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Kent County, 1858

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage


Start of Sheet 1 [the film is almost illegible at the end where the year is shown]

No. 1

Joseph C. HINDER, 30, Township of Howard, blank, s/o blank, blank, married Amelia MATERSON?, blank, Township of Howard, blank, d/o blank, blank, witn: John LAMONT, Dennis CARTER, both of Township of Howard, 19 September 1858


No. 2

Charles PELLETIER, 44, Tilbury East, Dover C.W., s/o Isaac PELLETIER & Genevieve BALLARD, married Cecille TRUDELLE, 3?, Tilbury East C.W., Tilbury East C.W., d/o Louis TRUDELL & Felice LABUTE, witn: Libonie AUTRILLA?, Dover, Mathew TRUDELL, Tilbury East, Hilaire BROUSSEAU, Tilbury East, 7 January 1858

David ROY, 21, Dover, Dover, s/o André ROY & Josephte CHABER, married Euphemia PINSONNEAULT, blank, Dover, St. Jacques Lemmeur(x?), d/o Jacob PINSONNEAULT & Claire (Marie?) TETRAULT, witn: André ROY, Jacob PINSONNEAULT, both of Dover, 19 January 1858

Benjamin CARON, 45, Dover East C.W., Riviere du Loup RC, s/o Francois CARON & Deloise LAMERISE, married Aurelia BOUCHARD, 24?, St. Philippe RC, Blosphandy RC, d/o André BOUCHARD & Josephine MOQUIN, witn: Gregoire PITRIE, Beauhenais C.W., Grogoire CARON, Dover East C.W., 26 January 1858

Alex EMERY, 23, Dover, Dover, s/o Luc EMERY & Charlotte HEBERT, married Catherine REAUME, blank, Dover, Dover, d/o Paul REAUME & Agathe (or Cynthia) FAUBERT, witn: Francois EMERY, J.B. EMERY, both of Dover, 9 February 1858

André TRUDELL, 21, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o Al……? TRUDELL & Susanna OUELLETTE, married Theresse STERLING, 26, Dover East, Dover East, d/o William STERLING & Charlotte DESLOGES, witn: Francis TRUDELL, William STERLING, both of Dover East, 16 February 1858

Francis ROBERT, 22, Dover, Toronto, s/o J.B. ROBERT & Denise PAPINEAU, married Sophie ARGONETTE, 20, Dover, Dover, d/o Alexis ARGONETTE & Genvieve? DESLOGES, witn: J.B. ROBERT, Edmond BABY, both of Dover, 15 June 1858

Antoine DRAGON, 26, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Louis DRAGON & Jean Ouellette, married Marie Ann? PERSON, 22?, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Thomas PERSON & Soph??ia (Sophronia?) RODGER, witn: Ferrial ROY, Dover East, Thomas PERSON, Raleigh, 29 June 1858

Nicholas DUMAS, 48, Dover, St. Phillippe, s/o Nicholas DUMAS & Julie TREMBLY, married Arcange RAYMON, 2?, Dover, Dover, d/o J.B. RAYMON & Marie EMERY, witn: Joseph GOW?, J.B. RAYMON, both of Dover, 31 August 1858

Antoine BERNIER, 23, Immaculate Conception, Dover, s/o Francois BERNIER & Isabell BOUZETTE, married Armenee CARON, 19, Immaculate Conception, Dover, Joseph OUELLETTE & Elizabeth CARON, witn: Joseph OUELLETTE, __ HOULE, both of Dover, 21 September 1858

Gregoire CARON, 42, Immaculate Conception, Riviere du Loup, s/o Francois CARON & Catherine MERISE, married Genvieve BEAUGRAND ?, 40, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Charles BEAUGRAND ? & Felice FAUBERT, witn: Alfon LETOURNEAU, LOUIS BITOURNAY ?, both of Immaculate Conception, 22 November 1858

Pierre DANIEL, 28, Immaculate Conception, St. Michel, s/o Joseph DANIEL & Therese LANDRILLE, married Arcange TETRAULT, 19, Immaculate Conception, St. Jean Evangelist, d/o Narcisse TETRAULT & Arcange ROMILLAR ?, witn: Joseph DANIEL, Narcisse TETRAULT, both of Immaculate Conception, 23 November 1858 [the day has a ? after it]


No. 3 [The first 4 below are dated 1857]

James GUILES (GUILDS ?), 22, Harwich, Harwich, s/o John & Mary GUILES, married Elen? GOSNELL, 18, Orford, Orford, d/o George & Mary GOSNELL, witn: John LEE, James OSTRANDER, both of Orford, 24 September 1857

Samuel TURNER, 20, Howard, Howard, s/o Jepthy & Elizabeth TURNER, married Rebecca GLASSFORD, 17, Howard, Howard, d/o Benjamin & Rebecca GLASSFORD, witn: Nathan TOMKINS, George TOMPKINS, both of Howard, 2 November 1857

Charles H.DEWEY, 22, Howard, London England, s/o Charles D. & Mary DEWEY, married Maria SWART, 17, Howard, Howard, d/o Isaac & Mary A. SWART (SWARTZ ?), witn: Andrew MUCKLE, George SONKURTON ?, both of Howard, 7 October 1857

Daniel CAMPBELL, 26, Orford, Trafalgar, s/o William & Mary CAMPBELL, married Margaret GRANT, 21, Orford, Dorchester, d/o John & Margaret GRANT, witn: Rob’t BELL, Ellen READER, both of Orford, 14 November 1857

Hugh HAYS, 36, Howard, County Down Ireland, s/o not known & Catherine FRENCH, married Catherine FRENCH, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o Thomas & Mary A. FRENCH, witn: Ellen READER, George GOSNELL, both of Orford, 7 January 1858

