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Huron Co., 1886, part 2

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004856-86 (Huron Co): Alexander AGNEW, 35, blacksmith, Canada, Michigan, s/o Henry AGNEW & Ellen McCLOY married Elizabeth A. McKAY, 25, Canada, Morris, d/o David McKAY & Jane LAIRD. Wit: James FOWLER and Isabella McKAY, res not given. July 8, 1886 at Bluevale 004854-86-86 (Huron Co): William AITKEN, 31, widower, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o Thomas AITKEN & Elizabeth MUNDELL married Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, 26, Canada, Turnberry, s/o John RUTHERFORD & Mary DALGLEISH. Wit: John RUTHERFORD and Maggie RUTHERFORD, both of Belmore. May 7, 1886 at Belmore
004808-86 - George ANDERSON, 32, farmer, Blenheim Twp Ont, Turnberry, s/o William & Mary Ann ANDERSON married Eliza WALKER, 22, Turnberry, same, d/o John & Sarah WALKER. Wit: L. H. BOSMAN and Amelia WALKER, both of Turnberry. September 8, 1886 at Wroxeter 004804-86 - Robert ARMSTRONG, 26, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o Rorrie? & Rose ARMSTRONG married Emily STEPHENSON, 19, Stanley, same, d/o John & Ann STEPHENSON. Wit: W. H. STEPHENSON and Jane McCLINCHY, both of Stanley. October 19, 1886 at Bayfield
004962-86 (Huron Co): James ARMSTRONG, 25, carpenter, Wallace Perth Co, Brussels, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Mary TAIL married Elizabeth B. GETTY, 23, McKillop, same, d/o Samuel GETTY & Catherine Kenny. Wit: Thomas ARMSTRONG of Brussels and Margaret J. GETTY of McKillop. April 14, 1886 at McKillop  
004948-86 (Huron Co): Thomas Walter AULD, 22, farmer, Canada, East Wawanosh, s/o James WEST & Isabella AULD married Sarah Margaret REID, 24, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o James & Jane REID. Wit: Joseph STONEHOUSE of East Wawanosh and Jane Ann REID of East Wawanosh. March 4, 1886 at East Wawanosh 004721-86 (Huron Co): Patrick AUSTIN, 30, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o Phillip AUSTIN & Johanna KING married Agnes YOUNG, 23, Canada, Goderich, d/o James YOUNG & Jane COUTTS. Wit: Phillip AUSTIN of Ashfield and Jennie CHISHOLM of Goderich. June 9, 1886 at Goderich. (RC)
004938-86 (Huron Co): Benjamin BACON, 26, farmer, Canada, Q'Appelle, s/o William & Susanna BACON married Susan Jane GORRELL, 22, Canada, Clinton, d/o Alexander & Hannah GORRELL. Wit: Lizzie GORRELL of Clinton and Minnie RUDD of Goderich Twp. December 22, 1886 at Clinton 005124-87 (Huron Co): Hugh BALKWELL, 44, blacksmith, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Hugh BALKWELL & ELIZABETH POND married Elizabeth MARKEY, 35, widow, U.S., Seaforth, d/o Jacob SPAHN & Louisa SMITH. Wit: George WIELAND of Egmondville and Mrs., S. W. CADY of Seaforth. September 23, 1886 at Seaforth
  004915-86 (Huron Co): Charles BAKER, 27, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o William & Ann BAKER married Elisabeth HILL, 21, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas & Elisabeth HILL. Wit: Walter BAKER of Usborne and Maggie HILL of Hullett. February 24, 1886 at Clinton
004902-86 (Huron Co): Peter S. BAUMAN, 27, baker, Hay, same, s/o Solomon & Mary BAUMAN married Elizabeth BENDER, 25, Hay, same, d/o John & Elizabeth BENDER. Wit: William BAUMAN and Catherine GREENE, both of Hay. October 21, 1886 at Zurich 005060-86 - James BAYNHAM, 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o John & Eliza BAYNHAM married Betsy BASTARD, 19, McGillivray, Stephen, d/o Thomas & Isabella BASTARD. Wit: Isaac BASTARD of Stephen and Christian BAYNHAM of McGillivray. August 10, 1886 at Corbett?
004715-86 - Andrew BECK, 49, widower, farmer, Ireland, Maitlandville, s/o William BECK & Margaret LADMAN married Charlotte Ann GRAHAM, 32, widow, Canada, Goderich, d/o John MORRIS & Elizabeth PIERCE. Wit: George STEWART and Sarah HARRIS, both of Goderich. February 4, 1886 at Goderich 004759-86 - Maurice Robert BECKWITH, 27, baker, Essex, Clinton, s/o Robert & Julia BECKWITH married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 26, Colborne, same, d/o William & Elizabeth HAMILTON. Wit: Joseph BROWN of Crediton and Francis BOYD of Clinton. June 8, 1886 at Colborne
004944-86 (Huron Co): William BEECROFT, 26, farmer, McGillivray, East Wawanosh, s/o John & Jane BEECROFT married Agnes ROBINSON, 22, West Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, d/o Edward & Agnes ROBINSON. Wit: Thomas BEECROFT and Mary Jane ROBINSON, both of East Wawanosh. March 17, 1886 at East Wawanosh  
004892-86 (Huron Co): Robert P. BELL, 34, farmer, Tuckersmith, Stanley, s/o William & Janet BELL married Elizabeth DICK, 26, Hay, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret DICK. Wit: James BELL of Tuckersmith and Janet ANDERSON of Seaforth. May 12, 1886 at Hay 004951-86 (Huron Co): Jonathan BENTLY, 20, Usborne, East Wawanosh, s/o John & Jane BENTLY married Sarah J. BLACKHOUGH, 16, East Wawanosh, same, d/o John & Sarah BLACKHOUGH. Wit: James BLACKHOUGH & Mary BENTLY, both of East Wawanosh. November 24, 1886 at East Wawanosh
004805-86 - William BERRY, 25, farmer, Hay, Hensall, s/o Adam & Mary BERRY married Jennie ROSS, 24, Stanley, same, d/o John & Jane ROSS. Wit: James SWAN and Amy ROSS, both of Stanley. November 3, 1886 at Stanley. 004728-86 (Huron Co): John Markham BEST, 25, barrister, England, Seaforth, s/o Thomas & Edith BEST married Ada HARRIS, 22, Colborne, Goderich, d/o John & Sarah HARRIS. Wit: D. O. CAMERON and Etta M. A. MACGIVARY, both of Goderich. January 29, 1886 at Goderich.
004857-86 (Huron Co): John BLACK, 36, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o Samuel BLACK & Jane GREY married Catherine ROBERTSON, 24, Canada, Morris, d/o John ROBERTSON & Jane McINTOSH. Wit: Robert BLACK of Turnberry and Mary ROBERTSON of Morris. September 28,1886 at Bluevale 004807-86 - Wilson BLAIR, 33, farmer, Ontario, Saline Co Missouri, s/o James BLAIR & Marion ORR married Mary BAIRD, 28, Ontario, Huron Co, d/o Robert BAIRD & Elizabeth OLIVER. Wit: George A. MILLER and Lizzie MILLER, both of Wroxeter. January 26, 1886 at Wroxeter.
005084-86 - George C. M. BOOTH, 33, farmer, Maryborough Ont, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine BOOTH married Susan WALSH, 30, Maryborough Ont, same, d/o David & Sarah WALSH. Wit: David WALSH and Jantha WALSH, both of Wingham. December 17, 1886 at Wingham 004724-86 (Huron Co): William Edwin BOTHWELL, 38, tool maker, Canada, Galt, s/o Edwin BOTHWELL & Letitia DRAPER married Mary Ann MITCHELL, 24, Canada, Goderich, d/o John MITCHELL & Isabella DICKSON. Wit: John CLUNIS and Fannie BOTHWELL, both of Galt. June 29, 1886 at Goderich
  005094-86 - Nicholas BRANTIGAN, 23. farmer, Howick, same, s/o Frederick & Christine BRANTIGAM married Margaretta REIS, 20, Normanby, Howick, d/o Johann & Anna REIS. Wit: Adam REIS and H. DELTMAN, both of Howick. March 9, 1886 at Howick.
004886-86 (Huron Co): Bernhardt BRAUN, 27, farmer, Crediton, Stephen, s/o John & Mary BROWN married Sophia KLEINFELDT, 26, Blenheim Oxford Co, Hay, d/o John & Sophia KLEINFELDT. Wit: John KLEINFELDT of Hay and Lena BRAUN of Crediton. June 1, 1886 at Hay. 005123-86 - W. J. BRAY, 23, farmer, Port Hope, Ashfield, s/o John & Mary BRAY married Rebecca S. FARROW, 19, Clarke, Morris, d/o not given. Wit: John BOSMAN and Laura SELLERS, both of Morris. June 2, 1886 at Morris
004868-86 (Huron Co): Daniel BRENEMAN, 20, Oxford Co, Waterloo Co, s/o Daniel & Barbara BRENEMAN married Catherine OESCH, 20, Hay, same, d/o John & Barbara OESCH. Wit: Peter BRENEMAN of Wilmot and John OESCH of Hay. January 5, 1886 at Hay. 004887-86 (Huron Co): Peter BRENNERMAN, 25, farmer, East Zorra Oxford Co, Hay, s/o Daniel & Barbara BRENERMAN (sic) married Leah OESCH, 19, Hay, same, d/o John & Barbara OESCH. Wit: John OESCH of Hay and Daniel GINGRICH of Stanley. June 22, 1886 at Hay.
