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Huron Co., 1880, part 2

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004479-80 (Huron Co): David ANDERSON, 27, carpenter, Scotland, Mitchell, s/o James ANDERSON & Mary KIRCK married Margaret BELL, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William BELL & Janet PATTERSON. Wit: James LOVE and Isabella BELL, both of Tuckersmith. February 18, 1880 at Tuckersmith 004520-80 (Huron Co): John ANDERSON, 21, carriage builder, Holyrood, Lucknow, s/o John & Eliza married Victoria ELLIS, 19, Newtonville, West Wawanosh, d/o Robert & Allvira. Wit: Daniel WEBSTER & Annie ELLIS, both of Lucknow. Mary 24, 1880 at West Wawanosh.
004511-80 (Huron Co): William John ARMSTRONG, 23, public school teacher, 23, Stanley, Colborne, s/o James & Jennet ARMSTRONG married Ellen Matilda KERNIGHAN, 23, Colborne, same, d/o John & Ann KERNIGHAN. Wit: M. ARMSTRONG of Stanley and Maggie C. KERNIGHAN of Colborne. December 29, 1880 of Colborne 004561-80 (Huron Co): James ATKINSON, 36, widower, farmer, Biddulph, Exeter, s/o James & Mary Ann ATKINSON married Susan LANDERS, 30, widow, Duffin's Creek, Exeter, d/o Charles & Ann PROUT. Wit: William ATKINSON and Catherine ATKINSON, both of Biddulph. February 4, 1880 at Exeter.
004263-80 (Huron Co): Joel BAECHLER, 22, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Christian & Barbara BAECHLER married Magdaline GASCHS, 18, Hay, same, d/o John & Veronica GASCHS. Wit: John OESCH and Andrew GASCHS, both of Hay. June 15, 1880 at Hay. 004422-80 (Huron Co): John BATEMAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Grey, s/o William & Eliza BATEMAN married Elizabeth Alma KING, 25, Canada, Turnberry, d/o William and Selina KING. Wit: William BATEMAN of Grey and Saran Ann KING of Turnberry. November 30, 1880 at Wingham.
004478-80 (Huron Co): Alexander BECHTEL, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o John BECHTEL & Elizabeth WARNER married Eliza Jane BRODERICK, 20, Hay, same, d/o Robert BRODERICK & Sarah Ann SEITZ. Wit: Robert S. BRODERICK & Lavina BRUEBERG of Hay. February 17, 1880 at Kippen 004256-80 (Huron Co): Christian BERG, 22, farmer, Wilmot Twp Waterloo Co, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth BERG married Mary GLASER, North East Hope Perth Co, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth GLASER. Wit: Frederick HESS and Rudolph HEIDEMANN, both of Zurich. March 2, 1880 at Hay
004432-80 (Huron Co): William BROPHY, 38, farmer, Toronto Gore, Wawanosh, s/o George BROPHY & Catherine POLLARD married Margaret McCOURT, Wawanosh, same, d/o James McCOURT & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN. Wit: George BROPHY and Ellen McCOURT, both of Wawanosh. January 22, 1880 at Wingham 004307-80 (Huron Co): George BURNS, 28, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o David BURNS & Mariah MARTIN married Elizabeth FARQUHAR, 21, Canada, Hullett, d/o Thomas FARQUHAR & Jane McMULLEN. Wit: Colin ANDREWS of Clinton and Letitia CORRALL of Ashfield. October 26, 1880 at Goderich
004449-80 (Huron Co): John CAMPBELL, 30, school master, Stratford, Gorrie, s/o John CAMPBELL & Jane Black married Jane DICKSON, 23, McKillop, same, d/o Charles DICKSON & Ellen DODDS. Wit: James DICKSON and Agnes SCOTT, both of McKillop. December 28, 1880 at McKillop 004351-80 (Huron Co): John J. CAMPBELL, 29, carpenter, Canada, Toronto, s/o Murdoch CAMPBELL & Ann McKAY married Forbes KIDD, 26, Canada, Seaforth, d/o John KIDD & Forbes HENDERSON. Wit: Robert KIDD of Brantford and Mary KIDD of Seaforth. October 26, 1880 at Seaforth
004412-80 (Huron C o): Richard Featherstone CAUGH, 25, actor, New York U.S., Toronto, s/o Francis Featherstone & Fanny CAUGH married Cora RICHARDSON, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o William & Mary RICHARDSON. Wit: J. G. McDONALD and Mrs. J. G. McDONALD, both of Toronto. August 5, 1880 at Wingham 004491-80 (Huron Co): John CLARK, 23, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o George & Ann CLARK married Mary FINN, 19, Blanshard, Hullett, d/o William & Catherine FINN. Wit: John FINN and Marion McMICHAEL, both of Hullett. September 29, 1800 at Hullett
