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Kent Co., 1874


002835-74 (Kent Co) George ADAM, 24, merchant, Scotland, Ridgetown, s/o John & Barbara, married Jennie BAIRD, 24, New York USA, Chatham, d/o Robert & Christina, witn: Robert BAIRD of Chatham & Simon GRANT of Ridgetown, on 28 December 1874, at Chatham 002622-74 (Kent Co) William ADAMS, 44, merchant, Ireland, Chatham, widowed, s/o David & Mary, married Jane MITCHEL, 30, Canada, Chatham, d/o William & Martha, witn: John SEAMAN & Mary AGAR, both of Chatham, on 10 August 1874, at Chatham
002743-74 (Kent Co) Nicholas ALLISON, 25, agriculturist, Toronto, Chatham, s/o James & Sophia, married Rachael HOUSTON, 23, Chatham, same, d/o Robert & Nancy, witn: John Henry FOX & Mary S. FOX of Chatham, on 23 December 1874, at Chatham 002770-74 (Kent Co) John ALLISON, 25, farmer, Kent Co., Township of Chatham, s/o James & Sophia ALLISON, married Elinor OXFORD, 16, Canada, Harwich, d/o George & Elinor OXFORD, witn Nicolas ALLISON & Sophia FOX, of Township of Chatham, 17 June 1874, at Harwich.
002619-74 (Kent Co) George Henry APTHORP, 24, farmer, New York USA, Raleigh, s/o John & Esther DENNIS, married Evangeline Melissa PARDO, 20, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Harriett MALOTT of Chatham, on 29 July 1874, at Chatham 4137-75 (Kent Co): William ASKIN, 23, clerk, Canada, Chatham, s/o John & Bridget, married Libbie SIMPSON, 21, Canada, Chatham, d/o John & Marion, witn: Miss SOMERVILLE & Mrs. SIMPSON, both of Chatham, 28 Dec 1874 at Chatham
002646-74 (Kent Co) Elijah ATKIN, 24, teamster, Cambridgeshire England, Dresden, s/o William ATKIN & Mary Anne SHELBY, married Anna S. GIFFEN, 21, Raleigh, Harwich, d/o James GIFFEN & Elizabeth WILCOX, witn: George Robertson GORDEN & Isabella KERR, both of Thamesville, on 25 May 1874, at Thamesville 002615-74 (Kent Co) Louis AUBERSON, 40, farmer, Dijon France, Harwich, s/o David & Jeannette, married Rosalie McFEE, 44, Boulogne France, Harwich, widowed, d/o Joseph & Rosalie StFRAILE witn: Hugh D McCOLL & Katie McCOLL, both of Chatham , on 15 September 1874, at Chatham
002640-74 (Kent Co) William John BACON, 24, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o John & Susannah, married Jane CARLETON, 18, Canada, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Robert CARLETON & Julia Anne BACON of Chatham, on 24 December 1874, at Dawn Mills 002627-74 (Kent Co) William Henry BAKER, 24, carriage builder, of Harwich, s/o Abraham & Ann, married Sophia Mildred NEVILLE, 26, of Harwich, d/o Jonathan Morden & Sophia, witn: George B.B. NEVILLE of Harwich & Ellen NEVILLE of Bothwell, on 13 May 1874, at Bothwell
  002890-74 (Kent Co) Lennex BANISTER, 29, Ohio, Chatham, widowed, s/o John & Nancy, married Ellen JAMES, 27, Pennsylvania, Chatham, d/o William H. & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin HUSTON? & John W. TAYLOR of Chatham, on 5 February 1874, at Chatham
002612-74 (Kent Co) Isaac BANKS, 21, farmer, Ireland, Chatham, s/o James & Mary, married Matilda PETERS, 18, Canada, Chatham, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: May WALKER & Ann WALKER, both of Chatham, on 17 August 1874, at Chatham 3969-75 James W. BAYNARD, 23, farmer, Pennsylvania US, Chatham twp., s/o William & Henrietta, married Frances SIMMONS, 22, North Carolina US, Chatham twp., d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Henry BAYNARD of Chatham twp., 2 Dec 1874 at res of bride's father, Chatham twp (also 2745-74)
004609-76 (Kent Co) J. Baptiste BECHARD, 26, hotellier, Dover East, Dover South, widower, s/o Caliste BECHARD & Marie HOULE, married Rosie ROBERT, 15, Dover South, Dover East, d/o Alexis ROBERT & Euphorasine KENNIER?, witn: Caliste BECHARD, Alexis ROBERT, both of Dover South, 12 Mai (May) 1874 at Dover South (also 2683-74) 002899-74 (Kent Co) Harry BELL, 23, bookseller, England, Chatham, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Emily Mary PETSWORTH, 20, Brantford, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Sarah NOBLE of Brantford & Samuel GANGE of St.Thomas, on 14 January 1874, at Chatham
002713-74 (Kent County) John BEND, 24, farmer, Canada, Harwich, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Ann SHIELDS, 26, Canada, Harwich, d/o Edward & Martha, wtn Sara Jane SHIELDS of Morpeth & Jennie DRUMMOND of Ridgetown, on 12 January 1874, in Ridgetown 2792-74 Matthew BIRD, 24, agriculturist, England, Gore of Chatham, s/o Charles & Jemima, married Alice Maria HERSHEY, 21, Welland Co., Gore of Chatham, d/o Benjamin & Mrs., witn: George & Mary Ann ANDREWS of Dresden, 18 Nov 1874 at Dresden [with note: "Done up quietly and apparently a sweet union"]
002702-74 (Kent Co.) George BISHOP, 20, blacksmith, Orford twp, same, s/o Stephen & Ellen, maried Jane ORR, 20, Ingersoll, same, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: Elizabeth LAMPMAN of Orford & James E. LOCKWOOD of Howard, on 5 March 1874, at Ridgetown Howard 002651-74 (Kent Co) Thomas Elisha BONNETT, 21, blacksmith, Camden, Howard, s/o Thomas BONNETT & Sarah Matilda LeCOUNT, married Mary VanBOHN, 24, Itterstadt? Germany, Zone, d/o Hiram Van BOHN & Mary Ann SHUPPERT, witn: Peter VanBOHN & Margaret ANDERSON, both of Zone, on 28 September 1874, at Thamesville
002673-74 (Kent Co) Chancey A. BOYCE, 21, blacksmith, Bayham, Highgate, s/o John & Lucinda, married Hannah EASTMAN, 23, (illegible) US, Highgate, d/o J. Benjamin & Harriet F., witn: O. VANDELINDER & A. EASTMAN, both of Highgate, on 20 April 1874 002892-74 (Kent Co) Joseph BOYD, 27, joiner, Haldimand Co, Blenheim, s/o Daniel BOYD & Susan NELSON, married Jane LANE, 22, Oxford, Blenheim, s/o E. Lane & Ann BOOTH, witn: Alex McKAY & Ellen FLOOKS? of Chatham, on 25 May 1874, at Chatham
002875-74 (Kent Co) Robert BOYES, 25, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o Robert & Ann, married Mary WALKER, 21, Canada, Harwich, d/o David & Ann, witn: John WALKER & Agnes WALKER of Harwich, on 20 May 1874, at Chatham 002850-74 (Kent Co) Thomas BRADY, 33, cattle dealer, St. Thomas, Chatham, widowed, s/o James & Johanna, married Mary KENNEDY, 30, St. Florence, Detroit, widowed, d/o Charles & Alice CALHOUN, witn: John MOUNT of Chatham & Bridget MOUNT of Raleigh, on 28 January 1874, at Chatham
002703-74 (Kent Co.) George BRAY, 26, farmer, Middlesex Co., Orford, s/o Samuel & Isabella May, married Margaret RICHARDSON, 23, Dublin Ireland, Orford twp, d/o William & Jane, witn: David GLADSON & Sarah BRAY, both of Orford, on 12 March 1874, at Howard 002638-74 (Kent Co) Robert Samuel BREWER, 25, farmer, England, Camden, s/o Richard & Hannah R., married Elizabeth Compton WELLS, 22, England, Camden, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph WELLS & Tillah WOODROW of Camden, on 2 December 1874, at Dresden
002783-74 (Kent Co) William James BRIEN, 23, farmer, Howard Ontario, same, s/o James & Elizabeth BRIEN, married Elizabeth HAMILL, 22, Harwich, same, d/o David & Catherine HAMILL, witn John BRIEN & Louisa HAMILL, of Harwich, 10 November 1874, at Harwich. 002873-74 (Kent Co) Michael BRODERICK, 32, laborer, Clare Co Ireland, Tilbury East, s/o Patrick & Margaret, married Jemima MOE, 23, Chatham, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: William J. BURTON & Eliza McFADDEN, both of Chatham, on 17 June 1874, at Chatham
002766-74 (Kent Co) John Ley BRODIE, 36, accountant, Scotland, Rond Eau Ontario, s/o William BRODIE & Barbara LEY, married Martha BURRIDGE or PAYNE (as written), 40, widow, England, Raleigh Ontario, d/o James BURRIDGE & Ellenor HARROLD, witn Louisa MCINTYRE of Chatham & James SAMSON M.D. of Rond Eau, 27 April 1874, at Charing Cross, Raleigh. (also 2735-74) 002865-74 (Kent Co) George BROOKS, 27, farmer, Kentucky, Raleigh, s/o Aaron & Lucinda, married Francis Lavinia CHASE, 17, Canada, Chatham, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Robert E. THOMPSON & Mary J. CHASE of Raleigh, on 28 April 1874, at Chatham
002639-74 (Kent Co) William BROOM, 25, blacksmith, England, Camden, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Sarah Jane WITHERSPOON, 16, Canada, Camden, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Peter & Mary WITHERSPOON of Camden, on 5 December 1874, at Dresden 002888-74 (Kent Co) John BROWN, 23, laborer, St. Louis Illinois US, Ontario, s/o John GRIFFIN & Rachel GRIFFIN, married Martha A. HICKS, 19, Kent Co, same, d/o Christopher & Telletha, witn: George CROWELL of Kent Co & Sarah E. DISNEY of Chatham, on 15 January 1874, at Chatham
