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Kent County, 1868

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage


Start of Sheet 87

No. 248

[the residence given in this part as Immaculate Conception most likely means the parish of the Immaculate Conception R.C. Church which is located in the village of Paincourt, Dover Township, Kent County]

Francis DUMAS, 21, Immaculate Conception, London, s/o Nicolas DUMAS & Emerance RAYMON, married Marguerite GOUR, 24, Immaculate Conception, Hamilton, d/o Joseph GOUR & Veronique YON, witn: Nicholas DUMAS, Chatham, Margette GOUR, Dover, __ _____ 1868

Petre ROBERT, 20, Immaculate Conception, Chatham, Alexis ROBERT & Euphrosme? STAINIERE, married Julienne GANDREAU, 19, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Alfred GANDREAU, Christine PRIMEAU, witn: Alfred GANDREAU, Dover, 7 Janvier (January) 1868

Alfred PILLOT, 42, Immaculate Conception, St. Philippe [another Dover parish], s/o Joseph PILLOTTE & Appoline POUTRY, married Eloise LESSIER, 24, Immaculate Conception, St. Bernard, d/o Bazile LESSIER (LUCIER?) & Julie LANCTOT, witn: Larcisse Pilot, Bazile LUSSIER (LUCIER?), both of Dover, 14 Janvier (January) 1868

Charles PELLETIER, 20, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, Leon PELLETIER & Angelique HOGARE, married Elsonire BAILLARGEON, 17, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Cassimere BAILLARGEON & Mathilde CHENIERE, witn: J.B. COUTURE, Cassimere BAILLARGEON, both of Dover, 28 Janvier (January) 1868

Francis BOURDEAU, 21, Chatham, Moretown (Mooretown Lambton?), s/o Jacob BOURDEAU & Francoise ROBERT, married Adelaide PRIMEAU, 23, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Edward PRIMEAU & Emilie DESLONGCHAMPS, witn: Jacob BOURDEAU, Dover, 11 Fevrier (February) 1868

Honori BERNIER, 20, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o illegible & Clemence BERNIER, married Emilie DROUILLARD, 16, Immaculate Conception, Sandwich, d/o Charles DROUILLARD & Emilie TURCOOTTE, witn: J.B. BAYMON, Charles MAYET, both of Dover, 25 Fevrier (February) 1868

Joseph EMERY, 24, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Luc EMERY & Charlotte HEBERT, married Julie LECUYER, 17, Immaculate Conception, Mt. Clemens EU (Etat Unis-United States), d/o David LECUYER & Marie FONTAIN, witn: Luc EMERY, David LECUYER, both of Dover, 25 Fevrier (February) 1868

A__?cet LANCTOT, 44, Immaculate Conception, St. Isidore, Fanfan? LANCTOT & Ursule LAMOTH, married Margueritte DUPLESIS,57, Immaculate Conception, Sandwich, d/o Joseph DUPLESIS & Margueritte LETORNEAU, witn: Antoine OUELLETTE, Paul NORMANDIN, both of Dover, 27 Mars (March) 1868

Ambroise THIBIDEAU,38, Immaculate Conception, St. Cyprien, s/o Herbert THIBIDEAU & Esther BERNALLARD, married Eugenie PINSONNEAULT, 18, Immaculate Conception, St. Jacques, d/o Jacob PINSONNEAULT & Claire TETRAULT, witn: Jacob PINSONNEAULT, Margueritte PINSONNEAULT, both of Dover, 4 Mai (May) 1868

Larcisse LETOURNEAU, 22, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Eustache LETOURNEAUU & Zoe RAYMON, married Elizabeth PAQUET, 17, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Joseph PAQUET & Apppoline PRIMEAU, witn: Joseph LETOURNEAU, Joseph PAQUET, both of Dover, 18 Mai (May) 1868

Charles CHENE, 42, Detroit, Detroit, s/o Gabriel CHENE & Pelicite SEQUIN, married Catherine BABY, 36, Immaculate Conception, , Immaculate Conception, d/o Edmond BABY & Francoise ARQUETTE, witn: Edmund BABY, Francois BABY, both of Dover, 18 Mai (May) 1868

Antoine ST. PIERRE, 23, , Immaculate Conception, , Immaculate Conception, s/o Moyoe ST. PIERRE & Euphanie MARTIN, married Helenie PRIMEAU, 20, , Immaculate Conception, , Immaculate Conception, d/o Francois PRIMEAU & Esther GANDREAU, witn: Moyoe ST. PIERRE, Francois PRIMEAU, both of Dover, 19 Mai (May) 1868

Maxime CARRON, 47, Immaculate Conception, Locadie, s/o Francois CARRON & Catherine LAMERISE,, married Judith LETOURNEAU, 28, Immaculate Conception, St. Cyprien, d/o Eustache LETOURNEAU & Zoe RAYMON, witn: Joseph LETOURNEAU, Larcisse BARETTE, both of Dover, 24 Juin (June) 1868

William DUCIDRE, 22 Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Charles DUCIDRE & Jeanne LAUZON, married Helene BOUCHET, 17, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Francois BOUCHET & Arcanges BOYET, witn: Charles DUCIDRE, Francois BOUCHE(T), both of Dover, 13 Octobre (October) 1868

Pierre PAUBERT, 27, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Louis PAUBERT & Pelagie CHARRON, married Elizabeth-Claris? VERRIL, 21, Immaculate Conception, Montreau Saint Marie France, d/o Edward VERRIL & Elizabeth-Claris BONFATS?, witn: Louis PAUBERT, Jn. Bte. (Jean Baptiste) GANDREAU, both of Dover, 10 Novembre (November) 1868


No. 249

Hiram ROBERTS, 27, Sombra, Canada, s/o William & Patience ROBERTS, married Eliza Ann ELLIOTT, 22, Howard, Canada, d/o George & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Solomon GIBSON, Sombra, Mary Jane ELLIOTT, Howard, 14 January 1868


No. 250

Robert BELLAMY, 25, Harwich, England, s/o William & Francis BELLAMY, married Mary Ann LOBDELL, 23, Harwich, Chatham, d/o Daniel & Mary LOBDELL, witn: John TRAXLER, Chatham, Thomas BENNETT, Raleigh, 30 September 1868

Horace Dean WOODWORD, 30, Illinois, Vermont, s/o Samuel T. & Marion WOODWORD, married Chloe MERRIT, 25, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John & Sarah Ann MERRIT, witn: T.A. RUTLEY, Jemima ??OE, both of Chatham, 7 October 1868

William BOX, 24, Dacotah U.S., Streetsville Ontario, s/o William L. &Harriett BOX, married Amelia Hannah Jane LANG, 20, East Tilbury, Washington Penn U.S., d/o Thomas & Annie LANG, witn: Henry William JARVIS, East Tilbury, M.E. LANG, East Tilbury, 17 November 1868

Hilliard SIMMONS, 35, Chatham, Carolina, s/o Charles & Annie SIMMONS, married Louisa MOORE, 20, Chatham, Indiana U.S., d/o William & Sarah MOORE, witn: William PRICE, Louis CUMMINGS, both of Chatham, 21 October 1868

