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Kent County, 1863

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage


Sheet 36

No. 86

Samuel McCOLLOCH, West Tilbury, Harwich, s/o Sam’l & Sarah McCULLOCH, married Matilda BAUER, 23, East Tilbury, Montreal, d/o George BAUER & Isabella SEXTON, witn: David AINSLIE, Duncan BAUER, both of East Tilbury, 29 January 1863

William GARDNER, 24, East Tilbury, Dundee Scotland, s/o William & Jane GARDNER, married Agnes RICHARDSON, 26, East Tilbury, St. Louis Canada East, d/o James & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Mungo STEWART, John McALLISTER, both of East Tilbury, 1 June 1863

Thomas W. WILLSON, 25, Detroit U.S., Ohio U.S., s/o William & Lucretia WILLSON, married Mary Ann CHARITY, 22, Buxton, Virginia U.S., d/o W.N. & Rebecca CHARITY, witn: Thomas W. STRINGER, James T. RAPIER, both of Buxton, 26 November 1863

John W. CARTER, 21, Buxton, Woodstock C.W., s/o John & Rebecca CARTER, married Harriet C. DYKE, 17, Raleigh, Virginia U.S., d/o George & Maria DYKE, witn: Ezekial COOPER, George CHARLESTON, both of Buxton, 10 December 1863

Mungo STEWART, 25, East Tilbury, St. Louis C.E., s/o James & Elizabeth STEWART, married Elizabeth SLOAN, 16, east Tilbury, East Tilbury, d/o Joseph & Mary SLOAN, witn: John RICHARDSON, David SMITH, both of East Tilbury, 29 December 1863


No. 87

George FREDERICK, 29, Howard, Mursey (Mersea?), s/o Alpheus & Clarissa FREDERICK, married Elizabeth SHIELDS, 23, Howard, Hamilton, d/o Edward & Martha SHIELDS, witn: A. HOLMES, Harwich, A.F. SHAW, Camden, 22 September 1863


No. 88

Julius W. THOMAS, 28, Romney, Wentworth?, s/o James & Alma, married Mary MILLS, 18, Romney, Chatham, d/o Horatio & Martha, witn: Hugh WELLAN, Mersea, Catherine SHOSANDER?, Romney, 18 February 1863

William (illeg.) SIMPSON, 23, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o Peter & Anne, married Elizabeth MILLS, 17, Mersea, Mersea, d/o William Russell & Martha, witn: Mary SIMPSON, Tilbury, 19 February 1863

Thomas HEATHERINGTON, 36, Romney, Romney, s/o Peter & Julia Ann, married Jane ROBINSON, 25, Romney, Romney, d/o John & Catherine, witn: John ROBINSON, Romney, 4 March 1863

John WHITE, 24, Mersea, Mersea, s/o James & Phoebe, married Susan MALLOTT, 17, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Joseph & Barbara, witn: William SHELDON, Mersea, 14 March 1863

John KENDALL, 27, Romney, England, s/o William & Hannah, married Marg’t BICKUM, 23, Harwich, Canada, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: William WICKWIRE, Romney, 7 April 1863

George Washington MORRIS, 27, Tilbury, Ohio U.S., s/o Joseph & Ann, married Lucy Ann STOCKWELL, 15, Tilbury, New York, d/o Denniss & Lucyette, witn: Joseph MONK?, Tilbury, 13 April 1863

Andrew HOLLAND, 33, Tilbury, Scotland, s/o Stephen & Elizabeth, married Louise LABADIE, 25, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o John & Julia Ann, witn: Rob’t LABADIE, Tilbury, 25 April 1863

Thomas RENWICK, 19, Romney, Romney, s/o John & Sarah, married Caroline GREEN, 19, Romney, England, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: William SPARKS, Romney, 28 April 1863

Robert WILKINSON, 24, Mersea, Mersea, s/o Francis & Elizabeth, married Anne COULTIS?, 23, Mersea, Mersea, d/o William & Mary, witn: Robert COUTIS?, Mersea, 8 August 1863

John James WILKINSON, 30, Mersea, Mersea, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Jane RAMSON?, 19, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Mona FOX, Gosfield, 12 September 1863

Christopher IMESON, 29, Mersea, England, s/o Jonathan & Mary, married Hannah E. SIDDALL, 20, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, witn: David MITEFF?, Romney, 5 October 1863

John Thomas LYNCH, 29, Wallaceburg, Brock (possibly Brook), s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Elizabeth J. RUSSELL, 21, Tilbury, Mersea, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph RUSSELL, Tilbury, 14 October 1863

Hugh F. EDWARDS, 22, Romney, Romney, s/o Meredith & Elloner, married Tryphenia TOLL, 18, d/o Henry & Tryphenia, witn: Francis GOULETT, Raleigh, 21, October 1863

William H. ALLAN, 22, Tilbury, Detroit U.S., s/o Frederick & Ann, married Ellen LACHANCE (possibly LAFRANCE or LAPRAIRIE), 19, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Joseph & Phoebe, witn: R.E. DODSON, Tilbury, 21 November 1863


Sheet 37

No. 89 [microfilm very faint & difficult to read]

Benjamin Richard BALMER, not entered, Lewiston N.Y., not entered, s/o Thomas & Martha Ann BALMER, married Abba Pauline COLLIER, not entered, C.W., d/o Thomas & Margaret COLLIER, witn: Hector GOWANS, Alex McVITTIE, both of Thamesville, 1 January 1863

John A. WILLIAMS, not entered, Chatham C.W., C.W., s/o Sam’l & illeg.? WILLIAMS, married Susannah illeg.?, not entered, Chatham C.W., C.W., d/o Chas. & Cleah? Jane BAXTER?, witn: Robert CLARK, Jacob ENTIDE?, both of illrg., 16 December 1863


No. 90

John DAVIDSON, 29, East Tilbury, County of Welland, s/o William & Margaret DAVIDSON, married Maria MALOTT, 24, Gosfield Essex, Gosfield Essex, d/o Wendell & Louisa MALOTT, witn: Simon MALOTT, East Tilbury, 3 February 1863

John WALKER, 36, East Tilbury, Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire England, s/o Benjamin & Ann WALKER, married Elizabeth STEWART, 30, Lot 19 Middle Road Tilbury East, d/o James & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: John RICHARDSON, East Tilbury, 16 April 1863

Leonard HENDRICKS, 27, East Tilbury, Romney, s/o James & Euphemia HENDRICKS, married Isabella GRIEVE, 18, East Tilbury, Raleigh, d/o John & Charlotte GRIEVE, witn: Alexander GRANT, East Tilbury, 8 September 1863


No. 91

Thomas CLARK, 21, Howard, Canada, s/o James & Sarah, married Mary Ann RITSON, 18, Howard, England, d/o George & Hannah, witn: James RITSON, A.H. SISSONS, both of Howard, 1 January 1863

Samuel FOSTER, 31, Orford, Canada, s/o John & Margaret, married Hannah GALLAGHER, 18, Orford, Ireland, d/o Peter & Frances, witn: William FRANTON?, Laura STONE, both of Orford, 5 January 1863

George GILL, 21, Orford, Canada, s/o Joseph & Eunise, married Harriet Ann SMITH, 20, Caradoc, Canada, d/o Francis & Caroline, witn: Phebe GILL, Fred’k OUTHOUSE, both of Orford, 16 January 1863

Samuel ATTERIDGE (ATTRIDGE?), 22, Orford, Canada, s/o Andrew & not entered, married Susan _ALE?(illeg.), 19, Orford, Canada, d/o Thomas & Frances, witn: Moriah ATTERIDGE, William ATTERIDGE, both of Orford, 22 January 1863

William CALBRAITH (Galbraith?), 25, Howard, Canada, s/o Walter & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth NEVILL, 23, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Martha, witn: P. MORDEN, Jane GRANT, both of Howard, 2 (or 21) March 1863

William O. HESS, 20, U.S.A., Illinois, s/o Levi & Dorothea, married, Almira J. CHATTERSON, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o Ezekiel & Barbary, witn: Mrs. CHATTERSON, Mrs. WILLSON, both of Howard, 25 February 1863

John GOSNELL, 25, Orford, Orford, s/o George & Abigail, married Elizabeth BAILY, 24, Orford, Ireland, d/o John & Jane, witn: W. H. BAILY, Georgianna GOSNELL, both of Orford, 19 August 1863

Henry GOSNELL, 36, Orford, Ireland, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Anna Belle CONNOR, 25, Howard, C.W., d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Sarah OSTRANDER, J. OSTRANDER, both of Howard, 2 September 1863

