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Kent Co., 1907, part 2

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011830-07 (Kent Co) Charles. B. AGAR, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Charles AGAR & Catherine PERRILL, married Anna Amelia B. JINKS, age not entered, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Edward JINKS & Margaret RICHARDS, witn: John JINKS, Chatham twp., Hazel AGAR, Chatham twp., 20 June 1907 at Chatham 011892-07 (Kent Co) Henry ALMES, 35, contractor, Marine City Mich, Chatham, s/o John ALMES & Elizabeth ALMES, married Josephine WELCH, 39, Dover twp., not entered, d/o Abraham JONES & not entered, witn: Martha L. GRAHAM, Chatham, Ethel WOOTTON, Chatham, 4 December 1907 at Chatham
011796-07 (Kent Co) Charles Claver BALEY, 25, barber, Canada, Chatham city, s/o William BALEY & Mary TURNER, married Edith May CURRIE, 21, Canada, Chatham city, d/o George CURRIE & Mabela NEVLES, witn: Walter HERBERT, Chatham city, Aldrea CURRIE, Chatham city, 26 June 1907 at Camden twp. . 011768-07 (Kent Co) Zachariah BARR, 24, labourer, Chatham, Harwich twp., widower, s/o James BARR & Cynthia WILSON, married Allie ANDERSON, 16, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Lorenza ANDERSON & Annie BOGGES, witn: Annie ANDERSON, Rondeau Ont., A.L. HOLMES, Blenheim, 30 October 1907 at Blenheim
011925-07 (Kent Co) Ernest A. BEDFORD, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., Harwich twp., s/o Albert BEDFORD & Marie WINTERS, married Annie A. GORDON, 23, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o James. H. GORDON & Mary A. GOOSE, witn: Lawrence Bedford, Detroit, Anna L. HALL, Botany, 18 December 1907 at Louisville 011848-07 (Kent Co) Alfred Western BENNING, 21, painter, Chatham, Chatham, s/o William. BENNING & Julia PAYNE, married Lavinia CAMP, 18, Ridgetown, Chatham, d/o William. CAMP & Annis ARNOLD, witn: Melville H. ROACH, Chatham, Edith BENNING, Chatham, 17 July 1907 at Chatham
011927-07 (Kent Co) James Bruce BISHOP, 31, farmer, Chatham twp., Dover twp., s/o John BISHOP & Sarah RANKIN, married Mary LENNOX, not given, Scarboro twp., Dover twp., d/o William & Sarah LENNOX, witn: John LENNOX, Dover twp., Mary E. BISHOP, Chatham twp., 1 January 1907 at Dover Centre  
011795-07 (Kent Co) William. Lyon McKenzie BLAKELY, 24, brick mason, Camden twp., Detroit USA, s/o Abraham M. BLAKELY & Victoria BURGESS, married Rachel TRAXLER, 23, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o John D. TRAXLER & Mary Jane NEELY, witn: Mrs. William. CHAMBERS, Camden twp., Mrs. H.C. HOLMES, Camden twp., 10 April 1907 at Camden twp. 011822-07 (Kent Co) William BOURDEAU, 20, laborer, Dover South, Chatham, s/o John BOURDEAU & Mary LAUZON, married Anna STERLING, 21, Paincourt, Chatham, d/o John STERLING & Josephina ST. AMOUR, witn: Joseph LAUZON, Paincourt, Valerie GAGNIER, Paincourt, 14 May 1907 at Chatham
011878-07 (Kent Co) Robert L. BRACKEN, 26. lawyer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o James BRACKEN & not entered, married Anna M. BATTESBY, 26, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John R. BATTESBY & Eliza SIMPSON, witn: Herbert LONDON, Strathroy, Marion FLEMING, Chatham, 16 October 1907 at Chatham 011902-07 (Kent Co) Edwin W. BRADDON, 25, electrician, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Charles BRADDON & Margaret WINTER, married Annie McColl WILSON, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Albert J. WILSON & Annie CAMERON, witn: George G.L. SMITH, not entered, Kate G. WILSON, Chatham, 25 December 1907 at Chatham
  011852-07 (Kent Co) Russell John BROWN, 21, farmer, Camden twp., Camden twp., s/o George W. BROWN & Mary Jane BLACKLOCK, married Bertha Pearl MORGAN, 22, Napanee, Chatham twp., d/o Charles. H. MORGAN & Mary Etta HUGH, witn: A.G. HODGES, Chatham, H. Labelle? PARK, Amherstburg, 21 August 1907 at Chatham
011784-07 (Kent Co) Joseph Sargeant CALES, 26, fireman, Ridgetown Ont, Detroit Mich., s/o Isaac CALES & Mary Anne SARGEANT, married Nellie CHISHOLM, 25, England, Emo - N.Ont., widow, d/o James SUTTON & Mary WILSON, witn: Joseph BADDER, Bothwell, Effie CALES, Ridgetown, 14 August 1907 at Bothwell 011877-07 (Kent Co) Duncan R. CAMPBELL, 22, manufacturer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Manson CAMPBELL & Flora McNAUGHTON, married Reine L. TAYLOR, 21, London, Chatham, d/o George TAYLOR & Emily WRIGHTON, witn: W.S. CAMPBELL, Chatham, Marion K. SMITH, London, 23 October 1907
011874-07 (Kent Co) Charles CAMPION, 22, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o William. CAMPION & Elizabeth LAMB, married Lela ELGIE, 20, Camden twp., Dresden, d/o Joseph ELGIE & Catherine LOGAN, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Chatham, Laura J. GADELL, Chatham, 25 September 1907 at Chatham 011766-07 (Kent Co) George Ambrose CARNES, 29, clerk, Springfield Elgin Co., Blenheim, s/o Harvey CARNES & Mary PRICE?, married Carrie May THOMPSON, 30, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o George THOMPSON & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: E.G. THOMPSON, Blenheim, Minnie THOMPSON, Blenheim, 18 September 1907 at Blenheim
