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Huron Co., 1904, part 2

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9661-04 William ALLAN, 30, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o Archibald ALLAN & Barber (sic) TURNER, married Sarah McLEOD, 29, teacher, Kintail, same, d/o Duncan McLEOD & Mary L. McDONALD, witn: James MILLER of Ashfield & John McLEOD of Kintail, 17 Jan 1904 at Kintail  
009720-04 (Huron Co): Allen ALLEN, 19, farmer, Ontario, Colborne, s/o Samuel ALLEN & Amelia ALLEN married Mary A. JOHNS, 18, Ontario, Colborne, d/o Nathan JOHNS & Eustena BINDER. Wit: Fannie ALLEN and Anne YELLAND, both of Colborne. September 27, 1904 at Colborne 9664-04 John ASHTON, 28, farmer, Goderich, same, s/o Thomas ASHTON & Emma HOLT?, married Pearl BENNETT, 19, house work, Sheppardton, same, d/o Andrew BENNETT & Caroline LOVE, witn: George ASHTON of Colborne twp & Ada STEVENSON of Port Albert, 8 June 1904 at Sheppardton
009734-04 (Huron Co): James Thomas BAGSHAW, 28, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o William BAGSHAW & Betsy SINGULAR married Nellie NORTHCOTT, 22, Hay, same, s/o Roger NORTHCOTT & Sarah GOULD. Wit: Charles NORTHCOTT of Hay and Victoria BAGSHAW of Exeter. June 1, 1904 at Exeter 009741-04 (Huron Co): William H. BAKER, 28, sailor, Canada, Goderich, s/o Frederick BAKER & Amie EDDIE married Effie MORRISON, 23, Canada, Goderich, d/o John MORRISON & Jane MOIR. Wit: John BAKER and Sarah MORRISON, both of Goderich. January 5, 1904 at Goderich
9693-04 Thomas BALLANTYNE, 67, widower, gardener, Scotland, Brussels, s/o James? BALLANTYNE & Eliz. McDOUGALL, married Eleanor GREWAR?, 58, widow, England, Brussels, d/o James ARCHER & Ellen QUIRK, witn: Elsie M. & Ada E. ROSS of Brussels, 7 July 1904 at Brussels  
009789-04 (Huron Co): James BATTIE, 38, farmer, Logan Perth Co, same, s/o John BATTIE & Jessie ROBINSON married Florence L. G. ROBERTSON, 24, Grey Co, same, d/o Robert ROBERTSON & Mary Jane BOYLE. Wit: Lizzie McRAE and Mrs. D. B. McRAE, both of Cranbrook. January 5, 1904 at Cranbrook 009736-04 (Huron Co): John BEATTY, 45, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o George BEATTY & Jane REID married Margaret Glenn HORTON, 38, Hibbert, Usborne, d/o William HORTON & Margaret GLENN. Wit: William BEATTY of Brucefield and Maud J. GLENN of Lumley. June 29, 1904 at Exeter
009830-04 (Huron) Samuel BEAVER, 20, farmer, Dashwood, same, s/o Philip BEAVER & Elizabeth MAST, to Ida WEBER, 25, Dashwood, same, d/o Jacob WEBER & Carrie KAERCHER, wit: John WEBER & E. WEBER both of Dashwood, 24 November 1904, Zurich 009945-04 (Huron) Henry Charles BEAVER, 24, farmer, Stephen, Crediton, s/o Nicholas BEAVER & Fredericka MARTIN, to Emma FINKBEINER, 23, Stephen, Crediton, d/o Jacob FINKBEINER & Rosina GUINTHER, wit: Herbert K. EILBER & Lydia FINKBEINER both of Crediton, 13 January 1904, Crediton
009828-04 (Huron) William BEDARD, 27, farmer, Drysdale, same, s/o Simon BEDARD & Martine CONTOIS, to Flora LEMAY, 26, Sagnion?, d/o Eustache? LEMAY & Zoe TOUSIGNEAU, wit: Jeromie CORRIVEAU of St. Joseph & Ceraphine BEDARD of Drysdale, 13 August 1904, Drysdale 9836-04 Arthur Hanson BELBECK, 21, laborer, Stephen twp., Exeter, s/o James BELBECK & Sarah Ann VINCENT married Ada May DAVIS, 19, Stephen twp., Exeter, d/o William DAVIS & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Nettie ARNOLD & Ethel SMITH, both of Hensall, 17 Aug 1904 at Hensall
009746-04 (Huron Co): Frederick Joseph BISHOP, 32, railroading, Simcoe Co, Goderich, s/o Stephen BISHOP & Henrietta DOCKSTADER married Rosie KNIGHT, 23, Huron Co, Goderich, d/o Charles KNIGHT & Ellen REEVE. Wit: Bruce L. ANDERSON and Florence McDONALD, both of Goderich. May 25, 1904 at Goderich 009687-04 (Huron Co): Richard W. BLACK, 27, farmer, Huron Co, Ashfield, s/o John BLACK & Margaret PETTIPIECE married Hepebeath H. HAZZARD, 29, Morris, Londesboro, d/o James HAZZARD & Hannah Jane HAGGETT. Wit: Frederick HAGGETT of Blyth and Aggie JOHNSTON of Ashfield. September 28, 1904 at Blyth
