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4924-87 Walter ALEXANDER, 28, railway station agent, Canada, Niagara Falls, s/o Richard ALEXANDER & Jane SMITH, married Frances J. WILLIAMS, 23, Canada, Goderich, d/o James H? WILLIAMS & Rebecca GRAHAM, witn: William A. BECKER of Aylmer & Amelia WILKINSON of Goderich, 10 Nov 1886 at Goderich 005003-86 (Huron Co): William ALLEN, 21, farmer, Whitby, Staffa, s/o John ALLEN & Elizabeth PEDRICK married Annie REID, 22, Scotland, Seaforth, d/o James REID & Mary DAVIS. Wit: William RIVERS of Staffa and Mary REID of Seaforth. December 1, 1886 at Seaforth
004976-86 (Huron Co): Jeremiah F. ALTON, 25, engineer, Ashfield, Buffalo, s/o Valentine ALTON & Mary Ann STROUD married Eliza Ann MULLIN, 24, Ashfield, same, d/o Andrew MULLEN & Ann Jane HORR. Wit: David ALTON and Nancy BORLAND, res. not given. January 26, 1886 at Ashfield 005114-86 - Robert M. ANDERSON, 27, farmer, Ontario, Morris, s/o Thomas & Jane ANDERSON married Elizabeth J. WILKINSON, not given, not given, d/o James & Jane WILKINSON. Wit: James WILKINSON and Jane E. ANDERSON, both of Morris. February 17, 1886 at Morris
004706-86 (Huron Co): Thomas Gordon ANDERSON, 32, merchant, Ashfield, Dungannon, s/o Thomas & Mary ANDERSON married Elizabeth Ann SAVAGE, 21, Dungannon, same, d/o James & Eliza SAVAGE. Wit: Adam DISHER of Dungannon and Anna ANDERSON of Ashfield. February 2, 1886 at Dungannon 5340-87 (Huron Co): Walter ANDREWS, 25, cabinet maker, Goderich, Exeter, s/o William ANDREWS & Eliza HILL, married Jessie Emma GOULD, 20, Exeter, same, d/o John GOULD & Isabella GILLESPIE, witn: William FERGUSON of London & Eliza Ann BELL of Exeter, 23 Nov 1886 at Exeter
004744-86 - Henry Byre ARNOLD, 22, confectioner, England, Owen Sound, s/o William & Cecily ARNOLD married Polly CONNARY, 22, Canada, Goderich, d/o Andrew & Eliza CONNARY. Wit: George PARKER and Maggie WILKINSON, both of Goderich. October 14, 1886 at Goderich. 004793-86 - John AVERY, 23, mason, Yarmouth Elgin Co, Usborne, s/o Richard & Mary Ann AVERY married Emma Jane HAZLEWOOD, 18, Usborne, same, d/o William & Nancy HAZLEWOOD. Wit: William Henry HAZLEWOOD and Isabella GOURLEY, both of Usborne. September 30, 1886 at Usborne
004801-86 - Oliver AYOTT, 23, journeyman, Stanley, same, s/o Oliver & Buyelle? AYOTT married Matilda MAILLEUX, 19, Stanley, same, d/o Francois & Natalie MAILLEUX. Wit: Edward DESROSIERS of Michigan and Josephine MAILEUX of Stanley. July 6, 1886 at Stanley. (RC) 004782-86 - George BALFOUR, 25, farmer, Ontario, North West Territories, s/o James BALFOUR & Catherine WORTHINGTON married Marvena McGILL, 23, Usborne, same, d/o Richard McGILL & Jane COLGAN. Wit: William BALFOUR of Hibbert and Elizabeth COLGAN of Fullerton. January 10, 1886?(cut off)) at Usborne
005004-86 (Huron Co): Christopher Walker BARNES, 30, traveller, England, Toronto, s/o Henry BARNES & Anna Maria WALKER married Lizzie Jessie CAMPBELL, 22, U.S., Seaforth, d/o John CAMPBELL & Mary ADAMS. Wit: John CAMPBELL and Margaret Eva CAMPBELL, both of Seaforth. December 15, 1886 at Seaforth 005021-86 (Huron Co) Henry BEGLER, 28, widower, trackman, Mitchell, Brucefield, s/o Christopher & Ann BEGLER married Jessie BROWN, 27, Scotland, Brucefield, d/o not given. Wit: A. McDONALD and Mrs. WALKER, both of Brucefield. August 25, 1886 at Brucefield
005024-86 (Huron Co): William BELL, 23, farmer, Dundas Co, Tuckersmith, s/o David & Lorina BELL married Mary ALLEN, 19, Paris, Tuckersmith, d/o John & Agnes ALLEN. Wit: John ALLEN and Mary SINCLAIR, both of Tuckersmith. October 27, 1886 at Tuckersmith 005005-86 (Huron Co): John BELL, 24, laborer, Saltford, same, s/o David BELL & Agness MELROSE married Isabella THOMPSON, 23, Colborne, Goderich, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & Tamar HERRINGTON. Wit: Richard GIBB and Agness BELL, both of Saltford. December 29, 1886 at Seaforth
005150-86 - Edward BELL, 36, widower, farmer, Chinguacousy, Londesboro, s/o Thomas & Hannah BELL married Elizabeth MANNING, 31, Chinguacousy, Hullett, d/o Edmund & Elizabeth MANNING. Wit: Blanshard HERRINGTON of Hullett and Elizabeth COVENTRY of East Wawanosh. February 3, 1886 at Manchester Huron Co. 005113-86 - John James Wesley BELL, 20, farmer, Ontario, South Qu' Apelle, s/o Robert & Mary BELL married Ellen Euphemia LAWRENCE, 21, Ontario, Wingham, d/o John & Sarah Jane LAWRENCE. Wit: Richard HOGG of Wingham and Sophia BELL of Morris. January 5, 1886 at Belgrave
005164-86 - Mark BENDER, 30, farmer, Baden Germany, Dashwood Hay Twp, s/o Michael & Justina BENDER married Mary PLATZER, 26, Wilmot, Hullett, d/o George & Dorthea PLATZER. Wit: Lorenz PLATZER and Catherine YOUNGBLUT, both of Hullett. November 2, 1886 at Manchester Huron Co 005129-86 - John BLATCHFORD, 34, widower, farmer, England, Usborne, s/o Richard & Rebecca BLATCHFORD married Rachel DUNN, 31, widow, England, Exeter, d/o William & Sarah BLIGHT. Wit: Wesley CHORRENS and Hannah BLACHFORD (sic), both of Usborne. February 9, 1886 at Exeter
005043-86 (Huron Co): Arthur Jacob BOWSLOUGH, 25, North Grimsby Ont, same, s/o William Henry & Isabella BOWSLOUGH married Eliza HOOPER, 32, Somersetshire England, Centralia, d/o Charles & Joanna HOOPER. Wit: Adolpohus HOOPER and Martha NEIL, both of Centralia. March 31, 1886 at Centralia 005145-86 - John BRAUND, 26, blacksmith, London Ont, Exeter, s/o John & Elizabeth BRAUND married Rhoda ROWE, 23, Exeter, same, d/o Charles & Mary ROWE. Wit: Luther BRAUND of Exeter and Grace GREENWOOD of London. September 18, 1886 at Exeter.
005019-86 (Huron Co): Robert George BRIDGE, 34, farmer, not given, Minto Twp, s/o John & Bridget BRIDGE married Mary OLDFIELD, 27, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William & Jane OLDFIELD. Wit: Francis BRIDGE of Minto and Nellie OLDFIELD of Tuckersmith. June 1, 1886 at Tuckersmith 004753-86 Huron Co): George BROOKS, 26, engineer, Canada, Goderich, s/o James & Miran? BROOKS married Dorotha STEVENS, 25, Canada, Colborne, d/o John & Alice STEVENS. Wit: John BROOKS of Goderich and Charlotte FREYER, both of Goderich. January 27, 1886 at Colborne
004710-86 (Huron Co): David BROWN, 30, farmer, Canada, West Wawanosh, s/o Thomas & Jane BROWN married Eliza Jane ADDISON, 20, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o Robert & Mary ADDISON. Wit: William BROWN and Sarah Ann ADDISON, both of Wawanosh. March 10, 1886 at West Wawanosh 005156-86 - James BROWN, 27, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Francis & Elizabeth BROWN married Mary Ann CRAWFORD, 21, Chinguacousy, Hullett, d/o Robert & Catherine CRAWFORD. Wit: Ephraim BROWN of Hullett and Bella McKENZIE of Londesborough. March 10, 1886 at Hullett
005115-86 - Hamilton BUCHANAN, 35, broker, Ireland, Wingham, s/o William & Mary BUCHANAN married Dorotha Annie WRAY, 20, Ontario, Morris, d/o William & Sarah WRAY. Wit: James BUCHANAN of Middlesex Co and Annie BONE of Huron Co. March 30, 1886 at Morris 004719-86 - Thomas BURLEY, 28, farmer, U.S., Emmet Michigan, s/o Thomas BURLEY & not given married Mary SMYTHE, 29, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o Thomas DONOHOE & Jane McINTOSH. Wit: Thomas DONOHOE and Mary STERLING, both of Goderich Twp. April 28, 1886 at Goderich. (RC)
005027-86 (Huron Co): William M. BUTSON, 31, farmer, Whitby, Tuckersmith, s/o Nicholas & Mary BUTSON married Maggie A. FAWCETT, 21, Fullerton, same, d/o John & Maggie FAWCETT. Wit: Duncan & Aggie McTavish? of Tuckersmith. December date not given, 1886 at Brucefield 004846-86 - John Alexander CAMPBELL, 20, blacksmith, Wallace, same, s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Annie MITCHELL married Helen McKNIGHT PETRIE, 21, Elma, Grey, d/o John PETRIE & Helen CUMMINGS. Wit: Alexander McINTOSH of Wallace and Helen CUMMINGS of Grey. November 25, 1886 at Grey.
