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Kent Co., 1908, part 2

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011117-08 (Kent Co) William Morris ABRAHAM, 25, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o William ABRAHAM & Clara Ann HAY, married Hazel J. AGAR, 20, of Chatham twp., d/o Charles AGAR & Catherine PERRIN, witn: Charles B. AGAR, Mrs. Charles B. AGAR, both of Eberts Ont., 16 December 1908 at Conc 4 Lot 13 Chatham twp.

011032-08 (Kent Co) Arthur S. ADAMS, 24, salesman, of Grand Rapids Mich., s/o Arthur O. ADAMS & Emina J. HOWARD, married Edna M. MIZNER, 23, of Grand Rapids Mich., d/o Henry MIZNER & Ida KELLOGG, witn: Mrs. William MANNING, Mattie L. GRAHAM, both of Chatham, 13 August 1908 at Chatham

011058-08 (Kent Co) Gilbert J. ANDERSON, 31, physician, Detroit, s/o William H. ANDERSON & Eliz. McVITTIE, married Mary Agatha BENNETT, 29, nurse, Chatham, d/o George BENNETT & Essie FERGUSON, witn: George H. ORTWISE, Detroit, Alice ? film is cut off, 2 September 1908 at Chatham

011030-08 (Kent Co) Alexander ARCHIBALD, 28, farmer, of Tilbury East, s/o James ARCHIBALD & Annie ROSS, married Eva R. VINCE, 23, of not entered, d/o Henry W. VINCE & Priscilla MOTT, witn: Rebecca IRVINE, Chatham, Lydia CAMPBELL, Buffalo, 5 August 1908 at Chatham


011215-08 (Kent Co) William Arthur ATTRIDGE, 26, farmer, Orford twp., s/o William H. ATTRIDGE farmer & Maria J. SCOTT, married Margaret Fraser BARR, 18, milliner, Duart Ont., d/o Thomas Fraser BARR laborer & Margaret FORD, witn: Maria J. ATTRIDGE, Niagara Falls Ont., Margaret BARR, Duart Ont., 25 November 1908 at Duart

011182-08 (Kent Co) John BALLANTYNE, 28, farmer, Harwich, s/o George BALLANTYNE farmer & Margaret THOMPSON, married Mrs. Nellie MANNING, 29, widow, Chatham, d/o James CHALMERS & Mary BUMP, witn: Albert SMITH, Walkerville, Catherine BALLANTYNE, Harwich, 16 September 1908 at Kent Co.

011053-08 (Kent Co) Samuel BARKER, 35, woodworker, widower, Woodstock, s/o parents are married Janet MOORE, 35, widow, Woodstock, d/o parents witn: A. VON GUNTON, Mrs. G. HEYWARD, 8 October 1908 at Chatham

011142-08 (Kent Co) Philippe BELL, 20, farmer, of Big Point, s/o Philias BELL & Josephine BRAY, married Anna TETRAULT, 18, of Big Point, d/o Levi TETRAULT & Catherine HOULE, witn: David TETRAULT, Big Point, Mary BELL, Dubuque? Ont., 24 November 1908 at Big Point

011870-09 (Kent Co) Arthur William BELL, 29, stenographer, of Detroit Mich., s/o William BELL & Mary McARTHUR, married Ada Clara JORDAN, 22, of Chatham, d/o Edward JORDAN, jeweller & Amelia MERRIAN, witn: J.S. BELL, Salena HAYNE, Ailsa Craig, 31 December 1908 at Chatham

011261-08 (Kent Co) Arthur BENOIT, 26, farmer, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury West twp., s/o J.F. BENOIT & M. KEITH, married Marion MONTPETIT, 18, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury North twp., d/o Henry MONTPETIT & Rose MARCHAND, witn: Gilbert PAQUETTE, Laura BEAUGRAND, both of Tilbury Ont., 11 February 1908 at Tilbury

011211-08 (Kent Co) John Alfred BISHOP, 37, farmer, Orford twp., s/o John BISHOP farmer & Sarah M. McTAVISH, married Clara May EBERLE, 29, dressmaker, Palmyra, d/o James EBERLE farmer & Lizzie MUCKLE, witn: Josie EBERLE, Jason EBERLE, both of Palmyra, 14 October 1908 at Palmyra Kent Co.

011052-08 (Kent Co) Thomas BISSELL, 18, farmer, Chatham twp., s/o Walter J. WILMORE farmer & Francis WILMORE, married Maggie Elizabeth HIGHGATE, 19, Chatham twp., d/o Henderson HIGHGATE farmer & Emma HIGHGATE, witn: Walter J. WLIMORE, Francis WILMORE, both of Oungah, 7 October 1908 at Chatham

011049-08 (Kent Co) Joseph A. BLAKE, 24, painter, Chatham, s/o John BLAKE farmer & Mary HELTZ, married Kate TURNER, 18,  Zone twp. Kent, d/o Nelson TURNER farmer & Dorcas WEGANT, witn: Mary L. BRAY, Annie C. FISHER, both of Chatham, 23 September 1908 at Chatham

011263-08 (Kent Co) Hormiadas BONAIS, 34, farmer, St. Valentine Quebec, Tilbury North twp., s/o J.B. BORNAIS & Cesaire DUTEAU, married Eliza THIBODEAU, 26, Tilbury Ont., Tilbury East twp., d/o Henri THIBODEAU & Helene LABADIE, witn: Nolas ROUNDIS, Henri THIBODEAU, both of Tilbury, 2 March 1908 at Tilbury

011019-08 (Kent Co) William BOYER, 28, hotel keeper, of Wallaceburg, s/o William BOYER & Regina LEPRISE, married Esther BABCOCK, 26, of Wabash Kent Co., d/o Sylvester BABCOCK & Mary E. DELINE, witn: Charles KELLAR, Annie KELLAR, both of Chatham, 30 June 1908 at Chatham

011137-08 (Kent Co) Samuel BRIGGMAN, 35, laborer, of Dover, s/o George BRIGGMAN & Sarah Ann NEWCOMB, married Florence May McCARTER, 24, of Dover, d/o Jerry McCARTER & Mary Ann WRIGHT, witn: William TINNEY, Belle McCOMBE, both of Chatham, 28 October 1908 at Dover


011129-08 (Kent Co) Thomas Kenny BROWN, 43, farmer, Dover twp., s/o John C. BROWN farmer & Mary KENNY, married Ellen AITKIN, 33, spinster, Chatham twp., d/o David AITKIN & Mary SMITH, witn: David BROWN, Dover twp., Mary AITKIN, Chatham twp., 30 June 1908 at Dover twp.

011133-08 (Kent Co) Cyrus Edmond BROWN, 25, farmer, Chatham twp., s/o William BROWN & Minerva LEE, married Lavina Jane RANKIN, 26, farmer's daughter, Dover Centre Dover twp., d/o James S. RANKIN farmer & Agness JACKSON, witn: Robert INGRAM, Dover Centre, Ethel BATEMAN, Oldfield Chatham twp., 23 September 1908 at Dover Centre

011112-08 (Kent Co) William A. BROWN, 28, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o William BROWN & Minerva SEE, married Beatrice Pearl HINDS, 23, of Oldfield P.O. Chatham twp., d/o Robert Simeon HINDS & Mary Elizabeth Fletcher, witn: Harry FORBES, Oldfield, Maggie STONEHOUSE, Kent Bridge, 11 November 1908 at Conc 13 Lot 3 Chatham twp.

