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008018-99 (Huron Co): Benjamin ALLEN, 30, Hibbert, Perth Co, s/o James ALLAN (sic) & Mary CARTER married Christina SHILLINGTON, 29, Hibbert, Tuckersmith, d/o Walter SHILLINGTON & Janet SWAN. Wit: James AIRTH of Exeter and Ellie ALLEN of Usborne. September 6, 1899 at Tuckersmith  
007812-99 George W. ANDREWS, 31, farmer, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, s/o John & Mary ANDREWS, married Grace WILSON, 28, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o John & WILSON, Wit: R.H. ANDREWS & Jane WILSON both of Goderich Tp, 5 Jan 1899 007748-99 (Huron Co): James ANDREWS, 34, bookkeeper, U.S., Ohio U.S., s/o John ANDREWS & Agnes LEEPER married Annie STEWART, 24, Benmiller, same, d/o John STEWART & Helen SEVERIGHT. Wit: W. J. ALLISON of Thames Road and Lizzie STEWART of Benmiller. September 20, 1899 at Benmiller
008024-99 (Huron Co): J. Andrew D. ARMSTRONG, 34, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Jannett CAMPBELL married Mary McKINLEY, 30, Stanley, Egmondville, d/o John McKINLEY & Mary T. CLARK. Wit: James McKINLEY of Egmondville and Bertha ARMSTRONG of Bayfield. December 27, 1899 at Egmondville 008035-99 (Huron Co): John ASHTON, 33, labourer, Morris, Turnberry, s/o Francis ASHTON & Mary J. McDONALD married Mary HOLMES, 34, Turnberry, same, d/o Nathaniel HOLMES & Elizabeth Jane McCANN. Wit: Mrs. V. G. WEST of Bluevale. December 20, 1899 at Bluevale
007830-99 (Huron Co): Frederick William BAGG, 33, farmer, widower, England, Grey, s/o John BAGG & Anna WHITE married Sarah Jane BISHOP, 32, Grey, same, d/o John BISHOP & Eliza WALSH. Wit: Peter J. BISHOP of Grey and Jane GRANT of Harriston. April 5, 1899 at Grey  
008063-99 (Huron Co): Henry BAKER, 38, mason, St. Clemens, St. Augustine, s/o Adam BAKER & Elizabeth TEAGLE married Mrs. Margaret BRENNAN, 36, widow, Hullett, St. Augustine, d/o Charles McINTOSH & Catherine HALEY. Wit: Patrick QUIGLEY and Mrs. P. QUIGLEY, of Clinton. November 28, 1899 at St. Augustine 07807-99 Fred W. BAKER, 26, Engineer, Canada, Bayfield, s/o Fred BAKER & Jennie EDDES, married Mary Jane HOWARD, 28, Canada, Bayfield, d/o Henry HOWARD & Margaret JOHNSTON, Wit: Clarke ALLIN & Fernie ALLIN both of Goderich, 20 Dec 1899, Goderich
008052-99 (Huron Co): Martin Luther BEAVERS, 31, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o Benjamin BEAVERS & Sarah BLANCE married Eliza Ellen CLARKE, 21, Usborne, same, d/o Thomas CLARKE & Hannah FLETCHER. Wit: Edwin CLARKE of Winchester and Alice BEAVERS of Woodham October 4, 1899 at Winchester Usborne 8019-00 William Anthony BEEVERS, 26, farmer, Blanchard twp., Goderich twp., s/o William BEEVERS & Margaret HEWITT, married Ida Jane EVANS, 22, Goderich, Goderich twp., d/o George EVANS & Helen HALL, witn: Arthur EVANS & Hannah BEAVERS (sic), both of Goderich twp., 27 Dec 1899 at Clinton
  008172-00 (Huron Co): Samuel BESWITHERICK, 26, farmer, Howick, same, s/o James BESWITHERICK & Rebecca COOK married Lavina TILKER, 23, Howick, same, d/o John TILKER & Elizabeth SWABART. Wit: John TILKER? of Howick and Fanny BESWITHERICK of Fordwich. December 27, 1899 at Howick.
007998-99 (Huron) Edward Jas. BIGGAR, 36, fruit grower, Niagara Fall South, Niagara Fall Ont., s/o Isaac BIGGAR & Agnes WALLACE, to Eliz. Ann LENNON, 38, Pickering Ont., Mt. Carmel, d/o Robert LENNON & Bridget MURSHIE, wit: Cornelius REGAN & Cath. LENNON both of Mt. Carmel, 14 October 1899, Mt. Carmel 07804-99 Ernest H. BIRD , 31, Banker, China, Belleville, s/o Sherman BIRD [mother not listed], married Adelaide T. CHILTON, 27, Washington USA, Goderich, d/o R.S. CHILTON & [not given] CARROLL, Wit: W.C.B. CHILTON, New York USA & Ustan(?) BIRD, Toronto, 11 Apr 1899, Goderich
#008049-99 (Huron Co): Wilson BLACK, 29, farmer, Canada, Michigan USA, s/o Thomas BLACK & Eliza STEADMIN, married Edith E. HAINES, 29, Canada, Usborne, d/o Stephen W. HAINES & Mary VAN--?, witn: William & Minnie HENDERSON of Crediton, 29 June 1899 at Woodham, Usborne 007958-99 (Huron Co): Alfred BLACKWELL, 23, organ builder, Canada, Clinton, s/o Joseph BLACKWELL & Hamutal STANTON married Margaret COLCLOUGH, 23, Canada, Clinton, d/o William COLCLOUGH & Sarah Jane CONNELL. Wit: Mrs. A. D. McDONALD and Allie McDONALD, both of Seaforth. February 15, 1899 at Seaforth
07806-99 Samuel BLAIR, 29, farmer, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, s/o Samuel & Eliz. S. BLAIR, married Maud ESTON, 20, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o Richard WESTON & LOOBY, Wit: Maggie C. WILSON & Annie BRIDGES both of Goderich, 13 Dec 1899, Goderich 007829-99 (Huron Co): Thomas Barnet BOLTON, 28, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Barnet BOLTON & Margaret CURRY married Florence Mabel POLLARD, 21, Scarboro Twp, McKillop, d/o Joshua POLLARD & Elizabeth WALTON. Wit: Mrs. NEAL and Mrs. ARMSTRONG, both of Walton. March 22, 1899 at Grey
007766-99 Robert Albert BRETT, 28, Cabinet Maker, Seaforth, Seaforth, s/o Robert N. BRETT & Jane MANN, married Mary Sarah HARRISON, 20, Morris Tp, Seaforth, d/o James HARRISON & Ann Elizabeth HOARE, Wit: Cornelius HOARE & James E.E. HARRISON both of Clinton, 28 Jun 1899, Clinton 008022-99 (Huron Co): William BROADFOOT, 29, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James BROADFOOT & Maria ETHERINGTON married Agnes Elder REID, Hullett, Tuckersmith, d/o Samuel REID & Helen GRAY. Wit: Alex REID of Mitchell and Mary BROADFOOT of Tuckersmith. December 21, 1899 at Tuckersmith
007979-99 (Huron) Wesley George BROWN, 24, farmer, Crediton, Michigan, s/o John BROWN & Mary FEES to Martha Mary KREIN, 20, Hay twp., Crediton, d/o John KREIN & Carrie TREITZ, wit: George E. EILBER & Albertina WUERTH both of Crediton, 18 Jan. 1899, Crediton #008043-99 (Huron Co): Fenton E. BROWN, 21, laborer, Usborne, same, s/o Henry BROWN & Mary HARPER, married Rachel Ann COWARD, 21, Usborne, same, d/o William COWARD & Elizabeth FRANCIS, witn: Thornton & Lottie SMALE of Elimville, 15 March 1899 at Elimville, Usborne
007831-99 (Huron Co): John Francis BURNES, 23, farmer, McKillop, Grey, s/o John Ferris BURNES & Rebecca STORY married Susan HARRIS, 24, Grey, same, d/o John HARRIS & Catherine CONNOR. Wit: Adillian BURNES and Kate BURNES, both of Grey. May 3, 1899 at Grey 007957-99 (Huron Co): Donald CALDER, 29, farmer, Canada, McKillop, s/o Robert CALDER & Ann McGREGOR married Alice Wilson AITCHESON, 20, Canada, McKillop, d/o John AITCHESON & Mary SPARKS. Wit: William MURDIE and Allie McDONALD, both of Seaforth. January 20, 1899 at Seaforth
#008037-99 (Huron Co): Edward CALDWELL, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith twp., same, s/o John CALDWELL & Mary CHAMBERS, married Mary Ida McCOLL, 27, Hay, Usborne twp., d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: David McCOLL of Usborne & Mary M, CALDWELL of Tuckersmith, 17 Jan 1899 at Usborne twp 007832-99 (Huron Co): Nelson Horner CARDIFF, 28, farmer, Grey, same, s/o John CARDIFF & Rebecca HINGSTON married Agnes McCARTNEY, 27, Grey, same, d/o John McCARTNEY & Jean STEWART. Wit: Matilda McRAE and Agnes McNAIR, both of Cranbrook. June 7, 1899 at Cranbrook
007985-99 (Huron) James CAREY, 32, Blacksmith, Stephen, Dashwood, s/o Thomas CAREY & Mary McCARTHY, to Theresa McCARTHY, 30, McGillvray, Mt. Carmel, d/o Cornitocis McCARTHY & Ann DONOVAN, wit: John McCARTHY of Stephen & Bridget CAREY of Mt. Carmel, 10 Jan. 1899, Mt. Carmel 007965-99 (Huron Co): John CARLIN, 26, cutter, London, same, s/o Peter CARLIN & Mary FLYNN married Libbie May PETERS, 19, Buffalo, London, d/o C. W. PETERS & Margaret OLDFIELD. Wit: James YOUNG and Lucy A. RUSSELL, both of Seaforth. August 19, 1899 at Seaforth
007879-99 (Huron Co): William CARTER, 36, merchant, Carrick Twp, Dauphin Man, s/o William CARTER & Mary KELLY married Isabella Jane MILNE, 24, Howick, same, d/o David S. MILNE & Charlotte GILPIN. Wit: B. Courtney GILPIN of Gorrie and Essie MILNE of Fordwich. March 9, 1899 at Howick 008339-00 (Huron Co): Thomas J. CHAPPEL, 30, evangelist, Canada, Blanshard, s/o John CHAPPEL & Elizabeth COOPER married Alvina SWITZER, 27, teacher, d/o Mrs. A. H. HANLEY. Wit: Sidney CHAPPEL of Woodham and Carrie SWITZER of St. Mary's. December 28, 1899 at Woodham Usborne Twp.
