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Huron Co., 1900, part 2

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008226-00 (Huron Co): William Alexander ADDISON, 26, laborer, Hullett, same, s/o George ADDISON & Jane WEBSTER married Martha Jane HOGGART, Hullett, same, d/o David HOGGART & Mary Elizabeth BROWN. Wit: John ADDISON and Annie TENEUS?, both of Wingham. November 14, 1900 at Hullett  
008365-00 (Huron Co): Robert W. AGAR, 22, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o John AGAR & Ann J. IRWIN married Sarah A. SMITH, 20, West Wawanosh, same, d/o George SMITH & Rebecca McALLISTER. Wit: W. J. REID of Lucknow and E. A. ANDREWS of West Wawanosh. July 4, 1900 at West Wawanosh 008104-00 (Huron Co): William ALDON, 48, widower, gardener, Seaforth, Colborne Twp, s/o Thomas ALDON & Susan HARVEY married Mary STEWART, 32, Goderich, Colborne Twp, d/o John STEWART & Ester SUTHERLAND. Wit: Hattie THOMPSON of Goderich and Arthur STEWART of Dawn Twp. November 8, 1900 at Goderich
008345-00 (Huron Co): Henry ANDERSON, 29, teacher, Wellington Co, Usborne, s/o Donald ANDERSON & Margaret McINTYRE married Ida M. WOOD, 28, Durham Co, Usborne, d/o James WOOD & Mary BLIGHT. Wit: William H. WOOD and Minnie DUNN, both of Hurondale. April 12, 1900 at Usborne. 008356-00 (Huron Co): Percy Robert ANDREWS, 31, merchant, Goderich, same, s/o Stephen ANDREWS & Jane YOUNG married Rachael Marion MARTIN, 21, East Wawanosh, same, d/o William MARTIN & Euphemia CRAWFORD. Wit: John C. MARTIN and Florence MARTIN, both of East Wawanosh. March 26, 1900 at East Wawanosh
008087-00 (Huron Co): George A. ANDREWS, 26, farmer, Goderich, Goderich Twp, s/o Stephen ANDREWS & Jane YOUNG married Irene Mary DUNLOP, 27, Goderich, same, d/o John DUNLOP & Catherine KEDSLIE. Wit: J. DUNLOP Jr of Goderich and Mary M. ANDREWS of Goderich Twp. April 11, 1900 at Goderich 008181-00 (Huron Co): Robert Alexander ASHTON, 29, farmer, Howick, same, s/o William ASHTON & Margaret McKAY married May Ida JAQUES, 24, Howick, same, d/o John W. JAQUES & Margaret NAY. Wit: Margaret JAQUES of Howick and William DUNLOP of Gorrie. March 14, 2000 at Howick.
008235-00 (Huron Co): Thomas J. ATKINSON, 43, farmer, Ontario, Exeter, s/o James ATKINSON & Mary Ann ROLANDE married Emma BROWN, 35, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Fred BROWN & Cordelia MILLER. Wit: Albert BROWN and Alice BROWN, both of Stephen. May 16,1900 at McKillop 8257-00 Robert BAIRD 22, laborer, Wawanosh, Turnberry, s/o William BAIRD & Ribet? J. McGIRR, married Sarah THOM (Thorn?), 20, Wawanosh, Turnberry, d/o Charles THOM & Eliza FLEMING, witn: John BELFOUR (Balfour?) & Margaret J. BAIRD, both of Turnberry, 22 Oct. 1900 at Morris
  008081-00 (Huron Co): Johnson J. BALFOUR, 29, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o John BALFOUR & Hannah PULLMAN married Lilly Violet PULLMAN, 17, Hibbert, same, d/o Thomas PULLMAN & Anne DOWLING. Wit: William PULLMAN and Rose PULLMAN, both of Hibbert. November 9, 1900 at Exeter
008231-00 (Huron Co): James BAUM, 37, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o John BAUM & Martha A. HEWITT married Jennet Olive CROZIER, 29, Ontario, McKillop, d/o John CROZIER & Christina RAE. Wit: John COATS of Manitoba and Jane B. MENARY of Grey. February 21, 1900 at McKillop 008132-00 (Huron Co): James Henry BEATTY, 22, mechanic, Brussels, Galt, s/o James Henry BEATTY & Barbara McCAUL married Florence May BLASHILL, 22, Brussels, Flamborough Twp Wentworth Co, d/o William BLASHILL & Mary STEWART. Wit: Ida BLASHILL of Brussels and A. C. TIFFIN of Walton. March 14, 1900 at Grey
8394-00 Thomas BENNETT, 23, farmer, Ontario, Grey twp., s/o William BENNETT & Maria REINHART, married Janey SAVAGE, 25, Ontario, Howick twp., d/o Henry SAVAGE & Elizabeth A. HOGG, witn: John BRAWN & Allen RAE, both of Wroxeter, 31 Jan 1900 at Wroxeter  
008239-00 (Huron Co): Richard J. BERWICK, 25, laborer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o Richard BERWICK & Henrietta SHANNON married Charlotte Ester MANN, 19, Ontario, McKillop, d/o James MANN & Charlotte REILY. Wit:: Solomon J. BERWICK and Mary MANN, both of McKillop. September 25, 1900 at McKillop. 008344-00 (Huron Co): Richard BLATCHFORD, 51, widower, mechanic, England, Dakota U.S., s/o John BLATCHFORD & Frances WHITE married Charlotte HARVEY, 46, Ontario, Usborne, d/o Richard HARVEY & Caroline WAKELAND. Wit: Isaac HARVEY of Hay and Loretta MILLER of Hensall. April 5, 1900 at Usborne
008233-00 (Huron Co): Robert J. S. BOLTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o Barnet BOLTON & Margaret CURRY married Mary Elizabeth PRYCE, 19, North Wales Ont , McKillop, d/o Thomas PRYCE & Mary Elizabeth FORMAN. Wit: Nelson AIKEN of Grey and Lizzie SENEY of Seaforth. March 14, 1900 at McKillop 008251-00 (Huron Co): Henry M. BOSMAN, 31, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Edward BOSMAN & Mary A. STEPHENSON married Mary PERDUE, 27, Morris, same, d/o Henry PERDUE & Eliza McLENNAN. Wit: John PERDUE and Martha BOSMAN, both of Morris. April 18, 1900 at Morris
8257-00 William Thomas BOWMAN, 32, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John BOWMAN & Sarah KERNAGHEN, married Janet L. SPEIR, 23, Morris, same, d/o Allan SPEIR & Mary ROBERTSON, witn: James KERNAGHEN of Morris & Mrs. George TURNBULL of Grey twp., 19 Dec 1900 at Morris 8348-00 Newton James BOYD, 26, furniture merchant, Mitchell, same, s/o James BOYD & Sarah J. MARTINDALE, married Lillie E.J. RUTHERFORD, 29, Usborne, same, d/o James RUTHERFORD & Margaret LEE, witn: J. F. WILLIAMS of Mitchell & Minnie COLE of Russeldale, 3 Oct 1900 at Usborne
8395-00 William BRECKENRIDGE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Morris twp., s/o David BRECKENRIDGE & Jane LEE, married Sarah Jane MILLER, 24, Ontario, Turnberry twp., d/o John MILLER & Adaline CORNELL, witn: Scott BLACK & Sarah LAKE, both of Wroxeter, 4 April 1900 at Wroxeter 008340-00 (Huron Co): Perciville (Percival) W. BROWN, 23, butter maker, Usborne, Stephen, s/o Henry BROWN & Mary HARPER married Clara Emma BOYLE, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Timothy BOYLE & Mary McFALLS. Wit: Fenlon BROWN and Mrs. Fenlon BROWN, both of Winchelsea. January 17, 1900 at Elimville, Usborne Twp
0088367-00 (Huron Co): Neil CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Peter & Christina CAMPBELL married Mary WATSON, 26, Puslinch, West Wawanosh, d/o Peter?(not clear) & Annie WATSON. Wit: D. CAMPBELL of Belfast and A. WATSON of Lucknow. January 10, 1900 at West Wawanosh. 8320-00 James Henry CAMPBELL, 40, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Ann Jane CAMPBELL, married Harriet R. G. DALE, 22, Hullett, Tuckersmith, d/o George DALE & Martha SHEPPARD, witn: W.H. ROBINSON of Cranbrook & Elizabeth DALE of Clinton, 10 April 1900 at Tuckersmith
  008146-00 (Huron) Pierce CANTINE, 19, mason, Drysdale, St. Joseph, s/o Peter CANTIN & Matilda MASSE, to Josephine PAPINEAU, 19, Drysdale, St. Joseph, d/o James PAPINEAU & Mathilda DENOMIE, wit: Joseph PRIMEAU of Sandwich & Josephine CANTIN of Drysdale, 12 June 1900 Drysdale
008128-00 (Huron Co): Robert F. CARSCADDEN, 31, farmer, Durham Co, Oro Twp Simcoe Co, s/o John CARSCADDEN & Ann BRANDON married Maggie PATTERSON, 29, Grey, same, d/o George PATTERSON & Isabella IMLAY. Wit: Levi WHITFIELD and Elliot MANN, both of Grey. March 7, 1900 at Grey. 8028-00 John Albert CARTER, 22, farmer, Goderich twp., Clinton, s/o Thomas CARTER & Annie MAGEE, married Annie LEPPINGTON, 19, Clinton, same, d/o William LEPPINGTON & Sarah SODDEN, witn: George & Bridget MENUEL (Mennel?) of Clinton, 22 June 1900 at Clinton
008109-00 (Huron Co): Edward CHURCHILL, 29, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o M. CHURCHILL & Dorcas KING married Minnie A. PEARSON, 21, Canada, Hullett, d/o Nels PEARSON & Annie JOHNSTON. Wit: Nels PEARSON and Agness PEARSON, both of Goderich. December 24, 1900 at Goderich 008362-00 (Huron Co): Temple CLARK, 27, tailor, West Wawanosh, Dungannon, s/o Samuel & Jane CLARK married Martha NICHOLSON, 27, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Thomas NICHOLSON & S. A. NICHOLSON. Wit: John S. NICHOLSON and Emma JOHNSTON, both of West Wawanosh. March 1, 1900 at Auburn.
