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Huron Co., 1906


010381-06 (Huron Co): Thomas Cameron ALLEN, 22, farmer, Stratford, Usborne, s/o Benjamin ALLEN & Katie CAMERON married Hester Edna FLETCHER, 18, Usborne, Exeter, d/o William FLETCHER & Emily STAFFON. Wit: A. C. ALLEN of Stratford and Ella CAMM of Usborne. November 28, 1906 at Exeter 010487-06 (Huron Co) Andrew ALLEN, 22, farmer, Howick, same, s/o William ALLEN & Jane SANGSTER married JANE FERGUSON, 25, Howick, same, d/o Robert FERGUSON & Margaret WIGGINS. Wit Thomas SANGSTER and Bertha AKINS, both of Howick. January 24, 1906 at Howick.
010411-06 (Huron Co): William ANSTAY, 37, laborer, Goderich, same, s/o William ANSTAY & Jane CATOR married Elizabeth Jane DOAK, 27, Goderich, same, d/o Henry DOAK & Louisa CAMPBELL. Wit: William Henry DOAK and Mabel WILLIS, both of Goderich. December 5, 1906 at Goderich 010385-05 (Huron Co): William Albert ARCHER, 33, mariner, Oshawa, Owen Sound, s/o James William ARCHER & Sarah Ann SCOTT married Margaret Helen CHRYSTAL, 27, clerk, Goderich, same, d/o Alexander Stuart CHRYSTAL & Annie Ingram ELLIOTT. Wit: Mary E. ELLIOTT and Emma A. CAMPBELL, both of Goderich. January 3, 1906
  011644-07 (Huron Co): Richard ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, Stanley, Pilot Mound Manitoba, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary POLLOCK married Alice STEPHENSON, 21, Stanley, same, d/o John STEPHENSON & Annie PECK. Wit: Robert ARMSTRONG and - off page ARMSTRONG, both of Stanley. December 25, 1906 at Stanley
10710-06 (Huron Co): Norman BAKER, 21, brick layer, Wroxeter, Wingham, s/o Charles BAKER & Lizzie POMEROY, married Annie M. FREE, 17, Ireland, Wingham, d/o John F. FREE & Lillie DUCEBERRY, witn: John F. & Lillie FREE of Turnberry, 19 Dec 1906 at Wingham 010464-06 (Huron) Edward BEDARD, 25, laborer, Drysdale, same, s/o Simon BEDARD & Martine COUTOIS, to Marie MIREAULT, 24, Drysdale, same, d/o David MIREAULT & Caroline DENOMIE, wit: Philip BEDARD & Marie BEDARD of St. Joseph, 27 November 1906, Drysdale
010462-06 (Huron) Robert Daniel BELL, 26, farmer, Hay, Tuckersmith, s/o Daniel BELL & Margaret HOBKIRK, to Violet H. McARTHUR, 21, Hay, same, d/o Robert McARTHUR & Margaret LOUTIL, wit: Stewart McQUEEN of Lumley & Grace McARTHUR of Hensall, 20 December 1906, Hay 10713-06 (Huron Co): Wendell Holmes BEVINGTON, 24, book keeper, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Josiah BEVINGTON & Kate NUMAN, married Sarah Eleanor ALLAN, 26, of Cleveland Ohio, d/o Nathaniel ALLAN & Janet MEIKLE, witn: J.N. "ADAM or ALLAN" & Elsie M. ALLAN, both of Wroxeter, 10 Oct 1906 at Wroxeter
10633-06 (Huron Co): John Andrew BOLTON, 26, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Abraham BOLTON & Mary STEWART, married Josephine FORD, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John FORD & Eliza HORTON, witn: John M. GLENN of Usborne & Emma J. DICKSON of Seaforth, 19 June 1906 at Tuckersmith 010459-06 (Huron) Maurice BRENNER, 20, merchant, Grand Bend, same, s/o Joseph BRENNER & Christena RAU, to Ethel Pearl TAYLOR, 19, Hay tp., same, d/o Robert TAYLOR & Georgia TILMOUR, wit: Bruce & Myrtle BOSSENBERRY of Brucefield, 5 September 1906, Hay