004955 (Huron Co): William G. BROADFOOT, 42, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James & Janet BROADFOOT married Elizabeth M. MIDDLETON, 22, Goderich Twp, same, d/o George MIDDLETON & Agnes FORMAN. Wit: James FAIR of Clinton and Maud MIDDLETON of Goderich Twp. June 2, 1886 at Goderich Twp  
004904-86 (Huron Co): Oscar BRODERICK, 22, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Robert & Sarah BRODERICK married Janet BELL, 17, Usborne, Hay, d/o William & Marion BELL. Wit: Albert OVERHOLT and Marion BELL, both of Hay. November 17, 1886 at Hensall 004891-86 (Huron Co): Samuel BROKENSHIRE, 28, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Samuel & Catherine BROKENSHIRE married Jane BROWN, 23, Hay, same, d/o Jerry & Cordelia BROWN. Wit: Silas BROKENSHIRE of Stephen and Emma BROWN of Hay. May 25, 1886 at Hay
005092-86 - William J. BRUMPTON, 32, widower, merchant, Elgin Co, Fordwich, s/o Joseph & Harriet BRUMPTON married Elizabeth J. HUSBAND, 27, Walpole, Fordwich, d/o Richard & Elinor HUSBAND. Wit: Robert BRUMPTON of Moorefield and Mathew HUSBAND of Fordwich. February 23, 1886 at Fordwich 005085-86 - Ninian CARRUTHERS, 30, builder, Canada, Middlesex Co, s/o Samuel & Janet CARRUTHERS married Maggie CAIL, 18, Canada, Omemee? Ont, d/o Wilfred & Sarah CAIL. Wit: Mrs. H. McQUARRIE and Miss Minnie McQUARRIE, both of Wingham. December 29, 1886 at Wingham
004964-86 (Huron Co): Joseph CARTER, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, McKillop, s/o John CARTER & Margaret STORREY married Mary Ann HORNEY, 20, Usborne, McKillop, d/o James & Mary HORNEY. Wit: Levi HORNEY and Maggie CARTER, both of McKillop. March 12, 1886 at McKillop 005123-87 (Huron Co): John CARTY, 32, farmer, Ireland, Hibbert, s/o Peter CARTY & Sarah MOORE married Bridget GIVLIN, 28, Canada, McKillop, d/o Timothy GIVLIN & Frances SWEENEY. Wit: James McCANN of Hibbert and Catharine GIVLIN of McKillop. August 18, 1886 at Seaforth. (RC)
  004954-86 (Huron Co): William CLARK, 35, farmer, Goderich Twp, same, s/o John & Elizabeth CLARK married Jane WHITELY, 25, Goderich Twp, same, d/o Robert & Mary WHITELY. Wit: Alfred KEYS of Stanley and Elizabeth WHITELY of Goderich Twp. January 27, 1886 at Goderich Twp
004907-86 (Huron Co): Donald CLARK, 21, farmer, Hay, Stanley, s/o David & E. CLARK married Mary E. BENGOUGH, 21, Hay, same, d/o James & Henrietta BENGOUGH. Wit: John CARROLL and Joan BENGOUGH, both of Hensall. December 22, 1886 at Hensall 005109-86 - Francis CLEGG, 46, widower, farmer, York Co, Howick, s/o William & Rachel CLEGG married Maggie STEVENSON, 37, Wentworth Co, Howick, d/o Robert & Eliza Jane STEVENSON. Wit: William J. CLEGG and Christina WALLACE, both of Howick. November 3, 1886 at Fordwich
004769-86 - William G. CLUFF, 26, Clerk in Holy Orders, Goderich Twp, Brussels, d/o Robert CLUFF & Ann JOYCE married Annie Laura RONALD, 27, Detroit U.S., Brussels, d/o John D. RONALD & Laura GOODSELL. Wit: A. K. GRIFFIN of Henfern, Grace RONALD and John BROADFOOT, both of Brussels and Helen MASSEY of Milwaukee. January 7, 1886 at Brussels 004935-86 (Huron Co): Robert W. COATS, 25, jeweller, Clinton, same, s/o William COATS & Sarah VOGLER married Elizabeth STANBURY, 20, Clinton, same, d/o Thomas STANBURY & Hannah DINSLEY. Wit: A. H. MANNING and T. C. PERRIN, both of Clinton. October 12, 1886 at Clinton
004768-86 - James COLE, 26, bartender, Canada, Brussels, s/o Benjamin COLE & Mary Ann HARPER married Emma W. WHITTING?, 18, Canada, Brussels, d/o Caleb WHITTING and Louisa AMES. Wit: Caleb WHITTING? and LOUISA WHITTING, res not given. January 28, 1886 at Brussels 004896-86 (Huron Co): George W. COOK, 26, stone mason, Clinton, same, s/o Samuel & Jane COOK married Jane McDONALD, 19, Hay, same, d/o William & Janet McDONALD. Wit: Gilbert THOMSON and Margaret THOMSON, both of Hay. September 1, 1886 at Hensall
004931-86 (Huron Co): Homer Selby COOPER, 23, grocer, Clinton, same, s/o Thomas COPPER & Christina ROSS married Susan CHIDLEY, 21, Clinton, same, d/o Joseph CHIDLEY & Charlotte McNeil FLEMING. Wit: Robert Kindred LOGAN of Clinton and Lillie Maud PHILLIPS of Bayfield. August 7, 1886 at Clinton 004730-86 (Huron Co): Samuel CORROUGH, 60, widower, farmer, Ireland, Walcot Iowa U.S., s/o John CORROUGH & Margaret CRAIG married Martha GARRETT, 26, Canada, Huron Twp Bruce Co, d/o William GARRETT & Margaret CORROUGH. Wit: James GARRETT and Margaret CORROUGH, both of Huron Twp. August 26, 1886 at Goderich
  004950-86 (Huron Co): John COULTES (Coulter?), 28, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o Robert & Martha COULTES married Alice A. TINDALL, 30, Canada, East Wawanosh, d/o Thomas & Miriam TINDALL. Wit: Walter COULTES and Martha HOUSE, both of East Wawanosh. October 27, 1886 at East Wawanosh.
004937-86 (Huron Co) Joseph COVENTRY, 24, farmer, Arran Grey Co, Wawanosh, s/o William & Sarah COVENTRY married Jane COCKERLINE, 23, Hullett, Morris, d/o John & Eliza COCKERLINE. Wit: Millie & Ellie ANDREWS, both of Clinton. December 10, 1886 at Clinton 005065-86 - William CROWSTON, 25, miller, Canada, Manitoba, s/o James & Catherine CROWSTON married Maggie McLEAN, 23, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Lauchlin & Susan McLEAN. Wit: Angus A. CROWSTON of Kinloss and Emily McLEAN of Turnberry. June 18, 1886 at Wingham
004919-86 (Huron Co): Richard CUDMORE, 38, farmer, Toronto, Tuckersmith s/o Richard CUDMORE & Alice STEVENS married Elisabeth Ann FISHER, 24, Stanley, Clinton, d/o Alexander FISHER & Margaret KENNEDY. Wit: Jane FOSTER of Clinton and James SOMERS of Tuckersmith. April 7, 1886 at Clinton 004928-86 (Huron Co): Robert DAVIDSON, 26, teamster, Canada, Wingham, s/o Robert & Ann DAVIDSON married Eliza CANTELON, 19, Canada, Blyth, d/o Arthur & Abigail CANTELON. Wit: John CANTELON and Jane CURRIE, both of Goderich Twp. June 30, 1886 at Clinton
005071-86 - Isaac DAVISON, 23, laborer, Goderich, Wingham, s/o Robert & Ann DAVISON married Elizabeth SANDERSON, 18, Wawanosh, Culross, d/o James & Martha Ann SANDERSON. Wit: William DAVISON and Bradshaw KERR, both of Wingham. January 18, 1886 at Culross 004903-86 (Huron Co): Richard DENOMIE, 20, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Alexander & Philomine DENOMIE married Pauline GEOFFROI, 21, Stanley, same, d/o George & Audill GEOFFROI. Wit: Louis MOSSEAU of Hay and Jane GEOFFROI of Stanley. November 22, 1886 at Hay?