008380-00 (Huron Co): John CLOAKEY, 21, farmer, Morris, same, s/o James CLOAKEY & Elizabeth MELLON married Minnie B. LITTLE, 18, Culross, Wingham, d/o Robert LITTLE & FALCONER. Wit: William H. HAWTHORN and Lizzie J. LITTLE, both of Wingham. April 4, 1900 at Wingham 07810-99 Frank W. COLEMAN , 37, Manufacturer, Simcoe Co, Toronto, s/o John COLEMAN & Sophia PORTER, married Isobel Mary WATKEN (Watkin?), 27, Goderich, Toronto, d/o Robert WATKEN & Isabella LAUDER, Wit: G.F. BLAIR, Brussels & Jessie THOMPSON, Goderich, 2 Jan, 1900, Goderich
008384-00 (Huron Co): Leslie CONSTABLE, 21, merchant, Point Burwell, Wingham, s/o George A. CONSTABLE & Mary BELL married Emma HANNA, 23, East Wawanosh, Wingham, d/o Campbell HANNA & Elizabeth RUDDY. Wit: H. H. Wightman of Wingham and Lizzie MENZIES of East Wawanosh. June 27, 1900 at Wingham 008250-00 (Huron Co): William Thomas CRAYFORD, 27, farmer, Kent England, Usborne, s/o William CRAYFORD & Nancy SHARP married Mary Jane GRIGG, 32, Somerset England, Morris, d/o George GRIGG & Grace SMITH. Wit: Roland CRAYFORD of Cromarty and Sarah A. GRIGG of Walton. April 11, 1900 at Morris.
008393-00 (Huron Co): John Alexander CURRIE, 21, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o John CURRIE & Elizabeth ROBERTSON married Eunice WHEELANS, 22, Turnberry, same, d/o William WHEELANS & Mary CUMMINGS. Wit: Mrs. GALLAWAY of Uxbridge and Annie PERRIE of Wingham. December 5, 1900 at Wingham. 008241-00 (Huron Co): Patrick CURTIN, 35, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o Thomas CURTIS & Johanna RYAN married Johanna WALSH, 21, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Patrick WALSH & Mary HUGHEY. Wit: Thomas CURTIN and Katie WALSH, both of McKillop. November _?, 1900 at McKillop. (RC)
008091-00 (Huron Co): Aldred H. C. DALLY, 25, traveller, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o A. H. DALLY & Selina DONALDSON married Alberta H. EVANS, 27, Goderich, same, d/o George EVANS & M. AMEY?. Wit: A. M. EVANS and Frances W. EVANS, both of Goderich. Date not given, 1900 at Goderich 008182-00 (Huron Co): Thomas Wilson DAY, 27, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Edwin E. DAY & Martha WILSON married Margaret Ann DUNLOP, 27, North East Hope, same, d/o Robert DUNLOP & Mary Ann FERGUSON. Wit: William DUNLOP and Florence DUNLOP, both of Gorrie. March 27, 1900 at Gorrie
#008153-00 (Huron Co): Simon DIETRICH, 24, laborer, Stephen twp., Mt. Carmel, s/o Lawrence DIETRICH & Sadie BERCHERT, married Mathilda FOSTER, 18, Zurich, same, d/o John FOSTER & Margaret MITTELHOLZ, witn: Leo FOSTER of Hay & Albert FOSTER of Zurich and Magdaline & Lovina DIETRICH of Dashwood, 16 Oct 1900 at Zurich (Rom Cath) 8396-00 Robert Allen DINSLEY, 25, mechanic, Ontario, Wingham, s/o John DINSLEY & Mary PATTERSON, married Hester Ann MERKLEY, 35, Ontario, Turnberry twp., d/o William MERKLEY & Hester A. HARTWELL, John & Matley MERKLEY, both of Turnberry, 3 May 1900 at Wroxeter
  008133-00 (Huron Co): John DOIG, 28, farmer, Howick, Wallace Twp Perth Co, s/o Andrew DOIG & Margaret PATRICK married Agnes M. TURNBULL, 22, Grey, same, d/o James TURNBULL & Agnes M. MILNE. J. G. TURNBULL of Grey and Mary DOIG of Howick. Date not legible, 1900 at Grey
008379-00 (Huron Co): William John DOUGLAS, 24, farmer, Howick, same, s/o John DOUGLAS & Rebekah COLLINS married Maggie SAUNDERS, 23, Howick, same, d/o William SAUNDERS & Mary TWAMLEY. Wit: C. E. LOIRE and J. R. MacDONALD, M.D., both of Wingham. March 21, 1900 at Wingham 008341-00 (Huron Co): William R. DUNCAN, 28, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o John DUNCAN & Elizabeth RAYBURN married Ida TURNBULL, 26, Usborne, same, d/o Andrew TURNBULL & Mary THOMPSON. Wit: William TURNBULL of Winchelsea and Clara DUNCAN of Farquar. February 21, 1900 at Winchelsea Usborne Twp
008178-00 (Huron Co): William DUNLOP, 37, widower, laborer, Ireland, Gorrie, s/o Robert DUNLOP & Mary Ann FERGUSON married Florence Paisy CARROLL, 26, Granton, Kirkton, d/o William CARROLL & Martha PAISY. Wit: Thomas DAY and Margaret DUNLOP, both of Gorrie. February 21, 1900 at Gorrie. 008099-00 (Huron Co): Daniel DUPEE (Dupre?), 24, labourer, Ontario, Bayfield, s/o M. DUPEE & Hannah SLATER? married Annie SHADE, 26, Ontario, Seaforth, d/o Lewis SHADE & Margaret STARKEY. Wit: Kate E. ROBINSON and Lulu ROBINSON, both of Goderich. September 10, 1900 at Goderich.
008385-00 (Huron Co): Edward S. DYER, 26, clerk, Adrian Mich, Detroit Mich, s/o W. B. DYER & Anna WOOTEN married Cidney E. AIKENS, 22, Wingham, same, d/o Robert M. AIKENS & Mary J. BUCHANAN. Wit: E. G. R. BUTTON and Mary C. AIKENS, both of Wingham. June 276, 1900 at Wingham. 008370-00 (Huron Co): Robert EDMUNSON, 30, traveller, Carrick, same, s/o Robert EDMUNSON & Mary ANDERSON married Elizabeth SMITH, 27, Capetown South Africa, West Wawanosh, d/o John SMITH & Eliza BUCK. Wit: James ANDERSON of West Wawanosh and Maud EDMUNSON of Mildmay. August 7, 1900 at West Wawanosh
8318-00 John EDWARD, 39, farmer, Scotland, Brigden, s/o John EDWARD & Catherine ROSE, married Ellen McVETY, no age given, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Robert McVETY & Isabella GRASSICK, witn: William McVETY of Seaforth & Lidea SAWERS of Brucefield, 8 March 1900 at Brucefield  
008388-00 (Huron Co): James ELLIOTT, 27, farmer, England, Turnberry, s/o James ELLIOTT & Susan TURNER married Margery CRUCKSHANK, 20, Wingham? (overwritten), same, d/o John CRUCKSHANK & Mary MAYBERRY. Wit: Robert CRUCKSHANK of Wingham and Maggie ELLIOTT of Turnberry. August 15, 1900 at Wingham 008090-00 (Huron Co): Andrew EVERETT, 23, farmer, Canada, West Wawanosh, , s/o William & Matilda EVERETT married Lillie WARNER, 21, Canada, Goderich, d/o Samuel WARNER & Emily GOWDY. Wit: Arthur ALLEN and Fernie ALLEN, both of Goderich. February 26, 1900 at Goderich.