Munroe SIMMONS, 26, Chatham, Carolina, s/o Charles & Annie SIMMONS, married Luticia FREEMAN, 19, Chatham, Indiana U.S., d/o John & Luticia FREEMAN, witn: Edward SIMMONS, George SOLOMAN, both of Chatham, 26 October 1868


Start of Sheet 88

Henry B. LEAK, 24, Chatham, Kent Co., s/o John & Jane LEAK, married Jane Ann FLOCTER (Flater?), 21, Chatham, Ontario, d/o Wiliam & ELizabeth FLOCTER (Flater?), witn: W.H. Cossen, C. Eyres, both of Chatham,  24 Dec. 1868


No. 251

John HOUSTON, 28, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Robert & Ann HOUSTON, married Mary McKILLOP, 27, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Alexander & Emma McKILLOP. witn: Michael HOUSTON, Betsey HOUSTON, both of Harwich, 23 Sept. 1868


No. 252

Alister McKAY, 27, Oshawa, Scotland, s/o Angus McKAY & Mary SUTHERLAND, married Annie McKAY, 26, Chatham, Prince Edward, d/o James & Isabella McKAY, witn: Alexander McKAY, Chatham Twp., Annet McINTOSH, Chatham, 9 Jan. 1868

David Stewart GRAY, 25, Chatham Twp., Ireland (Down), s/o William GRAY & Helen CRAWFORD, married Susanna PHAIR, 24, Chatham Twp., Pittsburgh (Canada) d/o Rob’t A. PHAIR & Mary Jane PHAIR, witn: Robert GRAY, Mary Jane PHAIR, both of Chatham Twp., 29 January 1868

George Henry SANBORN, 32, Chatham, N. York USA, s/o William SANBORN & Pamela BLACK, married Sarah Ann McKELLAR, age __, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Archibald McKELLAR & Lucy McNABB, witn: John F. GEMMILL, Chatham, Jessie McKELLAR, Raleigh, 19 February 1868

Lachlin Charles LAMONT, 23, Chatham, Canada East, s/o Duncan LAMONT & Euphemia BLACK, married Mary HALPLANE, 25, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o George HARVEY & Mary WHITE, witn: George CLARK, Hester HARVEY, both of Raleigh, 25 February 1868

Francis BASSATT, 28, Chatham, Windsor, s/o Julius BASSATT & Elizabth BAYETTE, married Mary C. TURCOTTE, 21, Chatham, Big Point, d/o John TURCOTTE & Marie TOULOUSE, witn: Thomas A. BASSAT, John TURCOTTE both of Chatham, 2 March 1868

Thomas ROE, 27, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o John ROE & Jane BROADBENT, married Annie BENNETT, 21, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o George BENNETT & Sarah HANCOCK, witn: Thomas BENNETT, Louisa WOOD, both of Raleigh, 18 March 1868

Barton REACH, 21, Camden, Camden East, Harvey REACH & Harriet THURSTON, married Nancy TRAXLER, 22, Dawn Mills, Camden, d/o Peter TRAXLER & Mary BLACKBURN, witn: Archibald SANGSTER, Ellen TRAXLER, both of Dawn Mills, 4 May 1868

Nathaniel L. WILLISTON, 30, Chatham Twp., Chatham Twp., s/o Silas WILLISTON & Susanna ARNOLD, married S____ ALLEN, 24, Chatham Twp., Howard, d/o Ira ALLEN & Esther BLACKBURN, witn: Alma SHUTTIERS?, Chatham Twp., Susanna BEDFORD, Harwich, 6 May 1868

Thomas SUTHERLAND, 24, Detroit, Woodstock, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Mary THOMPSON, married Alice MORRISH, 27, Chatham, Orillia Simcoe, d/o Henry MORRISH & Elizabeth HARRIS (HANIS?), witn: Angus BEATON, Detroit USA, Mary SUTHERLAND, Woodstock, 7 May1868

Charles G. DAVIS, 29, Illinois, N York, s/o Norman DAVIS & Pamela LOCKWOOD, married Louisa MERRIFIELD, age __, Harwich, Hamilton, d/o John MERRIFIELD & Elizabeth ROE, witn: Miss SMITH, Raleigh, Miss PARSONS, Chatham, 18 July 1868

Hugh HAWLEY, 28, Stratford, Montreal, s/o John HAWLEY & Mary ANDERSON, married Eliza ROE, 21, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Coleman ROE & Susanna ASKIN, witn: Thomas REYNOLDS, Louis WRANGERBEIM, both of Chatham, 8 July 1868

Augustus MITCHELL, 24, Chatham, Chatham, s/o John MITCHELL & Rose PARR, married Sarah NEWCOMB, Chatham, Southwold, d/o Joseph NEWCOMB & Mary Alice GORDON, witn: Ellen BLAIR, John ROBAE, 15 Sept. 1868

John McKAY, 24, Camden, Canada, s/o John McKAY & Sarah PHILIPS, married Jessie McDONALD, 22, London, Inverness Scotland, d/o Allan McDONALD & Annie LAING, witn: Jessie McDONALD, Allan McDONALD, both of Camden, 8 October 1868

Robert INGRAM, 78, Camden, Cumberland Co. Pennsylvania USA, s/o Samuel INGRAM & Nancy GARLIE? (Garlic?), married Jane McINTOSH, 55, Chatham, Dumfries Scotland, d/o Robert LOCKERBIE & Jane CARRUTHERS, witn: John McINTOSH, Almeda INGRAM both of Chatham. 24 Dec 1868

Norris Brisco CARSCALLEN, 27, Chatham, Fredericksburgh Ont, s/o Isaac CARSCALLEN & Sarah FARMER, married Christy McPHERSON, 27, Dover, Caledonia NY, d/o James & Janet McPHERSON, witn: George H. SMITH, Chatham, Grace McPHERSON, Dover, 29 Dec. 1868

Robert GRIFFITH, 25, Dover, Belleville, s/o John GRIFFITH & Frances CONNOR, married Mary GRAY, Harwich, Scotland, d/o William GRAY & _________, witn: Albert JAHNKE, John McCORMICK both of Chatham, 31 Dec 1868


No. 253

William SMITH, 21, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Benson & Hannah SMITH, married Isabella BEST, 17, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Charles & Mary BEST, witn: Wm GOODSON, Chatham, 19 January 1868

Philip Abraham TOLL, 40, Raleigh, Canada, Henry & Triphasia? TOLL, married Elizabeth SMILEY, 28, Harwich, Canada, d/o John & Delilah SMILY (SMILEY), witn: William GOODSON, Chatham, 30 January 1868

Charles SHEFFIELD, 43, Raleigh, Canada, s/o David & Mary SHEFFIELD, married Sarah Anne ASKIN, 25, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Abraham & Eliza ASKIN, witn: Marg’t GOODSON, Chatham, 2 February 1868


Start of Sheet 90

No. 253 (continued)