10275-05 Alexander Angus BOYD, 26, farmer, Amberly, Kintail, s/o Donald BOYD & Grace McLEAN, married Sarah Jemima CARRICK, 26, Kintail, same, d/o Robert A. CARRICK, farmer & Mary GRANT, witn: Jenny McMURCHY of Kintail & Alexander McLENNAN of Laurier, 28 Dec 1904 at Kintail  
009729-04 (Huron Co): Ezra BRENNER, 22, hotel keeper, Stephen, same, s/o Joseph BRENNER & Christine RAW married Annie STEWART, 25, Usborne, same, d/o Andrew & Mary Ann STEWART (Adoptive parents). Wit: A. BOSSENBURY of Grand Bend and J. D. HANNON of Shipka Ont. May 4, 1904 at Exeter 9694-04 Henry Austin BROUSE, 60, widower, coal merchant, Ontario, Iroquois, s/o J.F. BROUSE & Jemima DORAN, married Mary Ann MIDDAUGH, 52, widow, Ontario, Iroquois, d/o William SHAW & Eliz. HUACK?, witn: James & Dora SHAW of Brussels, 27 Dec 1904 at Brussels
009751-04 (Huron Co): Alexander Walter BUCHANAN, 26, traveller?, Goderich, Toronto, s/o James BUCHANAN & Jennie McKAY married Mabel Stacy McKENZIE, 25, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas McKENZIE & Mary Jane RUSH. Wit: J. Gordon FERGUSON of Toronto and May BUCHANAN of Goderich. June 29, 1904 at Goderich 009767-04 (Huron Co): Albert CAIN, 23, tinsmith, Stayner, Guelph, s/o William James CAIN & Eliza Jane ROE married Bertha Maude SWITZER, 23, Clinton, Goderich, d/o Benjamin SWITZER & Mary Ann TAYLOR. Wit: Victor SHEPHERD of Guelph and Ida HASLAND of Goderich. October 25, 1904 at Goderich
  9840-04 David A. CANTELON, 29, merchant, Clinton, Hensall, s/o William CANTELON & Charlotte CLENDENNING, married Catherine CHAPMAN, 26, clerk, Hay twp., Hensall, d/o William CHAPMAN & Mary Jane FERRIS, witn: J. E. CANTELON of Clinton & Charles W. CHAPMAN of Brantford, 28 Dec 1904 at Hensall
009803-04 (Huron Co): John CARNOHAN, 36, farmer, Hullett, Grey, s/o John CARNOHAN & Annie EDWARDS married Annie MICHEL, 25, Grey, same, d/o Conrad MICHEL & Sarah RADAWAY. Wit: P. B. McRAE and Lizzie McRAE, both of Grey. April 27, 1904 at Grey 009796-04 (Huron Co): Samuel George CASSEL, 28, butcher, Goderich Twp, Clinton, s/o George CASSELL & Annie COOPER married Mary Elizabeth JACKLIN, 21, Grey, same, d/o Elijah JACKLIN & Esther COPELAND. Wit: Edward JACKLIN and Martha JOHNSTON, both of Grey. April 6, 1904 at Grey
009743-04 (Huron Co): Austin P. CHISHOLM, 29, painter, Goderich, Toronto, s/o William CHISHOLM & Jennet McGREGOR married Margaret WEBB, 22, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas WEBB & Helen DEAN. Wit: William CHISHOLM of Colborne Twp and Catherine WEBB of Goderich. February 10, 1904 at Goderich 009732-04 (Huron Co): Charles Wilbur CHRISTIE, 35, farmer, Biddulph, Stephen, s/o Charles CHRISTIE & Mary Jane HOWEY married Ida Ann FERGUSON, 25, Exeter, same, d/o James FERGUSON & Sarah Ann HOWEY. Wit: H. J. SHAFSTON of Stephen and C. B. FERGUSON of Stephen. June 1, 1904 at Exeter
009805-04 (Huron Co): Charles Richard CONGRAM, 28, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o Richard CONGRAM & Ann PHILLIPS married Edna Mary RAYNARD, 19, Grey, same, d/o Christopher RAYNARD & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG. Wit: Mrs. H. DOBSON and Harvey DOBSON, both of Grey. April 27, 1904 at Grey 009798-04 (Huron Co): William COOK, 31, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John COOK & Margaret MULHOLLAND married Marion J. LAMONT, 21, Grey, same, d/o Angus LAMONT & Marion McRAE. Wit: John LAMONT and Annie BREWER, both of Grey. March 16, 1904 at Grey
009752-04 (Huron Co): Percy CORNELL, 26, furniture salesman, Goderich, Toronto, s/o Augustus B. CORNELL & Sarah Ann HOLOWELL married Lexia Dolena SUTHERLAND, 22, Goderich, same, d/o James B. SUTHERLAND & Margaret McLEOD. Wit: Frederick THUNSHAW? of Toronto and Margaret A. SUTHERLAND of Goderich. June 28, 1904 at Goderich 009826-04 (Huron) Pierre CORRIVEAU, 23, carpenter, Mich. USA, same, d/o Laurent CORRIVEAU & Virginie BOISVERT, to Josephine DENOMIE, 22, Drysdale, same, d/o Regis DENOMIE & Virginie CORRIVEAU, wit: Edward & Mathilda DENOMIE both of Drysdale, 24 May 1904, Drysdale