011262-08 (Kent Co) Leon CAMERON, 26, laborer, Quebec, River Rouge Mich., s/o Simeon CAMERON & Elzire SYLVAIN, married Helene REAUME, 29, Stoney Point Ont., Tilbury North twp., d/o David REAUME & Marie RICHER, witn: Simeon CAMERON, River Rouge Mich., Xavier REAUME, Tilbury, 2 March 1908 at Tilbury

011116-08 (Kent Co) Thomas William CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Arthur CAMPBELL & Jane WRIGHT, married Luella McCALLUM, 19, of Chatham twp., d/o Thomas McCALLUM & Jane BELL, witn: Robert McCOIG?, Tupperville, Laura PELING Turnerville, 9 December 1908 at Tupperville

011109-08 (Kent Co) William James CARD, 28, laborer, of Wallaceburg, s/o John Wesley CARD & Jane EAGLESON, married Ella Elizabeth DUNDERDALE, 22, of Chatham twp., d/o Joseph DUNDERDALE & first name not entered SOUTHGATE, witn: S.R. DUNDERDALE, Abbie SCOTT, both of Wallaceburg, 5 August 1908 at father's residence

011170-08 (Kent Co) Gordon R.M. CLARK, 24, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Charles CLARK & Hannah Maria HERRON, married Elizabeth Gertrude SNOBELIN, 21, farmer's daughter, Harwich, Harwich, d/o William SNOBELIN & Rose Ann HAGGERMAN, witn: Ernest ALLISON, Sadie SNOBELIN, both of Harwich, 10 March 1908 at Harwich twp.

011039-08 (Kent Co) Charles E. CLARKE, 25, fireman, of Harwich twp., s/o David CLARKE & Maggie McKENZIE, married Minnie PALMER, 21, of Harwich twp. Kent Co., d/o John PALMER & Susannah JENNINGS, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Chatham, Laura J. GADEAU, Chatham, 9 September 1908 at Chatham

011265-08 (Kent Co) Robert CLIE, 23, farmer's son, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury North twp., s/o Robert Camille (no surname) & Catherine DUPUIS, married Adelaide TETREAULT, 18, Raleigh twp., Tilbury East twp., d/o Henry TETREAULT & Clara SIMARD, witn: Alexander ROBERT, Tilbury North twp., Georgina TETREAULT, Tilbury East twp., 18 May 1908 at Tilbury

011029-08 (Kent Co) William E. COSGRAVE, 33, printer, of Detroit Mich., s/o William COSGRAVE & Mary BACHELDOR, married Ethel May TICKNER, 23, of not entered, d/o Clark TICKNER & Almyra KENNYSON, witn: Martha LAMPERD, Mattie L. GRAHAM, both of Chatham, 5 August 1908 at Chatham

011266_08 (Kent Co) Lawrence P. COTTINGHAM, 24, blacksmith, Romney twp., Tilbury Ont., s/o Thomas COTTINGHAM & Eliza SMALL, married Nora PINCH, 20, Romney twp., Romney twp., d/o Adam PINCH & Eliza ROCK, witn: Edythe L. BALL, Mrs. Chester BROOK, both of Tilbury Ont., 17 June 1908 at Tilbury

011154-08 (Kent Co) Hartford James CROWDER, 34, farmer, Camden twp. Kent, s/o Joseph CROWDER farmer & Sarah TEETZEL, married Lottie May ST. JOHN, 21, Ridgetown Ont., d/o Benjamin ST. JOHN minister & Louisa STOREY, witn: Mrs. James W. & Miss M. SHARPE of Dresden, 3 August 1908 at Dresden

011054-08 (Kent Co) Albert E. DREW, 32, iron & steel merchant, Chatham, s/o Edward DREW farmer & Mary KELLY, married Mary LANNIGAN, 28, Harwich twp., d/o Henry LANNIGAN farmer & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Raymond LANNIGAN, Darrell , Kate ENNETT, Sawyer Creek Mich USA, 14 October 1908 at Chatham

011270-08 (Kent Co) Philias DUPUIS, 33, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Maxime DUPUIS & Rose RASENELLE, married Angela MARCHAND, 25, Tilbury, Tilbury North twp., d/o Theodore MARCHAND & Nancie GODREAU, witn: Theodore MARCHAND, Tilbury Ont., Louise DUPUIS, Tilbury East twp., 23 June 1908 at Tilbury

011119-08 (Kent Co) David EARLY, 28, farmer, of Thorncliffe, s/o Albert EARLY & Mary Jane SECORD, married Rosa SHOLCRAFT, 25, of Camden twp., d/o Richard SHOLCRAFT & Annie ROSS, witn: Culley PENTLAND, Mrs. E.V.R. PENTLAND, both of Louisville, 22 December 1908 at Louisville

011031-08 (Kent Co) Carl M. EBERTS, 39, hotel keeper, of Chatham widower, s/o Charles M. EBERTS & Mary M. CLEGG, married Mabel S. LANE, 30, of Chatham, d/o Richard Lane & Eliza SHAW, witn: Claude R. EBERTS, Chatham, Sarah T. DOLSON, Bloomfield Kent Co., 29 July 1908 at Chatham

11149-08 (Kent Co) John George EDEN, 24, farmer, Dawn twp., Lambton Co., Dawn twp. Lambton Co., s/o Robert EDEN & Anne ROBINS, married Martha McGUIRE, 22,  Dawn twp., Lambton Co., Dawn twp. Lambton Co., d/o William George McGUIRE & Martha LAPP, witn: Mary C. LINDSAY, Jane CURRIE, both of Dresden, 3 June 1908 at Dresden

011264-08 (Kent Co) Nelson EMERY, 43, merchant, widower, Big Point Ont., Tilbury Ont., s/o Francis EMERY & Rosalie TETREAULT, married Lucie BEUGLET (Beught?), 26, Belle River Ont., Tilbury Ont., d/o Henry BEUGLET & Marie RENAUD, witn: Alcide EMERY, Saginaw Mich., Julie DUMONT, Tecumseh Ont., 2 March 1908 at Tilbury

011114-08 (Kent Co) Melburn FERGUSON, 21, farmer, of Sombra twp., s/o Joseph FERGUSON & Nancy BABCOCK, married Dolly WILLS, 21, of Dawn twp., d/o Richard WILLS & Mary Jane KERR, witn: Mrs?. G. MOOREHOUSE, Tupperville, Mrs. D. McARTHUR, Tupperville, 25 November 1908 at Tupperville


011184-08 (Kent Co) Martin A. FIELD, 35, farmer, Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Lott P. FIELD & Mary L. ARNOLD, married Nina JARVIS, 25, Harwich, d/o Robert L. JARVIS farmer & Nellie CURTIS, witn: Wesley A. JARVIS, Harwich, Lewis FIELD, Chatham, 7 December 1908 at Harwich twp

