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Assorted Records from the Bridge St. Wesleyan Methodist (now United Church), Belleville

United Church Archives, Fonds No.1314, LCM 67-68

1896 - 1902 with a few 1906 and one 1924 - arranged in chronological order

submitted by Barbara



John Lister (Lester?) SIMMINS, 21, Sidney, Thurlow, Quarryman, s/o William Nelson & Mary Melissa SIMMINS married May BELLNAP, 20, Rossmore, Rossmore, d/o David & Maud BELLNAP, Witn: Aaron RUSSELL, Rednersville & Elsie REDDICK, Rossmore, Belleville, 29, Aug. 1896.

James Mathew PATRICK, 21, England, Sidney, s/o Thomas & Sarah Patrick married Charlotte Eliza HOPKINS, 21, Belleville, Belleville, d/o William & Margaret HOPKINS, Witn: Thomas HOPKINS of Belleville & Miss Marie GOSNELL, Belleville, 11 Nov. 1896

Isaac HALL, 21, Newburg, Desoronto, s/o John & Eliza Hall married Bertha May NORTON, 21, Thurlow, Desoronto, d/o Seymour & Hannah NORTON, Witn: Hannah NORTON & Margaret MCINTYRE, Belleville 29, Dec. 1896.

Gersham Vincent ORSER, 36, Twp. Brighton, Trenton, s/o of James & Hannah ORSER married Maggie Jane BOOTH, Frankford, Trenton, 26, d/o Nathan & Mary Booth, Witn: D.N. MCINTYRE & Maggie MONTGOMERY, Belleville, 3. Feb. 1897.

Thomas MCCECHAM (Meecham?), 33, widower, Madoc, Rawdon, s/o William & Elizabeth McCecham married Lilly May BATEMAN, 22, Belleville, Belleville, d/o James & Laura BATEMAN, Witn: Christopher BIRKETT, Rawdon & Ida BATEMAN of Belleville, 2 Jne 1897.

Thomas S. CLARKE, 42, widow, ?, Belleville, s/o Thomas G. CLARKE & Mary Grace INGLIS married Louisa L. HOLDEN, 29, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Thomas HOLDEN & Mary E. PIPER, Witn: John B. & Ellen HOLDEN, Toronto, Belleville, 7 July 1897.

Hugh D. LEITCH, 26, ?, Middlesex Co., s/o Colon & Catherine, married Minnie Maud BERKLEY, d/o John A. & Helen, Wtn: N.G. SYLVESTER, Van Kleek Hill & Ida M. ZUFELT, Belleville, 15 Sept. 1897.

George A. MCCUNE (McCane?), 24, Twp. Huntington, Shannonville, cheese maker, s/o M. Duke McCUNE & Harriet HARRIS married Mary B. GEORGE, 23, Davenport England, d/o Edward GEORGE & Amelia HARRIS, Witn: Edward GEORGE, Belleville, & Amanda McCUNE, Sidney Crossing, Belleville, 15 Sept. 1897.

Albert Alexander DANY (Davey?), 42, New York, Napanee, widower, s/o Jacob DANY & Margaret DUNNAN married Helena May HAYNES 19, Middlesex England, Napanee, Church of England, d/o Rainsford Arthur & Annie Amelia Haynes, Witn: Edward & Jane SYMINGTON, Belleville, 19 Sept. 1897.

Charles Will CRAIG, 25, Walkerton, ?, Lawyer, s/o Joseph CRAIG & Lucinda Ann MAY married Ella Eliza SULMAN, 25, Burford, Belleville, d/o William SULMAN & Sarah COKER, Wtn: W. S. MORDEN, Belleville, Mary Celista HOPKINS, Picton, Belleville 29 Sept. 1897.

John W. MAIN, 47, Twp. Melbourne, same, s/o Mathew MAIN & Barbara MORRISON marries Sarah FOSTER, 33 Hungerford, Belleville, d/o Benjamin Foster & Mary BOUNDMAN, Witn: C.B. & Elizabeth FOSTER, Belleville, 6 Oct. 1897.