Joseph B. HAZLITT, 23, Dresden, C.W., s/o James & Jane, married Martha E. TRAXLER, 23, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Michael & Hannah, witn: Matilda TRAXLER, Chatham, Thomas SMITH, Dresden, 6 October 1863

Demetrius HOMES (HOLMES), 23, Harwich, C.W., s/o Jabez & Rebecca, married Mary CLARK, 19, Howard, Scotland, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Margaret CLARKE, Corrie? Ann HOMES, both of Howard, 14 October 1863

Mark DAVIS, 25, Troy, U.S.A., s/o John & Matilds, married Mary C. LAMBERT, 31, Troy, Howard, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Deborah WILLIAMS, Edward WILLIAMS, both of Troy, 29 October 1863

Richard GOSNELL, 25, Howard, Orford, s/o Joseph & Caroline, married Anith GRANT, 22, Orford, Saltfleet, d/o John C. & Margaret, witn: George GRANT, Sarah GOSNELL, both of Orford, 8 December 1863

William H. BAYLY (BAYLEY), 30, Orford, Ireland, s/o John & Jane, married Georgina GOSNELL, 19, Orford, Orford, d/o George & Abigail, witn: E.W. GIBSON, Ridgetown, Fanny GOSNELL, Orford, 24 December 1863


No. 92

John SMITH, 21, Howard, Townsend Norfolk Co., s/o James & Nancy SMITH, married Louisa GRANT, 17, Orford, Grimsby, d/o John & Margaret GRANT, witn: Jane WILKENS, Orford, Tomus SMITH, Howard, 1 January 1863

Charles BOWBEEN (Bowbeer?), 22, Aldboro, Trafalgar, s/o William S. & Mary BOWBEEN, married Christiana FORD, 19, Orford, Orford, d/o William & Jane FORD, witn: Joseph TAIT, Catherine McINTYRE, both of Orford, 6 February 1863

Benjamin BEATON, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Flora BEATON, married Anne PALMER, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o Edmund & Phebe PALMER, witn: Hugh BEATON, Ann CAMPBELL, both of Howard, 18 February 1863

Nelson GRAVES, 19, Harwich, Howard, s/o Elias & Sophia GRAVES, married Catherine McCOLL, 18, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Duncan & Christianna McCOLL, witn: Guilford GRAVES, Howard, Burniss STEEL, Harwich, 3 March 1863

Andrew DECLUTE, 26, Harwich, Raleigh, s/o Richard & Amy DECLUTE, married Catherine ROSS, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth ROSS, witn: Arch’ McKISHNEY, Catherine SHAW, both of Howard, 23 April 1863

John WILLSON, 22, Howard, Ekfrid, s/o Andrew & Mary WILLSON, married Catherine MOORE, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o John & Mary MOORE, witn: Guilford GRAVES, Howard, James LEITCH, Orford, 8 June 1863


Sheet 38

No. 92 (continued)

James WOOD, 21, Howard, Howard, s/o Pontis & Dorcas WOOD, married Catherine HALL, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o Titus & Anna HALL, witn: Jane CAMPBELL, Orford, Elizabeth PHELPS, Howard, 9 June 1963

John SLEEMAN (SLUMAN?), 27, Hope, Cornwall, s/o Charles & Betsy SLEEMAN, married Lavinia SHAW, 21, Howard, Dunwich, d/o Robert & Mary SHAW, witn: Sylvanus J. SHAW, Jane MITTON, both of Howard, 11 June 1863

Robert MASON, 20, Howard, Brownville New York, s/o John & Sarah MASON, married Elizabeth NATT (WATT?), 18, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Susan NATT, witn: James NATT, Phebe NATT, both of Howard, 6 July 1863

James SCANE, 35, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Elizabeth SCANE, married Sarah Jane SPENCE, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o John & Ellen SPENCE, witn: William UNDERWOOD, Louisa SPENCE, both of Howard, 15 July 1863

Michael TRAXLER, 21, Morpeth, Howard, s/o Michael & Margaret TRAXLER, Ama Mary LIER, 21, Morpeth, City of New York, d/o Thomas & Catherine LIER, witn: Daniel LIER, Margaret McKENZIE, both of Morpeth, 20 August 1863

Patrick McAULIFF, 42, Mosa Middlesex, Ireland, s/o John & Joanna McAULIFF, married Catherine HEWITT, 40, Howard, Howard, d/o George & Elizabeth HEWITT, witn: George DRAPER, Guilford GRAVES, both of Howard, 15 October 1863

Alvin GOFF, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o Alvin & Margaret GOFF, married Rachel Louisa WALTERS, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o Robert & Hannah WALTERS, witn: John JOHNSTON, John PALMER, both of Howard, 31 December 1863

It is written here "The above were married by the Rev. R. PHELPS and the following by the Rev. T. HANNA"

Gustavus BARTON, 23, Howard, Ireland, s/o Gustavus & Catherine BARTON, married Margaret BROWN, 24, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Janet BROWN, witn: Johnston ANDERSON, Alexander BROWN, both of Howard, 17 December 1863


No. 93

Owen CARLEY, 23, Howard, Co. Meath Ireland, s/o William CARLEY & Mary MILLER, married Mary BOYLE, 21, Wallaceburgh, Antrim, d/o Mathew BOYLE & Ann MOORE, witn: Ellen McDONELL, Wallaceburgh, John G. CALLAGHAN, Chatham, 18 January 1863

Fenton DELEY, 40, Chatham, Ireland, s/o Michael DELEY & Rotz NUNTON?, married Elizabeth FOWLES, 37, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Brien FOWLES & Catherine DOUGAL, witn: __ MCARTY, __ HOGAN, both of Chatham, 19 January 1863

Patrick FORDHAM, 29, Chatham, Canada, s/o William FORDHAM & Margaret HANLAN, married Francisca GALES, 23, Wallaceburg, Canada, d/o Robert GALES & Anni CHAPMAN, witn: John G. CALLAGHAN, Mary STAMLIN, both of Chatham, 31 January 1863

Antoini TINSEL, 19, Chatham, Windsor C.W., s/o Julien TINSEL & Elizabeth BONILLET, married Philomena PETRE (PETRA?)18, Chatham, Detroit, d/o Athanaer PETRA & Phebe BECKART, witn: Louis BRONILLET, Chatham, 16 February 1863

Octava RONEAU, 23, Chatham, La Prairie C.E., s/o Prudina RONEAU & Marie ROBERT, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 18, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Barnabie CAMPBELL & Margaret ALEXANDER, witn: Barnabie CAMPBELL, Chatham, 16 February 1863

Cunquan BARBORI, 27, Dresden C.W., West Indies, s/o Guan? BARBORI & Susanna OTEYA?, married Anna WASHINGTON, 19, Dresden C.W., Pennsylvania, d/o parent’s names not entered, witn: Miles McCARRON, Wallaceburg, 15 February 1863

Michael DOOLY, 25, Chatham, Co. Clare Ireland, s/o Michael DOOLY & Mary McQUEEN, married Anne SHERIDAN, 28, Chatham, Clare Ireland, d/o Owen SHERIDAN & Ellen SHEEHAN?, witn: Michael McNAMARA, Chatham, 14 April 1863

James SCULLY, 28, Rocky Mountains, St. Martens C.E., s/o James SCULLY & Nancy MADON?, married Margaret O’SULLIVAN, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John O’SULLIVAN & Brigette HUGHSON, witn: Michael DILLON, Chatham, 15 May 1863

Patrick McGRATH, not entered, Kent C.W., Down Ireland, s/o Patrick McGRATH & Anne REILLY, married Margaret FORDHAM, not entered, Kent C.W., Waterford Ireland, d/o William FORHAM & Margaret HANLAN, witn: Martin FORHAM, Julia KELLY, both of Chatham, 20 May 1863

Thomas FAIRBANKS, 23, Chatham, Ireland, s/o James FAIRBANKS & Brigette O’CONNOR, married Anne TOBIN, 19, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Patrick TOBIN & Catherine DOOLEY, witn: James DONOVAN, Chatham, 13 June 1863

Edward ORLINDORFF, 31, Blenheim, Pennsylvania, s/o John ORLINDORFF & Mary EVENS, married Fanny MULLEN, 18, New York, ___port (illeg.), d/o Thomas MULLEN & Julia CONNELLY, witn: Joseph SOTE (LOTE), John CALLAGHAN, both of Chatham, 4 July 1863

John CROW, 30, Chatham, Limerick Ireland, s/o Patrick CROW & Ann KEEP, married Ann FORHAN, 20, Chatham, London England, d/o Daniel FORHAN & Ann GLASMAN, witn: Dan’l FORHAN, Mary FORHAN, both of Chatham, 5 August 1863