010476-06 (Huron Co) Thomas BRIDGES, 38, laborer, St. Catharines, Hay Twp, s/o Chas. BRIDGES & Martha GOLDEN married Nancy ROSEHEART, 25, domestic, Ingersol, Hay Twp, d/o Jas. ROSEHEART & "not known". Wit Mrs. MEDD and Eleanor REGAN, both of Hensall. March 14, 1906 at Hensall. 010391-06 (Huron Co): William John BRIGGER, 37, manufacturer, Hamilton, same, s/o James BRIGGER & Mary WELSH married Catherine Brock MITCHELL, 25, stenographer, Goderich, same, d/o William MITCHELL & Catherine SWANSON. Wit: James C. BRIGGER of Hamilton and Mirabel MITCHELL of Goderich. February 8, 1906 at Goderich
10632-06 (Huron Co): Alex G. BROADFOOT, 27, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Samuel BROADFOOT & Ellen SHINE, married Alberta WILSON, 23, Auburn village, Tuckersmith, d/o William D. WILSON & Catherine SHEARDOWN, witn: Alex BROADFOOT of Seaforth & Ethel WILSON of Brucefield, 28 March 1906 at Brucefield 010403-06 (Huron Co): Thomas CARRICK, 25, machinist, Hullett, Stratford, s/o Henry CARRICK & Ella DAVIS married Annie McMATH, 19, Goderich, same, d/o John S. McMATH & Elizabeth A. JOHNSON. Wit: Annie HAZEN and Nellie COLBORNE, both of Goderich
010382-06 (Huron Co): David James CHRISTIE, 28, farmer, Chatham Twp Que, same, s/o John CHRISTIE & Sarah A. BOYD married Victoria BAGSHAW, 28, Exeter, same, d/o William BAGSHAW & Bettie SINGULAR. Wit: J. T. BAGSHAW and Mrs. J. T. BAGSHAW, both of Exeter. December 26, 1906 at Exeter 011411-07 (Huron Co): David James CHRISTIE, 28, yeoman, Argenteuil Quebec, Chatham Twp, s/o William John CHRISTIE & Sarah Ann BOND married Victoria BAGSHAW, 28, Stephen, Exeter, d/o William BAGSHAW & Betsy SINGULAR. Wit: J. T. BAGSHAW and Mrs. J. T. BAGSHAW of Stephen. December 26, 1906 at Exeter
010396-06 (Huron Co): James COUSINS, 40, carpenter, Colborne Twp, Goderich, s/o James COUSINS & Elizabeth McBRIDE married Dora Frances JOHNSTON, 30, teacher, Wingham, Goderich, d/o John & Margaret JOHNSTON. Wit: John JOHNSTON of Goderich and Eliza CARR of Dungannon. April 25, 1906 at Goderich 010379-06 (Huron Co): Thomas CREWS, 51, widower, engineer, Goderich, Exeter, s/o William CREWS & Eliza STEPHENS married Florence GLENVILLE, 45, Whitby, not given, d/o Richard GLANVILLE (sic) & Sarah MARTIN. Wit: Mrs. E. A. FEAR and S. E. J. FEAR, both of Exeter. October 31, 1906 at Exeter
10707-06 (Huron Co): John Frank CRANDALL, 51, blacksmith, Tilsonburg, Wingham, s/o Charles William & blank, married Mary Sophia RODERNS, no age given, Tilsonburg, Wingham, d/o Fred H. & Mary Ann, witn: Mrs. RYAN of Wingham & Ada M. RODERNS of London, 17 Oct 1906 at Wingham 010484-06 (Huron Co) F. Albert DELWORTH, 25, farmer, Fordwich Ont, Bowbells North Dakota, s/o Henry DELWORTH & Emma HARRIS married Minnie MEE, Howick Twp.,same, d/o George MEE & Dinah NOICE. Wit Wesley DELWORTH of Melgund and George McCURDY of Fordwich. January 3, 1906 at Howick.
010463-06 (Huron) Edward DENOMIE, 24, farmer, Drysdale, same, s/o Edward DENOMIE & Edirge TRAVEL, to Josephine DUCHARME, 19, Sinelac (probably Sanilac Co.) Michigan, Zurich, d/o Pierre DUCHARME & Delphine CORRIVEAU, wit: Philippe DENOMIE of Drysdale & Mary DUCHARME of Zurich, 20 November 1906, Drysdale  
010482-06 (Huron Co) James Russell EMMONS, 27, carpenter, Strathroy, Hensall, s/o Henry EMMONS & Elizabeth SCOTT married Dora Jackson WEBBER, 26, Biddulph, Hensall, d/o William WEBBER & Louisa BENGOUGH. Wit Colin S. HUDSON and Annie E. WEBBER, both of Hensall. September 5, 1906 at Hensall. 010485-06 (Huron Co) William R. FALLIS, 37, farmer, Minto Twp, same, s/o Robert & Sarah FALLIS married Martha Mellissa MILLER, 24, school teacher, Morris, Howick, d/o Robert MILLER & Martha GALLAGHER. Wit Mr. & Mrs. Adam REIVES of Newbridge Ont. January 17, 1906 at Fordwich.