011867-07 (Kent Co) Oscar Russell CARTER, 25, Salvation Army officer, blank, s/o Orin CARTER & Alice CUMMINGS, married Dollie May TEEFT, 30, Chatham, blank, widow, d/o John RANKIN & Hannah JACKSON, witn: George H. CRAWFORD, Wallaceburg, Laurena Myrtle TINDALL, blank, 2 October 1907 at Salvation Army Barracks Chatham 011939-07 (Kent Co) John CAVERS, 26, railroad agent, Winnipeg, Deloraine Man., s/o James CAVERS & Frances VINCENT, married Margaret Giles EDMONDSON, 23, Chatham, Dover twp., d/o William EDMONDSON & Sarah McKELLAR, witn: J.H. EDOMONDSON, Chatham, C.A. GOODALL, Chatham, 26 June 1907 at Dover twp.,
011870-07 (Kent Co) Frank CHAPPLE, 22, farmer, Camden twp., Camden twp., s/o Fred CHAPPLE & Nell YOUNG, married Hazel CAMPION, 18, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o William. CAMPION & Elizabeth LAMB, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Laura J. GADELL, Chatham, 25 September 1907 at Chatham 011891-07 (Kent Co) Edward Charles CLACKETT, 23, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Charles. CLACKETT & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Sarah Jane SHAW, 22, Zone twp., Chatham, d/o Wesley SHAW & Phoebe Jane PURDY, witn: N.U. SHAW, Thamesville, M.B. SHAW, Thamesville, 20 November 1907 at Chatham
011857-07 (Kent Co) Thomas CLARK, 41, compositor, Glasgow Scotland, Chatham, s/o Robert CLARK & Margaret WOOD, married Henrietta FITZJOHN, 45, Hartford England, Chatham, d/o William. FITZJOHN & Margaret WOOD, witn: Ellen TAYLOR, Chatham, Annie FITZJOHN, Chatham, 5 September 1907 at Chatham [both mothers are written Margaret WOOD] 011789-07 (Kent Co) Hugh CLEMENTS, 28, farmer, Mosa, Cairo, s/o Thomas CLEMENTS & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Ida C. HOPE, 25, Cairo, Cairo, d/o Edward HOPE & Maria WILLIS, witn: John GRAHAM, Mosa, Francis CLEMENTS, Newbury, 25 December 1907 at Bothwell
011884-07 (Kent Co) Ernest J.S. CLOUTIER, 24, clerk, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Victor CLOUTIER & Marie REAUME, married Mary Ethel HOLT, 21, Brantford, Brantford, d/o Frederick E. HOLT & Mary K. CUNNINGHAM, witn: R.J. GARDINER, Chatham, M.A. McCOSH, Chatham, 13 November 1907 at Chatham 011845-07 (Kent Co) Alexander CLUNIS, 28, agent R.R., Harwich twp., Blenheim, s/o James CLUNIS & Elizabeth MILLER, married Hazel Liela HANDY, 19, Howard twp., Howard twp., d/o Ebenezer HANDY & Marion FERGUSON, witn: Loftus H. JOHNSTON, Blenheim, Mrs. L.H. JOHNSTON, Blenheim, 16 July 1907 at Chatham
011866-07 (Kent Co) Kenneth COATSWORTH, 29, book keeper, Romney twp., Chatham, s/o Winthrop (surname not entered) & Alice BERSTON, married Mabel Louise KIPP, 25, Yarmouth, Chatham, d/o Hiram (surname not entered) & Anna PALMER, witn: Harold L. COATSWORTH, Chatham, Clara KIPP, Chatham, 3 October 1907 at Chatham 011804-07 (Kent Co) Charles Francis COLE, 25, mail clerk, Maidstone Ont., Maidstone Ont., s/o Abraham COLE & Margaret McGUIGAN, married Josephine LANIGAN, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Henry LANIGAN & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: James McGUIGAN, Maidstone, Mary LANIGAN, Chatham, 5 February 1907 at Chatham
011889-07 (Kent Co) Bert Hayden CONWELL, 42, ship builder, Wyandotte Mich., Wyandotte Mich., widower s/o Rossilas Casner CONWELL & Carrie JIFFORDS, married Lila FITZTHOMAS, 25, London Ont, Chatham, d/o Ed. Julius FITZTHOMAS & Catherine ROWE, witn: Mary LAMONT, Chatham, Sarah Maud McINTOSH, Chatham, 28 November 1907 at Chatham 011791-07 (Kent Co) Charles Lester CORLESS, 29, carpenter, Tilbury East Kent Co., Penticton B.C., s/o Richard CORLESS & Amelia SILCOX, married Frances Euphemia STINSON, 25, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o John STINSON & Euphemia MOWBRAY, witn: Edward STINSON, Camden twp., Elizabeth STINSON, Camden twp., 14 January 1907 at Camden twp
011826-07 (Kent Co) Peter DAUPHIN, 25, blacksmith, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Peter DAUPHIN & Mary ALEXANDER, married Margaret McMAHON, 28, Windsor Ont., Chatham, d/o James McMAHON & Elizabeth McGEE, witn: Charles STERLING, Chatham, Catherine CARVER, Chatham, 4 June 1907 at Chatham 011860-07 (Kent Co) Thomas M. DEA, 37, express agent, Palos Ill. USA, Chicago, s/o Jeremiah DEA & Mary DRISCOL, married Mary WADDICK, 31, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o John WADDICK & Anna EARLY, witn: John J. CARLEY, Raleigh twp., Mary WADDICK, St. Thomas, 17 September 1907 at Chatham
  011938-07 (Kent Co) Alphie DUBUQUE, 19, farmer, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover, s/o Jules DUBUQUE & Josephine ROSE, married Marie ST. PIERRE, 20, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover, d/o Noe ST. PIERRE & Emilie BRAY, witn: Etienne ROSE, Oldfield Ont., Emma ST. PIERRE, Big Point Dover, 7 May 1907 at Big Point Dover
