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Huron Co., 1909


011617/09 (Huron Co) Eben. ALEXANDER Jr., 30, Doctor, of Knoxville Tenn., s/o Eben. ALEXANDER Sr. a Professor of Languages & Marion Howard SMITH, married Eva E. MacMATH, 30, nurse, of Goderich Twp., d/o William MacMATH a farmer & Esther C. LOMAS, witn: S.R. MacMATH of Goderich & Ella M. MacMATH of Toronto, 6 October 1909, 1st. Conc. Goderich Twp

#011589-09 (Huron Co.) Frank Mason ALLEN, 35, of Goderich, Horse dealer, s/o Anthony ALLEN & Margaret GARDNER, married Elizabeth Moffat SMITH, 26, of Goderich, d/o John W. SMITH & Agnes HALLIDAY, witnesses: Olive Agnes SMITH & Lulu Boyne SMITH, both of Goderich, on 9 June 1909 at Goderich
011803-09 (Huron Co): Fred AUSTIN, 28, butcher, not given, Kirkton Village, s/o John AUSTIN & Emily HASTINGS married Charlotte MARSHALL, domestic, not given, Blanshard, d/o Edwin Thomas MARSHALL & Lucy JUDGE. Wit: Alfred George PAUL and Eliza Mary A. MURPHY, both of Kirkton. August 31, 1909 at Kirkton. 011816-09 (Huron Co): John BAIRD, 25, farmer, not given, Turnberry, s/o William & Rebecca BAIRD married Beatrice May CASEMORE, 23, not given, Morris, d/o James CASEMORE & Eliza BAIRD. Wit: James Edgar BAIRD and M. Georgina JENKINS, both of Wingham. June 29, 1909 at Wingham
011799-09 (Huron Co): William BALLANTYNE, 31, miller, not given, Ayr Ont, s/o James BALLANTYNE & Elizabeth GARDINER married Justina McDONALD, 30, not given, Usborne, d/o Robert McDONALD & Mary MUNROE. Wit: Stella PASSMORE and Mary AGAR, both of Thames Road. May 12, 1909 at Thames Road 011804-09 (Huron Co): Thomas G. BALLANTYNE, 27, farmer, not given, Usborne, s/o James BALLANTYNE & Elizabeth GARDINER married Mildred E. MONTEITH, 21, not given, Usborne, d/o George MONTEITH & Ann ALLISON. Wit: Edgar MONTEITH and Stella BRAY, both of Thames Road. September 8, 1909 at Usborne.
011814-09 (Huron Co): Robert BOTTING, 28, farmer, not given, Wallaceburg Ont, s/o John & Mary Jane BOTTING married Ella Alberta SANDERSON, 24, not given, Howick, d/o Joseph & Jane SANDERSON. Wit: William J. WYND? of Wingham and Joseph SANDERSON of Howick. June 23, 1909 at Huron.

011626/09 (Huron Co) Alfred BOX, 32, restaurant keeper, of Seaforth Ont., s/o William F. BOX a cabinet maker & Mary C. HATBIEL, married Annie McKAY, 29, of Seaforth Ont., d/o William McKAY a farmer & Elizabeth McKAY, witn: Robert McDONALD of Cranbrook & Adam McKAY of Seaforth, 28 April 1909, Grey twp.

  #011590-09 (Huron Co.) Malcolm B. BRAND, 25, of Goderich, Pattern maker, s/o George BRAND & Catherine ROSS, married Ida THOMAS, 19, of Goderich, d/o William James THOMAS & Mary THOMPSON, witnesses: William James THOMAS & Joshua THOMAS, both of Goderich, on 15 June 1909 at Goderich

011622/09 (Huron Co) Thomas CAMERON, 37, farmer, of Cranbrook, s/o John CAMERON a farmer & Elizabeth McCOMB, married Margaret BROWN, 33, of Cranbrook, d/o Robert BROWN a farmer & Agnes HADDOW, witn: Allan CAMERON & Minnie CAMERON both of Cranbrook, 17 March 1909, Cranbrook

