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010994-1905 (Kent Co.) (illegible), 33, farmer, Leeds Co., Ridgetown, s/o Simeon? & Sarah, married Ella SPENCE, 32?, Howard, same, d/o George W. & Elizebeth, witn John McGREGOR of Highgate & Maude INGRAM of Ridgetown, on 4 January 1905, at Ridgetown  
010916-05 (Kent Co) Horace Greely ADNAIR, 32, farmer, Leeds Co., Ridgetown, s/o Simeon ADNAIR & Sarah CHANT, married Ella SPENCER, 32, Howard, same, d/o George W. SPENCER & Elizabeth BALL, witn (cut off) A. McGREGOR of Highgate & Maude INGRAM of Ridgetown, on 4 January 1905, at Harwich 010944-1905 (Kent Co.) Amos E. ADRAIN, 21, farmer, Oford, same, s/o James E. ADRAIN & Lois CHANT, married Jessie J. SMITH, Caledonia, same, d/o George C. SMITH & Margaret WRIGHT, witn George GOSNELL & Mrs. Lucy A. RUSSELL, both of Orford, on 3 May 1905, at Highgate
010796-05 (Kent Co) William James ALEXANDER, 70, (no profession), Co. of Tyrone Ireland, Broadland?, s/o Jas. ALEXANDER & Letitia MARSHALL, married Hetty KYLE, 35, d/o Robert KYLE & Esther CATHCART, witn A. H. WINTER & Alice ARNOLD, of Louisville, 28 June 1905, at Tp. of Chatham. 012025-1907 (Kent Co.) Frank ANTHONY, 20, laborer, Moraviantown, same, s/o Job ANTHONY & Nancy KENODA, married Mary SNAKE, 20, Moraviantown, same, d/o John K. SNAKE & Maggie DOLSON, witn Maggie SNAKE & Rebecca JACOBS, both of Moraviantown, on 18 July 1905, at Orford
011828-07 (Kent Co) Williard ATKINSON, 27, farmer, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o Thomas ATKINSON & Mary CAMPBELL, married Annie CLARK, 20, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o George CLARK & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Jessie GIMMILL, Chatham, Lilly J. MacGILLIVRAY, Chatham, 26 July 1905 at Chatham 010958-1905 (Kent Co.) John R. ATTRIDGE, 25, (no occupation), Orford, Highgate, s/o William ATTRIDGE & Louisa (illegible), married Ethel Blanche REYCROFT, 25, Orford, Highgate, d/o James REYCROFT & Phillis SHANNON, witn John D. CAMPBELL of Wingham & Minnie REYCROFT of Highgate, on 28 December 1905, at Highgate

010968-05 Ernest Albert AVERY, 27, mechanic, Thamesville, Thamesville, s/o Fred AVERY & Agnes ELLWOOD, married Mary Olive DREWERY, 28, Charing Cross, Charing Cross, d/o George DRURY & Matilda McLAUGHLIN, witn: Cyril A. AVERY, Thamesville, Eliza E. DREWERY, Charing Cross, 6 September 1905 at Charing Cross

010913-05 (Kent Co) Joseph BADDER, 26, plasterer, Tilbury, Bothwell, s/o Joe BADDER & Hannah LEITHBRIDGES, married Maggie MORNINGSTAR, 30, Wellington Co., Harwich, d/o Alex MORNINGSTAR & Caroline HARRETT, witn Frank MORNINGSTAR & (illegible) Ethel CHRYSLER, both of Sombra, on 12 October 1905, at Harwich 010988-1905 (Kent Co.) William Robert BEATTIE, 28, teacher, Caledonia, Toronto, s/o Jacob A. & Annie M., married Charlotte E. ADAMS, 25, Ephemia, Ridgetown, d/o Andrew & Charlotte, witn Mrs. W.J. PROWLER? (BROWNLEE?) & Mary B. BEATTIE, both of Ridgetown, on 2 January 1905, at Ridgetown
010997-1905 (Kent Co.) Walter? H. BEATTIE, 25, druggist, Caledonia, Guelph, s/o Jacob A. & Annie M., married Tina M. THATCHER, 25, Morpeth, Ridgetown, d/o James E. & Mary, witn Herbert THATCHER of Sarnia & Mary BEATTIE of Ridgetown, on 13 May 1905, at Ridgetown 010950-1905 (Kent Co.) Samuel BELL, 33, general merchant, Glasgow Scotland, Palmyra, s/o William BELL & Jean McLAY, married Mable Genevieve EBERLE, 23, Palmyra, same, d/o Edward EBERLE & Jemima HAMIL, witn Edward EBERLE & Jason EBERLE, both of Palmyra, on 28 September 1905, at Palmyra
010795-05 (Kent Co) Fred BELL, 37, farmer, Dover, Chatham, s/o Mazar (Nazar?) BELL & Rose LUCIE?, married Rosa BUSHEY, 17, Dover, Chatham, d/o C--? BUSHEY & Anna T--?, witn Philias BELL of Big Point? & Louisa BELL of Chatham, 28 June 1905, at Chatham. 010820-05 (Kent Co) William BENNETT, 37, divorced, ---- fitter, Jones ---- Ont., Chatham, s/o Fred? BENNETT & Mary SERAF (TERAF?), married Maggie O'DONNELL, 30, Dresden Ont., Chatham, d/o P--? O'DONNELL & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn William MCMILLAN of Chatham & Genevieve MC--? of Dresden, 6 September 1905, at Chatham.

010982-05 Moses BENO, 43, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o John BENO & Lucinda PALMER, married Elvy SHEPLEY, 25, housework, Harwich twp., Romney twp., d/o James SHEPLEY & not entered, witn: Minnie BENO, Tilbury, Thomas SHEPLEY, Romney, 10 September 1905 at Romney twp

10973-06 Arthur Herman BENTLY, 26, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Byron H. BENTLY & Polly GRANT, married Mary Jane TATE, 24, Harwich, same, d/o James TATE & Belle HENDERSON, witn: Bella TATE of Harwich, 20 Dec 1905 at Harwich 012079-1907 (Kent Co.) (illegible) BICKFORD, 28, laborer, Mersea, Wheatley, s/o Robert, married Victoria GLASIER, 20, Kent Co., Wheatley, d/o John, witn Mrs. B. DAVIS & James BICKFORD of Wheatley, on 29 November 1905, at Wheatley
010794-05 (Kent Co) James I. BLACK, 35, accountant, Wellington Co., Chatham, s/o Donald BLACK & Mary MUNN, married Annie E. MCKELLAR, 28, Elgin Co., Chatham, d/o James MCKELLAR & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn William MOWBRAY of Toronto & Pearl STONE of Detroit, 28 June 1905, at Chatham. 010936-1905 (Kent Co.) Thomas A. BLACKWELL, 39, farmer, Mich, Cass City, s/o W. BLACKWELL & M. ALEXANDER, married Hester Ann WHITE, 39, Howard,same, d/o Y. WHITE & A. (illegible), witn Thomas M. WHITE & Annie M. STEVENS, both of Howard, on 27 December 1905, at Howard
010784-05 (Kent Co) Claude C. BRAGG, 23, clerk, Chatham, same. s/o William H. BRAGG & Salistia McCULBEN, married Bella May SOMMERVILLE, 29, Harwich, Chatham, d/o William SOMMERVILLE & Christina McDONALD, witn William SOMMERVILLE & Anna M. BATTISBY, both of Chatham, on 4 May 1905, at Chatham 010799-05 (Kent Co) Thomas BRANDON, 25, farmer, Village of Warwick, Enniskillen, s/o Thomas BRANDON & Mary CARSON, married Laura May WAYLOR? (Waylen?), 18, Enniskillen, same, d/o Thomas WAYLOR & Agnes THOMPSON, witn Lily J. MACGILLIVRAY & Janice MACDONALD, of Chatham, 22 June 1905, at Chatham.
011017-1905 (Kent Co.)  John BROWN, 24, mill hand, Elmwood, Bothwell, s/o John BROWN & Lizzie COLLIN, married Ida McDONALD, 22, Orford, same, d/o Phillip McDONALD & Julia CLINGERSMITH, witn:  Mrs. F. McINNIS & J. Lewis McINNIS, both of Thamesville, on 18 January 1905, at Thamesville  

010978-05 William E. BUMP, 28, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o William BUMP & Mary A. PARSON, married Grace E. GRAHAM, 18, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o William GRAHAM & Nettie DAVIS, witn: Edward GRAHAM, May GRAHAM, both of Raleigh, 25 December 1905 at Raleigh

