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Kent Co., 1909, part 2

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birth places were usually not given on 1909 marriage registrations


012088-09 (Kent Co) Charles A. AFFLECK, 25, carpenter, of Harrow, s/o Alexander AFFLECK, farmer & Fannie WALKER, married Flossie May COOPER, 18, of Harrow, d/o William COOPER, farmer & Delia BERTRAND, witn: Mrs. H.J. UREN, Mrs. ASHTON, both of Highgate, 29 September 1909 at Highgate


012166-09 (Kent Co) James David ALDERTON, 22, laborer, of Tilbury west twp., s/o David ALDERTON, farmer & Susan LEMARSH, married Mabel Gertrude RUSSELL, 18, domestic, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Thomas Henry RUSSELL, laborer & Elizabeth HUNT, witn: Joseph Henry RUSSELL, Annie Maria WESTERN, both of Tilbury Ont., 24 May 1909 at Tilbury

012049-09 (Kent Co) Earnest J. ALLISON, 23, book keeper, of Detroit, s/o James R. ALLISON, farmer & Ellen CORM, married Laura I. HUFFMAN, 20, school teacher, of Harwich, d/o Wilbur HUFFMAN, farmer & Mary SNOBELIN, witn: L. BURCHIEL, Ethel HUFFMAN, both of Harwich, 30 June 1909 at Kent (Harwich)
012034-09 (Kent Co) Percy L. BAUGH, 26, school teacher, of Sask., s/o William BAUGH & Anna Mary BELTCHEN, married Eva May BARTREM, 27, clerk, of Dresden, d/o George W. BARTREM & Sara Susannah WILLIAMSON, witn: Fletch BAUGH, Delhi, Phebe BARTREM, Dresden, 21 July 1909 at Dresden

012062-09 (Kent Co) Edward Mitchell BRECKENRIDGE, 39, farmer, of Rockford Illinois, s/o Hugh C. BRECKENRIDGE, farmer & Ellen McPHAIL, married Ethel Jean MACKERRALL, 32, of Harwich, d/o Edward MACKERRALL, farmer & Elizabeth McKEAN, witn: James HOLMES, Chatham, Ada E. SHAW, Wallaceburg, 22 December 1909 at Harwich

011993-09 (Kent Co) Daniel BUCHANAN, 31, farmer, of Zone twp., s/o Henry BUCHANAN, farmer & Mary WEST, married Elizabeth Ann HARE, 36, farmer, widow, of Camden, d/o James VANCE, farmer & Elizabeth Ann JOHNSTON, witn: Charles W. BUCHANAN, Florence Ont., Alberta RIPLEY, Thamesville Ont., 21 April 1909 at Camden

012086-09 (Kent Co) Daniel BUCHANAN, 29, professor, of Chicago Ill., s/o James BUCHANAN, farmer & Lily CAMERON, married Mary Eloise TAPE, 29, of Highgate, s/o Thomas Henry TAPE, farmer Sarah MICKLE, witn: Oscar R. THOMSON, Highgate, Maud REYCRAFT, Ridgetown, 23 September 1909 at Highgate

012057-09 (Kent Co) Lorne L.L. BURCHIEL, 23, farmer, of Ridley, s/o John BURCHIEL, farmer & Annie DOBBYNE, married Jane HANDY, 20, farmer's daughter, of Harwich, d/o Orin HANDY, farmer & Christie Ann SMITH, witn: Gertha HANDY, Ridley, Felicia BURCHIEL, Blenheim, 10 November 1909 at Guilds  

012055-09 (Kent Co) George Allen CLARK, 28, merchant, of Ridgetown, s/o John E. CLARK, merchant & Maria LENOVER, married Beulah M. LAMPMAN, 23, farmer's daughter, of Guilds, d/o Henry J. LAMPMAN, farmer & Lucinda MALLORY, witn: Russel W. CLARK, Ridgetown, Hazel D. MALLORY, Guilds, 27 October 1909 at Guilds

012172-09 (Kent Co) William Alexander CLARKE, 28, bank clerk, of Toronto Ont., s/o Charles CLARKE, farmer & Jessie MANN, married Agnes Tower DUSTY, 22, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Edward DUSTY, shoe maker & Lavina McKAGUE, witn: H.L. HAMEL, Minnie C. HAMEL, both of Windsor Ont., 6 September 1909 at Tilbury

