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010568-05 (Huron Co) Hugh AIKENHEAD, 34, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Jas. AIKENHEAD & Jessie McKEWEN married Annie CAMERON, 27, Stanley, same, d/o John CAMERON and Mary McDIARMID. Wit J. F. AIKENHEAD and Hattie CAMERON, both of Stanley. December 28, 1904, at Brucefield. 009685-04 (Huron Co): William Wilson AITCHESON, 32, minister, Canald, Holland Twp, s/o William AITCHESON & Isabella McKENZIE married Janet ANDERSON, 25, Blyth, same, d/o James A. ANDERSON & Helen McTAVISH. Wit: Robert M. AITCHESON of Stoufville and Amelia M. ANDERSON of Blyth. October 25, 1904 at Blyth
#010029-04 (Huron Co): Thornton BAKER, 23, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o William BAKER & Frances KELLARD, married Violet HIND, 29, Usborne, same, d/o John HIND & Elizabeth MANLEY, witn: Wellington KERSLAKE & Nellie HIND, both of Usborne, 31 Aug 1904 at Usborne 009709-04 (Huron Co): Laurance Joseph BARBER, 23, clerk, Georgetown, Window Arizona, s/o Mark BARBER & Harriet RIDOUT married Mary Alice CARLING, 19, Clinton, same, d/o Thomas M. CARLING & Catherine McFARLANE. Wit: William DOWNS & Mabel A. TWITCHELL, both of Clinton. September 8, 1904 at Clinton
009917-04 (Huron Co): Vernon West BARFORD (Barfoot?)27, teacher, England, Edmonton, s/o James Gale BARFORD & Mary Harris WEST married Agnes Margaret LYNCH, 23, Winnipeg, Seaforth, d/o James LYNCH, M.D. & Matilda GOVENLOCK. Wit: George GOVENLOCK of Toronto and Jessie M. LYNCH of Seaforth. August 11, 1904 at Seaforth 009904-04 (Huron Co): William James BICKELL, 29, moulder, Hibbert, Seaforth, s/o William BICKELL & Elizabeth PATRICK married Nellie Louise FREEMAN, 29, Seaforth, same, d/o Thomas FREEMAN & Jane CAMPBELL. Wit: Thomas BICKELL and Elizabeth FREEMAN, both of Seaforth. June 11, 1904 at Seaforth
009822-04 (Huron), William Albert BIEBER, 24, farmer, Kent Co., same, s/o Philip BIEBER & Caroline BAER, to Margaret PFAFF, 31, Hay, Dashwood, d/o Henry PFAFF & Elizabeth KELLER, wit: William PFAFF & Mary E. PFAFF both of Hay, 12 April 1904, Hay 009964-04 George BLANCHARD, 25, Stone Cutter, Walkerton, Lambton Co, s/o James BLANCHARD & Maggie STEVENS, married Ida LINK, 18, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Jacob LINK & Catherine ENGLAND, Wit: Emery & Margaret CARRIER both of Grand Bend, 1 Aug 1904, Grand Bend Manse, Stephen Tp.
009809-04 (Huron), Duncan F. BLOOM, 31, shoemaker, Ridgetown, Thamesville, s/o Jacob BLOOM & Jane NEWCOMB, to Mary L. McKAY, 25, Moncrieff, Grey Tp., d/o George McKAY & Agnes FOREST, wit: Joseph McKAY & Robert McNICHOL both of Moncrieff, 15 June 1904, Grey 009894-04 (Huron Co): Thomas H. BOLGER, 36, widower, farmer, Seaforth, s/o James BOLGER & Mary CARTER married Jane Alice McGREGOR, 27, St. Joseph's Island, Morris, d/o David McGREGOR & Ellen not given. Wit: William H. SHOLDICE of Walton and Adam SHOLDICE of Morris. December 7, 1904 at Blyth
009777-04 (Huron Co): Edward E. BRACEY, 30, gardener, England, Waterloo Co, s/o Henry BRACEY & Grace KING married Elizabeth TEBBUTT, 34?, Goderich Twp, Waterloo Co, d/o Fred TEBBUTT & Jane F. PIERCE. Wit: Henry TEBBUTT and Rose TEBBUTT, both of Goderich Twp. May 25, 1904 at Goderich Twp 009776-04 (Huron Co): Henry M. BRADFORD, 28, blacksmith, Belfast, Goderich, s/o Robert BRADFORD & Mary A. ARMSTRONG married Emma E. JORDAN, 24, Holmesville, Clinton, d/o Edward JORDAN & Sarah MANNING. Wit: W. J. CURRIE and Ethel CURRIE, both of Goderich Twp. May 18, 1904 at Goderich Twp
010597-05 (Huron) Jacob BRENNER, 24, Dashwood, same, laborer, s/o Allen BRENNER & Maria OTTO, to Lovinia ZELLER, 18, Stephen Tp., same, d/o Jacob Zeller & Eliz. NEUSCHWANGER, wit: Nicholaus HETER & Christena BRENNER both of Dashwood, 25 October 1904, Stephen 010020-04 James Franklin BROOK, 28, farmer, Hibbert, Usborne, s/o John BROOK & Mary Ann BUTLER, married Emma DELBRIDGE, 21, Usborne, Usborne, d/o William H. DELBRIDGE & Louise BALMAR(?), Wit: Robert BROOK, Woodham & Mary E. DELBRIDGE, Usborne, 23 Mar 1904, Usborne
009716-04 (Huron Co): Harry BROWNLEE, 24, fireman, Clinton, Sault St. Marie, s/o Thomas BROWNLEE & Margaret WANER married Lillie GOOD, 19, Colborne, same, d/o Edward GOOD & Emma KILLOP. Wit: Thomas H. BROWNLEE of Hensal and Sarah GOOD of Colborne. January 27, 1904 at Colborne 009782-04 (Huron Co): Arthur BUCHANAN, 38, merchant, Goderich, Perry Sound, s/o William BUCHANAN & Hannah CAM--? married Agnes McILWAIN, 27, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Johnston McILWAIN & Mary HANLEY. Wit: George McILWAIN & Margaret McILWAIN, both of Goderich Twp. September 29, 1904 at Goderich Twp
009772-04 (Huron Co): Ricky K. BURK, 36, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Samuel BURKE & Eliza MAGEE married Susan Edna ELLIOTT, 25, Goderich Twp, Goderich, d/o Robert ELLIOTT & Margaret COX. Wit: H. W. BURKE of Goderich Twp and Alma ELLIOTT of Goderich. December 27, 1904 at Goderich 009721-04 (Huron Co): William G. BURROWS, 21, laborer, Ashfield, same, s/o George BURROWS & Ellen SMALE married Edith PELLOW, 22, Ashfield, same, d/o William F. PELLOW & Annie JACKSON. Wit: Jane McINTOSH of Lochalsh and Lizzie KENNEDY of Nile. October 17, 1904 at Colborne
009889-04 (Huron Co): Alfred BUTTON, 42, widower, farmer, Morris, same, s/o William BUTTON & Mary MATHEWS married Sarah May GIBSON, Brussels, Morris, d/o James GIBSON & unknown. Wit: Mrs. L. A. SMITH of Morris and Jennie A. McNABB of Walton. June 15, 1904 at Walton in Morris. 010492-05 (Huron Co) Robert CALDWELL, 34, farmer, Guelph Twp, Hullett, s/o James CALDWELL & Eliza ROUSE married Alice Maud MOON, 27, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas MOON & Mary A. McVITTIE. Wit George CALDWELL and Addie CRISP, both of Hullett. December 7, 1904 at Hullett
#010032-04 (Huron Co): Angus CAMPBELL, 33, farmer, Dorchester twp., same, s/o David CAMPBELL & Barbara McNIVEN, married Rosilla Almina Catherine GUEST, 27, dress maker, London twp., Dorchester Stn., d/o Robert F. GUEST & Maria DUNN, witn: George W. RACEY & Rose McLAUGHLIN, both of Kirkton, 21 Sept 1904 at Kirkton village 009710-04 (Huron Co): William Glen CAMPBELL, 32, musician, Rolla Missouri, Clinton, s/o John G. CAMPBELL & Margaret A. SUMMERS married Margarette M. GOODWIN, 26, Clinton, same, d/o Alfred H. GOODWIN & Helen L. OAKES. Wit: Frederick D. CAMPBELL of Aylmer and Lilliam B. COATS, both of Clinton. September 21, 1904 at Clinton
009766-04 (Huron Co): Duncan CAMPBELL, 60, widower, well driller, Halton Co, Ripley, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Elizabeth CAMPBELL married Mary E. MARTIN, 47, dressmaker, Goderich, same, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Mary PAGE. Wit: St. Clair TWEEDY and Martha WELLS, both of Goderich. September 21, 1904 at Goderich 009825-04 (Huron), Henry CANN, 31, mason, Exeter, same, s/o William CANN & Katharine FUSS, to Mathilde HOWALD (Howard?), 21, Zurich, same, d/o Jacob HOWALD & Louise ILSE, wit: Fred PARSONS of Exeter & Josephine HOWALD of Hay, 22 June 1904, HAY
009925-04 (Huron Co): Elgin Howard CLOSE, 25, barber, Norwich, Seaforth, s/o William CLOSE & Ann SLACK married Melinda May BOX, 23, Seaforth, same, d/o William Thomas BOX & Mary HARTLEIB. Wit: Etta BOX of Seaforth and Foster CLOSE of Stratford. November 8, 1904 at Seaforth. 009926-04 (Huron Co): Robert Nelson COLE, 27, thresher, Hullett, Stanley, s/o Robert COLE & Mary ELLWOOD married Florence Emeline NOBLE, 19, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas NOBLE & Jane Ann NOBLE. Wit: James COLE of Hullett and Mary WOLFE of Waterloo. November 9, 1904 at Seaforth.