004885-86 (Huron Co): Peter DENOMY, 19, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Louise & Sarah DENOMY married Rosalia GEOFFROI, 20, Hay, same, d/o Francis & Glaret GEOFFROI. Wit: Peter DENOMY and Celina DENOMY, both of Hay. May 11, 1886 at Hay. (RC) 005070-86 - William James DEYELL, 29, widower, carpenter, "don't know", Wingham, s/o James & Mary DEYELL married Mary Jane CURRIE, 24, Wingham, same, d/o David & Ann CURRIE. Wit: John C. DEYELL and Ellen Jane SADLER, both of Wingham. January 13, 1886 at Wingham
005086-86 - Thomas DONAHOE, 22, laborer, N.E. Hope, Listowel, s/o John & Catherine DONAHOE married Jemima BROWN, 33, Howick, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann BROWN. Wit: Robert DONAHOE and Agnes DONAHOE, both of Listowel. January 6, 1886 at Fordwich. 004888-86 (Huron Co): Joseph DUCHARME, 21, blacksmith, Hay, same, s/o Eli & Meranci DUCHARME married Mary GEOFFROI, 18, Stanley, d/o Cypsia & Attele GEOFFROI. Wit: Peter BEDARD of Hay and Pauline GEOFFROI. June 22, 1886 at Hay. (RC)
004874-86 (Huron Co): Peter DUCHARME, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Eli & Diana DUCHARME married Delphina CONTINO, 22, Hay, same, d/o F. & Caroline CONTINO. Wit: Joseph DUCHARME and Mary GEOFFROI, both of Hay. February 15, 1886 at Hay. (RC)  
005133-86 - George EASTERBROOKE, 21, farmer, Canada, Brampton Ont, s/o William & Mary EASTERBROOKE married Mary Elizabeth SWEET, 18, Canada, Exeter, d/o William & Phebe SWEET. Wit: James CREECH Jr and Thirza CREECH, both of Exeter. March 4, 1886 at Exeter 005098-86 - James W. EDGAR, 27, farmer, Dumfries Brant Co, Howick, s/o James & Jane EDGAR married Mary Ellen McCLEMENT, 23, Ayr, Howick, d/o Fergus & Margaret McCLEMENT. Wit: William EDGAR and Kate McCLEMENT, both of Howick. May 19, 1886 at Howick
004879-86 (Huron Co): William EICHLER, 30, farmer, Wilmot, Hay, s/o Christian & Rica EICHLER married Catherine WEBER, 24, Hay, same, d/o Jacob & Maria WEBER. Wit: None given. March 20, 1886 at Dashwood 004877-86 (Huron Co): George EISENBACH, 27, brick maker, Stephen, Jay, s/o George & Sophie EISENBACH married Ellen Jane BALL, 22, England, Dashwood Village, d/o William & Ellen BALL. Wit: Peter EISENBACH of Hay and Bessie BALL of Dashwood. March 11, 1886 at Dashwood
004940-86 (Huron Co): Allen Francis ELLIOTT, 22, blacksmith, Goderich, same, s/o Lewis ELLIOTT & Elizabeth ROBINSON married Elizabeth Ella McMANN, 22, St. Mary's, Goderich, d/o George McMANN & Hannah HADDEN. Wit: Bessie STEWART of Clinton and Bella GREGG of Toronto. December 30, 1886 at Clinton. 004882-86 (Huron Co): Henry ENGELHARD, 26, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Adam & Martha ENGELHARD married Nancy EHLERS, 24, Stephen, Jay, d/o not given & Dorothea EHLERS. Wit: John ENGELAND of Hay and Catherine TRUEMNER. April 6, 1886 at Zurich
004933-86 (Huron Co): James M. FARQUHARSON, 30, harness maker, Toronto, Goderich, s/o James & Mary FARQUHARSON married Nellie AITKEN, 21, Allandale Ont, Goderich, d/o John L. AITKEN & Elizabeth CALDER. Wit: Edward SWARTZ and Electra SWARTZ, both of Clinton. September 6, 1886 at Clinton. 005091-86 - John Moses FARROW, 24, railway mail clerk, Bluevale Ont, Wingham, s/o Thomas & Mary FARROW married Catherine LOWRY, 19, Gorrie, same, d/o James & Margaret LOWRY. Wit: George M. DUFF--?(off page) of Wingham and Sabina L. FARROW of Bluevale. February 10, 1886 at Gorrie
005056-86 - Jacob FINKBEIN, 66, widower, farmer, Germany, Crediton, s/o none given married Magdalline SCHNEIDER, 61, widow, Germany, Waterloo Ont, d/o none given. Wit: Michael FINKBEIN and Magdelin FINKBEIN, both of Crediton. October 10, 1886 at Crediton. 4899-86 (Huron Co): Oswald FISHER, 31, farmer, Wilmot, Hay, s/o Christopher & Catherine FISHER married Elisabeth GEIGER, 21, Hay, same, d/o Daniel & Margaret GEIGER. Wit: John GEIGER and Leah GEIGER, both of Hay. October 5, 1886 at Hay
004961-86 (Huron Co): George FLOTZER, 30, farmer, not given, Hullett, s/o John FLOTZER & not given, married Elizabeth STENIGLE?, 20, McKillop, same, d/o Elizabeth STENIGLE? 20, McKillop, same, d/o John STENIGLE? & Ruthanne HOFFMAN. Wit: George & Maria STENIGLE?, both of McKillop. March 17, 1886 at Logan 004823-86 - Samuel FLUKER, 26, farmer, Canada, West Wawanosh, s/o William FLUKER & Mary McCOLON married Agnes C. MUNN, 28, Canada, Blyth, d/o Alexander MUNN & Mary THOMPSON. Wit: James F. FLUKER and Agnes THOMPSON, res not given. December 1, 1886 at Blyth
004802-86 - Robert FOSTER, 30, farmer, Stanley, Mendosa Manitoba, s/o John & Margaret FOSTER married Madgelina DEIHL, 22, Stanley, same, d/o Valentine & Annie C. DEIHL. Wit: Mary DEIHL and Margaret A. FOSTER, both of Stanley. September 29, 1886 at Stanley 004812-86 - James R. FORSYTH, 30, druggist, England, Michigan U.S., s/o Robert FORSYTH & Isabella REAVELY married Jeannie SANDERSON, 25, Wroxeter, same, d/o John SANDERSON & Helen INGLIS. Wit: Thomas INGLIS of Carrick Twp and John W. SANDERSON of Wroxeter. December 22, 1886 at Wroxeter
005078-86 - James FORSYTH, 29, spinner, Sand Lake, Wroxeter, s/o David & Catherine FORSYTH married Annie STOCKS, 22, King Twp, Wroxeter, d/o George & Belle STOCKS. Wit: George FORSYTH of Wroxeter and Alice PATTERSON of Wingham. April 4, 1886 at Wingham 005080-86 - Andrew FURTNEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Grey, s/o Jacob & Jane FURTNEY married Agnes Jane MITCHELL, 22, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Andrew & Mary MITCHELL. Wit: R. J. MITCHELL and Maggie MARTIN, both of Wroxeter. September 20, 1886 at Wingham
  004725-86 (Huron Co): Richard Scott GAGIN, 54, widower, gentleman, London England, Clinton, s/o George GAGIN & Genfern? SCOTT married Jane DONOHOE, 55, widow, Aberdeen Scotland, Goderich Twp, d/o William McINTOSH & Mary LAMONT. Wit: James GALLAGHAN and Ann FOLEY, both of Goderich. June 25, 1886 at Goderich
005134-86 - Noah GEIGER, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Daniel B. & Magdelene GEIGER married Sarah MALTER, 21, Hay, same, d/o John & Christina MALTER. Wit: Fanny DICKSON and Mollie VERITY, both of Exeter. March 17, 1886 at Exeter 004880-86 (Huron Co): Jacob GEIGER, 25, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Daniel & Magdalena GEIGER married Louisa SCHILBIE, 22, Hay, same, d/o Christian & Christina SCHILBIE. Wit: Bartholomew HOWALD & Maria HOWALD, both of Hay. March 24, 1886 at Hay
004873-86 (Huron Co): Leon GEOFFROI, 21, farmer, Hay, Dakota U.S., s/o Israel & Marie GEOFFROI married Emeline GEOFFROI, Stanley, same, d/o Francis & Cloe GEOFFROI. Wit: Peter DENOME and Rosalie GEOFFROI, both of Hay. February 1, 1886 at Hay. (RC) 004827-86 - William GIBBS, 44, widower, laborer, England, Blyth, s/o John GIBBS & Mary Ann HALL married Helen BURCHELL, 32, Canada, Blyth, d/o Edward BURCHELL & Barbara LAIRD. Wit: Philip WILLOWS and Mrs. WILLOWS of Blyth. November 10, 1886 at Blyth.
