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Kent County, 1866

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage


Start of Sheet 65

No. 188

Henry MURPHY, 26, Shrewsbury, Missouri, s/o blank & Melinda MURPHY, married Sarah KEY, 45, Shrewsbury, New Virginia U.S., d/o James & Sarah KEY, witn: Hannah SIMPSON, William AUGUSTUS, both of Harwich, 7 June 1866

Adam BROOKES, 21, Shrewsbury, Hamilton, s/o Daniel BROOKES & Eliza CROOKS, married Lucientia HARDEN, 16, Shrewsbury, Illinois U.S., d/o Thomas & Manerina HARDEN, witn: Angeline HARISON, Peter JACKSON, both of Shrewsbury, 13 June 1866

Peter H.D. MORGAN, 30, Shrewsbury, South Carolina, s/o George & Delia MORGAN, married Julia HARVEY, 21, Detroit Mich., Chatham, d/o Henry & Narcissa HARVEY, witn: Angelina JACK, Matthew HILL, both of Shrewsbury, 4 October 1866


No. 189

George MORGAN, 26, Howard, Canada, s/o Arthur & Susanna MORGAN, married Jerusha NEWCOMB, 23, Harwich, Canada, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth NEWCOMB, witn: Robert SPENCE, Mary Ann GEORGE, both of Howard, 28 February 1866


No. 190

[in this section, references to Immaculate Conception & St. Phillippe are R.C. parishes in Dover Twp.]

Francois EMERY, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Francois EMERY & Josepte ALEXANDRE, married Georgina GERVAIS, 23, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Frederic GERVAIS & Salome ROY, witn: Francois EMERY, Frederic GERVAIS, both of Dover East, 9 January (Janvier) 1866

Eusèbe LUSSIER, 27, Immaculate Conception, St. Bernard L.C., s/o Bazile LUSSIER & Louise BOULERISSE, married Julie DUBUC (DUBUQUE?), 21, Immaculate Conception, Niagra, d/o Francis DUBUC & Marie MARTIN, witn: Louis LUSSIER, Paul LONGMENDIN?, both of Dover East, 14 January (Janvier) 1866

Benoni ST. PIERRE, 23, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Moyse ST. PIERRE & Euphaine MARTIN, married Elizabeth CROW, 24, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o John CROW & Jeanne CHARRON, witn: Moyse ST. PIERRE, Charles DUBOIS, both of Dover East, 16 January (Janvier) 1866

Joseph ROBERT, 20, Immaculate Conception, Tilbury Ouest, s/o Alexis ROBERT & Euphrosine MENNAR, married Catherine PAQUET, 17, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Joseph PAQUET & Appoline PRIMEAU, witn: Francis ROBERT, Joseph PACQUET, both of Dover East, 30 April (Avril) 1866

Theophile THIBODEAU, 23, Chatham, St. Cypnew C.E., Eusèbe THIBODEAU &Lucie BOURGEOIS, married Florence CARRON, 19, Immaculate Conception, Chatham, d/o Benjamin CARRON & Genevieve EMERY, witn: Eusèbe THIBODEAU, Chatham, Benjamin CARRON, Dover East, 29 May (Mai) 1866

Joseph Napoleon BLAIS, 21, Detroit, St. Dames C.E., s/o Joseph BLAIS & Julie BOULENGER, married Marguerite LAUZON, 24, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Charles LAUZON & Therese BERNIER, witn: Joseph BLAIS, Detroit, Charles MAYET, Dover East, 13 August (Aout) 1866

Louis GAUBERT, 30 Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o LOUIS GAUBERT & Pelagie CHARRON, married Marie ALEXANDRE, 18, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Pièrre ALEXANDRE & Isabella CARRIER, witn: Pièrre ALEXANDRE, Louis GAUBERT, both of Dover East, 28 August (Aout) 1866

Francis DELOGES, 26, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Michel DELOGE & Therese OUELLETTE, married Sophie ST. AMOUR, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception,, d/o Narcisse ST. AMOUR & Angelique DUBOIS, witn; Pierre DELOGE, Narcisse ST. AMOUR, both of Dover East, 3 September (Septembre) 1866

Moyse YACKS, 20, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Joseph YACKS & Marguerite DUPLESIS, married Claire ST. PIERRE, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Benoni ST. PIERRE & Rosalie TURCOTE, witn: Antoine YACKS, Benoni ST. PIERRE, both of Dover East, 11 September (Septembre) 1866

Joseph PINSONNEAULT, 23, Immaculate Conception, St. Jacques, s/o Jacob PINSONNEAULT & Claire TETRAULT, married Deloise CHEVRE, 21, Immaculate Conception, St. Jacques, d/o Joseph CHEVRE & Menaime MARTIN, witn: Jacob PINSONNEAULT, Joseph CHEVRE, both of Dover East, 1 October (Octobre) 1866

Antoine OUELLETTE, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Antoine OUELLETTE & Mary STERLING, married Menaime DRAGON, 19, Immaculate Conception, Raleigh, d/o Louis DRAGON & Angelique ROY, witn: Josete OUELLETTE, Francis STERLING, both of Dover East, 2 October (Octobre) 1866

Paul MARTIN, 29, Immaculate Conception, St. Phillippe, s/o Alexis MARTIN & Julie BAUDIN, married Deloise St. PIERRE, 18, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Moyse ST. PIERRE & Euphenie MARTIN?, witn: Moise ST. PIERRE, Narcisse YVETTE, both of Dover East, 8 October (Octobre) 1866

Desiré ROBITAILLE, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Michel ROBITAILLE & Henriette PROY, married Julienne THIBODEAU, 19, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Hubert THIBODEAU & Esther REMILLARD, witn: Ambroise THIBODEAU, Henry THIBODEAU, both of Dover East, 23 October (Octobre) 1866

James LAUZON, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Alexandre LAUZON & Marie MARTIN, married Suzanne GASTER, 21, Immaculate Conception, Raleigh, d/o Simon GASTER & Isabelle SPOONER, witn: Alexandre LAUZON, Hypollite LAUZON, both of Dover East, 23 October (Octobre) 1866

Edourd MAITVIER, 25, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Edourd MAITVIER & Marie RICHET, married Justine PACQUET, 19, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Joseph PACQUET & Appeline PRIMEAU, witn: Edourd MAITVIER, Joseph PACQUET, both of Dover East, 6 November (Novembre) 1866

Joseph EMERY, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Joseph EMERY & Felice GAUBERT, married Philomena THIBERT, 18, Immaculate Conception, St. Phillppe, d/o Benoni THIBERT & Julienne TETRAULT, witn: Joseph EMERY, Jacob PINSONNEAULT, both of Dover East, 29 November (Novembre) 1866


No. 191

John WEBSTER, 22, Florence C.W., Florence C.W., s/o William WEBSTER & Margaret NELSON, married Isabella PHILIPS, 24, Camden C.W., Camden C.W., d/o Isaac PHILIPS & Lucinda WADE, witn: William WEBSTER, Maria L. PHILIPS, both of Canada West, 15 January 1866

Samuel CONTRAD, 29, Howard Kent, Germany, s/o John CONTRAD & Margaret SLEVER, married Saba? FILER, 18, Howard C.W., Fingal C.W., d/o Samuel FILER & Henner GILL, witn: William J. WHITE, Horace S. HOTCHKINS, both of Howard, 30 January 1866

John LANE, 27, Harwich Kent, Oxford C.W., s/o Edward LANE & Anne BOOTH, married Isabella McCALLUM, 18, Aldboro, Trafalgar, d/o John McCALLUM & Mary McKINNA, witn: John DENSING, James SMILEY, both of Canada, 8 February 1866

Andrew SERSON, 38, Howard C.W., Ireland, s/o James SERSON & Jane PORTE, married Eliza Jane INGRAM, 23, Howard, Ireland, d/o William INGRAM & Margaret CORRIGAN, witn: Henry SERSON, Margaret INGRAM, both of Howard, 9 May 1866


Start of Sheet 66

No. 191 (continued)

Palmer R. WILBUR, 25, Howard Kent, Ohio U.S., s/o Israel WILBUR & Abigail CLARKE, married Margaret GREEN, 21, Howard Kent, Howard, d/o Levi GREEN & Nancy WHITSOL, witn: Freeman GREEN, Anna CAMPBELL, both of Howard, 17 May 1866

Stephen Horatio PICKERING, 25, Harwich Kent, Raleigh Kent, s/o Henry PICKERING & Sarah Sophia BLYTH, married Lydia MORRISON, 24, Harwich Kent, Raleigh Kent, d/o John MORRISON & Lydia DARLING, witn: Honiram LANE, Jane ROSS, both of Harwich, 16 January 1866

William MAPES, 27, Aldboro Twp., Raleigh Kent, s/o Samuel MAPES & Eles’te? WEDGE, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 24, Aldboro, Aldboro, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Mary McBRIDE, witn: James CAMPBELL, Archie CAMPBELL, both of Aldboro, 1 November 1866

