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Kent County, 1865

microfilm MS248, reel 8, vol 23, Kent Co marriages 1858 - 1869

On this page, residence is given before birth place

Format: Groom’s name, groom’s age, groom’s residence, groom’s birthplace, groom’s parents, bride's name, bride's age, bride's residence, bride's birthplace, bride's parents, witnesses’ names, witnesses’ residence, date of marriage



Sheet 55

No. 155

Duncan GILLIES, 28, Aldborough, Aldborough, s/o Duncan GILLIES & Christy McCALLUM, married Sarah McINTYRE, 26, Orford, Orford, d/o Duncan & Nancy McINTYRE, witn: John GILLIES, Aldborough, Dun McKINLEY, Howard, 3 October 1865

Peter McKELLAR, 31, Aldborough, Aldborough, s/o Donald McKELLAR & Ellen TURNER, married Mary McTAVISH, 25, Orford, Orford, d/o Malcolm McTAVISH & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Jas. McKELLAR, Dunwich, David McINTYRE, Orford, 5 October 1865


No. 156

John W. CROW, 27, Co. Kent, Co. Kent, s/o Thomas &Rachel CROW, married Emilla ARNOLD, 20, Camden, Co. Kent, d/o Christopher & Sorrih (Sarah ?) ARNOLD, witn ____, ____, 4 January 1865

Ebenezer H. SCANE, 26, Chatham, Howard, s/o John & Elizabeth SCANE, married Mary A. SPENCER, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William & Betsey SPENCER, witn: James SMITH, Julia McCREA, both of Chatham, 14 February 1865

John McGOSLIN, 26, Sarnia Twp., Sarnia Twp., s/o Andrew & Margaret McGOSLIN, married Barbara FARSLOW, 21, Sombra, Dover, d/o Peter & Annie FARSLOW, witn: William McDONALD, Catherine McGOSLIN, Euphemia, 9 May 1865

William CLARK, 27, Harwich, US, s/o Joseph & Mary CLARK, married " BULLER (ditto probably was meant to be Barbara as the line above), 22, Howard, US, d/o ____ & ____, witn: ____,____, 14 June 1865

Walter E?. THORNBURY, 24, Sombra, England, s/o Edward & Anne THORNBURY, married Sarah A. ALLEN, 17, Sombra, Madoc, d/o Alex & Sarah ALLEN, witn: Edwin THORNBURY, Elizabeth FIELDS?, both of Sombra, 20 July 1865

J. N. McCOY, 27, Wallaceburg, Canada, s/o James & Mary McCOY, married Elizabeth B. PALMER, 26, Sombra, Sombra, d/o Jonathan & Mary PALMER, witn: Robert GURR or GURD, Sarah JOHNSON, both of Sombra, 10 October 1865

Thomas ASHER, 24, Dover East, Dover, s/o John & Elizabeth ASHER, married Henrietta M. WEEISE (s/b Weese?), 19, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Hiram & Anne WEEISE, witn: Robert ADAM, Elizabeth A. ASHER, both of Dover East, 28 November 1865

John HOPPER, 26, Gore of Chatham, L. Canada, s/o Andrew & Mary J. Hopper, married Margaret PERRY, 19, Gore of Camden, Co. of Addington, d/o Peter & Hannah PERRY, witn: Andrew HOPPER, Jane E. PERRY, both of Camden, 28 December 1865


No. 157

S. CRONCK ? , 35, Wallaceburg, England, s/o George & Sarah CRONCK ? , married Elizabeth McKENZIE, 17, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg,, d/o D. McKENZIE & Effa McKENZIE, witn: C. McDERMID, Wallaceburg, 15 May 1865

John DOTY, 20, Howard, Michigan, s/o Thomas & Ann DOTY, married Jane CLARK, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Ann CLARK, witn: John CLARK, Howard, 31 July 1865

James CRAIG, 22, Howard, Dunwich, s/o G. & Jane CRAIG, married Hannah WOOD, 32, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Nancy WOOD, witn: G. CRAIG, Howard, 18 December 1865


No. 158 [parents surnames are not given]

John ROBINSON, 21, Romney, Canada, s/o John & Catherine ____, married Mary WRIGHT, 19, Romney, England, d/o Thomas & Ann ____, witn: Sulinda ? and John Robinson, Romney, 4 January 1865

William ROACH, 20, Mersea, Canada, s/o Morris & Ann ____, married Emeline SHERINGTON, 17?, Mersea, Canada, d/o William & Caroline ____, witn: S.R. & E.A. CULBERT, Romney, 13 February 1865

William FISH, __, Mersea, Canada, s/o Abraham & Lydia ____, married Mary THOMPSON, 20, Mersea, Canada, d/o William & Hannah ____, witn: James & Lydia HORNER, both of Mersea, 28 March 1865

John H.? SOLSTJOR?, 20?, Romney, Canada, s/o Jacob & Margaret ____, married Maria WICKWIRE, 17, Romney, Canada, d/o Samuel & Ellenor ____, witn: William WICKWIRE, Romney, Mary McAFFEE, Howard, 31 March 1865

Philip MALOT, 20, Mersea, Canada, s/o Henry & Mary ____, married Agnes ROBERTSON, 17, Romney, Canada, d/o Alexander & Jane ____, witn John & Mary KENDALL (RANDALL?), Romney, 18 April 1865

Leroy HOOKER, 26, Florence, U States, s/o Ralph & Hannah ____, married Margaret RUSSELL, 21, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth ____, witn: Eli WIGLE, Joseph RUSSELL, both of Tilbury East, 20 June 1865

Henry EYRE (LYRE?), 26, Mersea, England, s/o Elijah & Elizabeth ____, married Mary Ann ROBINSON, 21, Mersea, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth ____, witn: E.A. & G.L. CALBERT, both of Romney, 14 August 1865


Start of Sheet 56

No. 158 (continued) [parent’s surnames not entered; some writing illegible]

John McINNES, 24, Mersea, United States, s/o James & Jane ____, married Charlotte FOX, 22, Mersea, Canada, d/o Theodore & Matilda ____, witn: D.R. CULBERT, Catherine RENWICK, both of Romney, 3 October 1865

Samuel HILLMAN, 23, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o James & Mary ____, married Elizabeth HARRIS, 17, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o James & Elizabeth ____, witn: Peter McLAREN, Mary A. HILLMAN, both of Tilbury West, 16 October 1865

John McRobin SELKIRK, 25, Mersea, ____, s/o Robert & Catherine ____, married Electra A__ MORSE (MASSE ?), 18, Mersea, United States, d/o Alpheus & Electra ____, witn: George McMULLEN, Hulda S. MAL__?, both of Mersea.


No. 159

William Henry BIRRELL, 21, Chatham, Canada, s/o John BORRELL & Maria LUMLEY, married Flora McKELLAR, 22, Chatham, Canada, d/o Archibald McKELLAR & Lucy McNABB, witn: S.D. McKELLAR, Chatham, George S. BIRRELL, London, 1 November 1865


No. 160 [Immaculate Conception is a R.C. Parish, Paincourt, Dover East]

Alexis ROBERT, 23, Immaculate Conception, Chatham, s/o Alexis ROBERT & Euphrosine? MIMMER?, married Marguerite FAUBERT, 23, Immaculate Conception, St. Martin, d/o Pierre FAUBERT & Marguerite TONCHREK ?, witn: Pierre FAUBERT, Alexis ROBERT, both of Dover East, 31 Janvier (January) 1865

John ALEXANDER, 26, Chatham, Dundee Scotland, s/o Charles ALEXANDER & Magdeline HOO_ ?, married Louisa BABY, 20, Immaculate Conception, Dover East, d/o Edmond BABY & Francoise ARQUETTE, witn: Edmond BABY, Chatham, Charles _ARRILLER, Dover East, 18 Avril (April) 1865

Julien BECHARD, 19, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Cyprien BECHARD & Mathilde HOUQUIT, married Julie ROY, 17, Immaculate Conception, Salsbury Germany EU, d/o Joseph ROY & Fleurie LAPUERMONT, witn: Andre ROY, Dover East, 23 Mai (May) 1865