007991-99 (Huron) John CHARLTON 38, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o John CHARLTON & Jane MORR?, to Elizabeth Ann DANUCEY, 28, McGillivray, same, widow, d/o Joseph PUMPHREY & Sophronia RULTON, wit: Miss Ollie Anderson & Mrs. HUSSER both of Crediton, 5 April 1899, Stephen 008013-99 (Huron Co): William CHARTERS, 29, farmer, Ontario, Tuckersmith, s/o Robert CHARTERS & E. CHESNEY married Jean JAMIESON, 26, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o J. b. JAMIESON & Jessie BAIN. Wit: Harry CHARTERS of Tuckersmith and Maggie JAMIESON of Brucefield. February 22, 1899 at Brucefield
007824-99 (Huron Co): George COATS, 40, widower, farmer, Ontario, Grey, s/o Robert COATS & Nancy HUTCHINSON married Harriet Melina FURTNEY, 34, Grey, Turnberry, d/o Jacob FURTNEY & Jane THOMPSON. Wit: Robert MITCHELL and Mrs. Robert MITCHELL, both of Moleswowrth. February 22, 1899 at Grey 008012-99 (Huron Co): Thomas COLBERT, 25, brewer, Ontario, Tuckersmith, s/o Henry COLBERT & S. M. SEALE married Katie McLEOD, 27, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o M. & E. McLEOD. Wit: H. R. COLBERT and Effie McLEOD, both of Tuckersmith. February 28, 1899 at Egmondville
008019-99 (Huron Co): Frank A. COLE, 43, merchant, Durham Co, same, John COLE & Jane McLARTY married Maria HILL, 32, Huron Co, same, d/o not given. Wit: William HILL and Jennie HILL, both of Egmondville. September 12, 1899 at Egmondville 008141-00 (Huron) Henry John Deacon COOKE, 30, barrister, Goderich, Hensall, s/o Henry COOKE & Louisa DEACON, to Helen SHIRRAY, 22, Hay, same, d/o Nicol SHIRRAY & Agnes THOMSON, wit: Byron D. CAMPBELL of Zurich & Christine SHIRRAY of Hay, 27 December 1899, Hay
007993-99 (Huron) Albert E. CORBETT, grain merchant, McGillvray, Huntsville Washington Terr., s/o John CORBETT & Jane LAVIS, to Laura BAKER, 26, Stephen, same, d/o John BAKER & Ann HANNA?, wit: Margaret A. CORBETT of Corbett & Emily BAKER of Harpley, 22 May 1899, Harpley 007768-99 Abraham COSENS, 30, Teacher, Tuckersmith Tp, Brampton, s/o Nathaniel COSENS & Janet NCHOL, married Lillie Greig ROBB, 30, William ROBB & Ellen JARVIS, Wit: Abner COSENS, Wingham & Mary ROBB, Clinton, 10 Aug 1899, Clinton
007970-99 (Huron Co): William COURTICE, 66, widower, farmer, Devonshire England, Fullerton Twp, s/o Robert COURTICE & Jane MOORE married Mary T. BABB, 63, widow, Manchester England, Mitchell, d/o John LAMBERT & Ann HOPE. Wit: Hattie A. WILLIAMS of Seaforth and Carrie GIBSON of London. December 13, 1899 at Seaforth 007972-99 (Huron Co): John Alexander CRAIG, 22, farmer, Brucefield, same, s/o Robert CRAIG & Mary HAZELWOOD married Agnes Catherine ROSS, 19, Brucefield, same, d/o James & Eliza ROSS. Wit: James Craig ROSS of Brucefield and Blanche CRAIG of Londesboro. March 8, 1899 at Brucefield
007793-99 Philip Bloss CREWS , 27, Jeweller, England, Clinton, s/o Philip CREWS & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Minnie M. PRIDHAM, 25, Goderich, Goderich, d/o John PRIDHAM & Ann PASMORE, Wit: A.J. MORRISH & M. COUCH both of Clinton, 7 Jun 1899, Goderich 008021-99 (Huron Co): Iddo CRICH, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James CRICH & Elizabeth FREEMAN married Margaret Isabella DALE, 24, McKillop Tuckersmith, d/o William DALE & Mary CHESNEY. Wit: George DALE of Tuckersmith and Mary YELLOW of Exeter. November 10, 1899 at Tuckersmith
07809-99 Samuel CURRAN, 22, Tailor, Goderich, Owosso Michigan USA, s/o Samuel CURRAN & Sally A. MARTIN, married Agnes Louisa ALGIE, St. Thomas, Goderich, d/o M. ALGIE & Mary LAY, Wit: Edith M. PRICK(?), Port Rowan & J.F.M. STUART, Harriston, 25 Dec 1899, Goderich 007992-99 (Huron) William F. DAFERNER, tinsmith, Sebewaing Michigan, same, s/o William L. DAFERNER & Pauline KLOTZ, to Amelia E. BROWN, 26, Crediton, same, d/o G. K. BROWN & Lydia STAHL, wit: Ernst BENDER of Dashwood & Mary Ellen BROWN of Crediton, 26 April 1899, Stephen
#007981-00 (Huron Co): Robert DARWIN, 29, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o William DARWIN & Maria STEWART, married Mabel WILSON, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o Mark WILSON, farmer, & Esther DAVIDSON, witn: Alex DARWIN of W. Wawanosh & Maggie WILSON of Ashfield, 20 Dec 1899 at Ashfield 008029-99 (Huron Co): Frederick DAVEY, 24, laborer, Listowel, same, s/o Benjamin DAVEY & Edith CAMPBELL married Elizabeth GANNETT, 20, Turnberry, same, d/o Charles GANNETT & Jane COTTLE. Wit: James GANNETT of West Wawanosh and Sarah GANNETT of Turnberry. October 4, 1899 at Turnberry
007911-99 (Huron Co): James DEMPSEY, 39, merchant, Goderich Twp, Blyth, s/o John & Margaret DEMPSY married Mary Victoria GRASBY, 35, widow, Hullett, same, d/o William SANDERSON & Caroline BRIGHAM. Wit: John JENKINS and Clara SANDERSON, both of Hullett. March 15, 1899 at Hullett 007999-99 (Huron) Theodore DEVINE, 26, farmer, Prov. Quebec, Stephen, s/o Peter DEVINE & Delina CORBEY, to Christina GEROMETTE, 25, Prov. Quebec, Greenway, d/o Benjamin. GEROMETTE & Adeline DESJARDINS, wit: Remi. JEFFREY of Hay & Mary GEROMETTE of Greenway, 31 October 1899, Mt. Carmel
008074-99 (Huron Co): James Alexander DEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Wingham, s/o Alexander DEY & Agnes COWAN married Bertha CODY, 22, Canada, Wingham, d/o Alfred CODY & Mary A. CARR. Wit: James DEY and Carrie CODY, both of Wingham. February 28, 1899 at Wingham 008104-99 (Huron Co): James DEY, 23, furniture polisher, Wingham, Auburn, s/o Alexander DEY & Agnes COWAN married Minnie IRELAND, 22, Caledonia, Wingham, d/o Alfred IRELAND & Agnes PEDDIE Wit: George IRELAND of Wingham and Lena KELLY. August 24, 1899 at Wingham
008171-00 (Huron Co): George Henry DOERSAM, 24, miller, Shipley, Kurtzville, s/o Jacob DOERSAM & Catherine WEHL married Matilda Elizabeth SCHMIDT, 22, Howick, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth SCHMIDT. Wit: Samuel SCHMIDT of Howick and Maggie DOERSAM of Kurtzville. December 20, 1899 at Howick 008105-99 (Huron Co): White (While?) DOESBURY, 27, traveller, Essex Co, Napanee, s/o Otto J. DOESBURY & Mary HAGGARTY married Jean Laurie HODGSON, 25, Listowel, Wingham, d/o Ralph HODGSON & Jean LAWRIE Wit: Maggie FISHER and Amy M. GOFFIN, both of Wingham. October 30, 1899 at Wingham
07803-99 William DOUGLAS, 24, farmer, W.Wawanosh, Canada, s/o Robert DOUGLAS & Mary REID, married Maud MILLIGAN, 24, W. Wawanosh, Canada, d/o William MILLIGAN & R. SAUNDERS, Wit: Clarke ALLIN & Ada CLARKE both of Goderich, 25 Oct 1899, Goderich 008011-99 (Huron Co): Moses Robert DOUGLAS, 21, farmer, Ontario, Grey, s/o A. DOUGLAS & J. REYNOLDS married Nettie CRICH, 22, teacher, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o Herbert & S. CRICH. Wit: Everett CRICH and C. M. TOWNSEND, both of Tuckersmith. February 1, 1899 at Tuckersmith
