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004219-78 (Huron) Narcisses AILLOTTE, 19, Journeyman, Drysdale, same, s/o Francois Regis & Angele AILLOTTE, to Josephine GENEREUX, 18, Drysdale, d/o Hyacinthe & Modesta GENEREUX, wit: Jacob DUCHARME & Sarah AILLOTTE both of Drysdale, 11 November 1878, Drysdale  
004218 – 78 (Huron) Regis AILLOTTE, 25, Drysdale, same, journeyman, s/o Francis Regis & Angele AILLOTTE, to Elizabeth GEOFFREY, 23, Grand Bend, same, d/o Franche & Cloia? GEOFFREY, wit: Narcisse AILLOTTE & Amelia GEOFFREY, 20 May 1878, Drysdale 004216 – 78 (Huron), Daniel AILLOTTE, 23, Drysdale, same, journeyman, s/o Regis Francis & Angele AILLOTTE, to Mary DUCHARME, 17, Drysdale, same, d/o Elie & Marene? DUCHARME, wit: Narcisse AILLOTTE & Josephine GENEREAU, 6 May 1878, Drysdale
004082-78 (Huron) Watson AINLEY, 27, plasterer, Ont., Brussels, s/o William & Elinor AINLEY, to Emily SPARLING, 20, McKillop, Grey, d/o John & Emily SPARLING, wit: George SPARLING of Grey & Jane LOVE of McKillop, 3 April 1878, Grey 004194 – 78 (Huron), Alexis AIOTTE, 20, Hay, same, laborer, s/o Richard & Anople AIOTTE, to Julia MOSSEAU, 18, Hay, same, d/o Narcisse & Julia DUCHARME, wit: Joseph MOSSEAU & Malvine AIOTTE, 25 February 1878, Drysdale
004079-78 (Huron) William ALLAN, 29, farmer, Scotland, Melancthon Ont., s/o Robert ALLAN & Jane JAMIESON, to Margaret BREMNER, 18, Elma Ont., Grey, d/o Andrew BREMNER & Jane PATTERSON, wit: James PATTERSON & Annie McLEOD, 3 April 1878, Grey 004221-78 (Huron Co) William ANDERSON, 30, carpenter, Ontario, Sullivan Twp, s/o William & Elizabeth ANDERSON married Margaret FORBES, 23, Ontario, Morris Twp, d/o George & Jane FORBES. Wit George FORBES of Morris and Quinton M. BLAIN of Grey. January 30, 1878 at Morris.
004348-79 (Huron Co) James ANDREW, 34, blacksmith, England, Ekford, s/o Thomas & Emma ANDREW married Alice Ann ANDREW, 23, Canada, Ashfield, d/o John & ? ANDREW. Wit Steel ANDREW and Mary ANDREW, both of Ashfield. December 25, 1878 at Ashfield 4357-78 Robert ARMSTRONG, 26, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o William & Jane, married Mary Jane McLAUGHLIN, 22, Canada, Hullett, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John STANLEY of Hullett & Elizabeth GRAHAM of Tuckersmith, 6 Nov 1878 at Egmondville
004160-78 (Huron Co) Andrew AULD, 20, farmer, Ontario, East Wawanosh, s/o James AULD & Isabella CURRIE married Sarah Jane HOOVER, 19, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Adam D. HOOVER & Ellen JOHNSTON. Wit Samuel McILWAIN of Colborne and Rosanna J. HOOVER of East Wawanosh. October 15, 1878 at East Wawanosh. 00463-78 (Huron Co) Thomas BAIRD, 22, blacksmith, Albion, Fordwich, s/o William & Mary BAIRD married Jennet YOUNG, 17, Fordwich, same, d/o James & Elizabeth YOUNG. Wit Elizabeth E. YOUNG and Jacob SLYJER?, both of Fordwich. June 13, 1878 at Fordwich.
004143-78 (Huron Co) Thomas BANDEN (Bauden?), 26, carpenter, Devonshire Eng, Blyth, s/o James BANDEN & Grace PAGE married Catherine Jane McDONALD, 27, Exeter, same, d/o John McDONALD & Dorothy BALKWILL. Wit John McDONALD and Emilin HANKSHAW, both of Exeter. December 31, 1878 at Clinton. 004205-78 (Huron) John BARMEISTER, 30, farmer, Germany, Hay, s/o Christoph & Maria BARMEISTER, to Christiana SCHROEDER, 20, Hay, same, d/o Jacob & Catherine SCHROEDER, wit: Jacob SCHROEDER Jr. & Elizabeth SCHROEDER both of Hay, 15 October 1878, Hay
004395-78 (Huron Co) Henry BEACOM, 23, merchant, Goderich, Ashfield, s/o David & Catherine BEACOM married Margery ERWIN, 21, Bayfield, same, d/o George & Ann ERWIN. Wit James BURNS, Bayfield and Mary McDONALD, not given. May 1, 1878, at Seaforth. 004214 – 78 (Huron), Abraham Thomas BEAN, 21, Hay Tp., same, farmer, s/o Isaac & Sarah BEAN, to Annie Gertrude ENGELAND, 22, Waterloo Co., Hay Tp., d/o Adam & Martha Elizabeth ENGELAND, wit: William GREEN & Elizabeth ENGELAND, 26 October 1878, Hay Tp.
004393-78 (Huron Co) James BEATTIE, 40, grain merchant, Ireland, Seaforth, s/o Luke & Elizabeth BEATTIE married Leila BUGGIN, 24, England, Seaforth, d/o George & Harriette BUGGIN. Wit John BEATTIE, Seaforth & Martha A. (?BERT), Memphis, Mich. May 8, 1878, at Seaforth. 004217 – 78 (Huron), Simon BEDARD, 19, Drysdale, same, farmer, s/o Simon & Mary BEDARD, to Mary DINOMY, 19, Drysdale, same, d/o Louis & Sarah DINOMY, wit: Augustin MASSE & Caroline DINOMY, 22 July 1878, Drysdale.
004193 – 78 (Huron), Alfred BELANGER, 28, Quebec, Zurich, carpenter, s/o Edward & Marianne BELANGER, to Philimere PAPINEAU, 28, Hay, same, d/o Francis & Emilie PAPINEAU, wit: Joachin & Sarah PAPINEAU of Hay, 28 January 1878, Hay 004440-78 (Huron Co) Egerton Charles BELCHER, 23, baker, Ontario, Goderich, s/o John & Mary BELCHER married Mary Ann CANTELON, 23, Ontario, Goderich, d/o David & Jane CANTELON. Wit Isaac KNIGHT and Sarah CANTELON, both of Goderich. August 22, 1878 at Goderich.
004374-78 (Huron Co) Robert BLACK, 26, miller, Ayr, Seaforth, s/o James & Janet BLACK married Barbara Jane THOMSON, 19, Egmondville, Seaforth, d/o William & Agnes THOMSON. Wit William Payne, Tuckersmith & Elizabeth GRAHAM, Egmondville. Nov. 1, 1878, at Seaforth. 004077-78 (Huron) Stephen Henry BLACK, 21, farmer, Weston, Humphrey Twp., s/o Thomas BLACK & Sarah ODDELL (Odell?), to Catherine McKAY, 22, Scotland, Grey, d/o Hugh McKAY & Catherine McKENZIE, wit: Edward CLARK & Christina McKAY both of Grey, 21 January 1878, Grey
004342-78 (Huron Co) James BOLAND, 29, cooper, Ireland, Tavistock, s/o James BOLAND & Mary BOYD married Annie McKAY, 28, Zorra, Tuckersmith, d/o John McKAY & Joanna MURRAY. Wit David McCLOY and James McEWING, both of Tuckersmith. July 1, 1878 at Kippen. 004076-78 (Huron Co) George BONE, 58, tailor, England, Gorrie, s/o Jacob Ashley & Mary HARRISON married Mary WRIGHT, 74, widow, England, Gorrie, d/o Thomas & Ellen CHESNEY. Wit James POMROY and Annie POMROY, both of Gorrie. November 22, 1878 at Gorrie.
004141-78 (Huron Co) William Richard John BOWEY, 26, widower, bricklayer, England, Clinton, s/o John BOWEY & Harriet HOBBS married Margaret FOX, 20, Goderich Town, Clinton, d/o John FOX & Susanna McFARLANE, res. not stated. Wit Robert FOX and Mary Margaret KERSLEY. December 25, 1878 at Clinton. 004155-78 (Huron Co) John BOYD, 32, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o George BOYD & Catherine McGINCHY married Margaret FERGUSON, 21, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o William FERGUSON & Annie HYSLOP. Wit James McGEE of East Wawanosh and Maria KNIGHT of Colborne. April 17, 1878 at East Wawanosh.
004439-78 (Huron Co) John BRADFORD, 26, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Robert BRADFORD & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG married Elizabeth SUTTON, 18, Ashfield, same, d/o David SUTTON & Margaret GIBBONS. Wit Samuel BRADFORD and Thomas SUTTON, both of "the township". October 15, 1878 at Goderich. 004316-78 John BRAUN (Brown?) 25, cabinet maker, England, Exeter, s/o John & Hannah, married Mary Jane FLOYD, 23, England, Stephen Tp., d/o George & Eliza, witn: Harry BRAUN MD of Listowel & John FLOYD of Stephen on Nov.(?) 13, 1878 at Stephen Tp
004387-79 (Huron), Gavin BROWNING, 21, farmer, Scotland, Hay Tp., s/o Gavin & Jane BROWNING, to Jennett LEHMAN, 22, Oxford Co., Hay tp., d/o Abraham & Jessie LEHMAN, wit: Thomas BROWNING & Betty LEHMAN, 26 December 1878, Hay 004313-78 (Huron Co) Norman BUCHANAN, 30, farmer, Scotland, Stephen, s/o James & Flora BUCHANAN married Sarah McEACHERN, 20, Canada, Stephen, d/o Donald & Margaret McEACHERN. Wit William McEACHERN and Catherine McEACHERN, both of Stephen. December 10, 1878 at Exeter.
