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Kent Co., 1890, part 2

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005953-90 (Kent Co) William Walter ALLEN, 25, sailor, Sandwich East, Windsor, s/o William ALLEN & Lucy ALLEN, married Mary Elizabeth STEPHENSON, 23, Dover, Dover, d/o William STEPHENSON & Emma STEPHENSON, witn: D.A. WILCOX, Martha WILCOX, both of Dover, 16 January 1890 at Dover East

005987-90 (Kent Co) Andrew ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Petrolia Ont., Chatham twp., s/o Ralph & Christina ANDERSON, married Annetta Jane SHAW, 21, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Melissa SHAW, witn: Myron ARNOLD, Richmond U.S., Mary JOHNSON, Dawn Ont., 24 December 1890 at Chatham twp

006040-90 (Kent Co) George W. ARTIS, 27, carpenter, Canada, Camden, s/o Mathew & Martha , married Martha D. WAGGNER, 16, Canada, Camden, d/o Jacob WAGGONER & S. WAGGNER, witn: Mrs. J. WAGGNER, R. BAERBECK, both of Dresden, 20 August 1890 at Camden

005984-90 (Kent Co) Benjamin AXFORD, 32, railroad man, Canada, Harwich twp., s/o George AXFORD & Ellina AXFORD, married Jennie H. REED, 29, Canada, Harwich, d/o James REED & Anna REED, witn: Euphin ARNOLD, Laurince ARNOLD, both of Harwich, 24 December 1890 at Harwich twp.

005744-90 (Kent Co) Henry BAKEWELL, 24, watchmaker & jeweller, Montreal, Chatham, s/o Ebenezer BAKEWELL & Ann BAKEWELL, married Edith E. ARNOLD, 22, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o David L. ARNOLD & Mary ARNOLD, witn: Richard TRELEAVEN, Kate TRELEAVEN, both of Chatham, 25 February 1890 at Chatham

005717-90 (Kent Co) Robert BARR, 27, laborer, Ireland, Chicago Ill. U.S., s/o Robert BARR & Laetitia BONNER, married Margaret GILLESPIE, 28, Ireland, Raleigh twp., d/o Peter GILLESPIE & Rose DONELL, witn: John DEGAN, Mary DEGAN, both of Raleigh, 13 March 1890 at St. Joseph's Church Chatham


006032-90 (Kent Co) Miles S. BEAMISH, 31, laborer, Kingston, Chatham, s/o William BEAMISH & Margaret NEDD, married Emily Jane VICKERY, 24, Thamesville, Euphemia twp., d/o William VICKERY & Catherine EXCELL, witn: Lurina VICKERY, James VICKERY, both of Euphemia, 24 December 1890 at Bothwell

005993-90 (Kent Co) John BECHILL, 21, mechanic, Yarmouth Elgin Co., Tilbury East twp., s/o John & Eliza, married Elizabeth MASON, 17, Chatham Ont, Tilbury East, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Charles HAWKINS, Charing Cross, Amelia BECHILL, St. Thomas, 17 February 1890 at Valetta, Tilbury East twp

005619-91 (Kent Co) John BECKER, 21, mechanic, Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg, s/o William & Mary BECKER, married Catherine THOMAS, 19, Beverly, Wallaceburg, d/o James & Clarissa THOMAS, witn: Finlay McRAE, Maggie CAMPBELL, both of Wallaceburg, 23 December 1890 at Wallaceburg

005737-90 (Kent Co) Edwin BELL, 29, lawyer, Ontario, Chatham, s/o (Joseph) John H. BELL & Elizabeth BELL, married Sarah BROOKE, 26, Ontario, Chatham, d/o John C. BROOKE & Betsy Jane BROOKE, witn: D. C. BROOKE, Windsor, Allie McKEOUGH, Chatham, 11 June 1890 at Chatham

005944-90 (Kent Co) John R. BENTLEY, 26, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Jonathan & Susan BENTLEY, married Lora JENNER, 2- (sic), Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Thomas JENNER & Phebe JENNER, witn: Leslie MITTON, Kate REYNOLDS, both of Harwich, 5 November 1890 at Harwich twp.