011118-08 (Kent Co) John Stanley FIELD, 26, farmer, of Harwich twp., s/o Albert Edward FIELD & Flora McGEACHY, married Maggie May MERRITT, 24, of Chatham twp., d/o William W. MERRITT & Helen J. CROW, witn: Alexander MERRITT, Louisville, Nellie J. FIELD, Chatham, 25 November 1908 at Louisville

011278-08 (Kent Co) Walter FOREST, farmer, Tilbury West twp., s/o Samuel E. FOREST motorman & Frances THOMPSON, married Pearl BREEN, 19, farmer's daughter, Tilbury West twp., d/o Jones BREEN farmer & Agnes SIDD, witn: Mrs. Annie G. DOBSON, Mrs. James HEMSWORTH, both of Tilbury, 14 October 1908 at Tilbury

011138-08 (Kent Co) George FOY, 23, farmer, of Dover, s/o Charles FOY & Christina HIND, married Violet Clara PAYNE, 24, of Dover, d/o William PAYNE & Hannah LUND, witn: Mary BALL, Oungah, Charles FOY, Bear Line, 28 October 1908 at Dover

011153-08 (Kent Co) Joseph Victor FURTALL (FURBALL?), 22, laborer, Wallaceburg, s/o Joseph FURTALL & Edith ROBERTSON, married Genevieve M. BRABEAU, 18, Wallaceburg, d/o Peter BRABEAU & Edith LOZAN (LOZON?), witn: Reginald D. FURTALL , Leona F. BACHUS, both of Wallaceburg, 13 July 1908 at Dresden

011127-08 (Kent Co) Dieudonne GAGNIER, 20 yrs, 6 mos., fisherman, Dover South, Dover South, s/o Dieudonne GAGNIER & Olivine LUCIER, married Elena CARON, 20, at home, Dover South, Dover South, d/o Napoleon CARON & Emelie BECHARD, Treffle GAGNER, Lea BECHARD, both of Dover South, 8 June 1908 at Dover South

011022-08 (Kent Co) Harry GEORGE, 28, farmer, of Harwich, s/o William GEORGE & Augusta LINSOTT, married Agnes Mary COLLINS, 28, Harwich, d/o William COLLINS & 'did not know', witn: E. Grace RICE, W.H.G. COLLES, both of Chatham, 15 June 1908 at Chatham

011033-08 (Kent Co) John C. GEORGE, 22, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o William GEORGE & Anna COLE, married Anna Maude POWERS, 19, of Wallaceburg, d/o George POWERS & Mary SIMPSON, witn: J. W. HUMPHREY, Mattie L. GRAHAM, both of Chatham, 15 August 1908 at Chatham

011146-08 (Kent Co) Mark Daly GIFFORD, 21, farmer, Chatham twp., Camden twp., s/o Francis GIFFORD & Elizabeth SHAW, married Maggie Lila SHAW, 20,  Chatham twp., Camden twp., d/o Darby SHAW & Ruth McFAUL, witn: Neal? JONES, Blanche I. KINDER, both of Dresden, 15 January 1908 at Dresden

011873-09 (Kent Co) Angus GLASSFORD, 75, retired farmer, widower, of Chatham, s/o John GLASSFORD, farmer & Elizabeth McCOY, married Jane WARD, 69, widow, of Chatham, d/o John BALL, farmer & Hannah SNELL, witn: James WADDELL, Susannah WADDELL, both of Chatham, 10 December 1908 at Chatham

011021-08 (Kent Co) Robert GLOVER, 21, dairyman, of Chatham, s/o Thomas GLOVER & Eleanor ANDERSON, married Evelyn Pearl LANE, 23, of Harwich twp., d/o William Lane & Ellen SHAW, witn: Jas. A. GLOVER, Chatham, Edna LANE, Harwich, 3 June 1908 at Chatham

011045-08 (Kent Co) Charles A. GOODALL, 28, clerk, of Chatham, s/o James GOODALL & Anne WORLEY, married Mabelle EDMONDSON, 24, of Chatham, d/o John EDMONDSON & Hannah KOSTNER, witn: Olive M EDMONDSON, Flossie M. EDMONDSON, of not entered, 16 September 1908 at Chatham

011214-08 (Kent Co) James W. GOSNELL, 39, farmer, Orford twp., s/o Lawrence GOSNELL farmer & Sarah LEE, married Annie SWANTON, 42, Orford twp., d/o George SWANTON farmer & Jessie NEWMAN, witn: Richard SWANTON, Muirkirk, Kate GOSNELL, Highgate, 24 November 1908 at Orford twp

011201-08 (Kent Co) Floyd Burns GOSNELL, 26, farmer, Highgate, Highgate, s/o Samuel GOSNELL & Lottie BURNS, married Maud Mary LOGAN, 28, London Ont., Highgate, d/o David LOGAN & Mary EDWARDS, witn: Frank GOSNELL, Saskatoon, Grace LOGAN, Calgary Alta. 15 January 1908 at Highgate

011038-08 (Kent Co) Alexander G. GRANT, 22, sailor, of Chatham, s/o John GRANT & Charlotte BELINGER, married given name not entered CAREY, 20, Dover twp., d/o James & Margaret CAREY, witn: A.G. HODGINS, Dresden, Mildred HODGINS, Dresden, 4 September 1908 at Chatham

011056-08 (Kent Co) Isaac E. HAWGOOD, 21, farmer, Dawn twp. Kent Co., s/o William HAWGOOD farmer & Sarah HOPPER, married Bertha KIMBALL, 19, Dawn twp. Kent Co., d/o Christopher KIMBALL & Evelyn HENRY, witn: Bart E. MILLER, Francis MILLER, both of Kent Bridge, 30 September 1908 at Chatham

011872-09 (Kent Co) Thomas HEYS, 34, merchant, of Nipigon, s/o Thomas HEYS & Eleanor HOGARTH, married Daisy E. KING, 31, of Chatham, d/o Hooper KING, farmer & Elizabeth HOLMES, witn: Charles H. HEYS, Toronto, Marguerite KING, Chatham, 29 December 1908 at Chatham


011272-08 (Kent Co) Edward James HISER, 32, farmer, Tilbury West twp., Tilbury West twp., s/o Earnest HISER & Mary BUCHANAN, married Ethel LUDLAM, 24, Tilbury West twp., Tilbury West twp., d/o William LUDLAM & Helen BARTON, witn: Mrs. Maud JOHNSTON, Mrs. Annie G. DOBSON, both of Tilbury, 8 January 1908 at Tilbury

011035-08 (Kent Co) Parker E. HODGES, 50, farmer, of Wallaceburg, s/o Parker E. HODGES & Nancy Crow, married Jennie SILEY, 26, of Sombra, d/o John SILEY & Dolly WELLS, witn: C.W. HODGINS, Hamilton, Jennie McCHERRON, Chatham, 9 August 1908 at Chatham