John _?. TEMPLE, 19, Howard, Dorchester, s/o John & Mary TEMPLE, married Mary BROWN, 17, Howard, Howard, d/o Thomas & Jane BROWN, witn: Thomas TEMPLE, Jane LAWRENCE, both of Howard, 17 January 1858

Alexander INNES, 25, Harwich, Betten? Scotland, s/o Robert & Martha INNES, married Pheba I. HALLEY, 17, Harwich, Southwold, d/o Trueman & Mary HALLEY, witn: John CARNES, Harwich, 22 January 1858

Charles BROWN, 42, Howard, Nova Scotia, s/o James & Margaret BROWN, married Lavilla GATES, 39, Howard, Hashimer (Herkimer?) N.Y., d/o Griffin & Allis TOMPKINS, witn: B.J. LAWRENCE, Howard, 8 February 1858

Henry DUCK, 23, Howard, England, s/o James & Harriet DUCK, married Harriet CULL, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Mary CULL, witn: Mary CULL, James CULL, both of Howard, 23 February 1858

Norton? CARNES, 23, Howard, County of Leeds, s/o Jacob & Catherine CARNES, married Julia CHUBB, 21, Howard, Cleveland Ohio, d/o not known, not known, witn: John CARNES, Jacob CARNES, both of Howard, 20 March 1858

John BUSTED, 24, London C.W., Ireland Co. Cork, s/o John & Ann BUSTED, married Mary GOSNELL, 20, Orford, Orford, d/o George & Mary GOSNELL, witn: Ann LEE, John GOSNELL, both of Orford, 23 March 1858

John SCOTT, 23, Howard, Toronto C.W., s/o John & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Sayella ADDEMAN, __, Howard, Yorkshire England, d/o Thomas & Sarah ADDEMAN, witn: Sarah ADDEMAN, Thomas ADDEMAN, both of Howard, 11 July 1858


Start of Sheet 2

No. 3 (continued)

Robert HERREU (Herren?), 21, Howard, Scarborough, s/o William & Caroline HERREU, married Mary J. SHANNON, 16, Howard, Co. of Cork, d/o Richard & Sarah SHANNON, witn: Joseph DOBBIN, James RAYCROFT, both of Howard, 12 October 1858

Thomas TEER, 23, London C.W., N.York City, s/o Thomas & Catherine TEER, married Frances M. CASEWELL, 16, Howard, Dunwich, d/o Horace & Margaret CASEWELL, witn: B. LAWRENCE, Margaret CASEWELL, both of Howard, 15 December 1858


No. 4

Henry BROWN, 32, Chatham, Kentucky, s/o Richard & Sarah BROWN, married Agnes MASON, 26, Chatham, Pennsylvania, d/o Richard & Sarah MASON, witn: Shelby BEAMER, Chatham, 10 January 1858

Robert BLYTHE, 23, Fergus, Ohio, s/o John & Alice BLYTHE, married Theresa F. CHRYSLER, 18, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Henry & Martha CHRYSLER, witn: John CHRYSLER, Chatham, 14 January 1858

William HODGSON, 28, Romney, England, s/o David & Nancy HODGSON, married Elizabeth SIMPSON, 25, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Peter & Ann SIMPSON, witn: David SIMPSON, Tilbury East, 26 January 1858

Thomas PICKERING, 22, Blenheim, Raleigh, s/o Henry & Sarah PICKERING, married Lois GONING ?, 23, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Adoniran? & Jane GONING, witn: Henry PICKERING, Harwich, 4 February 1858

Eli MARSELAS, 31, Howard, Hamilton, s/o John & Shatinda ? MARSELAS, married Hannah SMITH, 24, Howard, Grimsby, d/o John & Abigail SMITH, witn: Friend BISSELL, Chatham, 4 February 1858

Chas BENNETT, 23, Raleigh, Michigan, s/o George & Sarah J. BENNETT, married T.E. GRANDBOIS, ?, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o J. & Caroline GRANDBOIS, witn: J.B. McLEOD, Raleigh, 23 February 1858

Calvin SIMMONS, 26, Chatham, North Carolina, s/o C. & A. SIMMONS, married Elizabeth SIMMONS, 21, Chatham, North Carolina, d/o C. H. SIMMONS,witn: Joseph FREUD (FRENCH?), Chatham, 3 March 1858

Michael FALCONER, 22, Harwich, Toronto, s/o John & M.A. FALCONER, married Joanne REYNOLDS, 18, Harwich, England, d/o William & E. REYNOLDS, witn: James REYNOLDS, Harwich, 31 March 1858

Frederick ARNOLD, 24, Harwich, Howard, s/o Frederick & Susan ARNOLD, married Christina CAMERON, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o Allen & Euph’a CAMERON, witn: M. ARNOLD, Howard, 16 April 1858

Francis LLOYD, 25, Camden, Southwold, s/o William & Sarah LLOYD, married M.A. DAWDLE, 18, Chatham, England, d/o William & G DAWDLE, witn: James LAW, Dawn, 18 April 1858

George N?. HATTER, 37, Raleigh, Virginia, s/o James & Bar. HATTER, married N. S. WILSON, 28, Raleigh, Maryland, d/o Jacob & Grace WILSON, witn: N.G. SCOTT, Raleigh, 5 May 1858

Alexander SMITH, 22, Chatham, Kentucky, s/o Nathan & Car. SMITH, married M.J. BROWN, 17, Chatham, Virginia, d/o (not entered) & Nancy BROWN, witn: James ANDERSON, Chatham, 27 May 1858

Thomas CARTIER, 23, Tilbury West, Chatham, s/o Cledius & Nancy CARTIER, married Emma RUSSELL, 18, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Thomas & Sarah RUSSELL, witn: William STUART, Chatham, 18 May 1858

John DRURY, 25, Raleigh, England, s/o Thomas & Hannah DRURY, married M.A. ELLESWORTH (s/b Ellsworth?), 17, Chatham, Ohio, d/o Ranson & Louisa ELLESWORTH, witn: Cyrus HODGES, Chatham, 4 July 1858