007962-99 (Huron Co): John DOWNEY, 35, music dealer, McKillop, Mitchell, s/o Steven DOWNEY & Bridget PIERCE married Agnes DEVEREAUX, 28, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James DEVEREAUX & Ellen SHANNAHAN. Wit: Elizabeth DEVEREAUX and H. J. DOWNEY, both of McKillop. June 21, 1899 at Seaforth #007979-00 (Huron Co): George DUNN, 33, farmer, Napanee, Ashfield, s/o James DUNN & Sarah Ann JARMAN, married Sarah Ann POWELL, 24, Turnberry, Ashfield, d/o William POWELL & Mary Jane WADE, witn: Alex McLENNON of Laurier & Eliza H. POWELL of Amberly, 20 Dec 1899 at Ashfield
007755-99 (Huron Co): Wilson Alexander EAGLESON, 26, blacksmith, Bayfield, North Dakota, s/o William EAGLESON & Matilda BOYD married Margaret Jane McKENZIE, 28, Clinton, same, d/o Alexander McKENZIE & Elizabeth POLLOCK. Wit: Edmund G. EAGLESON of Bayfield and Kate McDOUGAL of Kippen. January 25, 1899 at Clinton. #008045-99 (Huron Co): Darius EDWARDS, 31, farmer, not given, McGillivray twp., s/o William EDWARDS & Mary MILLER, married Ellen Jemima HICKS, 24, Usborne twp., same,. d/o Daniel HICKS & Mary J. HERBERT, witn: John T. HICKS of Elimville & Maud EDWARDS of Claudeboye, 5 April 1899 at Elimville, Usborne
008007-99 (Huron) Jacob EILBER, 69, Merchant, Morriston Ont., Crediton, widower, s/o John Frederick EILBER & Magdalena GAISER, to Louise FAIST, 66, Morriston Ont., Crediton, widow, d/o John MORLOCK & Louise B÷BELIN, wit: George J. & Mrs. FINKBEINER of Stephen, 24 December 1899, Crediton 07802-99 Benjamin William FARROW, 24, farmer, Hullet Tp, Chippewan Michigan USA, s/o Henry FARROW & Eliz. FERNLY, married Almina HUNKING, 22, Hullett, Hullett, d/o John HUNKING & J.J. HOWSON, Wit: W. WILSON & Alice HUNKING both of Auburn, 20 Sept 1899, Goderich
008095-99 (Huron Co): Alonzo FINLAY, 22, laborer, Wroxeter Ont, Wingham, s/o William FINLAY & Mary PHIPPEN married Ellen J. MARTIN, 20, Turnberry, same, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Ellen J. BOWLES.. Henry DAVIS and Mary CLEGG, both of Wingham. October 18, 1899 at Wingham 007916-99 John E. FINNEY, 28, [occ. not listed], Canada, Hay Tp, s/o William FINNEY & Christina GOODCHILD, married Sarah E. COLCLOUGH, 23, Canada, Goderich Tp, d/o William COLCOUGH & Sarah J. CURRISH, Wit: Mathew FINNEY, Hay Tp & Louisa COLCOUGH, Goderich Tp, 10 May 1899, Goderich Tp
008246-00 (Huron Co): Walter FITSIMMONS, 27, farmer, not given, Middlesex Co, s/o Henry FITSIMMONS & Margaret McMARTIN married Lizzie Ellenetta COULTER, 23, Morris, same, d/o James COULTER & Rebecca LOGAN. Wit: A. FITSIMMONS of Middlesex Co and Clara C. COULTER of Morris. December 12, 1899 at Morris 008094-99 (Huron Co): George FRETWELL, 68, farmer, Nottinghamshire, Wingham, s/o David FRETWELL & Mary MIDDLETON married Elizabeth WRIGHT, 51, Aucnum Scotland, Turnberry. d/o Alexander WRIGHT & Margaret HENDERSON. Wit: Gavin DAVIDSON of Turnberry and Mrs. James FYFE of Harriston. October 4, 1899 at Wingham
07801-99 William F. GALLOW , 28, Physician, Toronto, Toronto, s/o F. GALLOW & Mary YEATS, married Margaret Jane JOHNSTON, 24, Goderich, Goderich, d/o Alex JOHNSTON & M. McKENZIE, Wit: Alfred WEBB, Newmarket & Jessie E. GALLOW, Toronto, 13 Sept 1899, Goderich 07800-99 - W.L. GLIDDON , 25, farmer, Canada, Colborne Tp, s/o R. GLIDDON & M. PORTER, married Mary Jane JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Ashfield, d/o D. JOHNSTON & M. PORTER, Wit: Lizzie GLIDDON, Shepardton(sic) & Ferna ALLIN, Goderich, 27 Jul 1899, Goderich
007787-99 Luke GOLBY, 32, [occ not listed], Galt, London, s/o Silas GOLBY & Elizabeth STOCKFORD, married Emma VALE, 27, England, London Ont, d/o John VALE & Jane CALLIWELL, Wit: Manuel VALE, Exeter & Mary DAVEY, Sarepta(?), 12 Jul 1899, Exeter 007792-99 Alexander H. GOULD , 27, Machinist, London, Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o William GOULD & Caroline HAYNE, married Agnes Mary A. BROOKS, 28, Stantonbury England, Exeter, d/o George BROOKS & Eliza TOWNSEND, Wit: James W. FARROTT, Logan Tp & Emily BROOKS, Exeter, 25 Dec 1899, Exeter
007961-99 (Huron Co): James A. GRAY, 32, farmer, Dorchester Middlesex, McKillop, s/o Roderick GRAY & Jane CHRYSTAL married Maggie C. MURRAY, 28, Seaforth, same, d/o John MURRAY & Ellen McCULLOCH. Wit: T. B. ANDERSON of Ottawa and Harriet MURRAY of Seaforth. June 7, 1899 at Seaforth 007714-99 (Huron Co): Charles Henry GREER, 23, farmer, Canada, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph C. GREER & T. Rose RENNICK married Sarah Agnes HIGGINS, 21, U.S., Blyth, d/o Robert HIGGINS & Jane LITTLE. Wit: James McDONALD of Walton and Marjory B. GILLESPIE of Seaforth. June 28, 1899 at Blyth
007681-99 (Huron Co): William GREY, 44, widower, farmer, Oxford Twp, Ashfield, s/o William A. & Fanny S. GREY married Margaret HAWKINS, 31, clerk, Port Albert, same, d/o Thomas & Christina HAWKINS. Wit: Walter B. HAWKINS and Sarah Jane GREY, both of Ashfield. January 3, 1899 at Port Albert 007974-99 (Huron Co): James HAMILTON, 23, bookkeeper, Whitechurch, McGregor Ont, s/o James HAMILTON & Mary MITCHELL married Jane Ann Louisa COLCLOUGH, 20, Stanley, Varna, d/o Robert COLCLOUGH & Harriet FORD. Wit: William COLCLOUGH and Maggie HAMILTON, both of Varna. January 18, 1899 at Varna
007869-99 (Huron Co): George Alfred HARNESS, 23, brick layer, Port Hope, Exeter, s/o John HARNESS & Sarah Ann REID married Mary Elizabeth McPHEE, 22, McGillivray, same, d/o Malcolm McPHEE & Martha SMITH. Wit: Mrs. J. S. HENDERSON and Mrs. Henry ARNOLD , both of Hensall. October 10, 1899 at Hensall. 007997-99 (Huron) Daniel Julius HARTLIEB, 20, tinsmith, Dashwood, same, s/o Jonas HARTLIEB & Mary THON, to Christina GOSSMAN, 16, Dashwood, same, d/o Frederick GOSSMAN & Ellen ZIMMER, wit: Mark BROKESHIRE & Louvada HARTLIEB both of Dashwood, 12 October 1899, Dashwood
008000-99 (Huron) John HAYES, 36, farmer, Mt. Carmel, same, s/o James HAYES & Ellen MORRISEY, to Annie ROWLAND, 35, Mt. Carmel, same, d/o John ROWLAND & Hannah O'BRIEN, wit: John ROWLAND Jr. & Ella HAYES both of Mt Carmel, 8 Nov. 1899, Mt Carmel 007996-99 (Huron) Robert A. HAYLOCK, 23, tinsmith, London, same, s/o Lavender HAYLOCK & Susan SEVANNELL, to Margaretha WEIN, 23, Stephen twp., same, d/o Matthew WEIN & Eva FAHNER, wit: John WEIN of Stephen & Emily Louisa HAYLOCK of London, 10 October 1899, Stephen
007771-99 Frank HAYNARD, 21, farmer, Clinton, Clinton, s/o Alfred HAYNARD & Susan SADDLER, married Alberta Jane SMALL, 19, St. Thomas, Clinton, d/o Frank SMALL, & Elizabeth YOUNG, Wit: Albert SWITZER & Mrs. Thomas SEAWARD both of Clinton, 18 Oct 1899, Clinton 007975-99 (Huron Co): William HEARD, 36, farmer, Stanley, Bayfield, s/o Thomas & Mary HEARD married Ellenor E. SCOTCHMER, 25, Stanley, same, d/o Alfred & Ellenor SCOTCHMER. Wit: James A. PORTER of Goderich and Margaret SCOTCHMER of Stanley. April 12, 1899 at Stanley