Duncan SMITH, 36, Howard Kent, Scotland, s/o Angus SMITH & Margaret SILLER, married Nancy McKINLAY, 27, Howard, Howard, d/o Peter McKINLAY & Margaret McTAVISH, witn: Daniel SMITH, Margaret McKINLAY, both of Howard, 8 November 1866

Aaron KLEINKNECHT, 24, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o George KLEINKNECT & Hannah HAMERKER, married Maggie O’MALLEY, 20, Orford, Orford, d/o Anson O’MALLEY & Eliza GREEN, witn: R. P. McKELLAR, Catherine McPHAIL, both of Orford, 31 December 1866


No. 192

Reuben TAYLOR, 36, Dover, Kentucky, s/o John & Ann Eliza TAYLOR, married Louise JONES, 32, Dover, England, Simon ____? & blank, Ach? HULET, Overton, 25 March 1866 [the word Montgomery is below HULET]

William HENRY, 42, Dover, Virginia, s/o William & Hannah HENRY, married Ann Elizabeth GEORGE, 25, blank, blank, d/o Samuel GEORGE & blank, witn: Chosse? WILLIAMS, blank, no date entered

Alexander CURRY, 23, Dover, Missouri, s/o John C. & Jane C. CURRY, married Mary Ann GRAHAM, 22, Dover, Pennsylvania, d/o Amost & Hannah GRAHAM, witn: Hannah GEORGE, Nancy GRAHAM, both of Dover, 9 April 1866

Jeremiah S. BROWN, 25, Chatham, Pittsburg, s/o Thomas & Frances BROWN, married Mary A. WHEELER, 18, Chatham, St. Thomas, d/o Hiram & Violet WHEELER, witn: Zekial COOPER, Dover, 4 November 1866

William COLLINS, 21, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Moses & Jane COLLINS, married Susan CARTER, 16, Chatham, Indiana, d/o Osterig & Lilly CARTER, witn: Nancy Williams, Susan WILLIAMS, both of Chatham, 17 January 1866

Calvin JOHNSON, 26, Chatham, Kentucky, s/o Cilas & Jane JOHNSON, married Sarah YOUNG, 25, Chatham, Delaware, d/o H. & Mary YOUNG, witn: Mary HAWKINS, Ezekial COOPER, both of Chatham, 14 January 1866


No. 192½

Isaac HAYLETT, 22, Camden, Upper Canada, s/o James & Jane HAYLETT, married Margaret AUSTIN, 17, Camden, Upper Canada, d/o Andrew & Sarah AUSTEN, witn: Eli HAYLETT, Sarah SEXSMITH, both of Camden, 18 January 1866

Lucius INGRAM, 25, Chatham, Niagra U.C., s/o Robert & Susanna INGRAM, married Eliza A. ELLISON, 18, Chatham, Binbrook U.C., d/o Christopher & Angeline ELLISON, witn: James LAIRD, Mary M. ELLISON, both of Chatham, 29 November 1866


No. 193

Andrew DIRCH, 26, Harwich C.W., United S., s/o Augustine & Elizabeth DIRCH, married Rebecca CRAWFORD, 20, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Mary DODMAN, witn: John B. CURTIS, Harwich, 1 January 1866

Layfaette BARNES, 22, Camden, Camden, s/o Michael S. BARNES & blank, married Elizabeth DODMAN, 18, Camden, Camden, d/o William & Mary DODMAN, witn: John DODMAN, Zone, 2 January 1866

John YOUNG, 23, Howard C.W., Southwold C.W., s/o Elliott & Dirinda YOUNG, married Amy Louisa (not given but probably KINZY or KENZIE), 18, Howard, Malahide, d/o Zanius & Catherine KENZIE, witn: William MITTON, Howard, 7 February 1866

William FENTON, 25, Howard, Ireland, s/o John FENTON & blank, married Ellen RAYCROFT, 21, Orford, Ireland, d/o James & Ellen RAYCROFT, witn: Robert C. LEILTE, Howard, 10 April 1866

Isaac DOWLEY, 19, Howard, New York S., s/o not entered, married Nancy SIVER, 21, Howard, blank, d/o Adam & susan SIVER, witn: William McKINLAY, Howard, 24 April 1866

Robert McKAY, 22, Chatham, Prince Edward Island, s/o blank & Mary McKAY, married Elizabeth ANDE__?, 19, Howard, New Brunswick, d/o blank & Ann MORROW, witn: John MORROW, Howard, __? April 1866 (possibly 30 April)

John HUMPHREYS, 31, Orford, Canada, s/o John & Jane HUMPHREYS, married Esther Jane NEWCOMBE, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o Elijah & Mary NEWCOMB, witn: Eliakim NEWCOMB, Harwich, 8 July 1866

Elias PANGBOURN, 24, Howard, Blanshard C.W., s/o Alonzo & Eliza A. PANGBOURN, married Mary Ann GILL, 16, Orford, Orford, d/o Joseph & Unice (Eunice?) GILL, witn: Gifford GRAVES, Howard, 28 June 1866

George Alexander CROUCH, 22, Howard, Canada, s/o George & Sarah CROUCH, married Eliza Jane ESLICK, 21, Orford, Orford, d/o James & Nancy ESLICK, witn: Emmy? (Emma) BEDFORD, Howard, 3 October 1866


No. 194 [parents’ surnames not entered]

Hiram HICKSON, 22, Mersea, Canada, s/o Joseph & Wealthy, married Ella Ann HATT, 17, Mersea, Canada, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William DERBYSHIRE, Mersea, S. R. CULBERT, Romney, 6 February 1866

Thomas EDWARDS, 24, Romney, Canada, s/o Meredith & Eleanor, married Louisa TENANT, 20, Romney, Canada, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: John WHAIRM?, Charity EDWARDS, both of Romney, 26 February 1866


Start of Sheet 67

No. 194 (continued) [parent’s surnames were not entered]

John COULTER, 28, Mersea, Ireland, s/o William & Mary, married Catherine COULTER, 19, Mersea, Ireland, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: James & Charlotte COULTER, both of Mersea, 3 April 1866

William Henry BROWN, 22, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Ann HILLMAN, 19, Tilbury West, d/o James & Mary, witn: Nathaniel HILLMAN, Catherine S. BROWN, both of Tilbury East, 23 April 1866

Albert DAWSON, 24, Romney, Canada, s/o John & Mary, married Harriett COATSWORTH, 18, Romney, Canada, d/o John & Hannah, witn: J.R. & E.A. CULBERT, both of Romney, 1 November 1866

Oliver HYATT, 22, Romney, Canada, s/o Jacob & Rosa, married Mary Ann JULIEN, 22, Mersea, Canada, d/o Jacob & Juley Ann, witn: Hezekiah BEDFORD, Romney, Christopher JULIEN, Mersea, 5 November 1866

Seth COLLISON, 29, Mersea, Canada, s/o Robert & Amy, married Ann COULTER, 21, Mersea, Ireland, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: ____? HICKSON, Mersea, 18 November 1866

Enoch B. SHAW, 24, Romney, Canada, s/o William & Esther, married Sarah H. DAWSON, 21, Romney, Canada, d/o John & Mary, witn: S.R. ____?, Romney, G. CLARK, Tilbury East, 19 December 1866


No. 195 [parent’s surnames were not entered]

John PAXMAN, 23, Gore of Camden, Canada West, s/o James & Jane, married Christiana SIMPSON, 18, Gore of Chatham, Nova Scotia, d/o William & Marie, witn: Thomas M. BUSTIN, Alis (Alice?) TIFFIN, both of Gore of Chatham, 5 June 1866


No. 196

James STEWART, 25, Tilbury East, Canada E., s/o James STEWART & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Marion SMITH, 26, Tilbury East, Canada West, d/o Robert SMITH & Elspit GRAHAM, witn: Thomas SMITH, Isabella WOODS, both of Chatham, 26 April 1866

James MANN, 22, Tilbury East, Canada W., s/o William MANN & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Jane MANN, 26, Tilbury East, Canada West, d/o James SMITH & Ann ROBERTSON, witn: Donald COUTES, Detroit U.S., Mary SMITH, Tilbury East, 3 October 1866

John RICHARDSON, 18, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o John RICHARDSON & Margaret STEWART, married Letitia M. SLOAN, 16, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o Joseph SLOAN & Mary IRVINE, witn: Samuel SLOAN, Wardsville, Tilbury East, Agnes RICHARDSON, Tilbury West, 25 December 1866

Thomas SMITH, 25, Grand Haven U.S., Canada, s/o Robert SMITH & Elspit GRAHAM, married Isabella WOODS, 18, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o Alexander WOODS & Ann COCHRANE, witn: Robert SMITH, Jessie SMITH, both of Tilbury East, 28 December 1866