005118-86 - Robert Wellington GIBSON, 25, carpenter, Durham Co, East Wawanosh, s/o George & Mary GIBSON married Mary Alicia HANNA, 24, Morris, same, d/o Hugh & Anna Bella HANNA. Wit: David MAGILL of East Wawanosh and Margaret HANNA of Morris. June 2, 1886 at Morris 004809-86 - Thomas W. GIBSON, 27, woolen manufacturer, Wroxeter, same, s/o Alexander L. GIBSON & Janet FRATER married Jessie E. BROWN, 24, St. John's N. B., Wroxeter, d/o George BROWN & Ann Maria WHITWORTH. Wit: Thomas GIBSON and James IRELAND, both of Wroxeter. October 6, 1886 at Wroxeter
005103-86 - Alexander GIBSON, 22, farmer, Cartwright Twp, Howick, s/o Robert & Esther GIBSON married Jane SOTHERAN, 24, Howick, same, d/o John & Jane SOTHERAN. Wit: William SOTHERAN and Esther GIBSON, both of Howick. September 15, 1886 at Gorrie 005110-86 - George GIVEN, 25, farmer, Blenheim Twp Oxford Co, same, s/o John & Mary Ann GIVEN married Minnie Bell STOCKTON, 19, Dumfries Brant Co, Minto Wellington Co, d/o Samuel & Martha STOCKTON. Wit: Alva STOCKTON and Maggie GIVEN, both of Blenheim Twp. November 17, 1886 at Minto Twp [reg'd in Huron Co]
004939-86 (Huron Co): Adam GLAZIER, 21, laborer, Chinguacousy, Kinburn, s/o John & Sarah GLAZIER married Search Eliza COLE, 18, Kinburn, Dublin Ont, d/o William & Elizabeth COLE. Wit: Joseph A. COLE of Kinburn and Eliza GLAZIER of Clinton. December 29, 1886 at Kinburn 005111-86 - William GOLDEN, 23, labourer, Ireland, Fordwich, s/o William & Bridget GOLDEN married Margaret MEE, 22, Howick, Fordwich, d/o Joseph & Margaret MEE. Wit: James MEE of Howick and Margaret CAMPBELL of Fordwich. November 17, 1886 at Gorrie
004838-86 - William GORDON, 32, farmer, Huron Co, Grey, s/o Robert & Jalina GORDON married Mary DARK, 35, Huron Co, Grey, d/o George DARK & Ann FARSMAN. Wit: Albert DAVIES & Rebecca DARK, both of Grey. March 31, 1886 at Grey  
004869-86 (Huron Co): Samuel GOTTSCHALK, 23, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Lewis & Elisabeth GOTTSCHALK married Diana HAMACHER, 21, Wilmot, Hay, d/o Levi & Amelia HAMACHER. Wit: Philip HAUCH and Ezra MAURER, both of Hay. January 19, 1886 at Zurich 005061-86 - William John GOWER, 22, farmer, McGillivray, Stephen, s/o William & Mary Ann GOWER married Maggie Ann ADAM, 22, Ireland, Stephen, d/o Robert & Eliza ADAM. Wit: Arthur TEBEAU and James ADAMS, both of Stephen. September 21, 1886 at Stephen
004930-86 (Huron Co): James GRAVES, 39, widower, painter, Canada, Seaforth, s/o William & Margaret GRAVES married Elizabeth RATCLIFFE, 33, Canada, Manchester Ont, d/o James & Jennett RATCLIFFE. Wit: E. K. RUPERT and J. M. RUPERT, both of Clinton. August 12, 1886 at Clinton 004813-86 - Robert S. GUY, 33, conductor, Beront? U.S., Crookston Minnesota, s/o Henry W. & Mary Ely GUY married Louise KRUSE, 17, Colborne Twp, St. Vincent Minnesota, d/o August & Paulina KRUSE. Wit: Porule EGGERT of Minnesota and Rachel PLATZER of Blyth. January 11, 1886 at Blyth
004875-86 (Huron Co): Walter HABKIRK, 28, farmer, Huron Co, Hibbert Perth Co, s/o George & Margaret HABKIRK married Mary Agnes STURGEON, 27, Hay, same, d/o Richard & Mary STURGEON. Wit: Gideon HABKIRK of Hibbert and Agnes Jane WILSON of Hay. February 17, 1886 at Hay 004824-86 - Frederick HAGGIT, 29, labourer, Hullett, Blyth, s/o Edward & Hepzabeth HAGGIT married Elizabeth Jane FRAZER, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth Jane FRAZER. Wit: Robert A. HAGGIT and Hannah FRAZER, both of Hullett. December 15, 1886 at Blyth.
005074-86 - Henry J. HAMMON, 57, widower, cooper, England, Teeswater, s/o James & Ann HAMMON married Jane Stewart RITCHIE, 45, Canada, Teeswater, d/o James & Ann RITCHIE. Wit: Mary RITCHIE and James RITCHIE, both of Teeswater. March 8, 1886 at Teeswater 004895-86 (Huron Co): Frederick HESS, 40, widower, wagon maker, Germany, Hay, s/o Matthias & Anna HESS married Louisa STELK, 27, Hay, same, d/o Claus & Juliana STELK. Wit: Christian HESS and George HESS, both of Hay. June 22, 1886 at Zurich
  004819-86 - Duncan H. HEWITT, 34, farmer, Canada, Dakota U.S., s/o John & Hannah BULLEN? married blank HEWITT, 27, Canada, McKillop, d/o Robert HEWITT & Ann BAKER. Wit: Josiah HEWITT and Hamel A. HEWITT, res not given. August 17, 1886 at Blyth.
004726-86 (Huron Co): Benjamin HOGARTH, 24, farmer, Canada, Colborne Twp, s/o Joseph & Grace HOGARTH married Hannah M. PRECIOUS, 23, Port Stanley, Colborne, d/o Thomas & Sarah Jane PRECIOUS. Wit: Charles HARRISON and Annie PRECIOUS, both of Colborne. May 25, 1886 at Goderich 004851-86 (Huron Co: John HOGG, 46, farmer, Scotland, McKillop, s/o Robert HOGG & Janet BELL married Margaret Ross McDANIEL, 31, widow, Ontario, Wingham, d/o John KELLY & Mary LAMB. Wit: Robert H. COMSTOCK of McKillop and Bella C. ELLIOTT of Wingham. January 6, 1886 at Turnberry
004905-86 (Huron Co): John HOHNER, 23, carpenter, Hay, same, s/o Joseph & Margaret HOHNER married Kate SCHOTT, 18, Normanby, Hay, d/o Henry & Lotta SCHOTT. Wit: Henry BRENNER and Rose HOHNER, both of Zurich. November 17, 1886 at Zurich 004829-86 - Bennet HOLMES, 60, widower, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o Alexander HOLMES & Margaret BURNS married Janet MENIR?, 40, Scotland, Turnberry, d/o John MENIR? & Margaret SHEARER. Wit: Eby (inkblot) A. McLEAN and Margaret McLEAN, both of Blyth. December 22, 1886 at Blyth
005077-86 - John R. HOOEY, 23, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Maryborough, s/o James & Susanna HOOEY married Annie SELLEY, 19, Matilda Ont, Wellesley Ont, d/o Truelove & Elizabeth SELLEY. Wit: John ELFORD and Jane ELFORD, both of Wingham. April 14, 1886 at Wingham 004898-86 (Huron Co): Edward HOOPER, 23, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Charles & Joanna HOOPER married Isabella INGRAM, 23, Hay, same, d/o Alexander & Sarah INGRAM. Wit: George INGRAM and Jane MURRAY, both of Hay. September 20, 1886 at Hensall
004960-86 (Huron Co): Robert George HOWELL, 23, cabinet maker, England, Guelph, s/o Alfred HOWELL & Jane ABLITT married Clara Eliza HARTLEY, 27, widow, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Peter MUSGRAVE & Jane HOWELL. Wit: Marina LINES and Sophia Jane HOWELL, res not given. March 17, 1886 at McKillop  
004920-86 (Huron Co): John Richard HUMPHREY, 48, farmer, England, Hay, s/o Edward HUMPHREY & Jane BUTTON married Phoebe SKIPPER, 29, Guelph, Hay, d/o Edward SKIPPER & Sallows SKIPPER. Wit: Phoebe GREGG of Toronto and Maggie McKENZIE of Clinton. April 12, 1886 at Clinton 004894-86 (Huron Co): Simon HUNTER, 27, farmer, Usborne, Hay, s/o Leonard & Amy HUNTER married Philicia KERR, 23, New York, Hay, d/o John & Jane BELL. Wit: Robert BUCHANAN and Martha HUNTER, both of Hay. July 28, 1886 at Hensall.
004722-86 (Huron Co): John W. HUNTER, 25, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o John HUNTER & Jane SALKELD married Jane KERR, 23, Canada, Goderich, d/o William KERR & Janet Carruthers PROUDFOOT. Wit: William Alexander CLYNES? and Catherine OLIVER, both of Goderich. June 9, 1886 at Goderich 004878-86 (Huron Co): Solomon JACOBIE, 28, farmer, Waterloo Co, Hay, s/o John JACOBIE (deceased) and Margaret FRANK married Mary Jane WILLIAMS, 19, Clarke Twp, Hay, d/o Richard & Susanna WILLIAMS. Wit: David WILSON and Sarah WILLIAMS, both of Hay. March 16, 1886 at Hensall
  004953-86 (Huron Co): Robert JOHNSTON, 34, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o George JOHNSTON & Mary McKEE married Agnes JOHNSTON, 26, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o John JOHNSTON & Jane McILWAIN. Wit: George JOHNSTON and Martha JOHNSTON, both of Goderich Twp. January 27, 1886 at Goderich Twp
004956-86 (Huron Co): Thomas J. JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o John JOHNSTON & Jane McILWAIN married Elizabeth McKEE, 21, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o Thomas McKEE & Alice H. HAMILTON. Wit: Charles JOHNSTON and Alice Victoria McKEE, both of Goderich Twp. June 23, 1886 at Goderich Twp. 004853-86 (Huron Co): Robert JOHNSTON, 31, farmer, Scotland, Manitoba, s/o Robert & Isabella JOHNSTON married Margaret A. ANDERSON, 24, Canada, Turnberry, d/o William ANDERSON & Mary Ann DUNCAN. Wit: George ANDERSON and Katie CLEGHORN, both of Turnberry. February 15, 1886 at Turnberry
005097-86 - George JOHNSTON, 38, teacher, Wellesley Waterloo Co, Howick, s/o Robert & Jane JOHNSTON married Sarah Jane AKINS, 25, Howick, same, d/o John & Mary AKINS. Wit: Adam YOUNG and Martha AKINS, both of Howick. April 23, 1886 at Howick 005090-86 - William J. JOHNSTON, 21, farmer, Kincardine, same, s/o William H. & Ann H. JOHNSTON married Mellissa HUSBAND, 30, Nassagaweya, Howick, d/o Richard & Elinor HUSBAND. Wit: James HUSBAND of Howick and Maria J. JOHNSTON of Kincardine. February 10, 1886 at Fordwich
004912-86 (Huron Co): John JOHNSTON, 32, farmer, Canada, Peel Twp, s/o John & Martha JOHNSTON married Sarah GIBBINGS, 24, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o William & Mary GIBBINGS. Wit: Thomas GIBBINGS and Carrie GIBBINGS, both of Tuckersmith. March 4, 1886 at Tuckersmith 004924-86 (Huron Co: Edward JONES, 24, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o William JONES & Ann CRAWFORD married Maggie VANEGMOND, 22, Hullett, same, d/o Edward & Elizabeth VANEGMOND. Wit: John PENNING and Rebecca PENNING, both of Clinton. May 19, 1886 at Clinton
05143-86 - Richard JONES, 63, widower, farmer, Devonshire England, Exeter, s/o William & Eleanor JONES married Elizabeth Jane McKENZIE, 45, widow, Ireland, Exeter, d/o William & Elizabeth DAVIS. Wit: Samuel DAVIS and Priscilla DAVIS, both of Centralia. July 6, 1886 at Exeter 004871-86 (Huron Co): Joseph KAERCHER, 25, farmer, Hay, Dakota U.S., s/o Michael & Mary KAERCHER married Lissetta TRUEMNER, 25, Hay, same, d/o Weigaud & Ann TRUEMNER. Wit: Ezra KAERCHER and Kate TRUEMNER, both of Hay. February 2, 1886 at Zurich
  005136-86 - William James KINSMAN, 27, shoemaker, Stanley (or Fullerton), Stanley, s/o John & Ann KINSMAN married Martha JACOBS, 17, Stanley, same, d/o Joseph & Mary JACOBS. Wit: Fanny DICKSON and Bertha DICKSON, both of Exeter. April 6, 1886 at Exeter
004806-86 - William LAMONT, 30, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o William & Jane LAMONT married Agnes McKINLEY, 24, Stanley, same, d/o Robert & Jane McKINLEY. Wit: Peter LAMONT and N. J. McKINLEY, both of Stanley. September 2, 1886 at Stanley 005146-86 - George LEIDERMAN, 20, bricklayer, Stephen, same, s/o Frederick & Harriet LEIDERMAN married Rachel WILDS, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Marcus & Rachel WILDS. Wit: Henry WILDS of Stephen and Louisa PORTICE of Exeter. September 17, 1886 at Exeter.