011041-08 (Kent Co) Harry Kines HOPKIRK, 28, banker, of Moncton, s/o James HOPKIRK & Frances BUTLER, married Reve Reine Isabel STEGMANN, 27, of Chatham, d/o Thomas C. STEGMANN & Elizabeth HAMMOND, witn: H.B. HOPKIRK, Ottawa, Miss Violet Lee MARA, Toronto, 12 September 1908 at Chatham

011274-08 (Kent Co) John Whitney HORNICK, 24, farmer, Tilbury East twp., s/o Thomas Henry HORNICK farmer & Jane KELLY, married Clara Ann PINCH, 21, domestic, Romney twp., d/o Adam PINCH farmer & Eliza ROCK, witn: Mrs. James HEMSWORTH, Mrs. Annie G. DOBSON, both of Tilbury, 1 July 1908 at Tilbury

011210-08 (Kent Co) William Maxwell HOUSTON, 27, butcher, Rodney, s/o Robert HOUSTON & Margaret MORRISON, married Ida May CAMPBELL, 23, Orford twp., d/o Alex CAMPBELL farmer & Stailea OAKES, witn: Eliza McDONALD, Duart Ont., B.A. HOUSTON, Alvinston Ont., 14 October 1908 at Orford twp.

011158-08 (Kent Co) John HUEY, 26, farmer, Sombra twp. Lambton Co., s/o James HUEY & Jane JENKINS, married Anna WATSON, 25, Detroit USA, d/o Samuel WATSON & Rebecca LASHBROOK, witn: film cut off, 2 December 1908 at Dresden

011025-08 (Kent Co) Frederick HUTCHINSON, 32, contractor, of Chatham, s/o Robert HUTCHINSON & Catharine DUNBAR, married Julia ROE, 34, of Chatham, widow, d/o Albert RIPLEY & Cela HARRISON, witn: A.H. GEORGE, Mrs. A.H. GEORGE, both of Tupperville, 16 July 1908 at Chatham

011209-08 (Kent Co) Joseph IRVINE, 36, painter, St. Mary's, Palmyra, s/o William IRVINE & Mary MITCHELL, married Mary Jane McPHAIL, 26, Palmyra, Palmyra, d/o Peter N. McPHAIL & Mary SIFTON, witn: E.D. McPHAIL, Louisa DRIVER, both of Palmyra, 27 June 1908 at Highgate

011139-08 (Kent Co) William George JACKSON, 23, farmer, of Dover Centre, s/o James JACKSON & Cynthia BROWN, married Ada Florence MILLS, 22, of Dover Centre, d/o George MILLS & Mary Ann EPTON, witn: Charles MILLS, Dover Centre, Etta JACKSON, film cut off, 20 October 1908 at Dover twp

011185-08 (Kent Co) George JACKSON, 31, farmer, Harwich twp., s/o Henry JACKSON farmer & Margaret DAVIS, married Ethel HENDERSON, 25, Howard twp., d/o George HENDERSON farmer & Elizabeth BLATCHFORD, witn: Wilfred HENDERSON, Howard twp., James JACKSON, Harwich twp., 16 September 1908 at Howard twp.

011150-08 (Kent Co) Walter S. JEFFS, 27, dentist, Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., s/o John JEFFS & Emma CARLETON, married Beatrice RUDD, 24, none, Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o William RUDD & Sarah BARRETT, witn: John JEFFS, William RUDD, both of Dresden, 24 June 1908 at Dresden 011047-08 (Kent Co) Charles JENKINS, 26, editor, of Chatham, s/o N.C. JENKINS & Margaret NEALE, married Edith Goldworth EBERTS, 26, of Chatham, d/o Frank G. EBERTS & Florence BENNETT, witn: Effie G. EBERTS, Berlin Ont., W.R. ANGUS, Chatham, 21 September 1908 at Chatham

011151-08 (Kent Co) Robert JOHNSON, 24, laborer, London Ont., Dresden Ont., s/o Nora JOHNSON & Martha Jane HONELY, married Sadie GREEN, 20, none, d/o William H. GREEN & Margaret Jane BUTLER, witn: Laura BURNET, Dresden, 27 April 1908 at Dresden

011212-08 (Kent Co) Roy C. JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Orford twp., s/o Thomas E. JOHNSTON farmer & Hannah WILSON, married Lillian GOSNELL, 20, Orford twp., d/o John S. GOSNELL farmer & Mary E. SMITH, witn: Earl J. JOHNSTON, Ridgetown, Fannie S. GOSNELL, Highgate, 22 October 1908 at Orford twp.

011203-08 (Kent Co) Robert KEER, 30, farmer, Orford twp., Orford twp., s/o Peter KEER & Mary McDONALD, married Lila SINCLAIR, 23, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Duncan SINCLAIR & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Annie CAMPBELL, Ridgetown, John THOMSON, West Lorne Ont., 22 April 1908 at Orford twp.

011148-08 (Kent Co) Ernest John Roy KELLY, 23, machinist, Wallaceburg Ont., Wallaceburg Ont., s/o Edward KELLY & Emma CROW, married Henrietta Nora SMITH, 23,  Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o Arthur SMITH & Henrietta HUGHES, witn: Arthur C. SMITH, Cookstown Ont., A. Mary SMITH, Dresden, 2 June 1908 at Dresden

011046-08 (Kent Co) Joseph KENNEDY, 27, engineer, of Goderich, s/o Patrick KENNEDY & Dora RYAN, married Annie MONTGOMERY, 28, of Aldborough twp. Elgin Co., d/o Francis MONTGOMERY & Katherine DEBEARE, witn: F.S. BOYLE, M. McGEE, both of Chatham, 19 September 1908 at Chatham

011036-08 (Kent Co) Herman Emanuel KERSEY, 26, bookkeeper, of Danville Ill., s/o James KERSEY & Mary EMANUEL, married Jessie REEVES, 22, of Chatham, d/o George REEVES & Emily ELLIS, witn: Bertha TAYLOR, Emily REEVES, both of Chatham, 29 August 1908 at Chatham

012146-09 (Kent Co) Ernest W. KING, 25, farmer, Tilbury East, s/o Samuel KING agent & Elizabeth KING, married Phoebe WHITTAL, 20, farmer's daughter, Tilbury East, d/o Francis WHITTAL farmer & Orilla GATTY, witn: John WHITTAL, Mrs. John WHITTAL, both of Valetta, 30 December 1908 at Tilbury East

011061-08 (Kent Co) Frank M. KNIGHT, 29, confectioner, Blenheim, s/o John KNIGHT farmer & Emma MADILL, married Alice Maude GROVES, 25, Chatham, d/o Thomas GROVES policeman & Maria BENNETT, witn: Harry GROVES, Ella GROVES, both of Chatham, 8 September 1908 at Chatham

011277-08 (Kent Co) Reuben KNISTER, 24, engineer, Comber Ont., s/o Henry KNISTER farmer & Jane BRUNER, married Minnie STRANG, 20, Tilbury West twp., d/o David STRANG farmer & Mary MILL, witn: E.A. FOTHERGILL, Hester STOKES, both of Tilbury, 6 October 1908 at Tilbury

012147-09 (Kent Co) James Burwell LAMB, 30, clergyman, Chapleau, s/o George E. LAMB gentleman & Hannah NOBLE, married Vida Gray ADAMS, 24, farmer's daughter, Tilbury East, d/o George ADAMS farmer & Helen FLETCHER, witn: John F. ADAMS, Laura M. ADAMS, both of Fletcher Ont., 30 December 1908 at Lot 4 Conc. 6 Tilbury East twp.