004407 (Huron Co:) George COUTTS, farmer, 29, Scotland, Wawanosh, s/o John COUTTS & Isabella M. ROBERTSON married Charlotte GREEN, 19, Canada, Turnberry, s/o John GREEN & Jane LAWSON. Wit: John GREEN of Turnberry and John COUTTS of Wawanosh. September 30, 1880 at Turnberry 004498-80 (Huron Co): Andrew CUNNINGHAM, 25, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o George & Agnes CUNNINGHAM married Margaret BARR, 25, Canada, Hullett, d/o James & Lily BARR. Wit: Robert BRYDGES and James BARR, both of Hullett. February 5, 1880 at Hullett
004528-80 (Huron Co): John DUSTOW (Duston?), 24, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o James & Grace DUSTOW married Jessie TAYLOR, 23, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Robert & Margaret. Wit: Lewis TAYLOR and Martha WATSON, both of West Wawanosh. November 16, 1880 at West Wawanosh 4707-80 John Andrew EARLS, 24, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o John & Margaret, married Sophia HOLLINGSHEAD, 25, Aurora, Howick, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth, witn: Robert EARLS & Josephine HOLLINGSHEAD, both of Howick, 3 March 1880 at Howick
#004815-81 (Huron Co): George W. ELGIE, 26, farmer, Toronto Twp, Tuckersmith, s/o Robert ELGIE & Elizabeth WILES, married Ann McKAY, 24, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Angus McKAY & Ann McLEOD. Wit: William SPROUT and John A. McLEOD, both of Tuckersmith, 30 Dec 1880 at Kippen 004438-80 (Huron Co): Joseph ETCHER, 24, farmer, Canada, Bluevale, s/o Barney & Flora A. ETCHER married Mary Jane FORBES, 23, Canada, Morris, d/o James & Jane FORBES. Wit: Ira ETCHER of Bluevale and Albert FORBES of Morris. March 26, 1880 at Wingham
004419-80 (Huron Co): Ira ETCHER, 22, farmer, Canada, Bluevale, s/o John & Lavina ETCHER married Sarah YOUNG, 24, Canada, Wingham, d/o Henry & Ann YOUNG. Wit: Thomas SMITH and Lizzie FRASER, both of Blanshard? September 17, 1880 at Wingham #004553-80 (Huron Co): Joseph FANSON, 25, labourer, Fullarton, Mitchell, s/o Charles & Ann, married Barbara STIRRETT, 22, USA, Mitchell, d/o James & Barbara, witn: Henry NEAL Jr. & Elizabeth Ann FANSON, both of Fullarton, 1 July 1880 at Exeter
004423-80 (Huron Co): Edward FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Mornington, s/o Edward & Ruth FERGUSON married Mary Jane CASEMORE, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth CASEMORE. Wit: James CASEMORE and Margaret NEWLOVE, both of Turnberry. October 27, 1880 at Wingham 004264-80 (Huron Co): Henry FLEISHMAN, 28, saw miller, Waterloo Twp Waterloo Co, Gad's Hill, s/o John & Maria FLEISHMAN married Mary E. EICHLER, 21, Wilmot Waterloo Co, Gad's Hill, d/o Christian & Fredericka EICHLER. Wit: Jacob SCHLUCHTER and Maria SCHLUCHTER, both of Hay. June 1, 1880 at Hay
  004526-80 (Huron Co): Jeremiah FORCHEN, 22, farmer, Gore of Toronto, Wawanosh, s/o John FORCHEN & Mary HUBBERT married Annie FENELON, 23, Wawanosh, same, d/o Thomas FENELON & Ellen DONOHUE. Wit: James FORCHEN & Mary Jane FENELON, both of West Wawanosh. November 4, 1880 at West Wawanosh. (RC)
004530-80 (Huron Co): William John FOWLER, 25, farmer, Wawanosh, West Wawanosh, s/o Robert & Eliza Jane FOWLER married Margaret Maria SMYTHE, 20, Wawanosh, West Wawanosh, d/o William & Eliza SMYTHE. Wit: Charles DURNIN and Eliza Jane SMYTHE, both of West Wawanosh. December 22, 1880 at West Wawanosh. 004406-80 (Huron Co): William FOXTON, 26, widower, farmer, Ireland, Yorkville, s/o John & Jane FOXTON married Mary J. WALKER, 19, Canada, Turnberry, d/o John W. & Sarah WALKER. Wit: Joseph W. WALKER and Jennie HUBBARD, both of Turnberry. September 1880 at Turnberry.