#011588-09 (Huron Co.) Oswald Frederic CAREY, 52, of Goderich, Widower, Insurance Agent, s/o Lucius CAREY, married Marian HAMILTON, 52, of Goderich, d/o J. WATSON & Annie WATSON, witnesses: John GALT of Goderich & Charles HAMILTON of Cornwall & Marian ELWOOD of Goderich, on 9 June 1909 at Goderich

011623/09 (Huron Co) John Wesley CARTER, 24, cheese maker, of Trowbridge Perth Co., s/o Robert CARTER a stone mason & Mary KRITZER, married Annie Laura May ALDERSON, 20, housekeeper, of Cranbrook, d/o Charles ALDERSON a farmer & Caroline RANN, witn: Mrs. R. CARTER of Trowbridge & Mrs. Charles ALDERSON of Cranbrook, 31 March 1909, Cranbrook

011729-09 (Huron) Frank Everett CASE, 33, engineer, of Dashwood, s/o Thomas M. CASE & Mary Ann STODDARD, to Elizabeth Emma ROTHERMAL, 24, of Dashwood, d/o Emanuel ROTHARMEL & Paulina THON, wit: Paulina ROTHERMAL & Lavina EIDT of Dashwood, 28 April 1909, Dashwood

011618/09 (Huron Co) Thomas CHURCHILL, 21, farmer, of Clinton Ont., s/o Benjamin CHURCHILL & Elizabeth EAST, married Eva Pearl BEACON, 21, of Summerhill Ont., d/o Christopher BEACON a farmer & Maggie MANNING, witn: John G. CHURCHILL of Clinton Ont. & Myrtle BEACON of Summerhill Ont., 29 September 1909, Summerhill

011808-09 (Huron Co): John Henry CLUFF, 23, farmer, not given, Hibbert Perth Co, s/o Samuel CLUFF & Jane WHITESIDE married Christina Jane PASSMORE, 22, not given, Usborne, d/o William Henry PASSMORE & Jessie McNAUGHTON. Wit: Annie R. PASSMORE and Violet M. CLUFF, both of Farquhar. September 29, 1909 at Usborne.
011815-09 (Huron Co): Bryson H. COCHRANE, 28, proprietor of marble works, not given, Wingham, s/o Alexander & Mary Jane COCHRANE married Agnes Florence GRAHAM, 23, not given, Wingham, d/o Charles James & Alice GRAHAM. Wit: Charles James GRAHAM of Wingham and Adelaide GRAHAM of Ripley. June 23, 1909 at Wingham 011813-09 (Huron Co): William John COLEMAN, 25, moulder, not given, Wingham, s/o Charles & Caroline COLEMAN married Mary Jane BRYAN, not given, Wingham, d/o Thomas & Sarah BRYAN. Wit: G. COLEMAN and Maud COLEMAN, both of Wingham. June 14, 1909 at Huron
#011586-09 (Huron Co): William CRAIG, 18, jeweller, of Goderich, s/o William CRAIG (hotel keeper) & Lily CHAMBERS, married Sarah SANDERSON, 19, of Goderich, d/o Thomas SANDERSON (laborer) & Rachel CARTER, witnesses were Thomas SANDERSON & M.E. MILLYARD, both of Goderich, Apr 24, 1909 at Goderich 011724-09 (Huron) William DARLING, 29, farmer, of McGillivray tp., s/o William DARLING & Mary HUMBLE, to Emma WHITEFORD, of McGillivray, d/o William WHITEFORD & Priscilla SIMPSON, wit: Sadie Parsons & A.M. BUTT of Centralia, 3 March 1909, Centralia
011818-09 (Huron Co): George DAVIDSON, 24, miller, not given, Detroit Mich, s/o Hugh DAVIDSON & Mary CALDON married Mary Eliza BENNETT, 22, not given, Wingham, d/o Thomas BENNETT & Julia Ann WHITMORE. Wit: John A. HINGSTON and Mrs. John A. HINGSTON, both of Wingham. August 18, 1909 at Wingham 011733-09 (Huron) Leo DIETRICH, 26, farmer, of Stephen, s/o Lawrence DIETRICH & Sidonia BUCHHEIT, to Josephine REGIER, 19, of Stephen, d/o John REGIER & Elizabeth KRAUSKOFF, wit: Albert REGIER & Laura DIETRICH, 22 February 1909, Mt. Carmel
011805-09 (Huron Co): Charles Richard DOWN, 28, farmer, not given, Adelaide Twp Middlesex Co, s/o Charles DOWN & Hannah EDWARDS married Bertha Blanche WOODS, 25, not given, Usborne, d/o Robert WOODS & Mary JACKSON. Wit: Lewis K. WOODS of Elimville and Sarah L. DOWN of London Ont. September 8, 1909 at Elimville, Usborne 011817-09 (Huron Co): Lorne S. DUNFORD, 29, merchant, not given, Brussels, s/o Edward DUNFORD & Margaret SIMPSON married Amelia Annie McGILLIVARY, 25, clerk, not given, Wingham, d/o Archibald McGILLIVARY & Margaret FERGUSON. Wit: James McGILLIVARY of Wingham and Lillie M. DUNFORD not given. August 11, 1909 at Wingham.

