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Part 4, Johnstown District Marriages

National Archives of Canada MF# C-3031

transcribed by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Marriages performed by Rev. Robert Boyd Baptist Church


April 20 Besillius WOODY, Yonge, to Sarah SHEDIN, Bastard. Wit: Lewis & Uriah Parrish.

Oct. 2 Elijah M.E. BALDWIN, Wolford, to Elizabeth KYLE, Augusta. Wit: John McElhinny, Thomas J. Kinnard.


Marriages performed by Peter Schofield JP


May 13 Joseph FARUM, yeoman, to Mary Melinda DELILL both of Lansdown. Wit: Joseph Griashe, gentleman, Brockville, Calvin Struthers, yeoman, Lansdown.

Dec. 10 Jacob Albert DAY, yeoman, to Theressa HAWS, both of Bastard. Wit: Uri Haskins Jr., yeoman, Bastard, John Haws, laborer, Bastard.

Dec. 17 Albert DAY, yeoman, to E. JACKSON both of Bastard. Wit: Jacob Albert Day, yeoman, Bastard, Nathan Stevens, yeoman, Bastard.


March 3 Uri SOPER, blacksmith, Lansdown, to Elizabeth DAVISON, Bastard. Wit: Alfred Soper, New York, U.S., gentleman, Diana Howard, Lansdown, maiden.

March 17 Samuel WRIG?, yeoman, to Louisa MARACLE both of Bastard. Wit: Girshom Wrig?, yeoman, Crosby, James D. Brisco, yeoman, Bastard.

Nov. 4 John OCONNOR, joiner, Bastard, to Alice HALLADAY, Crosby. Wit: Erastus G. Dinant, gentleman, Beverly, John OConnor, joiner, Burgess.

Dec. 31 William HARTWELL, merchant, to Catherine BILTON both of Frdenburgh. Wit: William Freeland esquire, Elizabethtown, Benjamin Lett, esquire, Newboro.


Jan. 18 Albigence HALLADAY, yeoman, to Sybil WRIG?, both of Crosby. Wit: Jesse DeLong, esquire, Crosby, Freeman Halladay, yeoman, Crosby.

March 9 Joseph MORGAN, shoemaker, to Sophrona FRASER, both of Bastard. Wit: George K. Stevens, Gentleman, Bastard, Thomas A. Stevens, yeoman, Bastard.

March 31 Christopher ALLYN Jr., gentleman, Beverly, to Alymia SLITER, Leeds. Wit: Thomas Allyn, gentleman, Beverly, Washington L. Sliter, yeoman, Leeds.

July 18 Gustavus GAMEY, land surveyor, to Lucricia ALLYN both of Beverly. Wit: Thomas P. Sliter, gentleman, Leeds, Archibald Jamen, Gentleman, Bastard.


Marriages performed by Edward Grier, JP


April 11 Esil BUCK, laborer, to Ruth Anna TAILOR, both of Lansdown. Wit: Thomas & Phillip Williams.


Aug. 8 Harmon MOORE, farmer, to Minerve BALTER both of Leeds. Wit: James & Hiram Moore.

Aug. 16 Sanford CLUTE, laborer, Lansdown, to Meclise? PARISH, Leeds. Wit: Esel Wrig, Leeds, Philbe Wrig, Leeds.



Marriage performed by Rev. Abel Stevens


Sept. 11 Elias W. HOW, yeoman, to Marian SHELDON, widow, both of Bastard. Wit: Thomas A. Stevens, gentleman, Bessilius Woods, gentleman.



Marriages performed by Rev. Daniel Berney, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Aug. 20 Joseph LAFORTY to Caroline EATON both of Crosby. Wit: Francis Stedman, Margaret Heales.

March 6 Thomas BALORN/BALOM to Christian HUBBARD both of Crosby. Wit: Thomas Ashanti, Francis Scott.


Marriages performed by Rev. William Brown, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Jan. 27 William MERRICK to Laura HARRIS. Wit: Stephen Merric, S.D. Olmstead.