009738-04 (Huron Co): Richard Allan CRANSTON, 32, clergyman, Albion Peel Co, Hibbert Perth Co, s/o Alexander F. CRANSTON & Hannah WILSON married Jeanette Munroe MARTIN, 26, Norwich Oxford co, Exeter, d/o William M. MARTIN & Christina JAMIESON. Wit: Cranston WILLIAM of Hibbert and Christina MARTIN of Exeter. August 17, 1904 at Exeter 010469-05 (Huron Co): George Robert DAVIS, 25, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Mathew DAVIS & Agnes WEIS married Margaret McGEE, 26, Howick, Gorrie, d/o William McGEE & Margaret LOVE. Wit: David W. DAVIS of Howick and Eliza CROOKSHANK of Millbank. May 21, 1904 at Gorrie
009769-04 (Huron Co): Henry Alfred DAWSON, 28, marine engineer, St. Catharines, Goderich, s/o Joseph DAWSON & Hattie JOLLIFFE married Jennie SHIELS, 20, Port Elgin, Goderich, d/o Andrew SHIELS & Sarah SCHELL. Wit: Mrs. James A. ANDERSON and Christabel ANDERSON, both of Goderich. December 17, 1904 at Goderich 009680-04 (Huron Co): James Henry DENNIS, 24, farmer, Howick, Turnberry, s/o James DENNIS & Catherine RUSH married Beulah Pearl SNELL, 17, East Wawanosh, same, d/o William R. SNELL & Catherine GREEN. Wit: Elizabeth McLEAN and Mrs. John C. ROSS, both of Blyth. January 27, 1904 at Blyth
009827-04 (Huron) Pierre DENOMIE, 40, farmer, Drysdale, same, s/o Norbert DENOMIE & Angele DUCHARME, to Elsdoria? BERTRAND, 43, widow, d/o Charles BERTRAND & Vitaline MASSEAU, wit: Nelson MASSE & Cline CHARRETTE both of St. Joseph, 23 July 1904, Drysdale 009829-04 (Huron) Lonie N. DENOMIE, 38, farmer, Drysdale, same, widower, s/o Norbert DENOMIE & Angele DUCHARME, to Marie Ann DUCHARME, 43, Port Huron Mich., same, widow, d/o Cletus? DUCHARME & Deline DUCHARME, wit: Julius DUCHARME & Mathilda DENOMIE both of Drysdale, 15 August 1904, Drysdale
010474-05 (Huron Co): Benjamin DEWITT, cheese maker, England, Ingersoll, s/o Benjamin DEWITT & Mary Ann HEWER married Jennie ANDISON, 331, Howick, Gorrie, d/o William ANDISON & Annie JAMES. Wit: Robert ANDISON of Toronto and Mrs. R. MUTCH of Wroxeter. December 29, 1904 at Gorrie 9872-04 Hough DOUGLAS, 30, farmer, Ontario, Grey, s/o Adam DOUGLAS & Jane REYNOLDS, married Agnes WILTSIE, 23, Ontario, McKillop, d/o James & Agnes, witn: David McNAIR? of McKillop & Isabel McNAB of Brussels, 15 Feb 1904 at Lot 18, Con 14 of McKillop twp
009739-04 (Huron Co): Richard DOWNIE, 55, widower, farmer, Arbroath Scotland, s/o George DOWNIE & Elizabeth GIBSON married Florence J. McTAGGART, 55, not given, Exeter, d/o Samuel James McTAGGART & Nancy PHILLIPS. Wit: R. A. CRANSTON of Hibbert and Christina MARTIN of Exeter. December 19, 1904 at Exeter 009745-04 (Huron Co): Arthur E. DRINKWATER, 20, sailor, Wiarton, Goderich, s/o Elijah DRINKWATER & Elizabeth SANGUINE married Alice R. J. LOVE, 16, Collingwood, Goderich, d/o Frederick J. LOVE & Emily J. VAIL. Wit: Bernie DRINKWATER and Belle BAKER, both of Goderich. February 24, 1904 at Goderich
009754-04 (Huron Co): Bernie DRINKWATER, 18, sailor, Wiarton, Goderich, s/o Elijah J. DRINKWATER & Elizabeth SANGUINE married Nettie Jean McGREGOR, 20, Clinton, Goderich, d/o Alexander McGREGOR & Emeline FRITZLEY. Wit: Henry KEENAN and Abigail DRINKWATER, both of Goderich. June 15, 1904 at Goderich 009760-04 (Huron Co): Frederick George Eston EAGLE, 29, dry goods salesman, s/o Alexander EAGLE & Sarah A. McMILLAN married Mildred Ethel CAMPBELL, 25, Goderich, same, d/o William CAMPBELL & Emily SHARMAN. Wit: W. H. ROBERTSON and Clara SHARMAN, both of Goderich. August 24, 1904 at Goderich
009759-04 (Huron Co): Francis Harry ELLEKER, 38, merchant, Whitby Ont, Walkerton, s/o Robert ELLEKER & Hannah ABRAHAM married Sadie Lillian SMITH, 26, milliner, Chicago, Goderich, d/o James Fox SMITH & Sarah S. KELLY. Wit: William Henry McBARNEY of Walkerton and Jessie E. O. McDONALD of London. August 24, 1904 at Goderich  