Theophilus OUELETTE, 20, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o Baptiste & Julia OUELLETTE, married Eliz’th C. THOMAS, 19, Tilbury East, England, d/o Robert & Harriet THOMAS, witn: Catherine GOODSON, Chatham, 10 February 1868

Squire SHAW, 23, Camden, Canada, s/o William & Mary SHAW, married Naomie TRAXLER, 21, Camden, Canada, d/o Alex’r & Eliz’th TRAXLER, witn: Joseph WATTS, Camden, 13 February 1868

James GREY, 26, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o James & Eliz’th GREY, married Elizabeth WALLACE, 21, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Wm & Eliz’th WALLACE, witn: Mary GOODSON, Chatham, 19 February 1868

Michael McGARVIN, 28, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Susan McGARVIN, married Ann Jane LUNDY, 23, Harwich, Canada, d/o Robert & Martha LUNDY, witn: William GOODSON, Chatham, 19 February 1868

Richard TOWL (s/b TOLL), 29, Chatham, England, s/o Samuel & Sarah TOWL (TOLL), married Ann BOYCE, 28, Chatham, Canada, d/o William & Eliz’th BOYCE, witn: Samuel TOWL (TOLL), Raleigh, 26 February 1868

John Leonard EVERET, 32, Howard, Canada, s/o John & Sarah EVERETT, married Eliz’th JOHNSON, 29, Harwich, Canada, d/o John & Ann JOHNSON, witn: L. S. ARNOLD, Camden, 10 March 1868

John BAGLEY, 37, Chatham, England, s/o John & Ann BAGLEY, married Ellen PAYNE, 26, Chatham, England, d/o William & Ann PAYNE, witn: Joseph PAYNE, Chatham, 16 March 1868

Nathan ELGIN, 65, Chatham England, s/o Adam & Frances ELGIN, married Mary ROSS, 19, Camden, England, d/o John & Martha ROSS, witn: Richard WILLIAMS, Chatham, 25 March 1868

Robert Morris MILLS, 24, Harwich, United States, s/o Edward & Susan MILLS, married Cynthia OSTERHAUT, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o William H & Melissa OSTERHAUT, witn: John OSTERHAUT, Harwich, 7 April 1868

Charles BEST, 21, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o Charles & Mary BEST, married Eliza Jane HALL, 20, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Samuel & Harriet HALL, witn: Harry POWELL, Tilbury East, 28 April 1868

John REYNOLDS, 26, Chatham, England, s/o George & Ann REYNOLDS, married Isabella CLYDE, 22, Chatham, Scotland, d/o Isaac & Margaret CLYDE, witn: Samuel TOWL, Chatham, 13 May 1868

William FRANCIS, 24, Camden, Ireland, s/o Lewis & Hannah FRANCES, married Eliz’th CAMPBELL, 19, Chatham, Canada, d/o Robert & Betsey CAMPBELL, witn: Rob’t TAYLOR, Chatham, 26 May 1868

John ROGERS, 35, Chatham, England, s/o Henry & Eliz’th ROGERS, married Ann SHAW, 32, Chatham Ireland, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann SHAW, witn: Thomas SHAW, Chatham, 27 May 1868

Samuel GARDINER, 28, Chatham, Canada, s/o James & Rebecca GARDINER, married Mary Jane HOLMES, 23, Chatham, England, d/o Thomas & Jane HOLMES, witn: B.A. GARDINER, Bothwell, 16 June 1868

John Cornelius SNELGROVE, 25, Chatham, England, s/o Henry & Eliz’th SNELGROVE, married Caroline BROWN, 24, Chatham, New Brunswick, d/o Richard & Catherine BROWN, witn: Robert CAREY, Chatham, 30 June 1868

William SHAW, 23, Chatham, Canada, s/o John & Margaret SHAW, married Ann MORRISON, 23, Chatham, Ireland, d/o William & Jane MORRISON, witn: T.H. SHAW, Chatham, 14 July 1868

Samuel Brooks BARFOOT, 25, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Benjamin & Mary Ann BARFOOT, married Eliz’th MORRISH, 21, Chatham, Orillia, d/o Henry & Eliz’th MORRISH, witn: John MORRISH, Chatham, 18 August 1868

Stephen Abraham JULIN?, 30, Colchester, Canada, s/o Stephen & Matilda JULIN?, married Eliz’th REID, 30, Harwich, Canada, d/o Rolison & Mary REID, witn: George Langford, Camden, 23 September 1868

Nathan C. MEAD, 60, Chatham, Canada, s/o Israel & Fannie MEAD, married Patience FOREMAN, 25, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Margaret FOREMAN, witn: George MITCHELL, Chatham, 23 September 1868

John Huffman ALLISON, 21, Richmond, Canada, s/o Henry & Lany ALLISON, married Mary FRETZ, 19, Chatham, Canada, d/o Joseph & Mary FRETZ, witn: William SMITH, Dresden, 19 October 1868

John TOFLEY, 22, Chatham, Toronto, s/o Robert & Rebecca TOFLEY, married Eliza FIELDER, 19, Chatham, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Eliz’th FIELDER, witn: William COYLEY, Chatham, 23 October 1868

Edward REARDON, 26, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Edward & Margaret REARDON, married Jane McFALL, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o William & Jane McFALL, witn: Michael PEARSON, Chatham, 3 November 1868

Jessy FLOOD, 21, Chatham, United States, s/o Jessy & Nancy FLOOD, married Sarah A. JONES, 26, Chatham, United States, d/o Paul & Martha JONES, witn: Mark WEEKS, Chatham, 15 November 1868

William FRAZER, 22, Chatham, Whitby, s/o George & Janet FRAZER, married Sarah HUSON, 22, Chatham, Buffalo U.S., d/o George W. & Hannah HUSON, witn: Alex’r FRAZER, St. Catherines, 17 November 1868


Start of Sheet 91

No. 253 (continued)

Peter FRENCH, 40, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Peter & Rachael FRENCH, married Julia FLOOD, 25, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Alex’r & Mary FLOOD, witn: Louis BLACKBURN, Chatham, 18 November 1868

Theodore HAMILTON, 23, Chatham, Canada, s/o John & Caroline HAMILTON, married Emma GUTHRIDGE, 23, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o David & Marg’t GUTHERIDGE, witn: William HAMILTON, Chatham, 1 December 1868

Mathew EVANS, 25, Aroma U.S, Canada, s/o Robert & Margaret EVANS, married Emily HEA, 23, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o James & Ann HEA, witn: Orville DOLSEN, Raleigh, 24 December 1868

Edward FARMER, 21, Chatham, Ireland, s/o Edward & Hannah FARMER, married Mary BARR, 20, Chatham, Baden, d/o Thomas & Therissa BARR, witn: Richard FARMER, Chatham, 24 December 1868

Cyrus STONE, 26, Harwich, Canada, s/o William & Rebecca STONE, married Mary ROE, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Margaret ROE, witn: Edward STONE, Harwich, 26 December 1868