Thomas CASEY, 20, St. Thomas C.W., St. Thomas C.W., s/o James CASEY & Ann CURRY, married Anna KELLY, 27, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John KELLY & Mary LAMB, witn: John KELLY, Margaret CASEY, both of Chatham, 2 September? 1863

Antony DANIEL, 22, Paincourt, Paincourt, s/o Joseph DANIEL & Theresa LANDRY, married Catherine ST. JACQUES, 18, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Michael ST. JACQUES & Natalie SEPROHAN, witn: Pierre DANIEL, Paincourt, 22 October 1863

Charles DUCIDRE, 22, Paincourt, Paincourt, s/o Antoine DUCIDRE & Moe YACKS, married Sabuth? ALEXANDER, 18, Paincourt, Paincourt, d/o Pater ALEXANDER & Isabella CARRIER, witn: Joseph CAMBELL (Campbell?), Chatham, date illegible (possibly 24 December 1863)


Sheet 39

No. 93 (continued)

Henry OULETTE, 22, Paincourt, Paincourt, s/o Joseph OULETTE & Isabella CARON, married Purity? BLANCHET, 18, Paincourt, Paincourt, d/o Abraham BLANCHET & Mary LE MONTRA, witn: Francois BLANCHET, Paincourt, 25 December? 1863


No. 94

Jonah CARPENTER, 21, Harwich, England, s/o Edward & Elizabeth CARPENTER, married Emily STEPHENS, 20, Harwich, Cramahe, d/o William H. & Mary A. STEPHENS, witn: David PATERSON, Elizabeth PATERSON, both of Harwich, 19 February 1863

John REDMOND, 25, Howard, Montreal, s/oJohn & Sophia REDMOND, married Sarah Ann CONNER (CONNOR?), 21, Howard, Kitley C.W., d/o Charles & Sarah CONNER, witn: Henry GOSNELL, Annabelle CONNER, both of Howard, 6 April 1863

David P.? KINSEY, 22, Howard, Malahide, s/o Zenas & Catherine KINSEY, married May (Mary?) Adeline TYHURST, 17, Howard, Howard, d/o Edwin & Caroline TYHURST, witn: John B. KINSEY, Jane MITTON, both of Howard, 22 (or 23) December 1863


No. 95

James LEWIS, 25, Raleigh, Ireland, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Christina McCLELLAN, 26, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o Ron? & Sarah, witn: John McCLELLAN, Tilbury, 5 January 1863

David N. BLACK, 28, Wallaceburgh, Scotland, s/o John & Agnes, married Mary WINTER, 21, Howard, Canada, d/o Daniel & Eliza, witn: Robert WINTER, Howard, 8 January 1863

William DOWES, 51, Dover, Scotland, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary THOMISON?, 41, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Thomas & Jane BROWN, witn: Daniel McNEAGH, Chatham, 16 June 1863

John VALANTINE, 24, Chatham, United States, s/o "names of parents unknown colored persons", married Mary BROWN, 23, Chatham, United States, d/o Ambrose & Maria, witn: John MORRIS, Chatham, 30 June 1863

Fielding W. ASHBY, 33, Kentucky, United States, s/o James E. & Mary C., married Catherine V. PATTIS(ON?), 23, Kentucky, United States, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Mary Ann PATERSON, Chatham, 8 September 1863

William STEPHENSON, Dover, England, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Emma WILMORE, 24, Dover, England, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Robert WILMORE, Dover, 21 September 1863


No. 96

George SNAKE, 23, Moraviantown, Munceytown, s/o John & Cornelia SNAKE, married Eliza JOHNSON, not entered, Moraviantown, unknown Pottawattamie, d/o not entered, witn: John JACOBS, Moraviantown, By Banns 19 January 1863

Seth ANTONY, 20, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Adam & Rosina ANTONY, married Nancy JACKSON, not entered, Moraviantown, unknown Pottawattamie, d/o not entered, witn: Nathaniel ANTONY, Moraviantown, By Banns 19 January 1863

Daniel JENNING, 25, Orford, England, s/o Thomas & Jane JENNINGS, married Margaret LETHER, 19, Orford, Hamilton Co. Wentworth, d/o James & Mary LETHER, witn: John LETHER, Orford, By Licence 7 February 1863

David A. EVERITT, 33, Howard, Chatham Twp., s/o John & Sarah EVERITT, married Olive NEWCOMB, 24, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John & Agnes NEWCOMB, witn: Elizabeth SMITH, Zone, By Licence 11 February 1863

John SHAW, 23, Camden, Camden, s/o Thomas & Jane SHAW, married Martha DOUGHERTY, 19, Aldborough, Aldborough, d/o Charles & Caroline DOUGHERTY, witn: Mathew MORRISON, Mosa, By Banns 18 February 1863

William O'NEIL, 28, Orford, Antrim Ireland, s/o David & Jane O'NEIL, married Hannah FLEMING, 19, Orford, Scotland, d/o John & Susan FLEMING, witn: Henry O'NEIL, Orford, By Licence 11 March 1863

Abram SCHENEDO, not entered, "Munceytown an Oneida Indian", s/o not entered, married Mary SHEBOSH, 20, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, d/o John & Mary SHEBOSH, witn: Christian STONEFISH, Moraviantown, By Banns 19 April 1863

Saleb ROBINS, 45, Zone, Montgomery Co. NY, s/o William & Polly ROBINS, married Elizabeth COOPER?, 35, Bothwell Zone, Twp. Walpole, d/o George & Anna CLINGERSMITH, witn: Susan E. VOGLER, Moraviantown, By Banns 13 May 1863

Thomas FARRELL, 27, Camden, Camden, s/o Robert & Anna FARRELL, married Cornelia MERRILL, 26, Camden, Chatham, d/o John & Caroline MERRILL, witn: Robert AIKENS, Camden, By Banns 3 June 1863

William ROGERS, 22, Newbury Mosa, Howard, s/o George & Elenora ROGERS, married Jemima MATHEWS, 21, Newbury Mosa, Windham, d/o John & Eliza MATHEWS, witn: Daniel McGEE, Moraviantown, By Banns 5 July 1863

Reuben C. TOMICO, 32, Munceytown, Munceytown, s/o John TOMICO, married Martha HUFF, 22, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, d/o John & Jacobena HUFF, witn: James SNAKE, Moraviantown, By Banns 9 August 1863


No. 97

Thomas SMITH, 25, Chatham, St. Louis Mo U.S., s/o Thomas & Hannah SMITH, married Laura JOHNSON, 17, Chatham, Louisville Ky U.S., d/o William & Mary JOHNSON, witn: Lorenzo NETTLES, Mary NETTLES, both of Chatham, 7 February 1863

William J. SHADD, 25, Raleigh, Pa U.S., s/o A.D. & H.N. SHADD, married Carrie? PONDEXTER, 20, Raleigh, Ohio U.S., d/o Job & Levina PONDEXTER, witn: Allen COOPER, George JONES, both of Shrewsbury, 5 February 1863

Nicholas MORGAN, 25, Rond Eau, S.C. U.S., s/o unknown, married Ad (illeg.) SHADD, 23, Raleigh Plains, Pa. U.S., d/o A.C. & H. N. SHADD, witn: W. SHADD, A. D. SHADD, both of Raleigh, 15 October 1863


Sheet 40

No. 97 (continued)

John CATILIAN Jr., 23, Chatham, Virginia U.S., s/o John & Sarah CATILIAN, married Mary TURNER, 17, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Stephen & Sarah TURNER, witn: James NANSBORO, A. JOHNSON, both of Chatham, 30 December 1863


No. 98

Colins HANDY, 24, Howard, Orford, s/o Colins HANDY & Rebecca BALDWIN, married E.J. WATSON, 18, Harwich, Port Hope, d/o John WATSON & Rosana DE LONG, witn: Henry WATSON, Harwich, Louisa HANDY, Howard, 22 April 1863

George HIGGS, 44, Howard, England, s/o Joseph HIGGS & Mary YOUNG, married Alice RANSOM, 26, Harwich, York State, d/o Daniel BROWN & Cevilla TOMPKINS, witn: S. STILLMAN, Eunice STILLMAN, both of Harwich, 27 April 1863

John AKAR, 25, Howard, Quebec C.E., s/o John AKAR & Mary Ann HUNT, married Mary McCOY, 28, Howard, Belfast, d/o Neil McCOY & Sarah RUDDELL, witn: Mrs. A. WADDELL, William HARRISON, both of Howard, 15 June 1863

Archibald McKISHNEY, 24, Harwich, Scotland, s/o Lachlan McKISHNEY & Katherine ROSE, married Juliette HIGGS, 16, Howard, Howard, d/o George HIGGS & Mary J. BARNUM, witn: Henry NICOL, Eckfrid, Christy ROSE, Howard, 24 June 1863

