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11080-08 Joseph ALEXANDER, 26, farmer, of Dover, s/o Abraham ALEXANDER, farmer, & Sarah MATTE, married Lavina Mary BODAH, 17, of Dover, d/o Peter BODAD?, farmer, & Mary BODIE, witn: M. E. HODGINS of Chatham & Florence HOWELL of Hamilton, 28 Nov 1908 at Chatham 11318-08 (Kent Co.): Daniel Henry ALGER, 23, merchant, Brougham, same, s/o George E. ALGER & Mary E. HUBBARD, married Inez Constance G. S. CHUBB, 25, Wallaceburg, same, d/o Charles CHUBB & Eleanor SWANSON, witn: W. Ross ALGER of Exeter & Beatrix CHUBB of Wallaceburg on 19 Feb 1908 at Wallaceburg
011236-1908 (Kent Co.)  William George ALLEN, 28, mason, Ridgetown, same, s/o George ALLEN & Betsey BLAKE, married Lillian WILSON, 20, Ridgetown, same, d/o William John WILSON & Maggie KINSEY, witn:  Mrs. F. SHORE & Mr. F. ALLEN, both of Ridgetown, on 20 February 1908, at Ridgetown   11072-08 John Ross ALLEN, 23, tinsmith, of Chatham, s/o William R. ALLEN, carpenter, & Lydia GILLETT, married Flora E. CHAMBERLAIN, 23, of Ridgetown, d/o Thomas CHAMBERLAIN & Sarah RYCKMAN, witn: Laura J. GADEN & Annie M. DANIEL, both of Chatham, 21 Oct 1908 at Chatham
010927/08 (Kent Co) Ira Lea Roy ALLISON, 24, farmer, of Twp Harwich, s/o Arthur ALLISON & Ellen CONLIN, married Catherine BROADWOOD, 25, of Harwich Twp, d/o Thomas BROADWOOD & Annie L. BLAKE, witn: George G. GOULET & Mrs. D. GOULET both of Blenheim Ontario, 25 November 1908, Trinity Church, Blenheim 11068-08 Oly William ANDERSON, 38, farmer, widower, of Chatham twp., s/o James ANDERSON, farmer, & Mary GALWAY, married Elen HOCK, 46, widow, of Chatham, d/o Isidore LE BUTTE, farmer, & Phillis REAUME, witn: Fred & Jennie HOCK of Chatham, 9 Nov 1908 at Chatham
#011062-08 (Kent Co) Frank ARBLES(?), 46, of Owen Sound, Hotel Prop., widower, s/o Robert. ARBLES & Fedelia NEFF, married Jennie ADAIR, 42, of Chatham, widow, d/o John BURNS & Isabel BRIDEN(?), married 20 October 1908, Chatham 11309-08 (Kent Co.): Frederick Lorraine ARNOLD, 37, widower, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Frederick ARNOLD & Christine CAMERON, married Nellie May MAYHEW, 29, Thamesville, same, d/o Frederick James MAYHEW & Agnes WALKER, witn: Martha Kate MAYHEW & Jean MAYHEW both of Thamesville on 30 Jun 1908 at Thamesville
11303-08 (Kent Co.): George Everett ATKINSON, 25, farmer, Tilbury West, s/o George ATKINSON, farmer & Mina CROSBY, married Nellie Laurina SMART, 22, dressmaker, Tilbury East, d/o Frederick SMART & Elizabeth DENT, witn: Edward & Ida ARMSTRONG of Merlin Ont. on 09 Dec 1908 at Tilbury East Kent Co. (LDS) 11230-08 (Kent Co.): Edward BACHELDOR, 28, blacksmith, Alexandria Ont., s/o John BACHELDOR, farmer & Ellen HALL, married Maud SUITOR, 25, Raleigh Twp., d/o William SUITOR, farmer & Eliza MCLEOD, witn: Mrs. Carrie ROUSE of Toledo Ohio & Raymond BACHELDOR of Hamilton Ont., on 04 Nov 1908 at Raleigh Twp
11349—08 (Kent Co): Charles Wesley BADDER, 23, farmer, of Camden twp, s/o John W. BADDER, farmer, & Margaret KELLY, married Lottie Mabel DENT, 20, of Zone twp., d/o Joseph DENT, lumberman, & Margaret HARDY, witn: Robbie A. BADDER of Camden twp & Bertha M. DENT of Zone, 23 Dec 1908 at Zone twp 11075-08 William BALL, 23, farmer, Raleigh twp., s/o David BALL, farmer, & Margaret GRIES, married Anna WHETSELL, 22, of Raleigh twp., d/o Joseph WHITSEL, farmer, & Elizabeth DILLON, witn: George Robert BALL & Blanche WHITSEL, both of Raleigh, 18 Nov 1908 at Chatham
010936/08 (Kent Co) Joseph BARKER, 23, farmer, Merrickville, Blenheim, s/o William A. BARKER & Jane FORBES, married Priscilla Jane HAWGOOD, 19, Howard Twp, Blenheim Twp, d/o Thomas HAWGOOD & Agnes CARMICHAEL, witn: Thomas Albert HAWGOOD & Mable HAWGOOD both of Blenheim, 15 April 1908, Blenheim 11104-08 George BARR, 62, farmer, widower, England, Chatham twp., s/o John BARR & Ann ALLEN, married Annie BELLAMY, 36, widow, Chatham twp., same, d/o Samuel BELLAMY & Elizabeth INGLES, witn: Mrs. William & Margaret KAY of Darrell, 8 April 1908 at Manse, Darrell
11225-08 (Kent Co.): William BARRY, 46, widower, farmer, Tilbury East Twp., s/o William BARRY, farmer & Margaret RYAN married Mrs. J. JONES, 24, widow, Tilbury, d/o Archie PATTERSON & Mary HEMPSON, witn: Nelson BARRY of Tilbury & Barb PATTERSON of Dutton on 10 Jun 1908 at Raleigh 011249-1908 (Kent Co.)  Edwin L. BELL, 23, farmer, Stratford, Romney, s/o John & Mary, married Eva M. PINCH, 19, Romney, Wheatley, d/o Joseph PINCH & Elsie HEALEY, witn:  Martha A. FUCE & Sarah E. WHALEY, both of Romney, on 15 April 1908, at Romney  
11345-08 (Kent Co): Allan BENNETT, farmer, of Raleigh twp., s/o Stephen BENNETT, farmer, & Lizzie MARTIN, married Sussie WALLACE, 19, house keeper, of 12th con of Raleigh twp., d/o Wellington WALLACE, farmer, & Louisa BERRY, witn: Myrthina & Lawrence D. CAMPBELL of Wallaceburg, 221 Dec 1908 at Wallaceburg 11180-08 (Kent Co.): John B. BENNETT, 21, farmer, Harwich Twp., s/o John BENNETT, farmer & Mamie BROWN married Florence WILKIE, 20, farmer's daughter, d/o R. J. WILKIE, farmer & Sarah LOWES, witn: John BENNET of Guilds Harwich & R. J. WILKIE of Blenheim Harwich on 07 Oct 1908 at Harwich
11338-08 Frederick BERNEY, 23, laborer, of Dover twp., s/o Oliver BERNEY & Mary MYERS, married Sadie MYERS, 20, of Dover twp., d/o Charles MYERS & Elizabeth FLYNN, witn: Clara SHAW & Mary E. COSENS, both of Wallaceburg, 8 Sept 1908 at Wallaceburg 11299-08 (Kent Co.): James M. BISHOP, 31, widower, millwright, Dover, Chatham, s/o Alfred BISHOP & Jane PARISH, married Mrs. Louis YANRYESON, 31, widow, domestic, d/o Isral MATTHEWS & Julia LAUZON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William Blake both of Glenwood, Tilbury East on 19 Feb 1908 at Glenwood, Tilbury East
11287-08 Israel BISSONNETTE, 22, laborer, of Tilbury, s/o Theophile BISSONNETTE, dead, & Ruth McCAMBRIDGE, married Maria LEFEBVRE, 18, of Tilbury, d/o Joseph LEFEBVRE, laborer, & marguerite CHAMPAGNE, witn: Abraham BISSONNETTE & Isabella LEFEBVRE, both of Tilbury, 25 Nov 1908 at Tilbury 11289-08 (Kent Co.): John Baptiste BISSONNETTE, 26, farmer, Tilbury, same, s/o John BISSONNETTE & Rosa MCINBRIDGE, married Genevieve LARCHE, 23, farmer's daughter, Jeannette's Creek Tilbury East, same, d/o John LARCHE & Angila MARCHAND, witn: Joseph BISSONNETTE & Marie LEFEBVRE both of Tilbury on 13 Jan 1908 at Tilbury East
  11077-08 Joseph J. BLAIR, 22, farmer, of Dover twp., s/o John & Elis, married Anna C. BAILLARGEON, 19, servant, of Dover twp., d/o Casemer BAILLARGEON, farmer, & Anna DAGNEAU, witn: Casemir & Rose BAILLARGEON of Dover twp., 23 Nov 1908 at Dover twp
011248-1908 (Kent Co.) Charles BOSTWICK, 38, farmer, Romney, Tilbury East, widowed, s/o Isaac BOSTWICK & Mary E. HUGHSON, married Harriet Ann LIDDLE, 35, Romney, same, d/o Joseph LIDDLE & Hannah BROWN, witn:  Arthur LIDDLE & Mary M. LIDDLE, both of Romney, on 11 March, 1908, at Romney   11288-08 Herman A. BRECKENRIDGE, 22, farmer, of Tilbury West, s/o John BRECKENRIDGE, farmer, & Hannah THORNTON, married Nellie WHITE, 19, of Tilbury West, d/o Henry WHITE & Bella BREEN, witn: Gladys? & Mrs. Ann? BRECKENRIDGE, 2 Dec 1908 at Tilbury West
11107-08 William George Alfred BROAD, 22, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Joshua BROAD & Elveys BACON, married Ethel Lucy COTTON (Catton?), 20, Raleigh twp., Chatham twp., d/o John COTTON & Sarah BROWNBRIDGE, witn: Alfred COTTON of Eberts & Beatrice BROAD of Dresden, 3 June 1908 at Manse, Darrell 11290-08 (Kent Co.): William R. G. BROWN, 24, shipping clerk, Tilbury East, Windsor, s/o Joseph BROWN & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, married Sarah A. Vera JONES, 21, farmer's daughter, d/o Reuben JONES & Jane BROWN, witn: Gordon BROWN of Valetta, Tilbury East & Hazel C. JONES of Tilbury East on 15 Jan 1908 at Tilbury East Twp (Plymouth Brethren)
11224-08 (Kent Co.): Thomas Edward BROWN, 32, farmer, Centre Road Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o George Thomas BROWN & Jemmia SCOTT married Margaret MOORE, 18, Raleigh, N. Burton, d/o William F. MOORE & Elmira MALONE, witn: John MOORE & Mary NEWBY both of N. Burton on 01 Jun 1908 at Raleigh 11092-08 Thomas Morden BROWN, 22, farmer, of Raleigh, s/o Thomas BROWN, farmer, & Lavina MORDEN, married Laura CHINNICK, 18, of Raleigh, d/o James CHINNICK, farmer, & Dorothy GRICE, witn: A. B. & Margaret Chinnick SUITOR of Chatham, 16 Dec 1908 at Chatham
11065-08 Joseph BURD, 25, laborer, of Chatham, s/o Jacob BURD, laborer, & Sarah BURSE, married Hattie Bell WATSON, 19, of Chatham, d/o Joseph WATSON, laborer, & Annie BREATON, witn: H. BREATON & Emma CORTLIN, both of Chatham, 21 Oct. 1908 at Chatham 11336-08 Ernest A. BUTTON, 32, widower, of Stouffville, s/o John R. BUTTON & Alberta JONES, married Agnes ANDERSON, 28, of Wallaceburg, d/o William ANDERSON & Janet PATTERSON, witn: John ANDERSON & Miss B.M.A. CHUBB, both of Wallaceburg, 2 Sept 1908 at Wallaceburg
11314-08 Albert CADOGAN, 24, farmer, of Howard, s/o Walter CADOGAN, farmer, & Adline COOL, married Cora LENOVER, 18, of Howard, d/o Benjamin LENOVER & Eunise INGALLS, witn: William PURDY & Mrs. William PURDY, both of Northwood, 1 Dec 1908 at Thamesville 011160-1908 (Kent Co.) John CAISTER, 45, painter, not given, Dresden, s/o Israel CAISTER & Annie GOULD, married Syrena Angeline WHITEHEAD, 42, not given, Dresden, d/o James G. WHITEHEAD & Sarah BAKER, witn: C. G. & Lyde CAISTER of Dresden, 17 Dec 1908 at Dresden.