007781-99 William J HEDDEN, 23, laborer, Dashwood, Exeter, s/o William HEDDEN & Elenor MITCHELL, married Amelia CUDMORE, 27, Exeter, Exeter, d/o John CUDMORE & Elizabeth STANLAKE, Wit: Thomas PRIER & Susanna PRIER both of Exeter, 16 Feb1899, Exeter (also 7785-99 & 7989-99) 008110-99 (Huron Co): Thomas George HEMPHILL, miller, Wroxeter, same, d/o Thomas HEMPHILL & Isabella HARRIS married Lottie BRAUN, Wroxeter, same, d/o W. H. BRAUN, M.D & Rachel A. GODBOLT. Wit: John BRAUN and Minnie HEMPHILL, both of Wroxeter. May 3, 1899 at Wroxeter
008092-99 (Huron Co): William James HENDERSON, 30, farmer, Morris, same, s/o William HENDERSON & Helen MURPHY married Lydia LENNOX, 24, Wingham, same, d/o Hiram LEMMEX (sic) & Permelia FURLONG. Wit: Nellie HENDERSON of Morris and Ernest LEMMEX of Wingham. September 13, 1899 at Wingham 8017-00 Aguilla John HENDERSON, 23, twine maker, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o George Alfred HENDERSON & Mary KEARLEY? (Keanley?), married Minnie SHEPPARD, 23, Clinton, same, d/o James SHEPPARD & Mary DUTTON, witn: J. A. & Grace Lee SHEPPARD of Clinton, 25 Dec 1899 at Clinton
  #008041-99 (Huron Co): James HODGSON, 23, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o William HODGSON & Elizabeth BROOKS, married Ella BRIMACOMBE, 23, Usborne, same, d/o John BRIMACOMBE & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: James COTTLE of Winchelsea & Maud BRIMACOMBE of Elimville, 1 Feb 1899 at Elimville
007789-99 Henry HOFFMAN, 23, Builder, Hay Tp, Hay Tp, s/o Henry HOFFMAN & Ann VOELKER, married Margaret STACEY, 21, Hay Tp, Stephen Tp, d/o Thomas STACEY & Bertha PRUTER, Wit: Ernest BOWLER?[smudged] & Melinda WILLERT both of Dashwood, 27 Sept 1899, Exeter 007779-99 Charles HOFFMAN, 38, farmer, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, s/o Peter & Johanna HOFFMAN, married Sarah Fanny WILLIAMS, 29, Clarks Tp, Exeter, d/o Richard & Susannah WILLIAMS, Wit: Thomas WILLIAMS, Exeter & May SHAWLEY, Listowell, 7 Dec 1899, Exeter (also 7783-99)
007990-99 (Huron) Frederick H. HOGARTH, 28, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o Stephen HOGARTH & Jane COLEMAN, to Prudence BAGSHAW, 29, Stephen twp., same, d/o William BAGSHAW & Betsy SINGULAR, wit: Jas. T. BAGSHAW & Emma A. HOGARTH both of Stephen, 28 Dec. 1899, Stephen #008046-99 (Huron Co): James HORN, 33, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Samuel HORN & Susannah BRENT, married Elizabeth Lucretia PYM, 25, Usborne twp., same, d/o John PYM & Jane BARKWELL, witn: Albert S. PYM of Exeter & Elizabeth A, HORN of Woodham, 12 Sep 1899 at Elimville, Usborne
007821-99 (Huron Co): Edwin B. HORNEY, 22, farmer, Canada, Colborne, s/o James HORNEY & Mary SIMPSON married Mary Alzina CHURCH, 27, Canada, Goderich Twp, d/o George CHURCH & Margaret FEAGAN. Wit: Austin CHURCH and Francis ELLIOTT, both of Goderich. November 22, 1899 at Goderich Twp 007862-99 (Huron Co): James HOPE, 25, farmer, Ayr Ont, Carberry Man, s/o George HOPE & Jessie HOGG married Jane BUCHANAN, 23, Hay, Carberry Man, d/o William BUCHANAN & Jane McALLISTER. Wit: John BUCHANAN of Guelph and Etta BALLANTYNE of Hensall. January 10, 1899 at Hensall
008205-00 (Huron Co): John James HUGHILL, 34, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o William HUGHILL & Jane MITCHELL married Ellen Maria TASKER, 24, Hullett, same, d/o Lancelot TASKER & Frances ODDLEY. Wit: William HUGHILL and Thomas HUGHILL, both of Teeswater. December 27, 1899 at Hullett 007795-99 Robert HUTCHINS, 21, Saw Miller, Colborne, Colborne, s/o William HUTCHINS & Jennie DEWE(?), married Emily M. CURRAN, Goderich, Goderich, d/o Samuel CURAN & Sally MARTIN, Wit: Maggie JOHNSTON, Goderich & William FORBES, Toronto, 21 Jun 1899, Goderich
007730-99 (Huron Co): William JAMES, 29, machinist, England, Brussels, s/o Henry JAMES & Susan BLACKWELL married Alice Mary WALL, 24, Ontario, Brussels, d/o Robert WALL & Martha E. CHURCH. Wit: William WATT? of Toronto and Hannah J. HEWITT of Paris. September 6, 1899 at Brussels 007919-99 Albert Edwin JARVIS , 24, Clerk, Canada, Baltimore USA, s/o Charles (?) JARVIS & Ellen WHITTINGHAM, married Bertha Agness MARQUIS, 23, Canada, Goderich Tp, d/o John MARQUIS & Mary Ann PHIPP, Wit: Nellie JARVIS & Jenett MARQUIS both of Goderich Tp, 6(?) Jun 1899, Goderich Tp
007772-99 Ira Webster JOHNS , 36(?), farmer, Tuckersmith Tp, Tuckersmith Tp, s/o Edwin JOHNS & Jane LAUDENBURGH, married Fanny Stanbury TOWNSEND, 26, Tuckersmith Tp, Clinton, d/o Joseph TOWNSEND & Elizabeth STANBURY, Wit: Albert E. THOMPSON, Clinton& Carrie M. JOHNS, Tuckersmith, 24 Oct 1899, Clinton #008040-99 (Huron Co): John JOHNS, 27, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o William JOHNS & Eliza JONES, married Carrie BROCK, 29, Usborne, same, d/o John BROCK & Hannah PENWARDEN, witn: Frank BROCK of Winchelsea & Matilda GUNNING of Granton, 1 Feb 1899 at Usborne
008003-99 (Huron) William W. JOHNSON, 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o George T. JOHNSON & Sarah A. MARRITT, to Nellie ALLEN, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Ambroise ALLEN & Malvina DESJARDINS, wit: Thomas WATSON of McGillivray & Annie ALLEN of Stephen, 8 November 1899, Stephen 007918-99 (Huron Co): Christopher KAINE, 35, minister, Howick, same, s/o John Henry KAINE & Mary PENTLAND married Sarah Ann A. MILLS, 23, Hullett, same, d/o John MILLS & Sarah Ann BINGHAM. Wit: John H. KAINE of Howick and Keziah MILLS of Hullett. July 5, 1899 at Hullett
007769-99 Angus KEACHIE, 39, Galt, Galt, Machinist, s/o John Buchannan KEACHIE & Catherine HUNTER, married Elizabeth BRAID, 32, Glasgow SCT, Clinton, d/o John BRAID & Elizabeth McConachy, Wit: Mrs. Elizabeth BRAID & E.B. HART both of Clinton, 27 Sept 1899, Clinton 007963-99 (Huron Co): Robert Henry KEELER, 26, S. A. officer, Norwich England, Seaforth, s/o Henry KEELER & Mary PINCHEN married Margaret EBSARY, 26. St. John's Newfoundland, St. Thomas, d/o Henry EBSARY & Ellen FITZPATRICK. Wit: Christopher NEFF of Stratford and Bertha PICKLE of St. Thomas. July 5, 1899 at Seaforth
007939-99 (Huron Co): John A. KERR, 30, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o Alexander KERR & Ellen LAPSLIE married Sophia Letitia McGAVIN, 23, Ontario, McKillop, d/o William McGAVIN & Elizabeth GRAHAM. Wit: Isaac McGAVIN of McKillop and Lottie McCULLY of Constance. December 6, 1899 at McKillop 007995-99 (Huron) Wesley KERR, 28, general merchant, Crediton, Brinsley, s/o John KERR & Caroline WILSON, to Susan Vinetta Ann BANES, 22, Stephen twp., Crediton, d/o Joseph Banes & Mercy STEVENS, wit: Frederick KERR of Crediton & Sarah FRAYNE, 30 August 1899, Crediton
007973-99 (Huron Co): Elmer KETCHEBAW, 21, farmer, Michigan, St. Thomas, s/o George KETCHEBAW & Nerice SMITH married Mary WALKER, 22, London, Stanley, d/o Robert WALKER & not given. Wit: Edward BOYCE and Eliza J. ARMSTRONG, both of Stanley. January 5, 1899 at Varna 008351-00 (Huron Co): George H. KILBURN, 23, farmer, not given, Smith's Falls, s/o Vincent KILBURN & Ellen KELLY married Lillian L. SLATER, 22, not given, Blyth, d/o Robert SLATER & Jennie WRIGHT. Wit: James H. MOONEY and Sarah M. WRIGHT, res not given. December 27, 1899 at East Wawanosh
