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Kent Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


005113-81 (Kent Co.)  Richard ADAMS, 28, farmer, Woodstock, East Nissouri, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Susan WILLEY, 22, Howard, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: W. S. SCAMON? of Cherry Cross & Mary Jane WILLEY of Howard, on 19 October 1881, at Ridgetown

005143-81 (Kent Co) James H. AINSLIE, 23, carpenter, Tilbury East, Leamington Essex Co., s/o James AINSLIE & Elisa AINSLIE, married Sarah Helen RUSSELL, 25, Chatham, Thames Lighthouse Ont., d/o Joseph RUSSELL & Helen RUSSELL, witn: John H. AINSLIE, Leamington, Emma CARTIER, Chatham, 12 September 1881 at Thames Lighthouse

005155-82 (Kent Co.) Edwin AINSWORTH, 24, mason, England, Dresden, s/o Thomas & Mary AINSWORTH, married Cynthia? JOHNSON, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn George MORDEN & Adeline? MORDEN, of Dresden, 5 June 1881, at Dresden. 5134-81 John ALLISON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o Walter ALLISON & Catherine McDONALD, married Mercy Jane JAMES, 24, Ontario, Orford, d/o Christopher JAMES & Adah BELL, witn: John McDURATE? & Annie JAMES, both of Orford, 22 Nov 1881 at Orford
5133-81 Samuel ANTHONY, 49, farmer, widower, Moraviantown, same, s/o not given, married Hester HENDRICK, 49, widow, Moraviantown, same, d/o not given, witn: Joseph PHEASANT of Moraviantown & Andrew ANTHONY of Thamesville, 21 Nov 1881 at Moraviantown

004879-81 (Kent Co) George L. ARMSTRONG, 26, machinist, Ontario, Chatham Ont., s/o James & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Minnie McCARTER, 15, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Jeremiah & Catherine McCARTER, witn: William HANLEY, Charing Cross, Marie THOMPSON, Chatham, 6 July 1881 at Chatham

#004849-81 (Kent Co): John D. ARTHUR, 28, photographer, Galt, Chatham, s/o Hugh & Janet, married Lola ALLEN, 19, Port --upe?, Chatham, d/o Oliver & Charlotte, witn: Hugh D. McCOLL & William BEARD, both of Chatham, 13 July 1881 at Chatham

004893-81 (Kent Co) George Albert ATKINSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Tilbury twp. Ont., s/o Thomas & Mary ATKINSON, married Maria CROSSLEY, 26, Canada, Mercie twp. (Mersea?), d/o Joseph & Sarah CROSSLEY, witn: Thomas C. VICKERMAN, Sarah A. ATKINSON, Tilbury twp., 26 October 1881 at Chatham

4949-81 Charles Albert BAGWELL, 24, book keeper, Mimico Ont., Chatham, s/o John BAGWELL & Mary Ann ROOKE, married Libbie A. BANNING, 24, Wardsville Ont., Chatham, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: James BANNING & William McINTOSH, both of Chatham, 23 Feb 1881 at Chatham 5177-81 George Henry BAILEY, 21, farmer, Norfolk Michigan, Harwich twp., s/o Robert E. BAILEY & Jessie LAURIE, married Mary Ann STILLWELL, 20, London England, Harwich twp, d/o William C. STILLWELL & Sarah A. NORTHING, witn: Silas & Jessie BURK of Harwich, 13 Sept 1881 at Blenheim
5192-81 George L. BAKER, 29, farmer, Whitchurch, Harwich, s/o David & Catherine, married Elizabeth Ann MOORE, 20, Whitchurch, Harwich, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: John MORROW of Harwich & Essie E. GILLIES of Blenheim, 23 March 1881 at Blenheim 5183-81 Rondeau BANNEL (Bunnel?), 21, carriage maker, Harwich, same, s/o Elias BANNEL & Catherine HAYDN, married Mary Alice STEEL, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Joseph STEEL & Annie GOUDRELL, witn: John B. PICKERING & Eliza STEEL, both of Blenheim, 14 Dec 1881 at Blenheim
  005153-81 (Kent Co) Alexander BARNEY, 21, labourer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Edmund BARNEY & Matilda BARNEY, married Julia CARTO, 17, Canada, Dresden, d/o Nazery CARTO & Eliza CARTO, witn: Nazery CARTO, Jane LUMER, both of Dresden, 26 April 1881 at Dresden
004900-81 (Kent Co) James Andrew BARR, 21, farmer, London England, Raleigh twp., s/o Robert & Marion BARR, married Elizabeth THOMAS, 20, Canada, Raleigh twp., d/o Joseph & Mary THOMAS, witn: Mrs. J.R. BATTISBY, Chatham, Hugh A. SMITH, Raleigh twp., 24 November 1881 at Chatham

4946-81 William BAYNARD, 29, laborer, New Jersey USA, Chatham, s/o Caleb & Mary, married Mary Jane POTTER, 26, Dover twp., Chatham, d/o Prince & Frances, witn: Shelby & Mary Jane SMITH of Chatham, 9 March 1881 at Chatham

004955-81 (Kent Co) James BENNETT, 23, laborer, Dover, Stoney Point, s/o Francis & Fanny, married Maggie OUILETTE (OUELETTE?), 19, Tilbury West twp., Stoney Point, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: John ETCHES, Emila? ETCHES, both of Chatham, 28 April 1881 at Chatham

004875-81 (Kent Co) Samuel BIOUS, 64, labourer, widower, Virginia U.S., Chatham Ont., s/o Abraham & Grace FULLER (sic), married Julia CLARK, 47, widow, United States, Chatham Ont., d/o Edmund & Julia DEMONDS, witn: William L. ROBINSON, Fanny JONES, both of Chatham, 18 September 1881 at Chatham

004870-81 (Kent Co) William BLOCKSON, 21, yeoman, Thamesville Ont., Windsor, s/o James & Charlotte BLOCKSON, married Lucy P. BELL, 20, Chatham Ont., Chatham Kent, d/o Bassal? BELL & Lucia BELL, witn: George WHITE, Chatham, Mrs. Lucia BELL, Windsor, 16 July 1881 at Chatham

5130-81 Henry BRACKETT, 40, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o Stephen BRACKETT & Mary Ann BAKER, married Victoria A. CURTIS, 21, Ontario, Orford, d/o William CURTIS & Martha HILLMAN, witn: Alex C. LEITCH & Mary A. BRACKETT, 30 Aug 1881 at Duart
005099-81 (Kent Co.)  John L. BRADSHAW, 27, furniture dealer, Lancashire England, Ridgetown, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Alice A. FIELDS, 19,  Harwich, Ridgetown, d/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, witn:  John C. LOCKE of Ridgetown & Kate MILTON, of Howard, on 2 March 1881, at Ridgetown #004846-81 (Kent Co): Fred H. BRAVINDER, 24, farmer, Wrascorn?, Raleigh, s/o William & Margaret, married Janet RIDDELL, 21, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Alexander & Agnes, witn: John & Mrs. J. PARK of Raleigh, 2 July 1881 at Chatham
5185-81 Daniel BROADBENT, 41, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o William BROADBENT & Mary RUSSEL, married Martha Ann PARROT, 25, widow, Sombra, Raleigh, d/o Edward PARROT & Eleanor HUFF, witn: Ellen Mary WADDELL of Blenheim, 28 Dec 1881 at Blenheim


004974-81 (Kent Co) William Bell BROWN, 29, farmer, Dorchester, Tilbury East twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth BROWN, married Ellen GRIEVE, 16, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury East, d/o Hugh & Ann Magdeline, witn: Hugh GRIEVE, Tilbury East, Jennie McCOLL, Chatham, 16 May 1881 at Chatham

004874-81 (Kent Co) Roger BROWN, 24, millwright, Delaware Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o James & Mary Jane BROWN, married Frances MABEE, 23, Simcoe Norfolk Co., Simcoe Norfolk Co., d/o Pelhun & Sarah MABEE, witn: C.M. ANDERSON, Seneca Falls, Alice MABEE, Simcoe Ont., 15 September 1881 at Chatham
005108-81 (Kent Co.)  Robert BULLEN, 29, farmer, Howard, same, s/o James & Ellen, married Josephine DODGE, 23, Ridgetown, same, d/o Henry & Halina?, witn: Mrs. Halina? DODGE of Ridgetown, on 29 November 1881, at Ridgetown 005105-81 (Kent Co.)  George Frederick BUNDAGE? (Brundage?), 28, farmer, Cumberland Co. N.S., Dunwich, s/o Rufus & Rebecca, married Mariann CURTIS, 18, Dunwich, same, d/o Job & Ann, witn:  Daniel CURTIS & Jamima CURTIS, both of Dunwich, on 23 May 1881, at Ridgetown

005148-81 (Kent Co) James BURGESS, 67, labourer, widower, United States, Camden Gore twp., s/o Josiah BURGESS & Julia BURGESS, married Lucy GORDON, 70, widow, United States, Dresden, d/o William LEMON & Sophia LEMON, witn: Thomas RICKS, Sophia RICKS, both of Dresden, 10 February 1881 at Dresden

5198-81 Solomon BURKE, 23, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Solomon & Mary, married Hariet DENNIS, 22, Harwich, same, d/o Stephen DENNIS & Harriet PARMER, witn: F. MARLATT of Harwich & Mrs. A. C. BAKER of Blenheim, 7 June 1881 at Blenheim 5194-81 Silas BURKE, 26, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Solomon BURKE & Mary PARSONS, married Jessie Lottie BAILEY, 19, Harwich, same, d/o Robert E. & Lottie, witn: George BAILEY of Harwich & John A. BIGGER of Blenheim, 16 Feb 1881 at Blenheim

004860-81 (Kent Co) Joseph BURNS, 24, baker, Canada, Chatham, s/o Matthew & Fanny BURNS, married Francis CLEMENTS, 21, Canada, Chatham Canada, d/o Samuel & Eliza CLEMENTS, witn: Hattie LANGFORD, London twp., Maria R. LANGFORD, Chatham, 31 August 1881 at Chatham

5199-81 William F. BURNS, 30, laborer, Westmoreland NB, Harwich, s/o Thomas & Charlotte, married Laura HARTFORD, 21, Harwich, same, d/o Samuel & Dorotha, witn: Mrs. E. M. BAILEY of Leamington & E. C. GILLIES of Blenheim, 9 June 1881 at Blenheim
4936-81 Rev D. D. BURTCH, 32, Baptist minister, Fingal, Leamington, s/o James & Margaret, married Eliza LILLIE, 36, Dawn Mills, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Barbara, witn: James DELGARNO of Chatham & John LILLIE of Wallaceburg, 23 Feb 1881 at Chatham


004973-81 (Kent Co) Martin BUSH, 25, laborer, Belleville, Chatham, s/o Louis & Nancy, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 24, Ireland, Chatham, d/o William & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. J.R. BATTISBY, Miss Robina SIMPSON, both of Chatham, 5 May 1881 at Chatham

