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Kent County, 1860

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage


Start of 1860 marriages

(part way through sheet 12)

Edward HOUFF, 21, Moraviantown C.W., Moraviantown C.W., s/o blank & Jacobina HOUFF, married Magdalina PLEASANT? (HEASANT?), 18?, Moraviantown C.W., Moraviantown C.W., witn: John HAIFF, Moraviantown, By Banns, 19 February 1860

Thomas BREATON, 27, Howard C.W., Brant Co. C.W., s/o John & Margaret BREATON, married Maria MERRICK, 3?, Howard, Howard Kent C.W., d/o Foraster & Mary Ann MERRICK, witn: Marcellus MINSHALL, Howard, By Licence, 13 June 1860

Nixon KENNEDY, 23, Howard, County Antrim Ireland, s/o David & Jane KENNEDY, married Hannah WILSON, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o John & Susan WILSON, witn: Robert ATKINSON, Howard, By Banns, 20 June 1860

Joel SNAKE, 21, , Moraviantown C.W., Moraviantown C.W., s/o Timothy & Amelia SNAKE, married Nancy SHEBASH, 18?, , Moraviantown C.W., Moraviantown C.W., d/o John & Polly SHEBASH, witn: John LEWIS, Moraviantown, By Banns, 17 November 1860

__d? William CARNAHAN, 23, Blenheim, Ireland, s/o Sam’l & Eliza CARNAHAN, married Agnes A. NEWCOMBE, 18, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John & Agnes NEWCOMBE, witn: Eliza NEWCOMBE, Harwich, 1 January 1860

James TAPE, 23, Orford, Orford, s/o Thomas & Frances TAPE, married Eliza WATT, 21?, Howard, Howard, d/o George & Lydia WATT, witn: Eliza WATT, Orford, 4 January 1860

William CARNS, 21, Harwich, Canada, s/o Jacob CARNS & blank, married Clarissa TAFT, 21?, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Sarah TAFT, witn: Susan FINN, Howard, 5 February 1860

Ira BEDFORD, 20, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Orphia BEDFORD, married Louisa L. CROUCH, 2?, Howard, England, d/o George & Sarah CROUCH, witn: Mary STEWART, Sherman BEDFORD, both of Howard, 9 February 1860

Jacob JOHNSON, 53, Southwold, New Jersey, s/o Berry & Nancy JOHNSON, married Sally MILLS, 4?, Morpeth, Canada, d/o David & Ruth MILLS, witn: James COLL, Binga PETTILE, both of Howard, 21 April 1860

James FALCONER, 24, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Mary FALCONER, married Catherine JOHNSON, 17 or 19, Morpeth, Canada, d/o William & Sarah JOHNSON, witn: William FALCONER, Harwich, Lavinia JOHNSON, Morpeth, 29 May 1860


Start of Sheet 13

Samuel FRANCIS, 32, Houghton, Canada, s/o Robert & Ellen FRANCIS, married Amanda JACKSON, 22, Howard, Canada, d/o William & Sarah JACKSON, witn: George JACKSON, Howard, Charity McQUARRIE, Blenheim, 5 June 1860

Ewd (Edward) STEWART, 23, Harwich, Canada, s/o not entered, married Elvira HANDY, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: Mary RIGHTMAN, Howard, Ewd. CAMPBELL, Harwich, 15 September 1860

John COUTS (COUTTS), 29, Orford, England, s/o William & Hannah COUTS, married Jane A. FLINT, 25, Orford, Canada, d/o Ewd. & Isabella FLINT, witn: Marg’t SWITZER, Ewd. CAMPBELL, both of Harwich, 29 September 1860

John T. SIVER, 18, Howard, York State, s/o adam & Susan SIVER, married Jane GAGE, 18, Howard, U.S., d/o Amusa & Laura GAGE, witn: Archy McCLARTY, Nancy SIVER, both of Howard, 14 November 1860

Royal? GRANT, 21, Harwich, Canada, s/o Allan & Lucinda GRANT, married Jane SCHOOLER, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o Thomas & Marg’t SCHOOLER (SCHULER?), witn: Eliza CAMPBELL, Morpeth, Leonard BENTLEY, Harwich, 14 November 1860

Nelson FERRIS, 22, Orford, Mich., s/o William & Ann FERRIS, married Julia A. TETSEL (TEETZEL?), 23, Orford, Canada, d/o John & Hannah TETSEL, witn: A. SIMPKINS, Martha A. SIMPKINS, both of Orford, 25 December 1860

Francis MORE, 26, Romney, Ireland, s/o John & Jane MORE, married Martha WICKWIRE, 17, Romney, Romney, d/o Sam’l & Eleanor WICKWIRE, witn: Sam’l Wickwire, William WICKWIRE, both of Romney, 22 October 1860

William S. ARNOLD, 26, Harwich, Chatham C.W., s/o Lewis & Catherine ARNOLD, married Rebecca McINTYRE, 21, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Thomas & Susan McINTYRE, witn: T. McINTYRE, Harwich, A. AULEY, Camden, 25 January 1860

Elijah WILLIAMS, 30, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Harriet WILLIAMS, married Ellen FACEY, 25, Camden, England, d/o Alex. M. & Clarissa FACEY, witn: M.A. WILLIAMS, Howard, 27 March 1860

John TRAXLER, 68, Chatham, Chatham Township, s/o Peter & Barbara TRAXLER, married Mary HALEY, 52, Chatham, Ancaster, d/o John & Mary KITCHEN, witn: S. (or G.) TRAXLER, S. BRUNDAGE, both of Chatham, 29 August 1860

John CROKER, 30, Harwich, Canada West, s/o John & Mary CROKER, married Caroline STOVER, 16, Harwich, Canada West, d/o William & Rebecca STOVER, witn: John FLEMING, Mosa, 11 February 1860

George HAGER (HAGAR ?), 23, Camden, Canada West, George & Hulda HAGAR, married Julia A. SEXSMITH, 20, Camden, Canada, d/o William & Rebecca SEXSMITH, witn: Dan’l WATSON, Camden, 28 February 1860

Hiram BETTIE, 22, Camden Gore, York State, s/o Gilliad & Lucie BETTIE, married Catherine DISMUN, 25, Camden Gore, Dawn, d/o Mathias & Catherine DISMUN, witn: John PASNILL ? , Dawn, 14 April 1860

William WHITMAN, 26, Howard, Manchester, s/o Thomas & Dianne WHITMAN, married Hester FRENCH, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann FRENCH, witn: John M. GOSNELL, George GOSNELL, both of Howard, 6 March 1860

Sylvester THATCHER, 26, Harwich, Howard, s/o Ema---? & Ann THATCHER, married Susan ROSEBURGH, 25, Harwich, West Flamborough, d/o Samuel & Hannah ROSEBURGH, witn: Peter McCULLY, James McCULLY, both of Howard, 15 April 1860

Asa CRONK, 26, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh, s/o Asa B. & Frena CRONK, married Emily A. SIMPSON, 19, Chatham, Sophiasburgh, d/o Jeremiah & Frena SIMPSON, witn: John SANDERS, Simon SNIDER, both of Chatham Township, 3 July 1860

Fausin? HOOKTWITH, 23, Wallaceburgh, Zone, s/o John & Nancy? HOOKTWITH, married Catherine VINSON (VINCENT?), 20, Wallaceburgh, Wallaceburgh, d/o Joseph & Mary VINSON, witn: John ROGERS, Christopher SHUKE, both of Wallaceburgh, 18 October 1860