005928-90 (Kent Co) George BIRKINSHAW, 24, farmer, Howard twp., Howard, s/o Henry BIRKINSHAW & Mrs. Henry BIRKINSHAW, married Jessie WHITTINGTON, 19, Harwich Ont., Harwich, d/o George WHITTINGTON & wife, witn: Jennie NASH, William WHITTINGTON, residences not entered, 5 March 1890 at Harwich twp.


005957-90 (Kent Co) George C. BISHOP, 21, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Alfred BISHOP & Jane BISHOP, married Minnie A. STACEY, 17, Canada, Dover twp., d/o James STACEY & Mary STACEY, witn: John A. BISHOP, Baldoon, Eva PARISH, Chatham, 26 February 1890 at Dover

005742-90 (Kent Co) Frank BLACK, 22, carpenter, Kingsville Ont., Kingsville Ont., s/o Samuel BLACK & Esther BLACK, married Olive LINDSAY, 19, Essex Centre Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Jeremiah LINDSAY & Emma LINDSAY, witn: Kate SMITH, Chatham, Mary GREENWAY, Essex Centre, 20 January 1890 at Chatham
005764-90 (Kent Co) George W. BOLEY, 45, farmer, State of Ohio U.S., Raleigh twp., s/o Peter BOLEY & Sarah HODGES, married Annie PRAY, 30, Orford twp., Highgate, d/o William PRAY & Sarah PHENIX, witn: Gertie MATHESON, Orford, Emma J. GRAHAM, Ridgetown, 22 April 1890 at Ridgetown

006001-90 (Kent Co) John J. BONHAM, 26, farmer, Canada, Orford, s/o Ezra BONHAM & Eliza BONHAM, married Ida M. HASTINGS, 18, Canada, Orford, d/o Alfred HASTINGS & Elizabeth HASTINGS, witn: Alfred LUTZ, Sophia HASTINGS, 12 February 1890 at Orford twp.

005969-90 (Kent Co) George BOURDEAU, 21, farmer, Chatham Ont., Dover, s/o Francis BOURDEAU & Adelaide BOURDEAU, married Rose BOURASSA, 18, Dover, Dover, d/o Moise BOURASSA & Lucie BOURASSA, witn: Francis BOURDEAU, Lucie BOURDEAU, both of Dover, 11 November 1890 at Dover

005991-90 (Kent Co) William Thomas BOURNE, 28, yeoman, Ont., Chatham twp., s/o William BOURNE & Elizabeth BOURNE, married Leoma DAWSON, 26, Ont., Chatham twp., d/o John DAWSON & Rach J. Knight DAWSON, witn: John DAWSON, Chatham Twp., Bella BOURNE, Wallaceburg, 9 April 1890 at Chatham twp
005964-90 (Kent Co) Willie BRAY, 20, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o James BRAY & Mary BEAUBIEN?, married Lea LUSSIER (LUCIER?), 19, Dover, Dover, d/o Janvier LUSSIER & Julie LUSSIER, witn: Basile & Alexandre LUSSIE, both of Dover, 29 April 1890 at Dover

005946-90 (Kent Co) Silas BRUSH, 27, farmer, Tilbury Ont., Tilbury Ont., s/o Steven BRUSH & Lavina BROWN, married Grace JONES, 30, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Job JONES & Margrett SCOTT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. O.B. SHELDON, both of Blenheim, 5 November 1890 at Blenheim Harwich twp.

005868-90 (Kent Co) Charles W. BURK, 25, yeoman, Harwich, Harwich, s/o James BURK & Rebecca BURK, married Marilda ELLIOTT, 20, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o George ELLIOTT & Elvira ELLIOT, witn: John RUSSELL, Charing Cross, Annie CAMPBELL, Blenheim, 26 February 1890 at Blenheim

006015-90 (Kent Co) Joseph BURNS, 25, farmer, Orford, Orford, s/o Samuel & Catherine BURNS, married Mary McPHAIL, 19, Aldborough, Aldborough, d/o Duncan & Catharine McPHAIL, witn: Minnie C. & Sarah Jane REYNOLDS, both of Highgate Orford, 3 December 1890 at Highgate

005723-90 (Kent Co) William Ransom BURTCH, 24, painter, Norfolk Co. Ont, Chatham Ont., s/o Alvin BURTCH & Sarah E. BURTCH, married Mary PEARSON, 25, England, Chatham Ont., d/o parent's names 'not given', witn: Amos BURTCH, Minnie HOLT, both of Chatham, 23 April 1890 at Chatham