009982-04 (Huron Co): Samuel B. COLEMAN, 28, farmer, Stanley, Tuckersmith, s/o Robert COLEMAN & Margaret QUAIL married Annie HAY, 24, North East Hope, Tuckersmith, d/o John HAY & Ellen SMITH. Wit: George H? COLEMAN and Jessie HAY, both of Tuckersmith. March 2, 1904 at Tuckersmith 009980-04 (Huron Co): Charles Wolfred COOPER, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o John COOPER & Elizabeth FUSS married Lottie UPSHALL, 28, Tuckersmith, Hensall, d/o Joseph UPSHALL & Eliza MOORE. Wit: Annie SHAW and R. MARCUS, both of Egmondville. February 22, 1904 at Egmondville
009785-04 (Huron Co): Herbert C. COX, 28, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Alexander COX & Ellen McKEE married Annie WOODS, 23, Goderich Twp, same, d/o J. C. WOODS & Mary J. BANTING. Wit: John A. COX and Jennie E. WOODS, both of Goderich Twp. December 14, 1904 at Goderich Twp 009786-04 (Huron Co): John A. COX, 30, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Alexander COX & Ellen McKEE married Elizabeth Mable JOHNSTON, 20, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Mary E. ELLIOTT. Wit: Albert B. COX and Lettie May ELLIOTT, both of Goderich Twp. December 28, 1904 at Goderich Twp
010067-04 Charles Grant CRAIG, 22, Mechanic, Beaverton, Wingham, s/o Charles CRAIG & Mary SEWREY, married Miriam ROBERTSON, 27, Wingham, Wingham, Librarian, d/o William ROBERTSON & Mary MURDOCK, Wit: Maude ROBERTSON, Wingham & Neil MURDOCK, Ashfield Tp, 8 Jun 1904, Wingham 009875-04 (Huron Co): John CRONAN, 31, farmer, Ontario, Hibbert, s/o John CRONAN & Mary BARRY married Margaret DOWNEY, not given, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Bryan DOWNEY & Johanna McCOY. Wit: Daniel CRONAN of Hibbert and Bridget DELANEY of McKillop. April 17, 1904 at McKillop. (RC)
010491-05 (Huron Co) William Arthur DALE, 24, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o John F. DALE & Mary M. MICHAEL married Minnie BRICKENDEN, 28, Hullett, same, d/o Edward BRICKENDEN & Ann HUCKSTEP. Wit Mary E. METHESON and John DALE, both of Hullett. December 28, 1904 at Hullett 009899-04 (Huron Co): John Elliott DAYMENT, 23, woodworker, Clinton, same, s/o John Dayment & Elizabeth FOSTER married Madge MURPHY, 22, Clinton, same, d/o Henry MURPHY & Maggie THOMPSON. Wit: Alma HODGINS and Mabel HODGINS, both of Seaforth. January 20, 1904 at Seaforth.
#010034-04 (Huron Co): Maxime DESJARDINS, 25, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o Isaiah DESJARDINS & Alice GRAXTON, married Victoria THOMPSON, 30, Simcoe Co., Usborne, d/o Martin THOMPSON & Elizabeth COWEN, witn: Eli DESJARDINS of Stephen & Elizabeth THOMPSON of Usborne, 9 Nov 1904 at Usborne 009971-04 Ezra DESJARDINS, 21, farmer, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, s/o Andrew DESJARDINS & Emelia JEFFERY, married Margaret E. McPHEE, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Angus McPHEE & Susana AGNEW, Wit: Hugh McPHEE, Stephen Tp & Fannie E. ELLIOTT, Daswood, 16 Nov 1904, Grand Bend Manse, Stephen Tp.
009895-04 (Huron Co): George H. DICKSON, 31, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o George DICKSON & Helen HENDERSON married Lily Ida MARTIN, not given, Darlington Twp, Hullett, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Sushanna ROBINS. Wit: Fred W. MARTIN of Hullett and Bell DICKSON of McKillop. December 14, 1904 at Sunshine Morris. 009902-04 (Huron Co): Norman W. DINGLE, 25, printer, Oshawa, London, s/o John DINGLE & Elizabeth McLELLAN married Clara May BICKELL, 21, Hibbert, Seaforth, d/o Fred BICKELL & Margaret SELLERY. Wit: W. S. BICKELL of Seaforth and Mary ALLEN of Egmondville. April 2, 1904 at Seaforth
009712-04 (Huron Co): George Allen DOBSON, 36, millwright, Galt, Vancouver B.C., s/o Frank S. DOBSON & Esther A. TURNBULL married Maud Anne KEANE, 27, Clinton, Goderich, d/o James KEANE & Eliza McSHERRY. Wit: W. S. TURNBULL of Goderich and Lucy J. KEANE of Clinton. November 2, 1904 at Clinton 009707-04 (Huron Co): Louis Ephraim DOHERTY, 25, organ maker, Claude, Clinton, s/o George DOHERTY & Martha SHANNON married Flossie KING, 24, Mt. Forest, Clinton, d/o Sandford W. KING & Mary Anne SMITH. Wit: Wilfred L. KING and Mabel O. DOHERTY, both of Clinton. August 9, 1904 at Clinton
009915-04 (Huron Co): James Andrew DOHERTY, 25, brakeman, Stratford, same, s/o John DOHERTY & Elizabeth HUTCHISON married Ella May KEYS, 24, Kincardine, Stratford, d/o William KEYS & Lydia BROWNELL. Wit: William J. KEYS and Ellice M. BRYAN, both of Seaforth. June 30, 1904 at Seaforth 010069-04 Robert James DOUGLAS, 26, farmer, Howick Tp, Howick Tp, s/o Thomas DOUGLAS & Nancy PATON, married Margaret BUTTERY, 20, Tiverton, Howick twp., d/o William BUTTERY & Delia SIDLONS(?), Wit: Richard HOLMES & Annie PERRIE both of Wingham, 1 Jun 1904, Wingham
009876-04 (Huron Co): John DOWNEY, 30, farmer, Ontario, Hibbert, s/o Bryan DOWNEY & Johanna McCOY married Lizzie CRONAN, 30, Ontario, Hibbert, d/o John CRONAN & Mary BARRY. Wit: Joseph DOWNEY of McKillop and Katie MATHEWS of Hibbert. June 14, 1904 at McKillop. (RC) 009919-04 (Huron Co): John Wellington DUNCAN, 28, printer, Canada, Seaforth, s/o John DUNCAN & Bridget DOYLE married Margaret BELL, 26, Canada, Seaforth, d/o William BELL & Minnie MUIR. Wit: William DUNCAN of Seaforth and Nellie BELL of Exeter. September 21, 1904 at Seaforth. (RC)
#010036-04 (Huron Co): William George DUNN, 22, farmer, Ingersoll Ont., Usborne, s/o William DUNN & Rachel BLIGHT, married Vida R.J. CANN, 20, dress maker, Usborne, same, d/o Charles CANN & Mary A. COULTER, witn: Orval CANN & Lena BLATCHFORD, both of Usborne, 7 Dec 1904 at Usborne 009986-04 (Huron Co): George Baile EBERHART, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Charles EBERHART & Mary Ann BAILE married Barbara Ellen McGHEE, 25, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Jacob McGHEE & Louisa CHESNEY. Wit: Robert W. EBERHART and Christina BROWN, both of Tuckersmith. June 8, 1904 at Egmondville