009961-04 (Huron) George Ezra FAIST, 30, Baker, Crediton, same, s/o Jacob Bernhard FAIST & Louisa MORLOCK, to Elizabeth Ann WUERTH, 28, Crediton, Stephen, d/o Frederick John WUERTH & Wilhelmina WOLFE, wit: Henry Moses FAIST of Crediton & Amelia Minnie FINKBEINER of Dashwood, 29 June 1904, Crediton 009719-04 (Huron Co): William FINEGAN, 33, farmer, Ontario, Wawanosh, s/o John FINEGAN & M. J. McMATH married Sophia SNYDER, 24, Ontario, Colborne, d/o Jesse SNYDER & M. C. SCHULTER. Wit: Norman SNYDER and Margaret RHYAN, both of Nile. November 23, 1904 at Colborne
009753-04 (Huron Co): Claude Lang FISHER, 29, insurance agent, Goderich, Clinton, s/o Henry FISHER & Jean JEWELL married Bessie Hallett PICKARD, 25, Colborne, same, d/o Thomas PICKARD & Mary CANTELON. Wit: Rev. N. ACHESON of Holmesville and Phema? LOGAN. June 29, 1904 at Goderich 009787-04 Huron Co): Herbert Russel FOSTER, 31, not given, Markham, Colborne, s/o William B. FOSTER & Susannah REEVE married Alma Annie YEO, 27, Goderich, same, d/o J. W. YEO & Annie ROBERTS. Wit: William J. YEO of Goderich Twp and Thursey G. GERRY of Brussels. December 28, 1904 at Goderich Twp
009771-04 (Huron Co): Samuel FREETH, 30, laborer, Birmingham England, Colborne Twp, s/o George FREETH & not given married Rosena Clara EVANS, 33, not given, Goderich, d/o George EVANS & Ellen HALL. Wit: Albert EVANS and Lilly EVANS, both of Goderich. August 29, 1904 at Goderich 009949-04 (Huron) William A. GAMBLE, 26, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o William GAMBLE & Rebecca SEXSMITH, to Beatrice E. WEBBER, 18, Stephen, same, d/o Julius WEBBER & Alberta ELLIOTT, wit: William WEBBER of Stephen & Priscilla GAMBLE of Grand Bend, 2 March 1904, Stephen
010468-05 (Huron Co): Benjamin Courtney GILPIN, 26, farmer, Howick, Alberta, s/o Thomas R. GILPIN & Jemima E. MAGUIRE married Mary Ann MUTCH, 28, Hullett, Gorrie, d/o Robert MUTCH & Jane JONES. Wit: Albert GILPIN of Howick and Nettie MUTCH of Gorrie. January 13, 1904 at Gorrie 009761-04 (Huron Co): William E. GORDON, 48, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o John Edward GORDON & Jane McDONALD married Martha SALKELD, 38, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Isaac SALKELD & Elizabeth TEMPLETON. Wit: Isaac SALKELD of Goderich and D. J. GORDON of Ripley. June 15, 1904 at Goderich
009735-04 (Huron Co): Simon GREB, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Michael GREB & Giney HUBER married Edna CASE, 28, Ancona Canada, Rinde Michigan, d/o William Henry CASE & Mary BONTHSON?. Wit: Robert HICKS and S. M. HANNON, both of Exeter. Jun 19, 1904 at Exeter 009750-04 (Huron Co): William Henry GUNDRY, 30, soldier, Uxbridge, Goderich, s/o Edwin GUNDRY & Christine McKELLER married Agnes Edith WASHINGTON, 32, Durham Co, Goderich, d/o John WASHINGTON & Jeanette SCOTT. Wit: B. D. GRANT of Goderich and Rose JONES of Woodstock. June 28, 1904 at Goderich
  9874-04 James H. HASBURN, 32, farmer, Ontario, Hibbert, s/o James HASBURN & Sarah SADDLER, married Elizabeth Jane RILEY, 17, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Wingfield RILEY & Sarah FREEMAN, witn: Robert & Fannie FREEMAN of Hullett, 11 May 1904 at Lot 26, Con 4 of McKillop
009960-04 (Huron) Patrick HOULAHAN, 27, farmer, Mt. Carmel, same, s/o Patrick HOULAHAN & Margaret RYAN, to Ellen O'NEIL, 30, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o Arthur O'NEIL & Mary SHANK, wit: Pat KILGALLEN & Mary O'NEIL both of Mt. Carmel, 1 June 1904, Mt. Carmel 9833-04 Herbert E. JOHNS, 34, organ tuner, St. Marys, Guelph, s/o James JOHNS & illegible SWEKF--?, married Looma COOK, 32, domestic, Sebringville, Hensall, d/o Henry COOK & Catherine MAGUL?, witn: Norman E. COOK of Hensall & Grace TORRANCE of Clinton, 9 Feb 1904 at Hensall