William BECKER, 24, Wallaceburgh, Wallaceburgh, s/o Jeremiah & Mary Ann BECKER, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Wallaceburgh, Wallaceburgh, d/o Hugh & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Theodore MARTIN, J.W. McDONALD, both of Wallaceburgh, 24 October 1860

Solan ARNOLD, 25, Howard, Howard, s/o David & Perlina ARNOLD, married Manda (Amanda ? ) SHAW, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John & Ann SHAW, witn: L.E.O. HOMES (HOLMES ?), David EVERITT, both of Harwich, 30 October 1860

George BISHOP, 24, Dover, England, s/o William & Mary BISHOP, married Susan OWEN, 24, Dover, Dover, d/o Michael & Roseanna OWEN, witn: Robert ALLEN, Thomas DUNLOP, both of Dover, 11 November 1860

Thomas LOOKER, 30, Wallaceburgh, England, s/o Richard & Sarah LOOKER, married Ann McDONALD, 28, Wallaceburgh, Wallaceburgh, d/o Hugh & Margaret McDONALD, witn: H.J. McDONALD, Wallaceburgh, Harmon McDONALD, St. Clair, 28 November 1860

John OWEN, 27, Dover, London C.W., s/o Mikel (Michael?) & Roseanna OWEN, married Isabella DUNLOP, 25, Dover, Glascow Scot., d/o Robert & Janet DUNLOP, witn: James DUNLOP, Thomas DUNLOP, both of Dover, 12 January 1860

James GILLARD, 32, Norwich, Norwich, s/o James & Sarah GILLARD, married Mary A. HALL, 19, Orford, Nelson, d/o William & Elizabeth HALL, witn: John HALL, Orford, 9 January 1860

Alexander MARSH, 48, Howard, York, s/o William & Sarah MARSH, married Nancy RUSHTON, 40, Howard, Clinton, d/o Thomas & Sarah GANCHAT?, witn: James RUSHTON, Howard, 9 January 1860


Start of Sheet 14

Winston H. WHITESELL, 26, Orford, Malahide, s/o David & Mary WHITESELL, married Isabella FLINT, 18, Orford, Kitley, d/o Edward & Isabella FLINT, witn: John COATES, Orford, 21 May 1860

William CRINKLAW, 21, Orford, Toronto, s/o William & Agness CRINKLAW, married Calista PANGBURN, 19, Orford, Brock, d/o Thomas & Eliza PANGBURN, witn: Hiram PANGBURN, Howard, 15 July 1860

Alfred SHUPE, 23, Howard, Waterloo Township, s/o Joseph & Eliza SHUPE, married Maria Jane ALDGUE?, 18, Howard, Westminster, d/o Francis & Ellen ODGIVE?, witn: Daniel SHUPE, Harwich, 28 August 1860,

Benjamin M. FIELD, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o George & Eliza FIELD, married Mary Ann MITTEN (MITTON), 20, Howard, England, d/o James & Alice MITTEN, witn: Robert MITTEN, Harwich, 25 December 1860

Edward BICKER? (BECKER, BAKER),25, Wallaceburgh, County Forray?, s/o Jeremiah & Mary Ann BECKER, married Harriet DUSTIN, 23, Township of Chatham, Long Point, d/o John M. & Susan DUSTIN, witn: Will’m BECKER, Wallaceburgh, 13 March 1860

David TONNGE (TONG), 25, Lindsey Road [probably Chatham Township], Ohio State, s/o Will’m & Rose TONNGE, married Lucy Ann DANFORD, 18, Lindsay Road, Dawn, d/o Isaac & Mary Ann DANFORD, witn: James H. DANFORD, Township of Chatham, 23 April 1860

John FAUSER, 26, Gore of Camden, Germany, s/o Michael & Ann? FAUSER, married Mary Ann PERRY, 20, Gore of Camden, Ernestown, d/o Peter & Hannah PERRY, witn: Lewis HUFF, Gore of Chatham, 10 May 1860

Hiram LITTLE, 40, Wallaceburgh, Michigan, s/o Robert & Sarah LITTLE, married Mary McINTOSH, 49, Wallaceburgh, Wallaceburgh, d/o Angus & Flora McDOUGAL, witn: Laughlin McDOUGAL, Wallaceburgh, 8 August 1860

Caleb DUSTIN, 22, North Gore of Chatham, Sombra, s/o Caleb B. DUSTIN & Deborah HILL, married Mary Ann BAUBER, 20, Gore of Chatham, County of Durham, d/o Thomas & Martha KEELER, witn: Warren HILL, Leroy HOOKER, both of Township of Chatham, 7 November 1860

Warren HILL, 25, Gore of Chatham, Erie, s/o Graham & Deborah HILL, married Ann KEELER, 17, Gore of Chatham, County Durham, d/o Thomas & Martha KEELER, witn: Leroy HOOKER, 28 November 1860

George REID, 29, Wallaceburgh, Argyleshire, s/o James & Jane REID, married Hannah CLARK, 22, Wallaceburgh, Walpole Island, d/o Roderick & Catherine CLARK, witn: John REID, Sombra, 20 December 1860

George BIRCH, 25, Morpeth, Birmingham England, s/o George & Ellen BIRCH, married Eliza McDONALD, 17, Wallaceburgh, Wallaceburgh, d/o Hector & Jane McDONALD, witn: John McDONALD, Sombra, 24 December 1860

Jacob Warner MARTIN, 24, Camden, Ireland, s/o Francis & Christina MARTIN, married Eliza Jane HATTON, 25, Camden, Ireland, d/o Edward & Eliza HATTON, witn: William Thomas HATTON, Sarah Ann HATTON, both of Camden, 2 January 1860

Samuel AIKENS,30, Gore of Chatham, Ireland, s/o Moses & Jane AIKENS, married Cynthia Jane ROBERTS, 16, Gore of Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Jane Rebecca ROBERTS, witn: John FINDLAY, Mary Ann FINDLAY, both of Dawn, 25 January 1860

John TIMBERS, 21, Harwich, Pennsylvania, s/o Thomas & Lucy Ann TIMBERS, married Sarah GRINNAGE, 23, Township of Chatham, Pennsylvania, d/o Thomas & Ruth GRINNAGE, witn: Samuel TIMBERS, Harwich, Adelaide WATERFORD, Chatham, 29 March 1860

William PROCTOR, 29, Dawn, Pennsylvania, s/o Elisha & ?irsty PROCTOR, married Ann Elza TAYLOR, 19, Dawn, Pennsylvania, d/o Tisdill & Adelaide TAYLOR, witn: James BURKELL, Mary ROBINSON, both of Dawn, 1 November 1860

Joseph M. McMICHAEL, 24, Blenheim, Ireland, s/o John & Ann McMICHAEL, married Mary Ann JACKSON, 23, Blenheim, Canada, d/o John & Hannah JACKSON, witn: Thomas ALDERMAN, Morpeth, 4 January 1860

Adam LIEBERT, 33, Aldborough, Germany, s/o Jacob & Christina LIEBERT, married Ann MORGAN, 22, Clearville, Canada, d/o Jas. & Jane MORGAN, witn: John SCOTT, Hugh L. LAIRD, both of Clearville, 7 February 1860

John Miller DUCK, 35, Morpeth, England, s/o George & Mary Ann DUCK, married Mary KITCHEN, 20, Morpeth, Orford, d/o John & Nancy KITCHEN, witn: Henry RIDLEY, Harwich, Hooper KITCHEN, St. Thomas, 25 October 1860

Nathan FLATER, 25, Blenheim, Raleigh, s/o Fred & Nancy FLATER, married Latheria STANTON, 20, Blenheim, Raleigh, d/o Daniel & Julia Ann STANTON, witn: Horace B. CASWELL, Mary Ellen GRANT, both of Morpeth, 1 November 1860