011620/09 (Huron Co) Charles T. EDWARD, 26, farmer, of Goderich Twp., s/o William A. EDWARD a farmer & Mary Jane STURDY, married Alice Evelyn HICK, 20, of Huron Rd. - Goderich Twp., d/o Walter F. HICK a farmer & Caroline WAKEFIELD, witn: Walter HICK & William WAKEFIELD both of Goderich Ont., 29 December 1909, Huron Rd

011800-09 (Huron Co): William ENSINGER, 26, farmer, not given, Blanshard Twp, s/o blank ENSINGER & Alice blank married Annie May BROOK, 26, not given, Blanshard, d/o John BROOK & Mary Ann BUTLER. Wit: Ann PHILLIPS of Aylmer and Sarah J. BARTLETT of Woodham. April 7, 1909 at Woodham.

012576/10 (Huron Co) Arthur C. FAIRBAIRN, 22, traveler, of Winnipeg Man., s/o James. R. FAIRBAIRN a tailor & Sarah ANDREWS, married Letitia GRAHAM, 22, tailoress, of Goderich, d/o John GRAHAM a carpenter & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: William ANDREWS of Goderich & J. RATHWELL of Stanley Twp. Ont., 25 December 1909, Goderich

011806-09 (Huron Co): Thomas FERGUSON, 27, farmer, not given, Tuckersmith, s/o David FERGUSON & H. L. HYDE married Harriet Victoria FERGUSON, 20, not given, Usborne, d/o George FERGUSON & Ann ANDERSON. Wit: William HYDE of Kirkton and Jessie E. FERGUSON of Hurondale. September 15, 1909 at Hurondale 11525-09 (Huron Co) Don Juan FINCH, 59, widower, painter, of Sarnia, s/o David Worden FINCH (mason) & Ann FRENCH, married Frances Elizabeth KERRY, 55, widow, lady, of Sarnia, d/o James ORTEN (artist) & Mary Ann HALFORD, witn: William H. KERRY of Sarnia & Maria CONDELL of Bayfield, 6 Oct 1909 at Bayfield
011722-09 (Huron) Hilton Wilbert FORD, 21, farmer, of Stephen, s/o John FORD & Mary Ann KESKE, to Jessie May GREEN, 18, of Stephen, d/o Frederick GREEN & Catherine SMITH, wit: Mr. & Mrs. A.J. FORD of Hay, 17 February 1909 #011587-09 (Huron Co.) Oscar R. FORSTER, 32, of Holmesville, Farmer, s/o William B. FORSTER & Susan RIESON, married Mary C. BLAKE, 28, of Goderich, d/o William BLAKE & Susan FISHER, witnesses: Eldred E. YEO of Holmesville & Ella S. BLAKE of Goderich, on 26 May 1909 at Goderich,
011812-09 (Huron Co): Alexander FRASER, 38, widowed, farmer, of Huron Twp, s/o William R. FRASER & Johanna MUNRO married Elizabeth Pearl MIDDLETON, 19, of Kinloss Twp, d/o George MIDDLETON & Mary HUNTER. Wit: George MIDDLETON of Kinloss and Annie PERRIE of Wingham. April 14, 1909 at Wingham 011794-09 (Huron Co): Edwin Oliver GALLOP, 23, farmer, not given, Mornington Twp, s/o James GALLOP & Mary RANDALL married Mary Bella ROACH, 22, teacher, not given, Usborne, d/o James H. ROACH & Margaret YULE. Wit: Waldman GALLOP of Mornington Twp and Eva ROACH of Farquhar. February 10, 1909 at Usborne.