Farrall DONOVAN, 22, Howard, Ireland, s/o James & Brichan? DONOVAN, married Jane LEE, 16, Morpeth, Canada, d/o Robert & Jane LEE, witn: S. MERRILL, Chatham, 19 July 1858

James McMULLEN, 26, Harwich, Harwich, s/o James & Mary McMULLEN, married Almira WILLIAMS, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o Elijah & A. S.? WILLIAMS, witn: James READ, Harwich, 28 July 1858

Austin HILL, 22, Howard, Ancaster, s/o Arastus & Lucy HILL, married Ellen L. BENNETT, 23, Howard, Dumfries, d/o William & Eliza BENNETT, witn: John BENNETT, Howard, 4 August 1858

George McKENZIE, 32, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Robert & Eliza McKENZIE, married M. A. MONTGOMERY, 22, Louisville, Kent, d/o John & Emma MONTGOMERY, witn: Ralph CRABB, London, 4 August 1858

John MYERS, 25, Chatham, England, s/o Thomas & Sarah MYERS, .arried Mary YOUNG, 20, Chatham, Detroit, d/o John & Sarah YOUNG, witn: M. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 19 August 1858

Noah GRAVES, 45, Tilbury West, Kentucky, s/o James & Winnie? GRAVES, married Elsey HAMILTON, 54, Raleigh, Lemerne?, d/o Daniel & Felicia HAMILTON, witn: M.A. HAMILTON, RALEIGH, 8 September 1858

James KEEGAN, 23, Chatham, Ireland, s/o John & Ann KEEGAN, married Mary BRADY, 26, Chatham, England, d/o James & Johanna BRADY, witn: F. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 15 September 1858

Edward F. ROBERTSON, 21, Chatham, New York, s/o Dona & Hester ROBERTSON, married Lucy A. QUINTON, 19, Chatham, Kentucky, d/o Chas. & H. QUINTON, witn: F. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 28 September 1858


Start of Sheet 3 [The writing on this sheet is very small and difficult to read]

No. 4 (continued)

George A. TYE, 23, Howard, England, s/o William & Sarah TYE, married Hannah DECONS, 19, Howard, Southwold, d/o William & Sally DECONS, witn: R.J. McINTYRE, Harwich, 1 December 1858

John GALLAWAY, 20, Chatham, Pickering, s/o James & Deborah GALLAWAY, married M. SICKLESTEEL, 16, Chatham, Chatham, d/o D. & Nancy SICKLESTEEL, witn: Julius SICKLESTEEL, Chatham, 8 December 1858

Philip S. COUTE, 31, Chatham, England, s/o Thomas & Hester COUTE (COATE ?), married Catherine LAMONT, 30, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Duncan & Elizabeth LAMONT, witn: A. LAMONT, Chatham, 22 December 1858


No. 5

Richard TOBINS,, 31, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Lewis & Augustine TOBINS, married Esther LASALLE, 18, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, d/o Anton & Lydia LASALLE, witn: John PETER, Moraviantown, 21 February 1858

Palmer STAFFORD, 22, Dawn Mills, Hemminford C. E., s/o Joseph & Nancy STAFFORD, married Catherine CRAFT, 21, Dawn Mills, Dawn, d/o John & Hanna CRAFT, witn: John B. GRAHAM, Dawn Mills, 13 March 1858

John BULLOCK, 24, Howard, Yarmouth Elgin C.W., s/o Asa & Rachel BULLOCK, married Hanna FERRIS, 18, Euphemia, Michigan, d/o William & Anna FERRIS, witn: Charles TEETZEL, Orford, 7 June 1858

George BOOTHROYD, 27, Howard, England, s/o Richard & Mary BOOTHROYD, married Sarah Jane WILSON, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o Edward & Mary WILSON, witn: Hiram WILSON, Howard, 15 June 1858

Peter McDONALD, 23, Camden Kent C.W., Camden near Kingston [Camden East], s/o John & Flora McDONALD, married Margaret JOHNSON, 21, Dawn, Dawn, d/o Thomas & Jane JOHNSON, witn: Jeremiah STONEFISH, Orford, 17 October 1858

William STAFFORD, 26, Bothwell Kent, Hemmingford C.E., s/o Joseph & Nancy STAFFORD, married Emelia FLEMING, 26, Mosa Middlesex, Mosa Middlesex, d/o Henry & Hannah FLEMING, witn: Sam’l HICKS, Dawn, 22 December 1858


No. 6

Antony MOORE, 20, Howard, Howard, s/o Patrick MOORE & Mary NARESY, married July Ann KELLY, 20, Howard, Elizabethtown, d/o Michael KELLY & Mary FLAG?, witn: Thomas MOORE, Howard, 17 January 1858

Gryon HENK, 45, Chatham, St. Mary C.E., s/o Noel JIEAT & Marcelina DUFIE, married Pauline JACQUE, 19, Chatham, Dover East, d/o Joseph JACQUE & Margaret DUGLESS, witn: Andrew RAYMOND, Paincourt, 18 January 1858

Louis DRAGON, 20, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Louis DRAGON & Louisa ROBERT, married Josephine DUMAS, 19, Chatham, LaCotte S.C., d/o Louis DUMAS & Eusebia? LEVRIM, witn: Alexis ROBAIR, Chatham, 3 February 1858

James KERRELS, 28, Harwich, Co. Cavan Ireland, s/o Michael KERRELS & Mary MOLLON, married Margaret BRADY, 32, Dover East, Co.Wexford Ireland, d/o John BRADY & Anne FORBES, witn: Patrick BRADY, Chatham, 8 February 1858