012023-09 (Kent Co) David James COOPER, 28, farmer, widower, of Sombra twp., s/o Edward COOPER, farmer & Olivia WHITE, married Annie Beatrice RUTTLE, 20, of Chatham twp., d/o James RUTTLE, farmer & Margaret AIKINS, witn: Rachel COOPER, Chatham, Charley RUTTLE, Chatham twp., 15 December 1909 at Oldfield, Chatham twp

012084-09 (Kent Co) Clare Allan CRAWFORD, 24, farmer, of Duart, s/o Allan CRAWFORD, physician & Almira PATERSON, married Alice Mildred SWISHER, 19, of Duart, d/o Joseph SWISHER, farmer & Hellen SPENCER, witn: Jessie McDERMENT, Duart, F.A. SWISHER, Rodney, 24 February 1909 at Duart

012176-09 (Kent Co) Samuel James CURRIE, 27, farmer, of N.Y. State, s/o Jacob CURRIE, farmer & Mary STORIE, married Agnes COYLE, 35, house keeper, of N.Y. State, d/o John COYLE, house keeper & Elizabeth JAMIESON, witn: John WILSON, Emily WILSON, both of Tilbury, 11 October 1909 at Tilbury

012032-09 (Kent Co) James Stewart CUTHBERT, 21, clerk, of Dresden, s/o Alex CUTHBERT, harness maker & Mary PRANGLEY, married Elizabeth Phoebe HYATT, 16, of Dawn twp., d/o David HYATT, farmer & Phoebe CLARK, witn: John WILLS, Mrs. John WILLS, both of Dresden, 3 May 1909 at Dresden
012009-09 (Kent Co) Alfred DANIEL, 23, farmer, of Dover South, s/o Antoine DANIEL, farmer & Catherine ST. JACQUES, married Delina BECHARD, 20, at home, of Dover South, d/o Julien BECHARD, farmer & Edesse PACQUETTE, witn: Henri BECHARD, Rose LAPRISE, both of Dover South Ont., 21 September 1909 at Dover South

012167-09 (Kent Co) James Herbert DENNIS, 27, druggist, of Tilbury Ont., s/o Henry DENNIS, saddler & Mary Ann BANNERMAN, married Pearl Agnes McLAUGHLIN, 25, musician, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Patric? George McLAUGHLIN, tailor & Lucinda Jane HUBBEL, witn: Mrs. Anna G. DOBSON, Mrs. Jane HEMSWORTH, both of Tilbury Ont., 25 May 1909 at Tilbury

012056-09 (Kent Co) George Arthur DIBLEY, 22, farmer, of Harwich, s/o John E. DIBLEY, farmer & Rachel DICK, married Clara HERBERT, 23, adopted daughter, of Harwich, d/o Mr. HERBERT, farmer & unknown, witn: Annie H. WHITEHALL, Eva PILON, both of Cedar Springs, 10 November 1909 at Cedar Springs

012169-09 (Kent Co) Charles DUFRESNE, 22, laborer, of Tilbury East twp., s/o Dolphis DUFRESNE, laborer & Suzanne REAUME, married Josephine LETOURNEAU, 16, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Joseph LETOURNEAU, laborer & Julienne DUPUIS, witn: William REAUME, Tilbury East twp., Helene LETOURNEAU, Tilbury Ont., 14 June 1909 at Tilbury

012175-09 (Kent Co) Josephat DUQUETTE, 25, farmer, of Tilbury Ont., s/o Joseph D. DUQUETTE, farmer & Maranda PAINSONNEAULT, married Ernestine DAMPHOUSE, 21, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Auguste DAMPHOUSE, farmer & Louise CHRIETIEN (Chretien?), witn: Adella DUQUETTE, Josephine DAMPHOUSE, both of Tilbury Ont., 5 October 1909 at Tilbury

012038-09 (Kent Co) Robert James FARLOW, 30, plasterer, of Paris, s/o Robert FARLOW & Elizabeth STALLY, married Lillie Edna Grace SUMNER, 27, of Paris, d/o William C. SUMNER & Caroline HOSER, witn: George W. PELTON, Mrs. George W. PELTON, both of Dresden, 27 December 1909 at Dresden


012061-09 (Kent Co) James Andrew GEMMILL, 29, merchant, of Tegaske Sask., s/o William GEMMILL, farmer & Mary PORTEOUS, married Maude Lillian REYNOLDS, 26, farmer's daughter, of New Scotland Harwich twp., d/o William REYNOLDS, farmer & Mary Ann ROSE, witn: William D. FRASER, Bertha I. REYNOLDS, both of New Scotland, 15 December 1909 at Harwich