  010983-05 (Kent Co)  John A. CAMPBELL, 33, physician surgeon, Harwich twp., Wheatley, s/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Sarah J. BULLER, married Laura Belle REEK, 21, Raleigh twp., Romney, d/o Samuel REEK & Mary SMITHSON, witn: Alva M. CAMPBELL, Blenheim, Florence REEK, Romney, 12 September 1905 at Romney
011012-1905 (Kent Co.) James G. CARNAGIE, 21, farmer, Eckford, Aldborough, s/o John W. & Mary B., married Maggie (illegible). 20, Aldborough, Rodney, d/o Ford & Lizzie, witn Gilbert RAMSEY & Era Bell CARNAGIE, both of Aldborough, on 14 November 1905, at Ridetown 010993-1905 (Kent Co.) John CHATAM, 37, laborer, Belleville, Mull, s/o William & Hannah, married Carrie JAQUES, 20, Blenheim, Mull, d/o William & Nettie, witn (illegible) MUNRO, & Stella McGREGOR, both of Ridgetown, on 15 March 1905, at Ridgetown
010787-05 (Kent Co) Nathaniel CHURCHILL, 31, farmer, Highgate, same, s/o (illegible) CHURCHILL & Liza COLLESOR?, married Lizzie TIER, 33, London, Highgate, d/o Thomas TIER & Mary (illegible), witn H.C. JORDAN & Mary A. MALOTT, both of Chatham, on 4 May 1905, at Chatham  
010987-05 (Kent Co)  Alfred COATSWORTH, 58, farmer, Romney, Romney, s/o William COATSWORTH & Sarah HUGHSON, married Alice WHALEY, 39, Mersea, Romney, widow, d/o William HATT & Adeline HICKSON, witn: Dr. J.A. CAMPBELL, Mrs. J.A. CAMPBELL, both of Wheatley, 20 December 1905 at Romney 010932-1905 (Kent Co.) Fred H. COLEMAN, 28, farmer, Scarboro, Orford, s/o J. COLEMAN & M.J. BROCK, married M.S.N. REYNOLDS, 25, Elora, Orford, d/o F. REYNOLDS & N. WHITE, witn W.F. REYNOLDS & Ida J. COLEMAN, both of Orford, on 29 November 1905, at Howard
010765-05 (Kent Co) Walter COLLINS, 21, tinsmith, Grey Co., Owen Sound, s/o Henry COLLINS & Ann DEVET?, married Sarah WILLETS, 18, Harwich, Paisley, d/o William WILLETS & Mary ACKENS, witn Isabel DOUGLAS & Bella K. HOGS, both of Murray, on 14 March 1905, at Chatham 010781-05 George Delbert COLTMAN, 21, not given, Dresden, Harwich Tp., s/o George Henry & Joanica?, married Mary VANDUSAN, 19, Blenheim, same, d/o George William & Rebecca Jane, witn: H.A. DRADER & L. A. COBBLEDICK both of Chatham on Apr. 6, 1905 at Chatham
010986-05 (Kent Co)  George COOPER, 30, farmer, England, Romney, s/o George COOPER & Margaret PRICHARDS, married Arena Bertha KELLY, 21, Quinn, Tilbury East, d/o Amos KELLY & Dorothy GOODMAN, witn: Emerson KELLY, Bertha L. SOULES, both of Quinn, 13 December 1905 at Tilbury East

010907-05 Edwin CORLETT, 30, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Thomas CORLETT & Margaret KINNADE, married Ella T. RITCHIE, 28, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o George RITCHIE & Olive  J. STOVER?, witn: George RITCHIE, Chatham, Olive JENNER, Raleigh twp., 8 February 1905 at Harwich

  010979-05 William COURTIS, 28, insurance agent, London, London, s/o John COURTIS & Harriett LUXON, married Grace D. SALTON, 23, Brooklin Ont., Charing Cross, d/o Samuel SALTON & Lillie LEAROYD, witn: Charles F. TURNER, Lillian SALTON, both of London, 27 December 1905 at Charing Cross
010990-1905 (Kent Co.) Alfred COUSINEAU, 22, post office clerk, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o John B. & Pauline, married Nellie McKELLER, 21, Aldborough, Ridgetown, d/o John & Janet, witn Jennie McKELLER & Minnie G. MUNRO, both of Ridgetown, on 18 January 1905, at Ridgetown 010938-1905 (Kent Co.) William CROSS, 29, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o William CROSS & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Stella Edith McDONALD, 23, Orford, same, d/o Duncan D. McDONALD & Elizabeth SMITH, witn Ira A. ROLSTON of Dante? & Eliza McDONALD of Duart, on 11 January 1905, at Duart
010757-05 (Kent Co) John Thomas CROUCH, 24, (no occup.), Highgate, Chatham, s/o Samuel A. CROUCH & Mary CLARK, married Fanny Edith BARRY, 21, Dresden, Chatham, d/o Charles BARRY & Elie HUFF, witn Will BACHELDOE & Loretta (illegible), on 12 January 1905, at Chatham 010770-05 (Kent Co) William Eugene CRUMP, 22, confectioner, Chatham, same, s/o Daniel CRUMP & Sarah HARDON, married Mary Ellen DILLON, 23, Bothwell, Chatham, d/o James DILLON & Eliza McMASTER, witn A.G. MacGILLIVRAY & Maria (illegible), both of Chatham, on 26 April 1905, at Chatham
011020-1905 (Kent Co.)  John Wesley CUDMORE, 25, farmer, Howard, same, s/o John CUDMORE & Carolina WATSON, married Ida Mae PELFREY, 24, Dawn, Howard, d/o Nathan PELFREY & Esther ELLIS, witn:  Margaret Ellis PELFREY & Ellen Jane CUDMORE, both of Howard, on 7 June 1905, at Thamesville 010954-1905 (Kent Co.) George DARK, 35, laborer, Beechville, Highgate, s/o John DARK & Ann BRIGHT, married Lizzie PRAY, 33, Sarnia, Highgate, d/o William PRAY & Sarah PHOENIX, witn Peter McDONELL of Clearville & David MILLS of Bay City Mich, on 25 December 1905, at Highgate
010961-05 (Kent Co) John S. DAWSON, 30, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Edward DAWSON & Harriett HITCHCOCK, married Margaret L. DRURY, 25, Raleigh, same, d/o John DRURY & Janet McCORMICK, witn Headly DAWSON & Irene DRURY, both of Raleigh, on 28 February 1905, at Raleigh 011001-1905 (Kent Co.) William Charles DAY, 30, merchant, Ingersoll, Ridgetown, s/o Charles & Ellen, married Coreline? (Caroline?) HANCOCK, 31, Ridgetown, same, d/o Levi & Sarah Ann, witn C.J. DAY of Wingham & Alice HANCOCK of Ridgetown, on 17 February 1905, at Ridgetown
010775-05 George DESCHAMPS, 28, farmer, Oxford Ont., same, s/o Frederick DESCHAMPS & Mary J. EBERLE, married Mary Barbara GERBER, 26, Harwich Tp., same, d/o Francis GERBER & Barbara ZUIK, witn: Frederick W. DESCHAMPS of Oxford & Helen GERBER of Harwich Tp. on May 9, 1905 at Chatham. (Cath) 010793-05 (Kent Co) John D. DONAVAN, 45, laborer, Harwich, Chatham, s/o Daniel DONAVAN & Johanna SHERIDAN, married Elenor BREEN, 33, Harwich, same, d/o John BREEN & Ellen RYAN, witn John REGAN & Ursula BREEN, both of Harwich, on 20 June 1905, at Chatham
010947-1905 (Kent Co.) George P. EBERLE, 43, farmer, of Palmyra, s/o John H. EVERLE & Maria McGEE, married Mary Elizabeth EAGER, 42, of Harwich, widowed, d/o James McGEE & Agnes JOHNSON, witn Charles OAKES & Ethel M. BAKER, on 20 June 1905 010946-1905 (Kent Co.) William EBERLE, 40, farmer, Palmyra, same, s/o John H. EBERLE & Maria McGEE, married Jennie MOORE, 32, Clearville, same, d/o Henry MOORE & Maria MONTGOMERY, witn Jason EBERLE & Ethel M. BAKER, both of Palmyra, on 18 June 1905, at Clearville
  010792-05 (Kent Co) John ELLIS, 22, checker GTR, Black Creek, Detroit, s/o Edward ELLIS & Carrie WILKINSON, married Ethel Maria TYNDALL, 21, (illegible) Ont., Chatham, d/o George TYNDALL & Emalene HOARE, witn Henry ELLIS of Kent Bridge & Ether TYNDALL of Chatham, on 21 June 1905, at Chatham

010969-05 James A. FENTON, 30, farmer, Highgate, Highgate, s/o William FENTON & Ellen REYCRAFT, married Lydia Ann JENNER, 29, Charing Cross, Charing Cross, d/o Peter JENNER & Henrietta HARVEY, witn: Herman E. JENNER, Charing Cross, Margaret FENTON, Highgate, 16 August 1905 at Charing Cross