10684-06 (Huron Co) George W. FINCH, 22, painter, Clinton, Seaforth, s/o Jas. FINCH & Emily WHEATLEY, married Vida STALKER, 22, housemaid, Auburn, same, d/o Robert STALKER & Eliza FLUKER or FLECKER, witn: John ARTHUR of Auburn & Ella DOBIE of E. Wawanosh, 26 Dec 1906 at Auburn 011542-07 (Huron Co): Alonzo FINLEY, 29, widower, moulder, Wroxeter, Wingham, s/o William FINLEY & Mary Jane PHIPPIN married Laura CALVERT, 26, Stillington England, Wingham, d/o Thomas CALVERT & Alice SMITH. Wit: Thomas CALVERT and Alice CALVERT, both of Gorrie. August 9, 1906 at Gorrie
010483-06(Huron Co) Garnet John FRAYNE, 27, farmer, Hay Twp, same, s/o John FRAYNE & Sarah A. OKE married Anna Maria REID, 19, Hay Twp. same. d/o W. W. REID & Mary W. TAYLOR. Wit Peter L. OKE of Hurondale and Gertrude M. SMITH of Hay Twp. September 12, 1906 at Hensall. 010486-06 (Huron Co) Walter FULTON, 27, farmer, Minto Twp, same, s/o George FULTON & Margaret MAIR married Ida Maud May HENRY, 26, Howick, same, d/o George HENRY & Ellen TWAMLEY. Wit Elliott L. FULTON of Minto Twp and Russell J. McCULLOUGH of Carrick Twp., January 24, 1906 at Howick
011544-07 (Huron Co): James George GALBRAITH, 22, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Edward GALBRAITH & Sarah Amelia SCOTT married Grace A. HOWARD, 23, Howick, same, d/o Hugh H. HOWARD & Ellen MILNE, witn: Mrs. A. HOWARD and E. SANDERSON, both of Howick. August 14, 1906 at Howick 010480-06 (Huron Co) Joseph Munroe HALL, 32, Real Estate Insurance Agent, Mineral Ridge Ohio, McKee's Rock PA, s/o W. H. HALL & Margaret WARK married Rose Elizabeth YOUNGBLUT, 26, domestic, Auburn, Hensall, d/o George I. YOUNGBLUT & Carrie SPEIHL. Wit Grace SMITH of Goderich and Jessie WATSON of Ayer. June 12, 1906 at Hensall.
011645-07 (Huron Co): James L. HAMILTON, 21, farmer, Tecumseh Ont, Michigan U.S., s/o Richard HAMILTON & Julia ARMSTRONG married Mary HAMILTON, 27, Kinloss, same, d/o James HAILTON & Mary MITCHELL. Wit: off page WYLIE of Toronto and off page MITCHELL of Varna. March 14,1906 at Stanley 010407-06 (Huron Co): Secord HART, 21, druggist, Colborne Twp, Kincardine, s/o Samuel HART & Mary NOTT married Elsie Maud SMITH, 21, Ingersoll, Kincardine, d/o Arthur & Jane SMITH. Wit: Richard W. WILSON and Mary A. RODGERS, both of Goderich. July 5, 1906 at Goderich
010388-06 (Huron Co): Arthur Stewart HAWKINS, 24, marine engineer, Toronto, Algoma, s/o David Benton HAWKINS & Bella Christian BROWN married Rhoda MORRISON, faded, Goderich, same, d/o John MORRISON & Effie McSWEEN. Wit: William Henry BAKER and Effie Morrison BAKER, both of Goderich. January 15, 1906 at Goderich 010412-06 (Huron Co): George HIGGINSON, 30, machinist, Brantford, Goderich, s/o Nelson HIGGINSON & Mary STRONG married Jemima BAKER, 32, Goderich, same, d/o John BAKER & Mary MATHESON. Wit: William BRAINGER(?) of Hamilton and Isabella BAKER of Goderich. December 26, 1906 at Goderich
010383-06 (Huron Co): Leonard HOUGHTON, 22, farmer, Hibbert Perth Co, same, s/o John HOUGHTON & Annie LEEMING married Isabella LATTA, 19, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Jacob LATTA & Jane McLEOD. Wit: Mary A. McLACHLIN and Christina MARTIN, both of Exeter. October 10, 1906 at Exeter 010472-06 (Huron Co) William HOUGHTON, 22, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o John HOUGHTON & Ann LEEMING married Martha DALRYMPLE, McGillivray, Hensall, d/o Robert DALRYMPLE & Mary G. TRIMIER. Wit Ethel M. H. SMITH and Alice DROVER, both of Hensall, 26 Dec 1906 at Hensall