011802-09 (Huron Co): George GODBOLT, 27, farmer, not given, Usborne, s/o George GODBOLT & Eliza WASHBURN married Annie Lucretia HODGINS, 23, not given, Usborne, d/o Richard Carmin HODGINS & Ann ARMITAGE. Wit: Charles GODBOLT of Winchelsea and Ruth HODGINS of Saintsbury?. June 30, 1909 at Usborne 011720-09 (Huron) Ernest GUETTINGER, 26, laborer, of Crediton, s/o Ernest GUETTINGER & Maria TRICK, to Lavina KLUMPP, 23, of Crediton, d/o Michael KLUMPP & Barbara E. HEYROCK, wit: Thomas KLUMPP & Amelia EHLERS of Dashwood, 27 January 1909, Crediton
011795-09 (Huron Co): George H. HAZELWOOD, 27, farmer, not given, Blanshard Twp, s/o James HAZELWOOD & Elizabeth BERRY married Lucy Ellen DOUPE, 28, not give, Usborne, d/o Robert DOUPE & Ellen SHIER. Wit: Everett DOUPE and Mary O. HAZELWOOD, both of Kirkton. February 3, 1909 at Usborne 011809-09 (Huron Co): Robert Ernest HAZELWOOD, 26, farmer, not given, Blanshard, s/o James HAZELWOOD & Elizabeth BERRY married Mary Catherine DOUPE, 21, not given, Usborne, d/o Robert DOUPE & Ellen SHIER. Wit: Everett DOUPE and Mary O. HAZELWOOD, both of Kirkton. October 20, 1909 at Usborne
011735-09 (Huron) Frederick HENDERSON, 19, teamster, of London, Ont., s/o Samuel James HENDERSON & Henrietta Velinda CASE, to Florence RHODE, 21, of Dashwood, d/o William RHODE & Catherine DEARING, wit: Robert HENDERSON & Rae HENDERSON of London, Ont., 28 July 1909, Dashwood 012633-10 (Huron Co): Jacob John HILLER, 30, glass worker, not given, Toronto, s/o William HILLER & Charlotte ELLIS married Christina CAUDLE, 23, not given, Lakelet, d/o Robert CAUDLE & Amelia BRANTIGAN. Wit: Robert CAUDLE Jr and Margaret CAUDLE, both of Lakelet. December 22, 1909 at Lakelet
11737-09 (Huron) Levi Bert HOLT, 27, laborer, of Grand Bend, s/o John HOLT & Maggie INGRAM, to Violet Rose TIEDEMANN, 21, of Grand Bend, d/o Alfred TIEDEMANN & Meneretta WILDE, wit: Ervin HOLT & Viola TIEDEMANN of Grand Bend, 29 September 1909, Grand Bend

011625/09 (Huron Co) Robert Rae HOUSTON, 27, farmer, of Grey twp, s/o James HOUSTON a farmer & Ellen DOUGLAS, married Margaret S. McNAIR, 29, of Grey twp, d/o Duncan McNAIR a farmer & Jane BURNS, witn: John A. McNAIR of Cranbrook & Francis HOUSTON of Walton, 2 June 1909, Grey twp