007770-99 John Daniel KILTY, 26, Clerk, Hullett Tp, Calumet Michigan USA, s/o John D. KILTY & Sophia COOK, married Hattie BROWN, 25, Clinton, Clinton, d/o Richard BROWN & Harriet Amanda RAPPEY(?), Wit: H.W. REID, London & Grace C. TEAFORD, Clinton 11 Oct 1899, Clinton 007916-99 (Huron Co): John Warwick KING, 43, Smith's Falls, Bluevale, s/o Duncan KING & Mary WARWICK married Annie Olive SCHOALES, 29, Culross, Hullett, d/o Francis H. SCHOALES & Jane ROBINSON. Wit: Robert J. McMILLAN of Hullett and Mary B. SCHOALES of Wingham. September 8, 1899 at Hullett
008017-99 (Huron Co): William KRUSE, 34, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o Claus KRUSE & Christina STONE married Hannah SPENCER, 32, Liverpool, Tuckersmith, d/o John H. SPENCER & Maria LUCAS. Wit: Richard KRUSE and Kate McLEOD, both of Tuckersmith. March 24, 1899 at Egmondville 007968-99 (Huron Co): Edward LATIMER Jr, 22, tinsmith, Seaforth, same, s/o Edward LATIMER & Theresa DALMAGE married Harriet Elizabeth SOOLES, 20, Seaforth, same, d/o Charles SOOLES & Margaret Elizabeth LOVE. Wit: George SILLS of Wingham and Tillie FITZGERALD of Seaforth. November 8, 1899 at Seaforth
007778-99 Thomas LAWSON, 32, laborer, Stephen Tp, Crediton, widower, s/o John LAWSON & Lois GARDINER, married Miley(sic) WHITE, 32, Arkona, Arkona, d/o John WHITE & Elizabeth KEYS, Wit: A.R. WILLOUGHBY & Mary A. HARRISON both of Exeter, 21 Dec 1899, Exeter (also 7782-99) 008005-99 (Huron) John James LAWSON, 26, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o George LAWSON & Lucy LAMPORT, to Fannie MAWHINNEY, 26, Stephen, same, d/o George MAWHINNEY & Ann FOSTER, wit: William MAHWINNEY & Alicia AMY both of Stephen, 6 December 1899, Stephen
8020-00 John LAYTON, 66, widower, gentleman, England, Clinton, s/o William LAYTON & Ann BANKS, married Mary HELLEN (Hetlen?), 56, widow, Brockville, Clinton, d/o Adam WATSON & Mary NEIL, witn: John & Lizzie WALKER of Clinton, 28 Dec 1899 at Clinton 007980-99 (Huron) Daniel LIVERGOOD, 27, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Daniel LIVERGOOD, to Catharine WING, 23, Hay twp., same, d/o William & Catherine WING, wit: Herbert L. SAUER & Mary SAUER both of Dashwood, 4 Jan. 1899, Dashwood
007790-99 Richard LUXTON, 60, Gentleman, [illegible] England, Rankin Illinois USA, s/o George LUXTON & Mary [illegible], married Elizabeth McLEAN, [age not listed], Whittey(?), Hay Tp, widow, d/o Samuel BAYES & Mary Ann ALEXANDER, Wit: James W. REID, Hay Tp & Christina MARTIN, Exeter, 31 Oct 1899, Exeter 008066-99 (Huron Co): John Moore MADDISON, 48, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Robert MADDISON & Mary MARTIN married Lavinia PEARIN, 37, Chinguacousy, East Wawanosh d/o Matthew PEARIN & Mary Ann MODLIN. Wit: Esias PEARIN and Eliza PEARIN, both of East Wawanosh. April 4, 1899 at East Wawanosh
007776-99 Moses MANN , 23, farmer, Hullett Tp, Hullett Tp, s/o George MANN & Anna RILEY, married Maud HUNTER, 18, Stanley Tp, Stanley Tp, d/o Josh WILSON & Alice HUNTER, Wit: Elizabeth J. STEWART & Mary E. MATHESON both of Clinton, 6 Dec 1899, Clinton 007773-99 William James MANN, 37, farmer, Hullett Tp, Hullett Tp, s/o George MANN & Emma RILEY, married Jane TUDOR, 27, Euphrasia Tp, Hullett Tp, d/o Thomas TUDOR & Janet CAMPBELL, Wit: Florence HOSON & Ellie HOWSON both of Clinton, 25 Oct 1899, Clinton
007774-99 Russell E. MANNING, 29, Clerk, Exeter, Clinton, s/o Richard MANNING & Harriett TRICK, married Grace A. BALES, 29, Varna, Clinton, d/o John BOLES & Mary WALLS, Wit: A.J.G. CASCADDEN, Port Union & W.A. MANNING, Clinton, 14 Nov 1899, Clinton #008038-99 (Huron Co): George MANTLE, 40, manufacturer, England, Stephen, s/o George A. MANTLE & Mary A. SEARLY, married Elizabeth Ann DUNCAN, 29, Usborne, same, d/o John DUNCAN & Elizabeth RAYBURN, witn: Thomas A.& Joanna DUNCAN of Usborne, 25 Jan 1899 at Usborne
008004-99 (Huron) William Henry MARTYN, 30, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Thomas MARTYN & Sarah BROWN, to Maggie MAWHINNEY, 28, Stephen, same, d/o George MAWHINNEY & Ann FOSTER, wit: William MAWHINNEY & Alicia AMY both of Stephen, 6 December 1899, Stephen 007986-99 (Huron) Thomas MAWHINNEY, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o George MAWHINNEY & Ann FOSTER, to Mary Ann HAIST, 23, Stephen, same, d/o August & Barbara HAIST, wit: James LAWSON & Fannie MAWHINNEY both of Stephen, 21 Feb. 1899, Stephen
007712-99 (Huron Co): John T? McCARTER, 27, farmer, Canada, Morris, s/o John & Margaret McCARTER married JANE F? MILLER, 19, Canada, Morris, d/o Not Given. Wit: Elizabeth McLEAN and Amelia McLEAN, both of Blyth. March 8, 1899 at Blyth #007980-00 (Huron Co): Donald McDONALD, 25, farmer, Ashfield, Lachals?, s/o Finley McDONALD & Sarah HALLYDAY, married Selena GRANT, 24, Ashfield, same, d/o James L. GRANT, miller, & Annie McLEAN, witn: H. McDONALD of Michigan & Alex A. McLEAN of Amberly, 14 Dec 1899 at Hemlock? City
007983-99 (Huron) Robert McFALLS, 47, hotel keeper, Biddulph, Berlin, widower, s/o John McFALLS & Eliza ROBBINS, to Rosella HODGINS, 47, McGillvray, Centralia, widow, d/o James McLEOD & Mary HUDSON, wit: George S. GRAFTEN & Mary GRAFTEN of Centralia, 29 Jan. 1899, Crediton 007777-99 Peter McGEE, 30, farmer, Goderich Tp, Bayfield, s/o Peter McGEE & Elizabeth CORNELL, married Annie BLAIR, 27, Goderich Tp, Bayfield, d/o Samuel BLAIR & Elizabeth SPEAR, Wit: H.E. FREEMAN & C.E. CLEMENT both of Clinton, 6 Dec 1899, Clinton
007967-99 (Huron Co): John McINTOSH, 35, widower, blacksmith, McKillop, Seaforth, s/o George McINTOSH & Isabella McKAY married Margaret LATIMER, 24, Seaforth, same, d/o Edward LATIMER & Theresa DALMAGE. Wit: Julia LEATHERLAND and Edward LATIMER Jr., both of Seaforth. October 11, 1899 at Seaforth 008026-99 (Huron Co): William James McINTYRE, 30, merchant, Granton, Toronto, s/o James Pearson McINTYRE & Susannah ROBINSON married Elizabeth GREENAWAY, 25, Howick, Toronto, d/o Robert GREENAWAY & Elizabeth WYLIE. Wit: Evert Earnest McINTYRE of Toronto and Jennie GREENAWAY of Bluevale. June 28, 1899 at Bluevale Turnberry
007959-99 (Huron Co): Thomas Stewart McKENZIE, 69, widower, carpenter, Scotland, Woodstock, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Catherine BROWN married Ellen Mima DUNCAN, 62, widow, Canada, Woodstock, d/o John C. MARTIN & Julia BOWDER. Wit: C. W. PAPST and Isabella C. PAPST, both of Seaforth. March 30, 1899 at Seaforth 008054-99 (Huron Co): Robert Henry McQUILLIN, 27, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o Edward & Eliza McQUILLIN married Margaret Maria WOODS, 17, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Matthew & Eliza WOODS. Wit: John McQUILLIN of Lucknow and Rebecca WOODS of St. Helen's. March 8, 1899 at West Wawanosh