009886-04 (Huron Co): Peter ECKER, 28, moulder, Norfolk Co Ontario, London Ontario, s/o Abraham ECKER & Elizabeth GEE married Margaret E. CORBETT, 30, Albion Twp, Morris, d/o Joseph CORBETT & Eliza RANEY. Wit: Minnie CORBETT and James A. VANCAMP, both of Belgrave. February 25, 1904 at Belgrave in Morris. 009818-04 (Huron), Lewis ECKMIES (Eckmier?), 39, farmer, Fulberton, Huron Co., s/o Daniel ECKMIES & Elizabeth FISHER, to Mary Maud McKELVEY, 26, Grey, same, d/o William McKELVEY & Emily Maud RAY, wit: A. E. MELLIOT of Brussels & Alexlina M. McKELVEY of Grey, 28 December 1904, Grey
010577-05 (Huron) Walter James ENGLAND, 46, farmer, Ontario Co., Middlesex Co., widower, s/o Richard ENGLANG & Annie ALCOTT, to Elizabeth, WICKERT, 29, Stephen Tp., same, Widow, d/o Philip BAKER & Annie REEDLEY, wit: Margaret CARRIERE & Edna WALPER both of Grand Bend, 21 December 1904, Grand Bend Manse 009812-04 (Huron) Charles E. EVELEIGH, 27, farmer, Wallace, Font - Grey Co, s/o Daniel EVELEIGH & Elizabeth COSCUT, to Elizabeth Jane LUCAS, 19, Grey, same, d/o William LUCAS & Isabella PAWSON or PARSON, wit: John William LUCAS & Mabel HEIGHBINE both of Grey, 26 October 1904, Grey
#010037-04 (Huron Co): George FAIRBAIRN, 37, widower, farmer, Usborne, Tuckersmith, s/o Elliott FAIRBAIRN & Mary HOBKIRK, married Mabel Martha SIMMONS, 22, Hibbert, same, d/o Jonas SIMMONS & Hannah WILES, witn: William A. SIMMONS of Hibbert & Katherine E.F. ISONG of St. Marys, 7 Dec 1904 at Usborne 010023-04 Louis E FANSON., 23, farmer, Stephen, Usborne, s/o James FANSON & Mary S. CORNISH, married Almina BLATCHFORD, 22, Usborne, Usborne, d/o John BLATCHFORD & Elizabeth HARRIS, Wit: George DUNN & Vida CANN both of Usborne, 8 Jun 1904, Usborne
009815-04 (Huron), John FERGUSON, 37, merchant, Grey, Brussels, s/o James FERGUSON & Elizabeth STRACHAN, to Lizzie W. McRAE, 25, Grey, same, d/o D.B. McRAE & Matilda THOMSON, wit: Peter FERGUSON & Thomas T. McRAE both of Grey, 16 November 1904, Grey 010017-04 Howard FERGUSON, 31, Carpenter, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William H. FERGUSON & Emma [?] KING, married Barbara St. Johns STEPHENS, 27, Mitchell, Woodham, d/o Joseph STEPHENS & Elizabeth St. Johns, Wit: John L. HART & Frances D. STEPHENS both of Woodham, 3 Feb 1904, Woodham
010061-04 William James FERGUSON , 22, Clerk, Wingham, Wingham, s/o Robert B. FERGUSON & Nora STAPLETON, married Annie ARDELL, 23, England, Wingham, d/o George ARDELL & Ma ARMSTRONG, Wit: Mariam ELNEGORY & Margareta WILSON both of Wingham, 27 Mar 1904, Wingham 009922-04 (Huron Co): William FINLAYSON, 30, machinist, Seaforth, same, s/o John FINLAYSON & Margaret CALDWELL married Winifred SLEETH, 25, Seaforth, same, d/o William SLEETH & Emma Sophia OSBORNE. Wit: William A. SLATER of Seaforth and Martha CURTIS of Lindsay. October 25, 1904 at Seaforth
010062-04 Peter S FISHER, 22, Asst. Port Master, Wingham, Wingham, s/o Peter FISHER & Laura WRIGHT, married Lillian Irene GRAHAM, 21, Lindsay, Wingham, d/o Charles John GRAHAM & Alice APTED, Wit: William CORBOVED(?) & Agnes GRAHAM both of Wingham, 16 mar 1904, Wingham 009877-04 (Huron Co): Daniel FLANNERY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Tuckersmith, s/o Michael FLANNERY & Mary CONWAY married Agnes MATHEWS, 21, Ontario, McKillop, d/o James MATHEWS & Frances LONGWORTH. Wit: Samuel HEFFERMAN and Hannah FLANNERY, both of Tuckersmith. June 21, 1904 at McKillop. (RC)
009821-04 (Huron), James Cooper FORREST, 32, farmer, Hills Green, Moose Jaw NWT, s/o James FORREST & Agnes LOVE, to Mary COCHRANE, 30, Hills Green, same, d/o James COCHRANE & Cath. HERONEMIN, wit: John Jr. & Mrs. J. COCHRANE, Jr. of Hills Green, 16 March 1904, Hay 009688-04 (Huron Co): John FOSTER, 30, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o Irwin FOSTER & Ellen GRAHAM married Margaret NIVENS, 21, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o John F. NIVENS & not given. Wit: John E. FOSTER of Sheppardton and Martha NIVENS of Blyth. December 7, 1904 at Blyth
009708-04 (Huron Co): James Alvin FRITTO (Frith?), 26, motorman, Albion Mich, Ann Arbor Mich, s/o Avery O. FRITTO & Mary KELLY married Margaret F. A. STIRLING, 25, Bervie, Clinton, d/o John STIRLING & Susan DEMPSEY. Wit: William C. ALLEN of London and Sadie B. STIRLING of Clinton. August 10, 1904 at Clinton 009924-04 (Huron Co): James FULTON, 24, farmer, Grey, same, s/o James FULTON & Janet McINNES married Marjorie GILLESPIE, 27, Seaforth, same, d/o John GILLESPIE & Mary BARN. Wit: Bertha ARMSTRONG of Bayfield and William GILLESPIE of Seaforth. October 26, 1904 at Seaforth
009774-04 (Huron Co): Donald GALBRAITH, 36, farmer, Stanley, Goderich Twp, s/o John GALBRAITH & Kate CAMERON married Lottie COLWELL, d/o Joseph COLWELL & Ellen TURNER. Wit: James J. COLWELL of Goderich and Grace GALBRAITH of Varna. March 22, 1904 at Goderich Twp 009781-04 (Huron Co): Robert A. GATENBEY, 72, widower, gentleman, England, Goderich Twp, s/o Thomas GATENBEY & Jane NEWMAN married Elizabeth FORBES, 50, widow, England, Goderich Twp, d/o Peter HUNN & Mary FREELAND. Wit: G. H. FOWLER and Mrs. J. H. JOHNSTON, both of Goderich Twp. August 3, 1904 at Goderich Twp
009725-04 (Huron Co): William GAULEY, 31, laborer, Ashfield, same, s/o Thomas GAULEY & Helen GEORGIA married Jessie WILSON, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o Thomas WILSON & Louisa YOUNG. Wit: Thomas E. SHEPPARD and Carrie POTTER, both of Colborne. November 23, 1904 at Colborne 009963-04 John Patrick GILMARTIN, 22, Machinist, Brantford, Hamilton, s/o John GILMARTIN & Ellen SHINER, married Alice Verta HAYTER, 24, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Thomas Wilson HAYTER & Martha RINGWOOD, Wit: Robert HAYTER, Stephen Tp & Sophia HUDIE, Goderich, 18 Aug 1904, Stephen Tp.