Cyrus Sumner BELL, 26, Howard, Howard, s/o Isaac & Ann BELL, married Susanna STEWART, 18, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Oliver & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Isaac B.CROMWELL, William BELL, both of Morpeth, 17 December 1860

Robert WILCOX, 40, Chatham Township, United States, s/o Ephriam & Susan (not given), married Caroline TRAXLER, 35, Chatham Township, Canada, d/o Michael & Ann (not given), witn: Matilda TRAXLER, Chatham, 3 January 1860

William BERRY, 26, Chatham, England, s/o William & Mary (not given), married Emma BARFOOT, 20, Chatham, Canada, d/o Benjamin & Mary (not given), witn: Sam’l R. BARFOOT, Chatham, 14 February 1860

Robert HENRY, 30, Chatham, Scotland, s/o Alexander & Catherine (not given), married Elizabeth GEMMELL?, 30, Chatham, Scotland, d/o James & Ann (not given), witn: Jas. GEMILL, Chatham, 8 March 1860


Start of Sheet 15

[many of the parent’s surnames were not entered & some names & places not entered at all]

Jas. SOUTAR, 27, Chatham, Scotland, s/o James & Margaret, married Margaret MURRAY, 21, Sullivan, Scotland, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: William THOMAS, Chatham, 29 June 1860

Samuel Lewis BRUNDAGE, 27, Chatham, Canada, s/o Samuel & Clement, married Louisa STALEY, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o Jacob & Mary, witn: John TRAXLER, Chatham, 10 September 1860

Charles McGREGOR, 42, Dawn, Scotland, s/o James & Elspith, married Jeanette BRYDGE, 26, Chatham, Scotland, d/o John & Janet, witn: John BRIDGE, Chatham, 9 October 1860

John Stewart LORIMER ?, 22, Windsor, Scotland, s/o John & Janet, married Ann KING, 21, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Duncan & Mary, witn: Duncan KING, Chatham, 6 November 1860

Henry BLANEY ?, 30, RondEau, Virginia, s/o Benj. & Lot LEWIS, married Sarah LEWIS, age written as not known, RondEau, Virginia, d/o Benj. & Lot LEWIS, witn: William A. GUSTIN, RondEau, 19 February 1860 [ both the groom & bride parent’s names are entered as the same]

Peter JACKSON, 34, RondEau, Virginia, s/o not known, married Edns? A. SPENCE, 18, RondEau, Maryland, d/o Lucretia SPENCE, witn: William PARKER, RondEau, 22 December 1860

James R. RHODES, 22, Raleigh, Canada, s/o not entered, married Dorothy STOVER, 20, Raleigh, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, 1 January 1860

Thomas PINCKNEY, 51 or 57, Chatham, U. States, s/o Chas. & Dianna PINCKNEY, married Elizabeth KING, 41, London C.W., England, d/o not entered, witn: James BUSH, not entered, 29 February 1860

William JORDON (JORDAN), not given, Raleigh, not entered, s/o not entered, married Mary ZYRUN?, nothing else entered, 3 May 1860

Archibald LAMPMAN, 30, Howard, Canada, s/o Benjamin SLATER ?, married Susanna GESNER, 20, Orford, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: John Stewart, Orford, 14 April 1860

Urolis (Uriah?) SLATER, 24, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Benjamin SLATER, married Clara RHODES, 23, Raleigh, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, 7 October 1860

Loyd (Lloyd) SHORTER, 21, Chatham, U. States, s/o not entered, married Catherine SIMPSON, 18, Chatham, U. States, d/o not entered, witn: Mrs. LIMSON, not entered, 13 October 1860

Garland H. WHITE, 29, Chatham, U. States, s/o Madison WHITE, married Georgina WILLIAMS, 20, Chatham, U. States, d/o not entered, witn: Ennised? PEYTON, not entered, 4 November 1860

George W. BULLER, 25, Chatham, U.States, s/o not entered, married Eliza A. THOMPSON, 29, Chatham, U.States, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, 6 December 1860

Lemuel GRIMES, 30, Dresden, U. States, s/o not entered, married Mary E. HUTCHINSON, 25, Harwich, U. States, d/o not entered, witn: Eliz’th HUTCHINSON, Harwich, 18 December 1860

John FINLAN, 24, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Pat’k FINLAN & Elz’th COOK, married Theresa DOWLIN, 2?, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Francis & Catherine DOWLIN, witn: William FINLAN, Raleigh, 10 January 1860

Charles ARLEIN, 27, Chatham, Yarren Belgium, s/o Eman ARLEIN & Mary C. BRADY, married Louisa GERNAY, 20, Chatham, Ozleyin Belgium, d/o Celestine GERNAY & Barbara FRIGNE?, witn: Richard GERNAY, Chatham, 23 January 1860

Arthur McANALY, 24, Zone, Glascow Scotland, s/o Peter McANALY & Mary V(illegible), married Ellen LISMET, 22, Howard, Newfoundland, d/o James LISMET & Ellenor LARICY, witn: James LISMET, Howard, 13 February 1860

Jeremiah BURNS, 22, Dover, County Clare Ireland, s/o Thomas BURNS & Margaret O'BRIEN, married Catherine MAGRATH, 23, Dover, Co. Clare Ireland, d/o Patrick & Catherine McGRATH, witn: Patrick BURNS, Dover, 23 April 1860

William Ambrose DELAHANTY, 21, Chatham, Cubarg?, s/o Pat DELAHANTY & Mary HURLEY, married Ellen COLLINS, 19, Chatham, St. Catherines, d/o Edward COLLINS & Ellen SHIELD, witn: John DELAHANTY, Chatham, 30 April 1860

James CARLEY, 29, Raleigh, St. Thomas, s/o Wm CARLEY & Mary MILLER, married Liza GALVIN, 25, Sombrey (Sombra), Ramsey C.E., d/o John GALVIN & Jane O’Conor, witn: John GALVIN, Wallaceburgh, 7 May 1860

John BRADY, 24, Chatham, Co. Waterford Ireland, s/o James BRADY & Julia MURPHY, married Adelias TOMKIN, 23, Chatham, Howard, d/o Pat TOMKIN & Bridget DOULEN, witn: Patrick KEGAN, Chatham, 4 June 1860

Patrick McCLOSKY, 40, Howard, Co. Linster, s/o James McCLOSKY & Bridget CAMELL, married Mary MOORE, 38, Howard, Co. Mayo, d/o Pat MOORE & Mary MAYSE, witn: John MOORE, Howard, 23 July 1860

Patrick GILHULY, 30, Raleigh, Cty. Mayo Ireland, s/o Wm GILHULY & Honora LOCKLIN, married Mary GLISON (GLEESON?), 22, Raleigh, Limerick Ireland, d/o Edwd. GLESSON & Bid BOYLE, witn: Tim GILHULY, Raleigh, 3 September 1860


Start of Sheet 16 [some of the parent’s surnames were not entered]

Hector GAMLEY, 24, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o Thomas & Grace, married Elizabeth MATHER, 16, Tilbury East, Canada East, d/o not entered & Ann, witn: David AINSLEY, Matilda FUNSTON, both of Tilbury East, 16 February 1860

William Davidson FALCONER, 29, Chatham, Scotland, s/o William & Agness, married Rachel Victoria JACKSON, 22, Chatham, Canada, d/o Thomas & Eliz’th, witn: John JACKSON, Matilda JACKSON, both of Chatham, 7 March 1860