009763-04 (Huron Co): James JOHNSTON, 35, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Eliza DONNELLY married Alice McCULLOUGH, 29, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Simon McCULLOUGH & Elizabeth McCONNELL. Wit: John W. BELL and Isabell HAMILTON, both of Goderich. September 27, 1904 at Goderich 009799-04 (Huron Co): William Herbert JORDAN, 40, widower, Young Leeds Co, Harriston, s/o William JORDAN & Mary CUMMINGS married Susan THOMPSON, 33, Essay Simcoe Co, Grey, d/o John THOMPSON & Hannah STEPHENSON. Wit: William THOMPSON and Mrs. Annie WELLS, both of Grey, February 24, 1904 at Grey
009941-04 (Huron) James KENNY, 23, farmer, McGillivray, Stephen, s/o John KENNY & Mary HUNSAKER, to Elizabeth Ann GOWER, 17, Stephen, same, d/o John GOWER & Margaret ADAIR, wit: William H. and Mrs. William H. TURNBULL, 4 January 1904, Grand Bend 9663-04 George E. KITSON, 24, engineer, Wawanosh, Dungannon, s/o Charles KITSON & Mary COX, married Matilda J. THOMPSON, 27, tailoress, England, same, d/o William THOMPSON & Mabel WHITE, witn: George STONER & Grace BOWERS, both of St. Thomas, 29 May 1904 at Dungannon
009946-04 (Huron) Henry John KUHN, 27, tile mfgr., Crediton, same, s/o Conrad KUHN & Elizabeth SWEITZER, to Ada KIENZLE, 21, Middleboro tp., Stephen, d/o Charles KIENZLE & Lena BOYER, wit: August E. KUHN & Clara H. KIENZLE both of Crediton, 10 February 1904, Stephen 010471-05 (Huron Co): Edwin Washington LAMBKIN, 36, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Leonard LAMBKIN & Ann GILROY married Charlotte Ann JAMES, 30, Howick, same, d/o Edward JAMES & Mary PATRICK. Wit: R. E. JAMES of Howick and Agnes WILKINS of Harriston. October 20, 1904 at Gorrie
009800-04 (Huron Co): Alexander D. LAMONT, 30, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Angus LAMONT & Marion McRAE married Mary A. SLEMMON, 30, Grey, same, d/o John SLEMMON & Ann TYNDALL. Wit: John SLEMMON of Grey and Maggie DRIVER of Sciena Hill. March 2, 1904 at Grey 009726-04 (Huron Co): Wesley LAMPORT, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o James LAMPORT & Marie REEDER married Nellie QUANCE, McGillivray, Village of Exeter, d/o William QUANCE & Susan E. BALSDEN. Wit: Lida QUANCE of Exeter and George BALSDON (sic) of Osnabruck. January 12, 1904 at Exeter
009951-04 (Huron) Frederick Milton LANE, 23, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o Phillip LANE & Margaret HYATT, to Matilda Maud BAYNHAM, 23, Canada, Centralia, d/o George. BAYNHAM & Maria NICHOLS, wit: Wilber LANE & Loretta BAYNHAM both of Centralia, 10 March 1904, Centralia 009757-04 (Huron Co): Percy Allan MALCOMSON, 37, barrister-at-law, Clinton, Lucknow, s/o Sutherland MALCOMSON & Mary Jane FREEMAN married Frances RUTSON, 37, clerk, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas RUTSON & Mary Colbeck CROSSTON. Wit: James C. BROWN of Dundas Ont, Mabel RUTSON and Nyda RUTSON, both of Goderich. July 8, 1904 at Goderich
9873-04 Henry William MAWRES?, 26, blacksmith, Ontario, Ellice, s/o Frederick MAWRES & An--? FAMME, married Mary BENNEVIES, 25, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Ernest BENNIES (sic) & Julia THRASHER, witn: Edward RUIETER? of Logan & Emma VAN--? of McKillop, 10 Feb 1904 at Lot 1 Con 9 of McKillop 9692-04 Robert McALPINE, 35, tailor, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James McALPINE & Margaret LAWSON, married Mary E. ROSS, 29, Ontario, Brussels, d/o William & Georgina, witn: Rod K. ROSS of Brussels & Alex ROSS of Ottawa, 19 July 1904 at Brussels
9837-04 John B. McARTHUR, 41, widower, merchant, Hensall, same, s/o Robert McARTHUR & Jane BELL, married Sarah Ellen SCOTT, 39, widow, Howick twp., Hensall, d/o George GREGG & Sarah CRAWFORD, witn: Crawford GREGG of Howick twp & Jessie McARTHUR of Hensall, 6 Sept 1904 at Hensall 009737-04 (Huron Co): Evan Allan McDONALD, 32, merchant, Guelph, same, s/o Evan McDONALD & Margaret HYSLOP married Susan WEEKES, 32, milliner, Exeter, same, d/o William WEEKES & Ann KERR. Wit: William D. WEEKES and Annie WEEKES, both of Exeter. August 16, 1904 at Exeter