Peter TRAXLER, 26, Harwich, Harwich, s/o John & Mary Ann TRAXLER, married Isabella CRANE, 18, Harwich, not known, d/o Adam & Rebecca CRANE, witn: James PEMBROKE, Harwich, 28 December 1868

William KNOTT, 30, Harwich, Harwich, s/o John & Dorothy KNOTT, married Betsy APTHORP, 28, Raleigh, England, d/o John & Esther APTHORP, witn: George APTHORP, Raleigh, 30 December 1868

Laban BURK, 23, Bowmanville, Canada, s/o Thersin & Louis(e?) BURK, married Ellen HUFFMAN, 23, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o David & Martha HUFFMAN, witn: Permelia LANGFORD, Chatham, 31 December 1868


No. 253 ( has added ‘ Banns published’ or ‘License’ over groom’s name)

Ruben HANES, 22, Buxton Co. Kent, Chatham Ont, s/o William & Susan HANES, married _______ (illegible) BECKWORTH, 19, County of Kent Ont, Pennsylvania US, d/o William & Mary BECKWORTH, witn: Mary E. HICKS, Benjamin HANES, Buxton Ont, 4 Feb 1868 Banns published

George HENRY, 24, Chatham Ont, Pennsylvania US, s/o James T. & Jane Ann HENERY, married Hannah Jane RAY___?, 19, Chatham, Pennsylvania, d/o William & Heneretta BANARD, witn: Benjamin TALBERT, Melvina WALKER, both of Chatham, 15 April 1868 Banns published

James DORM (Doan?), 52, Township of Peel, Pennsylvania US, s/o Father not known, Sarah DUNN?, married Margret SPENCER, 45, Chatham, Maryland US, d/o James & Margret MURSER, witn: Rebeca WASHINGTON, Emily YORK, both of Chatham, 25 May 1868 Banns published

Daniel BIAS, 27, Township of Raleigh, Ohio US, s/o Samuel & Mary BIAS, married Juliani PEERCE (Pierce?), 18, Township of Raleigh, Ohio US, d/o Allen & Tolithar PEERCE, witn: Newman COOPER, Tolithar PEERCE, both of Raleigh, 15 July 1868 Banns published

Thomas JONES, 24, Chatham Ont, North Carolina US, s/o William R. & Lucy Ann JONES, married Fanny TAYLOR, 18, Chatham, Fredericksburg Virginia US, d/o George W. & Julia TAYLOR, witn: Benjamin TALBOT, Melvina WALKER, both of Chatham, 1 September 1868 Banns published

Ely HOTTON, 60, Chatham Ont, Kentucky US, s/o Edward & Alby HOTTON, married Sarah An(n) DAY, 29, Township of Chatham, Pennsylvania US, d/o Henry & Mary Ann HUGHES, witn: Martin Boly, Malinda ADY, both of Chatham, 10 December 1868 By License

William SCOTT, 36, County of Kent Ont, Baltimore US, s/o Thomas & Persiller SCOTT, married Ann Eliza MARSHEL (Marshal?), 20, Chatham Ont, Kentucky US, d/o Joshua & Franci(e)s A. MARSHEL, witn: George Chandler, Chatham Township, Mary HOCKENS, Chatham, 17 December 1868 By License

Henry TAYLOR, 24, Chippewa Ont, North Carolina US, s/o Simmon & Silva TAYLOR, married Rachel Ann SCOTT, 24, Chatham Ont, Kentucky US, d/o Peter & Rachel SCOTT, witn: John TILOR, London, Sarah GRIFFEN, Chatham, 23 December 1868 By publication

Nathaniel MURRY, 29, Chatham Ont, Reading Pennsylvania US, s/o Samuel & Sarah MURRY, married Susan HAWKINS, 19, Chatham Ont, Indiana US, d/o Nathaniel & Caroline HAWKINS, witn: Henry SMITH, Georgy DAY, both of Chatham, 29 December 1868 By License


No. 254

Francis THALER, 45, Dover East, Wills Burey, s/o James THALER & Mary LING, married Edna STRINGER, 36, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o Vincent STRINGER & Charlotte L. ?OUCEUR, witn: Joseph CROW, Louise BRONILLET, both of Raleigh, 16 April 1868

Moyse L’ERQUE, 23, Saginaw Mich, St. Pierre, s/o Moyse L’ERQUE & Archange DUPHUY?, married Catherine ALEXANDER, 18, Harwich, Paincourt, d/o Pierre ALEXANDER & Isabella CARRIERE, witn: Henry CARRIERE, Tilbury East, Anny FABER, Chatham, 27 April 1868

Peter John COLMAN, 30, Chatham, blank, s/o John COLMAN & Mary HALY, married Mary DYER, 18, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Patrick DYER & Brigitte HANTON?, witn: Elizabeth PARE, Barb DOWINE, both of Chatham, 29 April 1868

D.? St.Pierre DES RUILCAUX (sp.?), 41, Raleigh, Louisiana, s/o Peter DES RUILCAUX & Catherine WOODLE___, married Rebecca HALL, 26, Raleigh, Baltimore, d/o Robert & Charlotte HALL, witn: Robert HAZE, Henry DRAGOON, both of Chatham, 5 May 1868

John COSGROVE, 22, Howard, Toronto, s/o John COSGROVE & Anny FATTEY?, married Ellene McDONNAL, 25, Howard, T__ Hall, d/o John McDONNAL & Catherine FINCLAN?, witn: James COSGROVE, Howard, Rose HEMLING. Chatham, 29 May 1868


Start of Sheet 92

No. 254 (continued)

John PENEFATHER, 43, Chatham, Co. Tiperary, s/o Richard PENNEFATHER & Sarah COAN, married Sophia HOGAN, 37, Chatham, St. John, d/o Timothy HOGAN & Mary O'DONNELL, witn: Mary WELLS, William WELLS, both of Chatham, 9 September 1868

James DUNLOP, 22, Thamesville, Brockville, s/o James DUNLOP & Margaret PATTERSON, married Mary BAUBIER, 25, Thamesville, St. Thomas C.W., d/o Patrik BAUBIER & Mary BURN, witn: Mary BAUBIER, Thamesville, Alexander O'NEIL, Chatham, _____ [possibly 3 Oct] 1868

Abraham STOVER, 22, Howard, Chatham, a/o Ruben STOVER & Sarah DELANEY, married Margaret MOORE, 18, Howard, Howard, d/o John MOORE & Mary O’HARA, witn: Alexander O'NEIL, Peter WOODS, both of Chatham, _____ [possibly 3 Oct] 1868

James PHELAN, 32, Raleigh, Dublin Irl., s/o James PHELAN & Elizabeth BARNE?T, married Mary BARRY, 25, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o William BARRY & Catherine McNAMEA, witn: Patrick BARRY, James PHELAN, both of Raleigh, 14 January 1868


No. 255

Hiram VICK, 24, Chatham Township., Canada, s/o Martin? & Faitha? VICK, married Mary HALL, 20, Chatham Twp., Canada d/o [neither parent given], witn: Jo VICK, not given, Mary VICK, not given, 27 October 1868