Alfred STOVER, 25, Raleigh, New Brunswick, s/o Elisha & Susan, married Almera PARDO, 24, Raleigh, Canada, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Elias BANKS, George LITTLE, both of Raleigh, 14 April 1860

William SQUIRE, 22, Gosfield, U.S., s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Lucy M. WILCOX, 25, Malden, Canada, d/o Asa & Azuba, witn: Andrew WIELE, Isabella FOX, both of Gosfield, 28 August 1860

Robert SPOONER, 30, Mersea, England, s/o Robert & Eliz’th, married Angelina HYATT, 27, Mersea, Canada, d/o Jacob & Roxa, witn: Elizabeth HODGSON, Jonathan EMERSON, both of Romney, 2 October 1860

Seth COLLISON, 23, Mersea, Canada, s/o Robert & Ann, married Elizabeth EMERSON, 27, Mersea, England, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Ann EMERSON, Mersea, 22 December 1860

James S. BOYES, 21, Blenheim, Montreal, s/o Robert & Ann BOYES, married Martha HEA, 20, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o James & Ann HEA, witn: Thomas BOYES, Raleigh, 25 December 1860

Samuel McDOWAL, 31, Tilbury West, Ireland, s/o William & Jane McDOWAL, married Jane VICKERMAN, 27, Tilbury West, Canada East, d/o Thomas VICKERMAN & Eliz’th Topan, witn: William McDOWAL, Tilbury West, Marion SMITH, Tilbury West, 18 February 1860

James DODD, 61, Tilbury West, England, s/o George DODD & Mary SIMMONS, married Margaret FRAME, 51, Tilbury West, Scotland, d/o John MILLER & Ann COBB ?, witn: John MANNING, Tilbury West, 14 March 1860

James STRAITH, 40, Buxton, Scotland, s/o William STRAITH & Maryann? ISAAC, married Sarah Jane CAIRNS, 21, Buxton, U.S. N.Y. state, d/o Sam’l CAIRNS & Hanah MARKWICK, witn: Peter STRAITH, Buxton, 12 April 1860

James MANN, 22, Tilbury East, Scotland, s/o James MANN & Espit SIN, married Jane SMITH, 18, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o James SMITH & Ann ROBERTSON, witn: Alex MANN, Marion SMITH, both of Tilbury East, 12 May 1860

Thomas NORRY, 23, Tilbury East, Scotland, s/o Thomas NORRY & Marg’t DUNN, married Jane CLARK, 19, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o Charles CLARK & Ann McACHLAIN, witn: Ken COUTTS, Tilbury East, 17 October 1860

John BURGES (BURGESS), 23, North Orford, Scotland, s/o John BURGES & Janet McINTOSH, married Lanna THOMPSON, 23, Woodstock, Canada, d/o John THOMPSON & Marg’t WILLOW, witn: William ROPAIN?, Jesse McINTYRE, both of Ingersoll, 20 December 1860

Caleb FONGER, 38, Flamboro, Flamboro, s/o Caleb FONGER & Annie SHARP, married Helen HOLLAND, 23, Flamboro, Banty, d/o Jas. HOLLAND & Martha BROOKS, witn: Silas HUNT, C.S. HARRIS, both of Delaware, 8 February 1860

Peter FRASER, 28, Blenheim village, Michigan, s/o Daniel FRASER & not given, married Jane FLAETER (FLATER?), 23, Harwich, Raleigh, d/o Fred’k FLAETER & Nancy LYTTLE (LITTLE?), witn: Nathan FLAETER, Chas. HUMPHRIES, both of Harwich, 15 January 1860

Edmund DALTON, 30, Rondeau, Linclon Co., s/o James DALTON & Mary HAGERMAN, married Ellen STORY, 20, Rondeau, Harwich, d/o Ralph STORY & Mary McCORMIN, witn: John M. CULLY, Howard, Jane CAMPBELL, Harwich, 27 May 1860

James SMILEY , 24, Harwich, Raleigh, s/o John SMILEY & Delia El…? SMITH, married Phebe LANE, 20, Harwich, Canada East, d/o Edward LANE & Anne BOOTH, witn: John M. CULLY, Howard, Jane CAMPBELL, Harwich, 27 May 1860

George PICKERING, 23, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Henry PICKERING & Sarah BLIGH, married Sarah LANE, 18, Harwich, Oxford Co., d/o Edward LANE & Ann BOOTH, witn: John LANE Susan CAMERON, both of Harwich, 8 July 1860

John McTAVISH, 27, Orford, Orford, s/o Malcolm McTAVISH & Isabella GILLIES, married Frances MOREHOUSE, 21, Orford, Orford, d/o David MOREHOUSE & Mary Ann PEURSE (PEARCE?), witn: Sarah BERNIE, Edwin GILLARD, both of Orford, 11 October 1860

Archibald HUNTER, 30, Harwich, Kil---st? Scotland, s/o John HUNTER & Jane ERVING, married Christine McBRAYNE, 28, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John McBRAYNE & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Mary NEWCOMBE, Howard, John McBRAYNE, Harwich, 6 November 1860

Austin MORGAN, 24, Brook, County Mayo Ireland, s/o Michael MORGAN & Mary GAVEN, married Catherine WATERS, 18, Euphemy (Euphemia), Euphemy Cty Lambton, d/o Philip WATERS & Bridget COLMAN, witn: Michael WATERS, Euphemy, 21 October 1860

Timothy FENAN, 29, Tilbury East, County Armagh Ireland, s/o John FENAN & Catherine TOOLES? (TOOLER?), married Ann KEARNS, 20, Chatham, County Louth, d/o Michael KEARNS & Mary RUSH, witn: Patrick KEARNS, Raleigh, 30 October 1860

Thomas WILLIAMS, 30, Raleigh, County of Kent, s/o Jas. WILLIAMS & Archange REAUME, married Archange TRUDELLE, 22, Chatham, County of Kent, d/o Alex TRUDELLE & Susan OUELLETTE, witn: Julius JOEYWAY? (see CARRIERE in marriage below), Chatham, 26 November 1860

Patrick O'NEIL, 26, Chatham, County Carlow, s/o John O'NEIL & Margaret CURRAN, married Ellen BLITH, 24, Chatham, County Rosecommon, d/o Jas. BLITH & Bridget BURKE, witn: Julius CARRIERE, Chatham, 26 November 1860


Start of Sheet 17

John Baptiste GOUDREAU, 58, Chatham, Laprarie L.C., s/o Francis GOUDREAU & Mary GUIMIONT?, married Margaret BLOYE, 27, Chatham, Quebec, d/o Thomas BLOYE & VARGIS (VARYES?), witn: Patrick MOORE, Chatham, 6 December 1860

Henry SMYTH, 39, Harwich, Canada West, s/o William & Bridget SMYTH, married Elizabeth LUNDY, 20, Harwich, Canada West, d/o Robert & Martha LUNDY, witn: Robert SMYTH, Harwich, 10 January 1860

Irwin HOLMES, 34, Harwich, Canada West, s/o Abraham & Jane HOLMES, married Annie SEELY (GEELY?), 20, Harwich, Canada West, d/o Guy & Hannah LEELY, witn: Edwin P. CLEMENT, Chatham, 12 January 1860

John FRENCH, 21, Chatham, Canada West, s/o Anselm & Nancy FRENCH, married Ann WICKS, 23, Chatham, England, d/o Thomas & Joanna WICKS, witn: Thomas HADLEY, Chatham, 12 January 1860