No. 197

Henry TIMOTHY, 24, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Amos & Elizabeth TIMOTHY, married Mary CALDWELL, 23, Moraviantown, Munceytown, d/o John & Nancy CALDWELL, witn: Jojn M. JACOBS, Moraviantown, 28 January 1866, By Banns

Alonzo FERGUSON, 35, Orford, St. Thomas C.W., s/o Elisha & Clarissa FERGUSON, married Mary McLARTY, 28, Aldborough, Aldborough, d/o Neil & Nancy McLARTY, witn: Duncan McCOLL, Aldborough, 27 February 1866, By License

Thomas SIMMS, 34, Zone, Cayuga, s/o Jacob & Rebecca SIMMS, married Sarah KILLON (KILLINS), 25, Zone, Cayuga C.W., Robert & Ann S. KILLAC? (KILLINS), witn: John H. VRENDENBURG?, Orford, 11 April 1866, By License

Henry O'NEIL, 30, Orford, Lough Geel Ireland, s/o David & Jane O'NEIL, married Mary FLEMING, 21, Orford, Kelso Scotland, d/o John & Susan FLEMING, witn: A.F.H. WARMAN, Moraviantown, 16 April 1866, By License

Zebedee JACQUES, 21, Howard, __? Yorks England, s/o William & Hannah JACQUES, married Matilda SEELY, 17, Camden, Meclanthon C.W. d/o Guy & Hannah SEELY, witn: Alexander JACQUES, Howard, 20 May 1866, By Banns

John BEST, 25, Harwich, Perry Woods Co. Ohio, s/o John & Sarah BEST, married Jane McCORMICK, Zone, St. Marys C.W., d/o James & Ann McCORMICK, witn: S.P. BEST, Chatham, 1 June 1866, By License

Edward TOBIAS, 23, Orford, Orford, s/o Conrad & Beata TOBIAS, married Mary SKENEDO?, 23, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Polly SHEBOSH, witn: Timothy SNAKE, Orford, 24 June 1866, By Banns

Alexander JACQUES, 27, Howard, Lincolnshire England, s/o William & Hannah JACQUES, married Elizabeth THORNE, 18, d/o Ransom & Sophia THORNE, witn: Zebedee JACQUES, Howard, 22 December 1866, By Banns


No. 198

James Ervin STEEL, Buxton C.W., Philadelphia Pennsylvania U.S., s/o Ervin & Mary Ann STEEL, married Faunn? Ann DOO, 25, Buxton C.W., Indiana U.S., d/o Green & Abigail DOO, witn: William DOO, Julie A. MUNRO, both of Buxton, 14 February 1866

Daniel SCOTT, 37, Buxton C.W., Kentucky U.S., s/o Daniel & Sarah SCOTT, married M.E. COOPER, 26, Buxton C.W., Chatham C.W., d/o Henry & Sarah NELSON, witn: John COLLINS, Bev (Rev) J.A. BANYON, both of Buxton C.W., 20 March 1866

William DOO, 28, Buxton C.W., Indiana U.S., s/o Green & Abigail DOO, married Phoebe SMALL, 29, Buxton C.W., New York U.S., d/o Samuel & Sarah EMANUEL, witn: E. LANN? (TANN), Tilbury C.W., Christy Ann DOO, Buxton C.W., 2 May 1866

John WEBB, 37, Raleigh Twp Co. Kent, Kentucky U.S., s/o Stephen & Mary WEBB, married Theodore JOHNSTON, 24, Raleigh Kent Co. C.W., Ohio U.S., d/o Henry & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Eli WALKER, Vilimard? MORRIS, Christeanne DOO, all of County of Kent C.W., 9 May 1866

Dalmanatha SIPES, 39, Buxton C.W., Pennsylvania U.S., s/o Henry & Mahalable CIPES, married Martha CALDWELL, 18, Buxton C.W., Pennsylvania U.S., d/o William & Mary Jane COLWELS, witn: Joseph WILLIAMS, Buxton C.W., 25 December 1866


Start of Sheet 68

No. 199

Walter LEWIS, 38, U.S., U.S., s/o William & Nancy, married Frances JENNER, 21, Canada, Canada, d/o unknown, witn: John JENNER, Chatham, 27 September 1866


No. 200

Peter J. HENSON, 26, Dresden, Colchester, s/o Josiah & Charlotte HENSON, married Elizabeth Ann GOENS, 22, Chatham, Pennsylvania U.S., d/o Eli & Susan GOENS, witn: Stephen SMITH, Edora BELL, both of Chatham, 7 September 1866, By License

Cater Henry JACOBS, 20, Chatham C.W., Delaware U.S., s/o Richard & Elizabeth JACOBS, married Mary Jane WILLSON, 23, Chatham C.W., Maryland U.S., d/o Nathaniel & Betsy WILLSON, witn: Ada ANDERSON, Chatham, Rachel SEEVER, Kent Bridge, 28 March 1866, By Banns

Hellis BAKER, 28, Chatham, Virginia, s/o Thomas & Anne BAKER, married Elizabeth SOUTHERS, 16, Chatham, Indiana U.S., d/o James & Nancy SOUTHERS, witn: Nancy SOUTHERS, Elizabeth GOENS, both of Chatham, 9 February 1866, By License

William ANDERSON, 22, Chatham, North Carolina, s/o Weley & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Mary ANDERSON, 18, Chatham, Pennsylvania U.S., d/o William & Frances ANDERSON, witn: Mary YOUNGER, Margaret HELLY (KELLY?), both of Chatham, 30 April 1866, By Banns

Doctor H. WATSON, 41, Chatham, Kentucky, s/o Reuben & Rachel WATSON, married Eliza JONES, 35, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Thomas & Isabella GILMORE, witn: Henry WEAVER, Rebecca WEAVER, both of Chatham, 7 October 1866, By License


No. 201

Timothy GILHELY (GILHULY?), 27, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C.W., s/o William & Honora (Anna) LOUGHLIN, married Mary FINLIN, 24, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C.W., d/o Patrick FINLIN & Elizabeth COOK, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN, Bridget DILLON, both of Raleigh C.W., 5 November 1866


No. 202

William Alfred BISHOP, 26, Dover Twp., England, s/o William & Mary BISHOP, married Elizabeth Jane PARISH, 18, Dover, England, d/o John & Sophia PARISH, witn: William PARISH, Ellen ASHER, both of Dover, 5 April 1866

Richard HASSARD, 29, Napanee, Ireland, s/o Edward & Jane HASSARD, married Lucinda Ann VANVALKENBURGH, 23, Raleigh, Morpeth C.W., d/o Bartholemew & Amelia VANVALKENBERGH, witn: Mathew EVANS, Rachel HUGHON?, both of Chatham, 11 June 1866

William WEAVER, 22, Chatham Twp., Suffolk England, s/o William & Phebe WEAVER, married Mary C. McCUBBIN, 21, Chatham Twp, Chatham Twp, d/o Robert & Barbara McCUBBIN, witn: Thomas EGLIN, Mary A. WEAVER, both of Chatham Twp., 27 June 1866

Charles SMITH, 26, Detroit U.S., England, s/o John & Susannah SMITH, married Elizabeth SHORT, 16, Chatham, Ireland, d/o James & Maria SHORT, witn: Warren MARTIN, Christianna OSWALD, both of Chatham, 28 August 1866

John STEEL, 56, Camden, Scotland, s/o John & Elizabeth STEEL, married Mary DRENNOW?, Dawn, Perth C.W., d/o John & Jane MORRIS, witn: John W?. TAYLOR, Raleigh, Sarah DRENNOW?, Dawn, 17 December 1866


No. 203

John GRIFFIN, 78, Raleigh Twp., Philadelphia, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth GRIFFIN, married Rachel Ann STENOS?,54, Raleigh, South Carolina, d/o William & Susan STENOS?, witn: E. Jane GRIFFIN, William JACKSON, ___ HARRISON, all of Raleigh, 23 August 1866


No. 204 [parent’s surnames not entered]

Benjamin HILLAM, 30, State of Ohio, Canada, s/o Jacob & Ruth, married Lucy A. HILTON, 20, Chatham Twp., Nova Scotia, d/o Amos & Caroline, witn: Edward DAVIS, Chatham, 8 March 1866

Duncan McCOLLUM, 26, Harwich Twp., Canada, s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Margaret CLARK, 19, Howard Twp., Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Alexander CLARK, Howard, 4 May 1866

James DAYLEY, 25, Dresden, Ireland, s/o William & Louisa, married Lucinda ELLIOTT, 24, Howard, Canada, d/o George & Mary, witn: Lewis HUFF, Dresden, 9 July 1866

James TOMPKINS, 30, State of Michigan, Canada, s/o Nathan & Rebecca, married Mary Ann VESTER, 19, Harwich, England, d/o Isaac & illegible, witn: Amos TOMPKINS, Harwich, 8 October 1866