011833-07 (Kent Co) Alexander DUCHENE, 22, salesman, Tecumseh Ont., Tilbury Ont., s/o Henry DUCHENE & Eloise TOUSIGNENT, married Anna McDERMOTT, 27, Hop Kenton Mass U.S., Chatham twp., d/o James McDERMOTT & Mary MCKEON, witn: Clement McDERMOTT, Tilbury, Ellen KINVILLE, Detroit Mich., 3 July 1907 at Chatham 011816-07 (Kent Co) George DUMAS, 26, brick maker, New Baltimore Mich., Dover twp., s/o Francis DUMAS & Margaret GORE, married Mabel E. NAGLE, 25, Chatham, Chatham, d/o David NAGLE & Levina MALOTTE, witn: David NAGLE, Chatham, Anna DUMAS, Dover twp., 9 April 1907 at Chatham
011786-07 (Kent Co) William H. EDEN, 20, farmer, Dawn, Dawn twp., d/o Robert EDEN & Ann ROBINS, married Margaret LAPP, 18, Rutherford, Rutherford, d/o John LAPP & Mary E. MacKIE, witn: Walter LEDSTER, Bothwell, Mrs. W.J. ASHTON, Bothwell, 11 September 1907 at Bothwell 011778-07 (Kent Co) George H. EDWARDS, 35, farmer, Wardsville, Wardsville, s/o Thomas EDWARDS & K. SAMPSON, married Nelly May RANDALL, 29, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o James RANDALL & Emily LEECH, witn: Walter RUSH, Bothwell, Mrs. N. RUSH, Bothwell, 24 April 1907 at Bothwell
011895-07 (Kent Co) Osborne EMBURY, 35, farmer, England, Harwich twp., s/o William Henry EMBURY & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Elizabeth Emily DERRICK, 22, England, Harwich twp., d/o Fred Enoch DERRICK & Alice OGULSTONE?, witn: George B. LANE, Margaret LANE, both of Chatham, 23 December 1907 at Chatham  
011941-07 (Kent Co) Theodore EMERY, laborer, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover, s/o Anthony EMERY & Mathilda LAUZON, married Delia MAILLET, 21, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover, d/o Theodore MAILLET & Sophie BARNIER, witn: Anthony EMERY, Big Point, Theodore MAILLET, Big Point, 8 September 1907 at Big Point Dover 011943-07 (Kent Co) James FINN, 32, blacksmith, Raleigh twp., Chatham Ont., s/o John FINN & Hannah MURPHY, married Victoria THIBODEAU, 26, Dover South, Dover South, d/o Joseph THIBODEAU & Emma THIBODEAU, witn: S.D. FINN, Raleigh twp., Antoinette THIBODEAU, Dover South, 24 September 1907 at Dover South
011770-07 (kent Co) James Gibb FLEMING, 30, hardware merchant, Dover twp., Blenheim, s/o James W. FLEMING & Diane HASNER, married Maude E. HENDERSON, 22, Tilbury twp., Blenheim, d/o John HENDERSON & Mary QUISLIE, witn: John E. LIVINGSTONE, Chatham, Henrietta P. HENDERSON, Blenheim, 18 September 1907 at Blenheim 011854-07 (Kent Co) Frederick E. GOLDING, 22, tinsmith, Chatham, Detroit, s/o Albert GOLDING & Annie EVERTON, married Eva May MURPHY, 21, Chatham, Sherbrooke Lanark, d/o Hubert MURPHY & Alice CHRYSLER, witn: William. MURPHY, Chatham, Annie MURPHY, Chatham, 21 August 1907 at Chatham
011858-07 (Kent Co) Charles E. GOODMAN, 27, telegraph operator, Toronto, Chatham, s/o William. GOODMAN & Annie TUNICLIFFE, married Rebecca Pearl COYLE, 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Robert COYLE & Sarah E. KENTNER, witn: A. GOODMAN, Walkerville, Margaret MEAD, Thamesville, 21 August 1907 at Chatham 011802-07 (Kent Co) Robert Adley? (Jelly?) GORSLINE, 21, baker, Wallaceburg, Chatham, s/o Robert GORSLINE & Annie PERKINS, married Blanche GILLETT, 19, Dover, Dover, d/o Henry GILLETT & Margaret McGEE, witn: Robert J. McRITCHIE, Chatham, Minnie McRITCHIE, Chatham, 23 January 1907 at Chatham

010899-06 (Kent Co) Robert K. GRANT, 24, accountant, Winnipeg, Toronto, s/o Robert GRANT & Annie CALESTON, married Nan Hope BELL, 27, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Archibald BELL & Elizabeth CAMERON, witn: A.C. GRANT, Toronto, Margaret BELL, Chatham, 1 January 1907 at Chatham

011764-07 (Kent Co) William George GRAVES, 24, farmer, Thamesville, Ridgetown, s/o William Henry GRAVES & Sarah SECORD, married Cora LOUNSBURY, 19, Kelvin Ont., Ridgetown, d/o Jacob LOUNSBURY & Sarah McCROUCH, witn: Rose DAWSON, Blenheim, Emma L. KERR, Blenheim, 3 January 1907 011924-07 (Kent Co) Lester L. GREGORY, 25, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Isaac H. GREGORY & Susan AUTEY, married Violet M. FRENCH, 21, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Edwin FRENCH & Annie SANDERCOCK, witn: M.P. FRENCH, Sask., F.M. BLACKBURN, Chatham, 11 December 1907 at Darrell
011885-07 (Kent Co) Edward Thomas GRIMWOOD, 27, book binder, Ipswich England, Chatham, s/o Edward Thomas GRIMWOOD & Emily GARWOOD, married Annie Elizabeth AUSTIN, 25, Reading England, Chatham, d/o James AUSTIN & Jane CLARK, witn: Thomas CLARK, Chatham, Daisy AUSTIN, Chatham, 2 October 1907 at Chatham 011855-07 (Kent Co) John Walter HACKETT, 21, farmer, Raleigh twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Thomas HACKETT & Mary GUY, married Mary Elizabeth BURKE, 21, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o Thomas BURKE & Mary LANE, witn: Annie SIMPSON, Chatham, Mary LAMONT, Chatham, 4 September 1907 at Chatham
011805-07 (Kent Co) John HART, 29, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Charles. HART & Eliz. RENARD, married Mary Agnes MARSHALL, 19, Chatham, not entered, d/o Michael MARSHALL & Rose FAUBERT, witn: William. MARSHALL, Chatham, Harriet T. HART, Chatham, 6 February 1907 at Chatham 011851-07 (Kent Co) Thomas Duncan HEGLEY, 27, barber, Elgin Co., Chatham, s/o Thomas HEGLEY & Isabella Jane CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth LABADIE, 25, Blenheim Kent Co., Blenheim, d/o Peter LABADIE & Elizabeth STEELE, witn: Ernest HEGLEY, Chatham, Isabella Jane HEGLEY, Chatham, 5 August 1907 at Chatham