005072-86 - Henry Dawson LEITCH, 26, physician, Milton Ont, Flesherton, s/o Thomas & Marion LEITCH married Jane Arabella Deacon McDOWELL, 25, Kemptville Ont, Wingham, d/o David Creighton & Sarah Ann McDOWELL. Wit: Mrs. Marion LEITCH of Flesherton and Mrs. John J. HARE of Whitby. January 6, 1886 at Wingham. 004923-86 (Huron Co): Richard LETTIE, 29, lather, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert & Ellen married Sarah HAMNER, 29, Canada, Clinton, d/o William & Catherine. Wit: Mary SNELL, Maria and M. HAMNER, all of Clinton. May 11, 1886 at Clinton
004966-86 (Huron Co): Charles LITTLE, 26, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o John & Hannah LITTLE married Martha Ann SMITH, 23, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Samuel & Margaret SMITH. Wit: Gilbert SMITH of Galt and John BUTCHART of Stanley. July 1, 1886 at McKillop 004911-86 (Huron Co): John William LITTLE, 30, farmer, Ireland, New York State, s/o George & Jane LITTLE married Mary Ann WOOD, 28, Ireland, Hay, d/o John & Elizabeth WOOD. Wit: John WOOD of Usborne and Mary Ann RODGER of Hay. December 16,1886 at Hensall
004957-86 (Huron Co): Frederick George LOFFT, 42, widower, blacksmith, England, Burnside Michigan, s/o William LOFFT & Ann WISE married Mary CHURCHILL, 35, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William CHURCHILL & Ann COTTEREL. Wit: James Wesley CHURCHILL of Goderich Twp and Elizabeth Mary LINDSAY of Goderich. June 30, 1886 at Goderich Twp.  
005107-86 - James B. LOWRIE, 30, fireman, Mornington, Toronto, s/o David & Eliza Ann LOWRIE married Mary Ann BARTON, 19, Turnberry, same, d/o Gustavus & Martin BARTON. Wit: William B. LOWRIE of Howick and Maria E. LUCY of Carrick. October 12, 1886 at Turnberry 004914-86 (Huron Co): Augustus MANKEL, 25, farmer, Elmira, Dakota, s/o Emil & Elisabeth MANKEL married Ellen TOWNSEND, 19, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James & Ann TOWNSEND. Wit: Horace TOWNSEND and Ellen McGITTY, both of Tuckersmith. February 10, 1886 at Clinton.
004893-86 (Huron Co): Jacob MARKEL, 23, blacksmith, Neustadt, Hay, s/o Jacob & Magdalene MARKEL married Aggie GUITORE, 21, Neustadt, Hay, d/o Jacob & Catherine GUITORE. Wit: Simon HARTMAN and Maggie HARTMAN, both of Hay. July 7, 1886 at Hay. (RC) 004934-86 (Huron Co): William MASTERS, 56, widower, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o William & Susanna MASTERS married Sarah DUNHAM, 58, widow, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Louis & Charlotte SEALEY. Wt: H. F. ANDREWS and William SPARLING, both of Seaforth. October 28, 1886 at Clinton
004884-86 - Samuel G. MATTHEWS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Grey, s/o Thomas & Martha MATTHEWS married Maggie B. MILLER, 22, Ontario, Grey, d/o Francis & Agnes MILLER. Wit: Isaac MATTHEWS and Emma MATTHEWS, both of Grey. February 10, 1886 at Grey 004959-86 (Huron Co): Angus MATHEWSON, 27, sailor, Goderich, same, s/o Hugh & Joanna MATHEWSON married Elizabeth McCABE, 26, Goderich Twp, same, d/o William & Barbara McCABE. Wit: James E. McCABE of Goderich Twp and Isabella MATHEWSON of Goderich. November 17, 1886 at Goderich Twp
005160-86 - Henry McBRIEN, 24, farmer, Goderich Twp, Hullett, s/o Hugh McBRIEN & Rachael BINGHAM married Annie GOVIER, 22, Hullett, same, d/o John GOVIER & Sophia MATTHEWS. Wit: Nettie GOVIER and Nelson McBRIEN, both of Hullett. June 30, 1886 at Hullett. 004952-86 (Huron Co): Thomas McDONALD, 35, teamster, Dingwell Scotland, Hamilton City Ont, s/o Duncan & Catherine McDONALD married Grace McDOUGALL, 35, Goderich Twp, same, d/o John & Mary McDOUGALL. Wit: Peter McDOUGALL and Ann McDOUGALL, both of Goderich Twp. January 20, 1886 at Goderich Twp
005075-86 - Peter J. McDONALD, 26, carpenter, Grey, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret McDONALD married Katie HAMMELL, 20, Morris, same, d/o David & Eliza HAMMELL. Wit: Thomas HANNA and Emily McCANNAN, both of Morris. March 10, 1886 at Wingham 004720-86 (Huron Co): Peter McFARLANE, 33, railway employer, Scotland, Goderich, s/o James McFARLANE & Margaret McARTHUR married Jane WATSON, 27, Canada, Goderich, d/o James WATSON & Mary Ann BELL. Wit: Alfred GLADMAN and Isabella GREEN, both of Goderich. June 3, 1886 at Goderich
004839-86 - Robert McGEORGE, 33, mason, Simcoe Co, Grey, s/o Samuel McGEORGE & Agnes CAMPBELL married Annie KELLNER, 22, Grey, same, d/o Joseph KELLNER & Catherine FORSYTH. Wit: Agnes McGEORGE and Alexander KELLNER, both of Grey. April 22, 1886 at Grey 005141-86 - Archibald McGREGOR, 24, farmer, Canada, Stephen, s/o Archibald & Nancy McGREGOR married Eliza POLLOCK, 20, Canada, Stephen, d/o George & Diana POLLOCK. Wit: John POLLOCK of Stephen and Lavina McGREGOR of McGillivray. June 2, 1886 at Exeter
004909-86 (Huron Co): Ralph Augustus McINTYRE, 25, grocer, Hay, Hensall, s/o John & Jemima McINTYRE married Mary Eleanor EVANS, 22, St. Mary's, Hensall, d/o John & Elizabeth EVANS. Wit: Fannie McALPINE of Craig_(off page) and Edward R. EVANS of Hensall. November 24, 1886 at Hensall 004965-86 (Huron Co): John McKAY, 32, widower, yeoman, Ontario, McKillop, s/o George McKAY & Janet MANSER married Ann BARROWS, 19, McKillop, same, d/o George BARROWS & Elizabeth NICHOLSON. Wit: James CRAIG of McKillop and Janet McKAY of Grey. June 21, 1886 at McKillop
005082-86 - Stephen McKENZIE, 26, laborer, Lanarkshire Scotland, Wingham, s/o John & Janet McKENZIE married Arcelia BAINTON, 24, Hibbert, Wingham, d/o Charles & Elizabeth BAINTON. Wit: John LAMBERT and Janet BAINTON, both of Wingham. December 3, 1886 at Wingham 004841-86 - George McKIM, 45, widower, farmer, Paisley Scotland, McKillop, s/o William & Esther McKIM married Rebecca JOHNSON, 25, Wellington Co, Walton Village Grey Twp, d/o George & Eleanor JOHNSON. Wit: Joseph DELAHUNT and Matilda DELAHUNT, both of Wellington Co. June 1, 1886 at Walton Village. Grey.