004307-78 (Huron Co) Job BURNS, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o William & Betsy Ann BURNS married Ann STEVENS, 22, Stephen, same, d/o Michael & Susan STEVENS. Wit Joseph BURNS and John LEWIS, both of Stephen. February 5, 1878 at Stephen. 004397-78 (Huron Co) James BURNS, 28, merchant, of Bayfield, s/o Alexander & Margaret BURNS married Eleanor BARTLIFF, 19, of Goderich, d/o James & Elizabeth BARTLIFF. Wit Andrew HOUSTON, Bayfield and Claare MONTGOMERY, Goderich. May 20, 1878, at Seaforth.
004335-78 (Huron Co) Robert BUSWELL, 27, tinsmith, Zurich Hay Twp, Usborne, s/o Richard BUSWELL & Maryanne WEST married Ann Jane McALISTER, 18, Hay, same, d/o Alexander McALISTER & Jane CURRY. Wit Eliza McALISTER and Major JOHNSTONE. January 15, 1878 at Kippen. 004076-79 (Huron Co): John BYERS, 27, shoemaker, Canada, Goderich, s/o John & Margaret BYERS married Jane Carr DONALDSON, 21, Canada, Goderich, d/o James DONALDSON & Jane MORGAN. Wit: Egston Charles BUTCHER of Goderich and Elizabeth STIRLING of Colborne. February 11, 1878 at Goderich
  4116-79 Norman CAMERON, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Tuckersmith, s/o James & Sarah, married Sarah BLAIR, 31, Canada, Grey, d/o John & Mary, witn: John ROSS & Jane BLAIR, both of Grey, 29 Nov 1878 at Brussels
004156-78 (Huron Co) James Thomas CAMPBELL, 29, farmer, Lynn, Grenville Co., s/o John & Martha Jane CAMPBELL married Isabella LOVE, 22, Dumfries Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o Samuel & Isabella LOVE. Wit John CAMPBELL of Listowel and R. J. POLLOCK of Blyth. April 25, 1878 at East Wawanosh. 004319-78 John William CANIM (Canon?), 24, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Anne Jane CHERVING? 22, Canada, Usborne, d/o David & Mary Ann, witn. Richard CANIM, & Charlotte CHERVING, both of Usborne on Feb. 7, 1878 at Usborne. (Bible Chris)
004207 – 78 (Huron), George CARD, 28, London England, Hensall, R. R. Employee, s/o Charles & Hannah CARD, to Sarah Jane IVISON, 21, Hay Tp., same, d/o William & Fanny IVISON, wit: Eliza POTTER & Mary Ann IVISON, 23 October 1878, Hay. #004566-80 (Huron Co): Charles CAREY, 22, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Charles & Mary Ann, married Mary Jane FRITZLEY, 17, Goderich, Goderich twp., d/o Jonathan FRITZLEY & Louisa CAMPBELL, witn: William SHIELDS & Mary STEWART, both of Ashfield, 21 Sept 1878 at Dungannon
004152-78 (Huron Co) John CHAPMAN, 26, blacksmith, Acton Ont, Chilliwack B. C., s/o Emmanuel & Mary CHAPMAN married Harriet HOUSE, 22, Acton Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o Thomas & Ann HOUSE. Wit John HOUSE and Maria HOUSE, both of East Wawanosh. March 6, 1878, at East Wawanosh. 4362-78 Martin CHARLESWORTH, 31, mechanic, Dumfries twp., Clinton, s/o Henry & Mary, married Mary Lucretia WHITELY, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: William CHARLESWORTH of Clinton & Francis WHITELY of Tuckersmith, 25 Dec 1878 at Tuckersmith
004212 – 78 (Huron), Pascal CHARRETTE, 25, Drysdale, same, journeyman, s/o Pascal & Charlotte CHARRETTE, to Mary BOUCHER, 15, Drysdale, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth BOUCHER, wit: Auguste PASCAL & Marguerite BEDARD, 3 June 1878, Drysdale 004348-78 (Huron Co) James CHESNEY, 29, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James CHESNEY & Margaret CAMPBELL married Christina FORSYTHE, 27, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Alexander FORSYTHE & Janet MUSTARD. Wit Samuel CHESNEY and Alexander FORSYTHE, both of Tuckersmith. September 21, 1878 at Tuckersmith.
004206-78 (Huron) William Bain CLARK, 23, blacksmith, Brant, Hills Green, s/o Rev. Andrew CLARK & Elizabeth Bain CLARK, to Sarah Catherine TROYE, 19, Hay, Hills Green, d/o John & Sarah Ann TROYE, no witnesses listed, 26 July 1878, Kippen 004380-78 (Huron Co) Alfred Jerald CLARKE, 26, telegraph operator, England, City of Kingston, s/o Frederick William & Harriet CLARKE married Clarinda Kitty SPARLING, 19, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o Christopher & Ann SPARLING. Wit William M. GRAY and Francis SPARLING, both of Seaforth. Oct. 1, 1878, at res. of William M. Gray, Seaforth.
004296-78 (Huron Co) Adam CLAUSIES?, 28, farmer, Ontario, Hullett, s/o John & Lizzie KENIG married Mary Jane FERGUSON, 28, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o William & Annie EASLIP. Wit J. BOYD and Margaret FERGUSON, both of Colborne. March 13, 1878 at Blyth. 004341-78 (Huron Co) Charles CLAYDON, 33, farmer, England, McKillop, s/o Joseph & Eliza CLAYDON married Hannah KINSE, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Nicholas & Christina KINSE. Wit August KINSE of Tuckersmith and Smitty? NORMAN of McKillop. March 28, 1878 at Egmondville.
004376-78 (Huron Co) Samuel CLUFF, 22, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Richard & Margaret CLUFF married Jennie May WHITESIDE, 19, Ireland, Tuckersmith, d/o William Hugh & Margaret WHITESIDE. Wit James WHITESIDE & Elizabeth CLUFF, both of Seaforth. Nov. 26, 1878, at res. of bride's father, McKillop. 004398-78 (Huron Co) Robert CLUFF, 27, shoemaker, Canada, Bayfield, s/o Robert & Ann CLUFF married Annie BARTLIFF, 24, England, Goderich, d/o James & Elizabeth BARTLIFF. Wit John HISCOX, Varna & Elizabeth CARROL, not given. Feb. 6, 1878, at Bayfield.
004157-78 (Huron Co) John E. COAD, 23, lumber merchant, Lanark, East Wawanosh, s/o Thomas & Mary COAD married Mary COAD, 27, Kitley Twp Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o Richard & Mary COAD. Wit Richard COAD of Wingham and Sarah COAD of Lanark. May 8, 1878 at East Wawanosh. 004158-78 (Huron Co) Richard COAD, 25, clerk, Kitley Twp Ont, Wingham, s/o Richard & Mary COAD married Sarah COAD, 25, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas & Mary COAD. Wit John E. COAD and Mary COAD, both of East Wawanosh. May 8, 1878 at East Wawanosh.
004146-78 (Huron Co) John COCKRELL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o Charles & Louisa COCKRELL married Margaret Patten GEMMILL, 30, Scotland, Wroxeter, d/o Andrew & Ann GEMMILL. Wit Thomas WHITELY and Isabella GEMMILL, both of Turnberry. September 2, 1878 at Turnberry. 004161-78 (Huron Co) John CURRIE, 22, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o John CURRIE & Margaret LINKLATER married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 22, Nassagaweya Halton Co, East Wawanosh. d/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Ann REID. Wit John LINKLATER and Ann ROBERTSON, both of East Wawanosh. October 30, 1878 at East Wawanosh.
  004067-78 (Huron Co) Mathew DANE, 24, farmer, Brantford, Howick, s/o George & Barbara DANE married Agness WEIR, 21, Cartwright, Howick, d/o David & Jane WEIR. Wit William DANE of Gorrie and Elizabeth JACKSON of Minto. July 3, 1878 at Howick.
004208 – 78 (Huron) Frederick, DATERS, 24, Waterloo Co., Hay Tp., farmer, s/o Henry and Anna DATERS, to Leah SCHROEDER, 18, Waterloo Co., Hay Tp., d/o Christian & Sophia SCHROEDER, wit: William SCHRODER & Henry DATERS, 4 November 1878, Hay Tp. 004093-78 (Huron Co) James DAVIDSON, 26, carpenter, Dumferline Scotland, Molesworth Huron Co., s/o Joseph & Mary DAVIDSON married Elizabeth Barbara PATTERSON, 16, North Easthorpe Ont, Molesworth, d/o Robert & Janet Mary PATTERSON. Wit William MITCHELL and Mary McLEAN, both of Molesworth. October 18, 1878 at Molesworth.
004162-78 (Huron Co) Henry DENSON, 33, farmer, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o Henry DENSON & Sarah WELLWOOD married Jane CHAMNEY, 20, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o Richard CHAMNEY & Euphemia MASON. Wit John WELLWOOD of West Wawanosh and Ellen CHAMNEY of East Wawanosh. December 18, 1878 at East Wawanosh. 013708-78 (Huron Co) Robert DEW, 24, farmer, Usborne, Stanley, s/o John DEW & Betsy BOWDEN married Mary Jane KENAN, 22, Downie, Usborne, d/o William KENAN & Jane PARSONS. Wit James DEW and Jane HUNTER, both of Usborne. March 26, 1878 at Kippen.