Claude CHENE, 26, St. Pierre de Raleigh, St. Pierre de Raleigh (possibly from theR.C. parish of St. Peter’s), s/o Claude CHENE & Archange LADOUCEUR, married Caroline CARRON, 20, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Gregorie CARRON & Therese OUELLETTE, witn: Isadore CHENE, ___ CARRON, both of Dover East, 15 Aout (August) 1865

Richard HEBERT, 21, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, s/o Olivier HEBERT & Suzanne EMERY, married Esther THIBAUDEAU, 23, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Hubert THIBAUDEAU & Esther REMILLARD, witn: Louis TETRAULT, Andre MOORE, both of dover East, 17 Octobre (October) 1865

Hilare GAUDREAU, 35 or 38, Immaculate Conception, St. Cyprien, s/o Francis GAUDREAU & Emmorentto ? BONO, married ____? BOUCHET, Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Conception, d/o Francois BOUCHET & Archange ? MOYET, witn: Francois BOUCHET, David Louis ROY, both of Dover East, 24 Octobre (October) 1865

Louis BOURDEAU, 21, Immaculate Conception, Etats Unis, s/o Jacob BOURDEAU & Francoise ROBERT, married Julie TETRAULT, 18, Immaculate Conception, St. Jean Rochester, d/o Narcisse TETRAULT & Arcange REMMILLEUX ?, witn: Jacob BOURDEAU, Narcisse TETRAULT, both of Dover East, 30 Octobre (October) 1865

Alexander FOSTER, 22, Immaculate Conception, Raleigh, s/o Simon FOSTER & Elizabeth SPOONER, married Catherine SOIR, 20, Immaculate Conception, New Baltimore, d/o Paul SOIR & Morine? SONSOIER, witn: Joseph FOSTER, Paul SOIR, both of Dover East, 28 November 1865


No. 161

Dason? BARKER, 26, Howard, Yorkshire England, s/o Joseph & Mora BARKER, married Elizabeth GEE, 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Christopher & Catherine GEE, witn: H. BARKER, Howard, M.A. WRIGHT, Dresden, 15 November 1865

Isaac H. SMITH, 21, Strathroy, Southwold, s/o Isaac & Amanda SMITH, married Sh? A. WEBSTER, 17, Camden, Canada, d/o Henry & Jane WEBSTER, witn: Robert J. WEBSTER, Elizabeth JOHNSON, _____, 13 December 1865


No. 162 {parent’s surnames were not given]

Duncan RITCHIE, 24, Raleigh, United States, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann FRENCH, 17, Twp. of Chatham, Canada, d/o Anselum & Mary, witn: Thomas RITCHIE, Raleigh, 4 January 1865

John JARDINE, 29, East Tilbury, Canada, s/o James & Mary, married Soynia GR__Y?, 24, East Tilbury, Canada, d/o John & Mary, witn: George POOLE, east Tilbury, 3 February 1865

William Boy___k SMALL, 35, Hamilton, Scotland, s/o James & Isabella, married Mary CROW, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Susie, witn: John CALDER, Hamilton, 15 July 1865

Joseph A or N HARRIS, 29, Chatham, Canada, s/o William & Pinella, married Catherine BOLTON, 21, Twp. of Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Rachel, witn: John GILLESPIE, Chatham, 12 August 1865

Thomas Robert McINNES, 25, Dawn Mills, Nova Scotia, s/o John & Mary, married Martha E. WEBSTER, 32, Dresden, Canada, d/o William & Jane GRIFFS, witn: William FLETCHER, Carlisle, 29 October 1865

Charles PELTIER, 23, Howard, Canada, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Mary McKINLEY, 28, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Ione, witn: James McKINLEY, Howard, 14 November 1865

William FRASER, 36, walkerton, Scotland, s/o William & Lillian, married Catherine FISHER, 26, Twp. of Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Jessie, witn: John FISHER Jr., Chatham Twp., 21 December 1865


No. 163

Alexander McLENNON, 27, Howard, Raleigh Twp., s/o Kenneth McLENNON & Margaret MITCHELL, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 21, Howard, Walpole, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Sarah MITCHELL, witn: John McLENNON, Maggie CAMPBELL, both of Howard Twp., 15 January 1865

Peter McKENZIE, 28, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., s/o John McKENZIE & Ellen ROBERTSON, married Sarah BUCHAN, 19, Aldboro Twp., Aldboro Twp., d/o John BUCHAN & Anne GILLIES, witn: Hugh McDONALD, Bessie BUCHAN, both of Howard Twp., 21 February 1865

Aaron JACKMAN, 27, Harwich, England, s/o Moses JACKMAN & Anne NEAL, married Agnes SAMPLE, 23, Harwich Twp., Harwich Twp., d/o John SAMPLE & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Alexander SAMPLE, Dolly ROUSE, both of Harwich, 23 February 1865


Start of Sheet 57

No. 163 (continued)

John Henry ROUSE, 22, Harwich, Blenheim Twp., s/o James & Harriett ROUSE, married Mary SAMPLE, 18 or 19, Harwich Twp., Harwich Twp., d/o John SAMPLE & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Alexander SAMPLE, Dolly ROUSE, both of Harwich Twp., 23 February 1865

Henry NICHOLS, 26, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., s/o Thomas NICHOLS & Janet McINTYRE, married Christy ROSE, 28, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., d/o Daniel ROSE & Mary McGINNIS, witn: John ROSE, Janet NICHOLS, both of Howard Twp., 7 March 1865

James MOORHOUSE, 23, Orford Twp., Orford Twp., s/o Daniel MOOREHOUSE & Mary Ann PEIRCE, married Rachel WINTERS, 22, Howard Twp., Nelson Twp., d/o Nicholas WINTERS & Mary AIKENS?, witn: Andrew J. WINTER, Isabel McPHAIL, both of Howard Twp., 14 March 1865

Archibald McKINLAY, 38, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., s/o Duncan McKINLAY & Sarah McINTYRE, married Ellen McGREGOR, 23, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., d/o John McGREGOR & Mary ROBINSON, witn: Susan McKINLAY, Anne McKINLAY, both of Howard Twp., 23 March 1865

John PHARIS (PHERRIS?), 20, Orford Twp., Trafalgar, s/o John PHARRIS & Caroline SMITH, married Amarantha TEETZEL, 18, Orford Twp., Orford, d/o William TEETZEL & BARNS?, witn: Janet WADDELL, Emma PAGE, both of Ridgetown, 13 April 1865

James ROBINSON, 32, Howard Twp., Lincolnshire Eng., s/o John ROBINSON & Mary FISHER, married Elizabeth McKERRICHER, 31, Howard, Scotland, d/o Finlay & Janet McKERRICHER, witn: George SMITH, Janet SMITH, both of Howard Twp., 19 July 1865

William CAMPBELL, 25, Howard Twp., York State, s/o Peter CAMPBELL & Isabella McINTOSH, married Margaret BARCLAY, 17, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., d/o George BARCLAY & Janet LAIRD, witn: William BARCLAY, Isabella BARCLAY, both of Howard Twp., 13 October 1865

Martin WOOD, 27, Howard Twp., Howard Twp., s/o Pontius WOOD & Dorcas CULL, married Mercy? JACKSON, 22, Howard Twp., Niagara, d/o John JACKSON & Sally Jane CARROL, witn: John JACKSON, Caroline WOOD, both of Howard Twp., 12 December 1865

William TODD, 32, Wentworth C.W., Scotland, s/o Thomas TODD & Bessie McCULLY, married Bessie BUCHAN, 24, Aldboro C.W., Aldboro C.W., d/o John BUCHAN & Annie GILLIS, witn: William LAIDLAW, Christina BUCHAN, both of Aldborough Twp., 28 December 1865


No. 164

William HENDERSON, 22, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o David HENDERSON & Mary DOUGLAS, married Mary J. MILLAR, 19, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o Thomas MILLAR & Mary DILLE, witn: John DOUGLAS, Tilbury West, 15 March 1865

Samuel McALLISTER, 26, Orford, Scotland, s/o Samuel McALLISTER & Margaret McMILLAN, married Margaret A. GRAHAM, 21, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o Alexander GRAHAM & Janet GRANT, witn: James GRAHAM, Tilbury East, 7 June 1865

William ELLIOT, 23, Tilbury East, England, s/o Peter ELLIOT & Sarah KIRK, married Janet CARR, 19, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o Alexander CARR & Sophia REID, witn: Thomas R. CARR, Tilbury West, 24 July 1865

