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Huron Co., 1876


4482-76 George ABBOTT, 31, widower, foreman dreger, USA, Goderich, s/o George W. ABBOTT & Olive Ann NUTTING, married Agnes HYSLOP, 23, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Robert HYSLOP & Agnes ROBINSON, witn: John MITCHEL & Mary HYSLOP, both of Goderich, 20 May 1876 at Goderich  
004220-76  Albert A. ADAMS, 21, miller, Canada, Turnberry, s/o Ransom W. ADAMS & Mrs. R.W. ADAMS married Margaret McINTOSH, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Peter McINTOSH & Mrs. Peter McINTOSH. Wit George Henry ADAMS of Turnberry and William LECHIE of Grey. September 1, 1876 at Wroxeter. 004410-76  David AGAR, 48, farmer, Yorkshire England, Morris, s/o William & Sarah married Annie FELL, 40 widow, Yorkshire England, Morris, d/o William & Charlotte ROBSON. Wit: George TURVEY and Elizabeth AGAR, both of Morris. Date not given, 1876 at Morris
4325-76 Alexander AITKINS, 23, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o James & Sarah, married Jane ARMSTRONG, 21, NY state, Stephen, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: George AITKINS of Stephen & James GILBERT of West Williams, 7 March 1876 at Crediton #004188-76  Isaac ANGER, 26, farmer, Angalo, Howick, s/o Peter & Rachel, married Susanna HEENER, 26, Waterloo, Howick, d/o George & Mary, witn: George ANGER & John HEENER, both of Wallace, 13 Dec 1876 at Howick
#004073-76  Robert ARMSTRONG, 32, farmer, Ireland, Stanley, s/o James & Mary, married Nannie? POLLOCK, 25, Stanley, same, d/o John & Ann, witnesses were John POLLOCK & Elizabeth SHAW, both of Stanley, 31 May, 1876 at Stanley #004187-76  Edward ARMSTRONG, 29, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o William & Ann, married Angelina WEIR, 21, Cartwright, Howick, d/o David & Jane, witn: William SPENCE & Agnes WEIR, both of Howick, 12 Oct 1876 at Howick
004332-77  William ATWOOD, 25, labourer, England, Bayfield, s/o Joseph & Jane ATWOOD married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 24, Canada, Sauble Line, d/o Christopher & Catherine JOHNSTON. Wit John JOHNSTON and Jane JOHNSTON, both of Sauble Line. October 18, 1876 at Bayfield. 004429-76  James Currie AULD, 22, farmer, Ayr Oxford Co, East Wawanosh, s/o James AULD & Isabella CURRIE married Mary ROSS, 18, West Zorra, East Wawanosh, d/o William & Melina ROSS. Wit: John ROSS of East Wawanosh and William STEWART of Hullett. February 24, 1876 at Wingham
  #004353-76  Richard BAKER, 21, mason, Stephen twp., Crediton, s/o William & Ann, married Susanna THAYER, 18, St. Marys, Crediton, d/o Isaac Harris & Elizabeth, witn: S.J. ALLIN of Exeter & J.W. CAMERON of London, 9 Aug 1876 at Exeter (Bible Chr.)
004322-76 (Huron) Joseph C. BANES, 24, Pump maker, Canada, Stephen, s/o William & Betsey A. BANES to May or Mary STEPHEN, 19, Canada, Crediton, d/o Michael & Susan STEPHEN, wit: Job? ?, and Ann STEVEN of Crediton, 28 December 1876, Crediton #004071-76  William BASKER, 25, torn page, torn page, Stanley, s/o John BASKER & Catherine DERR, married Susanna McKINLEY, 19, Stanley, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witnesses were Henry & Margaret SHAFER of Kippen, 21 March 1876 at Kippen, Stanley twp
#004153-76  Robert BEAR, 25, farmer, England, Colborne, s/o George & Caroline, married Sarah Ann HASSELWOOD, 23, Goderich twp., Hullett, d/o Matthew & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas SMITH of Stapleton & Hannah HASSELWOOD of Hullett, 22 Nov 1876 at Clinton 004082-76  John W. BEAVER, 24, cloth worker, Trowbridge England, Hespeler Ontario married Jane OLDFIELD, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William & not given OLDFIELD. Wit: John OLDFIELD and Eliza OLDFIELD, both of Tuckersmith. May 24, 1876 at Tuckersmith
004417-76  Alfred W. BELFREY, 22, merchant, Canada, Stayner, s/o Ira BELFRY & Ann HOWE married Laura SHANE, 19, Canada, Blyth, d/o William SHANE & Annie RATTENBURG. Wit: Charlotte E. JOSLYN and Emeline C. JOSLYN, both of Blyth. February 23, 1876 at Blyth  
#004186-76  John BELL, 21, farmer, Minto, same, s/o George & Eliza, married Mary Jane McGUIRE, 18, Arthur, Minto, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn; Richard McGRATH & Eliza HERSHAW, bothof Gorrie, 26 July 1876 at Gorrie 4485-76 John BELL, 23, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh twp., s/o Hap BELL & Mary FAHEY, married Sarah FLUKER, 22, Ireland, Wawanosh, d/o John FLUKER & Catherine DORAN, witn: Henry BELL & Isabella McKENZIE, both of Wawanosh twp., 20 April 1876 at Goderich
004363-76  John BEVERIDGE, 24, teacher, Scotland, Usborne, s/o James & Johanna BEVERIDGE married Sophia MANNING, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o Samuel & Ann MANNING. Wit: John EDY of London and Charles SNELL of Exeter. January 4, 1876 at Usborne 004395-76  John BEVERIDGE, 24, teacher, Scotland, Usborne, s/o James & Johanna BEVERIDGE married Sophia MANNING, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o Samuel & Ann MANNING. Wit: John EEDY of London and Charles SNELL of Exeter. January 4, 1876 at Usborne
4090-76 Benjamin BLAIR, 30, farmer, West Gwillimbury, Harwich, s/o William BLAIR & Elizabeth COOPER, married Elsie Jane COOPER, 20, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William COOPER & Ann BUTCHARD, witn: Andrew BLAIR & Hannah COOPER, both of Tuckersmith, 2 Feb 1876 at Tuckersmith 004319-76 (Huron) Henry BLAKE, 35, yeoman, Walpole, Downie, s/o Patrick BLAKE & Bridget BANES, to Margaret FOGARTY, 35, McGillvray, same, d/o Patrick FOGARTY & Catherine SLEEHAN, wit: Michael BLAKE & Catherine GLESON?, 28 February 1876, Biddulph [reg'd in Stephen twp]
4330-76 Richard BLATCHFORD, 27, blacksmith, England, Usborne, s/o John & Frances, married Frances BEND (Beird?), 23, Ontario, Stephen, d/o Humphrey & Jane, witn: John BEND of Stephen & Elizabeth PATRICK of McGillivray, 25 Jan 1876 at Bible Christian Church, Stephen 4091-76 J. Francis BLATCHFORD, 23, blacksmith, Darlington twp., Usborne twp., s/o John BLATCHFORD & Frances WHITE, married Margaret BUCHANAN, 25, Usborne twp., same, d/o Alexander BUCHANAN & Margaret MOIR, witn: Joseph BLATCHFORD & Caroline POLLARD, 18 Feb 1876 at Kippen
#004154-76  John BONEY, 54, widower, brick layer, England, Clinton, s/o James & Agnes, married Lucy COOPER, 52, widow, England, Clinton, d/o William & Lucy MILLARD, witn: Marian BROCK of Clinton, 28 Nov 1876 at Clinton 4159-77 Thomas H. BOULGER, 24, farmer, Whitby, Howick, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Isabella HARGRAVE, 23, Canada, Howick, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: Joseph DARCY & Grace HARGRAVE, both of Howick, 27 Dec 1876 at Gorrie
#004072-76  Thomas BOYES, 25, torn page, En--, Tuckersmith, s/o Joames BOYES & Elizabeth NOBLE, married Betsy SWAN, 21, Stanley, same, d/o Andrew SWAN & Jane DURIE, witnesses were Robert ARCHER & G. DURIE, March 1, 1876 at Brucefield, Stanley twp #004379-76  Marshall BRAITHWAITE, 27, farmer, Yorkshire England, Hullett, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Margaret Alice McVITTIE, 19, Hullett, same, d/o Simon & Alice, witnesses were Isaac LAWRENCE & Elizabeth Adams McVITTIE, both of Hullett, 25 Oct., 1876 at Hullett
4451-76  Charles BRIMACOMBE, 25, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Richard & Ann, married Kezia ROWCLIFFE, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o John & Jane, witn: Philip ROWCLIFFE & Emma HARDING, both of Usborne, 31 Oct 1876 at Usborne 004154-77  Joseph BROWNELL, 32, merchant, Osnabrook, Seaforth, s/o James & Jane BROWNELL married Harriet Jane CHARLESWORTH, 21, Galt, Egmondville, d/o Martin & Elizabeth CHARLESWORTH. Wit William HILL and Ellen CHARLESWORTH, both of Seaforth. November 22, 1876 at Egmondville.
#004351-76  Joseph William BROWNING, 32, widower, medical doctor, England, Exeter, s/o William & Eliza, married Lizzie McDONELL, 21, Exeter, same, d/o John & Dorothy, witn: A.L. HOLMES of Exeter, 21 July 1876 at Exeter 004409-76  Patrick BUCKLEY, 37, tinsmith, Ireland, Paris, s/o John BUCKLEY & Hannah KENNELLY married Catherine HOOD, 25, Scotland, Morris, d/o George HOOD & Jane LAIDLAW. Wit: John HOOD and Mary W. HOOD, both of Morris. May 31, 1876 at Morris
004101-76  William BURNS, 40, widower, farmer, Ireland, Wawanosh, s/o William & Mary BURNS married Elizabeth WILKINSON, widow, Cornwall Eng, Ashfield, d/o Thomas & Mary CORNELIUS. Wit James CORNELIUS and Ann Jane WATSON, both of Ashfield. August 15, 1876 at Ashfield. 004373-76  Hugh CAMERON, 27, blacksmith, Laggan Scotland, Hullett, s/o Duncan & Mary CAMERON married Mary McMICHAEL, 20, Glenford Canada, Hullett, d/o John & Mary McMICHAEL. Wit: William McMICHAEL and Sophia SUTHERLAND, both of Hullett. May 9, 1876 at Hullett
004335-77  Joseph CAMPBELL, 28, plaster, Scotland, Goderich, s/o John & Kate CAMPBELL married Mary J. McBRIDE, 23, Scotland, Ashfield, d/o William & Mary McBRIDE. Wit Evan EVANS and Rebecca EVANS, both of Bayfield. November 9, 1876 at Bayfield.  