010064-04 George HALLER, 21, Finisher, Preston, Preston, s/o John HALLER & Amelia SAYLANDS, married Margaret BRADLEY, 20, Clerk, Wingham, Wingham, d/o William BRADLEY & Elizabeth CAFETTS(?) Wit: R.M. HALLER, Preston & Quesa(?) BRADLEY, Wingham, 12 Apr 1904, Wingham 009916-04 (Huron Co): Thomas Albert HATCHER, 29, tinsmith, Orangeville, Seaforth, s/o William HATCHER & Isabella TEMPLE married Margaret Stewart SMITH, 23, Seaforth, same, d/o John SMITH & Agnes McCULLOCH. Wit: Joseph T. HATCHER of Seaforth and Elizabeth SMITH of Berlin. August 9, 1904 at Seaforth
009679-04 (Huron Co): Michael HEALY, 35, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Thomas HEALY & Bridget McDONEL married Adeline KELLY, 23, Morris, same, d/o Michael KELLY & Bridget FAHEY. Wit: Patrick KELLY and Maggie NOLAN, both of Morris. January 12, 1904 at Blyth 010582-05 (Huron) Russell HEDDEN, 22, Crediton, same, Brick maker, s/o William HEDDEN & Ellen MITCHELL, to Ella Malinda LAMPORT, 21, Stephen Tp., same, d/o Henry LAMPORT & Elizabeth LUKES, wit: Milton BISSETT & Lillie HEDDEN both of Crediton, 21 December 1904, Crediton
009728-04 (Huron Co): Thomas Hibbert HIGGINS, 20, gentleman, Exeter, same, s/o Benjamin HIGGINS & Louise PENHALE married Kate May PICKELL, Alvinston Twp, Exeter, d/o John PICKLE(sic) & Mary THOMPSON. Wit: Martha ADAIR of Detroit and William PICKLE of Forest. March 23, 1904 at Exeter 010057-04 Isaac HILL, 63, farmer, England, Stephen Tp, widower, s/o Simon HILL & Grace ASFORD (Axford?), married Hannah ROGERS, 57, Wingham, Wingham, widow, d/o William MARTIN & Hannah [?], Wit: James JOHNSTON, Blyth & Maggie ROGERS, both of Wingham, 13 Jan 1904, Wingham
010065-04 Edmund HOLLOWAY, , 24, Barber, Wellesley Tp, Wingham, s/o John HALLOWAY & Elizabeth [?], married Susan FORSYTH, 20, Brussels, Wingham, d/o Alex FORSYTH & Susan BUTTON, Wit: Mrs. Frank HOGG, Wingham & Jessie R.C. VANCE, Bervie, 7 Apr 1904, Wingham 009913-04 (Huron Co): John Edward HOMUTH, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o August HOMUTH & Adelaide NETTERFIELD married Agnes Scott GRIEVE, 29, Grey, Seaforth, d/o William GRIEVE & Elizabeth McMICHAEL. Wit: Albert HOMUTH of Wingham and Margaret GRIEVE of Seaforth. March 2, 1904 at Seaforth
010022-04 Robert K. HORNEY , 35, farmer, Usborne, Usborne, s/o Henry HORNEY & Elizabeth KEDDY, married Alice M. KERSLAKE, 28, Usborne, Usborne, d/o John KERLAKE & Mary Ann ROWE, Wit: John W. HORNEY & Rhoda J. KERSLAKE both of Usborne, 16 Mar 1904, Usborne 009968-04 Thomas A. ISMOND , 24, Printer, Listowel, Chicago Ill. USA, s/o Thomas ISMOND & Rosa Arilla DAVIS, married Sophia J. CLARK, 21, Usborne Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Thomas E. CLARK & Mary A. CALLJAS(?), Wit: Edward ISMOND, Detroit Michigan USA & Emma CLARK, Dashwood, 27 Sept 1904, Stephen Tp
009890-04 (Huron Co): Edward JACKLIN, not given, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Elijah JACKLIN & Ester COPELAND married Martha Ellen JOHNSTON, not given, Morris, same, d/o George JOHNSTON & Margaret SANDERSON. Wit: David JOHNSTON of Morris and Sadie JAMIESON of Constance. June 19, 1904 at Morris 009906-04 (Huron Co): Louis C. JACKSON, 38, photographer, Egmondville, same, s/o Henry R. JACKSON & Susan VAN EGMOND married Abigail P. POWELL, 35, Seaforth, same, d/o Simon POWELL & Elizabeth PARKER. Wit: Charles S. POWELL of Ardmore Pennsylvania and Violet CASE of Seaforth. June 29, 1904 at Seaforth
009681-04 (Huron Co): John JACKSON, 43, farmer, Elma, same, s/o John JACKSON & Ellen KENAN married Hannah DICK, 43, Scotland, Blyth, d/o James DICK & Hannah BAIRD. Wit: Charles D. BARRETT and Margaret DICK, both of Blyth. March 1, 1904 at Blyth #010030-04 (Huron Co): George JAQUES, 24, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Solomon JAQUES & Mary RODD, married Bertha HERN, 22, Usborne, same, d/o Philip HERN & Carrie H. ROWCLIFFE, witn: John HERN of Usborne & Jennie BRIMACOMBE of London, 1 Sept 1904 at Usborne
#010038-04 (Huron Co): William Charles JOHNS, 29, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o John JOHNS & Sarah CUDMORE, married Martha HERN, 29, Usborne, same, d/o Thomas HERN & Sophia WALL, witn: Mabel & Joshua JOHNS of Usborne, 28 Dec 1904 at Usborne 009966-04 James JOHNSON, 24, Cooper, Parkhill, Parkhill, s/o Andrew & Lazie JOHNSON, married Mary A. POULTON, 18, Stephen Tp, McGillivray, d/o Samuel S. POULTON & Mary Ann BRELIOT(?) Wit: John & Maria E. BERNEY of Stephen Tp, 14 Sept 1904, Bride’s Res, Stephen Tp
009981-04 (Huron Co): Robert F. JONES, 44, printer, Ingersol, Deloraine Manitoba, s/o Robert JONES & Isabella McKENZIE married Jane SPROAT, not given, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o John SPROAT & Jean ROSS. Wit: Barbara SPROAT of Tuckersmith and Annie SHAW of Egmondville. March 7, 1904 at Egmondville 009713-04 (Huron Co): Clifford Hugo JOY, 25, bank clerk, Grimsby, Aylmer, s/o Henry JOY & Helen M. THOMSON married Mabel Helen SHANNON, 23, Claude, Clinton, d/o William SHANNON & Margaret SCOTT. Wit: W. C. JOY of Stratford and Edna P. SHANNON of Clinton. November 23, 1904 at Clinton
009888-04 (Huron Co): William R. KEARNEY, 32, farmer, Morris, same, s/o James KEARNEY & Ellen McCRACKEN married Nettie LAWSON, 23, Morris, same, d/o John LAWSON & Eliza McFARLANE. Wit: James LAWSON and Maggie LAWSON, both of Morris. June 15, 1904 at Walton in Morris 009678-04 (Huron Co): Martin KELLY, 28, farmer, Morris, same, s/o William KELLY & Catherine OLIVER married Gertrude KING, 23, Chatham, same, d/o Anthony KING & Leonora MYERS. Wit: Thomas HEALY and Rachel KELLY, both of Morris. January 11, 1904
009714-04 (Huron Co): Norman KENNEDY, 32, case trimmer, Clinton, same, s/o Lachlan KENNEDY & Mary C. KENNEDY married Rose CONNELL, 34, Goderich Twp, Clinton, d/o James CONNELL & Mary J. DEMPSEY. Wit: H. D. WILSON and Mrs. H. D. WILSON, both of Clinton. November 23, 1904 at Clinton 009923-04 (Huron Co): Louis George KRUSE, 29, merchant, Egmondville, Wingham, s/o Claus KRUSE & Christina STENE married Elizabeth Margaret SLATER, 27, Seaforth, same, d/o William SLATER & Jean ANDERSON. Wit: William A. SLATER and Minnie CUMMINGS, both of Seaforth. October 26, 1904 at Seaforth.