004888-81 (Kent Co) Samuel Lewis CALENDER, 35, yeoman, widower, Virginia U.S., Dover twp., s/o Joseph & Sarah CALENDER, married Lucinda BELL, 29, Virginia U.S., Dover twp., d/o August & Cornelia BELL, witn: Catherine PEASLEY, Detroit, Furman S. TURNER, Chatham Ont., 19 October 1881 at Dover twp
5125-81 Thomas CAMERON, 27, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Peter CAMERON & Margaret BELL, married Jane CLARKE, 27, Perthshire Scotland, Orford, d/o Francis CLARKE & Jane CADDLE, witn: John CAMERON of Howard & Elizabeth CLARKE of Orford, 20 Jan. 1881 at Orford 004855-81 (Kent Co) Kenneth CAMPBELL, 43, merchant, widower, Chatham twp., Chatham Ont., s/o Thomas & Mary CAMPBELL, married Mrs. Sarah MORRISON, 38, widow, Euphemia, Chatham Ont., d/o William & Hannah ROLSTON, witn: Alexander CAMPBELL, Chatham twp., William SPRINTALL, Chatham, 15 August 1881 at Chatham

004961-81 (Kent Co) William CARPENTER, 28, laborer, Wiltshire England, Chatham, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Sarah BLACKMORE, 18, Tilbury East, Chatham, d/o Benjamin & Emily Ann, witn: A. PESKETT, Sarah BLACKMORE, residences not entered, 4 April 1881 at Chatham

004881-81 (Kent Co) Jacob CARVERS, 27, butcher, United States, Chatham Ont., s/o Adam & Casper CARVER, married Lucy DARLING, 25, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o John & Elizabeth DARLING, witn: John CECIL, Mary TURNER, both of Chatham, 5 October 1881 at Chatham

4943-81 William CASEY, 44, widower, farmer, Ireland, Harwich, s/o James & Anna, married Honora CASEY, 25, widow, Ireland, Harwich, d/o Patrick & Mary FITZGIBBONS, witn: William DUMAS & Louisa STERNELIN, both of Chatham, 7 Jan 1881 at St. Josephs church, Chatham (Rom Cath)

004876-81 (Kent Co) John CAVANAUGH, 23, engineer, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Denis & Bridgett CAVANAUGH, married Bessie DOLSEN, 23, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Charles & Nancy DOLSEN, witn: John BRADY, Rosa BLONDE, both of Chatham Ont., 25 September 1881 at Chatham

005087-81 (Kent Co.)  George J. CLARK, 28, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Henry & Jamie, married Flora CAMPBELL, 24, Howard, same, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn:  James L. CLARK & Margaret CAMPBELL, both of Howard, on 27 April 1881, at Howard

005204-81 (Kent Co) Jabez William CLARKSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Crowland Welland Co., s/o John CLARKSON & Ann INMAN, married Hannah Marie STOKES, 22, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Joseph STOKES & Mary WALTERS, witn: E.J. TOLE, Delia A. STOKES, both of Harwich, 12 October 1881 at Harwich


004962-81 (Kent Co) Albert CLEMENS, 26, labourer, Blenheim Oxford Co., Chatham, s/o Moses & Elizabeth, married Eliza MOORE, 24, England, Chatham, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: David MOORE, Caroline MICHE, both of Chatham, 23 March 1881 at Chatham

004850-81 (Kent Co) James CLEMENTS, 27, tailor, England, Dresden Ont., s/o Samuel & Elizabeth CLEMENTS, married Jessie COLTMAN, 25, Prince Edward Island, Dresden Ont., d/o William & Eliza COLTMAN, witn: M. HATER, Miss CLEMENTS, residences not entered, 20 July 1881 at Chatham

005218-81 (Kent Co) John Walter CLEMENTS, 26, carpenter, Canada, Grand Rapids, Michigan United States, s/o John & Mary CLEMENTS, married Mary Ann SMITH, 22, Canada, Harwich, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: William Henry NEVILS, Nancy Allice SMITH, both of Harwich, 20 April 1881 at Harwich

005215-81 (Kent Co) Patrick CLEMENTS, 27, farmer, Mosa Ont., Mosa, s/o William & Margaret, married Margret Elizabeth WINGER, 21, Wainfleet, Harwich, d/o Daniel & Magdalene WINGER, witn: Alexander McNEAL, Mosa, Ellen WINGER, Harwich, 1 March 1881 at Harwich

5179-81 Phinehas COFFEY, 33, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o James & Susan, married Eliza HUCKLE, 18, England, Raleigh, d/o Thomas & Betsy, witn: Anetta HARVEY of Blenheim & Carrie HUCKLE of Raleigh, 26 Oct 1881 at Blenheim 5190-81 Theodore COLBY, 24, farmer, Canada, Harwich, s/o Horace & Eliza, married Christina E. TUCK, 21, Canada, Harwich, d/o William & Christena, witn: Mary P. KILTY & Mary E. PUTNAM, both of Blenheim, 8 March 1881 at Blenheim
4947-81 George Wesley COLLISON, 21, farmer, Matilda - Dundas, Gore of Camden, s/o James & Permilla, married Adeline GROVE, 19, Adolphustown, Gore of Camden, d/o Andrew & Uretta, witn: Edward LENNOX & Sophia COLLISON, both of Gore of Camden, 10 March 1881 at Chatham 004887-81 (Kent Co) George A. COWAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Tilbury East twp., s/o Hampton & Elizabeth COWAN, married Mary E. HARNICK, 21, Canada, Tilbury East, d/o John & Isabella HARNICK, witn: Mrs. J.R. BATTISBY, Chatham, Mrs. John HARNICK, Tilbury East twp., 10 October 1881 at Chatham

5176-81 Calvin Elvin COX, 29, butcher, Ontario, Raleigh, s/o Joseph & Diana, married Louisa E. TAYLOR, 21, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o William & Druscilla, witn: Joseph COOKSON of Blyth & M. H. CLARK of Blenheim, 24 Aug 1881 at Blenheim

005223-81 (Kent Co) Charles John CUMMINS, 25, painter, England, Detroit, s/o Edwin & Emma CUMMINS, married Jennet STEWART, 28, Scotland, Zone twp., d/o William & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Clarence SPRAGUE, Polly STEWART, both of Florence, 16 November 1881 at Zone twp

005147-82 (Kent Co) William CUNNINGHAM, 21, [profession illegible], Canada, Dresden, s/o Louis & Ann CUNNINGHAM, married Mary Jane HARRIS, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o James & Emma? HARRIS, witn S.J. COOKMAN? of Dresden & Asa HALL of Acton, 28 December 1881, at Dresden. 005156-84 (Kent Co.) Thomas DALTON, 30, farmer, of Dawn Centre, s/o William DALTON & Bridget CLUNEY, married Ellen McGURIE (McGuire?), 27, of Dawn Centre, d/o Francis McGURIE & Rosie O'BRIEN, witn William McGURIE & Bridget O'DONNELL, of Dresden, on 16 May 1881, at Dresden
5185-82 Pierre DANIEL, 53, widower, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Joseph DANIEL & Terese LANDRY, married Catherine OUELLETTE, 43, widow, Dover, St. Peter, d/o Joseph OUELLETE & Elizabeth CARRON, witn: Joseph BECHARD & J. Baptiste LAPLANTE, both of Dover twp., 23 Feb. 1881 at Dover South

005167-81 (Kent Co) Thomas E. DAWSON, 26, farmer, Canada, Sombra twp., s/o Thomas DAWSON & Elizabeth DAWSON, married Mary HARDY, 21, North Gore of Chatham, North Gore of Chatham twp., d/o William HARDY & Sarah HARDY, witn: Joseph DAWSON, Sabina GAWNE, both of Sombra, 16 November 1881 at Dresden

004890-81 (Kent Co) Arthur DELMAGE, 25, cabinet maker, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o John & Catherine DELMAGE, married Louisa Jane SMITH, 20, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Robert Osborne & Rebecca SMITH, witn: Hugh A. STRINGER, Ida LOCKE, both of Chatham, 26 October 1881 at Chatham

005169-81 (Kent Co) Ira Chaney DEWITT, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o John DEWITT & Malinda DEWITT, married Martha FLEMING, 22, Canada, Dresden, d/o William FLEMING & Catherine FLEMING, witn: Hannah WALKER, Mrs. E. STORMS, both of Dresden, 10 December 1881 at Dresden

  004978-81 (Kent Co) John DIBBLY, 21, labourer, Trafalgar Peel Co., Harwich Kent Co., s/o Thomas & Charlotte DIBBLY, married Rachel DICK, Harwich Kent Co., Harwich Kent Co., d/o William & Catherine DICK, witn: Peter FISHER, Martha DIBBLY, both of Harwich Kent Co., 17 May 1881 at Chatham

4952-81 Morris A. DOLPH, 25, farmer, Wayne Mich., Wallaceburg, s/o Hiram & Margaret, married Maggie May YOUNG, 18, Saginaw Mich., Wallaceburg, d/o Nathan & Romelia, witn: Sylvanus HODGES & Emma McDOUGAL, both of Wallaceburg, 2 May 1881 at Chatham

004852-81 (Kent Co) William David DONALD, 26, dyer, Canada, Dresden Ont., s/o Robert & May DONALD, married Elizabeth Jesse BLYTHE, 23, Canada, Dresden Ont., d/o John & Elizabeth BLYTHE, witn: Mrs. WALKER, Miss SENBNER, both of Chatham, 1 August 1881 at Chatham
4938-81 Timothy DONOVAN, 44, widower, farmer, Cork Ireland, Harwich twp., s/o Dan DONOVAN & Catherine SULLIVAN, married Mary DOWAY (Donnay?), 30, Harwich, same, d/o John DOWAY & Johanna DONOVAN, witn: P. COLEMAN & Margaret DOWNY (sic), both of Chatham, 27 Feb 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath) 5259-82 (Kent Co): George DOWD, 29, carpenter, Ontario, Harwich, so George & Mary, married Hannah BLACKMORE, 23, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: William HAWLEY of Charing Cross & Martha BLACKMORE of Harwich, 15 Nov 1881 at Harwich

005161-81 (Kent Co) Albert Edward DOWSWELL, 26, carpenter, Canada, Dresden, s/o Thomas DOWSWELL & Jane DOWSWELL, married Jennie GRAHAM, 25, Canada, Dresden, d/o Charles GRAHAM & Harriet GRAHAM, witn: John LEAK, Maggie GRAHAM, both of Dresden, 26 October 1881 at Dresden

4951-81 William DUNCAN, 21, laborer, Bothwell, same, s/o Alexander & Ellen, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 20, Bothwell, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: James LAWNY & Emily GUGH (Yugh?), both of Bothwell, 10 March 1881 at Chatham

004972-81 (Kent Co) Samuel DUNCAN, 25, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o George & Margaret, married Clara Wilhelmina ASHFORD, 24, Port Hope, Chatham, d/o James & Harriet, witn: Lavenger? G. & Edith LOISIMAN? of Chatham twp., 2 May 1881 at Chatham

4930-81 William DYER, 40, widower, blacksmith, England, Blenheim, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Esther Ann PUTMAN, 34, Ontario, Chatham, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. E. M. CHRISTIE & T. W. PEARSON, both of Chatham, 31 Jan 1881 at Chatham