John SHALMERS, 37, Dover East, Ireland, s/o Gregory SHALMERS & Catherine STUART, married Catherine LOLLIS, 27, Ireland, ____, d/o John LOLLIS & Anne HELSHAKE, witn: George LOLLIS, Dover EAST, 15 February 1858

Patrick REARDON, 22, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Edward REARDON & Margaret KELLY, married Ellen KENNEDY, 19, Detroit, Ireland, d/o Patrick KENNEDY & Anne S (illegible), witn: John TAYLOR, Chatham, 19 April 1858

Gilbert ANDREWS, 48, Chatham, Bavaria, s/o Frank ANDREWS & Frosia? LOMETHY?, married M. TANSFESEN?, 48, Chatham, Bavaria, d/o Joseph STROWN & Anne BOXAKELY?, witn: Joseph M---?, Chatham, 3 May 1858

Michael OCONNER, 27, Chatham, C. Ramsay, s/o Timothy O’CONNER & Elizabeth GREY, married M. Medoza BONNET, 19, Chatham, London England, d/o James BONNET & Medosa GARDNER, witn: John TAFF, 17 May 1858

Henry PINNEL, 37, Chatham, Luxembourg, s/o John PINNELL & Maria SNEIDER, married Mabrat? GARNOZE ?, 29, Chatham, Belgium, d/o Celestin GARNOZE & Barbara FREIN, witn: William PINNELL, Chatham, 14 June 1858

William SMITH, 45, Chatham, Hagerstown U.S., s/o Stephen SMITH & Charity BROWN, married Elizabeth SMITH, 24, Louisville, Washington, d/o Michael SMITH & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Thomas SMITH, Chatham, 15 July 1858

Theodore DE KAMPE ?, 29, Louisville, Belgium, s/o Francis DE KAMPE & Johanna Coleta COLLANS?, married Ann CHIVE, 26, Thamesville, Ireland, d/o William CHIVER & Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: William CHIVER, Louisville, 30 August 1858

Thomas BRADY, 22, Thamesville, Co. Mayo Ireland, s/o John BRADY & Illegible CAUSIEU, married Ann BRANAN, 20, Chatham, Corstay? Ireland, d/o Peter BRANAN & Catherine HYMO?, witn: Patrick O'BRIEN, Thamesville, 20 September 1858

Richard MOZER, 33, Chatham, Baden, s/o John MOZER & Catherine JOSEVEY, married Mary PURSEHEY, 32, Chatham, Bavaria, d/o Andrew PURSHEY & Margaret BEGER, witn: Peter PETER, Chatham, 7 October 1858

John WELLS, 27, Chatham, Co. Kerry, s/o Edw’d WELLS & Bridget DONALDSON?, married Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 35, Howard, d/o Peter CUNNINGHAM & Mary LARKIN, witn: John KITGAMON?, Chatham, 7 November 1858

John CRAY, 24, Chatham, Ireland, s/o John CRAY & Mary BUREY, married Ellen O’REILLY, 23, Chatham, Glengarry C.E., d/o Thomas O’REILLY & Louisa CLARKE, witn: James HOGHAN, Harwich, 27 December 1858


Start of Sheet 4

No. 7 [parent’s surnames were not entered]

William T. MURDOCH, 23, Florence, Scotland, s/o John & Isabella, married Barbara WEBSTER, 16, Florence, At Sea, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William WEBSTER, Euphemia, 30 March 1858

William NEWTON?, 23, Harwich, England, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mary HUTCHINSON, 19, Harwich, Canada, d/o David & Mary, witn: Richard KNIGHT, Howard, 15 June 1858

Joseph B. RUSSELL, 26, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Isabella RITCHIE, 18, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Damian RITCHIE, Raleigh, 22 December 1858


No. 8

Archibald THOMPSON, 28, Aldborough, Aldborough, s/o Archibald THOMPASON & Margaret GILLIES, married Mary SINCLAIR, 20?, Orford, Orford, d/o John SINCLAIR & Nancy GILLIES, witn: Donald RHEE or BLUE, Orford, John CARSWELL, Dunwich, 25 or 28 March 1858


No. 9 [handwriting is small & difficult to read]

Thomas H. BAXTER, 23, Chatham,England, s/o William BAXTER & blank, married Euphemia BAXTER, 22, Chatham, Edinburgh, d/o Alexander B & Elizabeth BAXTER, witn: Thomas DAVIDSON, blank, 6 January 1858

James A. HOLMES, 28, Chatham, Canada, Abraham HOLMES & blank, married Jane FORSTER, 20, Chatham, Canada, d/o David & Jane FORSTER, witn: David FORSTER, Chatham, 10 February 1858

John BATES, 30, Raleigh, Germany, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth BATES, married Eliza SAMPLE, 30, Harwich, Ireland, d/o Samuel & Ann SAMPLE, witn: Sarah KENNEDY, Chatham, 2 February 1858

William BROWN, 26, Raleigh, England, s/o Thomas & Ann BROWN, married Sarah L. BOWLEY, 22, Raleigh, New York, d/o Peter & Sarah BOWLEY, witn: Joseph CROW, Dover East, 16 February 1858

Alexander H. EATON, 31, Raleigh, New York, s/o Charles & Virginia EATON, married Hannah GRIFFIN, 35, Raleigh, Ireland, d/o James & Mary GRIFFIN, witn: William? McGREGOR, Dover, 11 March 1858

James RANKIN, 22, Dover East, Ireland, s/o John & Nancy RANKIN, married Ellen DOYLE, 21, Dover East, Ireland, d/o Matthew & Ellen DOYLE, witn: Collin CAMPBELL, Harwich, 7 April 1858

David BILLAR, 23, Harwich, Germany, s/o not entered, married Ellen ATKINS, 22, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Jane ATKINS, witn: James HARPER, Chatham [then witness name X’ed out], 3 June 1858