011818-07 (Kent Co) Frederick HEWSON, 24, machine hand, Bothwell Ont, Chatham, s/o William. HEWSON & Elizabeth TROTT, married Grace Irene ARNOLD, 17, Louisville, Chatham, d/o Edmund ARNOLD & Georgina GRIEVE, witn: Charles H. TROTT, Chatham, Miss Verlyn LAMONT, Chatham, 24 April 1907 at Chatham 011825-07 (Kent Co) Ross HICKLIN, 22, tailor, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Samuel T. HICKLIN & Harriet HENRY, married Eva Elizabeth SMITH, 22, Stewart, Chatham, d/o Charles. SMITH & Elizabeth BOYLE, witn: Kate FILBY, Chatham, Lilly J. MacGILLIVRAY, Chatham, 29 May 1907 at Chatham
011829-07 (Kent Co) Earle Chisholm HODGINS, 22, bank clerk, Onondaga Ont., Belleville Ont., s/o John Albert HODGINS & Mary Ann CHISHOLM, married Amelia Frances BOLES, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Thomas Gordon Dennis BOLES & Anna Maria RODGERS, witn: Fred W. HALL, Cleveland Ohio, Florence G. HODGINS, Aisla Craig, 18 June 1907 at Chatham 011819-07 (Kent Co) John D. HOY, 35, farmer, West Lorne Ont., Rodney Ont., s/o Peter HOY & Elizabeth DOYLE, married Angela LAMBE, 30, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o James LAMBE & Ellen HICKEY, witn: Edward J. DOYLE, Rodney, Blanche KELLY, Chatham, 8 May 1907 at Chatham
011862-07 (Kent Co) Walter S. HUFF, 21, clerk, Louisville, Chatham, s/o Paul HUFF & Jennie SCOTT, married Edith MARTIN, St. Thomas, Chatham, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Ann Jane NEELY, witn: Ernest A. HIGLEY, Chatham, Mamie MARTIN, Chatham, 18 September 1907 011883-07 (Kent Co) George Albert HUGHES, 35, machinist, Lanark Co. Ont., Detroit Mich., s/o George Albert HUGHES & Mary BRIGGS, married Catherine WIDNER, 23, Sandusky Ohio, Detroit Mich., d/o William Henry WIDNER & Mary Adeline CLARK, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Chatham, Laura J. GADEN, Chatham, 2 November 1907 at Chatham
011847-07 (Kent Co) Mickel ION, 20, grocer's assistant, Chatham, Chatham, s/o James ION & Emma BROWN, married Estella May GERALD, 17, Coatsworth Ont., Chatham, d/o Frank GERALD & Martha FRANKLIN, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Blenheim, Laura J. GADELL, not entered, 12 August 1907 at Chatham 011817-07 (Kent Co) Ernest ION, 20, cooper, Chatham, Chatham, s/o John (surname not entered) & Ann SEE, married Beatrice McKENZIE, 18, Wallaceburg, Chatham, d/o Angus (surname not entered) & Jennie MILLS, witn: Herbert E. FIELD, Chatham, May FERLKERSON, Chatham, 11 April 1907 at Chatham
  011864-07 (Kent Co) Milton F. JACQUES, 27, book keeper, Burgesville, Detroit, s/o Charles JACQUES & Eva DENNIS, married Maud A. SIDES, 28, Thamesville, Chatham, d/o William. SIDE & Agnes NEEDLE, witn: B. ELLISON, Detroit, Edith SIDES, Chatham, 18 September 1907 at Chatham
011841-07 (Kent Co) Thomas J. JONES, 20, electrician, Tilbury, Chatham, s/o William. H. JONES & Sarah JONES, married Emma P. EWING, 16, Romney, Chatham, d/o Stewart EWING & Phoebe DAWSON, witn: R.H. JONES, Chatham, Charlotte LESERT, Detroit, 16 July 1907 at Chatham 011823-07 (Kent Co) George JUBENVILLE, 20, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Robert JUBENVILLE & Mary CHARLTON, married Mabel KELLY, 18, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o John KELLY & Mary STAUBIN (STANBIN?), witn: George BAGNALL, Dover twp., Arthur G. McCOSH, Chatham, 15 May 1907 at Chatham
011798-07 (Kent Co) John C. KEARNES, 28, motorman, Chatham Ont., Chicago, s/o Matthew KEARNES & Ellen SHEA, married Margerett O'MARA, 20, Chatham Ont, Chicago, d/o William. O'MARA & Hanna CARR, witn: Frank J. KEARNES, Chicago, Josie GORMELY, Wallaceburg, 8 January 1907 at Chatham 011836-07 (Kent Co) Saml Duncan KEATS, 23, engineer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o James Lang KEATS & Martha HUARK, married Agnes Evelyn LAURIE, 26, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o William. LAURIE & Mary Jane JORDAN, witn: Wilford TAYLOR, Raleigh twp., Pearl LAURIE, Raleigh twp., 4 June 1907 at Chatham
011801-07 (Kent Co) Thomas A. KEEFE, 26, inspector, Athens Pa. USA., Detroit Mich., s/o Marcus KEEFE & Mary PYNE, married Mary A. SEWALL, 25, Chatham, Chatham, d/o David SEWALL & Sarah McKEEVER, witn: Alexander KEHOE, Chatham, Catharine HALLINAN, Chatham, 16 January 1907 at Chatham 011868-07 (Kent Co) William KELLY, 26, farmer, Tilbury twp., Tilbury twp., s/o Michael KELLY & Elizabeth CARR, married Josephine ZIMMER, 19, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Charles. ZIMMER & Judith GERBER, witn: Walter DOYLE, Raleigh twp., Rose ZIMMER, Harwich twp., 15 October 1907 at Chatham
011844-07 (Kent Co) Joseph KINNEY, 21, cooper, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Joseph KINNEY & Annie BLACK, married Maggie FAUBERT, 27, Windsor, Chatham, widow, d/o Peter BEECH & not known, witn: A.G. HODGINS, Chatham, Mabel E. HODGINS, Chatham, 13 August 1907 at Chatham 011767-07 (Kent Co) Arthur KIPP, 27, clerk, St. Thomas Ont, Rochester NY, s/o Hiram KIPP & Annie PALMER, married Laura B. SHAVER, 28, Winchester Ont, Blenheim, d/o Ira SHAVER & Margaret NELSON, witn: K. COATSWORTH, Chatham, Mrs. K. COATSWORTH, Chatham, 29 October 1907 at Blenheim