11101-08 Alvin CARD, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Marshall CARD & Eliz. VANDUSEN, married Ida Amelia CLARK, 20, Petrolia, Chatham twp., d/o William CLARK & Frances PEGG (Regg?), witn: George CLARK & Lottie WILSON, both of Chatham, 11 March 1908 at Chatham twp 11091-08 Edward CAREY, 22, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o James CAREY, farmer, & Martha WELLS, married Emily GODDARD, 19, of Chatham, d/o George H. GODDARD & Maria CARGER?, witn: Alex & Mrs. Eva GRANT, 30 Nov 1908 at Chatham
11291-08 (Kent Co.): Lewis James CARSON, 20, farmer, Caledon Peel Co., Raleigh, s/o David CARSON & Elizabeth WATERBURY, married Minnie LABRETE, 17, farmer's daughter, d/o Isadore LABRETE & Marie JUBENVILLE, witn: Albert & Emma PARKER both of Raleigh Twp., on 22 Jun 1908 at Valetta, Tilbury East 11251-08 (Kent Co.): Austin Anson CATES, 26, farmer, Mersea Twp., s/o George W. CATES, farmer & Amanda SETTERINGTON, married Lillian M. LOWE, 23, Romney, d/o Ralph F. LOWE, farmer & Angeline V. M. BACHUS, witn: Albert E. MCINTOSH of Windfall Ont., & Evelyn E. LOWE of Wheatley, Ont. on 23 Dec 1908 at Romney Twp
11281-08 Aquinas (Azaires?) CHAPUT, 24, of Shavertown, s/o Charles CHAPUT, farmer, & Delphine DEN--?, married Delina THIBEAU, 19, of Tilbury, d/o Julien THIBEAU, farmer, & Mathilde LABONTE, witn: Joseph THIBEAU of Tilbury, 3 Nov 1908 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury 11177-08 (Kent Co.): John Alexander CLARK, 31, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Alexander CLARK & Christina MCMILLAN married Laura TAYLOR, 23, Harwich, same, d/o William TAYLOR & Catherine MCVICAR, witn: Alex CLARK of Chatham & Elizabeth Taylor LEITCH of Ridgetown on 30 Apr 1908 at Harwich
11071-08 George Freeman CLOSE, 33, plumber, of Orion Mich., s/o Seymour CLOSE, farmer, & Catherine BROWN, married Martha E. HANLEY, 24, of Thamesville, d/o George HANLEY, farmer, & Marion WINTER, witn: Laura J. GADEN & Annie M. DANIEL, both of Chatham, 28 Oct. 1908 at Chatham 11322-08 (Kent Co.): Charles CONLIFFE, 22, laborer, s/o William CONLIFFE & Minnie MCLENNAN, married Minnie WILSON, 18, Gladstone, Chatham Twp, d/o Wesley WILSON & Elizabeth SMUCK, witn: Frank CONLIFFE of Wallaceburg & Mrs. May MCINNIS of Chatham Twp on 14 May 1908 at Wallaceburg
11280-08 John Henry COPEMAN, 23, farmer, of Quinn, s/o James COPEMAN, farmer, & Elizabeth ROBERTS, married Katie GRAHAM, 23, of Wheatley, d/o Samuel GRAHAM, farmer, & Isabel IMESON?, witn: E. A. FOTHERGILL of Tilbury & L?. BROOKS, 21 Oct. 1908 at Tilbury 011199-1908 (Kent Co.) Frederick COWLEY, 36, farmer, of Harwich, s/o Edward COWLEY & Martha GOOLAND?, married Ada P. TUCK, 26, maid, of Howard, d/o Joseph TUCK & Sarah SIVINER, witn Alex McLACHLAN of Harwich & Edna CHATTERSON of Northwood, on 16 December 1908, at Howard
11298-08 (Kent Co.): Thomas Renford COX, 21, laborer, Raleigh Twp., Tilbury East, s/o Miles COX & Laurinda BADGLEY, married Isabella MOE, 18, domestic, Tilbury East, same, d/o Amour MOE & Mary Ann GRIEVES, witn: Mrs. George WARD & Mrs. W. H. TAYLOR both of Merlin, Tilbury East Twp. on 29 Jan 1908 at Tilbury East 011238-1908 (Kent Co.)  Stanley Nelson COYNE, 25, dentist, Glencoe, Ridgetown, s/o William COYNE & Margaret JONES, married Jean LIVINGSTONE, 30, Glencoe Scotland, Ridgetown, d/o Henry LIVINGSTONE & Christina ROBERTSON, witn:  D.J. COYNE & Mary LIVINGSTONE, both of Ridgetown, on 25 April 1908, at Ridgetown  
11297-08 (Kent Co.): Albert CROW, 41, farmer, Dover Twp., same, s/o William CROW & Adelaid MORTIN, married Clemence STERLING, 41, Dover Twp., same, d/o Frances STERLING & Clemence DRAGON, witn: Louis STERLING of Dover Twp., & Emilia CHALUT of Tilbury East on 03 Mar 1908 at Tilbury East 011243-1908 (Kent Co.)  John M. DALEY, 41, merchant, London, same, s/o Denis DALEY & Elizebeth COX, married Lelale? PORTERFIELD, 22, Ridgetown, same, d/o Robet PORTERFIELD & Mary MITTON, witn:  J.D. TYLLER of London & Bulah MITTON Of Ridgetown, on 18 June 1908, at Ridgetown  
11067-08 Harold DAVID, 22, carpenter, of Detroit, s/o Charles DAVID, laborer, & Mary BUCK, married Beatrice RANDALL, 18, of Detroit, d/o S. M. RANDALL, farmer, & Georgina HARDY, witn: John W. & Pearl WATSON of Chatham, 8 Nov 1908 at Chatham 11231-08 (Kent Co.): William E. DAWSON, 31, farmer, Raleigh, s/o Edwin DAWSON, farmer & Harriet HITCHCOCK, married Irene DRURY, 25, Raleigh, d/o John DRURY, farmer & Janet MCCORMICK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frank PARKER both of Raleigh on 25 Nov 1908 at Raleigh
11166-08 (Kent Co.): Orley A. DEAN, 22, farmer, Wheatley, same, s/o Harvey DEAN & Harriet MIDDLETON married Eleanor M. N. WICKWIRE, 19, public school teacher, Harwich, same, d/o James WICKWIRE & Amy BALMER, witn: Edwin L. BELL of Wheatley & Ethel M. BEAUBRISE of Kent Bridge on 15 Jan 1908 at Harwich 11306-08 (Kent Co.): George Arthur DICKSON, 36, widower, merchant, Zone Twp, Thamesville, s/o Alfred DICKSON & Martha SHAW, married Margaret Helen MCPHERSON, 34, Orford, Thamesville, d/o Daniel MCPHERSON & Eliza SHANKIE, witn: Aleda K. SHEPPARD & Maggie MCPHERSON both of Thamesville on 18 Mar 1908 at Thamesville
  11064-08 Charles R. DOYLE, 33, farmer, of Harwich, s/o Lawrence DOYLE, farmer, & Olive LACROIX, married Mary O'ROURKE, 22, of Raleigh, d/o Michael O'ROURKE, farmer, & Catherine WHITSELL, witn: Elmer O'ROURKE of Raleigh & Rose McINTYRE Of Dover, 21 Oct 1908 at Chatham
11098-08 A. Stanley DUNLOP, 27, farmer, Chatham twp., Turnerville, s/o Hugh DUNLOP & Eliz. BRIGHAM, married Euphemia SHAW, 23, Chatham twp., Turnerville, d/o Samuel George SHAW, farmer, & Mary FORSYTH, witn: J. DUNLOP & Gladys Edna SHAW, both of Chatham twp., 12 Jan 1908 at Turnerville 11327-08 Charles William ELSOM, 28, farmer, of Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Robert ELSOM & Mary COOPER, married Sarah Eliza JENNER, 22, of Wallaceburg, d/o John JENNER & Mary STEWART, witn: Charles S. ELSOM of Rutherford & Annie BOOTH of Wallaceburg, 15 Jan 1908 at Wallaceburg
11344-08 (Kent Co): Fergus EWING, 24, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Donald EWING, farmer, & Sarah ELGIE, married Ethel G. SHAW, 22, of Wallaceburg, d/o Matthew J. SHAW, gentleman, & Clara Jane WIGLEY, witn: Harry EAGLESON of Chatham twp & Mary V. SHAW of Wallaceburg, 16 Dec 1908 at Wallaceburg  
11074-08 Percy Peter FIELD, 21, railroad employee, s/o St. Thomas, s/o Peter FIELD, merchant, & Margaret J. DEBLY, married Winifred TAGGART, 18, of Fargo Ont., d/o William TAGGART, railroad employee, & Elizabeth FINLAN, witn: John FOLEY of St. Thomas & Gertrude GILHULY of Merlin, 17 Nov 1908 at Chatham 11084-08 Herbert Elmer FIELD, 26, carpenter, of Chatham, s/o Fred FIELD & Nellie COUNTENNON, married Annie VIPOND, 23, of Chatham, d/o Jerry VIPOND & Mary KERR, witn: John BATTSON & Emma JOHNSTON, 2 Dec 1908 at Chatham