Richard B. PARR, 60, Raleigh, England, s/o John & Ester PARR, married Arabella HARPER, 40, Raleigh, England, d/o Charles & Elizabeth HARPER, witn: James HARPER, Chatham, 29 May 1858

Richard PARKER, 30, Chatham, Virginia, s/o Harry & Nancy PARKER, married Mablean? DUTTON, 20, Chatham Delaware, d/o Stephen & Levina DUTTON, witn: not entered, 5 February 1858

James HALL, 21, Harwich, England, s/o William & Jane or June HALL, married Ann C. ROE, 37, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John T. & Mary ROE, witn: Edmund DALTON, not entered, 28 September 1858

David BUTLER, 40, Raleigh, Tennessee, s/o not entered, married Rachel HUBY, 23, Raleigh, Pennsylvania, d/o John & Ellen HUBY, witn: Henry BENTON, Chatham, 30 September 1858

Angus GLASSFORD, 24, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Elizabeth GLASSFORD, married Louisa GATES, 26, Harwich, Canada, d/o David & Maria GATES, witn: Joseph NASLE (NASH?), Harwich, 12 October 1858

Richard E. LAW, 29, Zone, Zorra, s/o William & Rhoda LAW, married Sarah COULTIS, 22, Mersea, Canada, d/o William & Mary COULTIS (COUTTS?), witn: Besh?? CHITWORTH, Zorra, 18 November 1858

William ECKSTEIN?, 28, Tilbury West, America, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ECLESTEEN?, married Victoria PRIOR?, 20, Tilbury West, France, d/o Thomas & Rebecca POIVRE?, witn: Edwin POIVRE, Tilbury West, 24 December 1858

William ASHLEY, 28, Chatham, Canada, s/o Joseph & Abigail ASHLEY, married Catherine BURRIS, 29, Chatham, U. States, d/o Isaac & Hannah BURRIS, witn: John GRIFFIN, Chatham, 30 December 1858

Harry DUNCAN, 24, County of York, Scotland, s/o G. H. & Isabella DUNCAN, married Fanny BEATING (KEATING?), 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John W. & Julia KEATING, witn: Duncan McGREGOR, Chatham, 24 August 1858

Thomas HODGINS, 30, Toronto, Dublin, s/o William & Fanny HODGINS, married Maria B. SCOBLE?, 25, Chatham, England, d/o John & Maryann SCOBLE, witn: John G. HODGINS, Alexander (illeg), not entered, 22 November 1858


No. 10

William WINFREY, Township of Raleigh, Georgia, s/o not entered, married Jane LEWIS, age not entered, Township of Raleigh, Kentucky, d/o Thomas & Jane HARRIS, witn: Scabby HINTON, H. DE??SY, both of Raleigh, 7 August 1858


No. 11

John LEE, 23, Owen Sound, not entered, s/o George LEE & Margaret PAUS, married Louisa C. CLIFFORD, 19, Chatham, not entered, William H. CLIFFORD & Anne JENKINS, witn: John PEARSON, Owen Sound, Anne B. CLIFFORD, Chatham, 14 January 1858

David BOMBARD?, 24, Dover East, Pont Olira C.E., s/o Joseph BOMBARD & Mary Ann GASTON, married Jane McTAGGART, 20, Dover East, Chatham C.W., d/o Malcolm McTAGGART & Catherine CAM??, witn: Alexander McTAGGART, Dover East, Mary O’CONNOR?, Chatham, 18 February 1858


Start of Sheet 5 -- [the writing on this sheet is very small & sometimes illegible]

No. 11 (Continued)

John COLLINS, 21, Ontonabee, Ontonabee, s/o Timothy COLLINS & Rose Ann CLARKE, married Mary Jane WHITTINGTON (WHITTINGDON?), 25, Harwich, Ireland, d/o John WHITTINGDON & Sarah HAYS, witn: Alexander McDOUGALL, George WHITTINGDON, both of Harwich, 27 February 1858

Robert McKENZIE, 45, Gore of Chatham, Montreal, s/o Rob’t McKENZIE & Ann AIRD, married Jessie BOYDEN, 24 or 34, Euphemia, Scotland, d/o John BOYDEN (BRYDEN?) & Janet LOCHERBY, witn: William G. McKENZIE, Gore of Chatham, William STEWART, Dresden, 7 May 1858

Duncan GRAY, 30, Harwich, Perthshire Scotland, s/o Peter GRAY & Mary FERGUSON, married Margaret McDONALD, 21, Harwich, Inverness Scotland, d/o Donald & Janet McDONALD, witn: Andrew NEIL, Mary GRAY, both of Harwich, 24 April 1858

John McKINLAY, 28, Howard, Scotland, s/o Dan’l McKINLAY & Mary McINTOSH, married Mary ROBERTSON, 22, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John ROBERTSON & Mary McQUEEN, witn: Peter McKINLAY, Howard, Peter ROBERTSON, Harwich, 24 May 1858

George MOBAY, 35 (or 36), Harwich, Kingston, s/o Rich’d MOBAY & Elizabeth RACINE, married Susan HUGHSON, 22, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o John Wade HUGHSON & Rebecca HAMLET (HAULT?), witn: John HOUSTON, Harwich, Dougald McNAUGHTON, Chatham, 26 May 1858


No. 12

Samuel L. PARDO, 22, Howard, Raleigh, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth PARDO, married Elizabeth SMITH, 17, Howard, Townsend, d/o George & Nancy SMITH, witn: L.J. RICHARDSON, Daniel SMITH, both of Howard, 1 January 1858

Julius COLBY, 22, Harwich, York State, s/o Charles & Mary A. COLBY, married Mary A. REID, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Charlotte REID, witn: E. TYLEAN?, Harriet REID, both of Howard, 1 January 1858

Samson (Simson?) SMITH, 39, Orford, Trafalgar, s/o John & Kitty SMITH, married July (Julie?) A. BRILL, 32, Orford, Nelson, d/o H(illeg.) & Sarah BROLL?, witn: Robert SCOTT, Orford, 18 January 1858