004409-80 (Huron Co): William GALE, 35, widower, G.W. Railway, Scotland, Tilbury West, s/o George & Elizabeth GALE married Emma C. DICKSON, 23, Canada, Turnberry d/o William & Catherine DICKSON. Wit: John BEATTIE and Mrs. J. BEATTIE, both of Clinton. November 17, 1880 at Turnberry. 004440-80 (Huron Co): Stephen W. GALBRAITH, 22, editor, Canada, Flint Michigan, s/o John & Mary GALBRAITH married Ann E. YOUHILL, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o Samuel & Mary Jane YOUHILL. Wit: Tim W. MINGAY and Jannet YOUHILL, both of Wingham. May 24, 1880 at Wingham
004439-80 (Huron Co): Edward J. GARVIN, 38, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o John & Mary married Margaret McCANN, 39, Ireland, Turnberry, d/o Richard & Margaret McCANN. Wit: John McNAUGHTON and Elizabeth McINTOSH, both of Wingham. April 25, 1880 at Wingham. 004425-80 (Huron Co): Edward John GEDDES, 24, farmer, Morris, same, s/o John & Mary GEDDES married Mary Ann McCRACKEN, 22, Morris, same, d/o William & Sarah McCRACKEN. Wit: William McCRACKEN and G. GEDDES, both of Morris. December 17, 1880 at Wingham
004577-80 (Huron Co): David GIRVIN, not given, widower, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o Samuel & Eliza GIRVIN married Mary Ann HOLLAND, not given, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Henry & Ann HOLLAND. Wit: James HOLLAND, Eliza Jane HOLLAND of Ashfield and Janet GIRVIN of Wawanosh. January 28, 1880 at Ashfield 004510-80 (Huron Co): Henry GOVIER, 24, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o John & Sophia GOVIER married Alice Jane SHEPPARD, 20, Toronto, Goderich Twp, d/o John & Margaret SHEPPARD. Wit: William SHEPPARD of Goderich and Etta GORIER of Hullett. December 23, 1880 at Benmiller
4716-80 Peter GRIFFIN, 25, farmer, Cartwright, Melancthon, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Jane Maud MILNE, 21, Howick, same, d/o Fairly & Elizabeth B., witn: Peter GILES & Elizabeth MILNE, both of Howick, 11 Aug 1880 at Howick #004770-81 (Huron Co): John HARRISON, 24, laborer, Downie, Stratford, s/o John & Isabella, married Mary Ann McMILLAN, 21, Wawanosh, same, d/o George & Mary Jane. Wit: William FREY and JAMES McMILLAN, both of Wawanosh, 23 Dec 1880 at Clinton
004508-80 (Huron Co): Charles HAWKINS, 23, carpenter, Canada, Colborne, s/o William HAWKINS & Mariah SHEPPHERD married Mary McDONALD, 19, Canada, Colborne, d/o Angus McDONALD & Elizabeth HAWKINS. Wit: Robert McDONALD of Ashfield and Elizabeth HAWKINS of Colborne. October 25, 1880 at Colborne 004471-80 (Huron Co): David HAY, 43, widower, trader, Scotland, Stanley, s/o Peter HAY & Isabella LEITH married Jane STEWART, 26, Massachusetts, Stanley, d/o Thomas STEWART & Ann MOORE. Wit: Charles TOUGH and Jessie TOUGH, both of Stanley. January 15, 1880 at Kippen
004340-80 (Huron Co): Joseph HEBERSON, 26, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o William & Agnes HEBERSON married Malisa ELLIOT, 22, Bayfield, same, d/o Edward & Maria ELLIOT. Wit: John W. ELLIOT and Ellen ELLIOT, both of Bayfield. September 15, 1880 at Bayfield 004405-80 (Huron Co): John HENDERSON, 24, carpenter, Canada, Morris, s/o Charles & Margaret HENDERSON married Hannah Mary TIPLING, 25, Canada, Turnberry, d/o James & Hephzebah TIPLING. Wit: Justus A. ROWE of Wingham and Pamela TIPLING of Turnberry. September 9, 1880 at Turnberry.
004494-80 (Huron Co): William HILES, 26, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o William & Ann HILES married Mary Ann BARKWELL, 25, Hope Ont, Hullett, d/o Richard & Hannah BARKWELL. Wit: John BARKWELL of Hullett and Laura HILES of Hullett. December 16, 1880 at Londesborough. 004294-80 (Huron Co): George W. B. HOLMAN, 23, teacher, Stephen, Usborne, s/o Louis HOLMAN & Jane BEALEY married Jane McCURDY, 22, Usborne, same, d/o Archibald McCURDY & Jennie JAMESON. Wit: Joseph ORR of Exeter and Sarah A. McCURDY of Usborne. October 6, 1880 at Usborne
004474-80 (Huron Co): George HOLMES, 31, farmer, Durham Oxford Co, Morris, s/o Robert HOLMES & Elizabeth ROLSTON married Jane McCLOY, 22, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John McCLOY & Mary TURK. Wit: Thomas McCLOY of Blyth and Mary McCLOY of Tuckersmith. January 26, 1880 at Tuckersmith #004758-81 (Huron Co) George HOWATT, 24, yeoman, Burford Ont, Colborne, s/o James & Ellen, married Sarah BRIGETT, 20, Eton Ont, Colborne, d/o Rich. & Anna. Wit: James STRAUGHTON & Margaret HOWATT, not given. 7 Dec 1880 at Clinton
  004521-80 (Huron Co): John HUME, 21, mechanic, U.S., Ashfield, s/o Earl & Christine HUME married Laurette TAGGART, 19, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Robert & Elisa TAGGART. Wit: John HUNTER and Martha TAGGART, both of West Wawanosh. August 21, 1880 at West Wawanosh.
004536-80 (Huron Co): John IRWIN, 236, farmer, Pilkington Ont, Ashfield, s/o William IRWIN & Sarah married Elizabeth LOUGHEED, 19, Albion Twp, West Wawanosh, d/o William & Elizabeth LOUGHEED. Wit: William IRWIN of Ashfield and James LOUGHEED of West Wawanosh. April 15, 1880 at West Wawanosh 004514-80 (Huron Co): Thomas JEWELL, 27. yeoman, Colborne, same, s/o James & Elizabeth JEWELL married Mary Ann TISDALE, 18, Wawanosh, Goderich Twp, d/o James & Jane TISDALE. Wit: Thomas MORRISH & Louisa JEWELL, both of Colborne. Jun 21, 1880 at Colborne. (RC)
004411-80 (Huron Co): Peter KEARNEY, 28, farmer, Lanark, West Wawanosh, s/o Thomas & Ann KEARNEY married Bridget HUSSEY, 25, Twp of Medonte, West Wawanosh, d/o John & Bridget HUSSEY. Wit: Patrick KEARNEY and Ann HUSSEY, both of West Wawanosh. July 14, 1880 at Wingham 004525-80 (Huron Co): Peter KELLY, 34, farmer, Whitby Ont, Tuckersmith, s/o Matthew KELLY & Mary MORRISON married Mary MURRAY, 25, West Wawanosh, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert MURRAY & Christina BROWN. Wit: Hector CAMPBELL of Tuckersmith and Ellen MURRAY of West Wawanosh. May 24, 1880 at West Wawanosh.