011999-09 (Kent Co) Pierre GIROUX, 20, laborer, of Big Point Dover, s/o Pierre GIROUX, farmer & Louise DU CHARENE, married Valerie BARNIER, 18, of Big Point Dover, d/o Clovis BARNIER, farmer & Mary MAILLET, witn: Felix GIROUX, Lilly BARETTE, both of Big Point Ont., 12 January 1909 at Big Point

012018-09 (Kent Co) William GRANT, 27, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Charles GRANT, farmer & Ann CAMERON, married Margaret Burns FINDLAY, 25, seamstress, of Keith Banffshire Scotland, d/o William FINDLAY, artisan & Catherine CHISHOLM, witn: J.E. STERLING, Mrs. J.E. STERLING, both of Round Eau (Rondeau) Ont., 22 October 1909 at Dover Centre

012041-09 (Kent Co) Lafayette HAYES, 35, farmer, of Cypress Manitoba, s/o Eri HAYES & Ann CUMMING, married Irene CUMMING, 23, of Harwich, d/o John CUMMING, farmer & Lydia LAMPMAN, witn: Arthur WYLEY, Guilds, Ira ROBINSON, Cedar Springs, 20 January 1909 at Harwich

012052-09 (Kent Co) John Henry HILL, 21, farmer, of Kent Centre Harwich, s/o Richard HILL, farmer & Hannah E. BROWN, married Alice Josephine BURK, 18, of Cedar Springs Harwich, d/o Zebina BURK, farmer & Annie CANTWELL, witn: Mary Ann MAYNARD, Annie CANTWELL, both of Cedar Springs, 29 September 1909 at Kent (Harwich)

012026-09 (Kent Co) John Wallace HUMPHREY, 21, laborer, of Wallaceburg, s/o Joseph HUMPHREY, farmer & Martha BROWN, married Myrtle Frances HOLMAN, 18, dressmaker, of Dresden, d/o Henry HOLMAN, carpenter & Susan MEAD, witn: Mary J. BENEDICT, Fingal Ont., Mrs. A.J. LANGFORD, Dresden, 8 February 1909 at Dresden

012006-09 (Kent Co) George D. JOHNSON, 22, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Duncan JOHNSON, farmer & Sarah PICKERING, married Margaret Pearl CRAWFORD, 21, milliner, of Dover twp., d/o Dougald CRAWFORD, farmer & Margaret STEWART, witn: Earl CRAWFORD, Baldoon Ont., Myrtle HAGGERTY, Tupperville Ont., 8 September 1909 at Baldoon

012168-09 (Kent Co) Cyrus Garfield KELLY, 22, laborer, of Tilbury East twp., s/o John KELLY, merchant & Hannah SMITH, married Lutisha CLARKSON, 20, farmer's daughter, of Romney twp., d/o Henry CLARKSON, farmer & Phoebe Ann MORTON, witn: James MURPHY, Quinn Ont., Annie FORD, Coatsworth Ont, 26 May 1909 at Tilbury

012164-09 (Kent Co) Isaac W. KELLY, 21, farmer, of Tilbury East twp., s/o Amos KELLY, farmer & Dorothy GOODMAN, married Alice POULTON, 19, of Tilbury East twp., d/o Frederic POULTON, farmer & Nettie MIFLIN, witn: Ray POULTON, Phoebe KELLY, both of Tilbury East twp., 25 April 1909 at Tilbury East

012051-09 (Kent Co) Thomas Roy KNOTT, 25, farmer, of Lot 16 Conc 11 Raleigh, s/o Thomas KNOTT, farmer & Mary McKIBBIN, married Margaret May JACKSON, 23, of Lot 15 Conc 2 WCR, d/o John JACKSON, farmer & Elizabeth HOOD, witn: M.J. JALES, Lot 16 Conc 11 Raleigh, Nellie Mae CORLETT, Lot 21 Conc 2 Harwich, 29 September 1909 at Harwich Kent Co. [WCR=West Communication Road survey Harwich twp.]