James GARDINER, 21, Tilbury East, Canada, s/o William GARDINER & Jane LEY, married Agnes FERGUSON, 22, Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o David FERGUSON & Ann MURRAY, witn: Murray F. GARDINER, Tilbury East, 4 October 1865

Henry RICHARDSON, 31, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o John RICHARDSON, Snr. & Isabella ANDERSON, married Isabella LAING, 22, Tilbury East, Canada, d/o John LAING & Mary Ann HOPE, witn: John RICHARDSON, Jr., Detroit, 28 December 1865


No. 165

John KITSON, 28, Howard Twp., Napton England, s/o William & Joanna KITSON, married Mary DAWSON, 22, Howard Kent, Bramby? Town England, d/o Thomas & Jane DAWSON, witn: Johnaston? KITSON, Howard, 22 May 1865 By Banns

Thomas HUSBAND, 27, Zone, Batavia New York, s/o John & Phillipa HUSBAND, married Margaret McGAFFEY, 21, Bothwell, London C.W., d/o John & Nancy McGAFFEY, witn: George GOODERHAM, Bothwell, 15 June 1865 By Licence

Paulis THOMAS, 25, Orford Twp. Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Thomas WEBSTER & Katy, married Phebe H__ARK?, 29, Muncey Town C.W., Muncey Town, d/o John & Elizabeth TOMICO?, witn: Christiora? M. STONEFISH, Moraviantown, 5 July 1865 By Banns

Joseph STONEFISH, 21, Moraviantown, Moraviantown, s/o Moses & Ketura STONEFISH, married Lydia DAGSTERDY, 16, Oneida Town, Oneida Town, d/o Thomas & Katy DAGSTERDY, witn: Christiana M. STONEFISH, Moraviantown, 28 July 1865 By Banns

Solomon CORNELIUS, 22, Moravian Town, Oneida Town, s/o William & Katy CORNELIUS, married Harriet FRANK?, 21?, Zone Kent Co., Zone, d/o Philip & Lucy JACOBS, witn: Christina M. STONEFISH, Moraviantown, 29 (or 28) October 1865 By Banns

John Henry McDONALD, 21, Moravian Town, Dunville C.W., s/o Henry & Roseanna McDONALD, married Julia DAVID, 18, Moravian Town, Morvian Town, d/o Andrew & Regina DAVID, witn: John JACOBS, Moravian Town, 8 November 1865 By Banns

George NEWPORT, 42, Orford C.W., Chester England, s/o Matthew & Ann NEWPORT, married Isabella MATTERSON (Matheson?, 30, Orford C.W., Rosshire? Scotland, d/o Murdock & Christina NEWPORT, witn: James JENNINGS, Orford, 7 December 1865 By Licence

George Thomas SHOIN, 20, Zone, Hamilton C.W., s/o Thomas Walter & Mary Jane SHOIN, married Sarah A. BONNET?, 17, Camden C.W., Michigan, d/o Thomas & Sarah Matilda BONNET, witn: Michael _OUD?, Chatham, 24 December 1865 By Banns


No. 166

David de GONE (DEGONE?), 21, Chatham, Newport U.S., s/o Matthew de GONE & Pauline COUX, married Mary LABATTE (Labutte?), 20, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Peter LABUTTE & Catherine SINCLE?, witn: Julien LABUTTE, Chatham, Joseph SILETTE?, Stoney Point, 7 January 1865

John FINAN, 28, Raleigh, Portnau Co. Armagh Ireland, s/o John FINAN & Catherine CO___?, married Anna KELLY, 26, Chatham, Kilmay Co.Armagh, d/o John KELLY & Catherine TIE, witn: Michael KELLY, Margaret HOTTNEY?, both of Raleigh, 9 January 1865


Start of Sheet 58

No. 166 (continued) [St. Peter mentioned in transcripts would be St. Peter’s R.C. parish, Tilbury East]

William FINLAND, 27, Raleigh, Raleigh, s/o Patrick FINLAND & Elizabeth COOK, married Margaret DULANN (DOALIN?), 23, Raleigh, Raleigh, d/o Francis DULAND & Catherine DULEINE, witn: William GREEN, Sara DULAND, both of Raleigh, 9 January 1865 (very difficult to read bride's surname)

Martin KENEDY, 31, Chatham, Galway Ireland, s/o Patrick KENEDY & Anna SALVERS, married Catherine HURLEY, 22, Raleigh, Port Sarnia, d/o Patrick HURLEY & Margaret McLAUCHLIN, witn: William DeLa__?, Eliza HURLEY, both of Chatham, 16 June 1865

Francis FAUBERT, 25, St. Francois, Paincourt, s/o Louis FAUBERT & Pelagie CHARRON, married Philomena ST. JACQUES, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Michel ST. JACQUES & Rosa LAPERON, witn: Louis FAUBERT, Paincourt, Michel ST. JACQUES, Chatham, 20 July 1865

Francis STREMLING, 48, Howard, Alsace France, s/o John STREMLING & Agnes CLORBACH, married Nancy WHITE, 28, Howard, Connaught, d/o Patrick WHITE & Catherine MOORE, witn: Patrick MOORE, Ignatius STREMLING, both of Chatham, 2 May 1865

Christophorus KRAMER, 26, Chatham, Germany, s/o Konrad KRAMER & ____, married Bridgette HURLY, 19, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Patrick HURLEY & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, witn: Thomas HURLEY, Southwold Co. Elgin, Elisa HURLEY, Raleigh, 4 July 1865

Alexis INEDELLO?, 21, Chatham, St. Peter, s/o Alexis CRUDELLO? & Susone OUELLETTE, married Louise GERARDIN, 21, St. Peter, Windsor, d/o Mosa GERARDIN & ___? DUCHENE, witn: Julien DUCHENE, St. Peter,Julien JACQUES, Chatham, 25 July 1865

John MATTHEW, 21, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Francis MATTHEW & Catherine GODREAU, married Jeone STARKS, 19, Chatham, New York, d/o __? STARKS & Sara WOOLBY (WOODBY), witn: O__? MATTHEW, Israel MATTHEW, both of Chatham, 2 July 1865 (written as 7th 2nd 1865)

James HURLEY, 24, Chatham, Raleigh, Patrick HURLEY & Bridgette McLAUGHLIN, married Catherine GALAGHER, 20, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Owen & Mary GALAGHER, witn: John HURLEY, Margaret GALAGHER, both of Chatham, 9 August 1865 (written as 8th 9 1865)

Beramtus? CAMBELL, 25, Chatham, Montreal, s/o Alex CAMBELL & Mary SURPRENOUT, married Therese PARE, 27, Chatham, St. Peter, d/o Abraham PARE & Therese DUCHENE, witn: John DUCHENE, Abraham PARE, both of Chatham, 21 August 1865 (written as 8th 21st 1865)

Daniel PELTIER, 22, St. Peter, St. Peter, s/o Hilaire PELTIER & Mary ROY, married Sara PARSON?, 24, St. Peter, St. Peter, d/o Thomas PARSON? & Sophie BOYER, witn: Charles REAUME, Pidon TRUDELL, both of Stoney Point, 15 September 1865 (written as 9th 15 1865)


No. 167

Vincent STINGWELL (STANGNELL?), 31, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C.W., s/o Vincent STANGNELL & Charlotte LADOUCEUR, married Philomene TETRAULT, 21, Raleigh C.W., St. Jean C.E., d/o Pierre TETRAULT & Sophie BOURJOIS, witn: Vincent STINGWELL, Pierre TETRAULT, both of Raleigh C.W., 10 October 1865

Peter MURPHY, 22, Tilbury East C.W., Canada West, s/o Peter MURPHY & Mary HARRINGTON, married Mary COOPER, 21, Tilbury East, Ireland, d/o John COOPER & Sarah FORSYTH, witn: John FINN, Josephine MURPHY, both of Tilbury East, 23 January 1865


No. 168

Colin SINCLAIR, 30, Brooke, Canada, s/o Dugald & Christienne SINCLAIR, married Flora CAMPBELL, 36, Howard Twp., Canada, d/o Neil & Flora CAMPBELL, witn: __ McKINLAY, Harwich, Archibald SINCLAIR, Lobo, 10 January 1865


No. 169 (many of the parent’s surnames are either not entered or no parents at all are entered)