  11228-08 (Kent Co.): Harry Malcolm FLEMING, 27, merchant, Blenheim, s/o James W. FLEMING & Diana HAUSER married Lavera Gertrude BROWN, 24, farmer's daughter, L23 C8 Raleigh, d/o Thomas BROWN, farmer & Lavera A. MORDON, witn: Sidney & Bella ALDIS of Chatham Ont., on 28 Oct 1908 at Raleigh
11090-08 Alfred FOX, 28, clerk, of Winnipeg, s/o John FOX, clerk, & Mary TATE, married Nellie Isabel LAMBERT, 22, of Chatham, d/o Warren LAMBERT, mfr., & Sarah FRANK, witn: Horace FOX of Emerson Man. & Tena HARPER of Chatham, 22 Dec 1908 at Chatham 11100-08 Edgar FRENCH, 52, widower, farmer, Chatham twp., same, s/o Peter FRENCH & Annie ATKINSON, married Annie FRENCH, 48, widow, England, Chatham twp., d/o Ann PROUSE & Francis SANDERCOCK, witn: Cally & Naomi PENTLAND of Louisville, 19 Feb 1908 at Louisville
011186-1908 (Kent Co.) Percy Ross GALBRAITH, 21, farmer, Harwich, Howard, s/o William E. GALBRAITH & Margaret SHEELER, married Ida Maud PARKER, 21, Morpeth, Howard, d/o William Nelson PARKER & Jennie JACKSON, witn Edna PARKER of Morpeth & William H. STERLING of Harwich, on 22 January 1908, at Morpeth 11221-08 (Kent Co.): Joseph Arthur GAREL, 20, farmer, Tilbury, Raleigh, s/o Joseph GAREL & Laura JACKSON married Grace Eva HARRIS, 17, Raleigh, same, d/o Eli HARRIS & Rebecca DUCKET, witn: John MOOR & Carrie EDISON both of Raleigh on 18 Mar 1908 at Raleigh
11315-08 William GARTEN, 21, gardener, of Ridgetown, s/o John GARTEN, gardener, & Mary ELLEBY, married Ethel May JULIAN, 18, of Howard, d/o Alex JULIAN & Mary WHITMAN, witn: Sarah & B. Maud IRWIN of Thamesville, 2 Dec 1908 at Thamesville 011245-1908 (Kent Co.)  Frances GERBER, 29, farmer, of Harwich, s/o Francis GERBER & Barbara PINK, married Emily DeSHAW, 27, of Orford, d/o Frederick DeSHAW & Mary Ann EBERLIE, witn:  Jacob MILLER of Van Horn & Magaline GERBER of Duart, on 25 November 1908  
011195-1908 (Kent Co.) Willis GIDDIS, 25, farmer, of Howard, s/o John GIDDIS (farmer) & Mary SIMPSON, married Nettie CAMPBELL, 26, housewife, of Howard, widowed, d/o Daniel McDONALD (farmer) & Annie HODDER, witn Mr. & Mrs. Robt. McDONALD, of Ridgetown, on 8 September 1908, at Howard 011196-1908 (Kent Co.) E.D. GILLIS, 27, medical doctor, of Ridgetown, s/o Neil GILLIS & Barbara CRAWFORD, married Ethel T. McLEAN, 23, of Ridgetown, d/o D.J. McLEAN & Catherine MITTON, witn Edith CLARK & Claire MITTON, both of Ridgetown, on 8 October 1908, at Ridgetown
11343-08 (Kent Co): John GLASSFORD, 45, mechanic, of Wallaceburg, s/o William GLASSFORD, farmer, & Mary McFARLAN, married Harriet CLARK, 35, widow, of Wallaceburg, d/o William MURPHY, farmer, & Rachel RICH, witn: W.D. GLASSFORD & Mrs. A.D. BRANDER, both of Wallaceburg, 15 Dec 1908 at Wallaceburg 11307-08 (Kent Co.): Norman GLASSFORD, 28, farmer, Howard, same, s/o John GLASSFORD & Jessie GARDINER, married Maggie O'NEILL, 32, Orford, same, d/o Henry O'NEILL & Mary FLEMMING, witn: William & Mrs. William O'NEILL both of Thamesville on 29 Apr 1908 at Thamesville
11340-08 W. Henry GOODMAN, 51, widower, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Henry GOODMAN, farmer, & Margaret RILEY, married Sarah CROSBY, 45, widow, of Wallaceburg, d/o Martin DOVE, farmer, & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Jessie BAUSLAUGH & M. E. COSENS, both of Wallaceburg, 1 Oct. 1908 at Wallaceburg 11310-08 Roy Alexander GORDON, 21, farmer, of Zone, s/o Thomas GORDON, farmer, & Bessie SNIDER?, married Lottie LIDSTER, 18, of Zone, d/o John LIDSTER & Jessie LOCKE (Lecke?), witn: Mary A. illegible & Mrs. YULE, both of Thamesville, 17 Aug 1908 at Thamesville
012079-1909 (Kent Co.) Percy Clifford GOSNELL, 21, farmer, of Ridgetown, s/o John Wesley GOSNELL (farmer) & Margaret CONNOR, married Olive Gertrude CAMERON, 19, of Palmyra, d/o Daniel CAMERON (farmer) & Susan GREEN, witn Lula Alice EBERLE of Palmyra & Dr. McDIARMID of Ridgetown, on 31 December 1908, at Palmyra 11321-08 (Kent Co.): Thomas J. GRANTHAM, 24, liveryman, London, St. Thomas, s/o Job GRANTHAM & Mary LOVEY, married Isabella MCKENZIE, 24, Dresden, Wallaceburg, d/o David MCKENZIE & Margaret ROSS, witn: Charles GRANTHAM of St. Thomas & Jennie MANN of Wallaceburg on 08 Apr 1908 at Wallaceburg
010929/08 (Kent Co) William Thomas GREEN, 22, thresher, of Harwich Twp, s/o Robert GREEN & Mary GILL, married Alda Eugene BURK, 18, of Harwich Twp, d/o Solomon BURK Jr. & Harriett Elizabeth DENNIS, witn: Ida LAWRENCE & Harriett BURK both of Blenheim, 23 December 1908, Blenheim 11181-08 (Kent Co.): Walter S. GRIEVES, 25, farmer, Tilbury, s/o Thomas GRIEVES, farmer & Margaret HOOD married Fanny E. BROWN, 30, widow, farmer's daughter, Raleigh, d/o Samuel DRIVER, farmer & Martha BROADBENT, witn: Jus. COPEMAN & Rosetta KNOTT on 14 Oct 1908 at Harwich
11163-08 (Kent Co.): John Alex GRIFFITH, 24, farmer, Blenheim, Chatham, s/o Edward GRIFFITH & Margaret TELFORD married Lillian May MORROW, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Hugh MORROW & Mary Ann MANNING, witn: Albert GRIFFITH of Blenheim & Pear MORROW of Harwich on 01 Jan 1908 at Harwich 11324-08 (Kent Co.): Clarence Lundy GRIGGS, 21, farmer, Walsingham Centre Norfolk Co., Harwich Twp, s/o Edward GRIGGS & Mary SOVA, married Silvia Viola MOORE, 19, Walsingham Centre Norfolk Co., Harwich, d/o Jacob MOORE & Caroline BECRAF, witn: Mrs. Alberta ROBERTS of Wallaceburg & Mrs. R. S. GRAHAM of Fenelon Falls on 17 Jun 1908 at Wallaceburg
11076-08 William Roy GROVER, 24, carriage trimmer, of Chatham, s/o Alex GROVER & Eliza JASE?, married Sarah Jane COOPER, 28, of Chatham, d/o John COOPER, lumberman, & Lucy STRAIN, witn: Estelle COOPER & Grace GROVER, both of Chatham, 18 Nov 1908 at Chatham 11325-08 (Kent Co.): Perry Maynard GROVER, 26, chemist, Alma Mich. USA, Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas GROVER & Margaret BURNHAM, married Ella Mae GONYON, 20, Tupperville, Wallaceburg, d/o John GONYON & Annie SOMERS, witn: Fred GONYON of Wallaceburg & Elizabeth GROVER of Alma Mich. USA on 17 Jun 1908 at Wallaceburg
010934/08 (Kent Co) Ernest H. GUYATT, 21, farmer, Morpeth Twp, Raleigh Twp, s/o Edward GUYATT & Nettie DANAGE?, married Annie ADAMS, 20, Merlin, Raleigh, d/o Alexander ADAMS & Annie SMITH, witn: Maud PICKERING & Jessie GILMORE both of Blenheim, 11 March 1908, Raleigh Twp 010935/08 (Kent Co) Wilbert James GUYATT, 26, farmer, Howard Twp, Raleigh Twp, s/o Edward GUYATT & Nettie DANAGE?, married Elva Bonita STOVER, 24, Raleigh Twp, Raleigh Twp, d/o Charles STOVER & Hannah DeCLUTE, witn: Cordila FAUST & Henry FAUST both of Blenheim, 24 March 1908, Raleigh Twp
11176-08 (Kent Co.): Chester William HALSTEAD, 28, telephone employee, Belleville, same, s/o Abel HALSTEAD & Elizabeth HASLIP married Ada Jane REYNOLDS, 27, farmer's daughter, Harwich, d/o William Reynolds & Mary Ann ROSE, witn: H. W. & Maud REYNOLDS both of New Scotland on 07 Sep 1908 at Harwich 010943/08 (Kent Co) John C. HARRIS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Euphemia Twp, s/o Edward HARRIS & Hannah COLLIER, married Eliza A. HUFF, 21, Ontario, Euphemia, d/o William HUFF & Fanny HICKEY, witn: Mrs. W.J. ASHTON & John S. HANNING both of Bothwell, 12 June 1908, Bothwell