010474-06 (Huron Co) John R. HUNKIN, not given, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Alfred HUNKIN & Ellen ANDERSON married Elmina M. E. CANN, not given, domestic, Usborne, same, d/o Thomas CANN & Mary A. ELLIS. Wit Sylvanus J. V. CANN and Florence M. HUNKIN, both of Usborne Twp. February 14, 1906 at Hensall. 011659-07 (Huron) Thomas R. HUXTABLE, 22, carpenter, Centralia, Hamilton, s/o Joshua HUXTABLE & Ann LEWIS, to Lydia M. FINKBEINER, 24, Crediton, same, d/o Jacob FINKBEINER & Rosina GUENTHER, wit: W. A. FINKBEINER of Crediton & E. Almena HUXTABLE of Centralia, 25 December 1906, Crediton
010390-06 (Huron Co): David John HYSLOP, 24, mariner, St. Thomas Ont, Goderich, s/o William HYSLOP & Eliza McLEAN married Florence Jane McCREATH, 22, Goderich, same, d/o William McCREATH & Louisa CURRELL. Wit: David Alexander THOMPSON and Emilie M. WHITELY, both of Goderich. February 7, 1906 at Goderich 010458-06 (Huron) George INNES, 22, tinsmith, Scotland, Zurich, s/o Walter INNES & Irebrin BRIDEN, to Mary Agnes TROYER, 23, Hay, Hillsgreen, d/o Chas. TROYER & Ellen SHEFFER, wit: Donald INNES of Moorefield & Linda ORTWEIN of Hensall, 8 August 1906, Hillsgreen
010405-06 (Huron Co): Andrew Wilson IRVING, 24, draughtsman, Markdale, Galt, s/o John Gilliland IRVING & Mary MOFFAT married Mona Maria WEATHERALD, 26, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas WEATHERALD & Maria SIMPSON. Wit: Edith WEATHERALD of Goderich and Bertram BLAIR of Woodstock. September 5, 1906 at Goderich 010488-06 (Huron Co) George JAMES, 23, blacksmith, Gowanstown, same, s/o Henry JAMES & Christina HOTLZMANN married Anna KAUFMAN, 24, Howick, same, d/o Daniel KAUFMAN & Katherina MADLER. Wit William JAMES of Gowanstown and Melinda KAUFMAN of Howick. February 7, 1906 at Howick.
10712-06 (Huron Co): George JOHNSON, 29, farmer, Howick twp., same, s/o John JOHNSON & Elizabeth PAGE, married Mary Louisa WEBBER, 23, Howick twp., same, d/o W.M. WEBBER, farmer, & Susan JANETT, witn: S.H. WEBBER & John J. JOHNSON, both of Howick twp., 26 Dec 1906 at Wroxeter 10634-06 (Huron Co): Thomas JOHNSTON, 32, painter, Stayner, Seaforth, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Annie OVENS, married Jean BOWLAN, 21, Tavistock, Tuckersmith, d/o James BOWLAN & Annie McKAY, witn: Mrs. E.H. & Agnes W. SAWERS of Brucefield, 21 Sept 1906 at Brucefield
011343-07 (Huron Co): William John JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, Bruce Co, same, s/o Andrew JOHNSTON & Mary McKAY married Jessie BAIRD, 26, housemaid, Ashfield, same, d/o James BAIRD & Anna SMITH. Wit: William McINTOSH of Bruce Co and Jane BAIRD of Ashfield. June 30, 1906 at Ashfield  
010392-06 (Huron Co): Henry JONES, 28, laborer, Wawanosh, same, s/o Henry JONES & Catherine HILDER married Etta JONES, 29, Goderich, Wawanosh, d/o John JONES & Elizabeth HARP. Wit: M. C. GRAHAM and Gertrude WILSON, both of Goderich. February 27, 1906 at Goderich 010380-06 (Huron Co): Samuel Wesley JORY, 24, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Elijah J. JORY & Emily KESTLE married Ella Maude FRAYNE, 23, Exeter, same, d/o Peter FRAYNE & Elizabeth JOHNSON. Wit: Peter FRAYNE and Lizzie FRAYNE, both of Exeter. November 7, 1906 at Exeter
010389-06 (Huron Co): Walter E. KELLY, 30, jeweller, Picton Ont, Goderich, s/o Richard KELLY & Agnes E. ROBLIN married Isabel D. Adamson WILSON, 35, New York City, Goderich, d/o John Murray WILSON & Janet MANSON. Wit: Charles E. SALE of Goderich and Isaac KELLY of Picton. January 16, 1906 at Goderich 010490-06 (Huron Co) John KEMP, 40, farmer, Carrick Twp, North Dakota, s/o John KEMP & Margaret McCONACHIE married Eliza E. BURNS, 34, school teacher, Howick, same, d/o Robert BURN (sic) & Juliett ALLAN. Wit James KEMP of Clifford and James A. BURNS of Howick. February 14, 1906 at Huntingfield Howick.