008374-00 (Huron Co): Richard FINNIGAN, 27, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o John FINNIGAN & Mary M. MAUTS? married Sarah PLOWMAN, 22, Whitby, West Wawanosh, d/o Edward PLOWMAN & Honora REILLY. Wit: James PLOWMAN and Honora PLOWMAN, both of West Wawanosh. November 14, 1900 at West Wawanosh 8322-00 Robert John FISHER, 31, farmer, Stanley, North Dakota, s/o Malcolm FISHER & Ellen GIBSON, married Agnes THOMSON, 31, Hay, same, d/o George THOMSON & Hannah DRONE, witn: Samuel & Steina ACHESON of Kippen, 7 March 1900 at Kippen
  008223-00 (Huron Co): David Arthur FLOODY, 30, carpenter, Hullett, same, s/o Charles FLOODY & Hannah VIRTUE married Martha BROGDON (Brigdon?), 28, Londesboro, Hullett, d/o George BROGDON & Hannah COCKERLINE. Wit: Alslie BROGDON of Toronto and Margaret A. FLOODY, both of Blyth. October 17, 1900 at Londesboro
008175-00 (Huron Co): William FOSTER, 35, farmer, Howick, same, s/o James & Jane FOSTER married Mary Ann HYNDMAN, 28, Howick, same, d/o Samuel HYNDMAN & Catherine SPENCE. Wit: Selby FOSTER of Wiarton and Catherine HYNDMAN of Newbridge. February 7, 1900 at Howick 008179-00 (Huron Co): Andrew FURTNEY, 38, farmer, Oxford Co, Elma, s/o Jacob FURTNEY & Jane THOMSON married Ella ROADHOUSE, 28, King Twp, Howick, d/o Charles ROADHOUSE & Catherine NEVIN. Wit: Maggie ROADHOUSE of Howick and Robert ALLAN of Mildmay. March 7, 1900 at Howick
008177-00 (Huron Co): Albert Edward GALLAGHER, 26, farmer, Howick, same, s/o John GALLAGHER & Mary A. MUSGROVE married Mary Rose JAQUES, 21, Howick, same, d/o John W. JAQUES & Margaret NAY. Wit: John BRYANS of Grey and Ida JAQUES of Howick. February 15, 1900 at Howick.  
008378-00 (Huron Co): John Thomas GARNISS, 35, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Francis GARNISS & Mary A. HALLOWAY married Isabella SAVAGE, 30, Grey, same, d/o Henry SAVAGE & Louisa HOGG. Wit: Gertie FELLMAN and Arthur FELLMAN, both of Wingham. March 14, 1900 at Wingham 008144-00 (Huron) Christian GINGERICH, 26, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Jacob L. GINGERICH & Marie BRENNENMAN, to Anna BAECHLER, 20, Hay, same, d/o Meno BAECHLER & Magdalena KRAFT or KROPT, wit: Jacob B. GINGERICH of Stanley & Jacob M. GINGERICH of Wilmot, 3 April 1900, Hay
008103-00 (Huron Co): Frank GLENN, 27, labourer, Ontario, Sault St. Marie, s/o James GLENN & Ellen SAVAGE married Ida WESTBROOK, 19, Ontario, Dungannon, d/o George L. WESTBROOK & Maria L. STEELE. Wit: Kate E. ROBINSON and Lulu ROBINSON, both of Goderich. October 24, 1900 at Goderich 008136-00 (Huron Co): James Wilson GRANT, 42, widower, farmer, not given, Grey, s/o David GRANT & Ellen WILSON married Margaret Brown PERRIE, 26, Edinburgh Scotland, Grey, d/o William PERRIE & Jane BROWN. Wit: James PERRIE and Ann McLAUCHLIN, both of Grey. June 13, 1900 at Grey
008092-00 (Huron Co): Samuel GRAY, 24, horse dealer, U.S., same, s/o Samuel & Sarah J. GRAY married Ethel BABCOCK, 20, Canada, same, d/o T. BABCOCK & Louisa CARD. Wit: George GRAY and Nina GRAY, both of Goderich. May 2, 1900 at Goderich 008129-00 (Huron Co): George Campbell GREEN, 23, Clinton, Grey, s/o Thomas GREEN & Margaret HANDLY married Elizabeth Annie DUKE, 21, Grey, same, d/o Adam DUKE & Henrietta McLEOD. Wit: Rachel PORTER of Trowbridge and Mrs. J. S. ANDERSON of Stratford. March 7, 1900 at Grey
9082-01 William James GREER, 30, painter, Ontario, Wiarton, s/o James GREER & Barbara McKENZIE, married Margaret PAULIN, 30, Woodstock Ont., Wroxeter, d/o James PAULIN, farmer, & Mary Jane POWELL, witn: Hilton POWELL of Simcoe & Effie POWELL of Wroxeter, 25 Dec 1900 at Wroxeter 008105-00 (Huron Co): William H. GRUMBLEY, 21, labourer, Huron Co, Goderich, s/o William GRUMBLEY & Mary NICHOLSON married Edith McCONNELL, 21, Port Albert, Goderich, d/o William McCONNELL & Elizabeth WILSON. Wit: C. J. ANDERSON and Lizzie BUCHANAN, both of Goderich. November 15, 1900 at Goderich.
008366-00 (Huron Co): Edward HAINES, 42, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Robert & Mary HAINES married Eliza J. McQUILLIN, 38, West Wawanosh, same, d/o W. J. & Mary McQUILLIN. Wit: W. CLAYTON of Listowel and Mary J. WOODS of St. Helen's. July 21, 1900 at West Wawanosh 8397-00 David HALL, 27, laborer, Ontario, Bluevale, s/o Thomas HALL & Annie STARKS, married Mary FLUKER, 25, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o Thomas FLUKER & Margaret FRY, witn: Sarah LAKE of Wroxeter & Mary SHOULTS of Toronto, 23 Aug 1900 at Wroxeter
8219-00 James HAMILTON, 40, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Gaven HAMILTON & Agnes THOMSON, married Jennie WATT, 32, Hullett, same, d/o George WATT & Mary S. REID, witn: Thomas HAMILTON & Margaret ROSS, both of Hullett, 20 June 1900 at Hullett 008135-00 (Huron Co): William Lemond HAMILTON, 32, manager of mines, Russell Co, Assinaboia NWT, s/o John HAMILTON & Jane LEMOND married Ella A. McNEIL, 28, Huron Co, same, d/o Lauchlin McNEIL & Sarah LAMONT. Wit: Jane McNEIL of Grey. June 13, 1900 at Grey.
008373-00 (Huron Co): Thomas Henry HARDY, 28, farmer, Clinton, same, s/o Charles & Ann HARDY married Martha Jane CAMPBELL, 21, West Wawanosh, same, d/o James & Isabella CAMPBELL. Wit: Robert J. MILLER of Clinton and Dora JOHNSTON of Dungannon. October 31, 1900 at West Wawanosh 008392-00 (Huron Co): William John HARKNESS, 28, farmer, Dumfries Scotland, Culross, s/o William HARKNESS & Jane MUIR married Lucy Mary MORTON, 19, Nassagaweya, Hamilton, d/o Tom MORTON & Mary BROWN. Wit: Jane HARKNESS and John CASLICK, both of Teeswater. October 31, 1900 at Wingham.
008079-00 (Huron Co): William John HAWKSHAW, 23, merchant, Exeter, St. Mary's, s/o William HAWKSHAW & Maria THOMPSON married May Ada McLAUGHLIN, 25, Exeter, same, d/o John McLAUGHLIN & Mary Ann GASKIN. Wit: William McLAUGHLIN of Brantford and Jean HAWKSHAW of St. Mary's. October 23, 1900 at Exeter. 008216-00 (Huron Co): Jacob HEIMBRICK, 30, farmer, South East Hope, same, s/o Verner & Elizabeth HEIMBRICK married Maria DOER, 21, North East Hope, same, d/o William DOER & Maria SCHOMB. Wit: John DOER and Anne REESE, both of Hullett. May 22, 1900 at Hullett.
008240-00 (Huron Co): James HENDERSON, 27, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o George HENDERSON & Catherine Jane HILL married Isabella Mary LOVE, 23, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Thomas LOVE & Jemima McNEAL. Wit: George R. LOVE of McKillop and Nellie HENDERSON of Hullett. October 10, 1900 at McKillop.  