No. 205

Ephraim DAY, 35, Ann Arbor Mich, New York U.S., s/o Jacob & Betsy DAY, married Julia GRIFFIN, 20, Chatham, Ohio U.S., d/o Stephen & Julia GRIFFEN, witn: George CHANDLER, Sarah WALLACE, both of Chatham, 17 January 1866

Nicholas STREETER, 38?, Dresden, Virginia U.S., s/o Michael & Ellen STREETER, married Elizabeth ABBOTT, 16, Camden, Ohio U.S., d/o Daniel & Fanny ABBOTT, witn: John MYERS, Camden, Solomon BOWE, Dresden, 25 January 1866

Austin LUCAS, 37, Camden, Kentucky U.S., s/o Moses & Ellen LUCAS, married Eliza VAN DYKE, 20, Camden, Kentucky U.S., d/o Jefferson & Louisa VAN DYKE, witn: George VAN DYKE, George WASHINGTON, both of Camden, 1 May 1866

George WASHINGTON, 22, Camden, Missouri U.S., s/o George & Milly WASHINGTON, married Isabella VAN DYKE, 30, Camden, Kentucky U.S., d/o Jefferson & Louisa VAN DYKE, witn: George VAN DYKE, Dresden, Austin LUCAS, Camden, 1 May 1866


No. 206 [parent’s surnames not entered]

Robert LONG, 25, Orford, Canada, s/o Thomas & Hellenor (Elenor), married Mary A. SMITH, 24, Orford, York, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Ja? LONG, Orford, 12 July 1866

Thomas Hud__? JAMES, 26, Bothwell, Halton County, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Hannah GAMEN?, 19, Bothwell, England, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin STEPHENSON, Bothwell, 13 August 1866

John WEIR, 24, Wardsville, Beverly (Twp.), s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Christena KERR, 20, Wardsville, Argylshire, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: Rob’t ELLIOTT, Bothwell, 10 September 1866


Start of Sheet 69

No. 206 (continued)

Thomas DOLAN, 28, Bothwell, Canada East, s/o William & Ann, married Amanda M. FLEMING, 25, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Andrew & Fanny, witn: Con SEWARD, Bothwell, 14 November 1866


No. 207

Felix S. SHEUNES?, 20, Buxton, U.S., s/o George & Elizabeth SHEUES, married Matilda HATTER, 18, Buxton, Canada, d/o George HATTER & blank, witn: George HATTER, Buxton, Sarah JOHNSON, Chatham, 21 August 1866

Senie? BANNISTER, 21, Raleigh, U.S., s/o John BANNISTER & blank, married Cordelia POINDEXTER, not entered, Raleigh, U.S., d/o blank & Seunia? POINDEXTER, witn: Adeline LAWRENCE, Benjamin TALBOT, both of Chatham, 20 September 1866

Fleming A. JOHNSON, 21, Chatham, U.S., s/o Mansfield A. & Judith B. JOHNSON, married Laura WHEELER, 21, Chatham, U.S., d/o Hiram WHEELER & blank, witn: George SHEUNES, Buxton, James H. CHARITY, Chatham, 2 October 1866

Stephen DYER, 69, Chatham, U.S., s/o blank (not entered), married Emily JOHNSON, 31, Chatham, U.S. d/o blank & Maria ROBINSON, witn: Adeline LAWRENCE, Perry & Mahalia GALES, all of Chatham, 14 October 1866


No. 208

William MEAD, 27, Harwich, Canada, s/o Thomas & Mary MEAD, married Barbara HENSON, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Smith & Rebecca HENSON, witn: Thomas LARKE, James RIDER, both of Chatham, 9 January 1866

Bolton Walter TESKEY, 26, South Dorchester, Ireland, s/o Hugh & Catherine TESKEY, married Mary Ann ESCOTT, 19, South Dorchester, England, d/o Henry & Jane ESCOTT, witn: Mary E. GODSON, Henry ESCOTT, both of Chatham, 11 January 1866

David Henry CAMPBELL, 25, Howard, United States, s/o Peter & Isabel CAMPBELL, married Margaret McDONALD, 19, Aldborough, Canada, d/o John & Catherine McDONALD, John DOEL?, William H. GOODSON, both of Chatham, 26 January 1866

Ruel Octavius SNOBELIN, 41, Harwich, United States, s/o Ruel & Audiers?, married Ellen BIORRES?, 39, Harwich, Canada, Robert & Mary GALES, witn: Philip BUSKIN, Mary BUSKIN, both of Camden, 13 March 1866

Adolphus WEES, 22, Camden, Canada, s/o William & Elizabeth WEES, married Emma MALOCHE (MELOCHE), 19, Camden, Canada, d/o John B. & Mary Ann MALOCHE, witn: Dan’l WALLACE, Pricella SHERMAN, both of Camden, 28 March 1866

Charles YATES, 26, Harwich, Canada, s/o David & Maria YATES, married Anne HOWARD, 22, Harwich, England, d/o Joseph & Jane Adelaide HOWARD, witn: Rob’t TAYLOR, Chatham, Albin E. SELKIRK, Harwich, 3 April 1866

James W. EBERLEE, 24, Howard, Canada, s/o Jacob & Sarah EBERLEE, married Ann C. SHELDON, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o William & Calista SHELDON, witn: Orlow SHELDON, Annie SULLIVAN, both of Harwich, 19 April 1866

William CARTER, 21, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Ann CARTER, married Julia BEST, 19? Howard, Canada, d/o Theodore & Cordelia BEST, witn: Gordon PATTERSON, Cynthia M. OSTERHOUT, both of Harwich, 25 April 1866

Hugh REED, 26, Harwich, Canada, s/o Rob’t & Jane REED, married Hannah TRAXLER, 19?, Harwich, Canada, d/o John P. & Mary Ann TRAXLER, witn: John VANHORNE, Peter FOSTER, both of Harwich, 23 May 1866

William BENNETT, 23, Harwich, United States, s/o George & Sarah BENNETT, married Charlotte ROE, 21, Raleigh, Canada, d/o John & Jane ROE, witn: George BUMP, Ann BENNETT, both of Raleigh, 24 May 1866

Samuel ATWELL, 21, Zone, Ireland, s/o James & Ann ATWELL, married Agnes RAINEY, 21, Mosa, Canada, d/o John & Jemima RAINEY, witn: F.A. WHITTEY, Jane CAMPBELL, both of Zone, 24 May 1866

John WALL, 31, Chatham, England, s/o James & Erma WALL, married Eliza W. WINTER, 26, d/o William & Amanda Melissa WINTER, witn: John N. FRASCOMBE?, Chatham, Jane BRODIE, Guelph, 20 June 1866

Amos Beatty SHAW, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o John & Mary SHAW, married Margaret PINKERTON, 25, Howard, Canada, d/o William & Martha PINKERTON, witn: James FULLERTON, Margaret FULLERTON, both of Chatham, 27 June 1866

John Abraham LANGFORD, 31, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Ann LANGFORD, married Mary GROVER, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o Baldwin & Ellen GROVER, witn: Tecumseh HOLMES, Catherine WALLACE, both of Chatham, 11 July 1866

Solomon ARNOLD, 50, Chatham, Canada, s/o Lewis & Catherine ARNOLD, married Ann Jane PECK, 36, Raleigh, Canada, d/o John & Mary PECK, witn: Alexander DOLSEN, Raleigh, Angus PECK, Harwich, 3 July 1866

James Fifield HARTFORD, 19, Harwich, United States, s/o Fifield & Emma HARTFORD, married Desire EMERY, 17, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Mary EMERY, witn: William EMERY, Hannah COFFEY, both of Harwich, 30 August 1866

Thomas GAMMAGE, 26, Howard, Canada, s/o William Rachel GAMMAGE, married Margaret FIELD, 25, Harwich, Canada, d/o James & Martha FIELDS, witn: Albert GAMMAGE, Howard, Albert S. FIELDS, Harwich, 17 (or 14) September 1866

Laveret HOSEY, 21, Harwich, Canada, s/o Samuel & Sarah Ann HOSEY, married Elmira COOK, 20, Harwich, Canada, d/o Jacob & Janet COOK, witn: James ARNOLD, Mary ARNOLD, both of Harwich, 22 July 1866

Hiram Lawson FREDERICK, 28, Chatham, Canada, s/o Alpheus & Clarissa FREDERICK, married Emma GILL, 21, Chatham, United States, d/o George & Mary GILL, witn: Tecumseh HOLMES, Margaret GILL, both of Chatham, 1 August 1866


Start of Sheet 70

No. 208 (continued)

Charles RYND, 30, Michigan U.S., Ireland, s/o Charles & Ann RYND, married Sarah Ann THOMAS, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o William & Ann THOMAS, witn: R.H. PAYNE, L.A. BLACKBURN, both of Chatham, 1 August 1866