005054-86 (Huron Co): Robert CANNING, 28, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Robert & Mary CANNING married Isabella Margaret WAISTELL, 23, McGillivray, same, d/o Pringle Ed. & Agnes Young WAISTELL Wit: Mrs. D. M. KENNEDY of Crediton and Miss Tina ADAMS of Petrolia. September 1, 1886 at Crediton 005035-86 (Huron Co): A. S. CARRIERE, 32, Presbyterian Minister, Two Mountains Quebec, Grand Bend, s/o Octave & Emelie CARRIERE married Maggie CAMPBELL, 26, Stanley, Bayfield, d/o Donald & Christina CAMPBELL. Wit: Mrs. FORREST and Mrs. SIMPSON, both of Bayfield. October 26, 1886 at Bayfield
004990-86 (Huron Co): Edmond Henry CHAMBERS, 31, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o John & Mary Ann CHAMBERS married Sabina Sarah BLACK, 20, Canada, Ashfield, d/o John & Margaret BLACK. Wit: William J. BLACK of Ashfield and Annie KERR of Wawanosh. December 22, 1886 at Ashfield 004740-86 (Huron Co): Robert W. CLARK, 48, railway paymaster, U.S., St. Paul Minnesota U.S., s/o George W. CLARK & Letitia M. CROWSLEY married Marion HAMILTON, 24, Canada, Goderich, d/o Hugh HAMILTON & Maggie ANDERSON. Wit: Malcolm NICHOLSON and Maggie STEWART, both of Goderich. October 27, 1886 at Goderich
004999-86 (Huron Co): John CLARK, 21, store clerk, Canada, Brussels, s/o James CLARK & Catharine BUDARON married Catharine BAKER, 20, Canada, Cranbrook, d/o Adam BAKER & Elizabeth FOEGEL. Wit: Anthony BAKER of Cranbrook and Christina McDONNELL of Brussels. May 18, 1886 at Seaforth 005015-86 (Huron Co): George CLARKE, 30, farmer, Tuckersmith, Dakota U.S., s/o John CLARKE & Anne ELLIOTT married Bathsheba LANDSBOROUGH, 28, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Robert LANDSBOROUGH & Ann COSENS. Wit: Emily COSENS of Clinton and William LANDSBOROUGH of Tuckersmith. March 126, 1886 at Tuckersmith
005055-86 - Patrick CLEAR, 31, widower, Durham Twp Oxford Co, same, s/o Thomas & Bridget CLEAR married Hannah PATTON, 27, McGillivray, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret PATTON. Wit: Richard PATTON and Mary OTTER, both of McGillivray. October 18, 1886 at Stephen. (RC) 005058-86 - James COCKWELL, 32, machine agent, Huron Co, Crediton, s/o William & Johanna COCKWELL married Violet MEAKINS, 23, Usborne, Exeter, d/o Mark & Elizabeth MEAKINS. Wit: Joshua MEAKINS of Usborne and Hannah DAVIS of Exeter. June 30, 1886 at Stephen.
004803-86 - W. N. COLEMAN, 29, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Francis COLEMAN & Eliza J. SMITH married Sarah J. CONSIT, 21, Stanley, same, d/o John CONSIT & Mary Jane PECK. Wit: William CONSIT and Catherine COLEMAN, both of Stanley. October 13, 1886 at Stanley 004785-86 - Joseph CONNOLLY, 29, farmer, Minto, Harriston, s/o Joseph CONNOLLY & Martha HINDS married Maggie WISEMAN, 28, Usborne, same, d/o David WISEMAN & Margaret KELLOGH. Wit: Maggie VICKERS of Kirkton and William McLEAN of Minto. March 3, 1886 at Usborne
005025-86 (Huron Co): Thomas CONSITT, 29, farmer, Stanley, Hay, s/o John CONSITT & Mary Jane PECK married Janet M. FORSYTHE, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Ebenezer FORSYTHE & Isabella WILLIAMS. Wit: Alexander FORSYTHE of Tuckersmith and Annie CONSITT of Stanley. November 11, 1886 at Tuckersmith 005026-86 (Huron Co): William COOK, 28, labourer, Hay, Hensall, s/o William & Margaret COOK married Jane CORBETT, 22, Hay, Hensall, d/o John & Maggie CORBETT. Wit: Thomas CLARK and Elizabeth HEAD, both of Hensall. November 22, 1886 at Brucefield
004817-86 - William COOPER, 26, farmer, England, Blyth, s/o John & Ann Mary COOPER married Mary Ann EVANS, 20, Canada, Blyth, d/o Benjamin EVANS & Mary SYMONDS. Wit: Thomas SCOTT of Blyth and Aggie MUNN not given. July 26, 1886 at Blyth 004794-86 - Samuel CORNISH, 26, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o John & Mary CORNISH married Mary M. LAMKIN, 23, Usborne, same, d/o George & Elizabeth LAMKIN. Wit: Edward SMALL and Grace CORNISH, both of Usborne. October 19, 1886 at Kirkton
005155-86 - Samuel COX, 26, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o James & Elizabeth COX married Adella Kezia SPRUNG, 21, Canada, Hullett, d/o John & Catherine SPRUNG. Wit: Berhard G. GOVIER and Margaret SPRUNG, both of Hullett. April 5, 1886 at Hullett 004747-86 - Albert E. CULLIS, 27, miller, Victoria Co, Hullett, s/o John CULLIS & Annie ALLEN married Susie RADCLIFFE, 26, Ontario, West Wawanosh, d/o James RADCLIFFE & Janet KERR. Wit: James McGEE of East Wawanosh and Maggie RADCLIFFE of West Wawanosh. October 6, 1886 at West Wawanosh
005010-86 (Huron Co): William A. CUNNINGHAM, 25, farmer, Murray Twp Northumberland married Martha A. WILLIAMSON, 22, Colborne, Tuckersmith, d/o David & Polly WILLIAMSON. Wit: William SYMINGTON of Colborne and Jane CUNNINGHAM of Goderich Twp. February 17, 1886 at Tuckersmith 005064-86 - Anthony DALGLEISH, 27, mechanic, Canada, Culross, s/o George & Isabell DALGLEISH married Christina McLEAN, 23, Canada, Culross, d/o Donald & Elizabeth McLEAN. Wit: Andrew McLEAN and Margaret DALGLEISH, both of Culross. May 25, 1886 at Wingham
005131-86 - John Thomas DAVIDSON, 26, carpenter, Canada, Exeter, s/o Robert & Ann DAVIDSON married Jessie DOWN, 21, Canada, Exeter, d/o James & Mary DOWN. Wit: Edward HARWOOD and Laura DOWN, both of Exeter. February 26, 1886 at Exeter 005137-86 - Daniel DAVIS, 24, butcher, Exeter, same, s/o Richard & Mary DAVIS married Mary Ann DYER, 22, Exeter, same, d/o Alexander C. & Jane DYER. Wit: Daniel DYER and Frances Mary DAVIS, both of Exeter. May 5, 1886 at Exeter.