010949-1905 (Kent Co.) Nelson W. FERRIS, 65, yeoman, Mich, Highgate, widowed, s/o William FERRIS & Annie HAVENS, married Elizabeth SHOEMAKER, 59, Maidstone, Highgate, widowed, d/o Stephen COLLINS & Marv. RHODES, witn John G. CROSBY & Marv. CROSBY, both of Highgate, on 4 September 1905, at Highgate
010808-05 (Kent Co) Charles FIELDS, 28, laborer, Rond Eau, Chatham, s/o Ezekiel FIELDS & Eveline A--?, married Cecile ANDERSON, 19, Edmore Mich., Chatham, d/o Lorenzo ANDERSON & Alice BOGGAS? (Biggar?), witn John MARTIN & Mrs. Sarah MARTIN, of Chatham, 18 July 1905, at Chatham. 010943-1905 (Kent Co.) Elmer Edward FLINT, 18, trackman, Muirkirk, same, s/o Thomas FLINT & Jane WALKER, married Forence Cerrie? STIMERS, 17, Darling Road Haldimand, Muirkirk, d/o Abram N. STIMERS & Carrie SHAPLAND?, witn Mrs. James ARGO & Esther ARGO, both of Duart, on 3 May 1905, at Duart

010911-05 Roy GALBRAITH, 22, farmer, Harwich, Howard twp., s/o William E. GALBRAITH & Margaret SHEELER, married Ethel BEATTIE, 20, Proton twp. Grey Co., Harwich twp., d/o Robert BEATTIE & Rachel LITTLE, witn: Cecil GALBRAITH, Howard, Mary BEATTIE, Harwich, 21 June 1905 at Harwich

010991-1905 (Kent Co.) Frederick GALBRAITH, 24, farmer, Howard, same, s/o William E. & Margaret, married Mary WILEY, 21, Malahide, Howard, d/o Henry & Mary, witn J.S. BONHAM & Bertha SMITH, both of Ridgetown, on 25 January 1905, at Ridgetown
011006-1905 (Kent Co.) John A. GALL, 22, printer, Comber, Montreal Qub., s/o William & Emma, married Alice A. HITCH, 21, Chatham, Ridgetown, d/o John & Susannah, witn Charles HITCH & Olive J. SHEA, both of Windsor, on 20 September 1905, at Ridgetown  
010802-05 (Kent Co) Oscar L. GATES, 28, brush maker, Detroit, same, s/o Louis & Soffia (Sofia, Sophia?) GATES, married Sarah LINSTRUTH, 20, Delfort?, Detroit, d/o Henry & Carrie LINSTRUTH, witn Anna M. BATTISBY & Maude AUSTIN, of Chatham, 5 July 1905, at Chatham. 010955-1905 (Kent Co.) James K. GILLIES, 29, farmer, Orford, Muirkirk, s/o Niel J. GILLIES & Catharine McKAY, married Margaret A. GOSNELL, 30, Orford, Highgate, d/o Christopher GOSNELL & Christina FERGUSON, witn Colin McASKILE of Clachan & Teena GOSNELL of Highgate, on 26 December 1905, at Highgate
011007-1905 (Kent Co.) Eli Wright GILLINGS, 30, merchant, Suffolk England, Ridgetown, s/o George & Hannah, married Mary Jane FISHER, 26, Glencoe, Ridgetown, d/o James & M.J., witn Dan FISHER & Mrs. E.L. SKINNER, both of Ridgetown, on 20 September 1905, at Ridgetown 010956-1905 (Kent Co.) John N. GILLIS, 30, accountant, Orford, Winnipeg, s/o Niel J. GILLIS & Cathrine McKAY, married Fannie M. REYCROFT, 25, Orford, Highgate, d/o Joseph REYCROFT & Dell FRY, witn Edgar D. GILLIES of Muirkirk & Maggie FENTON of Highgate, on 27 December 1905, at Highgate
010953-1905 (Kent Co.) Samuel Henry GILMORE, 38, farmer, Orford, Duart, widowed, s/o Henry GILMORE & Mary DARRAH, married Jennie Henrietta McKELLAR, 35, Dunwich, Muirkirk, d/o (illegible) McKELLAR & Mary BUCHANAN, on 29 November 1905, at Muirkirk 010806-05 (Kent Co) Sigefroi GORE , 29, (occupation cut off), Dover South, Chatham, s/o John GORE & Margaret PINSONNEAU, married Angela? BEAUREGARD, 38, St. Liguori Que., Chatham, d/o Ludger BEAUREGARD & Angela AUGER, witn Francis H. GORE & Anna DUMAS, of Dover South, 10 July 1905, at Chatham.
010768-05 (Kent Co) John Edgar GRAHAM, 22, carriage maker, Sarnia, Pontiac Mich, s/o William GRAHAM & Margaret KNAPP, married Ida Lauren RIKLEY, 22, Chatham, same, d/o John RIKLEY & Carrie KENNEY, witn Lily J. McGILLIVRAY & marion FLEMING, both of Chatham, on 24 April 1905, at Chatham 011018-1905 (Kent Co.)  George William GREEN, 28, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o John GREEN & Emma SIMMONS, married Jessie M. SUTHERLAND, 26, Harwich, same, d/o Allan C. SUTHERLAND & Marine MAYNARD, witn:  Archibald McBRAYNE & Elvira Ann McBRAYNE, both of Howard, on 1 March 1905, at Thamesville  

010970-05 Samuel D. GUTHRIDGE, 27, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o William GUTHRIDGE & Harriet E. SHEPLEY, married Sarah Jane BEWICK, 26, Newcastle England, Merlin, d/o George BEWICK & Jane SAMS, witn: E. Kyle SIMPSON, Emma GUTHRIDGE, both of Merlin, 27 September 1905 at Merlin

010818-05 (Kent Co) William John HARTRICK, 39, bookruler, Kingston Ont., Chatham, s/o John HARTRICK & Rebecca HAMILTON? (cut off), married Sarah Louise RICHARDS, 39, Chatham, same, d/o William RICHARDS & Sarah Ann HO---?(cut off), witn Olive B. RICHARDS & Harley A. ALLEN, of Chatham, 6 September 1905, at Chatham. 010769-05 (Kent Co) Wellington HASSON, 24, laborer, Chatham, same, s/o Alex HASSON & Elsie ARNOLD, married Edna WAGG, 18, Marine City Mich, Chatham, d/o William WAGG & Bertha ROBINSON, witn John WATSON & Pearl HASSON, both of Chatham, on 24 April 1905, at Chatham
010797-05 (Kent Co) William James HASSON, 27, laborer, Chatham Tp., Chatham, s/o James HASSON & Marg (Mary?) ANDERSON, married Maria Green DALE, 24, Berwickshire Scotland, Chatham, d/o Peter L. DALE & Maria GREEN, witn George HASSON & Jean DALE, of Chatham, 7 June 1905, at Raleigh Tp. 010957-1905 (Kent Co.) George W.A. HASTINGS, 23, farmer, Palmyra, same, s/o Alfred HASTINGS & Elizabeth PLACE, married Elizabeth Jane CARON, 18, Highgate, Palmyra, d/o Jules CARON & Mary F. MILTON, witn James MILTON of Middlemiss & Lillian GOSNELL of Highgate, on 27 December 1905, at Palmyra
1191207 (Kent Co.): Sidney Thomas HAWKINS, 36, electrician, London England, Algonac Michigan, s/o W. H. HAWKINS & Mary INGLEBY, married Maude Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 28, farmer's daughter, Twp of Chatham, same, d/o Lionell JOHNSTON & Sarah Jane LITTLE; witn – Robert L. & Maude L. JOHNSTON both of Twp of Chatham on 08 Jun 1905 at Twp of Chatham 010920-05 (Kent Co) William Edwin HENDRIE, 32, teacher, Treadwell, New York City, s/o Ebenezer HENDRIE & Elizabeth May ARTHUR, married Mary McCULLY, (no age), teacher, Harwich, same, d/o Jonathan McCULLY & Elizabeth MILLS, witn M. SEXSMITH of Glencoe & (cut off) McCONUCK? of Chatham, on 27 December 1905, at Harwich
010821-05 (Kent Co) Douglas Nathan HEVENS (HAVENS?), 21, com. merchant, Blenheim, Winnipeg, s/o N. H. HEVENS & Ada J. BURKE, married Harriet NORTHWOOD, 22, Chatham, same, d/o John NORTHWOOD & Mary SMYTHE, witn F. G. CODE of Winnipeg & Bertha NORTHWOOD of Chatham, 21 September 1905, at Chatham.