011051-08 (Kent Co) Joseph LAPORTE, 23, railroad clerk, Chatham, s/o John LAPORTE farmer & Virginia BRISSON, married Gertrude PRUDHOMME, 21, Chatham, d/o Joseph PRUDHOMME grocery salesman & Adeline TURCOTT, witn: Maxine BRISSON, Stratford Ont., Miss Cecile PRUDHOMME, Chatham, 6 October 1908 at Chatham

011269-08 (Kent Co) Louis LARCHE, 20, clerk, Jeanettes Creek Ont., Tilbury Ont., s/o Frank Xavier LARCHE & Louise ROY, married Marguerite BEAUGRAND, 22, Tilbury Ont., Tilbury North twp., d/o Charles BEAUGRAND & Marie MARCHAND, witn: Gilbert PAQUETTE, Laura BEAUGRAND, both of Tilbury Ont., 22 June 1908 at Tilbury

011131-08 (Kent Co) Julien LAUZON, 24, farmer, Big Point Dover twp., s/o Richard LAUZON farmer & Rose TETREAULT, married Emelie GRIFFARD (GRIFFORD?), 20, farmer's daughter, Big Point Dover twp., d/o Henry GRIFFARD farmer & Louise LEBLANC, witn: Alfred EMERY, Big Point Dover, Eva GRIFFARD, Big Point Dover, 27 August 1908 at Dover twp.

011268-08 (Kent Co) Richard Oscar LEE, 26, laborer, Colchester Ont., Comber Ont., s/o Richard LEE & Almena Lucinda KELLY, married Mary Ann WHITE, 26, tailoress, Comber Ont., Comber Ont., d/o John WHITE & Mary Ann KING, witn: John WHITE, Caroline WHITE, both of Comber, 15 April 1908 at Tilbury

011135-08 (Kent Co) Gilbert LETOURNEAU, 25, farmer, of Big Point, s/o Edmond LETOURNEAU & Mary LABADIE, married Rose MATTE, widow, of Big Point, d/o Francis MATTE & Philomone TETREAULT, witn: Louise MOIRE, Big Point, Eugenie ALEXANDRE, Mitchells Bay, 6 October 1908 at Big Point

011121-08 (Kent Co) Alexander LOW, 25, farmer, Aberdeen Scotland, Baldoon Dover twp., s/o George LOW & Ann TAYLOR, married Agnes FOWLIE, 24, Aberdeen Scotland, Baldoon Dover twp., d/o Alexander FOWLIE & May HARDIE, witn: Henry LOW, Gladys ROE, both of Baldoon Dover, 1 January 1908 at Baldoon

011275-08 (Kent Co) Fred LUNDY, 25, laborer, Tilbury Ont., s/o William LUNDY & Susanna TINDALL, married Mary Ann MILLS, 20, Tilbury Ont., d/o Charles MILLS & Johanna BULCHFORD, witn: Luke LILLYMAN & Mrs. Annie G. DOBSON, both of Tilbury, 15 August 1908 at Tilbury


011260-08 (Kent Co) Alexander MARCHAND, 23, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury North twp., s/o Narcisse MARCHAND & Philomine ROBERT, married Angelie AUTHIER, 27, Tilbury North twp., Tilbury North twp., d/o Napoleon AUTHIER & Therese TREMBLAY, witn: Avila AUTHIER, Delia MARCHAND, both of Tilbury North twp., 4 February 1908 at Tilbury

011060-08 (Kent Co) Bert MARTIN, 20, painter, Chatham, s/o Joseph MARTIN & Elizabeth BABY?, married Irene PERRY, 20, Chatham, d/o Henry PERRY & Elizabeth PELKIE, witn: J. LANGFORD, Dresden, Mattie L. GRAHAM, Chatham, 24 September 1908 at Chatham

011128-08 (Kent Co) John Henry MASON, 25, farmer, Genesee Co. Mich., Dover twp., s/o Thomas MASON & Selina Ann STACEY, married Eliza May ARMSTRONG, 23, spinster, Toronto Ont., Dover, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Charlotte ANDERSON, witn: George V. MASON, Lottie MASON, both of Dover, 24 June 1908 at Dover twp

011126-08 (Kent Co) Joseph MATTE, 23, farmer, Big Point Dover twp., Big Point Dover, s/o Francois MATTE & Philomene TETREAULT, married Valerie GAGNER, 18, spinster, Dover South, Big Point Dover, d/o Simeon GAGNER & Marguerite GOUDREAU, witn: Regis GAGNER, Mary MATTE, both of Big Point Dover, 5 May 1908 at Big Point Dover

011202-08 (Kent Co) Robert Wellington MAYHEW, 28, real estate broker, Cobden Ont., Calgary Alta., s/o Charles MAYHEW & Sarah DUNLOP, married Grace LOGAN, 26, London Ont., Calgary Alta., d/o David LOGAN & Mary EDWARDS, witn: Floyd GOSNELL, Maud GOSNELL, both of Highgate, 26 February 1908 at Highgate

011110-08 (Kent Co) Walter McCARROLL, 28, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o William McCARROLL & Nellie McCALL, married Rebeka KEBBLE, 27, of Chatham twp., d/o Samuel KEBBLE & Sarah OVIVAN, witn: James McCARROLL, Hannah BOOTH, both of Wallaceburg, 7 October 1908 at Conc 4 Lot 17 Chatham twp.

011213-08 (Kent Co) Robert F. McDONALD, 23, barber, Highgate, s/o James McDONALD farmer & Isabella McDONALD, married Mary Jane GOSNELL, 24, tailoress, Highgate, d/o Alfred H. GOSNELL engineer & Alice COLBY, witn: Morley CHAMBERS, Ridgetown, Ellen Henrietta GOSNELL, Highgate, 23 November 1908 at Highgate

011140-08 (Kent Co) Samuel Alexander McKENZIE, 29, farmer, of Mitchells Bay, s/o John McKENZIE & Emily BRUNER, married Sarah Alexandria PETERKIN, 28, of Mitchells Bay, d/o Alexander PETERKIN & Catherine CRAWFORD, witn: John PETERKIN, Mitchells Bay, Cora WEMP, Dover Centre, 16 September 1908 at Mitchells Bay


011271-08 (Kent Co) Hugh McLAREN, 28, driller, Ancaster twp., Hamilton Ont., s/o John McLAREN & Ann BARK, married Katie HARRON, 21, Bruce Co., Tilbury East twp., d/o John HARRON & Mary HAYES, witn: Mrs. C.H. MALLONY, Mrs. Annie G. DOBSON, both of Tilbury, 1 January 1908 at Tilbury

011207-08 (Kent Co) Neil McMILLAN, 36, farmer, Orford twp., Orford twp., s/o Dougald McMILLAN & Effie McBRYDE, married Christina CRAWFORD, 26, Orford twp., Orford twp., Alex CRAWFORD & Mary McFARLANE, witn: Jeanie McDERMONT, Jessie McDERMONT, both of Duart, 9 June 1908 at Orford twp.