Joseph L. LUKELL (Tickell?), 31, Belleville, Belleville, d/o George E. LUKELL & Hannah BELTAM married Eveline Fickey GRASS, 31, Twp. Murray, Belleville, d/o Charles H. GRASS & Elora J. OSBORNE, Witn: C.N. TICKELL, Belleville, & James E. GRASS, Thurlow, Belleville 27 Oct. 1897.

James BELIAR, 26, Belleville, Twp. Sidney, Catholic, s/o James Beliar & Mary BUNETTE? married Maggie SIMPSON, 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas Simpson & Mary Anderson, Witn: Gilbert & Anne ?, Belleville, 24 Nov. 1897.

James TEMPLETON, 20, Scotland, Twp. Sidney, s/o John & Mother’s name unknown married Annie BLEER, 18, Twp. Sidney, same, Catholic, d/o James BLEER & Mary BENETT (?), Belleville, 1 Dec. 1897.

Charles FREDERICK, 30, Belleville, Twp. Sidney, s/o John FREDERICK & Margaret, GIBSON married Lillian WELSH, 28, Bridgewater, Belleville, d/o Lawrence Welsh & Margaret MCDONNELL, Witn. John J. COOK, Belleville, 22 Dec. 1897.

John George CARTER, 25, Picton, Picton, s/o Henry CARTER & Martha CLARK married Letta Maria ROOT, 23, Prince Edward Co., Belleville, Salvation Army, d/o Hieland ROOT & Jane WOOD, Witn: Florence Carter, Picton & Florence SYMONS, Belleville, 24 Dec. 1897.

Charles GORIE, 28, Twp. Thurlow, Detroit, s/o James GORIE & Rosann SHARP married Nettie GRAHAM, 25, Tweed, Tweed, d/o William GRAHAM & Mary COULTER, Witn: Douglas Neil MCINTYRE, Bessie CRAIG, Toronto, Belleville, 25 Dec. 1897.

William Henry MEYERS, 27, Belleville, Niagara Falls NY, Printer, s/o John Henry MEYERS & Sophia WOODLEY married Cora May FANNING, 22, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Walter FANNING & Georgiana GUNGH (Gough?). Witn: Charles F. MEYERS of Catherine St. Belleville, Pearl FANNING of 102 Church St. Belleville, Belleville 27 Dec. 1897.

Sprang TRADETT, 23, Rawdon, Belleville, Sailor, does not know his parents names, married Agnes SMITH, 29, England, Belleville, widow, d/o Thomas & Esther PLATT, Wtn: Albert KAISER & Emily SMITH, Belleville, 30 Dec. 1897.

George Gilmour FARRELL, 25, Oshawa, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Arthur W. FARRELL & Orilla Jane ROLPH married Armanella Andrews METCALF, 24, Roseneath, Belleville, d/o Alfred METCALF and Martha Jane NODEN, Witn: Lillie M. Metcalf. Belleville 30 Dec. 1897.

Abel Henry GILBERT, 47, Hastings Co., New York, Widow, Manager Savings & Loan, s/o Abel GILBERTt & Mary E. HOUGHTON, married Mary Melissa OSBORNE, 48, Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o Henry & Harriet FOSTER, Witn: A.B. COOK of 1218 Yonge St. Toronto, & T. Turner of Belleville Jan 04 1898.

William H. MOORMAN, 25, Thurlow, same, s/o James MOORMAN & Annie DENEY married Minnie L. VIVIAN, 24, Thurlow, same, d/o Stephen VIVIAN & Helen HYWICK, Witn: Isabella & Annie MCINTYRE Kingston, Belleville 7 Feb. 1898

Jeremiah Gatchell GIBBS, 42, Consecon, Trenton, Grain Dealer, s/o Herman GIBBS & Harriet Gatchell married Anne McCONNELL, 28 Trenton, same, Catholic, d/o Patrick McCONNELL & Mary HAYDEN, Witn: M. DALY, Peterboro & Isabella MCINTYRE, Belleville 8 Feb. 1898.