Henry WATSON, 24, Harwich, Port Hope, s/o John WATSON & Rosana DE LONG, married Louisa HANDY, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o Collins HANDY & Rebecca BALDWIN, witn: Abraham ROOME, Orford, Julia Ellen HANDY, Howard, 9 August 1863

Samuel MUCKLE, 26, Harwich, Ireland, s/o William MUCKLE & Mary AGNEW, married Mary HAGGARTY, 35, Harwich, Aldboro, d/o Neil HAGGARTY & Janet McNAUGHTON, witn: Rebecca GREEN, Mary Jane HALL, both of Howard, 8 September 1863

Leonard M. BENTLEY, 21, Howard, Howard, s/o Samuel BENTLEY & Mary SCRATCH, married Isabella HAGGARTY, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Neil HAGGARTY & Janet McNAUGHTON, witn: James HAGGARTY, Barbara HAGGARTY, both of Harwich, 13 October 1863

Archibald PALMER, 27, Orford, Howard, s/oDavid PALMER & Margaret McINTYRE, married Sarah McLEAN, 20(30?), Dunwich, Dunwich, d/o John McLEAN & Catherine GUGAN, witn: Hugh PALMER, Kate McLAREN, both of Orford, 5 November 1863

John J. BOULTON, 26, Morpeth, London England, s/o Thomas BOULTON & Mary BIRD, married Mary H. MARSH, 24, Howard, Howard, d/o Alex MARSH & S.E. NEWCOMB, witn: Ralph FINLAY, John MOODY, both of Howard, 18 November 1863


No. 99

Francis LEGER, 20, Dover East, Hamilton, s/o J.B. LEGER & H. CASOVEN, married Harriet HEBERT, 17, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Thomas HEBERT & E. BOUCHETTE, witn: Theophile BELANGER, J.B. ROBERT, both of Dover East, 7 January 1863

J.B. TOULOUSE, 24, Dover East, Dover East, s/o J.B. TOULOUSE & V. MOYET, married Marie (Maria?) BOUCHET, 18, Dover East, St. Bernard, d/o J. BOUCHET & F. RAYMOND, witn: Joseph MOYET, Joseph BOUCHET, both of Dover East, 7 January 1863

Clovis LABADIE, 22, Dover East, Dover East, s/o Antoine LABADIE & M. ST.PIERRE, married Archange BOUCHET, 21, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Francois BOUCHET & A. MOYET, witn: Edward LATOURNEAU, Francois BOUCHET, both of Dover East, 7 January 1863

Dominique ST. AUBIN, 23, Tilbury East, Macom (Macomb?) Co. Mich, s/o F. ST. AUBIN & Marie MINO, married Catherine OULETTE, 17, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Charles OULETTE & Celeste TRUDELL, witn: Julien CHENI, Charles OULETTE, both of Tilbury East, 10 February 1863

Leon CHARRON, 25, Dover East, Mont Clemens, s/o Isaac CHARRON & Marie HEBERT, married Archange THIBODEAU, 17, Dover East, Dover East, d/o H. THIBODEAU & Esther REMILLARD, witn: Ambroise THIBODEAU, Louis PETREAU, both of Dover East, 16 February 1863

Maxime DUPUIS, 36, Tilbury East, St. Jacques ___?, s/o Francis DUPUIS & Juliette RARRIER?, married Rose RAVANET, 24, Dover East, St. Per, d/o Isaac RAVANET & S. COMTOUT, witn: Joseph DUPUIS, Tilbury East, Philip BLONG, Dover East, 20 April 1863

Paul SUSSIE (SOUCIE?), 40, Dover East, St. Edouard, s/o Basil SUSSIE & Louise BOMBEUSSE, married Philomina MALATT, 20, Dover East, St. Cyprien, d/o Francis MALATT & Zoe LEFEBORE, witn: Basillie LUTRIE, Narcisse BOURGEOUS, both of Dover East, 21 April 1863

Narcisse GOUDREAU, 21, Dover East, Dover East, s/o J.B. GOUDREAU & J.SUPRENANT?, married Edesse PELLETIER, 18, Dover East, Dover East, d/o André PELLETIER & Catherine FAUBERT, witn: J.B. GOUDREAU, André PELLETIER, both of Dover East, 21 April 1863

Leboire ONTAILLA, 25, Dover East, Dover East, s/o J. B. ONTAILLA & Francoise MORIN, married Emilie CARON, 20, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Gregoire CARON & Therise OUELLETTE, witn: J.B. OUELLETTTE, James COMELIN, both of Tilbury East, 23 April 1863

Louis ROY, 24, Dover East, Chatham, s/o Medard ROY & Zoe CAMPBELL, married Marie GOUDREAU, 23, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Francois GOUDREAU & Emerena? ROMAIN, witn: Medard ROY, Hillaire GOUDREAU, both of Dover East, 4 May 1863

Olivier ARCAID, 23, Dover East, Los Chang, s/o Olivier ARCAID & H. BLACKMORE, married Celeste RAYMOND, 23, Dover East, Dover East, d/o J.B. RAYMOND & Marie EMERY, witn: Michael ST. GERMAIN, Francis EMERY, both of Dover East, 4 May 1863

William CARRIER, 21, Chatham, Chatham, s/o J.B. CARRIER & VictoireDUPLISSY, married Marie BLAIS, 16, Dover East, London, d/o Thomas BLAIS & M. TANGUAY, witn: J.B. CARRIER, Tilbury East, André ROY, Dover East, 11 May 1863

William THIBODEAU, 20, Dover East, Dover East, s/o H. THIBODEAU & E. REMILLARD, married Helene EMERY, 18, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Luc EMERY & Charlotte HEBERT, witn: Ambroise THIBODEAU, Luc EMERY, both of Dover East, 23 June 1863

Alexander LAMARCHE, 21, Williamsburgh, Dover East, s/o Joseph LAMARCHE & V. DELANGE, married Charlotte CHARRON, 21, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Isaac CHARRON & Marie HEBERT, witn: André CHARRON, Louisant? ROBERT, both of Dover East, 15 July 1863


Sheet 41

No. 99 (continued)

Narcisse ROGUE, 22, Dover East, Sarnia, s/o Louis ROGUE & M. PAQUIN, married Marie RHEAUM, 20, Raleigh, Tilbury East, d/o Charles RHEAUM & GAGNE, witn: Louis ROGUE, Tilbury East, Charles RHEAUM, Dover East, 1 September 1863

E?.B. MAYET, 20, Dover East, Dover East, s/o J.B. MAYET & Augath LOZON, married Clemence CHARRON, 19, Dover East, Dover East, d/o J.B. CHARRON & H. BEAUGRAND, witn: Joseph MOYET, J. Baptiste CHARRON, both of Dover East, 1 September 1863

James WARREN, 27, Chatham, Howard, s/o G. & S. WARREN, married Susanna BABY, 19, Dover East, Dover East, d/o Edmund BABY & F. DUQUETTE, witn: Edmund BABY, Charles BARILLIER, both of Dover East, 20 October 1863

J.B. LERIGER, 25, Dover East, St. Remy, s/o Paul LERIGER & Victoire ROI, married Marie BECHARD, 17, Dover East, Dover East, d/o C. BECHARD & Marie HOULLE, witn: Paul LERIGER, Celina BECHARD, both of Dover East, 17 November 1863


No. 100 [parent’s names not entered in this group of marriages]

Edward CAPUM, 21, Chatham, U. States, s/o not entered, married Jane HASSELL, 22, Chatham, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, 20 January 1863

Gamabul PASSMORE, 35, Chatham, not entered, s/o not entered, married Martha PAPPINGTON, 30, Chatham, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: M. FRY or FOY, Chatham, 5 March 1863

Ambrose WHITE, 27, Raleigh, Virginia, s/o Will & CatherineWHITE, married Christina BARRY?, 25, Raleigh. Ohio, d/o not entered, witn: J. ANDERSON, Raleigh, 8 April 1863

John VINCENT, 25, Dover, Canada, s/o not entered, married Emmiline BURT, 28, Dover, States, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, 28 May 1863

Philip SNOOK, 21, Chatham, Canada, s/o not entered, married Hanie LAGLON, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: Charles SNOOK, Chatham, 14 June 1863

William DODSON, 21, Raleigh, Canada, s/o George & Hester DODSON, married Mary ANDERSON, 18, Raleigh, Canada, d/o David & Mary ANDERSON, witn: W. ANDERSON, Raleigh, 21 June 1863

Rubin FIELDER, 25, Howard, Canada, s/o not entered, married Sarah YOUNG, 20, Harwich, not entered, d/o not entered, witn: not entered, 17 July 1863