004956-81 (Kent Co) Napoleon EBERT, 21, farmer, Montreal Quebec, Raleigh twp. Kent Co., s/o Napoleon & Mary, married Louishanna LEYERT, 16, Prescott Ont., Raleigh twp. Kent Co., d/o George & Olive, witn: Gilbert H. DOLSEN, Anthony EDWARDS, both of Raleigh twp. Kent Co., 18 April 1881 at Chatham

005102-81 (Kent Co.)  John A. ELLIOTT, 26, banker, Ontario, Ridgetown, s/o William H. & Frances, married Maria WESTLAND, 24, Ridgetown, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn:  George WESTLAND & Nathaniel MILES, both of Ridgetown, on 24 March 1881, at Ridgetown 005085-81 (Kent Co.)  Alexander ELLIS, 21, farmer, Kent Co., Howard, s/o Willit? & Julia Ann, married Mary SHAW, 18, Howard, same, d/o Edmund & Charlotte, witn:  Edmund SHAW & James LAW, both of Howard, on 28 December 1881, at Howard

005146-81 (Kent Co) John James ERWIN, 21, farmer, Mersea twp., Mersea twp., s/o Thomas & Nancy ERWIN, married Mary Jane DYER, 22, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o James & Maria DYER, witn: John DYER, Tilbury East, Christopher STEVENSON, Mersea, 17 October 1881 at Tilbury East

5129-81 William ESTLICK, 70, widower, gentleman, Orford, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Jane DE COW, 56, widow, Ontario, Dunwich, d/o Nathaniel & Rebecca MILLS, witn: Nancy C. BEADLE & Rebecca DE COW, 29 July 1881 at Highgate
004895-81 (Kent Co) Frederick FANNING, 27, engineer, Raleigh twp. Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o David & Mary FANNING, married Emily YOTT, 20, Kingston Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Joseph & Sarah YOTT, witn: Violet LABADIE, Christina PATERSON, both of Chatham, 13 October 1881 at Chatham

004867-81 (Kent Co) William FANT, 31, labourer, Kentucky, Chatham Ont., s/o William & Mille FANT, married Mary E. STAVOR, 37, widow, Kentucky, Chatham Ont., d/o Harry & Alice PISLOR, witn: James CALMON, Chatham, William FANT, Ingersol, 27 August 1881 at Chatham

005145-81 (Kent Co) James FARQUHARSON, 34, Presbyterian minister, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o Charles FARQUHARSON & Margaret FARQUHARSON, married Janet E.R. COUTTS, 27, Ontario, Tilbury East, d/o John & Rachel COUTTS, witn: Donald R. FARQUHARSON, John COUTTS Jr., both of Tilbury East, 18 November 1881 at Tilbury East

5172-81 William FARREL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Blenheim, s/o James & Caroline, married Jane CLEVELAND, 18, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o James & Catherine, witn: John CLEVELAND & Rachel MAYNARD, both of Harwich, 6 July 1881 at Blenheim
4937-81 Fred FIELDS, 27, carpenter & binder, Harwich twp., Raleigh twp., s/o James FIELDS & Martha LERANS?, married Nellie COUNTRYMAN, 21, Fort Wayne Indiana, Raleigh twp., d/o John COUNTRYMAN & Rosanna DOYLE (of Dover), witn: Cornelius HAYAR & Mary Eliza COUNTRYMAN, both of Raleigh twp., 1 March 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath) #004848-81 (Kent Co): John Watson FIFE, 49, widower, farmer, Otonabe, Raleigh, s/o William & Mary, married Samantha BOWEN, 29, Napanee, Raleigh, d/o Daniel & Mary A., witn: Mrs. SAUERMANN of Chatham, 1 Aug 1881 at Chatham

004976-81 (Kent Co) Charles FLEMING, 22, book keeper, Canada, Chatham, s/o Samuel & Hettie, married Catherine PICKARD, 22, Canada, Kent Bridge, d/o Harriet L. & Mahlon, witn: Charles PICKARD, Kent Bridge, Mrs. L BARKER, Chatham, 10 May 1881 at Chatham

004859-81 (Kent Co) Edwin FLEMINGTON, 24, blacksmith, England, Harwich Kent Co., s/o Josiah & Fanny FLEMINGTON, married Jane NEVILLS, 21, Waterloo Ont., Harwich Kent Co., d/o Jonathan Sophia & Arthur W. NEVILLS, witn: Selina LUCIA, Chatham, 30 August 1881 at Chatham

004864-81 (Kent Co) John FLETCHER, full, tailor, England, Chatham Ont., s/o Robert & Sarah FLETCHER, married Mary LECOQUE, full, Alderney Channel, Chatham Ont., d/o Francis & Mary M. LECOQUE, witn: William Henry LECOQUE, Mary Ann LECOQUE, both of Chatham, 7 July 1881 at Chatham

005152-82 (Kent Co.) Edward FOSTER, 24, telegraph operator, Canada, Dresden, s/o John & Eliza Jane FOSTER, married Ida Augusta CLAPP, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o William & Jane CLAPP, witn John FOSTER & Ann ATKINS, of Dresden, 19 December 1881, at Dresden. 005153-82 (Kent Co) John FOSTER, 26, engineer, Canada, Dresden, s/o John & Eliza Jane FOSTER, married Mary Ann ATKINS, 24, Canada, Dresden, d/o William & Mary Ann ATKINS, witn Ida Augusta FOSTER & Edward FOSTER, of Dresden, 21 December 1881.
004901-81 (Kent Co) John Robert FOSTER, 27, gentleman, Dover twp. Ont., Dover twp. Ont., s/o George & Elizabeth FOSTER, married Mary TAYLOR, 23, Dover twp. Ont., Dover twp. Ont., d/o Francis & Jennie TAYLOR, witn: James FOSTER, Dover twp., Jennie ETCHES, Chatham Ont., 9 November 1881 at Chatham

004966-81 (Kent Co) Elija FRANCIS, 43, farmer, widower, England, Tilbury East twp., s/o Robert & Ann, married Hannah J. MIFFLIN, 40, widow, Canada, Tilbury East twp., d/o John & Dortha [no surname given], witn: Horace MILLER, P.R. LANGFORD, both of Chatham, 7 March 1881 at Chatham

005148-82 (Kent Co) William GEORGE, 26, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth GEORGE, married Annie Elizabeth COLE, 21, Canada, Twp. of Chatham, d/o William & Ann COLE, witn John B. GEORGE & Mary A. COLE, 14 November 1881, at Dresden.

004877-81 (Kent Co) William GERNAY, 21, tailor, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Leonard GERNAY & Margaret McNAMARA, married Mary Anne COYNE, 19, Quebec, Chatham Ont., d/o father not entered, & Mary COYNE, witn: John TAYLOR, Lizzie REILLY, both of Chatham, 26 September 1881 at Chatham

005117-81 (Kent Co.)  Archibald A. GIBSON, 24, painter, East Williams, Ridgetown, s/o John & Margaret, married Louisa BRAUN, 19, Bowmanville, Ridgetown, d/o F. W. & Catherine, witn:  F. W. BRAUN & Nicholas BRAUN, both of Ridgetown, on 22 August 1881, at Ridgetown

004883-81 (Kent Co) John GLASSFORD, 22, blacksmith, Kent Co., Chatham Ont., s/o Angus & Louisa GLASSFORD, married Baria BAGNALL, 22, Tilbury twp., Chatham Ont., d/o William & Margaret BAGNALL, witn: John F. CRACKER, Chatham, Robina SIMPSON, Newmarket, 20 September 1881 at Chatham

005110-81 (Kent Co.)  Robert H. GORDEN, 20, jeweller, Scotland, Ridgetown, no parents listed, married Lizzie N. FROMAN, 23, Northumberland Co., Ridgetown, d/o Thomas & Flora, witn:  George STUART & E. G. FROMAN, both of Ridgetown, on 15 August 1881, at Ridgetown

005216-81 (Kent Co) James GORDON, 21, farmer, Howard Ont., Howard, s/o John GORDON & Ann McROBERTS, married Mary Ann GOOSE, 22, Harwich Ont., Harwich, d/o John GOOSE & Margaret McNAUGHTON, witn: Duncan NEILSON, Anne GORDON, both of Harwich, 16 March 1881 at 11th Conc. Harwich

5124-81 John Salter GOSNELL, 32, farmer, Ontario, Orford, s/o James & Ann, married Mary Ellen SMITH, 18, Ontario, Orford, d/o Henry & Eliza Ann, witn: Lawrence McL. GOSNELL & Fanny Jane SMITH, both of Orford, 30 Dec 1881 at Orford 5120-81 Lawrence M. GOSNELL, 23, farmer, Canada, Orford, s/o Lawrence & Sarah, married Charlotte Maria BALDWIN, 21, Ontario, Orford, d/o W. C. & Elizabeth, witn: J. J. GOSNELL of Highgate & Alice BALDWIN, 16 Feb 1881 at Orford
005103-81 (Kent Co.)  John B. GRANT, 28, merchant, Glostershire (Gloucestershire?) England, Ridgetown, s/o Charles & Janet, married Amedia NIMO, 26, Brownsville - Oxford, Ridgetown, d/o Frederick & Jemima, witn:  Edgar NIMO & Sophia GRANT, both of Ridgetown, on 10 May 1881, at Ridgetown 004968-81 (Kent Co) Elias GREAVES, 27, butcher, Canada, Thamesville, s/o Elias & Sophia, married Mary Helen POILE, 22, Canada, Chatham, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Fred H. MILLS, Thamesville, Sarah E. POILE, Chatham, 24 February 1881 at Chatham

004971-81 (Kent Co) Danial (Daniel?) GREEN, 21, farmer, Howard, Harwich, s/o Berman & Mary, married Laura STEWART, 23, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Charles & Ducida, witn: Joseph GREEN, Cynthia STEWART, both of Harwich, 10 May 1881 at Chatham

005202-81 (Kent Co) Isaac GREGORY, 23, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o John GREGORY & Emaline GREGORY, married Susan AUBREY, 20, Camden, Harwich, d/o Alonzo & Sarah AUBREY, witn: S. FRENCH, Chatham, Jennie REED, Harwich, 26 October 1881 at Harwich

4925-81 Frank GRIEVE, 25, farmer, Raleigh twp., Tilbury East, s/o John & Charlotte, married Mary Elenor EDWARDS, 18, Romney, Tilbury East, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: H. D. & Alice McCOLL of Chatham, 25 Feb 1881 at Chatham 5187-82 Jacques GUERIN, 24, farmer, New York USA, Stoney Point, s/o Narcisse GUERIN & Celeste CARTEAU, married Celina RICHER, 24, Dover twp., same, d/o J. Baptiste RICHER & Mathilde PELLETIER, witn: Narcisse GUERIN & Isidore PELLETIER, both of Dover, 8 Feb 1881 at Dover South

005151-81 (Kent Co) James GUEST, 27, farmer, Canada, Dresden, s/o John GUEST & Almira GUEST, married Frances VANSICKLE, 25, Canada, Dresden, d/o Hezekiah VANSICKLE & Ruth VANSICKLE, witn: Priscilla VANSICKLE, Eliza VANSICKLE, both of Dresden, 5 January 1881 at Dresden