4335-76 Thomas CARDIFF, 27, farmer, Leeds Co., Grey, s/o Mark & Margaret, married Eliza FERGUSON, 19, Leeds Co., McKillop, d/o James & Margaret, witn: William J. CARDIFF & Margaret J. WILLIAMS, both of Grey, 14 June 1876 at not given 004358-76  Noah CHANT, 25, laborer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Noah & Harriet CHANT married Fanny KNIGHT, 19, Usborne, same, d/o John & Esther KNIGHT. Wit: W. H. TROTT and Dinah KNIGHT, both of Exeter. November 15, 1876 at Exeter
#004352-76  James P. CHASE, 23, painter, Glasgow Scotland, Brucefield, s/o Moses & Sarah, married Sarah YOUNG, 22, Brucefield, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John YOUNG of Brucefield & Sarah Jane SWEET of Exeter, 27 July 1876 at Exeter 4163-76 Benjamin CHURCHILL, 24, farmer, Goderich twp., Hullett twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Dorcas EAST, 20, Hullett twp., same, d/o Thomas & Dorcas, witn: William EAST & Elizabeth CHURCHILL, both of Hullett twp., 5 Jan 1876 at St. Paul's Church
004227-77  Peter CLARK, 32, blacksmith, Scotland, St. Helen's Wawanosh, s/o George & Margaret CLARK married Ann McKENZIE, 24, Prov. of Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Colin & Ann McKENZIE. Wit Roderick DOUGLASS and John McKENZIE, res. not given. October 26, 1876 at Ashfield. 4475-76 John Henry COLBORNE, 36, merchant, NY City, Goderich, s/o Alexander & Lydia, married Ellen BRUCE, 21, Canada, Goderich, d/o John BRUCE & Jane DEVER, witn: Martha BRUCE, Ann GORDON & Francis JORDAN, all of Goderich, 30 Aug 1876 at Goderich
4332-76 William COLLINGWOOD, 21, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o Thomas COLLINGWOOD & Violet DICKSON, married Grace WALSH, 19, Stephen, same, d/o William & Charlotte, witn: Mabel BOX & William WALSH, both of Stephen, 29 June 1876 at Ailsa Craig [reg'd in Stephen twp] 4455-76 Robert COLLINSON, 21, farmer, England, Colborne, s/o John & Catherine, married Catherine McLAREN, 28, Canada, Colborne, d/o Duncan McLAREN & Janet ANDERSON, witn: George W. CLARK & Mary COLLINSON, both of Colborne, 28 Sept 1876 at Colborne
004208-77  David CONNELL, 23, carpenter, Canada, Clinton, s/o William & Sarah CONNELL married Jane JOHNSTON, 23, Goderich Twp, same, d/o James & Mary Ann JOHNSTON. Wit Alexander MOORE of Goderich and Sadena JOHNSTON of Goderich Twp. October 26, 1876 at Holmesville. 004362-76  William CONWORTHY, 33, labourer, Newport Wales, Exeter, s/o William & Grace CONWORTHY married Sarah BURDEN, 31, Devonshire England, Usborne, d/o Samuel & Johanna BURDEN. Wit: Richard HARTNELL and Mary Ann CORNISH, both of Usborne. January 11,1876 at Exeter
#004377-76  William COOK, 22, blacksmith, Hullett, McKillop twp., s/o Hartman & Salome, married Harriet SNELL, 19, Hullett, same, d/o James & Mary, witnesses were John SNELL of Hullett & John SCARLETT of McKillop, 19 July, 1876 at Hullett 004337-77  Charles COOK, 24, labourer, England, Goderich Twp., s/o George & Sarah COOK married Sarah SPREADBURY, 18, England, with Mr. Ritchie, Stanley, d/o Joseph & Eliza SPREADBURY. Wit Joseph PENNINGTON of Goderich and Elizabeth SPREADBURY of Goderich Twp. November 21, 1876 at Bayfield.
#004348-76  Robert CORNYN, illegible age, gentleman, Canada, Wingham, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah ORR, illegible age, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o William & Rachel, witn: William ARMSTRONG of Wingham & Jane FOWLER of W. Wawanosh, 26 Jan 1876 at W. Wawanosh 4345-76 William COULTER, 26, yeoman, Nassagaweya, West Wawanosh, s/o John COULTER & Jane GRAHAM, married Jannet McGEE, 27, Darling twp., West Wawanosh, d/o Henry McGEE & Catherine DOW, witn: Samuel COULTER & Annie GORDON, both of West Wawanosh, 3 Oct. 1876 at West Wawanosh
004307-77  Hugh Henry COWAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o Alex & Mary COWAN married Amelia BRECKENRIDGE, 20, Canada, Grey, d/o David & Jane BRECKENRIDGE. Wit Alex McALLISTER of Grey and Mary COWAN of Morris. December 29, 1876 at Grey. 004396-76  William COWARD, 24, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Robert & Mary Ann COWARD married Mary Elizabeth FRANCIS, 21, Canada, Usborne, d/o Henry & Elizabeth FRANCIS. Wit: Sarah FRANCIS and Daniel COWARD, both of Usborne. March 14, 1876 at Usborne
004210-77  William John COX, 26, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o James & Mary? (ink on name) COX married Elizabeth STURDY, 22, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Christopher & Mary STURDY. Wit Thomas COX of Goderich Twp and Emily STURDY, res. not given. September 12, 1876 at Goderich Twp. 004368-76  Richard L. CRAVEN, 22, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Linwood & Jane CRAVEN married Adley GARNETT, 23, Markham, McGillivray, d/o Robert & Eliza GARNETT. Wit: Francis ROLLINS and Theresa HAWKSHAW, both of Exeter. May 17, 1876 at Exeter
004095-76  Herbert CRICH, 24, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Samuel CRICH & Julia DAVIS married Eliza TOWNSEND, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James TOWNSEND & Ann ASHTON?. Wit Thomas TOWNSEND and William TOWNSEND, both of Tuckersmith. March 14, 1876 at Tuckersmith. 004435-76  James CURRY, 44, widower, farmer, Ireland, Turnberry, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth CURRY married Ann STYLES, 33, widow, Ireland, Wingham, d/o Robert & Jiles? GROVES. Wit: James GLENDENNING of Turnberry and Mary CORNYN of Wingham. July 26, 1876 at Wingham
004211-77 (Huron Co George DALE, 26, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o Christopher & Harriett married Martha SHEPPARD, 20, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o James & Elizabeth SHEPPARD. Wit George SHEPPARD of Goderich Twp and Alice DALE of Hullett. September 12, 1876 at Goderich Twp. 004492-76  Michael DALTON, 33, farmer, Ireland, Ashfield, s/o John DALTON & Elizabeth HAYTHORN married Elizabeth YOUNG, 25, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o James YOUNG & Jane COUTTS. Wit: John YOUNG and Jane YOUNG, both of Goderich Twp. February 28, 1876 at Town of Goderich (RC)
4448-76  Joseph DAUNCEY, 31, farmer, Canada, McGillivray, s/o Aaron & Sarah, married Ann HIND, 25, England, Usborne, illegitimate d/o Mary HIND, witn: Richard & Mary YOUNG of Stephen, 28 Sept 1876 at Usborne 4463-76 Hugh DAVIDSON, 25, Oswego NY, Wawanosh twp., s/o John DAVIDSON & Mary ENNIS, married Mary Ann HEDGER, 21, Manvers twp., Goderich, d/o John HEDGERS & Mary MURDOCK, witn: Andrew HEDGER & Colville WALKER, both of Goderich, 11 Oct 1876 at Goderich
4490-76 John DELMAN, 25, mechanic, Lamary?, Goderich, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Sarah BAUMSTACK, 24, Goderich, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Anthony BAUMSTACK & Catherine ROSS, both of Goderich, 1 Feb 1876 at Goderich 004360-76  Jules DESJARDINE, 21, farmer, Canada, Hay, s/o not given married Virgine GENERUX, 20, Canada, Hay, d/o not given. Wit: Silas BELL and Josephine GENERUX, both of Hay. January 19, 1876 at Exeter
#004287-76  John DILLING, 45, widower, farmer, Devon England, Stephen twp., s/o John & Jane, married Elizabeth MITCHELL, 30, Devon England, Grey twp., d/o Thomas & Judith, witn: Charles ANDERSON & Mary MITCHELL, both of Grey twp., 8 Nov 1876 at Brussels 4337-76 Peter DODDS, 26, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Thomas DODDS & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Ellen DORRANCE, 24, McKillop, same, d/o Samuel DORRANCE & Ellen MAYS, witn: David DORRANCE & Robert DODDS, both of McKillop, 27 Sept 1876 at not given
04213-77  Walton DODSWORTH, 40, widower, farmer, s/o Aanthony & Ann DODSWORTH married Ann P. BAILEY, 34, England, Goderich Twp, s/o John & Ann PARKER. Wit Anthony DODSWORTH and Ann DODSWORTH, res. not stated. February 20, 1876, at Clinton. 004366-76  Thomas Henry DORRELL, 32, butcher, England, St. Mary's Ontario, s/o William & Mary Ann DORRELL married Sarah WESTCOTT, 32, England, Usborne, d/o Henry & Elizabeth WESTCOTT. Wit: John M. HOOPER and George BISSETT, both of Exeter. January 1, 1876 at Exeter
004406-76  John DULMAGE, 23, mechanic, Michigan, Blyth, s/o Adam DULMAGE & Mary CAMPBELL married Annie CUMMINFORD, 20, Canada, Blyth, d/o Patrick CUMMINFORD & Ann FLYNN. Wit: Thomas W. DRYDEN and Charlotte WHILLINGTON, both of Blyth. December 27, 1876 at Blyth 4489-76 George DUNLOP, 25, carpenter, Goderich, Sarnia, s/o John DUNLOP & Agnes RICHMOND, married Esther INMAN, 24, Ireland, Goderich, d/o Thomas INMAN & Eliza HILL, witn: John MATEER? & William INMAN, both of Goderich, 5 May 1876 at Goderich
#004327-76  Joseph EDWARDS, 24, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o John & Louisa, married Mary J. KING, 21, Canada, Stephen, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Isaac READ & Matilda KING, both of Stephen, 14 April 1876 at Bethel Church, Stephen 004087-76  William ELGIE, 25, farmer, Toronto, Tuckersmith, s/o Robert ELGIE & Elizabeth WILES married Hannah TRAQUAIR, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John TRAQUAIR & Janet RITCHIE. Wit: George SHAW and George ELGIE, not given. November 9, 1876 at Tuckersmith
004355-76  Frederick H. ENGLAND, 21, carpenter, Brownley England, Exeter, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ENGLAND married Martha Ann SMALE, 18, Exeter, same, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth SMALE. Wit: William STOREMAN Sr and William STOREMAN Jr., both of Tuckersmith. October 13, 1876 at Exeter 004411-76  Joseph J. ENGLAND, 24, farmer, Ontario, Morris, s/o Joseph ENGLAND & Jane VAN NORMAN married Elizabeth BRADBURN, 24, Ontario, Morris, d/o Alexander BRADBURN & Elizabeth GWINN. Wit: Christopher England and Mary Ann BRADBURN. January 5, 1876 at Morris
004336-77  John ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o John & Elizabeth ELLIOTT married Catherine Jane COX, 26, Canada, Goderich Twp., d/o John & Ann COX. Wit Joseph A. ELLIOTT of Goderich and Eliza J. ERWIN of Varna. November 18, 1876 at Bayfield 004326-77  Alexander ESLOR, 40, farmer, Ireland, Stanley, s/o Alexander & Ellen ESLOR married Sarah JOHNSTON, 35, Ireland, Stanley, d/o William & Elizabeth JOHNSTON. Wit Mrs. D. CAMERON and Mrs. L. CAMERON, both of Bayfield. March 31, 1876 at Bayfield.