Henry BROWNE, 40, Harwich, Canada, s/o not entered, married Sarah CLARK, 33, Chatham, States, d/o not entered, witn: George BROWNE, Chatham, 26 August 1863

Thomas TULLY, 22, Euphemia, Canada, s/o not entered, married Mary C. FORD, 21, Euphemia, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: Robert FOSTER, Euphemia, 21 September 1863

Alfred LEWIS, 50, Chatham, States, s/o not entered, married Priscilla BROWN, 35, Chatham, States, d/o not entered, witn: Jeff HOLDEN, Raleigh, 1 October 1863

William ENGLAND, 59, Chatham, England, s/o not entered, married Elizabeth GRAY, 66, Chatham, Scotland, d/o not entered, witn: Rob’t BLACK, Raleigh, 12 November 1863

Benson SKINNER, 60, Chatham, States, s/o not entered, Anne STOODEN?, 41, Chatham, States, d/o not entered, witn: J.W. SPARKS, Chatham, 19 November 1863

Noah GRIFFIN (GIFFIN?), 30, Chatham, States, s/o not entered, married Anne E. CHARITY?, 27, Chatham, States, d/o not entered, witn: Joseph GREEN, Chatham, 19 November 1863

An’d G. McWHINNEY, not entered, Chatham, not entered, s/o not entered, married Ellen M. MERCER, not entered, Chatham, not entered, d/o not entered, witn: John MERCER, Chatham, __ July 1863


No. 101

Ed ANDERSON, 32, Chatham, Virginia, s/o Jacob & Mary ANDERSON, married Adeline MITCHELL, 22, Chatham, Indiana, d/o Robert & Rebecy MITCHELL, witn: A.H. HIGGINS, J.W. TAYLOR, both of Chatham, 19 July 1863

Joseph WILLIAMS, 27, Buxton, Penn., s/o James & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Elizabeth BROWN, 27, Buxton, Ohio, d/o Asa (Isaac?) & Mary BROWN, witn: George W. HATTER, James STREET, both of Buxton, 7 January 1863


No. 102

Edward STEEN, 31, Chatham, England, s/o Edward & Martha STEEN, married Priscilla KELLOGG, 23, Camden, Camden, d/o John & Catherine KELLOGG, witn: John HOWARD & John GILLESPIE, both of Camden, 6 March 1863

E. ROSEBURGH, 22, Harwich, Flamborough, s/o S. & H. (or A.) ROSEBURGH, married Almeda LEWIS, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Edward & Mary LEWIS, witn: Theopolis LEWIS, Tecumseh Holmes, both of Harwich, 11 November 1863


No. 103

Henry MILLER, 38, Chatham, Virginia U.S., s/o Joseph & Sarah MILLER, married Nancy ATWOOD, 20, Gore Camden, Louisiana U.S., d/o not known, witn: George JOHNSON, Gore Camden, Charles MESHACK, Chatham, 21 May 1863

Daniel J. FREEMAN, 25, Dresden, New York U.S., s/o George W. & Deborah FREEMAN, married Mary J. GRIFFIN, 17, Dresden, Indiana U.S., d/o Alfred & Eliza GRIFFIN, witn:William J. HOLCOM, Mary LUCAS, both of Dresden, 22 July 1863


Sheet 42 - part 1

John BUTLER, 25, Gore Camden, Maryland U.S., s/o Sandy & Phebe BUTLER, married Alice MaHoney (Mahoney), 17, Gore Camden, Ohio U.S., s/o not entered & Fanny Ma Honey, witn: A.H. HAYS, J.H. ELLIOTT, both of Gore Camden, 16 August 1863

John RICKMAN, 22, Chatham, Virginia U.S., s/o E. & Nancy RICKMAN, married Mary DEAN, 19, Dresden, Indiana U.S., d/o Clinton & Sarah DEAN, witn: James RAISON, Josiah BROWN, both of Chatham, 27 December 1863


No. 104

Peter McKINLEY, 24, Howard, Canada, s/o Don’d McKINLAY & Marg’t McINTOSH, married Jane ROBERTSON, 25, Harwich, Canada, d/o John ROBERTSON & Mary McQUEEN, witn: James McKINLEY, Howard, John McKINLEY, Tillsonburgh, 7 January 1863

Hugh CUNNINGHAM, 28, Orford, Canada, s/o John CUNNINGHAM & Marg’t McPHAIL, married Altha FORD, 18, Orford, Canada, d/o David FORD & Nancy McINTOSH, witn: James SECTET, Nathaniel MASSEY, both of Orford, 5 February 1863

Alex CRAWFORD, 30, Orford, Scotland, s/o Duncan CRAWFORD & Marg’t DUNCAN, married Mary McFARLANE, 20, Harwich, Canada, d/o A. McFARLANE & M. McMILLAN, witn: James ROBERTSON, Howard, John GILLIS, Orford, 17 February 1863

Dugald GILLIS, 28, Howard, Canada, s/o Arch’d GILLIS & Christina McCOLL, married Jane CROWDER, 23, Howard, Canada, d/o William CROWDER & Marg’t PENROSE, witn: Joseph CROWDER, John CROWDER, both of Howard, 19 February 1863

George CRAGG, 20, Howard, England, s/o William CRAGG & Eleanor ATKINSON, married Marjory McKAY, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o Alex & Catherine McKAY, John CRAGG, Howard, Jane McKAY, Harwich, 11 March 1863

Neil WALKER, 30, Aldborough, Scotland, s/o John WALKER & Sarah GRAHAM, married Ann E. NICKERSON, 26, Aldborough, New Brunswick, d/o David NICKERSON & Marg’t VAIL, witn: Dugald WALKER, James A. NICKERSON, both of Aldborough, 3 April 1863

William COLE, 32, Orford, Ireland, s/o William COLE & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Mary WILEY, 24, Orford, Canada, d/o ThomasWILEY & Marg’t KRAY, witn: William WILEY, Sidney POWELL, both of Orford, 21 April 1863

Donald FERGUSON, 30, Howard, Scotland, s/o Hugh FERGUSON & Mary ROBERTSON, married Sarah McKINLAY, 25, Howard, Canada, d/o Duncan McKINLAY & Sarah E. ORRO, witn: J.G. McGREGOR, John WILLSON, both of Howard, 21 May 1863

John FERGUSON, 30, Orford, Scotland, s/o William FERGUSON & Ellen DAVIDSON, married Marg’t WILL, 28, Ald Geer? Scotland, Scotland, d/o William WILL & Jane RAE, witn: William JAMIESON, Orford, A.R. BRASH, Howard, 24 October 1863

Duncan JOHNSON, 24, Orford, Scotland, s/o Ronald JOHNSON & Mary McKAY, married Catherine McBRAYNE, 21, Howard, Canada, d/o Archibald McBRAYNE & Catherine SHAW, witn: Cornelius McBRAYNE, John McKAY, both of Howard, 15 December 1863

Alexander STEVENSON, 27, Tilbury East, Scotland, s/o Alexander STEVENSON & Janet CAMPBELL, married Christina McALISTER, 21, Orford, Scotland, d/o James McALISTER & Margaret McMILLAN, witn: James STEVENSON, Tilbury East, Samuel McALISTER, Orford, 31 December 1863


No. 105

Thomas McCROSSAN, not entered, Chatham, Scotland, s/o not entered, married Jane McDONALD, not entered, Chatham, not entered, d/o not entered, witn: Joseph A. WILLIAMS, Florence, 1 January 1863

Daniel McMULLIN, 21, Chatham, Canada, s/o not entered, married Jane A. FIELD, 18, Chatham, Canada, d/o not entered, witn: James M. SMITH, Chatham, 21 February 1863

Joseph DUVAL, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o William & Sophia DUVAL, married Theresa PERRY, 18, Chatham, Canada, d/o Joseph & Mary PERRY, witn: Joseph PERRY, Chatham, 21 February 1863

Thomas THANE, 22, Harwich, Canada, s/o Jonas & Mary SHANE, married Emma STEVENSON, 19, Harwich, England, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth STEVENSON, witn: Henry STEVENSON, Harwich, 23 February 1863

James McKENZIE, 23, Chatham, Canada, s/o Alex & Susan McKENZIE, married Anne SMITH, 19, Chatham, Canada, d/o Samuel & Mary SMITH, witn: A.L. McKENZIE, Louisville, 25 February 1863

Thomas W. HUGHSON, 41, Raleigh, Canada, s/o John & Nancy HUGHSON, married Elizabeth HINES (HINDS), 28, Raleigh, England, d/o John & Sarah HINDS, witn: David MILLS, Orford, 4 March 1863

George BEENS, 38, Chatham, United States, s/o James & Nancy BEENS, married Fanny LOYD, 22, Chatham, United States, d/o Joseph & Mahala GATEWOOD, witn: Josiah SCOTT, Chatham, 9 March 1863

