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Kent County, 1859

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage


Start of 1859 marriages

Start of Sheet 8

No. 29

John RAYCRAFT, 23, Orford, Cork Ireland, s/o Jas. & Elenor RAYCRAFT, married Eliz’th McLEREN (McLAREN), 19, Howard, Howard, d/o Chas. & Eliz’th McLAREN, witn: William MITTEN, Chas. McLAREN, both of Howard, 6 January 1859

Henry BIRKENSHAW, 27, Howard, Doncaster England, s/o B--? & Eliz’th BIRKENSHAW, married Emma DAWSON, 19, Howard, Hasinthorp England, d/o William & Sarah DAWSON, witn: Mary SPENCER, Samuel SPENCER, both of Howard, 25 January 1859

Joseph DOBBIN, 20, Howard, Howard, s/o Henry & Eliz’th DOBBIN, married Nancy GROUT (Grant?), 19, Orford, Trafalgar, d/o John & Marg’t GROUT, witn: Daniel CAMPBELL, Richard GOSNELL, both of Orford, 1 February 1859

Charles McLAREN, 22, Howard, Howard, s/o Chas. & Eliz’th McLAREN, married Ester RAYCRAFT, 20, Orford, Cork Ireland, d/o James & Elenor RAYCRAFT, witn: Richard GOSNELL John RAYCRAFT, both of Orford, 9 February 1859

William HUGHSON, 20 Orford, Bastard (twp.), s/o Thomas & Jane HUGHSON, married Mary J. NEWCOMB, 20, Orford, Orford, d/o Timothy & Asenath NEWCOMB, witn: Daniel NEWCOMB, William NEWCOMB, both of Orford, 16 February 1859


Nos. 30 to 47 [each marriage is numbered separately]     [some writing is difficult to read]

30) James FOSTER, 27, Mersea, blank, s/o Ralph & Ann FOSTER, married Sarah Jane DARBYSHIRE, 21, Mersea, blank, d/o George & Mary DARBYSHIRE, witn: William DARBYSHIRE, Eliz’th Scott Darbyshire, blank, 1 October 1859

31) William BANKS, 23, Chatham Township, Chatham Township, s/o Matthew BANKS & Jane HARSHAW, married Martha Maria KINNEY, 17, Chatham Township, Chatham Township, d/o Stephen KINNEY & Caroline WELLER, witn: Alex BARR, George W. KINNEY, both of Chatham Township, 8 December 1859

32) Edward FONTAINE, 28, Chatham, Montréal, s/o Charles FONTAINE & Mary DRAGON, married Catherine WINN, 18, Windsor C.W., County Clare Ireland, d/o Patrick WINN & Catherine McCOTRY?, witn: Daniel HAYS, Chatham, 10 January 1859

33) Michael LAMB, 24, Howard, Wayford Ireland, s/o James LAMB & Judith DOYLE, married Mary Ann KANE, 15, Howard C.W., Raleigh C.W., d/o James KANE & Rose Ann CAFT, witn: John KELLY, Chatham, 10 January 1859

34) Peter PETERS, 22, Chatham, Welschilley Prussia?, s/o Peter PETERS & Lucia SMITH, married Ann Margaret CAMBEL, 15, Chatham, Dover East, d/o Barnaby CAMBEL (CAMPBELL?) & Margaret Alexander, witn: Andrew BARTH, Chatham, 24 January 1859

35) Francis WILLIAMS, 35, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o John WILLIAMS & Ellenore DRAKE, married Fanny Kay? TOLER, 23, Chatham, Dublin Ireland, d/o Henry TOLER & Eliza MURPHY, witn: Dunclin? McINTOSH, Chatham, 31 January 1859

36) William DALTON, 24, Chatham, East Indies, s/o William DALTON & Ann CURRAY, married Sophia DOLSEN, 20, Chatham, Dover East, d/o Daniel DOLSEN & Mary DRAYON (DRAGON?), witn: Edmond DONNELLY, Chatham, 2 May 1859