011811-0 (Huron Co): Albert Edward JACOBS, 21, laborer, not given, Kinloss Bruce Co, s/o Edward Henry JACOBS & not given married Ida May EVERETT, 20, not given, Whitechurch Ont, d/o Everett EVERETT & Mary Jane BURLEY. Wit: Mrs. N. G. HOWSON and Miss HOWSON (daughter of above), both of Wingham. March 17, 1909 at Wingham 011798-09 (Huron Co): Richard JOHNS, 35, farmer, not given, Usborne, s/o John JOHNS & Sarah J. CUDMORE married Louise BALLANTYNE, 28, not given, Usborne, d/o Moses BALLANTYNE & Louisa McNAB. Wit: Roy H. FAIR and Mabel FAIR, both of Elimville. April 7, 1909 at Elimville.
011728-09 (Huron) Clarence KELLERMANN, 27, farmer, of Dashwood, s/o George KELLERMANN & Barbara HAUG, to Melinda Levina EHLERS, 24, of 14th con. Stephen, d/o John F. EHLERS & Margaret PREETER, wit: Thomas KLUMPP of Crediton & Amelia EHLERS of Dashwood, 31 March 1909, Dashwood  
011796-09 (Huron Co): George M. Walker KERSLAKE, 28, farmer, not given, Usborne, s/o George KERSLAKE & Mary MANLEY married Ada Maud FLETCHER, 26, not given, Usborne, d/o Michael FLETCHER & Emily CAMM. Wit: Wellington L. KERSLAKE of Lumley and Ella G. CAMM of Winchelsea. February 17, 1909 at Usborne 011742-09 (Huron) Thomas KLUMPP, 23, farmer, of Dashwood, s/o Michael KLUMPP & Elizabeth HEYROCK, to Amelia EHLERS, 20, no residence, d/o John F. EHLERS & Margarett PREETER, wit: F. A. Harris of London & Carrie FAHNER of Crediton, 27 October 1909, Dashwood
011732-09 (Huron) George LEE, 31, farmer, of McGILLIVRAY, s/o George LEE & Mary Ann CRAVEN, to Beatrice Mabel MEADD, 23, of Stephen, d/o Thomas MEADD & Mary Eleanor DAWSON, wit: Linwood LEE of Brinsley & Laura MEADD of Crediton, 16 June 1909, Huron Co. 011744-09 (Huron) Harry LEWIS, 22, farmer, of McGillivray, s/o Thomas LEWIS & Jane Ann FRAZER, to Rebecca SIMS, 20, of Crediton, d/o Job SIMS & Rebecca ROLLINS, wit: John W. BUTT & Mrs. W. H. BUTT of Centralia, 8 Dec. 1909, Centralia
011801-09 (Huron Co): Edward LIDERHOUSE, 25, laborer, not given, New York State U.S., s/o Jasper LIDERHOUSE & Christina TOLL married Gertrude MILLER, 23, not given, Usborne, d/o David MILLER & Emma EVERSTON. Wit: George W. HAZELWOOD and Bertha HAZELWOOD, both of Woodham. June 2, 1909 at Winchelsea 018819-09 (Huron Co): Richard Charles MANN, 53, widower, shipper, s/o Charles MANN & Susan Elizabeth OWLES married Edith OWLES, 33, not given, London Eng, d/o Thomas & Sarah OWLES. September 4, 1909 at Wingham.