Edward FALLON, 22, Orford, Markham, s/o James & Ellen FALLON, married Isabella ?? CASE, 22, Orford, Orford, d/o Thomas & Matilda CASWELL, witn: John McDONALD, E.R. SHANK, both of Orford, 26 January 1858

James FINNEY, 22, Zone, Cornwall, s/o William FINNEY & Philefrey?, married Jane HUMPHREY, 25, Howard, Elizabethtown, d/o John & Jane HUMPHREY, witn: Alexander CREIR, Howard, 6 March 1858

Joseph GILL, 38, Orford, Killey, s/o Thomas & Phebe GILL, married Rebecca TAYLOR, 35, Leeds, Stanbridge, d/o John & Phylander FLETCHER (HATCHE?), witn: Thuris S. BUTTONVILLE, Orford, 19 April 1858

Christopher ATKINSON, 31, Howard, England, s/o William & Sarah ATKINSON, married Esther M. McDONNELL, 23, Harwich, York State, d/o John & Esther McDONNELL, witn: Edw. ?? DAST, Harwich, 6 May 1858

James KENNEDY, 28, Pennsylvania, Ireland, s/o David & Jane KENNEDY, married Harriet REID, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Charlotte REID, witn: John McPHERSON, ? SPENCER, both of Howard, 30 December 1858


No. 13

Lewis H. ARNOLD, 24, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Samuel & Lena ARNOLD, married Margaret E. GRIFFIN, 21, Chatham, Canada East, d/o Patrick & Catherine GRIFFIN, witn: W. H. THOMPSON, C. McCARROLL, both of Chatham, 25 February 1858

Joseph MACK, 36, Tilbury West, England, s/o Benj. & Mary MACK, married Mary A. McNELL (McNEIL?), 19, Tilbury West, Ireland, d/o William & Mary McNELL, witn: A. KERR, Chatham, 24 March 1858

Chas. T. JUBENVILLE, 27, Chatham, Detroit U.S., s/o Fabian & Mary A. JUBENVILLE, married Margaret McGREGOR, 17, Dover East, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Margaret McGREGOR, witn: Hector McGREGOR, Chatham, 29 March 1858

Thomas ROGERS, ditto marks( 27? as above), Chatham, England, s/o John & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Christine CRAWFORD, ditto marks (17? as above), Dover East, Scotland, d/o not entered , witn: John HOLMES, Chatham, ditto marks (29 March 1858? as above)

Thomas COOK, 29, Dover, England, s/o not entered, married Charity MILLER, 22, Dover, Tilbury, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, not entered, 13 September 1858

John McDONALD, 24, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Duncan & Amy McDONALD, married Railsell (Rachael?) GOULET, 21, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Francis & Cynthia GOULET, witn: Philip A. TOLL, Raleigh, 21 September 1858

W. H. WEES, 27, Chatham, Canada W, s/o William & Betsy WEES, married Mary LEAK, 21, Howard, Indiana U.S., d/o John & Jane LEAK, witn: George SHERMAN, Chatham, 10 (or 18) November 1858

Adoniram? E. YOUNG, 31, Harwich, Canada W., s/o Adoniram & Jane YOUNG, married Anne BICUM, 25, Harwich, Canada W., d/o Samuel & Catherine BICUM, witn: Stephen LANE, Harwich, 23 December 1858


No. 14

Jacob SWITZER, 30, Howard, Germany, s/o Jacob & Mary SWITZER, married Magdalin MILLER, 21, Howard, Germany, d/o John & Jacobine? MILLER, witn: Andrew BOW???illeg, Chatham, Catherine SWITZER, Howard, 4 March 1858

George MINSHALL, 25, Howard, Brantford, s/o Joshua MINSHALL & Elizabeth DODD, married Mary Jane CONNER, 19, Howard, Kingston C.W., d/o Charles CONNER (CONNOR?) & Sarah OGLETREE, witn: Thomas W. BRADDY, Elizabeth SISSONS, both of Howard, 9 July 1858

Alexander LAIRD, 22, Harwich, Scotland, s/o James LAIRD & Margaret GARDINER, married Claira ROW, 22, Harwich, Canada East, d/o Conrad ROW & Elizabeth BREWSTER, witn: Jon ROW, Caroline ROW, both of Harwich, 6 August 1858


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No. 14 (continued)

Joseph CARSWELL, 24, Harwich, Howard (x’d out), s/o James CASWELL & Isabella McCULLOCH, married Ann MORROW, 23, Harwich, blank, d/o Hugh MORROW & Agnes HOLZWOOD, witn: John MORROW, Catherine MORROW, both of Howard, 17 August 1858

Nelson SHAW, 27, Howard, Howard, s/o John SHAW & Mary PALMER, married Louisa BARNES, 21, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Robert BARNES & Louisa MARTIN? (WALTER?),witn: John SHAW, Howard, Thomas BARNES, Harwich, 21 September 1858

William McKINLAY, 35, Howard, Kingston C.W., s/o John McKINLAY & Elizabeth HOONES (HORNER?), 25, Howard, New York, d/o Adam L(illeg.) & Susan SHAVER, witn: John CAIN, Dougald CRAWFORD, both of Howard, 3 November 1858

Lewis George ROW (ROSS?), 26, Harwich, Canada East, s/o Conrad ROW & Elizabeth BREWSTER, married Margaret McCULLY, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o Samuel McCULLY & Sarah BENNETT, witn: Jonathan McCULLY, Howard,, Mary Jane ROW, Harwich, 11 November 1858