005083-81 (Kent Co.)  Joseph Roswell GUILDS, 21, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Smith & Mary, married Elizabeth PURVIS, 18, Harwich, same, d/o William, witn:  Sarah MALLARY & John HELLMAN, both of Harwich, on 16 July 1881, (no place listed)
5174-81 Ezra Healy HALFPENNY, 25, wagon maker, Ontario, Blenheim village, s/o James HALFPENNY & Mary KNAPP, married Mary Hatty WEDGE, 19, Harwich twp., Blenheim village, d/o Charles WEDGE & Mary McLENNAN, witn: Mary Ellen WADDELL of Blenheim, 23 Aug 1881 at Blenheim 005084-81 (Kent Co.)  William HALL, 25, blacksmith, Glanford, Howard, s/o James & Margaret, married Anna GORDON, 23, Hamilton, Howard, d/o John & Anna, witn:  John STAPLES? & Rachael STEIN, both of Howard, on 15 November 1881, at Howard
005106-81 (Kent Co.)  Hopkins H. HALLADAY, 23, painter, Leeds Co, Wingham, s/o William J. & Mary A., married Margaret J. FRYER, 23, Onondaga, Brooke, d/o Charles & Martha, witn:  Mrs. J. C. FRYER & L. E. CUMMER, both of Ridgetown, on 6 June 1881, at Ridgetown  
5181-81 Henry HAMILL, 29, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o Robert & Sophia, married Barbara WATSON, 23, Ontario, Harwich, d/o James & Mary, witn: Angus & Mary WATSON of Harwich, 7 Dec 1881 at Blenheim

004898-81 (Kent Co) Milton HANNON, 27, farmer, Canada, Camden twp. Ont., s/o James & Charity HANNON, married Mary COOPER, 22, Canada, Camden twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: Mary A. SCANE, P.R. LANGFORD, both of Chatham, 23 November 1881 at Chatham

005100-81 (Kent Co.)  Alex HASSON, 33, farmer, Chatham twp, same, widowed, s/o John & Mary, married Elsie ARNOLD, 24, Howard, same, d/o Jacob & Eliza, witn:  Annie ARNOLD of Howard on 9 March 1881, at Ridgetown 005082-81 (Kent Co.)  Joseph HENNARD?, 19, raftsman, Chatham, Harwich, s/o Clement & Stella, married Winneford MOORE, 19, Chatham, Harwich, d/o John & Maria, witn:  William HUSBAND & Anne CURRY, both of Morpeth, on 27 June 1881, at Morpeth

004865-81 (Kent Co) John Christopher HERMAN, 31, carpenter, Germany, Ridgetown, s/o Christopher & Agnes HERMAN, married Sarah KENNEDY, 20, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Robert & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Misey LAND, John KENNEDY, residences not entered, 5 September 1881 at Chatham twp

4935-81 Richard HILL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Harwich twp., s/o John & Mary Ann, married Hannah E. BROWN, 22, Ontario, Harwich twp., d/o James & Mary Catherine, witn: Allison & Mrs. Allison ROBINSON of Chatham, 10 Feb 1881 at Chatham
005138-81 (Kent Co) William HOLMES Jr., 24, farmer, Tilbury West twp., Tilbury West, s/o William HOLMES & Jane HOLMES, married Rebecca NORTH, 23, Carlow Ireland, Detroit, d/o William NORTH & Rachel NORTH, witn: John HENDERSON, Mary AINSLIE, residences not entered, 23 February 1881 at Tilbury East 004858-81 (Kent Co) George HOPE, 22, agent, Mersey Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o George & Rebecca HOPE, married Jennie SCOTT, 21, Preston Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o James & Janet SCOTT, witn: David DUFF, Mrs. D. DUFF, both of Chatham Ont., 29 August 1881 at Chatham

004892-81 (Kent Co) Edward Adolphus HORNICK, 24, farmer, Canada, Tilbury East twp., s/o John M. & Isabel HORNICK, married Rachel Victoria KELLY, 17, Canada, Tilbury East twp., d/o Amos & Hannah KELLY, witn: Thomas HORNICK, Almira KELLY, both of Tilbury East twp., 12 October 1881 at Chatham

004885-81 (Kent Co) George E. HOUSE, 29, labourer, Ontario, Raleigh twp., s/o William E. & Elizabeth HOUSE, married Annie E. REID, 17, Ontario, Raleigh twp., d/o Alexander & Amanda REID, witn: Edmund BRUSH, Eliza BRUSH, both of Buckhorn Ont [Cedar Springs], 30 August 1881 at Chatham

004882-81 (Kent Co) William George HUNT, 23, yeoman, U.S., Chatham twp., s/o William & Eliza HUNT, married Mary Eliza WOOD, 26, widow, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o William & Sarah WOOD, witn: James RYAN, Bella RYAN, both of Chatham, 3 October 1881 at Chatham

005160-81 (Kent Co) Borville D. INGALLS, 36, tinsmith, Canada, Thamesville, s/o Otis INGALLS & Eve INGALLS, married Ann Henrietta HUGHES, 22, Australia, Dresden, d/o Samuel HUGHES & Mary HUGHES, witn: Emma HUGHES, Dresden, S.J. INGALLS, Thamesville, 14 September 1881 at Dresden

004840-80 (Kent Co) Robert JACKSON, 28, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o Robert & Ann JACKSON, married Charlotte DREWERY, 23, Raleigh Ont., Harwich, d/o Robert & Charlotte DREWERY, witn: James A. SHIPLEY, Mary A. SHIPLEY, both of Harwich, 5 January 1881 at Harwich 004871-81 (Kent Co) Charles Henry JAMES, 21, labourer, Harwich twp. Kent Co., Harwich twp., s/o Charles Henry & Sarah Jane JAMES, married Sarah Jane DICKINSON, 19, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Albert & Margaret DICKINSON, witn: George WHITE, Chatham, Eliza McCONNEL, Harwich twp., 25 August 1881 at Harwich twp.
005144-81 (Kent Co) William H. JANES, 75, farmer, widower, England, Tilbury East, s/o William JANES & Elizabeth JANES, married Louisa GEEST, 72, widow, England, Tilbury East, d/o Samuel GEEST & Ann GEEST, witn: William JANES, Tilbury East, Arthur WINCHESTER, residence not entered, 13 August 1881 at Tilbury East 004886-81 (Kent Co) Salter M. JARVIS, 50, lawyer, Canada, Toronto, s/o George & Ann JARVIS, married Jane E. BROOKE, 30, Canada, Chatham, d/o John E. & Betsey Jane BROOKE, witn: Daniel E. BROOKE, New Hamburg, F.R. BROOKE, Chatham, 22 September 1881 at Chatham

004866-81 (Kent Co) John JOHNSON, 63, gentleman, widower, Ireland, Chatham Ont., s/o Robert & Ann JOHNSON, married Charlotte BETTLES?, 55, widow, England, Chatham Ont., d/o Joseph & Ann Dixie BETTLES, witn: Edward HANES, Margaret BETTLES, both of Chatham, 17 August 1881 at Chatham

004958-81 (Kent Co) John David JOHNSON, 21, labourer, Ontario, Chatham twp., s/o parents not given, married Beressa BLOJET (Blodget?), 28, widow, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o parents not given, witn: Overta MONTGOMERY, M. SMITH, residences not entered, 31 January 1881 at Chatham

005086-81 (Kent Co.)  John JUSTIN, 25, carpenter, Wellington, London, s/o Martin James & Raachel, married Jessie Eliza RIGGS, 28, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, d/o Alexander & Martha, witn:  John RIGGS of Howard & Christy JUSTIN of London, on 13 April 1881, at Howard 4939-81 Augustus KELLAR, 44, widower, mill business, Montreal, Chatham, s/o Joseph KELLAR & Alaysis LANGEVIN, married Emma URQUETTE, 21, Dover, Chatham, d/o Alexander URQUETTE & Nasalia GANDNEAU (Gaudneau?), witn: Isaac & Sophia ROBERT of Chatham, 14 Feb 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath)
005078-81 (Kent Co.)  Charles KELLEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o John KELLEY & Ann BLAKELEY, married Elizabeth Jane WILSON, 22, Canada, Camden, d/o Marson? WILSON & Rebecca BRAUN, witn:  Amasa KELLEY & Sarah KELLEY, on 21 May 1881, at Camden

004851-81 (Kent Co) William Carlisle KELLY, 24, tailor, Canada, Chatham Ont., s/o Luke & Mary KELLY, married Hannah SMITH, 21, Elora Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Alexander & Anna SMITH, witn: Mary DEMARS, Mamie SMITH, both of Chatham, 8 August 1881 at Chatham

004878-81 (Kent Co) John KERR, 24, farmer, Bowmanville Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o William & Mary KERR, married Mary CLEMENTS, 25, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o James & Mary CLEMENTS, witn: Alice Gertrude McCOLL, Kate Emma McCOLL, both of Chatham, 24 August 1881 at Chatham

004977-81 (Kent Co) Charles McNab KIMBLE, 26, labourer, Ontario, Detroit Mich., s/o Henry & Ann KIMBLE, married C. J. BLOXTON, 19, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o James H. & Charlotte BLOXTON, witn: William HORNBY, Harwich, L. D. BALE?, Chatham, 3 May 1881 at Harwich

004967-81 (Kent Co) Charles LAGUE, 21, farmer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Banciel & Kitty, married Louisa LAGUE, 17, Canada, Raleigh twp., d/o David & Mary, witn: William LAGUE, Allie CRUMP, both of Chatham, 5 March 1881 at Chatham

004861-81 (Kent Co) William LAGUE (LEGUE?), 22, labourer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Banuil? & Kitty LAGUE, married Agnes BLAIR, 16, Canada, Chatham, d/o Richard & Mary BLAIR, witn: William BELLAIR, Alice LAGUE, both of Chatham, 6 August 1881 at Chatham
005118-81 (Kent Co.)  James B. LAMBLY, 25, gospel minister, Quebec, Bay City Michigan, s/o J. R. & Elizabeth, married Anna B. GARDNER?, Ontario, Morpeth, d/o Ralph & Frances, witn:  Walter BEDFORD  of ??? & Fanny LAMBLY? of Bothwell, on 19 October 1881, at Morpeth 5126-81 James LAMMING, 24, laborer, York state, Bothwell, s/o William & Mary, married Emma YEAGER, 16, Hamilton twp., Bothwell, d/o Abram & Mary, witn: William & Mrs. W. GOSHELL of Bothwell, 24 May 1881 at Highgate
005156-81 (Kent Co) Edward E. LANE, 22, farmer, Canada, Wallaceburg, s/o Stephen LANE & Elizabeth LANE, married Eliza J. DAWSON, 18, Canada, Wallaceburg, d/o Nicholas DAWSON & Elizabeth DAWSON, witn: William John BURROUGHS, Mary A. LANE, both of Wallaceburg, 8 June 1881 at Dresden

5085-82 (Kent Co): Frederick LEACH, 21, farmer, Camden, Raleigh, s/o William & Sarah A., married Sarah A. THOMAS, 24, Camden, Raleigh, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Martin LEACH & Elizabeth THOMAS, both of Raleigh, 26 Oct 1881 at Raleigh