James Peter HAUGE?, 34, Seymour, same, s/o James & Ann HAUGE married Mary Ann GUNNING, 27, Huntington, same, s/o James GUNNING & Charlotte REID, Witn: Isabella & Annie MCINTYRE, Belleville 9 Feb. 1898

Christopher S. MENTSON, 35, New Jersey, St. Paul Minn. The Peoples Church, Merchant, s/o Kunte MENTSON & Mary SANISS marries Nellie KANE, 24, Belleville, Belleville, d/o William KANE & Eliza LATTIMER, Witn: Minnie SILLS & Mary Kane Toronto, Belleville 16 March 1898.

William TUSK, 27, Hungerford, same, s/o Peter Tusk & Eliza ?, married Clara KNOWLES, 28, Hungerford, same, d/o William KNOWLES & Amanda BADGLEY, witn: Maggie MONTGOMERY & Margaret MCINTYRE, Belleville 16, March 1898.

James Brown GIBSON, 24, Picton, Belleville, Manufacturer, s/o Thomas GIBSON & Mary Jane BROWN, married Clara Bell VERMILYEA, 21, Belleville, same, d/o Alfred VERMILYEA & J. Nettie CLARK, Witn: Harry DAVID & Ada WARD Frankford, Belleville 12 April 1898.

Charles B. DYDE, 26, Ottawa, Kingston, Physician, s/o Samuel DYDE & Jane C. WANDSOPE (Wardrope?), married Bessie Allicia YEOMANS, 30, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Horace & Allicia, Witn: Ida W. SUTHERLAND Kingston, Belleville 27 April 1898.

Albert HERRINGTON, 29, Napanee, Desoronto, s/o Lorenzo Dow HERRINGTON & Ann FOSTER married Rosa CARR, 24, d/o ? Witn: Hercules A. THOMPSON & Lilly CARR, Belleville 30 March 1898.

Arannah BAKER, 34, Camden Addington Co., Belleville, Teacher, s/o Jacob M.. BAKER & Mahala Ann COLLIER and Mary Eliza ROBINSON, 32, Tweed, Belleville, d/o Robert ROBINSON & Emily FROTZ, Witn: Arthur W. COONE Manilla, Lillie E.BAKER Hinch, Belleville 29 June 1898.

William H. SILLS, 23, Belleville, Montreal, Express Messenger, s/o James R. SILLS & Jane A. PERRY married Charlotte Emma MARTIN, 23, Belleville, Belleville, d/o John & Elizabeth Ann BRAGG, Witn: Bidwell E. SILLS Kingston & Annie Augusta MARTIN, Belleville 20 Sept. 1898.

George Fulton VENN (?), 22, Belleville, Belleville, Stage Driver, s/o Thomas VENN & Melissa FULTON married Kate O'CONNELL, 20 , Plainfield, Plainfield, Catholic, d/o Thomas O’ CONNELL & Mary GANIE, Witn: Mr & Mrs. James PATRICK, Belleville 29 June 1898.

Stewart Dixon JENKS, 29, Pamboro Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia , Lawyer, church of England, s/o John William JENKS & Esther DIXON married Nettie Cecilia YEOMANS, 30, Sidney, Belleville, d/o William R. YEOMANS & Charlotte D. WRIGHT, Witn: W.B. MORDEN & Frankie GARDINER, Belleville, ?? 1898.

John S. BROWN, 27, Twp. Brighton, Trenton, Stage Driver, s/o Joseph BROWN & Mary Jane McCLAREY married Eliza Jane PALMER 28, Thurlow, Shannonville, d/o Allen PALMER & Melissa DEWAR, Witn: Frank B. PALMER & Bertie MACDONALD Thurlow, Belleville, 26 Sept 1898.

James GEROW, 18, Belleville, same, Butcher, Catholic, s/o Joseph GEROW & Johannah MCCARTHY married Maud. A. THOMPSON, 17, Ogdensburg New York, Belleville, d/o George Thompson & Annie SANDFORD, Witn: Ed & Bula Annie Sanford, Belleville 10 Oct. 1898.

Wesley RUSSELL, 19, Prince Edward Co., Rednersville s/o Wellington RUSSELL & Fanny BELLKNAP married Della RUTTAN, 18, Prince Edward Co., Rossmore, James RUTTAN & Erma BERWICK, Witn: Aaron Russell Rednersville & Mrs. BERWICK, Belleville 12 Oct. 1898.

