizabeth COE, 23, Birds Creek Ont., Bancroft, d/o James COE & Margaret HICKEY. Wtn: James COE of Maynooth and Nellie KELLY of Umfraville on April 10, 1899 at Maynooth
007561-99 Billa KETCHESON, 28, Thurlow, same, Farmer, s/o Jas. KETCHESON & Almira KETCHESON married Emma HUFFMAN, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o John HUFFMAN & Rhoda HUFFMAN. Wtn: Wellington CHAPMAN of Thurlow and Edna ROSS of Thurlow on September 6, 1899 at Thurlow 007239-99 (Hastings Co.) James KISER, 28, gardener, Thurlow Twp, Belleville, s/o Mary Ann BATES & James KISER, married Ada BARAGER, 28, Beaverton, Belleville, widow, d/o Alice DRAKE & John WILCOX, wtn: Mary E. RICE & Martha WILLIAMS, both of Belleville, on March 18, 1899, at Belleville
  #007291-99 (Hastings Co): Adam Thomas LINTON, 30, illegible hardware store, Campbellford, Madoc, s/o Robert LINTON & Mary OLIVER, married Madeline BAKER, 24, nurse, Belleville, same, d/o William John BAKER & Emily THOMAS, witn: James Franklin LINTON of Campbellford, 7 Sept 1899 at Belleville
#007976-00 (Hastings Co): Daniel MAITLAND, 27, farmer, Wollaston, same, s/o James MAITLAND & Mary HENDERSON, married Isabella HENDERSON, 22, Wollaston, same, d/o John HENDERSON & Wilhelmina McGREGOR, witn: Robert HENDERSON of Wollaston & Matilda STILES of Rawdon, 28 Dec 1899 at Coe Hill #007289-99 (Hastings Co): William MALCOLM, 65, widower, plumber, Edinburgh Scotland, Belleville, s/o John MALCOLM & Charlotte illegible, married Rachel McDERMID, 53, widow, Ameliasburgh twp., Belleville, d/o Jacob VANORMAN & Rachel DAFOE, witn: Annie BADGELY & H. Claude FAIRMAN, both of Belleville, 1 Sept 1899 at Belleville
007452-99 James McCAY (McCoy?), 51, Ireland, Marmora, Widower, Farmer, s/o Henry McCAY & Rebecca ARTHURS married Elizabeth MAYBEE, 43, Huntingdon Tp., Marmora, Widow, d/o Richard MORTON & Mary ADAMS. Wtn: Francis MYERS of Marmora and Charlotte MYERS of Marmora on March 15, 1899 at Marmora 007449-99 Alexander Charles McCONNELL, 26, of Richward Tp. (Richmond?) Farmer, s/o William McCONNELL & Maggie MAXWELL married Margaret Isabella BRENTON, 22, of Marmora Tp., d/o Phillip Henery (Hereux?) BRENTON & Mary GRAY. Wtn: Thomas LAYCOCK of Marmora and Libbie J. McCONNELL of Rawdon on January 2, 1899 at Marmora
007478-99 Joseph McCORMICK, 28, Renfrew Co., Monteagle Tp., Farmer, s/o Wm McCORMICK & Emma MORDY married Maggie RAY, 18, Herschel Tp., same, d/o Joseph RAY & Martha ROBINSON. Wtn: Walter MOORE of Faraday and Ellen McCORMICK of Monteagle on May 17, 1899 at Birds Creek #007286-99 (Hastings Co): Fred McKEE, 21, book keeper, Picton, Deseronto, s/o William McKEE & Elizabeth HENRY, married Ethel Christina GEROW, 20, Rossmore, same, d/o James R. GEROW & Agnes HART, witn: D. McINTYRE & Pearl FANNING, both of Belleville, 30 Aug 1899 at Belleville
7614-99 Albert MILLS, 27, laborer, Ontario, Huntingdon twp., s/o Martin MILLS & Isabel NICHOL, married Martha Jane CARSON (Corson?), 32, Ontario, Huntingdon twp., d/o John CARSON & Rosa YOUNG, witn: John STOUT of Madoc & Libby SIMONS of Tweed, 25 Jan 1899 at Tweed 007387-99 Thomas Archibald MOLLOY, 25, Tudor Tp., Ormsby Ont., Farmer, s/o John MOLLOY & Catherine McGREGOR married Rosan FINNIGAN, 22, Umfraville Ont., Ormsby, d/o Michael FINNIGAN & Mary GANNON. Wtn: Stephen Pat MOLLOY of Ormsby and Sarah Jane FINNIGAN of Umfraville on April 26, 1899 at Bancroft