4954-81 Richard Scott LITTLE, 36, civil engineer, Raleigh twp., Chatham, s/o James H. & Catherine, married Ellen EBERTS, 28, Chatham twp., same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Frank EBERTS & Kate KNIGHT, both of Chatham, 19 April 1881 at Chatham #004844-81 (Kent Co): Henry LIVELY, 23, laborer, Canada, Raleigh twp., s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Mattie BROWN, 22, Canada, Raleigh, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: James BROWN of Raleigh & Mary WORLEY of St. Clair, 8 June 1881 at Raleigh
005096-81 (Kent Co.)  Harry Wesley LUMLEY, 24, book keeper, Iona, Ridgetown, s/o Ephriam & Lydia, married Bessie M. HARTWICK, 19, Howard, same, d/o John & Lorne?, witn:  William CRAIG & George WELDON, both of Ridgetown, on 26 January 1881 005114-81 (Kent Co.)  Charles LUTZ, 25, carpenter, Orford, Ridgetown, s/o Jacob & Hannah, married Mary SAMPLE (LAMPLE), 20, Brantford, Ridgetown, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn:  F. LUTZ  & B. SAMPLE,  both of Ridgetown, on 9 November 1881, at Ridgetown
005224-81 (Kent Co) John W. MADDEN, 35, merchant, widower, Windsor, Thamesville, s/o John W, MADDEN & mother’s name not known, married Teressa Arvilla HELMER, 30, Zone twp., Zone twp., d/o George W. HELMER & Andrestaten? HELMER, witn: Daniel H. HELMER, Lizzie JEWHURST, both of Zone, 14 December 1881 at Zone  

 5190-82 Joseph MAILLET, 18, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Joseph MAILLET & Victoire TOULOUSE, married Euphrasina LUCIER, 18, Dover, same, d/o Janvier & Julienne, witn: Joseph TOULOUSE & Janvier LUCIER, both of Dover, 22 Nov 1881 at Dover South

5188-82 David MAILLET, 23, farmer, Dover twp., same, s/o Janny MAILLET & Agath LAUZON, married Philomene CHARRON, 15, Dover twp., same, d/o J. Baptiste CHARRON & Ermine CHAMPAGNE, witn: Janny MAILLET & J. Baptiste CHARRON, both of Dover, 22 Nov 1881 at Dover South
5261-82 (Kent Co): Walter MALVERN, 24, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o Charles Lomas & Caroline Martha MALVERN, married Matilda Jane HOLMES, 21, Nova Scotia, Harwich, d/o Fones & Jane Elizabeth, witn: Leona & Edith HOLMES of Chatham twp., 1 Dec 1881 at Chatham twp 004964-81 (Kent Co) Robert J. MANNING, 22, baker, England, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Permilia A. BLAKELY, 17, Canada, Chatham, d/o Hamilton & Jane, witn: John RIDDLE, Elizabeth RIDDLE, both of Chatham, 9 March 1881 at Chatham
004960-81 (Kent Co) Walter MANSELL, 22, Harwich, Tilbury, s/o William & Annie, married Ellanor Orpal STEVENSON, 18, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o Andrew & Clarrissa, witn: P.E. McKERRALL, Margaret McKERRALL, both of Chatham, 11 April 1881 at Chatham


005213-81 (Kent Co) Louis Henry MARTIN, 28, mechanic, widower, Wallaceburgh Ont., Wallaceburgh, s/o Henry H. MARTIN & Lucy? (ink blob) JUDSON, married Elizabeth ROBINSON, 28, Harwich Ont., Harwich, d/o Aaron ROBINSON & Melissa ROWE, witn: Ruben MARTIN, Wallaceburgh, Lucy ROBINSON, Harwich, 25 January 1881 at Harwich

005140-81 (Kent Co) Matthew MARTIN, 42, farmer, widower, Ontario, Tilbury East, s/o Matthew MARTIN & Christina MARTIN, married Jane ADAMS, 20, Scotland, Tilbury East, d/o Robert ADAMS & Mary ADAMS, witn: James CAMPBELL, George ADAMS, both of Tilbury East, 21 May, at Tilbury East
4948-81 John MAW, 26, farmer, Howard twp., same, s/o James & Susannah, married Ellen Alice STANTON, 23, Harwich twp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: James LATON of Harwich & Mary CLARK of Howard, 9 March 1881 at Chatham

005201-81 (Kent Co) William Harrison MAY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Blenheim, s/o George MAY & Sophia WHEELER, married Frances FENNEL, 21, Ontario, Harwich, d/o John FENNEL & Ruth HALL, witn: Henry WILLSHER, Blenheim, Annie HALL, Harwich, 26 October 1881 at Harwich

5175-81 Samuel McCREA, 25, blacksmith, Ontario, Richmond, s/o Samuel & Jennet, married Sophia P. SHILLINGTON, 21, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Robert McELROY of Richmond & Lydia A. TRIMBLE of Morpeth, 23 Aug 1881 at Blenheim 005089-81 (Kent Co.)  David McCRIMMON, 28, lumberman, Glengarry Co, Tilbury East, s/o John & Christy, married Hannah PARR, 25, Albion twp, Tilbury East, d/o William & Mary, witn:  Mrs. H. McDAIRMID & Mrs D. P. McLAUREN?, both of Ridgetown, on 5 January 1881

005171-81 (Kent Co) Charles McDERMAND, 25, mariner, Canada, Dresden, s/o William McDERMAND & Martha McDERMAND, married Mary Louisa DRENNAN, 19, Canada, Dresden, d/o Andrew DRENNAN & Mary Jane DRENNAN, witn: Joseph GURNON, Annie GURNON, both of Dresden, 21 December 1881 at Dresden

4942-81 John McGREGOR, 20, carriage maker, Chatham, same, s/o Hector McGREGOR & Mary WIDDICK, married Alice GAUDREAU, 20, Chatham, same, d/o Herbert GAUDREAU & Mary HICKEY, witn: James KELLER & Eva McLAUGHLIN, 10 Jan 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath)
005146-82 (Kent Co) Daniel Wm? MCINTYRE, 27, grain merchant, Canada, Chatham, s/o John & Isabella MCINTYRE, married Flora MCDONALD, 24, Canada, Dresden, d/o Archibald & Mary MCDONALD, witn William C. SHONEY & Ella M. SHONEY? Of Dresden, 28 December 1881, at Dresden.  
005327-82 (Kent Co.) John McKERRICHER, 66, gentleman, Perthshire Scotland, Ridgetown, widowed, s/o Finlay & Jeannette, married Ann CAMPBELL, 44, Howard, Ridgetown, d/o Archibald & Catherine, witn James GRANT & Dr. YOUNG, both of Ridgetown, on 22 December 1881, at Ridgetown 005112-81 (Kent Co.)  Alexander McLAUGHLAN, 26, farmer, Scotland, Howard, s/o Donald, married Mariah Ann SCARLETT, 22, Orford, same, d/o Gilbert & Nancy, witn:  Laurana SCARLETT of Orford & Hanah SCARLETT of Howard, on 27 December 1881, at Ridgetown
4953-81 John Cameron McLEAN, 30, farmer, Sterlingshire Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Louisa Jane WELLINGTON, 17, Devonshire England, Tilbury East, d/o Edmund & Sarah Jane, witn: Richard & Elizabeth Emily WELLINGTON of Tilbury East, 2 May 1881 at Chatham

004862-81 (Kent Co) William Gordon McLEAN, full, book keeper, Sarnia Ont., Sarnia Ont., s/o William & Jane McLEAN, married Susan Mary HAYWARD, age not entered, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o Andrew & Emela HAYWARD, witn: Sutherland JOHNSON, Sarnia Ont., Kate HAYWARD, Chatham Ont., 10 June 1881 at Chatham

004896-81 (Kent Co) Arthur R. McMAHON, 28, farmer, Canada, Dover twp. Kent Co., s/o William & Barbara McMAHON, married Eliza CHRISTNER, 21, Dawn (twp) Kent Co., Dawn Kent Co., d/o Lazons & Margaret CHRISTNER, witn: Alice G. MCCOLL, Kate McCOLL, both of Chatham, 2 November 1881 at Chatham

5119-81 Neil D. McPHAIL, 33, drover, Orford?, Ridgetown, s/o Nichol McPHAIL & Mary McTAGGART, married Annie LEITCH, 22, Orford, Duart, d/o James LEITCH & Mary McINTOSH, witn: John THOMPKINS of Ridgetown & Jane LEITCH of Duart, 26 Jan 1881 at Duart
  5186-82 Charles MEUNIER, 32, laborer, Michigan USA, Detroit, s/o Jacques MEUNIER & Catherine THIBAULT, married Appoline DEMERS, 32, Canada, Dover, d/o Eustache DEMERS & Tea VEZINA, witn: J. Baptiste & Eustache DEMERS of Dover, 14 Feb 1881 at Dover South
5188-81 John MIDGELY, 33, widower, tinsmith, Brant Ont., Chatham, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Dona (Doria?) Agnes EVERETT, 29, Harwich, Chatham, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: A. J. & E. E. GILLIES of Blenheim, 20 Jan 1881 at Blenheim 5128-81 Michael MILLER, 25, farmer, Ontario, Aldboro, s/o Jacob MILLER & Catherine LEMNER, married Magdalena HITZEL, 22, Ontario, Aldboro, d/o John HITZEL & Elizabeth DIDEN?, witn: John MILLER & Catherine HITZEL, both of Aldboro, 9 June 1881 at Duart

004856-81 (Kent Co) Phillip MILLS, 27, carpenter, Virginia U.S., Chatham Ont., s/o Peter & Nancy MILLS, married Annie GANT, 17, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o William & Louisa GANT, witn: William GANT, Isabella McKAY, both of Chatham Ont., 17 August 1881 at Chatham

4944-81 Edward MOORE, 24, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Peter MOORE & Bridget O'NEIL, married Mary Ann HARPER, 21, Brantford, Thamesville, d/o John HOOPER (sic) & Mary CRAVE, witn: John MOORE of Howard & Liza DALY of Thamesville, 7 Jan 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath)

005157-81 (Kent Co) Charles H. MORGAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o Richard MORGAN & Mary MORGAN, married Mary Hattie HUGHES, 17, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o William John HUGHES & Sarah Ann HUGHES, witn: Miles HART, Levina HART, both of Dresden, 8 July 1881 at Dresden

005136-81 (Kent Co) James MORRISON, 21, farmer, USA, Tilbury East twp., s/o John MORRISON & Mary MORRISON, married Eliza Ann McKAY, 18, Ontario, Tilbury East, d/o John McKAY & Jane McKAY, witn: William McDONALD, Hiram McDONALD, both of Tilbury West, 2 February (year not entered) at Valetta

005206-81 (Kent Co) David MUCKLE, 28, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o John MUCKLE & Joan HAMIL, married Elizabeth Jane BAIRD, 23, Harwich, Harwich, d/o William BAIRD & Jane MEREDITH, witn: Robert John BIRD, Chatham, Mary BAIRD, Rondeau, 8 December 1881 at Harwich