004469-80 (Huron Co): William KINSMAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Tilbury East, s/o Richard & Susannah married Mary McGUAIR (McGuire?), 23, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o John McGUAIR & Ann CHAPMAN, both of Tuckersmith. January 6, 1880 at Tuckersmith 004509-80 (Huron Co): Abraham KNIGHT, 24, carpenter, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o Graham? & Jane KNIGHT married Agnes MORELAND, 19, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Hugh & Rachel MORELAND. Wit: Isaac KNIGHT of Goderich and Mary SMITH of Downie. December 22, 1880 at Benmiller.
  004501-80 (Huron Co): William LEE, 22, farmer, Markham Ont, Hullett, s/o John & Mary LEE married Mary BROWN, 19, Chinguacousy Ont, Hullett, d/o Richard & Hannah BROWN. Wit: Robert RUDDELL and Fannie LEE, both of Hullett. February 18, 1880 at Hullett
004408-80 (Huron Co): John A. LEONARD, 21, railroad man, Canada, Turnberry, s/o Abraham & Martha married Henrietta ROGERS, 21, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Ralph & Rebecca ROGERS. Wit: Robert G. CASEMORE and Elizabeth ELSTON, both of Turnberry. November 7, 1880 at Turnberry 004427-80 (Huron Co): John LIGHTLE, 35, widower, Hamilton Twp, Morris, s/o John LITTLE & Mary LIGHTLE married Agnes FORBES, 19, Wawanosh, Morris, d/o James & Jane FORBES. Wit: Hannah HENDERSON and Jennet HENDERSON, both of Wawanosh. December 28, 1880 at Wingham.
004404-80 (Huron Co): James LOCKRIDGE, 22, farmer, Canada, Lower Wingham, same, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth LOCKRIDGE married Elizabeth WILSON, 20, U.S., L. Wingham, d/o James & Margaret WILSON. Wit: R. LOCKRIDGE and Mary WILSON, both of L. Wingham. December 25, 1880 at Lower Wingham 4676-80 John LOYD, 53, widower, Montgomery shire Wales, Clinton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Catherine FORSTER, 42, Lanark Co., Clinton, d/o Alexander & Ann Jane, witn: Thomas FOSTER (sic) & Alice MILLER, both of Clinton, no date, at Clinton
004481-80 (Huron Co): James MANSON, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o David MANSON & Mary LEITCH married Lily McKAY, 29, Zorra, Tuckersmith, d/o John McKAY & Joanna MURRAY. Wit: James M. EWING and David McCLOY, both of Tuckersmith. March 3, 1880 at Tuckersmith 004583-80 (Huron Co): William George MATHEWS, 25, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o William & Harriet MATHEWS married Annie TACKABERRY, 18, Ashfield, same, d/o John & Sarah TACKABERRY. Wit: James W. TAYLOR of West Wawanosh and Margaret TACKABERRY of Ashfield. April 28, 1880 at Ashfield
004473-80 (Huron Co): William McALLISTER, 26, farmer, Hay, North West Territory, s/o Alexander McALLISTER & Jane CURRY married Mary Catherine FORREST, 22, Hay, same, d/o Cooper FORREST & Mary Ann SMITH. Wit: Alexander McALLISTER Jr, and Christie A. FORREST, res not stated. January 20, 1880 at Kippen 004492-80 (Huron Co): William McCOOL, 24, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o James & Margaret McCOOL married Dinah LONGMAN, 20, Hullett, same, d/o James & Catherine LONGMAN. Wit: John McCOOL and Charlotte LONGMAN, both of Hullett. October 5, 1880 at Hullett
  004470-80 (Huron Co): William McFARLANE, 39, widower, Scotland, Stanley, s/o James McFARLANE & Jane McLEISH married Jessie GORDON, 32, Scotland, Tuckersmith, d/o Angus & Catherine GORDON. Wit: William GORDON and Jennie GORDON, both of Tuckersmith. January 8, 1880 at Tuckersmith.