011946-07 (Kent Co) Etienne LABADIE, 25, farmer, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover, s/o Clovis LABADIE & Leonore HEBERT, married Marie Nathalie FLYNN, 15, Big Point Dover, Mitchell's Bay Dover, d/o John FLYNN & Cecile GIROUX, witn: Felise GIROUX, Big Point Dover, Virginie GIROUX, Big Point Dover, 9 October 1907 at Big Point Dover  
011928-07 (Kent Co) J. Hercules LAPLANTE, 33, business man, Dover South twp., Winnipeg Man., s/o Pierre LAPLANTE & Helene BELANGER, married Lucianna THIBODEAU, 21, Dover South, Dover South, d/o Joseph. A & Emma THIBODEAU, witn: Joseph DANIEL, Dover SOUTH, Victoria THIBODEAU, Dover South, 9 January 1907 at Dover South. 011824-07 (Kent Co) Joseph Russell LEACOCK, 19, laborer, Wallaceburg, Chatham, s/o Ed LEACOCK & Elizabeth SHEPPARD, married Mabel RICHMOND, 21, Dover twp., Chatham, d/o James. RICHMOND & Annie JACK, witn: William. R. TRUAX, Chatham, Kate FILBY, Chatham, 10 April 1907 at Chatham
011888-07 (Kent Co) David Walter LEE, 41, teamster, Chatham, Chatham, widower s/o David William. LEE & Elizabeth C. SAUNDERS, married Sarah C. CHASE, 36, Ivytown Maryland, Chatham, d/o George Washington CHASE & Hester E. NICHOLS, witn: Perry F. CHASE, Chatham, Harriet CHASE, Chatham, 27 November 1907 at Chatham 011861-07 (Kent Co) Clock Salem LEFLER, 26, carriage builder, Canada, Flint Mich., s/o Jade LEFLER & Sarah JELLETT, married Mabel May MILLER, 26, Napanee, Flint Mich., d/o Leslie MILLER & Rhody SAGAR (Sajar?), witn: William. FIELDS, Chatham, Mrs. William. FIELDS, Chatham, 17 September 1907
011850-07 (Kent Co) James A. LINDSAY, 32, train dispatcher, Oxford Mills, White River, s/o John LINDSAY & Martha CARSON, married Eva Gertrude DEGGE, 25, Brussels, Chatham, d/o James W. DEGGE & Ellen F. STRATTON, witn: T. J. RUTLEY, Chatham, Ellen RUTLEY, Chatham, 31 July 1907 at Chatham 011777-07 (Kent Co) Dugald LINDSAY, 31, farmer, Ontario, Aldboro, s/o George LINDSAY & Nancy McLARTY, married Matilda COLGAN, 22, New York State, Orford, d/o Robert COLGAN & Catherine McCAUGHRAM, witn: Mrs. M.P. CAMPBELL, Bothwell, Amy CAMPBELL, Bothwell, 9 April 1907 at Bothwell
011856-07 (Kent Co) Albert LITTLE, 26, machinist, Bothwell, Chatham, s/o William. Henry LITTLE & Elizabeth Ann LITTLE, married Dollie VANDEHOFF, 18, Wallaceburg, Chatham, d/o Daniel VANDEHOFF & Millie SUDDS, witn: W. Clare MARRIOTT, Galt Ont., Annie M. DANIEL, Chatham, 17 September 1907 at Chatham 011876-07 (Kent Co) Sidney John LITTLE, 22, laborer, Chatham England, Chatham Ont., s/o John LITTLE & Rebecca FOWLER, married Annie OSBORNE, 22, London England, Chatham, d/o Thomas OSBORNE & Ann GRANT, witn: Ann OSBORNE, Chatham, Nellie OSBORNE, Chatham, 23 October 1907
011842-07 (Kent Co) Joseph Harris MANNING, 26, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Thomas MANNING & Jessie KNOLTY, married Nina COOPER, 18, Dawn twp., Dawn twp., d/o James COOPER & Martha HENESTON, witn: Stanley COOPER, Dawn ?aley,& Verva ANDERSON, Port Huron, 24 July 1907 at Chatham 011942-07 (Kent Co) Alfred MARCHAND, 22, farmer, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover,, s/o Narcisse MARCHAND & Marie BAILLARGEON, married Meraline DEMERS, 15, Big Point Dover, Big Point Dover, d/o Napoleon DEMERS & Valerie VEZINA, witn: Alexandre DEMERS, Big Point, Angelique EMERY, Chatham Ont., 17 September 1907 at Big Point Dover
  011886-07 (Kent Co) Roland E. MASON, 21, painter, Harwich twp., Chatham, s/o Robert MASON & Elizabeth HALL, married Olive Alice THATCHER, 15, Marine City Mich, Chatham, d/o William. THATCHER & Mary McPHERSON, witn: John HOLMES, Chatham, Thomas GROVES, Chatham, 25 November 1907 at Chatham
011787-07 (Kent Co) Raphel MATHEWS, 40, farmer, Montreal, Tilbury, widower, s/o Raphel MATHEWS & Margaret MOFFAT, married Isabella SANDS, 30, Tilbury, Tilbury, widow, d/o Joseph SANDS & Margaret REAUME, witn: Mrs. W.J. ASHTON, Bothwell, Mrs. James LITTLE, Bothwell, 3 October 1907 at Bothwell 011843-07 (Kent Co) Lester MATTHEWS, 26, salesman, Yorkshire England, Woodstock, s/o Charles. MATTHEWS & Marinda STOCKS, married Mabel Annie WRIGHT, 25, Listowel Ont., Woodstock, d/o Rob WRIGHT & Bertha LORNSBURY, witn: Mr. WHITE, Chatham, Mrs. White, Chatham, 29 July 1907 at Chatham
011871-07 (Kent Co) William. McCALLUM, 27, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Duncan McCALLUM & Margaret CLARK, married Lucinda HANIER, 18, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o James HANIER & Catherine DENNIS, witn: Annie M. DANIELS, Chatham, Laura J. GADELL, Chatham, 15 September 1907 at Chatham 011887-07 (Kent Co) Edwin Gilbert McCORMICK, 42, sailor, Colchester twp. Essex Co., Pelee Island Essex Co., s/o Robert McCORMICK & Jane Lucinda KEMP, married Mary Jane PEARCE, 28, Dudley England, Chatham, d/o James PEARCE & Mary Jane HUGHES, witn: Lillian PEARCE, Chatham, Florence McCOSH, Chatham, 25 November 1907 at Chatham