011997-09 (Kent Co) Allen Palmer LANGFORD, 21, farmer, of Camden twp., s/o James C. LANGFORD, farmer & Martha Jane SINCLAIR, married Alma Zella WHITE, 21, farmer's daughter, of Camden twp., d/o John WHITE, farmer & Martha J. DICKSON, witn: Warren B. MORNINGSTAR, Oil Springs Ont., Dorothy HOUSTON, Dresden Ont., 8 December 1909 at Camden twp

012179-09 (Kent Co) Moise LANOUE, 35, farmer, of Tilbury Ont., s/o J.B. LANOUE, deceased & Celeste CHAMPAGNE, married Louise DUPUIS, 32, of Tibury Ont., d/o Maxime DUPUIS, deceased & Rose RAVENEL, witn: Hormisdas DUPUIS, Detroit Mich., [blank] OUELLETE, Windsor Ont., 15 November 1909 at Tilbury

012017-09 (Kent Co) Alfred LAPRISE, 18, farmer, of Pain Court Dover South, s/o Albert LAPRISE, farmer & Marceline ROY, married Delphine GAGNER, 18, of Big Point Dover, d/o Simeon GAGNER, farmer & Marguerite GOUDREAU, witn: Regis GAGNER, Big Point, Rose LAPRISE, Dover South, 26 October 1909 at Big Point
012011-09 (Kent Co) Robert James LAWRY, 35, motorman, of Town of Walkerville, s/o Charles LAWRY & Margaret McAULAY, married Lottie MASON, 23, of Dover twp., d/o Thomas MASON, farmer & Selina STACEY, witn: Mrs. George COONE, Detroit Mich., George MASON, Dover twp., 22 September 1909 at Dover

012033-09 (Kent Co) Louis Fisher LEADBETTER, 24, printer, of Dresden, s/o James F. LEADBETTER, druggist & Annie Jane WARNER, married Laura Hannah YORSTON, 32, music teacher, widow, d/o Robert F. RUDD, painter & Frances PANTER, witn: John HARRIS, Christina HARRIS, both of Dresden, 8 July 1909 at Dresden

012022-09 (Kent Co) Herbert John LECKIE, 31, farmer, of Moore twp. Lambton Co., s/o John LECKIE, farmer & Marion PAUL, married Kelsie Emma SYKES, 30, school teacher, of Moore twp. Lambton Co., d/o Walter SYKES, farmer & Jennie FOUNT, witn: Candace CRAFTS, Chatham Ont., Mrs. J.A. SNELL, Baldoon Ont., 27 November 1909 at Baldoon

012180-09 (Kent Co) John Kirkwood LEE, 51, real estate agent, of Calgary Alta., s/o Thomas H. LEE, farmer & Margaret KIRKWOOD, married Agnes Harriett KELLY, 31, of Calgary Alta., d/o Thomas KELLY, merchant & Alice EWING, witn: Hugh JOHNSTON & Mrs. Maud JOHNSTON, both of Tilbury Ont., 14 October 1909 at Tilbury

012002-09 (Kent Co) James LENNOX, 20, farmer, of Dover twp., s/o William LENNOX, farmer & Sarah JORDAN, married Bertha CADOTTE, 24, of Dover twp., d/o Peter CADOTTE, butcher & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: George KIME, Dover Centre Ont., Lizzie LENNOX, Mitchell's Bay Ont., 16 March 1909 at St. Stephen's Church

012162-09 (Kent Co) Cyrille LESPERANCE, 45, farmer, widower, of Tilbury Ont., s/o Olivier LESPERANCE, farmer & Marie MAITRE, married Clara SIMARD, 47, widow, of Tilbury, d/o Eugenie SIMARD, farmer & Helene LE BER, witn: Elie ROBERT, Adelaide TETREAULT, both of Tilbury Ont., 11 April 1909 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

011990-09 (Kent Co) John L. LODGE, 28, engineer, of not entered, s/o James M. LODGE & Jennet MARSH, married Maggie B. STONEHOUSE, 24, of not entered, d/o Parent's names not entered, witn: Peter McKELLAR, Dutton Ont., Emma M HIRONS, Kent Bridge Ont., 27 January 1909 at Kent Bridge


012085-09 (Kent Co) Ralph A. LOGAN, 26, banker, of Chesterville Ont., s/o Andrew A. LOGAN & Elizabeth FRITH, married Stella C. LEE, 26, of Highgate, d/o John LEE, valuator & Rebecca ATTRIDGE, witn; Herbert LEE, Highgate, Herbert GUYITT, Clearville, 6 October 1909 at Highgate

012161-09 (Kent Co) Alexander LOUGHERY, 29, clerk, of Bracebridge, s/o Thomas LOUGHERY, laborer & Lilian TAYLOR, married Annie May KIRBY, 23, farmer's daughter, of Romney, d/o Nathaniel Edward KIRBY, farmer & Ann Jane FOSTER, witn: Roy (or Ray) KIRBY, Coatsworth Ont., Mrs. Anna G. DOBSON, Tilbury Ont., 25 February 1909 at Tilbury