004792-86 - John Patterson McLAREN, 25, farmer, Hibbert, Hullett, s/o Duncan McLAREN & Jemima PATTERSON married Margaret Ellen STEWART, 25, Usborne, same, d/o Andrew STEWART & Margaret GLENN. Wit: D. W. JAMIESON and Annie GLENN, both of St. Mary's. September 29, 1886 at Usborne 004945-86 (Huron Co): Thomas McLAUGHLIN, 27, farmer, Durham Co, Hullett, s/o George McLAUGHLIN & Jane McGILL married Elizabeth H. McGEE, 25, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Robert McGEE of East Wawanosh and Louisa Jane McLAUGHLIN of Hullett. March 16, 1886 at East Wawanosh.
  005151-86 - James Albert McMICHAEL, 24, physician, Downie Peel Co, Quincy Michigan, s/o Abraham & Mary McMICHAEL married Mary Amelia (Minnie) HOUGH, 25, Brussels, Londesborough, d/o John & Sabina HOUGH. Wit: Robert McMICHAEL of Mitchell and Ella Jane HOUGH of Hullett. February 10, 1886 at Londesborough
005108-86 - James McMINN, 29, labourer, Fordwich, Howick, s/o James & Mary McMINN married Mary Elizabeth ALLEN, 24, Mono Twp, Fordwich, d/o James & Jane ALLEN. Wit: Joseph McMINN and Esther Amanda ALLEN of Fordwich. October 27, 1886 at Fordwich 005154-86 - Stephen MEDD, 24, farmer, Whitby Ontario Co, West Wawanosh, s/o Robert & Ellen MEDD married Susan Charlotte BEADLE, 28, Hullett, same, d/o George & Emma BEADLE. Wit: John MEDD of West Wawanosh and Rita BEADLE of Hullett. March 31, 1886 at Hullett
005159-86 - Henry MERKLE, 35, cabinetmaker, St. John N.B., Walkerton, s/o John & Sarah MERCKLE married Annie MOORE, 30, Drummond Lanark Co, Clinton, d/o Edward & Rebecca Jane MOORE. Wit: Matilda MOORE and Susan MOORE, both of Clinton. May 25, 1886 at Clinton 004908-86 (Huron Co): Samuel MERNER, 25, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Gottlieb & Mary MERNER married Georgian MELLICK, 20, Hay, same, d/o Justine & Sarah MELLICK. Wit: J. H. MELLICK and Sarah MERNER, both of Hay. December 14, 1886 at Hensall
004790-86 - James MILLS, 21, laborer, Blanshard, Usborne, s/o William MILLS & Eliza HICKSON married Alice HOGG, 23, Usborne, same, d/o Joseph HOGG & Isabella BRUCE. Wit: William Henry MILLS of Blanshard and Martha HOGG of Usborne. July 7, 1886 at Usborne 005066-86 - John MITCHELL, 35, farmer, Canada, not given, s/o Alexander & Mary MITCHELL married Eliza Jane CROM (Cram?), 25, Canada, Kinloss, d/o Robert & Lucy CROM. Wit: Irene CROM and Isaac CROM, both of Kinloss. July 1, 1886 at Wingham
004852-86 (Huron Co): Robert MOFFAT, widower, farmer, Scotland, Turnberry, s/o David MOFFAT & Janet HAMILTON married Mary WRIGHT, 49, widow, Scotland, Turnberry, d/o Andrew BEATTIE & Jane BORTHWICK. Wit: Christina BEATTIE of McKillop and Christina WRIGHT of Turnberry. February 25, 1886 at Turnberry 004932-86 (Huron Co): Samuel MOORE, 23, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o Samuel & Jane MOORE married Kate SELLERS, 22, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o Robert & Isabella SELLERS. Wit: William H. SELLERS and Clara SELLERS, both of Goderich Twp. August 31, 1886 at Clinton
004787-1886 - Andrew MORGAN, 27, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o John MORGAN & Euphemia STEWART married Emma Jane LUXTON, 22, Usborne, same, d/o William LUXTON & Jane VANSTONE. Wit: Duncan MORGAN of Hibbert and Sarah Jane WALKER of Fullerton. March 24, 1886 of Usborne. 004897-86 (Huron Co): Adam MUELLER, 46, widower, farmer, Germany, Hay, s/o not given married Ann STAUBUS, 48, widow, Germany, Zurich, d/o not given. Wit: Elizabeth MAURER and Eliza MAURER, both of Hay. August 23, 1886 at Zurich
005099-86 - Thomas NASH, 25, editor, England, Gorrie, s/o Thomas & Mary NASH married Ida HUNT, 18, Howick, same, d/o Joseph & Ester HUNT. Wit: William GILPIN and Caroline NASH, both of Howick. June 31, 1886 at Howick 004850-86 - James Elliot NICHOLL, 24, farmer, Canada, Turnberry, s/o James NICHOLL & Dorothy MARSHALL married Annie Bella McINTOSH, 24, Canada, Turnberry, d/o Donald McINTOSH & Mary McCARNE. Wit: Robert HOLMES and Elizabeth NICHOLL, both of Turnberry. January 20, 1886 at Bluevale
004814-86 - William OKE, 29, farmer, Darlington Twp, Colborne, s/o John & Grace OKE married Ida WALTERS, 21, Colborne, same, d/o Charles & Eliza WALTERS. Wit: Jabez OKE of Colborne and Charlotte WALTERS, both of Colborne. March 9, 1886 at Blyth 004854-86 (Huron Co): Alexander ORR, 32, widower, painter, Canada, Turnberry, s/o Johnston ORR & Martha FLEMING married Helen Elizabeth IRWIN, Canada, Belmore, d/o John IRWIN & Helen FLECK. Wit: Christopher DONOGHUE of Teeswater and Deborah IRWIN of Belmore. April 29, 1886 at Belmore
004884-86 (Huron Co): Jehoikim PAPILLON, 39, widower, Jolliet Quebec, Hay, s/o Francis & Millie PAPILLON married Elizabeth MAISE, 27, Hay, same, d/o Peter & Maria MAISE. Wit: Louise MAISE and Matilda GRAVEL, both of Hay. May 9, 1886 at Hay. (RC) 004845-86 - Alexander PATTERSON, 25, merchant, Perth Co, Molesworth Perth Co, s/o Thomas PATTERSON & Agnes CAMPBELL married Janet ELLIOT 21, Perth Co, Grey, d/o William ELLIOT & Margaret THOMSON. Wit: James BROWN and Christina ELLIOT, both of Grey. October 14, 1886 at Grey
004916-86 (Huron Co): Richard PATTERSON, 23, plasterer, England, Clinton, s/o James & Elisa PATTERSON married Alice CHARLES, 22, England, Clinton, d/o Jesse & Mary Ann CHARLES. Wit: Louisa PATTERSON and Ruth CASTLE, both of Clinton. February 14, 1886 at Clinton  
004949-86 (Huron Co): Esaias PEARIN, 26, farmer, Peel Co, East Wawanosh, s/o Matthew PEARIN & Mary Ann MODELAND married Eliza Jane AGNEW, 22, East Wawanosh, d/o John AGNEW & Margaret OAK. Wit: Thomas AGNEW & Larilia PEARIN, both of East Wawanosh. May 25, 1886 at East Wawanosh 005126-86 - Henry J. PEARIN, 31, farmer, Ontario, Kirkwood, Algoma District, s/o Matthew & Mary Ann PEARIN married Charlotte BENGOUGH, 26, Ontario, Morris, d/o William & Agnes BENGOUGH. Wit: Fred PEARIN of Winthrop and Mina BENGOUGH of Belgrave. October 20, 1886 at Belgrave
004942-86 (Huron Co): Alexander PEARSON, 27, farmer, Scotland, Hullett, s/o Samuel PEARSON & Margaret RAMSAY married Alice Grace PUGSLEY, 24, Dundas, East Wawanosh, d/o John PUGSLEY & Frances JONES. Wit: William BROWNLEE of Hullett and Eunice PUGSLEY of East Wawanosh. February 24, 1886 at East Wawanosh. 004872-86 (Huron Co): Raymond PELLART, 22, farmer, Quebec, Grafton Dakota U.S., s/o Joseph & Mary PELLART married Bridget SHEENAN, 25, Stanley, same, d/o not given. Wit: Bernard, Ann and Arthur SHEENAN, all of Stanley. January 7, 1886 at Hay. (RC)
004906-86 (Huron Co): Conrad PFAFF, 54, farmer, Germany, Zurich, s/o not given married Catherine CALOSKI, 36, Hay, same, d/o John & Salome CALOSKI. Wit: Henry DINNART and E. Hardy, both of Zurich. November 23, 1886 at Zurich. 004749-86 - James H. PHILLIPS, 26, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Samuel & Jane married Frances ALTON, 21, Wawanosh, same, d/o Jeremiah & Mary. Wit: William PHILLIPS of Ashfield and Agnes SWITZER of Huron. November 22, 1886 at West Wawanosh
004711-86 - Thomas PHILLIPS, 27, blacksmith, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Ezekiel & Mary Ann PHILLIPS married Margaret DURNIN, 26, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o William & Mary DURNIN. Wit: Thomas DURNIN of West Wawanosh and Jane PHILLIPS of Goderich. April 6, year not given (prob 1886) at West Wawanosh 005081-86 - John POCOCK, 22, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o George & Margaret POCOCK married Eliza YEO, 26, Turnberry, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth YEO. Wit: William POCOCK and Jane Ann POCOCK, both of Turnberry. December 24, 1886 at Wingham
005166-86 - John Nelson PRINGLE, 29, farmer, Markham York Co, Hullett, s/o Henry & Elizabeth PRINGLE married Martha COCKERLINE, 22, Hullett, same, d/o George & Elizabeth COCKERLINE. Wit: George COCKERLINE Jr and Herbert PRINGLE, both of Hullett. December 22, 1886 at Hullett 004723-86 (Huron Co): William PROUDFOOT, 27, barrister, Canada, Goderich, s/o Robert PROUDFOOT & Margaret DARLINGTON married Marion Forest DICKSON, 27, Canada, Goderich, d/o William D. DICKSON & Margaret McDONALD. Wit: William Barr DICKSON of Brussels and Sarah Jane Lightfoot DAVIS of Goderich. June 23, 1886 at Goderich
004858-86 (Huron Co): John RABY, 33, widower, well digger, England, Turnberry, s/o John RABY & Mary Ship RABY married Jane ANDERSON, 29, Canada, Turnberry, d/o James ANDERSON & Mary SHIELDS. Wit: Robert ANDERSON and Jane NICHOLL, both of Turnberry. November 10, 1886 at Turnberry 004745-86 - Charles REINHART, 42, widower, farmer, Montreal, Kinloss, s/o Jonathan REINHART & Martha GRAVES married Margaret McBURNEY, 54, Co Down Ireland, Wawanosh, d/o Hugh McBURNEY & Mary J. KEREHAM. Wit: John CAMPBELL and Isabella CAMPBELL, both of Whitechurch. May 24, 1886 at Whitechurch.