Leonard MERRITT, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o James & Rebecca, married Ann LANE (LAW?), 23, Chatham, Canada, d/o Adam & Rachel, witn: John MERRITT, Ann WILLISON, both of Chatham, 5 September 1865

Edward RICHARDSON, 29, Harwich, Canada, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Jane STOVER, 26, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: Anna TOMPKINS, Harwich, 19 September 1865

Joseph BLACKBURN, 50, Chatham Twp., Canada, s/o Robert & Mary, married Fanny BEAR, 39, Harwich Twp., Canada, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Thomas BEAR, Harwich, 3 October 1865

William CRANE, 26, Dunage, Canada, s/o Peter & Mary, married Sarah J. OOSTERHOUT, 23, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Malissa, witn: George CRANE, Dunage, 21 December 1865


No. 170 (very difficult to read & many of the parent’s names are not entered)

John RILEY, 33, ____, ____, s/o _____________, married Mary Jane SPENCE, 18, Raleigh, Canada, d/o _________, witn: Ambrose _____?, Chatham, 8 January 1865

Samuel W. BELLAMY, 30?, Dover East, England, s/o Samuel & Eliza BELLAMY, married Elizabeth BARITT (BASITT?), 21, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Charles & Mary TUCKER, witn: William WILCOX, ____, 8 February 1865

William RICHARDS, 32?, Chatham, England, s/o ____ & ____, married Sarah A. S___?DALE, 2_?, Raleigh, Canada, d/o ____ & ____, witn: Henry RICHARDS, Chatham, 7 March 1865

W___LAN? GRAY, 32, Chatham, United States, s/o ____ & ____, married Amelia GREEN, 30, Chatham, States, d/o ____ & ____, witn: William GRANT, Chatham, 18 March 1865

John FOWLER, 26, Chatham, ____, s/o ____ & ____, married Selina McDOUGALL, __, Chatham, ____, d/o ____ & ____, witn: ____, ____, 2 January 1865

William BROOKES, 26, Dover East, England, s/o ____ & ____, married Harriett DOLSEN, 18, Dover East, Canada, d/o ____ & ____, witn: George NIGHTINGALE, Dover, 4 April 1865

Abraham COX, 30, Canada, States, s/o Benjamin & Matilda COX, married Rachael JONES, 31, Chatham, Canada, d/o James & Harriett JONES, witn: Martha SMITH, Chatham, 9 May 1865


Start of Sheet 59

No. 170 (continued) [some of the groom’s & bride's parent’s names were not entered on the registry]

Theodore NELSON, 20, Chatham, Canada, s/oRobert & Frances NELSON, married Edith KEATING, 19, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Julia KEATING, witn: David ARMSTRONG, Moore, 17 July 1865

Frederick SHEY (SKEY?), 22, Port Dover, England, s/o ____ & ____, married Sophia DAVIS, 18, Chatham, Canada, d/o Stephen & Mary DAVIS, witn: Lawrence SHEY (SKEY?), Harwich, 21 July 1865

James ANDERSON, 60, Chatham, States, s/o ____ & ____, married Julia FERGUSON, 35, Chatham, Canada, d/o ____ & ____, witn: Benson SKINNER, Chatham, 17 August 1865

Charles BRYANT, 30, Chatham, England, s/o ____ & ____, married Marianne SHACKLETON?, 25, Chatham, Canada, d/o ____ & ____, witn: ____, ____, 3 October 1865

Joseph NORTHWOOD, 25, Chatham, Canada, s/o Joseph & ____ NORTHWOOD, married Hannah BENCH, 21, Chatham, Canada, d/o James & ____ BENCH, witn: James BENCH, Chatham, 3 October 1865

Francis LICKMAN, 27, Tilbury West, Canada, s/o ____ & ____, married Rosa A. FORD, 21, Tilbury West, Canada, d/o ____ & ____, witn: ____, ____, 5 March 1865

James Arnold ROLLS, __, Chatham, Canada, s/o James Arnold & ____ ROLLS, married Margaret WEIR, __, Raleigh, Canada, d/o John & Anna WEIR, witn: Thomas McRAE Esq., 21 November 1865

James DONOVAN, 27, Orford, Ireland, s/o ____ & ____, married Ellen KNIGHT?, 20, Chatham, Ireland, d/o ____ & ____, witn: ____, ____, 28 November 1865

Paul HOOKSMITH, 26, Chatham, Canada, s/o ____ & ____, married Catherine PARSONS, 18, Raleigh, ____, d/o John & ____ PARSONS, witn: John A. BOYLE, Chatham, 26 November 1865

Richard B.? PARR, 68, Raleigh, England, s/o John & Elizabeth PARR, married Nancy A. CREW, 36, Raleigh, Canada, d/o ____ & ____, witn: James FELL, Harwich, 26 December 1865


No. 171

John BISHOP, 22, Dover, Chatham C.W., s/o William & Mary BISHOP, married Sarah RANKIN, 26, Dover, Ireland, d/o John & Nancy RANKIN, witn: Joseph FOY, Mary A. JACKSON, both of Dover, 5 September 1865

William J. CROW, 22, Chatham Twp., Chatham Twp., s/o John CROW & ?? BURR?, married Clarissa Jane HALL, 21, Raleigh Tp., Raleigh, d/o Charles & Eliza HALL, witn: William JAMISON?, Elizabeth CROW, both of Dover, 18 October 1865

Albert E. MERRITT, 20, Chatham Twp., Chatham Twp., s/o William & Elizabeth MERRITT, married Rachel McCUBBIN, 19, Chatham Tp., Chatham Tp., d/o Robert & Barbary McCUBBIN, witn: John MERRITT, Mary A. WEAVER, both of Chatham Tp., 25 October 1865

William WILLCOX, 31, Raleigh Twp., Raleigh, s/o James & Margaret WILLCOX, married Caroline CROW, 20, Dover Tp., Dover, d/o William & Adelaide CROW, witn: Thomas O. GRANDBOIS, Susannah CROW, both of Dover, 26 November 1865


No. 172

William MITTON, 41, Howard, Dunwich, s/o Edmund & Mary MITTON, married Nancy JOHNSON, 33?, Howard, Mosa, d/o Elliot & Amanda YOUNG, witn: John YOUNG, Harriet YOUNG, both of Howard, 20 March 1865

John COLLINS, 28, Howard, Markham, s/o Michael & Mary COLLINS, married Mary BOOTHROYD, 23, Howard, Howard, d/o Richard & Mary BOOTHROYD, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL, Elizabeth BOOTHROYD, both of Howard, 27 March 1865

John HACKNEY, 32, Howard, Howard, s/o Ralph & Catherine HACKNEY, married Rosanna DRAPER, 40, Howard, New Brunswick, d/o James & Jane COOPER, witn: John TAILOR, Catherine HACKNEY, both of Howard, 9 May 1865

Thomas HUMPHREYS, 72, Howard, England, s/o ____ & ____, married Catherine MORGAN, 75, Howard, Nova Scotia, d/o ____ & ____, witn: William MORGAN, Eliza RICH, both of Ridgetown, 10 May 1865

James S. MacKAY, 30, Howard, Scotland, s/o James & Mary MacKAY, married Margaret INGRAMS, 26, Howard, Ireland, d/o Mathew & Margaret INGRAM, witn: Thomas INGRAM, James SUMMERVILLE, both of Howard, 15 May 1865

John BALDWIN, 31, Orford, Whitby, s/o Thomas & Charlotte BALDWIN, married Jane PATTERSON, 25, Orford, Trafalgar, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth PATTERSON, witn: Elizabeth PHELPS, H. A. BEARDSLEY, both of Ridgetown, 21 May 1865

Mathew SOMMERVILLE, 20, Howard, Ireland, s/o James & Sarah SOMMERVILLE, married Florah McDONEL, 28, Howard, England, d/o Joseph & Mary McDONEL, witn: John WESTON, Clarke? WILBURN?, both of Howard, 23 July 1865

John TAYLOR, 20, Howard, Brantford, s/o John & Harriet TAYLOR, married Catherine HACKNEY, 22, Howard, Howard, d/o Ralph & Catherine HACKNEY, witn: David MAYNARD, Harwich, Elizabeth HACKNEY, Howard, 13 August 1865