010984-05 (Kent Co) Gordon HICKSON, 24, farmer, Mersea, Mersea, s/o Lorenzo HICKSON & Ruth COULTER, married Belva H. WICKWIRE, 19, Romney, Mersea, d/o William WICKWIRE & Matilda WICKWIRE, witn: Frank MILLS, Effie LOUNSBURY, both of Wheatley, 18 October 1905 at Romney

  010941-1905 (Kent Co.) William L. HILLS, 29, farmer, Isle of Thaint? Eng, Orford, s/o James HILLS & Annie COOK, married Lena GOSNELL, 21, Orford, same, d/o George A. GOSNELL & Bertha EASTMAN, witn Harry GOSNELL & Mabel GOSNELL, both of Orford, on 15 February 1905, at Muirkirk
010921-1905 (Kent Co.) Horace HOOPER, 38, farmer, of Morpeth, s/o Harriet WAGHON, married Margaret CATTLE, 30, of Morpeth, d/o Samuel CATTLE & (illegible), witn Mrs. E. SOFTLY & Mrs. J. WILKINSON, both of Morpeth, on 26 January 1905, at Morpeth 010788-05 (Kent Co) William Best HOPE, 31, (illegible), Ottawa, same, s/o James HOPE & Frances BRYSON, married Martha Ann FULTON, 22, Chatham, same, d/o Thomas FULTON & Martha COWAN?, witn H. REED & Carrie E. FULTON, both of Chatham, on 6 June 1905, at Chatham
021430-1905 (Kent Co.) Johnson HUFF, 22, laborer, Moraviantown, same, s/o John HUFF & Nancy SNAKE, married Jemima HENBRICK, 19, Moraviantown, same, d/o John & Jemima, witn Eliza JACOBS & Mary SNAKE, both of Moraviantown, on 31 March 1905, at Moraviantown. [Moravian Indian] 010763-05 (Kent Co) John George HUTCHINSON, 40, (no occup.), Brampton, Chatham, s/o Daniel HUTCHINSON & Maggie FOSTER, married Adelaide Victoria LUKEY, 38, Peterborough, Detroit, d/o Robert LUKEY & Mary JORY, witn L.A. COBBLEDICK & Ida GALLOWAY, both of Chatham, on 6 February 1905, at Chatham

010981-05 Calvin HYATT, 32, farmer, Romney twp., Romney twp., s/o Norman HYATT & Mary MALOTT, married Jane WHITTAL, 28, Romney twp., Romney twp., d/o John WHITTAL & Amanda GETTY, witn: J. MILLSON, L. REEK, both of Romney, 8 March 1905 at Romney

010985-05 Willis HYATT, 25, farmer, Romney, Romney, s/o Norman HYATT & Mary MALOTT, married Minnie SNYDER, 21, Harwich, Romney, d/o William E. SNYDER & Elizabeth E. SHEPLEY, witn: William H. SNYDER, Clara W. BENEDICT, both of Romney, 1 November 1905 at Renwick

011015-1905 (Kent Co.)  Thomas Carl IVARSON (Iveson?), 30, oil operator, Petrolia, same, s/o Edward IVARSON & Ellen Dora TAYLOR, married Margaret NORTON, 25, Orford, same, d/o John NORTON & Annie LOGAN, witn:  Robert NORTON & Nellie NORTON, both of Orford, on 5 January 1905, at Thamesville   011003-1905 (Kent Co.) Frank H. JACQUES, 27, farmer, Delhi, Alboro, s/o William & Ann, married Edith May PARKER, 18, West Lorne, Aldborough, 18, d/o Moir? (Moin?) Jacob & Sophia, witn Gustave MUNRO Jr. & Florence A.D. MUNRO, both of Ridgetown, on 10 August 1905, at Ridgetown

010976-05 Leroy C. JENNER, 32, farmer, Tilbury, Raleigh twp., s/o William JENNER & Susan WOODS, married Ida Lenah BUMP, 27, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o William BUMP & Mary A. PARSON, witn: David IRVING, Lena JENNER, both of Raleigh, 12 December 1905 at Raleigh

010934-1905 (Kent Co.) George Henry JOHNSON, 21, farmer, Howard, same, s/o A. JOHNSON & E. BALMER, married Harriet WHITEMAN, 22, Howard, same, d/o W. WHITEMAN & E. FRENCH, witn Albert JOHNSON & Agnes BULLER, both of Howard, on 20 December 1905, at Howard 010767-05 (Kent Co) James Melbon? JOHNSON, 26, accountant, Lincoln Co., Chatham, s/o Henry JOHNSON & Martha EDGAR?, married Isabel Maud BAXTER, 24, Chatham, same, d/o William R. BAXTER & Susan TAPLIN, witn Norval H. BAXTER of Detroit & Donna ANGUS of Ypsolanti Mich, on 22 March 1905, at Chatham
010774-05 Lasby Preston JOHNSTON, not given, Scarboro, London Ont., s/o James JOHNSTON & Alicia LASBEY (sic), married Irena L. A. HEARNS, Port Hope, London Ont., d/o Archie HEARNS & Lucy TREMAIN? , witn: Mr & Mrs W. B. FARLEY both of Chatham on May 14, 1905 at Chatham 11913-07 (Kent Co.): Robert Lionell JOHNSTON, 39, farmer, Twp of Chatham, same, s/o Lionell JOHNSTON & Sarah Jane LITTLE, married Maude EDWARDS, 26, farmer's daughter, Muncy Reserve, Walpole Island, d/o Abel S. EDWARDS & Eliza GERMAN; witn – Sidney Thomas HAWKINS of Algonac Michigan & Maude HAWKINS of Twp of Chatham on 08 Jun 1905 at Twp of Chatham
  010937-1905 (Kent Co.) George Henry KEIBER?, 26, farmer, Aldborough, Howard, s/o A. KEIBER? & M. GELRUE?, married L. Rebecca McLEAN, 18, Howard, same, d/o J. McLEAN & P.R. SMITH, witn Roy B. McLEAN of Howard & Amanda KEIBER? of Rodney, on 27 December 1905, at Howard
010760-05 (Kent Co) James KELLOW, 30, (no occup.), Boscastle England, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Edith May PRICE, 19, Detroit, Chatham, d/o William PRICE & Mary SHAW, witn Joseph EYRES & Mrs. J.B. TEFFT, on 26 January 1905, at Chatham 010942-1905 (Kent Co.) Orford Allan KNAPP, 27, farmer, Duart, Highgate, s/o John H. KNAPP & Eliza JAY, married Mary Belle REYNOLDS, 18, Palmyra, Muirkirk, d/o Henry J. REYNOLDS & Hannah STREET, witn Roy McLAREN of Highgate & Laura REYNOLDS of Muirkirk, on 5 April 1905, at Muirkirk
010933-1905 (Kent Co.) Walter (illegible) KNOTT, 33, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o W. KNOTT & B. APHROPE, married Matilda E. JENNER, 24, Howard, same, d/o W.E. JENNER & C. HANLEY, witn N.J. KNOTT of Charring Cross & Theresa JENNER of Howard, on 13 December 1905, at Thamesville 010951-1905 (Kent Co.) John H. KRAUSE, 21, laborer, Rodney, same, s/o Julius & Mary, married Christina JEFFORDS, 20, Blenheim, Orford, d/o Eber JEFFORDS & Annie GILLIES, witn Maria LONG of Highgate & Elizabeth RYCKMAN of Windsor, on 7 October 1905, at Highgate
010780-05 John LAIDLAW, 21, not given, Scotland, Raleigh Tp., s/o James LAIDLAW & Elizabeth JOHNISON, married Sarah Jane ARCHIBALD, 20, Dewsbury England, Tilbury, d/o James ARCHIBALD & A. ROSS, witn: S. A. COBBLEDICK & Ida GALLOWAY both of Chatham on Apr. 30, 1905 at Chatham 010786-05 (Kent Co) Ralph James LAING, 27, gear (illegible), Everett Mich, Pontiac Mich, s/o (illegible) LAING & Nettie GREGG, married Flora Maude SMITH, 24, Chatham, same, d/o Rich L. SMITH & Sarah BRA--?(illegible), witn W.C. CARTER of Detroit & Charlotte E. S(illegible) of Chatham, on 3 May 1905, at Chatham
010785-05 (Kent Co) John B. LANE, 29, St.Louis US, same, s/o Frances A. & Emma H., married Sarah J. CURRIE, (no age), Simcoe, same, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn George McKULLEN of Blenheim & Florence McCOSH? of Chatham, on 4 April 1905, at Chatham  
010804-05 (Kent Co) Albert Wadsworth LAW, 27, laborer, Manchester England, Chatham, s/o O--? LAW & Hannah WADSWORTH, married Annie LAW, 28, Yorkshire England, Chatham, d/o Matthew & Emma LAW, witn E. H. TURNER & Alice MCMARTIN, of Chatham, 5 July 1905, at Chatham. 010779-05 Albert LAWRENCE, 25, not given, England, Harwich Tp., s/o not known, married Maggie RUTTER, 27, widow, Strathroy, Thamesville Kent Co., d/o Levi illegible & Jane FRAZER, witn: H. A. DRADER & Ida GALLOWAY both of Chatham on Apr. 19, 1905 at Chatham
010814-05 (Kent Co) Wilfred LEWIS, 21, waiter, Shrewsbury?, ErieEau, s/o Anderson & Elizabeth LEWIS, married Mary HIGHGATE, 22, Dover, ErieEau, d/o Aaron HIGHGATE (no mother), witn Joseph LEWIS & Gertrude LEWIS, of Rond Eau, 10 July 1905, at Chatham.