James TRAXLER, 35, Harwich, Canada, s/o Peter & Rebecca TRAXLER, married Jane PARKER, 25, Harwich, United States, d/o Thomas & Anne PARKER, witn: R.S. McINTYRE, Harwich, 26 March 1863

Samuel S. BARTLETT, 50, Chatham, Lower Canada, s/o George & Martha BARTLETT, married Maria STACKPOLE, 26, Chatham, Ireland, d/o George & Ellen STACKPOLE, witn: William SMITH, Chatham, 26 March 1863

Isaac HUGHSON, 30, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Nathaniel & Mary HUGHSON, married Anna BOOSEY, 18, Camden, England, d/o Josiah & Louisa BOOSEY, T. LARKE, Chatham, 11 April 1863

Benjamin FOX, 25, Raleigh, United States, s/o Henry & Ann FOX, married Emily PURSER, 17, Chatham, England, d/o James & Harriet PURSER, witn: Amos BURSE (PURSER), Chatham, 28 April 1863


Sheet 42 – part 2

Hezekiah HUGHSON, 30, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Nathaniel & Mary HUGHSON, married Mary ASKEW, 24, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o Thomas & Mary ASKEW, witn: Margaret LARK, Chatham, 21 May 1863

Charles B. SHAW, 27, Camden, Canada, s/o Absolom & Mary SHAW, married Elizabeth DESMOND, 15, Camden, U States, d/o Timothy & Rebecca DESMOND, witn: J.A. LANGFORD, Harwich, 28 May 1863

William PAYNE, 39, Chatham, England, s/o Ruben & Sarah A. PAYNE, married Catherine ROSS, not entered, Chatham, Scotland, d/o david & Mary ROSS,, witn: Job PAYNE, Chatham, 14 May 1863

Nathaniel TURNER, 27, Howard, Howard, s/o Wyatt & Elenor TURNER, married Frances INCHES, 27, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Charles & Mary INCHES, witn: Hannah SLADE, Chatham, 22 July 1863

William COSGROVE, 24, Chatham, Dover, s/o William & Ann COSGROVE, married Christiana FORBES, 24, Chatham, Aldboro, d/o Alex & Catherine FORBES, witn: Rob’t DUFF, Chatham, 10 August 1863

E.W. RIDER, 32, Chatham, U. States, s/o William & Margaret RIDER, married Rosilla SHEVROW?, 29, Chatham, L. Canada, d/o Louis & Margaret SHEVROW, witn: Charles WINICAP, Chatham, 30 September 1863

William FOX, 21, Raleigh, U. States, s/o Henry & Ann FOX, married Jane VOAKS, 27, U. States, U. States, d/o William & Susannah VOAKS, witn: Henry FOX, Raleigh, 9 October 1863

Richard BOLTON, 33, Camden, Camden, s/o John & Catherine BOLTON, married Eliza J. LAW, 26, Camden, L. Canada, d/o John & Marg’t LAW, witn: William LAW, Camden, 17 November 1863

William LIVINGSTON, 23, Harwich, Esqissing, s/o John & Eliza LIVINGSTON, married Sarah ARNOLD, 18, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Lewis & Catherine ARNOLD, witn: Joseph MERRITT, Harwich, 2 December 1863

Frederick GRIFFIN, 26, Raleigh, U. States, s/o John & Sucy (Lucy?) GRIFFIN, married Amelia GARNER, 21, Harwich, U. States, d/o Philip & Susan GARNER, witn: M.O. HARRIS, Raleigh, 3 December 1863

Albert BEDFORD, 22, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Ebenezer & Susan BEDFORD, married Maria WINTERS, 19, Harwich, Nelson, d/o Henry & Rebecca WINTERS, witn: William ROBINSON, Harwich, 8 December 1863

William George WEBSTER, 22, Camden, Camden, s/o Henry & Jane WEBSTER, married Ann BROPHY, 22, Camden, Ireland, d/o Thomas & Mary BROPHY, witn: James CAMPBELL, Chatham, 11 December 1863

William ROBINSON, 35, Euphemia, England, s/o John & Jane ROBINSON, married Mary POWELL, 19, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o John & Jane POWELL, witn: Jane POWELL, Euphemia, 15 December 1863

Charles MULLHOLLAND, 21, Chatham, U. States, s/o James & Jane MULLHOLLAND, married Teresa EVANS, 19, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Israel & Jane EVANS, witn: Orville DOLSEN, not entered, 22 December 1863


No. 106

Jonathan WOODALL, 23, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o J. WOODALL & Helen BROWN, married Marg’t GRANT, 23, Chatham Twp., Berwickshire, d/o James GRANT & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: David HUTTON, Dalhousie, Thomas GRANT, Chatham, Hannah WOODALL, Dalhousie, 6 January 1863

John William LEWIS, 24, Chatham, Brockville, s/o E.R. LEWIS & Eliz’th BURNHAM, married Elizabeth GILMORE, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John GILMORE & Christina McFEE, witn: A.G. GRAHAM, Toronto, M.T. CAMERON, Harwich, 14 January 1863

John MARSHALL, 23, Tilbury East, Scotland, s/o James & Janet MARSHALL, married Elizabeth HOPE, 23, Tilbury East, Birch Ridge C.E., d/o William HOPE & Isabella AINSLEE, witn: William MARSHALL, Isabella LANG, both of Tilbury East, 10 February 1863

Andrew RAYMOND, 32, Dover East, Dover East, s/o John RAYMOND & Jane LAUZON, married Nancy HILLMAN, 17, Dover East, Raleigh, d/o John HILLMAN & Mary MACAULAY, witn: George NIGHTINGALE, Janet NIGHTINGALE, both of Dover East, 20 March 1863

Alexander McDONALD, 32, Dawn, Invernesshire Scotland, s/o D. & Flora McDONALD, married Mary JOHNSON, 19, Dawn, Invernesshire Scotland, d/o Roderick JOHNSON & Marg’t MORRISON, witn: Coll McDONALD, John JOHNSON, Jane Mc___, all of Dawn, 10 June 1863

John McISAAC, 37, Chatham, Argyleshire Scotland, s/o John McISAAC & C. McKERRALL, married Mary NOBLE, 22, Chatham, Ayrshire, d/o Sojan NOBLE & Annie KERRIGAN, witn: Robert YOUNG, William McISAAC, Lillias FORSYTH, all of Twp. of Chatham, 25 June 1863

William NEELY, 27, Gore Camden, Hinchinbrook C.E., s/o John NEELY & Isabella KERR, married Phoebe JOHNSTON, 18, Camden, Hinchinbrook C.E., d/o William JOHNSON & Elizabeth TODD, witn: Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Gore Camden, Andrew NEELY, Camden, 7 July 1863

William LONG, 60, Chatham Twp., Yorkshire England, s/o David LONG & Sarah SUDABY, married Emma MARDEN (MORDEN?), 22, Chatham Twp., Kent England, d/o John MARDEN & Harriet CROUCHER, witn: Peter MORE?, Elizabeth LONG, both of Twp. Chatham, 6 August 1863

Thomas M. HOPE, 22, Tilbury East, Williamstown C.E., s/o William HOPE & Isabella AINSLEE, married Louisa WILLIAMS, 17, Jackson Ma. U.S.A., Mersea Essex Co., d/o John WILLIAMS & Eliza JAMES, witn: Isaac AINSLEE, Isabella LAING, both of Tilbury East, 17 August 1863

Jacob ORR, 19, Ingersoll, St. Johns N.B., s/o William ORR & Eliza HADDOCK, married Isabella AUDETTE, 16, Chatham, Odell Town C.E., d/o J. AUDETTE & Marg’t HILL, witn: James PHILLIP, Chatham, Martha PATTON, Ingersoll, 22 August 1863


Sheet 43

No. 106 (continued)

Joseph MARTIN, 23, Dover East, Montreal C.E., s/o Alex MARTIN & Julia HEMMING, married Eliza DOLSEN, 19, Dover East, Dover East, d/o John DOLSEN & Polly REMEAU, witn: Peter E. McKERRALL, Chatham, M. GLANEY Jr., Wallaceburgh, 1 September 1863

Daniel McCAIG, 25, Saginaw U.S.A., Scotland, s/o John McCAIG & Catherine McNAUGHTON, married Christina MARTIN, 22, Tilbury East, not entered, d/o Mathew MARTIN & Christina McNABB, witn: Archibald McCAIG, Harwich, Agnes MARTIN, Tilbury East, 10 September 1863