11300-08 (Kent Co.): Golden E. HEATHERINGTON, 28, farmer, Romney Twp, s/o John HEATHERINGTON, farmer & Mary CARR, married Jennie CHARLTON, 21, farmer's daughter, Romney Twp, d/o John CHARLTON, farmer & Agnes HENDERSON, witn: George HEATHERINGTON of Romney P. O. Ont. & Bessie CHARLTON of Gleswood P. O. Ont. on 25 Oct 1908 at Tilbury East 11176-08 (Kent Co.): Chester William HOLSTEAD, 28, telephone employee, Belleville, same, s/o Abel HOLSTEAD & Elizabeth HASLIP married Ada Jane REYNOLDS, 27, farmer's daughter, Harwich, d/o William Reynolds & Mary Ann ROSE; witn: H. W. & Maud REYNOLDS both of New Scotland on 07 Sep 1908 at Harwich
011239-1908 (Kent Co.)  Thomas James HORE, 27, painter, Tara, Ridgetown, s/o William W.C. HORE & Jessie CAIRNS, married Mary Alexann GARRETT, 19, Highgate, Ridgetown, d/o James GARRETT & Sarah McKERRICHER, witn:  Mrs. G.M. DUNN & Elsie COOMBS, both of Ridgetown, on 6 May 1908, at Ridgetown   11316-08 Benjamin HORSPOOL, 29, widower, farmer, of Howard, s/o John HORSPOOL, farmer, & Hariet BRISTOE, married Ida BURGESS, 37, widow, of Howard, d/o Timothy WARDELL & Barbara HUNSBERGER, witn: Mrs. Sarah. IRWIN & B. Maud WELDEN, both of Thamesville, 3 Dec 1908 at Thamesville
11178-08 (Kent Co.): Peter Fitzwilliam HUGHSON, 54, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Smith HUGHSON & Rebecca HAMLET married Rebecca Ann TAYLOR, 50, Raleigh, same, d/o William Hill TAYLOR & Drusilla PARDO, witn: Henry THOMPSON of Harwich & Josie WIGLE of Raleigh on 29 Jun 1908 at Harwich 11341-08 Robert M. HUNT, 25, baker, of Wallaceburg, s/o Walter HUNT, farmer, & Elizabeth MELLORS, married Henrietta JUDD, 24, of Wallaceburg, d/o John JUDD, glass worker & J. Henrietta VENN?, witn: John & Alice JUDD of Wallaceburg, 7 Nov 1908 at Wallaceburg
11083-08 Earnest Hagles INGALLS, 21, of Chatham, s/o Bridli INGALLS & Annie HUGHES, married Alma Gertrude WALKER, 18, of Dresden, d/o Colman WALKER & Mary CHAPPELL, witn: Colman & Mary WALKER of Dresden, 1 Dec 1908 at Chatham 11066-08 William D. INGRAM, 28, painter, of Brampton, s/o John INGRAM & Mary THOMPSON, married Mary B. CAMERON, 28, of Chatham, d/o William CAMERON & Louise HETHERINGTON, witn: D. CAMERON & Florence SURBY (Sorby?), both of Chatham, 4 Nov 1908 at Chatham
012097-1909 (Kent Co.)  Earnest Albert JOHNSON, 27, farmer, of Harwich, s/o David JOHNSON (farmer) & Annie JOHNSON, married Whinnie MAN?, 20, of Harwich, (no parents listed), witn:  J.N. WILSON & A.J. DUNN, both of Ridgetown, on 31 December 1908, at Ridgetown 11218-08 (Kent Co.): John Gilbert JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Raleigh, Dover Twp., s/o John JOHNSTON & Rachel Rebecca CROW married Mary Ann DRURY, 33, Raleigh, same, d/o William DRURY & Eliza Ann NEWKIRK, witn: Walter JOHNSTON of Dover Twp. & Maude THACKERY of Raleigh on 01 Jan 1908 at Raleigh
11319-08 (Kent Co.): George JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Sombra Twp, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Fanny MCMASTER, married Mary Ann HICKMAN, 20, Arkona, Sombra Twp, d/o John HICKMAN & Elizabeth PARKER, witn: Alfred J. JOHNSTON & Hickman MILLER both of Sombra Twp on 18 Mar 1908 at Wallaceburg  
011191-1908 (Kent Co.) David KEITH, 24, farmer, Scotland, Morpeth, s/o William KEITH & Annie TOUGH, married Mary Elsie CARNIE, 20, Alboro, Chatham, d/o William CARNIE & Elizabeth MURRAY, witn Charles CARNIE & Ida CARNIE, both of Morpeth, on 25 May 1908, at Morpeth 11222-08 (Kent Co.): Patrick KENNEDY, 40, blacksmith, Chatham, Merlin, s/o Martin KENNEDY & Catherine HURLEY married Teresa LAHEY, 26, Ingersoll, Tilbury, d/o Patrick LAHEY & Catherine SHEEHAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Martin FENLEN both of Tilbury on 27 Apr 1908 at Raleigh
11233-08 (Kent Co.): Manly Brock KING, 38, farmer, Raleigh, s/o William KING, farmer & Dina SHEPLEY, married Harriet Pamela BROADBENT, 25, farmer's daughter, Raleigh, d/o Andrew BROADBENT, farmer & Charlotte SALES, witn: John Kent ASHTON of Wishburne Ont. & Agnes May BROADBENT of Buxton. on 29 Dec 1908 at Raleigh 11320-08 (Kent Co.): Clinton W. KNIGHT, 21, sailor, Wallaceburg, same, s/o Milton KNIGHT & Mary CARSON, married Nellie May BOLTON, 19, Wallaceburg, same, d/o James BOLTON & Matilda BRYANT, witn: H. W. KNIGHT & Mrs. M. C. TAIT both of Wallaceburg on 07 Apr 1908 at Wallaceburg
010944/08 (Kent Co) Jos. D. LACKIE, 20, painter, of Bothwell, s/o Thomas LACKIE & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Verna D. RIPLEY, 18, domestic, of West Lorne, d/o Clarence RIPLEY & Emma SAYLES, witn: Mrs. R. KELLY & Mrs. A.J. ASHTON both of Bothwell, 29 July 1908, Bothwell 11282-08 Christopher LALIBERTE, 27, widower, farmer, of North Temiskaming, s/o Christopher LALIBERTE, farmer, & Cesaire MARCHAND, married Olive PHANEUF, 29, widow, of Tilbury, d/o William PHANEUF, laborer, & Pauline CHEVALIER, witn: William PHANEUF & Mary BISSONNETTE, both of Tilbury, 9 Nov 1908 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury
11334-08 George LAMARSH, 23, farmer, of Wallaceburg, s/o John LAMARSH & Catherine MOSES, married Annie KNIGHT, 20, housekeeper, of Wallaceburg, d/o William KNIGHT & Minnie WILLIAMS, witn: Melvin VANDUZEN & Lena KNIGHT, both of Wallaceburg, 22 Jan 1908 at Wallaceburg 11337-08 William John LAMARSH, 30, widower, laborer, of Wallaceburg, s/o John LAMARSH & Catherine MOSES, married Caroline JINKERSON, 20, of Tupperville, d/o Thomas JINKERSON & Eliza KELLER, witn: George SWAFFER? & Emma LAMARSH, both of Wallaceburg, 7 Sept 1908 at Wallaceburg
010932/08 (Kent Co) William Earnest LANGFORD, 25, accountant, Komoka, Fort William, s/o William Edward LANGFORD & Harriett DANIELS, married Mable Blanche COLBORNE, 22, Brigden, Blenheim, s/o William Henry COLBORNE & Jannie PARR, witn: Hattie COLBORNE of Blenheim & J.B. MORTON of Port William, 25 August 1908, Blenheim 011237-1908 (Kent Co.)  Angus LAWTON, 46, farmer, Yarmouth, Ridgetown, widowed, s/o James LAWTON & Marjoria SINCLAIR, married Bella MARSHALL, 22, Blacks Corners, Ridgetown, d/o Henry MARSHALL & Eliza Jane HOUST, witn:  P.F. BUCKBROUGH & Thomas LAWTON, both of Ridgetown, on 5 February 1908, at Ridgetown  
11085-08 William F. LEACH, 26, farmer, of Raleigh twp., s/o Frederick LEACH, farmer, & Sarah A. THOMAS, married Georgina S. PEEL, 19, of Dover, d/o John PEEL, farmer, & Ann CHESTER, witn: Fred PEEL of Dover & Violet JEFFREY of Chatham, 16 Dec 1908 at Chatham  