Stanley S. RUSSELL, 24, Prince Edward Co., St. Thomas, Chief Clerk Wabash & G.T.R., s/o George T.B. RUSSELL & Catharine A. BRINKMAN married Elsie J. MCKEOWN, 22, Belleville, same, s/o William McKEOWN & Nary S. BULLEN, Witn: R.J. SPROTT of Toronto & Blanch G. HILL, Belleville 18 Oct. 1898.

John Ed. SMITH, 37, New York, Belleville, Widow, Butcher, s/o of John SMITH & Maggie HUGHES married Annie IRVINE, 32, Belleville, same, Widow, d/o Charles KESIR (?) & Sarah LANEK, Witn: James CONELL & Allie KESIR, Belleville 16 Nov. 1898

Sarah I STAPLEY, 22, b. Belleville, Res. Thurlow, d/o of Thomas STAPLEY and Elizabeth I STAPLEY married Richard H. CORNELL, 22, Prince Edward Co., Thurlow, Stone cutter, s/o John CORNELL & Nancy LINDSAY, Witnesses George GIBBS and Eliza BELLEOD, Belleville, 23 Nov. 1898.

Samuel S. BONGARD (Bougard?), 26, Prince Edward Co., Toronto, City Traveler, s/o Nelson BONGARD & Emma T. WRIGHT married Maud McFEE, 23, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Allan MCFEE & Almira BURKETT, Witn: H. HAMIN & B.M. SILLS Thurlow, Belleville24 Nov. 1898.

Ed. DOBBS, 35, London England, Belleville, widow, s/o Benjamin W. DOBBS & Elizabeth BROWN, married Mary Ann ROBINSON, Brockville, Belleville, d/o George Robinson & Catherine Huff GEROW, Witn: M.A. MACINTYRE Belleville & Jessie ELLIOT Toronto, Belleville 3 Feb 1899.

Percy Oscar DAVIS, 20, England, Belleville, s/o Job Davis & Susan SISCOMB? married Ida HUDGINS, 33, Thurlow, same, d/o Nelson HUDGINS & Mary Jane VINCENT, Wtn: W. Macaulay POPE & Minnie DAVIS, Belleville 9 Jan 1899.

Joseph H. ROBERTS, 25, Shannonville, same, Merchant, s/o J. H. & Sarah A., married Emma C. KELLS, 30, Hungerford, Queensboro, d/o Robert KELLS & Eliza ARMSTRONG, Witn: Anne MCINTYRE & Margaret MONTGOMERY, Belleville, 8 April 1899.

Isaac Dempsey HUYCK, 40, Prince Edward Co., Tweed, Merchant Sailor, s/o Edwin HUYCK & Sarah Ann MABEE married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 33, Ireland, Tweed, d/o Robert ELLIOTT & Margaret NELSON, Witn: John COCHRANE & Nettie RATH Tweed, Belleville 26, April 1899.

James STORTTS?, 24, Belleville, same, s/o Martin STORTTS & Jane (Unknown) married Ellen B. CANNIFF, 22, Corbyville, Belleville, d/o John CANNIFF & Emma Jane BROMAN, Wtn: Craig & M.A. MCINTYRE, Belleville 12 May 1899.

David MATTES (Wallis? Mattis?) , 21, Prince Edward Co., Consecon, s/o James MATTES & Cecilia ORR married Susie CLARK, 18, Prince Edward Co., Consecon, d/o Charles CLARKE & Bertha CHASE, Witn: Maud MATTES & B. Margaret MCINTYRE, Belleville 3 July 1899.

W. Spence CLARKE, 34, Campbellford, Belleville, Photographer, s/o William H. CLARKE & Charlotte VENTRESS married Agnes A. CAMPBELL, 32, Belleville, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Almira HUYCK, Witn: Frank B. STAFFORD Bay Mills Michigan & Maude CAMPBELL, Belleville 18 July 1899.