002634-74 (Kent Co) John BURGESS, 45, farmer, England, Camden, widowed, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Christina BLAKELY, 29, Camden, same, d/o George C. & Esther, witn: John KELLY & Margaret A. KELLY, both of Dresden, on 26 January 1874, at Dresden 002742-74 (Kent Co) William BURSE, 23, mechanic, Welland Co, Dresden, s/o William & Nancy, married Martha Matilda HAZZARD, 18, Hastings, Chatham, d/o James & Rosanna, witn: James HAZZARD & Margaret J. HAZZARD of Chatham, on 18 November 1874, at Chatham
002825-74 (Kent Co) William BUTLER, 28, confectioner, England, St. Catharines, s/o John & Mary, married Annie MORIS, 22, Ontario, Tilbury, d/o John & Emily, witn: George MORIS of Tilbury & Luke HALL of Chatham, on 1 October 1874, at Chatham 002693-74 (Kent Co.)  John CAMERON, 42, farmer, Scotland, Williams twp, widowed, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Nancy WALKER, 38, Canada, Aldborough, d/o John & Sarah, witn:  John MORRISON & Isabel MORRISON, both of Aldborough, on 6 August 1874, at Ridgetown
002898-74 (Kent Co) John CAMPBELL, 28, carpenter, Aldborough, Chatham, s/o Kane & Catherine, married Sarah Ann EVERITT, 24, Harwich, Chatham, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: James Henry CAMPBELL & Dorothy EVERITT of Chatham, on 1 April 1874, at Chatham 002692-74 (Kent Co.) Duncan CAMPBELL, 37, farmer, Scotland, Howard, widowed, s/o Archibald & Emily, married Nancy CAMPBELL, 31, Canada, Howard, d/o Neil & Janet, witn:  Archibald Campbell & Margaret Campbell, both of Howard, on 1 July 1874, at Howard
004033-75 (Kent Co.) Neil CAMPBELL, 64, farmer, Scotland, Howard, widowed, s/o Marlin & Isabella, married Jane McDIARMID, 39, Howard, same, d/o Archibald & Isabella, witn: James SMITH, M.D. & Peter CAMPBELL, both of Howard, on 6 October 1874, at Howard 002710-74 (Kent County) Malcolm CAMPBELL, 31, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Neil & Flora, married Sarah CAMPBELL, Canada, Morpeth, d/o John & Christina, wtn John CAMPBELL of Blenheim & Arch CAMPBELL of Howard, on 5 March 1874, at Ridgetown
3968-75 Nelson CARTER, 21, farmer, Indiana US, Dover East, s/o Sarah MORTON & father unknown, married Julia VANDUSEN, 29, NY state, Chatham twp., d/o Henry & Catherine, witn: James W. BAYNARD & Catherine VANDUSEN, both of Chatham twp., 24 Nov 1874 at Chatham twp (also 2744-74) 3971-75 Benjamin CASON, 45, widower, farmer, Kentucky US, Chatham twp., s/o David & Rachel, married Emaline ARNOLD, 33, Chatham twp., same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Edmond & Sarah Ann SIMMONS of Chatham twp., 19 Nov 1874 at Chatham twp
002724-74 (Kent Co) William H. CHASE, 21, laborer, Ontario, Raleigh, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Rebecca WILLIS, 19, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o James & Mary, witn: Henry GILES & Elmera CURTIS, both of Raleigh, on 15 December 1874, at Raleigh 002802-74 (Kent Co) Charles CLARK, 26, carpenter, Kent Co, Tilbury East, s/o Charles & Jane, married Jessie MANN, 22, Scotland, Chatham, d/o Alexander & Janet, witn: Charles CLARK of Tilbury East & Mary McCOMBE of Raleigh, on 15 January 1874, at Chatham
002852-74 (Kent Co) Henry O. CLARK, 29, laborer, Unites States, Chatham, s/o M.D. & Mary, married Sarah MEADE, 20, Florence, Chatham, d/o James & Susan, witn: H.W. GUSTIN & Hannah GRIFFIN of Chatham, on 5 February 1874, at Chatham 002627-74 (Kent Co) Daniel CLEMENTS, 23, farmer, Belleville, Dover South, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah GREEN, 21, England, Raleigh, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Peter HUFFMAN of Harwich & Almira W. CLEMENT of Chatham, on 23 July 1874, at Raleigh
002785-74 (Kent Co) William James CLEMENTS, 28, engineer, Canada, Harwich, s/o James & Mary CLEMENTS, married Jane MCCORMICK, 21, Canada, Harwich, d/o John & Nancy MCCORMICK, witn Archibald MCKELLAR & Jane COLTART, of Harwich, 23 December 1874, at Harwich. 002864-74 (Kent Co) James Forsyth COOPER, 26, farmer, Amherst Island, Tilbury East, s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah STRAIN, 27, Amherst Island, Chatham, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Alfred Ernest BURLEY & Agnes STRAIN of Chatham, on 15 April 1874, at Chatham
002617-74 (Kent Co) Isaac COYNE, 26, merchant, St. Thomas, Ingersoll, s/o William & Christina, married Matilda M. GARDINER, 23, Cashmere Middlesex Co, Chatham, d/o James & Rebecca FLEMING, witn: James A. COYNE of St. Thomas & Rev. William KETTLEWELL? of London, on 22 July 1874, at Chatham 002772-74 (Kent Co) James CRAFORD (Crawford?), 35, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Magnus CRAFORD & Margaret KELLY, married Angeline HAMIL, 28, Harwich, same, d/o Joseph HAMIL & Elizabeth KINNY, witn James ENGLISH & Maria Elizabeth ENGLISH, of Harwich, 27 January 1874, at Harwich.
006384-73 (Kent Co) Andrew CRAIG, 25, farmer, Ireland, Camden Gore twp., s/o William CRAIG & Jane W. CRAIG, married Lucinda PETERS, 20, Camden, Chatham twp., d/o Richard PETERS & Jane H. PETERS, witn: Isaac BANKS, Chatham twp., Matilda PETERS, Chatham twp., 1 January 1874 at Dresden 002644-74 (Kent Co) Willis Avery CRAM, 25, farmer, Cayuga Co New York US, Euphemia, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Margaret DAWSON, 18, Euphemia, same, d/o Richard & Arabella, witn: Richard ELLIOTT & Arabella DAWSON, both of Euphemia, on 24 May 1874, at Thamesville
002626-74 (Kent Co) James CURRIE, 23, farmer, of Glencoe, s/o Robert & Jane, married Jennie DONNELLY, 17, of Biddulph, d/o James & Johanna, witn: Robert HICKIE of Bothwell & Robert CURRIE of Glencoe, on 9 February 1874, at Bothwell 2790-74 John DAVIS, 24, farmer, Canada, Gore of Camden, s/o Samuel H. & Catherine, married Harriet CARTER, 28, widow, of Buxton, d/o George DIBE & Mariah SAMPSON, witn: Samuel DAVIS & Victory HUNTON?, 14 Oct 1874 at not given [reg’d in Camden]
002896-74 (Kent Co) Calvin DAVIS, 36, mariner, Kingston, Camden, s/o James L. & Nancy, married Clarinda Ann WALKER, 25, Oxford, Chatham, d/o William & Pamelia, witn: Hiram WALKER & Hannah DAVIS, both of Camden, on 24 March 1874, at Chatham 002827-74 (Kent Co) Robert Samuel DAVIS, 21, machinist, Chatham, same, s/o Isaac & Louisa, married Margaret DOLSON, 18, Chatham, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah Jane, witn: James KIMBLEY & Maria DAVIS of Chatham, on 12 November 1874, at Chatham
002722-74 (Kent Co) George DAVY?, 23, farmer, Pennsylvania US, Raleigh, s/o Thomas DAVY? & Martha EDMONDS, married Maria Elizabeth DUNLOP, 18, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Peter DUNLOP & Catharine HODGINS, witn: Michael HAMLET & S.J. DUNLOP, both of Raleigh, on 18 August 1874, at Raleigh 4138-75 (Kent Co): Patrick DELAHANTY, 60, widower, street surveyor, Ireland, Chatham, s/o John & Margaret, married Ellen KELEHER, 44, Ireland, Chatham, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: Christopher KREAMER & Catherine DELO, both of Chatham, 26 Oct 1874 at Chatham (Rom Cath)
002685-74 (Kent Co) John B. DEMARSE, 27, farmer, Quebec, Dover East, s/o Eustash DEMARSE & Zoa VEZINA, married Marie RAYMOND, 19, Dover East, same, d/o Raymond RAYMOND & Annie SMITH, witn: Eustash DEMARSE & Raymond RAYMOND, on 16 February 1874, at Dover East 002709-74 (Kent County) James DEVLIN, 26, mechanic, State of New York, Blenheim,. s/o Archibald & Hannah, married Rositta LEE, 20, Canada, Blenheim, d/o Robert & Charlotte, wtn Jane DRUMMOND & Kate J. CURRIE, both of Ridgetown, on 3 June 1874, at Ridgetown
002803-74 (Kent Co) Robert DIXON, 23, baker, England, Chatham, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Charlotte OLLIS, 24, Hamilton, Chatham, d/o William & Grace, witn: Bessie SUTHERLAND & F.L. PHILIPS of Chatham, on 14 January 1874, at Chatham 002650-74 (Kent Co) Richard John DOBYN, 24, farmer, Euphemia Lambton Co, same, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Frances GRAHAM, 18, Euphemia Lambton Co, same, d/o Joseph & Frances, witn: Joseph GRAHAM, Jr. & Lorinda DOBYN, both of Euphemia, on 6 October 1874, at Thamesville