11164-08 (Kent Co.): Chester Enord LEE, 20, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Solomon LEE & Annie Eliz. SHULER married Florence Pearl MAYNARD, 19, Harwich, same, d/o John MAYNARD & Susan PAYNE, witn: Charles W. & Florence J. THOMPSON both of Harwich on 01 Jan 1908 at Harwich 11346-08 (Kent Co): John Russell Gordon LEE, 21, machinist, of Wallaceburg, s/o William C. LEE, machinist, & Ida Belle THORNE, married Gertrude MARTIN, 20, domestic, of Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas MARTIN, laborer, & Emily YOUNG, witn: W. C. LEE & Ethel MARTIN, both of Wallaceburg, 30 Dec 1908 at Wallaceburg
11283-08 Philip LEFEBVRE, 40, electrician, of Detroit, s/o Camille LEFEBVRE, laborer, & Leocadie MESSIER, married Eliza MAILLOUX, 44, of Tilbury, d/o Frs. Xavier MAILLOUX & Adelaide PERRAULT, witn: Joseph LAPLANTE & Estelle MAILLOUX, both of Tilbury, 16 Nov 1908 at West Tilbury 11296-08 (Kent Co.): Telesphore LETOURNEAU, 27, laborer, Stoney Point Essex Co., Tilbury East, s/o Solomon LETOURNEAU & Madaline CHEVALIER, married Angele LARCHE, 22, farmer's daughter, Tilbury East, same, d/o John LARCHE & Angele MARCHAND, witn: Fred THIBODEAU & Rosa LARCHE both of Tilbury on 24 Feb 1908 at Tilbury East
11304-08 (Kent Co.): James MALLOCK, 59, farmer, Perthshire Scotland, Thamesville, s/o William MALLOCK & Helen DUFFIES, married Almina WINGER, 40, Welland Co., Mosa Twp., d/o Christian WINGER & Amy ZAVITZ, witn: W. C. & Lyda SHEPPARD both of Ft. Winnipeg Man. on 28 Jan 1908 at Thamesville 11284-08 Samuel MARCHAND, 16, farmer, of Tilbury, s/o Pierre MARCHAND, laborer, & Josephine DEMARAIS, married Henriette GABREAU, 25, of Tilbury, d/o William GABREAU, farmer, & Helene BENOIT, witn: William GABREAU & Rose Anna MARCHAND, both of Tilbury, 17 Nov 1908 at Tilbury
011193-1908 (Kent Co.) William Alex. MATHESON, 27, surgeon-dentist, of Port Rowan, s/o John MATHESON (farmer) & Isabel LESLIE, married Lily F. BOYINGTON, 24, physician, of Toronto, d/o Wilbert BOYINGTON & Elizabeth FALARDEAN?, witn W.J. CHALLIS of Howard & Elizabeth Olive BOYINGTON, on 8 August 1908, at Howard 011246-1908 (Kent Co.)  Ottes MATHEWS, 23, farmer, of Zone, s/o Stephen MATHEWS (farmer) & Ester SIEREE?, married Agnes GOSNELL, 21, of Orford, d/o Christopher GOSNELL (farmer) & Christina FERGUSON, witn:  Mrs. P.J. HENRY & Alice COOK, both of Ridgetown, on 16 December 1908, at Ridgetown  
012098-1909 (Kent Co.)  P(illegible) MAYNARD, 34, laborer, of Ridgetown, s/o Thomas MAYNARD (farmer) & Annie DODMANN, married Alice Dora McINTYRE, 2?, of Howard, d/o Angus McINTYRE (farmer) & Margaret STUAS, witn:  Mrs. J.W. BROWN & Mrs. G.B. BROWN, both of Ridgetown, on 23 December 1908, at Ridgetown 11165-08 (Kent Co.): John Henry MCCANN, 24, carriage trimmer, Harwich, Chatham, s/o George Henry MCCANN & Jeanette CAMPBELL married Clara TUCK, 20, Harwich, same, d/o Walter TUCK & Alice E. CLEMENTS, witn: Albert TUCK & Clara WARREN both of Harwich on 01 Jan 1908 at Harwich
  010928/08 (Kent Co) Hiche? McCOLL, 32, farmer, of Twp Harwich, s/o Dougal McCOLL & Euphemia McMILLAN, married Mable WEIGHT? (Wright?), 25, of Blenheim, d/o Robert WEIGHT? & Mary MARIGOLD, witn: Herbert NEWCOMBE of Harwich & Kita WEIGHT? of Blenheim, 9 December 1908, Blenheim
011189-1908 (Kent Co.) Andrew McDONALD, 20, section man on R.R., Ridgetown, same, s/o George McDONALD & Helen SMITH, married Catherine Jane CRANER, 17, domestic servant, Mount Bridges, Ridgetown, d/o William CRANER & Catherine SPINK, witn J.P. NETHERCOTT & Amy REYNOLDS, both of Morpeth, on 30 April 1908, at Morpeth 010941/08 (Kent Co) Isaac Daymond Bennett McDONALD, 29, farmer, Alliston County Simcoe, Harwich Twp, s/o Isaac McDONALD & Carrie MANDERSON, married Sarah Bertha McKERRACHER, 26, Howard Twp, Blenheim Ontario, d/o William McKERRACHER & Sarah LEATHERDALE, witn: Lizzie JOHNSTON & Dorothy LARKWORTHY, 17 June 1908, Blenheim
11302-08 (Kent Co.): James MCGREGOR, 30, farmer, Tilbury East, s/o William C. MCGREGOR, farmer & Anna DREW, married Mary Kearns LARCHE, 42, widow of Joseph LARCHE, Tilbury East, d/o Patrick KEARNS & Alice MCKELROY, witn: none given on 03 Nov 1908 at Tilbury East 010933/08 (Kent Co) Harvey McINTYRE, 21, barber, Glencoe, Blenheim, s/o Archibald McINTYRE & Sarah WINTER, married Bertha TYE, 19, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o James TYE & Mary JEFFERY, witn: Lewis HUFFMAN & Mary McINTYRE both of Blenheim, 25 December 1908, Blenheim
11342-08 George McKENZIE, 36, mechanic, of St. Thomas, s/o David McKENZIE, baker, & Margaret REES, married Ella MURDOCK 24, of Wallaceburg, d/o William MURDOCK, butcher, & Maggie WALSH, witn: James McKENZIE & Mary MURDOCK, both of Wallaceburg, 16 Dec 1908 at Wallaceburg 11174-08 (Kent Co.): William John MCKERRACHER, 35, farmer, Harwich, Howard, s/o James MCKERRACHER & Devina CAMPBELL married Florence Matilda HAWLEY, 24, farmer's daughter, Harwich, d/o Alfred HAWLEY & Annie HAYES, witn: Alfred HAWLEY & Frances SADDINGTON both of Harwich on 24 Jun 1908 at Harwich
11070-08 Finlay McKINLAY, 23, farmer, of Harwich twp., s/o James McKINLEY (sic), farmer, & Sarah SPENCER, married Agnes SLOCUM, 19, of Chatham twp., d/o Lonzen SLOCUM, farmer, & Elizabeth REEBLE, witn: Annie M. DANIEL && Laura GADEN, both of Chatham, 4 Nov 1908 at Chatham 011240-1908 (Kent Co.)  Douglad M. McLEAN, 40, farmer, Kintyre, same, s/o Malcolm McLEAN & Janet TURNER, married Mary McARTHUR, 28, Aldboro, Ridgetown, d/o Archy McARTHUR & Janet KELLY, witn:  Minnie AGAR & Laura McARTHUR, both of Ridgetown, on 6 May 1908, at Ridgetown  
011234-1908 (Kent Co.)  George Donald McLEAN, 25, clerk, Oxford, Ridgetown, s/o Donald McLEAN & Enilla? MARKLE, married Lillian PALMER, 28, Orford, Ridgetown, d/o Hugh PALMER & Margaret CAMERON, witn:  Hart? A. PALMER & Hazel McLEAN, both of Ridgetown, on 1 January 1908, at Ridgetown   11087-08 George Henry McMASTER, 21, farmer, of Bothwell, s/o William McMASTER, farmer, & Sarah, married Annie Beatrice DENT, 18, of Bothwell, d/o blank & Elizabeth DENT, witn: Annie E. GREEN & Elizabeth TYRRELL, both of Chatham, 24 Dec 1908 at Chatham
011242-1908 (Kent Co.)  Dougald McPHAIL, RR man, 38, Orford, West Lorne, widowed, s/o Duncan McPHAIL & Katie McLARTY, married Minnie JACKMAN, 37, Blenheim, Ridgetown, d/o Carson JACKMAN & Agnes SAMPLE, witn:  Joseph BURNS & Mary BURNS, both of West Lorne, on 12 May 1908, at Ridetown   11089-08 Edgar Horis McTAGGART, 21, carriage finisher, of Ottawa, s/o Robert D. McTAGGART & Merilla PERKINS, married Mary Frances KERR, 20, of Chatham, d/o John H. KERR & Mary Frances CLEMENTS, witn: John & Mary Frances Sr. KERR of Chatham, 30 Dec 1908 at Chatham
011241-1908 (Kent Co.) Norman W. MICKLEBOROUGH, 23, meterman?, Hyde Park, London, s/o Robert MICKLEBOROUGH & Sarah BARCLEY, married Margaret MILLAN, 28, Orford, same, d/o John MILLAN & Catherine McINTYRE, witn:  A.J. DUNN & A.J. MILLS, both of Ridgetown, on 6 May 1908, at Ridgetown   010942/08 (Kent Co) Doward L. MITTON, 25, Post Master, Ridgetown, Ridgetown, s/o Henry MITTON & Mary J. McBRAYNE, married Bertha M. MISNER, 24, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o William WISNER & Eliza A. MARCUS, witn: Andrew MARCUS of Bothwell & Ethel B. McLEAN of Ridgetown, 26 February 1908, Bothwell