013700 – 78 (Huron), Valentine DIEHL, 54, Germany, Stanley Tp., farmer, widower, s/o Michael & Magdalena DIEHL, to Martha SNIDER, 41, Hefssia, Zurich, widow, d/o Sebastian & Elisabeth ALBRECHT, wit: Adam ALBRECHT & Henry ZIMMERMAN both of Zurich, 26, March 1878, Zurich 004211 – 78 (Huron), August DINOMY, 20, Drysdale, same, farmer, s/o Norbed & Angela DINOMY, to Victorine BERTRAND, 17, Drysdale, same, d/o Charles & Victorine BERTRAND, Wit: Regis DINOMY & Virginie CORIVEAU, 3 June 1878, Drysdale
004223-78 (Huron Co) Robert B. DOUGLAS, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Blyth Village, s/o James & Sophia DOUGLAS married Janet McINNES, 23, Canada, Morris, d/o Archibald & Mary McINNES. Wit William H. WATSON of Blyth and George McGOWAN of Wawanosh. April 11, 1878 at Morris.  
004324-78 Robert DOUPE, 26, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Henry & Lucy, married Ellen SHIER, 22, Canada, Usborne, d/o Adam & Charlotte, with: William H. DOUPE & Sarah SHIER both of Usborne on May 20, 1878 at Usborne 004145-78 (Huron Co) Robert Jeffrey DUFF, 68, widower, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o James DUFF & Catherine CAMPBELL married Catherine BROWN, 24, Canada, Turnberry, d/o not known. Wit John H,. EPPLETT and Ester EPPLETT, both of Turnberry. May 10, 1878 at Turnberry.
004310-78 (Huron Co) William DUNSTAN, 27, blacksmith, Beverly Twp, Tuckersmith, s/o James & Jessie DUNSTAN married Mary Ann VICKERS, 21, Carrick Twp, Grand Bend, d/o Stephen & rebecca VICKERS. Wit James WALLER and Elizabeth _?, both of Grand Bend. September 4, 1878 at Grand Bend. 4266-78 Charles DURNIN, 19, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o Alexander & Sarah, married Mary A. REID, 19, Ireland, Ashfield, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James & Mrs. J. REID of Wawanosh, 17 Dec 1878 at Wingham
4264-78 Denis H. EAGAN, 41, widower, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o Denis & Mary, married Rachel DICKEY, 20, Canada, Kinloss, d/o William & Susan, witn: James BROCK of Howick & Susan DICKEY of Lucknow, witn: 18 Dec 1878 at Wingham 004073-78 (Huron Co) William S. EDWARDS, 24, painter, Ontario, Fordwich, s/o William & Thankful EDWARDS married Margaret McLAUGHLIN, 22, Howick, Fordwich, d/o Charles & Mary Jane McLAUGHLIN. Wit James S. STEPHESON of Howick and Emmy Ann McLAUGHLIN of Fordwich. October 23, 1878 at Fordwich.
004191-78 (Huron Co.) Henry EHLERS, 24, farmer, Germany, Stephen Twp., s/o John and Dorothy, married Augusta WEBER, 21, Wilmot, Hay, d/o Jacob and Wilhelmina, witn Jacob WEBER and Caroline KAUCHER, both of Hay, 19 February, (no year given, but must be 1878) in Hay. 004074-78 (Huron Co) Alfred Maxwell ELBY, 26, Baptist Minister, Mariposa, Howick, d/o Thomas & Ann ELBY married Angeline HARRIS, 19, Darlington, Howick, d/o James & Ann HARRIS. Wit Edward HARRIS and Grace HARGRAVE, both of Howick. July 10, 1878 at Howick.
004385-78 (Huron Co) Robert ETTY, 23, farmer, of Fullerton, s/o William & Ann ETTY married Mary WASSMAN, 21, of Logan, d/o Frederick & Hannah WASSMAN. Wit George W. DUER and Dora GARBEY, both of Fullerton., Dec. 18, 1878, at Seaforth. 004447-78 (Huron Co) John EVANS, 25, butcher, Ontario, Clinton, s/o Charles EVANS & Mary McLEOD married Harriet BURNS, 20, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Thomas BURNS & Sarah STANLEY. Wit Robert MULLER of Ashfield and Rebecca BURNS of McKillop. December 3, 1878 at Goderich.
004062-78 (Huron Co) Thomas EVANS, 27, farmer, Cartwright, Turnberry, s/o Andrew & Mary EVANS married Elizabeth Ann SUCH, 23, Newboro, Gorrie, d/o Robert & Ann SUCH. Wit Ann SUCH and Charles SUCH, both of Gorrie. May 20, 1878 at Gorrie. 004147-78 (Huron Co) Edward FARLEY, 60, widower, farmer, Ireland, Turnberry, s/o William & Mary FARLEY married Catherine ABRAHAM, 30, Ireland, Turnberry, d/o Thomas & Jane ABRAHAM. Wit William ABRAHAM of Turnberry and John FITCH of Howick. September 25, 1878 at Turnberry.
004075-78 (Huron Co) Joseph H. FAWCETT, 22, farmer, Maryboro, Fordwich, s/o John & Levine FAWCETT married Annie FALKNER, 21, New Town, Fordwich, d/o William & Ellen J. FALKNER. Wit Ford FALKNER and Elizabeth FALKNER, both of Fordwich. October 1, 1878 at Fordwich. 004303-78 (Huron) Jacob FINKBEINER, 25, Farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o Michael & Barbara (s/b nee HAIST) FINKBEINER, to Anna SCHWARTZ, 19, Canada, Stephen, d/o Michael & Magdalena SCHWARTZ, wit: Michael FINKBEINER & Caroline SCHWARTZ both of Stephen, 27 November 1878, Stephen
  004350-78 (Huron Co) John FITZPATRICK, 30, farmer, Fermanagh Ireland, Tuckersmith, s/o William & Eliza FITZPATRICK married Annie CUDMORE, 23, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Richard & Alice CUDMORE. Wit Joseph STEVENS of Hullett and Alice CUDMORE of Tuckersmith. October 16, 1878 at Tuckersmith.
004094-78 (Huron Co) Henry FOGAL, 26, farmer, York Co., Grey, s/o Morris FOGAL & Hannah GOWER married Annie McPHERSON, 22, widow, Morris, Grey, d/o Robert ROSS & Margaret ROBERTSON. Wit James OLIVER and Betsy ROSS, both of Grey. November 1, 1878 at Cranbrook. 4361-78 Thomas FOWLER, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Francis & Charlotte, married Emeline MODELAND, 21, of Tuckersmith, d/o John & Martha, witn: Richard MODELAND & Annie FOWLER, both of Tuckersmith, 24 Dec 1878 at Tuckersmith
4359-78 George FOWLER, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, McKillop, s/o William & Agnes, married Charlotte Mary FOWLER, 28, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Francis & Charlotte, witn: Joseph & Annie FOWLER of Tuckersmith, 16 Oct 1878 at Tuckersmith 004196 – 78 (Huron), Abraham FRYE, 29, U.S., Livingston U.S., minister, s/o Jacob & Maria FRYE, to Susanna SCHLUCHTER, 21, Hay, same, d/o Jacob & Maria SCHLUCHTER, wit: Jacob & Lydia SCHLUCHTER of Hay, 13 April, 1878, Hay
004330-78 Robert FULTON, 25, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o Robert & Martha, married Catherine MOIR, 21, Usborne, same, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: George RYCKMAN & Margaret MOIR both of Usborne on Nov. 6, 1878 at Usborne  
004154-78 (Huron Co) Robert GIBSON, 30, farmer, Ontario, North Dumfries, s/o David GIBSON & Sarah J. JAMIESON married Fanny CAMPBELL, 23, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Elizabeth McBURNEY. Wit Charles CAMPBELL of East Wawanosh and Annabella GIBSON of North Dumfries. January 23, 1878 at East Wawanosh 004192 – 78 (Huron), John GOETZ, 29, Fullerton, same, farmer, Widower, s/o Michael & Mary GOETZ, to Ernestina TRUEMNER, 20, Hay, same, d/o Justice & Catharine TRUEMNER, wit: Henry & Elisabeth TRUEMNER of Hay, 5 March 1878, Zurich
004311-78 (Huron Co) James GOULD, 30, cooper, England, Exeter, s/o John & Dorothy GOULD married Jane ROWE, 22, Stephen, same, d/o Thomas & Agnes ROWE. Wit William BROCK and Eliza ROWE, both of Stephen. September 18, 1878 at Stephen. 004419-77 (Huron) John GOULD, 24, farmer, Reach, Hay, s/o Joseph & Mary GOULD, to Mary McDONALD, 24, Hay, same, d/o James & Mary McDONALD, wit: Rodger & Sarah NORTHCOTT of Hay, 1 January 1878, Kippen
  004204-78 (Huron) Aquil GRATTON, 23, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Gregor & Esther GRATTON, to Mary DISHERDONE, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Andrew DISHERDONE & wifes name not-known, wit: Peter DISHERDONE & Leo GRATTON of Stephen, 3 July 1878, Stephen
004446-78 (Huron Co) James? GRAY, 24, farmer, Norwich - OxfordCo., Ashfield, s/o William A. & Fannie S. GRAY married Jane STEELE, 21, Lobo Middlesex Co., same, d/o John & Mary STEELE. Wit George WESTBROOK and Maria WESTBROOK, both of Ashfield. October 24, 1878 at Goderich. 004448-78 (Huron Co) Robert Gibson GREENSELL, 23, butcher, Darlington, Lucknow, s/o John & Sarah Ann GREENSELL married Sarah Ann BLACK, 17, Dungannon, same, d/o Anthony & Sarah BLACK. Wit _? R. BLACK of Dungannon and W. F.PEARL of Lucknow. December 25, 1878 at Goderich.