010384-06 (Huron Co): William KIRK, 56, widower, laborer, Exeter, same, s/o John KIRK & Uretta McGEE married Eliza HODGINS, 60, widow, Centralia, same, d/o Henry HODGINS & Ellen HUNT. Wit: John HARNESS and Grace HARMER, both of Exeter. Wit: January 18, 1906 at Exeter  
011543-07 (Huron Co): Charles Alex LAMONT, 23, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Archibald & Euphemia LAMONT married Elizabeth HEUTHER, 27, Petersburgh, Grey, d/o George HEUTHER & Caroline ECKMIER. Wit: Janet ROSS and Mrs. C. P. WELLS, both of Gorrie. August 9, 1906 at Gorrie 011477-07 (Huron Co): Peter LAMONT, 40, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Malcolm LAMONT & Elizabeth SINCLAIR married Eliza D. DUNBAR, 30, Grey, same, d/o John DUNBAR & Eliza Jane McKELVEY. Wit: Alexander McKELVEY of Brussels and Peter McINTOSH of Grey. December 26, 1906 at Grey
010492-06 (Huron Co) John Henry LANG, 24, farmer, Minto Twp, same, s/o John LANG & not given KERNAHAN married Mabel WRIGHT, 21, Howick, same, d/o James WRIGHT & Flora McDONALD. Wit Thomas L. KERNAHAN of Paris Ont and Edna C. BUSHFIELD of Lakelet April 18, 1906 at Lakelet 010387-06 (Huron Co): Charles Augustus LINDENFELD, 35, merchant, Wellesley Ont, Exeter, s/o Charles LINDENFELD & Maria SHOPPS married Gertrude Frances GRAHAM, 26, Goderich, same, d/o Edward GRAHAM & Annie McMAINES. Wit: W. J. WILLOUGHBY and Lillian WILLOUGHBY, both of Goderich. January 10, 1906 at Goderich (RC)
010399-06 (Huron Co): William A. LOVE, 36, widower, farmer, Elma Twp Perth Co, same, s/o John LOVE & Jane MURPHY married Hannah PORTER, 38, Goderich twp, Goderich, d/o John PORTER & Elizabeth GIBSON. Wit: Robert WILSON and Elizabeth GIBSON, both of Goderich. June 27, 1906 at Goderich 010479-06 (Huron Co) Peter Adamson MANSON, 35, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o John MANSON & Sarah FINLAYSON married Jean Bell McARTHUR, 23, Hay Twp, same, d/o Robt. McARTHUR & Margaret HANTIT. Wit Robert D. BELL and Violet McARTHUR, both of Hay Twp. June 6, 1906 at Hensall.
011658-07 (Huron) Peter MARTENE, 32, farmer, Hay tp., Stephen tp., s/o Joseph MARTENE & Martha WEBBER, to Mary BECKER, 29, Hay tp., Stephen tp., d/o John BECKER & Margaretha KELLER, wit: Henry MARTENE of Stephen & Ida BECKER of Dashwood, 6 November 1906, Dashwood 010460-06 (Huron) Peter MARTINI, 32, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Joseph MARTINI & Martha HERBER, to Mary BECKER, 29, Hay, Dashwood, d/o John BECKER & Margaret KELLER, wit: ? MARTINI of Stephen & Iota BECKER of Dashwood, 6 November 1906, Hay
  010491-06 (Huron Co) Robert Thomas MASLEN, 24, brickmaker, Palmerston, Drew Station, s/o William MASLEN & Susan BELL married Caroline JOHANN, 23, Minto Twp, Howick, d/o Christian JOHANN & Sophia URTMAN. Wit Frederick JOHANN and Henry JOHANN, both of Howick. April 11, 1906 at Howick.