004334-77  Evan EVANS, 21, plasterer, Canada, Goderich, s/o John & Elizabeth EVANS married Rebecca McINTOSH, 21, Canada, Bayfield, d/o E. & Margaret McINTOSH. Wit Joseph CAMPBELL of Goderich and Mary J. McBRIDE of Bayfield. November 9, 1876 at Bayfield. 004425-76  George FALCONER, 25, labourer, Huron Co, Teeswater, s/o James FALCONER & Elizabeth NICHOL married Catherine FRASER, 21, Ontario, Culross, d/o John FRASER & Margaret FRASER. Wit: Levi FRASER and Christina FRASER, both of Culross. January 26, 1876 at Wingham
4324-76 Christian FINKBEINER, 24, teamster, Germany, Stephen, s/o Mathias & Maria, married Caroline WOLF, 22, Stephen, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob GEISER & Barbara FINKBEINER, both of Stephen, 4 March 1876 at Crediton 4227-76 Benjamin P. FISHER, 23, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o Joseph J. FISHER & Nancy P. BAKER, married Mary Ann BISSETT, 24, Canada, Colborne, d/o Robert BISSETT & Mary Ann VANSTONE, witn: Peter BISSETT & Lucy FISHER, both of Colborne, 8 Feb 1876 at Colborne
004311-76 (Huron) Peter FLANNEGAN, 38, yeoman, Ireland, Stephen, s/o John FLANNEGAN & Mary McGINIS, to Johanna SULLIVAN, 32, Rochester, Stephen, d/o Patrick & Ellen SULLIVAN, wit: Patrick Sullivan & Bridget COLLINS both of Stephen, 15 November 1876, Mount Carmel 004385-76  William FLETCHER, 24, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Michael & Esther Ann FLETCHER married Emily STRAFFON, 21, Canada, Usborne, d/o Henry & Eliza STRAFFON. Wit: Thomas CLARK and Hannah STRAFFON, both of Usborne. March 23, 1876 at Woodham
004497-76  Delphus FLEURY, 28, mechanic, Canada, Goderich, s/o Eli FLEURY & Sophia DESETTE married Louise TELLIER, 24, Canada, Goderich, d/o Erlet TELLIER & Sophia PAPINEAU. Wit: John HAGERTY and Mary TELLIER, both of Goderich. January 27, 1876 at Goderich (RC) 4089-76 Alexander FORSYTH, 23, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Alexander FORSYTH & Jane MUSTARD, married Margaret McKENZIE, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William McKENZIE & Elizabeth HALL, wit: John McKENZIE & John FORSYTH, both of Tuckersmith, 14 Jan 1876 at Tuckersmith
004371-76  William FOSTER, 20, farm labourer, Dedington Oxfordshire England, Londesboro Hullett Twp, s/o Thomas & Eliza FOSTER married Eliza FOSTER, 16, St. Peter Lincolnshire England, Londesboro Hullett, d/o Frederick & Susan FOSTER. Wit: Elizabeth A. FOSTER and Frederick FOSTER, both of Londesboro. April 16, 1876 at Londesboro 004401-76  Peter FOWLER, 46, widower, farmer, Scotland, Morris, s/o James FOWLER & Ann TAIT married Isabella PATTERSON, 39, Scotland, Bluevale, d/o John PATTERSON & Margaret TAYLOR. Magnus SPENCE and Mrs. SPENCE, both of Morris. April 28, 1876 at Bluevale
004418-76  Allan M. FRALICK, 26, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o Benjamin & Isabella FRALICK married Eliza Margaret BAIRD, 17, Canada, Turnberry, d/o William & Lillian BAIRD. Wit: Richard BATES and Jane WRIGHT, of not given. February 29, 1876 at Morris 004436-76  Levi FRASER, 24, carpenter, Ontario, Teeswater, s/o William FRASER & Jane MOORE married Isabella McKINNON, 21, Ontario, Teeswater, d/o Neil McKINNON & Annie BOWIE. Wit: John FRASER and Margaret McKINNON, of not given. August 2, 1876 at Wingham
004316-76 (Huron) Mathias FUNKER, 66, mason, Wurtemberg Germany, Crediton, Widower, s/o Not Known, to Margaret WOODY, 48, Germany, Puslinch, Widow, d/o Not Known, wit: Charles & Gotlob BROWN of Crediton, 1 October 1876, Crediton 4487-76 John GALLAGHER, 29, farmer, Colborne twp., same, s/o Patrick GALLAGHER & Margaret SCANLON, married Mary LONGWORTH, 21, Goderich, Colborne, d/o Benjamin LONGWORTH & Letitia HOWIE, witn: Lizzie J. HOWELL of Goderich & Matilda GALLAGHER of Colborne, 1 June 1876 at Goderich
004386-76  William GARDNER, 23, cheese maker, Canada, Hibbert, s/o Robert & Janet GARDNER married Jane ALLISON, 20, Canada, Usborne, d/o John & Jane ALLISON. Wit: James GARDNER of Hibbert and Janet ALLISON of Usborne. May 5, 1876 at Usborne 004427-76  Elijah GARTON, 25, farmer, England, East Wawanosh, s/o Henry & Sarah GARTON married Jane COULTER, 22, Nassagaweya, East Wawanosh, d/o John & Hannah COULTER. Wit: Benjamin TAYLOR and David TAYLOR, both of Wawanosh. December 25, 1876 at Wingham
004365-76  Moses GEIGER, 25, farmer, Canada, Hay, s/o Daniel & Magdelena GEIGER married Catherine ECKSTAEN, 25, Canada, Hay, d/o John & Elizabeth ECKSTAEN. Wit: William GRIGG and Ida HAND, both of Exeter. March 21, 1876 at Exeter 004314-76 (Huron) James GILBERT, 24, farmer, Canada, McGillvray, s/o Not Known, to Jane AITKIN, 21, Canada, Stephen, d/o James & Mary Ann AITKINS, wit: John W. & Mary Ann CARROLL of Crediton, 10 May 1876, Crediton
4340-76 John GILLESPIE, 27, farmer, Fifeshire Scotland, Hullett twp., s/o William & Ellen Penman GILLESPIE, married Mary Reid BAIN, 28, Fifeshire Scotland, Hullett twp., d/o David BAIN & Margaret PAGE, witn: William GILLESPIE & John McMILLAN, both of Hullett, 8 June 1876 at Hullett #004158-76  William GILLESPIE, 24, farmer, Scotland, Hullett, s/o William & Ellen, married Aggie HILL, 22, Canada, Clinton, d/o George & Hannah, witn James GILLESPIE & George HENDERSON, 23 Nov 1876 at Clinton
4477-76 Robert GIVEN, 27, carpenter, USA, Goderich, s/o Joseph GIVEN & Margaret JAMIESON, married Margaret WEBSTER, 22, Scotland, Goderich, d/o James WEBSTER & Ann MORRISON, witn: James STRACHAN & George A. HUNTER, both of Goderich, 30 Aug 1876 at Goderich #004070-76  Walter GRIEVE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Stanley, s/o John & Mary, married Isabella TURNER, 18, Stanley, same, d/o William & Isabella, witnesses were Robert & Ann E. STANZEL of Stanley, 16 May, 1876 at Varna, Stanley twp
#004378-76  Robert GRIEVE, 35, widower, blacksmith, McKillop twp., Kinburn - Hullet twp., s/o James & Isabella, married Ellen JOHNSTON, 26, Tuckersmith, Kinburn, d/o James & Margaret, witnesses were John GRIEVE of Hullett & Katie JOHNSTON of Kinburn, 16 Aug., 1876 at Hullett  
004496-76  Benjamin HAMMELL, 26, yeoman, Beverly Twp, Paris Ontario, s/o Charles & Matilda HAMMELL married Mary Elizabeth PASMORE, 19, Goderich, same, d/o John PASSMORE (sic) & Almira INGALLS. Wit: James THOMPSON and A. A. BOWES, both of Goderich. March 22, 1876 at Goderich #004380-76  John HANLON, 27, farm laborer, Tipperary Ireland, Hullett, s/o John & Catherine, married Ellen SMITH, 20, Oxfordshire England, Morris twp., d/o Kemuel & Mary Ann, witnesses were Albert & Rebecca SMITH of Morris, Nov. 2, 1876 at Londesborough, Hullett twp
004083-76  John HANNAH, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o John HANNAH & Catherine McKAY married Mary CAMPBELL, 24, Tuckersmith, same, d/o David CAMPBELL & Isabella WALKER. Wit: John PAYNE of Seaforth and John CAMPBELL of Tuckersmith. June 27, 1876 at Tuckersmith (also 4341-76) 004419-76  William James HANNAH, 23, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o William & Alice HANNAH married Sarah COWAN, 20, Canada, Morris, d/o Alexander & Mary Jane COWAN. Wit: John BLACK of Turnberry and Mary COWAN of not given. March 3, 1876 at Morris
  004318-77  Thomas HARBOTTLE, 23, farmer, Edwardsburgh Ont, Grey, s/o John & Sarah HARBOTTLE married Agnes YEO, 20, Wellesley Ont, Turnberry, d/o Robert & Elizabeth YEO. Wit Arthur DENMAN of Grey and Elizabeth YEO of Turnberry. December 27, 1876 at Turnberry.
#004200-76  Isaac HARPER, 26, farmer, Bleheim, McKillop twp., s/o Robert & Ann, married Matilda INGRAM, 17, McKillop twp., same, d/o Isaiah & Elizabeth, witn: James PH--? & Isabella INGRAM, both of McKillop twp., 12 Sept 1876 at Brussels [4291-77?] 004364-76  David HARRISON, 25, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o John & Keturah HARRISON married Carry HOLT, 22, Canada, Stephen, d/o William & Mary HOLT. Wit: John BELL of Exeter and Charles HOLT of Stephen. March 20, 1876 at Exeter
4478-76 Samuel HART, 66, widower, brick layer, England, Colborne twp., s/o Stephen HART & Mary RATHINSH?, married Sarah HAGGART, 64, England, Clinton, d/o Thomas HATCHON & Mary COBB, witn: Thomas & Emma ASHTON of Goderich, 5 Sept 1876 at Goderich 004318-76 (Huron) Edward HEFFER , 22, yeoman, Hay, same, s/o Henry & Sarah, to Bridget HANNAH, 18, Stanley, Stephen, d/o James & Mary, wit: James HANNAH of Stephen & Liddy HEFFER, 10 January 1876, Mount Carmel
004222-76  Henry HEFFERNAN, 22, brick layer, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Patrick HEFFERNAN and Eliza SHEAN married Mary GALLAGHER, 21, Canada, Brant Twp, d/o Charles GALLAGHER & Rebecca CAMPBELL. Wit Hannah HEFFERNAN and John WAGNER, res. not given. October 9, 1876 at Wroxeter. #004201-76  Moses HENRY, 21, farmer, Elma twp., Grey twp., s/o Alexander & Mary, married Jane SHARP, 22, Oxford twp., Grey twp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Peter SHARP & Dinah McCRACKEN, both of Grey twp., 19 June 1876 at Brussels [4291-77?]
4085-77 Francis Jacob HIBBERT, 24, farmer, Haldimand twp., Morris twp., s/o Jarett & Nancy, married Annetta KENNEDY, 19, Maryboro twp., Morris twp., d/o William Wallace & Mary Jane, witn: William CASEMORE & Sylvester HIBBERT, both of Morris, 14 April 1876 at Morris twp .004081-76  Richard HICKS, 33, school teacher, England, Hay, s/o John & Grace HICKS married Elizabeth CURRY, 22, widow, Ontario, Stanley, d/o Robert & Elizabeth DALGETTY. Wit: Robert DALGETY (sic) and Mary E. DALGETY, res not given. December 28, 1876 at Stanley
004357-76  William HODGINS, 34, labourer, McGillivray, Stephen, s/o Thomas & Mary HODGINS married Sarah Emily SHEPHERD, 16, Montreal, Stephen, d/o John & Margaret SHEPHERD. Wit: Alfred James WESTCOTT and Mary Ann SHEPHERD, both of Stephen. September 26, 1876 at Exeter 004221-76  James Taylor HODGSON, 27, Nova Scotia, Culross, s/o Ralph HODGSON & Hannah TAYLOR married Harriet GREEN, 22, England, Culross, d/o James GREEN & Susanna CASE. Wit Charles WEBB of Greenoch and Isabella SCOTT of Culross. September 6, 1876 at Wroxeter
004369-76  Henry HOIST, 22, brick maker, Germany, Stephen, s/o Richard & Catherine HOIST married Mary Ann DEARING, 20, Stephen, same, d/o William & Jane DEARING. Wit: William HEDEN and Eleanor HEDEN, both of Stephen. June 26, 1876 at Exeter 4483-76 John HOLMES, 30, farmer, Canada, Goderich twp., s/o Samuel HOLMES & Margaret SNAID, married Agnes PURVIS, 34, Canada, Goderich twp., d/o Andrew PURVIS & Agnes WALDIE, witn: Edward HOLMES & Isabella PURVIS, both of Goderich twp., 28 June 1876 at Goderich
004315-77  Jesse HOMER (Homes?), 19, farmer, Vaughan Twp York, Stanley, s/o John & Eve HOMER married Matilda WRAY, 17, Tecumseth Twp, East Wawanosh, d/o William & Elizabeth WRAY. Wit Joshua SNIDER and Letitia TOLBERT, both of Stanley. November 2, 1876 at East Wawanosh. 004140-77 (Huron Co.) Richard HORN, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Exeter, s/o William & Mary HORN married Joyce THOMPSON, 17, Ontario, Exeter, d/o Robert & Mary THOMPSON. Wit Elizabeth COLLESON and Thomas THOMPSON, both of Exeter. December 5, 1876 at Exeter.