Reuben George HAWLEY, 40, N. Fredericksburg same , widow, s/o Reuben C. HAWLEY & Chloe A. GRANGER, married Electa May HOWELL, 29, Cobourg, same, d/o Stanley HOWELL & Electa Ann WILLIS, Witn: C. LINDSAY & Maud FEE, Belleville, 23 Aug. 1899.

Ed. C. LINDSAY, 27, s/o James Lindsay & Caroline REYNOLDS married Annie M. FEE, 23, d/o William M. FEE & Isabella B. ?, Witn:?, Belleville, 23, Aug. 1899.

John Dugald BLUE, 32, Metis, Cookstown, Stone Cutter, s/o John BLUE & Ann MALLACK married Louisa TRUMAN, 23, Cookstown, same, d/o William Truman & Hannah FRANCIS, Witn: George MOIRS Shannonville & Blanche JEFFERY, Huntington, Belleville 28 Aug. 1899.

Fred MCKEE, 21, Picton, Twp. Desoronto, Book Keeper, s/o William MCKEE & Elizabeth HAINY married Ethel Christina GEROW, 20, Rossmore, same, s/o James Rider? GEROW & Agnes HEART, Wtn. D. MCINTYRE & Pearl FANNING, Belleville 30 Aug. 1899.

Barton BABCOCK, 23, Ameliasburg Twp., same, s/o William BABCOCK & Mary B. GANT married Calista WAY, 20, Ameliasburg, Twp., Belleville, d/o Alphus WAY & Adelaide OSBORNE, Wtn: Douglas Neil & Margaret Alworth MCINTYRE, Belleville 3 Sept. 1899.

William Crawford DIXON, 29, Peterboro, New York City, Druggist, s/o James Harvey DIXON, & Lucy J. CRAWFORD married Mary BURNS, 28 , Port Hope, Belleville, d/o John L. BURNS & Susan L, GEROW, Witn: Fred. DIXON & Mary Evelyn DEAN, Belleville 6 Sept. 1899.

Peter Edwin VAN BUSKIRK, 31, New Milford New Jersey, same, Civil engineer, Reformed Dutch, s/o Jacob VAN BUSKIRK & Ursula PRALK married Lillian Maude HUFFMAN, 24, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Isaiah HUFFMAN & Ruth A. ASHELY, Witn: Arthur & Susan VAN BUSKIRK of Milford New Jersey, Belleville 20 Sept. 1899.

Charles Oscar BRICKMAN, 29, Prince Edward Co., Belleville, s/o Elijah BRICKMAN & Fanny BONTER married Minnie Helen REEVES, 29, Belleville, same, d/o William S. BONTER & Sarah Ann MCGOVERN, Witn. James H. REEVES & Henrietta BRICKMAN, Belleville 27 Sept. 1899.

William ROSEBUSH, 43, Sidney, same, Widow, s/o Joseph ROSEBUSH & Maria BUSH married Jane PALMER, 36, Quebec, Sidney, Widow, d/o James & Mary BLINNE (both spouses signed with an X) Witn: James Anson RICHMOND Murray Twp. and Martha BALAS Sidney, Belleville 20 Sept. 1899.

Herbert Spencer DIXON, 28, Eaucallis Florida, Toronto, widow, Commercial Traveler, s/o James DIXON & Cecilia MATHEWS married May INSLEY, 22, Gravenhurst, Toronto, d/o Peter INSLEY & Martha WARD, Witn: Maggie MONTGOMERY & Jennie COCKINS, Belleville 7 Oct. 1899.

Mathew Thomas CAMPBELL, 22, Kingston, same, Baptist, s/o of Mathew CAMPBELL & Elizabeth (unknown) married Edith TAYLOR, 20, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Fulton TAYLOR & Olive L ?, Witn: Levi & Minnie TAYLOR, Belleville 9 Oct. 1899.

Fred Davey DIAMOND, 28, Belleville, Belleville, Stenographer, s/o W. Jefferies DIAMOND & Annie Maria LYON married Mary Elizabeth CLARKE, 25, Belleville, same, d/o Robert M. CLARKE & Ellen EGGLETON, Witn: Erle CALDWELL Picton, E. May DIAMOND, Belleville 11 Oct. 1899.