005144-86 - Lewis Henry DAVIS, 24, barrister, Ontario, Exeter, s/o James & Ann married Janet Sparling McDOWELL, 19, Exeter, same, d/o John & Dorothy. Wit: S. C. DANCEY of Seaforth and Susie DANCEY of Exeter. July 21, 1886 at Exeter 005047-86 (Huron Co): Pierre DESJARDIN, 21, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Xavier & Deline DESJARDIN married Lydia DESJARDINS, 16, Hay, same, d/o Antoine & Justine DESJARDINS. Wit: None given. March 1, 1886 at Grant Bend
004758-86 - George Ernst DEUSTEDT, 25, tinsmith, Canada, Auburn, s/o Gerhardt & Elizabeth DEUSTEDT married Mary Ann KRAELING, 18, Wilmot Twp, Auburn, d/o George & Mary KRAELING. Wit: John PFEFFER and Lizzie PLETZER, both of Hullett. May 18, 1886 at Colborne. 005037-86 (Huron Co): John DEVINE, 22. farmer, Prov. Quebec, Stephen, s/o Pierre DEVINE & Lena? CARBELLE married Sarah DEFOUR, 20, Quebec, Stephen, d/o Baptiste DEFOUR & Lena LAFRAMBOISE. Wit: George DEVINE & Alice DESJARDIN, both of Grand Bend. July 1, 1886 at Grand Bend
005073-86 - John W. DODD, 20, chair maker, Listowel, Wingham, s/o James & Martha DODD married Sarah Jane RUSH, 16, Belmore Ont, Wingham, d/o David & Jane RUSH. Wit: David KINCAID and John McMANUS, both of Wingham. January 27, 1886 at Wingham 004775-86 - William Barr DICKSON, 31. lawyer, Canada, Brussels, s/o Robert & Jane Ann DICKSON married Jane Harvey CORMACK, 25, Canada, Brussels, d/o John & Agnes CORMACK. Wit: Charles CORMACK of New York and L. PRETTIE of Brussels. September 28, 1886 at Brussels
004970-86 (Huron Co): Adam DICKSON, 37, farmer, Scotland, McKillop, s/o Charles DICKSON & Ellen DODDS married Elizabeth Scott KERR, 25, McKillop, same, d/o Alexander KERR & Ellen LAPELLO. Wit: James DICKSON and James Richard KERR, both of McKillop. September 22, 1886 at McKillop 004994-86 (Huron Co): David DOBSON, 24, farmer, Ethel, Grey, s/o Lawrence & Margaret DOBSON married Jane NICHOLLS, 22, Hibbert, same, d/o John & Elizabeth NICHOLLS. Wit: Richard NICHOLLS and Grace NICHOLLS, both of Hullett. March 24, 1886 at Seaforth
005036-86 (Huron Co): William DOWNY, 25, farmer, England, Stephen, s/o William & Elizabeth DOWNY married Frances HEAMAN, 21, Stephen, same, d/o Jeremiah & Sarah A. HEAMAN. Wit: William BAKER and Elizabeth HEAMAN, both of Stephen. March 30, 1886 at Stephen 004986-86 (Huron Co): Robert DRENNAN, 26, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o George DRENNAN & Agness BAIRD married Annie McIVOR, 23, Ashfield, same, d/o Donald McIVOR and Annie SMITH. Wit: George DRENNAN and Oliver STEWART, both of Ashfield. October 27, 1886 at Kincardine
005001-86 (Huron Co): George DUNCAN, 36, widower, carpenter, Canada, Seaforth, s/o David DUNCAN & Mary HAWTHORNE married Mary BLUE, 34, Scotland, Seaforth, d/o Dugald BLUE & Betsy McKEAGHY. Wit: Alex SCOT of Seaforth and Mary FOTHERINGHAM of Tuckersmith. July 14, 1886 at Seaforth 004789-86 - David DUNCAN, 22, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Alexander DUNCAN & Joan CHAMBERS married Flora McLEAN, 21, Oshawa, Usborne, d/o Colin McLEAN & Margaret McINNES. Wit: Isabella McLEAN and William MOODY, both of Usborne. June 9, 1886 at Usborne
004837-86 - John DUNCAN, 28, farmer, Elma Twp, Dennis Manitoba, s/o James & Joanna DUNCAN married Mary A. AYERS, 21, Pakenham Village Lanark Co, Atwood Perth Co, d/o John & Elizabeth AYERS. Wit: George DUNCAN and Annie AYERS, both of Elma. March 17, 1886 at Henfern Grey Twp. 004843-86 - Peter Cuthbert DUNCAN, 25, chief of police, Perth Co, Brandon, s/o James DUNCAN & Joanna Maria ROBERTSON married Jessie McNEIL, 23, Grey, same, d/o Lauchlin McNEIL & Sarah LAMONT. Wit: Archibald McNEIL of Grey and Nellie DUNCAN of Elma. July 28, 1886 at Grey
004784-86 - Michael ELFORD, 23, farmer, Hope Twp, Usborne, s/o Michael ELFORD & Ann MATTHEWS married Emma Jane COOK, 23, Usborne, same, d/o Thomas COOK & Susan ANDREW. Wit: Enos Andrew COOK and Annie DELBRIDGE, both of Usborne. February 23, 1886 at Usborne 004885-86 - John ELLIOT, 26, farmer, Village of Ethel Grey Twp, St. Mary's, s/o Andrew & Margaret ELLIOT married Jemmima McKELVEY, 26, Ethel Village, Grey, d/o James McKELVEY & Eliza DONSHEA?. Wit: A. M. PATTERSON and Janet ELLIOT, both of Ethel. February 18, 1886 at Ethel
004840-86 - John ELLIOT, 23, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Robert ELLIOT & Jane BECK married Margaret McALLISTER, 21, Grey, same, d/o Robert McALLISTER & Jane FRASER. Wit: William DOIG and Catherine McALLISTER, both of Grey. May 5, 1886 at Grey. 005039-86 (Huron Co): Edward EVANS, 23, farmer, West Nissouri, Stephen, s/o Francis & Susan EVANS married Charlotte LAPSON, 20, Stephen, same, d/o George & Annie LAPSON. Wit: Thomas SANDERS and Alice LAPSON, both of Stephen. July 15, 1886 at Corbett Stephen
005016-86 (Huron Co): Thomas J. EYRE, 25, farmer,. Leeds Co, Tuckersmith, s/o Henry EYRE & Mary OWLS married Ida Maud McTAGGART, 20, Usborne, Tuckersmith, d/o Nelson McTAGGART & Christina McLEOD. Wit: Wellington McTAGGART of Tuckersmith and Margaret E. WREN of Hibbert. April 22, 1886 at Chiselhurst 005044-86 (Huron Co): Peter FARRELL, 44, widower, farmer, Quebec, Stephen, s/o Henry & Lucy FARRELL married Mary WILKEN, 31, Stephen, Smithville, d/o Florent WILKEN & Catherine HAMILTON. Wit: Louis DESJARDIN & Julia MASON, both of Stephen. March 29, 1886 at Stephen
004756-86 - Hamilton FEAGAN, 35, farmer, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o James & Jane FEAGAN married Clara NEIL, 24, England, Colborne, d/o William & Theresa NEIL. Wit: M. O. JOHNSTON of Goderich and Elizabeth NEIL of Colborne. April 20, 1886 at Colborne 004795-86 - George FERGUSON, 29, farmer, Puslinch, Usborne, s/o William FERGUSON & Harriet BURNS married Annie ANDERSON, 34, Usborne, same, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Ellen DOUGALL. Wit: Robert FERGUSON and Jessie ANDERSON, both of Usborne. November 3, 1886 at Usborne
004983-86 (Huron Co): John Henry FIELDING, 24, merchant, Wellington Co, Wiarton, s/o Edward & Hannah FIELDING married Lucinda HACKETT, 26, Ashfield, same, d/o Joseph & Ester HACKETT. Wit: _? IRWIN and Ester HACKETT, both of Ashfield. September 28, 1886 at Ashfield 004708-86 (Huron Co): Thomas Henry FORD, 22, farmer, Darlington, West Wawanosh, s/o James FORD & Jane E. MORCOMBE married Annie TAYLOR, 17, Wawanosh, West Wawanosh, d/o Thomas TAYLOR & Alice McGUIRE. Wit: Bertha FORD and Charles TAYLOR, both of West Wawanosh. March 3, 1886 at Whitechurch
005052-86 (Huron Co): James G. FORD, 24, widower, carpenter, Middlesex Co, Stephen, s/o George & Margaret FORD married May Ann MONTY, 18, Stephen, same, d/o George & Eliza MONTY. Wit: Allen McDONALD and Catherine MONTY, both of Stephen Twp. October 26, 1886 at Crediton 004714-86 - Peter FOX, 27, cooper, Canada, Goderich, s/o Peter FOX and Rosanna O'ROURKE married Catherine McKAY, 19, Canada, Goderich, d/o Donald McKAY and Mary Ann RUSSELL. Wit: Lizzie HALL and Mary Ann RUSSELL, both of Goderich. January 7, 1886 at Goderich. (RC)