4479-76 William HORNE, 23, cooper, Canada, Goderich, s/o John HORNE & Mary ABBOT, married Minnie McKAY, 22, Canada, Goderich, d/o James McKAY & Joanna ROSS, witn: J. BOXALL & Dollie McKAY, both of Goderich, 29 June 1876 at Goderich 004328-77  George A. HOUGHTON, 63, widower, horse buyer, Lunenburgh, Mass U.S., Seaforth, s/o Levy & Elizabeth HOUGHTON married Agnes PATTERSON, 48, widow, Scotland, Clinton, d/o William & Mary PATTERSON. Wit Susan SHARP and R. L. SHARP, not given. July 20, 1876 at Bayfield.
004431-76  Jonathan HUGILL, 20, farmer, King Twp York Co, Howick, s/o William & Charlotte HUGILL married Isabella Ann DUFFY, 19, Pilkington Twp Wellington Co, d/o Patrick & Eliza DUFFY. Wit: John DUFFY and Sarah DUFFY, both of Howick. October 4, 1876 at Wingham  
4481-76 John Alexander HUNTER, 23, carpenter, Nova Scotia, Goderich, s/o Kenneth HUNTER & Ann CAMPBELL, married Catherine McDONALD, 21, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Ann McKENZIE, witn: Kenneth HUNTER & Jane WEBSTER, both of Goderich, 4 July 1876 at Goderich 4140-76 John HUNTER, 22, carpenter, York Co., Grey twp., s/o Francis & Elisa, married Louisa ZIMMER, 20, Waterloo Co., Grey twp., d/o Jacob & Barbara, witn: William LEADBEATER & John TINDALL, both of Brussels, 29 March 1876 at Brussels
  004394-76  Solomon JAQUES, 29, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth JAQUES married Mary RODD, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o William & Ann RODD. Wit: Henry RODD and Emma J. HARDING, both of Usborne. February 16, 1876 at Usborne
4474-76 William JOHNSTON, 70, widower, carpenter, Ireland, Colborne twp., s/o Philip JOHNSTON & Alice CAMPBELL, married Mary NAEGLE, 41, Germany, Colborne twp., d/o Anton NAEGLE & Mary LAUBER, witn: George F. YOUNGBLUT & William BORLAND, both of Wawanosh twp., 29 Sept 1876 at Goderich 4441-76  David JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Goderich twp., Ashfield, s/o John & Jane, married Margaret PORTER, 21, Goderich twp., Turnberry, d/o Alexander & Mary Jane, witn: John McKEE of Goderich twp & Mary Jane JOHNSTON of Ashfield, 21 Dec 1876 at the parsonage, Wingham
004376-76  Robert JONES, 23, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Isaac & Eliza JONES married Elizabeth KELPS, 17, Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, d/o Hezekiah & Elizabeth KELPS. Wit: Isaac RYAN of Colborne and Isabella FOX of East Wawanosh. February 17, 1876 at Manchester 004416-76  Charles Edwin JOSLYN, 25, carpenter, Canada, Blyth, s/o John JOSLYN & Hannah WILKINS married Emeline Clarissa CHRISTOPHER, 19, Canada, Blyth, d/o James CHRISTOPHER & Elizabeth SHANE. Wit: Alfred W. BELFRY and Laura BELFRY, both of Stayner. February 23, 1876 at Blyth
#004467-76  Henry JOY, 26, fisherman, England, Goderich, s/o Thomas C. JOY & Ann GOULD, married Mary Ann CURRELL, 22, England, Goderich, d/o Edward CURRELL & Rhoda BROWN, witn: William McCREITH? & Louisa BROOKS, both of Goderich, 30 Aug 1876 at Goderich #004329-76  Frederick KEEBLER, 21, shoe maker, Canada, Dashwood, s/o Frederick & Fredericka, married Nancy FREED, 17, Canada, Dashwood, d/o John & Lucy, witn: Christane KEEBLER & Elizabeth BROWN, both of Dashwood, 14 Feb 1876 at Hay
4286-77  Aaron KEFFER, 26, farmer, Vaughan twp., Grey twp., s/o Jacob & Margaret, married Phoebe Agnes FOGAL, 19, Whitchurch twp., Grey twp., d/o Morris & Hannah, witn: Henry FOGAL & Annie S. HICKS, both of Grey, 21 Dec 1876 at Brussels 004191-77  Robert KERR, 21, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Robert & Ann KERR married Louisa McBRIEN, 20, Goderich, Hullett, d/o Hugh & Rachel McBRIEN. Wit William STRACHAN of Colborne and Mary SPRUNG of Hullett. December 6, 1876 at Carlow.
4160-76 John KERR, 30, laborer, Kingston, Listowel, s/o James & Ellen, married Jane FORBES, 24, Hibbert twp., Walton, d/o John & Jane, witn: Thomas FORBES & Mary ROE, both of Walton, 27 Dec 1876 at Clinton 4263-77  Robert KING, 28, farmer, Quebec, Morris, s/o George & Ruth, married Mary Jane YEO, 23, Wellesley, Turnberry, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: William KING of Morris & Elizabeth YEO of Turnberry, 4 Jan 1876 at Turnberry
004189-77  James KIRKPATRICK, 35, farmer, Ireland, Colborne, s/o William & Agnes KIRKPARTRICK married Ann DULMAGE, 24, Wawanosh, Colborne, d/o Christopher & Catherine DULMAGE. Wit John Walter and Lucretia McMANUS, both of Colborne. October 18, 1876 at Carlow. 4087-77 James KNOX, 27, farmer, Marlboro twp., Morris twp., s/o George & Mary, married Flora AITKEN, 19, Tamworth, Morris twp., d/o Robert & Janet, witn: George KNOX & James AITKEN, both of Morris, 25 Oct 1876 at Morris twp
4460-76 William LACEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Colborne twp., s/o Thomas LACEY & Elizabeth BUTLER, married Mary LEMON, 23, Canada, Goderich, d/o Thomas LEMON & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Thomas LACEY of Colborne & Margaret LEMON of Ashfield, 15 Nov 1876 at Goderich 004310-76 (Huron) William LAWRENCE, 32, wood turner, England, Petersville, s/o Walter & Sarah LAWRENCE, to Eliza SMITH, 26, West Flamborough, Stephen, d/o Abraham & Susannah SMITH, wit: B. I. BENTON & Annie BENTON, 21 September 1876, Stephen
004080-76  Alonzo LEE, 24, farmer, Prov. of Quebec, Stanley, s/o George LEE & Emily MARTIN married Flora WALKER, 21, Ontario, Stanley, d/o Robert & Catherine WALKER. Wit: Walter J. LEE of Hay and Elizabeth J. WALKER of Stanley. December 27, 1876 at Varna 004493-76  John LEITH, 23, labourer, Ireland, Goderich, s/o Andrew REID & Mariah ORR married Jane WILSON, 24, Brantford, Goderich, d/o Andrew WILSON & Ann DODDS. Wit: James STRACHAN & Sandy MATTHEWS, both of Goderich. March 6, 1876 at town of Goderich
004408-76  Samuel R. LENNON, 24, tinsmith, Hamilton, same, s/o John LENNON & Martha ROBERTSON married Margaret GEDDES, 21, Canada, Morris, d/o John GEDDES & Mary MILLAR. Wit: David GEDDES of Morris and Minnie LENNON of Hamilton. June 2, 1876 at Morris #004381-76  Robert Joseph LENNOX, 22, blacksmith, Toronto, Hullett, s/o Robert & Esther, married Jessie RUDDELL, 21, Nelson twp., Hullett, d/o George & Christina, witnesses were Charles RUDDELL & Elizabeth SCOTT, both of Hullett, 8 Aug., 1876 at Hullett
4230-76 Peter S. LINKLATER, 33, widower, merchant, Orkney Isle - Scotland, Wingham, s/o John & Ann, married Lormina ROBERTSON, 30, Orkney Island - Scotland, Colborne, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William YOUNG & Margaret ROBERTSON, both of Colborne, 7 April 1876 at Colborne 004104-77 (Huron) George LINYARD, 26, farmer, England, Biddulph, s/o John & Phoebe LINYARD, to Catherine FORSYTHE, 19, Ireland, Biddulph, d/o Richard & Elizabeth FORSYTH, wit: Charles LINYARD & Mary FORSYTH both of Biddulph, 3 November 1876, Centralia
004372-76  Charles LOWRIE, 28, farmer, Galashiels Scotland, Hullett, s/o James & Euphemia LOWRIE married Grace CAMPBELL, 24, Lambton Canada, Hullett, d/o John Gordon & Jane CAMPBELL. Wit: William LOWRIE and Euphemia CAMPBELL, both of Hullett. April 20, 1876 at Hullett 004433-76  Adam LUCAS, 26, farmer, Co Down Ireland, Grey, s/o William & Mary LUCAS married Jane ARNOLD, 24, King's Co Ireland, Grey, d/o Joseph & Susan ARNOLD. Wit: W. A. FORWARD and Agnes MITCHELL, both of Wingham. July 13, 1876 at Wingham
4229-76 Archibald MALLOY, 25, farmer, Vaughan, Colborne, s/o Archibald & Margaret, married Margaret STRAUGHAN, 23, Colborne, same, d/o George & Jane, witn: William & Christiana STRAUGHAN of Colborne, 5 April 1876 at Colborne 004392-76  John Trick MANNING, 24, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o Robert & Harriet MANNING married Elizabeth WHITLOCK, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o Silas & Mary WHITLOCK. Wit: Luther MANNING of Stephen and Mary WHITLOCK of Usborne. January 19, 1876 at Usborne
4486-76 Perry W?. MARLEY, 24, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o Perry Robson MARLEY & Ann PRESTON, married Mary Margaret MACDONALD, 20, Goderich, same, d/o John MacDONALD (sic) & Mary CARROLL, witn: John HENDERSON & Donald MacDONALD of Toronto, 30 May 1876 at Goderich 004321-76 (Huron) Michael MARKEY, 25, shoe maker, Perth, Biddulph, s/o Thomas MARKEY & Catherine FLYN (s/b Flynn?), to Margaret E. MANLESON, 20, Berlin, Stephen, d/o Frederick MANLESON & Maria? SCHOPP?, wit: John TINNALKE of Zurich & Kazona SCHOPP of Stephen, 28 February 1876, Mount Carmel
4347-76 Angus MARTIN, 33, pump maker, Ontario, Galt, s/o Donald MARTIN & Catherine McKENZIE, married Catherine McPHERSON, 24, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Hugh McPHERSON & Mary ROME (Rowe?), witn: Grace McPHERSON of West Wawanosh & Hugh McKENZIE of Dumfries, 22 March 1876 at West Wawanosh  
004420-76  Peter MASON, 32, farmer, Scotland, Wawanosh, s/o John MASON & Agnes WALLACE married Mary Jane STEIN, 20, Wawanosh, same, d/o Robert STEIN & Ann BLACK. Wit: John CHAMNEY and Ann Jane BEECROFT, both of Wawanosh. March 24, 1876 at Blyth 004309-76 (Huron) William Fisher MAY, 20, school teacher, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Priscilla MAY, to Joanna HANDFERD, 24, Canada, Stephen, d/o Richard & Dorothy HANDFERD, wit: R. C. BISSETT & Lydia HANDFERD both of Exeter, 11 September 1876, Stephen
#004202-76  Edmund McCRACKEN, 22, wagon maker, Dummer twp., Brussels, s/o William & Ann, married Caroline SPARLING, 20, McKillop twp., Brussels, d/o Philip & Ann, witn: Henry SPARLING & Lucretia OLIVER, both of Brussels, 10 July 1876 at Brussels [4292-77?] 004383-76  Alexander MacDONALD, 24, farmer, Pickering Ontario, Usborne, s/o Robert & Mary MacDONALD married Mary KYDD, 24, Usborne, same, d/o Robert & Ann KYDD. Wit: John MacDONALD and Ann KYDD, both of Usborne. June 22, 1876 at Usborne
4336-76 Thomas Hayes McDONALD, 24, harness maker, Boston mass., Wingham, s/o Sweden McDONALD & Alison, married Margaret SCOTT, 23, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Frances SCOTT & Margaret, witn: Alexander INNIS of Stanley & George SCOTT of Seaforth, 14 July 1876 at McKillop 004312-76 (Huron) John McDONALD, 26, yeoman, Scotland, McGillvray, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Sarah McPHEE, to Margaret McPEAK, 23, Stephen, same, d/o James McPEAK & Flora McDONALD, wit: John BOLAND & Sarah McDONALD both of McGillvray, 25 November 1876, Mount Carmel
4461-76 Norman McDONALD, 26, fisherman, Scotland, Goderich, s/o Murdock McDONALD & Sarah KERNIGHAN, married Isabella McDERMID, 25, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Kenneth McDERMID & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Norman McDERMID & Catherine McKINNON, both of Goderich, 16 Nov 1876 at Goderich #004468-76  John McDONALD, 47, laborer, Canada, Goderich, s/o John McDONALD & Ellen GREEN, married Jane McCANN, 33, Canada, Goderich, d/o James McCANN & Christy Ann STEWART, witn: Samuel REID & Maggie ALLAN, both of Goderich, 24 Aug 1876 at Goderich
004225-76  Hugh McDONALD, 25, Canada, Grey, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Margaret McINTYRE married Annie SMITH, 25, d/o James SMITH & Catherine CUSTOR. Wit John SMITH of Grey and Mary COWAN of Morris. November 22, 1876 at Wroxeter. 004330-77  John McDONALD, 30, fisherman, Prince Edward Island, Bayfield, s/o Donald McDONALD & S. McNEIL married Mary Jane McNEIL, 19, Canada, Bayfield, d/o Hugh & Sarah McNEIL. Wit John POLLOCK and Ann MURRAY, both of Bayfield. August 29, 1876 at Bayfield.