Albert Ed. RAY, 24, Oshawa, Toronto, Banker, s/o John Ray & Mary Hunter married Lillian GEORGE, 23, Devonshire England, Toronto, d/o Thomas GEORGE & Amelia HARRIS, Witn: Rosa George & ?, Belleville 08 Nov. 1899.

Charles Thomas SWANSON, 19, ?, Belleville, s/o Samuel Ed. SWANSON & Mother’s name unknown, married Lily Nancy BOLYEA, 18, Belleville, same, s/o Peter BOLYEA, & Mary BROWN, Wtn: Jacob YOUNG & Mary SANDFORD, Belleville, 18 Nov. 1899.

Wilmeart? SINE, 25, Thurlow, same, s/o Wesley SINE, & Jane Ann WRIGHT, married Gertie SPENCER, 20, Thurlow, same, d/o Rufus SPENCER & Sarah Jane SINE, Witn: Maggie MONTGOMERY & Ida CHASE, Belleville 30 Nov. 1899. [Sim?]

Reuben Albert ELLIS, Huntington, same, s/o John WALKER Ellis & Isabella HOWARD married Martha BLAIR, 20, Sidney, same, d/o James BLAIR & Mother Unknown, Witn: Craig MCINTYRE & Maggie MONTGOMERY, Belleville 27 Dec. 1899.

Charles ASHLEY, 23, Huntington, same, s/o Simon ASHLEY & Emma Jane HAWLEY married Eliza REID, 22, Thurlow, same, d/o Sylvester HAWLEY & Mary HOUGH, Witn: George HARRIS Belleville & Florence ASHLEY of West Huntington, Belleville 27 Dec. 1899.

William G. JENKINS, 26, Twp. Richmond, same, s/o William JENKINS & Caroline EMPEY married Blanche CRYSLER, 25, Point Claire Quebec, Belleville, d/o Charles CHRYSLER & Mary McCURDY, Witn: C.W. CRYSLER Belleville & Jessie CRYSLER Napanee, Belleville 21 Jan. 1900.

Simon Robert ARMSTRONG, 38, Marmora, Peterboro, widow, Town Clerk, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Ann Jane BROWN Married Bertha RICHARDS, 34, Napanee, Belleville, d/o James RICHARDS & Catherine KEMP, Witn: Sarah RICHARDS & Emma MCMICHAEL, Belleville 7 Feb. 1900.

Percy MCGONNELL, 22, Demorestville, Belleville, s/o Owen & Sarah MCGONNELL married Annie HARKINS, 21, Belleville, same, d/o Saul & Minnie HARKINS, Witn: Kate & Hattie GALBRAITH, Belleville 15, Jan, 1900.

Thomas John FINCH, 23, unknown, Twp. Barrie, s/o John Finch & Hannah Jane WOODCOCK married Jannie E.R. BOWEN, 24, Hinton, Belleville, d/o Henry & Sylvia, Wtn: Archie BOWEN & Elizabeth STEWART Rednersville, Belleville 26 July 1900.

Jesse W. CHOAT, 24, Ameliasburg, same, s/o Joseph WALKER & Ellen Maria Wood, married Onah M. STONEBURG, 20,?, Ameliasburg, d/o Abner STONEBURG & Sarah TRIPP, Witn: Gilbert CHOAT & Bertha LAUDER Ameliasburg, Belleville 21 Nov. 1900.

James NICHOL, 40, Madoc, Marmora, s/o W. John NICHOL & Margaret Jane QUIGGAN married Victoria HAMILTON, 35, Marmora, Marmora d/o Margaret GOREGH, 27. Nov. 1900

Harry Robert WEMP, 26, Bridgewater, Toronto, s/o William B. Kemp & Jane A. MCKAY married Edith May JOHNSON, 26. London, London, Belleville, d/o J. W. JOHNSON & Sarah Lambe SMITH, Witn: J. & May Johnson, Belleville 22 Jan 1901.

Charlie W. VIGARS, 25, Marquette Michigan, Port Arthur, s/o Richard VIGARS & Jane ROACH married Vera L. SMITH, 23, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Robert SMITH & Elizabeth LANGMAN, Witn Albert SMITH, Rochester, G. TIMMERMAN Belleville, 27 November 1901.