011042-08 (Kent Co) John McNALL, 25, pool room, of Wallaceburg, s/o John McNALL & Agnes TAIT, married Minnie FARWELL, 21, of Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph FARWELL & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Thomas FARWELL, Wallaceburg, Nancy KELLER, Poughkeepsie N.Y., 10 September 1908 at Chatham

011020-08 (Kent Co) George Morris MILLER, 21, farmer, of Camden twp., s/o Joshua MILLER & Anna HAYWOOD, married Agnes Pearl SMITH, 18, of Chatham twp., d/o James SMITH & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Florence BOYLE, May McGEE, both of Chatham, 18 June 1908 at Chatham

011043-08 (Kent Co) Perry MOON, 50, carpenter, of Chatham, widower, s/o Simeon L. MOON & Annie L. BATTEN (BATTEU?), married Lottie ROQUE, 19, of Chatham, d/o Nelson ROQUE & Mary REAUME, witn: A.J. DUNN, E. WANLESS, both of Chatham, 15 September 1908 at Chatham

011171-08 (Kent Co) John MULLIGAN, 63, farmer, widower, Mosa Middlesex, Mosa Middlesex, s/o Thomas MULLIGAN & Ann KENNEDY, married Euphemia McINTOSH, 41, Harwich, Mosa Middlesex, d/o William TAYLOR & Jessie CAMERON, witn: William TAYLOR, Mull, Mrs. Mary FORBES, Howard, 14 April 1908 at Harwich


011173-08 (Kent Co) George E. NEWCOMBE, 27, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Elikam NEWCOMBE & Rebecca BAKER, married Mae E. WATSON, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Angus WATSON & Amelia E. HAMIL, witn: J. Walter OSTERHOUT, Windsor Ont., Mae L. HAMIL, Mull, 20 May 1908 at Harwich

011037-08 (Kent Co) Arthur Garfield NORTHWAY, 26, merchant, of Toronto, s/o John NORTHWAY & Catherine McKAY, married Lucy Mary McKELLAR, 25, of Chatham, d/o Donald McKELLAR & Mila BOBIER, witn: W.C. NORTHWAY, Toronto, Edith A. DOLSEN, Chatham, 17 June 1908 at Chatham

011172-08 (Kent Co) Joseph OLDERSHAW, 42, bricklayer, Chatham, Chatham, s/o William OLDERSHAW & Isabella PAULUCCI, married Susie HIGGINS, 29, Thamesville, Thamesville, d/o Benjamin HIGGINS & Sarah Ann HUBBELL, witn: Chester HIGGINS, Nellie CARRY, both of Chatham, 23 April 1908 at Harwich

011134-08 (Kent Co) Joseph Alfred OULLETTE, 22, laborer, of Big Point, s/o unknown & Oralie ROSE, married Mary MATTE, 19, of Big Point, d/o Francis MATTE & Philomone TETREAULT, witn: Alphie CHARON, Josephine DUBUQUE, both of Big Point, 1 October 1908 at Big Point

011147-08 (Kent Co) John Thomas OXLEY, 29, farmer, Camden twp., Camden twp., s/o Frank John OXLEY & Jane RAY, married Blanche HILL, 28, Chatham twp., Brant Twp. Ont, d/o John HILL & Margaret ENNETT, witn: Blanche O. KINDER, Dresden Ont., Ethel SHARPE, Dawn Ont., 26 February 1908 at Dresden

011871-09 (Kent Co) William James PERRIN, 23, tinsmith, of Blenheim, s/o David PERRIN & Phoebe SMITH, married Jerrien WRIGHT, 18, of Harwich twp., d/o John WRIGHT & Della SMITH, witn: Andrew PERRIN, Emily PERRIN, both of Blenheim, 22 December 1908 at Chatham

012182-09 (Kent Co) Gordon D. PHILLIPS, 19, farmer, of Camden twp., s/o James PHILLIPS, farmer & Sarah GONYEAU, married Elva Pearl PAUL, 20, of Camden twp., d/o Zaceheus PAUL, farmer & Mary SNARY, witn: Sarah E. IRWIN, Maud B. WELDON, both of Thamesville, 30 December 1908 at Thamesville 011026-08 (Kent Co) George S. PIERRE, 34, carpenter, of Chatham, s/o Nicholas PIERRE & Mary SCHMIDT, married Helen Agnes LACHINE, 30, of Harwich twp., d/o Bernard LACHINE & Josephine ROESCH, witn: J. Parson SMITH, Chatham, Margaret GERBER, Harwich, 28 July 1908 at Chatham

011267-08 (Kent Co) Maurice PILON, 25, farmer, McGregor Ont., McGregor Ont., s/o Daniel PILON & Henriette LANGLOIS, married Isabelle PARENT, 27, Rimouski PQ, Holyoke Mass., d/o Ademard PARENT & Clara PARENT, witn: Adolphe PILON, McGregor Ont., Eugenie PARENT, Walkerville Ont., 16 June 1908 at Tilbury

011024-08 (Kent Co) Henri PIQUET, 42, life insurance agent, of Chatham, widower, s/o William PIQUET & Emily BREVLAU (BREVLAN?), married Mary Elizabeth BECKER, 29, of Wallaceburg, widow, d/o Isaac BECHERALL & Mary BELCHER, witn: E.D. POILE, S.L.A. MORLEY, both of Chatham, 16 July 1908 at Chatham

011136-08 (Kent Co) Alphy PROVOST, 21, farmer's son, of Dover South, s/o Joseph PROVOST & Celina BARRETTE, married Marie Louise COUTURE, 18, of Dover South, d/o John B. COUTURE & Marie ST. PIERRE, witn: Harmidas PROVOST, Alma COUTURE, both of Dover South, 20 October 1908 at Dover South

011027-08 (Kent Co) Ernest Edgar PUMPREY (PUMFREY?), 22, farmer, of Thamesville, s/o Tumuis (Tomas?) PUMPREY & Mary SINCLAIR, married Mary RICH, 20, of Thamesville, d/o James RICH & Emily LILLEY, witn: A.J. HODGINS, Chatham, Rose HAFF, Chatham, 29 July 1908 at Chatham

011113-08 (Kent Co) Neheamiah PURDIE, 28, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Alfred PURDIE & Sarah PIERSON, married Pearl WELLMAN, 20, of Chatham twp., d/o John WELLMAN & Bertha BUGGIN, witn: Robert POWERS, Kent Bridge, Daisy PURDIE, Thorncliff, 23 November 1908 at Louisville

011120-08 (Kent Co) John H. PUTNAM, 35, clerk, of Detroit, s/o John E. PUTNAM & Ellen SCHRUER, married Anna HALL, 21, of Chatham twp., d/o William HALL & Margaret McARTHUR, witn: Charles SHAW, Tupperville, Belle HALL, Chatham twp., 24 December 1908 at Tupperville

