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Home District marriages

Register of Stephen Howard Clerk of the Peace 1803-1830 Vol. 6

Archives of Ontario MS 248 Reel 1

transcribed by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Marriages performed by George Richard Ferguson, Justice of the Peace


Dec. 5 Frances MERSEL to Mary FEDLER (Fidler?) both of Windham. Wit: Lt. Colonel Lecher De Marseul, Mary De Marseul.


Marriages performed by William R. Caldwell, Justice of the Peace


July 20 John HENRY to Anna MARTIN both of Markham. Wit: Moses Martin, Goalip Eckhart.


Marriages performed by J. W. Thompson, Justice of the Peace


Aug. 4 F. Starr JARVIS to Susan MERRYGOLD both of Toronto Twp.


Marriages performed by Rev. George Wall


April 5 James DALLYELLS to Mary BROOKS. Note: marriage took place in New York.


Marriages performed by William Bourchier, Justice of the Peace


June 24 James OBRIEN to Jean LYALL both of Georgiana. Wit: William & Robert Johnson.



Marriages performed by Michael Sloot, Justice of the Peace


Oct. 7 William HIGINSON (s/b Higginson?) to Mary MCKEOWN.


Marriages performed by James O’Brien Bouchier, Justice of the Peace


March 10 William JOHNSON, Georgiana, to Roxiana SMALLY, N. Gwillimbury. Wit: Charles N. Howard, John R. Gray.


March 18 Lt. William JOHNSTON, on halfpay of His Majesty’s Navy, Georgiana, to Roxanna SMALLEY, N. Gwillimbury. Wit: charles H. Howard, Robert Johnston.


April 21 William TURNER, ensign on the halfpay of the London Regt., Thorah, to Sophia SMALLEY, N. Gwillimbury. Wit: William Johnson, Arrad Smalley.

Nov. 20 Charles Henry HOWARD to Margaret LYALL both of Georgiana. Wit: William Johnson, Robert Johnston. Note: No year was recorded for this marriage but it was registered with the clerk on Jan. 16, 1827.


Marriages performed by John Galbraith, Justice of the Peace


Oct. 20 Jesu BROWN, Uxbridge, to Miriam SHOEFELDT, Brock. Wit: Reuben Brown, William Shoefeldt, Ann & Silas V. York.


Marriages performed by John Scott, Justice of the Peace


May 19 Thomas BROWN to Jane MORE both of Chenquaoverdy. Wit: William Johnston, David E. Parker.


Marriages performed by William Johnson, Justice of the Peace


April 27 John RAE to Elizabeth ALLEN both of Georgiana. Wit: James Rae, James Dority.


Marriages performed by William Turner, Justice of the Peace


Sept. 24 Robert JOHNSON, Georgiana, to Eliza MARTIN, Brock. WIT: William Johnson, J.O. Bourchier.


Marriages performed by Rev. Alexander Stewart, Baptist Church


July 10 Charles Murray Ker BATY to Mary HELLIWELL, widow, both of York town. Wit: Thomas K. Baty, Sarah Moore.


Marriages performed by John B. Warren, Justice of the Peace


Aug. 2 O. Callaghan Hyde HOLMES to Isabella YOUNG both of Whitby. Wit: L. Heyden, John Dewar.