010066-04 Malcolm LAMONT, 46, farmer, Turnberry Tp, Morris Tp, widower, s/o John & Sarah LAMONT, married Charity Jane LONG, 37, Simcoe Co, Wingham, spinster, d/o John LONG & Amelia Ruth KING(?), Wit: John LONG, Wingham & Mrs. H[?], Lucknow, 7 Apr 1904, Wingham 009817-04 (Huron), James Edward LEPPARD, 32, farmer, Wallace twp, same, s/o Henry LEPPARD & Eliza Jane JOHNSTON, to Winifred Rebecca McKEE, 21, Grey, same, d/o Robert John McKEE & Sarah Ann ARMSTRONG, wit: Hugh Robert SPENCE & J. E. Lena McKEE of Molesworth, 21 December 1904, Grey
009887-04 (Huron Co): William A. LOGAN, 29, farmer, Morris, same, s/o James LOGAN & Mary Jane KNOX married Elizabeth Bowman LAIDLAW, 27, Morris, same, d/o Robert LAIDLAW & Euphemia MOORE. Wit: John LOGAN of Goderich and Jannet LAIDLAW of Morris. March 9, 1904 at Morris 009795-04 (Huron Co): Thomas LUCAS, 25, farmer, Grey, same, s/o John LUCAS & Lizzie EDMONDS married Kate BEIRNES, 21, McKillop, Grey, d/o John BEIRNES & Rebecca STORY. Wit: Richard LINDSAY and Elizabeth Jane LUCAS, both of Grey. February 10, 1904 at Grey
009765-04 (Huron Co): Paul Henry MAEDEL, 21, farmer, Colborne Twp, same, s/o Paul MAEDEL & Melinda MOHRING married Agnes JOHNSTON, 21, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Elizabeth McKEE. Wit: Richard T. MITCHELL of Colborne Twp and Mattie O. JOHNSTON of Goderich Twp. October 19, 1904 at Goderich 009711-04 (Huron Co): Silas MAGUIRE, 53, widower, agent, Blackstone Mass, Lambton Co, s/o John MAGUIRE & Jane BOOTH married Jennie LINE, 46, widow, St. Vincent, Toronto Junction, d/o Francis BOLE & Clementine ROBINSON. Wit: Eliza J. MANNING of Clinton and W. S. TURNBULL of Goderich. November 2, 1904 at Clinton
010345-05 Henry MAKINS, 69, Gentleman, Stow England, Exeter, widower, s/o Samuel MAKINS & does not know, married Juliett SMITH, 55, York Co, Exter, d/o John G. SMITH & Catherine GRAM, Wit: H.J. SMITH, Goldspire (Golspie?) & Bertha SMITH, Hamilton, 26 Oct 1904, Exeter 009715-04 (Huron Co): John McCAULEY, 30, steel worker, West Nissouri, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Francis McCAULEY & Mary J. HAMILTON married Mary Mabel GOFORTH, 21, East Nissouri, Mitchell, d/o Robert GOFORTH & Martha SHANE. Wit: M. K. GUNNE and H. D. GUNNE, both of Clinton. December 28, 1904 at Clinton
009914-04 (Huron Co): Angus McCUAIG, 32, farmer, Canada, McKillop, s/o Duncan McCUAIG & Sarah DEWAR married Grace McDONALD, 21, Grey, same, d/o James McDONALD & Mary TELFER. Wit: James FARQUHARSON of Walton and Aggie McDONALD of Walton Grey twp. June 29, 1904 at Seaforth 009718-04 (Huron Co): John McCLURE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Colborne Twp, s/o James McCLURE & Matilda FISHER married Nina GARDNER, 20, Ontario, Colborne, d/o Thomas GARDNER & Eleanor BLAKELY. Wit: Samuel GARDNER and Robert McCLURE. December 20, 1904 at Colborne
009912-04 (Huron Co): Gordon Charles McDOWELL, 27, farmer, McKillop, Tuckersmith, s/o James McDOWELL & Ellen PAYNE married Christina CURRIE, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o John CURRIE & Hannah BURTON. Wit: Emily SMITH and Henry LARKIN, both of Seaforth. February 17, 1904 at Seaforth 009884-04 (Huron Co): Hugh McEACHERN, 29, rancher, Yeovil Ont, Olds Alberta, s/o John McEACHERN & Marion McDONALD married Jennie MASON, 26, Hullett, Morris, d/o John MASON & Jane WATT. Wit: William MASON of Morris and Annie MARTIN of Clinton. January 12, 1904 at Morris
009897-04 (Huron Co): Harvey Fowler McGOWAN, 26, farmer, East Garafraxa Dufferin Co, Glendale Manitoba, s/o Robert McGOWAN & Sarah Ann BLACKSTOCK married Ellen Scott McGONIGLE, not given, McKillop, Seaforth, d/o George McGONIGLE & Ellen HABKIRK. Wit: James JOHNSTON of East Garafraxa and Jennie BROWNLEE of Seaforth. February 3, 1904 at Seaforth. 009972-04 William D. McGREGOR, 28, Street-car Conductor, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, s/o Duncan McGREGOR & Flora McLACHLAN, married Isabella LOVE, 20, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Hugh LOVE & Christina FORREST, Wit: Stephen WEBB, Stephen Tp & Agnes TURNBULL, Brewster, 5 Oct 1904, Bride’s Res, Stephen Tp
010060-04 George McMILLAN, 32, Rancher, Prince Edward Island, High Rinis(?) Alberta, s/o James McMILLAN & Mariam M. BARTHY, married Adalena SHAW, 22, Wingham, Wingham, d/o James SHAW & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Wit: L.W. HANSON & Mrs. J. SWARTS both of Wingham, 4 Feb 1904, Wingham 009816-04 (Huron), Peter H. McNEIL, 30, farmer, Grey, same, s/o John McNEIL & Mary Ann WOODS, to Marion CAMPBELL, 27, Scotland, Grey, d/o Angus CAMPBELL & Jocuna McINTOSH, wit: Donald McNEIL & Susan RATHWELL both of Grey, 21 December 1904, Grey
009882-04 (Huron Co): M. Joseph McQUAID, 37, farmer, Ontario, Tuckersmith, s/o Michael McQUAID & Ann BOLAN married Katie MORRIS, 37, Ontario, Hibbert, d/o Patrick MORRIS & Julia MICHELL. Wit: George ATKINSON of Hibbert and Mary RYAN of Seaforth. November 22, 1904 at McKillop. (RC) 009806-04 (Huron Co): George McTAGGART, 38, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Donald McTAGGART & Sarah FULTON married Margaret JOHNSTON, 27, McKillop, same, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Jessie BUCHANAN. Wit: Peter C. KERR and Mrs. P. C. KERR, both of McKillop. June 22, 1904 at Grey
009717-04 (Huron Co): Claud MITCHELL, 29, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Emanuel MITCHELL & Ellen JEWELL married Hattie NAEGEL, 19, Colborne, same, d/o Frank NAEGLE & Ruth LAWSON. Wit: E. A. GELLAND and B. GELLAND, both of Benmiller. December 20, 1904 at Colborne #010035-04 (Huron Co): Thomas MITCHELL, 26, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o Thomas MITCHELL & Jane MOULTON, married Julia Zeta ANDREW, 26, Usborne, same, d/o John ANDREW & Sarah Ann SPICER, witn: Norman F. MITCHELL of Centralia & Laura G. ANDREW of Gorrie, 17 Nov 1904 at Usborne
#010033-04 (Huron Co): Thomas H. MORLEY, 27, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o Joseph MORLEY & Ellen NAIRN, married Emma J. BATTEN, 25, Usborne, same, d/o John BATTEN & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: F. William MORLEY of Whalen Ont & Sarah BATTEN of Winchelsea, 28 Sept 1904 at Usborne 009970-04 Augustus MORRISEY, 39, farmer, Pickering, McGillivray Tp, s/o Augustus MORRISEY & Bridget MORAN, married Catherine McPHEE, 21, Lady, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o Malcolm McPHEE & Martha SMITH, Wit: Lawrence SULLIVAN & Flora McPHEE both of McGillivray Tp, 5 Oct 1904, Mt. Carmel
009927-04 (Huron Co): Wesley NICHOLS, 23, laborer, Atwood, Seaforth, s/o William NICHOLS & Mary COCKWELL married Gertrude May PINKNEY, 20, Seaforth, same, d/o William PINKNEY & Mary KENNARD. Wit: Norman NICHOLS and Flossie PINKNEY, both of Seaforth. November 23, 1904 at Seaforth. 009878-04 (Huron Co): W. Henry NISBET, 41, widower, farmer, Michigan, Elma, s/o Richard NISBET & Mary Jane ADAMS married Sarah KINNEY, 29, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Johnston KINNEY & Mary WALLACE. Wit: James LOCKHART and Mrs. D. CARSWELL, both of McKillop. October 26, 1904 at McKillop
009987-04 (Huron Co): George Wesley NOTT, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o George NOTT & Polly FISHER married Alice L. DALE, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William J. DALE & Mary CHESNEY. Wit: G. CHESNEY of Seaforth and Pethalda NOTT of Clinton. June 22, 1904 at Tuckersmith 009918-04 (Huron Co): Neil Joseph O'HANLY, 27, merchant, Canada, Parkhill, s/o John O'HANLY & Mary Ann McDONALD married Annie PRENDERGAST, 27, Canada, Egmondville, d/o John PRENDERGAST & Margaret FINN. Wit: John O'HANLY of Parkhill and Margaret PRENDERGAST of Egmondville. September 6, 1904 at Seaforth. (RC)
009967-04 James O’ROURKE, 40, farmer, London, London, s/o William O’ROURKE & Mary BALEY, married Catherine BARRY, 26, Lady, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Lawrence BARRY & Ellen DONOVAN, Wit: Thomas McCARTHY, London Tp & Margaret BARRY, Stephen Tp, 21 Sept 1904, Mt. Carmell 009802-04 (Huron Co): William John PALMER, 28, lumber merchant, Wawanosh, Howick, s/o Richard PALMER & Julia Ann LOTT married Agnes BRAY, 23, Grey, McKillop, d/o William BRAY & Eliza J. SHIELS. Wit: Richard E. PALMER of Wroxeter and Mrs. Annie WELLS of Ethel. March 11, 1904 at Grey