012014-09 (Kent Co) Zenaphile LUCIER, 37, farmer, widower, of Big Point Dover, s/o Eusebe LUCIER, farmer & Pricille FANCHER, married Rose TETREAULT, 29, widow, d/o Jules TETREAULT, farmer & Catherine RHEAUME, witn: Frank CARTIER, Valerie TETREAULT, both of Big Point Ont., 20 October 1909 at Big Point

012000-09 (Kent Co) Cheri LUCIER, 26, farmer, of Big Point Dover, s/o Hypolite LUCIER, farmer & Philomene MALLETTE, married Emelia ST. PIERRE, 17, of Big Point, d/o Noah ST. PIERRE, farmer & Emelie BRAY, witn: Noe ST. PIERRE, Hypolite LUCIER, both of Big Point Ont., 16 February 1909 at Big Point

012170-09 (Kent Co) Nelson MAILLOUX, 36, farmer, of Tilbury Ont., s/o Cleophas MAILLOUX, farmer & Julienn CHAUVIN, married Alphonsine DUPUIS, 42, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Maxime DUPUIS, dead & Rose RAVENEL, witn: Hormiadis DUPUIS, Detroit Mich., Mary Jane DUPUIS, Valley Falls R.I., 30 June 1909 at Tilbury

011985-09 (Kent Co) Melburn MANNING, 25, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Robert MANNING, farmer & Matlida BLAKELY, married Ida LONG, 23, domestic, of Chatham twp., d/o William LONG, farmer & Sarah HAMILTON, witn: Pearl LONG, Herbert WILSON, residences not entered, 12 May 1909 at Chatham twp

012165-09 (Kent Co) Wilfred MARCHAND, 21, laborer, of Tilbury Ont., s/o Narcisse MARCHAND, farmer & Philomine ROBERT, married Alphonsine ROY, 17, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Alexis ROY, farmer & Marie GODREAU, witn: Antony GODREAU, Delia MARCHAND, both of Tilbury Ont., 24 May 1909 at Tilbury

012047-09 (Kent Co) William John MARTIN, 27, farmer, of Harwich, s/o David MARTIN, farmer & Maria CAMPBELL, married Reva May ROCKEY, 22, farmer's daughter, of Harwich, d/o Alexander ROCKEY, farmer & Charity Ann LOUCKS, witn: Edwin MARTIN, Flossie MARTIN, both of Blenheim, 18 May 1909 at Harwich

012090-09 (Kent Co) Alexander McGUGAN, 36, farmer, of Orford twp., s/o John McGUGAN, farmer & Agnes McINTYRE, married Annie WRAY, 25, of Orford twp., d/o J. WRAY & Eliza CARTER, witn: Alma M. O'BRIEN, Mary DICKSON, both of Duart, 6 October 1909 at Duart

012082-09 (Kent Co) William Duncan McKELLAR, 33, clerk, of Muirkirk, s/o William Henry McKELLAR, farmer & Mary BUCHANAN, married Margaret Jane TEMPLEMAN, 32, of Orford twp., d/o George Alexander TEMPLEMAN, farmer & Margaret McKENZIE, witn: Joseph TEMPLEMAN, Mary L. McKELLAR, both of Muirkirk, 10 February 1909 at Orford twp.

012046-09 (Kent Co) Lionel Delmer McRITCHIE, 26, farmer, of Harwich, s/o James McRITCHIE, farmer & Minnie REEDER, married Lula Viola TOLE, 28, farmer's daughter, of Harwich, d/o Elijah Boyds TOLE, farmer & Piscilla C. ROUSE, witn: Jas. H.A.L. McRITCHIE, Guilds, Everall COLES, Ridgetown, 14 April 1909 at Harwich


012178-09 (Kent Co) Timothy MOYNAHAN, 25, laborer, of Tilbury North twp., s/o Timothy MOYNAHAN, farmer & Julian KERR, married Malvina DUPLESSIS, 22, of Tilbury North twp., d/o Joseph DUPLESSIS, farmer & Agnes ST. DENIS, witn: Michael MOYNAHAN, Tilbury Ont., Barbara KELLY, Fletcher Ont., 8 November 1909 at Tilbury

012177-09 (Kent Co) John Frederick NAGEL, 30, finisher, of Adrian Mich., s/o Frederick NAGEL & Emma BAUER, married Georgia Miller STEVENSON, 30, of Adrian Mich., d/o Hezekiah STEVENSON & Eliza ATWOOD, witn: E.A. FOTHERGILL, Ethel L. FOTHERGILL, both of Tibury Ont., 30 October 1909 at Tilbury