37) Michael COLLINS, 30, Sombrey (Sombra), County Cork Ireland, s/o Michael COLLINS & Elisabeth STOUT, married Elizabeth GREEN, 26, Chatham, Parkson? Lower Canada, d/o William GREEN & Elisabeth O’CONNOR, witn: George GREEN, Chatham, 2 May 1859

38) Edward DREW, 23, Harwich, Raleigh, s/o Martin DREW & Catherine COOK, married Mary KELLY, 21, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John KELLY & Mary LAMB, witn: John FINLAN, Raleigh, 17 May 1859

39) James LOGAN, 25, Harwich, St. Johns New Brunswick, s/o James LOGAN & Catherine GRAHAM, married Mary Ann CURTISS, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o James CURTISS & Catherine REGHAN, witn: Thomas LOGHAN, Harwich, 23 May 1859

40) William COOTS (s/b COUTTS), 43, Tilbury East, Aberdeen Scotland,, s/o John COOTS & Ann McDONALD, married Catherine DREW, 23, Raleigh, New Jersey, d/o Martin DREW & Catherine COOK, witn: John McGREGOR, Tilbury East, 6 June 1859

41) Leonard GERNAY, 28, Chatham, Belgium, s/o Celestine GERNAY & Barbara FRYNE, married Brigette McNAMARA, 22, Chatham, Co Clare Ireland, d/o Patrick McNAMARA & Margaret McCOTAG?, witn: Richard GERNAY, Chatham, 4 July 1859

42) Peter MOORE, 45, Howard, Waterford Ireland, s/o John MOORE & Margaret POWER, married Lucie DOM (DORN?), 39, Howard, Co Kildeny Ireland, d/o James DOM & Mary WOODS, witn: Michael O.NEIL, Howard, 31 July 1859

43) George GREEN, 29, Wallaceburgh, Cork Ireland, s/o William GREEN & Elisabeth O’CONNOR, married Mary MURPHY, 19, Wallaceburgh, Wexford Ireland, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Margaret MURPHY, witn: William GREEN, Township of Chatham, 15 August 1859

44) Leo BELLAIRE, 23, Chatham, St. Valentine L.C., s/o John Mary BELLAIRE & Margaret MAUTRITERS?(illegible), married Philomena DRAGON, 19, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Louis DRAGON & Rose ROBERT, witn: Alexis DRAGON, Chatham, 16 August 1859

45) Hector McGREGOR, 22, Chatham, Wallaceburgh, s/o John McGREGOR & Margaret McCLENIN?, married Margaret WADECK, 22, Chatham, Co Carlo Ireland, d/o Dennis WADECK & Ann CAVANAUGH, witn: Maurice DOYLE, Chatham, 22 August 1859

46) James DILON (DILLON), 26, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Timothy DILON & Catherine CROPS (CROSS?), married Anna GILLOLY (GILHULA?), 25, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o William GILLOLY & Honora LAUCKLIN, witn: Stephan GILLOLY, Raleigh, 19 September 1859

47) Martin EALIUM?(illegible) 29, Chatham, Co Clare Ireland, s/o Owen EALYIN? & Brigitte KELLY, married Mary RUTTLE, 23, Harwich, Co Limerick Ireland, d/o Henry RUTTLE & Honora KERBY, witn: John CROW (CROSS?), Chatham, 31 October 1859


Start of Sheet 9 [ these marriages are numbered 48 to 71]

48) William HICKEY, 26, Raleigh, Toronto, s/o Dennis HICKEY & Ellen BARRY, married Mary DILUN (DILLON), 22, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Timothy DILUN & Catherine CROP, witn: Stephen GULLOLY, Raleigh, 14 November 1859

49) George B. BERUBE, 26, Chatham, Canada, s/o John & Mary M. BERUBE, married Susan M. NELSON, 20, Chatham, Canada, d/o Robert & Frances NELSON, witn: Edward G. BARNABY, Chatham, 1 January 1859

50) Charles POILE, 25, Chatham, England, s/o Charles & Mary POILE, married Symantha BLACKBURN, 18, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Leonard & M. BLACKBURN, witn: James OLDERSHAW, Chatham, 7 January 1859