George SMITH, 23, Chatham Twp., Canada, s/o Peter B. & Catherine SMITH, married Rachel SEPHERS?, 22, Chatham Twp., Indiana US, d/o James & Catherine SEPHERS?, witn: George CHANDLER, not given, Anna SMITH, no given, 10 November 1868

Alexander JOHNSON, 28, Chatham Twp., Ohio U.S., s/o [neither parent given], married Mary VICK, 20, Chatham Twp., Canada, d/o Martin & FAITHA VICK, witn: Hiram VICK, not given, Mary VICK, not given, 11 November 1868

John GRINAGE, 27, Chatham Twp., Pennsylvania, s/o William & Mary GRINAGE, married Kissiah ENONS?, 21, Chatham Twp., Pennsylvania, d/o Robert ENONS? & not given, witn: Mary ENONS, not given, Hiram GRINAGE, not given, 28 April 1868

Henry CROSBY, 23, Chatham, Canada, s/o William & Susan CROSBY, married Mary Jane HENSON, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o [neither parent given] witn: ---eeler CUNNINGHAM, not given, Margaret POHL, not given, 27 November 1868


No. 256

David TEETZEL, 42, Orford, Esquering, s/o John S. & Hannah TEETZEL, married Sarah HALL, 18, Orford, Orford, d/o William & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Elizabeth HALL, Orford, 21 January 1868

Amos CHURCHILL, 28, Orford, Salt Fleet, s/o Isaiah & Mary CHURCHILL, married Maria VISE, 21, Orford, Kent Co., d/o Charles & Ann VISE, witn: Elizabeth PHELPS, Howard, 8 April 1868

Frederick INGALLS, 33, Thamesville, Camden, s/o Otis & Eve A. INGALLS, married Harriet C. SQUIRE, 19, Howard, U States, d/o John W. & Sarah SQUIRES, witn: B.D. INGALS, Thamesville, 13 September 1868

William DOWNING, 21, Howard, Grimsby, s/o James & Mary DOWNING, married Ann CLARK, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Ann CLARK, witn: Francis DOWNING, Howard, 12 October 1868

James BRATON (Beaton?), 24, Orford, Howard, s/o John & Flora BRATON, married Matilda C. WILKINS, 24, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Rachel WILKINS, witn: Flora BRATON, Howard, 14 October 1868

John SUTHERLAND, 26, Aldboro, Southwold, s/o George & Catherine SUTHERLAND, married Elizabeth WAIT, 22, Dunwich, Yarmouth,, d/o Robert & Mary WAIT, witn: W.S. BENTON, Ridgetown, 22 December 1868

Israel L. SMITH, 43, Howard, Grimsby, s/o John B. & Anna SMITH, married Ellen EDMOND, 30, Morpeth, England, d/o George & Sarah WATERS, witn: Elizabeth PHELPS, Ridgetown, 24 December 1868

Philip RIDLEY, 22,Troy Harwich, Troy Harwich, s/o John & Mary RIDLEY, married Mary BROWN, 23, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Jennett BROWN, witn: John RIDLEY, Troy Harwich, 30 January 1868

Ingram GARTON, 22, Clearville, England, s/o John & Ann GARTON, married Eliza ATKINSON, 19, Clearville, England, Gilbert & Mary ATKINSON, witn: Collin RUTHVEN, Clearville, 12 February 1868

James L. LANCASTER, 22, Harwich, England, s/o Mark & Margaret LANCASTER, married, Mary ? HILL, 22, Zone, Canada East, d/o William & Margaret HILL, witn: George REYNOLDS, Harwich, 14 April 1868

Henry STERLING, 22, Harwich, Hope Township. Ont, s/o William & Charlotte STERLING, married Mary LANCASTER, 18, Harwich, England, d/o Marcus & Mary LANCASTER, witn: Rob’t LANCASTER, Harwich, 3 November 1868

Richard MORGAN, 23, Howard, Howard, s/o Arthur & Susanna MORGAN, married Polista (Calista?) BROWN, 23, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Charlotte BROWN, witn: Arthur MORGAN, Harwich, 19 November 1868

John KNIGHT, 28, Howard, Elgin Co. Ont., s/o William & Hannah KNIGHT, married Emma M. THUMB, 16, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Henry & Eliza THUMB, witn: Julia BENSON, Ridgetown, 31 December 1868


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No. 257

James M. PICKERING, 25, Blenheim, Ontario, s/o Henry & Sarah PICKERING, married Claricy (Clarissa?) GRIMSEL, 25, Blenheim, Ontario, d/o William & Mary A. GRIMSEL, witn: Henry J. DURFY, Marian PICKERING, both of Harwich, 23 January 1868

Hezekiah TRUEAX, 20, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Freeman & Sally TRUEAX,, married Catherine LEE, 19, Raleigh, Raleigh,, d/o Lorence & Mary LEE, witn: Edgar RANSONS (Ransom?), Matthew LOWS, both of Harwich, 11 March 1868

Daniel FIELD, 32, Harwich, Harwich, s/o James & Martha FIELD, married Lois Jane LANE, 19, Harwich, Ontario, d/o Steven & Aulday? LANE, witn: Jane LANE, Sarah FIELDS, both of Harwich, 30 April 1868

John SIMPSON, 30, Romney, Romney, s/o John & Elizabeth SIMPSON, married Ann ASKEW, 26, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Thomas & Mary ASKEW, witn: William SIMPSON, Romney, Elizabeth WILLEN, Tilbury, 7 October 1868

Benjamin ARTHUR, 24, Zone, Quebec, s/o William & Rachel ARTHUR, married Alice BROWN, 20, Zone, Ontario, d/o John & Sarah A. BROWN, witn: Isaac BROWN, Bothwell, Catherine BOULTON, Zone, 21 October 1868

Robert TOBEY,25, Chatham, United States, s/o Nathaniel & Charlott TOBEY, married Ann McDONALD, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Donald & Margaret McDONALD, witn: George VESTER, Margaret VESTER, both of Blenheim, 2 November 1868

Charles SCANNON (SCAMON), 23, Raleigh, Ontario, d/o Benjamin & Jane SCAMON, married Olive A. HARVEY, 19, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o George & Mary HARVEY, witn: George CLARK, Gosfield,, Martha H. HARVEY, Morpeth, 30 December 1868

Charles McGUIGAN, 29, Raleigh, Scotland, s/o Charles & Mary McGUIGAN, married Margaret CRAFORD, 24, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Magness & Margaret CRAFORD, witn: Martha A. CHAPMAN, Blenheim, 29 December 1868

Daniel HARSEY, 21, Harwich, Ontario, s/o Samuel & Sarah A. HARSEY, married Vinna ELLIOTT, 20, Harwich, States, d/o James & Amanda ELLIOTT, witn: Wilbert WILEY, Lucy ELLIOTT, both of Harwich, 2nd (could be 1st) January 1868

Thomas ENGLISH, 28, Harwich, Ontario, s/o William & Martha ENGLISH, married Mary Ellen COATSWORTH, 17, Harwich, Romney, d/o Thomas & Margaret COATSWORTH, witn: Olivia POOLE, M.A. CHAPMAN, both of Blenheim, 6 January 1868