Jacob HALL, 20, Howard, Howard, s/o Titus & Ann HALL, married Rachel BROWN, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o Lovel & Jane BROWN, witn: Joseph JACKSON, Elizabeth JACKSON, both of Howard, 26 November 1865


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No. 172 (continued)

Philip LAMKIN, 23, Orford, Hilton (Halton?), s/o George & Sarah LAMKIN, married Elvira DURPHY, 16, Orford, Norfolk, d/o Jacob & Sarah DURPHY, witn: Jacob DURPHY, George LAMKIN, both of Orford, 21 February 1865

William KENEDY (KENNEDY?), 26, Orford, Hilton, s/o William & Eleanor KENEDY, married Catherine McINTYRE, 20, Orford, Orford, d/o Duncan & Nancy McINTYRE, witn: David TAIT, Orford, Nancy FREDERICK, Raleigh, 23 February 1865

John McMILLEN, 44, Orford, Scotland, s/o Dougald & Isabella McMILLEN, married Catherine McINTYRE, 31, Orford, Aldborough, d/o Angus & Catherine McINTYRE, witn: David McTAGGART, Orford, Margaret McINTYRE, Aldborough, 13 April 1865

Moses JACKLIN, 31, Howard, Trafalgar, s/o Christopher & Ann JACKLIN, married Mary A. SMITH, 21, Howard, Brooke, d/o David & Margaret SMITH, witn: Hiram WHITESELL, Eliza WHITESELL, both of Orford, 29 April 1865

Peter CHAPMAN, 23, Orford, England, s/o Alfred & Elizabeth CHAPMAN, married Eliza SCOTT, 23, Orford, Nelson, d/o George & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Ellen HAWKE?, Sarah PARKER, both of Ridgetown, 21 September 1865

Jesse FERRIS, 29, Orford, Yarmouth, s/o William & Ann FERRIS, married Maria ASHLEY, 20, Orford, Trafalgar, d/o Thomas & Sarah ASHLEY, witn: Ellen HAWKE, Bessie HAWKE, both of Ridgetown, 2 October 1865

Amos MILLS, 23, Aldborough, Zone, s/o Martin & Jemima MILLS, married Jane COOK, 20, Aldborough, Beverly, d/o David & Mary Jane COOK, witn: John BODINE, Emily J, MILLS, both of Mosa, 26 December 1865

John W. BODINE, 33, Mosa, Townsend, s/o Nicholas & Charlotte BODINE, married Emily J. MILLS, 19, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Martin & Jemima MILLS, witn: Amos MILLS, Jane COOK, both of Mosa, 26 December 1865

John LEE, 20, Orford, Orford, s/o John & Sarah LEE, married Rebecca ATTRIDGE, 20, Orford, Flamboro, d/o Andrew & Letitia ATTRIDGE, witn: William ATTRIDGE, Louisa LEE, both of Orford, 28 December 1865


No. 173

Mark GREIVE (Grieve?), 25, Lot 16 Conc 8 Tilbury East, Ohio, s/o John & Charlotte GREIVE, married Isabella KENDRICKS, 20, East Tilbury, Yorkville, d/o James & Euphralia KENDRICKS, witn: Friend MYERS, Lot 6 in 9 Conc. East Tilbury, 18 February 1865

John ELLIOTT, 18, West Tilbury, West Tilbury, s/o William & Mary ELLIOTT, married Mary Elizabeth STEPHENS, 19, West Tilbury, Detroit, Joseph Alexander & Jane STEPHENS, witn: John William KLINE, Rochester, 8 July 1865

Thomas GREIVE, 24, Lot 16 Conc 8 Tilbury East, State of Ohio, s/o John & Charlotte GREIVE, married Margaret MYERS, 34, N Lot 15 9th Conc Tilbury East, Scotland, d/o James & Elizabeth GREY, witn: Friend MYERS, Lot 15 (9th Conc Tilbury East, 25 December 1865


No. 174

** Charles A. JONES, 23, Chatham, United States, s/o G.F. & Sarah JONES, married Eleanor PAYNE, 21, Chatham United States, d/o Robert R.? & Sarah PAYNE, witn: Lewis A. BLACKBURN, Chatham, written as November 10, 1859

Robert HOOD, 24, Gore of Camden, Canada, s/o Robert & Ann HOOD, married Isabella WATSON, 22, Gore of Camden, Canada, d/o James & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Rea C. VANDUSEN, Wardsville, 10 January 1865

William RANKINS (PERKINS?), 23, Harwich, Canada, s/o James & Sarah PERKINS, married Elizabeth EDWARDS, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o James & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witn: James CORNWALL, Chatham, 20 January 1865

Martin FORHAN, 28, United States, Canada, s/o William & Margaret FORHAN, married Sophia GALES, 22, Harwich, Canada, d/o Robert & Mary GALES, witn: Alfred GALES, Harwich, 4 February 1865

Austin TURRILL, 21?, Camden, Canada, s/o Joseph & Hannah TURRILL, married Jane FIELDS, 25, Chatham, Canada, d/o Samuel & Nancy SMITH, witn: James WILLIAMS, Chatham, 20 February 1865

Albert HUTTON, 22, Windsor, Canada, s/o James & Elizabeth HUTTON, married Catherine BRERETON, 20, Harwich, United States, d/o Daniel & Sarah BRERETON, witn: W.G. MASENDER, Harwich, 4 or 7? April 1865

Thomas ADAMS, 53?, Chatham, England, s/o James & Susannah ADAMS, married Ann MARSHEN?, 40, Chatham, England, d/o Robert & Mary Ann PEGLEY, witn: Rowley PEGLEY, John PEGLEY, both of Chatham, 28 April 1865

Francis GOULETT, 25, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Francis & Zilpha GOULET, married Matilda CRAWFORD, 23, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Magnus & Mary CRAWFORD, witn: Sarah CRAWFORD, Raleigh, 27 May 1865

Norton PATTERSON, 27?, Chatham, U States, s/o Alexander & Phebe PATTERSON, married Virginia FLEMMING, 29, Chatham, United States, d/o Thomas & Anna FLEMMINGS, witn: William WARD, Chatham, 22 June 1865

George Henry OGLE, __, Tilbury West, Canada, blank, blank, married Ellen MILLER, __, Tilbury West, Canada, blank, blank, witn: Thomas MILLER, Catherine GOODSON, blank, 6 July 1865

James WILSON, 22, Chatham, Chatham, s/o James & Celia WILSON, married Rebeckah ALLISON, 18, Harwich, Canada, d/o James & Sophia ALLISON, witn: Malcom HENDRIE, Helen McPHERSON?, both of Chatham, 27 July 1865

Joseph FUNSTON, 28, Tilbury East, Ireland, s/o Thomas & Ann FUNSTON, married Matilda FUNSTON, 28, Tilbury East, Ireland, d/o Joseph & Hannah FUNSTON, witn: David MILLS, Mary Jane MILLS, both of Orford, 3 August 1865


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No. 174 (continued)

Donald MURRAY, 30, Dawn, Canada, s/o James & Rachel MURRAY, married Christina FITZPATRICK, 27, Dawn, Nova Scotia, d/o John & Susannah FITZPATRICK, witn: Alex FITZPATRICK, Dawn, Mary G. GOODSON, Chatham, 4 August 1865

John McPHERSON, 24, Raleigh, Scotland, s/o John & Mary McPHERSON, married Susan EMERY, 22, Raleigh, Canada, d/o William & Mary EMERY, witn: Edmund MURDOCK, Raleigh, C.F. GOODSON, Chatham, 9 August 1865

Thomas Seth HODGE, 24, Dover East, Canada, s/o Parker & Nancy HODGE, married Martha Ann CRONAN?, 23, Raleigh, Canada, d/o Daniel & Catherine COWAN?, witn: Jacob WARREN, Merlin, Caroline SHEPLEY, Chatham, 20 September 1865

Elsa GRIFFITH, 25, Iowa U.S., United States, s/o Jonah & Sarah GRIFFITH, married Isabella ATKINSON, 25, Howard, Canada, d/o William & Sarah ATKINSON, witn: Thomas ATKINSON, John KERR, both of Howard, 25 October 1865

Samuel Levi BARTLETT, _2?, Chatham, Canada, s/o George & Martha BARTLETT, married Hannah HINNEGAN?, 22, Chatham, Ireland, d/o Patrick & Mary (blank), witn: Bessie SHORT, William BROOKE, both of Chatham, 23 November 1865