11301-08 (Kent Co.): Robert Alex MOORE, 36, machine agent, Blenheim, s/o Samuel Moore & Jane NESBITT, married Hattie May LOTT, 25, farmer's daughter, SE 11 Con 12 Tilbury East, d/o Henry LOTT, farmer & Margaret Adelia SHAW, witn: Earl & Mrs. Earl COFELL both of ? P. O. Ont. on 04 Nov 1908 at SE 11 Con 12 East Tilbury 11348-08 (Kent Co): Edwin M. MOOREHOUSE, 26, farmer, of Euphemia, s/o Wilbert MOOREHOUSE, farmer, & Jennie JOHNSTON, married Edith Eliza OSBORNE, 23, of Zone, d/o Henry OSBORNE, farmer, & Dorcas SLOMAN, witn: Arthur R. MYERS of Florence & Bertha E. DOWSWELL of Thamesville, 25 Nov 1908 at Zone twp
11317-08 David MULHERN, 27, farmer, of Ridgetown, s/o John MULHERN & Mary Ann TAFT, married Rose CALNAN, 23, of Thamesville, d/o John CALNAN, farmer, & Jane D--LEY?, , witn: David MARTIN of Kent Bridge & Mary CALNAN of Thamesville, 24 Nov 1908 at Thamesville 11312-08 Thomas MURPHY, 28, painter, of Thamesville, s/o Michael MURPHY & Maggie FERREL, married Annie ALLISON, 20, of Camden, d/o Richard ALLISON & Maggie SPENCER, witn: Jennie SHARP & Marion YULE, both of Thamesville, 27 Oct. 1908 at Thamesville
11079-08 Hammond MYERS, 32, farmer, of Raleigh twp., s/o Adolph MYERS, farmer, & Catherine WOODS, married Cora MELOCHE, 22, of Raleigh twp., d/o Cora (sic) MELOCHE, telegraph lineman, & Margaret O'ROURKE, witn: W. M. MELOCHE of Charing Cross & Minnie OUELETTE of Detroit, 25 Nov 1908 at Chatham 11295-08 (Kent Co.): Wesley NAPKINS, 20, laborer, Leamington, same, s/o John NAPKINS & Carrie LANG, married Ada MARSH, 17, domestic, England, Merlin, d/o Mr. Marsh – parents dead, witn: Mrs. C. J. HAMM & William SCAMMELL both of Merlin on 19 Feb 1908 at Merlin, Tilbury East
11227-08 (Kent Co.): Rudolph C. NEAR, 22, machinist, Niagara Falls Ont., s/o Alex J. NEAR & Clara MCDONALD married Jessie LAIDLAW, 18, farmer's daughter, Raleigh Twp., d/o John LAIDLAW, farmer & Jessie DALE, witn: Christine LAIDLAW & Leonard NEAR both of Fletcher Ont. on 20 Oct 1908 at Raleigh 11326-08 (Kent Co.): Francis E. NEWTON, 28, clerk, Oshawa, Wallaceburg, s/o John NEWTON & Lucy GILLARD, married Addie F. HUSBAND, 25, teacher, Tillsonburg, Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph W. HUSBAND & Frances TYRELL, witn: Frank GILLARD of Wallaceburg & Margaret M. STALLWOOD of Hagersville on 30 Jun 1908 at Wallaceburg
11069-08 John W. NICHOLLS, 29, mechanic, of Chatham, s/o Joseph NICHOLLS, dyer, & Mary SMITH, married Maud E. WILSON, 20, of Chatham, d/o William WILSON, laborer, & Edith, witn: Albert TOLL & Nora GRAHAM, both of Chatham, 4 Nov 1908 at Chatham 11313-08 John NICHOLS, 26, farmer, of Camden, s/o George NICHOLS, farmer, & Lottie CHALCROFT, married Minnie BELL, 20, of Orford, d/o Robert BELL, farmer, & Barbara KAUFMAN, witn: Maggie McPHERSON & Mrs. J. McINNES, both of Thamesville, 25 Nov 1908 at Thamesville
11103-08 George Kendall NORTHWANG, 26, machinist, Little Rock Ark., same, s/o E. H. NORTHWANG & Alice KENDALL, married Sadie Edna EVANS, 19, Dresden, Whitebread, d/o William E. EVANS & Laura RIPLEY, witn: James McRAE of Whitebread & Pearl SHERWOOD of Wallaceburg, 9 April 1908 at Whitebread 11088-08 Henry James NOWLAN, 28, farmer, of Bothwell, s/o James J. NOWLAN & Mary E. HILL, married Anna O'DONNELL, 28, of Bothwell, d/o Patrick O'DONNELL & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Lloyd C. & Alma G. HODGINS of Chatham, 26 Dec 1908 at Chatham
11211-08 Peter O'NEIL, 29, farmer, of Camden twp., s/o Michael O'NEIL, farmer, & Margaret DUNN, married Susan MASON, 27, of Camden, d/o Alexander MASON & Mary BRADIGAN, witn: Charles & Laura MASON of Welbeck?, 2 Sept 1908 at Thamesville 11078-08 William E. O'NEAL, 43, salesman, of Chicago, s/o William O'NEAL, deceased, & Mary Ann SCOTT, married Mary Theresa FITZGERALD, 27, of Chatham, d/o Thomas FITZGERALD, deceased, & Elizabeth GILLIVAN, witn: F. W. UPTON of Chicago & Gertrude DEZELIA of Chatham, 25 Nov 1908 at Chatham
011159-1908 (Kent Co.) Thomas Jefferson ORTON, 27, farmer, not given, Chatham Twp., s/o William ORTON & Mary CARR, married Mary Ellen TURNER, 18, not given, Chatham Twp., d/o James TURNER & Phave REID, witn: Mrs. C CAISTER & Mrs A. J. LANGFORD, both of Dresden, 10 Dec 1908 at Dresden 11285-08 Charles OUELLETTE, 21, of Jeannettes Creek, s/o Antony OUELLETTE, farmer, & Angele JUBENVILLE, married Marguerite McVEAN, 22, of Tilbury, d/o John Alexander McVEAN, dead & Mary Jessie McGREGOR, witn: James OUELLETTE of Chatham & Theresa McVEAN of London, 23 Nov 1908 at Tilbury
  11175-08 (Kent Co.): Louis Reuben PALMER, 35, wholesale baker, Harwich, Chatham, s/o Reuben PALMER & Lucinda SPRINGER married Mabel Bernice PROCTOR, 31, farmer's daughter, Harwich, d/o Daniel PROCTOR & Electa Ann WRIGHT, witn: John C. WRAY of Chatham & Charlotte R. E. VESTER of Harwich on 29 Jul 1908 at Harwich
11082-08 David PARISH, 24, farmer, of Strangfield, s/o Richard PARISH, farmer, & Agnes STRANG, married Eva MACKLEM, 19, of Walkerville, d/o John MACKLEM & Mary BARTLEY, witn: Lily J. & Kate McGILLIVRAY of Chatham, 25 Nov 1908 at Chatham 011161-1908 (Kent Co.) Bruce Wesley PARKER, 21, laborer, not given, Dresden, s/o Peter Jacob Wesley PARKER & Mary CRAIG, married Mary ALLEN, 19, not given, Dresden, d/o Theodore ALLEN & Agnes LANGHERN, witn: Mary A. & Myrtle E. WALKER , both of Dresden, 19 Dec 1908 at Dresden
010931/08 (Kent Co) Justin PARKER, 23, laborer, Merrickville, St Thomas, s/o William BARKER & Jane FORBES, married Jena? Mable HAWGOOD, 21, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Thomas A. HAWGOOD & Agnes CARMICHAEL, witn: Harvey OXFORD of Ridgetown & Barbara HAWGOOD of Blenheim, 19 August 1908, Blenheim 010937/08 (Kent Co) Ransom Ward PARKHOUSE, 27, wine clerk, Lansing Michigan, Blenheim, s/o Anthony PARKHOUSE & Ella CARWELL (Caswell?), married Mary Margaret McINTYRE, 19, Glencoe, Blenheim, d/o Archibald McINTYRE & Sarah WINTER, witn: James McCRAY of Walkerville & Alice WINTER of Blenheim, 12 February 1908, Blenheim
010946/08 (Kent Co) George PATTERSON, 29, gas fixer, of Detroit, s/o Neil PATTERSON & Maggie GORDON, married Lila REYNOLDS, 28, dress maker, of Detroit, d/o Charles REYNOLDS & Sarah BLAKE, witn: Roy PATTERSON & Florence F. MARTIN of Bothwell, 26 August 1908, Bothwell 11106-08 Herman B. PATTERSON, 34, farmer, Kent Co, Harwich twp., s/o Gordon PATTERSON & Margaret A. FIELD, married Adelia M. McNEIL, 23, teacher, St. Vincent twp., London, d/o John McNEIL & Mart BILYEA, witn: Fred J. DODSON of Ken Bridge & Myrtle READ of Northwood, 7 May 1908 at Louisville
11108-08 James PAUL, 27, farmer, Chatham twp., Dawn twp., s/o James PAUL & Lena STAGG, married S. E. Margaret MEAD, 22, Thamesville, Lambton Co., d/o Robert MEAD & Rachel KENTENA, witn: William J. ACKERT of Florence & Minton STEED of Detroit, 17 June 1908 at Chatham twp  