4940-81 George MURRY, 22, harness maker, Westminster Ont., Chatham, s/o James MURRY & Mary MANISON (Morrison?), married Mary E. RYAN, 19, London Ont., Chatham, d/o James RYAN & Mary CURTIN, witn: Thomas MURRY of Chatham & Mrs. Robert CVANAUGH of Ingersol, 24 Jan 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath)

005217-81 (Kent Co) William Henry NEVILS, 32, carriage maker, widower, Canada, Harwich, s/o Jonathan & Sophia NEVILS, married Nancy Allice SMITH, 20, Canada, Harwich, d/o David & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: John Walter CLEMENTS, Grand Rapids Michigan, Mary Ann SMITH, Harwich, 20 April 1881 at Harwich

004884-81 (Kent Co) Arthur W. NEVILLS, 27, boiler maker, Wentworth Co. Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Jonathan & Sophia NEVILLS, married Selina R. LUCIEA, 20, Dover twp., Chatham, d/o Edward & Sophia LUCIEA, witn: William DRAPER, Miss BOSS, both of Chatham, 26 September 1881 at Chatham

5131-81 Thomas NOAH, 23, farmer, Moraviantown, same, s/o John & Julia, married Margaret STONEFISH, 17, Moraviantown, same, d/o Peter & blank, witn: Joshua PHEASANT & illegible HUFF, both of Moraviantown, 5 Sept 1881 at Moraviantown 005104-81 (Kent Co.)  James NUTBRAWN? (NUTBROWN)?, 26, laborer, Leeds Quebec, Aldborough, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Catherine JAMES, 18, Harwich, same, d/o Charles & Sophia, witn:  Herbert SIMPSON & Ada BOUMAN (Bonnan?), both of Ridgetown, on 22 May 1881, at Ridgetown
005155-84 (Kent Co.) Michael O'NEIL, 26, farmer, of Dover, s/o John O'NEIL & Margaret O'SULLIVAN, married Mary Ann CHALMERS, 22, Dover, same, d/o John CHALMERS & Catharine LAWLESS, witn Thomas HURLEY & Agnes O'NEIL, of Wallaceburg, on 4 January 1881, at Wallaceburg 4950-81 Oliver Hubbard OWEN, 36, farmer, Dover, same, s/o Michael & Rexana, married Jane Mary STEIN, 21, Dover, same, d/o John & Annie, witn: Lyman OWEN & Eliza STEIN, both of Dover, 16 March 1881 at Chatham

005220-81 (Kent Co) William PADBURY, 18, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o John & Emma, married Cordelia PIKE, 18, England, Harwich, d/o Joseph PIKE & Mary Ann PIKE, witn: James BRIGHT, Ellen BRIGHT, both of Harwich, 11 May 1881 at Harwich

005095-81 (Kent Co.)  John A. PAGE, 27, merchant, St. Thomas, Ridgetown, s/o John & Mary, married Lorina ?  CUMMER, 24, York, Ridgetown, s/o David & Margaret, witn:  S. N. YOUNG & C. CUMMER, both of Ridgetown, on 12 January 1881, at Ridgetown 005088-81 (Kent Co.)  William James PALMER, 24, farmer, Howard, same, s/o Jonathan & Matilda, married Lizzie SMITH, 24, Howard, Morpeth, d/o Cyrus & Catherine, witn:  C. P. SMITH, & Matilda A. PALMER, both of Morpeth, on 5 January 1881, at Morpeth

004903-81 (Kent Co) Abraham PAPE, 26, porter, Buckingham, Chatham, s/o John & Louisa PAPE, married Ellen WANLESS, 18, Montreal, Chatham, d/o James & Maggie WANLESS, witn: Mrs. J.R. BATTISBY, Christina PATERSON, both of Chatham, 10 November 1881 at Chatham

004868-81 (Kent Co) James A. PARDO, 21, mechanic, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o Thomas & Amanda PARDO, married Jennie ANDERSON, 20, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Jane ANDERSON, witn: Mary A. BOBIER, Sarah J. PARSONS, both of Chatham, 10 August 1881 at Chatham

005330-82 (Kent Co.) Robert PATENFIELD, 29, tinsmith, Wardsville Lambton Co., Ridgetown, s/o William & Catherine, married Pamella MITTON, 28, Ridgetown, same, d/o John & Jane, witn Hannah MITTON of Ridgetown, on 2 September 1881, at Ridgetown

004863-81 (Kent Co) Henry Albert PATTERSON, full, lumber merchant, Canada, Chatham Ont., s/o Walter & Eliza PATTERSON, married Florence Eleanor PEGLEY, full, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o William & Celia PEGLEY, witn: R.L. PATTERSON, Morpeth Ont., Mary WOODS, Chatham, 10 June 1881 at Chatham

004854-81 (Kent Co) Edgar Allen PAYNE, 22, farmer, Brampton, Township of Tilbury, s/o William & Ellen PAYNE, married Willson Ann HADLEY, 21, Oxford Co., Tilbury Kent Co., d/o George & Charlotte HADLEY, witn: P.R. LANGFORD, Marion LANGFORD, both of Chatham, 13 August 1881 at Chatham

005225-81 (Kent Co) William R. PECK, 37, ship builder, Chatham, Windsor, s/o Richard & Frebina PECK, married Isabella FERGUSON, 33, Scotland, Zone, d/o James & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Isabella ROSS, Chatham, John FERGUSON, Zone, 18 January 1881 at Zone

005207-81 (Kent Co) William Thomas PEGG, 23, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o James & Elizabeth PEGG, married Rebecca Lodina HILL, 20, Ontario, Carlton Co. - North Gore, d/o John & Lydia HILL, J.F. PUTNAM, M.L. HILL, both of Blenheim, 21 December 1881 at Harwich

004889-81 (Kent Co) George PERRIT, 25, farmer, Sombra Ont., Raleigh twp., s/o Edwin & Ellinor PERRITT (sic), married Margaret ROLING, 23, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Hugh & Catherine ROLING, witn: Albert ROLING, Harriet ROLING, residences not entered, 26 October 1881 at Chatham

005210-81 (Kent Co) John Gilbert PHILLIPS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Blenheim, s/o Peter & Susanna PHILLIPS, married Catherine HAMILL, 25, Ontario, Harwich, d/o David & Catherine HAMILL, witn: James LAVERY, Ridgetown, Olive HAMILL, Harwich, 12 September 1881 at Harwich


005163-81 (Kent Co) Charles William PICKARD, 24, yeoman, Canada, Camden twp., s/o Mahlon PICKARD & Harriet L. PICKARD, married Hannah Vina FORSHEE, 20, Canada, Dresden, d/o Cyrenius P. FORSHEE & Almeda FORSHEE, witn: Joel FORSHEE, Albert FORSHEE, both of Camden, 5 October 1881 at Dresden

005155-81 (Kent Co) James Carson PICKARD, 25, carpenter, Canada, Thamesville, s/o Amos PICKARD & Susan PICKARD, married Susan Elizabeth HUFF, 19, Canada, Camden twp., d/o Daniel W. HUFF & Mary HUFF, witn: Mrs. M. W. GIFFORD, Mrs. A.E. STORMS, both of Dresden, 12 May 1881 at Dresden

5186-81 George Henry PICKERING, 28, carpenter, Harwich, same, s/o William PICKERING & Susanna PEGG, married Margaret E. CLEVELAND, 25, Harwich, same, d/o John CLEVELAND & Euphemia LOWRIE, witn: Maggie McGREGOR & Thomas P. PICKERING, both of Blenheim, 28 Dec 1881 at Blenheim 005080-81 (Kent Co.)  Charles James PILKEY, 23, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Archibald & Hannah, married Mary Ann COOPER, 20, England, Camden, d/o William & Mary, witn:  Duncan BOYLE & Harriet PILKEY, (no date), at Camden
5189-81 Thomas Henry POWELL, 24, butcher, Richmond Hill, Blenheim, s/o William & Margaret, married Mary Sophia VESTER, 21, Blenheim, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Thomas STEEL & Sarah VESTER, both of Blenheim, 12 Jan 1881 at Blenheim 005116-81 (Kent Co.)  John PRASCHAM, 23, farmer, Waterloo, Duart, s/o Charles & Lydia, married Katie SHOEMAKER, 20, Waterloo, same, d/o Abraham & Petromelia, no witnesses, on 23 August 1881, at Ridgetown
005079-81 (Kent Co.)  William PRESLEY, 24, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Peter, married Elizabeth PROCTOR, 22, Canada, Camden, d/o William PROCTOR & Sarah TAYLOR, witn:  Johnston JACKSON & Amelia JACKSON, on 12 June 1881, at Camden

004857-81 (Kent Co) Henry PRYOR, 24, brick maker, Co. Tremble Kentucky, Chatham Ont., s/o Hiram & Francis PRYOR, married Virginia BURY (Berry?), 21, Botany Ont., Botany Ont., d/o William BURY & Maria BURY, witn: William O. BENTLEY, Martha LEEVERS? (Seevers?), both of Chatham, 25 August 1881 at Chatham

004897-81 (Kent Co) Stephen B. PUTNAM, 19, agent, Canada, Blenheim Ont., s/o John & Elizabeth PUTNAM, married Bella ARBUCKLE, 18, Blenheim Ont., Blenheim Ont., d/o Thomas & Victoria ARBUCKLE, witn: H.D. McCOLL, A.G. McCOLL, both of Chatham, 21 November 1881 at Chatham 5180-81 William A. RAE, 50, widower, tailor, Scotland, Rond Eau, s/o Arthur & Mary, married Eliza LAWRENCE, 38, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o James B. LAWRENCE & Sarah HOWE, witn: James B. & Matilda LAWRENCE of Blenheim, 24 Nov 1881 at Blenheim

004899-81 (Kent Co) Albert REAUME, 24, farmer, Dover twp., Tilbury East twp., s/o Charles & Margaret REAUME, married Ellen OUELETTE, 22, Canada, Raleigh twp., d/o Charles & Elizabeth OUELETTE, witn: Christina PATERSON, Andrew PATERSON, both of Chatham, 24 November 1881 at Chatham

005154-81 (Kent Co) James REID, 24, barber, Canada, Chatham, s/o Abram REID & Hannah REID, married Lina HANSBROUGH, 25, Canada, Chatham, d/o James HANSBROUGH & Cordera HANSBROUGH, witn: William COLLINS, Dresden, Clark HANSBROUGH, Chatham, 27 April 1881 at Dresden

004957-81 (Kent Co) George RICHARDSON, 21, farmer, Dresden, Dover, s/o Hiraham & Hannah, married Sarah SNOOK, 18, Chatham, Dover, d/o Charles & Prudence, witn: Mrs. J.R. BATTISBY, Robina SIMPSON, both of Chatham, 21 April 1881 at Chatham

#004845-81 (Kent Co): John RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Louisa FIFE, 19, Asphodel, Raleigh twp., d/o John William & Elizabeth, witn: William FIFE & Susanna BOWEN, both of Raleigh, 6 July 1881 at Raleigh
5189-82 Isaac RICHER, 19, farmer, Dover twp., same, s/o Tousaint RICHER & Josephte BOYER, married Josephine BOYER, 19, Canada, Dover twp., d/o Narcisse BOYER & Marie PILON, witn: Tousaint RICHER & Narcisse BOYER, both of Dover, 22 Nov 1881 at Dover South