10716-06 (Huron Co): Thomas William McCARTNEY, 44, farmer, of Goderich twp., s/o John McCARTNEY & Mary Ann MEAHER, married Margaret Ann MILLER, 42, of Goderich twp., d/o Jacob MILLER & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: John Jr. & Elizabeth M. PATTERSON of Wroxeter, 26 Dec 1906 at Wroxeter 010456-06 (Huron) John Samuel McCLUNG, 31, farmer, Zurich, same, s/o James McCLUNG & Elizabeth IRVINE, to Regina WALKER, 30, Berlin, same, d/o Valentine WALKER & Margaret WALTER, wit: M. H. WALKER of Mt. Forest & Jonna ELBERT of Zurich, 9 May 1906, Zurich
010394-06 (Huron Co): Donald McIVER, 27, sailor, Goderich, same, s/o Angus McIVER & Christina Anne McLEOD married Clara HALL, 23, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas HALL & Eliza ARMSTRONG. Wit: Elizabeth Ann HARTWELL and Mary McIVER, both of Goderich. March 12, 1906 at Goderich 010400-06 (Huron Co): Louis H. McRAE, 24, laborer, Goderich Twp, Toronto, s/o Roderick McRAE & Ann CLARK married Mary S. HALE, 24, Goderich, same, d/o Hezekiah HALE & Irene BROWN. Wit: Frank HALE of Guelph and Maude HALE of Goderich. June 27, 1906 at Goderich
010467-06 (Huron) Michael MEIDINGER, 33, mason, Stephen, Zurich, s/o Jacob MEIDINGER & Therese EISENHOFER, to Elizabeth HAREBARD, 26, Hay, Zurich, d/o August HAREBARD & Maria HERONYMOUS, wit: William MEIDINGER & Elma PFAFF both of Hay, 29 November 1906, Zurich #011370-07 (Huron Co): William M.F. MITCHELL, 23, merchant, Canada, Wingham, s/o William & Annie, married May ARMOUR, 22, domestic, Canada, Wingham, d/o William ARMOUR & Mary BENNETT, w: Wiliam ARMOUR of Wingham & Lena LIVINGSTON of Blyth, 12 April 1906, at Blyth
10711-06 (Huron Co): John MORRIS, 21, railway employee, Lancashire England, Wingham, s/o John & Emma, married Nancy HOLLAND, 20, Lancashire England, Wingham, d/o John & Lizzie, witn: Peter & Lizzie HOLLAND of Wingham, 26 Nov 1906 at Wingham 10706-06 (Huron Co): William Grant MULHERON, 20, upholsterer, Mitchell, Kincardine, s/o William & Bessie, married Mary MARSHALL, 18, Toronto, same, d/o William & Kate, witn: H. DAVIS & F.S. BOYLE, both of Wingham, 6 Oct 1906 at Wingham
010401-06 (Huron Co): Harvey George MULHOLLAND, 23, finisher, Walton, Hespeler, s/o William MULHOLLAND & Florence PETERS married Alice Marguerite de PENDRY, 24, Goderich, same, d/o August B. de PENDRY & Marguerite LEFEBRE, Wit: Leon de PENDRY and Emily M. WHITELY, both of Goderich. July 4, 1906 at Goderich 010468-06 (Huron) Daniel OSWALD, 25, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Christian OSWALD & Elizabeth SARARAS, to Edna WURM, 20, Hay, same, d/o Martin WURM & Elizabeth PRANG, wit: Wn. OSWALD & Clara WURM both of Zurich, 26 December 1906, Hay
  010393-06 (Huron Co): Secord Bruce OWEN, 23, farmer, Kincardine, Ashfield Twp, s/o Thomas OWEN & Margaret J. WALKER married Robina Jane McADAM, 22, Ashfield, same, d/o Joseph McADAM & Johanne McDONALD. Wit: Christopher LAMBERTUS and Mrs. Catherine BENJAMIN, both of Ashfield Twp. February 28, 1906 at Goderich
011702-07 (Huron Co) Richard Edwin PALMER, 29, farmer, Wawanosh, Howick, s/o Richard PALMER & Julia Ann LOTT married Lisetta BUSH, 25, Culross, Turnberry, d/o John BUSH & Sarah EDGAR. Wit Charles W. KITCHEN of Turnberry and David FERRIER of Wawanosh. October 16, 1906 at Turnberry. 010402-06 (Huron Co): John James PALMER, 29, laborer, Kincardine, same, s/o Amos PALMER & Margaret B. KAY married Annie McLEOD, 20, Ripley, Goderich, d/o Malcolm McLEOD & Bella SMITH. Wit: Bruce W. PALMER of Kincardine and Isobel McGUIRE of Goderich. July 11, 1906 at Goderich
010406-06 (Huron Co): Alfred PHILLIPS, 24, flour miller, London England, Fergus Falls Minnesota, s/o Alfred PHILLIPS & Jean GRIFFIN married Frances Wilhelmina COX, 23, Goderich Twp, Goderich, d/o William J. COX & Elizabeth STURDY. Wit: F. S. CAMPBELL of London and James F. THOMPSON of Goderich. September 12, 1906 at Goderich 10709-06 - David ROBERTSON, 39, stock dealer, East Wawanosh, Wingham, s/o David ROBERTSON & Mary Ann McKENZIE, married Christena McGILLIVRAY, 24, Port Elgin, Wingham, d/o Archibald McGILLIVRAY & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: George M. ROBERTSON & Millie McGILLIVRAY, both of Wingham, 7 Nov 1906 at Wingham