Charles HUMPHREY, 26, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Nathaniel H. (HUMPHREY) & Eliza BURT, married Laura FLOETER (FLATER), 26, Harwich, Raleigh, d/o Frederick FLOETER (FLATER) & Nancy SYTHE (SYKES?), witn: Albert HUMPHREY, Nathan FLOETER (FLATER?), both of Harwich, 21 November 1858


No. 15

Louis VINSHA?, 22, Harwich, Vermont, s/o Anthony & Mary LUSHA? , married Catherine E. BALDWIN, 18, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Sam’l & Delilla BALDWIN, witn: David NEWCOME, Adelia BALDWIN, both of Harwich, 8 March 1858

Jonathan KITSON, 28, Howard, Knapton England, s/o William & Joan KITSON, married Rachel SHAW, blank, Howard, Howard, d/o John & Mary SHAW, witn: John DINDLE, Hannah KITSON, both of Howard, 24 July 1858

Allen McMILLEN, 30, Glengary, Glengary, s/o John & Catherine McMILLEN, married Sarah BRADT, 22, Orford, Nestnation ? C.W., d/o Thom? & Sarah BRADT, witn: Simonton SMITH, Thomas BRADT, both of Orford, 5 August 1858


No. 16

Henry MOORE, 35, Buxton C.W., Maryland, s/o Ah’t?(possibly Abraham -illeg.) & Maria MOORE, married Mary P. JONES, 18, Buxton C.W., Maryland, d/o William & Rebecca JONES, witn: C.G. BUDSON, Chatham, 3 July 1858


No. 17

Dan’l McLEOD, 25, Orford, Scotland, s/o John & Anne McLEOD, married Martha McKIM, 25, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Mary McKIM, witn: John McKIM, John McLEOD, both of Orford, 17 July 1858

Edmon WILSON, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o Crowel & Jane WILSON, married Ellen LENOVER, 24, Howard, Lower Canada, d/o George & May (Mary?) LENOVER, witn: James PETER, Ro? SPENCE, both of Howard, 31 March 1858

Edmund SHAW, 35, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Mary SHAW, married Charlotte NEWCOMBE, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Elijah & Mary NEWCOMBE, witn: John SHAW, Robert McKEE?, both of Howard, 17 May 1858

John DENSDALE, 31, Howard, England, s/o Wilfred & Hannah DENSDALE, married Hannah KITSON, 2?, Howard, England, d/o William & Joan KITSON, witn: George KITSON, William KITSON, both of Howard, 21 September 1858

Martin WOOD, 20, Orford, Howard, s/o Pontius & Dorcas WOOD, married Catherine PETTIT, 16, Orford, Southwold, d/o Benj. & Mary PETTIT, witn: John PETTIT, Orford, M. DINGMAN, Howard, 30 November 1858

John WOOD, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o Pontius & Dorcas WOOD, married Elizabeth HALL, 23, Howard, Nova Scotia, d/o Peter & Hannah HALL, witn: Mary WOOD, Emeline ELFORD, both of Howard, 14 December 1858

Joseph SCANE, 27, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Elizabeth SCANE, married Harriet SPENCE, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o John & Ellen SPENCE, witn: Timothy SPENCE, James THOMPSON, both of Howard, 29 December 1858


No. 18

Josiah POWELL, 40, Chatham, U.S., s/o blank & blank, married Ann MITCHELL, 37, Chatham, U.S., d/o blank & blank, witn: Rich’d JACOBS, Eliza JACOBS, both of Chatham, 16 February 1858

James FINDLAY, 28, Chatham, U.S., s/o John & Mira FINDLAY, married Mary E. GENT, 21, Chatham, blank, d/o William & Sophia GENT, witn: William HAWKINS, Chatham, 14 November 1858


No. 19

Samuel WICKHAM, 27, Buxton C.W., Prince Edward County, s/o Samuel & Sarah WICKHAM, married Nancy Jane HILL, 17, Buxton C.W., Richmond Indiana, d/o Samuel & Caroline Lucy Jane HILL, witn: Garrison SHADD, James BURNES, both of Buxton C.W., 15 December 1858


No. 20

William Thomas INCH, 23, Harwich, London England, s/o Thomas INCH & Harriet SMITH, married Christina THOMPSON, 20, Harwich, Scotland, d/o James THOMPSON & Christina MILLER, witn: Joseph NASH, Peter MORGAN, both of Harwich, 1 January 1858

James F. McCONNEL, 25, Mosa, London Township, s/o David McCONNEL & Mary FLEMING, married Sarah Jane MARTIN, 21, Howard, Ireland, d/o William MARTIN & Jane GILMORE, witn: William SIMONTON, Henry MARTIN, both of Howard, 21 July 1858


No. 21 --[parent’s surnames were not entered]

James WHITESELL, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o David & Margaret EBERLIE, 18, Howard, Howard, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: William HAWKE, Florence, 11 April 1858

William SMITH, 26, Dawn, Lincolnshire England, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Rebecca MONTGOMERY, 21, Dawn, Bezton?, d/o Richard & Lucy Ann, witn: Rich’d STEPHENS, Dawn, 17 May 1858

Herbert COTTON, 39, Barton?, Suffolk England, s/o Allen & Mary Ann, married Isabella MILLER, 37, Enniskillen, Rocksbrook Scotland, d/o John & Mary, witn: Alex. WARK (MARK? WORK?), Enniskillen, 24 May 1858


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No. 21 (continued) -- [parent’s surnames were not entered]

Joseph DOCKERIL (DOCKERAL?], 21, Euphemia, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Maria CORMON, 19, Euphemia, Kilrush Ireland, d/o Daniel & Maria, witn: Joseph GRILL (GULL?), Florence, 16 September 1858

Paul HUFF, 22, Dawn, Thurlow, s/o Paul & Jane, married Mary Ann COOK, 21, Dawn, Salt Fleet, d/o Jonathon & Deborah, witn: Thomas COOK, Dawn, 21 October 1858