James PARIS, 27, Montreal, Belleville, Locomotive Fitter, s/o James PARIS & Jane ROXBOROUGH married Eliza REEVES, 23, Belleville, Belleville, d/o Joseph REEVES & Agnes Smith, Witn: William MACLEARY & Carrie REEVES, Belleville, 27, Nov. 1901.

George Hamilton ELLIS, 29, Iroquois, Chesterville, Physician, s/o Francis & Lucinda HAMILTON, marries Ella Maud STEPHENSON, 28, Finch, Stormont, d/o George STEPHENSON & Alice SMITH, Witn: Mable & Maude CROTHERS, Belleville, March 19, 1902.

Frank Reuben HERNS, 29, Cannifton, Strathroy Middlesex Co., Cheese & Butter Maker, s/o George HERNS & Christine WAGER married Annette GUNSOLUS, 31, Madoc, Belleville, d/o Peter GUNSOLUS & Isabelle TODD, Witn: T.H. & Maud CROTHERS, Belleville, 10 April 1902.

George THOMPSON, 42, Bachory?, Toronto, Tailor, s/o William BANCHORY & Barbara GREY married Jane Brand CHRISTISON, 44, s/o William CHRISTISON & Mary ADDISON, Witn: Emily SWAYER & J.E. HUNTER, Belleville, 03 May 1902.

William J. WILSON, 24, Kingston, Kingston, Cigar maker, s/o George WILSON & Annie HENNESY married Helen S. BLACK, 20, Belleville, Belleville, Witn: W. & Maggie SMITH, Belleville 13 May 1902.

Allen STAPLEY, 21, Napanee, Belleville, s/o William STAPLEY and Eveline STERCH married Sarah E. KELLAR, 18, Belleville, Belleville d/o Frederick KELLAR and Elizabeth PALMATEER, Witnesses Maud DEWALL and John Dewal BELL., Belleville, 22 April 1902

Walter STAPLEY, 19, Belleville, Belleville, Grand Trunk Railroad, s/o Craig STAPLEY and Eveline STERCH married Rosetta RICKETT, 22, Belleville, Belleville, Widow, d/o William Nelson KELLAR and Sarah Ann BARROW, Witnesses Charles VANARNSON, Belleville, 30 Sept. 1902

Blake D. HARNS, 23, Wellington, Wellington, s/o of Isaac W. HARNS & Kitty M. DENIKE married Rosa B. MAYBEE, 26, Port Hope, Belleville, d/o Jarvis MAYBEE and Almira HOUS, Witn: S.H. DELONG & W.J. CROTHERS, Belleville Dec. 31, 1902

Lorne W. ELLIS, 26, Murray Twp., Wooler, s/o of James ELLIS and Esther LOHENS married Mary RUTTAN, 20, Murray Twp., Wooler, d/o of W.M. RUTTAN & Amanda MAYBEE, Witn: B.C. ELLIS & William Bruce WILLIS, Belleville, 27 Feb. 1916

Roy Wellington SILLS, 24, Holloway, Hollway, s/o of John Gilbert SILLS & Ida WICKETT married Nellie Shaw CAVERLEY, 20, Foxboro, same, d/o of Ed. CAVERLEY & Matilda NICHOLSON, Witn: Erle DENYES & Bessie SILLS, Belleville, Sept. 20 1906

Albert SAGER, 24, Montreal, Quebec City, s/o Reuben SAGER & Electa VANSTONE, married Helen REDDICK, 20, Rossmore, Rossmore, d/o Charles REDDICK & Minnie KENT, witn: Carolyn MALOTT & Violet STEPHENS, Belleville, June 21, 1924

Carman L. MASSEY, 29, Wallbridge, Belleville, s/o Charles MASSEY & Bertha REDDICK married Queena S. KERR, 21, Belleville, Belleville, d/o of Simon KERR & Hattie CLAPP, Witn: Cecil S. HERMAN & Grace KENNY (51 Charlotte St.) Belleville, Oct. 22, 1924