009985-04 (Huron Co): Montgomery PATRICK, 32, widower, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o Andrew PATRICK & Annie DAVIS married Mary McKENZIE, 24, Seaforth, same, d/o Donald McKENZIE & Christina ROSS. Wit: Annie SHAW and Rachel MARCUS, both of Egmondville. June 22, 1904 at Egmondville 009978-04 (Huron Co): William PATRICK, 27, farmer, Perth Co, Hibbert, s/o Andrew PATRICK & Annie DAVIS married Jane Agnes HISLOP, 22, Huron Co, Tuckersmith, d/o John HISLOP & Julia WOODS. Wit: Annie SHAW and R. MARCUS, both of Egmondville. January 20, 1904 at Egmondville
010059-04 Mathew L. PEAREN , 20, Band Sawyer, Belgrave, Wingham, s/o Lawrence PEAREN & Mary COULTOR (Coulter?), married Emma Jane RUSH, 21, Howick, Wingham, d/o William RUSH & Margaret GOLDSMITH, Wit: Moro PEAREN & Bella TAYLOR both of Wingham, 3 Feb 1904, Wingham 009755-04 (Huron Co): William Quentin PELLOW, 31, carpenter, Ashfield, Goderich, s/o William Quentin PELLOW & Ann JACKSON married Margaret Graham CAMPBELL, 26, Goderich, same, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Christina McDONALD. Wit: John CAMPBELL and Mayme McIVOR. July 6, 1904 at Goderich
009898-04 (Huron Co): Ernest Cevious PENHARDWOOD, 29, clerk, Wales, Sault St Marie, s/o Thomas PENHARDWOOD & Elizabeth MOCK married Alice Rose EDGE, 30, nurse, Bristol England, Sault St. Marie, d/o William EDGE & Frances TAVRES. Wit: W. C. GOVENLOCK of Seaforth and Mary EDGE of Detroit. February 16, 1904 at Seaforth 010518-05 (Huron Co) Samuel M. PETHICK, 25, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Richard PETHICK & M. A. McSPADDEN married Lucy A. BLANCHARD, 25, McKillop, same, d/o Hiram BLANCHARD & Agnes CASH. Wit W. D. CARWELL and Jean CARWELL, both of McKillop. December 28, 1904 at McKillop
010068-04 Arthur Joseph PILON, 28, Lineman [?], Toronto, Wingham, s/o Joseph PILON & Olympia VELLIE, married Loretta Agnes HENDERSON, 28, Clerk, Ingersoll, Wingham, d/o John HENDERSON & Alice DUNN, Wit: V.R. VANMORMAN & W.F. WACHSMITH both of Wingham, 9 May 1904, Wingham 009921-04 (Huron Co): Joseph PINKNEY, 27, blacksmith, Erin Ont, Seaforth, s/o Joseph PINKNEY & Eliza McCORMICK married Annie CLARK, 23, Seaforth, same, d/o Richard CLARK & Margaret WHITEHEAD. Wit: Annie PAYNE and Charles CLARK, both of Seaforth. October 19, 1904 at Seaforth
009810-04 (Huron), Robert PIRIE, 44, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Robert PIRIE & Mary BLACK, to Jessie Altena CLOSE, 20, Frederickburg, Grey, d/o Robert CLOSE & Margaret WALKER, wit: William PIRIE & Annie CLOSE both of Grey, 22 June 1904, Grey 009983-04 (Huron Co): John Henry PLAFF, 24, teamster, Hillsgreen, Hensall, s/o H. R. PLAFF & Elizabeth LUNTZ married Clara Matilda GAETZ, 23, Berlin, Hensall, d/o Adam GAETZ & Catherine GAETZ. Wit: Gertrude McCLEMANS and Jennie McLEAN, both of Kippen. March 30, 1904 at Kippen
010538-05 (Huron Co) Charles POLLARD, 28, farmer, Perth Co, Morris, s/o George POLLARD & Urania STATTON married Mary Emma BOLGER, 25, McKillop, Morris, d/o James BOLGER & Mary CARTER. Wit not given, not given. June 28, 1904 at Morris. 009804-04 (Huron Co): William Alexander POLLOCK, 37, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Woodstock, s/o Donald POLLOCK & Maria WILSON married Annie DUKE, 31, Grey, same, d/o William DUKE & Margaret BEGGS. Wit: Richard DUKE & Helen DUKE, both of Grey. May 11, 1904 at Grey
#010031-04 (Huron Co): Samuel POPPLESTONE, 34, merchant, Exeter, same, s/o Samson POPPLESTONE & Rebecca BROWN, married Victoria BISHOP, 26, Usborne, same, d/o Archibald BISHOP & Janet DOIG, witn: T.A. AMOS (M.D.) & FW. GLADMAN, both of Exeter, 17 Aug 1904 at Usborne 009808-04 (Huron), Hugh James RAMSAY, 36, farmer, Grey Tp, same, widower, s/o James RAMSAY & Elizabeth JONES, to Eliza Letitia WILLIAMSON, 34, Lanark Co., Grey Tp., d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON & Elizabeth MILLIKIN, wit: George WILLIAMSON & Margaret RAMSAY both of Grey, 2 August 1904, Grey
009965-04 Nelson N. RAVELLE, 21, Merchant, Stephen Tp, Grand Bend P.O., s/o Joseph RAVELLE & Eliza GENEREUX, married Eurina DESJARDINS, 18, Domestic, Stephen Tp, Grand Bend, d/o Louis DESJARDINS & Julia MASSON, Wit: Harmon GILL & John BERNEY both of Grand Bend, 10 Aug 1904, Grand Bend Manse, Stephen Tp 009900-04 (Huron Co): James E. REYNOLDS, 37, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o John REYNOLDS & Catherine McGETTRICK married Mary LAMB, 27, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Stephen LAMB & Catherine McQUADE. Wit: Owen REYNOLDS of Hullett and Lizza LAMB of Seaforth. February 16, 1904 at Seaforth. (RC)
009880-04 (Huron Co): John ROCHE, 33, farmer, Ontario, Hibbert, s/o Patrick ROCHE & Mary DERMODY married Mary MURPHY, 24, Ontario, Hibbert, d/o John MURPHY & Margaret CASEY. Wit: John MURPHY and Minnie MALONY, both of Hibbert. June 7, 1904 at McKillop. (RC) 009747-04 (Huron Co): William James RODGER, 34, farmer, Huron Co, East Wawanosh, s/o Charles RODGER & Agnes ANDERSON married Elizabeth Jane SNELL, 18, Huron Co, East Wawanosh, d/o David SNELL & Louisa COOK. Wit: David William SNELL and Lila Elizabeth COOK, both of East Wawanosh. June 1, 1904 at Goderich
009879-04 (Huron Co): Robert Gordon ROSS, 50, widower, bell maker, Ontario, Chicago, s/o Allan ROSS & Isabella McKAY married Christina MENZIES, 44, Ontario, McKillop, d/o William MENZIES & Euphronia McLEOD. Wit: Allan ROSS and Euphemia GORDON, both of McKillop. June 6, 1904 at McKillop 009905-04 (Huron Co): John RYAN, 29, farmer, Canada, Walton, s/o James RYAN & Margaret KELLY married Mary Elizabeth DICKSON, 23, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Richard DICKSON & Jane SHANAHAN. Wit: James RYAN of Walton Ont and Jessie DICKSON of Seaforth. June 23, 1904 at Seaforth
010515-05 (Huron Co) Nelson Edward SANDERS, 18, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o James SANDERS & Eliza J. BRINTNELL married Wilhelmine RANDS, 24, Hullett, McKillop, d/o W. Simon RANDS & Lucinda HUGIL. Wit Charles S. SANDERS of London and Mary RANDS of Hullett Twp. December 28, 1904 at McKillop 009969-04 Daniel SCHAEFFER, 52, Gentleman, Woolwich Tp, Dashwood, widower, s/o Frederick SCHAEFFER & Mary RESTEMAYER, married Catherine WILDFONG, 37, Hay Tp, Hay Tp, d/o Daniel WILDFONG & Catherine HENHAFFER, Wit: Daniel E. & Elizabeth ZILER of Stephen Tp, 27 Sept 1904, Dashwood
009910-04 (Huron Co): Robert Black SCOTT, 23, laborer, Smith's Hill, Seaforth, s/o Robert B. SCOTT & Janet GRIEVE married Lillie PARSONS, 20, London Eng, Seaforth, d/o Fred PARSONS & Elizabeth ASHTON. Wit: Robert S. GRIEVE and Agnes D. SCOTT, both of Seaforth. February 2, 1904 at Seaforth 009893-04 (Huron Co): John Shortreed SCOTT, 36, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o Walter SCOTT & Margaret SHORTREED married Alice Emily HARRISON, 34, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Mathias HARRISON & Elizabeth MASON. Wit: David SPROAT and Eliza M. HASTIE, both of Belgrave. November 2, 1904 at Belgrave.
010025-04 Henry D. SHAYLER , 36, Shoemaker, Scotland, St. Mary’s, s/o David SHAYLER & Elizabeth LARNER(?), married Etta May GORVETT(?), 23, Usborne, Usborne, d/o James GORVETT & Dorothy A. HERN, Wit: Nelson GORVETT & Vina GORVETT both of Usborne, 1 Jun 1904, Usborne 010021-04 Joseph SHIPLEY, 35, farmer, Blanshard, Blanshard, s/o John SHIPLEY & Mary A. WALKER, married Esther ROWCLIFFE, 27, Usborne, Usborne, d/o James ROWCLIFFE & Agnes TURNBULL, Wit: Joseph G. CRICK, Tuckersmith & Cora ROWCLIFFE, Usborne, 13 Apr 1904, Usborne
009881-04 (Huron Co): William SHOLDICE, 39, farmer, Ontario, Grey, s/o Adam SHOLDICE & Jane WALLACE married McCUAIG, 32, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Duncan McCUAIG & Dora DEWAR. Wit: James LOCKHART and Margaret LOCKHART, both of McKillop. June 12, 1904 at McKillop.  
