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Home District marriages,

Vol. 7, Register of Rev. James Harris Presbyterian Church

Archives of Ontario MS 248 Reel 1

transcribed by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne

Note: Not all witnesses or place of residence was recorded.



Dec. 29 John HOLLISTER to Catherine GRADY both of York. Wit: John Tiers, Helen McDougal.

Dec. 30 Jacob HUMMEL to Agness ENTICOTT both of York. Wit: John Wilson Jr., Sarah Rayler.


Jan. 29 Alexander HAMILTON to Margaret MOORE both of Toronto Twp. Wit: Michael & Margaret Crawford.

Feb. 5 James MCMULLEN to Elizabeth CORBET both of York town. Wit: Alexander Cuthbertson, Margaret Sloan.

Feb. 12 Charles Pritcher SHELDON to Matilda STEEL/STREET both of Sheetsville. Wit: Polly Ketcham, Hiram Street/Steel.

Feb. 19 John CARFRAE to Ellen WATSON both of York town. Wit: John Forde, Martha Bridgehead.

Feb. 26 John GOODFELLOW, W. Gwillimbury, to Catherine TIVY, York. Wit: Margaret McGead, Samuel Tivy.

March 10 Donald CAMERON, Caledon, to Elizabeth ARMOURD?, York. Wit: Alexander Stewart, Eliza Turnbul.

May 24 David CUNNINGHAM to Margaret CASSY both of York town. Wit: John Cunningham, Alexander Cassy.

June 10 Archibald KNIGHT, Sheetsville, to Charlotte HARRISON, York. Wit: Johna Knight, Mary Ann Humberson.

July 7 David LACKIE to Catherine HERON? both of York town. Wit: Mary Lackie, Joseph Clinkinbroomer.

July 16 Adam BASS to Elizabeth REILY both of Etobicoke. Wit: Alexander Burnside, Catherine Hibbins.

Aug. 3 Roland BRUSH to Elizabeth ??? both of York. Wit: Isabella Brush, Richard Camel.

Aug. 16 Eastin HIMAN to Teresa A. MATTHEWS? both of York town. Wit: Joseph Milburne, Alexander Post.

Aug. 24 Andrew POST to Isabella BRUSH. Wit: Richard Camel, Margaret Brown.

Sept. 10 George CHISHOLM, Georgiana, to Mary Ann BROWN, York. Wit: Lewis & Agness Bright.

Sept. 22 James MCBRIDE to Isabella MCBRIDE both of York. Wit: John Somerset, Phebe Lewis.

Oct. 7 John C. BURNS to Elizabeth BAILY both of York town. Wit: Lawson & Ann McMurry.

Oct. 8 William CHIDERS?, York town, to Martha MATHESON, Bayham. Wit: William Arthurs, Mary Holden.

Nov. 6 Lutin? BAGED to Ann LANGWELL both of York town. Wit: William Longeuil, Ann Nickolson.

Dec. 3 Edwrd BROOMS to Nancy BERNS. Wit: John Leavhem, alias Lollard, Lydia Johnston.

Dec. 7 William HIPWELL, Tecumath?, to Elizabeth BATHES?, York.

Dec. 24 Joseph MILBURNE to Desdemona POST both of York town. Wit: Charles Clinkenbroomer, Fidela Ketchum.


Jan. 10 William ANDREWS, yeoman, to Elizabeth GODBY, both of York town. Wit: Mary Jane Watson, Reuben James Godby.

July 20 Anthony HOLLINGSHEAD, yeoman, to Ann ROBINSON, daughter of John Robinson from Ireland, both of York. Wit: John Wilson Jr., Sarah Snider.

Feb. 11 Daniel P. DAVIS to Pamela DE FOREST, daughter of William De Forest, both of York town. Wit: Lambert Broom, Sarah Claytin.

March 15 James IRWIN to Margaret CLASHER both of York. Wit: Barnard Johnston, Jane Long.

March 15 Archibald MCMILLAN to Sapphrona POST both of York. Wit: Joseph & Desdemona Milburne.

March 27 Thomas MATCHEL, New Market, to Ann MARTIN (MASTIN?), York. Wit: Maria Harrison, Robert Martin/Mastin.

April 5 Simon CHESLEY to Leanora Adelane CASTLE both of York town. Wit: Isaac Chesby, Isabella McIntosh.

April 19 Myastin SMYTH to Polly TRAVERS both of Trafalgar. Wit: Andrew Post, Catherine Jimex.

June 23 Gideon CARNWALE, Whitby, to Maria DE FOREST, York town, second daughter of the late William De Forest deceased. Wit: Daniel P. Davis, Mary Reynalds.

July 3 Robert MILLAN to Eliza LUMSDEN both of York town. Wit: William Evans, Sarah Ann Glasgan.

July 12 John WILSON to Sarah BAGSHAW both of Etobicoke. Wit: Margaret McLean, Abraham Bagshaw/Bayshaw.

July 17 Andrew LA MISERGRE?, York Town, to Margaret LUND, Thorah, 2nd daughter of William Lund of Thorah, yeoman. Wit: James Nagl, Francis Johnston.

July 23 John MILLER, Etobicoke, to Ann SPRACOL?, York. Wit: James Miller, Sarah Clayton.

Sept. 7 Robert CATHCART to Ann HENDRICKS both of York. Wit: William Wilson Jr., Sarah Snider.

Sept. 29 Samuel MOORE to Mary JUDSON both of Thorah. Wit: Robert Moore, Sarah Price.

Oct. 6 Charles JURY, Thorah, to Elizabeth GRAFTON, York, 2nd daughter of Stewart Grafton, yeoman. Wit: George Cunningham, Mary Jane Grafton.

Oct. 19 James Trotter DAWED? to Ann BROWN, both of York, daughter of Alexander Brown of York, blacksmith.

Oct. 26 Thomas ROBINETT to Sylvia SHATTWALE? both of Thorah. Wit: James Silverthorn, Isaac Shattwale?

Nov. 5 James VOLLER to Maria BOND both of York. Wit: Isaac & Elizabeth Hutchison.

Nov. 9 John MCMURRAY, Trafalgar, to Mary Ann MILLEN, York. Wit: Frances Banbridge, Jane Harres.

Nov. 16 William WALLAN, York town, to Helen MICKEN/MICHEN, late of Kingston but now of York. Wit: Thomas Armstrong, Francis Johnston.

Nov. 26 Malcolm MCLELLAN to Agness BENNET both of York. Wit: Elianor Casper, John Bennet.

Dec. 3 James GOAD, Esquesiny, to Elizabeth HALE, Trafalgar, daughter of Robert Hale. Wit: Stpehen Cline, Rachel Hale.

Dec. 26 John WILSON Jr. to Sarah SNIDER both of York. Wit: Helen McDougal, William Snider.

Dec. 29 James Colten LITTLE to Mary MCGIVERS/MCGIVERN both of York town. Wit: John Robinson, Francis Berry.