#004569-80 (Huron Co): John? (or Jesse?) GRIFFIN, 30, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Sarah DALTON, 23, Ashfield, same, d/o Maurice & Jane, witn: Morgan? & Elizabeth DALTON of Ashfield, 18 Feb 1878 at the Catholic Church, Ashfield 004379-78 (Huron Co) William HADDEN, 76, weaver, Ireland, Village of Brussels, s/o James & Jane HADDEN married Elizabeth MERCER, 37, Clark Twp., St. Mary's, d/o George & Mary MERCER. Wit Helena A. ARMSTRONG & Odessa C. TERWILLIGAR, Seaforth. Sept. 5, 1878, at Seaforth.
004004-79 (Huron Co): James Bernard HALL, 22, baker, Bayfield, same, s/o William HALL & Eliza KINGSTON married Jane Isabella THOMSON, 18, Bayfield, same, d/o James & Isabella THOMSON. Wit: William HALL of Bayfield. October 24, 1878 at Bayfield  
004382-78 (Huron Co) David HALSTEAD, 30, farmer, Tyendinga Twp., Goderich Twp., s/o Stephen & Deborah HALSTEAD married Eleanor Williamson MILLER, 25, Scotland, Southampton d/o John & Eleanor MILLER. Wit William L. SOULES, Town of Iroquois & Jane STEWART, Village of Glenwilliams. Oct.3, 1878, Seaforth. 004442-78 (Huron Co) John HAMILTON, 29, farmer, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o Alexander & Jane HAMILTON married Eleanor Susanna HARRIS, 25, Ontario, Goderich, d/o John & Sarah HARRIS. Wit Joseph HARRIS of Goderich and Martha HAMILTON of Turnberry. October 16, 1878 at Goderich.
004318-78 George HARLOW (Harton?), yeoman, Canada, Usborne, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane OKE, 21, Canada, Usborne, d/o William & Mary, witn: James OKE & Thomas HARLOW both of Usborne on Jan. 15, 1878 at Usborne 004445-78 (Huron Co) John Charles Chamberlain HARRISON, 22, engineer, Canada, Goderich, s/o John Charles HARRISON & Rebecca Mitchell STANLEY married Isabella Jemima NASMYTH, 23, Gooderich, same, d/o Alexander NASMYTH & Ann McKENZIE. Wit George J. GRIERSON and Emma F. PLATT, both of Goderich. November 20, 1878 at Goderich.
4354-78 Thomas Henry HAUGH, 27, carpenter, England, Hensall, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Ann Dorothy Catherine INGRAM, 20, Tuckersmith, same, d/o George INGRAM & Sophia Margaret WALTON, witn: James WATT & Robert McLAREN, both of Tuckersmith, 24 Dec 1878 at Tuckersmith 4354-78 Thomas HAWKINS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Usborne twp., s/o George & Ann, married Jessie WHITEFORD, 21, Ontario, Hay twp., d/o Adam & Jessie, witn: Peter LOGUE of Tuckersmith & James WHITEFORD of Hay, 8 Nov 1878 at Hay
004332-78 Richard HAWKINS, 27, farmer, Canada, Hay, s/o William & Martha, married Jane Russell MOIR, 21, Canada, Usborne, d/o Alexander MOIR & Janet RUSSELL, witn: Henry J. HAWKINS of Hay Tp. & Margaret R. MOIR of Usborne Tp. on Dec. 27, 1878 at Usborne. 004443-78 (Huron Co) Henry HAYDEN, 27, dry goods clerk, Ontario, Goderich, s/o William & Matilda HAYDEN married Mary Emma YATES, 22, Ontario, Goderich, d/o Stephen & Mary YATES. Wit William R. HAYDEN of Ashfield and Maggie YATES of Goderich. October 2, 1878 at Goderich.
004084-78 (Huron) John W. HEAPY, 23, farmer, Wawanosh, Grey, s/o John & Mary HEAPY, to Grace HILL, 25, Fullarton, Grey, s/o John & Mary HILL, wit: William Dark of Grey & Elizabeth M. HILL of Detroit US, 23 January 1878, Grey 004066-78 (Huron Co) Robert HENRY, 20, stone mason, Ontario, Carrick Twp., s/o John & Mary HENRY married Jane BROWN, 19, Galt Ont, Howick, d/o James & Elizabeth BROWN. Wit John G. HUSTON of Clifford and Mary ELDER of Minto. June 7, 1878 at Howick.
004302-78 (Huron Co) William A. HEWITT, 29, carpenter, London Eng., Blyth, s/o William HEWITT & Elizabeth AVERY married Elizabeth CLARK, 18, Canada, Blyth, d/o James CLARK & Ellen E. LAWTON. Wit blank HEWITT of Blyth and blank BEAMISH of Wawanosh. November 24, 1878 at Blyth. 004345-78 (Huron Co) George HINCHLEY, 25, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o John HINCHLEY & Isabella DAVIDSON married Agnes GEMMILL, 22, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert GEMMILL & Jane HAY. Wit William McCLOY and Thomas GEMMILL, both of Tuckersmith. July 17, 1878 at Brucefield.
004317-78 Henry HOOPER, 26, merchant, England, Exeter, s/o Charles & Johann, married Dinah ELSTIN, 27, England, Exeter, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Mary Jane GILL of Exeter & William HOOPER of Usborne on Dec. 25, 1878 at Centralia 004323-78 Joseph HOGGARTH, 25, carriage maker, Canada, Hibbert, s/o John HOGGARTH & Sarah GAMETT, married Hannah FRANCIS, 20, Canada, Usborne, d/o James FRANCES & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: John HOGGARTH of Hibbert & Jennie FRANCIS of Usborne on May 21, 1878 at Usborne
13702-78 August F. HORMUTH, 25, farmer, Germany, Turnberry, s/o Charles & Hannah, married Mary A. NETHERFIELD, 20, Canada, Turnberry, d/o William & Huldah, witn: E. M. MILLICHAMP & Sarah NETHERFIELD, both of Wingham, 30 Oct 1878 at Turnberry 013706-78 (Huron Co) Richard HOTHAM, 29, farmer, England, Stanley, s/o Robert HOTHAM & Margaret CONSET married Annie HILL, 24, Hay, same, d/o William HILL & Mary Anne CURRY. Wit Elizabeth McALISTER and George N. HILL, res. not stated. March 13, 1878 at Kippen.
004327-78 William HOWEY, 20, carpenter, Quebec, Exeter, s/o James & Eliza, married Hannah HARVEY 19, Usborne, same, d/o Richard & Caroline, witn: Charlotte HARVEY & Hugh ROSS both of Usborne on Aug. 14, 1878 at Usborne 004069-78 (Huron Co) George HOWITSON, 23, plasterer, Wellesley, Lakelet, s/o Samuel & Jessie HOWITSON married Sarah Elizabeth COOK, 21, Cartwright, Lakelet, d/o John & Mary COOK. Wit William COOK of Lakelet and Agnes HOWITSON of Culross. July 17, 1878 at Gorrie.
004321-78 Leonard HULL, 22, farmer, Canada, Clinton, s/o Ishmael & Ann, married Jannet BIRRELL, 22, Scotland, Hibbert, d/o Walter & Jane, witn: Robert McGILL & Margaret BURRELL both of Usborne on Mar. 14, 1878 at Usborne 004325-78 Andrew HUNKIN, 26, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane STEWART, 24, Canada, Usborne, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: John STEWART of Usborne & Ida RAYMOND of Blanchard on June 4, 1878 at Usborne
004388-78 (Huron Co.) John HYNDMAN, 21, bookkeeper, of Exeter, s/o John & Charlotte HYNDMAN married Victoria BASSETT, 23, of Exeter, d/o Richard & Ann BASSETT. Wit Miss Nellie HOUGHTON & Mrs. D.D. ROSE, both of Seaforth. Jan. 30, 1878, at Seaforth. 004343-78 (Huron Co) Samuel S. JACKSON, 33, merchant, Ireland, Hensall, s/o Alexander JACKSON & S. J. WALSH married Jane CRAWFORD, 18, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John CRAWFORD & Nancy CARLYLE. Wit John CRAWFORD of Tuckersmith and James McDERMID, M. D., of Hensall. July 1, 1878 at Tuckersmith.
004337-78 (Huron Co) Thomas John JANES, 23, butcher, England, Seaforth, s/o Thomas & Mary JANES married Mary Jane LEATHERLAND, 24, Kingston Ont, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert & Lavinia LEATHERLAND. Wit Jophn MURRAY and Charlotte A. LEATHERLAND, both of Tuckersmith. May 1, 1878 at Tuckersmith. 004142-78 (Huron Co) Richard Henry JOHNSON, 27, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Richard JOHNSON & Mary SKINNER married Maggie MORRIS, 18, Whitby Town, Clinton, d/o Alex MORRIS & Helen OGILVIE. Wit Arthur COUCH and Helen COUCH, both of Clinton. December 24, 1878 at Clinton.