012039-09 (Kent Co) Charles O. PAUL, 23, farmer, of Florence, s/o Jarvis [surname not entered] & Elizabeth SUARY (Snary?), married Violet Pearl LEITCH, 20, of Harwich, d/o Daniel [surname not entered] & Margaret BOBIER, witn: Fred PAUL, Louise PAUL, both of Florence, 30 December 1908 at Harwich

11223-08 (Kent Co.): Jackson H. PENICK, 42, clergyman, Kentucky, Chatham, s/o Green? PENICK & Rachel BLAKEY married Leah D. CROMMELL, 29, Raleigh, same, d/o George E. CROMMELL & Lydia ZEBBS, witn: George W. CROMMELL of Raleigh & Nasetta HARRIS of Detroit Mich. on 24 Jan 1908 at Raleigh Twp
11298-08 (Kent Co.): Frank PETTIER (Peltier?), 24, farmer, Tilbury East, s/o Jerome PETTIER, farmer & Catherine TREMBLAY, married Ellen TETREAULT, 30, farmer's daughter, d/o Louis TETREAULT, farmer & Sabonie THIBODEAU, witn: Frank KEARNS of Raleigh & Julia PETTIER of Tilbury East on 21 Sep 1908 at Tilbury East 010945/08 (Kent Co) John PHENIX, 54, widower, teamster, of Highgate, s/o John PHENIX & Margaret SMITH, married Fanny BRIGHT, 60, housekeeper, widow, of Clachan, d/o Thomas MAITLAND & Charlotte MAITLAND, witn: James MacWILLIAMS & Mrs. James MacWILLIAMS both of Clachan, 5 August 1908, Bothwell
011187-1908 (Kent Co.) James PIRIE, 56, general agent, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Tilbury, s/o Robert PIRIE & Elizabeth GEDDES, married Susan Bell CAMERON, 50, Howard, same, d/o Peter CAMERON & Margaret BELL, witn Margaret GAY of Toronto & Daniel CAMERON of Howard, on 26 February 1908, at Howard 11226-08 (Kent Co.): Theodore Sly. PRINCE, 49, widower, tinner, Grand Rapids Mich., s/o Edward PRINCE & Eliza Ann BROWN married Rebecca HARRIS, 43, widow, farmer, Raleigh, d/o William DUCKET & Josephine GASS, witn: Alfred & Lottie PRINCE both of N. Burton on 19 Aug 1908 at 6th Con. Raleigh
  11105-08 Henry J. PRISLEY (Presley?), 32, farmer, Kent Co., HOward twp., s/o Stephen PRISLEY & Mary ARMSWORTH, married Olive J. BEST, 24, Kent Co., Harwich twp., d/o Henry BEST & Lydia SNIDER, witn: Lilly? & Mrs. S. V. PENTLAND of Louisville, 29 April 1908 at Louisville
011194-1908 (Kent Co.) Oliver PURDY, 24, carpenter, of Chatham, s/o George PURDY & Louise? LEN--?(illigible), married Alice MACKLIN, 18, housewife, of Howard, d/o Thomas MACKLIN & Mary PURDY, witn William PURDY of Northwood & Mary PURDY, on 7 September 1908, at Howard 11091-08 Charles William RAYNOR, 29, clerk, of Aurora Illinois, s/o Charles W. RAYNER, builder, & Sarah STORMONT, married Otta Bell POILE, 29, of Chatham, d/o Henry POILE, dead, & Eliza J. DOLSEN, witn: N. D. & Mary McPHAIL of Aurora Illinois, 26 Dec 1908 at Chatham
11073-08 Joseph REAUME, 61, widower, gardener, of Chatham, s/o Charles REAUME, farmer, & Julia DEMERS, married Margaret C. BAILEY, widow, 49, of Rodney, d/o John BAILY, farmer, & Margaret NORTHFIELD, witn: Frank SHEFF & Jennie REAUME, both of Chatham, 16 Nov 1908 at Chatham 011247-1908 (Kent Co.)  Charles H. RHODES, 25, salesman, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Charles F. RHODES & Flora DOLL, married Ida L. MICKLE, 21, milliner?, of Ridgetown, d/o George T. MICKLE (grain & coal dealer) & Margeret LAIRD, witn:  George T. MICKLE & Mrs. G.T. MICKLE, both of Ridgetown, on 9 December 1908, at Ridgetown  
011192-1908 (Kent Co.) Robt. RIDDELL, 30, machinist, of Chatham, s/o Robt RIDDELL (blacksmith), & Jane LOCHE, married Christina MacMILLAN, 21, housewife, of Howard, d/o John MacMILLAN (farmer), & Mary MacFARLANE, witn Fred GUTHIDGE & Edith RYAN, both of Chatham, on 16 July 1908, at Howard 011197-1908 (Kent Co.) Thomas Henry RIOREE, 26, farmer, of Aldboro, s/o Jas. RIOREE & Mary GILLIS, married Clara FINLAYSON, 19, domestic servant, of London, d/o Alex FINLAYSON & Phoebe GREEN, witn D.M. GILLIS & Mrs. GILLIS, both of Aldboro, on 18 November 1908, at Howard
011250-1908 (Kent Co.)  Bruce Thornton RIPLEY, 29, publisher, Kent Bridge, Toronto, s/o George E. RIPLEY & Margaret OLLET?, married Goldie Muriel POTTS, 21, Wheatley, same, d/o Charles W. POTTS & Jessie Louise SHAW, witn:  A.T. RIPLEY of West Lorne & S. May POTTS of Wheatley, on 17 June 1908, at Wheatley    
010930/08 (Kent Co) Edwin ROE, 39, farmer, of Charing Cross, s/o Thomas ROE & Ann BENNETT, married Margaret A. OGLE, 32, maid, of 2nd Conc. Harwich, d/o George OGLE & Ellen MILLER, witn: Drank? GUNLET of Blenheim & Mrs. E. C. JENNINGS, 23 December 1908, the Rectory Blenheim 11229-08 (Kent Co.): Reginald B. ROBBINS, 24, laborer, Raleigh, s/o Archie & Annie E. ROBBINS married Minnie May TRAVIS, 19, housemaid, Chatham Twp., d/o Robert TRAVIS & Emma BERNETT, witn: – Samuel TRAVIS & ? Hazel TRAVIS both of North Burton Ont. on 28 Oct 1908 at Raleigh
11323-08 (Kent Co.): Frank X. SCHAAF, 21, Martins Ferry Ohio USA, Wallaceburg, s/o glassblower, s/o Charles & Marie SCHAAF, married Florentine BARRETT, 18, Chatham, same, d/o David BARRETT & Mary St. PETER, witn: Mrs. Alberta ROBERTS & Mrs. M. STONEHOUSE of Wallaceburg on 06 Jun 1908 at Wallaceburg 11305-08 (Kent Co.): Russell George SCHOTT, 25, railroad, Zone Twp, London Ont., s/o Henry SCHOTT & Eliza Jane HARRIS, married Bertha Melissa MILLER, 25, Zone, same, d/o William James MILLER & Sarah HERBERT, witn: Percy SCHOTT of London & Grace MILLER of Zone on 12 Feb 1908 at Thamesville
11286-08 George SCRAM, 19, laborer, of Jeannettes Creek, s/o Charles SCRAM, laborer, & Julienne REAUME, married Marie BRUNEAU, 18, of Jeannettes Creek, d/o William BRUNEAU, laborer, & Helene LARCHE, witn: Sarah LARCHE & Sophie BEAUGRAND, both of Jeannettes Creek, 24 Nov 1908 at Tilbury 011198-1908 (Kent Co.) John Noah SHAW, 23, farmer, of Howard, s/o J.M. SHAW, married Mabel May STOCKING, 18, dressmaker, of Ridgetown, (no parents listed), witn W. ELLIS & Annie ELLIS, both of Howard, on 9 December 1908, at Howard
010940/08 (Kent Co) Percy Seymour SHILLINGTON, 24, Barrister, Blenheim, Blenheim, s/o Thomas Benjamin SHILLINGTON & Agnes D. LINDSAY, married Maude Anna COLBORNE, 25, Brigden, Blenheim, d/o William Henry COLBORNE & Jannie PARR, witn: A.G. SHILLINGTON & Hilda E. SHILLINGTON both of Blenheim, 13 May 1908, Blenheim 11339-08 Lorne Scott SIMONS, 26, barber, of Detroit, s/o James W. SIMONS & Elizabeth PARKS, married Anna Vivian MANN, 21, of Wallaceburg, d/o Samuel A. MANN & Mary TUDDS?, witn: Frank PARKS of Detroit & Jennie MANN of Wallaceburg, 16 Sept 1908 at Wallaceburg
11102-08 William A. Earl SMITH, 21, farmer, Tupperville, Chatham twp., s/o William SMITH & Hannah HOLMES, married Laura Ball MORRISON, 20, Tupperville, Chatham twp., d/o Ed MORRISON & Jennie TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. L. HOPPER & Mrs. S. J. MOREHOUSE, both of Tupperville, 21 March 1908 at Tupperville 11095-08 Frank Thomas SMITH, 23, tobacconist, of Chatham, s/o Thomas S. SMITH, tobacconist & Matilda BUCKLEY, married Myrtle Emma TERRY, 23, milliner, of Chatham, d/o William G. TERRY & Maria BELSOME, witn: F. S. SMITH & Mrs. Maria TERRY, 30 Dec 1908 at Chatham