Richard LEE, 21, Harwich, Canada, s/o Leonard & Harriette LEE, married Almena HEALEY, 20, Harwich, Canada East, d/o Alexander & Ann HEALEY, witn: J.A. PEGG, Harwich, Peter BLOSSOM, Chatham, Michael REDDEN, Chatham, 2 August 1866

William REDDEN, 28, Camden, Canada, s/o John & Mary REDDEN, married Lucinda BOWEN, 16, Camden, Canada, d/o Luke & Sarah BOWEN, witn: Amos HITCHENSON, Camden, 20 September 1866

Charles CROW, 21, Dover East, Canada, s/o William & Jane CROW, married Rosina CROW, 19, Dover East, Canada, d/o William & Adelaide CROW, witn: James CROW, Mary L. CROW, both of Dover East, 2 October 1866

John Wesley WILLISTON, 25, Camden, Canada, s/o John H. & Eleanor WILLISTON, married Margaret Lavinia GRIGGS, 23, Camden, Canada, d/o William & Lucine GRIGGS, witn: William M. GOODSON, Cassie GOODSON, both of Chatham, 6? October 1866

William EMERY, 24, Harwich, Canada, s/o William & Mary EMERY, married Hannah Ann COFFEY, 19, Harwich, Canada, d/o James & Susan COFFEY, witn: Cattel GOODSON, Patr’k CLANCY, both of Chatham,

Daniel TAPPENDEU, 22?, Dawn, England, s/o Fred’k & Martha TAPPENDEU, married Nancy SANDFORD, 18, Camden, Canada, d/o Ephraim & Nancy SANDFORD, witn: Alexander CAMPBELL, Elizabeth TAPPENDEU, both of Dawn, 23? October 1866

Daniel HUGHES, 24, Harwich, United States, s/o Reece & Nancy HUGHES, married Mary WINTER, 19, Harwich, Canada, d/o Henry & Rebecca WINTER, witn: William SHIRELL, Maggie WINTER, both of Harwich, 30? October

Peter KELLEY, 19, Camden, Canada, s/o William & Margaret KELLEY, married Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 17, Camden, Canada, d/o Isaac & Lucinda PHILLIPS, witn: Hugh LOGAN, Hannah TIFFANY, both of Camden, 1? November 1866

William Henry OSTERHOUT, 27?, Harwich, Canada E., s/o Jacob & Millicent OSTERHOUT, married Mary ARNOLD, 22, Harwich, Canada, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth ARNOLD, witn: John OSTERHOUT, Jane ARNOLD, both of Harwich, 28 November 1866

Alexander DOLSEN, 28, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Jacob & Jane DOLSEN, married Sarah JACKSON, 37, Chatham, Canada, d/o Peter & M. STOG, witn: Arch’d McKELLAR, Mary Ann McRAE, both of Chatham, 12 December 1866

George B. WINDOVER, 25, Camden, Canada, s/o Peter & Rebecca WINDOVER, married Mary Jane THOMPSON, 24, Camden, Canada, d/o James & Rachel THOMPSON, witn: William H. GOODSON, Mary GOODSON, both of Chatham, 19 December 1866

Joseph James MILLER, 38, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o John & Elizabeth MILLER, married Elizabeth BROWN, 37, Chatham, Canada, d/o Isaac & Roseanna BROWN, witn: Mary E. GOODSON, Margaret J. GOODSON, 25 December 1866

Theophilus TYEHURST, 19, Harwich, Canada, s/o Rich’d & Mary TYEHURST, married Ellen CRAWFORD, 18, Howard, Scotland, d/o Duncan & Catherine CRAWFORD, witn: James TOLL, Harwich, Catherine CRAWFORD, Howard, 27 December 1866

John Sampson JACKSON, 61?, Harwich, Canada, s/o George & Alice JACKSON, married Jane ___?, 46, Harwich, Ireland, d/o John & Jane WILSON, witn: James JACKSON, Rich’d P. LEE, both of Harwich, 27 December 1866

Yoroaster? WILLISTON, 26, Chatham, Canada, s/o Silas & Susan WILLISTON, married Elizabeth BLACKBURN, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o Anthony & Sarah BLACKBURN, witn: George SIMPSON, Cynthia WILLISTON, both of Chatham, 27 December 1866

Cons’t SEWARD, 26, Howeye?, N.Y. U.S., United States, s/o Moses & Eliza SEWARD, married Melissa Victoria FLEMING, 22, Chatham, Canada, d/o Andrew & Fanny FLEMING, witn: Jane GARDINER, D.G. FLEMING, both of Mosa, 31 December 1866

John Douglas WHEELER, 23, Gore of Chatham, Canada, s/o Garrison C. & Susan WHEELER, married Forlius? HICKS, 17, Gore of Chatham, Canada, d/o Timothy & Memia HICKS, witn: George GOODBERRY, Sarah DUSTIN, both of Gore of Chatham, 31 December 1866

Walter WELSH (WALSH?), 21, Tilbury East, Ireland, s/o Patrick & Catherine WALSH, married Catherine WILCOX, 21, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Hezakiah & Laura WILCOX, witn: Hezekiah E. WILCOX, Raleigh, Mary E. DAUPHIN, Chatham, 31 December 1866

John VAUX, 32, Chatham, England, s/o James & Margaret VAUX, married Jane ___?, 26, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Dan’l & Mary GLEESON, witn: Lewis GREEN, Sarah GREEN, both of Chatham, 31 December 1866


No. 209

Toussaint MARTIN, 36, Pain Court, Pain Court, s/o Toussaint MARTIN & Phoebe DON__?, married Mary HENNINGTON?, 38, Chatham, St. Boniard C. E., d/o Baptiste HENNICKEN & Le__?ROLIES, witn: Joseph ST. LUC, Paincourt, Delina GERVAIS, Chatham, 16 February 1866

Stephen GILHULY, 26, St. Patricks Tilbury, Ireland, s.o William GILHULY & blank, married Mary McNAMARA, 20, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Patrick McNAMARA & Catherine MOLGNER, witn: Sarah JUKELY, Catherine McNAMARA, both of Raleigh, 18 February 1866

Timothy O'NEIL, 26, Dover E, Dover E, s/o John O'NEIL & Margaret SULLIVAN, married Sarah KELLEY, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o John KELLEY & Mary LAMB, witn: William O'NEIL, Patrick KELLEY, both of Harwich, 22 February 1866

John BRADY, 31, Chatham, St. Mary’s Co. N.Y.S., s/o John BRADY & blank, married Sarah CURTIS, 29, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William CURTIS & Mary HOGAN, witn: Charlotte BURNS, Thomas BRADY, both of Chatham, 2 August 1866 (shown as 8th 2nd 1866)


Start of Sheet 71

No. 209 (continued)

Nicholas BERNIER, 26, Chatham, Paincourt, Nicholas BERNIER & (blank) BELAME (BELAMY?), married Ermine MATHEW, 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Edmund MATHEW & Victorie La PORTTE, witn: Julia RIMBAULT, Charles BERNIER, both of Chatham, 3 August 1866 (shown as 8th 3rd 1866)

Joseph EMERY, 25?, Paincourt, Paincourt, s/o Francis EMERY & Josephine ALEXANDRE, married Julie GERVAIS, 18, Chatham, St. Bernard C.E., d/o Amaible GERVAIS & Mary LEHUISSION?, witn: N____? OUELLETTE, Joseph EMERY, both of Paincourt, 6 September 1866 (shown as 9th 6th 1866)

Joseph BROWN, 21, Chatham, England, s/o Thomas BROWN & Anne RUSSELL, married Eloysa EARLY, 20, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Patrick EARLY & Bridget McCAUGHLIN, witn: L. EARLY, Chatham, Christopher KRAMER, Raleigh, 18 September 1866 (shown as 9th 18 1866)

Gideon DEAUD, 28, Pow? Miami Indianna U.S., St. Polycarp C.E., s/o John DEAUD & Margaret MANMON?, married Kate WAITE (ORLAND?), 21, Chatham, Bennington Manchester Co. Vermont U.S., d/o Thomas WAITE & Susanne DOUGHTY, witn: Patrick MOORE, Mary Anne HURLEY, both of Chatham, 28 September 1866 (shown as 9th 28th 1866)

William CAMPBELL, 26, Windsor, Lunenburg, s/o John CAMPBELL & Margaret CONNOLLY, married Mary FABER, 18, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Michael FABER & Margaret PERRULES?, witn: Ervan BEAUCLERE, Anna FABER, G. GILHANNON?, all of Chatham, 31 September 1866 (shown as 9th 31st 1866)


No. 210

John HUGHSON, 28, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C. W., s/o Smith & Rebecca ____, married Mary Jane CLARKE, 25, Raleigh C.W., Ioni Twp?. Elgin Co. C.W., d/o Jonah & Mary CLARKE, witn: William N. MAGWOOD, Chatham C.W., Mary SHEPLEY, Raleigh C.W., 13 January 1866