004005-79 (Huron Co): William C. JOHNSTON, 25, not given, Bayfield, same, s/o Christopher JOHNSTON & Catherine IRVIN married Sarah A. McDONALD, 20, Goderich, Bayfield, d/o James McDONALD & Eliza MURRAY. Wit: Thomas JOHNSTON, res not given. December 18, 1878 at Bayfield 004326-78 Charles JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, USA, Plympton, s/o James & Julinah, married Frances Jane KERNICK, 21, Durham Co., Usborne, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: James FRAYNE & Maggie KERNICK both of Usborne on June 20, 1878 at Usborne
004340-78 (Huron Co) Patrick JOHNSTON, 35, farmer, Ireland, Stanley, s/o William JOHNSTON & Elizabeth ROBINSON married Sarah JOHNSTON, 39, Ireland, Hay, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Ellen KAIN. Wit William HICK and Sarah TODD, both of Stanley. May 29, 1878 at Kippen. 004347-78 (Huron Co) Robert JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Bayfield, same, s/o Christopher JOHNSTON & Catherine IRWIN married Ellen GRIER, 25, Howick, Stanley, d/o John GRIER & Laura FIELDS. Wit Robert GRIER of Stanley and Jane JOHNSTON of Bayfield. September 11, 1878 at Brucefield.
004197-79 (Huron Co): James JOHNSTON, 42, widower, farmer, Amhurst, Morris, s/o John & Margaret JOHNSTON married Ellen BARKLEY, 39, widower, Carleton Co, Wingham, d/o John & Elizabeth HOWE. Wit: Peter HILL of Morris and Ellen SCARFF of Wingham. November 18, 1878 at Wingham  
004308-78 (Huron Co) Samuel KAIN, 44, widower, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o George & Rebecca KAIN married Sarah ALLEN, 33, Cornwall Eng, Stephen, d/o John & Elizabeth ALLEN. Wit Mariah BUTCHER and Richard CROCKER, both of Exeter. February 20, 1878 at Exeter. 004190-78 (Huron Co.) Aaron KAUCHER, 24, farmer, Hay, Hay, s/o Jacob and Veronica, married Sarah THALER, 21, Wilmot, Hay, d/o Adam and Barbara, witn Jacob WEBER and Caroline KAUCHER both of Hay, 5 February 1878 at the manse, Hay.
004389-78 (Huron Co) George KEENAN, 42, farmer, Germany, Hay Twp., Orton & Martha KEENAN married Hannah KEENAN, 26, Germany, McKillop d/o Christian & Mena KEENAN. Wit John NISH and Mena KEENY(?sic). Feb. 2, 1878, at Seaforth. 004213 – 78 (Huron), Carl Frederick Wilhelm KEHL, 23, Prussia, Stephen Tp., farmer, s/o Karl & Louisa KEHL, to Anna KRAFT, 20, Stephen Tp., same, d/o Ludwig & Elizabeth KRAFT, wit: Christian STADE & Catherine KRAFT, 29 October 1878, Hay Tp.
  004088-78 (Huron) William KEITH, 37, farmer, Scotland, Elma Ont., s/o James & Catherine KEITH, to Jane McGEORGE, 23, Galt, Grey, d/o Samuel & Agnes McGEORGE, wit: George KEITH of Elma & Agnes McGEORGE of Grey, 24 April 1878, Grey
4113-79 James KENDALL, 55, farmer, widower, England, Grey, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Annie CLARK, 58, widow, Scotland, Grey, d/o illegible (Hemlest?) & Jane ATCHISON, witn: William WYNN & Mary WALKER, both of Brussels, 21 May 1878 at Brussels 004315-78 (Huron Co) William KAFFA, 29, farmer, Morristown, Stephen, s/o Phillip & Rachael KAFFA married Barbara BROWN, 21, Stephen, Crediton?, d/o John & Reann? BROWN. Wit B_? BROWN and Maria BROWN, both of Stephen. September 17, 1878 at Crediton?.
004149-78 (Huron Co) David KERR, 21, farmer, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o Joseph & Ann KERR married Lilly MILLER, 21, Detroit, Wingham, d/o John & Lilly MILLER. Wit Thomas BLACKSTOCK, Jr., and Sarah NICHOLSON, both of Turnberry. October 16, 1878 at Turnberry. 004331-78 William H. KERSLAKE, 24, blacksmith, Usborne, same, s/o Henry & Rebecca, married Margaret Maud STANLAKE, 20, Stephen Tp., Stephen, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Robert STANLAKE & Elizabeth A. PERKINS both of Usborne on Nov. 20, 1878 at Exeter, Usborne Tp
013707-78 (Huron Co) John KETTELTON, 24, farmer, Toronto, Stanley, s/o John & Sarah KETTELTON married Catherine McDOUGALL, 26, Scotland, Stanley, d/o James McDOUGALL & Elsie YOUNG. Wit John HUNTER of Stanley and Annie YOUNG of Tuckersmith. March 14, 1878 at Brucefield. 004322-78 George KIRK, 22, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o David & Margaret, married Mary Ann EASTERBROOK, 21, Canada, Usborne, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Joseph KIRK of Kirkton & Bessie EASTERBROOK of Usborne on May 1, 1878 at Usborne
004336-78 (Huron Co) William KISER, 24, blacksmith, York Twp. Ont, Brucefield, s/o Benjamin & blank KISER married Jessie McGREGOR, 22, Stanley, same, d/o Hugh & Janet McGREGOR. Wit Hugh McGREGOR of Stanley and John A. YOUNG of Tuckersmith. January 25, 1878 at Brucefield. 004081-78 (Huron) Adam KNOX, 45, farmer, Scotland, Howick, s/o William & Margaret KNOX, to Agnes TURNBULL, 35, Scotland, Grey, d/o Thomas & Anna TURNBULL, wit: James SIMPSON & Janet TURNBULL both of Grey, 2 January 1878, Grey
004202-78 (Huron) William KREH, 24, farmer, Oxford Co., Blake, s/o Christian & Maria KREH, to Leah WING, 20, Hay, same, d/o William & Catherine WING, wit: G. WING & P. CAPLING both of Hay, 22 August 1878, Hay  
004065-78 (Huron Co) Johann KRELLER, 23, farmer, Waterloo Co., Howick, s/o Friedrich & Catherina KRELLER married Louise GAEDKE, 18, Perth Co., Howick, d/o Christian & Maria GAEDKE. Wit Friedrich KRELLER and Catharine KRELLER, both of Grey. April 22, 1878 at Howick. 4360-78 John LATIMER, 27, clerk, Ottawa, Seaforth, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth PORTER, 23, Sandusky Ohio, Egmondville, d/o John S. & Margaret, witn: John WILKINSON of Goderich & Sarah PORTER of Egmondville, 20 Aug 1878 at Egmondville
004222-78 (Huron Co) William LAWER, 25, mason, Ontario, Brussels Village, s/o John & Janet LAWER married Rebecca McLEOD, 22, Ontario, Morris, d/o William & Ann McLEOD. Wit Duncan McLEOD and Angus McLEOD, both of Morris. March 13, 1878 at Morris. 4363-78 William LAWRENCE, 26, teacher, Toronto twp., Tuckersmith, s/o William & Catherine, married Elmira WHITELY, 18, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: William E. CHARLESWORTH of Clinton & Sarah WHITELY of Tuckersmith, 25 Dec 1878 at Tuckersmith
04153-78 (Huron Co) Thomas LEAVER, 26, farmer, Richmond Ont, West Wawanosh, s/o James LEAVER & Jane S. FLEMING married Margaret RINTOUL, 19, Darling Twp Ont, East Wawanosh, d/o Alexander RINTOUL & Hannah GALBRAITH. Wit James RINTOUL and Mary RINTOUL, both of East Wawanosh. January 22, 1878 at East Wawanosh.  
004148-78 (Huron Co) Robert LEDYET, 21, farmer, Toronto, Turnberry, s/o John & Mary LEDYET married Alice Jane RANKIN, 19, Wallace, Turnberry, d/o Richard & Mary RANKIN. Wit Mary RANKIN and Thomas BLACKSTOCK, Jr., both of Turnberry. October 16, 1878 at Turnberry. 004394-78 (Huron Co) George LEE, 23, farmer, McKillop, Seaforth, s/o William & Jane LEE married Alberta K.TERWILLIGER, 20, Delaware, Seaforth, d/o S. & Eliza Jane TERWILLIGER. Wit J.H. McCULLOCH, Seaforth & Ellie TIDEY, Norwich. May 1, 1878, at Seaforth.
004372-78 (Huron Co.) Thomas LEISHMAN, 25, farmer, Lachute QC, Usborne, s/o James & Mary LEISHMAN married Agnes HOGGART, Hibbert, same, d/o James & Mary Ann HOGGART. Wit Alman HACHTMAN, Usborne & Maria MOORE, Hibbert. Oct. 7, 1878, at Seaforth. 004373-78 (Huron Co) Robert LINTON, 25, farmer, Fullarton Twp., Logan Twp. s/o Alexander & Sarah LINTON married Amelia Ann LEARY, 19, Haldimand Twp., same, d/o Robert & Martha LEARY. Wit Miss A. ROGERS and Lydia SMITH, both of Seaforth. Oct. 24, 1878, at Seaforth.
004064-78 (Huron Co) John McBride LINTON, 25, farmer, Haldimand, Howick, s/o Thomas & Margaret LINTON married Milkey? ZIMMERMAN, 24, Waterloo, Howick, d/o John and Sophia ZIMMERMAN. Wit Henry ZIMMERMAN and Sophia HOLLINGSHEAD, both of Howick. June 26, 1878 at Howick. 004444-78 (Huron Co) Henry LIPPATT, 22, labourer, Goderich Twp., same, s/o Henry & Mary LIPPATT married Catherine McKAY, 22, Woodstock, Goderich Town, d/o Donald & Joanna McKAY. Wit George McKAY and Kate NICHOLSON, both of Goderich. November 5, 1878 at Goderich.