51) William WILSON, 22, Leamington, Canada, s/o George & Celicia WILSON, married Martha DUFF, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o David & Martha DUFF, witn: Alex McPHERSON, Chatham, 11 January 1859

52) Charles SYRES, 23, Harwich, Canada, s/o H?aryon & Catherine SYRES, married Rhoda CARNS, 15, Harwich, Brockville, d/o Jacob & Cathom CARUS, witn: M. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 12 January 1859

53) Edgar RANSOND (RANSOM?), 21, Raleigh, New York, s/o Samuel & Caroline RANSOND, married Madeline STORY, 17, Canada, Harwich (could be reversed), d/o Ralph & Mary STORY, witn: M. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 16 January 1859

54) Thomas LONG, 30, Chatham, England, s/o William & Rosa LONG, married Mary CURRIE, 24, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Suthu? (Arthur?) & M.A. CURRIE, witn: Sarah CURRIE, Chatham, 2 February 1859

55) Robert McCORKINDALE, 26, Oakville, Hamilton, s/o Peter McCAN & Elizabeth Mc, married Mary RICHARDSON, 19, Chatham, Detroit, d/o Thomas & E. RICHARDSON, witn: Isabelle SMITH, Chatham, 9 February 1859

56) David NEWCOMB, 23, Howard, New Brunswick, s/o Samuel & Mary NEWCOMB, married Rachel CONELL (COWELL?), 19, Howard, Canada, d/o Moses & Ellenor CONELL, witn: Moses CONELL, Howard, 16 February 1859

57) Amos HUFF, 40, Raleigh, Pennsylvania, s/o Amos & Elizabeth HUFF, married A.M. CRONNELL,17, Raleigh, Ohio, d/o Thomas & Eliz’th CROMWELL, witn: Collin HIGHGATE, Raleigh, 17 February 1859

58) Alexander OGILVIE, 22, Chatham, Scotland, s/o Alex’r & Barbara OGILVIE, married Mar’t GALLOWAY, 17, Chatham, Canada, d/o James & Celia? GALLOWAY, witn: John GALLOWAY, Chatham, 18 February 1859

59) William WILIAMS, 28, Windsor, England, s/o Samuel & Martha WILLIAMS, married Sarah Ann LADD, 19, Chatham, England, d/o John & Jane LADD, witn: John BROKEE, Chatham, 19 February 1859

60) Joseph JOHNS, 27, Raleigh, England, s/o Thomas & Margret JOHNS, married Sarah BOOSEY, 17, Chatham, England, d/o Josiah & Susan BOOSEY, witn: John FOSTER, Chatham, 21 February 1859

61)Charles NELSON, 39, Chatham, Georgia, s/o Michael & Rebecca NELSON, married Mary WHALEN, 26, Chatham, Detroit, d/o William & Mary WHALEN, witn: John STOKES, Chatham, 7 March 1859

62) John H. REIMERS, 22, Chatham, Denmark, s/o George & Margaret REIMERS, married Christy McCALLUM, 19, Chatham, Canada, d/o Donald & Christy McCALLUM, witn: Alex DOUGLAS, Chatham, 16 March 1859

63) Henry VINCENT, 25, Harwich, Kentucky, s/o Sam & Maria VINCENT, married Ellen BLACKNELL, 24, Harwich, Kentucky, d/o James & Polly BLACKNELL, witn: Hilard GUSUN?, Chatham, 3 April 1859

64) Duncan GRAHAM, no age, blank, blank, s/o blank, married Christy McCALLUM, no age, blank, blank, d/o blank, witn: A. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 12 April 1859 [this could be the mother of Christy McCALLUM in 62) above]

65) James NAGLE, 40, Raleigh, States, s/o Moris & Anne NAGLE, married Louise HAMLET, 32, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Sam’l & Susan HAMLET, witn: M.A. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 15 April 1859