011111-08 (Kent Co) Allan C. QUICK, 21, railway operator, of Courtright, s/o Francis QUICK & Maleda RAY, married Lottie (Lollie?) M. POWERS, 19, Courtright, d/o Levi POWERS & Alice TEMPLETON, witn: Robert POWERS, Wallaceburg, Doug THORNCLIFFE, Kent Bridge, 21 October 1908 at Con 3 Lot 1 Chatham twp

011124-08 (Kent Co) William James RANKIN, 21, farmer, Dover Centre, Dover Centre, s/o James RANKIN & Agnes JACKSON, married Virgie RIKLEY, 18, farmer's daughter, Dover, Dover, d/o James RIKLEY & Carrie KENNY, witn: Alexander SHAW, Chatham, Anna Bell RIKLEY, Dover, 25 February 1908 at Dover

  011023-08 (Kent Co) Hosanna Joseph ROSE, 28, R.R.fireman, of St. Thomas, s/o Adolphus ROSE & Mary PARENT, married Mary Helene GERBER, 34, of Harwich twp., d/o Francis GERBER & Barbara ZINK, witn: Matthias MINDORFF, Chatham, Mary Josephine GERBER, Harwich, 21 July 1908 at Chatham

 011143-08 (Kent Co) Joseph ROY, 20, farmer, of Dover South, s/o Lucien ROY & Marceline BEDIARD (BEDARD?), married Rose de Lina LAPRISE, 17, of Dover South, d/o Narcisse LAPRISE & Adelaide ROY, witn: Alfred LAPRISE, Rosanna LAPRISE, both of Dover South, 21 November 1908 at Dover South

011122-08 (Kent Co) Thomas ROY, 31, farmer, Ontario, Big Point Dover twp., s/o Joseph ROY & Olympe FOBERT, married Virginia BELLEVILLE, 23, Quebec, Big Point Dover, d/o Joseph BELLEVILLE & Hermeline BOLDUS (Bolduc?), witn: Adjutor L'ECUYER, Big Point, Rose J. ROY, Dover South, 7 January 1908 at Big Point

011279-08 (Kent Co) Roy Savage RUTHERFORD, 27, farmer, Dereham twp., s/o Thomas RUTHERFORD farmer & Elmira SCOTT, married Lulu E. Bertam SCRIVEN, 27, school teacher, Tilbury, d/o John SCRIVEN merchant & Jennie McDOWELL, witn: Le Roy HALLETT, Mrs Le Roy HALLETT, both of Carson City, Mich, 20 October 1908 at Tilbury

011125-08 (Kent Co) John Henry RYLETT, 26, farmer, London, Dover, s/o Thomas RYLETT & Mary Ann BENNETT, married Mary S. HIND, 27, lady, Dover, Dover, d/o Arphaxad HIND & Isabell STENTON, witn: John GARNIER, Mrs. L.A. GARNIER, both of Baldoon Dover, 26 February 1908 at Baldoon Dover

011034-08 (Kent Co) Albert SCHOENERTT, 23, teacher, of Chicago Ill., s/o Albert SCHOENERTT & Mary DEDHAM, married Mary Ann HAYNES, 63, widow, of Chicago Ill., d/o Joseph MASTERS & Mary Ann RICKETT, witn: Mr. MACAULAY, Mrs BENSEN, both of Chatham, 18 August 1908 at Chatham

011276-08 (Kent Co) Joseph SCRAM, 21, farmer, Tilbury East twp., s/o William SCRAM & Jane DAVIES, married Pauline SCHRAM, 18, Tilbury East twp., d/o David SCHRAM & Jennie RICHER, witn: Dolph H. SCRAM, Algonac Mich., David SCHRAM, Tilbury East twp., 26 August 1908 at Tilbury

011123-08 (Kent Co) Alexander SHAW, 21, carriage trimmer, Ridgetown, Chatham, s/o John SHAW & Susan PHIM (Phin?), married Anna Bell RIKLEY, 19, Dover twp., 14th concession Dover twp., d/o James RIKLEY & Carrie KENNEY, witn: William Jas. RANKIN, Mrs. William Jas. RANKIN, both of Dover Centre, 25 February 1908 at Dover Centre  

011040-08 (Kent Co) Roy Robert SHEPLY, 24, farmer, of Tilbury twp. Kent Co., s/o Joseph SHEPLY & Annie HETHERINGTON, married Pearl HASKELL, 17, of Raleigh twp., d/o Daniel HASKELL & Annie HARDY, witn: Andrew E. SHEPLY, Glenwood P.O., May HASKELL, South Buxton, 9 September 1908 at Chatham

011877-09 (Kent Co) Frederick Chester SHEPLEY, 34, stave miller, widower, of Wallaceburg, s/o Solomon SHEPLEY & Annie TRAXLER, married Margaret HENRY, 19, of Sombra twp., d/o Aaron HENRY & Sarah HALBERT, witn: Lily J. McGILLIVRAY, Kate McGILLIVRAY, both of Chatham, 23 December 1908 at Chatham

  011048-08 (Kent Co) Norman J. SHUEL, 32, engineer, of St. Thomas, s/o Joseph SHUEL & Jemima BUSSEY, married Rossie BISNETT, 32, of Chatham, d/o Joseph BISNETT & Rebecca FULLARTON, witn: Annie M. DANIEL, Laura J. GADEAU, both of Chatham, 23 September 1908 at Chatham

011208-08 (Kent Co) John Henry SIMPSON, 27, farmer, Mosa twp., Howard twp., s/o John W. SIMPSON & Margaret COOK, married Ada Jane LOUGHEED, 21, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o David LOUGHEED & Laura Jane BISHOP, witn: Cecil SIMPSON, Ethel May HUMPHREY, both of Palmyra, 24 June 1908 at Orford twp.

011183-08 (Kent Co) Peter McKinlay SMITH, 53, builder, Northwood, s/o James SMITH farmer & Margaret McKINLAY, married Mary Alice GARTON, 31, dressmaker, Northwood, d/o Joseph GARTON & Eliza ATCHISON, witn: Joseph GARTON of Northwood, Kathleen BOUREY (Bourig?) of Winnipeg Man., 14 October 1908 at Northwood

011169-08 (Kent Co) George F. SMYTH, 27, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Robert SMYTH & Agnes MORROW, married Maud M. GALE, 30, farmer's daughter, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Charles GALE & Jessie McCORVIE, witn: Albert SMYTH, Barbara McCOIG, both of Harwich, 19 February 1908 at Harwich twp.