Silas W. WHITE, 34, Harwich C.W., Raleigh C.W., s/o William & Catherine WHITE, married Sarah H.? CUNDLE, 22, Harwich C.W., Raleigh C.W., d/o John & Jane CUNDLE, witn: William WHITE, John CUNDLE, both of Harwich C.W. , 5? June 1866

Samuel N. HORN, 29, Twp. of Osborne C.W., Darlington C.W., s/o William & Grace HORN, married Charlotte A. WILLEY, 28, Twp. of Harwich C.W., Harwich C.W., Rich’d & Ann WILLEY, witn: Rich’d WILLEY, Ann WILLEY, both of Harwich C.W., 14 June 1866

Thomas COATESWORTH, 28, Harwich, Romney C.W., s/o Joseph & Mary COATESWORTH, married Hester EAGLES, 24, Harwich C.W., Warwickshire, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann EAGLES, witn: Nora McGREGOR, Harwich, John CRAFORD, Raleigh, 4 November 1866

Richard SHUTON, 22, Raleigh C.W., Trafalgar C.W., s/o Daniel & Julia Ann ___, married Eliza HAMLET, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C.W., d/o William & Elizabeth HAMLET, witn: John TOOTER, C.T. BAROTENHEIMER, both of Harwich, 27 November 1866

W?. Alex FLETCHER, 26, Blenheim C.W., Blenheim C.W., s/o Archibald & Rachel ___, married Janet LOWRIE, 27, Blenheim C.W., Scotland, d/o James & Euphemia LOWRIE, witn: Jas. LOWRIE, Blenheim, Mrs. C. DALBRATE, Mich U.S., 25 December 1866


No. 211

William H. BROWN, 24, Buxton U.C., Sandusky Ohio, s/o Isaac & Mary BROWN, married Emeline WASHINGTON, 18, Buxton U.C., Niagra C.W., d/o Isaac & Elizabeth WASHINGTON, witn: Franklin HATER, Eliza BROWN, both of Buxton C.W., 14 June 1866


No. 212 [some parent’s surnames were not entered]

Orlando ARNOLD, 28, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Ascot & Susan Elizabeth, married Drusilla BLACKBURN, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o James & Katherine, witn: Ruth ARNOLD, Eli HAZLETT, both of Chatham, By Licence, 29 August 1866

Jacob HILLUM, 29, Chatham, Nova Scotia, s/o Jacob & Ruth, married Betsey L. COURTNELLE?, 23, Camden, Camden, d/o Adam & Sarah, witn: Almida COURTNEY, Camden, Peter McKERRAL, Chatham, By Licence, 29 November 1866


No. 213

Edmund SHAW, 34?, Twp of Howard, Canada, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann KERSEY, 28, Town of Chatham, Canada, d/o Joseph & Phebe KERSEY, witn: William SMITH, Howard, 5 January 1866

Michael LAGUE, 24, Tilbury West, United States, s/o Mike & Mary, married Susan WALES, 23, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o William & Ann WALES, witn: William WALES, Tibury West, 19 January 1866

Richard ALISON, 38, Township of Howard, England, s/o James & Sophia, married Janet ROBINSON, 30, Howard, Scotland, d/o George ROBINSON & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, witn: Charles PELTIER, Howard, 27 March 1866

William WHALES, 25, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o William & Ann, married Julia Ann SHAW, 17, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o Samuel & Mary SHAW, witn: Michael LAGUE, Tilbury West, 9 May 1866

Samuel McKAY, 35, Aldborough, Canada, s/o Angus & Jane, married Margaret McINNES, 2_?, Michigan U.S., Nova Scotia, d/o John McINNES & Mary HAMILTON, witn: T.H. McINNES, Dawn Mills, 5 June 1866

James Hankin__? CHAUD, 47, Camden, England, s/o James & Hannah, married Matilda BONNET, 44, Camden, Canada, d/o Joseph & Susannah GALE, witn: Thomas FUCEY, Camden, 18 June 1866

Frederick BATES, 31, Zone, Bavaria, s/o Andrew & Gertrude, married Sarah TROTTER, 26, Zone, Canada, d/o John & Margaret TROTTER, witn: Thomas TROTTER, Zone, 4 July 1866

John LILLIE, 26, Twp of Chatham, Scotland, s/o John & Barbara, married Sarah Ann McDONALD, 24, Chatham Twp., Canada, d/o Neil & Flora McDONALD, witn: William WEBSTER, Florence, 18 July 1866

Washington WALKER, 22, Twp. of Chatham, Canada, s/o William & Permilla, married Cammilla M. SIMPSON, 18, Chatham Twp., Canada, d/o John SIMPSON & Lucilia PERRY? (PENRY), witn: John M. GILLESPIE, Twp. of Chatham, 25 July 1866

Jackson RIEVE, 37, Gosfield, Canada, s/o James & Catherine, married Mary CLEBER, 32, Raleigh, United States, d/o Frederick & Margaret CLEBER, witn: Daniel FLATER, Raleigh, 27 August 1866


Start of Sheet 72

No. 213 (continued) [some parent’s surnames are not given]

Edward JACKSON, 28, Howard, United States, s/o Peter & Hannah, married Anna NICHOLS, Howard, same, d/o John & Elizabeth NICHOL, witn: Thomas NICHOLS, Howard, 30 August 1866

John CNIDER (Snider?), 23, Town of Chatham, United States, s/o John & Martha, married Phelinda REMINGTON, 19, Howard, same, d/o Lucius & Mary REMINGTON, witn: Mrs BOYD, Town of Chatham, 10 September 1866

Thomas TROTTER, 33, Zone, Canada, s/o John & Margaret, married Louisa M. FANSHAW, 21, Euphemia, Canada, d/o John & Leonia FANSHAW, witn: Lavinia FANSHAW, Euphemia, 26 September 1866

Lucius BURRITT, 29, Harwich, Canada, s/o Daniel & Esther, married Jennie LAIRD, 26, Harwich, Canada, d/o Alexander & Agnes LAIRD, witn: Walter PATTERSON, Town of Chatham, 16 October 1866

Daniel FERGUSON, 24, Town of Chatham, Scotland, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Margaret BAIRD, Town of Chatham, Scotland, d/o Robert & Christina BAIRD, witn: David FERGUSON, Town of Chatham (ditto on film), 19 October 1866

John Fisher McKINLAY, 24, Illinois U.S., United States, s/o Peter & Mary, married Jennie H. FISHER, 24, Township of Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Jessie FISHER, witn: John McKINLAY, Twp. of Chatham, 20 November 1866

David SMITH, 52, Town of Chatham, Scotland, s/o David & Jane, married Mary B. WITHERS?, 43, Town of Chatham, Scotland, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth BAXTER, witn: John E. BROKKE, Town of Chatham,26 December 1866


No. 214

William TODD, 33, Orford, England, s/o William & Nancy, married Maria MITCHELL, 20, Orford, Michigan, d/o Elisha & Elizabeth, witn: James LEACH, Orford, 27 February 1866

Alfred STONE, 27, Orford, Holton?, s/o John D. & Mary, married Maggie LEMONT, 26, Chatham, Amherstburgh, d/o John & Isabella, witn: Nelson STONE, Chatham, 17 January 1866 (June stroked out)

Amos SMITH, 58, Glanford, Ancaster, s/o Humphry & Mary, married Eliza LOCKETT, 34, Howard, Ancaster, d/o Alexander & Martha, witn: David RIGGS, Chatham, 14 March 1866

Archibald McARTHUR, 24, Orford, Orford, s/o David & Jane, married Caroline LANKIN, 21, Orford, Durham, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Malcolm McDONALD, Orford, 21 March 1866

George A. EASTMAN, 25, Aldborough, Cornwall, s/o Joel & Margaret, married Mary J. BROWN, 18, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Charlotte, witn: Emma BROWN, Howard, 28 June 1866

Chales TINSON, 43, Aldborough, England, s/o William & Martha, married Trease (Theresa?) DEXTER, 22, Aldborough, Trafalgar, d/o Ira & Ellena, witn: Lawson BULLOCK, Aldborough, 21 May 1866

Hiram H. HILL, 20, Wallace, Wellington, s/o Levi & Ruby, married Margaret A. MITCHELL, 17, Orford, Michigan, d/o Elisha & Elizabeth, witn: Nancy CRAFORD, Ridgetown, 15 August 1866

George GUNDER, 28, Ridgetown, United States, s/o Isaac & Susannah A., married Barbara MITTEN, 18, Ridgetown, Ridgetown, d/o James & Jane, witn: Charles GIBSON, Ridgetown, 17 September 1866

Christopher SMITH, 25, Orford, Moore, s/o Thomas & Ruth, married Ann E. BENISON, 29?, Orford, England, d/o Abel & Sarah, witn: Hiram WHITESELL (WHITSELL), Orford, 19 September 1866