66) James PART, 30, Oxford, Scotland, s/o James & Mary PART, married Mary A. McINTYRE, 25, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Duncan & Mary McINTYRE, witn: W.E. FEDUK (FEDRICK?), Chatham, 16 April 1859 [Oxford might be Orford as Duncan & Mary McINTYRE are in 1861 Orford census)

67) James ANDERSON, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o James & Nancy ANDERSON, married Elizabeth CONNORS, 25, Chatham, Canada, d/o James & Debora GALLOWAY, witn: John GALLOWAY, Chatham, 21 April 1859

68) Duncan GILLIS, 28, Howard, Canada, s/o Arch & Christy? GILLIS, married Mabel CLARK, 24, Howard, England, d/o William & Mary CLARKE, witn: Dougald GILLIES, Howard, 22 June 1859

69) Alexander GILLIES, 24, Howard, Canada, Arch GILLIES & Christy GILLIS, married Caroline FINLEY, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o Charles & Margaret FINLEY, witn: Dougald GILLIS, Howard, 22 June 1859

70) James DUYER (Dwyer?), 31, Louisville, Canada, s/o John & Mary DUYER, married Ellenor WILLISTON, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o Silas & Susan WILLISTON, witn: John HANY, Louisville, 27 June 1859

71) Mark O’HARE, 50, Howard, Canada, s/o Mark & Amos? O’HARE, married Sarah E. HASKENS (HAWKINS?), 20, Howard, Canada, d/o Peter & M.A. HASKENS, witn: Albert PLEY?, Chatham, 4 July 1859


Start of Sheet 10

[ these marriages are numbered 72 to 95 - No. 83 & 84 below were written as 1858]

72) Washington JONES, 21, Chatham, Canada, s/o William & E.J. JONES, married Matilda WILLIAMS, 15, Chatham, Canada, d/o Sam? & Eva WILLIAMS, witn: M.A. CAMPBELL, Chatham, 31 July 1859

73) Francis J. VILLIOTT, 23, Howard, France, s/o Jacob & Mary A. VILLIOTT, married Catherine MILLER, 25, Howard, Canada, d/o Godfrey & Catherine MILLER, witn: M.A. CAMPBELL, 1 August 1859

74) John SMITH, 27, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Eleanor SMITH, married Nancy McCALL, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o Duncan & A. McCALL, witn: Daniel McCALL, Harwich, 13 September 1859

75) James JOHNSTON, 21, Chatham, Scotland, s/o James & C.E. JOHNSTON, married Isabella DUNN, 20, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Stephen & Mary DUNN, witn: A. BAXTER, Chatham, 10 September 1859

76) Charles WHITE, 24, Howard, New York, s/o Charles & Martha WHITE, married E.M. ARNOLD, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o Peter & L. ARNOLD, witn: Thomas LAKE, Chatham, 4 October 1859

77) Jonathan GRINAGE, 24, Township of Chatham, Harisburg Penn., s/o Thomas & Ruth GRINAGE, married Sarah WATERFORD, 27, Township of Chatham, Bluntsville Tenn., d/o Adam & Elizabeth WATERFORD, witn: Henry DAMRIL?, Dresden, Martha GRIFFIN, Chatham, 6 January 1859

78) Alexander WATERFORD, 34, Chatham, Bluntsville Tenn., s/o Adam & Elizabeth WATERFORD, married Martha Jane GRIFFIN, blank, Chatham, blank, d/o Stephen & Julia Ann GRIFFIN, witn: Stephen GRIFFIN, Chatham, James ARAY, Dresden, 10 August 1859

79) William P. NEWMAN, 45, Gore of Camden, Williamsburgh Va., s/o William & Nancy NEWMAN, married Sarah CLEGGET, 25, Gore of Camden, Columbia Penn., d/o William & Sarah CLEGGET, witn: George JOHNSON, Catherine DAVIS, both of Gore of Camden, 15 August 1859

80) Sibree CLARKE, 26, Dresden, Godaliming England, s/o Rev. William & Mary A. CLARKE, married Isabella MILLER, 23, Dresden, Scotland, d/o Dr. James & Jane MILLER, witn: Nevile SMITH, Dawn, Rev. R. ROBINSON, Dresden, 12 October 1859