004384-78 (Huron Co.) James Spencer LYNCH, 36, physician,of Winnipeg, s/o David & Elizabeth LYNCH married Matilda GOVINLOCK (Govenlock?), 26, of Seaforth, d/o George and Hannah GOVINLOCK. Wit W.C. GOVINLOCK & Hannah COLEMAN, both of Seaforth. Dec. 4, 1878, at Seaforth. 004314-78 (Huron Co) Francis MAHON, 26, farmer, England, Stephen, s/o Thomas & Ann MAHON married Ellen REAGAN, 18, Stephen, same, d/o John & Margaret REAGAN. Wit Francis KELLY and Michael NICOLS, both of Stephen.
  004078-78 (Huron) William MALONEY, 27, farmer, Walford, Walton, s/o George & Ann MALONEY, to Paline PETERMAN, 21, Carrick, same, d/o Jacob and Mary PETERMAN, wit: Robert PATTERSON & C? TAGGART both of Walton, 31 January 1878, Brussels
004300-78 (Huron Co) Robert A. MARTIN, 23, farmer, Canada, Brussels, s/o Robert & Margaret MARTIN married Maggie TAYLOR, 19, Canada, Brussels, d/o Archibald & Sarah TAYLOR. Wit William GOVENLOCK of Blyth. June 12, 1878 at Blyth. 004293-78 (Huron Co) Lawrence A. MASON, 31, farmer, England, Cartwright, s/o Lawrence MASON & Elizabeth Ann WALKER married Mary GRIGG, 25, Cartwright, same, d/o William GRIGG & Margaret HARGRAVE. Wit Edward SHERRITT and Priscilla S. HARVEY, both of Blyth. January 2, 1878 at Blyth.
004339-78 (Huron Co) James MATHISON, 23, mechanic, Hullett, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth MATHISON married Charlotte Alice WARD, 22, Manvers, Tuckersmith, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth WARD. Wit George HINCHLEY of Hullett and Esther WARD of Tuckersmith. May 28, 1878 at Tuckersmith. 4368-78 Archibald McBRIDE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Colborne, s/o James & Mary, married Mary Ann KEFFER, 23, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o William & Ann, witn: John McBRIDE & Mary SUTHERLAND, both of Ashfield, 14 June 1878 at Colborne
004018-79 (Huron Co): Alexander McCURDY, 41, widower, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o Alexander & Jane McCURDY married Isabella DOWNEY, 24, West Gwillimbury, Howick, d/o James & Margaret B. DOWNIE (sic). Wit: Thomas DOWNIE and Charlotte TRAVIS, both of Howick. November 8, 1878 at Fordwich  
004295-78 (Huron Co) Robert McDOWELL, 33, farmer, Nova Scotia, East Wawanosh, s/o William McDOWELL & Phebe DENNISMORE married Charlotte Elizabeth McCLINTON, 19, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o John McCLINTON and Christina HALL. Wit James L. BELL and E. McCLINTON, both of East Wawanosh. 013709-78 (Huron Co) Jacob McGEE, 22, farmer, Caledon, Tuckersmith, s/o Jacob & Barbara McGEE married Susan C. R. CHESNEY, 19, Tuckersmith, same, d/o George CHESNEY & Isabella PEARSON. Wit Robert BARBER and Jessie M. CHESNEY, both of Tuckersmith. March 27, 1878 at Tuckersmith.
004349-78 (Huron Co) Alexander McKAY, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Isaac & Janet McKAY married Margaret PAPPLE, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John PAPPLE & Mary MATHIESON. Wit William McKAY and Elizabeth IRVINE, both of Tuckersmith. October 10, 1878 at Tuckersmith. 004091-78 (Huron) David McKENZIE, 22, laborer, Paris, Ethel, s/o Donald & Elizabeth McKENZIE, to Elisabeth BARR, 22, McKillop, Grey, d/o Robert & Phoebe BARR, wit: Robert BARR Jr. & Elisabeth M. CRACKEN both of Grey, 22 May 1878, Grey
  004221-79 (Huron Co): William McKINNEY, 23, farmer, Garafraxa, Luther, s/o Arthur & Mary McKINNEY married Isabella BAYNE, 25, New Glasgow, Wingham, d/o John & Jennie BAYNE. Wit: Arthur? Robert McKINNEY of Luther and Agnes BAYNE of Wingham. February 19, 1878 at Wingham
4115-79 Donald McKINNON, 29, farmer, Canada, Huron, s/o Alexander & Christie, married Mary McINNIS, 23, Canada, Kinloss, d/o Martin & Bella, witn: Samuel McMURCHY & Isabella WALKER, 20 Nov 1878 at Brussels 004338-78 (Huron Co) John McLEAN, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Robert McLEAN & Sarah SHAW married Isabella FORSYTH, 18, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Ebenezer FORSYTH & Isabella NEILAND. Wit Robert McLEAN and James McINTOSH, both of Tuckersmith. May 10, 1878 at Tuckersmith.
04095-78 (Huron Co) Donald McLELLAN, 28, farmer, Island of Yuist, Grey, s/o Archibald & Sarah McLELLAN married Ann McNICHOL, 23, Ontario, Grey, d/o Norman & Margaret McNICHOL. Wit Donald McNICHOL and Margaret GILLIES, both of Grey. November 28, 1878 at Molesworth. 004375-78 (Huron Co) Daniel McLENNAN, 25, ?flax, Scotland, Parkhill, s/o Alexander & Mary McLENNAN married Mary SIGGERS, 24, England, Seaforth, d/o Thomas & Mary SIGGERS. Wit John McLENNAN & Alexander McDONALD, both of Seaforth. Nov. 26, 1878, at Seaforth.
004369-79 John McLENNAN, 29, farmer, Ireland [Molesworth scratched out & Ireland written over top], Molesworth, s/o William & Ellan McLENNAN, married Rebecca EARLS, 19, Ireland, Howick Tp, d/o John & Margaret EARLS, Wit: John A. EARLY and Sophia G. HOLLINGSHEAD both of Howick Ont, 19 Nov 1878, Molesworth 004392-78 (Huron Co) William Thomas McMILLAN, 23, blacksmith, Dundas Ont., Hensall, s/o William & Jane McMILLAN married Grace ROSS, 18, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o Donald ROSS & Margaret MORRISON. Wit M. McMILLAN, not given & Margaret BROADFOOT, Tuckersmith. May 15, 1878, at Tuckersmith.
004399-78 (Huron Co) William McNAUGHTON, 22, farmer, Canada, Varna, s/o William & Jane McNAUGHTON married Alice STEPHENSON, 22, Canada, Stanley - Goshen Line, adopted by Ralph STEPHENSON. Wit Robert STEPHENSON, not given & Mary JOHNSTON, Stanley. March 13, 1878, Goshen Line. 004297-78 (Huron Co) Charles McPHEE, 28, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o John McPHEE & Almira MEDD married Betsy YOUNG, 23, Canada, Colborne, d/o Gordon YOUNG & Elizabeth SMITH. Wit George BELL and Elizabeth STERLING, both of Colborne. July 1, 1878 at Blyth.
004344-78 (Huron Co) Thomas S. MENARY, 33, teacher, McKillop, Tuckersmith, s/o John MENARY & Jane SHANNON married Isabella M. CHESNEY, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James CHESNEY & Margaret CAMPBELL. Wit James WRIGHT of Bayfield and John SHANNON of McKillop. July 30, 1878 at Tuckersmith. 004089-78 (Huron) William MITCHELL, 24, farmer, Molesworth, same, s/o Andrew & Eliza MITCHELL, to Annie DEMPSEY, 21, Usborne, Molesworth, d/o John & Ellen DEMPSEY, wit: Peter DEMPSEY of Molesworth & Rebecca M. DEMPSEY of Usborne, 24 May 1878, Molesworth
004050-79 (Huron Co): David Miller MORRISH, 21, farmer, Ontario, Colborne, s/o Thomas MORRISH & Ann STEVENS married Annie DOWNY, 20, England, Clinton, d/o Walter & Elizabeth DOWNY. Wit: Francis ENRIGHT and Bella McKENZIE, both of Goderich. December 29, 1878 at Goderich 004019-79 (Huron Co): William NEE (Nie?), 42, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o Martin & Hannah NEE married Agnes SPINKS, 20, Cartwright Ont, Fordwich, d/o John & Jane A. SPINKS. Wit: Andrew C. SOTHEREN of Howick and Jemima MITCHELL of Fordwich. December 25, 1878 at Fordwich
004096-78 (Huron Co) William NETHERCOTT, 26, yeoman, England, Fullerton Ont, s/o James NETHERCOTT & Margaret JOHNS married Elizabeth Mary HILL, 24, Ontario, Grey, d/o John HILL & Mary BABB. Wit Edgar J. HILL of Brussels and Ida E. BURK of Clinton. November 20, 1878 at Brussels.  
004086-78 (Huron) William NICHELSON (s/b Nicholson?), 23, farmer, M?, Walton, s/o William & Levina NICHELSON, to Elisabeth REID, 22, Stanley, Walton, d/o Andrew & Grace REID, wit: Cyrus ATCHISON & Margaret R. REID, 2 May 1878, Walton 004390-78 (Huron Co) William NICHOLLS, 30, farmer, England, Hibbert, s/o John & Elizabeth NICHOLLS married Sara(?y) MAY, 20, Brantford, Tuckersmith, d/o George & Ellen MAY. Wit Thomas NICHOLS(sic), Hibbert & Mary Ellen MAY, Tuckersmith. Feb. 19, 1878, at Seaforth.