008214-00 (Huron Co): Thomas HILL, 33, hotel keeper, Hullett, Londesboro, s/o Hugh HILL & Jane CHAPPELL married Elizabeth Jane STAPLES, 23, Hullett, same, d/o John STAPLES & Mary FOWLER. Wit: Jesse MOUNTAIN and Annie MASON, both of Londesboro. March 28, 1900 at Hullett. March 28, 1900 at Hullett 008247-00 (Huron Co): John G. HILL, 36, farmer, Oshawa Ont, Portage La Prairie Manitoba, s/o James COULTER & Rebecca LOGAN married Jannette MASON, 33, Hullett, Morris, d/o John HILL & Jane BLAND. Wit: James B. NICHOL of Wingham and Jennie MASON of Morris. February 28, 1900 at Morris
008249-00 (Huron Co): John HILL, 74, widower, farmer, not given, Grey, s/o Richard HILL & Mary ALLAN married Elma BEAM, 47, not given, Morris, d/o Jonathan BEAM & Sarah SHARP. Wit: Charles BEAM and Sarah E. BEAM, res not given. April 2, 1900 at Morris 008244-00 (Huron Co): Joseph HOGG, 31, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o William HOGG & Martha BROWN married Frances Matilda STORY, 29, Ontario, McKillop, d/o William STORY & Dorcas BECKEL. Wit: Solomon J. BERWICK and Sarah Eliza STORY, both of McKillop. December 26, 1900 at McKillop
  8349-00 George Weston HORNE, 23, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Samuel HORNE & Charlotte WILLIE, married Rebecca Anni WHITEFORD, 23, Usborne, same, d/o William WHITEFORD & Rebecca CULBERT, witn: John W. WHITEFORD & Mary M. HORNE, both of Usborne, 26 Dec 1900 at Usborne
008142-00 (Huron) Thomas Henry HORTON, 32, farmer, Hibbert, Tuckersmith, s/o John HORTON & Eleanore BOWERMAN, to Margery O'BRIEN, 21, Hay, same, d/o Roswell O'BRIEN & Catherine REGAN, wit: Frank HORTON of Hensall & Bertha O'BRIEN of St. Joseph, 24 January 1900, St. Joseph 008361-00 (Huron Co): James HOWELL, 36, widower, farmer, Brantford, Colborne, s/o James HOWELL & Ellen LOVE married Emma P. SEARLE, 30, Uxbridge, Auburn, d/o Simeon SEARLE & Mary ARMSTRONG. Wit: Charles ARMSTRONG of East Wawanosh and Rebecca THOMPSON of West Wawanosh. March 14, 1900 at Manchester
008173-00 (Huron Co): Robert John HUESTON, 29, farmer, Howick, same, s/o William HUESTON & Mary STRONG married Margaret Ann SANDERSON, 28, Howick, same, d/o Joseph SANDERSON & Margaret IRELAND. Wit: James MUSGROVE and Jane SANDERSON, both of Howick. January 10, 1900 at Howick 008094-00 (Huron Co): Archibald C. HUNTER, 31, physician, Canada, Goderich, s/o W. H. HUNTER & Mary ARNOTT married Grace Emily CAMERON, 27, Canada, Goderich, d/o M. C. CAMERON & Jessie Watt McLEAN. Wit: B. D. GRANT and M. G. CAMERON, both of Goderich. June 25, 1900 at Goderich
008207-00 (Huron Co): John HUTCHESON, 42, farmer, Halton Co, Ashfield, s/o John HUTCHESON & Ann FARRISH married Jeannie YOUNG, 43, Ashfield, same, d/o James YOUNG & Jeannie RICH. Wit: Julia JOHNSTON of Colborne and Mrs. R. HENDERSON of Auburn. February 7, 1900 at Hullett 008353-00 (Huron Co): Robert George IRWIN, 32, farmer, not given, East Wawanosh, s/o Thomas IRWIN & Mary Ann LEWIS married Eliza VANCAMP, 28, not given, East Wawanosh, d/o George VANCAMP & Mary BRADBURN. Wit: James A. VANCAMP of Belgrave and Sarah J. IRWIN of Wingham. March 14, 1900 at East Wawanosh
008130-00 (Huron Co): Rufus A. JACKLIN, 24, Grey, farmer, Howick, s/o Thomas JACKLIN & Ruth COPELAND married Eliza J. ATTWOOD, 22, Ontario, Huron Co, d/o Henry ATTWOOD & Susanna BATEMAN. Wit: Elijah JACKLIN and Christina JACKLIN, both of Grey. March 14, 1900 at Grey. 008229-00 (Huron Co): Robert Andrew JELLY, 25, merchant, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o Andrew JELLY & Mary BORLAND married Maude MORRISON, 22, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Francis MORRISON & Jane ARMSTRONG. Wit: J. D. MADILL of Shelburne and Mabel KERR of Clinton. January 11, 1900 at McKillop
008376-00 (Huron Co): William R. JENKINS, 22, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o Robert JENKINS & Catherine KERR married Sarah CASEMORE, Morris, same, d/o Hugh CASEMORE & Mag. ENGLISH. Wit: Faye E. LAWSON of London Ont and Gertie L. FELLMAN of Wingham. January 24, 1900 at Wingham. 008354-00 (Huron Co): John JOHNSTON, 33, baker, Colborne, Wingham, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Mary Ann HAMILTON married E. Mary LOCKHART, 26, West Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, d/o Matthew LOCKHART & Mary Ann TAYLOR. Wit: Thomas BRADNOCK and Caroline LOCKHART, both of East Wawanosh. March 14, 1900 at East Wawanosh.
008222-00 (Huron Co): William W. KELLY, 33, saw miller, Hullett, same, s/o Robert KELLY & Margaret WATERS married Margaret ROSS, 27, Wawanosh, Hullett, d/o Hugh ROSS & Margaret GAIR. Wit: William EMIGH and Nellie KELLY, both of Blyth. September 26, 1900 at Hullett  
008387-00 (Huron Co): John T. G. KENNEDY, 20, laborer, (illegible - overwritten), Blyth, s/o Dane KENNEDY & Eliz. ANDERSON married Elizabeth COCKERLINE, 19, Kincardine, Blyth, d/o Robert COCKERLINE & Elizabeth PEACOCK. Wit: G. S. LLOYD and Jennie M. HOBBS, both of Wingham. July 2, 1900 at Wingham. 008342-00 (Huron Co): George KERSLAKE, 50, widower, farmer, McGillivray, Usborne, s/o Henry KERSLAKE & Rebecca VANSTONE married Mary Elizabeth CANN, 44, Usborne, same, d/o Robert CANN & Sarah WAKEFIELD. Wit: Wellington KERSLAKE of Lumley and Tina McDONALD of Thames Road. March 7, 1900 at Lumley Usborne Twp.
008183-00 (Huron Co): Richard James KING, 38, widower, farmer, Toronto, Howick, s/o Stephen KING & Clara WALTERS married Laura Agnes Elsie WOOD, 42, widow, Cornwall Twp, Howick, d/o John SCHUL & Elizabeth WOOD. Wit: Melissa FARNEY of Gorrie and Clara VANSTONE of Howick. May 2, 1900 at Howick 008364-00 (Huron Co): Hugh KING, 31, farmer, West Wawanosh, St. Augustine, s/o _?(overwritten) & Annie KING married Annie ROBINSON, 31, West Wawanosh, St. Augustine, d/o Charles ROBINSON & Mary DURNIN. Wit: George KING and Nellie BOYLE, both of West Wawanosh. June 13, 1900 at St. Augustine. (RC)
008134-00 (Huron Co): Jacob KRAUTER, 29, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Jacob KRAUTER & Margaret HEUTHER married Isabella McDONALD, 25, Grey, same, d/o James McDONALD & Isabella A. TELFER. Wit: John RITCHIE and Isabella A. TELFER, both of Grey. May 23, 1900 at Grey. 008352-00 (Huron Co): James LAIDLAW, 30, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Robert LAIDLAW & Euphemia MOORE married Mary BLACK, 29, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Thomas BLACK & Margaret WIGHTMAN. Wit: John T. BLACK and Lizzie B. LAIDLAW, both of Blyth. January 31, 1900 at East Wawanosh.
008078-00 (Huron Co): Thomas LAING, 36, farmer, Mitchell, Fullerton Twp Perth Co, s/o Alexander LAING & Agness BELL married Eleanor CORNISH, 35, widow, Fullerton Twp Perth Co, same, d/o John & Aurelia GETTLER. Wit: P. L. BISHOP and Bertha L. BISHOP, both of Exeter. October 20, 1900 at Exeter 008137-00 (Huron Co): John Neil LAMONT, 25, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Malcolm LAMONT & Betsy SINCLAIR married Matilda Jane LAING, 23, Grey, same, d/o Bartholomew LAING & Matilda VINCENT. Wit: Alexander LAMONT and Florence GUARD, both of Grey. June 6, 1900 at Grey.