011157-08 (Kent Co) William John STEELE, 32, carpenter, Detroit USA, s/o James STEELE & Isabella MASON, married Evelyn BATEMAN, 28, Rutherford Ont., Thomas BATEMAN & Isabella CAMERON, witn: film cut off, date illegible - possibly 14 November 1908 at Dresden

011132-08 (Kent Co) Malcolm Bruce SUITOR, 34, farmer, Raleigh twp., s/o James SUITOR & Susan McLEOD, married Bessie MILLARD, 33, nurse, Chatham twp., d/o David MILLARD & Henrietta URQUHART, witn: Carl F. SUITOR, Toledo Ohio, Jean URQUHART, Oungah Ont., 3 June 1908 at Dover twp

011059-08 (Kent Co) Henry James SULLIVAN, 33, physician surgeon, Chatham Ont., s/o Daniel SULLIVAN merchant & Margaret GOODWIN, married Emma Evelyn ROBERT, 27, Chatham Ont., d/o Peter ROBERT merchant & Julia GOUDREAU, witn: Archibald SULLIVAN, Picton Ont., Margaret MUNLEY, Mt. Clemens Mich., 19 October 1908 at Chatham


011044-08 (Kent Co) Herbert Ernest TABOR, 22, painter, of Chatham, s/o Joseph TABOR & Mary SCAFE, married Maud May BLACKBURN, 20, of Chatham, d/o Nathaniel BLACKBURN & Clara BARNES, witn: J.I. HOLMES, Iola BLACKBURN, both of Chatham, 16 September 1908 at Chatham

011204-08 (Kent Co) Joseph H.A. TEETZEL, 30, laborer, Highgate, Ridgetown, s/o David TEETZEL & Sarah HALL, married Gertrude STRICKER, 25, Muirkirk, Ridgetown, d/o Daniel STRICKER & Agnes GILLIS, witn: M?? LONG, Agnes LONG, both of Highgate, 12 May 1908 at Highgate

011141-08 (Kent Co) Treffle THIBODEAU, 20, labourer, of Pain Court Dover South, s/o Joseph THIBODEAU & Eva CHEFF, married Meraline LABADIE, 20, of Big Point, d/o Francis LABADIE & Josephine DUCEDRE, witn: Edgard LABADIE, Big Point, Melinda CHEFF, Dover South, 17 November 1908 at Big Point

011205-08 (Kent Co) George M. THOMPSON, 28, barber, Florence, Florence, s/o George THOMPSON & Mary E. SIMPSON, married Elizabeth H. NORTH, 20, Hampshire England, Florence, d/o Louis NORTH & Mary Ann HOLLY, witn: J.W. HARDY, Mary E. HARDY, both of Highgate, 1 June 1908 at Highgate

011115-08 (Kent Co) Joseph THOMPSON, 46, farmer, of Chatham twp., widower, s/o James THOMPSON & Margaret MOICE, married Jennetta BRYAN, 45, of Chatham twp., widow, d/o Thomas WINTERS & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn: James A. McGREGOR, Caroline McGREGOR, both of Chatham, 9 December 1908 at Chatham twp.

011152-08 (Kent Co) William TOMLINSON, 25, barber, Petrolia Ont., Detroit , s/o Thomas TOMLINSON & Elizabeth BABCOCK, married Jennett Elizabeth McDONALD, 22, none, Dawn twp. Lambton Co., Dawn twp., Lambton Co., d/o Alexander McDONALD & Elvira LILLEY, witn: Jessie CURRIE, Mary C. LINDSAY, both of Dresden, 30 June 1908 at Dresden


011156-08 (Kent Co) Hugh TURNER, 27, farmer, Dawn twp. Lambton Co., s/o John TURNER farmer & Jane McINTYRE, married Catherine McDONALD, 21, Dawn twp. Lambton Co., d/o Donald McDONALD farmer & Janet McNEIL, witn: Isabelle TURNER, film cut off, 28 October 1908 at Dresden

011050-08 (Kent Co) Nathaniel George TURNER, 31, farmer, Dover twp., s/o Nathaniel TURNER farmer & Francis INCHES, married Emily CEDAR, 19, Dover twp., d/o Anthony CEDAR farmer & Leoine CUTNER, witn: A.G. HODGENS, Mabel E. HODGENS, 5 October 1908 at Chatham

011055-08 (Kent Co) Robert H. UPDEGRAFF, 35, physician, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Robert D. UPDEGRAFF & Theresa KINSEY, married Emily G. HUMPHREY, 27, Chatham Ont., d/o Richard H. HUMPHREY agent & Georgina CLEEVE, witn: R.S. HUMPHREY, Georgina HUMPHREY, both of Chatham, 10 October 1908 at Chatham

011130-08 (Kent Co) James VINSON, 26, mason, Oshawa, s/o William VINSON & Sarah Jane WAKELY, married Elizabeth GILBERT, 24, spinster, Toronto, Richard GILBERT farmer & Eliza HANCOCK, witn: Samuel VINSON, East Whitby Ont., Bertha GILBERT, Toronto Ont., 24 June 1908 at Dover twp.

011168-08 (Kent Co) James A. WADSWORTH, 31, farmer, Wyoming Ont., Whitebread Ont., s/o James WADSWORTH & Catherine RAWLING, married Annie HUTCHISON, 29, Harwich, Harwich, d/o David HUTCHISON & Charlotte BOOTH, witn: Edward CAMPBELL, Nellie HUTCHISON, both of Harwich, 19 February 1908 at Harwich twp

011206-08 (Kent Co) Dougald Neil WALKER, 30, undertaker, Aldborough twp., Rodney, s/o Dougald WALKER Catherine MONTGOMERY, married Rose CAMPBELL, 27, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Alex CAMPBELL & Satira OAKES, witn: J.C. WALKER, Detroit Mich., Bertha CAMPBELL, Duart, 3 June 1908 at Orford twp

011144-08 (Kent Co) Joseph WALLACE, 22, farmer, of Oldfield Chatham twp., s/o John WALLACE & Annie SMITH, married Effie Ann MILLS, 20, of Baldoon Dover twp., d/o Charles MILLS & Eliza H. BUMP, witn: William GORDON, Oldfield, Grace MILLS, Baldoon, 16 December 1908 at Baldoon

011057-08 (Kent Co) Arthur William WALLACE, 36, traveller, Brantford, s/o Robert WALLACE farmer & Elizabeth COLBECK, married Ethel Maude BRAGG, 28, Chatham, d/o W.H. BRAGG deceased & Celestia McCUBBIN, witn: C.C. BRAGG, M.H. BRAGG, both of Chatham, 14 October 1908 at Chatham

011155-08 (Kent Co) Russell WELLS, 26, hardware merchant, Dresden, s/o Francis WELLS farmer & Martha WOODROW, married Mary E. RICE, 20, of Dresden, d/o George A. RICE, brick maker, & Jennie HARSH, witn: James RICE, Irene WELLS, both of Dresden, 13? August 1908 at Dresden

011028-08 (Kent Co) George West WESTON, 27, barber, of Chatham, s/o William WESTON & Mary Ann CARDER, married Edith Annie NORMAN, 27, of not entered, d/o George NORMAN & Mary GREEN, witn: Isaac WESTON, Maud HORNE, both of Chatham, 3 August 1908 at Chatham

011874-09 (Kent Co) Orival WILLISTON, 20, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Rolland WILLISTON, laborer & Catherine WINTERS, married Mary ARNOLD, 17, of Chatham twp., d/o Adam ARNOLD, farmer & Clara FIELD, witn: Reginald A. ARNOLD, Alice G. ARNOLD, both of Louisville Ont., 9 December 1908 at Chatham