4356-78 Edward PAPPLE (Popple?), 24, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o John PAPPLE & Mary MATHIESON, married Isabella WALKER, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o David WALKER & Gordon McKAY, witn: Ebenezer WALKER & Hugh McCARTNEY, both of Tuckersmith, 25 Dec 1878 at Tuckersmith 4371-78 James PARKER, 26, wagon maker, Canada, Colborne, s/o John & Mary, married Jane WILSON, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o James & Jane, witn: Thomas THOMPSON of Ashfield & Mary Ann HOWELL of Goderich, 25 Dec 1878 at Colborne
004320-78 Samuel PASSMORE (Rossmore?) 22, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth Jane HUNKIN, 21, Canada, Usborne, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William Henry PENHALE & Louisa HUNKIN both of Usborne, on Feb. 13, 1878 at Usborne 4370-78 William Henry PAULIN, 24, tinsmith, Osborne, Wroxeter, s/o James & Jane, married Elizabeth KERR, 25, Colborne, same, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: Wesley PAULIN of Wroxeter & Eliza Jane MILLION of Goderich, 11 Dec 1878 at Colborne
004346-78 (Huron Co) William PERDUE, 28, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Thomas PERDUE & Prudence SMELTZER married Elizabeth MILLER, 25, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Jacob MILLER & Catherine BIBEL. Wit Finley McEWEN of Stanley and Maggie FOOTE of Clinton. July 24, 1878 at Brucefield. 004198 – 78 (Huron), Henry PHILE, 24, New York State, Hay Tp., farmer, s/o Henry & Barbara PHILE, to Charlotte RUBY, 23, Hay, same, d/o David and Elizabeth RUBY, wit: Benjamin PHILE & Emma RUBY, 30 May 1878, Hay.
004209 – 78 (Huron), Benson S. PHILLIPS, 31, Sophiasburgh, Hay Tp., farmer, s/o Elisha & Catherine PHILLIPS, to Sarah Ann IRONES, 28, Darlington, Hay Tp., d/o Henry IRONES & mothers name unknown, wit: James SHERRY & Ettie DINSMORE, 25 September 1878, Hensall 004298-78 (Huron Co) Matthew C. PHILLIPS, 50, widower, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o Nicholas PHILLIPS & Hannah McKAY married Nancy BOYD, 29, Blyth, same, d/o Thomas Moore BOYD & Jane Ann HALL. Wit John STADDON of Exeter and Susanna HILL of Blyth. May 14, 1878 at Blyth.
004391-78 (Huron Co) Henry PIERCE, 30, labourer, Windsor, St. Mary's, s/o Stephen & Margaret PIERCE married Mary A. KING, 20, England, Goderich, d/o Isaac & Edna KING. Wit Alexander SMITH, Goderich & Ida M.M. BROWN, Seaforth. April 27, 1878, at Seaforth. 004304-78 (Huron) John RATHWELL?, 23, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o William & Catherine, to Elizabeth TAYLOR, 24, ?, Stephen, d/o John and Sarah TAYLOR, wit: John TAYLOR & John POLLICK both of Stephen, 9 January 1878, Stephen
004085-78 (Huron) James H. RICHIE, 29, farmer, Dumfries, Walton, s/o Robert & Hester RICHIE, to Elisabeth H. BIERNES, 20, McKillop, same, d/o Francis & Elisabeth BIERNES, wit: John M. FADEN & Margaret BIERNES, 1 May 1878, Walton 004294-78 (Huron Co) James RITCHIE, 22, farmer, Blyth, same, s/o Thomas RITCHIE & Mary Ann HALL married Mary Ann HOWET, 19, Ontario, Colborne, d/o James & Ellen HOWET. Wit William A. PARR and Ellen RITCHIE, res. not stated. January 29, 1878 at Blyth.
04312-78 (Huron Co) Albert RITTER, 31, widower, farmer, Germany, Dashwood, s/o Valentine & Mary RITTER married Catherine KEINFELD, 21, Germany, Hay, d/o parents dead. Wit Daniel RITTER of Stephen and Maria KEINFELD of Hay. October 23, 1878 at Crediton. 004197 – 78 (Huron), Henry RODER, 26, Germany, Stephen, farmer, s/o Conrad & Cunigunda RODER, to Mary RESTMEIER, 18, Hay, same, d/o Ernst & Elisabeth RESTMEIER, wit: Ernst RESTMEIER & Matha GEIGER, 4 April 1878, Dashwood.
004159-78 (Huron Co) David Mitchell ROGERSON, 27, merchant, England, Blyth, s/o Robert C. ROGERSON & Elizabeth M. SIMPSON married Alberta May CAMPBELL, 19, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o Hiram CAMPBELL & Emmeline NICHOLS. Wit Alfred ROGERSON of Blyth and Lilly CAMPBELL of East Wawanosh. May 7, 1878 at East Wawanosh. 004071-78 (Huron Co) Isaac SANDERSON, 26, blacksmith, Waterloo, Gorrie, s/o Thomas & Sarah Ann SANDERSON married Mary Jane STRONG, 25, Norwich, Howick, d/o William and Sarah STRONG. Wit David SANDERSON of Harriston and Julia STRONG of Howick. September 18, 1878 at Howick.
004381-78 (Huron Co) John Libbert SCHMIDT, 28, clerk, Wilmot Twp., Seaforth, s/o William & Rebecca SCHMIDT married Sophia Jane DOLMAGE, 23, Vaughan Twp., McKillop Twp., d/o James & blank DOLMAGE; Wit Robert JAMIESON, Seaforth & Jennie LOVE, McKillop. Oct.2, 1878, res. bride's father, at McKillop.  
004080-78 (Huron) Daniel SCON (Scorr?), 23, mechanic, Canada, Grey, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth SCON, to Emily GARRETT, 26, Canada, Grey, d/o Scheman & Priscilla GARRETT, wit: George WALKEY & Elione GARRETT both of Grey, 27 March 1878, Grey 4358-78 John SCOTT, 27, carpenter, Canada, Clinton, s/o Alexander & Ann, married Johanna STODDART, 22, Canada, Egmondville, d/o John & Catherine, witn: George DUNCAN of Clinton & Alexander SCOTT of Seaforth, 18 Dec 1878 at Egmondville
4248-79 John SCOTT, 53, farmer, Scotland, Morris twp., s/o James & Jean, married Jessie McKAY, 20, Scotland, Morris twp., d/o John & Jessie, witn: John HOOD & Annie McKAY, both of Morris twp., 17 Dec 1878 at Morris twp 004210 – 78 (Huron), Henry SEIBOLD, 38, Prussia, Hay Tp., farmer, widower, s/o Frederick & Anna SEIBOLD, to Elizabeth BECKER, 48, Germany, Hullett Tp., widow, d/o William & Anna Mary TACIS, wit: Henry WISTOLL, Zurich & John Decker, Hay, 3 December, 1878, Zurich.
004378-78 (Huron Co) Charles SEWER, 21, engineer, Germany, Seaforth, s/o John & Caroline SEWER married Mary COMBER, 22, Brantford, Village of Harphurhay, d/o Edward & Mary COMBER. Wit Rev.R.J. WARNER, B.A., not noted, C. TERWILLIGER, Seaforth. Aug. 13, 1878, at Seaforth. 004438-78 (Huron Co) Jonathan SHACKLETON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Ashfield, s/o Matthew SHACKLETON & Mary Jane PHILIPS married Annie DOUGLAS, 22, Ireland, Ashfield, d/o George DOUGLAS & Eliza Jane PURVIS. Wit George DOUGLAS and Eliza Jane PURVIS, both of Ashfield. October 23, 1878 at Goderich.
4365-78 John SHAW, 23, farmer, Brantford, Colborne, s/o Jarvis & Hannah, married Isabella PATTON, 19, Goderich, Colborne, d/o John & Ann, witn: Edward SHAW & Margaret PATTON, both of Colborne, 6 Feb 1878 at res of John Patton 004306-78 (Huron Co) Silas James SHORT, 21, farmer, Darlington, Stephen, s/o William & Elizabeth SHORT married Elizabeth Ann SWEET, 21, Stephen, same, d/o Richard & Sarah May Ann SWEET. Wit Richard SWEET of Stephen and Sarah MAY of Exeter. March 20, 1878 at Stephen.
004070-78 (Huron Co) John SKILLING, 24, painter, Canada, Gorrie, s/o John & Marion SKILLING married Agnes RUXTON, 18, Canada, Gorrie, d/o David & Agnes RUXTON. Wit David RUXTON of Gorrie and John McINTOSH of Howick. August 14, 1878 at Gorrie. 004328-78 Alexander M. SMITH, 26, farmer, Quebec, Morris Tp., s/o Alexander SMITH & Lilly NELSON married Isabella TURNBULL, 18, Usborne, same, d/o David TURNBULL & Isabella ATKIN, witn: Andrew SMITH of Morris Tp. & Mary TURNBULL of Usborne on Oct. 9, 1878 at Usborne
4150-78 David A. SMITH, 21, farmer, NY state, Turnberry, s/o David A. & not known, married Susan F. WILLOUGHBY, 21, Canada, Wingham, d/o Henry & Maria, witn: Joseph CASEMORE & Mary J. FORBES, both of Morris, 21 Aug 1878 at Turnberry  
004383-78 (Huron Co) William Lewis SOULES, 29, railway agent, Twp. of Matilda, Town of Iroquois, s/o George & Adeline SOULES married Jane STEWART, 22, Glenwilliams, same, d/o James & Isabella STEWART. Wit David HALSTEAD, Goderich Twp. & Eleanor W. MILLER, Village of Southampton. Oct. 3, 1878, Seaforth. 013705-78 (Huron Co) William SPROAT, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o William SPROAT & Margaret GERROND married Eliza Jane MUNDELL, 24, Chinguacousy, Tuckersmith, d/o William Stuart MUNDELL & Susan BLACKSTOCK. Wit Samuel HICKS and Ellen JONES, res. not stated. March 13, 1878 at Tuckersmith.