008089-00 (Huron Co): Harry Morrison LAY, 33, banker, London England, London Ont, s/o Horatio W. LAY & Ellen E. LEGGE married Margaret G. CAMERON, 34, Goderich, same, d/o M. C. CAMERON & Jessie A. McLEAN. Wit: M. G. CAMERON and Janie F. McDONALD, both of Goderich. January 31, 1900 at Goderich 008306-00 (Huron) Jacob LOCHNER, 26, Bavaria Germany, Crediton, s/o Mich. LOCHNER & Barbara HAAG, to Barbara MAST, 20, Wurtemberg Germany, Crediton, d/o John MAST & Veronica WEIDERICH, wit: Christiana MAST & Mrs. J. G. LITT both of Crediton, 3 July 1900, Crediton
008138-00 (Huron Co): Edwin W. LUCAS, 29, farmer, Belmore Ont, same, s/o William LUCAS & M. A. BURGESS married Winnifred A. RAYNARD, 23, school teacher, Grey, same, d/o Christopher RAYNARD & E. ARMSTRONG. Wit: Charles RUPP and Laura SPENCE, both of Grey. September 5, 1900 at Grey 008372-00 (Huron Co): William LYON, 32, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Joseph LYON & Mary HINSON married Jennie G. KIRK, 22, school teacher, Amherst Island, West Wawanosh, d/o Robert J. KIRK & Sarah McMATH. Wit: William KIRK of West Wawanosh and Nellie LYON of Hullett. October 4, 1900 at West Wawanosh
008220-00 (Huron Co): James MacDONALD, 26, farmer, Morris, Grey, s/o James MacDONALD & Sarah BURTON married Merilla ARCHER, 26, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas ARCHER & Mary GRANT. Wit: Hugh ARCHER of Clinton and L. Alberta WASHBURN of Kincardine. June 20, 1900 at Hullett. 008085-00 (Huron Co): Benjamin MAKINS, 27, laundry man, Grey, Exeter, s/o Henry MAKINS & Sarah TROYER married Jane MUIR, 31, Fenwick Scotland, Exeter, d/o John MUIR & Margaret WALLACE. Wit: W. W. HARRISON of London Ont and Maggie MUIR of Exeter. December 5, 1900 at Exeter.
008238-00 (Huron Co): Francis MALADY, 32, farmer, Ontario Hibbert, s/o Thomas MALADY & Bridget ROCK married Cicelia FEENEY, 21, Ontario, Hibbert, d/o Martin FEENEY & Mary WOOD. Wit: Edward MALADY and Mary J. BURNS, both of Hibbert. June 20, 1900 at McKillop 008095-00 (Huron Co): Benjamin C. MANNINGS, 40, widower, carpenter, York Co, Goderich, s/o B. MANNINGS & M. WOODGATE married Jane BURROWS, 34, Oxford Co, Goderich, d/o William BURROWS & T. STEWART. Wit: Melvin W. HOWARD and Maggie BURROWS, both of Goderich. June 27, 1900 at Goderich
008230-00 (Huron Co): James MATTHEWS, 40, builder, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o John MATTHEW & Elizabeth MULHOLLAND married Mary HABKIRK, 35, Ontario, Manitoba, d/o George HABKIRK & Mary HENDERSON. Wit: Frederick W. STIRLING of Toronto and Annie GORDON of Seaforth. June 11, 1900 at McKillop 008304-00 (Huron) William MAWHINNEY, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o George MAWHINNEY & Ann FOSTER, to Alicia Ada AMY, 22, Stephen, same, d/o Thomas AMY & Susanah LEERICE, wit: Joseph AMY & Bertha BASTARD both of Stephen, 30 May 1900, Stephen
008106-00 (Huron Co): John McCONNELL, 23, plumber, Lucknow, Goderich, s/o Duncan McCONNELL & C. McLEOD married Mary E. HAY, 23, Goderich, same, d/o James HAY & Ellen PAPST. Wit: A. McCONNELL and Mary McIVOR, both of Goderich. November 21, 1900 at Goderich 008375-00 (Huron Co): Robert A. McCRADY, 34, Assistant postmaster, Harriston, same, s/o Abr. McCRADY & Agnes PROUDFOOT married Susan McALLISTER, 28, Huron Co, Belfast, d/o Andrew McALLISTER & Maria ROBINSON. Wit: Fred McALLISTER and Maggie McALLISTER, both of Belfast. October 16, 1900 at Belfast
008382-00 (Huron Co): Eugene McDONALD, 26, laborer, Turnberry, same, s/o John & Jane McDONALD married Martha McILWAIN, 24, Turnberry, Wingham, d/o John & Eliza McILWAIN. Wit: Lorne McDONALD of Turnberry and Mrs. W. FREED of Wingham. May 23, 1900 at Wingham 008108-00 (Huron Co): Duncan McDONALD, 48, farmer, Huron Co, Wawanosh, s/o James & Janet McDONALD married Margaret CAMERON, 28, Bruce Co, Goderich, d/o A. D. CAMERON & Catherine McCLAREN. Wit: D. McDONALD of West Wawanosh and Mary C. RICHMOND of Blyth. November 28, 1900 at Goderich.
008225-00 (Huron Co): Isaac McGARRIE, 28, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o William McGARRIE & Elizabeth GRAHAM married Margaret L. McCULLY, 26, Westminster Ont, Hullett, d/o George H. McCULLY & Ann Jane REINE. Wit: William McCULLY of McKillop and Isabella McCULLY of Hullett. October 30, 1900 at Hullett 8316-00 John McGAVIN, 32, farmer, Stanley twp., Tuckersmith, s/o Henry McGAVIN & Caroline GRAHAM, married Victoria C. LEATHERLAND, 24, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Robert LEATHERLAND & Levina WOOD, witn: Alfred McGAVIN & Levina MURRAY, both of Tuckersmith, 10 Jan 1900 at Tuckersmith
  008237-00 (Huron Co): John McGRATH, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Biddulph, s/o James McGRATH & Rebecca FOGARTY married Mary MURPHY, 23, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Michael MURPHY & Mary DILLON. Wit: James McGRATH of Detroit and Ellen MURPHY of McKillop. June 19, 1900 at McKillop. (RC)
008213-00 (Huron Co): John E. McGREGOR, 27, cheese maker, Hullett, same, s/o John McGREGOR & Elizabeth WARD married Mary McCULLY, 27, Hullett, same, d/o George McCULLY & Ann Jane RUM. Wit: W. J. McCULLY and Olive McGREGOR, both of Constance. March 21, 1900 at Hullett 008391-00 (Huron Co): John W. McGREGOR, 22, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o John MGREGOR & Jennie McDOUGALL married Annie SKINN, 21, Blanshard, East Wawanosh, d/o Chris. SKINN & Mary SMITH. Wit: William McGREGOR and Jennie SKIN (sic), both of East Wawanosh. November 28, 1900 at East Wawanosh
#007996-00 (Huron Co): Thomas McGUIRE, 25, farmer, Huron, same, s/o William McGUIRE & Janet Mc--illegible, married Elizabeth Ann PICKERING, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o John S. PICKERING, farmer, & Mary Ann MURDOCH, witn: Sam McGUIRE of Clove Valley Ont & Mrs. LEACH of Lucknow, 14 March 1900 at Ashfield 008086-00 (Huron Co): Daniel McIVOR, 24, hardware clerk, Goderich, same, s/o Neil McIVOR & Effa MORRISON married Mary C. HOWELL, 32, widow, Northumberland, Goderich, d/o Wilet POTTER, & Ruth BROWN. Wit: Alexander McIVOR of Goderich and Dora BUCHANAN of Belgrave. January 19, 1900 at Goderich
008075-00 (Huron Co): Norman McKINLEY, 25, Plympton Twp, same, s/o Duncan McKINLEY & Jane GREENLESS married Lavina MILNER, not given, Blanshard, Plympton, d/o George MILNER & Hannah HODGSON. Wit: Jonas SUTTON and Mrs. SUTTON, both of Exeter. August 28, 1900 at Exeter 8218-00 John McKNIGHT, 30, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o William McKNIGHT & Margaret McWHINNEY, married Mary STEELS, 22, London, Ashfield, d/o Philip STEELS & Martha GILL, witn: James McWHINNEY of Colborne & Sarah McKNIGHT of Ashfield, 13 June 1900 at Auburn
8398-00 Charles F. McLEAN, 23, druggist, Port Perry Ont., Toronto, s/o George F. McLEAN & Lily MEREDITH, married Alberta SMALE, 22, Wroxeter, same, d/o Dr. S. B. SMALE & A.A. TOLE, witn: W.M.B. SMALE of Wroxeter & Edith M. PERKINS of Gorrie, 13 Sept 1900 at Wroxeter 8317-00 Alex A. McLENNAN, 36, cooper, Woodstock, Seaforth, s/o Alex McLENNAN & Mary McGINNIS, married Effie C. McLEOD, 35, Seaforth, same, d/o Murdock McLEOD & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: J.W. CARDEN of Seaforth & Ellen McLENNAN of Egmondville, 24 Jan 1900 at Egmondville
8323-00 Duncan McMILLAN, 32, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o Duncan McMILLAN & Agnes BROADFOOT, married Sarah McTAVISH, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Peter McTAVISH & Mary STUART, wit: Archie McMILLAN of Shakespeare & Maggie McTAVISH of Tuckersmith, 25 April 1900 at Brucefield 008245-00 (Huron Co): Francis McQUAID, 31, Ontario, McKillop, s/o James McQUAID & Ellen RYAN married Mary HART, 26, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Owen HART & Mary BANTREY. Wit: Martin McQUAID of Toronto and Maria HART of Hibbert. January 16, 1900 at McKillop
008358-00 (Huron Co): Henry McVITTIE, 28, farmer, Morris, East Wawanosh, s/o Moses McVITTIE & Sarah Jane MEDD married Annie FOTHERGILL, 30, East Wawanosh, same, d/o George FOTHERGILL & Jane TIFFIN. Wit: William FOTHERGILL and Susan McVITTIE of East Wawanosh. May 16, 1900 at East Wawanosh 008381-00 (Huron Co): Frank W. MERTENS, 24, factory mgr, Stouffville, Toronto, s/o Fred MERTENS & Sarah AERMETTE? married Esther A. RUSH, Belmore, Wingham, d/o David L. RUSH & Jane SCOTT. Wit: Fred M. RUSH and Jennie M. RUSH, both of Wingham. April 25, 1900 at Wingham.