81) Philip Henry CLARKE, 23, Dresden, Godaliming England, s/o Rev. William & Mary A. CLARKE, married Charlotte MILLER, 19, Dresden, Scotland, d/o Dr. James & Jane MILLER, witn: Nevile SMITH, Dawn, Rev. R. ROBINSON, Dresden, 12 October 1859

82) Elisha KERSEY, 33, Gore of Camden, United States, s/o Ephiah & Rebecca KERSEY, married Jane CHRISTIE, 32, Gore of Camden, United States, d/o Josiah & Charlotte HENSON, witn: Henry A. DAMSEL, Dresden, Peter GAMBUL, Camden, 8 December 1859

83) William E. HEDGES, 24, Mamosa Iowa U.S., St. Clearville N.Y., s/o E.S. & R.S. HEDGES, married Nana CLARKE, 19, Dresden C.W., London C.W., d/o Rev. Wm & Mary Ann CLARKE, witn: Sibree CLARKE, Dresden, C.D. HOLMES, London C.W., 11 January 1858 [definitely written 1858 but probably should be 1859]

84) Jacob LACOUNT, 34, Camden, Bay of Quinte, s/o Josehu & Susan LACOUNT, married Susan YOUNG, 28, Camden, Chatham C.W., d/o John & Phebe YOUNG, witn: Washington JONES, Char?? CLARKE, both of Camden, 4 October 1858 [definitely written 1858 but probably should be 1859]

85) John RAY, 25, Chatham, State Virginia, s/o John & Mary RAY, married Mary HUGHS, 20, Chatham Township, Chatham, d/o Henry & Mary HUGHS, witn: James W. SANDFORD, Horsiett R. SHAW, both of Chatham, 5 October 1859

86) Emanuel POINTS, 25, Chatham C.W., Kentuck US, s/o Thomas & Viena POINTS, married Elizabeth JACKSON, 16, Chatham Township, London C.W., d/o Henry & Mary JACKSON, witn: Evan PETERS, Eliz A. SMITH, both of Chatham, 6 November 1859

87) John GLEN, 50, Buxton C.W., Virginia US, s/o John & Catherine GLEN, married Sarah COLEMAN, 47, Chatham Township, Virginia US, d/o Samuel & Susannah COLEMAN, James WATKINS, Louisa RATLIFF, both of Chatham, 20 November 1859

88) William DUCKETT, 25, Chatham C.W., Kentucky US, s/o Wm & Mary DUCKETT, married Mary Ann GUST, 20, Dover Township, Indiana US, d/o John & Mary GUST, witn: Peter JENKINS, Catherine JENKINS, both of Dover, 4 December 1859

89) Sampson CHRISTY, 39, Chatham C.W., South Carolina US, s/o Richard & Elizabeth CHRISTY, married Jane E. BOYER, 19, Chatham C.W., North Carolina US, d/o York & Temhy? BOYER, witn: Sarah O’HARRA, William SCOTT, both of Chatham, 6 December 1859

90) William BELL, 31, Chatham C.W., Indiana US, s/o William & Elizabeth BELL, married Rebecca SCOTT, 32, Chatham C.W., Pennsylvania US, d/o Joseph & Frances SCOTT, witn: William SCOTT, Sarah YOUNG, both of Chatham, 8 December 1859

91) Arthur WILSON, 29, Kent County, Maryland, s/o Joseph & Henryette WILSON, married Harriet CROP (Cross?), 20, Kent County, Missouri, d/o David & blank CROP, witn: William CAUSLAND, Jane J. HENSON, both of Dresden, J.B. HOLLINTH, Kent County, 6 January 1859

92) Henry BROWN, 21, Raleigh, Ohio, s/o William & Pricilla BROWN, married Virginia SMITH, 17, Harwich, Canada, d/o Moses SMITH & Elizabeth AIKENS, witn: A.W. BROWN, Raleigh, 13 January 1859

