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Toronto, 1841-1852 

Register of Rev. John Jennings, Presbyterian, Oct 1841-1852 -

Taken from Ontario Register vol. 4 1971, edited and published by Thomas B. Wilson; found at the Metro Toronto Reference Library.

These marriages were originally transcribed from LDS microfilm, and include that marriages that were performed by Rev. Jennings that were by license.

All grooms were bachelors unless otherwise indicated.


4 Oct 1841 - John RIDDELL of Toronto married Catherine McALLISTER of Toronto, d/o the late Duncan McALLISTER of Greenock Scotland, mariner. Witn: Thomas DICK & John McLEAN

26 Sept 1842 - - (date of licence) John MARTIN of Toronto married Mary FERGUSON of Toronto, step d/o Thomas LOBLER of the Home District, blacksmith. [no date of marriage given]

23 Nov 1842 - - Joseph Catharine STERLING of Scarborough twp., widower, married Judith DUNNING of the same place, widow of the late Abner DUNNING of Rochester NY, deceased. Witn: Joshua SISLEY

12 Dec 1842 - William DRUMMOND of Toronto married Hannah SIDEY of Toronto, d/o the late John SIDEY of Perthshire Scotland, deceased. Witn: John SIDEY & Joseph JOHNSON

29 May 1843 - David WITHERSPOON of Vaughan twp. married Janet JOHNSTON of the same place, d/o the late John JOHNSTON of the Co. of Dumfries, Scotland, yeoman, deceased. Witn: David & Hellen JOHNSTON

12 July 1843 - William Pearse HOWLAND of Lambton, Home District married Mary Ann WEBB of the same place, widow of the late [blank] WEBB of the City of New York, deceased. Witn: John PORTEOUS & John HOLMES

7 Aug 1843 - John Robertson SIDEY of Toronto married Rachel McINTYRE of Pickering twp., d/o Nicol McINTYRE of Pickering twp., yeoman. Witn: Joseph JOHNSON & David PORTER

23 Oct 1843 - Frederick PARKER of Etobicoke married Mary OLIVER of Toronto, spinster. Witn: George COLTER & William CHADWICK

18 Jan 1844 - John STEWART of King married Sarah PATTON of Vaughan, d/o William PATTON of Georgina, yeoman. Witn: James STEWART & William FRASER

24 Jan 1844 - Archibald McARTHUR of Erin twp., Gore District, married Euphemia McALLISTER of Toronto, d/o Donald McALLISTER of Erin, yeoman. Witn: John McLEAN

6 Feb 1844 - George COLTER of Toronto married Ann McELHINNEY of York twp., d/o the late James McELHINNEY of York twp., yeoman, deceased. Witn: William WHITTENS & William COLTER

23 April 1844 - Duncan McDOUGAL of Chinguacousy, widower, married Isabella MUNRO of Milton, Gore District, d/o the late John MUNRO of Glasgow Scotland, builder, deceased. Witn: Ann Munro KNOWLES & Charles KNOWLES

8 July 1844 - John McCALLUM of King married Ann McKELLER of the same place, d/o James McKELLAR of the said twp. Witn: James & Margit McKELLAR

16 July 1844 - Rev. James DICK of Emily in the Colborne District married Mary THOMPSON of Hamilton, Gore District, spinster. Witn: Charles FLETCHER & Robert KIRKWOOD

16 July 1844 - Peter THOMPSON of Hamilton, Gore District, baker, married Ann WHITING of the same place, spinster. Witn: Charles FLETCHER & Robert KIRKWOOD

6 Aug 1844 - Adam PATERSON of Orillia twp. married Isabella OGILVIE of Toronto, spinster. Witn: Alexander BADENACH, Frederick DALLAS, John[?] OGILVIE & Thomas KAY

24 Oct 1844 - Donald McFARLANE of Etobicoke, widower, married Mary Ann HENDERSON of Toronto twp., d/o John HENDERSON of the same place. Witn: Andrew WARD & John HENDERSON

6 Dec 1844 - William SCOTT of Toronto married Isabella ARCHER of Toronto, d/o James ARCHER of Vaughan. Witn: Thomas FENWICK & William ARCHER

10 Feb 1845 - Lawrence LOSIE (my note: should be Losee?) of Pickering married Christena HEGGISTON of Toronto, d/o Malcolm HEGGISTON of Scarborough. Witn: Joseph JOHNSTON & James A. CLARK

26 Dec 1845 - William MARTIN of Hamilton, Gore District, married Eliza MARTIN of York twp. d/o John MARTIN of York twp., witn: Rosana PRESTON & William PLATT

28 Feb 1846 - William SIMS of Toronto married Mary Ann SIMS of Toronto, d/o Samuel Job SIMS of Toronto. Witn: James DICK and Samuel SIMS