012045-09 (Kent Co) Albert Elijah NEWCOMBE, 25, farmer, of Harwich, s/o John E. NEWCOMBE, farmer & Sarah A. NEWCOMBE, married Pearl Mary MORROW, 18, farmer's daughter, d/o Hugh MORROW, farmer & Mary Ann MANNING, witn: James A. MORROW, Blenheim, M. Minerva? NEWCOMBE, Fargo, 2 (or 7) April 1909 at Harwich

012083-09 (Kent Co) George Benson NEWMAN, 29, farmer, of Orford twp., s/o George NEWMAN, farmer & Lorenda MOOREHOUSE, married Florence A.E. WHITING, 26, school teacher, of Highgate, d/o Richard WHITING, deceased & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: William GOODBRAND, Muirkirk, Mrs. John ASHTON, Highgate, 18 February 1909 at Highgate

012087-09 (Kent Co) Henry Cecil NICHOLS, 21, farmer, of South Harwich, s/o Archibald NICHOLS, dead & Hannah TAYLOR, married Mary Elizabeth CAREY, 20, of Palmyra, d/o Thomas L. CAREY, farmer & Effie McLAREN, witn: Richard INCH, Kerwood, Marie CAREY, Palmyra, 29 December 1909 at Palmyra

012048-09 (Kent Co) John Walter OSTERHOUT, 27, railway clerk, of Windsor Ont., s/o John G. OSTERHOUT, farmer & Mary Ellen BEST, married Mae Lillian HAMIL, 22, farmer's daughter, of Harwich, d/o Henry HAMIL, father & Barbara WATSON, witn: Edward CHAMBERS, Veda HAMIL, both of Mull, 30 June 1909 at Kent (Harwich)

012159-09 (Kent Co) Joseph PAQUETTE, 21, laborer, of Tilbury, s/o Hubert PAQUETTE, laborer & Edene GODREAU, married Annie CHEVALIER, 20, of Tilbury, d/o Philippe CHEVALIER, laborer & Elizabeth BENOIT, witn: Louis PAQUETTE, Jennie CHEVALIER, both of Tilbury, 1 February 1909 at Tilbury

012163-09 (Kent Co) Gilbert PAQUETTE, 19, laborer, of Tilbury, s/o Hubert PAQUETTE, farmer & Elease GODREAU, married Laura BEAUGRAND, 19, of Tilbury, d/o Charles BEAUGRAND, farmer & Marie MARCHAND, witn: Durby CLAPP, Caroline BEAUGRAND, both of Tilbury, 26 April 1909 at St. Francis Church Tilbury

  012025-09 (Kent Co) John Brazil PARKINS, 31, farmer, of Council Hill Illinois, s/o John PARKINS, station agent & Thimesina CRAGG, married Ada Elizabeth BIRCH, 32, of Dresden, d/o John BIRCH, retired farmer & Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD, witn: Amy BIRCH, Dresden, Frank BIRCH, 10th Conc. Chatham twp., 12 January 1909 at Dresden

012008-09 (Kent Co) Arthur James PARRISH, 24, farmer, of Dover twp., s/o James PARRISH, farmer & Ellen BOWEN, married Flora Esther HEATH, 19, of Chatham twp., d/o Charles HEATH, farmer & Eliza NICKLES, witn: Wilbert PARRISH, Martha RANKIN, both of Baldoon Ont., 15 September 1909 at Chatham twp

012007-09 (Kent Co) William Robert PAULUCCI, 40, farmer, of Dover twp., s/o George PAULUCCI, farmer & Marion McFARLANE, married Maude CLACKETT, 22, of Dover twp., d/o Charles CLACKETT, farmer & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: John L. PAULUCCI, Mrs. J.L. PAULUCCI, both of Chatham, 8 September 1909 at Chatham

012021-09 (Kent Co) Hermenegild PELTIER, 22, farmer's son, of Dover, s/o Charles PELTIER, farmer & Sara CAMPBELL, married Ursula BECHARD, 21, at home, of Dover South, d/o Alexis BECHARD, farmer & Adele FAUBERT, witn: Henri BECHARD, Melvina PELTIER, both of Dover South, 23 November 1909 at Dover South


012065-09 (Kent Co) Leslie PIERCE, 42, farmer, of Zone, s/o Lorum PIERCE, farmer & Sarah WILLARD, married Electa GAWNE, 27, of Howard, d/o William GAWNE, farmer & Eunice GARRISON, witn: Sarah GREENWAY, Sylvester GAWNE, both of Howard, 10 February 1909 at Howard