010977-05 Duncan W. LITTLE, 29, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o James LITTLE & Alethia CHAPMAN, married Trelephine HUGHSON, 24, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o John S. HUGHSON & Mary CLARK, witn: Victor LITTLE, Raleigh, Hattie THOMSON, Merlin, 20 December 1905 at Merlin

010766-05 (Kent Co) William J. LONEY, 19, machinest, Dover, Chatham, s/o John William LONEY & Eliza Ann CATTLE, married Fannie Matilda ROBILLARD, 20, Blenheim, Chatham, d/o John ROBILLARD & Fannie M. RUBLE, witn James M. MARTIN & Mrs. James M. MARTIN, both of Chatham, on 12 April 1905, at Chatham 010813-05 (Kent Co) William John LONEY, 43, widower, feed staples prop., Ireland, Chatham, s/o John LONEY & Ann Jane DUNLOP, married Mary HANAFER?, 38, Waterloo, Chatham, d/o Eli HANAFER? & Mary BARKER, witn Alma HODGINS & Isabella EBERTS, of Chatham, 7 August 1905, at Chatham.
  010930-1905 (Kent Co.) William H. LONG, 26, engineer, Bothwell, Detroit, s/o R. LONG & A. SMITH, married Rosa THOMAS, 19, England, Howard, d/o J. THOMAS & E. HOOPER, witn Emory LONG & Ethel THOMAS, both of Ridgetown, on 6 September 1905, at Howard
010812-05 (Kent Co) Frederick M---? MACKEY, (MACKAY?) 21, candy maker, Port Huron Mich., Chatham, s/o Williard (Willard?) MACKEY & Mary E. DERRY?, married Mary Jane THOMPSON, 19, Eganville Ont., Chatham, d/o Philip THOMPSON & Mary CARDIFF, witn Williard MACKEY & Sarah MACKEY, of Chatham, 5 August 1905, at Chatham. 010815-05 (Kent Co) Victory MARENTETTE, 26, fisherman, Jeanette Creek, same, s/o Joseph MARENTETTE & Edwige? MAILLIEN--?(cut off, Maillieux?), married Delina GUYATTE (Guyette?), 25, Lowell Mass., same, d/o Julien GUYATTE & Matilda FOSTER, witn M.A. MALLOTT & S.M. HANNAN, of Chatham, 26 August 1905, at Chatham.
010773-05 William MARSHALL, 26, painter, Dover South Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o Thomas MARSHALL & Philomin LEROY, married Helen HANNON (HARRON?) 18, Stratford Ont., Chatham, d/o Edward HANNON & Jeanette HART, witn: Albert EADINGER & Lillian MARSHALL both of Chatham on Mary 3, 1905 at Chatham. 010926-1905 (Kent Co.) John Jas. MASON, 32, farmer, Tyrone Ireland, Orford, s/o Francis MASON & Elizabeth (illegible), married Ella Jane SIMPSON, 25, Wardsville, Morpeth, d/o Jacob? W. SIMPSON & Margaret E. COOK, witn J.D. SIMPSON of Morpeth & Mary WEEKS of Woodgreen, on 12 April 1905, at Morpeth
010807-05 (Kent Co) Harry Edward MAYS, 38, widower, laborer, Windsor, Chatham, s/o Henry MAYS & Jennie WILLIAMS, married Hattie May COSELL, 33, Louisville Ont., Chatham, d/o Benjamin COSELL & Keziah? CROSS, witn Milton LEWIS & Jennie LEWIS, of Chatham, 17 June 1905, at Chatham.  
010928-1905 (Kent Co.) (no first name) McDONALD, 24, farmer, of Aldboro, s/o Peter McDONALD & Sarah SECORD, married Annie Belle EBERLE, 18, Orford, d/o Frank EBERLE & Jane MURDOCK, witn Miss SOFTLY & Miss GARDINER, both of Morpeth, on 30 May 1905, at Morpeth 011000-1905 (Kent Co.) John J. McDONALD, 24, farmer, Dunwich, Howard, s/o James & Elizebeth, married Eliza CHAMBERS, 23, Brantford?, Ridgetown, d/o Joseph & Sara Jane, witn Manlay CHAMBERS of Ridgetown & Kate McDONALD of Howard, on 28 June 1905, at Ridgetown
011035-1906 (Kent Co.) John McDONALD, farmer, Orford, Dawn, s/o Phillip & Julia Ann, married Mary HORCOUNT (Harcourt?)?, 38, Hamilton, Dawn, d/o Miroa? (Mirsa?) & Antoinette, witn (cut off) McDERMID of Ridgetown & (cut off) William ROBERTSON of (illegible), on 28 December 1905, at Ridgetown 010783-05 Albert McFADDEN, 40, farmer, Ottawa, Harwich Tp., s/o William McFADDEN & Sophia DEPENSER, married Mary Elizabeth WILSON, 25, widow, Wallaceburg Ont., Harwich Tp., d/o Alexander PERCY & Elizabeth GIBSON, witn: Fred JORDON & Bella K. HOYT both of Chatham on May 20, 1905 at Chatham
010764-05 (Kent Co) John McHARDY, 21, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Fletcher, s/o Macolm McHARDY & Eliz. FERRIS, married Jessie GRAW, 21, Scotland, Stewart, d/o James GRAW & Jessie DYKER, witn Lily McGILLIVRAY & Pearl HEATH, both of Chatham, on 14 March 1905, at Chatham 011010-1905 (Kent Co.) Henry J. McHAUNS?, 28, merchant, Ireland, St.Thomas, s/o Patrick & Mary Ann, married Rose Ellen BROSNAHAM?, 28, Muirkirk, same, d/o John & Johannah, witn John McHAUNS? of StThomas & Stella McDONALD of Ridgetown, on 11 October 1905, at Ridgetown
011004-1905 (Kent Co.) Henry James McINTOSH, 28, farmer, Medora, Orford, s/o Benjamin & Orindia, married Mary SYMINGTON?, 30, Clearville, Orford, widowed, d/o Henry & Mary, witn Florecne SWISHER of Duart & Christina DEACON of Ridgetown, on 11 August 1905, at Ridgetown 010929-1905 (Kent Co.) Duncan B. McKINLAY, farmer, Howard, same, s/o James McKINLAY & Isabell BELL, married Olive May TRUDGEON, 20, Howard, same, d/o J.F. TRUDGEON & Mary A. ALLEN, witn H.H. TRUDGEON & Gertrude TRUDGEON, both of Howard, on 14 June 1905, at Howard
010998-1905 (Kent Co.) Henry McKINLEY, 32, farmer, Howard, Ridgetown, s/o Duncan & (illegible), married Lottie MERRIFIELD, 23, Blenheim, same, d/o Joseph & Elizebeth, witn D.C. BROWNLEE, & Leslie? YOUNG, both of Ridgetown, on 13 May 1905, at Ridgetown 010918-05 (Kent Co) Frank McKISHNEY, 22, farmer, Harwich, Raleigh, s/o John McKISHNEY & Jane McINTYRE, married Elizabeth SMITH, 18, Reed City Mich, Detroit, d/o Jos. SMITH & Charlotte DUTTON, witn James TAYLOR of Raleigh & Mary C. RANSOM of Cedar Springs, on 18 November 1905, at Harwich
  010948-1905 (Kent Co.) John Alex McMILLAN, 31, farmer, Orford, same, s/o Douglad McMILLAN & Euphemia McBRIDE, married Fannie ATTRIDGE, 21, Orford, same, d/o Samuel ATTRIDGE & Susan TAPE, witn John ATTRIDGE & Rose MORNINGSTAR, both of Highgate, on 10 August 1905, at Orford
010809-05 (Kent Co) David MCNAUGHTON, 27, farmer, Chatham Tp., same, s/o Thomas MCNAUGHTON & Kate HAGGAR, married Mary WEAVER, 19, Zone Tp., Chatham City, d/o Andrew WEAVER & Margaret W--?(cut off), witn Samuel John BOND & Maud WEAVER, of Chatham, 19 July 1905, at Chatham. 010782-05 Neil C. McPHAIL, 27, County Secretary Treasurer, Rodney, Dewer Col., s/o Duncan McPHAIL & Maggie McLARTY, married Mary Gertrude RAYNOR, 24, Chatham, same, d/o Charles W. RAYNOR & Sarah STOREMONT, witn: John T. McPHAIL of Rodney & Otto Bell POOLE of Chatham on May 10, 1905 at Chatham
010803-05 (Kent Co) Harry MCTAGGART, 25, brakeman, Blenheim, Detroit, s/o Malcolm MCTAGGART & Annie ELLISON, married Margaret Catharine O'BRIEN, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Michael O'BRIEN & Martha BOLES, witn Lloyd C. HODGINS of Niagara Falls & Mabel E. HODGINS of Chatham, 28 June 1905, at Chatham. 10972-06 William McVICAR, 30, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Neil McVICAR & Margaret Jane WOODSIDE, married Ana Eliza WOODSIDE, 29, PEI, Harwich, d/o James WOODSIDE, farmer, & Mary Jane MURRAY, witn: George R. PROCTOR & Isabella McVICAR, both of Harwich, 25 Dec 1905 at Harwich
010925-1905 (Kent Co.) Albert MERKELY, 28, drover, of Blenheim, s/o J.A. MERKELY & Sarah HOLLAND, married Edith Alice EASTON, 25, of Morpeth, d/o John G. EASTON & Ellen WHITTAKER, witn J.G. EASTON & Ada HOLLAND, both of Morpeth, on 11 April 1905, at Morpeth  
010996-1905 (Kent Co.) John E. MIDDLEDITCH, 25, machinest, Amherstburg, Ridgetown, s/o George & Isabella, married Vetries? WEST, 22, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Corneilus & Mary, witn Robert S. MIDDLEDITCH of Detroit & Manelle McKERRICHER of Ridgetown, on 7 June 1905, at Ridgetown 010771-05 David H. MILLARD, 24, farmer, Barr Creek N.Y-USA, Dover Tp., s/o David MILLARD & Henrietta URQUHART, married Ethel BACHELOR, 22, of Dover Tp., d/o J. BACHELOR & Barbara Ellen HALL, witn: H.R. McALVION? of Detroit USA & Jean COSGROVE of Chatham on Apr. 26, 1905 at Chatham
010927-1905 (Kent Co.) George MILLS, 26, farmer, Aldboro, Orford, s/o Coughlain? MILLS & Elizabeth SNELL, married Kate Ann CAMPBELL, 24, Howard, same, d/o Colin CAMPBELL & Nellie CROSPIE?, witn William MILLS of West Lorne & Nellie CAMPBELL of Ridgetown, on 10 May 1905, at Howard 010817-05 (Kent Co) Thomas Russell MORGAN, 24, carriage illegible, P--? Ont., Chatham, s/o R. H. MORGAN & Margo ALLAN, Grace Ethel JONES, 20, Chatham, same, d/o Edwin B. JONES & Emily DUNLOP?(cut off), witn A.E. JONES & M. PATTERSON, of Chatham, 20 August 1905, at Chatham.
010919-05 (Kent Co) Fred. George MORLEY, 26, accountant, born Guelph, s/o William MORLEY & Sarah LEN--?(illegible), married Vilah CLARKE, 25, born Harwich, d/o John CLARKE & Millie JONES, witn P.K. MORLEY of Chatham & (cut off) CLARKE of Harwich, on 25 December 1905, at Harwich 010791-05 (Kent Co) Samuel MORNINGSTAR, 34, blacksmith, Wanstead, Rutherford, s/o Samuel & Delilah, married Margaret LOGAN, 26, Dawn, Chatham, d/o Thomas LOGAN & Eliza WELSON, witn (illegible) LOGAN & Eliza LOGAN, both of Chatham, on 4 June 1905, at Chatham