004925-86 (Huron Co): Joseph W. RITER, 24, farmer, Bruce Ont, Clearwater Manitoba, s/o John RITER & Clara ZIMMERMAN married Ella MILLER, 21, Clinton, same, d/o James MILLER & Catherine COLE. Wit: George MILLER of Brussels and Nina BUCHANAN of Clinton. June 1, 1886 at Clinton 004936-86 (Huron Co): William ROBERTSON, 34, cooper, Scotland, Clinton, s/o David ROBERTSON & Elizabeth IRWIN married Janet DAYMENT, 22, Clinton, same, d/o Charles & Mary DAYMENT. Wit: Thomas ROBERTSON of Clinton and Eva POLLOCK of Kinloss. December 8, 1886 at Clinton
004968-86 (Huron Co): John Alexander Frederick ROBINSON, 29, cabinet maker, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Mathew ROBINSON & Mary O'KEEFE married Marion McGEE, 28, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Evan McGEE & Margaret NICHOLSON. Wit: Charles Edward ROBINSON, and Mary Agnes DOUGLAS, both of Seaforth, Duncan McCALLUM not given. September 1, 1886 at McKillop 004870-86 (Huron Co): William RODD, 62, widower, retired farmer, England, Exeter, s/o John & Eliza RODD married Mary NORTHCOTT, 48, Devon England, Exeter, d/o John & Elizabeth NORTHCOTT. Wit: William NORTHCOTT and M. A. NORTHCOTT, all of Hay. January 21, 1886 at Sexsmith
004967-86 (Huron Co): William W. ROUTLEDGE, 22, machinist, not given, London Ont, s/o Thomas & Hannah ROUTLEDGE married Mary Frances CRAWFORD, 22, not given, Dublin Ont, d/o John & Fanny CRAWFORD. Wit: John REDMOND and Annie REDMOND, both of Dublin. July 21, 1886 at Dublin 004918-86 (Huron Co): Samuel J. RYE, 28, blacksmith, Goderich Twp, same, s/o Richard & Sarah RYE married Dinah HOGART, 25, Goderich Twp, Clinton, d/o Michael & Elizabeth HOGART. Wit: John RATHBY of Hullett and Carrie RYE of Goderich Twp. March 18, 1886 at Clinton.
004770-86 - Robert Henry SAGE, 25, clerk, Canada, Listowel, s/o Thomas & Margaret married Hanna MARKS, 23, Canada, Listowel, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane. Wit: M. KERR and J. KERR, both of Brussels. May 12, 1886 at Brussels 004786-86 - Samuel SANSBURN, 28, blacksmith, Blanshard, Dakota, s/o William SANSBURN & Margaret MOORE married Sarah A. ROSS, 22, Fullerton, same, d/o Edward ROSS & Sarah A. STEVENS. Wit: Sarah J. SANSBURN of Blanshard and Joseph ROSS of Fullerton. March 3, 1886 at Usborne.
004881-86 (Huron Co): Jacob SCHLUCHTER, 33, farmer, Wilmot, Hay, s/o Jacob & Mary SCHLUCHTER married Ernestina EICHLER, 23, Hay, same, d/o Christian & Rica EICHLER. Wit: H. FLEISHAUER and Christian EICHLER, both of Hay. Date not given, 1886 at Hay. 004890-86 (Huron Co): John SCHULZE, 31, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Hay, s/o H. SCHULZE & not given married Lucinda WILDFONG, 25, Waterloo, Hay, d/o Daniel & Katie WILDFONG. Wit: Amos WILDFONG and Katie WILDFONG, both of Hay. May 19, 1886 at Zurich
005105-86 - George SCOTT, 53, widower, farmer, Ireland, Howick, s/o Benjamin & Eliza SCOTT married Agnes McLAUGHLIN, 42, widow, Essa Twp, Howick, d/o James & Jane WIGGINS. Wit: Thomas SIMPSON of Harriston and Mrs. S. HAY of Lakelet. September 29, 1886 at Howick 004921-86 (Huron Co): James SCOTT, 30, barrister, Canada, Clinton, s/o Michael SCOTT & Jane ARMSTRONG married Annie MEHERS, 26, Chicago U.S., Clinton, d/o Richard MEHERS & Mary TURNER. Wit: R. D. BAILEY of Clinton and Lilly WHITELY of Goderich. April 28, 1886 at Clinton
005102-86 - Stephen Andrew SEAMAN, 24, station master and operator, Rockport Ont, Gorrie, s/o John & Mary SEAMAN married Margaret Jane JAMES, 22, Gorrie, same, d/o Edward & Mary Connell JAMES. Wit: R. B. SMITH of Mount Forest and Jennie JAMES of Gorrie. August 25, 1886 at Gorrie 005106-86 - Christian SEBERT, 22, labourer, Logan Twp, Howick, s/o Henry & Mary SEBERT married Girdinal? & Deretta KLEINSMITH. Wit: John JACKSON and Mary FIELDS of Fordwich. October 6, 1886 at Fordwich
005112-86 - Eli SEYMORE, 24, mason and bricklayer, Cartwright Twp, Gorrie, s/o William & Elizabeth SEYMORE married Margaret Jane PHAIR, 24, Manvers Twp Durham Co, Howick, d/o Edward & Margaret PHAIR. Wit: George Henry KING of Gorrie and Catherine PHAIR of Howick. December 22, 1886 at Howick 004815-86 - William John SHEFFIELD, 20, carpenter, Toronto, Wingham, s/o Dawson & Susannah SHEFFIELD married Jennie GILLESPIE, 20, Wawanosh, Blyth, d/o James & Maria GILLESPIE. Wit: Simon MERRIFIELD of Wingham and Mary STEWART of Blyth. February 17, 1886 at Blyth
005079-86 - Alexander SHOWERS, 33, mason, Zorra Ont, Turnberry. s/o Chancy & Mary SHOWERS married Fannie E. MOORE, Georgetown Ont, Wingham, d/o Thomas & Geranium MOORE. Wit: Daniel SHOWERS and Ellen SHOWERS, both of Wingham. May 5, 1886 at Wingham 004776-86 - William Mansfield SINCLAIR, 26, solicitor, St. Mary's, Brussels, d/o Donald SINCLAIR & Mary SLOAN married Grace Maud RONALD, 24, Detroit, Brussels, d/o John & Laura RONALD. Wit: James GARDNER of Chicago and Alexander STRACHAN of Brussels. November 29, 1886 at Brussels
004901-86 (Huron Co): John SINCLAIR, 30, blacksmith, Scotland, Brussels, d/o John & Ann SINCLAIR married Catherine ROBERTSON, 29, Scotland, Hensall, d/o John & Bella ROBERTSON. Wit: Angus ROBERTSON and Mary Jane STEWART, both of Tuckersmith. October 5, 1886 at Hensall 004900-86 (Huron Co): Alexander SIRR, 39, widower, farmer, Grey, Sugar Island Michigan, s/o Thomas & Mary SIRR married Agnes ESLER, 29, Ireland, Stanley, d/o John & Priscilla ESLER. Wit: James ESLER and Jane ESLER, both of Stanley. October 12, 1886 at Hensall
004929-86 (Huron Co): James SLEETH, 33, carpenter, Hope Twp, Seaforth, s/o David SLEETH & Mary HALIDAY married Agnes S. NEILANDS, 19, McKillop, same, d/o Alexander NEILANDS & Rachael GRIEVE. Wit: William E. GREGG and George A. GREGG, both of Toronto. July 12, 1886 at Clinton 004729-86 (Huron Co): Kenneth M. SMITH, 34, sailor, Cape Breton N.S., s/o Murdoch & Christie SMITH married Annie MORRISON, 22, Goderich, same, d/o John & Effa MORRISON. Wit: James SUTHERLAND and Margaret SUTHERLAND, both of Goderich. April 8, 1886 at Goderich
004816-86 - William SOMERS, 49, plasterer and stone mason, Ireland, McKillop, s/o James SOMERS & Elizabeth JOHNSTON married Maria BROWN, 40, Canada, McKillop, d/o Joseph BROWN & Sarah SMITH. Wit: Robert SOMERS of Wawanosh and Annie CAMPBELL, both of Blyth. June 30, 1886 at Blyth 005096-95 - Elias SPINKS, 27, farmer, Cartwright Twp, same, s/o Robert & Eliza SPINKS married Elizabeth COGGINS, 27, Cartwright Twp, Howick, d/o John & Mary COGGINS. Wit: Thomas COGGINS and Saran Jane COGGINS, both of Howick. March 16, 1886 at Howick