002648-74 (Kent Co) William G. DODMAN, 33, farmer, Blenheim, Thamesville, s/o William & Mary, married Jeanette McINTYRE, 26, Ekfrid Middlesex Co, Thamesville, d/o Malcolm & Catherine, witn: William CAMPBELL & Mary CAMPBELL, both of Chatham, on 13 July 1874, at Chatham 002806-74 (Kent Co) James DOLSON, 23, laborer, Chatham, same, s/o Thomas B. & Sarah Jane, married Mary WOODS, 20, Chatham, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Richard G. SLAG & Eliza BAXTER of Chatham, on 26 August 1874, at Chatham
  002884-74 (Kent Co) James DOYLE, 26, farmer, Raleigh, Harwich, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Catharine TROOMEY, 23, St.Thomas, Raleigh, d/o Michael & Anne, witn: Michael & Mary DOYLE, both of Chatham, on 19 May 1874, at Chatham
2787-74 Owen DOYLE, 21, farmer, Hastings Co., Sombra twp., s/o Martin DOYLE & Catherine CALLAGHAN, married Susanna BREWINS (Brewer?), 21, widow, PEI, Sombra twp., d/o Job CODY & Mary HOGAN, witn: Daniel McELHERON & Rosanna GOUNNLY?, both of Sombra, 7 Jan 1874 at Dresden (Rom Cath) 4130-75 (Kent Co): Peter DROUILLARD, 28, farmer, Essex Co., same, s/o Charles & Amelia, married Florence PALIN, 36, widow, Montreal, Dover East twp., d/o Joseph & Fabie PALIN, witn: James STERLING & Pierre DELOGE, both of Chatham, 7 Sept 1874 at St. Josephs Church, Chatham (Rom Cath)
002734-74 (Kent Co) William DRURY, 26, carpenter, Canada, Raleigh, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Eliza Ann NEWKIRK, 24, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Ninian & Nora, witn: Henry DRURY & Eliza Ann BULLIS, both of Raleigh, on 13 May 1874, at Raleigh 002677-74 (Kent Co) Francis DUBUKE, 50, farmer, Quebec, Dover East, widowed, s/o Alexis DUBUKE & Archange BERECHON, married Maria BOUCHER, 21, Dover East, same, d/o Francis BOUCHER & Archange MALLET, witn: Francis BOUCHER & (illegible) BOUCHER, on 22 November 1874, at Dover East
002608-74 (Kent Co) John DUNGEY, 24, farmer, United States, Chatham, s/o John & Rebecca, married Arminta POOL, 16, Chatham, same, d/o Mervin & Narcissus, witn: Carey POOL & Rhoda POOL, both of Chatham, on 10 March 1874, at Chatham 002823-74 (Kent Co) Samuel DUNLOP, 55, phrenologist, Ireland, Brockville, widowed, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Lavina REYNOLDS, 47, Canada, Chatham, widowed, d/o Luke & Sarah BOWEN, witn: Malcolm McKERRAL & Henry FULLERTON of Chatham, on 9 October 1874, at Chatham
002859-74 (Kent Co) Jeremiah EAGLES, 33, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Elizabeth KUINAIRD, 28, Harwich, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Thomas R.G. RUTLEY & Jessie RUTLEY, both of Chatham, on 4 March 1874, at Chatham 002822-74 (Kent Co) George ELLISON, 24, farmer, Castlegarry Ireland, Rochester, s/o William & Margaret, married Mary SIMONS, 20, Rochester, same, d/o Adam & Alice, witn: Conrad SIMONS & Elizabeth SIMONS, both of Rochester, on 21 September 1874, at Chatham
002668-74 (Kent Co) James EMERICK, 25, M.E. minister, Metcalfe, Orford, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Abigail GOSNELL, 23, Orford, same, d/o George & Abigail, witn: George GOSNELL of Orford & Mary BURTON? of Howard, on 23 September 1874, at Orford 002901-74 (Kent Co) William C. ETHERINGTON, 24, engineer, England, Essex Co., s/o James Noah & Jane, married Rose TAPPENDON, 19, England, Chatham, d/o Frederick & Martha, witn: Mary Maria GRAVES & Joseph ELLISON of Chatham, on 12 February 1874, at Chatham
2791-74 John FARREL, 22, farmer, Camden, Gore of Camden, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Allice YOUNG, 23, Camden, Gore of Camden, d/o Nelson & Mary, witn: Henry FARREL & Ellen YOUNG, both of Camden, 24 Nov 1874 at Gore of Camden 002682-74 (Kent Co) Alexander FAUBERT, 22, farmer, Dover East, same, s/o Pierre FAUBERT & Marie TOUCHAKE? (Touchette?), married Jaleze COMMAN, 18, Quebec, Dover East, d/o Francis COMMAN & Phihe? LUCIER, witn: Pierre FAUBERT & Frances COMMAN of Dover East, on 20 April 1874, at Dover East
002773-74 (Kent Co) Benjamin M. FIELD, 35, carpenter, widower, Howard, Ridgetown., s/o George FIELD & Eliza FIELD, married Mjeh (as written) MCCOIG, 32, Scotland, Harwich, d/o John MCCOIG & Catherine MCCOIG, witn Robert HAMIL & Ephraim MCCOIG, of Harwich, 4 February 1874, at Harwich. 002662-74 (Kent Co) Richard FISH, 70, farmer, Selby Yorkshire England, Chatham, widowed, s/o Richard & Hannah, married Sarah HARVEY, 55, Hastings Kent England, Chatham, widowed, d/o William & Hannah WIMBLE witn: Samuel & Harriett COLLINGS, on 1 March 1874, at Wallaceburg
002666-74 (Kent Co) Jacob FISHER, 20, Indian, Munseetown?, Orford, s/o Thomas & Lucy, married Lavinia LOGAN, 19, Orford, same, widowed, d/o Abraham & Sylvia HILL, witn: Albert TOBIAS of Orford, on 19 July 1874, at Moraviantown 002613-74 (Kent Co) William FLINT, 23, tailor, England, Chatham, s/o Richard & Mary, married Rosetta Vernon CLIFT, 21, England, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: Kate Priscilla CLIFT & Wilhelmina SCHMIDT, both of Chatham, on 2 September 1874, at Chatham
002681-74 (Kent Co) Alexander FOSTER, 28, farmer, Tilbury East, Dover East, widowed, s/o Alexander FOSTER & Mary MATT?, married Adele EMERY, 27, Dover East, same, d/o Luke EMERY & Charlotte HEBERT, witn: James LAUZON & Luke EMERY, on 30 April 1874, at Dover East (also 4608-76) 002671-74 (Kent Co) Joseph FOY, 29, school teacher, Dover, Howard, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Elizabeth D. ATKINSON, 29, Orford, same, d/o Anthony & Mary, witn: Maria ATTRIDGE & William R. ATTRIDGE, both of Orford, on 2 April 1874, at Orford
002740-74 (Kent Co) Charles Henry FRASER, 22, clergyman, Canada, Wallaceburg, s/o Charles & Jane, married Susan Hall BEATTIE, 20, Canada, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John BEATTIE & Charles FRASER, both of Wallaceburg, on 15 October 1874, at Wallaceburg 002860-74 (Kent Co) David FRASER, 26, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o David & Agnes, married Charlotte FLETCHER, 30, Tilbury, Tilbury East, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Richard PAXTON of Dover & Richard A. McCOLL of Chatham, on 10 March 1874, at Chatham
002863-74 (Kent Co) Oscar FRENCH, 30, builder, Chatham, Dresden, s/o John FRENCH & Mary DOLSEN, married Mary BROWN, 24, Chatham, same, d/o Peter BROWN & Anne BAXTER, witn: Jacob FRENCH & John MORLEY, both of Chatham, on 15 April 1874, at Chatham 3994-75 Richard GALLOWAY, 29, widower, restaurant keeper, Ontario, Chatham, s/o James & Deborah, married Nancy REYNOLDS, 26, Ontario, Harwich, d/o James & Nancy, witn: John McCONNOLL & Sarah CANTWELL, both of Chatham, 7 Nov 1874 at Harwich twp
  002625-74 (Kent Co) William Hall GARDNER, 26, farmer, of Camden, s/o (father not known) & Mary Ann GARDNER, married Emma ADKINS, 21, of Camden, d/o James & Mary, witn: Henry ADKINS & Maggie McPHAIL, both of Dresden, on 9 November 1874, at Bothwell
002857-74 (Kent Co) Charles GATZHE, 50, laborer, Germany, Chatham, s/o August & Charlotte, married Johanna A.M. STEENKEN, 23, Germany, Chatham, d/o John Christian & Catharine, witn: Herman STEENKEN & Johanna STEENKEN of Windsor, on 26 January 1874, at Chatham 002820-74 (Kent Co) Francis GAULETT, 24, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Solomon & Bridget, married Elizabeth BENNETT, 22, Raleigh, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: John GAULETT & John BENNETT, on 23 November 1874, at Chatham
002636-74 (Kent Co) Joseph GERNON?, 21, laborer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Owen & Catherine, married Eliza Ann DRENNAN, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o Andrew & Mary Jane, witn: Alvah MARTIN of Chatham & Mary Jane DRENNAN of Camden, on 5 October 1874, at Camden 002883-74 (Kent Co) James GILHULY, 20, farmer, Raleigh, Chatham, s/o James & Mary, married Lucy CURMY, 28, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o Henry & Ellen, witn: James FINLIN of Raleigh & Bridget CRUMP, on 23 June 1874, at Chatham
002887-74 (Kent Co) James GILPIN, 26, farmer, Huron Co, Rond Eau, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Mary CLEAVELAND, 27, Harwich, Rond Eau, widowed, d/o Samuel & Nancy, witn: Jediah REYNOLDS & Sarah VINNIDOUR, both of Rond Eau, on 6 June 1874, at Chatham 002807-74 (Kent Co) Charles E. GLEED, 22, baker, England, Chatham, s/o Charles B. & Sarah, married Mary BURT, 21, England, Chatham, d/o George & Ann, witn: Alfred Mark RHODES & Margaret Ann HATTEN, on 1 June 1874, at Chatham