93) William PARKER, 36, Harwich, U. States, s/o Thomas PARKER & Rhoda REDMOND, married Caroline CLARK, 17, Harwich, Ohio, d/o John & Sarah CLARK, witn: A.W. BROWN, Raleigh, 15 January 1859

94) Israel FOWLER, 30, Dawn, U States, s/o Jacob & Frances FOULER (FOWLER), married Mary HOLMES, 28, Canada, U States, d/o blank & blank, witn: Malvina Ritchie, blank, 24 November 1859

95) Hiram RICHARDSON, 19, Dresden, Kentucky, s/o Isaac RICHARDSON, married Hannah R. TAYLOR, 19, Dresden, Pennsylvania, d/o Tisdale? & Adeline TAYLOR, witn: James RICHARDSON, Dover, 11 April 1859


Start of Sheet 11

[these marriages are numbered from 96 to 120 – some have places where no data was entered plus the film is black at the bride's age column]

96) John Stuwa? FUR, 22, Dover East, blank, s/o Robert & Celicia, married Ann BURKE, 2_?, Chatham C.W., Ireland, d/o Thomas & Jane BURKE, witn: Thomas IRWIN, Raleigh, 1 June 1859

97) Ebenezer COFFELL, 34, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o Philip & Elizabeth COFFELL, married Hannah POWELL, 25?, Raleigh, Canada, d/o John & Ann POWELL, witn: Richard PILKINGTON, blank, 28 June 1859

98) illegible E.C. SHAVER?, 25, Canada, blank, s/o blank, married Maria WILLIAMS, 2_?, Raleigh, Canada, d/o blank, witn: John TISSIMAN, Elio ROSO, both of Chatham, 2 August 1859

99) Robert A. REMFR?, 35, U States, blank, s/o blank, married Mary McFENDON, 24?, Harwich, Canada, d/o blank, witn: Harry VAN ALLEN, Chatham, 10 February 1859

100) Eldridge STANTON, 27, Chatham C.W., Canburgh, s/o blank, married Elizabeth BUTLER, 2_?, Chatham, Canada, d/o blank, witn: Harry VAN ALLEN, Chatham, 24 August 1859

101) Samuel CRAWFORD, 20, Raleigh, Canada, s/o blank, married Mary HOWARD?, 20, Harwich, Ireland, d/o blank, witn: John HOWARD, 29 August 1859

102) Thomas COLLOP, 50, Dover East, England, s/o blank, married Mary HARSEN, 46?, Chatham, England, d/o blank, witn: R. PILKINGTON, Chatham, 26 November 1859

103) Henry DUCK, blank, Chatham, Canada, s/o George L. DUCK, married Winafred McCREA, blank, Chatham, Canada, d/o Thomas & S. McCREA, eitn: Thomas McCREA, Chatham, 8 November 1859

104) Julius SICKLESTEEL, 25, Township Chatham, Township Chatham, s/o David SICKLESTEEL & Nancy TURNER, married Margret McKERRACHER, 2_?, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Agnes McKERRACHER, witn: John McKERRACHER, Howard, Davis SICKLESTEEL, Township Chatham, 9 February 1859

105) Levi PANGBRUNE, 22, Orford, Toronto, s/o Hanson & Elizabeth PANGBRUNE (PANGBORNE?), married Mary GALBRAITH, 18, Harwich, Scotland, d/o Lachlin & Mary GALBRAITH, witn: George MACINTOSH, Orford, Ken McKAY, Harwich, 24 May 1859

106) Thomas HUCKERBY, 29, Harwich, England, Francis James HUCKERBY & Mary MINSEN?, married Jannette McKINLAY, 2?, Howard, Howard, d/o Peter McKINLAY & Margaret McTAVISH, witn: Peter McKINLAY, Howard, John RIDLEY, Harwich, 29 December 1859

107)Robert Graham? McLAREN, 26, Chaham, Scotland, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Marg’t WITHERSPOON, 2?, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Wm McK RO?, Chatham, 18 April 1859

108) Cyrus L. McCOLLY, 21, Harwich, Nova Scotia, s/o Cyrus & Mary, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 2?, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Mary, witn: J. McCOLLY, Harwich, 7 July 1859