004417-80 (Huron Co): William McINDOE, 34, trader, Canada, Wingham, s/o Mathew & Mary McINDOE married Charlotte A. GRAHAM, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o James & Mary A. GRAHAM. Wit: George KNOWLSTON and Abbie SCOTT, both of Wingham. August 4, 1880 at Wingham 004475-80 (Huron Co): William McLEAN, 28, agent, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James McLEAN & Jessie BELL married Kice C. ROSS, 19, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James C. ROSS & Eliza CHARTERS. Wit: James B. McLEAN and Jane C. MURRAY, both of Tuckersmith. January 30, 1880 at Kippen
004519-80 (Huron Co): Hamilton McMANN, 33, farmer, Ireland, Colborne, s/o James McMANN & Ann BURKE married Mary STEWART, 22, Ontario, Colborne, d/o John STEWART & Catherine MATHESON. Wit: Mrs. McMANN of Colborne and Ann FRASER of Blythe. July 2, 1880 at Colborne 004505-80 (Huron Co): Hamilton McMANUS, 33, farmer, Ireland, Colborne, s/o James McMANUS & Ann BURKE married Mary STEWART, 22, Ontario, Colborne, d/o John STEWART & Catherine MATHESON. Wit: William McMANUS and Ann FRASER of Blyth, July 1, 1880 at Colborne
004513-80 (Huron Co): Thomas McMICHAEL, 21, yeoman, Hullett, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth McMICHAEL married Susy Ann FISHER, 19, Colborne, same, d/o Joseph & Nancy FISHER. Wit: William SNELL and Marion McMICHAEL, both of Hullett. January 21, 1880 at Colborne. #004773-81 (Huron Co): William Charles McMORRIS, 24, organ builder, Toronto, same, s/o Daniel & Arabella, married Elizabeth BURNETT, 22, Goderich Twp, Clinton, d/o William & Jane. Wit: David CLUFF of Seaforth and Maggie McLEOD of Clinton, 23 Dec 1880 at Clinton
004518-80 (Huron Co): Donald McPHEE, 32, farmer, Ontario, Colborne, s/o John & Almira McPHEE married Charlotte MORRIS, 22, Ontario, Colborne, d/o Bruce & Harriet MORRIS. Wit: Franklin MORRIS and Saran NELSON, both of Colborne. May 19, 1880 at Colborne 004531-80 (Huron Co): Andrew MILLION, 24, Farmer, Colborne, same, s/o John & Martha married Susanna CURRY, 17, Ashfield, West Wawanosh, d/o George & Lucinda. Wit: John K. MILLION and William J. ELLIOTT, both of Colborne. December 22, 1880 at West Wawanosh
004410-80 (Huron Co): James MITCHELL, 40, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o David & Catherine MITCHELL married Catherine SHOWERS, 24, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Chancy & Mary SHOWERS. Wit: James SHOWERS of Turnberry and Mary McKENZIE of Kinloss. December 25, 1880 at Turnberry 004431-80 (Huron Co): George MITCHELL, 28, farmer, Canada, Peel, s/o Alex & Ellen Mitchell married Priscilla J. NORTHGRAVE, 18, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Donne & Joanna NORTHGRAVE. Wit: John CAMPBELL of Peel and Mettie BRYARS of Wingham. January 21, 1800 at Wingham.
004516-80 (Huron Co): Thomas MORRISH, 27, yeoman, U.S, Colborne, s/o Nicholas & Charlotte MORRISH married Louisa JEWELL, 19, Colborne, same, d/o James & Elizabeth JEWELL. Wit: Joshua ALLIN and Eliza JEWELL, both of Colborne. March 1, 1880 at Colborne 004502-80 (Huron Co): John David MOUNTAIN, 25, yeoman, Hullett, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Bowers MOUNTAIN married Harriet HOWSON, 20, Peel Co Ont, Hullett, d/o Robert & Elizabeth HOWSON. Wit: Joseph Whitley and Annie MOUNTAIN, both of Hullett. March 8, 1880 at Hullett
004421-80 (Huron Co): Edward MULLIGAN, 39, farmer, Cavan Twp, Morris, s/o William & Mary MULLIGAN married Eliza Jane HAMMELL, 23, Goderich Twp, Morris, d/o David & Eliza HAMMELL. Wit: William ELLISON and Catherine HAMMELL, both of Morris. November 30, 1880 at Wingham 004420-80 (Huron Co): Alexander NEVINS, 45, widower, farmer, Ireland, East Wawanosh, s/o John & Jane NEVINS married Sarah Jane REID, 24, Canada, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o William & Isabella REID. Wit: James J. MARKHAM and E. A. MARKHAM, both of Wingham. November 4, 1880 at Wingham
004499-80 (Huron Co): George NEWTON, 23, saddler, Cambridgeshire Eng, Londesboro, s/o George & Hannah NEWTON married Mary Ann Elizabeth SMITH, 18, Hullett, Londesboro, d/o William & Elizabeth SMITH. Wit: Mrs. Cooper and William Henry SMITH, both of Londesboro Hullett. December 23, 1880 at Londesboro 004503-80 (Huron Co): Ibin Andrew NOBLES, 26, shoemaker, Ontario, Blyth, s/o James & Mary NOBLES married Lucy TAMAN, 19, Ontario, Hullett, d/o John & Jennet TAMAN. Wit: James NOBLES of Parkhill and Rebecca TARMAN of Hullett. March 11, 1880 at Hullett