002718-74 (Kent County) George GOODMAN, 22, farmer, Michigan US, Blissfield Michigan, s/o Lewis & Rachel, married Alice DOWNING, 22, Canada, Howard, d/o James & Mary, wtn Isaac DOWNING & Mary STANLEY, both of Ridgetown, on 15 March 1874, at Ridgetown 002876-74 (Kent Co) Thomas GRANDBOIS, 26, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o Anthony & Sophia, married Hannah Adelade ROE, 20, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Nathan & Hannah, witn: Joseph SCHASEMBER? & Caroline R. SCHASEMBER? of Chatham, on 30 June 1874, at Chatham
002808-74 (Kent Co) Joseph GRANGER, 25, carriage maker, Toronto, Chatham, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Christina McNEIL, 23, Quebec, Chatham, d/o Dougal & Annie, witn: Augustus CARTIER & Maggie CARTIER of Chatham, on 2 June 1874, at Chatham 002832-74 (Kent Co) George Thomas GUTHIDGE, 25, blacksmith, Raleigh, Chatham, s/o David & Margaret, married Matilda BAXTER, 21, Chatham, same, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn: Henry BAXTER & Ida L. SMITH of Chatham, on 9 December 1874, at Chatham
002769-74 (Kent Co) Duncan HAGGART, 20, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Neil HAGGART & Jannet MCNAUGHTON, married Margaret MCTAGGERT, 23, Canada, Harwich, d/o Donald MCTAGGERT & Catherine GREY, witn Neil HAGGART & Lixinta? WALLACE, of Harwich, 12 May 1874, at Harwich. 3966-75 William HAGGART, 29, tailor, Dublin, Blenheim, s/o James & Dorcas, married Sarah HAGGART, 22, Canada, Blenheim, d/o Neil HAGGART & Janet McNAUGHTON, witn: William GRANT & Mary HAGGART, both of Blenheim, 29 Dec 1874 at Blenheim
3967-75 Peter HALL, 25, farmer, Howard, same, s/o William & Susan, married Phebe Jane THOMPSON, 21, Port Hope, Howard, d/o William & Alice, witn: John & Hannah SMITH of Howard, 14 Oct 1874 at Blenheim  
002675-74 (Kent Co) Perry HANDSON, 26, farmer, USA, Dover East, s/o Perry HANDSON & Sarah SIMMONS, married Mary POPE, 26, England, Dover East, d/o George & Annie, witn: James RAMSLEY & Stanley HUNTER of Chatham, on 20 March 1874, at Chatham (also 2891-74) 002689-74 (Kent Co.) George HANLEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o James & Ann, married Maria WINTERS, 22, Ontario, Howard, d/o John & Catherine, witn:  John WINTERS  & Hannah MILTEN?, both of Howard, on 29 July 1874, at Howard
002714-74 (Kent County) Legin? HARDY, 58 (28?), farmer, United States, Harwich, widowed, s/o Henry & Lois, married Clarry Ann WHITE, 29, Canada, Harwich, widowed, d/o Victor? & Elza, wtn Elyan J. UMITH? & James T. WHITE, both of Harwich, on 6 April 1874, in Ridgetown 002610-74 (Kent Co) Isaac HARNETT, 25, farmer, Canada, Dover, s/o William & Eliza, married Elizabeth STROAH, 23, Ireland, Dawn, d/o Jacob & Margaret, witn: Charles HARNETT & Eliza Jane HARNETT of Dawn, on 30 May 1874, at Dresden
002725-74 (Kent Co) William HARWOOD, 23, farmer, New York State, Howard, s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Margaret BROWN, 19, Raleigh, same, d/o Richard & Catharine, witn: Joseph BROWN of Raleigh & Etna HARWOOD of Chatham, on 11 March 1874, at Raleigh 2786-74 Henry Magellon? HAY, 24, farmer, Lambton Co., Sombra twp., s/o Peter HAY & Ellen CRANSTON, married Bridget COFFEE, 23, Oxford Co., Sombra twp., d/o Stephen COFFEE & Margaret RAYON, witn: John & Sarah COFFEE of Sombra, 7 Jan 1874 at Dresden (Rom Cath)
002741-74 (Kent Co) Robert HEITH, 23, farmer, Rodden twp, Tilbury West, s/o Robert HEITH & Mary WATSON, married Ellen WEIR, 21, Tilbury West, Chatham, d/o John WEIR & Mary BROWN, witn: Andrew HEITH & Margaret HEITH, both of Tilbury West, on 25 December 1874, at Chatham 002801-74 (Kent Co) John HERSON, 35, hotel keeper, Florence, same, s/o Mathias & Elsie, married Margaret McNALLY, 23, Vaughan, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Anne, witn: Frances H. McNALLY & Harriet McNALLY of Chatham, on 19 January 1874, at Chatham
002696-74 (Kent Co.) George HESMAN, 22, farmer, Germany, Aldboro twp, s/o Henry & Barbary, married Mary MILLER, 18, Walpole twp, Aldboro twp, d/o George & Mary, witn: Jacob MILLER, & Mary HESSMAN, both of Aldboro twp, on 20 October 1874, at Ridgetown 002669-74 (Kent Co) Daniel HILL, 24, Indian, Orford, same, s/o Simon & Lavinia, married Susan TOBIAS, 16, Orford, same, d/o Richard & Esther, witn: Jonathan HILL of Moraviantown, on 1 November 1874, at Moraviantown
002642-74 (Kent Co) James B. HOLLENSWORTH, 55, United States, Dresden, widowed, s/o James & Susan, married Mary SMITH, 53, United States, Dresden, widowed, d/o Adam & Ann PELTS? (PELLS?), witn: Stephen G. SMITH & Harriot M. SMITH of Dresden, on 27 December 1874, at Dresden 002799-74 (Kent Co) Gilman HOOPER, 21, mechanic, Fingal, Chatham, s/o Francis & Martha, married Margaret WILLSON, 21, Cayuga, Chatham, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: Andrew WILLSON & Margaret WILLSON of Chatham, on 5 January 1874, at Chatham
0027778-74 (Kent Co) Benjamin HOWE, 25, blacksmith, Trafalgar Ontario, Harwich, s/o William & Judith HOWE, married Christian JACKSON, 18, Harwich, same, d/o James & Sarah JACKSON, witn Robert JACKSON & Mary E. HOWE, of Harwich, 3 March 1874, at Harwich. 002717-74 (Kent County) Langdon HUDSON, 34, auctioneer, England, London, s/o Charles & Susan, maried Sinda ROADHOUSE, 26, Canada, Blythswood, d/o Jonathan & Mary A., wtn Benjamin & Harriett ROADHOUSE, both of Blythswood, on 5 March 1874, at Ridgetown
002616-74 (Kent Co) Robert HUTCHINSON, 21, laborer, Pennsylvania, Stratford, s/o Adam & Eliz. Jane, married Christina McDONALD, 19, Canada, Harwich, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn: William HUTCHINSON of Stratford & Margaret CLUNESS of Harwich, on 22 September 1874, at Chatham 002721-74 (Kent Co) Anthony JACKSON, 25, farmer, England, Sarnia, s/o Thomas & Bridget, married Louisa GOSHAM, 25, Canada, Ridgetown, d/o Samuel & Hannah, witn: Thomas JACKSON of Sarnia & Emma GOSHAM of Ridgetown, on 24 February 1874, at Ridgetown
002804-74 (Kent Co) James JAMESON, 42, farmer, Ireland, Chatham, s/o Samuel & Nancy, married Elenor McGEE, 32, Ireland, Chatham, widowed, d/o Samuel & Sarah Jane POLLOCK, witn: James POLLOCK & Malcolm M. KENAL?, both of Chatham, on 20 January 1874, at Chatham 002874-74 (Kent Co) William JAMIESON, 28, teacher, Canada, Aberfoyle, s/o William & Sarah, married Margaret Jane BARCLAY, 26, Canada, Chatham, d/o John & Mary, witn: John BARCLAY of Chatham & Marion PAULANICE of Dover, on 16 June 1874, at Chatham
002897-74 (Kent Co) John Alexander JERMYN, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Chatham, s/o Wilkinson & Catherine, married Mary Jane EVERITT, 19, Kent Co., Chatham, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: John CAMPBELL & Sarah EVERITT of Chatham, on 25 March 1874, at Chatham 002712-74 (Kent County) Malcolm JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Scotland, Dawn, s/o Roderick & Margaret, married Sarah McLELLAN, 21, Canada, Aldborough, d/o Donald & Sarah, wtn James D. CURRIE of Ridgetown & Alex? McLELLAN of Aldborough, on 28 April 1874, at Ridgetown
002695-74 (Kent Co.) Duncan A. JOHNSTONE, 26, harness maker, Canada, Howard, s/o John & Ann, married Margaret Ann CAMPBELL, 26, Scotland, Howard, d/o Archibald & Jane, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL of Howard & Mary Ann JOHNSTONE of Harwich, on 22 September 1874, at Howard 4179-75 Lewis Napoleon JOHNSTONE, 29, merchant, Camden twp., Dresden, s/o James? H. & Catherine, married Sarah Maria McDONALD, 29, Tilbury East, same, d/o Duncan & Ann Jane, witn: Jeremiah GIFFIN of Camden & Maggie SIMPSON of Tilbury East, 23 Dec 1874 at Tilbury East
002881-74 (Kent Co) Mathew KEARNS, 28, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Michael & Mary, married Ellen SHEA, 25, Port Stanley, Chatham, d/o Cornelius & Mary, witn: Patrick KEARNS & Mary DOYLE, both of Raleigh, on 28 April 1874, at Chatham 002645-74 (Kent Co) John KERR, 37, hotel keeper, Armagh Co Ireland, Thamesville, widowed, s/o John KERR & Mary HUGHS, married Isabella ROBERTSON, 29, Harwich, same, d/o John ROBERTSON & Mary McQUEEN?, witn: Donald URQUHART of Thamesville & Jane ROBERTSON of Howard, on 8 April 1874, at Thamesville