7622-99 John MULRONEY, 30, farmer, Ontario, Hungerford, s/o Simon MULRONEY & Ellen McGINNES, married Elizabeth MURPHY, 27, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Elizabeth FLEMING, witn: Thomas & Honor MURPHY of Hungerford, 19 June 1899 at Tweed 007390-99 Myles James O'NEIL, 28, Umfraville, Bancroft, Farmer, s/o John O'NEIL & Elizabeth GOULD married Mary Ellen MORAN, 20, Maynooth, Bancroft, d/o Michael MORAN & Mary Ellen KEEGAN. Wtn: Charlie O'NEIL of Bancroft and Dorothy O'NEIL of Bancroft on July 3, 1899 at R.C. Church Bancroft
007467-99 Henry Arthur OSBORNE, 25, Marmora Village, same, Carpenter, s/o James OSBORNE & Harriett HAMILTON married Annie Maud HAMILTON, 24, Marmora Village, same, d/o Thomas HAMILTON & Mary McQUIGG. Wtn: Mabel OSBORNE of Marmora and Gertrude OSBORNE of Marmora on October 17, 1899 at Marmora 007341-99 (Hastings Co.) Benjamin J. PALMER, 28, farmer, Thurlow Twp, Hungerford Twp, s/o Matilda HICKS & Thomas PALMER, married Mabel MOTT, 21, Tyendinaga, Thurlow, d/o Nancy J. HICKS & Henry MOTT, wtn: L.M. Hill & Hattie MONDAY, on March 30, 1899, at Belleville
007451-99 James PARKER, 25, Stirling, Marmora, Bank Clerk, s/o Robert PARKER & Hannah CHARD married Grace CARSCALLEN, 21, Marmora, same, d/o Alexander CARSCALLEN & Marcia PRINGLE. Wtn: Frank CARSCALLEN of Marmora and Mollie PARKER of Stirling on February 27, 1899 at Marmora #007977-00 (Hastings Co): Alex James PATTISON, 27, farmer, The Ridge, same, s/o George PATTISON & Jane THOMPSON, married Sarah NICHOLSON, 25, The Ridge, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Roderick HOARD? of Lake & Lizzie PATTISON of The Ridge, 20 Dec 1899 at Coe Hill
#007285-99 (Hastings Co): Isaac J. PEARSALL, 58, farmer, Sophiasburgh twp., same, s/o Amos PEARSALL & Sarah VALLEAU, married Martha S. WILLIAMS, 45, Sophiasburgh twp., same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Muriel WILLIAMS of Sophiasburgh, 25 Aug 1899 at Belleville 007463-99 James Edward REID, 23, Marmora, same, Farmer, s/o Daniel REID & Barbara KERR married Mary Ellen SPRY, 20, Rawdon, same, d/o Richard SPRY & Harriette Marie NEAL. Wtn: Mrs. R. McCULLOGH of Marmora and Mary Ella McCULLOGH of Marmora on September 26, 1899 at Marmora
  007345-99 (Hastings Co.) Joseph H. ROBERTS, 25, merchant, Shannonville, Actinolite, s/o Sarah A. ROBERTS & Joseph H. ROBERTS, married Emma C. KELLS, 30, Hungerford, Queensboro, d/o Eliza ARMSTRONG & Robert KELLS, wtn: M.A. McINTYRE & Marg't MONTGOMERY, both of Belleville, on April 8, 1899, at Belleville
007464-99 George Henry RORABACK, 22, Dummer, Deloro, Engineer, s/o Benjamin RORABACK & Jemima LOW married Susanna Lucinda CULP, 16, Parry Sound, Marmora, d/o Isaac R. CULP & Abbey MAYER. Wtn: David KNASE? of Marmora and Mary Jane CULP of Marmora on September 27, 1899 at Marmora #007294-99 (Hastings Co): William ROSEBUSH, 43, widower, laborer, Sidney twp., same, s/o Joseph ROSEBUSH & Maria BUSH, married Jane PALMER, 36, widow, Quebec, Sidney twp., d/o James PALMER & Mary BURNETT, witn: James A. RICHMOND of Murray twp & Martha BELAIR of Sidney twp., 20 Sept 1899 at Belleville