George SEXTON, 21, Aldborough, York, s/o Philip & Mary Ann, married Ardelia BULLOCK, 18, Aldborough, Trafalgar, d/o Lanson & Ellenor, witn: William CLARKE, Aldborough, 20 October 1866

Hiram S. AGNEW, 33, Orford, Saltfleet, s/o John & Martha, married Charlotte A. HUMPHREY, 35, Orford, Elizabethtown, d/o John & Jane, witn: Henry BEARDSLEY, Howard, 21 April 1866

Thomas H. MARTIN, 21, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o James & Louisa, married Edna LANDON, 20, Orford, Euphemia, d/o Truman & Hannah, witn: Matthew MARTIN, Orford, 25 May 1866

James JOHNSON, 20, Howard, Ireland, s/o James & Mary, married Anna TELFORD, 17, Howard, Howard, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: James DRAPER, Howard, 7 November 1866


No. 215

Hugh McDONALD, 27, Howard, Aldborough, s/o William McDONALD & Margaret HALCONER, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Harwich, Rothie Marches, d/o Donald McDONALD & Janet McDONALD, witn: Alex McDONALD, Howard, Anna McLEAN, Harwich, 2 January 1866

John PAXTON, 29, Dover East, Dover East, s/o Richard PAXTON & Anabella McKENZIE, married Ellen McPHERSON, __?, Dover East, Inverness, d/o James McPHERSON & Janet McPHERSON, witn: John McPHERSON, John CUMMING, both of Dover East, 11 January 1866

Walter MILLER, 20, Sarnia, Lanark, s/o John MILLER & Janet LYON, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 19, Chatham Twp., blank, d/o John GRAHAM & Ellen McVICAR, witn: John GRAHAM, Lillian FORSYTHE, both of Chatham Twp., 2 May 1866

Elijah WINDSER (WINDSOR?), 31, Chatham, England, s/o Timothy WINDSER & Elizabeth LINGARD, married Harriet GRIFFITH, 31, Dover, Belleville, d/o John GRIFFITH & Fanny CONNER, witn: Rob’t GRIFFITH, Dover East, Catherine ARNOLD, Dover, 16 May 1866


Start of Sheet 73

No. 215 (continued)

George BRYANT, 31, Chatham, Hartfordshire England, s/o William BRYANT & Elizabeth RACHEL, married Ellen BEALE, 25, Chatham, Ireland, d/o George BEALE & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Thomas STANTON, London, Mary Ann CAIRN, Chatham, 24 May 1866

James William MILES, 35, Chatham, England, s/o Henry W. MILES & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Harriet COLEMAN, 33, Chatham, blank, d/o Geo COLEMAN & Isabella CLARKE, witn: J. BLACK, John McPHAIL, both of Chatham, 24 May 1866

Thomas James RANKIN, 27, Dover East, Dover East, s/o James RANKIN & Mary SWEETMAN, married Sinclair AUGER (ANGUS?), 21?, Dover East, EarnestTown, d/o Robert ANGUS & Jane HENDERSON, witn: John HENDERSON, Margaret ANGUS, both of Dover East, 5 September 1866

Angus B. McCOLL, 32, Stratford, Argyllshire Scotland, s/o John McCOLL & Mary BUCHANAN, married Mary LEONARD, 25, Chatham Twp, Chatham Twp, d/o J. N. LEONARD & Mary CRONK, witn: John McCOLL, Stratford, Almira A. LEONARD, Chatham Twp, 27 September 1866

Otis B. HULIN, 26, Chatham, Troy N.Y., s/o Peter HULIN & Elizabeth SMITH, married Rachel STEIN, 20, Dover East, Cartwright, d/o John STEIN & Elizabeth KELLY, witn: Valentine CANFIELD, Chatham, Mary Jane DEAN, Raleigh, 16 October 1866

Malcolm McNEIL, 29, Raleigh, Prince Edward Isle, s/o Charles McNEIL & Christine JOHNSON, married Margaret MARSHALL, 20, Tilbury East, Trafalgar, d/o James & Jane MARSHALL, witn: Geo MARSHALL, Euphemia MARSHALL, both of Tilbury East, 23 October 1866

Archibald LAMONT, 32, Chatham, Glengarry, s/o Dougald LAMONT & Euphemia BLACK, married Mary WEIR, __, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Malcolm WEIR & Elizabeth McINTOSH, witn: H. LAMONT, Chatham, Emily McINTOSH, Wallaceburgh, 31 October 1866

David NESBIT, 29, Moore, Moore, s/o David NESBITT & Mary LOWDEN, married Margaret FORSYTH, 19, Chatham, Sterlingshire, d/o John FORSYTH & Euphemia TROUP, witn: Filias? TROUP, Chatham Twp, James FORSYTH, Chatham Twp, 31 October 1866

James CORNHILL, 22, Dover EAST, Toronto, s/o Edward CORNHILL & Sarah FOX, married Jane CASSIDY, 20, Harwich, Brockville, d/o Andrew CASSIDY & Elizabeth TASTNI?, witn: William H(K)EATING, Catherine ROBERTSON, both of Chatham, 5 November 1866

John HAMMIL, 40, Harwich, Monaghan Ireland, s/o Joseph HAMMIL & Jane CASIER?, married Mary McCOIG, 31, Harwich, Argyleshire, d/o John McCOIG & Catherine McNAUGHTON, witn: William MUCKLE, Mysie McCOIG, both of Harwich, 14 November 1866

Agrestis HUFF, 22, Camden, Bay of Quinte, s/o Abraham HUFF & Charlotte VAN DUSEN, married Hester CRAIG, 24, Camden, Trafalgar, d/o Aaron CRAIG & Eluda? ELDER___?, witn: James McAGY, Christina CRAIG, both of Camden, 16 November 1866

Robert MURRAY, 24, Howard, Howard, James MURRAY & Jane PARKER, married Vinna Lois HUBBELL, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o Wheeler HUBBELL & Anna DOHERTY, witn: James FULLERTON, Margaret FULLERTON, both of Chatham, 21 November 1866

Peter CONNELLY, 45, Chatham, Edinburgh, s/o Peter CONNELLY & Mary ROSS, married Mary ALLISON, 34, Chatham, New York State, d/o John ALLISON & Mary LU______?, witn: Margaret MURRAY, Harwich, A.J. McCOLL, Chatham, 18 December 1866

Jeremiah DONOVAN, 24, Harwich, Ireland, s/o John DONOVAN & Anna COLLINS, married Elizabeth Letitia TOYER, 30, Harwich, Darlington, d/o Enoch STEVENS & Clarissa HALL, witn: John B. McCOLL, A.J. McCOLL, both of Chatham, 21? December 1866

Andrew QUINN, 28, Chatham Twp, Down Ireland, s/o John QUINN & Rosa Anna DUFF, married Lillie FORSYTH, 22, Chatham, Sterlingshire, d/o John FORSYTH & Euphemia LOUP, witn: Alexander FORSYTH, Margaret Jane McVICAR, both of Chatham, 26 December 1866


No. 216

Dugald CAMPBELL, 26, Bosanquet, Camden, s/o John & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Mary Ann BELL, 23, Harwich, Canada, d/o Benjamin BELL & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Alexander HAGGARD, Harwich, 1 January 1866

Abraham WATTS, 21, Zone, Canada, s/o Edward WATTS & Eliza SNELLGROVE, married Isabella McKERRACHER, 20, Howard, Canada, d/o William McKERRACHER & Agnes Mc_______, witn: William ANDERSON, Howard, 17 January 1866

Duncan McLAREN, 35, Munroe U.S., Scotland, s/o Robert McLAREN & Catherine McKINLAY, married Ann McKINLAY, 30, Howard, Canada, d/o Duncan McKINLAY & Sarah McINTYRE, witn: Donald McLAREN, Howard, 20 September 1866

Charles Claude BLACKBURN, 22?, Thamesville, Canada, s/o Leonard BLACKBURN & Margaret CARTIER, married Agnes McKERRACHER, 22, Howard, Canada, d/o William McKERRACHER & Agnes McFARLANE, witn: Peter CAMERON, Howard, 24 October 1866

James SKAKEL, 36, Howard, Scotland, s/o Alexander SKAKEL & Janet MURRAY, married Mary JOSS, 34, Howard, Scotland, d/o William JOSS & Barbara GORDON, witn: James EVERIT, Howard, 13 December 1866


No. 217 [parent’s surnames not given & writing difficult to read]

Hamilton MILLS, 21, Tilbury East, Nova Scotia, s/o Barney ____ & Margaret ____ , married Janet McDONALD, 20, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o George _____ & Jennet _____, witn: Philip SULZER, Elizabeth SULZER, both of Chatham, 30 January 1866