11179-08 (Kent Co.): Earnest Herbert SMITH, 33, farmer, Cedar Springs, s/o George E. SMITH, farmer & Rebecca TYRRELL married Eunice M. GREEN, 22, farmer's daughter, Harwich Twp., d/o John GREEN, farmer & Alice RIGBY, witn: George SMITH of Cedar Springs & Nellie CLEMENTS of Chatham on 28 Sep 1908 at Harwich Twp 11220-08 (Kent Co.): Benjamin SMITH, 28, cook, Dresden, same, s/o Horace SMITH & Elizabeth BURNETT married Ada Emeline ROBBINS, 21, Burton, same, d/o John B. ROBBINS & Elizabeth Ann STONE, witn: Herbert G. ROBBINS of Raleigh & Gertrude N. JOHNSTON of Chatham on 14 Jan 1908 at 10th Con Raleigh
011235-1908 (Kent Co.)  Stephen W. SMITH, 31, farmer, Zone, Howard, s/o Stephen SMITH & Heneritta KINGSTON, married Maud Mary HALL, 26, Howard, Morpeth, d/o James HALL & Amelia SMITH, witn:  Susia A. COOK & Anna M. JEFFERIES, both of Ridgetown, on 21 January 1908, at Ridgetown   11232-08 (Kent Co.): Abraham Henry SMITH, 48, farmer, widower, Raleigh, s/o Thomas SMITH & Emma KEARCIE (Hearcie?), married Celia GROVES, 27, widow, farming, South Burton, d/o Andrew GROVES & Annie MILLER, witn: Henry SMITH of South Burton & Emma MORRIS of Windsor on 28 Nov 1908 at Merlin,
019039/08 (Kent Co) Ralph Charles SPANGLER, 22, farmer, Titusville Pa., Titusville Pa., s/o Marion SPRANGLER & Alice SLATER, married Myrtle Irene FERRON, 19, Harwich Twp, Harwich Twp, d/o Isaac FERRON & Jennie CUMMINGS, witn: H.A. LEGG of Harwich Twp. & Mrs. L.B. SHILLINGTON of Blenheim, 21 April 1908, Blenheim 11216-08 (Kent Co.): Moses STONEFISH, 46, widower, farmer, Moraviantown, s/o August STONEFISH, farmer & Rebecca HENDRICK married Fanny Rosanna SNAKE, 30, Moraviantown, d/o William R. SNAKE, farmer & Hannah Sophia LOGAN, witn: Eliza & Rebecca JACOBS both of Moraviantown on 29 Aug 1908 at Moraviantown
11093-08 Austin B. SUITOR, 30, farmer, of Raleigh, s/o Thomas SUITOR, farmer, & Margaret FLOOK, married Margaret CHINNICK, 20, of Raleigh, d/o James CHINNICK, farmer, & Dorothy GRICE, witn: Thomas M. & Laura Chinnick BROWN of Chatham, 16 Dec 1908 at Chatham 11292-08 (Kent Co.): Justin SULLIVAN, 21, farmer, Raleigh Twp., same, s/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Margaret MCCARTHY, married Lizzie LARCHE, 23, farmer's daughter, Tilbury East Twp., same, d/o Joseph LARCH & Margaret TRUDEL, witn: William SULLIVAN of Raleigh Twp. & Bella LARCH of Tilbury East on 27 Jan 1908 at Tilbury East
11096-08 Robert G. TERRY, 26, farmer, of Dover, s/o John W. TERRY, farmer, & Margaret GLOVER, married Mary B. GRANT, 19, of Dover, d/o John GRANT, farmer, & Viola SMITH, witn: John C. & Pansy TERRY of Chatham, 30 Dec 1908 at Chatham

011982-09 (Kent Co) Jesse Ray THOMPSON, 26, tinsmith, of Wallaceburg, s/o Sylvester THOMPSON, gentleman & Armina CASCADEN, married Mable DUNDERDALE, 18, farmer, of Chatham Gore twp., d/o Joseph DUNDERDALE, farmer & Sarah Jane SOUTHGATE, witn: S.R. DUNDERDALE, Maude BOULTON, both of Wallaceburg, 12 December 1909 at Chatham Gore Kent (s/b 1908)

11335-08 Robert S. THOMPSON, 34, widower, box maker, of Wallaceburg, s/o Sylvester THOMPSON & Armina CARSCADDEN, married Mary Isabell STEWART, 34, of Wallaceburg, d/o Archibald STEWART & Mary Ann McLEOD, witn: W. COLWELL & Flossie TOOLEY, both of Wallaceburg, 19 Aug 1908 at Wallaceburg 011188-1908 (Kent Co.) John Milton THOMPSON, 30, farmer, Butler Ind, Harwich, s/o J. THOMPSON & Mettie SCHNIDLER, married Ida WHITMAN, 23, Howard, same, widowed, d/o John McBRAYNE & Susan ATKINSON, witn Adelia McBRAYNE & John C. BARCLAY, both of Howard, on 25 March 1908, at Howard
11332-08 Anthony M. TREPPA, 26, metal polisher, of Wallaceburg, s/o Michael TREPPA & Mary PAGODA, married Victoria DOWLING, 30, widow, of Wallaceburg, d/o Francis DELONA & Sophia MORAN, witn: Thomas J. MAHONEY & Mary DELONA, both of Wallaceburg, 8 Jan 1908 at Wallaceburg 11347-08 (Kent Co): Ralph McKenzie TRIX, 23, manufacturer, of Detroit, s/o John TRIX, manufacturer, & Harriet PHELPS, married Ruby May Gurster? GORDON, 23, of Wallaceburg, d/o David Alexander GORDON, manufacturer, & Rose FOX, witn: Victor BRESSLER of Detroit & Robert E. GORDON of Wallaceburg, 30 Dec 1908 at Wallaceburg
11333-08 Frederick VALKINIER, 27, farmer, of Wallaceburg, s/o John VALKINIER & Marie CALLEBOUT, married Flora DELOOZE, 20, of Wallaceburg, d/o Peter DELOOZE & Leonie FRUITHOF, witn: Frank BEAUPREY of Wallaceburg & Marie DELOOZE, 11 Jan 1908 at Wallaceburg 010938/08 (Kent Co) Walter Arthur VESTER, 27, undertaker, Harwich Twp, Blenheim, s/o John VESTER & Jane ROBINSON married Ruth HYATT, 25, Howard Twp, Blenheim, d/o George HYATT & Mary McCORLEY, witn: Charles M. VESTER & Lucy VESTER both of Harwich Twp, 19 February 1908, Blenheim
11299-08 (Kent Co.): Thomas Charles VINCE, 22, farmer, Raleigh Twp., s/o Henry W. VINCE, farmer & Pricilla MOTT, married Ethel Pearl SLOAN, 19, farmer's daughter, SE 13 M. R. N. Tilbury E, d/o William SLOAN, farmer & Elizabeth REID, witn: F. L. WONNACOTT of Chatham P. O. Ont. & Belle STRUTHERS of Valetta P. O. Ont. on 28 Oct 1908 at S E 13 M. R. N. Tilbury East  
011244-1908 (Kent Co.)  Arthur F. WADE, 23, farmer, Morpeth, same, s/o Mathew WADE & Priscilla CALL, married Lena FENNISDORF, 20, Morpeth, same, d/o Fred FENNISDORF & Lillie ORR, witn:  Mrs. Cole & Mrs. Sheran, both of Ridgetown, on 24 June 1908, at Ridgetown   11094-08 James Harold WALSH, 22, machinist, of Chatham, s/o James WALSH, builder & Dinah BARLOW, married Isabella TIPPING, 24, of Chatham, d/o Richard TIPPING, dead & Emma HASHIRCK?, witn: George Henry & Louisa M. TIPPING of Chatham, 5 Dec 1908 at Chatham
012101-1909 (Kent Co.)  Eber WARD, 37, fisherman, of Morpeth, widowed, s/o Benjamin WARD & Sarah SHIPLEY, married Ida May SMITH, 23, of Muirkirk, d/o O.A. SMITH & Caroline COLLUN, witn:  Thomas W. SMITH & Alice A. SMITH, both of Muirkirk, on 23 December 1908, at Ridgetown 11167-08 (Kent Co.): Francis Roy WELLS, 28, farmer, Camden Twp., same, s/o Francis WELLS & Martha WOODROW married Mabel NEILSON, 25, public school teacher, Harwich, same, d/o John NEILSON & Sophia BEDFORD, witn: Hugh T. SMITH of Chatham & Ada C. RICHARDS of Tilbury on 22 Jan 1908 at Harwich
011190-1908 (Kent Co.) Byron Wesley WEYGENT, 20, barber, Howard, same, s/o John Wesley WEYGENT & Mary Evelyn TIFFIN, married Leah TOMLINSON, 20, Howard, Chatham, d/o Matthew TOMLINSON & Susan PARKER, witn Clifford WEYGENT of Howard & Rosemond MOORE of Chatham, on 18 May 1908, at Howard 11217-08 (Kent Co.): Jamieson WHITEYE, 27, farmer, Moraviantown, s/o Joseph WHITEYE, farmer & Mary GREENBIRD married Eliza LEWIS, 19, Moraviantown, Joseph LEWIS, farmer & Naomi SNAKE, witn: Joseph LEWIS & Mary WHITEYE both of Moraviantown on 13 (17?) Sep 1908
11308-08 (Kent Co.): Ernest WOLFE, 26, engineer, Ridgetown, same, s/o Mack WOLFE & Mary ESKRETT, married Ida Pearl SHAW, 23, Ridgetown, same, d/o Sylvanus SHAW & Jane GRANT, witn: Sarah E. IRVINE & B. Maud WELDON both of Thamesville on 13 May 1908 at Thamesville