#008925-01 (Huron Co): Thomas Henry MILLER, 25, clerk, Westham England, Seaforth, s/o Henry & Emily, married Tina CALDER, 21, Seaforth, same, d/o Andrew CALDER & Christina SUTHERLAND, witn: James CALDER & Mary Edna CONSTABLE, both of Seaforth, 5 Sept 1900 at Seaforth 008371-00 (Huron Co): Charles MILNE, 30, widower, engineer, _?, Hamilton, s/o Charles MILNE & Mary KELSO married Lizzie M. SCOTT, 31, Darlington, West Wawanosh, d/o W. W. SCOTT & Mary HOLDEN. Wit: Frank BURKART of Delhi and Helen ROBINSON of East Wawanosh. September 26, 1900 at West Wawanosh
008369-00 (Huron Co): William MILNER, 26, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Charles MILNER & Ann Jane TISDALE married Eliza ROBB, 21, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Charles ROBB & Charlotte MARWOOD. Wit: Henry HUTCHINS of East Wawanosh and Lavina MILNER of West Wawanosh. July 10, 1900 at West Wawanosh 008076-00 (Huron Co): James Gordon MITCHELL, 28, farmer, Wilmot Twp Waterloo Co, Hibbert, s/o William & Ann MITCHELL married Mary Elizabeth SMALE, 26, Hibbert, same, d/o William SMALE & Mary MORGAN. Wit: W. A. WESTCOTT and Charlotte B. DRINKWATER, both of Exeter. October 3, 1900 at Exeter.
008252-00 (Huron Co): Henry M. MOONEY, 32, steam engineer, Grey, Brussels, s/o John MOONEY & Prudence MAXWELL married Jennie GRINOLDBY, 23, Seaforth, Walton, d/o Reuben GRINOLDBY & Mary BARTON. Wit: James McDONALD and Saran Ann McDONALD, both of Walton. April 2, 1900 at Walton  
8256-00 James Samuel MOOREHEAD, 27, teamster, Milverton, Listowel, s/o James MOOREHEAD & Margaret WHALEY, married Elizabeth CRUIKSHANK, 28, Morris, Wingham, d/o Thomas CRUIKSHANK & Ellen MAYBERRY, witn: Thomas STONEHOUSE & Annie M. BROWN, both of Belgrave, 31 Oct. 1900 at Belgrave 008228-00 (Huron Co): James H. MORRISON, 27, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o John MORRISON & Mary Ann FERGUSON married Elizabeth M. HILLAR, 26, teacher, Ontario, McKillop, d/o James HILLAR & Elizabeth MADILL. Wit: Calvin A. HILLAR of McKillop and Allene? MADILL of Fergus. January 1, 1900 at McKillop
008227-00 (Huron Co): Jessie MOUNTAIN, 38, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Thomas MOUNTAIN & Mary MONK married Hannah MASON, 24, Wawanosh, Londesboro, d/o William MASON & Sarah FENWICK. Wit: Thomas HILL and Mrs. Thomas HILL, both of Londesboro. December 24, 1900 at Londesboro. 008131-00 (Huron Co): George K. MULDOON, 29, yeoman, Tuckersmith, Grey, s/o Christopher MULDOON & Elizabeth McKEE married Matilda SHOLDICE, 28, Huron Co, same, d/o Adam SHOLDICE & Jane WALLACE. Wit: William SHOLDICE and Fanny SHOLDICE, both of Grey. March 14, 1900 at Grey.
008097-00 (Huron Co): W. Y. MURRAY, not given, butcher, Otonabee, Goderich, s/o W..H. & Jane MURRAY married Susie Graham CAMPBELL, not given, Goderich, same, d/o William CAMPBELL & Emily SHARMAN. T. G. EAGLE of Toronto and M. CAMPBELL of Goderich. December 27, 1900 at Goderich 8255-00 John MUSTARD, 29, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Alex MUSTARD & Jane COULTIS, married Jane FRASER, 30, Morris, same, d/o Laughlin FRASER & Mary A. TURVEY, witn: James & Mary ROBERTSON of Morris, 17 Oct. 1900 at Morris
8324-00 William NICHOLLS, 53, widower, farmer, Ontario, Hibbert, s/o John NICHOLLS & Elizabeth STONEMAN, married Jemima HENRY, 36, Ontario, Egmondville, d/o Thomas HENRY & Margaret A. LEITCH, witn: David & Levina LEITCH of Hibbert, 23 May 1900 at Egmondville 008300-00 (Huron) Walter Henry NICHOLS, 24, farmer, no birthplace, Park Hill, s/o William NICHOLS & Katie MORRISON, to Annie S. WEBB, 21, no birthplace, Stephen, d/o George WEBB & Susana BAIRD, wit: Humphrey WEBB of Stephen & Flora NICHOLS of Park Hill, 25 April 1900, Grand Bend
008236-00 (Huron Co): Nelson NICHOLSON, 32, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o William NICHOLSON & Jemima FOULSON married Martha STORRY (Storey?), 21, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Joseph STORRY & Margaret CLAYTON. Wit: Mrs. Susannah MUSGROVE and Miss Maud DAVIDSON, both of McKillop. May 23, 1900 at McKillop 8360-00 Edward James NOBLE, 27, farmer, Hullett twp., East Wawanosh, s/o Garrett NOBLE & Mary BURNEY, married Ellen Sarah NETHERY, 21, East Wawanosh, same, d/o James NETHERY & Mary LOVE, witn: John R. NOBLE of Clinton & Matilda NETHERY of East Wawanosh, 12 Sept 1900 at res of the bride's father, Lot 42, Con 5 of East Wawanosh
008074-00 (Huron Co): John NORRIE, 23, laborer, Kent Co, same, s/o Thomas NORRIE & Jane CLARK married Florence Ann SNELL, 18, Exeter, same, d/o Eli SNELL & Ann DENNEY. Wit: Rena DODDS and _? S. MILLYARD, both of Exeter. August 27, 1900 at Exeter. 008102-00 (Huron Co): Henry H. NORTON, 31, hotel keeper, Michigan, Detroit Mich, s/o M. G. NORTON & Maud McLEOD married Rachel McLEOD, 26, Goderich, same, d/o Murdoch McLEOD & Sarah McKASKILL. Alexander D. McLEOD and Mary CAMPBELL, both of Goderich. October 17, 1900 at Goderich
8217-00 Frederick NOTT, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James NOTT & Ruth MASON, married Matilda Blanche CRAIG, 21, Hullett, same, d/o Robert CRAIG & Mary E. HESSELWOOD, witn: Matthew H. CRAIG of Hullett & Matilda NOTT of Tuckersmith, 23 May 1900 at Hullett  
008343-00 (Huron Co): Walter John OKE, 40 farmer, Usborne, same, s/o William OKE & Mary DAYMAN married Harriet SQUIRE, 23, Usborne, same, d/o Henry SQUIRE & Jane SNELL. Wit: George W. HORN of Usborne and Alice G. HOLLAND of Hullett. November 21, 1900 at Whalen Pt, Usborne 008383-00 (Huron Co): Robert D. ORR, 35, vet. surgeon, Hamilton Twp Ont, Baden Ont, s/o John ORR & Ann DAVIDSON married Sarah LEATHORN, 32, Wilmot Twp, Wingham, d/o John LEATHORN & Margaret McKERSIE. Wit: Alfred ORR of Stratford and Maggie M. RISK of Woodstock. May 24, 1900 at Wingham
008224-00 (Huron Co): Alexander OSBALDESTON, 29, farmer, Goderich Twp, Auburn, s/o Alexander OSBALDESTON & Mariah RAPSON married Elizabeth Ann DAWSON, 25, Auburn, same, d/o George DAWSON & Mary GLAZIER. Wit: James DAWSON of Auburn and Mary OSBALDESTON of Holmesville. October 31, 1900 at Auburn 008355-00 (Huron Co): Alexander PARKER, 48, farmer, New York U.S., East Wawanosh, s/o James PARKER & Annie CLARK married Margaret IRWIN, 29, Ireland, East Wawanosh, d/o James IRWIN & Mary ELLIOTT. Wit: David COWAN and Maggie COWAN, both of Blyth. March 14, 1900 at East Wawanosh.