009959-04 (Huron) Samuel McEACHEN, 29, farmer, Mt. Carmel, same, s/o John McEACHEN & Sarah McDONALD, to Mary DESJARDINS, 18, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o Peter DESJARDINS & Sara WILSON, wit: Alonzy McCANN & Jessie McEACHEN both of Mt. Carmel, 1 June 1904, Mt. Carmel 009797-04 (Huron Co): John D. McEWAN, 34, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John McEWAN & Catharine ANDERSON married Catherine Ellen M. ATTRIDGE, 21, Mornington Perth Co, Grey, d/o Richard ATTRIDGE & Priscilla McMANN. Wit: William SCHNOCK and Michael KRAUTE, both of Grey. March 16, 1904 at Grey
009722-04 (Huron Co): William J. McILWAIN, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o David McILWAIN & Jane JOHNSTONE married Annie ROGERSON, 30, England, Colborne, d/o Robert ROGERSON & Mary J. FRATER. Wit: D. McILWAIN and Minnie McILWAIN, both of Ashfield. November 9, 1904 at Colborne 009790-04 (Huron Co): John McINTOSH, 31, farmer, Huron Co, same, s/o John McINTOSH & Catharine PEDDIE married Jane RITCHIE, 27, Tuckersmith, Grey Co, d/o James RITCHIE & Anne BLAIR. Wit: Thomas RITCHIE and Mary RITCHIE, both of Cranbrook. January 6, 1904 at Cranbrook
010402-95 (Huron Co): George M. McKAY, 23, farmer, McKillop, Grey, s/o George McKAY & Annie MacMANN married Morgan T. T. McKAY, 23, Grey, same, d/o Alexander McKAY & Mary CHRYSTAL. Wit: John McKAY and Ellen McKAY, both of Grey Twp. December 28, 1904 at Grey 10276-05 John McKAY, 38, farmer, Kintail, Ashfield twp., s/o John McKAY & Anabel McKENZIE, married Annie McKENZIE, 24, Ashfield twp., same, d/o John McKENZIE & Catherine BROWN, witn: Roderick McKENZIE & Mary MacDONALD, both of Ashfield, 21 Dec 1904 at Ashfield twp
010473-05 (Huron Co): Alexander McKENNETT, 28, farmer, Holland, same, s/o Richard McKENNETT & Margaret LOVE married Mary Ann MONTGOMERY, 27, Howick, same, d/o Andrew MONTGOMERY & Isabella KIRK. Wit: George McKENNETT of Holland and Jane FERGUSON of Howick. December 21, 1904 at Howick 009764-04 (Huron Co): William Logan McLEAN, 37, merchant tailor, Goderich, same, s/o Alan Proctor McLEAN & Mary Ann LOGAN married Mary Isabella WRIGHT, 26, Goderich, same, d/o William WRIGHT & Jane ROSE. Wit: R. Charles McLEAN of Stratford and Jessie N. McDONALD of Goderich. October 20, 1904 at Goderich
9677-04 George McLENICHY, 28, farmer, Stanley twp., same, s/o Henry McLENICHEY & Jane KEYS, married Annie May ARMSTRONG, 21, Stanley twp., same, d/o George ARMSTRONG & Eva WESTON, witn: William ELLIOTT & Mrs. E. JENNINGS, both of Bayfield, 14 Jan 1904 at Bayfield 009801-04 (Huron Co): Thomas G. MILLER, 23, laborer, Brussels, same, s/o William MILLER & Louisa J. LOTT married Mary A. CARLETON, 25, Morris, Grey, d/o Samuel CARLTON & Mary A. BENBOW. Wit: John E. MILLER and Eva CARLTON, both of Brussels. March 23, 1904 at Brussels
009948-04 (Huron) William John MILLMAN, 25, farmer, Bosanquet tp., same, s/o Richard MILLMAN & Maria PERDEN, to Ida GRAVELLE, 25, Grand Bend, same, d/o Asaph GRAVELLE & Philomene DESJARDINS, wit: Charlie MILLMAN of Thedford & Eva GRAVELLE of Grand Bend, 20 January 1904, Grand Bend 009742-04 (Huron Co): John MOIR, 32, stock keeper clerk, Goderich Twp, Toronto, s/o James MOIR & Jane CLARK married Sarah Martha MILLIAN, 25, Colborne Twp, Goderich, d/o James MILLIAN & Jane CONNOLY. Wit: Melvin STURDY of Goderich Twp & Edith MILLIAN of Goderich. January 6, 1904 at Goderich
009947-04 (Huron) Bernard MULLIGAN, 27, farmer, Dublin Ont., same, s/o Bernard MULLIGAN & Johanna SHANNAHAN, to Annie COLLINS, 27, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o Dennis COLLINS & Ellen DRISCOLL, wit: Tom MULLIGAN of Dublin & Nora COLLINS of Mt. Carmel, 20 January 1904, Mt. Carmel 009706-04 (Huron Co): Hirus OBER, 25, telegrapher, Listowel, Berlin Ont, s/o Casper OBER & Annie PEPPLER married Maggie HILLEN, 21, Clinton, same, d/o Alexander HILLEN & M. A. WATSON. Wit: John HOFLICH and Ray OBER, both of Berlin. August 3, 1904 at Clinton