004713-86 - James GIRVIN, 28, farmer, Wawanosh, same, s/o Charles & Mary GIRVIN married Sarah Alice PENTLAND, 24, Wawanosh, same, d/o Alexander & Mary PENTLAND. Wit: Rose ANDERSON of Ashfield and Martha PENTLAND of Dungannon. June 10, year not given (prob 1886) at Wawanosh. 004772-86 - George GOUN, 30, bricklayer, France, Brussels, s/o Thomas GOUN & Harriet DAVIS married Emma ARMSTRONG, 25, Canada, Brussels, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Mary HUNTSIKER. Wit: Charles TOWN and Mary LAMONT, both of Brussels. February 4, 1886 at Brussels
004822-86 - Noble GRASBY, 26, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o James & Catherine GRASBY married Mary Victoria SANDERSON, 22, Hullett, same, d/o William & Caroline SANDERSON. Wit: W. R. SANDERSON and Adah GRASBY, both of Hullett. October 13, 1886 at Blyth 005095-86 - John James GREGG, 25, farmer, Durham Oxford Co, Howick, s/o George & Sarah Ann GREGG married Annie DANE, 22, Howick, Gorrie, d/o William & Jane DANE. Wit: William H. GREGG of Howick and Jennie DANE of Gorrie. March 10, 1886 at Gorrie
005124-86 - Arthur GRISDALE, 28, artist, Ontario, Mornington Perth Co, s/o John & Lydia GRISDALE married Mary LITTLEFAIR, 22, Ontario, Morris, d/o Emerson & Mary Ann LITTLEFAIR. Wit: Emerson LITTLEFAIR and Annie LITTLEFAIR, both of Belgrave. August 9, 1886 at Belgrave 004771-86 - Frederick HAMBRECHT, 22, machinist, Canada, Brussels, s/o Christian & Katie married Minnie McMARTIN, 23, Canada, Brussels, d/o Hugh & Margaret. Wit: F. KERR and E. KERR, both of Brussels. May 5, 1886 at Brussels
004788-86 - William G. HANNA, 32, clergyman, Goderich, Tara Bruce Co, s/o George & Ann HANNA married Janet STRANG, 29, Usborne, same, d/o John & Janet STRANG. Wit: Henry STRANG, Moropand? M--?(off page) and Ann Jane HANNA of Brussels. February 9, 1886 at Usborne 005023-86 (Huron Co): David HAY, 22, brick maker, Tuckersmith, same, s/o John & Ellen HAY married Mary Ann STRONG, 21, Tuckersmith, same, d/o George & Elizabeth STRONG. Wit: George STRONG of Tuckersmith and Alice SLOAN of Blythe. October 12, 1886 at Egmondville
004989-86 (Huron Co): James HAYDEN, 24, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o William John & Matilda HAYDEN married Elizabeth BURNETT, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o John & Charlotte BURNETT. Wit: Frances A. HAY Jnr and Catherine BURNETT, both of Ashfield. December 29, 1886 at Ashfield 004764-86 - William Robert HAYDEN, 31, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o William John & Matilda HAYDEN married Mary EDWARD, 23, Canada, Colborne, d/o John & Elizabeth EDWARD. Wit: John HAYDEN of Bayfield and Janet PORTER of Goderich. December 1, 1886 at Colborne
005049-86 (Huron Co): Jeremiah HEAMAN, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o William & Jane HEAMAN married Jennie MITCHELL, 19, Stephen, same, d/o John & Ann MITCHELL. Wit: William SANDERS and Martha HEAMAN, both of Stephen. January 28, 1886 at Centralia. 005116-86 - Robert HENDERSON, 27, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o Alexander & Isabella HENDERSON married Mary Jane LITTLE, 23, Morris, same, d/o William & Jane LITTLE. Wit: George A. HENDERSON of East Wawanosh and Emily CLARK of Morris. April 14, 1886 at Morris.
005046-86 (Huron Co): Isaac HILL, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Isaac & Ann HILL married Roberta A. BAKER, 18, Stephen, same, d/o William & Frances BAKER. Wit: Newton BAKER of Stephen and Emma SKINNER of Usborne. March 10, 1886 at Stephen 005128-86 - Charles Constantine HODGINS, 23, farmer, Canada, Biddulph, s/o Thomas & Ann HODGINS married Ellen McFALLS, 18, Biddulph, same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth McFALLS. Wit: James ACHESON and Catherine McFALLS, both of Exeter. February 8, 1886 at Exeter
005142-86 - Adam Kingsly HODGINS, 26, farmer, Canada, Biddulph, s/o James & Catherine HODGINS married Ellen ISAAC, 32, Canada, Biddulph, d/o Thomas & Mary ISAAC. Wit: Horace FOLLICK and Louis FOLLICK, both of Exeter. June 28, 1886 at Exeter 005163-86 - Thomas HOLMES, 29, yeoman, Brandon Quebec, Minto Twp Wellington Co, s/o John HOLMES & Margaret MELROSE married Margaret Jane MONK, 30, Hullett, same, d/o Stephen MONK & Jane CRAIG. Wit: Robert MONK of Hullett and Jane HULLETT? of Tuckersmith. October 27, 1886 at Hullett.
005059-86 - Jacob HOLZMAN, 21, tailor, Wilmot Twp Waterloo Co, Crediton, s/o George & Margaret HOLZMAN married Ellen MURLOCK, 23, Stephen, same, d/o Matthew & Magdaline MURLOCK. Wit: William MURLOCK and Mary Ann BROWN, both of Crediton. June 12, 1886 at Crediton 005130-86 - Richard HOSKINS, 23, miller, Canada, Staffa Ont, s/o William & Elizabeth HOSKINS married Elizabeth TREBLE, 21, Canada, Exeter, d/o William & Catherine TREBLE. Wit: William BROWN of Staffa and Mary TREBLE of Exeter. February 10, 1886 at Exeter
004760-86 - Harvey J. HOWELL, 23, farmer, Wentworth Co, Colborne, s/o Samson HOWELL & Jane BRAY married Mary Catherine POTTER, 22, Percy Twp Northumberland Co, Colborne, d/o Wilot POTTER & Ruth BROWN. Wit: William HOWELL and Etta POTTER, both of Colborne. June 1, 1886 at Colborne 004820-86 - John Milton HUGHES, 29, farmer, Village of Aurora King Twp, Morris, s/o Robert & Mary HUGHES married Mary Alice KILLINGTON, 19, Hullett, Morris, d/o Matthew & Alice Ann KILLINGTON. Wit: Alfred KILLINGTON and Clarissa JEWETT, both of Morris. September 15, 1880 at Blyth
004810-86 - Wesley John HUPFER, 21, blacksmith, Turnberry, Gorrie, s/o Sebastian & Mary HUPFER married (blank), 20, Huron Co, Wroxeter, d/o James & Jane PAULIN. Wit: Sebastian HUPFER and Margaret PAULIN, both of Wroxeter. October 6, 1886 at Wroxeter 004977-86 (Huron Co): John IRWIN, 24, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o James & Mary Ann IRWIN married Mary Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 18, Ashfield, same, d/o James JOHNSTON & Martha Ann MARSHALL. Wit: _? CAMPBELL and Helen JOHNSTON, res, not given. March 30, 1886 at Ashfield
005013-86 (Huron Co): John JOHNSTON, 32, farmer, Canada, Peel, s/o John & Martha JOHNSTON married Sarah A. GIBBINGS, 24, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o William & Mary GIBBINGS. Wit: Thomas GIBBINGS of Tuckersmith and Carrie GIBBINGS of Clinton. March 4, 1886 at Tuckersmith 005029-86 (Huron Co): E. R. JOHNSTON, 32, farmer, Hay, Grandon Dakota, s/o Robert & Matilda JOHNSTON married Jane NICHOLSON, 20, Hay, same, d/o Godfrey & Harriet NICHOLSON. Wit: John JOHNSTON of Dakota and H. SHEPHERD of Hay. January 18, 1886 at Bayfield
004985-86 (Huron Co): Michael KENNY, 26, mechanic, Kinloss, Ashfield, s/o John KENNY & Ann DOOLAN married Mary DALTON, 23, Ashfield, same, d/o James DALTON & Mary FLYNN. Wit: Jeremiah DALTON and Agnes KENNY, both of Ashfield. November 24, 1886 at Kingsbridge. (RC) 004847-86 - Job Lawson KING, 23, farmer, same, s/o Jared KING & Lucinda JANES married Catherine McALLISTER, 24, Hay, Grey, d/o Robert McALLISTER & Jane FRAZER. Wit: Benjamin KING of Morris and Sarah M. McALLISTER of Howick. December 22, 1886 at Grey.