007237-99 (Hastings Co.) Lewis A. RUSHLOW, 16, laborer, Belleville, same, s/o Martha J. KISER & Alexander RUSHLOW, married Lillian A. BROWN, 18, Belleville, same, d/o Sarah J. RIDER & Charles H. BROWN, wtn: Edward COATES & Mrs. BROWN, both of Belleville, on March 6, 1899, at Belleville 007806-00 John R. SAYERS, 43, Hungerford, Picton, Teacher, s/o Gillispie SAYERS and Margaret E. MARTIN married Alice A. YOUKER, 40, Thurlow, same, d/o Samuel YOUKER & Huldah OSTROM. Wtn: Morley FLAKE of Cherry Valley and Clora YOUKER of Thurlow Tp. on December 27, 1899 at Thurlow
007389-99 John SCOTT, 23, Haliburton, Cardiff Tp., Farmer, s/o Thomas SCOTT & Katie McCORMICK married Eliza SHEICKLER, 26, Waterloo Co., Cardiff Tp., d/o John SCHEICKLER (sic) & Mary TRICK. Wtn: Daniel TRIPP of Birdscreek and Mary A. SCOTT of Bancroft on June 1, 1899 at St. John Church Bancroft 007461-99 Lucus M. SHARP, 21, Murray, same, Teacher, s/o Marcus Conrade? SHARP & Sophronia NICKEL married Barbara MAITLAND, 22, Wollaston, same, d/o James MAITLAND & Mary HENDERSON. Wtn: Jessie HUNT of Marmora and Eliza PRESLEY of Big Springs on August 19, 1899 at Marmora
007808-00 - P.D. SHOREY, 32, Newburgh, same, Teacher, s/o John J.C. SHOREY & Samantha E. DEROCHE married Roxia G. HAIGHT, 23, Thurlow, same, d/o Benson HAIGHT & Mary CLARK. Wtn: J. Edward SHOREY of Newburgh and Laura FERGUSON of Thurlow on December 23, 1899 at Thurlow 007124-98 Sidney L. SIMPKINS, 30, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o James SIMPKINS & Elizabeth MORDEN married Nellie W. MOORE, 20, Napanee, Tyendinaga, d/o William R. MOORE & Mary LAGGET. Wtn: Wilber BADGLEY and Annie BADGLEY of Tyendinaga on January 2, 1899 at Tyendinaga
7618-99 William SMITH, 29, farmer, Ontario, Sidney twp., s/o George SMITH & Eliza A. PARKS, married Samantha PREST, 24, Ontario, Sidney twp, d/o Leonard PREST & Eliza DANFORD, witn: Ethel A. LESKEY (Teskey?) & Lila E. HUYCK, both of Tweed, 16 march 1899 at Tweed 007392-99 William SMITH, 28, England, Mayo Tp., Farmer, s/o John SMITH & Fanny REDYMOND married Sarah STOUGHTON, 24, Mayo Tp., same, d/o George STOUGHTON & Agnes CREIGHTON. Wtn: George STOUGHTON of Mayo Tp. and Alice CREIGHTON of L’Amable on September 26, 1899 at Bancroft
007126-98 Henry SWAN, 27, England, Tyendinaga, Farmer, s/o John SWAN & Ellen LIMMA married Electa GOODMAN, 24, of Tyendinaga, Dressmaker, d/o John GOODMAN & Charlott (sic) VANMEER. Wtn: C. L. GOODMAN and L.M. GOODMAN of Tyendinaga on January 9, 1899 at Shannonville 7680-99 John W. SWAYNE, 32, farmer, Ormsby, same, s/o Edward SWAYNE & Margaret FOSTER, married Hannah BLACKBURN, 29, Coe Hill, same, d/o Edwin BLACKBURN & Lucinda CRANE, witn: Edwin SWAYNE of Ormsby & Matilda BLACKBURN of Coe Hill, 6 Dec 1899 at Coe Hill