012030-09 (Kent Co) Robert Russell POWERS, 25, farmer, of Chatham twp., s/o Levi POWERS, farmer & Alice TEMPLETON, married Daisy Pearl PURDY, 20, farmer's daughter, of Chatham twp., d/o Alfred PURDY, farmer & Sarah PEARSON, witn: Leslie HOOPER, Mary PEARSON, both of Dresden, 28 April 1909 at Dresden

012020-09 (Kent Co) William RICHER, 23, farmer, of Big Point Dover, s/o Isaie RICHER, farmer & Josephine BOYER, married Eliza EMERY, 35, of Pig Point Dover, d/o Charles EMERY, farmer & Henriette DUCEDRE, witn: Louisa MOIRE, Lilly BARETTE, both of Big Point Ont., 20 November 1909 at Big Point

012005-09 (Kent Co) Andrew RIDDELL, 39, printer, of Chatham, s/o James RIDDELL, shoe dealer & Catherine WEIR, married Margaret P. ASKIN, 29, of Chatham, d/o Alexander ASKIN, farmer & Elizabeth STRAIN, witn: Mrs. P.M. McEACHERN, Sarah McEACHERN, both of Dover, 19 June 1909 at Dover Centre


012160-09 (Kent Co) Alexander ROBERT, 22, farmer, of Tilbury, s/o Camille ROBERT, farmer & Catherine DUPUIS, married Rose Anna GODREAU, 19, of Tilbury, d/o Medard GODREAU, farmer & Olivine DAIGNEAULT, witn: Antoine GODREAU, Marguerite ROBERT, both of Tilbury, 15 February 1909 at Tilbury

012050-09 (Kent Co) James Henry ROBERTSON, 26, butcher, of Blenheim, s/o William Fraser ROBERTSON, tailor & Mary Ann DUCK, married Nellie FLUELLING, 21, of Fargo, d/o Wilson B. FLUELLING, railway employee & Elizabeth ROLPH, witn: William Gordon FLUELLING, Lillian FLUELLING, both of Fargo, 22 July 1909 at Kent (Harwich)

012027-09 (Kent Co) William Henry ROLSTON, 27, farmer, of Wabash Ont., s/o Enos ROLSTON, laborer & Martha E. CLARK, married Estella May CARRALL, 23, of Wabash Ont., d/o David CARRALL & Susan SCARTH, witn: William CARRALL, Wabash, Irene ROLSTON, Dresden, 24 March 1909 at Dresden

012064-09 (Kent Co) John K. ROSS, 24, farmer, of Harwich, s/o William ROSS, farmer & Josie KINNARD, married Clara L. CUNDLE, 20, of Harwich, d/o George CUNDLE, farmer & Phoebe BARKER, witn: Mr. C. HUFFMAN, Mrs. C. HUFFMAN, both of Chatham, 7 December 1909 at Methodist Church, Conc. 10 Harwich


012037-09 (Kent Co) Perry SHAW, 41, farmer, of Dawn twp., s/o Daniel SHAW, farmer & Alwilda COURTNEY, married Alice Clara WISE, 29, of Sombra twp., d/o David WISE, farmer & Christenna STOUT, witn: Clayton C. WALKER, Mary A. WALKER, both of Dresden, 8 December 1909 at Dresden

011987-09 (Kent Co) Edgar Lahue SHOREY, 28, farmer, of Sidney twp., s/o William SHOREY, farmer & Sarah SHARP, married Beatrice M. CROSS, 24, of Chatham twp., d/o John CROSS, farmer & Elizabeth EMERSON, witn: Roy ARMSTRONG, Tupperville, Isabelle CROSS, Wallaceburg, 2 June 1909 at Tupperville

012040-09 (Kent Co) William SMITH, 30, farmer, of Harwich, s/o Daniel SMITH, farmer & Isabell SAMSON, married Eva YOUNG, 28, of Harwich, d/o Richard YOUNG, farmer & Isadore MITTON, witn: Daniel SMITH, Mull, Edith YOUNG, Harwich, 12 January 1909 at Harwich

012043-09 (Kent Co) John Wesley SMITH, 47, farmer, of Kennedy Sask., s/o James SMITH, deceased & Margaret McKINLEY, married Annie HOUSTON, 34, farmer's daughter, of Lot 6 Con 5, R.T. Harwich, d/o John HOUSTON, farmer & Mary McKILLOP, witn: Robert HOUSTON, Chatham, Abigail SMITH, Kennedy Sask., 24 March 1909 at Harwich