Jonathan WRIGHT, 31, Tilbury East, England, s/o Joseph ____ & Hannah ____, married Maria BADDER, 21, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o James ____ & Jane ____, witn: Simon MIFFLIN?, Orillia BADDER, both of Tilbury E., 17 April 1866

Simion MIFFEN (MIFFLIN?), 22, Tilbury East, England, s/o William ____ & Hannah ____, married Orilia BADDER, 19, Tibury East, Canada, d/o James ____ & Jane ____, witn: Jonathan WRIGHT, Maria WRIGHT, both of Tilbury East, 17 April 1866

Anson WOOD, 31, Howard, Canada, s/o Jacob ____ & Nancy ____, married Mary Catherine _____?, 21 Howard, Canada, d/o John ____ & Matilda ____,


Start of Sheet 74

No. 217 (continued) [the parent’s surnames were not given]

George GOSNELL, Orford, Canada, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Martha WILKINS, Orford, Canada, d/o John & Rachel, witn: George S. GROUT, Matilda WILKINS, both of Orford, 6 August 1866

William LETHERDALE (LEATHERDALE), 47, Howard, England, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Martha NEVALLS (NEVILLES), 52, Howard, Canada, d/o Mark & Ann, witn: Samuel LAMBERT, William GILBERT, both of Howard, 3 December 1866

Charles PEABODY, 22, Harwich, York State, s/o Larken & Eunice, married Christina CRAIG, 22, Camden, Canada, d/o Rhoda & Aesone?, witn: Larken PEABODY, Eunice PEABODY, both of Harwich, 3 December 1866


No 218

Robert PHARES, 56, Buxton, Louisiana U.S., s/o Robert & Nancy PHARES, married Fanny FRASER, 50, Buxton, Viginia U.S., d/o Robert & Fanny FRASER, witn: John C. McKonaid?, Louisiana U.S., John RILEY, Buxton, 26 April 1866

Thomas BROWN, 40, Buxton, Kentucky U.S., s/o Hezakiah & Duphine BROWN, married Margaret WALKER, 26, Buxton, Ohio U.S., d/o Atwood & Anne WALKER, witn: Abraham JACKSON, William S. WALKER, both of Raleigh, 31 May 1866

Henry JACKSON, 34, Chatham, Tennessee U.S., s/o Jordan & Mary JACKSON, married Ellen BOND, 30, Raleigh, North Carolina U.S., d/o John N. & Jane BOND, witn: Grandison BOYD, Chatham, Abraham JACKSON, Buxton, 4 July 1866

Charles PARKER, 37, Buxton, Maryland U.S., s/o Thomas & Louisa PARKER, married Louisa HENRY, 19, Raleigh, Pennsylvania, d/o Samuel & Caroline HENRY, witn: James WATE, Harwich, Abr’m JACKSON, Buxton, 2 August 1866

Grandison BOYD, 49, Chatham, Virginia U.S., s/o George & Anna BOYD, married Louisa TIGH, 20, Toronto, Boston, d/o William & Mary A TIGH, witn: I or J.N. KING, Buxton, Belle SMITH, Tilbury East, 27 August 1866

Franklin HATTER, 22, Buxton, Niagra, s/o George W. & Mary A. HATTER, married Eliza BROWN, 16, Buxton, Ohio U.S., d/o Thomas & Catherine BROWN, witn: George RALPH, Abr’m JACKSON, both of Buxton, 1 November 1866

Harry H. WILKINSON, St. Louis U.S., St. Louis U.S., s/o Rob’t & Julia F. WILKINSON, married Ellen SMITH, 20, Buxton, Pittsburgh U.S., d/o Alfred & Loretta SMITH, witn: Arch McKELLAR, Chatham, Ezekial C. COOPER, Buxton, 6 November 1866

John JONES, 24, Raleigh, Terre Haute Ind U.S., s/o Richard & Emeline JONES, married Mary FIELDS, 20, Buxton, Chatham C.W., d/o William & Martha FIELDS, witn: Auben? ELLIS, Henry R. THOMAS, both of Buxton, 11 December 1866

Ezekial C. COOPER, 29, Buxton, Maryland U.S., s/o Ezekial & Louisa COOPER, married Lydia A. BOND, 25, Buxton, Philadelphia U.S., d/o John V? & Junea BOND, witn: Abr’m JACKSON, J.H. KING, both of Buxton, 26 December 1866

Henry COOPER, 24, East Tilbury, County Down, s/o John & Sarah J. COOPER, married Ellen SMITH, 19, East Tilbury, Edinburgh, d/o James & Ann SMITH, witn: Alex ROBINSON, Duncan McLELLAN, both of East Tilbury, 16 November 1866


[The following three marriages are dated 1865]

King BRUCE, 25, Buxton, County D Ireland, s/o William & Elizabeth BRUCE, married Rose BLACK, 19, Buxton, Co. Down Ireland, d/o of William & Rose BLACK, witn: Ezekial C. COOPER, Robert BLACK, both of Buxton, 11 January 1865

Duncan McALLISTER, 20, East Tilbury, Wellington Co., s/o Sam’l & Margaret McALLISTER, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 15, East Tilbury, St. Louis Digonrque? C.E., d/o John & Margaret RICHARDSON, witn: George AINSLEE, Henry RICHARDSON, both of Tibury East, 13 January 1865

Isaac SCOTT, 63, North Carolina U.S., North Carolina U.S., s/o Zechoniah & Mary SCOTT, married Christian TRAVIS?, 56, Buxton, Pennsylvania U.S., d/o of Henry & Nancy Brown, witn: I.N. KING, Buxton, Agnes G. BERR, Chatham, 13 March 1865


No. 219

Wilber CLEVELAND, 20, Harwich, Canada, s/o George & Charlotte CLEVELAND, married Mary DODGE, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o of Henry & Mary DODGE, witn: F. W. SANDYS, Chatham, 8 January 1866

Adam LEE, 20, Chatham, States, s/o Adam & P. LEE, married Mary MORGAN, 19, Chatham, States, d/o Benjamin & Mary Anne MORGAN, witn: F. W. SANDYS, Chatham, 24 January 1866

William John ROE, __?, Zone, Canada, s/o blank & blank, married Maggie CAMPBELL, __?, Chatham, Canada, d/o of blank & blank, witn: Neil CAMPBELL, Bothwell, 8 March 1866

James POSITS?, 37, Dover East, Canada, s/o blank & blank, married Elizabeth HINNEGAN, 22, Dover East, Canada, d/o blank & blank, witn: F.W. SANDYS, Chatham, 7 April 1866

George BUCKLE, 48, Chatham, England, s/o blank & blank, married Maria SHORT, 37, Chatham, Ireland, d/o blank & blank, witn: James OSWALD, Chatham, 14 April 1866

William JOHNSON, 54, Chatham, States, s/o blank & blank, married Martha ROSS, 50, Chatham, States, d/o blank & blank, witn: F.W. SANDYS, Chatham, 30 May 1866

John McRAE, 22, Sombra, Canada, s/o Finlay & Mary McRAE, married Susannah GRAHAM, 16?, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: Samuel S. GRAHAM, Chatham, 4 September 1866

George W. DICKSON, 21, Chatham, Canada, s/o David & Mary DICKSON, married Edna J. SHAW, 18, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Sarah Jane SHAW, witn: Sarah J. SHAW, Chatham, 5 May 1866


Start of Sheet 75

No. 219 (continued) [most of the parent’s names are not given, many of the columns are blank]

William NORTHWOOD, 23, Chatham, Canada, s/o of John & Harriet NORTHWOOD, married Charlotte C___OW?, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o ________blank, witn: Doctor Gray, Chatham, 13 June 1866

John Peter ALMA, 25, Malahide, England, s/o ______ blank, married Catherine DELMAGE, 22, Harwich, Canada, d/o John & _____ Delmage, witn: John DELMAGE, Harwich, 13 June 1866

William BALL, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o ________blank, married Mildred VANALLEN, 18, Chatham, Canada, d/o Daniel & ______ VANALLEN, witn: Dan’l VANALLEN, Chatham, (no day) September 1866

James WHANE, 25, Chatham, _____, s/o _____________, married Catherine KING, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o Hooper & ____ KING, witn: Hooper KING, Chatham, ( no day) October 1866

Charles P. ROLLS, 30, Cobourg, ____, s/o ___________, married Catherine SMITH, __, Chatham, Canada, d/o William & ____ SMITH, witn: Hooper KING, Chatham, 16 October 1866

Robert FOY, __, Chatham, _____, s/o ______________, married Marianne EARLY, __, Orford, Canada, d/o ___________________, witn: William POOLE, 16 October 1866

John Thomas TISSIMAN, __, Chatham, Canada, s/o _____________, married Mary H. AUCHEN, __, Chatham, Canada, d/o __________________, witn: Rufus STEVENSON, Chatham, 15 December 1866


End of No. 219 [End of 1866]