008028-99 (Huron Co): John A. MENZIES, 24, clerk, Howick, Molesworth, s/o John MENZIES & Janet CAMPBELL married Mary PATRICK, 22, Howick, same, d/o Hugh PATRICK & Jane CAMPBELL. Wit: William BAILEY and Eliza MESSER, both of Bluevale. August 9, 1899 at Bluevale 008023-99 (Huron Co): John MOORE, 27, farmer, Tuckersmith, Algoma, s/o Peter & Marion MOORE married Maria DAYMAN, 25, Tuckersmith, same, d/o John & Harriett DAYMAN. Wit: Thomas WILLIAMS of Exeter and Sarah DAYMAN of Tuckersmith. December 13, 1899 at Tuckersmith
007994-99 (Huron) James Hugh MOSSEY, 23, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o Joseph MOSSEY & Elizabeth SHANE, to Maria Jane JACQUES, 23, Usborne, same, d/o William JACQUES & Elizabeth COMISH, wit: Rose J. JACQUES of Usborne & Lillie M. SALTON of Centralia, 24 May 1899, Centralia 007765-99 Edgar Charlton MUNROE , 24, Barber, Goderich, Goderich, s/ James MUNROE & Ellen VIDEAU, married Anna Theresa FITZSIMMONS, 24, Clinton, Clinton, d/o Robert FITZSIMMONS & Lizzie TURSLEY, Wit: Flora WATSON, Blyth & Robert Andrew IRVINE, Goderich, 21 Jun 1899, Clinton
008034-99 (Huron Co): Jeffrey MUSGROVE, 31, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o Thomas MUSGROVE & Elizabeth DOUBLEDEE married Sarah Edith THORNTON, 19, Morris, Turnberry, d/o Seymour THORNTON & Margaret COOPER. Wit: Robert A. FARRELL of Wroxeter and Mary COULTIS? of Wingham. December 13, 1899 at Turnberry 007786-99 Abraham MUSSER (Meisser?), 25, farmer, Stephen Tp, Hay Tp, s/o Aaron MUSSER & Fanny WARMER (Warner? Wariner?), married Joan DUNCAN, 29, Usborne, Usborne, d/o Alexander DUNCAN & Joan CHALMERS, Wit: Thomas A. DUNCAN & Marion McCURDY both of Usborne, 21 Jun 1899, Exeter
008055-99 (Huron Co): George NAYLOR, 27, yeoman, West Wawanosh, East Wawanosh, s/o George & Eliza NAYLOR married Eliza ROBINSON, 26, East Wawanosh, West Wawanosh, d/o James ROBINSON & Catherine ADAMSON. Wit: William NAYLOR of East Wawanosh and Leslie ROBINSON of West Wawanosh. March 8, 1899 at St. Augustine 007775-99 John James NEIL, 29, Tinsmith, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Samuel NEIL & Roxanna McMILLAN, married Mary Gril(?) BELL, 24, Dungannon, Clinton, d/o Joseph BELL & Mary HOWSON, Wit: Mrs. MURDUCK & Arthur KIRKLEY both of Clinton, 21 Nov 1899, Clinton
008058-99 (Huron Co): Thomas O'BRIEN, 33, farmer, London, same, s/o John O'BRIEN & Eliza KENT married Mary McCANN, 30, West Wawanosh, St. Augustine, d/o Peter McCANN & Catherine TERNEY. Wit: Charles OLIVER of London West and Eliza McCANN of St. Augustine. June 14, 1899 at St. Augustine 007964-99 (Huron Co): Montgomery PATRICK, 27, farmer, Hibbert Perth Co, same, s/o Andrew PATRICK & Annie DAVIS married Rachel NICHOL, 25, Tuckersmith, Seaforth, d/o Alexander NICHOL & Annie BARR. Wit: J. W. POTTER and Lilly POTTER, both of Blyth. August 23, 1899 at Seaforth
008067-99 (Huron Co): John PICKETT, 27, farmer, Clinton, East Wawanosh, s/o William PICKETT & Jane JORDAN married Catherine McCULLOCH, 28, East Wawanosh, same, d/o John McCULLOCH & Catherine WILSON. Wit: Bert CARTER and Annie BUCHANAN, both of East Wawanosh. May 10, 1899 at East Wawanosh 008050-99 (Huron Co): Samuel J. PYM, 34, farmer, Usborne, same, s/o John PYM & Jane BARKWELL married Eliza Jane ROWCLIFFE, 27, Usborne, same, d/o John ROWCLIFEE & Catherine KYDD. Wit: Albert E. PYM of Exeter and Ida J. KYDD of Exeter Usborne. August 16, 1899 at Usborne
008033-99 (Huron Co): William James RAMSAY, 21, laborer, Morris, Turnberry, s/o Andrew RAMSAY & Sarah A. PARK married Sarah Jane ROUTLEDGE, 22, Clinton, same, d/o Edward J. ROUTLEDGE & Elizabeth A. WEBB. Wit: John HOMUTH of Turnberry and Jessie F. GREY of Wingham. November 1, 1899 at Turnberry 007956-99 (Huron Co): Daniel REGELE, 26, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Christian REGELE & Amelia ISCHE married Carrie DRAGER, 19, McKillop, same, d/o William DRAGER & Amelia FITZNER. Wit: Charles DRAGER and Emma REGELE, both of McKillop. January 13, 1899 at Seaforth
07805-99 Robert REYNOLDS, 25, Brick maker, England, Goderich Tp, s/o Robert REYNOLDS & not known, married Mary Ann KERR, 21, Canada, Goderich Tp, d/o John KERR & Catella FOWLER, Wit: Clerr? G. ALLEN & Martha HILL both of Goderich, 22 Nov 1899, Goderich 008099-99 (Huron Co): William H. RINTOUL, 24, carpenter, West Wawanosh, same, s/o John RINTOUL & Hanna STEPHENSON married Annie E. CAMPBELL, 22, Torbrook Nova Scotia, Wingham, d/o John CAMPBELL & Charlotte Haire? PARKER. Wit: John CAMPBELL of Wingham and Annie L. SANDERSON of Wroxeter. October 25, 1899 at Wingham
008086-99 (Huron Co): John A. ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, Turnberry, Neepawa Manitoba, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Emily DINSMORE married Janet BAXTER, 30, Wingham, Turnberry, d/o John BAXTER & Mary KELLY. Wit: Thomas ROBERTSON of Turnberry and Kate BAXTER of Wingham. August 10, 1899 at Wingham 008093-99 (Huron Co): Thomas ROBERTSON, 22, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Margaret CAMPBELL married Elizabeth McILWAIN, 26, Turnberry, Wingham, d/o Thomas McILWAIN & Elizabeth WILSON. Wit: Eugene McDONALD and Martha McILWAIN, both of Wingham. September 27, 1899 at Wingham
008001-99 (Huron) Charles ROESZLER, 38, labourer, Stephen, same, s/o George ROESZLER & Rosina SCHERBENBEIGEN, to Mary WILHELM, 28, Stephen, same, d/o Eckhard WILHELM & Elizabeth ROEDER, wit: Wesley FINKBEINER & Carrie L. FINKBEINER both of Stephen, 21 Nov. 1899, Stephen 007907-99 (Huron Co): Walter Solomon ROGERSON, 34, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Walter ROGERSON & Elizabeth BARR married Elizabeth DUNLOP, 26, Howick, Hullett, s/o William DUNLOP & Elizabeth LACEY. Wit: Robert ROGERSON and Jenny SCOTT. March 29, 1899 at Hullett
008008-99 (Huron) Samuel ROLLINS, 22, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Isaac ROLLINS & Bella STEWARDSON, to Mary Bella McLEOD, 16, Ailsa Craig, same, d/o Donald McLEOD & Isabella THOMPSON, wit: John ROLLINS of Stephen & Annie EDWARDS of Fullarton, 25 December 1899, Crediton 007767-99 Hugh Edward RORKE , 30, Mechanic, Syndenham Tp, Clinton, s/o W.D. RORKE & Eliza WILSON, married Rosa Alice Bernhard CUNNINGHAM, 24, Clinton, Clinton, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Clara STRONSON, Wit: Howard [illegible], Strathroy & Florence CUNNINGHAM, Clinton, 16 Aug 1899, Clinton
007971-99 (Huron Co): William John ROSS, 28, farmer, Brucefield, same, s/o Alexander ROSS & Margaret McMILLAN married Janet GILMOUR, 26, Brucefield, same, d/o John GILMOUR & Agnes BAIRD. Wit: James C. ROSS and Mary GILMOUR, both of Brucefield. February 29, 1899 at Brucefield 007788-99 Robert Beattie ROSS, 31, farmer, Hay Tp, Hay Tp, s/o Gavin ROSS & Annie BEATTIE, married Victoria EAST, 31, Usborne, Usborne, d/o Thomas EAST & Maria SIMPSON, Wit: George & Lammie CASE of Usborne Tp, 13 Sept 1899, Exeter