004261-80 (Huron Co): John NORTHCOTT, 39, widower, farmer, England, Hay, s/o John & Elizabeth NORTHCOTT married Leah KRINE, 22, Hay, same, d/o John & Mary KRINE. Wit: Philipe ROEDER and Catherine ROEDER, both of Hay. March 16, 1880 at Hay 004414-80 (Huron Co): Jonathan OSBORNE, 23, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o Charles & Maria OSBORNE married Sarah Ann GARNESS, 21, Canada, Morris, d/o Francis & Mary Ann GARNESS. Wit: William TUCK and Charlotte JEWETT, both of Morris. August 18, 1880 at Wingham,
004524-80 (Huron Co): James PATTERSON, 37, widower, sawyer, Canada, Kinloss, s/o Archibald & Ellen married Susanna GAUNT, 22, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o John & Ann. Wit: Archibald PATTERSON of Wawanosh and Susanna GAUNT of Kinloss. October 20, 1880 at West Wawanosh 004517-80 (Huron Co): Samuel PENTLAND, 28, farmer, West Wawanosh, Ashfield, s/o John & Jane PENTLAND married Catherine CAMPBELL, 26, Goderich Twp, Colborne, d/o John & Mary CAMPBELL. Wit: William ROBERTSON of Goderich and Rebecca CAMPBELL of (off page). March 20, 1880 at Colborne
004260-80 (Huron Co): John Henry PETTY, 27, farmer, Hay, same, s/o John & Ann PETTY married Sarah Ann BUTT, 19, Usborne, Tuckersmith, d/o Elam & Ann BUTT. Wit: Oliver PETTY of Hay and William BUTT of Tuckersmith. March 2, 1880 at Hay. 004441-80 (Huron Co): Andrew RAMSAY, 42, widower, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o Henry & Mary RAMSAY married Sarah Jane PARR, 30, Canada, Morris, d/o Young & Charlotte PARR. Wit: Fred S. BRYERS and Jane McDONAGH, both of Wingham. May 26, 1880 at Wingham
004711-81 (Huron Co) Frederick RATTENBURY, 21, yeoman, Reach, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Maggie JOHNSTON, 22, Minto, Howick, d/o Archibald & Annie. Witn: R. W. JOHNSTON and Cecilia RATTENBURY, both of Howick, 22 Dec 1880 at Howick 004435-80 (Huron Co): Denis REAVELY, 23, baker, Canada, Ripley, s/o Amos & Ellen REAVELY married Alice JOHNSON, 19, Canada, Ripley, d/o Robert & Catherine JOHNSON. Wit: William J. ROACH and Mary A. HARRIS., res not stated. February 5, 1880 at Wingham
004496-80 (Huron Co): Robert REID, 32, farmer, Lanarkshire Scotland, Hullett, s/o Robert & Mary REID married Barbara Ellenor CAMPBELL, 21, Hullett, same, d/o John Gordon & Jane CAMPBELL. Wit: George WATT and Robert W. TENOR, both of Hullett. December 29, 1880 at Hullett. 004507-80 (Huron Co): John REINHART, 25, farmer, Quebec, McKillop, s/o Charles REINHART & Ruth Elizabeth MOORE married Alice GILDERS, 25, Ontario, Maitlandville, d/o Thomas GILDERS & Martha CASTLEWHAITE. Wit: Fletcher? GILDERS and Henrietta REINHART, both of Maitlandville. October 12, 1880 at Colborne.
  004471-80 (Huron Co): Thomas H. ROSS, 23, farmer, Canada, Stanley, s/o Alexander ROSS & Grace MORRISON married Isabella FORSYTH, 21, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o James FORSYTH & Ann MUSTARD. Wit: Robert ROSS of Stanley and Mary SPROAT of Tuckersmith. January 15?, 1880 at Egmondville.
004424-80 (Huron Co): Frederick ROWLING, 23, saddler, Canada, Wyoming, s/o Henry & Margaret ROWLING married Mary Jane SHARP, not given, widow, Canada, Wawanosh, d/o William & Mary SHARP. Wit: Hannah EATON and Ella SHARP, both of Wawanosh. November 3, 1880 at Wingham. 004382-80 John SANDERS, 23, farmer, Stephen, Stephen, s/o John & Mary Ann SANDERS, married Elizabeth Ann SANDERS, 22, Stephen, Stephen, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane SANDERS, Wit: Thomas & Ann SANDERS of Stephen, 22 Dec 1880, Crediton
004437-80 (Huron Co): Gardner SCHARFF, 22, farmer, March Twp, Ashfield, s/o Abraham & Mary SCHARFF married Annie BLACK, 22, Ashfield, same, d/o John & Margaret BLACK. Wit: John & Ellen STEPHENSON, both of Wingham. March 15, 1880 at Wingham 004476-80 (Huron Co): Charles SHEFFER, 23, farmer, Vaughan Twp, North West Territory, s/o Henry SHEFFER & Sarah FOX married Margaret ANDERSON, 21, Stanley, same, d/o John ANDERSON & Fanny WHITEMAN. Wit: Elizabeth SHEFFER and William ANDERSON, both of Stanley. February 3, 1880 at Kippen
004497-80 (Huron Co): David SHEPPARD, 23, farmer, Ireland, Goderich Twp, s/o Frank & Sarah SHEPPARD married Hannah CLUFF, 21, McKillop, Hullett, d/o James & Ann CLUFF. Wit: James H. J. PARKE of Stanley and Ephraim BUTT of Goderich Twp. January 20, 1880 at Hullett  
#004769-81 (Huron Co): Thomas SHIPLEY, 22, yeoman, Clinton, same, s/o John & Caroline, married Mary Elizabeth SHAW, 18, Grey, Clinton, d/o William Joseph & Eliza. Wit: John & Elizabeth SHAW of Clinton, 8 Dec 1880 at Clinton 004265-80 (Huron Co): Louis SIMSON, 24, tinsmith, Berlin Waterloo Co, Elmira Waterloo Co, s/o Louis & Christine SIMSON married Matilda FREID, 19, Dashwood Hay Twp, same, d/o Absolom & Jane FREID. Wit: Frederick BAIRER and Thecla SIMSON, both of Hay. August 15, 1880 at Zurich.