5329-87 (Huron Co): William KIRK, 35, farmer, Mablethorpe - Lincs. England, Blanshard twp., s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Eliza Ann TOWL (Lowe?), 28, Yarmouth - Elgin, Usborne, d/o John TOWL & Mary Ann ANDREWS, witn: William H. TOWL of Usborne & Alice KIRK of Blanshard, 29 Dec 1886 at res of bride, Usborne 004734-86 (Huron Co): Alexander KIRKPATRICK, 28, saloon keeper, Goderich, Chicago, s/o John & Ann KIRKPATRICK married Lydia WILSON, 20, Goderich, same, d/o George WILSON & Mary Ann. Wit: James AITKEN and May MURRAY, both of Goderich. July 16, 1886 at Goderich
004705-86 (Huron Co): Joseph L. LAIDLAW, 26, farmer, Waterloo Twp Ont, West Wawanosh, s/o James LAIDLAW & Ann TAYLOR married Betsy Thoms PURDON, 22, Lanark Twp Ont, West Wawanosh, d/o Robert PURDON & Betsy THOM. Wit: James LAIDLAW and Janet THOMS, both of West Wawanosh. January 13, 1886 at West Wawanosh 004737-86 (Huron Co): Henry James LANE, 33, civil engineer, Loire Quebec, Melbourne Australia, s/o James LANE & Adele PENTON married Mary DANCEY, 25, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas M. DANCEY & Mary MUNROE. Wit: W. C. SMYLIE of Loire Quebec and Angelina DANCEY of Goderich. October 6, 1886 at Goderich
005012-86 (Huron Co): John LAWRENCE, 44, farmer, Scotland, Plympton Twp, s/o John & Ellen LAWRENCE married Martha Margaret DUNSMORE, 27, Canada, Clinton, d/o Henry DUNSMORE & Matilda JOHNS. Wit: H. E. DUNSMORE of Seaforth and R. J. DUNSMORE of Goderich. March 4, 1886 at Tuckersmith 005132-86 - John LOADMAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o James & Ann LOADMAN married Lucinda PERKINS, 22, Canada, Exeter, d/o Charles & Almira PERKINS. Wit: Frederick COLLINS of Stephen and Almira HAINEY of Usborne. March 3, 1886 at Exeter
005138-86 - James LOGAN, 55, widower, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Stanley, s/o John & Jean LOGAN married Catherine NIVEN, 25, Ayrshire Scotland, Brucefield, d/o Alexander & Margaret NIVEN. Wit: Henry GLANVILLE and Ian Dow NIVEN, both of Exeter. June 2, 1886 at Exeter 005030-86 (Huron Co): John LOVE, 23, fisherman, Bayfield, same, s/o August & P. LOVE married Eliza McNEIL, 22, Goderich Twp., Bayfield, d/o Hugh & Sarah McNEIL. Wit: John McDONALD and Sarah McDONALD, both of Bayfield. February 3, 1886 at Bayfield
004995-86 (Huron Co): James LOVE, 30, carpenter, Whitby, Joliette Illinois U.S., s/o Thomas & Mary LOVE married Essie WARD, 27, Manvers, Tuckersmith, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth WARD. Wit: James KINCHLEY of Constance and Mary LOVE of McKillop. March 24, 1886 at Seaforth 005161-86 - Charles LOWRIE, 32, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o William & Janet LOWRIE married Elizabeth WHEATLEY, 21, Tuckersmith, Hullett, d/o George & Emma WHEATLEY. Wit: Hugh STEWART of Grey Twp and Mary LOWRIE of Hullett. September 28, 1886 at Londesborough
005006-86 (Huron Co): Thomas LYONS, 24, rail roading, McKillop, Stratford, s/o Andrew LYONS & Ann QUINN married Agness JOHNSON, 20, Hullett, Tuckersmith, d/o James JOHNSON & Margaret HAWTHORNE. Wit: William HOLLAND of Seaforth and Mary Jane JOHNSON of Hullett. November 11, 1886 at Seaforth 005018-86 (Huron Co): Mark MAKINS, 54, farmer, Norfolk England, Exeter, s/o Thomas & Charlotte MAKINS married Jane NEVINS, 39, Oban? Scotland, Brucefield, d/o Alexander & Margaret NEVINS. Wit: J. CAHARRIE and James SAGAN, both of Stanley. June 30, 1886 at Brucefield
004743-86 - Wordsworth MANN, 25, painter, Canada, St. Paul Minnesota, s/o Frederick & Mary MANN married Eliza J. WESTON, Canada, Goderich, d/o Nathaniel & Ellen WESTON. Wit: W. D. COX and Mary WESTON, both of Goderich. September 29, 1886 at Goderich 005053-86 (Huron Co): Moses MAWSON, 22, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Moses & Elizabeth MAWSON married Sarah H. PICKERING, 19, McGillivray, same, d/o John & Sarah PICKERING. Wit: Mrs. D. M. KENNEDY of Crediton and Miss Tina ADAMS of Petrolia. September 15, 1886 at Crediton
004975-86 (Huron Co): William McALLISTER, 34, farmer, Goderich, Grey Twp, s/o Robert & Jane McALLISTER married Ellen BAYNE, 34, Fergus, Ashfield, d/o John & Ann BAYNE. Wit: William DOIG and Elizabeth BAYNE, res. not given. May 26, 1886 at Ashfield. 004731-86 (Huron Co): William McCULLUM, 23, engineer, Canada, Goderich, s/o John McCULLUM & Elizabeth McGRAW married Kate NICHOLSON, 24, Canada, Goderich, d/o Angus NICHOLSON & Sarah McLEAN. Wit: Mary URE and Catherine McLEAN, both of Goderich. December 8, 1886 at Goderich
004783-86 - James McCURDY, 22, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Archibald McCURDY & Jennie JAMIESON married Selina KAY, 22, Usborne, same, d/o Thomas M. KAY & Mary ARMSTRONG. Wit: Thomas McCURDY of Usborne and Annie McDONALD, both of Usborne. January 25, 1886 at Usborne 004763-86 - Frank W. McDONAGH, 28, hotel keeper, Canada, Colborne, s/o James McDONAGH & Ann JARVIS married Evelyn MARTIN, 21, Canada, Saltford, d/o Henry & Malinda MARTIN. Wit: John A. McDONAGH of Colborne and Margaret WILKINSON of Goderich. November 25, 1886 at Saltford, Colborne Twp.
005022-86 (Huron Co): James McGEOCH, 27, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o William McGEOCH & Grace CARNOHAN married Fanny OLDFIELD, 23, Tuckersmith, same, d/o William & Jane OLDFIELD. Wit: Samuel McGEOCH and Nellie OLDFIELD, both of Tuckersmith. September 22, 1886 at Tuckersmith 004987-86 (Huron Co): William McKAY, 24, school teacher, Dungannon, Rodgerville, s/o James & Ellen McKAY married Sarah J. WILLIS, 20, Ashfield, same, d/o Joshua & Barbara WILLIS. Wit: Walter McKAY and Barbara WILLIS, both of Ashfield. December 22, 1886 at Ashfield
005017-86 (Huron Co): Alexander McKEAN, 30, clerk in audit office CPR, Canada, Winnipeg Man, s/o Alexander McKEAN & Mary ANDERSON married Wilhemina M. CHESNEY, 23, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Hugh M. CHESNEY & Mary PEARSON. Wit: Joseph McCOY of Egmondville and Alexander JAMIESON of Hullett. May 26, 1886 at Tuckersmith 005093-86 - Alexander McKENZIE, 29, farmer, Carleton Co, Grand Forks Dakota, s/o John & Phoebe McKENZIE married Isabella DOUGLAS, 21, Bruce Co, Howick, d/o James & Ann DOUGLAS. Wit: J. J. JACKSON and Maggie McKENZIE, both of Howick. February 23, 1886 at Fordwich
005087-86 - Alexander McLAUGHLIN, 25, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Charles & Mary Jane McLAUGHLIN married Elizabeth Jane D'ARCY, 21, Howick, Fordwich, d/o William & Mary D'ARCY. Wit: Benjamin SCOTT and Jennie McLAUGHLIN, both of Howick. January 27, 1886 at Fordwich 004988-86 (Huron Co): James McMANUS, 22, farmer, New York, Colborne, s/o James & Ann McMANUS married Nellie COWAN, 21, Wawanosh, Colborne, d/o Alex COWAN & Nicholas? COWAN. Wit: Peter STEWART and Martha McMANUS, both of Colborne. December 23, 1886 at Dungannon
005051-86 (Huron Co): Campbell McMILLAN, 28, goldsmith, Scotland, Detroit Mich, s/o Alexander McMILLAN & Misay? McDOUGALL married Barbara STEVENSON, 29, Middlesex Co, same, d/o Duncan STEVENSON & Flora McFERSON. Wit: D. McMILLAN of Detroit, Mary STEVENSON of Stephen, POLOTKIN? of West Williams and Mary McMILLAN of Ontario. February 3, 1886 at Stephen 004716-86 - Martin Washington MINTHORNE, 37, boot and shoe merchant, Canada, Stratford, s/o John MINTHORNE & Cordelia DELONG married Maude Eliza PRETTY, Canada, Goderich, d/o Charles & Ann PRETTY. Wit: Richard ARMSTRONG of Toronto and Lilly PRETTY of Goderich. March 3, 1886 at Goderich.