008061-99 (Huron Co): Alexander ROSS, 30, mechanic, Ontario, Lucknow, s/o John ROSS & Sarah A. GODFREY married Mary Maud JURY, 21, Ontario, West Wawanosh, d/o Frank JURY & Lucy BRADFORD. Wit: D. F. JOHNSTON and Martha ANDREW, both of Lucknow. August 23, 1899 at West Wawanosh 008064-99 (Huron Co): Henry J. RYAN, 28, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Jacob RYAN & Agnes POLLY married Jessie KERR, 22, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Samuel KERR & Eliza McPHEE. Wit: George RYAN and Lizzie KERR, both of Nile. December 20, 1899 at Nile
007799-99 John RUNYON, 50, Traveller, United States, Toronto, widower, s/o H. RUNYON & [illegible] HASLETT, married Evelyn DEYNARD, 26, Canada, Toronto, d/o R. DEYNARD & C. WILLIAMS, Wit: W.G. GODWIN & M. GODWIN both of Goderich, 27 Jul 1899, Goderich #008042-99 (Huron Co): James Edmund St.CLAIR, 24, farmer, Hastings Co., Usborne twp., s/o Neil St.CLAIR & Sophia CALDWELL, married Elizabeth GORVETT, 21, Usborne, same, d/o James GORVETT & Dorothy A. HERN, witn: Alexander St.CLAIR of Woodham & Mary E. GORVETT of Winchelsea, 15 March 1899 at Elimville, Usborne
008032-99 (Huron Co): Henry SAINT, 24, teamster, England, Wingham, s/o James SAINT & Ellen R. VEN married Hannah M. ENGLAND, 21, Turnberry, same, d/o James ENGLAND & Liza PARKS. Wit: Henry ANGUS and Emma SAINT, both of Wingham. October 18, 1899 at Turnberry 007917-99 Fole? SANDERSON , 25, Baker, Benmiller, Bayfield, s/o Fole? SANDERSON & Agness TROPER, married Lydia TOWNHEAD, 22, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o John TOWNHEAD & Lavina SHEARD, Wit: William SANDERSON, Bayfield & Emma JORDAN, Clinton, 15 Mar 1899, Goderich Tp
008053-99 (Huron Co): John Robert SAVAGE, 28, widower, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Henry SAVAGE & Louisa HOGG married Mary Etta SMELTZER, 27, Ashfield, Lucknow, d/o Paul SMELTZER & Martha EARL. Wit: William SMELTZER and Richard JOHNSTON, both of Belfast. February 1, 1899 at Lucknow 008062-99 (Huron Co): William J. SCHENK, 22, mason, Elliot, Zurich, s/o Frederick & Louisa SCHENK married Lovina A. VIRANG, 22, Zurich, same, d/o John & Maria VIRANG. Wit: William SCOTT and Jean D. SCOTT, both of Hullett. November 1, 1899 at Auburn
8018-00 Anthony SCHRENK, 28, machine agent, Mornington twp., Clinton, s/o Joseph SCHRENK & Mary NELSON, married Rachel Rye COOK, 19, Goderich twp., Clinton, d/o Frederick COOK & Margaret LORIMER, witn: Rowland COOK of Goderich twp & Tena M. FORDON of Sheppardton, 26 Dec 1899 at Clinton 007984-99 (Huron) John SCHROEDER, 32, farmer, Bruce Co., Stephen, widower, s/o Gottlieb SCHROEDER & Cousie Roatz SCBROESE, to Louisa WIND, 29, Stephen, same, d/o John WIND & Rosina Brause BRAUN, wit: Henry & Mrs. H. WIND of Stephen, 26 Jan. 1899, Crediton
#008048-99 (Huron Co): Richard James SELVES, 28, blacksmith, England, Fullarton twp., s/o Stephen SELVES & Mary COKLEY, married Mary Catherine BEAVERS, 27, Usborne, same, d/o Benjamin BEAVERS & Sarah BLANCE?, witn: Martin L. BEAVERS of Woodham & Ellen CLARK of Winchelsea, 21 June 1899 at Woodham, Usborne 007918-99 John [illegible] SHEPPARD , 29, farmer, Goderich Tp, Manitoba, s/o John SHEPPARD & Susana NESBITT, married Emily A. THOMPSON, 26, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Jane BEACON, Wit: R.G. THOMPSON, Goderich Tp & Jane [?], Stanley Tp, 5 Feb 1899, Goderich Tp
008031-99 (Huron Co): Thomas SIMPSON, 25, farmer, Grey, same, s/o Andrew SIMPSON & Margaret STRACHAN married Isabella WRIGHT, 25, Turnberry, same, d/o Wright WRIGHT & Jessie McINTOSH. Wit: Andrew C. SIMPSON of Grey and Rebecca WRIGHT of Turnberry. September 27, 1899 at Turnberry 007935-99 (Huron Co): James SIMPSON, 35, farmer, Ontario, McKillop, s/o Thomas SIMPSON & Martha McDERMID married Christina ROSS, 29, Ontario, McKillop, d/o Alexander ROSS & Jennie CAMERON Wit: William A. ROSS and Sarah L. SIMPSON, both of McKillop. January 29, 1899 at McKillop
007977-99 (Huron Co): William James SIMS, 27, blacksmith, Plattsville, Blyth, s/o William SIMS & Margaret McLAUGHLIN married Mary Ann GRAHAM, 26, Auburn, Stanley, d/o William GRAHAM & Eliza BROWN. Wit: W. W. LARMAN and Annie HAMILTON, both of Blyth. June 26, 1899 at Stanley #008160-00 (Huron Co): Frederick SMALLACOMBE, 26, cooper, Exeter, Hensall, s/o W.J. SMALLACOMBE & Agnes KUTICK?, married Isabella ELLIS, 25, illegible (faded), Hensall, d/o Joseph ELLIS & Jane GILDERS, witn: illegible SMALLACOMBE & Mattie ELLIS, both of Hensall, 27 Dec 1899 at Hensall
008075-99 (Huron Co): William J. SMITH, 29, farmer, Morris, same, s/o George SMITH & Ann GARVIN married Mary ARMSTRONG, 21, West Wawanosh, same, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Ellen HARE. Wit: William CORBOULD and C. E. LOWE, both of Wingham. March 23, 1899 at Wingham #008159-00 (Huron Co): John Henry SMITH, 26, engineer, Stanley twp., Hensall, s/o Henry SMITH & Annie DAWSON, married Georgina Ann TROYER, 20, Stanley twp., Hensall, d/o James E. TROYER & Sarah Ann HUDSON, witn: Isaac HUDSON of Stanley twp & Sarah Catherine SMITH of Hamilton, 27 Dec 1899 at Hensall (also 7872-99)
008015-99 (Huron Co): John C. SPAIN, 22, laborer, Ontario, Seaforth, s/o William SPAIN & Mary WALL married Margaret F. NIXON, 20, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o James NIXON & C. MUNROE. Wit: Rachel MARCUS and Mary MULDREN, both of Egmondville. March 14, 1899 at Egmondville 007976-99 (Huron Co): John SPARKS, 35, farmer, Blenheim, Stanley, s/o A. SPARKS & Helen FORD married Salome COWAN, 21, Stanley, same, d/o John COWAN & Maria EARNEST. Wit: William SPARKS and Sefrona COWAN, both of Stanley. June 25, 1899 at Stanley
008014-99 (Huron Co): William Henry STALKER, 44, farmer, England, Manitoba, s/o William TAPP & Jane STALKER married Isabella STEWART, 36, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert STEWART & Jane ROSS. Wit: Duncan STEWART and Mary STEWART, both of Tuckersmith. March 9, 1899 at Tuckersmith #008284-00 (Huron Co): James Adam STEWART, 25, farmer, Stanley, same, s/o John STEWART & Abigail TWEEDIE, married Christina McEWEN, 25, Stanley, same, d/o Malcolm McEWEN & Annie FORSYTH, witn: John McFARLANE & Isabella McEWEN, both of Stanley, 27 Dec 1899 at Stanley
07808-99 James STONEHOUSE, 34, farmer, E Wawanosh, W Wawanosh, s/o R. STONEHOUSE & Eliz ROTH, married Jennie Jane GLENN, 33, W Wawanosh, Ashfield, d/o William GLENN & Jane ROBINSON, Wit: David GLENN & Agnes GLENN both of W Wawanosh, 25 Dec 1899, Goderich #008044-99 (Huron Co): Charles A. SWALLOW, 28, widow, carpenter, Canada, Usborne, s/o Matthew SWALLOW & Elizabeth COURTICE, married Elizabeth J. COPELAND, 22, England, Usborne, d/o John COPELAND & Mary A. SWALLOW, witn: Alex B. CREIGHTON & Ann K. ABRAY, both of Woodham, 29 March 1899 at Woodham, Usborne