  004727-86 (Huron Co): George STANCOME, 34, farmer, Newfoundland, Goderich Twp, s/o Isaac & Emma STANCOME married Emily SPREADBURY, 23, England, Goderich, d/o Joseph SPREADBURY & Annie SMITH. Wit: Elizabeth EVANS and Annie SMITH, res not given. May 25, 1886 at Goderich
004922-86 (Huron Co): William STEEP, 22, teamster, Goderich Twp, Clinton, s/o William & Caroline STEEP married Emma FINCH, 23, Queenboro England, Clinton, d/o Emmanuel & Elisabeth FINCH. Wit: John McDONALD and Nellie FINCH, both of Clinton. April 28, 1886 at Clinton 004811-86 - James STEWART, 24, farmer, Ontario, Wellington Co, s/o James STEWART & Catherine ADAMS married Mary Jane WIELER, 22, Ontario, Wroxeter, d/o Jacob WIELER & Annie KENNEDY. Wit: Andrew PATTON and Oscar WIELER, both of Wroxeter. December 15, 1886 at Wroxeter
004876-86 (Huron Co): Ferdinand STILES, 21, farmer, Hay, same, s/o David & Margaret STILES married Ellen LUKER, 26, Hay, same, d/o John & Mary LUKER. Wit: R. LUKER of Hay and Mary McALLISTER res not given. March 12, 1886 at Hensall 004927-86 (Huron Co): James SUTHERLAND, 34, farmer, Canada, Hullett, s/o James & Isabella married Mary Ann STEPHENSON, 25, Canada, Hullett, d/o Raphael & Mary. Wit: Elizabeth and Ida M. RUPERT, both of Clinton. June 9, 1886 at Clinton
005165-86 - Joseph TARKSON (Jackson?), 50,. widower, farmer, England, Wawanosh, s/o Joseph & Agnes JACKSON married Hannah TOLL, 29, Wilmot Twp, Wawanosh, d/o Fred & Christine TOLL. Wit: William TOLL and Barbara TOLL, both of Wawanosh. March 24, 1886 at Wawanosh. 005145-87 (Huron Co): Charles Wesley TAYLOR, 22, farmer, Wawanosh, same, s/o John H., TAYLOR & Elizabeth INGLIS married Bertha FORD, 19, Darlington, Wawanosh, d/o James FORD & Jane MURCOMB. Wit: Cleophas FORD & Catherine TAYLOR, both of Wawanosh. December 29, 1886 at Whitechurch.
004958-86 (Huron Co): Israel TAYLOR, 27, boot and shoe merchant, England, Clinton, s/o William & Ann TAYLOR married Mary STEVENS, 22, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o James & Ann STEVENS. Wit: Samuel L. TAYLOR of Toronto and Lenora STEVENS of Goderich Twp. August 25, 1886 at Goderich Twp 004889-86 (Huron Co): Conrad THIEL, 28, farmer, Berlin Waterloo Co, Hay, s/o George & Catherine THIEL married Margaret HARTMAN, 18, Hay, same, d/o Simon & Fanny HARTMAN. Wit: John HARTMAN and Maggie KEALY, both of Hay. May 18, 1886 at Hay.
004963-86 (Huron Co): George Frederick W. THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Hibbert, Turnberry, s/o George & Mary THOMPSON married Annie McKIBBON, 21, Stanley, McKillop, d/o Thomas & Jane McKIBBON. Wit: Rev. A. McKIBBON of Kippen and Bessie THOMPSON of Turnberry. March 1, 1886 at McKillop 005062-86 - Edward THOMPSON, 25, farmer, Oxford Co, Dakota, s/o Smithson THOMPSON & Elizabeth WILSON married Jessie FULTON, 25, Stephen, same, d/o William FULTON & Mary SCROGIE. Wit: Thomas FULTON and Jenet PECK, both of Stephen. January 11, 1887 at Stephen
004886-86 - Henry TINDALL, 29, farmer, Grey, Manitoba, s/o Robert & Margaret TINDALL married Mary HABKIRK, 27, Huron Co, Grey Twp, d/o William & Jessie HABKIRK. Wit: William TINDALL and Jannet HABKIRK, both of Grey. March 10, 1886 at Grey. 005152-86 - William TIPLADY, 27, farmer, Manvers Twp, Goderich Twp, s/o William & Elizabeth TIPLADY married Harriet SHIPLEY, 22, Hullett, same, d/o John & Caroline SHIPLEY. Wit: Ralph TIPLADY of Goderich Twp and Emma SHIPLEY of Hullett. December 3, 1886 at Hullett
005101-86 - John W. TOOMBS, 27, baker, Elgin, Gorrie, s/o Blaney & Charlotte TOOMBS married Margaret JOHNSTON, 21, Howick, same, d/o Frederick & Jane JOHNSTON. Wit: Gersham TOOMBS of Walkerton and Minnie JOHNSTON of Howick. July 21, 1886 at Fordwich 004926-86 (Huron Co): Arthur Levi TRICK, 24, farmer, Canada, Goderich Twp, s/o Thomas TRICK & Catherine CLARK married Frances Martha JENKINS, 20, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth JENKINS. Wit: Robert TRICK and Lydia JENKINS, both of Goderich Twp. June 1, 1886 at not given (prob. Clinton)
004910-86 (Huron Co): Henry TRUEMNER, 27, farmer, Hay, same, s/o Justus & Catherine TRUEMNER married Annie BIRK, 27, Stephen, same, d/o Andrew & Mary BIRK. Wit: D. TRUEMNER of Hay and Barbara BIRK of Stephen. December 25, 1886 at Stephen. 004883-86 (Huron Co): Conrad VOSS, 29, farmer, Germany, Hay, s/o Henry & Elizabeth VOSS married Caroline PLAFF, 26, Hay, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth PLAFF. Wit: Willie PLAFF and Lisetta REICHART, both of Hay. April 15, 1886 at Hay
  005157-86 - John WARWICK, 27, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o John & Mary Ann WARWICK married Elizabeth Jennie MELVILLE, 25, Hullett, same, d/o Lawrence & Elizabeth MELVILLE. Wit: John WARWICK of Seaforth and Isabella SCHOLE of Kinburn. February 16, 1886 at Hullett
004821-86 - Frederick Wilmington WATTS, 59, druggist, England, Clinton, s/o William Rud. WATTS & Sophie COLLINS married Mary Lavina McGILL and Catherine not given. Wit: Alexander MURDOCK and Maggie RADCLIFFE, both of Blyth. October 20, 1886 at Blyth 005147-86 - Charles Wesley WELSH, 23, farmer, Canada, Usborne, same, s/o John & Elizabeth WELSH married Jane Ann POPPLESTONE, d/o Sampson & Rebecca POPPLESTONE. Wit: Samuel POPPLESTONE of Exeter and Elizabeth Ann WELSH of Usborne. September 22, 1886 at Exeter
005089-86 - Edward B. WILES, 23, builder and joiner, Markham Twp Ont, Gorrie, s/o John & Maria WILES married Susannah H. BEAN, 19, Linwood Ont, Gorrie, d/o Samuel & Susannah BEAN. Wit: S. A. SEAMAN of Gorrie and Emma CLEGG of Howick. February 3, 1886 at Gorrie 005088-86 - John C. WILLIAMSON, 28, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Joseph & Mary WILLIAMSON married Elizabeth RIENE, 22, Blanshard, Howick, d/o Henry & Marie RIENE?. Wit: James RIENE and Sarah WILLIAMSON, both of Howick. January 27, 1886 at Newbridge
005100-86 - James WILSON, 26, miller, Prescott, Howick, s/o James & Janet WILSON married Mary Ann MUSGROVE, 24, Howick, same, d/o Robert & Isabella MUSGROVE. Wit: Andrew WILSON and Agnes WILSON, both of Howick. June 16, 1886 at Fordwich 004917-86 (Huron Co): John WISE, 28, farmer, Goderich Twp, Tuckersmith, s/o William & Mary WISE married Minnie STEEP, 21, Goderich Twp, Clinton, d/o Henry & Martha STEEP. Wit: Albert PLUMMER of East Wawanosh and Frances WISE of Goderich Twp. April 7, 1886 at Clinton
005153-86 - Frederick WOOD, 22, farmer, Vespra, Hullett, s/o John & Susan Jane WOOD married Jane Eliza MASON, 20, Hullett, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth MASON. John Edward MASON of Hullett and Rita Ellen BEADELL of Manchester Huron Co. February 24, 1886 at Manchester