004195 – 78 (Huron), Charles SRUNAN (Lunau?), 22, Hay, same, farmer, Bernard & Anne SRUNAN, to Mariah Louisa PELLAN, 20, Hay, same, d/o Joseph & Marianna PELLAN, wit: Ameder BESNE & Rachel SRUNAN, 24 January 1878, Drysdale. 004386-78 (Huron Co) Robert Henry STEPHENSON, 28, farmer, of Stanley, s/o Ralph & Mary Ann married Sarah Jane McCLINCHEY, 24, of Stanley, d/o Henry & Jane McLINCHEY. Wit Robert ROWATT and Mary McLINCHEY, both of Stanley. Dec. 18, 1878, at Seaforth.
004072-78 (Huron Co) William STINSON, 25, widower, farmer, Peel, Howick, s/o John & Jennet STINSON married Sevina Jane EVANS, 19, Tecumseh, Howick, d/o John & Eliza Jane EVANS. Wit George STINSON and Lydia B. EVANS, both of Howick. September 23, 1878 at Howick. 004220-78 (Huron) William STINSON, 25, journeyman, no place of birth, Bayfield, s/o James & Rachel STINSON, to Clarissi BOUCHER, 18, Drysdale, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth BOUCHER, wit: Amedie BISNE & Elizabeth BOUCHER of Drysdale, 29 November, 1878, Drysdale
  004329-78 William STONEMAN, 23, painter, Tuckersmith Tp., Hensall, s/o William & Louisa, married Martha J. JOHNSON, 20, Howick Tp., Hensall, d/o William & Lucy, witn: John STONEMAN of Hensall & Mary A. BLATCHFORD of Usborne on Oct. 23, 1878 at Usborne
004301-78 (Huron Co) Samuel STOREY, 25, farmer, Canada, McKillop, s/o William STOREY & Fanny LAUD married Isabella FAIR, 25, Canada, McKillop, d/o William FAIR & Mary Ann INGRAM. Wit Richard FAIR and Jane ROBINSON, both of McKillop. October 9, 1878 at Blyth. 013704-78 (Huron Co) George SWEET, 23, bricklayer, Stephen, same, s/o Richard SWEET & Mary Ann WESTCOTT married Mary KYLE, 25, Trafalgar, Stanley, d/o William KYLE & Nancy COCHRANE. Wit Andrew SLATER and James KYLE, both of Stanley. January 23, 1878 at Kippen.
004377-78 (Huron Co) James Ferguson TAYLOR, 24, customs clerk, of London s/o William & Mary TAYLOR married Jessie Ann CAMPBELL, 22, of Seaforth, d/o William & Margaret CAMPBELL. Wit R. Taylor, London & Annie Downey, Seaforth. Sept. 4, 1878, at Seaforth. 4267-78 Philip THOMAS, 33, widower, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o Philip & Mary, married Elizabeth DUNCAN, 25, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Mr. ANDERSON & Margaret DUNCAN, both of Turnberry, 26 Dec 1878 at Wingham
00441-78 (Huron Co) James C. THOMSON, 24, tinsmith, Ontario, Goderich, s/o James & Elizabeth THOMSON married Mary A. KIRKBRIDE, 24, Ontario, Goderich, d/o Alexander & Charloote KIRKBRIDE. Wit George W. HOLMAN of Exeter and Agnes KIRKBRIDE of Goderich. October 10, 1878 at Goderich. 4369-78 Elijah TOWNSEND, 31, farmer, widower, England, Hullett, s/o Richard & Jane, married Sarah FISHER, 28, Blenheim Ont., Colborne, d/o Valentine & Susannah, witn: Seth FISHER & Mary Ann HAWKINS, both of Colborne, 21 Aug 1878 at Maitland
004189-78 (Huron Co.) William TREBLE, 27, carpenter, England, Bayfield, Ont., s/o John and Martha, married Sarah TROYER, 17, Stanley, Bayfield, Ont., d/o Michael and Louisa, witn John PRANG and Henry WURM both of Zurich, 16 January 1878 at Zurich. 4309-78 John TREISTY?, 26, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o John & Catherine, married Caroline HAIST, 20, Germany, Stephen, d/o Michael & Agatha, witn: Charles TRESTY? & Annie Marie BROWN, both of Stephen, 12 Feb 1878 at Stephen
004198-79 (Huron Co): Lewis J. TRIBLE, 25, carriage builder, Canada, Brussels, s/o John & Elizabeth TRIBLE married Jane DIAMOND, 18, Canada, Turnberry, d/o John & Susannah DIAMOND. Wit: Thomas STACEY and Eliza DIAMOND, both of Bluevale. December 25, 1878 at Wingham 4114-79 James TURNBULL, 25, mechanic, Canada, Brussels, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Isabella CUMMING, 23, Canada, Brussels, d/o John & Agnes, witn: Robert MILLS & wife of Brussels, 4 Sept 1878 at Brussels
004087-78 (Huron) Samuel VANCE, 35, farmer & mason, ??andford (Sandford?), Wallace, s/o Joseph & Sarah VANCE, to Mary SMITH, 22, Zorra, Grey, d/o John & Ruth SMITH, wit: Martha SMITH & Peter COATS both of Grey, 10 April 1878, Grey 004092-78 (Huron Co) Alexander WALKER, 24, yeoman, Ontario, Mornington Perth Co., s/o Alexander & Eliza WALKER married Mary Jane DUCKLOW, 23, Ontario, Grey, d/o John & Margaret DUCKLOW. Wit Peter SCOTT of Brussels and Tryfena DUCKLOW of Grey. July 10, 1878 at Grey.
004215 – 78 (Huron), Jacob WEBER, 24, Waterloo Co., Hay Tp., farmer, s/o Jacob & Mina WEBER, to Caroline KAERCHER, 20, Huron Co., Hay Tp., d/o Jacob & Veronica KAERCHER, wit: Jeremiah KAERCHER & Leah BEAVER, 17 October 1878, Hay Tp. #004567-80 (Huron Co): Thomas WEBSTER, 21, yeoman, Ashfield, same, s/o John & Jane, married Catherine CANTWELL, 25, Ashfield, same, d/o Patrick & Catherine, witn: George CANTWELL & M.A. ANDREWS, both of Ashfield, 16 Nov 1878 at Lucknow
004396-78 (Huron Co) Alexander W. WEBSTER, 26, tailor, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James & Isabella WEBSTER married Anne Jane LATIMER, 25, Ireland, Seaforth, d/o Daniel & Mary LATIMER. Wit James WHITESIDE & Mary SHAW, both of Seaforth. June 14, 1878, at Seaforth. 004201-78 (Huron) Johannes Carl WEIMAR, 28, farmer & carpenter, Germany, Stephen, s/o Jost & Anna Maria WEIMAR, to Elizabeth WALPER, 18, Hay, same, d/o Ludwig & Maria WALPER, wit: Catherine WALPER of Hay & Henry WILLERT of Stephen, 1 October 1878, Hay
004068-78 (Huron Co) Edward WHITE, 25, station master T.G. & B. R. R., Ireland, Howick, s/o James & Mary WHITE married Harriett S. McLAUGHLIN, 19, Howick, same, d/o William & Mary McLAUGHLIN. Wit David E. WIGGINS and Adam H. RIN, both of Howick. July 24, 1878 at Howick. 004203-78 (Huron) W. Elias WIDEMAN, 23, farmer, Waterloo Co., Hay, s/o Henry & Barbara WIDEMAN, to Polly MARTIN, 23, Waterloo Co., Hay, d/o Solomon & Leah MARTIN, wit: Isaac MARTIN & Leah MARTIN both of Hay, 24 September 1878, Hay
013701 – 78 (Huron), Charles WILLERT, 25, Germany, Stephen, farmer, s/o Charles & Elisabeth WILLERT, to Ann Bertha ROTHE, 23, Bleinheim Ont., Stephen, d/o John & Ann ROTHE, wit: Henry WILLERT & John ROTHE of Stephen, 2 April 1878, Dashwood. 004305-78 (Huron) Samuel WOOD, 24, harness maker, Canada, Crediton, s/o Wallis & Ann WOOD, to Mary J. LEWIS, 23, State of New York, Stephen, d/o George & Mary LEWIS, wit: Daniel WOOD of Usborne & Martha LEWIS of Stephen, 2 May 1878, Stephen
4265-78 George WYATT, 41, widower, machinist, Canada, London Ont., s/o George & Mary, married Annie WILKINSON, 27, Canada, London, d/o James & Mary, witn: John STRATTON & Mary WILKINSON, 25 Dec 1878 at Wingham 004090-78 (Huron) John YOUNG, 22, farmer, East Zorra, Hullet, s/o Jas. H. YOUNG & Mary Ann GOULD, to Mary Ann YOUNG, 18, Hullett, same, d/o John YOUNG & Rosemary DALE, wit: William E. YOUNG of Hullett & Thomas FADDEN of Grey, 29 May 1878, Grey
4366-78 Robert YOUNG, 22, farmer, Goderich, Colborne, s/o Richard & Mary (or Martha), married Eliza Jane VARCOE, 26, Hope Ont, Colborne, d/o John & Jane, witn: Ann DOWNS? of Carton? & Daniel MORRISH of Colborne, 26 June 1878 at res of John Varcoe, Colborne (also 4367-78) 004400-78 (Huron Co) John Armstrong YOUNG, 28, farmer, Brucefield, same, s/o John & Elizabeth YOUNG married Caroline H. FLUKE, 18, Bayfield, same, d/o George & Sarah FLOOK (sic). Wit Joel BRIGGS, Brucefield & Mary FLOOK (sic), Bayfield. April 11, 1878, at Bayfield.