19 May 1846 - Oliver MOWAT Esq., barrister-at-law, of Toronto, married Jane EWART of Toronto, s/o John EWART of Toronto, Esq., witn: P.M. VANKOUGHNET and George S. MOWAT

30 June 1846 - John COATES of Etobicoke married Mary DOBSON recently from Yorkshire England, widow of John DOBSON of the same place. Witn: Robert HARRISON & [blank] JENNINGS

3 July 1846 - James CALDBECK of Chinguacousy married Hannah THAKER of the same place, d/o William THAKER of the same place. Witn: Hugh C. LACKIE and Latitia THEAKER (sic)

15 April 1847 - Alexander WILSON of Toronto, married Isabella TELFER of Toronto, spinster. Witn: Thomas MITCHELL & William TELFER

17 April 1847 - Michael GLEESON of Scarborough married Janet SYLVESTER of same twp., widow of Samuel SYLVESTER the elder of the same place. Witn: Archibald TAYLOR & James HICKMAN

23 April 1847 - Thomas CARFRAE of Toronto married Isabella COOPER of Toronto, d/o the late Alexander COOPER of Fifeshire Scotland, deceased. Witn: Alexander COOPER & Mary BRODIE

13 July 1847 - Adam DIXON of Toronto married Isabella NETLEY of Toronto, widow of Thomas NETLEY of Toronto, deceased. Witn: William LEVENSON & Richard BLASHFORD

3 Aug 1847 - Archibald McALLISTER of Erin twp., married Sarah Ann HENSHAW of said twp., d/o George HENSHAW of the same place. Witn: John RIDDELL & George HENSHAW

21 Sept 1847 - William BELL of Toronto married Susan KINSMAN of Toronto, d/o Daniel KINSMAN of Launceston, Cornwall England, deceased. Witn: Robert HAY & Levens NEWSOME

22 Sept 1847 - Joseph TWADDLE of Brampton, Chinguacousy twp., married Mary SCOTT of said twp., d/o John SCOTT the younger of the same place. Witn: Alexander F. SCOTT & John CUTHBERTSON

29 Sept 1847 - Henry WILSON of Toronto, widower, married Mary Ann IRVIN of Toronto, spinster. Witn: William IRVINE (sic) & Ann WILSON

30 Sept 1847 - Francis ANDERSON of Cobourg married Elizabeth PEARSON of Toronto, d/o Robert PEARSON of the same place. Witn: Alexander H. PEARSON & John F. USSHER

7 Dec 1847 - William JENKINS of Dundas married Sarah GORDON lately from Lanarkshire Scotland, d/o James GORDON of the same place. Witn: William SMITH & Betsy LUTTICE

29 Dec 1847 - Thomas JOHNSTON of Toronto married Isabella ROBERTSON of King twp., d/o Christopher ROBERTSON, late of the County of Tyrone Ireland, deceased. Witn: Joseph RAULSTON & William MOOR

21 Jan 1848 - John FORBES of Toronto, widower, and Margt DRENNAN of Toronto, d/o the late John DRENNAN of the County of Derry, Ireland, deceased. Witn: John OLIVER & Richard ANDERSON

25 Jan 1848 - David JOHNSTON of Vaughan married Catherine DALZIEL of the said twp., d/o the late John DALZIEL of the same place, deceased. Witn: James DALZIEL & Ann ARMOUR

16 June 1848 - Thomas STRUTHERS of Toronto married Mary COOPER of Toronto, d/o the late William COOPER of Dundas C.W., deceased. Witn: William PATTISON & Janet STRUTHERS

12 July 1848 - Henry HADDOCK of York twp., widower, married Ann HENDERSON of the same place, widow. Witn: Robert & Helen COUSINS

3 Aug 1848 - David COCHRANE of Toronto married Margt MENZIES of the same place recently from Scotland, spinster. Witn: John COCHRANE & Robert POLLOCK Jr.

15 Aug 1848 - John McKAY married Agnes CULLEN, spinster, both of Toronto. Witn: J. MITCHELL

2 Sept 1848 - Andrew MILLER of Toronto married Catherine HORWOOD, widow the late Henry HORWOOD of Toronto, deceased. Witn: A. McPHERSON & Herbert TOPPING

21 Dec 1848 - James PATERSON married Annie SCOTT, spinster, both of Toronto. Witn: James ALEXANDER & Neil C. LOVE

11 Jan 1849 - Samuel BROCK of York twp married Ann McDONALD of Thorah twp, d/o Archibald McDONALD of the same place. Witn: William HANNAH & Joshua BROCK

1 Feb 1849 - William HARRISON of York twp. married Susannah BROOKS of Scarborough, d/o Edward BROOKS of the same place. Witn: George HARRISON & Charles BROOKS

17 Feb 1849 - William TUCKER of Chinguacousy married Christena DUNCAN of the same place, d/o the late James DUNCAN of York twp., deceased. Witn: Robert MITCHELL & William DUNCAN