Marriages performed by Rev. Benson Smith, Methodist Episcopal Church


July 22 George EARL to Malicca SHERMAN both of Bastard. Wit: Orry Knapp, Thurza Sherman.


Marriages performed by Rev. John Lever Wesleyan Methodist Church


March 23 Mathew ROBINSON to Eliza HOLDEN both of Augusta. Wit: George Robinson, John Holden.

May 27 Horace ODELL, Brockville, to Adeline HULBURT, Augusta. Wit: Samuel & William Keilor.


Dec. 21 William MINTZ, Williamsburg, to Orilla FROONE, Edwardsburg. Wit: Hugh Cook, William McGill.


Oct. 11 Harrison COOLIDGE to Ann BERNEY both of Wolford. Wit: William Hutton, John Ross.

Nov. 8 John PEARSON to Lydia WICKWIRE both of Wolford. Wit: Henry White, Hiniam McCrea.


Marriages performed by Rev. Thomas Niachni, Congregational Church


June 10 George HOWSON, Maitland, to Eliza HARRISON, Brockville. Wit: William Woods, C. M. Richardson.

July 16 Thomas BEASELEY, Belleville, to Mary Ann PHILONE, Maitland. Wit: B.M. Efroys, John Gibbons.


Marriages performed by Rev. Js. W. McCallum, Wesleyan Methodist Church


July 16 William GUAWSEY/GUANSEY, Mountain, to Hilonia KNAPP, Augusta. Wit: Vanransallen Knapp, James Guawsey/Guansey.

April 7 Ross MCKINE, Elizabethtown, to Mary HANNAH, Augusta. Wit: William McKine, William Hannah.


Marriages performed by Rev. Michael Fawcett, Wesleyan Methodist Church


June 24 Thomas PERCIVAL to Mary Ann MOOREHOUSE both of Elizabethtown. Wit: George Pearcival, Eleanor Moorehouse.


Marriages performed by Rev. Ozias Barber


Feb. 17 David TUCKER to Mary CANADA both of Leeds. Wit: john & Alexander Cowan.


Marriages performed by Rev. Thomas Bevett, Wesleyan Methodist Church


July 30 Vankincallen COVALL, Ogdenburgh, to Susan BARNETT, Prescott. Wit: Michael J. Anderson, Harry Matheson.


Marriages performed by Rev. Ezra Healy, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Feb. 2 Horatio ROBISON, Yonge, to Amanda MCLEAN, Augusta. Wit: William Robison, Artemis Bissell.



Marriages performed by Rev. Alva Adams


Jan. 4 John King STEVENS to Mary Ann ELLIOTT both of Bastard. Wit: Mary A. Stevens, James Elliott.


Marriage performed by Rev. James Elliott, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Jan. 3 Alvin BEACH to Ellen HUNTER both of S. Gower. Wit: Isaac Beach, Ephraim Hunter.


Marriages performed by Rev. William H. Williams, Wesleyan Methodist Church


Jan. 5 George PHILLIPS, Wolford, to Abagail HANNAH, Kitley. Wit: Zeba Phillips, Elisha Leverrit.

March 7 Nathaniel BAKER to Almira BALDWIN both of Wolford. Wit: Laura Baker, Sherman Baldwin.

March 12 Nathaniel OLMSTEAD, Kitley, to Almira FOSTER, Montaque. Wit: William Gifford, Rachel Edmonds.

May 1 John MCALLEY to Ann COBOURN both of Elmsley. Wit: Benjamin Williscraft, John Holaday.

May 8 Abram STEEL to Clarissa BLACKMIR both of Wolford. Wit: John ???, Elizabeth Blackmir.


Marriages performed by Rev. Joseph Anderson Presbyterian Church


Aug. 31 James MCDONALD to Catherine WATSON both of Oxford. Wit: Alexander Ingles, John Scott.

Jan. 23 Allen CAMERON to Mary SMITH both of Gower. Wit: John Groat, John Smith.

Feb. 3 Robert JOHNSTON to Eliza NOBLE both of Kitley. Wit: H. Kincaid, Charles Ross.