007342-99 (Hastings Co.) William TEBWORTH, 22, butcher, Belleville, same, s/o Hannah HARRIS & Wm TEBWORTH, married Lottie CHASE, 17, Frankford Twp, Belleville, d/o Sarah VANCLEAF & James CHASE, wtn: Herman J. LLOYD & Bertie CHASE, both of Belleville, on April 3, 1899, at Belleville 7617-99 Miles THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Madoc, s/o John THOMPSON & Hulda ASSELTINE, married Essie GRIER, 21, Ontario, Madoc, d/o William GRIER & Elizabeth SIMMONS, witn: S. K. HOUCK & E. E. CRAIG, both of Tweed, 27 April 1899 at Tweed
7679-99 Charles Gream TWIG (Tivy?), 31, commercial traveller, Tudor, St. Louis US, s/o Richard TWIG & Eliza TROTTER, married Catherine LEVERIDGE, 19, Norfolk England, Wollaston, d/o David LEVERIDGE & Annie GODBOLT, witn: John LEVERIDGE of Wollaston & Louie TWIG of Madoc, 27 Sept 1899 at Coe Hill #007293-99 (Hastings Co): Peter Edwin VAN BUSKIRK, 31, civil engineer, New Milford NY USA, same, s/o Jacob VAN BUSKIRK & Wanda PEACK, married Lillian Maud HUFFMAN, 24, Belleville, d/o Isaiah HUFFMAN & Ruth A. ASHLEY, witn: Arthur & Susan VAN BUSKIRK of New Milford NY, 20 Sept 1899 at Belleville
007393-99 Walter VANDERWOORT (Vandervoort?) 23, Campbellford, Bancroft, Barber, s/o Francis VANDERWOORT & Frances MURRAY married Sarah SIDDONS, 18, Bancroft, same, d/o John SIDDONS & Mary CREIGHTON. Wtn: Robert SIDDONS of Bancroft and Maud WOODCOX of Bancroft on Setpember 27, 1899 at Brancroft 007465-99 Thomas James VANSICKLE, 20, Methuen Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John VANSICKLE & Mandy McLAUGHLAN married Susan Ellen REVOY, 24, Marmora, same, d/o Mitchell REVOY & Almira THOMPKINS. Wtn: E.A. McCULLOGH of Marmora and Mary Ella McCULLOGH of Marmora on September 27, 1899 at Marmora
  007474-99 Arthur VARDY, 19, Monteagle Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Job VARDY & Lydia WAY married Sarah A. CARMICHAEL, 24, Monteagle Tp., same, d/o Robt. CARMICHAEL & Jane LABOW. Wtn: Ezekiel COLE of Monteagle and Mrs. E. COLE of Monteagle on March 22, 1899 at Monteagle
007385-99 George WILCOX, 29, Monteagle, same, Farmer, s/o Matthew WILCOX & Mary J. KERNIGHAN married Elizabeth Ann QUIRK, 21, Isle of Man, Wilberforce Tp Renfrew Co., d/o Thomas QUIRK & Emily HARRISON. Wtn: Hugh WILCOX of Monteagle and Bernice KERNIGHAN of Monteagle on April 4, 1899 at St. John's Church in Bancroft 007453-99 Arnold WILEY, 20, Marmora, same, Farmer, s/o James WILEY & Mary FOX married Martha RICHARDSON, 21, Bruce Co., Marmora, d/o James RICHARDSON & Annie ENGLISH. Wtn: George H. GAWLEY of Malone and Annie WILEY of Malone on April 5, 1899 at Marmora
007343-99 (Hastings Co.) Charles William WILLMOTT, 29, prof of music, London England, Belleville, s/o Elizabeth McFARLAND & Thomas WILLMOTT, married Ella May ELLIOTT, 21, Cannington, Belleville, d/o Diana Samantha BAKER & Alexander ELLIOTT, wtn: Emberman John ELLIOTT of Belleville & Nettie ELLIOTT of Aultsville, on April 4, 1899, at Belleville 7621-99 Nelson WOODCOCK, 23, laborer, Ontario, Trenton, s/o Abram & Eunice, married Elizabeth HICKS, 17, Ontario, Tweed, d/o Jacob HICKS & Amy MARTIN, witn: W. & Louisa BRADLEY of Tweed, 8 June 1899 at Tweed
007455-99 James WRIGHT, 39, Rawdon, same, Farmer, s/o Henry WRIGHT & Eliza JOICE married Mary McMASTER, 38, Rawdon, same, Widow, d/o William FOX & Eliza HUSTON. Wtn: Mrs. R. MCCULBICK of Marmora and Jennie PEARCE of Marmora on April 5, 1899 at Marmora