011763-07 (Kent Co) George Alex McCRACKEN, 21, blacksmith, Romney twp., Blenheim, s/o James B. McCRACKEN & Mary Ann McQUARRIE, married Bessie May DEANE, 20, Coatsworth Ont., Coatsworth Ont., d/o William W. DEANE & Mary Ann GAMBLE, witn: C.R. DEANE, Blenheim, Anne RAY, Blenheim, 27 February 1907 at Blenheim 011869-07 (Kent Co) Neil McDONALD, 22, boiler maker, Dutton Ont, Windsor, s/o Donald McDONALD & Mary McGRAW, married Grace Edna SMITH, 23, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Richard Thomas SMITH & Sarah BRAMHALL, witn: Bert McKEVIN, Chatham, Lottie SMITH, Chatham, 9 September 1907 at Chatham
011832-07 (Kent Co) Herbert McDOUGALL, 18, farmer, Rondeau, Harwich, s/o Peter McDOUGALL & Catherine GAGAR?, married Stella ROE, 19, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Thomas ROE & Jane LANE, witn: Anna M. BATTISBY, Chatham, Lena LABADIE, Chatham, 26 June 1907 at Chatham 011839-07 (Kent Co) Malcolm A.R. McDOUGALL, 27, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o John L. McDOUGALL & Rebecca BUNCE?, married Grace A.I. TERRY, 23, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Charles. TERRY & Annie ADAMS, witn: Edwin HASKILL, Chatham, S.M. HANNON, Chatham, 10 June 1907 at Chatham
011785-07 (Kent Co) Hiram MOOREHOUSE, 44, Euphemia Ont., Kent Bridge, widower, s/o L.P. MOOREHOUSE & H. MOUNTEER, married Maria J. WADE, 38, Euphemia, Euphemia twp., widow, d/o James B. ARMSTRONG & Catherine CROSS, witn: Frank ARMSTRONG, Cairo, Mrs. W.J. ASHTON, Bothwell, 3 September 1907 at Bothwell 011815-07 (Kent Co) Frederick G. MORTON, 23, painter, Toronto, Chatham, s/o Frederick William. MORTON & Sarah HOSHEL, married Clena M. PRIMEAU, 22, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William. PRIMEAU & Rose BRESSETTE, witn: W.A. PRIMEAU, Chatham, Josephine PRIMEAU, Chatham, 8 April 1907 at Chatham
011799-07 (Kent Co) Thomas Fred MURRAY, 28, farmer, Port Lambton Ont., Port Lambton, s/o Owen MURRAY & Alicia Kelly, married Ellen Teresa CROWER, Corunna Ont., Chatham, d/o Joseph CROWER & Margaret BRAY, witn: Peter McEVOY, Port Lambton, Catherine CROWER, Chatham, 8 January 1907 at Chatham  
011873-07 (Kent Co) George Leslie MYLAND, 26, journalist, Blenheim, Chatham, s/o George Henry MYLAND, & Desdemona LIVINGSTONE, married Edythe May REID, 27, Chatham, Chatham, d/o James. Robert. REID & Annie BROWN, witn: J.E. LIVINGSTONE, Chatham, Jeanne REID, Chatham, 25 September 1907 at Chatham 011761-07 (Kent Co) Charles Lorenzo NORTON, 36, farmer, Bowmanville Ont., Stanley Alberta, s/o Alva NORTON & Catherine BEATTIE, married Florence Jane LLOYD, 26, Hastings Co., Bleheim, d/o Robert LLOYD & Elizabeth GILROY, witn: G. Orlo COBOURN, Blenheim, Laura BUSH, Blenheim, 30 January 1907 at Blenheim
011835-07 (Kent Co) Benjamin O'HARA, 28, solicitor, Ireland, Chicago, s/o John O'HARA & Susan J. FRANCIS, married Sara Agnes KERR, 23, Maidstone, Chatham, d/o William. KERR & Sarah KERR, witn: Dora KINGSTON, Chatham, Henry H. O'HARA, Chicago, 3 July 1907 at Chatham 011880-07 (Kent Co) John George PALMER, 30, farmer, Lincoln England, Harwich Ont., s/o John PALMER & Susannah JENNING(S? at edge of page), married Elizabeth DYER, 20, London England, Harwich Ont., d/o Samuel DYER & Jane THOMAS, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Chatham, Laura J. GEDEN, Chatham, 5 November 1907 at Chatham
011926-07 (Kent Co) Clement H. PATTERSON, 31, farmer, Chatham twp., Harwich twp., s/o Philip PATTERSON & Alsinda PARKER, married Rosanna SCOTT, not entered, Chatham twp., Harwich twp., d/o Charles. E. SCOTT & Martha CHANDLER, witn: J.H. SCOTT, Chatham twp., Geneva SCOTT, Chatham twp., 23 December 1907 at Chatham twp. 011834-07 (Kent Co) James S. PATTERSON, 25, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury, s/o Thomas PATTERSON & Margaret JUNKIN, married Bertha L. SOULES, 25, Tilbury twp., Tilbury, d/o Arthur SOULES & Mary E. ATKINSON, witn: Mrs. M. CAMPBELL, Chatham, Lena LABADIE, Chatham, 3 July 1907 at Chatham
011875-07 (Kent Co) Charles B. PICKARD, 24, laborer, Chatham, Thamesville, s/o William. PICKARD & Ellen E. HUBBELL, married Lavenia WELDON, 25, St. Thomas, Chatham, d/o Andrew WELDON & Martha HARMON, witn: Willie PICKARD, Thamesville, Ina WEBSTER, Dresden, 23 October 1907 at Chatham 011837-07 (Kent Co) William. Broderick PINDER, 36, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o George PINDER & Ruth A. TURNER, married Mary E.J. NEVILLS, 32, Guilds Ont., Guilds Ont., d/o William NEVILLS & Ellen McKAY, witn: James N. NEVILLS, Guilds, Carrie LANGTRY, Guilds, 19 June 1907 at Chatham
011780-07 (Kent Co) Robert Jassie PRIOR, 34, steam engineer, London England, British Columbia, s/o Joseph PRIOR & Elizabeth Matilda CRABTREE, married Lucinda Ann ELLISON, 32, Ontario, Bothwell, d/o William Henry ELLISON & Emma CLEAVES, witn: W.R. ELLISON, Bothwell, Mrs. James COPELAND, Glencoe, 15 May 1907 at Bothwell 011821-07 (Kent Co) Bruce B. PULLEN, 27, postal clerk, Romulus Mich., Milan Mich., s/o Charles PULLEN & Annie A. JOHNSTON, married Clytea M. MEAD, 24, Moncelona U.S., Wingham, d/o Cleodone MEAD & Emma PARMALL, witn: Anna B. BATTESBY, Chatham, Ethel H. BENEDICT, Chatham, 11 May 1907 at Chatham