004969-86 (Huron Co): Richard MITCHELL, 28, not given, Queensville, Wingham, s/o William & Ellenor MITCHELL married Charlotte Maria PARR, 24, McKillop, Wingham, d/o Youngie PARR & Charlotte Jemima PARR. Wit: George BROWN of McKillop and Mary A. Brown, not given. June 25, 1886 at McKillop 004973-86 (Huron Co): Duncan MORGAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Perth Co, s/o John MORGAN & Euphemia STEWART married Janice JOHNSTON, 24, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Alexander JOHNSTON & Ann WORTHY. Wit: Roderick KENNEDY and Angelinne JOHNSTON, res not given. June 30, 1886 at Ashfield
005162-86 - James MORRIS, 37, baker, Chinguacousy, St. Thomas, s/o William & Ann Jane MORRIS married Annie MOUNTAIN, 27, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas & Mary MOUNTAIN. Wit: William MOUNTAIN and Maggie M. MORRIS, both of Hullett. October 26, 1886 at Hullett 004707-86 (Huron Co): John MOSS, 31, farmer, Thorold Twp Welland Co, West Wawanosh, s/o John MOSS & Leah TREMLETT married Margaret Ann VINT, 23, Clark Twp Durham Co, West Wawanosh, d/o Archibald VINT & Sarah FIELDING. Wit: Alexander SCOTT and Harriet VINT, res. not given. February 10, 1886 at West Wawanosh
005158-86 - Charles MOUSE?, 29, blacksmith, Guelph, Whitby, s/o John & Priscille MOUSE? married Mary Jane EAST, 22, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas & Dorcas EAST. Wit: J. SWINGBANK of Clinton and Ettie EAST of Hullett. May 25, 1886 at Hullett 004972-86 (Huron Co): Nelson MURDOCK, 26, teacher, Canada, Tyner "Decota", s/o George MURDOCK & Elizabeth BINGHAM married Mary Bell McDONALD, 25, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Hugh McDONALD & Christine McKEGAN. Wit: John MANNING and Flora McDONALD, res not given. June 6, 1886 at Ashfield.
005050-86 (Huron Co): John W. MURLOCK, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Julius MURLOCK and "Mrs. Murlock's given name not given" married Mary Ellen BROKENSHIRE, 26, Stephen, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine BROKENSHIRE. Wit: Martha KERSHAW and Naomi KERSHAW, both of Centralia. December 2, 1886 at Centralia 004979-86 (Huron Co): Michael O'REILLY, 30, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Thomas O'REILLY & Harriette SHEA married Mary O'LAUGHLIN, 25, Wawanosh, Ashfield, d/o Patrick O'LAUGHLIN & Mary McCANN. Wit: Cornelius O'REILLY and Ann O'LAUGHLIN, res not given. November 4, 1886 at Ashfield.
005028-86 (Huron Co): William Henry ORTWINE, 21, farmer, U.S., Stephen, s/o Conrad ORTWINE & Elizabeth BOWMAN married Sarah OTTERWEIN, 20, Waterloo Co, Stanley, d/o Henry OTTERWEIN & Elizabeth BOWMAN (error?). Wit: Mrs. S. ACHESON and T. S. ACHESON, both of Kippen. December 7, 1886 at Kippen 005038-86 (Huron Co): Frederick PAGE, 21, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o James & Marie PAGE married Adeline MOLLARD, 20, Stephen, same, d/o William & Elizabeth MOLLARD. Wit: Joseph BAILY of Hay Twp and Emeline MOLLARD of Stephen. June 15, 1886 at Corbett Stephen
005032-86 (Huron Co): Thomas E. PARKER, 25, yeoman, Tuckersmith, Ashfield, s/o Thomas PARKER & Louisa SCHWENDING married Gabriella JOHNSTON, 24, Bayfield, same, d/o Christopher JOHNSTON & Catherine IRWIN. Wit: Wellington JOHNSTON & Louisa PARKER, both of Bayfield. April 20, 1886 at Bayfield 004736-86 (Huron Co): James PATERSON, 25, gardener, Edinburgh Scotland, Goderich, s/o Robert PATERSON & Graynnet HOPE married Francis WATTS, 28, London England, Toronto, d/o Thomas WATTS & Caroline MARTIN. Wit: David MUNROE and Lizzie McMANUS, both of Goderich. October 14, 1886 at Goderich
005033-86 (Huron Co): George PHOENIX, 30, widower, dairyman, Hamilton, East Saginaw U.S., s/o William & Mary PHOENIX married Louisa AHRENS, 27, Bayfield, same, d/o Frederick & Sophia AHRENS. Wit: James POLLOCK and L. AHRENS, both of Bayfield. April 25, 1886 at Bayfield 004709-86 (Huron Co): John PINKNEY, 25, farmer, Cardwell Ont, Ashfield, s/o William & Ann PINKNEY married Annie M. BRADFORD, 25, Ashfield, Belfast, d/o Robert & Mary Ann BRADFORD. Wit: Thomas McMILLAN of Kinloss and Mary H. ARMSTRONG of Ashfield. March 31, 1886 at Belfast
005148-86 - Samuel James POLLOCK, 21, blacksmith, New York City, U.S., Brucefield, s/o Robert John & Margaret Ann POLLOCK married Sarah Esther BRUNSDON, 22, Hullett, same, d/o William & Ann BRUNSDON. Wit: George HESSELWOOD and Martha Ann BRUNSDON, both of Hullett. February 2, 1886 at Hullett 005104-86 - David PORTEOUS, 26, laborer, Reach, Wallace, s/o Samuel & Phebe Ann PORTEOUS married Eliza LEPPARD, 21, Wallace, same, d/o Henry & Eliza LEPPARD. Wit: George PORTEOUS and Alice LEPPARD, both of Wallace. September 15, 1886 at Fordwich
004997-86 (Huron Co): John Simons PORTER, 27, watchmaker, Canada, Seaforth, s/o John Simons PORTER Sr & Margaret ANDERSON married Mary KIDD, 22, Canada, Seaforth, d/o John KIDD & Forbes HENDERSON. Wit: William SCOTT and Ella KIDD, both of Seaforth. April 14, 1886 at Seaforth. 005042-86 (Huron Co): Henry PROUSE, 21, mason, England, Woodham, s/o John & Mary PROUSE married Susannah DEARING, 22, Stephen, same, d/o William & Jane DEARING. Wit: John PROUSE of Woodham and Fanny DEARING of Stephen. May 12, 1886 at Stephen
005125-86 - William H. PUGH, 26, mason, Bluevale, Morris, s/o Mary(?) & Elizabeth PUGH married Sebrina JEWITT, 22, Morris, same, d/o Thomas & Jane JEWITT. Wit: James PUGH of Turnberry and Oliver JEWITT of Morris. October 14, 1886 at Morris 004791-86 - Joshua James PULLMAN, 38, farmer, Canada, Hibbert, s/o Thomas & Ann PULLMAN married Georgina Elizabeth GULLETT, 32, England, Usborne, d/o James & Eliza GULLETT. Wit: James GULLETT and Ida ALLEN, both of Usborne. April 22, 1886 at Exeter
004733-86 (Huron Co): Andrew REID, 32, carriage maker, Canada, Goderich, s/o James REID & Mary McCARTNEY married Ella McDONALD, 20, Canada, Goderich, d/o James McDONALD & Elizabeth MURRAY. Wit: James BUCHANAN and Ann BEDFORD, both of Goderich. August 7, 1886 at Goderich 004796-86 - David RICHARDS, 40, widower, farmer, Forfarshire Scotland, Usborne, s/o William & Margaret RICHARDS married Anna Jane HODGERT, 31, Usborne, same, d/o Archibald & Eliza HODGERT. Wit: John Edgar ROBBINS?(blurred) of Stephen and Elizabeth HODGERT of Usborne. December 15, 1886 at Usborne
004984-86 (Huron Co): John Walter RODGER, 24, laborer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o Charles RODGER & Agnes HENDERSON married Sarah STEWART, 25, Blenheim, East Wawanosh, d/o William STEWART & Margaret MILLIGAN. Wit: Dr. McKAY and Mrs. D. J. CAMERON, both of Dungannon. September 20, 1886 at Dungannon 005011-86 (Huron Co): Joseph ROSE, 26, bookkeeper, Elora, Seaforth, s/o James ROSE & Mary ORR married Jane COLLIER, 24, Scotland, Egmondville, d/o Joseph COLLIER & Margaret McKAY. Wit: David GRANT and Barbara HOUSTON, both of Seaforth. February 24, 1886 at Egmondville
004739-86 (Huron Co): Hugh ROSS?, 34, moulder, Brockville, Goderich, s/o James GAP & Elizabeth DEWOODER married Letitia STRACHAN, 23, Colborne, same, d/o John STRACHAN & Jane CUTT. Wit: Harry O. REED of Goderich and Harry STRONG of Dungannon. November 18, 1886 at Goderich 005140-86 - Richard RUNNION, 41, widower, farmer, Canada, Usborne, s/o John & Elizabeth RUNNION married Rebecca KRINE, 30, Canada, Usborne, d/o John & Mary KRINE. Wit: Alfred C. JOHNSTONE and Ann JOHNSTONE, both of Usborne. March 27, 1886 at Exeter
005122-86 - Nicholas J. RUSSELL, 33, widower, tailor, Devonport England, Bluevale, s/o Nicholas & Mary RUSSELL married Mary Jane POWELL, 34, widow, Pickering, Turnberry, d/o James & Eliza MUSGROVE. Wit: George PORTER and Mary MUSGROVE, both of Turnberry. May 10, 1886 at Bluevale Village. 005014-86 (Huron Co): Budham G. SARVIS, 31, farmer, Canada, Elgin Dakota U.S., s/o R. H. SARVIS & Elizabeth HILL married Agnes H., SPROAT, 26, Tuckersmith, same, d/o George SPROAT & Mary BLACK. Wit: David SPROAT of Tuckersmith and Elizabeth GRAHAM of Egmondville. March 10, 1886 at Tuckersmith