No. 258

Mathew HILL, 54, Buxton, South Carolina, s/o David & Amelia HILL, married Caroline JORDAN, 41, Buxton Co. Kent, Alabama, d/o William & Sarah Jones, witn: Benjamin Lewis, Rondeau, Mary Jane BLACK, Buxton, 15 October 1868


No. 259

James BAIRD, 24, Chatham Scotland, s/o Thomas & Charlotte BAIRD, married Elizabeth JENKINSON, 18, Chatham, Darlington, d/o John & Charlotte JENKINSON, witn: George HANTON, Hannah KEELER, both of Chatham, 8 July 1868

Murdoc THOMPSON, 24, Chatham, Yarmouth, s/o M & E THOMPSON, married Jane JOHNSON, 26, Chatham, Dawn, d/o Wm & Mary JOHNSON, witn: William BOLTON, Isabella SIMPSON, both of Chatham, 9 August 1868

Isaac BRAETON, 51, Chatham, Virginia, s/o J & E BRAETON, married Louisa YOUSTILL, 53, Camden, Kentucky, d/o D & H YOUSTILL, witn: Charles CAMPBELL, Mary SMITH, both of Chatham, 13 September 1868

J.M. JUNE, 25, Chatham, Lead Ont, s/o Robert & Caroline JUNE, married Mary DUSTAN, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o M & C DUSTAN, witn: Ralib DUSTAN, Chatham, 15 October 1868

Timothy GREEN, 23, Chatham, Zone, s/o James & Rebecca GREEN, married C. J. DUSTAN, 25, Chatham, Chatham, d/o of M & C DUSTAN, witn: Harriet BENEDICT, Chatham, 15 October 1868

Norman SIMPSON, 29, Chatham, Picton, s/o J. & G. SIMPSON, married Alice STEWART, Chatham, Sombra, d/o W. & S. STEWART, witn: Amand DAVIS, M. STEWART, both of Chatham, 28 October 1868

Elijah PALMER, 54, Chatham, Ancaster, s/o David & Delia PALMER, married Hannah MALLORY, 46, Dresden, Southwold, d/o Robert & Mary BURTWELL, witn: G. FINLEY, M. FINLEY, both of Chatham, 3 November 1868


No. 260

John White BARNIM, 50, United States, United States, s/o Isaac & Persis BARNIM, married Louisa GOODSELL, 38, United States, United States, d/o B & Calista GOODSELL, witn: John RONALDS, Chatham, 6 February 1868


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No. 260 (continued)

John Henry SNELL, 28, Chatham, Nova Scotia, s/o Charles E. & Eliza SNELL, married Ann Maria (Marie) HOON, 25, Chatham, England, d/o John & Jane HOON, witn: Albert HOAG, Chatham, 9 March 1868

Willet ELLIS, 43, Chatham Township, Canada, Francis & Hanah ELLIS, married Mary Ann WILLISTON, 38, Chatham Township, Canada, d/o Silas & Susan WILLISTON, witn: John TRAXLER Sr., Chatham, 10 March 1868

Elijah L. WILLISTON, 40, Chatham Township, Canada, s/o Nathaniel & Barbara WILLISTON, married Jane TRAXLER, 45, Chatham Township, Canada, d/o Michael & Hannah TRAXLER, witn: John TRAXLER Sr., Chatham, 10 March 1868

James ALLISON, 26, Harwich Township, Canada, s/o Jas. & Sophia ALLISON, married Catherine GLASSFORD, 22, Harwich, Canada, d/o Benjamin & Hannah GLASSFORD, witn: Nicholas ALLISON, Harwich, 8 April 1868

Robert BRYDGES, 34, Chatham, Ireland, s/o John & Janet BRYDGES, married Margaret MURRAY, 30, Chatham, Ireland, d/o John & Mary Ann MURRAY, witn: John FLEMING, Chatham, 5 September 1868

Andrew DITTMAR, 25, Detroit, Prussia, s/o George & Mary DITTMAR, married Eliza Jane DAUPHIN, 24, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Ann DAUPHIN, witn: Hezakiah WILCOX, Raleigh, 10 September 1868

Edward STORY, 27, Chatham, Ireland, s/o William & Ann Jane STORY, married Jane PRATT, 28, Chatham, Ireland, d/o John & Mary PRATT, witn: Richard KELLET, Chatham, 3 November 1868

Robert SHANKS, 27, Romney, Canada, s/o Rob’t & Mary SHANKS, married Marion SMITH, 25, Harwich, Canada, d/o Edward & Eliza SMITH, witn: Alexander YOUNG, Chatham, 9 November 1868

James PATTERSON, 26, Dawn, Ireland, s/o William & Jane PATTERSON, married Margaret GRAHAM, 23, Dawn, Canada, d/o William & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Matthew GRAHAM, Dawn, 31 December 1868


No. 261 [In No. 261, no parent’s surnames were given, only their first names]

Peter COUTTS, 26, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o Donald & Margaret _____, married Elizabeth WILSON, 21, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o John & Jane _____, witn: Donald COUTTS, Eliza Jane WILSON, both of Tilbury East, 29 January 1868

George DIMME ?, 25, Grenock, Canada, s/o George & Jane _____, married Sarah A. MOODY, 20, Romney, Canada, d/o James & Lydia _____, witn: Glen H. MOODY, Louisa PROSSER, both of Romney, 19 February 1868

Joseph DALES, 28, Mersea, Canada, s/o Isaac & Sarah _____, married Mary WILLEN, 20, Mersea, Canada, d/o William & Mary _____, witn: William WHITE, Mary WHITE, both of Mersea, 3 March 1868

William WIGFIELD, 22, Mersea, Canada, s/o Jonathan & Charlotte _____, married Elizabeth MIDDLETON, 22, Mersea, Canada, d/o George & Mary _____, Thomas WILLIAMSON, Mary THORPE, both of Mersea, 29 April 1868

Joseph FEATHERSTONE, 23, Romney, England, s/o John & Emma _____, married Sarah A. SIMPSON, 21, Romney, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth _____, witn: John SIMPSON, Annie LOWE, both of Romney, 30 May 1868

John IMESON, 38, Mersea, England, Jonathan & Mary _____, married Louisa THAYER, 24, Mersea, Canada, d/o John & Margaret _____, witn: William IMESON, Sarah C. GAINES, both of Mersea, 8 October 1868

John David GUTTERIDGE, 33, Tilbury East, York State U.S., s/o David & Margaret _____, married Elizabeth WILLAN, 21, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o John & Mary _____, witn: Wesley WILLAN, Adelia J. WILLAN, both of Tilbury East, 30 November 1868

Martin COPPERSMITH, 29, Romney, Germany, s/o William & Mary _____, married Jane DAWSON, 20, Romney, Romney, d/o Randolph & Betsey _____, witn: Thomas SWINDLE, Isabella DAWSON, both of Romney, 29 December 1868