Andrew NEILL, 27, Harwich, Chatham, s/o William NEILL & Grace McFARLANE, married Mary GRAY, 29, Harwich, Perthshire Scotland, d/o Peter GRAY & Mary FERGUSON, witn: James GRAY, Marion NEILL, both of Harwich, 26 November 1863

Hugh BEATON, 30, Howard, Aldborough, s/o John BEATON & Flora CAMPBELL, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o John CAMPBELL & Nancy BROWN, witn: Agnes BEATON, Ann CAMPBELL, both of Howard, 25 December 1863


No. 107

Osker WALLACE, 39, Twp. Chatham, Virginia U.S., Samuel & Henrietta WALLACE, married Sarah STEWART, 20, Twp. Chatham, Not Known, d/o Stephen & H. STEWART, witn: Walter HAWKINS, Mary HUGHSON, both of Twp. Chatham, 10 August 1863

W.P.L. CHANDLER, 23, Twp. Chatham, Indiana U.S., s/o William & Clara CHANDLER, married Celia A. ROBINS, 19, Chatham, Indiana, d/o Richard & Margaret ROBINS, witn: Charles MOORE, Twp. Chatham, William S. CAUSBY, Dresden, 12 November 1863

William H. NELSON, 24, Dresden, Buffalo U.S., s/o Henry & Sarah NELSON, married Rebecca GAMBRIL, 22, Chatham, Boston Mass U.S., d/o Peter & Nancy GAMBRIL, witn: Matilda SMITH, Everitta RICKEY, both of Dresden, 22 December 1863


No. 108

Richard BODKIN, 20, Gore Camden, Canada West, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth BODKIN, married Elizabeth TIFFIN, 21, Gore Camden, Canada West, d/o Thomas & Eliza TIFFIN, witn: Patrick BODKIN, S.A.M. BOYLAN, both of Camden, By Licence, 1 January 1863

Samuel SHAW, 26, Gore Chatham, Ireland, s/o Charles & Margaret SHAW, married Mary ARNOLD, 19, Chatham, Canada West, d/o John & Rachel ARNOLD, witn: Lionel JOHNSON, Barbara ARNOLD, both of Gore Chatham, By Licence, 19 January 1863

Andrew J. TURNER, 31, Gore Camden, Delaware U.S., s/o Elijah & Amelia TURNER, married Viginia McCORKLE, 21, Twp. Chatham, Tennessee U.States, d/o John & Eliza McCORKLE, witn: Henry BRADLY, Chatham, Amelia S. HALL, Dresden, By Banns, 16 December 1863


No. 109

David GARDINER, 30, Harwich, Scotland, s/o William & Jane GARDINER, married Mary EAGLES, 23, Harwich, Raleigh, d/o Thomas & Mary A. EAGLES, witn: James GARDINER, Tilbury East, Hester EAGLES, Harwich, 14 January 1863

Israel C. SMITH, 22, Wallaceburgh, U. States, s/o Asilel & Jane SMITH, married Melissa DOLSEN, 20, Wallaceburgh, New York U.S., d/o James & Mary DOLSEN, witn: Philip SUBYAN?, Elizabeth E. SMITH, both of Wallaceburgh, 1 January 1863

William H. WHITE, 22, Raleigh, Raleigh C.W., s/o William & Catherine WHITE, married Pamilia (Permelia?) BROADBENT, 18, Raleigh, England, d/o John & Lydia BROADBENT, witn: Eliza DUCK, Morpeth, Ann MELLON, Raleigh, 6 January 1863

Jabez NEWCOMB, 26, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Elijah & Mary NEWCOMB, married Margaret WATSON, 25, Harwich, Harwich, d/o James & Mary WATSON, witn: James WATSON, Harwich, Betsy ROSS, Sparta, 26 August 1863

Samuel TOMPKINS, 26, Harwich, Montague C.W., s/o Obadiah & Nancy TOMPKINS, married Sarah Jane KELLY, 18, Harwich, Orford C.W., d/o Thomas & Hannah KELLY, witn: Thomas HAWLEY, Rebecca TOMPKINS, both of Harwich, 22 October 1863

John VESTER, 21, Harwich, Yorkshire England, s/o Isaac & Hilton? VESTER, married Jane ROBINSON, 21, Harwich, Nottingham, d/o George & Anna ROBINSON, witn: Charles KITCHEN, Mary A. VESTER, both of Harwich, 27 October 1863

Edward S. SEC (GEE, SEE?), 21, Harwich, Tilbury, s/o Semard & Elizabeth SEC, married Nancy CLEAVELAND, 21, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Robert & Maria CLEAVELAND, witn: Norman SMITH, Rebecca TYREL, both of Harwich, 9 November 1863

Archibald McCLARTY, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o Archibald & Isabella McCLARTY, married Mary A. PANGBURN, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o Hiram & Amelia PANGBURN, witn: Isaac PANGBURN, Anabel OGLETREE, both of Howard, 2 December 1863

William WELLWOOD, 20, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Samuel & Hannah WELLWOOD, married Debby A. PANGBURN, 19, Howard, Blanchard, d/o Alanson & Eliza PANGBURN, witn: William W. CAMPBELL, Maria PANGBURN, both of Howard, 7 December 1863

Robert STENTON, 63, Harwich, Yorkshire England, s/o John & Anna STENTON, married Belinda AIK, 52, Harwich, Little Scotland C.W., d/o Abraham & Tryphena AIK, witn: William JACQUES, Hannah JACQUES, both of Howard, 13 December 1863

Nelson H. SHEPLY, 25, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Samuel & Hannah SHEPLY, married Lydia A. JENNER, 21, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Thomas & Eliza JENNER, witn: Joseph SHEPLY, Kingsville, Hester JENNER, Raleigh, 30 December 1863

Ruben A. TOMPKINS, 23, Harwich, Montague, s/o Obadiah & Ann TOMPKINS, married Sarah C. TOLL, 22, Harwich, Dover, d/o John & Ann TOLL, witn: John SIMPSON, Almedia TYHAID?, both of Harwich, 19 May 1863 [duplicate marriage shown on sheet 44 with different ages]


No. 110

George McCREARY, 32, Chatham Ireland, s/o George & Jane McCREARY, married Mary A. KEOBLE, 33, Sombra, England, d/o George & Hannah KEOBLE, witn: Alex McCREARY, Sombra, 1 January 1863

Donald SUTHERLAND, not entered, Wallaceburgh, Scotland, s/o not entered, married Eliza BROWN, not entered, Wallaceburgh, not entered, d/o not entered, witn: AlexHAYS, Wallaceburgh, 1 January 1863


Sheet 44

No. 110 (continued)

Henry McDONALD, 23, Sombra, Wallaceburgh, s/o John & Margaret McDONALD, married Mary DINSMORE, 18, Sombra, Whitby, d/o John & Clarisa DINSMORE, witn: William McDONALD, Wallaceburgh, 6 January 1863

Arthur SHAW, 40, Chatham, Ireland, s/o Samuel & Eliza SHAW, married Margaret COOK, 24, Chatham, not entered, d/o Louis & Mary COOK, witn: Samuel SHAW, Chatham, 8 January 1863

Thomas CAMPBELL, 23, Chatham, not entered, s/o Stephen CAMPBELL & not entered, married Anna PHILLIPS, 19, Dover, not entered, d/o not entered, witn: Robert SHAW, Chatham, 2 February 1863

George FISH, 30, Wallaceburg, England, s/o Richard & Hannah FISH, married Emily ACKERD, 19, Wallaceburgh, England, d/o Joshua & Labinah ACKERD, witn: Richard FISH, Wallaceburgh, 8 February 1863

Philip TUBZEC? (LUBZEN?), 27, Wallaceburgh, Germany, s/o John & Elizabeth TUBZER?, married Elizabeth SMITH, 24, Wallaceburgh, U.S., d/o Ashil & Jane SMITH, witn: Dan NIX, Wallaceburgh, 26 February 1863

George William SAMPLE, 29, Gore Chatham, U.S. s/o Mathew & Elizabeth SAMPLE, married Margaret STEWART, 19, Gore Chatham, Gore Chatham, d/o James & Jennet STEWART, witn: J.E.G. SAMPLE, not entered, 15 April 1863

Ruben TOMPKINS, 22, Harwich, Augusta, s/o Obadiah & Ann TOMPKINS, married Sarah A. TOLLS, 21, Harwich, Dover, d/o John & Ann TOLLS, witn: John SIMPSON, Howard, 19 May 1863 [duplicate marriage shown on sheet 43 with different ages]

Thomas CRANE, 29, Wolf Island, U.S., s/o John & Catherine CRANE, married Alice COOK, 27, Sombra, Sombra, d/o William & Hannah COOK, witn: John SHIPLEY, Sombra, 18 August 1863