Alexander ARNOLD, 47, Dover East, Nova Scotia, s/o blank, married Mary Ann McGUIRE?, 30, Chatham, Canada, d/o John & Fanny GRIFFITH, witn: Albert JAHNKE, John HILMAN, both of Chatham, 12 December 1865

John Nelson BLACKBURN, 24, Chatham, Canada, s/o John & Sarah BLACKBURN, married Hannah SICKLESTEEL, 25, Chatham, Canada, d/o David & Nancy SICKLESTEEL, witn: David SICKLESTEEL, Solomon BLACKBURN, both of Chatham, 13 December 1865

James ARNOLD, 24, Harwich, Canada, s/o Stephen & Sarah ARNOLD, married Nancy A. COOK, 22, Harwich, Canada, d/o Jacob & Jennette COOK, witn: Thomas LARKE, Chatham, 19 December 1865

David Palmer RIGGS, 30, Chatham, Canada, s/o Alexander & Martha RIGGS, married Hannah LANGFORD, 22, Harwich, Canada, d/o John & Ann LANGFORD, witn: John LANGFORD, Harwich, William EVERITT, Howard, 25 December 1865

John Henry ANDERSON, 25, Howard, Nova Scotia, s/o Owen & Mary Ann ANDERSON, married Sarah R. RYNARD, 22, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth RYNARD?, witn: John McGREGOR, Howard, 25 December 1865

Thomas Lotson? PARDO, 25, Raleigh, Canada, s/o Thomas & Rachel PARDO, married Jane Eliza PRICE, 23, Raleigh, Canada, d/o James & Elizabeth PRICE, witn: Thomas LARKE, Chatham, 25 December 1865

Charles KIRBY, 21, Enniskillen, Canada, s/o Aaron & Ann KIRBY, married Catherine FIELD, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o Nathan & Mary Jane FIELD, witn: Mary GOODALL, Chatham, 27 December 1865

John Boulton ARNOLD, 30, Harwich, Canada, s/o Lewis & Catherine ARNOLD, married Charlotte SEELY, 21, Harwich, Canada, d/o Grey & Hannah SEELY, witn: Edmund ARNOLD, Catherine ARNOLD, both of Harwich, 28 December 1865


No. 175 [parent’s surnames not entered in this section]

Nelson BAILEY, 24, Camden, Upper Canada, s/o Hugh & Rachael, married Margaret Ann BARIJNER (BAUGHNER?), 18, Camden, Canada West, d/o Gordon & Mary Ann, witn: Ames? BARIJNER, Rachael BAILEY, both of Camden, 17 April 1865

Robert KELLEY, 23, Camden, Camden, s/o William & Margaret, married Sarah Jane TIFFIN, 21, Camden, Camden, d/o William & Claracy, witn: Peter KELLEY, Elizabeth L. PHILLIPS, both of Camden, 28 June 1865

Henry John REGNIER, 28, Dresden C.W., France, s/o Henry & Mary, married Louisa SIMPSON, 18, Dresden C.W., Canada, d/o Ira Borman? & Martha Maria, witn: George WINDOVER, Eliza Jane WILLIS, both of Dresden, 20 June 1865

Charles W. KNIGHT, 24, Chatham, Canada, s/o Silas W. & Abegal, married Sidney C. INGRAM, 27, Chatham, Canada, d/o Robert & Susan, witn: A. KNIGHT, Camden, A. INGRAM, Chatham, 4 July 1865

Thomas S. FISHER,25, Camden, Co. Kent Canada, s/o Charles & Martha, married Margaret McKAY, 17, Camden, Canada, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John McKAY, Mary McKAY, both of Camden, 8 November 1865

John FLETCHER, 45, Sault Ste. Marys, Scotland, s/o Angus & Jane, married Jane LIVINGSTON, 35, Camden, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Archibald M. LIVINGSTON, Rebecca BOYLE, both of Camden, 9 November 1865


No. 176

Michael HALL, 24, Orford Canada West, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane, married Louisa PANGBORN, 19, Howard, Blanchard, d/o Hiram & Amelia, witn: Joseph HALL, More (Moore?), Jane PANGBORN, Howard, 10 January 1865

Mathew SMITH, 22, Orford, Canada West, s/o David & Margaret, married Isabella WHITESELL (WHITSELL?), 23, Orford, Canada West, d/o Edward & Isabella, witn: Joseph HALL, More?, 12 January 1865

Francis SISSONS, 22, Howard, Howard, s/o William & Susan, married Mary SMITH, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Johannah, witn: John McKAY, Lucinda Vanvalkenburg, both of Howard, 31 January 1865

Robert WAYTE (Waite?), 21, Dresden, Canada West, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Melinda CARROLL, 19, Dresden, Glencoe, d/o James & Susan, witn: Robert IRISH, Dresden, M.O. LEWILLYAN (Llewellyn?), Ridgetown, 20 February 1865

Robert McKAY, 28, Harwich, Scotland, s/o James & Mary, married Matilda ARNOLD, 26, Harwich, Raleigh, d/o Stephen & Susan, witn: James ARNOLD, Elmira COOK, both of Harwich, 16 March 1865


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No. 176 (continued) [parent’s surnames not entered]

John H. OGLETREE, 22, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Henry & Ann, married Sarah A. BENTLY (BENTLEY), 21, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Ira & Lucinda, witn: G. PATTERSON, Hester LATTIMER, both of Howard, 22 March 1865

Samuel TAPNEY, 27, Harwich, Saltfleet, s/o Asa & Mary, married Eliza A. JOHNSON, blank, Harwich, Ireland, d/o John & Effenia?, witn: T. TYEHURST, Margaret JOHNSON, both of Harwich, 22 March 1865

Thomas F. PEERS, 26, Howard, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Matilda, married Hannah TURNER, 21, Howard, Howard, d/o Jephette & Elizabeth, witn: Alexander JAKES, Ruth A. TURNER, both of Howard, 7 April 1865

George H. TUCK, 23, Howard, Harwich, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Sarah SICKLESTEEL, 20, Howard, Howard, d/o Julius & Sarah, witn: Jas. SICKLESTEEL, Lilly ELLIOT, both of Howard, 25 December 1865


No. 177

James NEWELL, 31, Michigan, England, s/o John & Mary NEWELL, married Betsey McKAY,26, Howard, Canada, d/o George & Grace McKAY, witn: John McKAY, Robert __EBLE?, both of Howard, 5 December 1865


No. 178

Henry BRACKETT, 23, RondEau, London C.W., s/o Stephen & Mary Ann (blank), married Delight BROOK, 17, Harwich, Darlington C.W., d/o James & Dorothy BROOK, witn: Maria BAILEY, G. MATTHEWS, both of Blenheim C.W., 9 January 1865

John S. SHAW, 33, Romney C.W., Norfolk Co. C.W., s/o Michael & Elizabeth (blank), married Elizabeth WRIGHTMAN, 17, Romney C.W., London City C.W., d/o John & Rachael WRIGHTMAN, witn: Adeline BALDWIN, Lewis L. LUCHA?, both of Harwich, 26 February 1865

Duncan CAMPBELL, 26, Harwich, Aldboro, s/o Jos. & Mary CAMPBELL, married Catherine MORROW, 21, Harwich C.W., Harwich C.W., d/o Hugh & Ann MORROW, witn: John CAMPBELL, Orford, Betsey MORROW, Harwich, 4 May 1865

Frederick RICE, 32, Harwich, England, s/o Benjamin & Ann RICE, married Matilda BROWN, 21, Harwich, Chatham C.W., d/o John & Phoebe BROWN, witn: Charles KITCHEN, Mary NICHOLS, both of Harwich, 16 May 1865

John MORROW, 40, Harwich, Ireland, s/o Hugh & Ann MORROW, married S.A.[Sarah Ann] RICE, 36, Harwich, Toronto, d/o John & Phoebe RICE, witn: Frederick RICE, Hester RICE, both of Harwich, 28 June 1865

Barnett S. RUSSELL, 23, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C.W., s/o George & Susanna RUSSELL, married Maria BOYLE, 18, Harwich, Burritts Rapids, C.W., d/o William & Margaret BOYLE, witn: Edward RUSSELL, Raleigh, Martha BOYLE, Harwich, 16 October 1865