109) Robert GRAY, 30, East Tilbury, Scotland, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Ann PHILLIPS, 29?, East Tilbury, Ireland, d/o Michael & Bridgett, witn: C. McDONALD, Raleigh, 11 October 1859

110) Dugald McCOLL, 31, Harwich, Lismore Scotland,, s/o Donald McCOLL & Catherine KEITH, married Effie McMILLAN, 2?, Harwich, Isle of Mull, John McMILLEN & McCOLL, witn: Duncan McCOLL Angus McMILLAN, Hector McMILLAN, all of Harwich, 19 January 1859

111) Thomas BRODIE, 28, Chatham, Scotland, s/o Thomas BRODIE & Jane COUTTS, married Janet McKERRALL, 24, Harwich, Argyleshire, d/o Douglas McKERRALL & Jane BRECKENRIDGE, witn: Theophilus McKERRALL, Harwich, Jane McKERRALL, Chatham Twp., John McKERRALL, Chatham, 18 February 1859

112) Albert JAHNKE, 30, Chatham, Prussia, s/o Albert JAHNKE & Wilhelmina MATHIAS?, married Sarah GRIFFITH, 2?, Dover, blank, d/o John GRIFFITH & Frances CONNOR, Witn: blank, 28 April 1859

113) Colin Henderson ROSS (ROSE? ROW? ), 24, Chatham, Williamsburgh, s/o Jesse M. ROSS & Delilah SHAVER, married Elizabeth BALL, 19, Chatham, Warwickshire England, d/o William BALL & Ann FRENCH, witn: William BALL, Helen ROSE, both of Chatham, 28 April 1859

114) David RORRISON, 35, Harwich, Scotland, s/o Robert RORRISON & Janet WILLIAMSON, married Ellen McQUEEN, 27, Harwich, Kircudbright, d/o __ McQUEEN & James FERGUSON, witn: William NELSON, John FERGUSON, both of Harwich, 11 October 1859

115) Charles LIVINGSTON, 27, Caledonia Mich., Argylshire, s/o John blank & Margaret CAMERON, married Catherine CARMICHAEL, 29?, Harwich, Lismons? Scotland, d/o Dougald ___ & Sarah KEITH, witn: Hugh CARMICHAEL, John CARMICHAEL, both of Harwich, 22 November 1859

116) William Henry CLIPPERTON, 27, Chatham, England, s/o John & Amelia Rennie BAYNE, married Sarah BURNETT, 28, Chatham, Nova Scotia, d/o Milford LEDFORD? & Hannah CORNING, witn: Robert COOPER, Chatherine KENNEDY, both of Chatham, 24 November 1859

117) Thomas John BONIFACE, 21, Chatham, England, s/o John __ & Anne WATERS, married Anne Rebecca CLIFFORD, 21, Chatham Tp., Montreal, d/o William Henry CLIFFORD & Anne JENKINS, witn: William H. CLIFFORD, Anne J. CLIFFORD, both of Chatham Tp., 28 November 1859

118) James A.? CLAUS, 24, Harwich, New Niagara, s/o Philip __ & Elizabeth HAGERMAN, married Louisa STORY, 23, Harwich, blank, d/o Ralph __ & Margaret McGOWAN, witn: Philip SCHEELER (SCHULER?), Harwich, Donald McNABB, Chatham, 23 December 1859

119) Harvey KELLER, 26, Windsor Canada, Libondimence?, s/o not entered, married S.E. JOHNSON, 2?, Buxton, Philadelphia, d/o Robert E. & Anna JOHNSON, witn: Aaron JOHNSON, Buxton, 24 February 1859

120) John H, SWEARS, 27, Chatham, Ohio, s/o not entered, married E. PETERSON, Buxton, New York, d/o John PETERSON & not entered, witn: Mary ENNIS, Buxton, 1 March 1859


Start of Sheet 12

[film is mostly unreadable in bride's age column]