No. 262

William C. INGALLS, 27, Canada, Ontario, s/o Otas & Ida Arnold INGALLS, married Mary A. LENOVER, 25, Howard, Canada, d/o Benjamin & Harriett Arnold LENOVER, witn: Fred A. INGALLS, Camden, 1 January 1868

James McCANN, 26, Harwich, Ontario, s/o James & Christian Stewart McCANN, married Louisa SPENCE, 23, Howard, Ontario, d/o John & Ellen Broadly SPENCE, witn: George SPENCE, Howard, 19 February 1868

Franklin AKE, 22, Canada, Ontario, s/o Joseph & Belinda AKE, married Emma GREAVES,19, Howard, Canada, d/o Elias & Sophia GREAVES, witn: Angus CAMPBELL, Harwich, 24 March 1868

Angus L.? CAMPBELL, 26, Howard, Ontario, s/o John & Nancy CAMPBELL, married Eliza BOOTHROYD, 23, Howard, Ontario, d/o Richard & Mary BOOTHROYD, witn: W.C.J. REDERS, Howard, 29 September 1868

Angus JOHNSTON, 25, Howard, Scotland, s/o John & Mary McKay JOHNSTON, married Ellen BALMER, 21, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Mary Cowan BALMER, witn: John JOHNSTON, Howard, 20 November 1868


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No. 263

John TRACY, 44, Petrolia, England, s/o John & Mary Isabella TRACY, married Caroline RAMSDEN, 20, Harwich Kent Co., King Canada, d/o John & Catherine RAMSDEN, witn: William EMRY, Hannah EMRY (EMERY?), both of Harwich Township Co. of Kent, 24 March 1868


No. 264

Samuel DURNOE ?, 27, Wallaceburgh, Surell (Sorel?), s/o Jos. D. GURNOE & Charlotte LEGERTE, married Mary EBERT, 18, Wallaceburgh, Big Point, d/o Jos. EBERT & Charlotte BOUCHE, witn: Eybeboya EBERT, Wallaceburgh, 27 September 1868


No. 265 [ In 265, the groom & bride parents’ surnames were not given ]

John Nelson GIBB, 25, Mosa, Canada, s/o John & Mary _____, married Eliza Jane HERON, 23, Camden, Canada, d/o Andrew & Ann _____, witn: James WALLACE, Mary HEALLY, both of Camden, 25 November 1868

George MIRES, 32, Dawn, Canada, s/o John & Nancy _____, married Matilda PULFREYMAN, 29, Dawn, England, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth _____, witn: Amos ELLIS, Hester ELLIS, both of Dawn, 21 December 1868

George Arthur SHEPHERD, 27, Dresden, Canada, s/o John & Ann _____, married Ellen TURNER, 27, Chatham, Canada, d/o Robert & Sarah _____, witn: Henry SHEPHERD, Rachel SHEPHERD, both of Dresden, 29 December 1868


No. 266

Nelson BROOKS, 47, Chatham, Kentucky, s/o Frank & Carey BROOKS, married Virginia WILSON, 36, Dresden, Virginia, d/o Ephriam & Philicia ANDREWS, witn: Anthony JOHNSON, Margaret BUTLER, both of Dresden, 28 January 1868

Charles GRIFFIN, 22, Chatham, Ohio U.S., s/o Stephen & Julia GRIFFEN, married Loreiner (Lovena?) COOK, 19, Gore Camden, Hamilton Ont, d/o D.A. & Mary L. COOK, witn: George W. CHANDLER, Anthony KERSEY, both of Chatham, 1 December 1868


No. 267

Mordecai JACOBS, 28, Raleigh, Essex Canada, George & Sarah JACOBS, married Christina MOORHEAD, 20, Raleigh, St of Pennsylvania, d/o William Louis & Catherine MOORHEAD, witn: Elijah WILLS, Township of Raleigh, 4 November 1868


No. 268

Flavins J. GILLETT, 25, Chatham, Windham Norfolk Co., s/o Lorenzo & Adeline GILLETT, married Diana MILLS, 18, Chatham, Thamesville, d/o B. & Marg’t A. MILLS, witn: E.R.GILLETT, Donald ERQUHART, both of Chatham, 4 March 1868

Thomas BURCHALL, 24, Orford, Ireland, s/o William Lucery? BURCHALL, married Sarah ATTRIDGE, 18, Orford, Canada, d/o Andrew & Letitia ATTRIDGE, witn: Jas. ATTRIDGE, William ATTRIDGE, both of Orford, 31 December 1868


No. 269

Washington HAWKINS, 50, Dover, Kentucky, s/o Philip & Jane HAWKINS, married Mary Ann MARSHALL, 45, Dover, Canada, d/o Isaac & Rosy BERLS (BERELS?), witn: Rebecca TURNER, William DUCKETT, both of Dover, 21 May 1868

Henry SIMMONS, 23, Dover, Old Virginia, s/o Henry & Jane SIMMONS, married Franciss (Frances?) VINCETT, 14, Dover, Dover, d/o William & Margaret VINCETT (VINSETT?), witn: Elizabeth TURNER, Neal VINCETT, both of Dover, 21 June 1868


No. 270

George SEWELL, 30, Raleigh, Ireland, s/o William & Margaret SEWELL, married Mary Ann LEE, 29, Raleigh, Ireland, d/o Charles & Margaret LEE, Nathan & Emily _____, both of Raleigh, 4 April 1868

Robert PEEL, 31, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o Thomas & Jane Ann PEEL, married Maria (Marion?) HAVILL, 25, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o James & Mary HAVILL, witn: William & Mary Ann BALL, both of Chatha, 25 May 1868

William DOWSWELL, 38, Harwich, England, s/o Thomas & Amelia DOWSWELL, married Melissa SHEPLEY, 33, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Samuel & Hannah SHEPLEY, witn: Charles STAFFORD, Jane WHITWORTH, both of Chatham, 25 May 1868

Thomas CARLEY, 24, Howard, Canada, s/o William & Mary CARLEY, married Nancy WHITSELL, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o William & Flora WHITSELL, witn: J.J. HAYLOCK, Chatham, Milla McDANIEL, Thamesville, 4 July 1868


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No. 270 (continued)

William CADY, 39, Dover East, New York U.S., s/o William & Bashey CADEY, married Margaret KENNEY, 21, Township of Chatham, D Canada, d/o Stephen & Caroline KENNEY, witn: Alfred L. WILLIAM, Dover East, Jane WHITWORTH, Chatham, 6 July 1868

George FOX, 41, Dover East, England, s/o James & Elizabeth FOX, married Nancy SMITH, 26, Dover East, D Canada, d/o Duncan & Christina McCOLL, witn: Charles FOX, Dover East, Jennie McCOLL, Harwich, 19 October 1868

Albert J. WILLSON, 26, Chatham, D Canada, s/o Jacob & Eliza A. WILLSON, married Christina (illeg.?) McDONAL, 20, Chatham, D Canada, d/o Donal & Margaret McDONAL, witn: Andrew COLTART, Jane NEILSON, both of Chatham, 27 October 1868