002632-74 (Kent Co) Isaac KINGSTON, 27, laborer, England, Bothwell, s/o William & Ann, married Jane Charity BADDER, 21, Tilbury, Bothwell, d/o James & Jane, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles REYNOLDS, on 19 December 1874, at Bothwell 002831-74 (Kent Co) Solomon KNAPP, 60, farmer, Chatham, same, widowed, s/o Benjamin KNAPP & Agnes A. MESSEMORE?, married Rebecca A. TILT, 44, England, Chatham, widowed, d/o John MARSHALL & Elizabeth JOHNS, witn: Herbert S. GRIFFIN & Hannah GRIFFIN, on 23 December 1874, at Chatham
002680-74 (Kent Co) Joseph LACOMBE, 20, farmer, US, Dover East, s/o Jacob LACOMBE & Susan SMITH, married Margaret REAUME, 22, Dover East, same, d/o Charles REAUME & Margaret HOGUE?, witn: Cephore GORE & Hubert DAIGNEAU of Dover East, on 16 April 1874, at Dover East 002736-74 (Kent Co) William LANCASTER, 28, farmer, Brockville, Sombra, s/o Joseph & Emma, married Jane CRAMER, 30, Seneca, Sombra, d/o Isaiah & Catharine, witn: Walter POWES & Elizabeth EDWARDS, both of Wallaceburg, on 25 August 1874, at Wallaceburg
002697-74 (Kent Co.) Isaac LANG, 20, farmer, Orford twp, same, s/o Thomas & Jane HENSON (foster parents), married Jane FRIEND, 18, Orford twp, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Mary Ann WOODSWORTH & Charlotte Jane WOODWORTH, both of Ridgetown, on 21 October 1874, at Ridgetown 002670-74 (Kent Co) George LANKIN, 24, shoemaker, Canada, Duart, s/o George & Sarah, married Christina KERR, 23, Canada, Orford, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: Dugald SINCLAIR & Mary McDONALD, both of Orford, on 13 June 1874, at Orford
002763-74 (Kent Co) George LASOVIE?, 48, laborer, Southwold, Raleigh, widowed, s/o Alexander LASOVIE? & Catharine WATERS, married Sarah Jane WELTER, 30, Southwold, St. Thomas, widowed, d/o Henry WELTER & Catharine BARTHOLOMEW, witn: Silas KNOTT & Catharine HOUSE of Harwich, on 19 February 1874, at Blenheim 002684-74 (Kent Co) Edward LATOURNEAU, 25, farmer, Quebec, Dover East, s/o Alfred LATOURNEAU & Archange DAIGNEAU, married Alphonsene BOURASSA, 19, St. Jacques Quebec, Dover East, d/o Felix BOURASSA, & Celeste BOUTAN, witn: Felix BOURASSA & Pierre LATOURNEAU of Dover East, on 20 January 187(cut off), at Dover East
002882-74 (Kent Co) Francis LEBON, 46, machinist, Arlon Belgium, Chatham, s/o Francis & Catherine, married Rose THIEBODEAU, 19, St.Jean, Chatham, d/o Eusebe & Lucie, witn: Francis TORINNI? & Josephine THIEBODEAU of Chatham, on 6 July 1874, at Chatham  
4133-75 (Kent Co): Hubert LEFAIVE, 21, agent, Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Bartholomew & Rosalie, married Isabella THOMPSON, 18, Oxford Co., Tilbury West, d/o James & Bridget, witn: John & Alex LEFAIVE of Tilbury West, 31 Dec 1874 at Chatham 002706-74 (Kent County) Martin LEITZ, 24, joiner, Ridgetown, s/o Jacob & Hannah, married Nancy A. CAMPBELL, 24, Howard, same, d/o Carman? & Isabella, witn Malcolm CAMPBELL & Duncan CAMPBELL, both of Howard, on 27 October 1874, at Howard
002723-74 (Kent Co) Troy LINCH, 24, farmer, US, Raleigh, s/o Harry LINCH & Matilda H. HIGHWARDEN (Nighswander?), married Sarah VINCENT, 18, US, Raleigh, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Cassie? RICE & Mary Ann VINCENT of Raleigh, on 29 November 1874, at Raleigh 002817-74 (Kent Co) Henry J. LIPSCOMB, 21, clerk, Toronto, Harwich, s/o Frank & Margaret, married Almeda J. MALLORY, 17, Harwich, same, d/o Charles & Harriett, witn: Henry LAMPMAN & Hiram MALLORY of Harwich, on 29 October 1874, at Chatham
002707-74 (Kent County) James M. LOGAN, 25, farmer, Blairgowrie Scotland, Howard, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Eliza HOGG, 20, Chester (Cherda?) - Haldimand Co., Howard, d/o John & Margaret, Witn Robert HOGG & Jane LOGAN, both of Howard, on 29 December 1874, at Howard 002665-74 (Kent Co) James LOGAN, 21, Indian, Orford, same, s/o William & Jane, married Delilah PETER, 20, Orford, same, widowed, d/o Edward & Jane WHITEYES, witn: John LOGAN of Orford, on 22 July 1874, at Moraviantown
  002657-74 (Kent Co) John LOTT, 24, farmer, Mersea, Romney, s/o Robert & Ann, married Sarah Ann CLINANSMITH, 22, Tilbury East, Raleigh, d/o Jacob & Mary, witn: Charles HEWARD & Emeline CLINANSMITH of Romney, on 3 October 1874, at Romney
002738-74 (Kent Co) Joseph LUCUS, 25, farmer & plasterer, Pennsylvania, Chatham, s/o Isaiah & Susan, married Priscilla SMITH, 19, Chatham, same, d/o Alford & Mary, witn: Solomon SMITH & Jane LUCUS, both of Chatham, on 17 September 1874, at Chatham 002737-74 (Kent Co) Daniel Henry LUCUS, 23, brick maker, Thurlow, Chatham, s/o Miles & Olive, married Mary Jane KING, 25, Chatham, same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Bruce JUDSON of Wallaceburg & Henrietta HUGHS of North Gore, on 11 September 1874, at Wallaceburg
002716-74 (Kent County) Joseph LUMLEY, 28, Carpenter, Canada, Ridgetown, widowed, s/o Hance & Sarah, married Annie BURR, 28, England, Ridgetown, widowed, d/o Joseph & Sarah, wtn Sanguihe? & Anna WHITTAKER, both of Ridgetown, on 31 March 1874, in Ridgetown 002621-74 (Kent Co) William Henry LYNCH, 40, mechanic, Ireland, Dresden, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Lucy Anne HUFFMAN, 25, Colchester, same, d/o Rudolph & Ellen, witn: John T. LYNCH of Wallaceburg & Maggie GIFFIN of Chatham, on 3 August 1874, at Chatham
002858-74 (Kent Co) William MACKLEM, 21, farmer, Ontario, Tilbury WEST, s/o William & Eve, married Rosa SHOULTS, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o Frederick & Richard, witn: Richard A. McCOLL of Chatham & Alfred VINTER of Tilbury West, on 3 March 1874, at Chatham 002866-74 (Kent Co) James MALCOLM, 34, teacher, Scotland, Florence, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Eda AUTHER (Anthes?), 19, Canada, Florence, d/o Davis A & Eda BUTLER, witn: Isaac VanSICKLE & C. VanSICKLE of Camden, on 2 May 1874, at Chatham
4180-75 Levi MARSHALL, 24, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o James & Jennette, married Martha POWELL, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o George & Ann, witn: James POWELL & Louisa HALLIDAY, both of Tilbury East, 24 Dec 1874 at Tilbury East 002895-74 (Kent Co) James Nelson MARSHALL, 27, farmer, New York City, Kent Co., s/o James & Francis, married Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT, 20, Kent Co, Tilbury, d/o William & Jane, witn: Himee? HOCKLING & William MARSHALL, both of Tilbury, on 14 June 1874, at Chatham
002686-74 (Kent Co.) Isaac MASON, 28, oil operator, Croglin Cumberland, Petrolia, s/o Henry & Mary, married Susan DESMOND, 30, Howard, same, d/o John & Rachel, witn: D. E. DESMOND & H. CRAUDER, both of Howard, on 30 June 1874, at Howard 002902-74 (Kent Co) Edwin MATHEWS, 28, mechanic, London, Middlesex Co., 28, s/o John & Evon?, married Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON, 19, Ontario, Harwich, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: Hugh CAMPBELL & Mary Ann JOHNSON, both of Harwich, on 1 July 1874, at Chatham
002618-74 (Kent Co) William H. MATHEWS, 36, shoemaker, England, Buffalo NY, widowed, s/o William & Mary A., married Jane HATON, 40, England, Ohio, widowed, d/o George & Lucy CADE, witn: Harriett MALOTT of Chatham, on 27 July 1874, at Chatham 002752-74 (Kent Co) John Ross McCOLL, 23, law student, Chatham, same, d/o Angus & Alice R., married Alice Sophia VOGLES, 26, Pennsylvania, Zone, d/o Jessie & Mary, witn: Albert J. CROWE & Richard A. McCOLL of Chatham, on 24 June 1874, at Zone
002816-74 (Kent Co) Archibald McCORMACK, 27, farmer, Canada, Harwich, s/o John A & Agnes, married Barbara FITZGERALD, 21, Scotland, Chatham, widowed, d/o James & Margaret McCORMACK, witn: Robert COLTART of Harwich & Minny McCORMACK of Chatham, on 28 October 1874, at Chatham 002894-74 (Kent Co) Alexander McCUMMING, 24, blacksmith, Ireland, Harwich, s/o George & Margaret, married Matilda A. MAIN, 24, Ontario, Harwich, d/o John & Emaline, witn: Alexander WALT of Harwich & Kate ROBINSON of Chatham, on 18 June 1874, at Chatham
002729-74 (Kent Co) Samuel McDOWELL, 22, carpenter, Canada, Raleigh, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth McPHERSON, 19, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Hugh McPHERSON & Anne McNAUGHTON, witn: Joseph McDOWEL & Clara KERR, both of Raleigh, on 9 June 1874, at Raleigh 002767-74 (Kent Co) M--? Alexander MCGEACHY, 29, farmer, Canada, Harwich Township, s/o John & Flora MCGEACHY, married Agnes Eliza EVERITT, 31, Canada, Harwich Township, d/o William & Jane EVERITT, witn Duncan MCGEACHY & Ellen EVERITT, of Harwich, 29 April 1874, at Harwich.