Daniel BEDFORD, 31, Harwich, Canada West, s/o Ebenezer & Susannah BEDFORD, married Rachel SICKLESTEEL, 19, Chatham, Canada West, d/o David & Nancy SICKLESTEEL, witn: Ebenezer BEDFORD, Chatham, 18 January 1860

William BOLTON, 20, Camden, Canada West, s/o John & Mary Ann BOLTON, married Eliz’th J. PALMER, 16, Chatham, Canada West, d/o Elijah & Mary A. PALMER, witn: Richard BOLTON, Camden, 19 January 1860

Alexander GORDON, 30, Dover East, Scotland, s/o Alex & Jane GORDON, married Janet CRAWFORD, 25, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Dugald & Catherine CRAWFORD, witn: James PETERKIN, Dover East, 2 February 1860

Christopher WILLIAMS, 25, Chatham, Canada West, s/o not entered, married Mary SMITH, 22, Chatham, Canada West, d/o not entered, witn: Mary CLEMENT, Chatham, 12 March 1860

John THEBOLD, 26, Harwich, Germany, s/o Anthony & Elizabeth THEOBOLD, married Agnes MEEK, 36, Harwich, England, d/o William & Agnes CLARK, witn: Robert DENIMEY (DENOMY?), Harwich, 18 March 1860

Hugh GRIEVES, 24, Raleigh, Canada W, s/o John & Charlotte GRIEVES, married Magdelen PIELER, 25, Raleigh, Germany, d/o Gotlieb & Catherine PIELER, witn: Joseph HERLEY, Raleigh, 26 March 1860

David GROWN, 30, Chatham, Canada East, s/o not entered, married Nancy VANTANT, 22, Chatham, Canada West, d/o not entered, witn: none shown, 23 April 1860

Charles McCREA (McCRAE), 28, Raleigh, Canada West, s/o William & Rachel McCREA, married Elizabeth DOLSEN, 24, Chatham, Canada West, d/o John & Grace DOLSEN, witn: Henry VAN ALLEN, Chatham, 25 April 1860

James H. OLDERSHAW, 26, Chatham, England, s/o William & Elizabeth OLDERSHAW, married Mary Ann CORNHILL, 17, Chatham, Canada West, d/o Edward & Sarah CORNHILL, witn: Stephen RUSSELL, Raleigh, 10 May 1860

Thomas FUNSTON, 23, Chatham, Ireland, s/o Thomas & Ann FUNSTON, married Hester DEGGE, 32, Chatham, Ireland, d/o John & Susan LITTLE, witn: Joseph NORTHWOOD, Chatham, 18 June 1860

Michael LEONARD, 28, Adelaide, Iteland, s/o Thomas & Mary LEONARD, married Barbara McMULLEN, 22, Harwich, Canada West, d/o James & Magdaline cMULLEN, witn: James REID, Harwich, 10 July 1860

Peter TRAXLER, 21, Chatham, Canada W., s/o John P. & Mary TRAXLER, married Anne KELLY, 17, Dawn, Canada W., d/o Peter & Mary KELLY, witn: Robert WINTER, Harwich, 15 July 1860

James H. NEVILL, 27, Camden, Canada W., s/o Robert & Jane NEVILL, married Mary A. WIGLE, 17, Gosfield, Canada W., d/o Peter & Mary WIGLE, witn: Eliz’th WINTER, Chatham, 31 July 1860

Lewis A. BLACKBURN, 24, Chatham, Canada W., s/o Chas. & Eliz’th BLACKBURN, married Eliz’th PAYNE, 20, Chatham, Canada W., d/o Robert & Sarah PAYNE, witn: William H?. THOMPSON, Chatham, 17 September 1860

John H. TERRY, 36, Dover E., Canada W., s/o John & Elizabeth TERRY, married Matilda BALLARD, 30, Dover E., Ireland, d/o Matthew & Mary GLEAM, witn: Edwin P. CLEMENT, Chatham, 7 October 1860

Gideon PURSER, 25, Dover E., England, s/o James & Harriet PURSER, married Eliza J. BEDFORD, Harwich, Canada W., d/o Ebenezer & Susannah BEDFORD, witn: Anderson T. CROW, Dover E., 31 October 1860

James PARDIE, 24, Chatham, Scotland, s/o James & Jane PARDIE, married Margaret TONG, 22, Chatham, Ohio U.S., d/o William & Rose TONG, witn: Duncan PARDIE, Chatham, 8 November 1860

Ebenezer BEDFORD, 22, Harwich, Canada W., s/o Ebenezer & Susannah BEDFORD, married Rachel M. (or W.) DICKSON, 18, Louisville, Canada W., d/o John & Mary DICKSON, witn: Joseph DICKSON, Louisville, 14 November 1860

Hugh H. HOLMES, not entered, Blenheim, Canada W., s/o not entered, married Louisa AULT?, not entered, Harwich, Canada W., d/o not entered, witn: Mary C. CLEMENT, Chatham, 14 November 1860

Charles GRANDBOIS, 20, Raleigh, Canada W., s/o Anthony & Sophia GRANDBOIS, married Ann JORDAN, 20, Raleigh, Canada W., d/o Richard & Sarah JORDAN, witn: Nathan GRANDBOIS, Raleigh, 20 November 1860


Start of Sheet 18

George H. SHERMAN, age not entered, Chatham, Canada W., s/o not entered, married Sarah GRORA?, age not entered, Chatham, Canada W., d/o not entered, witn: John HARDY, Chatham, 28 November 1860

Peter J. JENNER, 26, Raleigh, Canada W., s/o Thomas & Eliza JENNER, married Elizabeth G. FUCE, 21, Raleigh, Canada W., d/o James & Elizabeth FUCO, witn: Silas T. HARVEY, Raleigh, 12 December 1860

Silas J. HARVEY, 25,Raleigh, Canada W., s/o George & Mary HARVEY, married Sarah A. JENNER, 24, Raleigh, Canada W., d/o Thomas & Eliza JENNER, witn: Peter J. JENNER, Raleigh, 12 December 1860

David MILLS, 29, Orford, Canada W., s/o Nathaniel & Mary MILLS, married Mary J. BROWN, age not entered, Chatham, Canada W., d/o not entered, witn: Archibald McKELLAR, Chatham, 17 December 1860

Hugh FEATHERSTON (FEATHERSTONE), 23, Camden, Ireland, s/o Barney & Bridget FEATHERSTON, married Margaret A. JACKMAN, 20, Camden, Canada W., d/o William & Catherine JACKMAN, witn: William COSGROVE, Raleigh, 19 December 1860

Isaac CAMPBELL, Tilbury E., Canada W., s/o Charly & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Maria WILLAN (WILLAM?), 19, Tilbury E., Canada W., d/o John & Mary WILLAN, witn: James SHANKS, Romney, 24 December 1860

Andrew T. CROW, 23, Dover E., Canada W., s/o Thomas & Rachel CROW, married Harriet PURSER, 16, Dover E., England, d/o James & Harriet PURSER, witn: Cornelius PURSER, Dover E., 26 December 1860

James Martin SMITH, 29, Morpeth, Brockville, s/o Philander & Mary SMITH, married Mary Ellen SCOTT, 18, Howard, Canada W., d/o Robert & Ann SCOTT, witn: William SCOTT, Mary SCOTT, both of Howard, 10 January 1860

John POOR?, 24, Orford, England, s/o not entered, married Flora LEITCH, 21, Orford, Orford, d/o Dugald & Eliz’th LEITCH, witn: John GILLIES, Barbara CRAWFORD, both of Orford, 19 January 1860

Thomas A. FORD, 24, Orford, Orford, s/o William & Jane FORD, married Ellen McINTOSH, 26, Orford, Inverness Scotland, d/o Alen & Isabella McINTOSH, witn: Althery FORD, Neil McINTYRE, both of Orford, 4 July 1860