010974-05 Hillyard MORRIS, 25, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Hiram MORRIS & Martha WILLIAMS, married Margaret ROBBINS, 21, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o James ROBBINS & Elizabeth TRAVIS, witn: Mary E. DRAKE, Mary NEWBY, both of N. Buxton, 6 December 1905 at North Buxton

010917-05 (Kent Co) Charles Wesley MORROW, 23, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Hugh MORROW & Mary Ann MANNING, married Naomi Lousetta CUNDLE, 18, Harwich, same, d/o George CUNDLE & F. Rebecca BARKER?, witn J.A. MORROW & Jennie CUNDLE, both of Harwich, on 16 November 1905, at Harwich 010995-1905 (Kent Co.) Thomas E. MURPHEY (s/b Murphy?), 46, farmer, Townsend, Walsingham, s/o James & Susan, married Elizabeth (illegible), 46, Walsingham, same, d/o William & Jane, witn Lizzie MYERS of St.Williams & Elizebeth A.R.V. WILSON of Ridgetown, on 6 April 1905, at Ridgetown
011002-1905 (Kent Co.) Frank NEAL, 26, physician, Brussels, Peterboro, s/o William & Rebecca, married Bertha Francis REYCRAFT, 32, Highgate, Ridgetown, d/o John & Elizebeth, witn W.G. NEAL of Walton & Maud REYCRAFT of Ridgetown, on 28 June 1905, at Ridgetown

010971-05 Edward Weldon NEAL, 26, merchant, Victoria Co., Merlin, s/o Edward NEAL & Ellen WELDON, married Edith Louisa MARSHALL, 30, Merlin, Merlin, d/o ? C. MARSHALL & Elizabeth SALES, witn: Bert ELLISON, Chatham, Lydia BROADBENT, Buxton, 18 October 1905 at Merlin

010989-1905 (Kent Co.) Charles NORTHCOTT, 26, farmer, Harp. twp., Exeter, s/o Rodger & Sarah, married Alma Florence BROCK, 28, Mitchell, Exeter, d/o William & Hannah, witn William J. MELVILLE & Mabel H. BROCK, both of Exeter, on 4 January 1905, at Ridgetown 010952-1905 (Kent Co.) Arthur OUSTERHOUT, 25, yeoman, Highgate, Aldborough, s/o Melbourne OUSTERHOUT & Mary BAILEY, married Annie BARKER (sic), 28, Orford, same, d/o Hall BAKER (sic) & Jerush GOSNELL, witn Mary L. & Irene CHRICHTON?, both of Highgate, on 18 October 1905, at Highgate
011016-1905 (Kent Co.)  James OUTHOUSE, 33, mechanic, of Zone, s/o Jehiel? OUTHOUSE & Nancy McNICKLE, married Amelia WALLACE, 22, of Redding?, adopted d/o Richard & Jane WHITE, witn:  Mr. M.G. FREEMAN & Mrs. T.W. SIMS, both of Thamesville, on 4 January 1905, at Thamesville   010819-05 (Kent Co) George PARK, 27, book keeper, Chatham, same, s/o David PARK & Julia Ann GARDINER, married Annie May LECOCQ, 25, Chatham, same, d/o John Thomas LECOCQ & Mary BLANCHETT(E), witn Mary LECOCQ & James R. PARK, of Chatham, 14 September 1905, at Chatham.

010909-05 Oscar PARKER, 52, farmer, widower, Pennsylvania, Shrewsbury Harwich twp., s/o George PARKER & Cessa GANT, married Celia THOMPSON, 22, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Harwich twp., d/o  Cornelius THOMPSON & Rebecca CASHAN, witn: P.B. PATTERSON, And (Andrew?) THOMPSON, both of Shrewsbury, 12 April 1905 at Harwich