010063-04 John SILLICK (Selleck?), farmer, 65, Prince Edward Island, Culross Tp, widower, s/o Adam SILLICK & Jane HARTS, married Alice STROUD, 58, Scotland, Wingham, widow, d/o John THRYME & Barbara SCOTT, Wit: Mrs. CALHOUN & Mrs. N.S. BURWASH both of Wingham, 15 Apr 1904, Wingham #010028-04 (Huron Co): John SIMMONS, 36, farmer, Hibbert twp., same, s/o James SIMMONS & Hannah WILCOX (or Wilson), married Sarah THOMPSON, 27, Usborne, same, d/o James THOMPSON & Annie RYBUS, witn: Janet BALLANTYNE & Jessie MONTEITH, both of Usborne, 13 (or 10) Aug 1904 at Usborne
010673-05 (Huron C o) George SKAIM, 27, farmer, Logan Twp, same, s/o Christopher SKAIM & Mary SMITH married Saran McKINNON, 28, Tuckersmith, Culross, d/o John McKINNON & Mary KENNEDY. Wit John A. McKINNON and Magie McKINNON, both of Wingham. November 23, 1904 at Wingham. (RC) 009903-04 (Huron Co): John SLACK, 30, farmer, Eastnor Twp Bruce Co, same, s/o Samuel SLACK & Sarah FREEMAN married Beatrice Mary PUNCHARD, 24, England, Seaforth, d/o Henry J. PUNCHARD & Emily BAILEY. Wit: H. J. PUNCHARD of Seaforth and Mabel PUNCHARD of London. April 7, 1904 at Seaforth
009807-04 (Huron Co): Adolphus R. SMALL, 28, fireman, Port Perry, Toronto, s/o Thomas SMALL & Annie DUSTOW married Mary Ellen RAE, 26, McKillop, same, d/o John RAE & Ellen KERNAN. Wit: James U. RAE of McKillop and James A. MacNAB of Walton. June 25, 1904 at Walton 009756-04 (Huron Co): William Watson SMITH, 29, bank clerk, Sarnia Ont, Battle Creek Michigan, s/o James A. SMITH & Annie R. WATSON married Rocepha Leona FISHER, 21, Goderich Twp, Goderich, d/o David FISHER & Mary J. CHURCH. Wit: Priscilla A. WHITELY of Goderich and Florence M. SMITH of Sarnia. August 2, 1904 at Goderich
010058-04 Robert George SMITH , 29, farmer, Morris, Morris, s/o George SMITH & Annie GARVIN, married Roxella COCHRANE, 27 Morris, Morris, d/o William COCHRANE & Ellen SHRED (s/b Ellen Sheard), Wit: Alfred COCHRANE & Maggie CAMPBELL both of Morris, 27 Jan 1904, Wingham 009744-04 (Huron Co): Isaac SMITH, 20, tailor, Goderich, same, s/o J. W. SMITH & Agnes HALLIDAY married Agnes McIVOR, 18, Goderich, same, d/o Angus McIVOR & Christie Ann McLEOD. Wit: Isabella HAMILTON and R. J. SMITH, both of Goderich. February 18, 1904 at Goderich
010514-05 (Huron Co) Charles Ross SMITH, 20, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Alex SMITH & Janet WATT married Annie G. DODDS, 22, England, McKillop, d/o Robert DODDS & Margaret GRIEVE. Wit Adam DODDS of Seaforth and William HUNTER of Winthrop. December 21, 1904 at McKillop. 010609-05 (Huron Co) John SNYDER, 34, saddler, Germany, Brucefield, s/o Henry SNYDER & Martha ALBRECHT married Lilly M. TAYLOR, 26, Stratford, Brucefield, d/o James TAYLOR & Margaret WOLFE. Wit Lewis D. TAYLOR and Margaret M. TAYLOR, both of London. December 29, 1904 at Brucefield.
010019-04 John SOMERVILLE, 50, Carpenter, Scotland, Blanshard Tp, s/o Thomas SOMERVILLE & Isabella PORTEOUS, married Mary Jane TURNBULL, 27, Usborne, Usborne, d/o Andrew TURNBULL & Mary THOMPSON, Wit: William TURNBULL & Laura E. WISEMAN both of Usborne, 2 Mar 1904, Usborne 009979-04 (Huron Co): William McGhee SPROAT, 23, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James SPROAT & Margaret McGHEE married Luella Jean ROBINSON, 20, McKillop, Seaforth, d/o Richard ROBINSON & Mary J. BELL. Wit: Annie SHAW and R. MARCUS, both of Egmondville. February 3, 1904 at Egmondville
009733-04 (Huron Co): William STATHEM, 25, baker, Georgetown Halton Co, Exeter, s/o Thomas STATHEM & Phoebe THOMPSON married Hannah HORNEY, 25, Usborne, Exeter, d/o Henry HORNEY & Elizabeth KEDDY. Wit: Henry STATHEM of Acton Ont and Ada HORNEY of Exeter. June 7, 1904 at Exeter 009730-04 (Huron Co): Henry Lewis STATHEM, 27, farmer, Sutton-in-Ashfield Nottingham England, Stephen, s/o Henry STATHEM & Ann Jane WASS married Eliza Elizabeth BARRETT, 27, Derbyshire England, Stephen, d/o Walter BARRETT & Sarah HARMER. Wit: J. D. HANNON of Shipka and Isaac STATHEM of Stephen Twp. May 12, 1904 at Exeter
009901-04 (Huron Co): George Henry STEPHENSON, 22, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Robert Henry STEPHENSON & Sarah Jane McLINCHEY married Ida McINTOSH, 20, McKillop, Seaforth, d/o John Stafford McINTOSH & Rosanna MORRISON. Wit: Ralph STEPHENSON of Virden Manitoba and Eliza Jane STEPHENSON of Stanley. February 24, 1904 at Seaforth 009885-04 (Huron Co): John William STEPHENSON, 24, farmer, Grey, same, s/o William STEPHENSON & Mary Jane COLE married Flora May FLATT, 22, Morris, same, d/o Nathaniel FLATT & Faith ROBERTSON. Wit: Flossie Carrie MITCHELL of Brussels and Mrs. John JOHNSTON of Belmore. February 10, 1904 at Morris
009814-04 (Huron), William Curtis STEVENSON, 21, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Thomas STEVENSON & Katie MIDDLEHOLTZ, to Maggie Maud ADAMS, 19, Bruce Co., Grey, d/o Albert ADAMS & Maggie McINTOSH, wit: Peter McDONALD & Eliza McINTOSH both of Grey, 9 November 1904, Grey #010027-04 (Huron Co): William H. STEWART, 32, blacksmith, Woodham, same, s/o John STEWART & Mary SMITH, married Frances STEPHENS, 25, Woodham, same, d/o Joseph STEPHENS & Elizabeth St.JOHN, witn: Mrs. A. MALCOLM of Guelph & Miss GLEESON of Marlett Mich., 3 Aug 1904 at Woodham, Usborne twp
009813-04 (Huron), Thomas STRACHAN?, 42, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Thomas STRACHAN & Flora CAMERON, to Isabel McDONALD, 33, Wawanosh, Grey, d/o William McDONALD & Abigail FRASER, wit: Dougald STRACHAN & Jessie STRACHAN both of Grey, 26 October 1904, Grey 010674-05 (Huron Co) Peter STROHM, 21, farmer, Cewsville Ont, same, s/o Jacob STROHM & Sara A. WINTERMUTE married Beatrice Ann RUSH, 23, Howick, Wingham, d/o William RUSH & Margaret GALBRAITH. Wit Thomas T. FIELD and Mrs. Thomas FIELD, both of Wingham. December 28, 1904 at Wingham.