007870-99 (Huron Co): Alexander SWAN, 32, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o John SWAN & Mary CAMPBELL married Jane MARTIN, 29, Hibbert, same, d/o George MARTIN & Fannie HARNESS. Wit: Mrs. J. S. HENDERSON of Hensall and Mary E. MARTIN of Hibbert. November 23, 1899 at Hensall 007987-99 (Huron) Henry SWEITZER, 32, miller, Stephen, Crediton, widower, s/o Harry SWEITZER & Fredericka CLEEMAN, to Lavina M. BROWN, 23, Crediton, same, d/o Bernhard BROWN & Charlotte MORLOCK, wit: Wellington WESCOTT of Exeter & Emma MORLOCK of Crediton, 28 March 1899, Crediton
#008047-99 (Huron Co): Fletcher D.L. SWITZER, 27, farmer, Blanchard twp., Usborne twp., s/o Fletcher SWITZER & Eliza DOUPE, married Bernice Ella ROOK, 20, Usborne twp., same, d/o George ROOK & Priscilla JONES, witn: Ernest DOUPE of Kirkton & Blanche ROOK of Devon, 12 Sep 1899 at Elimville, Usborne #007985-00 (Huron Co): Charles TATE, 28, farmer, Canada, Amaranth, s/o John TATE & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Barbara McCONNELL, 28, Canada, Ashfield, d/o James McCONNELL, farmer, & Sarah JAMIESON, witn: Sid GIBSON & Levia McCONNELL, both of Dungannon, 27 Dec 1899 at Ashfield
007960-99 (Huron Co): William TROTT, 29, blacksmith, England, Seaforth, s/o George TROTT & Mary CARPENTER married Emma S. WRIGHT, 26, McKillop, Seaforth, d/o John WRIGHT & Eliza GRIMMABY. Wit: Daniel SPARLING and Martha WRIGHT, both of Seaforth. May 3, 1899 at Seaforth 007966-99 (Huron Co): John TURNER, 48, retired farmer, Stanley, Seaforth, s/o John TURNER & Elizabeth REID married Marion McMICHAEL, 42, Hullett, Seaforth, d/o Thomas McMICHAEL & Elizabeth McMILLAN. Wit: Samuel R. HUNCHLEY and Julia LEATHERLAND, both of Seaforth. September 6, 1899 at Seaforth
008030-99 (Huron Co): Robert J. TYNDALL, 35, machinist, Ethel Huron Co, Wingham, s/o Anthony TINDALL (sic) & Maria JOSEPH married Fanny MOFFATT, 34, widow, Vaughan Ont, Turnberry, d/o Alexander HUNTER & Jane GINN. Wit: George CRUICKSHANK of Wingham and Cassie CRUICKSHANK of Wingham. October 10, 1899 at Turnberry 007969-99 (Huron Co): William VARSON, 40, farmer, Kinloss, same, s/o Thomas VARSON & Alice KENNEDY married Annie McMILLAN, 32, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Hugh McMILLAN & Isabella McINNIS. Wit: George KING of Culross and Maggie HASTING of Hibbert. November 28, 1899 at Seaforth
007780-99 David Oscar WADE, 29, farmer, Stephen Tp, Stephen Tp, s/o John & Mary WADE, married Mary BRITTEN, 26, Welland, Toronto, d/o Smith & Mary BRITTEN, Wit: Oscar STUART & Miss STUART both of Exeter, 11 Jul 1899, Exeter (also 7784-99) 007750-99 (Huron Co): William WAITE, 41, widower, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o Richard WAITE & Elizabeth RATCLIFEE married Ida WAY, 35, teacher, Prince Edward, Hullett, d/o W. H. WAY & Adelaide PLATT. Wit: Richard WAITE and Alva WAY, both of Hullett. August 29, 1899 at Benmiller
07800-99 Alva WAY 28, farmer, Prince Edward, Hullet Tp, s/o Willet WAY & A. PLATT, married Mary OKE, 23, Colborne, Goderich, d/o Thomas OKE & E. DUVALL, Wit: R. WAITE, Hullet & Clara JEWILL, Colborne, 29 Aug 1899, Goderich 007764-99 Thomas WEBSTER, 27, farmer, Ireland, Goderich Tp, s/o Thomas WEBSTER & Susan COOKE, married Margaret Victoria DEMPSEY, 20, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o John DEMPSEY & Elizabeth STERLING, Wit: Maud DEMPSEY, Holmesville & John Webster LETT, Lucknow, 21 Jun 1899, Clinton
007932-99 (Huron Co): William WESSENBERG, 65, widower, laborer, Germany, McKillop, s/o Jochin WESSENBERG & Sophie WEIMAN married Victoria KUEHNE, 41, widow, d/o John KNERSE? & Acada KOCHLAS. Wit: Christian REGELE and Mahla REGELE, both of McKillop. February 27, 1899 at McKillop 007798-99 George WESTON, 28, laborer, Canada, Goderich Tp, s/o R. WESTON & Eliz. LABBEY(?), married Edith COX, 20, Canada, Goderich Tp, d/o John COX & M.A. ELLIOTT, Wit: Mrs. GODWIN & Mildred GODWIN both of Goderich, 28 Jun 1899, Goderich
007687-99 (Huron Co): Henry WHITE, 42, widower, merchant, Oxford, Stratford, s/o Nicholas WHITE & Harriett DAVIS married Charlotte Eliza JOHNSTON, 28, Ashfield, same, d/o Henry JOHNSTON & Mary SEVERS. Wit: Richard JOHNSTON of Ashfield and Mary HAIR of Brook. February 16, 1899 at Ashfield 007794-99 John W. WHITELY, 32, Accountant, Goderich, Goderich Tp, s/o Thomas WHITELY & Jane EDWARDS, married Margaret McMILLAN, 19, Goderich Tp, Goderich Tp, d/o Robert McMILLAN & Elizabeth HENDERSON, Wit: Martha GODWIN, Goderich & Mrs. Charles SMITH, Toronto, 21 Apr 1899, Goderich
007726-99 (Huron Co): Moses WILDFANG, 24, laborer, Brussels, Listowell, s/o Jacob WILFANG and Not Given married Agnes BISHOP, 24, Ontario, Ethel, d/o Peter BISHOP & Hannah POSSUM. Wit: Lilly Ann PAUL and Christina SINCLAIR, both of Brussels. April 19, 1899 at Brussels 007988-99 (Huron) Joseph D. WILDFONG, 29, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Daniel WILDFONG & Catherine HENEFFES, to Lucinda WAGNER, 21, Hay twp., same, d/o Justus WAGNER & Catharine HAUG, wit: Ezra BENDER & Emma WAGNER of Stephen, 29 March 1899, Stephen
008016-99 (Huron Co): Wilbert J. WILLIAMS, 28, painter, Ontario, Seaforth, d/o J. WILLIAMS & Eliza BEAUCHAMP married Emma BROWN, 28, Ontario, Egmondville, d/o James BROWN & Mary HUNT. Wit: Arthur CALE and Charlotte ARMSTRONG, res not given. June 21, 1899 at Egmondville 007884-99 (Huron Co): Joseph John WILLIAMS, 28, physician, s/o Thomas C. WILLIAMS & Mary WHITE married Annie Jane PERKINS, 26, Gorrie, same, d/o James PERKINS & Elizabeth DANE. Wit: J. J. HARPER of Alliston Ont, and Cassie L. DANE of Gorrie. June 7, 1899 at Gorrie
007886-99 (Huron Co: George A. WILSON, 20, furniture dealer, Harriston, Fordwich, s/o John WILSON & Mary THOMPSON married Edna Dell MATHEWS, 19, Fordwich, same, d/o James MATHEWS & Louisa MILLS. Wit: John M. WALKEY of Fordwich and Levina McGRATH of Toronto. August 9, 1899 at Fordwich #008283-00 (Huron Co): Robinson WOODS, 32, farmer, Simcoe Co., St. Helens, s/o Robert WOODS & Mary A. REID, married Annie JOHNSTON, 30, Stanley, same, d/o Alex JOHNSTON & Rebecca REID, witn: James WOODS of Lucknow & Mary A. REID of Varna, 22 Nov 1899 at Varna
008020-99 (Huron Co): Thomas R. WORDEN, 26, farmer, Perth Co, same, s/o William WORDEN & Elizabeth MOFFATT married Whilemina COLEMAN, 24, Huron, Tuckersmith, d/o Robert COLEMAN & Margaret QUAIL. Wit: William WORDEN of Perth and Maggie COLEMAN of Tuckersmith. October 11, 1899 at Tuckersmith 007868-99 (Huron Co): James Hunter WRIGHT, 22, machinist, McKillop, Hensall, s/o Charles WRIGHT & Jane FERGUSON married Theresa Jane TROYER, 19, Hay, Hensall, d/o James. G. TROYER & Sarah Ann HUDSON. Wit: John H. SMITH of Hensall and Lizzie HUDSON of Hills Green. October 5, 1899 at Hensall