Edward J. RUSSELL, 21, Raleigh C.W., Raleigh C.W., s/o George & Susanna RUSSELL, married Martha BOYLE, Harwich, Burritts Rapids C.W., d/o William & Margaret BOYLE, witn: Barnett RUSSELL, Raleigh, Maria BOYLE, Harwich, 16 October 1865

Edward THOMBURY(THORNBURY?), 25, Wallaceburgh C.W., England, s/o Edward & Amelia THOMBURY, married Elizabeth ?. FIELDS, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Michael & Electra FIELDS, witn: Mr. THOMBURY, Wallaceburg, Miss FIELDS, Harwich, 24 October 1865

John CLAUS, 27, Harwich C.W., Clinton C.W., s/o Philip & Elizabeth CLAUS, married Rebecca Ann WELLWOOD, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Ephraim & Elizabeth WELLWOOD, witn: John TYNEVALE, Cedelia MERRIFIELD, both of Harwich, 8 November 1865

Franklin JOHNSON, 23, Indiana U.S., Medina Co. Ohio U.S., s/o Hosea & Rachael JOHNSON, married Jane WELDE?, Indiana U.S., Clinton C.W., d/o Guy & Willellmina PARKINS, witn: Josiah ROCK, Mary Ann JACKLIN, both of Blenheim, 2 November 1865

Josiah ROCK, 23, Blenheim C.W., Middlesex C.W., s/o Jonathan & Phoebe ROCK, married Mary Ann JACKLIN, 18, Blenheim, Halton Co. C.W., d/o Aaron & Emma JACKLIN, witn: George WELCH, Matilda WELCH, both of Blenheim, 29 November 1865

William Henry NEWMAN, 30, Blenheim C.W., England, s/o Matthew & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Harriet HARRIS, 18, Blenheim, Detroit Mich U.S., d/o George W. & Cordelia HARRIS, witn: Jas. COX, Cordelia HARRIS, both of Blenheim, 2 December 1865


No. 179 [ some of parent’s surnames were not entered ]

James A. WELSH, 24, Blenheim, Wentworth, Abram & Betsey, married Sarah A. HUFFMAN, 19, Mt. Brydges, Caradoc, d/o George & Charlotte, witn: G.H. WELSH, William MAXWELL, both of Blenheim, 26 January 1865

Sylvester BURYS, 22, Chatham, United States, s/o William & Jane, married Huldy HUGHES, 19, Chatham, U.S., d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Robert WORTLEY, Chatham, 16 February 1865

Nathan EVERITT, 23, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Lydia FORBES, 21, Aldboro, Aldboro, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Robert WOODS, Harwich, 28 February 1865

J. S. SHEET, 30, Orford, Orford, s/o Jacob & Julie Ann, married Sarah J. TATE?, 22, Orford, Canada, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Edw. STREET, G. KNIGHT, both of Orford, 9 May 1865

Daniel M. GIBBONS, 25, Chatham, U.S., s/o Giles & Elizabeth, married Sarah E. HENRY, 19, Chatham, Canada, d/o Philip & Charlotte, witn: E.E. DICKENS, Chatham, 11 May 1865

Dougald CLARK, 28, Howard, Scotland, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sarah A. M__?, 19, Howard, England, d/o Jacob & Susanna, witn: Thomas TAYLOR, Harwich, 27 June 1865

John STRATFORD, 23, Tilbury, England, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah WILCOX, 22, Raleigh, blank, d/o Hezekiah & Catherine WILCOX, witn: blank , 5 September 1865


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No. 180

James DUNGY, 42, Newbury, Tennessee, s/o William & Mary DUNGY, married Nancy DELANEY, 40, Twp. Of Chatham, Kentucky, d/o John & Lucinda EVANS, witn: Charles MARCHAT, Cornelius MARCHAT, both of Twp. of Chatham, 16 March 1865

Matthew Henry LONG, 31, Twp. of Chatham, Canada, s/o George & Mary LONG, married Emma YONKS?, 23, Gore of Camden, England, d/o Samuel & Ann GOUKS?, witn: Horatio HUGHES, Henrietta HUGHES, both of Gore of Camden, 8 June 1865

Montreville SIMMONS, 22, Twp., of Chatham, North Carolina, s/o John C. & Heprie SIMMONS, married Victoria BROWN, 16, Twp. of Chatham, Indiana, d/o John & Mary BROWN, witn: Edwin SIMMONS, C. MOORE, both of Twp. of Chatham, 28 September 1865

Samuel CLEMENS, 21, Dresden, New York, s/o Samuel & Lydia CLEMENS, married Labinia RICE, 30, Dresden, Pennsylvania, d/o Richard & Henrietta RICE, witn: Richard RICE, Twp. of Chatham, Mary SMITH, Dresden, 25 December 1865


No. 181

Lewis WHITE, Chatham, Kentucky, s/o Amstead & Penelope WHITE, married Eliza DAVIS, 16, Chatham, Chatham, d/o John & Eliza DAVIS, witn: James RAMSAY, Susan STONE, both of Chatham, 9 May 1865

Littleton JOHNSON, 26, Chatham, North Carolina, s/o Samuel & Macey JOHNSON, married Laura UMPHRY, 24, Chatham, Mississippi, d/o Perry & Peggy UMPHRY, witn: Julia Day, Heywood DAY, both of Chatham, 16 April 1865

Alexander BRICKERY?, 35?, Chatham, Maryland, s/o Samuel & Hannah ______?, married Eliza JACOBS, 21, Chatham, Delaware, d/o Richard & Elizabeth JACOBS, witn: E.C. COOK, S. Alice BRADIE, both of Chatham, 5 December 1865


No. 182

John ENGLISH, 41, Harwich, Ireland, s/o James & Mary ENGLISH, married Sarah JENNER, 26?, Raleigh, Canada, d/o John & Hannah JENNER, witn: Richard MALLORY, Blenheim, Hester H. JENNER, Raleigh, 5 February 1865

Joseph SCARFF, 22, Harwich, England, s/o James & Harriett SCARFF, married Sarah Ann STERLING, 20, Harwich, Canada, d/o William & Charlotte STERLING, witn: Henry STERLING, Harwich, Sarah GESNOR, Orford, 9 March 1865

James KNIGHT, 37, Howard, Harwich, s/o Samuel & Mary KNIGHT, married Gabriella FREDERICK, 25, Morpeth, Canada, d/o Alpheus & Clarissa J. FREDERICK, witn: John A. LANGFORD, Harwich, Melissa SHAW, Chatham, 17 April 1865

Nathanial MASSEY, 26, Duart, Orford, s/o Nathanial & Maria MASSEY, married Frances CLEEVE, 19, Orford, England, d/o Richard S. CLEEVES & Sarah CLEEVE, witn: Edmond H. RIDLEY, Thomas JOHNSTON, both of Orford, 25 April 1865

Francis BRIEN, 28, Howard, Ireland, s/o Henry & Christine BRIEN, married Elizabeth GREEN, 28, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth GREEN, witn: Susan C. LAMPMAN, Morpeth, 26 August 1865

Ralph Spence FINLAY, 33, Morpeth, Ireland, s/o James & Louisa FINLAY, married Annie RANKIN, 22, Dover East, Canada, d/o James & Mary RANKIN, witn: J.T.C.FINDLAY, Iowa, S.J. RANKIN, Dover East, 1 August 1865


No. 183

John BURGESS, 24, Buxton Raleigh C.W., Penna U.S., s/o James & Katy BURGESS, married Harriet SPRAGUE, 24, Buxton Raleigh, Ohio U.S., d/o William & Harriet CARSON, witn: Isaac WILLIAMS, Raleigh, William G.R. BLOUNT, Buxton C.W., 12 February 1865

Samuel HAYDEN, 50, Buxton, Kentucky U.S., s/o Jesse & Gracy HAYDEN, married Hannah FEE, 48, Buxton Raleigh C.W., Ireland, d/o ? & N. FEE, witn: I. GODDEN, Francis ROUSE, both of Buxton Raleigh C.W., 10 April 1865

John WAGONER, 69, Buxton Raleigh C.W., U.S., s/o E. & N? SPENCER, married Martha HILL, 47, Buxton, United States, d/o I. & A. HILL, witn: Mrs. G.R. BLOUNT, Margaret CRAIN, both of Buxton Raleigh C.W., 28 May 1865