009973-04 Robert J. TAYLOR, 31, farmer, McGillivray Tp, McGillivray Tp, s/o John J. TAYLOR & Hannah JEMMISON, married Margaret LOVE, 25, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Hugh LOVE & Christian FORREST, Wit: John LOVE, Harpley & Annie E. TAYLOR, Brewster, 24 Nov 1904, Bride’s Res, Stephen Tp 009920-04 (Huron Co): Marshall THOMAS, 22, brakeman, Clifford, Palmerston, s/o Edward THOMAS & Annie HOLMES married Ella May NICHOLS, 23, Atwood, same, d/o William NICHOLS & Mary E. COCKWILL. Wit: Wesley NICHOLS and Gertie PINKNEY, both of Seaforth. September 21, 1904 at Seaforth
009962-04 George Bealdy THOMPSON, 21, farmer, McGillivray Tp, McGillivray Tp, s/o Charles THOMPSON & Kate POTTER, married Edith JOHNSTON, 18, farmer's daughter, d/o Henry JOHNSTON & Sarah HEDGES, Wit: Herman YOUNG, Lieury & Augusta WINDSOR, Moray, 1 Jul 1904, Grand Bend Manse, Stephen Tp 010642-05 (Huron Co) William Henry THOMPSON,32, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o James THOMPSON & Annie PYBUS married Effie Louisa ALEXANDER, 21, Usborne, same, d/o Robert ALEXANDER & Agnes GIBSON. Wit Walter F. MADGE and J. E. STONE, both of Usborne. December 21, 1904 at Usborne.
009811-04 (Huron), John Gardiner THORNTON, 21, furniture packer, Bluevale, Listowel, s/o Christopher THORTON & Elizabeth GARDINER, to Edna May HUFFMAN, 18, Riversdale, Grey Tp., d/o John HUFFMAN & Charlotte DALE, wit: Charles W. EAKET & Essie L. HUFFMAN both of Grey, 13 July 1904, Grey 009823-04 (Huron), David TIERNAN, 33, butcher, Huron Co., same, s/o William TIERNAN & Anna TRUEMLER, to Fanny SNELL, 30, Huron Co., same, d/o William Snell & Sarah ESSERY, wit: John W. BROWN & Salomia TIERNAN both of Dashwood, 31 May 1904, Hay
009727-04 (Huron Co): Reuben S. TINK (Link?), 43, foreman in railway, Wentworth Co, Galveston Indiana U.S., s/o John TINK & Elizabeth THOMPSON married Jennie COUCH, 35, Exeter, Hibbert, d/o Joseph COUGH & Hannah AIRTH. Wit: S. M. HANNON of Exeter and Harry COUGH of Hibbert. February 16, 1904 at Exeter 009784-04 (Huron Co): William Henry TOWNSEND, 25, factory _?, Huron Co, Clinton, s/o George BURNETT & Eliza WELSH married Alice Maud BURNETT, 27, Goderich Twp, same, d/o parents not given. Wit: Robert TOWNSEND of Londesboro and Eva S. BURNETT of Goderich Twp. December 14,1904 at Goderich Twp
009911-04 (Huron Co): James A. TUFFORD, 33, farmer, Beamsville, same, s/o Frank TUFFORD & Maretta CULP married Cassie H. GILLESPIE, 24, Seaforth, same, d/o William GILLESPIE & Agnes HILL. Wit: William GILLESPIE and Della GILLESPIE, both of Seaforth. February 10, 1904 at Seaforth. 010654-05 (Huron Co) Ernest J. William TURNBULL, 29, farmer, Canada, Elma,s/o John A. TURNBULL & Harriet WOOD married Frances Eva JACOBS, 23, East Wawanosh, d/o Albert H. JACOBS & Mary SYLVESTER. Wit Evelyn TURNBULL of Atwood and Norman A. MORDEN of Wellington. December 28, 1904 at East Wawanosh.
#010026-04 (Huron Co): Thomas VENNER, 25, carpenter, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas VENNER & Alice VESQUER, married Flora Matilda SUTHERLAND, 29, Blanshard twp, same, d/o John SUTHERLAND & Jane CURRIE, witn: Tena McDONALD & Olive MADGE, both of Usborne, 27 Jan 1904 at Usborne 010566-05 (Huron Co) John WALKER, 67, widower, gardener, Scotland, Brucefield, s/o William & Jane WALKER married Margaret E. WALKER, 55, Tuckersmith Twp, Brucefield, d/o Jas. WALKER & Mary A. McKAY. Wit John McKENZIE and Catherine McKENZIE, both of Brucefield. December 14, 1904 at Brucefield.
009975-04 John WEIN, 25, laborer, Crediton, Crediton, s/o Lewis WEIN & Elizabeth BROWN, married Anna KRAFT, 26, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Henry KRAFT & Catherine WEBER, Wit: Samuel KRAFT & Lillie WEIN both of Stephen Tp, 6 Dec 1904, Stephen Tp. 010024-04 Henry WESTLAKE, 28, farmer, Usborne, Usborne, s/o William WESTLAKE & Mary HORNEY, married Rhoda SQUIRE, 23, Usborne, Usborne, d/o Henry SQUIRE & Elizabeth J. SNELL, Wit: Henry SQUIRE & Thomas HARRIS both of Usborne, 15 Jun 1904, Usborne
009896-04 (Huron Co): Thomas H. WHEELER, 26, blacksmith, Clarke Twp, Winchelsea Huron Co, s/o Thomas WHEELER & Mary POTTER married Jean REID, 26, Egmondville, Seaforth, d/o James REID & Mary DAVIS. Wit: Will POTTER of Mitchell and Mazie McKENZIE of Seaforth. January 1, 1904 at Seaforth 009778-04 (Huron Co): Joseph E. WHITELY, 38, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Joseph WHITELY & Sarah McMAHON married Mary J. EDWARDS, 29, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William EDWARDS & Mary J. STURDY. Wit: Charles A. WHITELY and Susie ACHESON, both of Goderich Twp. June 15, 1904 at Goderich Twp
009762-04 (Huron Co): Stanley J. WHITEMAN, 25, machine hand, Goderich Twp, Detroit Mich, s/o Thomas WHITEMAN & Jeanette McDOUGALL married Deborah HALSTEAD, 24, Clinton, Goderich, d/o Samuel HALSTEAD & Christiana SAUNDERS. Wit: C. E. WHITEMAN of Detroit Michigan and Mrs. S. HALSTEAD of Goderich. September 2, 1904 at Goderich 009780-04 (Huron Co): Charles A. WHITMAN, 33, salesman, Michigan U.S., Lansing Michigan, s/o James WHITMAN & Elizabeth FOCY? married Amelia M. STURDY, 24, Ontario, Goderich Twp, d/o John STURDY & Mary HAMILTON. Wit: Melvin STURDY and Elizabeth MILLION, both of Goderich Twp. July 30, 1904 at Goderich Twp
009974-04 Edward WILDS, 21, farmer, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, s/o Alex. WILDS & Ann Finn LILGREN (Tilgren?), married Amelia DESJARDINS, 22, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Adolph DESJARDINS & Selina GRATTON, Wit: Dolphus DESJARDINS, Grand Bend & Malvina SHARRON, Brewster, 23 Nov 1904, Grand Bend Manse, Stephen Tp 010578-05 (Huron) Feltham WILLIAMS, 21, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Nat. WILLIAMS & Maria FILTHAM, to Viola May NICKELS, 18, Colborne, same, d/o William NICKELS & Anna HOLLAND, wit: Margaret CARRIERE & Lawarance CARRIERE both of Grand Bend, 20 December 1904, Grand Bend
009724-04 (Huron Co): William H. YOUNG, 27, farmer, Ontario, West Wawanosh, s/o J. H. YOUNG & Mary TREBBLE married Ida E. WILSON, 18, Ontario, Wawanosh, d/o William H. WILSON & Eliza M. WILSON. Wit: E. A. YELLAND and Bessie YELLAND, both of Colborne. November 17, 1904 at Colborne 009773-04 (Huron Co): Mark Ernest YOUNG, 23, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Matthew YOUNG & Margaret SMILEY married Maggie McWHINNEY, 21, Ashfield Twp, same, d/o William McWHINNEY & Mary DUSTOW. Wit: Alexander K. ANDERSON and Bruce T. ANDERSON, both of Goderich. December 28, 1904 at Goderich
009686-04 (Huron Co): Robert YOUNG, 70, widower, farmer, Ireland, Morris, s/o John YOUNG & Margaret KELLY married Mary NICHOLSON, 28, Canada, McKillop, d/o William NICHOLSON & Levinia FOLSOM. Wit: Elizabeth McLEAN and Catherine McLEAN, both of Blyth. November 8, 1904 at Blyth 009758-04 (Huron Co): Arthur YULE, 24, machinist, Goderich, same, s/o John YULE & Isabella MORSE married Ethel A. CAMERON, 21, Port Elgin, Goderich, d/o Duncan CAMERON & Amelia STAFFORD. Wit: Duncan CAMERON of Goderich and Christina STAFFORD of Harriston. August 17, 1904 at Goderich
  009824-04 (Huron), Henry YUNGBLUT, 32, butcher, Hullet, Zurich, s/o Werner YUNGBLUT Elizabeth LUTZ, to Lovine WEICHERT, 25, Zurich, same, d/o John WEICHERT & Susanna BORMAN?, wit: John WEICHERT Jr. of Zurich & Maggie YUNGBLUT of Auburn, 22 June 1904, Zurich