004424-76  Angus McDONALD, 25, farmer, Prince Edward Island, Kinross, s/o Alexander & Mary married Margaret FOWLER, 25, Scotland, Huron Co, d/o John & Margaret. Wit: John GREGORY and Ann Jane WAIT, both of Wingham. April 18, 1876 at Wingham 004491-76  John McDOUGALL, 37, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o John McDOUGALL & Ann CHISHOLM married Mary McCULLIGAN, 24, Ireland, Goderich Twp, d/o John McCULLIGAN & Susanna BRACE. Wit: Charles McINTOSH and JANE CHISHOLM, both of Goderich Twp. February 28, 1876 at Town of Goderich (RC)
4307-76 William McDOWELL, 30, farmer, Nova Scotia, East Wawanosh, s/o William McDOWELLL & Phoebe DENSMORE, married Emeline McCLINTON, 21, Nelson Ont., East Wawanosh, d/o John & Christiana, witn: John H. McCLINTON & Phebe BELL (Ball?), both of E. Wawanosh, 5 Jan 1876 at res of John McClinton, East Wawanosh 4476-76 John McDOWELL (McDonell?), 47, jobber, Canada, Goderich, s/o John McDOWELL & Ellen GREEN, married Mary Jane McCANN, 33, Canada, Goderich, d/o James McCANN & Christy A. STEWART, witn: Samuel REID & Maggie ALLAN, both of Goderich, 24 Aug 1876 at Goderich
004404-76  Peter McEWEN, 29, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o John McEWEN & Ann McKINLEY married Rebecca LOVELL, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Lawrence LOVELL & Mary Ann GILLESPIE. Wit: John YOUNG of Howick and Lawrence LOVELL of Turnberry. October 6, 1876 at Turnberry 004367-76  John McFALLS, 22, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o John & Eliza McFALLS married Mary Ann ROLLINS, 21, Biddulph, same, d/o Thomas & Bessie ROLLINS. Wit: Joseph ATKINSON and Louisa McFALLS, both of Biddulph. June 8, 1876 at Exeter
4470-76 Samuel Alexander McGAW, 28, accountant, Ireland, Goderich, s/o Samuel McGAW & Mary Jane RIGGS, married Mary MILLER, 25, USA, Goderich, d/o James A. MILLER & Henrietta PHILIPS, witn: Charles ANDREWS & Matilda TRAINER, both of Goderich, 6 Sept 1876 at Goderich 4300-76 John McGILL, 28, mechanic, Darlington Ont., Blyth, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Letitia ELLIS, 24, Waterloo Ont., East Wawanosh, d/o Jason & Ann, witn: William ELLIS Elizabeth McGILL, both of E. Wawanosh, 27 Dec 1876 at Lot 38, con 4 of East Wawanosh
004499-76  Malcolm McGILLIVARY, 36, sailor, Canada, Kincardine, s/o James McGILLIVARY & Susannah CAMPBELL married Sarah BAKER, 22, England, Goderich, d/o Robert BAKER & Patience COONAN. Wit: Duncan CAMPBELL of Kincardine and Margaret McGILLIVARY of Huron Twp. February 7, 1876 at Goderich  
004098-76  Archibald McGREGOR, 29, farmer, Scotland, Tuckersmith, s/o John McGREGOR & Isabella BAIN married Catherine McDOUGALL, 25, Scotland, Tuckersmith, d/o William McDOUGALL & Janet McDONALD. Wit William McDOUGALL Jr. and Helen McGREGOR, both of Tuckersmith. 004407-76  Murdoch McGREGOR, 42, railroad man, Scotland, Detroit Michigan, s/o Donald McGREGOR & Catherine McDONALD married Catherine SMITH, 35, Scotland, Huron, d/o Angus SMITH & Mary NICHOLSON. Alex FRASER and Mary Ann COMBS, both of Morris. December 27, 1876 at Morris
  004439-76  James McGUIRE, 34, merchant, Ireland, Wingham, s/o John & Bridget married Hattie McKAY, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o Gilbert & Alice McKAY. Wit: A. D. KENNELLY of Lucknow. November 8, 1876 at Wingham. November 8, 1876 at Wingham
004218-77  Robert McILVEEN, 24, yeoman, Hullett, same, s/o Thomas & Ann Jane married Elizabeth BUTT, 24, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Josiah & Priscilla. Wit Francis McILVEEN of Hullett and Minnie WADE of Goderich. December 20, 1876 at Goderich. 4480-76 Benjamin McINTYRE, 26, engineer, Ontario, Goderich, s/o Malcolm McINTYRE & Margaret Ann LANGTON, married Esther JENKINS, 20, NY state, Bay City Mich., d/o David JENKINS & Margaret QUIN, witn: John MORRISON & Catherine SMITH, both of Goderich, 1 July 1876 at Goderich
4442-76  James Andrew McINTYRE, 32, widower, railroad foreman, Fifeshire Scotland, London, s/o James & Janet, married Margaret MANSON, 27, Co. Antrim Ireland, Kippin, d/o James 7 Maria, witn: John S. & Mrs. J. T. HEADLEY, 28 Sept 1876 at Wingham 4162-76 James McINTYRE, 26, farmer, Whitby twp., Hullett twp., s/o Alexander & Jane, married Harriet SMITHSON, 23, England, Hullett twp., d/o William & Annie, witn: William FARQUHAR & Susannah F. SMITHSON, both of Hullett twp., 5 Jan 1876 at Clinton
4445-76  Neil McKAY, 29, carpenter, Cape Breton, Culross, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Margaret McFEE, 21, Mariposa, Teeswater, d/o Donald & Jane, witn: Charles & Donald McKAY of Culross twp., 12 May 1876 at Wingham 004100-76  Hugh MacKAY, 30, farmer, Scotland, Grey, s/o Hugh & Catherine married Sarah WARD, 27, Manvers, Tuckersmith, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth WARD. Wit James F. STEWART of Seaforth & Jane WARD, both of Tuckersmith. February 2, 1876 at Tuckersmith.
004306-77  William McKELVEY, 26, farmer, Toronto Ont, Grey, s/o James & Elizabeth McKELVEY married Emily Maud RAY, 22, Canada, Grey, d/o Amos & Mary RAY. Wit Angus McKAY and Mary McKELVEY, both of Grey. December 27, 1876 at Grey.  
4293-76 David W. McKENZIE, 22, inn keeper, Ontario, Port Sarnia, s/o John & Euphemia, married Williamina McKENZIE, 20, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o Alexander & Dolina, wtn: Kenneth & Alexander McKENZIE of Ashfield, 12 Jan 1876 at Ashfield #004349-76  Roderick McKENZIE, 26, druggist, Ashfield, Lucknow, s/o Colin McKENZIE & Ann McLEAN, married Jannet McDONALD, 25, Puslinch, West Wawanosh, d/o Angus McDONALD & Jane KENNEDY, witn: James FINLATER & Dugald McKINNON, both of Lucknow, 20 Jan 1876 at W. Wawanosh
004225-77  Duncan McKENZIE, 32, farmer, Scotland, Ashfield, s/o Donald & Rebecca McKENZIE married Ann McDONALD, 20, Prov. of Ontario, Ashfield, Finlay & Isabella McDONALD. Wit Roderick McKENZIE and Isabella BAIN, both of Ashfield. March 30, 1876 at Ashfield. 4296-77  James McKIBBEN, 25, builder, Ontario, McKillop twp., s/o Thomas & Jane, married Jessie BRONDY (Bronsly?), 19, Ontario, Morris twp., d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: Andrew & Eliza Jane McKIBBEN of McKillop, 25 Dec 1876 at Brussels
004504-76  Charles Brown McLAGAN, 22, carriage maker, New Brunswick, Goderich, s/o John McLAGAN & Mary BROWN married Caroline McBRIEN, 19, Manchester Village, Goderich, d/o Jeremiah McBRIEN & Elizabeth CUMMINGS. Wit: Samuel PAPST of Goderich and John McLAGAN of Clinton. December 21, 1876 at Goderich  
004226-77  Donald McLEAN, 28, Prov. of Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Donald & Margaret McLEAN married Catherine McLEAN, 24, Scotland, Ashfield, d/o Angus and Sara B. McLEAN. With. David STEWART and Charles McLEAN, both of Ashfield. August 8, 1876 at Ashfield. 004094-76  Roderick McLENNAN, 36, widower, baker, Scotland, Clinton, s/o Alex McLENNAN & Ann McKENZIE married Margaret GIBSON, 35, widow, Canada, Clinton, d/o Alex McKENZIE & Jane McNAUGHTON. Wit George BAIRD and Jennie McKENZIE, both of Stanley. March 8, 1876 at Brucefield.
004102-76  John McLEOD, 21, farmer, Scotland, Huron Twp Bruce Co., s/o Donald & Mary McLEOD married Margaret McIVER, 20, Huron Twp Bruce Co., same, d/o Donald & Isabella McIVER. Wit Roderick FINLAYSON and Catharine McIVER, both of Ripley. August 26, 1876 at Dungannon. 004092-76  William A. McMILLAN, 30, surveyor, Canada, Port Huron Mich, s/o James & Jane McMILLAN married Maggie COLLIE, 19, Scotland, Tuckersmith, d/o Joseph COLLIE & Margaret McKAY. Wit Constant R. VON EGMOND, Egmondville and Jessie COLLIE of Tuckersmith. January 3, 1876 at Tuckersmith.