Joseph TAYLOR, 31, Woodstock, Maryland, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth GOOL?, married Mary E. LODINE, 21, Buxton, Delaware U.S., d/o Samuel & Eliza LODINE, witn: M. CRAIN, Mrs. G.R. BLOUNT, Mrs. A. WALKER, all of Buxton C.W., 29 August 1865

William H. GARROLD, 25, Buxton C.W., St. Thomas C.W., s/o William & Louisa GARROLD, married Margret J. GEELS, 21, Buxton, Chatham, d/o Leroy & Nancy GEELS, witn: William H. CARTER, Miss C. BURFET, both of Buxton, 31 August 1865

Josiah TOWN, 27, Tilbury C.W., Ohio U.S., s/o Cordy & Eliza TOWN, married Miss M.A. PEARCE, 17, Tilbury C.W., Ohio U.S., d/o Allen & Tabitha PEARCE, witn: Mr. Elisha TOWN, Miss T. JOHNSON, both of Tilbury C.W., 19 September 1865


No. 184

Jonathan GRAHAM, 23, Thamesville, Brant Co., s/o Richard & Ann (no surname), married Frances TAPE, 21, Thamesville, Thamesville, d/o John & Polley (no surname), witn: David SINGER, Ridgetown, Susan TAPE, Thamesville, 29 November 1865


No. 185

John SOUTAR, 28, Raleigh, Ireland, s/o Samuel SOUTAR & Elizabeth DAWSON, married Elizabeth Ann GRAHAM, 26, Raleigh, Ireland, d/o William GRAHAM & Elizabeth DAWSON(same as groom’s), witn: William SOUTAR, Mary Ann GEE, both of Raleigh, 4 January 1865

Zedariah HANCOCK, 28, Raleigh, England, s/o Zedariah HANCOCK & Elizabeth FRANKLIN, married Janett MARSHALL, 27, Tilbury East, Trafalgar C.W., d/o James & Janett MARSHALL, witn: William MARSHALL, Frances MARSHALL, both of Tilbury East, 4 January 1865

John FERGUSON, 30, Howard, Scotland, s/o Hugh FERUSON & Mary ROBERTSON, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 20, Howard, Euphemia, d/o Archibald & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL, Orford, Janet McGREGOR, Howard, 25 January 1865

Charles HAMMOND, 30, Raleigh, Kentucky, s/o Joseph & Allsy? HAMMOND, married Sarah CATHERLIE, 24, Chatham, Virginia, d/o Charles MENSER & Rhoda CATHERLIE, witn: Hugh McMECHAN, Raleigh, Rosanna CATHERLIE, Harwich,, 2 March 1865


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No. 185 (continued)

Daniel B. RUSSELL, 30, Chatham, Hamilton, s/o Dexter RUSSELL & Eunice DANFORTH, married Sabina SNYDER, 25, Chatham, Pennsylvania, d/o David SNYDER & Sabina GARNEAU, witn: John R. McCOLL, Lewis SMITH, both of Chatham, 17 January 1865

Walter CLAUS, 23, Raleigh, Niagara District, s/o Philip CLAUS & Elizabeth HAGAMEN?, married Meriom SHEPPY, 19, Harwich, blank, d/o John & Sophinia SHEPPY (SHIPPY or SHIPPEY), witn: John CLAUS, Dunnville, G__? STEMLIN, Chatham, 8 March 1865

James D. BLACKBURN, 21, Chatham Twp., Chatham Twp., s/o Anthony BLACKBURN & Sarah DAY, married Ruth RUBERT, 22, Chatham Twp., New BRUNSWICK, d/o Peter & Ellen RUBERT, witn: Eliza Hazlitt, Camden, Margret McKAY, Chatham Twp., 30 March 1865

William HART, 47, Zone Twp., Scotland, s/o James HART & Jane SMITH, married Elizabeth MILLER, 42, Zone Twp., Lansdowne C.W., d/o Joshua GILBERT & Mary HOPKINS, witn: John R. McCOLL, Richard McCOLL, both of Chatham, 29 September 1865

Malcolm McINTYRE, 33, Lobo, Lobo, s/o Peter McINTYRE & Mary McARTHUR, married Mary Angeline CAMPBELL, 28, Orford Twp., Orford Twp., d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Anne McCALLUM, witn: Alex CAMPBELL, Jane CAMPBELL, both of Orford, 10 October 1865

James SMITH, 24, Dover East, Dumfries Scotland, s/o James SMITH & Sarah RICHMOND, married Jane STEWART, 24, Dover East, Rothermurchees? Scotland, d/o Donald STEWART & Gloya? BLAIR, witn: John McPHERSON, Helen CUMMINGS, both of Dover East, 9 November 1865

Thomas GAMBLE, 27, Chatham Twp., Glascow, s/o John GAMBLE & Nancy STEVENSON, married Sarah NICHOLLAS, 15, Chatham Twp., Whitby, d/o Eri NICHOLAS & Elizabeth IRELAND, witn: Andrew QUIN(N), Chatham Twp., Mary McPHEE, Kincardine, 18 December 1865

Samuel SMITH, 22, Dover East, Clark C.W., s/o Nicholas SMITH & GIBSON?, married Sarah FREDERICK, 24, Dover East, Sydney C.W., d/o Peter FREDERICK & Sarah SMITH, witn: John R. McCOLL, Angus McCOLL, both of Chatham, 19 December 1865

Robert ADAM, 31, Dover East, God?Manchester C.W., s/o Robert ADAM & Marion McFARLANE, married Marion RONALDS, 27, Chatham, Paisley Scotland, d/o James RONALD & Helen DONNIE, witn: John B. RONALD, John ADAM, both of Chatham, 21 December 1865

Theophilus McKERRALL,31, Harwich, Chippewa C.W., s/o Hugh McKERRALL & Amelia DAWSON, married Eliza YOUNG, 27, Harwich, Glascow, d/o George YOUNG & Jane ROBERTSON, witn: Edmund McKERRALL, Chatham Twp., Mary McQUAIG, Harwich, 28 December 1865


No. 186 [parent’s surnames not entered]

Alexander KIRBY, 28, Sombra, Canada West, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Jane SMITH, 27, Sombra, New York U.S., d/o Lymon & Fatima, witn: Amy A. DAVIS, Mary BURGESS, both of Wallaceburg, 22 May 1865

Anthony? MILFORD, 25?, Gore of Chatham, Canada East, s/o Calen? & Fatima, married Rose Delina LATONDE? (Lalonde?), 22, Gore of Chatham, Canada East, d/o Joseph & Gosette, witn: R. Delina MILFORD, Thomas LAFAIRE, both of Gore of Chatham, 9 July 1865


No. 187

Richard MYERS, 40, Harwich, Lobo, s/o Joshua & Melissa MYERS, married Rebecca CAKE, 29, Harwich, Dawn Mills, d/o Charles & Mary WARD, witn: Chas. ASWIN?, Mrs. BROWN, both of Howard, 3 January 1865

Sherman BEDFORD, 22, Howard, Howard, s/o John & Jane BEDFORD, married Mary Ann BADDER, 19, Howard, Howard, d/o William & Hannah BADDER, witn: Ellen HOUGHTON, William BADDER, both of Camden, 21 February 1865

John H. NORTON, 31, Orford, Canada,, s/o John & blank NORTON, married Annie LOGAN, 22, Orford, Scotland, d/o David & Margaret LOGAN, witn: Samuel MINSHALL, Howard, 31 August 1865

William CRYDAMON (Cryderman?), 22, Camden, Canada, s/o John & Catherine CRYDAMON, married Sarah ASHWIN, Howard, Canada, d/o Charles & Margaret ASHWIN, witn: Squire SHAW, Howard, 20 September 1865

William DOGHERTY, 28, Harwich, Canada, s/o John & Mary DOGHERTY, married Mary Ann McFEE, 18, Howard, Canada, d/o John & Martha McFEE, witn: Richard DOGHERTY, Harwich, 9 November 1865

George COOPER, 26, Harwich, England, s/o John & Ann COOPER, married Margaret Jane BAKER, 19, Howard, Canada, d/o Michael & Jane BAKER, witn: Robert BAKER, 21 December 1865


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End of 1865 marriages


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