Cornelius PERCER, 25, Dover East, England, s/o James & Harriett PERCER, married Mary McLEAN, 18, Raleigh, D Canada, d/o William & Jane McLEAN, witn: James PERCER, Dover East, Barbery McLEAN, Raleigh, 10 December 1868

Solomon FAGAN, 25, Harwich, D Canada, s/o William & Jane FAGAN, married Fanier LOWES, 18, Harwich, D Canada, d/o Thomas & Frances LOWES, witn: Amos BONSON (BENSON?), Raleigh, Emline LOWES, Harwich, 25 December 1868


No. 271 [ in #271,groom’s and bride's parents surnames not given]

Timothy NEWCOMB, 23, Orford, Orford, s/o Timothy & Aseneth, married Rachael FLINT, 21, Orford, Orford, d/o Edward & Isabella, witn: H. NEWCOMB, Harriet FLINT, both of Orford, 20 May 1868

James WRIGHT, 22, Howard, Howard, s/o William & Mary, married Roshahi? (Rozilla) DORION, 16, Howard, Mich. U.S., d/o (not given) & Mary, witn: Daniel McLARN (McLAREN?), Jane WRIGHT, both of Howard, 21 September 1868

William BROWN, 45, Howard, England, s/o John & Frances, married Mary E. GOSNELL, 35, Howard, Howard, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Henry GOSNELL, Sarah GOSNELL, both of Orford, 25 December 1868


No. 272

Richard STORY, 33, Howard, Toronto, s/o Richard & Mary STORY, married Mary Mahaley COURTNEY, 22, Camden, Camden, d/o Adam & Sarah COURTNEY, witn: Wm WALTERS, Howard, 21 April 1868

Colus JACKSON (Pottawatimi Indian), 20, Orford, Orford, s/o Jackson & Quenie (Pottawatimi Indians), married Polly ANTHONY (D Indian), 17, Orford, Orford, d/o Adam & Rosina ANTHONY, witn: James SNAKE, Orford, 26 April 1868

George ANTHONY, (D Indian), 20, Orford, Orford, s/o Michael & Nancy ANTHONY, married Eliza JOHNSON (Pottawatimi), 21, Orford, Orford, d/o Pottawatimis , witn: James SNAKE, Orford, 2 August 1868



John FORD, 27, Orford, Orford, s/o John FORD & Margaret GILLIES, married Sara ROBINSON, 20, Orford, England, d/o Rob’t ROBINSON & Mary WOOD, witn: Richard ROBINSON, Satira OATES, both of Orford, 13 May 1868

George McINTYRE, 24, Mersea Essex, Co. Kent, s/o Arch’d McINTYRE & Catherine BISNETT, married Janet NICHOLS, 20, Kent, Kent, d/o Thomas NICHOLS & Janet McINTYRE, witn: Arch’d NICHOLS, Mary NICHOLS, both of Howard, 2 September 1868

Andrew Jackson WINTERS, 23?, Howard Tshp, Nelson Tshp, s/o Nicholas WINTERS & ACKINS, married Sara DAVIS, 19, Orford, Orford, d/o William DAVIS & Mary TETZEL? (TEETZEL), witn: Alex’r GOFF, Adeline EBERLY, both of Orford, 26 November 1868



Alfred Henry HUGHES, 22, Dresden, England, s/o Thomas & Ann HUGHES, married Lucretia VAN DUZEN, 23, Milton New Jersey, New Jersey, d/o Gabriel & Abby VAN DUZEN, witn: HiramH. VAN DUZEN, Henrietta HUGHES, both of Dresden, 3 June 1868

Aron OLIPHANT, 30, Gore of Camden, Canada, s/o Peter & Rebecca OLIPHANT, married Elizabeth MacKAY, 22, Gore of Camden, Canada, d/o John & Sarah MacKAY, witn: John MacKAY, Gore of Camden, Thomas MacKAY, Detroit, Sarah M. MacKAY, Gore of Camden, 9 December 1868



Alexander ROBERTSON, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o Alexander & Effie ROBERTSON, married Margaret EBERTS, 24, Chatham, Canada, d/o William & M. EBERTS, witn: William EBERTS, Chatham, 3 March 1868

William LOGAN, 23, Clarksburg, Canada, s/o William & Elizabeth LOGAN, married Charlotte REID, 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o (blank) none given , witn: George D. ROSS, Chatham, 6 March 1868

Henry F. PARDO, 40, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth PARDO, married Elizabeth BARKIN, 23, Harwich, Canada, d/o (blank) none given, witn: F.W. SANDYS, Chatham, __? (not given) April 1868


Start of Sheet 97

No. 275 (continued) [in No. 275, many marriages had no groom’s or bride's parent’s names]

John H. KELLEY, 26, Canada, States, s/o James & Jane KELLEY, married Delia KELLY, 25, Newbury, Ireland, d/o Paterick (Patrick?) & Anne KELLY, witn: Georgina Elliot, Sandwich, 27 April 1868

Francis H. HANDY, 30, Chatham, States, s/o __ blank ___, married Elioner GREGORY, 18, Chatham, Canada, d/o ___ blank ___, witn: Alexander GROVER, Chatham, 3 May 1868

James COSBY, 32, Harwich, Ireland, s/o __ blank ___, married Marianna GRIFFITH, 32, Blenheim, Ireland, d/o ___ blank ___, witn: John BANGHAM, __ blank __, 4 June 1868

George O.? FREEMAN, 24, Chatham, Canada, s/o __ blank __, married Margaret McLEAN, _?_, Chatham, Canada, d/o Alexander & Matilda McLEAN, witn: Charles J. ASKIN M.D., Chatham, 9 November 1868

James BURCH, 27, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Benjamin & Delia BURCH, married Mary Jane GREEN, 19, Chatham, England, d/o Charles & Susan GREEN, Witn: __blank__, Raleigh, 25 November 1868

Wesley DAY, 26, Chatham, States, s/o __blank__, married Jemima SHORLT (SHORT?), 20, Chatham, States, d/o __blank__, Witn: Benjamin TALBOT, Chatham, 30 November 1868

Perly FOYLE, 29, Chatham, States, s/o __blank__, married Mary Ann WEAVER, 24, Chatham, Ireland, d/o ___blank__, witn: William WEAVER, Chatham, 31 December 1868


No. 276

Morris Wilson GRANT, 25, Harwich, Ontario, s/o Allen & Lucinda, married Mary Ann ENGLISH, 23, Harwich, Ontario, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William MUCKLE, Lucy GRANT, both of Harwich, 15 January 1868

William MUSSON, 19, Howard, England, s/o William & Mary Esther, married Ann SMITH, 22, Howard, Ontario, d/o Benjamin & Emma, witn: Ann A. DAVIS, Harwich, Eliza DAVIS, Euphemia, 7 December 1868

Frederick E. COLBY, 23, Howard, Ontario, s/o Philander & Rachel, married Emily Jane LINK, 16, Howard, Ontario, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: Osborn LINK, Mary COLBY, both of Howard, 31 December 1868


End of 1868


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