004891-81 (Kent Co) John RIKLEY, 22, mechanic, Canada, Detroit Mich., s/o John & Ann RICKLEY (sic), married Cassie (Carrie?) KENNEY, 18, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o George W. & Christina KENNEY, witn: William SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, both of Chatham, 29 October 1881 at Chatham

5173-81 Franklin ROBBINS, 21, laborer, USA, Harwich twp., s/o William ROBBINS & Elmira FURES, married Elizabeth CONLIN, 16, Buffalo USA, Harwich twp., d/o Stephen & not given, witn: Ellen Mary WADDELL of Blenheim, 17 July 1881 at Blenheim 5178-81 Christopher ROBERTS, 24, cooper, state of Michigan, Chatham, s/o John & Margaret, married Maggie STORY, 18, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Alfred & Annie, witn: Alfred SULLIVAN of Chatham & Lizzie McMANN of Brussels, 6 Oct 1881 at Blenheim

005203-81 (Kent Co) William A. ROBERTSON, 30, farmer, Romney Ont., Romney Ont., s/o Alexander & Jane ROBERTSON, married Ada TYRRELL, 18, Raleigh, Harwich, d/o Jesse TYRRELL & Jane TYRRELL, witn: Thomas LOWRIE, Lucinda CAMERON, both of Harwich, 11 October 1881 at Harwich


004970-81 (Kent Co) Paul ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Restigouch Quebec, Dover East Kent Co., s/o William & Mary, married Julia Ann CONE, 26, Annslow (Onslow?) Pontiac Quebec, same, d/o Freeman & Nancy, witn: George C. SCOTT, Chatham, Martha L. ROBINSON, Dover East, 22 March 1881 at Chatham

005170-81 (Kent Co) John ROBINSON, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Dresden, s/o John ROBINSON & Jane ROBINSON, married Josephine FLEMING, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o William FLEMING & Catherine FLEMING, witn: Eyre McWHA, S.A. MORDEN, both of Dresden, 14 December 1881 at Dresden

5191-81 Robert James RUMBLE, 21, bender of wood, Ontario, Blenheim, s/o John & Mary, married Lizzie KINNEY, 20, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Hugh & Janet, witn: Isaac RUMBLE & Lydia Ann TRIMBLE, both of Blenheim, 17 March 1881 at Blenheim

005209-81 (Kent Co) Wesley N. RUSSELL, 27, farmer, Ontario, Raleigh, s/o Thomas & Jane RUSSELL, married Catherine JOHNSTON, 26, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o John & Euphemia JOHNSTON, witn: John ENGLISH, Mary ENGLISH, both of Harwich, 6 June 1881 at Harwich

004963-81 (Kent Co) James H. SCAFE, 29, farmer, Canada, Howard twp., s/o Anthony & Maria, married Elizabeth H. JOHNS, 18, Canada, Stanley twp., d/o James & Ann, witn: Anson MOUNTEER, Adelaide MOUNTEER, both of Chatham, 18 March 1881 at Chatham

005101-81 (Kent Co.)  Alexander Meredith SCARLETT, merchant, Orford, Howard, s/o Gilbert & Nancy, married (no bride listed), 20, Blenhein, Howard, d/o  (none listed), witn:  Henry AYERS of M. C., on 16 March 1881, at Ridgetown

004894-81 (Kent Co) John SCHNEIDER, 60, carriage trimmer, widower, Germany, Chatham Ont., s/o Theodore & Catherine SCHNEIDER, married Mary Ann SMITH, 50, England, Chatham Ont., d/o Thomas & Martha SMITH, witn: James & Rachel MARQUAND, 5 October 1881 at Chatham

005222-81 (Kent Co) Henry SCHOOT, 25, farmer, of Zone twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Eliza Jane HARRIS, 22, Zone, Zone, d/o Samuel & Susanna HARRIS, witn: Samuel HARRIS, John SCHOOT, both of Zone, 7 September 1881 at Zone

005111-81 (Kent Co.)  James E. SCOTT, 30, yeoman, Orford, same, s/o George & Margaret, married Barbara L. HITCEL, 22, Berlin, Aldborough, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn:  P. J. McLEON & R. H. GORDAN, both of Ridgetown, on 23 November 1881, at Ridgetown 5184-81 William Samuel SEAMAN, 21, farmer, Raleigh, Raleigh twp., s/o Benjamin SEAMAN & Mary Jane HANDYSIDE, married Nellie PIFFORD, 20, England, Harwich, d/o Benstaff PIFFORD & Sophia STEPNEY, witn: Richard WEITLY of Ridgetown & Rebecca Jane SEAMAN of Charing Cross, 21 Dec 1881 at Blenheim

005162-81 (Kent Co) Lasher SEE, 35, clerk, Canada, Dresden, s/o Martin SEE & Elizabeth SEE, married Jane F. GREEN, 30, widow, Canada, Dresden, d/o Luke BELL & Ann Clarke BELL, witn: Andrew BELL, Mrs. M.H. GIFFORD, both of Dresden, 25 October 1881 at Dresden

005149-81 (Kent Co) Solomon SEPHUS, 21, labourer, Canada, Dresden, s/o John SEPHUS & Margaret SEPHUS, married Elizabeth VANDYKE, 24, Kentucky U.S., res not given, d/o Jefferson VANDYKE & Louisa VANDYKE, witn: Mary VANDYKE, James JOHNSON, both of Dresden, 16 February 1881 at Gore of Camden

5264-82 (Kent Co): Emerson Rud--? SERVICE, 21, M.E. Minister, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Richard & Juliet, married Sarah STANTON, 27, Canada, Buckhorn, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George & Joseph STANTON of Buckhorn, 26 Dec 1881 at Harwich

004902-81 (Kent Co) Frederick SHAFER, 30, painter, Detroit Mich. U.S., Comber Ont., s/o Joseph & Ann SHAFER, married Mary GALERNO, 18, Comber Ont., Comber Ont., d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth GALERNO, witn: Thomas CHASE, Comber Ont., James GALERNO, Stoney Point Ont., 28 November 1881 at Chatham

5200-81 Melvin Stanley SHELDON, 27, printer, Ontario, Essex Centre, s/o George William SHELDON & Jane BLACKBURN, married Olive Vera LEE, 18, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Leonard LEE & Harriet FITZPATRICK, witn: Emma SHELDON & Mary LEE, both of Blenheim, 22 June 1881 at Blenheim

004969-81 (Kent Co) Albert SHELDRICK, 24, tailor, England, Chatham, s/o Alfred John & Isabella, married Georgia Ann WEST, 24, Canada, Chatham, d/o George F. & Sarah, witn: James PALMER, Harwich, Isa WEST, Chatham, 16 February 1881 at Chatham

  004869-81 (Kent Co) John Henry SHIPLEY, 22, carpenter, Ohio U.S., Blenheim Ont., s/o John & Sophia SHIPLEY, married Elizabeth DAVISON, 19, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Alfred & Maria DAVISON, witn: H.C. PUTMAN, Mrs. PUTMAN, both of Chatham, 28 August 1881 at Chatham
5132-81 William SHOEMAKER, 35, baker, Waterloo, Highgate, s/o John & Fanny, married Elizabeth EMERICK, spinster, 35, Wardsville, Highgate, d/o Stephen & Mary COLLINS, witn: William GOSNELL of Highgate & Sarah COLLINS of --estville?, 13 Oct 1881 at Highgate 4933-81 John Parmely SHOTWELL, 20, carpenter, Illinois USA, Osceola Mich., s/o John & Catherine, married Martha Jane MAYNARD, 18, Ontario, Harwich twp., d/o Menell & Esther, witn: Joe (Zoe?) SHOTWELL & Maria BRADY, both of Chatham, 19 Jan 1881 at Chatham

004975-81 (Kent Co) Thomas SIMON, full age, railroad man, Alderney Channel Islands, Chicago, s/o Stephen & Margarett, married Amendine LUMAULT (Luneault?), full age, Guernsey Channel Islands, Chatham, d/o Emmanuel & Emily, witn: Daniel ARUGNEL?, Annie DYER, both of Chatham, 16 May 1881 at Christ Church Chatham

005142-81 (Kent Co) William SMITH, 37, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury East twp., s/o James SMITH & Ann SMITH, married Adela VENNOR, 17, England, Tilbury East, d/o Joseph VENNOR & Sophia VENNOR, witn: William SMITH, Tilbury East, 16 March 1881 at Tilbury East

005097-81 (Kent Co.)  William SMITH, 28, laborer, Howard, same, s/o David & Margaret, married Margaret SMITH, 29, Brant, Orford, d/o Duncan & Hariet PETIT, witn:  William FERGUSON of Orford, on 7 February 1881, at Ridgetown

004880-81 (Kent Co) Joseph SMITH, 21, labourer, Canada, Chatham Ont., s/o John & Jane SMITH, married Sarah Jane PRUDUM (PREDHAM?), 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o Dennis & Christina PRUDUM, witn: Charles MATHEW, Margaret PRUDUM, both of Chatham, 6 October 1881 at Chatham

005221-81 (Kent Co) Benjamin SMITH, 23, farmer, Ontario, Tilbury East twp., s/o Edward & Mary, married Mary Catherine RAMSDEN, 22, Ontario, Harwich, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Edwin RAMSDEN, Mary Ann RAMSDEN, both of Harwich, 8 June 1881 at Harwich

005214-81 (Kent Co) William Ervine SNYDER, 23, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich, s/o Arba M. SNYDER & Elizabeth RANSOM, married Elizabeth Evalyn SHEPLEY, 24, Canada, Harwich, d/o Michael Adam SHEPLEY & Jane McNIEL, witn: Albert SNYDER, Ezra M. SHEPLEY, both of Harwich, 19 January 1881 at Harwich

005109-81 (Kent Co.)  John SPEARS, 26, farmer, Norwich, Morpeth, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Delia GRIMSELL, 28, Leeds Merrickville, Blenheim, d/o William & Mary A., witn:  Lizzie FRYER & J. P. FRYER, both of Ridgetown, on 21 December 1881, at Ridgetown 5121-81 John SPEIRS, 26, farmer, Ontario, Aldboro, s/o John SPEIRS & Hannah SCHUK (Scherk?), married Philomene CATSIL?, 27, Ontario, Aldboro, d/o Philip CATSIL & Sophina M. SIDAL, witn: Barbara ANTHES of Aldboro & Annie THOMPSON of Orford, 10 March 1881 at Duart

005137-81 (Kent Co) James STACEY, 29, carpenter, Province of Quebec, Essex Center, s/o William STACEY & Jane STACEY, married Isabella RICHARDSON, 30, Province of Quebec, Tilbury East, d/o John RICHARDSON & Margaret RICHARDSON, witn: Henry RICHARDSON, Tilbury East, William RICHARDSON, Detroit, 10 February 1881 at Valetta