010816-05 (Kent Co) Charles PARKER, 37, farmer, Lincolnshire England, (no residence), s/o George PARKER & Eliza MOTSON, married Elizabeth Jane WHALEY, 38, Woodstock Ont., (no residence), d/o William WHALEY & Johanna MORAN? (cut off), witn John C. PULLEN (PULLIN?) & Martha PULLEN, of Raleigh, 22 August 1905, at Chatham.
010935-1905 (Kent Co.) Francis H. PARSONS, 42, piano agent, Howard, Guelph, s/o E. PARSONS & C. SMITH, married Ida J. Black PRESTON, 32, Howard, Morpeth, d/o E. PRESTON & E.A. REYNOLDS, witn Amy PARSONS & William H. DOBBIE, both of Guelph, on 27 December 1905, at Howard 010789-05 (Kent Co) Richard PAXTON, 21, gas (illegible), Chatham, same, s/o Richard McLead PAXTON & Laura BEST, married Mrytle Pearl EVERLY, 18, Chatham, same, d/o Nelson EVERLY & Penelope WILSON, witn W.B. SPRENTALL? & M. MANNING, both of Chatham, on 23 May 1905, at Chatham
010810-05 (Kent Co) Noah PELTIER, 22, carriage maker, Dover South, Chatham, s/o Alex A--- PELTIER & Mary LEBUTE, married Rose MATTE, 19, Chatham, same, d/o Moses MATTE & Norah REAUME, witn Harry ROURKE of Chatham & Bella PELTIER of Dover South, 24 July 1905, at Chatham. 010962-05 (Kent Co) Joseph B. PHELAN, 22, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o James PHELON & Mary BARRY, married Catherine M. GRIFFIN, 21, Raleigh, same, d/o Dennis GRIFFIN & Julia McCARTHY, witn Albert PHELAN of Raleigh & Maggie ARNOLD of Chatham, on 6 March 1905, at Raleigh
010992-1905 (Kent Co.) William H. PURDY, 19, laborer, Howard, same, s/o George & Letitia, married Mary M. WARDELL, 24, Muskoka, Howard, d/o Timothy & Barbara, witn Isaac WARDELL of Howard & Mrs. J. KONKLE of Ridgetown, on 25 January 1905, at Ridgetown 010922-1905 (Kent Co.) Harold B. RANSFORD, 27, tel. operator, of Ridgetown, s/o John RANSFORD & Minnie BACHA, married Edith Gertrude PARSONS, 18, of Ridgetown, d/o Samuel PARSONS & Mary CORNWALL, witn Kate SOFTLY & Louise GARDINER, both of Morpeth, on 21 January 1905, at Morpeth
011014-1905 (Kent Co.) William RANSON?, 51, farmer, Toronto, Kingsville, s/o Joseph & Martha, married Demana? (illegible), 45, Chatham, Brantford, d/o Louis & Elizabeth, witn Ford & Julia E. EANSOR?, both of Ridgetown, on 29 November 1905, at Ridgetown 011011-1905 (Kent Co.) Roland R. RATHBURN, 33, boiler maker, Birmingham, London, s/o Joseph & Elizebeth A., married Emma Lenora MARSHELL (s/b Marhsall?), 22, Merrickville?, Ridgetown, widowed, d/o Geroge & Charlotte, witn Frank LEITCH of Ridgetown & Hettie HICKS of Dulton, on 25 October 1905, at Ridgetown
010790-05 (Kent Co) Joseph Elles REEVES, 32, (illegible), Chatham, same, s/o George REEVES & Emily ELLIS, married Viola RYCKMAN, 24, dressmaker, Dresden, Chatham, d/o G(illegible) RYCKMAN & Nancy Emaline SCOTT, witn Mary LANCENT of Chatham, on 31 May 1905, at Chatham 011009-1905 (Kent Co.) Edward REYCROFT, 21, laborer, Cook Co. Ireland, Ridgetown, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Mabel G. GRAY, 21, Ridgetown, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn Eliza V. GRAY & Mrs. J. KONKLE, both of Ridgetown, on 4 October 1905, at Ridgetown
010758-05 (Kent Co) George RITCHIE, 54, (no occup.), Raleigh, Chatham, widowed, s/o Robert RITCHIE & Eliz. Mane HOOK, married Maggie DOHERTY, 46, Durham, Chatham, widowed, d/o Zen HENRY & Flora S(illegible), witn W.H. DOHERTY & Ella Ritchie CORBETT, on 28 February 1905, at Chatham 010778-05 John James ROBERSON, 20, not given, s/o James ROBERTSON & Jeanet BOSWELL, married Muriel WARD, 18, of Chatham, d/o Reuben William WARD & Mary Jane WARELL, witn: Mary DUNLOP & Willie A. ROBERTSON both of Chatham on Apr. 26, 1905 at Chatham
010945-1905 (Kent Co.) James ROBERTS, 38, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o W.H. ROBERTS & Alice SAYERS, married Emma McDONNELL, 39, Orford, same, d/o Peter McDONNELL & Sarah SECORD, witn Mrs. Lucy A. RUSSELL & Mrs. Cyvilla SINATE?, both of Highgate, on 10 May 1905, at Highgate 010959-05 (Kent Co) Henry Everit ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Romney, same, s/o John ROBINSON & Mary WRIGHT, married Dorothy Jane FRANCIS, 21, Tilbury, same, d/o Elijah FRANCIS & Jane WILKINSON, witn Lizzie FRANCIS of Tilbury & Hattie THOMSON of Merlin, on 4 January 1905, at Merlin
010761-05 (Kent Co) William Highfield ROBINSON, 44, (no occup.) Chatham, same, s/o Frederick ROBINSON & Ann TAYLOR, married Maggie TAYLOR, 46, Camden, Chatham, d/o Samuel TAYLOR & Jane BOLTON, witn James A. ROBINSON & Alice ARNOLD, both of Chatham, on 22 February 1905, at Chatham 010999-1905 (Kent Co.) Joseph H. ROCK, 25, engineer, Ridgetown, StThomas, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Addie St.JOHN, 21, Ridgetown, same, d/o Benjamin & Louisa, witn Charles FLETCHER of St Thomas & Lottie StJOHN of Ridgetown, on 22 June 1905, at Ridgetown

010973-05 James Olwi--? ROGERS, 29, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o William D. ROGERS & Mary CORLEN?, married Mary E. SILVERTHORNE, 23, Orford twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Lewis K. SILVERTHORNE & Agnes GARR, witn: Allen ROGERS, Cecile SILVERTHORNE, both of Raleigh, 29 November 1905 at Raleigh

010777-05 John J. ROMANCE, 28, railroader, Streetsville, St. Thomas, s/o John ROMANCE & Catherine PAULY, married Henrietta M. WILSON, 25, Chatham, same, d/o Robert WILSON & Margaret CAVANAUGH, witn: Mary GERBER & May WILSON both of Chatham on May 16, 1905 at Chatham 010710-05 (Kent Co) Joseph RUMBLE, 31, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Thomas RUMBLE + Louisa TRICKER, married Fanny May BRUSH, 22, Harwich, same, d/o James BRUSH + Mary Ann GREEN, witn: Maud RUMBLE + Marion McLEOD of Bleheim, Jan 16 1905 at Blenheim
010776-05 John William RUMBLE, 22, farmer, Blenheim, Chatham, s/o John RUMBLE & Celia LUCAS, married Maggie Amy PERRITT, 18, Raleigh Tp., Howard Tp., d/o James & Martha, witn: William J.& Fanny LONEY both of Chatham on May 10, 1905 at Chatham.

010967-05 John ST.PETER, 21, tradesman, Raleigh twp., Dover twp., s/o Moses ST. PETER & Agnes LABUTE, married Julia STIRLING, 18, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o John STIRLING (STERLING?) & Fannie TRUDELL, witn: Hattie THOMSON, E. Kyle SIMPSON, both of Merlin, 7 August 1905 at Merlin

011013-1905 (Kent Co.) Thomas James SAINDERS? (Sanders?), 46, merchant, Ecorse Mich, ???Range Mich, widowed, s/o Thomas & Victoria, married Emily Annie HAWKINS, 35, Waterford, Ridgetown, d/o Richard & Mary Jane, witn George HAWKINS of Detroit & Emily HAWKINS of Cornwall England, on 14 November 1905, at Ridgetown 010963-05 (Kent Co) Harold Bruce SALES, 23, farmer, Tilbury E., same, s/o George SALES & Matilda GARDINER, married Violet May ROE, 19, Raleigh, same, d/o John ROE & Mary FEELY, witn John BROADBENT & Mrs. John BROADBENT, both of Raleigh, on 5 April 1905, at Raleigh

010908-05 Wilfred SCAMAN, 21, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o William SCAMAN & Nellie POFFARD, married Elsie I. KNOTT, 23, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Thomas KNOTT & Sarah McKIBBON, witn: T.R. KNOTT, Harwich, Delia SALES, Raleigh, 15 March 1905 at Harwich

010800-05 (Kent Co) Thomas SIMONS, 58, widower, (profession crossed out), Alymer Ont., Detroit, s/o Jas. SIMONS & Margaret HOPKINS, married Margaret HADLEY, 45, Chatham, Detroit, d/o Sylvester HADLEY & Margaret FRASER, witn Thomas MACK--- & Mrs. MACK----, of Chatham, 6 June 1905, at Chatham. 010801-05 (Kent Co) George A. SINGER, 24, mason, Thamesville, same, s/o Samuel SINGER & Mary GRAHAM, married Lorena? FORSYTHE, 21, Chatham, same, d/o William FORSYTHE & Sarah MCKAY, witn R. L. BRACKEN & Anna M. BATTISBY, 8 July 1905, at Chatham.
010762-05 (Kent Co) James Stephens SLATER, 24, (no occup.), Chatham, same, s/o Albert SLATER & Sarah STEPHENS, married Hattie BROAD, 24, Sombra, Chatham, d/o Joshua BROAD & Jennie GARDINER, witn L.A. COBBLEDICK & Ida GALLOWAY, both of Chatham, on 15 February 1905, at Chatham 010805-05 (Kent Co) Robert Graham SMITH, 26, laborer, Tp. of Dover, same, s/o Robert SMITH & Catharine MCGAR--- (cut off), married Edna Blanche MOORE, 23, (no birth place), Chatham, d/o William J. MOORE & Eleanor SCOTT, witn Rodney SMITH of Ottawa & Josie MOORE of Chatham, 14 June 1905, at Chatham.