012054-09 (Kent Co) Charles STEWART, 25, farmer, of Harwich, s/o Charles STEWART, farmer & Mary Jane SLOAN, married Pearl EVERITT, 25, farmer's daughter, of Harwich, d/o Adam Richard EVERITT, farmer & Sarah Jane FINLAY, witn: E.C. EVERITT, Chatham, Rosa LINK, Pontiac Mich., 13 October 1909 at Kent (Harwich)

012181-09 (Kent Co) John STRATFORD, 31, farmer, of Tilbury North twp., s/o John STRATFORD, farmer & Sarah WILCOX, married Eleanor Isabell BROWN, 24, farmer's daughter, of Tilbury West twp., d/o Henry BROWN, farmer & Keziah ARNEW, witn: Laura MORDEN, Eva STEWART, both of Tilbury Ont., 21 October 1909 at Tilbury

012171-09 (Kent Co) William John TAYLOR, 34, farmer, widower, of Tilbury West twp., s/o George TAYLOR, retired & Mary LATIMER, married Annie Maria WESTERN, 21, of Tilbury Ont., d/o William James WESTERN, laborer & Elizabeth RUSSELL, witn: Mrs. Jane HEMSWORTH, Mrs. Anna DOBSON, both of Tilbury Ont., 4 August 1909 at Tilbury

012173-09 (Kent Co) Frank THIBEAU, 43, laborer, of Tilbury Ont., s/o Charles THIBEAU, deceased & Genevieve LANONE, married Adeline THIBERT, 22, of Tilbury Ont., d/o Dolphis THIBERT, farmer & Elize THIBEAU, witn: Adelaid BOURDEAU, Marie THIBERT, both of Tilbury Ont., 27 September 1909 at Tilbury

012035-09 (Kent Co) Walter Clarence THOMPSON, 26, farmer, of Camden twp., s/o Walter THOMPSON, farmer & Margaret CLARK, married Rachel McDONALD, 24, of Dresden, d/o Fred McDONALD, farmer & Jane GILLIES, witn: Mrs. G.H. LONG, Mamie C. LONG, both of Dresden, 5 October 1909 at Dresden

012053-09 (Kent Co) Charles Wesley TITUS, 42, farmer, widower, of Harwich, s/o Alfred TITUS, farmer & Eliza DEAN, married Jane D. JACQUES, 41, farmer's wife, widow, of Harwich, d/o John SINCLAIR, farmer & Mary Coates DICKSON, witn: Ed SMITH, Mrs. Ed SMITH, both of Chatham, 12 October 1909 at Kent (Harwich)

012029-09 (Kent Co) Robert Bruce TRAXLER, 21, farmer, of Sarnia Ont., s/o Michael TRAXLER, retired farmer & Mary McLUCAS, married Pamelia GALLIE, 19, of Sarnia Ont., d/o William GALLIE, farmer & Nancy SCHOFIELD, witn: Orpha AIKIN, Lyde CAISTOR, both of Dresden, 8 April 1909 at Dresden

012063-09 (Kent Co) Albert TUCK, 25, farmer, of Lot 18 Conc. 5 R.T. Harwich, s/o Walter TUCK, farmer & A.E. CLEMENTS, married Mabel M. HUFFMAN, 22, of Harwich, d/o George W. HUFFMAN, farmer & E. BALDWIN, witn: Cecil TUCK, Chatham, Annie HUFFMAN, Fargo, 20 October 1909 at Harwich

012010-09 (Kent Co) Albert E. WHITE, 32, culvert maker, of Chatham, s/o Joseph WHITE & Annie TREMBLING, married Lucy GILBERT, 20, of Chatham, d/o Richard GILBERT & Eliza HANDCOCK, witn: Charles E. WHITE, Annie GILBERT, both of Chatham Ont., 6 September 1909 at Dover twp

012089-09 (Kent Co) John S. WOOD, 26, farmer, of Clearville, s/o Chandler WOOD, farmer & Catherine HALL, married Evelyn J. TEETZEL, 19, of Highgate, d/o R. Dacre TEETZEL, farmer & Jane FERRIS, witn: Annie CAMPBELL, Mary DICKSON, both of Duart, 2 October 1909 at Duart

012024-09 (Kent Co) Nathaniel ZEBLIS, 35, laborer, of Chatham twp., s/o Nathaniel ZEBLIS, laborer & not entered, married Melvina BAINRAD, 37, widow, of Chatham twp., d/o parents' names not entered, witn: Chris H. BROWN, Eliza J. BROWN, both of Dresden, 6 January 1909 at Dresden