011853-07 (Kent Co) Frederick Augustus QUICK, 28, boiler maker, Pelee Island, Chatham, s/o Jenos QUICK & Mary Jane EDWARDS, married Leona Dorothy WATSON, 19, Rodney, Chatham, d/o Wesley WATSON & Julia ROSE, witn: Verna Edward PRITCHARD, Chatham, Maud CHAPLIN, Chatham, 21 August 1907 at Chatham 011814-07 (Kent Co) Matthew David RIBBLE, 24, scale maker, Le Piere Mich., Chatham, s/o Isaac RIBBLE & Mary Jane OLDS, married Matilda THOMPSON, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o George THOMPSON & Charlotte WILLIS, witn: Lillian TERRY, ditto, Ethel McFAUL, ditto, 27 March 1907 at Chatham --ditto possibly means Chatham
011859-07 (Kent Co) Frederick W. RIDLEY, 41, clerk, Kent Co., Saskatoon, s/o Thomas RIDLEY & Annie ATKINSON, married Jessie MARTIN, 37, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Warren MARTIN & Eliza J. HATTON, witn: Ellen TAYLOR, Chatham, Sarah HATTON, Chatham, 22 August 1907 at Chatham  
011872-07 (Kent Co) Manson T. ROACH, 20, laborer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Tunis ROACH & Margaret SCOTT, married Martha MONTGOMERY, 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Jos. MONTGOMERY & Ann BANKS, witn: Perry W. GRANDBOIS, Chatham, Mae GLASSFORD, Chatham, 30 September 1907 at Chatham 011771-07 (Kent Co) George Neil? (Ovid?) ROBERTSON, 21, farmer, Toronto, Wheatley Ont., s/o William A. ROBERTSON & Ada TYRELL, married Annie Darling DENHOLM, 20, Woodstock Ont., Blenheim, d/o Andrew DENHOLM & Martha Jane McCOY, witn: D.G. SCOTT, Wheatley, Nellie E. DENHOLM, Blenheim, 16 October 1907 at Blenheim
011922-07 (Kent Co) Thomas George ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Sombra, Chatham twp., s/o Henry ROBINSON & Beulah EDDY, married Carrie Haz. ROBINSON, 18, Madoc, Chatham twp., d/o John ROBINSON & Martha THOMAS, witn: Charles ROBINSON, Chatham twp., Verna ROBINSON, Chatham twp., 30 October 1907 at Tupperville 011831-07 (Kent Co) James Delmage ROSS, 34, electrician, Chatham Ont., Seattle U.S., s/o William McKenzie ROSS & Mary Ann WILSON, married Alice Maud WILSON, age not entered, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o George WILSON & Agnes YOUNG, witn: E.R. THOMSON, Welland Ont., Kate WILSON, Harwich, 19 June 1907 at Harwich twp
011929-07 (Kent Co) William SANDS, 44, farmer, Kingston, Chatham twp., widower, s/o Hugh STRAIN & Mrs. BURLEIGH, married Annie May STRAIN, not given, Amherst Island, Chatham twp., d/o not given & not given, witn: William J. STRAIN, Chatham twp., Mrs. Pearl LISHER (FISHER?), Chatham twp., 16 January 1907 at Dover Centre 011881-07 (Kent Co) William Thomas SHANNON, 45, bank manager, Picton Ont, Chatham, widower, s/o Thomas SHANNON & Catherine Annie CLARK, married Alice Maud McKEOUGH, 42, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William. McKEOUGH & Betsy Ann STONE, witn: J.F. McKEOUGH, Chatham, M.A. McKEOUGH, Chatham, 2 November 1907 at Chatham
011894-07 (Kent Co) William. James SHAW, 24, farmer, Ridgetown, Chatham, s/o John Nelson SHAW & Matilda FIRIN, married Sarah Grace JOHNSTON, 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William. JOHNSTON & Alberta DAVID, witn: William. JOHNSTON, Chatham, Matilda GRAHAM, Chatham, 21 December 1907 at Chatham 011865-07 (Kent Co) Charles Saxon SHELDON, 35, hotel keeper, Harwich twp., Blenheim, s/o Charles. Saxon SHELDON & Lois HANDY, married Mary Jeanette CAMPBELL, 30, Orford twp., Blenheim, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Mary ROBINSON, witn: Flossie M. McCOSH, Chatham, Harry M.V. McCOSH, Chatham, 30 September 1907 at Chatham
011921-07 (Kent Co) Charles. Russell SIMPSON, 20, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o J.H. SIMPSON & Hannah ARNOLD, married Ella Hazel MORRISON, 18, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Edwin MORRISON & Jennie TAYLOR, witn: Harry SIMPSON, Chatham twp., Laura MORRISON, Chatham twp., 30 October 1907 at Tupperville 011890-07 (Kent Co) Wesley Pickering SLATER, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Albert SLATER & Sarah STEPHENS, married Ella HERMAN, 20, Ridgetown, Chatham, d/o James HERMAN & Alba ELMER, witn: Clifford TOMLINSON, Chatham, Louise CROSS, Chatham, 27 November 1907 at Chatham
011827-07 (Kent Co) Norman SPARKS, 19, contractor, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Jacob SPARKS & Janet MANNINGS, married Edna Sara MACKLEY, 21, Columbus Mich., Winnipeg, d/o John Robert. MACKLEY & Huldah HUFF, witn: Florence McCOSH, Chatham, Mrs. J.B. MACKLEY, Winnipeg Manitoba, 11 June 1907 at Chatham 011920-07 (Kent Co) Louis STEINKOPH, 27, ranches, St. Clair Mich., Pontiac Mich., s/o Fred STEINKOPH & Minnie NEWMAN, married Hattie BENEDICT, 18, Whitebread, Whitebread, d/o Fremont BENEDICT & Susan MURPHY, witn: William. BENEDICT, Whitebread, Minnie STEINKOPH, Detroit, 23 October 1907 at Whitebread
  011849-07 (Kent Co) Milton G. STEVENS, 30, basket maker, Tilsonburg, Leamington, s/o Allen STEVENS & Mary Ann KINNEY, married Lottie BOYER, 21, Essex, Leamington, d/o Charles. BOYER & Charlotte HEADCOCK, witn: Laura G. GADELL, Chatham, Annie M. DANIEL, not entered, 12 July 1907 at Chatham