010908-06 (Kent Co) William Henry SNIDER, 20, butter maker, Elkton Mich., Toledo Ohio, s/o Foldin SNIDER & Ella WING, married (given name not entered) BEAUBIER, 23, Florence Ont., Kent Bridge Ont., d/o Arthur BEAUBIER & Clara GORDON, witn: Henry WING, Rodney Ont., Clara BEAUBIER, Kent Bridge Ont., 24 December 1905 at Kent Bridge, Chatham twp.

11979-07 Reginald Delmer SNOBELEN, 20, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Joseph B. SNOBELEN & Mary J. ELLIOTT, married Etta May ROE, 21, Harwich, same, d/o Thomas ROE, farmer, & Jane LANE, witn: Gordon CLARK & Stella ROE, both of Blenheim, 25 Jan 1905 at Harwich
010798-05 (Kent Co) James Morrison SOKOL, 29, physician, Iowa USA, same, s/o Frank J. SOKOL & Anna BER---, married Winifred DANDE, 28, England, Chatham, d/o (guardians) Kenneth URQUART & Barbara MCCO--- ?(cut off), witn Sara ROBERTSON of Chatham & George F. SOKOL of Onslow Iowa, 28 June 1905, at Chatham 011019-1905 (Kent Co.)  William SOMERSET, 33, laborer, Camden, Chatham, widowed, s/o William SOMERSET & Ellen McRAE, married Allen Minnie JACQUES, 22, Camden, Howard, d/o Alexander JAQUES & Elisabeth (illegible), witn:  Willaim MILLARD & Maud ORTON, both of Thamesville, on 7 June 1905, at Thamesville  
010772-05 Jacob SPARKS, 19, contractor, Chatham, same, s/o Jacob & Jeannette, married Ida May BLACKBURN, 18, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Hiram BLACKBURN & Annie COURTNEY, witn: George S. PIERRE & May COURTNEY both of Chatham on Apr. 5, 1905 at Chatham 011008-1905 (Kent Co.) Walter STEVENSON, 25, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o James & Emma, married Sadie GRIEVE, 19, Whitby, Howard, d/o Lemuel & Jennie, witn L.B. HENRY? & Susie P. COOK, both of Ridgetown, on 4 October 1905, at Ridgetown
011005-1905 (Kent Co.) Roy TALCOTT, 19, laborer, Ridgetown, same, s/o Joseph & Estella, married Lillian BULLOCK, 21, Stratford, Ridgetown, d/o Joseph & Fanny, witn Ford TALCOTT & Mary TALCOTT, both of Ridgetown, on 30 August 1905, at Ridgetown 010759-05 (Kent Co) Thomas John Wesley TAYLOR, 33, (no occup.), West Wawanosh, Chatham, widowed, s/o Walter TAYLOR & Eliza SPARROW, married Carrie SEELLWALL? (Stillwell?), 26, Russell, Chatham, d/o Samuel SEELLWALL? & Margaret BIRCH, witn F.E.D. TAYLOR & Nellie SEELLWALL?, on 27 February 1905, at Chatham
010960-05 (Kent Co) James Francis TINLIN (Finlin?), 29, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o William TINLIN & Margaret DOWLING, married Violet Agnes LEWIS, 25, Raleigh, same, d/o George LEWIS & Margaret RICE, witn William TINLIN, Jr., & Margaret LEWIS, both of Raleigh, on 8 February 1905, at Raleigh

010972-05 Charles William TOWL, 21, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Frederick TOWL & Mary A. DOWLING, married Eva May TAYLOR, 25, Campbellford, Raleigh twp., d/o Jas. TAYLOR & Sarah GILBERT, witn: Jas. W. TOWL, Ethel GILBERT, both of Raleigh, 1 November 1905 at Raleigh

  010912-05 (Kent Co) John TOWNSEND, 36, farmer, Wingham, Harwich, s/o John TOWNSEND & Mary BRIGHTON, married Lizzie SERSON, 34, Orford, Harwich, d/o Andrew SERSON & Eliza INGRAM, witn A.E. BUSTOL? & Mary E. STEEL, both of Harwich, on 12 July 1905, at Harwich
010931-1905 (Kent Co.) John F. TRUDGEON, 24, farmer, Elgin, Howard, s/o J. TRUDGEON & M. ALLEN, married Flossie COLL, 21, Morpeth, same, d/o J.L. COLL & N. FREDERICK, witn Amy COLL & William TRUDGEON, both of Morpeth, on 20 September 1905, at Howard 10752-06 Levi Clifford TRUESDALE, 28, farmer, Camden twp., same, s/o Hugh TRUESDALE & Sarah CLARK, married Emma Edith PHILLIPS, 26, Camden twp., same, d/o George PHILLIPS & Elizabeth CUTLER, witn: David PHILLIPS of Camden twp & Sadie ARNOLD of Detroit , 28 Dec 1905 at Camden twp
010811-05 (Kent Co) Nelson TURNER, 21, laborer, City of Chatham, same, s/o Daniel TURNER & Louisa Jane M--?(illegible), married Mary Elizabeth BROWNING, 18, Dover East, City of Chatham, d/o Jos? BROWNING & Martha DUCKETT, witn Daniel TURNER & Ida MONTGOMERY, of City of Chatham, 31 July 1905, at Chatham.

010910-05 John Henry TYE, 28, laborer, Harwich, Harwich twp., s/o James TYE & Elizabeth L. OSBORNE, married Louisa Elizabeth GARROD, 23, Harwich, Harwich twp., d/o William GARROD & Mary E. WATSON, witn: L.W. WHITE, Mrs. L.W. WHITE, both of Harwich twp., 31 May 1905 at Harwich

010939-1905 (Kent Co.) Thomas Richard VICKERY, 29, farmer, Orford, Zone, s/o Thomas VICKERY & Ann Louisa PREBBS?, married Sarah March? PATRICK, Zone, Orford, d/o Ezra PATRICK & Susan Rachel MILLER, witn Willet? O. REDDICK & Louisa M. VICKERY, both of Daute?, on 1 February 1905, at Orford 010940-1905 (Kent Co.) John L. B. VOGLER, 32, farmer, Zone, same, s/o Lawrence Ebenezer VOGLER & Lydia Ann BLICKENADER, married Mary LATHER, 27, Orford, same, d/o John LATHER & Isabell W. SELLARS, witn Beatrice LATHER & Malcolm GRANT Jr., both of Orford, on 9 February 1905, at Zone
010965-05 (Kent Co) Maurice WADDICK, 28, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o John WADDICK & Ann EARLY, married Sarah A. DILLON, (no age), Raleigh, same, d/o Michael DILLON & Catherine GLEASON, witn Thomas WADDICK & Cora DILLON, both of Raleigh, on 15 June 1905, at Raleigh  

010966-05 George WARD, 26, laborer, England, Merlin, s/o Frank WARD & Martha SCIDMORE, married Emma McDONALD, 18, Wallaceburg, Merlin, d/o William E. McDONALD & Frances A. BEASLEY, witn: Hattie THOMSON, Robert BEASLEY, both of Merlin, 26 July 1905 at Merlin

010924-1905 (Kent Co.) Andrew John WARD, 26, stone driller, Mopeth, Amherstburg, s/o Benjamin WARD & Sarah SHIPPY, married Mary Ellen LOUCKS, 23, Palmyra, Orford, d/o Benjamin & Ellen, witn Lottie M. RIVERS & Amy REYNOLDS, both of Morpeth, on 28 February 1905, at Morpeth
010964-05 (Kent Co) Arnold G. WATTS, 32, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Charles WATTS & Annie FOURCHET?, married Martha M. BLACK, 25, Raleigh, same, d/o Horace BLACK & Maria POINDEXTER, witn Abram S. SHREVE & Lucilla SHREVE, both of Raleigh, on 1 May 1905, at Raleigh

010980-05 William B.F. WHARRAM, 29, farmer, Romney twp., Romney twp., s/o John WHARRAM & Fanny STOBBS, married Bessie Rovena LANE, 30, Romney twp., Romney twp., d/o George LANE & Annie M. GILBERT, both of Romney, 1 February 1905 at Romney

#010834-05 William WRIGLEY, 24, carriage trimmer, born in Wakefield England, s/o Albert WRIGLEY & Martha Ann HODGSON, married Ruby JEWITT, Chatham, same, d/o Richard JEWITT & Elizabeth HOLMES, witnesses were Mrs. S.M. HANNA and Mrs. M. A. MALOTT, both of Chatham, Oct 12, 1905 (at Chatham?)

010975-05 Arthur ZEBBS, 21, laborer, Raleigh twp., N. Buxton, s/o Samuel ZEBBS & Mary TRAVIS, married Florence CHASE, 16, Raleigh twp., N. Buxton, d/o Henry or Harry CHASE & Rebecca MORTON, witn: Aldolphus PRINCE, Lottie PRINCE, both of Raleigh, 15 October 1905 at North Buxton