005048-86 (Huron Co): John SCHROEDER, 24, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o John & Sophia SCHROEDER married Mary Ann MAWHINNEY, 24, Stephen, same, d/o George & Ann MAWHINNEY. Wit: George MAWHINNEY and Nancy SCHROEDER, both of Stephen. December 29, 1886 at Crediton 005041-86 (Huron Co): Donald SELLERS, 32, farmer, Hay, Manitoba, s/o Alexander SELLERS & Una McLEOD married Mary Jane JAMIESON, 28, Hay, same, d/o Robert JAMIESON & Ann WINTHROP. Wit: Richard JAMIESON and Christian SELLERS, both of Hay. May 18, 1886 at Stephen
005067-86 - Charles Ambrose SHEPERD, 40, druggist, Canada, Lucknow, s/o not given and Eliza SHEPERD married Adela E. BRAY, 35, Canada, Wingham, d/o not given & Eliza Jane BRAY. Wit: William James YOUNG and E. BRAY, both of Wingham. July 7, 1886 at Wingham 005083-86 - Andrew SHERK, 37, farmer, Canada, Dakota, s/o James & Rosann SHERK married Barbara Jane CALDWELL, 31, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Allen & Barbara CALDWELL. Wit: James CALDWELL of Turnberry and Tillie SHERK of Dorchester Ont. December 1, 1886 at Wingham
004991-86 (Huron Co): William SHERRILL, 24, labourer, Huron Co, Seaforth, s/o William & Johanna SHERRILL married Alice RAYMOND, 19, Essex England, Seaforth, d/o Philip & Matilda RAYMOND. Wit: John SHERRILL and Caroline WHITING, res not given. January 1, 1886 at Seaforth 005002-86 (Huron Co): Charles L. SHOEMAKER, 24, mason, Canada, Hay, s/o John SHOEMAKER & Lisedda JOHNSTON married Elizabeth SHAFFER, 22, Canada, Stanley, d/o John SHAFFER & Catharine HOLT. Wit: John MYERS and Ann NOBLE, both of Seaforth. October 12, 1886 at Seaforth
004998-86 (Huron Co): John Jacob SMITH, 20, farmer, Ontario, Hay, s/o Joseph & Catherine SMITH married Catherine Jane MAKINS, 21, Grey, Stanley, d/o Henry & Sarah MAKINS. Wit: Maria and Minnie BROLEY, both of Seaforth. April 14, 1886 at Seaforth 004742-86 - Rev'd Thomas J. SMITH, 28, Methodist Minister, Canada, Linwood, s/o Charles & Elizabeth SMITH married Marion WILSON, 22, Canada, Goderich, d/o David & Jane WILSON. Wit: William SMITH of Stratford and Jane WILSON of Goderich. September 8, 1886 at Goderich.
004712-86 - Andrew SMITH, 28, widower, laborer, Halton Co, Milton, s/o John & Maria SMITH married Margaret GUEST, 29, London Twp, Kinloss, d/o Thomas & Mary GUEST. Wit: David McDONALD of Ashfield and Mary Ann TODD of St. Helen's. April 23, year not given (prob 1886) at West Wawanosh 004718-86 - Francis A. SMITH?, 59, widower, builder, England, Goderich, s/o William SMITH? & Grace YEO married Frances COTTLE, 46, widow, Goderich, same, d/o Edwin Henry MARLTON & Frances ADAMS. Wit: Robert Clayton TYE and Minnie TYE, both of Haysville. April 24, 1886 at Goderich
005076-86 - Andrew SMYTH, 30, farmer, Forfarshire Scotland, Paramount, s/o Andrew & Sarah J. SMYTH married Frances MARTIN, 24, Paramount, same, d/o John & Mary MARTIN. Wit: Alex McDERMOT of Paramount and Ellen MARTIN of Ripley. March 31, 1886 at Wingham 005149-86 - James SNELL, 27, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o George & Jane SNELL married Elizabeth Emma TAMBLYN, 21, Hope Twp Durham Co, Hullett, d/o John & Grace TAMBLYN. Wit: John TAMBLYN and Humphrey SNELL, both of Hullett. February 3, 1886 at Hullett.
004800-86 - Ford SPARKS, 21, farmer, Stanley, Dakota, s/o Alexander SPARKS & Helen FORD married Sarah Helen MONTGOMERY, 21, Stanley, same, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Helen GREER. Wit: John SPARKS and Eliza MONTGOMERY, both of Stanley. March 9, 1886 at Varna 005063-86 - Robert SPARLING, 24, journalist, Canada, Toronto, s/o Edward & Mary SPARLING married Sarah E. KING, 25, Canada, Morris, d/o Jared & Rachel KING. Wit: Job Z. KING and Maggie GIBSON, both of Morris. April 28, 1886 at Wingham
04922-86 (Huron Co) William STEEP, 22, teamster, Goderich Tp., Clinton, s/o William & Caroline, married Emma FINCH, 23, Queensboro England, Clinton, d/o Emmanuel & Elisabeth, witn: John McDONALD & Nellie FINCH both of Clinton, 28 Apr 1886 at Clinton 004762-86 - Edward STRACHAN, 30, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Edward STRACHAN & Elizabeth CLARKE married Margaret Janet GOLDTHORPE, 24, Colborne, same, d/o Joseph GOLDTHORPE & Jane McLAREN. Wit: Edward VANEVERY of Goderich and Isabella STRACHAN, both of Colborne. October 14, 1886 at Colborne
004971-86 (Huron Co): William STOREY, 44, widower, farmer, Ireland, McKillop, s/o William STOREY & Frances LAIRD married Sarah Jane PHAIR, 34, Biddulph, McKillop, d/o William PHAIR & Mary Ann INGRAM. Wit: George MURDOCK and Emeline PHAIR, both of McKillop. October 6, 1886 at McKillop 005034-86 (Huron Co): Joshua STOREY, 26, tailor, Albany N.Y., Thamesford, s/o James & Eliza STOREY married Annie VANSTONE, 22, Port Albert, Bayfield, d/o Thomas & S. C. VANSTONE. Wit: E. STOREY and J. PETRIE of Thamesford, Miss FERGUSON, Miss VANSTONE and I. FERGUSON, all of Ashfield and Miss McLELLAN of Thamesford. September 1, 1886 at Bayfield
004746086 - William R. STOTHERS, 24, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Stephen STOTHERS & Jane MANSON married Rebecca Jane DAVIDSON, 23, Ashfield, Bayfield, d/o Robert DAVIDSON & Martha MENARY. Wit: Joseph STOTHERS of West Wawanosh and Mary DAVIDSON of Ashfield. October 20, 1886 at Dungannon 5339-87 (Huron Co): William John SWALLOW, 22, pump maker, Pickering twp., Exeter, s/o Matthew SWALLOW & Elizabeth CURTIS, married Mary Ann Adeline WYNN, 21, Usborne twp., Woodham, d/o Henry WYNN & Mary Ann MILLS, witn: Thomas SWALLOW & Henrietta WYNN, both of Exeter, 15 Oct 1886 at Exeter
004993-86 (Huron Co): George SWAN, 19, farmer, Goderich Twp, Hullett, s/o William & Harriet SWAN married Sarah WALKER, 26, widow, Toronto, Hullett, d/o Samuel & Sarah COOK. Wit: Mrs. and Minnie Broley, both of Seaforth. March 11, 1886 at Seaforth 005020-86 (Huron Co): John E. SWARTS, 25, hotel keeper, not given, Clinton, s/o George SWARTS & Sarah BAKER married Louise KNOX, 25, not given, Holmesville, d/o Arthur KNOX & Anne HOWICE. Wit: none given. July 28, 1886 at Kippen
004748-86 (Huron Co) Lewis TAYLOR, 26, yeoman, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Robert & Margaret TAYLOR married Harriet Ann DODD, West Wawanosh, Goderich, d/o Henry & Ann DODD. Wit: William DODD and Ellen CARR, both of West Wawanosh. November 25, 1886 at West Wawanosh 004755-86 - Walter James TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o Robert & Margaret TAYLOR married Mary Bethinah MORRIS, 23, Canada, Colborne, d/o Alfred & Margaret TAYLOR. Wit: Robert MOIR of Colborne and Sarah MALLOUGH of West Wawanosh. February 1, 1886 at Colborne
005040-86 (Huron Co): Ephraim TETREAU, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Antoine TETREAU & Josephine BROULETTE married Annie McDONALD, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Donald McDONALD & Annie BOCHAUM. Wit: James GODSAVE and Christian McDONALD, both of Stephen. May 24, 1886 at Stephen  
004774-86 - Thomas THOMSON, 24, merchant, Canada, Seaforth, s/o John & Isabella THOMSON married Minnie MUIR, 20, Canada, Brussels, d/o Andrew & Phoebe MUIR. Wit: Thomas RICHARDSON and Fanny SHANNON, res not given. August 12, 1886 at Brussels 004735-86 (Huron Co): William O. TICHBOURN, 36, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o Henry TICHBOURN & Norah DITTY married Louisa HILLOCK, 19, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o Remus? HILLOCK & Eliza JONES. Wit: William McCANTHON and Mary Ann McCANTHON, both of Goderich. October 12, 1886 at Goderich
4923-87 William Ditty TICHBOURNE, 36, farmer, Canada, Goderich twp., s/o Henry TICHBOURNE & Mariah DITTY, married Louisa HILLOCK, 19, Canada, Goderich twp., d/o Francis HILLOCK & Eliza JONES, witn: William J. & Mary Ann McCAUGHOUN? of Goderich, 12 Oct 1886 at Goderich 004761-86 - Samuel F. TRELEAVEN, 23, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Cuhard & Sarah TRELEAVEN married Elizabeth SHEPPARD, 23, Colborne, same, d/o George & Elizabeth SHEPPARD. Wit: Alexander TRELEAVEN of Dungannon Wawanosh Twp and Catherine SHEPPARD of Colborne Twp. August 23, at Nile Colborne Twp.