9662-04 Frank OMANS, 28, undertaker’s assistant, Warren twp. Mich., same, s/o Thomas OMANS & Mary CLIFFORD, married Jane REID, 27, Ashfield, same, d/o Robert REID & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Frederick OMANS of Warren Mich & Jane REID of Ashfield, 19 May 1904 at Ashfield 9834-04 Amos OVERHOLT, 33, widower, farmer, Waterloo, St. Joseph, s/o Stants OVERHOLT & Matilda PHILLIPS, married Mabel MURTLAND, 21, domestic, Wiarton, same, d/o John MURTLAND & Mary SPARLING, witn: Mrs. E. MEDD & Eleanor REGAN, both of Hensall, 25 April 1904 at Hensall
  009770-04 (Huron Co): Thomas PACKWOOD, 41, veterinary, Dean Bedfordshire England, Brown City Michigan, s/o Thomas PACKWOOD & Sarah BLACKWELL married Priscilla M. JENNINGS, 25, Colborne Twp, Goderich Twp, d/o Richard JENNINGS & Mary PROUSE. Wit: William JENNINGS of Goderich Twp and E. HARRISON of Colborne Twp. December 26, 1904 at Goderich
009748-04 (Huron Co): William Thomas PALLISTER, 26, physician, Guelph, Renwick, s/o Thomas PALLISTER & Sarah HALE married Pearl Hamilton EVANS, 18, Goderich, same, d/o George EVANS & Madeline AMY. Wit: William Bates HAYDEN and Agnes Maria EVANS, both of Goderich. June 7, 1904 at Goderich 009749-04 (Huron Co): Alphonse PARENT, 21, dairyman, Windsor, same, d/o James PARENT & Sarah BUFOUR married Nellie Maude McKAY, not given, St. Marys, Goderich, d/o Christopher McKAY & Mary Ann McKAY. Wit: George YALE and May McCAULEY, both of Goderich. June 23, 1904 at Goderich
9835-04 Thomas Henry PIERSON, 28, moulder, St. Marys, London, s/o Francis PIERSON & Sarah Jane CADE, married Henrietta MOORE, 30, milliner, Hibbert twp., Hensall, d/o William MOORE & Ann Jane HENRY, witn: Thomas & Esther SIMPSON of Hensall, 14 July 1904 at Hensall  
010472-05 (Huron Co): William James PYKE, 31, Howick, same, farmer, s/o Edward PYKE & Julia HAYDEN married Margaret MONTGOMERY, 25, Howick, same, d/o Andrew MONTGOMERY & Isabella HICK. Wit: John HAYDEN and Bertha V. PYKE, both of Howick. December 21, 1904 at Howick 009731-04 (Huron Co): George A. RAMSDEN, 28, druggist, King Twp, same, s/o George RAMSDEN & Charlotte JOHNSON married Margaret E. RUSSELL, 22, Exeter, Usborne, d/o Thomas RUSSELL & Margaret H. FOWLER. Wit: Bertha RUSSELL of Exeter and Margaret RAMSDEN of Erin. Wit: June 18, 1904 at Exeter
010406-05 (Huron Co): Austin RAYNARD, 24, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Joseph RAYNARD & Catharine JACKSON married Essie L. HUFFMAN, 20, Riversdale, Grey, d/o Henry HUFFMAN & Charlotte DALE. Wit: Wilfred HUFFMAN of Grey and Eric HUFFMAN of Riversdale. December 4, 1904 at Grey 009791-04 (Huron Co): William George ROBERTSON, 26, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Robert ROBERTSON & Mary Jane BOYLE married Cora May SAUNDERS, 20, Grey, same, d/o John SAUNDERS & Rachel WILSON. Wit: Mrs. D. B. McRAE and Lizzie McRAE, both of Cranbrook. January 12, 1904 at Cranbrook
009792-04 (Huron Co): John Stewart RITCHIE, 28, farmer, Fergus, Grey Co, s/o Peter RITCHIE & Jane LONIE (s/b Loney?) married Dorothy Isabella McALLISTER, 27, Grey, same, d/o William McALLISTER & Janet RICHARDSON. Wit: James RITCHIE and Hattie M. DOWNING, both of Brussels. January 27, 1904 at Grey 009682-04 (Huron Co): Robert ROGERSON, 37, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Solomon ROGERSON & Elizabeth BOWES married Susannah M. WHEATLEY, 30, Tuckersmith, Hullett, d/o George WHEATLEY & Emma DYKE . Wit: Rev. John HOLMES and Mrs. John HOLMES, both of Blyth. April 27, 1904 at Blyth
009831-04 (Huron) Ernst ROEDER, 28, farmer, Hay Tp., same, s/o Jacob ROEDER & Caroline RESTEMEYER, to Elizabeth DECHER, 19, Hay Tp., same, d/o John DECHER & Lydia HEY, wit: John DECHER & Clara ROEDER both of Hay, 21 December 1904, Hay 009950-04 (Huron) Arthur Franklin SCHNEIDER, 25, gentleman, Crediton, same, s/o John SCHNEIDER & Sophrona TOZT, to Hilda Gertrude ANDERSON, 18, Crediton, same, d/o Wilson ANDERSON & Eleanor MITCHELL, wit: Daniel KILPATRICK & Evelyn KERR both of Crediton, 16 March 1904, Crediton