121) Thomas CAMPBELL, __, Raleigh Township, Maryland, s/o Aaron & Stensey CAMPBELL, married Eliza FONT, 17?, Buxton, Virginia, d/o blank & Mary SMITH, witn: Sarah PETERSON, J. WASHINGTON, both of Buxton, 27 December 1859

122) Alfred VINSON, 30, Chatham, U.S., s/o Samuel VINSON & not entered, married Harriet GIBRIPS? (illigible), 20, Chatham, U.S., d/o illeg. RUSSELL & Harriet GOMYS?, witn: Mary E. HAWKINS, Adelaide HAWKINS, both of Chatham, 20 April 1859

123) John WILKINS, 27, Chatham, U.S., s/o Robert & Elvina WILKINS, married Sarah E. WILKS, 16, Chatham, U.S., d/o Daniel & Rachel WILKS, witn: Elizabeth GRIFFIN, Daniel WILKS, both of Chatham, 4 September 1859

124) Edward WATTS, 20, Township of Zone, Tecumseh House, s/o Edward & Eliza WATTS, married Mary Archer TYE, 23, Township of Howard, Wilkshire England, d/o William & Sarah TYE, witn: George A. TYE, Revd FACY, both of Township of Howard, 13 April 1859

125) John Henry BLACKBURN, 22, Township Chatham, Township Chatham, s/o Henry & Elizabeth BLACKBURN, married Matilda Ann MERRITT, 1?, Township Chatham, Township Chatham, d/o Nathaniel & Susan MERRITT, witn: William C. LICK?, Isaac INGRAM, both of Howard, 25 December 1859

126) Alexander BROWN, 22, Howard, Howard, s/o James BROWN & James (sic) McLEAN, married Sarah KIER (KEIL?), 2?, Raleigh, Yarmouth, d/o William KIER & Lucy Ann LAW, witn: John HACKNEY, Thomas TAYLOR, both of Howard, 24 February 1859

127) John McKINLEY, 25, Howard, Howard, s/o Robert McKINLEY & Mary McLEAN, married Isabella CAMPBELL, 24, Howard, Howard, d/o Neil CAMPBELL & Flora JOHSON (JOHNSON?), witn: Arch McKINLEY, Mary McKINLEY, both of Howard, 20 October 1859

128) Joseph (or John) Sam’l McGEORGE, 24, Harwich, Dumfries Scotland, s/o William McGEORGE & Jessie GRAHAM, married Sarah Jane BISNETT, 20, Harwich, Burlington C.W., d/o Charles BISNETT & Louisa MALLORY, witn: Margaret MARSH, Mrs. A.W. WADDELL, both of Ridgetown C.W., 15 December 1859

129) William DICK, 22, Howard, Caledon Co. Peel C.W., s/o David & Rachel DICK, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 2?, Howard, Howard, d/o Arch & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: John L. CAMPBELL, Christy CAMPBELL, both of Howard, 6 January 1859

130) James BARKER, 22, Orford, Yorkshire England, s/o John & Mary BARKER, married Nancy BROWN, 2?, Howard, Howard, d/o Lovel & Jane BROWN, witn: William BARKER, Mary BARKER, both of Orford, 23 January 1859

131) William PANGBORN, 26, Orford, Toronto C.W., s/o Thomas & Eliza PANGBORN, married Mary FLINT, 18, Orford, Lansdown C.E., d/o Edward & Isabel FLINT, witn: John FLINT, Susan FLINT, both of Orford, 9 February 1859

132) Jacob Street THOMPKINS, 22, Orford, not known, s/o Amos & Agness THOMPKINS, married Margaret WINTER, 21?, Howard, Trafalgar, d/o Nicolas & Mary WINTER, witn: Joseph I. STREET, Hannah E. STREET, both of Orford, 5 June 1859

133) David EDMOND, 26, Morpeth, Glasgow Scotland, s/o Thomas & Margaret EDMOND, married Ellen WATERS, 20, Ridgetown, Sussex England, d/o George & Sarah WATERS, witn: James GRAHAM, Morpeth, Mary Ann WATERS, Ridgetown, 3 August 1859


End of 1859 marriages


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