004751-86 - Joseph TROYER, 24, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o Jacob & Ann TROYER married Elizabeth HOWELL, 22, Canada, Colborne, d/o Samson HOWELL & Jane BRAY. Wit: George E. MARKHAM and Eliza A. MARKHAM, res not given. January 12, 1886 at Colborne. 004732-86 (Huron Co): Edwan TUCKER (Fulker?), 21, farmer, U.S., Grosse Point Michigan, s/o Albey TUCKER & Margaret KIRBY married Christina MURRAY, 25, Canada, Goderich, d/o Allen MURRAY & Mary McDONALD. Wit: Donald MURRAY and Jennie MORRISON, both of Goderich. December 28, 1886 at Goderich
005135-86 - Charles TUPPER, 37, farmer, Canada, Hibbert Perth Co, s/o Charles & Harriett TUPPER married Mary Jane POLLEN, 25, Canada, Hibbert, d/o John & Mary Ann POLLEN. Wit: William POLLEN of Usborne and Eliza Ann ASHTON of Hibbert. March 17, 1886 at Exeter 004773-86 - Richard VANALSTINE, 28, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o David VANALSTINE & Lucinda CLARK married Maggie VANORMAN, 21, Canada, Village of Belgrave, d/o Simon VANORMAN & Elizabeth MILLER. Wit: W. H. ROWSON of Bentington and R. E. SMYTH of Brussels. November 11, 1886 at Brussels
004738-86 (Huron Co): John VIZARD, 26, miller, Ireland, Petrolia, s/o John VIZARD & Ann DENNISON married Rachel JENKINS, 19, Canada, Goderich, d/o James JENKINS & Ann POWELL. Wit: James JENKINS and Ann JENKINS, both of Goderich. October 19, 1886 at Goderich. 5338-87 (Huron Co): George VOSPER, 23, carpenter, Cobourg, Exeter, s/o George VOSPER & Phillipa GEORGE, married Fannie BAGSHAW, 17, Exeter, same, d/o Abraham BAGSHAW & Mary Ann SNELL, witn: George T. SNELL of Usborne & Jessie VOSPER of Exeter, 18 Aug 1886 at Exeter
004980-86 (Huron Co): Samuel WALKER, 23, artisan?, Ashfield, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret WALKER married Catherine McDONALD, 26, Carrick Twp, Ashfield, d/o Hugh & Mary McDONALD. Wit: Neil McDONALD and Maggie McDONALD, res not given. April 6, 1886 at Huron Twp 004818-86 - Joshua WALSH, 31, farmer, Canada, East Wawanosh, s/o Thomas WALSH & Rachel WIGGLESWORTH married Maggie BELL, 23, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o James BELL & Mary McIVOR. Wit: Bessie McLEAN and Mary McLEAN, both of Blyth. July 12, 1886 at Blyth.
004828-86 - Robert WATSON, 34, manufacturer, Canada, Ridgetown, s/o Thomas WATSON & Hannah McQUILLAN married Hannah B. PARROTT, 27, Canada, Blyth, d/o Thomas ?(inkblot) PARROTT & Jane BROWN. Wit: Anny GRAHAM and Thomas B. WATSON, both of Blyth. December 8, 1886 at Blyth 005127-86 - Charles WATTS, 24, blacksmith, St. Catharines Ont, Bluevale, s/o John & Mary WATTS married Eliza McCREA, 25, Morris, same, d/o John & Elizabeth McCREA. Wit: Edward McKAY of Brussels and Jeannie McCREA of Guelph. November 2, 1886 at Morris
004992-86 (Huron Co): John Ainsley WAUGH, 30, clerk, Ontario, Egmondville, s/o Robert & Margaret WAUGH married Emily Grace KENNARD, 22, Brucefield, Seaforth, d/o Thomas J & Margaret KENNARD. Wit: Walter FULTON and Lizzie STONG, both of Egmondville. February 17, 1886 at Seaforth 005117-86 - Walter A. WELLS, 23, gardener, Ontario, Wingham, s/o George P. & Elizabeth WELLS married Meritta MASTERS, 17, Ontario, Morris, d/o William & Eleanor MASTERS. Wit: John T. BELL and Eleanor MASTERS, both of Morris. April 26, 1886 at Belgrave
004994-86 (Huron Co): Thomas L. WELLS, 21, farmer, Goderich, same, s/o Henry & Ann WELLS married Mary MacKINTOSH, 19, Lucknow, Goderich, d/o John & Ann MacKINTOSH. Wit: Maria and Minnie Broley, both of Seaforth. March 23, 1886 at Seaforth. 005031-86 (Huron Co): John WESTON, 38, widower, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o George & E. WESTON married Mary NICHOLSON, 25, Stanley, Goderich Twp, d/o William & Janet NICHOLSON. Wit: John CRONYN and Janet NICHOLSON, both of Goderich Twp. February 26, 1886 at Bayfield
004717-80 - George WHITNEY, 21, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o Henry WHITNEY & Letitia SPRUNG married Martha ROBERTON, d/o Alex? ROBERTON & Sarah HEPY. Wit: Robert ROBERTON and Adella SPRUNG, both of Hullett. March 26, 1886 at Goderich. 004741-86 (Huron Co): Thomas WILSON, 27, farmer, Scotland, Port Albert, s/o Thomas WILSON & Christina McKAY married Rosetta HUGHSON, 21, Canada, Port Albert, d/o Oscar HUGHSON & Sarah JACKSON. Wit: James YOUNG and Percy HUGHSON, both of Port Albert. October 27, 1886 at Goderich
004974-86 (Huron Co): William Thomas WILTON, 33, miller, Guelph, Walkerton, s/o John & Ann WILTON married Sarah Jane ANDREWS, 23, Ashfield, same, d/o John & Jessie ANDREWS. Wit: Isaac ANDREWS and Harriet WILTON, res not given. June 2, 1886 at Ashfield 005057-86 - Gideon YEAGER, 26, blacksmith, New Hamburg, Stephen, s/o Conrad & Marie YEAGER married Caroline WIND, 20, Stephen, same, d/o John & Rosina WIND. Wit: William YEAGER of New Hamburg and Joseph? WIND of Stephen. August 26, 1886 at Crediton
004842-86 - Andrew YOUNG, not given, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o John & Rose Mary YOUNG married Mary Ann BERRY, 20, Blanshard, McKillop, d/o John & Eveline BERRY. Wit: Robert WATSON and Lizzie BERRY, both of McKillop. May 6, 1886 at Walton Village Grey 004757-86 - Edward YOUNG, 22, laborer, Canada, Colborne, s/o Richard & Maria YOUNG married Mary FISHER, 18, Canada, Colborne, d/o Seth & Maria FISHER. Wit: John YOUNG and Mary Ann BUTTS, both of Colborne. May 19, 1886 at Colborne