10715-06 (Huron Co): John ROBINSON, 42, widower, of Tara, s/o Thomas ROBINSON & Elizabeth SPEARIN, married Netta Isabella SCOTT, 27, widow, of Wroxeter, d/o Thomas SMITH & Elizabeth BURNETT, witn: Oliphant SMITH & John CUTT, both of Grey twp., 13 March 1906 at Wroxeter 010455-06 (Huron) David ROUSSEAU, 35, Plumber, Quebec, St. Joseph, s/o David ROUSSEAU & Melvine DROLET, to Philomenie DENOMIE, 22, Drysdale, same, d/o Virgil DENOMIE & Victoria BETROMD?, wit: Lawrence MONARD & Emilie MASSE both of St. Joseph, 18 June 1906, Drysdale
010470-06 (Huron Co) Harley Chester SAUNDERS, 22, laborer, Stephen, same, s/o James SAUNDERS & Eliza J. BRINTNELL married Lillian Ada KESTLE, 25, Stephen, same, d/o Thomas KESTLE & Mary J. DILLING. Wit Arthur KESTLE of Exeter and M. J. SAUNDERS of Hay Twp. September 18, 1906 at Hensall. 010469-06 (Huron) George Francis SCHIEDEL, 39, metal worker, Detroit Michigan, Hay, s/o Noah SCHIEDEL & Nancy FERRIER, to Susan Bean SCHOELLIG, 38, Hay, same, d/o George SCHOELLIG & Elizabeth BEAN, wit: George H. G. & Mrs. GRAM of Hensall, 1 September 1906, Hay
010465-06 (Huron) William Carl SCHULZ, 32, farmer, Mount Clemens, Mount Clemens, s/o Carl SCHULZ & Anna LUTGEN, to Maria C. NADIGER, 31, Dashwood, same, d/o Gottfried NADIGER & Sophia AHRENS, wit: William HENDERSON of London & Selina NADIGER of Dashwood, 10 September 1906, Zurich  
010404-06 (Huron Co): Richard Henry SCOTT, 26, laborer, Morris, Goderich, s/o James SCOTT & Mary Ann McEVOY married Jennie BROWN, 29, Cartwright, Morris, d/o William BROWN & Jeanet BRUCE. Wit: W. Isabel ANDERSON and Christabel ANDERSON, both of Goderich. August 29, 1906 at Goderich 010481-06 (Huron Co) John Lorne SCOTT, 28, banker, Stratford, Exeter, s/o George SCOTT & Matilda GOURLAY married Blanche Elizabeth PETTY, 28, Hensall, same, d/o George Cooper PETTY & Hannah DINSDALE. Wit George SCOTT and George Cooper PETTY, both of Hensall. August 11, 1906 at Hensall.
010466-06 (Huron) Edward SEIM, 38, tailor, New Hamburg, Zurich, s/o Conrad SEIM & Elizabeth RAU, to Christine HARTUNG, 33, Logan, Zurich, d/o Nicholaus HARTUNG & Anna KOCH, wit: Holland LITTLE of Crediton & Minnie HARTUNG of Zurich, 11 September 1906, Zurich 010408-06 (Huron Co): William Albert SILLICK, 44, clerk, Culross, Denver Colorado, s/o Charles SILLICK & Eleanor GEDDES married Sarah Matilda HARRIS, 39, Huron Co, Goderich, d/o Thomas HARRIS & Matilda MORRIS. Wit: W. H. GILLIES, M. D., of Teeswater and Nellie Freeman HARRIS of Goderich. October 18, 1906 at Goderich
  010397-06 (Huron Co): Frank William SMITH, 21, engineer, Germany, Goderich, s/o John & Margaret SMITH married Annie McLEOD, 18, Goderich, same, d/o Daniel & Annie McLEOD. Wit: John James PALMER of Kincardine and Annie McLEOD of Goderich. May 14, 1906 at Goderich
010475-06 (Huron Co) Jacob Herbert SNIDER, 25, farmer, Stanley Twp, Bayfield, s/o Sam SNIDER & M.J. SNOOK married Lily V. VOLLICK, 20, domestic, Hay Twp, same, d/o John VOLLICK & Susan SHORT. Wit Trueman GARDINER of St. Joseph and Laura VOLLICK of Hay Twp. February 28, 1906 at Hensall. 010398-06 (Huron Co): John STAUNTON, 35, furniture dealer, England, Goderich, s/o George STAUNTON & Ruth HESSEY married Harriett Jane Maud SPENCE, 27, Goderich, same, d/o Henry SPENCE & Elizabeth GRANT. Wit: Henry G. SPENCE and Alice J. SPENCE, both of Goderich. June 6, 1906 at Goderich
010477-06 (Huron Co) McPhail STERLING, 36, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Archibald McPHAIL & Jane STERLING married Hannah IVISON, 35, seamstress, Hay Twp, Huron, d/o William IVISON & Fannie EDGAR. Wit Henry IVISON and Mrs. H. IVISON, both of Hay Twp. February 28, 1906 at Hensall. 010471-06 (Huron Co) George SWAN, 22, railroading, Brucefield, Stanley Twp, s/o John SWAN & Mary Jane COLDWELL married Maude B. WILSON, 18, Clinton, Brucefield, d/o Charles WILSON & Elizabeth YOUNG. Wit Ethel M. H. SMITH and Alice DROVER, both of Hensall. December 5, 1906 at Hensall.