Charles MORRISON, 27, North Gore Chatham, U.S., s/o John & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Matilda TAYLOR, 18, North Gore Chatham, Chatham, d/o William & Matilda TAYLOR, witn: Edgar SIMPSON, Chatham, 27 August 1863

Simon S. SMITH, 26, Chatham, Howard, s/o Robert & Elizabeth SMITH, married Eliza A. STEWART, 17, Chatham, Camden, d/o William & Sarah STEWART, witn: Thomas JAMES, Chatham,29 September 1863

William J. HARRISS, 22, Gore Chatham, U.S., s/o Edward & Sarah HARRISS, married Heather GOODBERG, 20, Gore Camden, Kingston, d/o James & Jane GOODBERG, witn: John WHEELER, Chatham, 12 December 1863

Thomas SMITH, 26, Wallaceburgh, Howard, s/o Robert & Elizabeth SMITH, married Hannah WINTERS, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o Daniel & Eliza WINTERS, witn: David N. BLACK, Wallaceburgh, 15 December 1863

John BACKHOUSE, 35, Wallaceburgh, U.S., s/o Frederick & Margaret BACKHOUSE, married Margaret GILMORE, 20, Wallaceburgh, Kingston, d/o J. & C. GILMORE, witn: William BOYLE, Wallaceburgh, 19 December 1863

Delos BELL, 34, Wallaceburgh, Nelson, s/o Nathaniel & Sarah BELL, married Anie (Annie) NEVILL, 22, Wallaceburgh, Kingsville, d/o George & Rosanna NEVILL, witn: John BRAY, Wallaceburgh, 31 December 1863


No. 111

Francis Brock CARTIER, 26, Tilbury West, Chatham C.W., s/o Claude & Nancy CARTIER, married Eliza H. RUSSELL, 19, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Thomas & Sarah RUSSELL, witn: S.P. LACY, Chatham, 7 June 1863

John C. TROLLOPE, 24, Chatham, England, s/o Farmer? & Maria TROLLOPE, married Melissa A. MERIAM, 16, Chatham, Canada, d/o Salem & Sarah MERIAM, witn: F. CHAPMAN, M. WALKER, both of Chatham, 30 June 1863

Thomas CAMPBELL, 23, Chatham, Canada, s/o Stephen & Jane CAMPBELL, married Susan LACOUNT, 27, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Ph. LACOUNT, witn: I. HOPPER, C. CROWTHER, both of Chatham, 7 September 1863

Archibald McNEIL, 25, Raleigh, Canada, s/o John & Margaret McNEIL, married Hannah KING, 21, Raleigh, Canada, d/o William & Sarah KING, witn: C. ROWE, J. KING, both of Raleigh, 22 September 1863

Samuel CLEMENS, 32, Dover, England, s/o James & Mary CLEMENS, married Eliza LEATHERDALE, 19, Harwich, England, d/o Thomas & Sarah A.LEATHERDALE, witn: M. WILLIAMS, William WILLIAMS, both of Dover, 4 November 1863

Jacob DURINGER, 28, Chatham, Ohio U.S., s/o Jacob & Jane DURINGER, married Emma A. NEIL, 22, Chatham, Detroit U.S., d/o Thomas & Mary NEIL, witn: Henry & Marian NEAL, both of Chatham, 16 November 1863

William NEAL, 28, Chatham, England, s/o Thomas & Mary Eliza NEIL, married Maria BURTON, 24, Chatham, Canada, d/o William & Mary BURTON, witn: Henry & Marian NEAL, 24 December 1863


No. 112

Thomas William BODDY, 27, Howard, Canada, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth BODDY, married Catherine SISSON, 24, Howard, Canada, d/o Thomas & Ellen SISSON, witn: Francis OGLETREE, John CONNOR, both of Howard, 25 June 1863


No. 113 [All marriages in this section are 1862 marriages]


No. 114

Joseph Louis BATTETT, 24, Chatham, Lower Canada, s/o Samuel Louis & Margaret BATTETT, married Margaret Jane STEEN, 18, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Robert & Latitia STEEN, witn: Alfred OLDERSHAW, Chatham, 1 January 1863

James WATT, 29, Chatham, Scotland, s/o John & Jean WATT, married Esther BRYDON, 22, Chatham, Scotland, d/o John & Janet BRYDON, witn: Francis LEWIS, Chatham, 27 May 1863

John HARRIS, 26, Zone, England, s/o John & Margaret HARRIS, married Frances BROOKS, 19, Zone, Canada, d/o Thomas & Jane BROOKS, witn: Mary Jane RANNIE, Chatham, 16 June 1863

James BRIGGS, 20, Howard, Canada, s/o Jonathan & Mary Ann BRIGGS, married Phoebe TYHURST, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o Edward & Caroline TYHURST, witn:Charles WILLIAMS, Chatham, 18 June 1863

Alexander READ, 25, Gosfield Essex Co., Canada, s/o Stephen & Helen READ, married Amanda REIVE?, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Betsy REIVE, witn: Stewart VAUGHN, Mersea Essex Co., 13 October 1863

John H. McKILLOP, 27, County of Perth, Canada, s/o P. & Ann McKILLOP, married Marion CAMERON, 24, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Alexander & Marion CAMERON, witn: William ROSS, Chatham, 2 July 1863

Thomas HAYCOCKS, 24, Twp of Chatham, England, s/o John & Maria HAYCOCKS, married Isabella McKERRALL, 26, Twp of Chatham, Canada, d/o Malcolm & Isabella McKERRALL, witn: Hugh McKERRALL, Twp of Chatham, 12 November 1863


No. 115 [parent’s surnames are not entered]

Hiram YOUNG, 23, Camden, unknown, s/o unknown, married Louiza (Louisa?) HOUSTON, 18, Camden, Camden, d/o John & Ruth, witn: James YOUNG, Camden, 3 February 1863

Robert BEDFORD, 28, Camden, Dawn, s/o David & Ann, married Isabella FOSTER, 20, Camden, Windsor, d/o Jesse & Catherine, witn: I.J. EVERETT, Howard, 1 July 1863

Joseph HANNON, 24, Camden, unknown, s/o Andrew & Sarah, married Betsy A. JOHNSON, 19, Camden, Camden, d/o William & Mary, witn: Lavina JOHNSON, Camden, 3 February 1863

William H. BROWN, 22, Zone, unknown, s/o John & Sarah, married Susan BEAR, 16, Zone, Canada, d/o David & Ann, witn: Edward BROWN, Zone, 7 April 1863

Edward MURPLE, 50, Zone, Virginia U.S., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Barbary E. PARKER, 17, Zone, Zone, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: George SMITH, Zone, 16 September 1863

Thomas MEAD, 24, Camden, Brantford, s/o James & Susan, married Mary A. BUTLER, 29, Camden, Maine U.S., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Rev. C. BURDETT, Mosa, 7 October 1863

David VANSICKLE, 27, Zone, Wentworth, s/o David & Hannah, married Margaret FURY, 24, Camden, Camden, d/o Nicholas & Elizabeth, witn: D. SPRINGER, Chatham, 29 December 1863


No. 116

Oliver MANN, 20, Harwich, Canada, s/o Elijah & Samantha MANN, married Elizabeth COWELL, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o Moses & Eleanor COWELL, witn: William JOHNSON, Louisa JOHNSON, both of Harwich, 22 January 1863

Augustus LEIBNER, 28, Morpeth, Strasburg Prussia, s/o Charles J. & Elizabeth LEIBNER, married Caroline NOACK, 21, Morpeth, Prussia, d/o Samuel G. & Caroline NOACK, witn: Cyrus L. SMITH, Howard, Thomas SCHLENLER, Ridgetown, 24 March 1863

William Andrew KENNY, Harwich, Canada, s/o Stephen & Caroline S. KENNY, married Anna M. GEROW, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o Charles W. (or H.) & Mary A. GEROW, witn: James EBERLEE, Augusta BECKWITH, both of Morpeth, 11 November 1863

John GREEN, 21, Howard,Canada, s/o John & Elizabeth GREEN, married Mary Ann SEC, 20, Howard, Canada, d/o Henry & Hannah SEC, witn: Edward SIMPSON, Howard, 23 December 1863


Sheet 46

No. 117

John WASHINGTON, 27, Raleigh, Virginia U.S., s/o not entered, married Sarah PETERSON, not entered, Raleigh, New York, d/o John & Sarah PETERSON, witn: James ?YMES, Theodore JOHNSTON, both of Raleigh, 1 April 1863

Daniel DUIKETT, 45, Raleigh, South Carolina, s/o not entered, married Amising BUTLER, not entered, Raleigh, Virginia, d/o not entered, witn: James DAVIS, Miley ?, both of Raleigh, 2 August 1863


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