004436-80 (Huron Co): Thomas SPARLING, 24, mechanic, Canada, Longford, s/o Thomas & Frances SPARLING married Emeline S. MOONEY, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o Barnabas & Adeline MOONEY. Wit: James SPARLING of Meaford and Ellen MOONEY of Wingham. February 9, 1880 at Wingham. 004477-80 (Huron Co): George SPROAT, 24, farmer, Canada, Tuckersmith, s/o William SPROAT & Margaret GERROND married Isabella B. McCONNELL, 23, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o William McCONNELL & Agnes McGEOCH. Wit: Edwin CRESSWELL of Tuckersmith and John THOMPSON of McKillop. February 4, 1880 at Tuckersmith
004512-80 (Huron Co): Richard A. SPRONG, 28, widower, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Gabriel & Christina SPRONG married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 23, Colborne, same, d/o Thomas & Jane HAMILTON. Wit: William J. McKENZIE of Hullett and Thomas Galt HAMILTON of Colborne., January 21, at Colborne. 004504-80 (Huron Co): John STANLEY, 23, clerk, Kinburn Hullett, same, s/o James & Sarah STANLEY married Jane ARMSTRONG, 22, Hullett, same, d/o William & Jane ARMSTRONG. Wit: William LOWRY and Thomas WILLISTON, both of Hullett. May 20, 1880 at Hullett
004434-80 (Huron Co): John Henry STEPHENSON, 23, blacksmith, Scotland, Wingham, s/o John & Mary Ann STEPHENSON married Ellen J. SCHARFF, 19, Kinloss, Wingham, d/o Abraham & Mary SCHARFF. Wit: John ANDERSON of Exeter and Jessie CASSIE of Fordwich. February 2, 1880 at Wingham. 004506-80 (Huron Co): William STRACHAN, 22, farmer, Scotland, Colborne, s/o James STRACHAN & Margaret KIRK married Barbara MORRIS, 19, Ontario, Colborne, d/o George MORRIS and Catherine BOYD. Wit: John A. REID and Annie Morris, both of Colborne. October 7, 1880 at Colborne.
004522-80 (Huron Co): Samuel SWINN, 21, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Robert & Maria SWINN married Elizabeth A. FARRIER, 19, West Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, d/o David & Jane FARRIER. Wit: James BOLES and Jane CAMPBELL, both of West Wawanosh. October 14, 1880 at West Wawanosh 004426-80 (Huron Co): Joseph Kleit SWITZER, 37, farmer, Halton Co, Esquesing, s/o Joseph & Mary SWITZER married Harriett GRUNDY, 28, Lennox Co, Wingham, d/o Andrew & Mary GRUNDY. Wit: E. GRUNDY and Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, both of Mornington. December 22, 1880 at Wingham
004495-80 (Huron Co): John SYMINGTON, 26, farmer, West Wawanosh, Colborne, s/o James & Margaret SYMINGTON married Mary MEDD, 21, Whitby Ont, West Wawanosh, d/o Robert MEDD & Ellen DEICH. Wit: William SYMINGTON of Colborne and Elizabeth MAGEE of East Wawanosh. December 25, 1880 at Londesboro 004415-80 (Huron Co): Edward TAYLOR, 40, widower, farmer, Ireland, Kinloss, s/o Moses & Elizabeth TAYLOR married Mary Jane McBURNEY, 38, widow, England, Kinloss, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth TIFLEN. Wit: George PETTYPIECE and Jane PETTYPIECE, res not stated. July 2, 1880 at Wingham.
004442-80 (Huron Co): John TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Canada, East Wawanosh, s/o John & Eliza TAYLOR married Effie LAMONT, 26, Canada, Turnberry, d/o John & Sarah LAMONT. Wit: Malcolm LAMONT of Turnberry and Mary J. TAYLOR of Wawanosh. June 6, 1880 at Wingham 004433-80 (Huron Co): William THOMAS, 23, farmer, Canada, Dakota U.S., s/o James & Jane THOMAS married Ida NETHERFIELD, 19, Canada, Wingham, d/o William & Hulda NETHERFIELD. Wit: William BURTON and Jane NETHERFIELD, both of Wingham. January 29, 1880 at Wingham
004523-80 (Huron Co): Samuel THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Albion Ont, West Wawanosh, s/o Robert & Sarah married Ellen CHAMNEY, 20, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Richard & Euphemia. Wit: Andrew FOX of West Wawanosh and Euphemia CHAMNEY of West Wawanosh. October 13, 1880 at East Wawanosh 004418-80 (Huron Co): Thomas A. THOMPSON, 29, railway conductor, Canada, Toronto, s/o George A. & Eliza THOMPSON married Lydia A. KAAKE, 23, Canada, Wingham, d/o James & Elizabeth KAAKE. Wit: George STODDERS and Esse? McCLELLAND, both of Wingham. August 31, at Wingham
004430-80 (Huron Co): Abraham TIBBS, 34, widower, plasterer, England, Wingham, s/o William & Jane TIBBS married Elizabeth WILKINSON, 32, Canada, Wingham, d/o James & Margaret WILKINSON. Wit: William SMITH and Elizabeth MURPHY, both of Wingham. January 7, 1880 at Wingham  
004493-80 (Huron Co): Thomas TOWNSEND, 27, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James & Hannah TOWNSEND married Sarah CRICK, 28, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John & Mary CRICK. Wit: Abram CRICK and Francis Ann TOWNSEND, both of Tuckersmith. December 14, 1880 at Londesborough. 004416-80 (Huron Co): Benjamin TUFFS, 27, butcher, England, Wingham, s/o William & Eliza TUFFS married Mary Ethel CLARKE, 22, Lockport N.Y. Buffalo, d/o John & Frances CLARKE. Wit: John Gardiner FIELD and Mary Jane FIELD, both of Wingham. September 23, 1880 at Wingham
004337-80 (Huron Co): Christopher TUTHILL, 28, merchant, Limerick Ireland, Bayfield, s/o John V & Kate TUTHILL married Margo HAACKE, 21, Bayfield, same, d/o Arthur & Jane HAACKE. Wit: Martha SOVEREIGN of Bayfield and John CALLANDER of Clinton. August 10, 1880 at Bayfield 004428-80 (Huron Co): Joseph UNDERWOOD, 27, farmer, Canada, Howick, s/o John & Louise UNDERWOOD married Mary MILLAR, 20, Canada, Howick, d/o Andrew & Jessie MILLAR. Wit: Andrew MILLAR and Mary UNDERWOOD, both of Howick. October 11, 1880 at Wingham
004259-80 (Huron Co: John VASEY, 21, farmer, not given, Usborne, parents not given married Annie McMAHON, 21, Hay, Usborne, d/o John & Betsy McMAHON. Wit: Maggie McMAHON of Hay and William REID of Fullerton. March 16, 1880 at Kippen 004267-80 (Huron Co): Cyrus VINCENT, 25, farmer, Waterloo Co, Hay, s/o Abraham & Barbara VINCENT married Mary CURVIN, 25, Huron Co, Stanley, d/o Edward & Mary CURVIN. Wit: Richard REYNOLDS and Annett REYNOLDS, both of Hensall. September 1, 1880 at Hensall.