011781-07 (Kent Co) William. John STINSON, 31, conductor, Athens Ontario, Smith Falls, widower, s/o not entered, married Zilla Margaret CRATE, 24, Toronto, Smith Falls, d/o James F. CRATE & Eupheus PEACOCK, witn: Elizabeth GOLDING, Bothwell, Mrs. Euphens (Eupheus?) CRATE, Bothwell, 22 April 1907 at Bothwell 011811-07 (Kent Co) William Hosea STOVER, 31, farmer, Harwich, Chatham twp., s/o Edward W. STOVER & Sophronia CAREY, married Rose Mabel RICE, 30, Chatham city, Chatham twp., d/o Thomas RICE & Christena MAYNARD, witn: J. Garest RICE, Chatham, Grace RICE, Chatham, 1 January 1907 at Chatham twp
011893-07 (Kent Co) Chuyler STOWE, 30, farmer, Wentworth Co. Ont, Blenheim, s/o John STOWE & Margaret BOWMAN, married Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD, age not entered, Raleigh twp., Blenheim, d/o Henry SUMMERFIELD & Annie JACKSON, witn: Amos SUMMERFIELD, Chatham, Maggie F. McCOSH, Chatham, 9 December 1907 at Chatham 011940-07 (Kent Co) William T. TEWKESBURY, 21, moulder, Chatham, Dover twp., s/o John TEWKESBURY & Mary A. LECOCQ, married Grace M. OLDERSHAW, 21, Dover twp., Dover twp., James H. OLDERSHAY & Mary Ann CORNHILL, witn: G.T. DYER, Chatham, Maud A. TEWKESBURY, Chatham, 4 September 1907 at Dover twp
011779-07 (Kent Co) Wilbert J. TROTT, 24, clerk, Bothwell, Bothwell, s/o George TROTT & Margaret FLEMING, married Ella M. McLEOD, 25, Petrolia, Bothwell, d/o Bruce McLEOD & Mary A. ROWLINGS, witn: George H. TROTT, Bothwell, Bruce McLEOD, Bothwell, 1 May 1907 at Bothwell 011846-07 (Kent Co) Robert James TULLOCH, 21, farmer, Sombra, Sombra, s/o James TULLOCH & Margaret WORKMAN, married Bertha May HAGEN, 19, Sombra, Sombra, d/o James HAGEN & Isabelle GRACEY, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Blenheim, Laura M. GADELL, Blenheim, 26 July 1907 at Chatham
011797-07 (Kent Co) John VANCE, 42, farmer, Bosanquet, Camden twp., s/o James VANCE & Eliza T. JOHNSTON, married Minnie O. HUSTON, 39, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Thomas HUSTON & Eliza BOBIER, witn: Daniel BUCHANAN, Florence, Theresa E. HUSTON, Florence, 3 July 1907 at Camden twp. 011879-07 (Kent Co) Henry Holdaway VINCE, 27, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Henry W. VINCE & Missella MOTT, married May Elizabeth STEWART, 23, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Arthur Young STEWART & Amanda BEDFORD, witn: Nelson BEDFORD, Thamesville, Eva VINCE, Fletcher, 30 October 1907 at Chatham
011840-07 (Kent Co) Stanley W. WALKER, 21, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Wallace WALKER & Mary LERBO, married Pearl WONNACOTT, 21, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o William. WONNACOTT & Jane HOPE, witn: Jane MOTT, Chatham, M.A. MALOTT, Chatham, 18 June 1907 at Chatham 011838-07 (Kent Co) William. Thomas WATERS, 22, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Thomas WATERS & Hannah JENNINGS, married Mary Jane SHAW, 23, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o D.C. SHAW & Ruth McFALL, witn: Mark D. GIFFORD, Dawn Mills, Maggie SHAW, Thorncliff, marriage date not entered at Chatham, [6 July 1907 was registration date]
011788-07 (Kent Co) John WATKINS, 33, railroader, Bothwell, Chatham, widower, s/o John WATKINS & Elizabeth LANGLEY, married Maggie THORN, 40, East Oxford, Chatham, widow, d/o Daniel ORTH & Sarah WILSON, witn: Mrs. Walter RUSH, Bothwell, Mrs. James LITTLE, Bothwell, 23 October 1907 at Bothwell 011863-07 (Kent Co) Reginald WATSON, 23, electrician, Belgrave Huron Co., Chatham, s/o John WATSON & Susannah YOUNG, married Edith HAZLETT, 29, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Eli HAZLETT & Abbie SEXSMITH, witn: Alfred E. HAZLETT, Chatham, Marie BEDFORD, Chatham, 18 September 1907 at Chatham
011813-07 (Kent Co) Robert Edmund WELLINGTON, 20, farmer, Tilbury, Merlin, s/o John Edmund WELLINGTON & Mary Jane DODGE, married Rosa May HARRIS, 20, Lower Edmonton England, Tilbury, d/o John George HARRIS & Selina Jane VICKERY, witn: Martha NOLTIE, Chatham, Julia FOX, Chatham, 25 March 1907 at Chatham  
011820-07 (Kent Co) John Edward WEST, 24, machinist, Windsor, Windsor, s/o George E. WEST & Matilda ROBERTSON, married Mabel ARNOLD, 21, Galt, Chatham, d/o Henry ARNOLD & Elizabeth MARGOLES, witn: John C. STAGG, Windsor, Jessie McISAAC, Chatham, 7 May 1907 at Chatham 011775-07 (Kent Co) David WHITE, 30, farmer, Bosanquet, Dawn, s/o Robert WHITE & Eliza THOMPSON, married Lorenda MOOREHOUSE, 20, Dawn, Dawn, d/o William. H. MOOREHOUSE & Margaret KERBY, witn: Mrs. N.J. ASHTON, Bothwell, Mrs. George BLOOM, Florence, 3 April 1907 at Bothwell
011882-07 (Kent Co) Clide Proctor WILCOX, 29, farmer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Clide WILCOX & Emma WILCOX, married Harriett HOLMES, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o David HOLMES & Louise HOLMES, witn: John HOLMES, Chatham, David HOLMES, Chatham, 23 October 1907 at Chatham 011923-07 (Kent Co) James Delbert WOOD, laborer, Wallaceburg, blank, s/o Fergus WOOD & Annie J. Harris, married Mary E. COOPER, 18, Toronto, Wallaceburg, d/o Thomas COOPER & Anna M. BOYCE, witn: George H. WOOD, Chatham twp., Delia B. SAGERS, Detroit, 2 November 1907 at Chatham twp