27 March 1849 - William McFIE of Toronto married Maria GILLBEE of Toronto, widow of the late Edward Earle GILLBEE of the same place, deceased. Witn: Charles HAMATH & Andrew MILLER

1 June 1849 - John McREE of Toronto twp married Helen NICOL of the same place, d/o David NICOL of the same place. Witn: John McINTOSH & William DOUGLAS

31 Aug 1849 - Robert BRADEN married Margt McCAUL, d/o Archibald McCAUL, all of Caledon twp. Witn: Luke BEATY & Andrew BELL

11 Sept 1849 - Henry WHITMORE of Vaughan married Hannah BAXTER of the same place, d/o the widow BAXTER of York twp. Witn: Joseph & John STRONG

4 Oct 1849 - Samuel McBURNEY of Toronto married Ann Jane HUGHES of Toronto, d/o the late James HUGHES of said city, deceased. Witn: William TOWNSEND & W.A. McBURNEY

19 Nov 1849 - Mathew ANDREWS of Cobourg married Mary RUSSELL of Toronto, spinster. Witn: Moses MORELL & Adam DIXON

21 Feb 1850 - John JOHNSTON of York twp married Annie SMITH of the same place, widow of the late Charles SMITH of said twp., deceased. Witn: Joseph SHEPHERD & Ebenezer SMITH

26 Feb 1850 - David ROSS of Esquesing married Margt McINTOSH of Toronto, spinster. Witn: L. COULSON & William ROSS

7 May 1850 - William SHARPE of Toronto married Anna Maria LLOYD of Toronto, d/o Edward LLOYD of the city of Kingston. Witn: Josiah HAMILTON & Norman BAIN

18 June 1850 - Archibald GILLESPIE of Brock twp. married Annie HARVEY of Toronto, d/o John HARVEY of Perthshire Scotland. Witn: Archibald CAMERON & Malcolm GILLESPIE

20 Moore 1850 - Thomas MOORE of Toronto, widower, to Honor MACNAMURRAY of Toronto, d/o Owen MACNAMURRAY of Toronto. Witn: Archibald CAMERON & Robert KNOWLTON

13 Aug 1850 - Hugh McCUTCHEON of York twp., married Margt McConkey MILLER of Toronto, widow. Witn: Andrew & Rachel ALEXANDER

9 Dec 1850 - Paul DIAMOND of Toronto married Hannah Maria DICKSON of Toronto, d/o John DICKSON of Toronto. Witn: William ATKINSON & William DICKSON

15 Jan 1851 - John WHITLAM of Toronto married Mary ARMSTRONG of the same place, d/o the late Thomas ARMSTRONG of Toronto, deceased. Witn: James McILMURRAY & Robert McCLAIN

13 Feb 1851 - William Ritchey ROBERTSON of Toronto married Hannah GASCOIGNE of Toronto, d/o the late James GASCOIGNE of the city of Quebec, deceased. Witn: Vera I. HUNT & John W. ROBERTSON

1 May 1851 - Robert Graham Alexander PATON of Toronto married Jemima TELFER of Toronto, d/o Thomas TELFER of Toronto. Witn: George EWART & James BAINE

2 Oct 1851 - William CHALMERS of Toronto married Mary McKILLOP of Toronto, widow of the late Samuel McKILLOP of the County of Armagh, Ireland, deceased. Witn: Nathaniel MADOLE & Elizabeth HUTCHISON

9 Dec 1851 - Andrew SHAND of Toronto married Elizabeth DONALD of Toronto, d/o the late John DONALD of Perthshire Scotland, deceased. Witn: James & Rebecca DONALD

3 Feb 1852 - Peter McTAVISH of Toronto twp, school teacher, widower, married Mary Ellen FALLS of Etobicoke, spinster. Witn: Lachlan McMILLAN & Archibald McDIARMID

9 Feb 1852 - John NEAL of Whitby twp, widower, married Jane BELL of the same place, widow of the late William BELL of Liverpool England, deceased. Witn: Andrew CARRUTHERS & Joseph THRELKELD

10 Feb 1852 - Sheldon BROOKS of Toronto married Margt MURRAY of Toronto, d/o the widow MURRAY of Toronto. Witn: B.F. PERRIGO & Margt MELLON

20 Feb 1852 - Thomas WHITESIDE married Fanny EDGAR, d/o John EDGAR, all of Essa twp. Witn: Robert EDGAR & John KEOWN

21 Feb 1852 - George FRENCH of Yorkville married Isabella CLEZIE of Toronto, d/o George CLEZIE of the same place. Witn: Robert McNEIL & Rebecca WILLCOX

1 March 1852 - James Wightman MILLAR of Toronto married Jane MORRISON of Toronto, widow of the late Daniel MORRISON (end of photocopy)