011739-09 (Huron) William L. McGILLIVRAY, 26, merchant, of Saskatchewan, s/o John McGILLIVRAY & Elizabeth CRAIG, to Mable C. JENNISON, 24, of Hay, d/o William JENNISON & Annie TALBOT, wit: Loyd TAYLOR of Harpley & E.J. JENNISON of St. Joseph, 15 September 1909, Huron Co 011741-09 (Huron) John Hugh McGREGOR, 26, farmer, of Stephen, s/o John MacGREGOR & Susan CONNELL, to Myrtle WEBB, 20, of Stephen, d/o Stephen WEBB & Jennie LOVE, wit: Elgin WEBB of Grand Bend & Edith MacGREGOR of Greenway, 28 September 1909, Stephen
011792-09 (Huron Co): Hector A. McLEAN, 30, farmer, not given, Culross, s/o Donald McLEAN & Elizabeth McDERMOTT married Elizabeth S. BRYCE, 28, not given, Turnberry, d/o George BRYCE & Jane TURNBULL. Wit: Almedia McLEAN of Culross and Leslie BRYCE of Turnberry. Dec. 29, 1909 at Turnberry 011810-09 (Huron Co): William James McPHERSON, 29, farmer, not given, Kinloss, s/o James McPHERSON & Mary McKILLOP married Margaret LANGFORD, 26, not given, Kinloss Bruce Co, d/o John A. LANGFORD & Annabella CHESNUT. Wit: Hector MUTTON and Margaret ROSS, both of Wingham. January 13, 1909 at Wingham
011727-09 (Huron) Frederick John NEIL, 27, farmer, of W. McGILLVRAY, s/o Richard NEIL & Fannie NEIL, to Lila Eveline SHERRITT, 24, of Harpley, d/o George SHERRITT & Jennie WALKER, wit: T.E. SHERRITT of Harpley & Edith H. STEADMAN, 31 March 1909, Harpley 011721-09 (Huron) James OKE, 46, farmer, of Biddulph, s/o James OKE & Elizabeth HICKS, to Florence Louisa ESSERY, 42, of Stephen, d/o Thomas ESSERY & Susan HOGG, wit: Annie M. BUTT & John Wesley BUTT both of Centralia, 27 January 1909
012592-10 (Huron) John J. PETCH, 31, carpenter, resided Brussels, s/o John PETCH & Sarah PEARSON, to Amelia C. SPEIRAN, 32, resided Grey, d/o Luke SPEIRAN & Ann SPARLING, wit: Wesley L. SPEIRAN of Moncrieff & Mamie E. KEYES of Brussels, 29 December 1909, (Maple Villa) Grey  
011740-09 (Huron) Jacob Albert RATZ, 29, farmer, of Stephen, s/o John RATZ & Barbara FINKBEINER, to Martha Mary GAISER, 21, of Shipka, d/o Jacob GAISER & Christina KIEZLI, wit: Albert GAISER of Shipka & Ida RATZ of Stephen, 19 October 1909, Huron Co 011743-09 (Huron) William Henry RATZ, 29, farmer, of Stephen, s/o John RATZ & Barbara FINKBEINER, to Lavina FAHNER, 25, of Stephen, d/o John FAHNER & Catherine GAISER, wit: Milton E. RATZ of Shipka & Louisa S. FAHNER of Crediton, 1 Dec. 1909, Stephen
011734-09 (Huron) John Stuart RICHARDSON, 24, steam fitter, of London, Ont., s/o James B. RICHARDSON & Annie WOOD, to Clara BAYNHAM, 21, of Shipka, d/o John BAYNHAM & Betsy BESTARD, wit: Emery CARRIERE & Mrs. M. CARRIERE of Grand Bend, 30 June 1909, Huron Co