004429-80 (Huron Co): Charles A. WALKINSHAW, 25, baker, Scotland, Wingham, s/o Robert & Isabella WALKINSHAW married Agnes S. FOWLER, 17, Canada, Wingham, d/o William & Ellen FOWLER. Wit: J. V. FOWLER and Christiana McAULEY, both of Wingham. December 15, 1880 at Wingham 004515-80 (Huron Co): Hugh Graham WALTERS, 26, yeoman, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Charles & Dorthy WALTERS married Phoebe CREWS, 23, Colborne, same, d/o William & Eliza CREWS. Wit: Thomas CREWS of Colborne and Dorothy STEVENS of Colborne. March 4, 1880 at Colborne
004480-80 (Huron Co): Thomson WALTON, 40, farmer, Durham Co England, Tuckersmith, s/o Thomson WALTON & Mary ELGIE married Tina? Gordon WALKER, 25, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James WALKER & Mary Sproat McKAY. Wit: George ELGIE and John McKENZIE, both of Tuckersmith. February 18, 1880 at Tuckersmith. 004196-79 (Huron Co): Joseph Shier WATSON, 21, miller, Charleville Co Cork Ireland, Embro, s/o John WATSON & Margaret Jane SHIER married Jane PRINGLE, 23, St. Boswell's Scotland, Seaforth, d/o Hugh PRINGLE & Jane HILLS. Wit: Charles WHITWORTH of St. Mary's and Margaret PRINGLE of Seaforth. January 1, 1880 at Seaforth
  004339-80 (Huron Co): William WEBB, 25, cooper, Wellington Co, Guelph, s/o Richard & Abby WEBB married Josephine ZAPFE, 17, Bellake Huron Co, Bayfield, d/o Christian & Mary Elizabeth ZAPFE. Wit: Peter WAGNER and Sophia WAGONER (sic). November 5, 1880 at Bayfield
004529-80 (Huron Co): John WELLWOOD, 27, farmer, Lanark Co, West Wawanosh, s/o John & Jane married Eliza Ann EDWARDS, 19, Wolford, West Wawanosh, d/o Charles & Ann. Wit: Alexander ANDERSON and Mary WELLWOOD, both of West Wawanosh. December 22, 1880 at West Wawanosh 004453-80 (Huron Co): John WELSH, 25, engineer, Canada, Wingham, s/o Morris & Mary WELSH married Sarah Ann IRWIN, 23, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Robert & Lydia IRWIN. Wit: John A. McLEAN of Wingham and Mary Jane IRWIN of Turnberry. June 1, 1880 at Wingham
004266-80 (Huron Co): George WESTON, 25, butcher, N. Y. State, Hensall, s/o George & Jessie WESTON married Helen McLEOD, 30, Newfoundland, Hensall, d/o George & Jane McLEOD. Wit: Jabez SHORT of Hensall and Felicia CARR of Hay. March 30, 1880 at Hensall. 004527-80 (Huron Co): George W. WHITE, 23, farmer, Wawanosh, same, s/o George & Hellena married Catherine ALTON, 19, Wawanosh, same, d/o Jeremiah & Mary. Wit: Henry ALTON and Elizabeth WHITE, both of Wawanosh. October 21, 1880 at West Wawanosh.
#004772-81 (Huron Co): William Lanett WHITEHEAD, 27, commercial agent, Kingston, Montreal, s/o James & Sarah Eliza, married Anna Charlotte WILLIAMSON, 23, Morpeth, Chatham, d/o Alexander & Helen B. Wit: William RUTHERFORD of Guelph and Sarah RACEY of Clinton, 22 Dec 1880 at Clinton 004500-80 (Huron Co): Oliver YOUNG, 31, physician, Whitby Ont, Londesboro, s/o William & Janet YOUNG married Emmeline Frances MANNING, 22, Burford Brant Co, Londesboro, d/o James & Ann MANNING. Wit: Alexander TAYLOR of Londesboro Hullett and Mary SOUTHCOMBE of Hullett. February 10, 1880 at Londesboro