002833-74 (Kent Co) William Edward McGLENCKEY, 23, farmer, Michigan, Chatham, s/o William & Mary, married Eliza Jane GREGORY, 19, Chatham, same, d/o John & Emaline, witn: Joseph McGLENCKEY & Mary GREGORY of Chatham, on 2 December 1874, at Chatham 002800-74 (Kent Co) James Roy McGREGOR, 25, ship carpenter, Scotland, Chatham, s/o James Roy & Isabella, married Mary DRURY?, 22, Canada, Chatham, d/o Joseph & Phoebe, witn: Albert PERRY & Julie DRURY, on 6 November 1873, at Chatham
002824-74 (Kent Co) Thomas H. McINTOSH, 27, carpenter, Ontario, Sombra, s/o Henry & Winifred, married Matilda McBRIDE, 18, Ontario, Sombra, d/o Richard & Abbigail, witn: Mrs. HALL & Luke HALL of Chatham, on 9 October 1874, at Chatham 002672-74 (Kent Co) John McINTYRE, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Southwold, s/o John, married Mary CAMPBELL, 21, Ontario, Orford, d/o James & Nancy, witn: John G. McDONALD & John N. CAMPBELL, both of Orford, on 16 April 1874, at Orford
002821-74 (Kent Co) Mark Smith McKAY, 26, woolen manufacturer, Scotland, Barnes, s/o William & Janet, married Sarah Maria VERRALL, 18, Canada, Chatham, d/o Sargeson & Polly, witn: Henry & Mrs. Henry VERRALL, on 23 September 1874, at Chatham 002750-74 (Kent Co) William John McLEAN, 37, farmer, Montague Lanark, Tilbury West, s/o James & Jane, married Martha Anne PERRIT, 19, Lambton, Raleigh, d/o Nadwin N. & Eleanor, witn: William F. WILSON & Hester A. WILSON, both of Tilbury East, on 22 April 1874, at Tilbury East
002629-74 (Kent Co) John H. McRAE, 34, farmer, Scotland, Glencoe, s/o Christopher & Anne, married Mary McRAE, 28, Glencoe, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: John McRAE & Lizzy McRAE, both of Glencoe, on 16 August 1874, at Bothwell 002691-74 (Kent Co.) James MILLER, 28, carpenter, Ontario, Dresden, widowed, s/o Joseph & Nancy, married Maggie HAYS, 20, Howard, same, d/o Hugh & Catherine, witn: Alfred PAGE & Mary PAGE, both of Howard, on 29 July 1874, at Howard
002828-74 (Kent Co) Harvey MILLS, 23, carpenter, Elgin Co., Zone, s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah DODMAN, 17, Canada, Thamesville, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: Eugene DODMAN & Lorenzo MILLS, both of Zone, on 17 November 1874, at Chatham  
002700-74 (Kent Co.) Henry MINSHALL, 50, farmer, Wales, Howard, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Polly MYRICK, 33, Howard twp, same, d/o (not know), witn: John WALKER & Mary Ann MYRICK, both of Howard, on 22 August 1874, at Howard 002762-74 (Kent Co) Thomas MODELAND, 46, wagon maker, New York US, Chatham, widowed, s/o Thomas & Anne, married Mary Eliza GOOSE, 26, Canada, Harwich, d/o John & Mary, witn: John NELSON & Harriet D. HURST of Harwich, on 8 April 1874, at Harwich
  002829-74 (Kent Co) Benjamin MOORE, 22, pedlar, England, Chatham, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Harriett YOTT, 16, Kingston, Chatham, d/o Edward & Maria, witn: William WILLISTON & Mary J. WILLISTON of Chatham, on 24 November 1874, at Chatham
002885-74 (Kent Co) William N. MORLEY, tradesman, Toronto, Chatham, s/o John MORLEY & Catherine BROWN, married Sarah SEMORE, 22, Florence, Chatham, d/o Charles SEMORE & Louela BOBIN, on 25 May 1874, at Chatham 4134-75 (Kent Co): George Edward MORRIS, 24, farmer, Tilbury West, same, s/o John & Emily, married Matilda JACKSON, 22, Tilbury West, same, d/o Thomas & Mary J., witn: Mary MORRIS & Samuel JACKSON, both of Tilbury, 29 Dec 1874 at Chatham
002870-74 (Kent Co) Angus MORRISON, 26, lumberman, Canada, Chatham, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sareptha Alberta WHITMARSH, 16, Canada, Chatham, d/o Samuel & Mahala, witn: Robert TAYLOR & Mary Jane MORRISON, both of Chatham, on 30 April 1874, at Chatham 002861-74 (Kent Co) Alexander MULLIN, 22, clerk, Canada, Toronto, s/o William, married Mary HUDSON, 27, Scotland, Chatham, d/o Richard & Julia, witn: William DOUGLASS & George TAYLOR, both of Chatham, on 11 March 1874, at Chatham
2788-74 Willet Elden MURNEY, 23, mechanic, Morrisburg, Dresden, s/o Daniel S. & Eleanor, married Henrietta Adeline BOWERS, 23, Addington Co., Dresden, d/o John & Mary, witn: M. E. WATSON of Dawn Mills, 30 May 1874 at Dawn Mills 002826-74 (Kent Co) Hubert MURPHY, 26, engineer, Montreal, Chatham, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Alice CHRYSLER, 22, Montreal, Chatham, d/o Hiram & Hellen, witn: Reverend W. MUIR of Toronto & Mrs. J.L. CAMPBELL of Chatham, on 12 November 1874, at Chatham
002614-74 (Kent Co) John MYERS, 25, laborer, England, Thamesville, s/o John & Bertha TAYLOR, married Sarah Ann RAYMOND, 18, Dover, same, d/o Raymond & Ann, witn: R. RAYMOND of Dover & Joachim? ROSE, on 14 September 1874, at Chatham 002782-74 (Kent Co) John Henry NEVILL, 24, hotel keeper, Harwich, same, s/o John & Martha NEVILL, married Julia WILSHER, 30, Harwich, same, d/o Henry & J. K. WILSHER, witn Francis WAGGONER? of Harwich, 17 August 1874, at Blenheim.
002751-74 (Kent Co) Enoch NEWMAN, 32, farmer, England, Tilbury East, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Anne KANE, 35, Ireland, Tilbury East, d/o Alex KANE & Jane GRAHAM, witn: Samuel HARWICH & William KANE, both of Tilbury East, on 26 May 1874, at Tilbury East 002851-74 (Kent Co) Edward O'KEEF, 26, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o James & Julia, married Mary McDONNELL, 29, Quebec, Chatham, d/o Augustine & Isabella, witn: Edward KELLY of Chatham & Mary O'KEEF of Harwich, on 3 February 1874, at Chatham
002631-74 (Kent Co) James ORANGE, 30, farmer, Tipperary Co Ireland, Glencoe, s/o Edward ORANGE & Mary O'MARA, married Bridget DOYLE, 23, Kerry Co Ireland, Glencoe, d/o Malachy DOYLE & Mary McSWEENY, witn: Michael SHERLOCK & Winnifred ORANGE, both of Glencoe, on 24 November 1874 002877-74 (Kent Co) Thomas R. PADDY, 27, merchant, Prince Edward Co, Dresden, s/o Richard PADDY & Sarah ROWE, married Elida GROOM, 20, Prince Edward Co, Dresden, d/o Henry & Susan, witn: Carrie & Jennie GOSLIN on 23 June 1874, at Chatham
002690-74 (Kent Co.) Alfred PAGE, 28, carpenter, New York City, Howard, s/o John & Mary, married Mary HAYES, 22, Howard, same, d/o Hugh & Catherine, witn: James MILLER & Mary MILLER, both of Dresden, on 22 July 1874, at Howard 002679-74 (Kent Co) William PARISH, 26, farmer, England, Dover East, s/o John PARISH & Sophia RICHARDSON, married Sara MAIDEN, 20, US, Dover East, d/o John MAIDEN & Hariette CROUCHER, witn: John MAIDEN & Ms. HUTCHISON of Dover East, on 11 April 1874, at Dover East
002609-74 (Kent Co) Francis PARSON, 21, laborer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Thomas & Sophia, married Mary AIKINS, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o James & Ann, witn: Andrew P. AUSTIN & Esther Ann KELLY of Dresden, on 23 April 1874, at Dresden 4136-75 (Kent Co): Anthony PAVEY, 26, carpenter, Canada, Camden twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Jane HERBERT, 18, Canada, Camden twp., d/o Harris & Jane, witn: John Alma James PENGELLY of Camden twp. & Jeanie WALKER of Chatham, 22 Dec 1874 at Chatham
002819-74 (Kent Co) Andrew L. PEACOCK, 24, book keeper, Scotland, Blenheim, s/o Adam & Euphemia, married Mary Ann BROOKSBANK, 27, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Rodger & Elizina, witn: Elizabeth HALL & Luke HALL, both of Chatham, on 14 November 1874, at Chatham  
4131-75 (Kent Co): Oliver PECK, 24, salesman, Ontario, Chatham, s/o Nelson & Feline, married Adria Sophia E. SMITH, 21, Chatham, same, d/o Charles & Judith, witn: Thomas MORICK & Teresa Elizabeth PECK, both of Chatham, 12 Sept 1874 at St. Josephs Church, Chatham (Rom Cath) 002633-74 (Kent Co) William PETCHEL, 22, brick maker, Chatham, same, s/o William & Mary, married Celia HEATH, 17, Sombra, Chatham, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Robert TAYLOR & Martha M. TURNER of Chatham, on 20 January 1874, at Dresden
002900-74 (Kent Co) Alfred PICKERING, 23, joiner, Brantford, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Christina OSWALD, 21, Chatham, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Leah WILLIAMS of Chatham & Thomas COLLIS of Brantford, on 24 March 1874, at Chatham 002777-74 (Kent Co) Merritt F. POWELL, 22, farmer, Malahide Ontario, Harwich, s/o Francis & Mary POWELL, married Mary H. LOWES, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Caleb & Sarah LOWES, witn Melissa LOWES & Benjamin SHOTWELL, 18 February 1874, at Harwich.
002739-74 (Kent Co) Walter POWER, 25, laborer, Madoc, Chatham, s/o George Frederick & Betsy Ann, married Ellen BURGUD?, 21, Vermont, Chatham, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: William BRUCE & Emma BURGUD, both of Chatham, on 14 October 1874, at Wallaceburg 002880-74 (Kent Co) Herbert PRIMEAU, 20, carpenter, Dover East, Chatham, s/o Francis & Esther, married Sophia BERNIER, 18, Dover, Chatham, d/o Edmond & Matilda, witn: Elie GANDREAU of Dover East & Emelia PRIMEAU of Chatham, on 21 April 1874, at Chatham