004093-76  William McNAUGHTON, 34, farmer, Ontario, Tuckersmith,s/o John McNAUGHTON & Mary AIRTH married Mary FERGUSON, 22, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o David FERGUSON & Margaret DAVIS. Wit William McCLOY and Margaret FERGUSON, both of Tuckersmith. March 8, 1876 at Tuckersmith. 004317-76 (Huron) Zachina MEILHAIGY? 22, yeoman, London Tp., same, s/o John & Abigal, to Ann SWEENEY, 21, Detroit, Stephen, d/o Michael & Iendena?, wit: Willi SWEENEY of Stephen & Elizabeth MEILHAIGY of London Tp., 10 January 1876, Mount Carmel
04209-77  George MILLAR, 26, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o Jacob & Catherine MILLAR married Emily STEEP, 19, Cananda, Goderich Twp, d/o Henry & Martha STEEP. Wit James STEEP of Goderich Twp and Elizabeth MILLAR, res. not stated. September 1113, 1876 at Goderich Twp. 004384-76  Joseph MILLARD, 26, farmer, England, Usborne, s/o John & Jane MILLARD married Janet MURRAY, 20, Canada, Usborne, d/o Samuel & Christina J. MURRAY. Wit: Thomas CORNISH and Catherine Jane MURRAY, both of Usborne. April 12, 1876 at Usborne
004413-76  Robert Bruce MILLEN, 24, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o Solomon MILLEN & Catherine SMITH married Martha GALLAGHER, 26, Canada, Morris, d/o James GALLAGHER & Martha COULTER. Wit: George MILLEN of Hullett and Frances S. RAE of Morris. January 5, 1876 at Morris 004329-77  Michael MILLER, 30, farmer, Canada, Bayfield, s/o Charles & Sophia MILLER married Sophia AHRENS, 40, widow, Canada, Bayfield, d/o John & Elizabeth ROSS, Wit Mr. Donald CAMERON and Mr. Valentine HOMAN, both of Bayfield. August 11, 1876 at Bayfield.
4446-76  William MOIR, 38, widower, farmer, Scotland, Hay twp., s/o George & Jane, married Marian GIBSON, 28, Usborne, same, d/o Robert & Janet, witn: John MOIR of Hay & Margaret LANE of Tuckersmith, 18 Sept 1876 at Usborne #004156-76  James MOORE, 27, hotel keeper, Ireland, Clinton, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah Alice JOSLIN, 19, Clinton, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John & Thomas JOSLIN of Clinton, 29 Nov 1876 at Clinton
004356-76  Thomas MORGAN, 20, farmer, McGillivray, Biddulph, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth MORGAN married Elizabeth CRAWLEY, 18, Biddulph, same, d/o Philip & Susan CRAWLEY. Wit: James DAVIS of Biddulph and Annie BUTCHER of Exeter. October 18, 1876 at Exeter 004224077  Henry J. MORRIS, 24, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o John & Elizabeth MORRIS married Diane E. POINTER, 25, Toronto Twp, Ashfield, d/o Michael & Margaret POINTER. Wit Brunswick POINTER and Rachel PENTLAND, both of Dungannon. December 28, 1876 at Dungannon.
4473-76 Robert MORROW, 26, teamster, Ontario, Goderich, s/o John MORROW & Charlotte BORLAND, married Charlotte MORROW, 21, Ireland, Goderich twp., d/o Christopher MORROW & Sarah GORDON, witn: Grace BECKHAM & Sarah MORROW, 8 Sept 1876 at Goderich 4282-77  William MULHOLLAND, 24, blacksmith, Mitchell Ont., McKillop twp., s/o Adam & Ann, married Florence PETERS, 18, Newcastle Ont., Brussels, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: James HALLS & Louisa PETERS, both of Brussels, 24 May 1876 at Brussels
004393-76  Joseph MYERS, 22, laborer, U.S., Exeter, s/o Isaac & Mary MYERS married Emma VOSPER, 19, Canada, Exeter, d/o George & Philippa VOSPER. Wit: John VOSPER and Clara VOSPER, both of Usborne. February 15, 1876 at Usborne 4252-77  George W. NEIBERGALL, 21, harness maker, North Easthope, Elma twp., s/o Edward & Sophia, married Barbara MILLER, 19, Blenheim, Mornington, d/o John & Mary, witn: Jay BAKER & Catherine LOHR, both of Ellice twp., 27 March 1876 at Wingham
004212-77  Horace NEWTON, 29, farmer, Cambridge Eng, Goderich Twp, s/o George & Hannah NEWTON married Mary Ann COX, 27, Goderich Twp, same, d/o James & Mary COX. Wit Euphemia COX and George NEWTON, both of Goderich Twp. January 10, 1877 at Goderich Twp. 004426-76  Archibald NICHOLSON, 29, farmer, England, Morris, s/o Robert NICHOLSON & Mary Ann WILSON married Alice BIRCHELL, 24, Ontario, Turnberry, d/o Thomas BIRCHELL & Elizabeth LAMIN. Wit: J. PROCTOR of Morris and M. BIRCHELL of Turnberry. February 1, 1876 at Wingham
4450-76  John NOBLE, 28, farmer, Canada, Keppel, s/o William & Cecilia, married Mary SKINNER, 19, Canada, Usborne, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas SKINNER & Mary Jane MALVERN, both of Usborne, 9 Oct 1876 at Usborne #003599-75  Samuel OKE, 25, widower, joiner, Canada, Exeter, s/o John & Elizabeth OKE married Mary Jane MARSHALL, 22, Canada, Exeter, d/o John C. & Mary Jane MARSHALL. Wit: H. SHELTON of Exeter and W. H. PASCOE of Lucknow. February 4, 1876 at Exeter
004502-76  Lawrence J. O'LOANE, 45, postmaster, widower, Canada, Stratford, s/o Lawrence O'LOANE & Ann Ely TALBOT married Elizabeth McDOUGALL, 20, Canada, Goderich, d/o Peter McDOUGALL & Florence McDOUGALL. Wit. E. J. BEATTY of Stratford and Hellen ROSS of Goderich. February 8, 1876 at Goderich 4462-76 Daniel PATTERSON, 30, sailor, Nova Scotia, Goderich, s/o John PATTERSON & Catherine McKINNON, married Jessie BUTTERS, 26, Scotland, Goderich, d/o Archibald BUTTERS & Catherine McRENIE?, witn: Sandy MATTHEWS & Mary CORKINDALE, both of Goderich, 30 Nov 1876 at Goderich
004432-76  William Thomas PIPER, 22, blacksmith, Co. Dorchester England, Wingham, s/o Thomas & Agatha PIPER married Rebecca Sarah WELLS, 16, Perth Co, Wingham, d/o George & Elizabeth WELLS. Wit: George WELLS & James ADAMS, both of Wingham. May 22, 1876 at Wingham 004421-76  Samuel POLLOCK, 23, yeoman, Canada, Grey, s/o Andrew & Charlotte POLLOCK married Clara Jane KING, 23, Canada, Morris d/o Jerrett & Rachel King. Wit: John KING of Morris and Ann Jane POLLOCK of Grey. May 1, 1876 at Morris
4333-76 Henry POTTER, 26, Albury Surrey England, McKillop, s/o Henry POTTER & Jane ANSED, married Mary Jane CHAMBERS, 25, Toronto, McKillop, d/o David CHAMBERS & Isabella CAISON, witn: Thr. & Althelia FOSTER of Seaforth, 4 Oct. 1876 at McKillop 004391-76  John PURVIS, 24, farmer, Canada, Hibbert, s/o William & Martha PURVIS married Selina STONE, 18, Canada, Hibbert, d/o Edward & Sarah STONE. Wit: John STEWART and Emily BOLTON, both of Usborne. January 18, 1876 at Usborne
4344-76 Joseph RICHARDSON, 27, teacher, England, East Zorra, s/o John RICHARDSON & Mary SHERAR, married Margaret McALLISTER, 23, Quebec, West Wawanosh, d/o David McALLISTER & Elizabeth MASON, witn: John RICHARDSON of Blanford & Rebecca McALLISTER of West Wawanosh, 26 July 1876 at West Wawanosh 004423-76  Alex ROBERTSON, 44, widower, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o Peter ROBERTSON & not given married Helen GILMOR, 28, Scotland, Wawanosh, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Elizabeth McBURNEY. Wit: Peter ROBERTSON of Wingham and Thomas CAMPBELL of Wawanosh. March 13, 1876 at Wingham
4484-76 Martin ROCHE, 33, hotel keeper, USA, Bay City USA, s/o James ROCHE & Bridget TONEY, married Mary McFARLANE, 26, Scotland, Bay City, d/o James McFARLANE & Margaret McARTHUR, witn: Peter McFARLANE & Jenny WATSON, both of Goderich, 29 June 1876 at Goderich 4452-76 Henry RODD, 21, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o William & Ann, married Emma Jane HOGG, 18, Canada, Usborne, d/o Joseph & Isabella, witn: Philip HERN & Isabella HOGG, both of Usborne, 1 Nov 1876 at Usborne
004412-76  Hugh ROSS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o James ROSS & Agnes CRAIG married Ellen MAXWELL, 19, Ontario, Morris, d/o Robert MAXWELL & Jane SCOTT. Wit: Alexander ROSS and Mary HUTCHESON, both of Turnberry. January 10, 1876 at Morris #004157-76  John ROSS, 41, widower, carpenter, Canada, Clinton, s/o Donald & Ann, married Eunice ALLEN, 34, Canada, Clinton, d/o John & Susan, witn: Thomas COOPER & J.W. BROWN, both of Clinton,10 Nov 1876 at Clinton
004139-77  Daniel Alexander ROSS, 23, cabinet maker, Nova Scotia, Exeter, s/o William & Christina ROSS married Clara McNAUGHTON, 22, Boston U.S., same, d/o Duncan & Margaret McNAUGHTON. Wit John P. ROSS and Mary ROSS, both of Exeter. October 19, 1876 at Exeter. 4444-76  William ROWELL, 27, farmer, North Easthope twp., Kinross twp., s/o Howell & Elizabeth, married Jane KAYLES, 19, Huron Co., Lucknow, d/o James & Jane, witn: Agnes A. MITCHELL of Wingham & S. SELLERY of Kincardine, 29 June 1876 at Wingham
004320-76 (Huron) John RYAN, 33, farmer, Ireland, Stephen, s/o Michael & Ellen RYAN, to Mary COUGHLAN, 20, ?, Stephen, d/o Timothy COUGHLAN & Peneoprene QUIGLY, wit: John COUGHLAN & Ann PAIN both of Stephen, 16 February 1876, Mount Carmel 004361-76  John RYAN, 25, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o William & Sarah RYAN married Elizabeth GUEST, 21, London Twp, same, d/o Robert & Catherine GUEST. Wit: Frances RYAN of Biddulph and Elizabeth CARTER of McGillivray. January 27, 1876 at Exeter
004422-76  Jonathan SADLER, 23, laborer, Lower Canada, Wingham, s/o Robert & Ann SADLER married Catherine TENNANT, 18, Ontario, Wingham, d/o Abraham & Martha TENNANT. Wit: Askey? TENNANT and Elizabeth J. SADLER, both of Wingham. February 10, 1876 at Wingham #003601-75  William SANDERS, 22, widower, gentleman, England, Exeter, s/o Abraham & Ann SANDERS married Susan PROUT, 27, Canada, Exeter, d/o Charles & Ann PROUT. Wit: W. D. JOHNSON and William HAMLIN, both of Exeter. February 10, 1876 at Exeter
4281-77  Thomas SAUNDERS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Grey twp., s/o William & Catherine, married Jane Eliza LIDSTER, 18, Brooke twp., Goderich, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: John & Margaret RAYNAIST? of Grey twp., 10 April 1876 at Brussels #004155-76  George SCALES, 25, mason, England, Hullett, s/o Henry SCALES & Mary SHEPHERD, married Catherine CRAIG, 28, Scotland, Goderich twp., d/o John CRAIG & Catherine McKELLAR, witn: William CRAIG of Clinton & Christina McDARISH of Tavistock, 28 Nov 1876 at Goderich twp
004400-76  George B. SCOTT, 39, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o James SCOTT & Ellen BECK married Grace WALLACE, 24, Scotland, Turnberry, d/o Richard WALLACE & Margaret HAMILTON. Wit: John AITKEN and Marian WALLACE, both of Turnberry. March 31, 1876 at Turnberry 004114-77  John Johnson SCOTT, 26, mechanic, Galt Ont, Seaforth, s/o Robert & Janet SCOTT married Mary Ann TWISS, 22, Ireland, Seaforth, d/o Alexander & Catherine TWISS. Wit None given. December 19, 1876 at Seaforth.