Zenas WATSON, 29, Howard, Howard, s/o James & Sophia WATSON, married Ellen SCANE, 24, Howard, Howard, d/o Thomas & Charlotte SCANE, witn: George WATSON, Jane SCANE, both of Howard, 18 September 1860

James M. WALKER, 28, Tn (Town?) Chatham, Scotland, s/o Jas. WALKER & Bessie McINTOSH, married Janet CHRON (CRONE or CROW), 22, Dover E., Scotland, d/o William CHRON & Mary JOHNSTONE, witn: Thomas CHRON, Dover E., 14 February 1860

Thomas WOOFENDEN, 25, Harwich, Dublin Ireland, s/o Robert WOOFENDEN & Ann McKILNOR, married Catherine TAYLOR, 18, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Alen TAYLOR & Sarah NEWCOMBE, witn: Hugh McCALLUM, Harwich, 28 February 1860

Joseph WILSON, 25, E. Tilbury, Canada, s/o John WILSON & Jean LAING, married Susan CURRIE, 24, Township Chatham, Ireland, d/o Arthur CURRIE & Mary A. JOHNSTONE, witn: Malcolm McKERRAL, Chatham, 6 March 1860

Malcolm McKERRAL, 28, Township Chatham, Argyleshire Scotland, s/o Malcolm McKERRAL & Isabella McKAY, married Sarah CURRIE, 23, Township Chatham, Ireland, d/o Arthur CURRIE & Mary A. JOHNSTONE, witn: Peter E. McKERRAL, Chatham, 10 April 1860

Stephen S. LANGFORD, 59, Euphemia Co. Lambton, Carlow Ireland, s/o William LANGFORD & Eliz’th STATHAM, married Sophia RYAN, Van Buren Michigan, Sussex England, d/o George COLLINS & Eliz’th SPARKS, witn: David WALKER, Chatham, 23 August 1860

Alex McPHERSON, 25, Morpeth Co. Kent, State of New York, s/o John McPHERSON & Grace GRANT, married Janet DUFF, 23, Town of Chatham, Kingston C.W., d/o David DUFF & Matilda McFAULS, witn: And. MUCKLE, Chatham, 22 October 1860

James GRAHAM, 25, Morpeth Co. Kent, Scotland, s/o Rob’t GRAHAM & Jane PICKEN, married Jane LLOYD, 26, Howard, Hereford England, d/o William LLOYD & Hannah TRAUSS, witn: Dan’l SMITH, Morpeth, 31 October 1860

William CHAMBERS, 57, Gore of Camden, Antrim Ireland, s/o William CHAMBERS & Ellen ANDERSON, married Betsey COLE, 28, Gore of Camden, England, d/o John COLE & Rachel DEMAREL, witn: Dugald McNAUGHTON, Town of Chatham, 1 November 1860

John VINCEN (VINCENT), 22, Chatham C.W., Chatham Canada, s/o Sam’l VINCEN & Ruth VINCEN, married Amanda BURT, 18, Chatham, State of Tennessee, d/o Paul & Nancy BURT, witn: J.C. WILMOR (WILMOTT), Chatham C.W., 20 May 1860

Richard ARNOLD, 25, Camden, Camden, s/o Christopher & Senith [surnames not entered], married Marg DUNLOP, 18, Camden, Port Maitland, d/o not entered, witn: Amanda SHAW, Chatham, J.F. ARNOLD, Howard, 7 March 1860

John BISHOP, 27, Zone, Mosa, s/o Stephen & Elinor [surnames not entered], married Sarah McTAVISH, 20, Orford, Orford, d/o Unknown & Laura [surname not entered], witn: Sarah J. STEWART, David McTAGGART, both of Orford, 3 May 1860

John MORGAN, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o Arthur & Susan [surnames not entered], married Mary SNIDER, 19 Howard, New York, d/o Henry & Sarah [surnames not entered], witn: Jeresbela NEWCOMBE, Harwich, George MORGAN, Howard, 14 August 1860

James BIRCH, 25, Harwich, Ireland, s/o Robert [surname not entered] & Dead, married Ann J. MUCKLE, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John & Joanna? [surnames not entered], witn: Andrew MUCKLE, Joseph MUCKLE, both of Harwich, 16 November 1860


Start of Sheet 19

Martin GAYLOR, 28, Chatham, Stanbridge, s/o J. C. Isaac & Loceneth (surnames not entered), married Mary A. BARTLETT, 19, Chatham, Farnham L.C., d/o Albert & Dorothy (surnames not entered), witn: Albert BARTLETT, Chatham, 4 December 1860

Frederick WILLISTON, 25, Camden, Township Chatham, s/o Silas & Susan WILLISTON, married Hannah TRAXLER, 16, Township Camden, Township Chatham, d/o Peter E. & Eliz’th TRAXLER, witn: Isaac MAZLETT, Nioma TRAXLER, both of Camden, 8 February 1860

Abraham HOLMES, 61, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Hugh & Sarah HOLMES, married Clarissa Jane FREDERICK, 46, Township Camden, Newcastle, d/o John & Jane WEES, Tecumseh HOLMES, Irwin HOLMES, both of Harwich, 24 October 1860

James ROLLS, 42, Raleigh, Virginia, s/o Joshua ROLLS & Fanny CROP, married Adeline CROP, 33, Raleigh, Virginia, d/o Allan COOPER & Mary COWAN, witn: Aaron JOHNSON, Susan BARNES, both of Buxton, 23 February 1860

Richard PAXTON, 53, Dover East, Scotland, s/o Robert (surname not entered) & Jane BIM (BINN?), married Ellen ROBERTSON, 33, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Alen GRANT & Eliz’th McCOOKE, witn: Donald McNABB, Eliz’th McPHERSON, both of Chatham, 29 February 1860

Cornelius ROE, 28, Raleigh, England, s/o John (surname not entered) & Jane BROADBENT, married Nancy BUMP, 25, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o William (surname not entered) & Abigail SICKLESTEEL, witn: Solomon MERRILL, Chatham, Frederick BUMP, Raleigh, 27 February 1860

John McKAY, 21, Harwich, Prince Edward, s/o not entered & Mary McKAY, married Maria McCANN, 16, Harwich, Harwich, d/o James (surname not entered) & Christiana STUART, witn: James McCANN, Sarah Ann McGLAGHLIN, both of Harwich, 17 May 1860

William JACK, 35, Dover East, Merryshire?, s/o William (surname not entered) & Eliza LAWSON, married Eliz’th RICHMOND, 31, Dover East, Lancashire England, d/o Jas. RICHMOND & Mary BECKETT, witn: John JACK, Mary Ann RICHMOND, both of Dover East, 27 June 1860

John CLARK, 22, Howard, not entered, s/o John CLARK & Eliz’th GLEN, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 17, Harwich, Yorkshire, d/o Robert TAYLOR & Eliz’th GREENEDELL, witn: John MCKAY, Howard, Mary CLARK, Harwich, 11 October 1860

Alex G. HENDERSON, 30, London C.W., Scotland, s/o Donald & Jane HENDERSON, married Sarah G. GORDON, 34, Chatham, Sutherlandshire, d/o Gilbert GORDON & Mary SUTHERLAND, witn: Donald McNABB, Chatham, Mary GORDON, Whitby, 16 October 1860

Philip SHIELER (SHEELER), 27, Blenheim, Niagara District, s/o Alexander (surname not entered) & Mary HAGERMAN, married Mary LOWES, 20, Harwich, Romney, d/o Thomas LOWES & Frances COATSWORTH, witn: Eliz’th SMILEY, John SHIELER, both of Blenheim, 24 October 1860