004873-81 (Kent Co) Edwin F. STEPHENSON, 25, clerk, Chatham Ont., Winnipeg Man., s/o Rufus & Georgina STEPHENSON, married Alice TAYLOR, 25, Canada, Chatham Ont., d/o Thomas H. & Marie TAYLOR, witn: Dr. HOLMES, Rufus STEPHENSON, both of Chatham, 7 September 1881 at Chatham

004959-81 (Kent Co) Peter STEVENSON, 29, farmer, Tilbury East twp., Tilbury east., s/o Alexander & Janet, married Sarah MANSELL, 20, Raleigh twp., Tilbury, d/o William & Annie, witn: Peter E. McKERRALL, Margaret McKERRALL, both of Chatham, 11 April 1881 at Chatham

5197-81 Philander SUMLEY? (Lumley?), 28, merchants clerk, Southwold Ont., Blenheim, s/o Henry SUMLEY & Mary Ann CRAFORD (s/b Crawford?), married Annetta BIGGER, 21, Malahide, Blenheim, d/o Richard BIGGER & Julia Ann KENNEDY, witn: Herman SUMLEY & Eva FLATER, both of Blenheim, 30 May 1881 at Blenheim 005090-81 (Kent Co.) Benjamin F. SUTHERLAND, 26, mechanic, Scotland G.B., Blenheim, s/o James & Isabella, married Maggie SHAW, 20 Morpeth, same, d/o Charles & Annie, witn:  Henry MALLARY & Elma Shaw MALLARY, both of Ridgetown, on 2 December 1881, at Morpeth
005081-81 (Kent Co.)  Siman A. TALBOT, 26, farmer, Canada, Camden, s/o Lanency? & Jane, maried Sarah Ann DAVIS, 20, Canada, Camden, d/o Samuel H. & Catharine, witn:  William COOK & Millea CARTER, on 20 December 1881, (no place listed)

005164-81 (Kent Co) Joseph C. TASSIE, 34, merchant, Canada, Dresden, s/o James TASSIE & Rebecca TASSIE, married Margaret Ann TWEEDIE, 21, Canada, Dresden, d/o Gilbert TWEEDIE & Minerva TWEEDIE, witn: W.S. TASSIE, Toronto, C. TASSIE, Dresden, 5 October 1881 at Dresden

#004847-81 - Eli TAYLOR, 39, widower, laborer, Virginia USA, Chatham, s/o John & Mennia, married Rebecca FELLOWS, 17, Chatham, same, d/o Abraham & Melinda, witn: Thomas RICE of Chatham & Bella FELLOWS of Fletcher Ont., 6 July 1881 at Chatham

004853-81 (Kent Co) Alfred TAYLOR, 30, carpenter, Township of Hope, Township of Kent, s/o William & Maria TAYLOR, married Elizabeth JACKSON, 18, Dresden, Township of Kent, d/o James & Ann Maria JACKSON, witn: Andrew BURK, S.J. BURK, both of Township of Kent, 11 August 1881 at Chatham

5179-82 Guillaume THIBODEAU, 39, widower, carpenter, Detroit, Port Huron USA, s/o Michel THIBODEAU & Maria CHRETIENNE, married Vitaline NORMANDINE, 34, Quebec, Dover South, d/o Napoleon NORMANDINE & Angelique RAVENELLE, witn: Napoleon NORMANDINE & Philip BLAIR, both of Dover twp., 23 Aug 1881 at Dover South

005208-81 (Kent Co) Byron Chester TIFFIN, 22, farmer, Camden twp., Thamesville Ont., s/o Benjamin TIFFIN & Viola BASSET, married Christina Annie MORGAN, 23, Rond Eau Ont., Harwich, d/o Peter MORGAN & Lilias THOMPSON, witn: James MORGAN, Harwich, Annie TIFFIN, Thamesville, 29 December 1881 at Harwich

005205-81 (Kent Co) William TOLMIE, 37, joiner, widower, Scotland, Ridgetown, s/o Andrew TOLMIE & Ann TOLMIE, married Flora BUCHAN, 28, Aldboro, Harwich, d/o Neil BUCHAN & Mary BUCHAN, witn: P.J. McLEAN, J.P. McKINLAY, both of Ridgetown, 3 August 1881 at Harwich

4931-81 Edward TURCOTT, 22, sailor (or tailor), Ontario, Chatham, s/o Joseph & Julia, married Armenia OUELETTE, 19, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Albert & Celinera, witn: Joseph TURCOTT & Sarah Ann REDNER (Reidman?), both of Chatham, 7 Feb 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath)

005166-81 (Kent Co) James TURNER, 21, farmer, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o William TURNER & Mary TURNER, married Phoebe REID, 18, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o John REID & Catherine REID, witn: M.G. MURRAY, A.F. MURRAY, both of Dresden, 19 October 1881 at Dresden

005158-81 (Kent Co) Henry TURNER, 24, farmer, Canada, Chatham Gore twp., s/o Jeptha TURNER & Elizabeth TURNER, married Georgianna McDONALD, 18, Canada, Chatham Gore twp., d/o Alexander McDONALD & Nancy McDONALD, witn: Laughlin McDONALD, Mary McDONALD, both of Camden Gore twp., 12 July 1881 at Dresden

004872-81 (Kent Co) Daniel VANDENHOFF, 28, labourer, U.S., Wallaceburg Ont., s/o Richard & Saphrona VANDENHORF (sic), married Marilla LIDDY, 18, Canada, Wallaceburg, d/o Joseph & Linda LIDDY, witn: John SCHNEIDER, Marilla EVES, both of Chatham, 23 August 1881 at Chatham

5122-81 William James WADE, 32, farmer, Ontario, Michigan, s/o Amos WADE & Rebecca A. NEWCOMB, married Celista MASSEY, 27, Ontario, Orford, d/o Nathaniel & Maria, witn: Sarah GILLARD & John WADE, both of Orford, 6 April 1881 at Orford
5182-81 Angus WATSON, 30, tanner, Ontario, Harwich, s/o James & Mary, married Amelia HAMILL, 23, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Robert & Sophia, witn: Henry HAMILL & Barbara WATSON, both of Harwich, 7 Dec 1881 at Blenheim 005145-82 (Kent Co) William WATTERWORTH, 31, blacksmith, Canada, [residence illegible, possibly Mosa?], s/o Benjamin & Sarah WATTERWORTH, married Elizabeth JUDSON, 31, widow, Canada, Dresden, d/o Joseph & Margaret WALKER, witn J. R. POMEROY & Fannie THOMPSON of Dresden, 21 December 1881, at Dresden.
005115-81 (Kent Co.)  Hezekah WEST, 28, farmer, Howard, same, s/o George & Frances, married Sarah MANN, 26, Howard, same, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, witn:  James BRIGGS & Anne BRIGGS,  both of Ridgetown, on 3 November 1881, at Ridgetown 5284-82 George WHITE, 40, farmer, widower, Toronto, Orford, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Phoebe Jane OAKES, 33, Orford, same, d/o Cyrus H. & Teressa, witn: William GOSNELL & Miss J. McKINNON, both of Highgate, 28 Dec 1881 at Orford
5127-81 Frank Judson WILLETS, 22, engineer, Ontario, Orford, s/o John WILLETS & Nancy BIRCH, married Jane Elizabeth SCOTT, 19, Orford, same, d/o Lucy SCOTT & father's name unknown, witn: James & Mary All GILLARD of Orford, 22 June 1881 at Orford

005159-81 (Kent Co) Louis Nathaniel WILLISTON, 26, farmer, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o Elijah WILLISTON & Lucy WILLISTON, married Isabella Ellen McLEOD, 21, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o James McLEOD & Betsey McLEOD, witn: William DEGRAW, Dover, Bertha WINTER, Louisville, 29 June 1881 at Dresden

005093-81 (Kent Co.)  Anson WILLSON, 25, accountant, Howard, Chatham, s/o Abram L. & Julia, married Sarah Alice HILL, 21, Howard, same, d/o Austin & Ellen, witn:  Austin HALL & Ellen HALL, both of Howard, on 6 January 1881

005168-81 (Kent Co) Lewis WILMOT, 28, harness maker, Dresden, Dresden, s/o Lewis WILMOT & Sarah WILMOT, married Amelia FARNSWORTH, 22, Canada, Dresden, d/o James FARNSWORTH & Elizabeth FARNSWORTH, witn: Mrs. J.C. COSFORD, Mrs. D.D. WILLISTON, both of Dresden, 2 November 1881 at Dresden


005219-81 (Kent Co) Francis William WILSON, 23, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich, s/o Robert & Isabella WILSON, married Matilda Eliza MARTIN, 20, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Reuben & Mary Jane MARTIN, witn: William MATTICE, Annie WILSON, both of Harwich, 4 May 1881 at Harwich

005152-81 (Kent Co) George Franklin WINTER, 25, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Solomon WINTER & Ann WINTER, married Eliza Ann ROE, 20, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o William ROE & Rebekeh ROE, witn: Joseph WATE (Wall?), Dresden, 21 March 1881 at Dresden

005141-81 (Kent Co) Samuel WOODS, 26, farmer, Ontario, Raleigh, s/o Samuel WOODS & Mary WOODS, married Minerva WILLARD, 18, Ontario, Raleigh, d/o George WILLARD & Jane WILLARD, witn: Catherine LOGIE, Tilbury East, 16 May 1881 at Valetta

004965-81 (Kent Co) Walter WRIGHT, 21, farmer, United States, Dover twp., s/o Robert & Nancy, married Bella HUTCHINSON, 21, Canada, Dover twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: P.R. LANGFORD, Selinia MILLER, both of Chatham, 9 March 1881 at Chatham

005107-81 (Kent Co.)  Zenas YOUNG, 24, plasterer, Howard, Ridgetown, s/o Abraham YOUNG & Lidia, married Ida May HAWKINS, 21, Elgin Co, Ridgetown, d/o John HAWKINS & Tamson, witn:  Dimeon YOUNG & Lizzie YOUNG, both of Ridgetown, on 20 June 1881, at Ridgetown
5196-81 Henry Edward YOUNG, 25, mechanic, Galt Ont., Blenheim, s/o William YOUNG & Margaret HOLMES, married Florence Blanch BARNARD, 23, Richmond Hill, Blenheim, d/o George Allen BARNARD & Elizabeth Margaret SPRY, witn: Charles S. VONGRENTEN? & Malvina H. BYRAM, both of Blenheim, 28 May 1881 at Blenheim 4941-81 Andrew J. YOUNG, 21, Carthage NY, Chatham, s/o Andrew J. YOUNG & Mary ROCHLA, married Mary GOUDREAU, 20, Dover, Chatham, d/o Edward GOUNDREAU (sic) & Est. KING, witn: Will BANYE? & Mary Jane YOUNG, 11 Jan 1881 at Chatham (Rom Cath)

005139-81 (Kent Co) Stephen YOUNGS, 21, labourer, Michigan, Tilbury East twp., s/o Nicholas YOUNGS & Sarah YOUNGS, married Nettie GLAUCER (GLANCER?), 18, Freemont O. (Ohio?), Tilbury East, d/o Andrew GLAUCER & Minnie GLAUCER, witn: Lee DAVIS, Caroline DAVIS, both of Tilbury East, 12 April 1881 at Tilbury East