011624/09 (Huron Co) James Thomas RITCHIE, 34, blacksmith, of Brussels Ont., s/o James RITCHIE a merchant & Ann BLAIR, married Laura OSTER, 32, of Grey Twp., d/o Joseph OSTER a farmer & Mary E. HUNTER, witn: Mrs. D.B. McRAE & Mina McRAE both of Cranbrook Ont., 9 June 1909, Cranbrook

  011730-09 (Huron) Henry SCHMIDT, 42, farmer, of Stephen, s/o John SCHMIDT & Elizabeth SCHMIDT, to Flossie PRESCATOR, 26, of Stephen, d/o Samuel PRESCATOR & Annie PRESCATOR, wit: Leslie PRESCATOR & Matilda WILD of Stephen, 22 April 1909, Dashwood
011723-09 (Huron) Amos SCHRADER, 31, farmer, of Cavelier, N. Dakota, s/o Charles SCHRADER & Charlotte DAMEN?, to Kate GEIGER, 30, of Dashwood, d/o David GEIGER & Magdalene SCHLUCHTER, wit: Arthur WEBER & Laura WEBER of Dashwood, 2 March 1909, Dashwood 011731-09 (Huron) Samuel Noble SCOTT, 22, signal man on R.R., of Windsor, Ont., s/o Samuel James & Barbara Ann SCOTT, to Francis Pearl HILL, 22 of Stephen, d/o William HILL & Angelina BAKER, wit: A. W. SCOTT of St. Thomas & Minnie HILL of Crediton, 16 June 1909, Huron Co.
#011592-09 (Huron Co.) Wren SHEARDOWN, 28, of Goderich, Blacksmith, s/o Henry SHEARDOWN & Maria EDWARDS, married Edith F. MILLIAN, 25, of Goderich, d/o James MILLIAN (dec.) & Jane CONNOLLY, witnesses: Emma M. FOWLER of Saltford & Elmer SHEARDOWN of Crediton, on 16 June 1909 at Goderich 011797-09 (Huron Co): William Harvey Russel SQUIRE, 25, farmer, not given, Blanshard Twp, s/o George SQUIRE & Louisa GUNNING married Minnie May MORLEY, 25, not given, Usborne, d/o Francis MORLEY & Catherine RAYCRAFT. Wit: Lloyd HODGSON, res. not given and Verda SQUIRE of Whalen. March 10, 1909 at Usborne
011726-09 (Huron) Charles STEWARDSON, 23, farmer, of Greenway, s/o Thomas STEWARDSON & Nina HOHN, to Alma Francis POLLOCK, 21, of Corbett, d/o John W. POLLOCK & Annie CARPENTER, wit: Lawrence POLLOCK of Corbett & Mattie F. STEWARDSON of Greenway, 24 March 1909, Corbett 011807-09 (Huron Co): James Edward STONE, 25, farmer, not given, Usborne, s/o Edward STONE & Ellen THOMPSON married Olive May COPELAND, 23, not given, Usborne, d/o Robert R. COPELAND & Drucilla DOUPE, Wit: William H. STONE of Thames Road and Mildred E. COPELAND of Kirkton. September 15, 1909 at Usborne
  011738-09 (Huron) Norman M. TURNBULL, 21, farmer, of Hay, s/o Thomas TURNBULL & Sarah CLARK, to Adeline SHARROW (Skarrow?), 16, of Stephen, d/o Joseph & Christine SHARROW, wit: A. SHARROW of Orzewski, Ont. & A. SHARROW of Bad Axe, Michigan, 1 September 1909, Huron Co
#011591-09 (Huron Co.) Edmund Richard Henry VIGARS, 27, of Port Arthur, Merchant, s/o Richard VIGARS & Jennie ROACH, married Pearl Catherine TRETHEWEY, 24, of Goderich, d/o Thomas Henry TRETHEWEY & Annie McLENNAN, witnesses: John Alex. TRETHEWEY of Goderich & Blanch F. VIGARS of Port Arthur, on 16 June 1909 at Goderich 011736-09 (Huron) Archie WEBB, 22, farmer, of Stephen, s/o Stephen WEBB & Jennie LOVE, to Coral Edna SHERRITT, 25, of Stephen, d/o John SHERRITT & Letita KEYS, wit: Elgin WEBB of Grand Bend & Vina M. SHERRITT of Harpley, 15 September 1909, Stephen
011725-09 (Huron) Edward Mollitor WENZEL, 29, farmer, of Thedford, s/o Edward WENZEL & Susannah DEW, to Hannah M. McLEAN, 25, of Stephen, d/o George McLEAN & Mary SMITH, wit: Carrie L. MOLLITOR of Thedford & John POLLARD of Corbett, 17 March 1909, Stephen 011791-09 (Huron Co): William Edward Jones WESTON, 37, farmer, not given, Turnberry, s/o Thomas WESTON & Mary MANTON married Ellen Louisa BOX, 32, not given, Turnberry, d/o William BOX & Emma LILLAY. Wit: Victoria WEST and Mary AITCHIESON, both of Bluevale. October 27, 1909 at Bluevale

011619/09 (Huron Co) Edmund A. WILLIAMS, 23, packer, of Seaforth Ont., s/o James WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BEECHAM, married Ida May COLBORNE, 20, of 16th Conc. Goderich Twp., d/o John COLBORNE a stone mason & Grace TUNNEY, witn: William COLBORNE of Summerhill Ont. & Rosetta M. WILLIAMS of Seaforth Ont., 25 December 1909, Goderich Twp