Alexander HARDIE, 25, Dover East, Scotland, s/o Alexander (surname not entered) & Eliz’th WOODS, married Lucinda STEEN, 23, Dover East, Ireland, d/o John (surname not entered) & Elizabeth KELLY, witn Luke OWEN, Mary WIELIER, both of Dover East, 31 October 1860

Donald McNABB, 26, Chatham, Scotland, s/o Duncan (surname not entered) & Grace MORRISON, married Agnes TAYLOR, 22, Bothwell, not entered, d/o John (surname not entered) & Isabella McLEOD, witn: Dugald CAMPBELL, Mary Jane McKELLAR, both of Chatham, 20 November 1860

Alexander McNEIL, 26, Raleigh, Prince Edwards, s/o John (surname not entered) & Christina JOHNSON, married Martha E. GUTTRIDGE, 20, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o David (surname not entered) & Margaret WINTER, witn: Christopher G. LYNCH, Wallaceburg, Melissa GUTTRIDGE, Raleigh, 26 November 1860

Donald McGUIGAN, 30, Euphemia, Argyleshire, s/o Angus (surname not entered) & Sarah BLUE, married Ann LONG, 24, Chatham, Manchester, d/o George LONG & Mary DOMNEY?, witn: G. McGUIGAN, Euphemia, Maria LONG, Chatham, 28 November 1860

John RANKIN, 27, Dover East, Derry Co. Ireland, s/o John RANKIN & Mary McPAKE, married Hannah JACKSON, 18, Dover East, Cavon Ireland, d/o Miller JACKSON & Agnes SPINKE, witn: Jane COLLOP, Robert John BONITEAU, both of Dover East, 25 December 1860

Leonard JOHNSON, 25, Chatham C.W., Canada, s/o Jacob & Mary JOHNSON, married Martha W.? RODERICK, 17, Chatham, U.S., d/o Dan’l & Rebecca RODERICK, witn: Susan E. COLLOP, Harriet BERRY, both of Chatham, 23 September 1860

William JONES, 24, Dawn Township, U.S., s/o Lenard & Angeline JONES, married Caroline LOGAN, 21, Dawn Township, U.S., d/o Willis & Rachel LOGAN, witn: Henry WHITE, Charles FIFT?, both of Chatham, 27 October 1860

Philip B. PATTISON, 29, Chatham, U.S., s/o P. & Maria PATTISON, married Amanda F. PARKER, 20, Chatham, U.S., d/o George & Keziah PARKER, witn: Henry WHITE, Charles FIFT, both of Chatham, 4 October 1860

Daniel LLOYD, 23, Chatham C.W., Indiana US, s/o Noah & Milly LLOYD, married Frances GATEWOOD, 19, Chatham C.W., Ohio US, d/o Jos. & M. GATEWOOD, witn: J.W. SANFORD, Josephine MOSBY, both of Chatham C.W., 16 February 1860

James TURNER, 21, Chatham C.W., N. Carolina U.S., s/o James & Mary A. TURNER, married Mary A. NOIX?, 22, Chatham C.W., N. Carolina U.S., d/o Roly & Sarah NOIX, witn: William SCOTT, Rachel ANDERSON, both of Chatham C.W., 22 March 1860

John H. SMITH, 29, Chatham C.W., Indiana U.S., s/o Jordan & Frances SMITH, married Henrietta PARIS, 19, Chatham C.W., Indiana U.S., d/o William & Eliz’th PARIS, witn: Adam SCRIPS, Mary A. CHANDLER, both of Chatham C.W., 26 April 1860

Martin BOLER, 41, Chatham C.W., Kentucky U.S., s/o Alex & Eliz’th BOLER, married Sarah COLMAN, 33, Chatham C.W., Kentucky U.S., d/o of Henry & Mary COLMAN, witn: Joseph SCOTT, Parthema NETTLES, both of Chatham C.W., 30 April 1860

Golden H. CANDA,30, Sandwich C.W., Virginia U.S., s/o James & Eliz’th CANDA, married Delia SYNOD, 23, Sandwich C.W., Ireland, d/o John & Catherine SYNOD, witn: Michael BERRY, Ellen C. BERRY, both of Sandwich C.W., 29 September 1860


Start of Sheet 20

George COOPPER (COOPER?), 25, Raleigh, Maryland U.S., s/o Isaac & Eliz’th COOPPER, married Eliz’th NELSON, 19, Buxton C.W., Chatham, d/o E. & Sarah JOHNSON, witn: Rebecca PERRY, A.J. FROST, both of Chatham C.W., 15 October 1860

Samuel FLOID, 22, Chatham C.W., Kentucky U.S., s/o Sam’l & Mary FLOID (FLOYD?), married Surilde ACANS, 20, Chatham C.W., Ohio U.S., d/o George & Mary ACANS (AIKENS?), witn: Westley BREMNAM, Ann BREMON, both of Chatham C.W., 6 November 1860

William PANTER (PANTOR?), 26, Chatham C.W., Florida U.S., s/o Joseph & Isabella PANTER, married Mary J.? LIPPEW, 21, Chatham C.W., Pennsylvania U.S., d/o Jos. & Maria LIPPEW, witn: John FATE, Chatham C.W., 23 December 1860

David McPHERSON, 32, Orford, Canada West, s/o William & Jane McPHERSON, married Eliza SHANKEE, 18, Orford, Scotland, d/o Rob’t & Agnes SHANKEE, witn: David GLADSTONE, John McPHERSON, both of Howard, 21 June 1860

David Thornton CROW, 33, Raleigh, Canada West, s/o Thomas & Rachel CROW, married Eliza LANGFORD, 19, Howard, Canada West, d/o John & Ann LANGFORD, witn: David EVERITT, Howard, Mary Ann FIELD, Harwich, 28 June 1860

Simon JULIEN, 23, Howard, Canada West, s/o Stephen & Matilda JULIEN, married Ann DESMOND, 17, Howard, Canada West, d/o Tim & Rebecca DESMOND, witn: David A. Everitt, Howard, Isabella DESMOND, Harwich, 25 July 1860

Dwight Ingram MICKLE, 22, Howard, Massachusetts, U.S., s/o George & Rebecca MICKLE, married Lydia Ann STOVER, 21, Howard, Canada West, d/o Reuben & Sarah STOVER, witn: Charles SCANE, James MITTEN, both of Howard, 24 December 1860

Anslem McDONALD, 30, Camden C.W., Howard C.W., s/o Randel & Polly McDONALD, married Mary Ann DODMAN, 18, Camden C.W., Canada West, d/o William & Mary DODMAN, witn: George WEST?, Hugh HERTHORN, both of Howard, 25 December 1860

John CONNOR, 25, Howard, Kitley Canada West, s/o Chas. & Sarah CONNOR, married Elizabeth SISSONS, not entered, Howard C.W., Canada West, d/o Thomas & Ellen SISSONS, witn: W.H. LATIMER, William SISSONS, both of Howard, 25 December 1860

John FERGUSON, 34, Thamesville, Scotland, s/o James FERGUSON & Margaret BRUSH, married Sarah McKINLAY, 24, Howard C.W., Howard, d/o Duncan McKINLAY & Sarah McINTYRE, witn: Arch McKINLAY, Howard, Robert FERGUSON, Thamesville, 9 February 1860