8325-00 John Francis William PATERSON, 27, carpenter, Hensall, same, s/o Robert PATERSON & Catherine THOMSON, married Marion S. McGREGOR, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Duncan McGREGOR & Mary CUMMING, witn: John & Grace McGREGOR of Tuckersmith, 20 June 1900 at Tuckersmith 008303-00 (Huron) James PATTERSON, 28, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o William PATTERSON & Janet JOHNSON, to Ada HAYES, 20, London Eng., Stephen, d/o Unknown & Anna HAYES, wit: Mr. & Mrs. William PATTERSON jr. of Grand Bend, 23 May 1900, Grand Bend
008211-00 (Huron Co): William B. PATTERSON, 47, carpenter, Beverly Twp, same, s/o William PATTERSON & Barbara PERKINS married Sarah Jane GOVIER, 32, Hullett, same d/o John GOVIER & Sophia MATTHEWS. Wit: Joseph WILSON of Hullett and Eleanor A. ANDERSON of East Wawanosh. March 20, 1900 at Hullett 008243-00 (Huron Co): John PURCELL, 32, laborer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o John PURCELL & Margaret CARLIN married Bridget HORAN, 24, Ontario, McKillop, d/o John HORAN & Bridget MALONEY. Wit: James PURCELL of Seaforth and Margaret SLAKERTY of McKillop. November 20, 1900 at McKillop
008215-00 (Huron Co): James RAITHBY, 26, carpenter, Hullett, same, s/o George RAITHBY & Ruth RAPSON married Evelyn BALL, 27, Hullett, same, d/o William BALL & Ann CORBETT. Wit: James BALL and Edith BALL, both of Hullett. March 28, 1900 at Hullett 008305-00 (Huron) Francis REEDER, 25, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o John REEDER & Sarah JOHNSON, to Lottie Ann LAWSON, 25, Stephen, same, d/o George LAWSON & Lucy LAMPORT, wit: Erastus NEIL of McGillivray & Lillie LAWSON of Stephen, 13 June 1900, Stephen
008212-00 (Huron Co): Charles R. REID, 30, farmer, Goderich Twp, Hullett. s/o Andrew REID & Mary LOVETT married Alice Elizabeth MEDD, 27, Hullett, same, d/o John MEDD & Elizabeth BRUCE. Wit: John H. MEDD and Elizabeth BRUCE, both of Hullett. March 19, 1900 at Hullett 008221-00 (Huron Co): Charles RINTOUL, 31, farmer, Almonte, Kinloss, s/o Henry RINTOUL & Annie McGEE married Sarah GARTON, 24, East Wawanosh, same, d/o George GARTON & Mary Ann REID. Wit: Eliza A. BLAIR and Annie J. HENDERSON, both of Manchester Ont. September 19, 1900 at Manchester
008080-00 (Huron Co): Peter ROBERTSON, 28, jointer, Perthshire Scotland, Exeter, s/o Alexander & Grace ROBERTSON married Jessie GOULD, 21, Exeter, same, d/o James GOULD & Mary Ann HUTCHINS. Wit: Sidney SANDERS and Hattie GOULD, both of Exeter. October 23, 1900 at Exeter 009010-01 (Huron Co): Thomas H. ROSS, 43, merchant, Brucefield, Wingham, s/o Alexander ROSS & Grace MORRISON married Isabella MAXWELL, 33, Morris, Turnberry, d/o Robert MAXWELL & Jean SCOTT. Wit: Hugh ROSS and Ellen ROSS, both of Bluevale. December 24, 1900 at Turnberry
008203-00 (Huron Co): William Alfred ROUTLEDGE, 32, finisher, England, Stratford, s/o Edward James ROUTLEDGE & Mary Elizabeth WEBB married Jane Anne YOUNG, 25, Hullett, same, d/o John YOUNG & Jane BROWN. Wit: William McINTYRE and Fanny Francis YOUNG, both of Hullett. January 5, 1900 at Hullett 008357-00 (Huron Co): William RUDDY, 39, farmer, Hamilton Ont, East Wawanosh, s/o John RUDDY & Sophia KENNEDY married Louisa Mary IRWIN, 34, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Thomas IRWIN & Mary Ann LEWIS. Wit: George IRWIN of Wingham and Lily M. JOHNSTON of Clinton. April 17, 1900 at East Wawanosh.
008096-00 (Huron Co): Anton John RUGGLE, 31, merchant, Switzerland, Floradale, s/o Anton RUGGLE & Louisa KESTLER married Mary Elizabeth DIETRICH, 26, Carthage Ont, d/o W. DIETRICH & Rosan REINHARDT. Wit: Theo RUGGLE of Floradale and Emmeline M. DIETRICH of Goderich. July 4, 1900 at Goderich 8347-00 John RUSSELL, 38, engineer, Scotland, Blanshard twp., s/o Matthew RUSSELL & Jane McDONALD, married Mary Jane McDONALD, 22, Usborne, same, d/o Alex McDONALD & Mary J. KYDD, witn: Norman R. & Flora McDONALD of Usborne, 6 June 1900 at Usborne
  008083-00 (Huron Co): William SANDERS, 28, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o William SANDERS & Mary TREIBNER married May DUNSFORD, 23, Stephen, same, d/o William DUNSFORD & Caroline ACHESON. Wit: Ida DUNSFORD and Clara SANDERS, both of Exeter. November 28, 1900 at Exeter
008139-00 (Huron Co): James SANGSTER, 24, Elma, Grey, s/o George SANGSTER & Catherine KEATING married Jennie Jane ELLIOTT, 20, Grey, same, d/o James ELLIOTT & Lilly McALLISTER. Wit: John SANGSTER and Mary McALLISTER, both of Grey. September 26, 1900 at Grey 008368-00 (Huron Co): John SCHULTZ, 35, widower, labourer, Auburn, same, s/o John & Lizzie SCHULTZ married Barbara YOUNGBLUTT, 21, Auburn, same, d/o John & Emily YOUNGBLUTT. Wit: John YOUNGBLUTT of Colborne and Agnes YOUNGBLUTT of Auburn. January 19, 1900 at Manchester.
008248-00 (Huron Co): James A. SCOTT, 29, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o Robert SCOTT & Mary Ann BARBARAS married Lizzie DELGARNO, 24, East Wawanosh, Belgrave, d/o George DELGARNO & Grace CAMERON. Wit: Allan R. SCOTT and Mrs. George ROBERTSON, both of East Wawanosh. March 7, 1900 at Belgrave Morris Twp 008180-00 (Huron Co): Robert SCOTT, 30, farmer, Howick, Manitoba, s/o Adam SCOTT & Martha HANNA married Margaret ALLAN, 35, Howick, same, d/o William ALLAN & Jane SANGSTON. Wit: Maggie SCOTT and Hilton E. ASHTON, both of Howick. March 7, 1900 Fordwich
008242-00 (Huron Co): William R. SHADE, 28, laborer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o Luke SHADE & Margaret SHIEKY married Adelaide SPARLING, 28, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Edward SPARLING & Mary SMITH. Wit: Susanna MUSGROVE and Maud DAVIDSON, both of McKillop. November 28, 1900 at McKillop 008184-00 (Huron Co): Alexander Pentland SHEPPARD, 41, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o George SHEPPARD & Elizabeth PENTLAND married Lilian Louisa A. EDGAR, 32, Stratford, Howick, d/o Robert EDGAR & Jane COWAN. Wit: Thomas G. SHEPPARD of Nile and Alice M. EDGAR of Howick. May 16, 1900 at Howick.
008377-00 (Huron Co): George Greg SIMMONS, 27, farmer, Lakelet, Howick, s/o Charles SIMMONS & Julia POWELL married Isabella MERKLEY, 23, Turnberry, Belmore, d/o William MERKLEY & Esther A. HARTWELL. Wit: Amanda M. GOFFIN and Isabella McNEVIN, both of Wingham. March 14, 1900 at Wingham 008127-00 (Huron Co): Peter SINCLAIR, 58, widower, farmer, Scotland, Grey, s/o Peter SINCLAIR & Jessie THOMPSON married Mary YOUNG, 30, Grey, same, d/o William YOUNG & Esther SCHARF. Wit: William BAKER and Ann BAKER, both of Grey. January 24, 1900 at Grey.