4334-76 Archibald SCOTT, 29, merchant, McKillop, Toronto, s/o Robert SCOTT & Agnes, married Ellen GOVENLOCK, 22, McKillop, same, d/o Robert GOVENLOCK & Clarissa, witn: James SCOTT & John G. WILSON, both of Seaforth, 27 Sept at McKillop  
004495-76  Walter SEAFET, 24, farmer, Germany, Hullett, s/o Adam SEAFET & Barbara Ann DALES married Sarah ROBERTS, 21, England, Clinton, d/o George ROBERTS & Amelia NORMAN. Wit: Frances Ann SEVERIGHT and Catherine McDONALD, both of Goderich. April 3, 1876 at Goderich 4447-76  Samuel SHADDOCK, 32, moulder, England, London, s/o Richard & Ann, married Ann HETHERINGTON, 21, Vaughan, Usborne, d/o Stephen & Harriet, witn: A. FLAHARTY & G. H. COPPIN, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1876 at Usborne
004498-76  Daniel SHANNAHAN, 45, widower, Ireland, Hullett, s/o David SHANNAHAN & Mary CORRY married Sarah SAVAGE, 30, Ireland, Hullett, d/o John SAVAGE & Mary RYAN. Wit: Eugene FLINN of Hullett and Catherine LAVAN of Goderich. January 27, 1876 at Goderich (RC) 004354-76  Alfred SHEEN, 23, mason, Devon England, Exeter, s/o John & Mary SHEEN married Maria OKE, 22, Usborne, Exeter, d/o Thomas & Grace OKE. Wit: T. J. ALLEN and George R. HEAMAN, both of Exeter. September 9, 1876 at Exeter
004217-77  George SHEPPHARD, 28, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o James & Elizabeth SHEPPARD (sic) married Matilda COLCLOUGH, 20, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William & Margaret COLCLOUGH. Wit Mathew D. WESLAKE and Louisa COLCLOUGH, both of Goderich Twp. November 23, 1876 at Goderich Twp. 004193-77  James SHERMAN, 27, farmer, England, Clinton, s/o George & Rebecca SHERMAN married Fanny ROBERTS, 20, England, Clinton, d/o George & Mary ROBERTS. Wit Henry ROBERTS of Clinton and Lucy CROSS of Stapleton. December 18, 1876 at Clinton.
4453-76 Nicholas William SHORT, 22, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane SWEET, 22, Canada, Stephen, d/o Richard & Mary A., witn: Silas James SHORT & Elizabeth Hannah SWEET, both of Stephen, 26 Dec 1876 at Usborne 4228-76 John SIMMONDS, 24, yeoman, Hope Ont., Colborne, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann WEATHERSILL?, 25, Hope Ont., Colborne, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Cynthia & Nicholas Wills NOBB, 4 March 1876 at Colborne
004430-76  James SINGLETON, farmer, Kitley Twp Leeds Co, East Wawanosh, s/o William & Catherine SINGLETON married Susannah PATTISON, 24, Eramosa Wellington Co, East Wawanosh, d/o James & Ann PATTISON. Wit: Wesley PATTISON and Henry PATTISON, both of Wawanosh. December 25, 1876 at Winghan 004414-76  Robert SLATER, 25, carriage maker, Blanford Ontario, Blyth, s/o John & Jane SLATER married Jennie WRIGHT, 21, Kitley Ontario, Morris, d/o Francis & Isabella WRIGHT. Wit: Thomas R. WRIGHT of Clinton and Elizabeth WRIGHT of Morris. January 26, 1876 at Morris
4280-77  William G. SMITH, 35, widower, Banffshire Scotland, Grey twp., s/o James & Catherine, married Sarah J. MURPHY, 23, Mitchell Ont., Brussels, d/o Gabriel & Mary, witn: Ann & Joseph MURPHY of Logan twp and F. M. MURPHY of Brussels, 17 April 1876 at Brussels 4088-76 Thomas SMITHERS, 28, laborer, Sussex England, Seaforth, s/o William SMITHERS & Charlotte SAWYER, married Dinah FOWLER, 24, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William FOWLER & Agnes SPROAT, witn: George HINCHLEY of Hullett & Mary FOWLER of Tuckersmith, 26 Dec 1876 at Tuckersmith
004097-76  Newton SNOWDEN, 26, widower, cooper, Scott Twp Ont, Tuckersmith, s/o Edward SNOWDEN & Ann CHADWICK married Annie MATHIESON, 27, Scotland, Tuckersmith, d/o Neil MATHIESON & Margaret BOYD. Wit Thomas LEITCH and Eric MacKAY, both of Tuckersmith. March 22, 1876 at Tuckersmith.  
4339-76 Richard SPARLING, 31, farmer, widower, Limerick Ireland, McKillop, s/o John SPARLING & Emily, married Eliza HULL, 21, Cambridgeshire England, Blanshard twp., d/o William HULL & Mary Ann, witn: John HENDERSON & George HABKIRK, both of McKillop, 15 March 1876 at McKillop 004215-77  John SPEAR, 26, farmer, Warwick Twp, same, s/o John & Harriet married Mary Ann STERLING, 19, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o William & Catherine. Wit William STIRLING (sic) and William STIRLING, both of Goderich Twp. November 15, 1876 at Goderich Twp.
004359-76  George SPICER, 21, carpenter, Usborne, Exeter, s/o Robert & Clarissa SPICER married Elizabeth HENLEY, 18, Exeter, same, d/o John & Ann HENLY (sic). Wit: James HENLEY of Exeter and Pollie YEO of London. December 26, 1876 at Exeter 004387-76  William B. SPICER, 27, mason, Darlington Ontario, Usborne, s/o John & Margaret SPICER married Mary TURNBULL, 26, Woodstock, Usborne, d/o William & Ellen TURNBULL. Wit: Stephen MARTIN and Julia SPICER, both of Usborne. January 25, 1876 at Usborne
4331-76 Theodore SPRAGUE, 24, merchant, Canada, Usborne, s/o Obed & Caroline, married Prudence BANES, 18, Canada, Stephen, d/o William & Betsey Ann, witn: Thomas BANES & Richard BAKER, both of Stephen, 15 June 1876 at BC Church, Stephen #004469-76  John Gibson STEVENS, 28, painter, Scotland, Goderich, s/o Andrew STEVENS & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Mary Ann BIRNIE, 22, Scotland, Goderich, d/o James BIRNIE & Isabella DUNCAN, witn: William STEVENS & Elizabeth BIRNIE, both of Goderich, 5 Sept 1876 at Goderich
004428-76  James STEWART, 27, farmer, Prince Edward Island, Huron Twp, s/o Malcolm STEWART & Christina McGUIRE married Isabella HAMILTON, 23, Vaughan Twp, Huron Twp, d/o Archibald HAMILTON & Mary Jane THOMPSON. Wit: Donald STEWART of Huron Twp and Agnes A. MITCHELL of Wingham. March 29, 1876 at Wingham 004434-76  John James STEWART, 23, engine driver, Acton Ontario, Teeswater, s/o James STEWART & Jane MORTON married Catherine Barbara WOODWARD, 27, Greenock Ontario, Teeswater, d/o William WOODWARD & Margaret CONNELL. Wit: Jane BROWN and Robert H. WOODWARD, both of Teeswater. June 27, 1876 at Wingham
004402-76  Donald STEWART, 32, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o Alexander & Agnes STEWART married Mary ABRAHAM, 23, Ireland, Turnberry, d/o William & Mariah ABRAHAM. Wit: John ABRAHAM and Isabella STEWART, both of Turnberry. Jun 11, 1876 at Turnberry 4159-76 James STODDART, 33, carpenter, Canada, Egmondville, s/o John STODDART & Catherine ROSS, married Mary Jane PIERSON, 25, Canada, Stanley twp., d/o William PIERSON & Mary PLEWS, witn: Henry PORTER of Clinton & Maria Ann PEARSON (sic), 20 Dec 1876 at Clinton
4456-76 James STRONG, 23, blacksmith, London, Goderich, s/o "he does not know the names of his parents", married Mary THOMPSON, 21, Colborne, Goderich, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & Tamar HETHERINGTON, witn: Joseph THOMPSON & Robert GIVEN, both of Colborne, 27 Sept 1876 at Goderich 004219-77  George Willard STURDY, 26, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Christopher & Mary married Elizabeth Jane RUTLEDGE, 19, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann. Wit John STURDY and Maggie RUTLEDGE, both of Goderich Twp. November 21, 1876 at Goderich Twp.
4457-76 Oswald STURDY, 23, clerk, Goderich twp., Goderich, s/o Christopher STURDY & Mary Jane LEITH, married Catherine Amelia REID, 20, Goderich, same, d/o Henry REID & Mary Ann WOODHAM, witn: Harry REID & J. H. EDWARD, both of Goderich, 27 Sept 1876 at Goderich 004333-77  Thomas STURGEON, 23, labourer, Ireland, Bayfield, s/o William & Susan STURGEON married Jemima M. PRICHARD, 21, Ireland, Bayfield, d/o Thomas M. and Sarah M. PRICHARD. Wit Sophia GEMEINHARDT and John McMURRY. 25 October 25, 1876 at Bayfield.
  4346-76 David TAYLOR, 23, yeoman, Canada, West Wawanosh, s/o John H. TAYLOR & Elizabeth, married Margaret Isabella CAMPBELL, 22, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o James CAMPBELL & Maria, witn: Benjamin TAYLOR & Maria CAMPBELL, both of West Wawanosh, 10 Oct. 1876 at West Wawanosh
#004382-76  Alexander TAYLOR, 29, physician, Carlington, Goderich, s/o Malcolm & Catherine, married Lillian Mary KERR, 18, Clinton, Hullett, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were Daniel McDONALD of Goderich & Martha Jane TAYLOR of Hullett, 10 Sept., 1876 at Hullett 004398-76  James TAYLOR, 32, pump maker, Ireland, London City, s/o James & Eliza TAYLOR married Isabella STRANG, 23, Canada, Usborne, d/o David & Janet STRANG. Wit: William TRAQUAIR and Mrs. Janet TRAQUAIR, both of Tuckersmith. March 16, 1876 at Usborne
4342-76 James THOMPSON, 29, farmer, widower, Ireland, Ashfield, s/o James & Mary, married Catherine SMITH, 20, West Wawanosh, same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: John BARKLEY of Ashfield & Mary SMITH of West Wawanosh, 5 July 1876 at West Wawanosh 4471-76 Thomas THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Blyth, s/o John THOMPSON & Margaret FORBES, married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 23, Canada, Colborne, d/o James HAMILTON & Mary Ann SAUNDERS, witn: Duncan McMARTIN of Blyth & Jane HAMILTON of Colborne, 19 Sept 1876 at Goderich
#004328-76  Robert TIMMONS, 35, merchant, Canada, Walkerton, s/o Andrew & Rebecca, married Catherine WALKER, 23, Stephen, same, d/o Andrew & Mary Ann, witn: Robert WALKER & Maggie HARGON?, 1 April 1876 at Stephen 004085-76  Isaac TOWNSEND, 24, farmer, Tuckersmith, Hibbert, s/o William TOWNSEND & Mary Jane ASHTON married Jane MURRAY, 19, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William MURRAY & Elisabeth GIBSON. Wit: John MURRAY and Ann TOWNSEND, both of Tuckersmith. September 17, 1876 at Tuckersmith
004397-76  William TRAQUAIR, 26, farmer, Canada, Tilbury, s/o John & Janet TRAQUAIR married Janet STRANG, 22, Canada, Usborne, d/o David & Janet STRANG. Wit: James TAYLOR and Mrs. TAYLOR, both of London. March 16, 1876 at Usborne 004327-77  Robert TURNER, 30, farmer, Canada, Stanley, s/o not given, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 25, Canada, Stanley, d/o not given. Wit Mrs. D. CAMERON and Mrs. L. CAMERON, both of Bayfield. April 15, 1876 at Bayfield
004501  James TUTT, 28, carpenter, Ontario, Colborne, s/o William TUTT & Jane HARMER married Helen FAWNEY, 21, Ontario, Colborne, d/o Robert FAWNEY & Clarinda SHIRE. Wit: ROBERT SELLERS? and George THURLOW, both of Colborne. February 7, 1876 at Goderich 004494-76  George UNDERWOOD, 22, farmer, Canada, Grey, s/o John UNDERWOOD & Elizabeth COOK married Mary Adelia HALLIDAY, 20, Canada, Goderich, d/o Isaac HALLIDAY & Elizabeth MOFFATT. Wit: Alexander McQUARRIE of Goderich and Mary HICKS of Brussels. March 22, 1876 at Town of Goderich
4454-76 William VANCE, 27, farmer, Quebec, Usborne, s/o James & Jane, married Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, 24, St. Thomas, Usborne, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Joseph & Kate ARMSTRONG of Usborne, 28 Dec 1876 at Usborne 004086-76  Constant Richard VANEGMOND, 28, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Constant Louis VANEGMOND & Ann JOHNSTON married Jessie COLLIE, 21, Scotland, Tuckersmith, d/o Joseph COLLIE & Margaret McKAY. Wit: Robert GEMMEL of Guelph and Jane COLLIE of Tuckersmith
004223-76  John WAGNER, 22, labourer, Canada, Walkerton Bruce Co, s/o Christopher WAGNER & Nancy FRALICK married Mary Jane GREEN, 21, Canada, Brant Twp Bruce Co, d/o John GREEN & Alice DONAN??. Wit John WAGNER of Walkerton and Harry HEFFERNAN, not given. October 9, 1876 at Wroxeter. 004224-76  David McKenzie WALKER, 22, school teacher, Canada, Wroxter, s/o Samuel WALKER & Jane McKENZIE married Isabella GIBSON, 21, Scotland, Wroxter, d/o John GIBSON & Alison ROBERTSON. Wit Alexander L. GIBSON and Thomas GIBSON, both of Wroxeter. November 8, 1876 at Wroxeter.