  002754-74 (Kent Co) Leon REAUME, 20, work man, St.. Peter, Raleigh, s/o Richard REAUME & Judith PELLETIER, married Eliza PAPINEAU, 17, St. Peter, Dover, d/o Frances PAPINEAU & Marguerite BEAUCHAMP, witn: Eusebe REAUME of Raleigh & Liboire ONTAYA? of Dover, on 14 September 1874, at Tilbury East
4016-75 Charles RITCHIE, 26, laborer, Elgin Co., Bothwell, s/o John & Sarah, married Margaret PORTER, 18, Middlesex Co., Bothwell, d/o Edward & Dinah, witn: Ralph & Annie MELICK of Thamesville, 20 Dec 1874 at Thamesville 002630-74 (Kent Co) Samuel ROBIN, 26, blacksmith, Montreal, Pechecoa Casta Co. California, s/o Joseph ROBIN & Mary SIMMONS, married Georgina MELOCHE, 22, Montreal, Thamesville, d/o John B. MELOCHE & Mary Anne SLYDE, witn: John BENTGEN & Mary BENTGEN, both of Thamesville, on 28 October 1874, at Thamesville
004066-75 (Kent Co) Dennis ROBINS, 23, laborer, Indiana US, Chatham, s/o William, married Sarah Jane Pearson ATWOOD, 21, Tennessee US, Chatham, parents not known, witn: James H. JONES & William ROBINS, on 2 December 1874, at Chatham 002814-74 (Kent Co) William Philip ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Madoc, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Hannah TASSIE, 21, Canada, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Julia, witn: Benjamin HEMSTREET & Susanna FOX of Wallaceburg, on 14 December 1874, at Chatham
002678-74 (Kent Co) Joseph ROBITAILLE, 25, farmer, Dover East, same, s/o Michel ROBITAILLE & Hariette KING, married Margaret St.PIERRE, 21, Dover East, same, d/o Norise St.PIERRE & Aphanie MARTIN, witn: Francis TURCOTT & Moise StPIERRE, on 26 November 1874, at Dover East 004035-75 (Kent Co.) William Henry ROCKEY, 29, miller, Elgin, Howard, s/o Emmanuel & Elizbeth, married Elizabeth THROWER?, 19, Delaware, Howard, d/o Stephen & Mary Ann, witn: John MORRIS & George LEE, both of Morpeth, on 30 December 1874, at Morpeth
002623-74 (Kent Co) Alick. ROLSTON, 28, farmer, of Euphemia, s/o George & Eliza, married Elizabeth Ann SMITH, 24, of Euphemia, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Thomas SMITH & Sarah FERRIS, both of Euphemia, on 1 October 1874, at Bothwell 002748-74 (Kent Co) James ROSS, 25, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o William ROSS & Jane GRASICK, married Annie FERGUSON, 23, Canada, Tilbury East, d/o David FERGUSON & Ann MURRAY, witn: James POWELL of Tilbury East & James N. GARDINER of Harwich, on 18 February 1874, at Tilbury East
002780-74 (Kent Co) Joseph ROUSE, 26, farmer, Blenheim, Harwich, s/o James & Harriet ROUSE, married Susan MOORE, 23, Raleigh, same, d/o Thomas & Barbara MOORE, witn Rebecca HUBBELL, of West Troy, Harwich, 22 July 1874, at West Troy, Harwich. 002728-74 (Kent Co) Jeremiah George RUPELL, 38, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o George & Susanah, married Janet DOLSEN, 28, Raleigh, same, d/o Oscar & Elizabeth, witn: Paul RUPELL & Agnes DOLSON, both of Raleigh, on 3 June 1874, at Raleigh
002674-74 (Kent Co) Jacob Henry RYAN, 23, tailor, Ontario, Chatham, s/o Joseph & Sophia, married Isabella PAULUCCI, 20, Canada, Dover, d/o George & Marion, witn: James RICHARDSON of Chatham & Marion PAULUCCI of Dover, on 10 September 1874, at Dover 002705-74 (Kent County) Philander SANDERS, 24, agent, Iona, Ridgetown, s/o Abrem & Nancy Rhoda, married Ada Matilda DAVIS, 20, Morpeth, Ridgetown, d/o James & Adelaid?, witn David WHITEVILLE & Emma DAVIS, both of Ridgetown, on 23 October 1874, at Ridgetown
002774-74 (Kent Co) Frank SANFORD, 24, farmer, Middleton Canada, Raleigh, s/o John M. SANFORD & Elizabeth SANFORD, married Barbara WOODSIDE, 18, Harwich, same, d/o John WOODSIDE & Janet WOODSIDE, witn Neil MCCOWIE & Helen WOODSIDE, of Harwich, 4 February 1874, at Harwich. 002812-74 (Kent Co) Robert SCHARF, 25, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Sarah Ann BORROUGHS, 17, Canada, Chatham, d/o James & Margaret, witn: James POLLOCK & Robert GRIFFITH of Chatham, on 14 November 1874, at Chatham
002611-74 (Kent Co) John SCOTT, 25, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury West, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Ann PENDEGRAST, 19, Canada, Tilbury West, d/o James & Hannah M, witn: John LEISHMAN of Tilbury West & Kate McCOLL of Chatham, on 17 August 1874, at Chatham 002635-74 (Kent Co) William Paterson SCOTT, 27, civil engineer, Scotland, Dresden, s/o James & Margery, married Bessie Whiteside? BRUCE, 26, Scotland, Dresden, d/o David & Sarah, witn: A. STRUTHERS & H.A. CARSCALLEN of Dresden, on 13 August 1874, at Dresden
002626-74 (Kent Co) Garnett Smith SHADD, 24, farmer, United States, Raleigh, s/o Abraham D. & Harriett, married Mary Josephine HARRIS, 20, Canada West, Raleigh, d/o James & Jane, witn: Abraham SHREVE & Visselar GLOBEILAR, both of Raleigh, on 7 June 1874, at Raleigh  
002649-74 (Kent Co) Thomas SHARP, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Henry & Barbara, married Bersheba HANNON, 20, Saltfleet Wentworth Co, Camden, d/o Andrew & Des?, witn: Andrew WELDON & Martha HANNON, both of Camden, on 6 October 1874, at Thamesville 002654-74 (Kent Co) Edwin L. SHAW, 20, yeoman, Townsend Norfolk Co, Romney, s/o Michael L. & Martha, married Barbara VOY, 19, Downie - Perth Co, Romney, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Oscar IVESON & William O. IVESON of Mersea, on 1 January 1874, at Romney
002715-74 (Kent County) John T. SHAW, 26, gremas?, Canada, Howard, s/o Robert & Mary, married Isabella BRIEN, 22, Canada, Howard, d/o William & Jane, wtn Robert Young? McDure? P.T. & Jane SCAM?, both of Ridgetown, on 29 April 1874, at Ridgetown 002647-74 (Kent Co) Henry SHEPPARD, 27, carpenter, Leeds, Dresden, s/o John SHEPPARD & Anne McNICKLE, married Debby FANSWORTH, 19, Hastings Co, Kent Co, d/o Zachariah FANSWORTH & Lorinda ROSS, witn: William MAYHEAU & William McKINLAY, both of Thamesville, on 20 June 1874, at Thamesville
  4176-75 Abraham SHREVES, 24, farmer, Canada, Raleigh, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Vissilia LOVAL, 18, USA, Raleigh, d/o William & Selina, witn: Garrison SHADD & Lucinda MOREHEAD, both of Raleigh, 29 Dec 1874 at Raleigh
2793-74 Anson SIMKINS, 23, agriculturist, Sydenham - Frontenac, Camden Gore, s/o Martin & Elizabeth, married Julia HORNING, 16, Brighton, Dresden, d/o Ephraim, & Jane Ann, witn: John BABCOCK & Sarah LEWIS, both of Camden Gore, 30 Dec 1874 at Camden Gore [with note: "Truly he may say ‘sweet sixteen now you are mine’"] 002694-74 (Kent Co.) Enos T. SIMMONS, 24, farmer, Glasgo, Howard twp, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Rebecca WOOD, 22, Morpeth, Howard twp, d/o Arren? & Martha, witn: Mr. C. BREDHAM & Elizaveth BREDHAM, both of Toronto, on 29 August 1974, at Ridgetown
3946-75 Norman? SIMPSON, 35, widower, merchant, Prince Edward Co., Dresden, s/o Jeremiah & Jemima (Joanna?), married Susan WILCOX, 26, Chatham, same, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: John STRUTHERS & Teresa REYNOLDS, both of Dresden, 23 Sept 1874 at Dresden 002871-74 (Kent Co) Thomas J. SIMPSON, 23, mechanic, Bayham, Dresden, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Ann Jane POWERS, 21, Madoc, Dresden, d/o George F. & Jane E., witn: Joseph GUEST & William SHOWERS, on 19 May 1874, at Chatham
002708-74 (Kent County) John Thaddous SIVER, 34, farmer, State of New York, Howard, widowed, s/o Adam & Susan, married Charlotte HARDEN, 38, State of New York, Howard, widowed, d/o of Philander? & Rachel COLBY, wtn Frances & Mary DOWNING, both of Howard, on 12 May 1874, at Ridgetown 002815-74 (Kent Co) Andrew SMART, 23, merchant, Elora, Wellington, s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Rosa OLDERSHAW, 21, Chatham, Harwich, d/o Isaac & Mary A., witn: Alfred OLDERSHAW & James BOGART of Chatham, on 27 October 1874, at Harwich
002641-74 (Kent Co) Stephen Garrison SMITH, 29, barber, United States, Dresden, s/o Stephen B. & Mary, married Jane LEVIAN, 20, Canada, Chatham, d/o William & Mary, witn: Albert D. HOLLENSWORTH & Harriet M. SMITH of Dresden, on 29 December 1874, at Dresden 004034-75 (Kent Co.) Isaac SMITH, 26, farmer, Chatham twp, same, s/o Samuel & Nancy, married Annie GREEN, 27, Howard, same, d/o William & Nancy, witn: William GREEN of Howard & Austin TURRELL of Chathem twp, on 29 November 1874, at Howard
2768-74 (Kent Co) William Henry SMITH, 20, mechanic, Michigan U.S., Village of Blenheim, s/o Andrew & Eliza SMITH, married Harriet Elizabeth MILLER, 18, Harwich, Village of Blenheim, d/o H--- & Mary MILLER, witn John LOCK & Sarah KINNIE, of Blenheim, 4 May 1874, at West Troy, Harwich. 002765-74 (Kent Co) John SMITH, 23, farmer, Oxford Township, Howard Township, s/o Symington SMITH & Margaret KENEDY (KENNEDY?), married Hannah HALL, 21, Howard Ontario, same, d/o William HALL & Susan BROWN, witn Alexander ELLIOT of Blenheim & Levina HALL of Howard, 21 April 1874, at Village Blenheim.