9838-04 Francis Addison SELLERY, 27, dentist, Kincardine, Hensall, s/o Francis SELLERY & Ella CACKER, married Louisa MOIR, 24, Hensall, same, d/o William MOIR & Marion GIBSON, witn: F. J. CAWTHORPE of Hensall & Olive SELLERY of Kincardine, 2 Nov 1904 at Hensall 009779-04 (Huron Co): William E. SHEPPARD, 31, grain dealer, Goderich Twp, Stocktiden? N.W.T., s/o John SHEPPARD & Sarah A. NESBITT married Edith May TEBBUTT, 23, Goderich Twp,. Goderich, d/o George TEBBUTT & C. F. SHEPPARD. Wit: F. P. SHEPPARD of Edinburgh and Vina TEBBUTT of Goderich Twp. June 22, 1904 at Goderich Twp
9839-04 Crawford SIMPSON, 24, farmer, Tuckersmith, Hensall, s/o Hugh SIMPSON & Jane HAYS, married Annie Ellen DOIG, 22, Tuckersmith, Hensall, d/o John DOIG & Ellen McKAY, witn: Ethel M. H. SMITH & Margaret SCANDRET, both of Hensall, 14 Dec 1904 at Hensall 009768-04 (Huron Co): Theodore V. SMITH, 25, mechanic, Dresden, Goderich, s/o Jehiel SMITH & Matilda DYNES married Edyth Lyle GAGE, 25, Forest, Sarnia, d/o M. Harry GAGE and Elizabeth SMART. Wit: G. H. McINTOSH of Dresden and Minnie M. GAGE of Sarnia. November 17 at Forest
009723-04 (Huron Co): Alfred SOULEY, 20, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o William H. SOULEY & Sarah E. CLARK married Fannie ALLEN, 23, Colborne, same, d/o Samuel ALLEN & Amelia TREBBLE. Wit: William STEVENS and Rose H. BEAN, both of Colborne. December 27, 1904 at Colborne 010410-05 (Huron Co): Luke C. SPEIRAN, 31, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Hartwell SPEIRAN & Amelia COPELAND married Irene BAKER, 23, Grey, same, d/o John BAKER & Celina SNELL. Wit: Garfield BAKER of Grey and Wilbert T. BAKER of Granton, December 28, 1904 at Grey
  9675-04 George STEWART, 30, blacksmith, Wawanosh twp., Goderich, s/o George STEWART & Annie HALLIDAY, married Edith BAKER, 23, servant, Bayfield, same, d/o Fred BAKER & Jennie HARDY, witn: Robert W. & Annie JONES of Goderich, 1 June 1904 at Bayfield (also 9676-04)
009684-04 (Huron Co): Charles M. SWANSON, 25, barber, Goderich, Wingham, s/o Magnus SWANSON & Mary MORRIS married Jennie GANNETT, 21, Wingham, same, d/o William GANNETT & Mary MILLER. Wit: Allen WHEELER and Jessie GANNETT, both of Wingham. July 26, 1904 at Blyth 009683-04 (Huron Co): Robert John THUELL, 29, electrician, Morris, Brussels, s/o Samuel THUELL & Lydia CHAPPELL married Lucy SINCLAIR, 22, Grey, Brussels, d/o Adam SINCLAIR & Mary McNEIL. Wit: Elizabeth A. McLEAN and Katherine McLEAN, both of Blyth. May 4, 1904 at Blyth
009775-04 (Huron Co): Beatty WEBSTER, 43, not given, Ashfield, same, s/o James WEBSTER & Margaret GRAHAM married Lottie CANTELON, 32, Goderich Twp, Goderich, d/o George CANTELON & Catherine COOK. Wit: Thomas WEBSTER of Lucknow and Sophie HUDIE of Leadbury. April 13, 1904 at Goderich Twp 010470-05 (Huron Co): William WHITEFIELD, 31, farmer, Grey, same, s/o John WHITEFIELD & Jane LEADBETTER married Mary E. SPARLING, 27, Howick, same, d/o Edwin SPARLING & Margaret SPEARIN. Wit: A. E. SPARLING of Sarnia and Amelia WHITEFIELD of Moncrieff. June 1,1904 at Howick
0104093-95 (Huron Co): Robert F. WOOD, 25, farmer, Morris, Souris Manitoba, s/o David B. MOORE & Janet DOWNIE married Jessie TELFER, 25, Grey, same, d/o William TELFER & Margaret EWEN. Wit: James A. MOORE of Morris and Mrs. W. M. MOORE of Toronto. December 27, 1904 at Grey 009984-04 (Huron Co): Thomas WORKMAN, 30, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o John WORKMAN & Mary J. MOFFATT married Jessie CUDMORE, 25, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William CUDMORE & Louisa PHILLIPS. Wit: David WORKMAN and Lula CUDMORE, both of Kippen. April 6, 1904 at Tuckersmith
9832-04 Andrew YUNGBLUT, 29, tinsmith, Auburn, Hensall, s/o G. F. YUNGBLUT & Carrie SPUPT?, married Nellie WELSH, 21, domestic, Hensall, same, d/o Richard WELSH & M. J. SCOTT, witn: John WELSH of Hensall & Annie SEED of London, 3 Feb 1904 at Hensall