4459-76 Samuel WALKER, 21, farmer, Canada, Ashfield twp., s/o Robert WALKER & Sarah KENNEDY, married Elizabeth MILLER, 16, Canada, Huron twp., d/o Thomas MILLER & Catherine YOUNG, witn: Elizabeth M. WALKER of Lucknow & William SMITH of Dungannon, 7 Oct 1876 at Goderich 004190-77  Richard WALTER, 35, farmer, England, Colborne, s/o Richard & Ann WALTER married Nora CRUSE, 20, Colborne, same, d/o William & Eliza CRUSE. Wit William WALTER and Phebe CRUSE, both of Colborne. November 6, 1876 at Carlow.
004314-77  Thomas WALTERS, 25, Devonshire Eng, East Wawanosh, farmer, s/o Richard & Margaret WALTERS married Eleanor Jane DROST, 23, Hamilton, East Wawanosh, d/o John & Matilda DROST. Wit John WALTER (sic) and Samuel DROST, both of East Wawanosh. July 11, 1876, East Wawanosh. #004288-76  James WATSON, 26, carriage maker, Tecumseth twp., Brussels, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Mary Jane HODGE, 20, Toronto twp., Grey twp., d/o Isaac & Rebecca, witn: Samuel HODGE of Grey twp & Elizabeth JONES of Brussels, 5 Dec 1876 at Brussels [4288-77?]
4267-77  James WATSON, 37, farmer, Ireland, Blanshard, s/o John WATSON & Nancy BEATTIE, married Ann McGREGOR, 27, Usborne, same, d/o John McGREGOR & Jane WISEMAN, witn: John McGREGOR of Usborne & Amelia McKAY of Blanshard, 25 Oct 1876 at Usborne #004069-76  William WASTON, 27, laborer, Ireland, Stanley, s/o William WASTON & Jane DALRIMPLE, married Mary GREER, 21, Ontario, Stanley, d/o John GREER & Laura FIELDS, witnesses were Robert GREER & Mary Ann SPIKEMAN, both of Stanley, 3 Feb., 1876 at Stanley
004403-76  Thomas H. WEBB, 23, farmer, Canada, Hay, s/o Robert & Elizabeth WEBB married Mary McEWEN, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Mrs. John McEWEN, widow. Wit: Peter McEWEN and George HARRIS, both of Turnberry. February 24, 1876 at Turnberry 4443-76  Charles WEBB, 23, farmer, Nova Scotia, Greenock twp., s/o John & Mary, married Isabella SCOTT, Scotland, Culross twp., d/o Robert & Mary, witn: David WATSON & Jessie McTAVISH, both of Culross, 9 Nov 1876 at Wingham
004370-76  George WEIR, 23, farmer, Alnwick Twp, Usborne, s/o Thomas & Ann WEIR married Harriet MANNING, 22, Exeter, same, d/o Richard & Harriet MANNING. Wit: Charles MANNING of London and Elizabeth WEIR of Exeter. June 28, 1876 at Exeter 004438-76  William WEIR, 25, farmer, Canada, Howick, s/o David & Jane married Isabella LINDSAY, 20, Ireland, Turnberry, d/o Robert & Mary Ann. Wit: Christopher JOBB of Turnberry and Agnes WEIR of Howick. October 27, 1876 at Wingham
  4268-77  James H. WERRY, 26, carpenter, Canada, Clinton, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Eliza PERKINS, 26, Canada, Usborne, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Rev. D. WILLIAMS & Robert KERSLAKE, both of Usborne, 28 Dec 1876 at Usborne
#003600-75  John Thomas WESTCOTT, 20, farmer, Canada, Exeter, s/o William & Phoebe WESTCOTT married Elizabeth Jane GREENWOOD, 18, Canada, Stephen, d/o Phillip & Hannah GREENWOOD. Wit: Nathan JOHNS and Joshua ALLEN, both of Usborne. February 10, 1876 at Exeter 004405-76  Charles WHEELER, 28, farmer, England, Morris, s/o Charles WHEELER & Caroline LAWRENCE married Mary Ann WILKINSON, 22, England, Morris, d/o James WILKINSON & Jane DODDS. Wit: William WHEELER of Morris and Jane PEACOCK of Kincardine. September 25, 1876 at Blyth
4458-76 James WHITE, 21, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o John WHITE & Rebecca McCABE, married Mary SLATTERY, 25, Goderich twp., same, d/o Rody SLATTERY & Catherine CLIFFORD, witn: Edward SLATTERY & Mary TILLIARD (Jilliard?), both of Goderich twp., 2 Oct 1876 at Goderich #004289-76  Thomas WHITE, 26, carpenter, Etobicoke twp., same, s/o George & Ann, married Elizabeth YEAMAN, 18, Grey twp., same, d/o George & Eliza, witn: William HARBOTTLE & George YEAMAN, both of Grey twp., 12 Aug 1876 at Brussels [4289-77?]
004115-77  George WHITELY, 29, gentleman, Huron, Seaforth, s/o Edward WHITELY & Mary LIVINGSTON married Elizabeth Gilchrist CARMICHAEL, 23, Quebec, Seaforth, d/o Robert Carmichael & Mary Ann DUNN. Wit G. W. CLINE and Hannah CARMICHAEL, both of Seaforth. December 2, 1876 at Seaforth.  
004503-76  Alexander WILD, 25, yeoman, NY state, Goderich Twp, s/o Marquis & Barbara WILD married Josephine TIEDERMAN, 20, Woodstock, Goderich Twp, d/o Frederick & Fredericka TIEDERMAN. Wit: Alfred TIEDERMAN and Euphemia FRANEY, both of Goderich. December 14, 1876 at Goderich 004315-76 (Huron) George WILHELAN, 26, mechanic, Canada, Wilmot, s/o Jacob & Magdalena WILHELAN, to Barbara WING, 24, Canada, Wilmot, d/o Charles & Magdalena WING, wit: Charles & Elizabeth SNIDER of Waterloo, 19 September 1876, Stephen
4449-76  James WILKINS, 54, widower, farmer, England, Zone, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mary KERSLAKE, 56, England, Usborne, d/o Henry & Betty, witn: Henry KERSLAKE & Elizabeth HUNKIN, both of Usborne, 3 Oct 1876 at Usborne 004507-76  Alfred Charles WILKINS 26, farmer, England, Goderich Twp, s/o Charles WILKINS & Alice PEARSON married Mary KERR, 26, Wawanosh, Goderich, d/o James KERR & Eleanor IRVIN. Wit: John WOODS of Goderich Twp and Thomas PENTLAND of Goderich. December 13, 1876 at Goderich
4440-76  Robert H. WILLSON, 25, banker, London twp., Wingham, s/o Crowell & Maria, married Mary E. McINTOSH, 23, London twp., Wingham, d/o Henry & Jemima, witn: Henry McINTOSH Jr. & Frances DAYTON, both of Wingham, 29 Nov 1876 at res of bride's father, Wingham 004331-77  F. C. WILSON, 38, widower, chemist, England, Bayfield, s/o William & Elizabeth WILSON married Emma L. HAYWARD, 27, Canada, Bayfield, d/o William & Ellen HAYWARD. Wit John A. RUTLEDGE and Clara HAYWOOD, both of Bayfield. September 26, 1876 at Bayfield.
004500-76  William WRIGHT, 52, moulder, Scotland, Goderich, s/o Alexander WRIGHT & Janet HYSLOP married Jane ROSE, 31, Ontario, Goderich, d/o Hugh ROSE & Isabella YOUNG. Wit: Gavin STRUTHERS and Robert WILSON, both of Goderich. February 1, 1876 at Goderich 004313-76 (Huron) Gottlieb WURTH, 33, cooper, Wurtemberg Germany, McGillvray, s/o not known (s/b Johann Jacob WURTH & Eva ROTHFUSS), to Mary LUTZ, 18, Wurtemberg Germany, Crediton, d/o Not Known, wit: Philip RAU & Caroline EILBER both of Stephen, 17 August 1876, Crediton
4472-76 James YATES, 28, salesman, Canada, Goderich, s/o Stephen YATES & Mary McCAUSLAND, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 32, Canada, Goderich, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary ELLICE, witn: Benjamin & David ARMSTRONG of Goderich, 27 Sept 1876 at Goderich 003787-75  Peter YOUNG, 25, farmer, Lanark Co, Howick, s/o Alelxander & Mary A. YOUNG married Mary YOUNG, 24, King Twp, Howick, d/o Alexander & Catherine YOUNG. Wit Alexander FRASER of Wroxeter and Jannet YOUNG of Howick. 11 January 1876 at Fordwich.
004194-77  Wellington YOUNG, 23, engineer, Leeds Co, Seaforth, s/o William & Sarah YOUNG married Ellen MALCOLM, 15, Lincoln? Co, Seaforth, d/o William & Marian MALCOLM. Wit Sarah POWELL of Clinton. December 25, 1876 at Clinton. 004084-76  Thomas YOUNG, 25, widower, public school teacher, Tuckersmith, Hay, s/o Thomas YOUNG & Annie McDOUGALL married Elisabeth McKENZIE, 29, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William McKENZIE & Elisabeth HALL. Wit: David McCLOY and John STEELE, both of Tuckersmith. September 1, 1876 at Tuckersmith
004233-77 (Huron) William Albert ZENT, 29, painter or printer, Berne, Zurich, divorced, s/o George & Elizabeth ZENT, to Eliza SCHNELL, 28, New Hamburg, Zurich, d/o John & Margaret SCHNELL, wit: James BRODERICK & Ida WOHLNICK both of Zurich, 31 December 1876, Zurich