10635-06 (Huron Co): William Leonard TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o John James TAYLOR & Hannah JAMIESON, married Rebecca CARTER, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Henry CARTER & Dorotha GORDON, witn: Floyd TAYLOR of Stephen twp & Jennie CARTER of Tuckersmith, 6 Sept 1906 at Tuckersmith 011339-07 (Huron Co): David TAYLOR, 30, farmer, Ashfield, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o David L. TAYLOR & Annie JOHNSTONE married Lucy RUTHERFORD, 25, housemaid, Ashfield, same, d/o David RUTHERFORD & Elizabeth McMILLAN. Wit: Annie McLENNAN of Laurier? and William GEDDES of Pine River. December 26, 1906 at Ashfield
011463-07 (Huron Co): Alfred TEBBUTT, 37, widower, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Walgate TEBBUTT & Catherine EARNEST married Catherine McLEOD, 40, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Robert McLEOD & Margaret McCABE. Wit: John McLEOD and Sarah TEBBUTT, both of Goderich Twp. December 5, 1906 at Goderich Twp 010410-06 (Huron Co): Michael TOBIN, 34, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o James TOBIN & Margaret DALTON married Sarah L. CORBETT, not given, Colborne, same, d/o not given. Wit: David CORBETT of Colborne Twp and Bella McRAE of Goderich. November 26, 1906 at Goderich
  010478-06 (Huron Co) William George TOWNSLEY, 25, farmer, Peel Co, Sask NWT, s/o George Nelson TOWNSLEY & Annie Maria NOBLE married Maud METERS, 22, dressmaker, Perth, Chiselhurst, d/o Richard METERS & Anne LOOKER. Wit William D. METERS of Chiselhurst, and Hannah M. BAUGH of Hensall. March 7, 1906 at Chiselhurst Perth Co. [reg'd in Huron Co]
010489-06 (Huron Co) George WALKERY (WALKEY?), 27, furniture manufacturer, Attwood, Fordwich, s/o George WALKERY & Clementina GRANT married Minnie E. PEEL, 28, Howick, Fordwich, d/o Robert PEEL & Ann Jane BRADEN. Wit William PEEL and M. Beatrice WALKERY, both of Fordwich. February 13, 1906 at Fordwich. 10708-06 - William Leonard WALTON, 23, brick layer, Derbyshire England, Wingham, s/o George Henry WALTON & Mary Ellen DENNIS, married Stella VANALSTINE, 20, Alcona USA, Wingham, d/o William & Martha, witn: Fred & Nellie CALVERT of Wingham, 16 (or 24) Oct 1906 at Wingham (Salv Army)
010395-06 (Huron Co): Nathan Palmer WARRENER, 24, baker, Clinton, Goderich, s/o George WARRENER & Ellen PALMER married Laura Elizabeth E. DREW, 22, Ashfield, Goderich, d/o George DREW & Eliza COUSINS. Wit: William DREW of Goderich and Ruby HORSLEY of Clinton. March 21, 1906 at Goderich 011581-07 (Huron Co): Joseph Henry WATKINS, 32, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o Joseph & Isabella WATKINS married Rosina Frances WRIGHT, 27, Ontario, same, d/o John WRIGHT & Mary ACTON. Wit: John WRIGHT of Hullett and Minnie KILTY of Clinton. December 23, 1906 at Hullett
010409-06 (Huron Co): Leonard E. WESTBROOK, 27, carpenter, Ashfield, Wingham, s/o George WESTBROOK & Hannah STEELE married Emma THURLOW, not given, Colborne Twp, Goderich, d/o James THURLOW & Mary ROBINSON. Wit: Mattie L. GRAHAM and Ethel WOOLTON, both of Goderich. November 28, 1906 at Goderich 010461-06 (Huron) Edward WILHELM, 22, farmer, Baden, same, s/o John & Louisa WILHELM, to Lucinda SARARAS, 19, Hay, same, d/o David & Margaret SARARAS, wit: Edward MITLER & Mary SARARAS both of Zurich, 12 December 1906, Hay
10631-06 (Huron Co): Malcom M. WOODLEY, 23, laborer, Fullarton twp., Seaforth, s/o James WOODLEY & Mary McWILLIAMS, married Nettie EBERHART, 20, Hibbert twp., Egmondville, d/o William EBERHART & Louisa PEPPER, witn: Wilfred MORROW of Seaforth & Annie SHAW of Egmondvile, 20 March 1906 at Egmondville 10714-06 (Huron Co): Francis WRIGHT, 29, farmer, of Turnberry twp., s/o William WRIGHT & Jessie McINTOSH, married Dorothy SIMPSON, 22, of Grey twp., d/o James SIMPSON & Jessie McDONALD, witn: Elizabeth & May PERRIN of Wroxeter, 27 June 1906 at Wroxeter