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Part 5, Johnstown District Marriages, Corrections for parts 1, 2 and 3

National Archives of Canada MF# C-3031

transcribed by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Rev. Wyatt Chamberlain


Oct. 15 William PENNOCK to Caroline H. CHAMBERLAIN both of Kitley. Wit: Samuel Read, George Marshall.


April 6 Francis KINCAID to Lucy Ann GILBERT both of Kitley. Wit: Enos Gilbert, Ansley Stuart.


Aug. 16 James GOODFELLOW to Alvira GILBERT both of Kitley. Wit: James Foster, Mary Ann Clark.


March 7 Lemuel KETCH to Nancy STEEL both of S. Crosby. Wit: Charles Read, Ormand Day.


Rev. Robert Boyd


Feb. 11 John HENDRIE to Jessie FORSYTH both of Brockville. Wit: George Martin, John McCoy.


Rev. Ezra Healy


April 14 John LUMLEY to Sarah MORROW both of Augusta. Wit: Joseph Wright, John Newell.

Sept. 24 James WHITE to Harriet OLDS both of Elizabethtown. Wit: William Olds, Henry White.


Feb. 16 Philander WALKER to Mary HALEY both of Augusta. Wit: William Metcalf, Samuel Haley.

June 6 Frederick Alphius MOORE, Monatque, to Emily Augusta ELLIOTT, Oxford. Wit: Richard Moore, Jesse M. Healy.

Nov. 22 Archibald BELLAMY to Arithy BARTLETT both of Augusta. Wit: Daniel P. Wallace, Eliphalet Bartlett.


Feb. 6 Daniel A. BEEDY to Eliza J. CRAIN both of Augusta. Wit: Hiram Crain, William C. Healy.


Rev. John C. Warren


April 6 Samuel MCMULLEN to Ellen GILLESLAY both of Kitley. Wit: William Brown, James Elliott.

April 19 James EWEN to Elizabeth HANNAH both of Kitley. Wit: James Grames.

May 20 Christopher GRAMES to Mary GREEN both of Kitley. Wit: James Grames Sr., George Grames.

Dec. 21 John SOPER to Martha FOSTER both of Kitley. Wit: S. Soper.


Rev. Michael Fawcett


Jan. 17 Robert L. MCLEAN to Mary A. ACKLAND both of Yonge. Wit: William & John Beaty.

Jan. 26 John LIVINGSTON, Kitley, to Cynthia WITHERS. Wit: Henry Arnold, William Cotton.

Feb. 10 Francis JACKABERRY, Elizabethtown, to Eliza JACKABERRY, Yonge. Wit: John Richards, William Rudd.


Rev. William Brown


June 6 William BALDWIN to Mina HITCHCOCK. Wit: William Jones, Trulove Seeley.


Rev. James Gardiner


Dec. 14 Sidney J. MOTT to Carroline BRINK both of S. Crosby. Wit: Lachome Derbeshire, Alexander Derbeshire.


March 17 Christopher JOHNSTON to Lois WILTSE both of Bastard. Wit: Eli & James B. Wiltse.

June 25 Sterling ALGUIN to Eliza Ann PHILLIP both of Yonge. Wit: Robert Boyd, Abel Yates.

July 6 Henry ELLIOTT, Yonge, to Orilla PAIG, Elizabethtown. Wit: Samuel Slack, Jonathon A. Sudwell.

Oct. 25 Daniel CLARK to Ann SOLER both of Elizabethtown. Wit: William & Samuel C. Clow.


Oct. 20 Samuel H. SHIPMAN to Anna MCCOLLUM both of Bastard. Wit: William M. Cream, S. S. Scovil.


June 6 John LAYNG, Bastard, to Maria WOOD, Brockville. Wit: Andrew & Mary Jane Gay.


Rev. Hugh Nichols


Dec. 16 Jabes BULLIS Jr. to Anna BEACH both of Yonge. Wit: Thamer & Hannah Knapp.


Feb. 21 Joseph BARRINGTON to Norry COUGHLAN both of Yonge. Wit: John Nichall, William Barrington.


March 6 James A. WILTSE to Rebecca M. WRIGHT both of Yonge. Wit: Elihu C. Wiltse, William H. White.

June 12 Nathaniel K. BENEDICT, Bastard, to Mercy WRIG, Farmersville. Wit: S.S. Scovil, Adeline Scovil.

July 25 John B. WILSON to Abagail KILBORN both of Kitley. Wit: James T. Kilborn, S.W. Kilborn.


Feb. 19 John M. BRISCO to Dinah BOWSER both of Bastard. Wit: Elijah Bowser, Nancy A. Brisco.


Rev. Benson Smith


Feb. 24 Ezra LILLY to Malicia SHERMAN both of Bastard. Wit: Orry Knapp, Thurza Sherman.


March 15 Uri SHOOK to Almira CHASE both of Leeds. Wit: William Shook, Susannah Haskins.

June 21 Cephas BROWN to Loretta BROWN both of S. Crosby. Wit: Philmon Pennock, Laura Brown.

Aug. 1 Wrig DERBYSHIRE, Yonge, to Armantha HOWE, Kitley. Wit: Warren Slack, Charlotte Houghton.

Sept. 27 William C. SNIDER, Elizabethtown, to Almira SHERWOOD, Bastard. Wit: Samuel Snider, Mary A. Dunman.


Rev. Michael Davy


May 2 James NEVENS to Eliza Ann WINPHREY both of Wolford. Wit: Charles & Mary Ann Cross.


Rev. Robert Garry


July 14 Robert KING, Augusta, to Hannah SNOWDEN, Wolford. Wit: John Snowden, William Kirkland.


Rev. Matthew Connor


April 27 Orvel WALLER to Sarah MUSTARD both of S. Crosby. Wit: Artimus Warren, Mary Ann Mustard.

July 4 Joseph CADEA to Eliza LEROY both of Bedford. Wit: James Barr, Mary Ann Montrovy.

Dec. 22 Hugh THURLOW to Ann CHRISTILO both of Westport. Wit: Samuel Ripley, Margaret Little.


Rev. William H. Williams


Oct. 20 John MCCARTNY to Jane CONNOR both of Kitley. Wit: William Lucas, William Singleton.


Rev. James Elliott


April 20 John A. ADAMS, S. Gower, to Mariah SHAVIS. Wit: Reuben Shavis, Allen Cameron.


Rev. Vincent B. Howard


July 15 William WATTS, Kitley, to Naoma COX, Montaque. Wit: John Chester, S.W. Howard.


Rev. Alexander Wright


Oct. 12 Ira SHAVER, Matilda, to Esther ADAMS, Edwardsburgh. Wit: Aden Adams, Allen Grant.


Rev. B.W. Blanchard


June 15 Isaac KELSEY to Catherine PARMER both of Kitley.


Feb. 25 George LOUKS, Thurlow, to Ruby ROBISON, Montaque.