John ARKLAND (ARKLOW?), 27, Euphemia, Whitby, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Sarah Jane ELLIS, 24, Camden Gore, Hillier, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: John KIRBY, Florence, 3 November 1858

Rich’d THOMPSON, 27, Camden, Yarmouth, s/o Mathew & Elizabeth, married Mary SEYERS (SEGERS?), 19, Camden, Dawn, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: James GRAY, Florence, 16 November 1858

Samuel HARRIS, 30, Zone, Monmouthshire England, s/o John & Margaret, married Susannah BROOKS, 21, Zone, Bytown, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: John HARRIS, Zone, 15 December 1858


No. 22

William BEST, 29, Township of Chatham, blank, s/o William & Esther BEST, married Eleanor PARSONS, 18, Township of Chatham, blank, d/o Thomas & Sophia PARSON, witn: William MERRITT, Township of Chatham, 18 September 1858


No. 23

John LAIDLAW, 30, St. Marys, Ayr Scotland, s/o John LAIDLAW & Elizabeth BURROWS?, married Susan McLEOD, 19, Buxton, Bar Head Scotland, d/o Rob’t & Mary McLEOD, witn: George THOMPSON, George COUTTS, both of Buxton, 22 May 1858


No. 24.

Robert STEPHENSON, 30, Tilbury East, Scotland, s/o Alexander STEPHENSON & Janet CAMPBELL, married Jessie McINTOSH, 26, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o Robert McINTOSH & Jane JAMES, witn: William McINTOSH, Alexander STEPHENSON, both of Tilbury East, 5 April 1858

Peter NICOL, 25, Harwich, Liverpool England, James NICOL & Mary LENSBOROUGH, married Harriet STEWART, 27, Tilbury East, Canada EAST, d/o James STEWART & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: John RICHARDSON, Mimego? STEWART, both of Tilbury East, 11 May 1858

George RICHARDSON, 21, Tilbury East, Camden East, s/o John RICHARDSON & Isabella ANDERSON, married Agnes STEWART, 21, Tilbury East, Canada East, d/o James STEWART & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: Henry RICHARDSON, Tibury East, George COUTTS, Buxton, 11 May 1858

N(illeg.) BENS, 35, Tilbury East, Mersea C.W., s/o Joseph BENS & Elizabeth RETZ? (BETSY?), married Jane BEATY, 29, Tibury East, Scotland, d/o James GRAY & Elizabeth MOFFATT, witn: John STRUTHERS, James LONDON, both of Tilbury East, 14 June 1858

John McDONALD, 25, Tilbury East, Canada East, s/o William McDONALD & Elizabeth DUFF, married Esther MATHER, 23, Tilbury East, England, d/o Ralph MATHER & Ann SELBY, witn: Samuel WILSON, Ralph MATHER, both of Tilbury East, 28 December 1858


No. 25

Daniel T. SMITH, 25, Gore of Camden, Baltimore Maryland, s/o Rob’t & Rachel SMITH, married Melissa J. DAMREL, 18, Gore of Camden, Halifax N.C., d/o Daniel & Alice DAMREL, witn: William GRIFFORD, Henry DAMREL, both of Dresden C.W., 3 November 1858

Emerson WATERFORD, 30, Chatham C.W., illegible on the Sea?, s/o Adam & Elizabeth WATERFORD, married Mary A. GRIFFIN, 23, Chatham C.W., Toronto C.W., d/o Stephen & Julia A. GRIFFIN, witn: Samuel LYND, Lazurous WILSON, both of Gore of Camden, 29 December 1858


No. 26

Timothy FINDLAY, 29, Township of Dawn, Pennsylvania, s/o Timothy & Jane FINDLAY, married Mary A. TIFFIN, 21, Camden, Camden, d/o William TIFFIN & blank, witn: J. & T. GALLASHY?, both of Dawn, 3 January 1858

John BENEDICT, 25, Township of Dawn, Sheffield, s/o Smithey BENEDICT, married Harriet A. DUSTIN, 19, Sombra, Sombra, d/o Caleb DUSTIN, witn: John DUSTIN, Sombra, 23 March 1858

William LEE, 22, Sombra, State of Nyork, s/o Philip LEE, married Mary Jane DAWSON, 16, Sombra, Sombra, d/o Mathew DAWSON, witn: Peter HICKS, Sombra, 23 March 1858


No. 27

John ROBINSON, 58, Raleigh, blank, s/o parents are blank, married Mary DEUER, 38, Chatham, blank, d/o parents are blank, witn: Jerdon HARES, Mary Jane STEEL, both of Raleigh, 24 March 1858


No. 28 [In the following three marriages it shows Stephen White age 70 as the bride]

William STEWARD (STEWART?), 25, Rond Eau, High Land Ohio, s/o Roy & Latina STEWARD, married Stephen WHITE (bride's maiden name could be SHORT), 70, Rond Eau, Lawrenceburg Township Indiana, d/o Henry & Jane SHORT, witn: Jeremiah WEST, James SIMPSON, Peter MORGAN, Lucretia A. WILHEMAN, all of Rond Eau, 30 May 1858

James SIMPSON, blank, Rond Eau, State of Delaware, s/o Thomas & Susan SIMPSON, married Stephen White (bride's maiden name could be COLBRITT, 70, Rond Eau, Maulden (Malden?), d/o Samuel & Betsy COLBRITT, witn: Henry COLBRITT, Betsy COLBRITT, Hannah COLBRITT, all of Rond Eau, 3 November 1858

Francis WOODS, blank, Rond Eau, New? Virginia, s/o blank, married Stephen WHITE (bride's maiden name could be JOHNSTON), 70, Rond Eau, Carrel Co. Ohio, d/o Mary Jane JOHNSTON, witn: William SHY?, Hannah COLBRITT, Maria COLBRITT, all of Rond Eau, 27 October 1858

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End of 1858 marriage registrations


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