  8321-00 John SMITH, 36, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Robert SMITH & Dorothy MURRAY, married Ella LAIDLAW, 33, Tuckersmith, same, d/o George LAIDLAW & Mary McEWING, witn: Samuel LAIDLAW of Tuckersmith & Annie SHAW of Egmondville, 11 April 1900 at Tuckersmith
008140-00 (Huron Co): Wesley John SOMERS, 23, yeoman, McKillop, Grey, s/o William SOMERS & Mary STOREY married Martha Matilda Rebecca BEIRNES, 20, McKillop, Grey, d/o John Ferris BEIRNES & Rebecca STOREY. Wit: William BEIRNES and C. M. BEIRNES, both of Grey. November 28, 1900 at Grey 008174-00 (Huron Co): William John SPOTTEN, 25, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Arthur SPOTTEN & Sarah Jane JOHNSTON married Charlotte Matilda CATHERS, 25, Howick, same, d/o John CATHERS & Mary BROWN. Wit: David CATHERS & Elizabeth SPOTTON, both of Howick. January 31, 1900 at Howick
008386-00 (Huron Co): Emanuel STAPLETON, 30, farmer, England, West Wawanosh, s/o Robert STAPLETON & Elizabeth BOUET married Mabel L. BRUCE, 19, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Alexander BRUCE & Susan McGREGOR. Wit: William FERGUSON of Wingham and Jennie STAPLETON of Turnberry. July 14, 1900 at Turnberry 008363-00 (Huron Co): Albert STEIN, 27, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o John STEIN & Mary DAVIDSON married Gertrude TISDALE, 20, West Wawanosh, same, d/o George TISDALE & Martha BROOKS. Wit: D. TISDALE and Leslie ROBINSON, both of West Wawanosh. January 24, 1900 at St. Augustine.
8319-00 Robert STRONG, 27, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o George STRONG & Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, married Emmaline HUDSON, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William HUDSON & Elizabeth JAMIESON, witn: William STRONG & Jane SHOULDICE, both of Tuckersmith, 28 March 1900 at Tuckersmith 008346-00 (Huron Co): Whiteford L. SWITZER, 24, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o Fletcher D. SWITZER & Eliza DOUPE married Minnie E. SAWYER, 19, Blanshard, Usborne, d/o Aaron SAWYER & Sarah HAZELWOOD. Wit: William J. SAWYER and Mrs. W. J. SAWYER, both of Winchelsea. January 2, 1900 at Usborne
008093-00 (Huron Co): George F. W. THOMPSON, 35, lumberman, Huron Co, Owen Sound, s/o George THOMPSON & Mary WILLIS married Isabella MATHESON, 53, widow, d/o Hugh & Johanna MATHESON. Wit: A. E. M. THOMPSON of Clinton and Margaret HOLDEN of Detroit. June 24, 1900 at Goderich. 8399-00 David THOMSON, 37, farmer, Howick twp., Grey twp., s/o William THOMSON & Margaret GIBSON, married Jane HYSLOP, 35, Turnberry twp., same, d/o Alexander HYSLOP & Jane RUTHERFORD, witn: John THOMSON of Harrison River BC & Elizabeth HYSLOP of Turnberry, 19 Dec 1900 at Wroxeter
008100-00 (Huron Co): William TROWBRIDGE, 35, car conductor, Michigan, Detroit Mich, s/o Am_? TROWBRIDGE & Annie PACE married Annie MURRAY, 35, Canada, Goderich, d/o Angus MURRAY & Henrietta McDONALD. Wit: W. McDONALD and Annie BUCHANAN, both of Goderich. September 12, 1900 at Goderich. 8256-00 John George TURNBULL, 28, farmer, Grey, Grey twp., s/o James TURNBULL & Agnes M. MILNE, married Sarah J. KERNAGHEN, 24, Morris, same, d/o James KERNAGHEN & Mary HEDGERWOOD, witn: William TURNBULL of Grey twp & Eliza THOMPSON of Oneida - Haldimand Co, 21 Nov. 1900 at Morris
008301-00 (Huron) Albert W. VAIL, 29, merchant, Delaware, Newberry, s/o John VAIL & Harriet BENTLY, to Carrie HICKS, 31, Centralia, Same, s/o Richard HICKS & Rebecca ELSTON, wit: N. E. HICKS of Howich & Willie VAIL of Newberry, 2 May 1900, Centralia 008389-00 (Huron Co): Albert J. WAITE, 33, comm. traveller, Thornley England, Toronto Ont, s/o John WAITE & Mary ALLEN married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 27, Glenallen Ont, Wingham, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary CASEMORE. Wit: Mattie CAMPBELL of Wingham and P. W. BURCHARD of Toronto. September 19, 1900 at Wingham
009009-01 (Huron Co): David WALKER, 34, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Thomas WALKER & Flora HUNTER married Isabella Jane McTAVISH, 29, Turnberry, same, d/o John S. McTAVISH & Margaret BONE. Wit: John McTAVISH of Turnberry and Flora E. WALKER of Howick. December 6, 1900 at Turnberry 008302-00 (Huron) Jas. D. WANN, 27, farmer, West Williams, same, s/o Jos. E. WANN & Annie HOOVER, to Jessie EAST, 23, Peel Co., Stephen tp., d/o Samuel EAST & Isabella SHORE, wit: James McLEOD of W. Williams & Dorcas EAST of Stephen, 16 May 1900, Stephen
008176-00 (Huron Co): Robert John WARRELL, 28, farmer, Nissouri, Howick, s/o James WARRELL & Arabella PERRY married Fanny HYNDMAN, 26, Howick, same, d/o Samuel HYNDMAN & Catherine SPENCE. Wit: William HYNDMAN of Newbridge and Jennie WARRELL of Howick. February 7, 1900 at Howick 008232-00 (Huron Co): John Alexander WATT, 25, farmer, Ontario, Hullett, s/o George WATT & Mary REID married Mary Letitia MULDOON, 24, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Christopher MULDOON & Elizabeth McKEE. Wit: George MULDOON of Leadbury and Mary S. WATT of Harlock. January 31, 1900 at McKillop
008390-00 (Huron Co): John R. P. WELLS, 28, finisher, McKillop, Wingham, s/o George WELLS & Elizabeth BALLANCE married Elizabeth SANSON, 24, tailoress, Turnberry, Wingham, d/o William SANSON & Emma VANSTONE. Wit: Wesley WATCHER and Mary WELLS, both of Wingham. November 21, 1900 at Wingham.  
8350-00 George Newton WILLIAMS, 25, farmer, Logan twp., Usborne, s/o Eleazer WILLIAMS & Ellen CONLEY, married Laura Maud MADGE, 23, Usborne, same, d/o Philip MADGE & Sarah Ann ISAAC, witn: Thornton C. UNGER of Napanee & Ethel M. MADGE of Usborne, 26 Dec 1900 at Usborne 008298-00 (Huron) John H. WILLIS, 36, farmer, Stephen tp., same, widower, s/o Thomas WILLIS & Sarah Ann SMITH, to Louise STEVENS, 41, Stephen tp., Crediton, widow, d/o John BEDFORD & Elizabeth COOK, wit: Thomas WILLIS Jr. & Mrs. Thomas WILLIS both of Stephen, 14 March 1900, Crediton
8359-00 George WILSON, 32, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o James WILSON & Ellen INGLIS, married Catherine E. SUTHERLAND, 24, East Wawanosh, same, d/o William SUTHERLAND & Isabella ROBSON, witn: William WILSON & Margaret SUTHERLAND, both of East Wawanosh, 12 Sept 1900 at res of the bride's father, Lot 31, Con 13 of East Wawanosh 7797-99 Samuel G. WILSON, 21, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o Joseph WILSON & Mary A. GIBSON, married Frances E. SALKELD, 24, Goderich twp., same, d/o John SALKELD & Ellen BEST, witn: Harry L. SALKELD & Jennie WILSON, both of Goderich, 10 Jan 1900 at Goderich twp.,
008253-00 (Huron Co): Samuel WOODMAN, 50, widower, butcher, Devonshire England, Londesborough, s/o James WOODMAN & Rachel MANNING married Martha PRINGLE, 36, widow, Londesborough, same, d/o George COCKERLINE & Elizabeth WHITTIKER. Wit: Evelyn M. OATEN and Mrs. R. J. CLEGG, both of Belgrave. June 13, 1900 at Belgrave 008254-00 (Huron Co): John WREN, 31, farmer, Seneca Twp Haldimand Co, Oneida Haldimand Co, s/o Gower WREN & Mary CREIGHTON married Mary POLLOCK, 34, Morris, same, d/o James POLLOCK & Jane CREIGHTON. Wit: William POLLOCK and Mary POLLOCK, both of Morris. June 20, 1900 at Morris
008206-00 (Huron Co): David WRIGHT, 27, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o John WRIGHT & Mary Ann REID married Lucy BALL, 22, Hullett, same, d/o John BALL & Sarah Jane PALMER. Wit: John WRIGHT of Goderich Twp and Mary BALL of Hullett. January 17, 1900 at Hullett 008234-00 (Huron Co): Charles WRIGHT, 26, laborer, Michigan, McKillop, s/o Charles WRIGHT & Jane FERGUSON married Margaret GIBSON, 34, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Robert GIBSON & Matilda SHANNON. Wit: Mrs. Susannah MUSGROVE and Miss Maud DAVIDSON, both of McKillop. April 9, 1900 at McKillop
008145-00 (Huron) William YULE, 22, laborer, Fullarton, same, s/o Alexander YULE & Sarah SPIRE, to Catharine EDIGHOFER, 24, Hay, same, d/o Adam EDIGHOFER & Mary KEINHARDT, wit: Edward EDIGHOFER & Mande PORTEOUS both of Hay, 18 April 1900, Hay