Daniel McFARLANE, 26, Detroit, Scotland, s/o Daniel McFARLANE & Margaret THOMSON, married Catherine FERGUSON, 23, Thamesville, Scotland, d/o James FERGUSON & Margaret BRUSH, witn: Robert BRUSH, Howard, George WEST, Thamesville, 29 February 1860

James BUCHANAN, 30, Orford, Orford, s/o Robert BUCHANAN & Margaret McINTYRE, married Catherine McKELLAR, 24, Orford, Orford, d/o Arch McKELLAR & Mary PATTERSON, witn: Arch BUCHANAN, A.D. McINTYRE, both of Orford, 1 March 1860

Joseph NASH, 26, Harwich, England, s/o Joseph NASH & Eliza SMITH, married Elizabeth McCOLL, 17, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Duncan McCOLL & Christine MILLUS? (MILLER?), witn: Tecumseh HOLMES, Harwich, William LLOYD, Howard, 5 June 1860

Philippe BLAIS, 29, East Dover, Quebec, s/o Thomas BLAIS & Marg’t CANDIER, married Philomen PANNEUF (RANNEUF?), 28?, East Dover, Lower Canada, d/o Isaac BARONES & Renee? CONSTANCE, witn: Alexander ROY, East Dover, 10 January 1860

Antony FAUBERT, 21, East Dover, St. Martin Lower Canada, s/o Peter FAUBERT & Mary, married Mary ROBERT, 16, East Dover, Chatham, d/o Denis ROBERT & not entered, witn: Xavier ROBERT, East Dover, 31 January 1860

John B. PRIMEAU, 23, Dover South, Dover East, s/o John B. PRIMEAU & Mary BOUCHER, married Eliz’th CARON, 19, East Dover, Chatham, d/o Benj. CARON & Geive or Geine EMERY, witn: Francis PRIMEAU, John EMERY, both of Dover South, 14 February 1860

Francis TURCOTTE, 21, Dover South, Dover East, s/o Jas. TURCOTTE & Louise BERGERON, married Denise ROBITAITTE (ROBITAILLE?), 21, East Dover, Dover East, d/o Mitchell ROBITAITTE & Henrietta ROY, witn: Isadore HEBERT, Mathilda ROBITAILLE, both of Dover South, 21 February 1860

Charles EMERY, 23, Dover East, Dover East, s/o Luc EMERY & Charlotte HEBERT, married Catherine PRIMEAU, 16, Dover East, Dover East, d/o John B. PRIMEAU & Marie BOUCHER, witn: Francis EMERY, Francis PRIMEAU, both of Dover East, 29 May 1860

Amable DUQUETTE, 21, Dover East, St. Martine C.E., s/o Amable DUQUETTE & Amelie BUISSON, married Mary Ann EMERY, 17, East Dover, Dover East, d/o Alexis EMERY & Francoise PELLETIER, witn: Joseph MAYET (MAGET?), Davis DUMAS, both of Dover East, 30 June 1860

Franchville OUELLETTE, 19, Dover East, Dover East, s/o Fr. OUELLETTE & Catherine PRIMEAU, married Cecile CAMPBELL, 18, Newport Mich U.S., Dover East, d/o Vital CAMPBELL & Julia MARTIN, witn: Isadore HEBERT, Eduie GOUDREAU, both of Dover South, 31 July 1860

Antony REAUME, 30, Dover South, Dover East, John (John) B. REAUME & Suzan TRUDELLE, married Angile ST. GERMAINE, 22, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Mitchell ST. GERMAINE & Josephine SABRAT, witn: Oliver HEBERT, Dover East, Cyrille OUILLETTE, Tilbury East, 2 October 1860

Joseph ST. PIERRE, 36, Dover East, Detroit Mich U.S., s/o John ST. PIERRE & Margaret MILLET, married Victoire LAUZON, 18, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Hyppolite LAUZON & Angelo LAFORET, witn: Henry ST. PIERRE, Mary LAUZON, both of Dover East, 18 October 1860

Narcisse LABELLE, 31, Dover East, St. Phillippe C.E., s/o Hyppolite LABELLE & Marguerite GIROUX, married Rosalie LUSSIER (LUCIER?), 21 Dover South, St. Edward C.E., d/o Basile LUSSIER & Louise BONBRUGE?, witn: Joseph CHURE, Louise CHURE, both of Dover East, 6 November 1860

John B. BLAIS, 21, Dover South, not entered, s/o Thomas BLAIS & Margaret TANGUIER, married Victoire ROCK, 20, Dover South, Port Sarnia, d/o Lewis ROCK & Marguerite PICQUIN, witn: James CHARRON, Narcisse ROCK, both of Dover South, 13 November 1860


Start of Sheet 21 -- [there were only two 1860 marriages on sheet 21, the rest were 1861]

Chrysologue? BENOIT, 23, Dover East, St. Remmie C.E., s/o Peter BENOIT & Sophia BISAILLON, married Amelie GOUDREAU, 23, Dover South, St. Cyprien C.E., d/o John B. GOUDREAU & Josette TURPRENANT, witn: Isidore HEBERT, Adolphe LEFEBRE, both of Dover South, 26 November 1860

Fielding CUNNINGHAM, 22, Gore of Camden, Spencer County Kentucky, s/o Lewis & Moriah CUNNINGHAM, married Elizabeth BURT, 21, Gore of Camden, Knox County Kentucky, d/o Joel & Nancy BURT, witn: James NRARY ?, Henry DAMSEL, both of Gore of Camden, 3 November 1860




Found on Sheet 84 [amongst 1867 Kent Co marriages]

The following Left-Off Folio [Sheet] 16, 1860

Austin MUGAN, 24, Brook, Co. Mayo Ire., s/o Michael MUGAN & Mary GAVAN, married Catherine WATERS, 18, Euphemia, Co. Lambton, d/o Philip WATERS & Bridget COLMAN, witn: Michael WATERS, Euphemia, 21 October 1860

Timothy FEENAN, 27?, Tilbury East, Co. Armagh Ire., s/o John FEENAN & Catherine TOLER, married Ann KEARNS, 20, Chatham, Louth Co. Ireland, d/o Michael KEARNS & Mary RUSH, witn: Patrick KEARNS, 30 October 1860

Thomas WILLIAMS, 30, Raleigh, County Kent, s/o James WILLIAMS & A. REAUME, married Archange OULLETTE, 22, Chatham, Kent Co., d/o Alex GAUDETTE & Susanne OULLETTE, witn: Julia _AIYURY?, Chatham, 26 November 1860

Patrick O'NEIL, 26, Chatham, Co. Carlow Ire, s/o John O'NEIL & Mgt CURRAN, married Ellen BLYTH, 24, Chatham, Ireland, d/o James BLYTH & Bridget BURKE, witn: Julius CARRIERE, Chatham, 26 November 1860

John Baptiste GODEAU, 38, Chatham, Laprairie, s/o Francois GODEAU & Mary GAUMNT, married Marguerette BLOYE, Chatham, Onebee, d/o Elsomor BLOYE & Marguerette VANYER, witn: Patrick M. BLOYE, Chatham, 6 December 1860


No. 13 Omitted 1860

John HAMPTON, 39, Buxton, Virginia, s/o Peter & L. HAMPTON, married Mahale MATHAS, 19, Buxton, Mississippi, d/o Jacob & Arnos MATHAS, witn: James KID, Wm BROWN, Peter GRAY, all of Buxton, 18 January 1860

Parker WHITE, 25, Buxton, Indiana, s/o John & Zilon WHITE, married Caroline KING, 27, Buxton, Kentucky, d/o Jordon & Harriett SMITH, witn: Thomas SCOTT, H. SCOTT, both of Buxton, 12 July 1860




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