002764-74 (Kent Co) Richard J. SMITH, 32, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o Richard & Mary, married Lucy Ann JONES, 25, Oxford, Harwich, d/o James & Sarah, witn: David BOOTH & Margaret BOOTH, on 15 April 1874, at Harwich 3995-75 William SOMMERVILLE, 37, farmer, Kent Ont. Harwich, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Christy McDONALD, 28, Kent Ont., Harwich, d/o Donald & Janet, witn: Archibald McCORMICK of Howard & Janet McDONALD of Harwich, 30 Dec 1874 at Harwich twp
002704-74 (Kent County) Thomas Henry SPENCE, 25, farmer, Howard tp, same, d/o John V. & Ellen, married Mary Elizabeth WELMAN, 22, Hastings Co, Camlile?, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, wtn Zedhareas? SPENCE of Howard & Elza Ann SPENCE of Cane, on 6 August, 1874, at Howard 002688-74 (Kent Co.) James STALKER, 23, harness maker, Canada, Aldboro, s/o Isaac & Sarah, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 25, Canada, Howard, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn: Donald LESTON (LESTER), & Flora CAMPBELL, both of Howard, on 16 September 1874, at Howard
002809-74 (Kent Co) Charles Thomas STANDISH, 26, miller, Georgia US, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Emma HORNE, 15, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Robert Andrew & Christina, witn: E.H. GUSTIN & Robert A. HORNE, both of Chatham, on 6 October 1874, at Chatham 002663-74 (Kent Co) William E. STARKS, 28, mechanic, Dresden, Chatham, s/o James & Martha, married Julia BURNETT, 18, Chatham, same, d/o Robert & Julia, witn: Charles McCAUGHAN & Jane ROBBINS of Chatham, on 18 March 1874, at Chatham
002701-74 (Kent Co.) Wellington Clark STEPHENS, 24, farmer, Brighton twp, Ekfrid, widowed, s/o Alva & Mary, married Agnes McCROCHEN (McCracken?), 17, Mason, same, d/o Alexander & Charhan?, witn: Fredereck FYOH? of Howard & Flora M. TAVISH of Mason, on 3 November 1874 at Howard 002810-74 (Kent Co) William Albert STEPHENS, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Albert & Hannah, married Emily ARNOLD, 20, Camden, same, d/o Peter & Nancy, witn: Samuel SHARP & Nancy Jane STEPHENS, both of Camden, on 2 November 1874, at Chatham
002862-74 (Kent Co) Edward B. STEVENS, 54, carpenter, Quebec, Chatham, widowed, s/o William STEVENS & Margaret BENNET, married Lucinda McKECHRAN, 45, USA, Chatham, widowed, d/o John FISHER, witn: A.W. NILES of Wallaceburg & Margaret FULLERTON, on 27 March 1874, at Chatham 002886-74 (Kent Co) William STINSON, 24, merchant, Ireland, Chatham, s/o John & Anna Jane, married Eva Jane PORTER, 20, Canada, Chatham, d/o James & Anna, witn: Joseph WILSON of Chatham & John Robert JONES M.D. of Detroit, on 3 June 1874, at Chatham
4132-75 (Kent Co): Edward STINSON, 25, farmer, Ireland, Dawn twp., s/o John & Jane, married Alice PAVEY, 20, England, Chatham, d/o James & Emma, witn: Alma PENGELLY of Camden twp. & W.S. GRIFFIN of Toronto, 30 Dec 1874 at Chatham 002813-74 (Kent Co) George Benjamin STUART, 26, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o James & Amelia, married Christina Catherine FARLIE, 21, Harwich, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: John McLEAN & Elizabeth H. STUART of Harwich, on 1 December 1874, at Chatham
002698-74 (Kent County) John SYMONTON, 26, carpenter, Howard twp, same, s/o Hugh & Elza, married Priscilla COMWALL (Cornwall?), 27, Orford twp, same, d/o Nicholas & Eliza, wtn Joseph COMWALL & Betsy WILSON, both of Orford, on 12 October 1874, at Howard 4129-75 (Kent Co): Julian TETRAULT, 22, farmer, Quebec, Dover twp., s/o Julian & Mathilde, married Catherine REAUME, 31, widow, Dover East twp., same, d/o Paul & Agathe REAUME, witn: Jean R. EMERY & Adeline LOZEN, both of Dover twp., 22 Sept 1874 at St. Josephs Church, Chatham (Rom Cath)
002687-74 (Kent Co.) Alfred THOMAS, 21, farmer, Canada, Aldboro, s/o Amasa & Jane FOWLER, married Hannah SCOTT, 19, Canada, Orford, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Christopher DOBIE, of Ekfrid & Maria ALBRIDGE? of Orford, on 16 September 1874, at Ridgetown 002818-74 (Kent Co) Reuben THOMAS, 18, farmer, Canada, Dover, s/o George & Maria, married Eliza DOOLITTLE, 21, Canada, Dover, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Joshua? DOOLITTLE of Dover & Mrs. John ADAMS of Chatham, on 11 November 1874, at Chatham
002834-74 (Kent Co) Bennet THOMPSON, 28, painter, New York State, Bothwell, widowed, s/o William & Sarah, married Hannah MARQUIS, 19, London, Bothwell, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James E. WOOD of Bothwell, on 25 November 1874, at Chatham 002889-74 (Kent Co) Edward THOMPSON, 20, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Lavinia THOMSON, married Martha Ann CURTIS, 19, Michigan, Chatham, d/o Spencer & Catherine, witn: Lenix BANISTER of Chatham & Mary Jane CHASE of Buxton, on 14 March 1874, at Chatham
002676-74 (Kent Co) Joseph TOULOUSE, 29, farmer, Dover East, same, s/o Pierre TOULOUSE & Marance EMERY, married Matilda LUCIER, 22, Quebec, Dover East, d/o Basilee LUCIER & Julie LANCELOT, witn: Basilee LUCIER & Pierre TOULOUSE, on 27 October 1874, at Dover East 002830-74 (Kent Co) Joseph TUCKER, 35, carpenter, England, Chatham, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ALLEN, 34, England, Chatham, widowed, d/o Thomas & Hannah DRURY, witn: John BUCHANAN & Ellen Emma BUCHANAN of Chatham, on 25 December 1874, at Chatham
002620-74 (Kent Co) Leonard TURNER, 26, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Jeptha & Elizabeth, married Nancy McDONALD, 34, Canada, Chatham, widowed, d/o John & Nancy McDONALD, witn: Robert SULLIVAN & Amy BEANLOW of Chatham, on 1 August 1874, at Chatham 002667-74 (Kent Co) Oren VANDERLINDER, 23, merchant, St. Lawrence Co New York, Highgate, s/o Medad VANDERLINDER & Susanna JENNESS, married Mary Esther STONE, 19, Orford, same, d/o Richard STONE & Martha REYCRAFT, witn: William L. OSTRANDER & Selina ARNOLD, both of Highgate, on 10 June 1874, at Orford
3970-75 John VINCENT, 35, widower, farmer, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o Samuel & Ruth, married Emma HANDSEY, 19, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Perry & Sarah, witn: Perry & Mary HANDSEY of Chatham twp., 14 May 1874 at Chatham twp 002872-74 (Kent Co) Alfred P. VINTNER, 26, farmer, England, Essex, s/o Charles VINTNER & Mary PORTAS, married Rebecca WILCOX, 26, Raleigh, same, d/o Hezekiah WILCOX & Laura CRYDERMAN, witn: Hezekiah WILCOX & Mary E. WILCOX of Raleigh, on 20 May 1874, at Raleigh
002637-74 (Kent Co) Jacob WAGNER, 29, laborer, Kentucky Us, Camden, widowed, s/o John & Martha, married Sophia Jane RICHARDSON, 24, Canada, Camden, d/o Edmund & Hannah, witn: Ryerson? & Priscilla RICHARDSON of Camden, on 4 November 1874, at Dresden 002878-74 (Kent Co) William WALKER, 32, confectioner, Scotland, Chatham, s/o William & Agnes, married Sarah CRAIG, 22, Ireland, Chatham, d/o Noble & Mary, witn: Robert SONTAR? & John WALKER of Chatham, on 30 June 1874, at Chatham
2789-74 Joseph WALLACE, 26, clerk, Dawn, Hamilton, s/o David & Christena, married Teressa SIMPSON, 22, Dresden, same, d/o Ira & Martha, witn: Louisa SIMPSON & John G. McVEAN, both of Dresden, 1 Oct 1874 at Dresden [with note: "Done up quietly & no doubt a happy union"] 002643-74 (Kent Co) George W. WATSON, 21, laborer, Napanee, Dresden, s/o John A. & Susan, married Annie FRENCH, 18, Toronto, Dresden, d/o Frederick & Jane, witn: Joseph WELLS & Hannah BACON, both of Dresden, on 24 May 1874, at Thamesville
002847-74 (Kent Co) Robert WATSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Sombra, s/o Arthur W. & Esther, married Maud Annie STOVER, 18, Lambton Co., Sombra, d/o Peter & Laurette, witn: George RATHDAY of Sombra & Olive J. STOVER of Chatham, on 27 January 1874, at Chatham  
002628-74 (Kent Co) Henry WEBB, 44, farmer, of Mosa, widowed, s/o Jeremiah & Angeline, married Hannah LAMB, 33, of Mosa, widowed, d/o Peter & Elizabeth FIELD, witn: George MANSFIELD of Cashmere, on 14 July 1874, at Bothwell 002658-74 (Kent Co) Salem WEST, 27, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o George & Sarah Ann, married Catherine RENWICK, 21, Romney, same, d/o Thomas COKE & Mary RENWICK, witn: Henry WEST of Raleigh & Melinda A. FERRIS of Colchester, on 30 December 1874, at Romney
002781-74 (Kent Co) Henry WESTMORE, 25, laborer, Toronto, Chatham, s/o Philip & Elizabeth WESTMORE, married Mary TAYLOR, 21, England, Chatham, d/o John & Christiana TAYLOR, witn Israel TOMLINSON & Susan PARKER, of Chatham, 25 May 1874, at Blenheim. 002624-74 (Kent Co) Joseph WHITING, 22, telegraph operator, of Bothwell, s/o Ezra & Sarah, married Hannah Ann LUNN? (LEINER?), 18, of Bothwell, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Fred G. WHITING of Chicago & Mary J. LIVELY of Florence, on 20 October 1874, at Bothwell
4135-75 (Kent Co): John William WHITSON, 25, farmer, Dawn twp., Camden twp., s/o Robert & Mary, married Annie McDONALD, 28, Scotland, Camden twp., d/o Allen & Annie, witn: Hugh D. & A. McCOLL of Chatham, 22 Dec 1874 at Chatham 002755-74 (Kent Co) Thomas V. WHITTLE, 58, farmer, Liverpool England, Tilbury East, widowed, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Fanny GABRITH, 38, Dublin Ireland, Tilbury East, d/o Andrew & Maria, witn: James J. WADDELL & Susannah WADDELL, both of Tilbury East, on 25 December 1874, at Tilbury East
002753-74 (Kent Co) William R. WIGLE?, 21, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Solomon & Eliza, married Matilda E. MALOTT, 21, Tilbury East, same, d/o Simon & Maria, witn: Samuel WIGLE & Mary WIGLE, both of Gosfield, on 8 October 1874, at Tilbury East 002879-74 (Kent Co) Henry WILDGEN, 25, farmer, Buffalo NY, Harwich, s/o John & Catherine, married Catherine SHEA, 23, Raleigh, Chatham, d/o Cornelius & Mary, witn: John WILDGEN of Harwich & Mary BARNES of Chatham, on 28 April 1874, at Chatham
002811-74 (Kent Co) William Warren WILLISTON, 21, mechanist, Chatham, same, s/o John & Martha, married Mary Jane PORTER, 20, Rhode Island US, Chatham, d/o John & Margaret, witn: W.J. LOE, M.D. & J.H. BELL of Chatham, on 4 November 1874, at Chatham 002779-74 (Kent Co) James Samuel WILSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Harwich, s/o John K. WILSON & Eliza Jane WILSON, married Marilla SHIPPY, 18, Canada, Harwich, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth SHIPPY, witn E. M. WADDELL, of Rond Eau, 16 July 1874, at Blenheim.
002699-74 (Kent County) Daniel WINTER, 25, farmer, Howard twp, same, s/o Daniel & Eliza, married Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, 24, Howard twp, same, d/o Alexander & Jane, wtn David HUTCHINSON & Mary BROWN, both of Howard, on 9 September, 1874, at Howard 002893-74 (Kent Co) James A. WINTER, 46, painter, United States, Harwich, s/o Silas & Lydia, married Sarah KENDALL, 44, Canada, Harwich, d/o Richard & Emma, witn: James FULLERTON of Chatham & Charles MALLORY of Rond Eau, on 10 June 1874, at Chatham
002784-74 (Kent Co) James WOOD, 28, laborer, Howard Ont., same, s/o Owen & Martha WOOD, married Flora MCINTYRE, 27, Mosa Ont., Harwich, d/o Archibald & Mary MCINTYRE, witn John DRAPER of Morpeth, & Sarah MCINTYRE of Harwich, 26 May 1874, at West Troy, Harwich.