005728-90 (Kent Co) Amos M. BURTCH, 22, painter, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Alvin BURTCH & Sarah E. BURTCH, married Minnie HOLT, 21, Surrey England, Chatham Ont., d/o William HOLT & Elizabeth HOLT, witn: Blanche HOLT, Frank BURTCH, both of Chatham, 12 May 1890 at Chatham

005972-90 (Kent Co) Edward CADOTTE, 21, farmer's son, Dover, Dover, s/o Joseph CADOTTE & Mary Ann CADOTTE, married Emma MARTIN, 18, Dover, Dover, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Lyza MARTIN, witn: Joseph CADOTTE, Ellen MARTIN, both of Dover, 23 September 1890 at Dover

006002-90 (Kent Co) Farquhar CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Orford, Orford, s/o John CAMPBELL & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Agnes McGUGAN, 22, Orford, Orford, d/o John McGUGAN & Agnes McGUGAN, witn: John N. CAMPBELL, Minnie McGUGAN, both of Orford, 26 March 1890 at Orford twp.

006037-90 (Kent Co) James B. CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, widower, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o J.J. & Nancy , married Gusty (Augusta?) NELSON, 18, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o George & Martha , witn: Charles NELSON, Camden, Rhoda LINDEN, Florence Ont., 9 April 1890 at Camden twp

006016-90 (Kent Co) Peter R. CAMPBELL, 40, hotel keeper, Howard, Ridgetown, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Isabella CAMPBELL, married Christina GILLIS, 25, Orford, Orford, d/o Duncan GILLIS & Mary GILLIS, witn: Donald CAMPBELL, Howard, Ella CUNNINGHAM, Aldborough, 10 December 1890 at Orford

005910-90 (Kent Co) Anson CANIFF, 31, farmer, Hunford twp. (Hungerford twp.), Raleigh twp., s/o George CANIFF & Margaret CANIFF, married Mary Jane McFADDEN, 29, Chatham twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Arthur McFADDEN & Mary McFADDEN, witn: Isaac NEVILLE, Camden, Annie E. McFADDEN, Fletcher, 7 May 1890 at Fletcher village

006035-90 (Kent Co) Robert D. CARTER, 43, farmer, widower, State of Virginia, Chatham twp., s/o Lewis & Agnes , married Susan NELSON, 30, Camden, Chatham twp., d/o Ruben & Elizabeth , witn: Minnie JOHNSTON, Chatham twp., Permelie JACKSON, Camden, 22 October 1890 at Camden

005971-90 (Kent Co) Cyrille CHARRON, 22, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Leon CHARRON & Archange CHARRON, married Selana LABOMBARDE, 23, Dover, Dover, d/o Joseph LABOMBARDE & Subeven? LABOMBARDE, witn: Francis DEMERS, J. Baptiste GOUR, both of Dover, 14 October 1890 at Dover

005732-90 (Kent Co) Walter Richard CLEMENTS, 30, salesman, Dover twp. Kent Co., Chicago Ill. USA, s/o William CLEMENTS & Alice CLEMENTS, married Sarah Jane SHERMAN, 24, Chatham twp., Chatham Ont., d/o George HARTLEY & Sarah Lucia SHERMAN, witn: William L. MAXWELL, Chicago USA, Alice Josephine CLEMENTS, Chatham Ont., 25 June 1890 at Chatham

005950-90 (Kent Co) John CLEVELAND, 27, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich, s/o John CLEVELAND & Euphemia CLEVELAND, married Rosina LAW, 19, Croton Ont., Harwich, d/o William LAW & Frances LAW, witn: Minnie LAW, Janet CLEVELAND, both of Harwich, 5 November 1890 at Harwich twp.  

005951-90 (Kent Co) Henry Francis COLEMAN, 27, farmer, Ontario, Harwich, s/o Thomas COLEMAN & Mary O'CONNER, married Lydia Melinda SNYDER, 19, Howard Ont., Harwich, d/o Arba SNIDER & Elizabeth RANSOM, witn: George MARSH, Jessie COLEMAN, both of Harwich, 3 December 1890 at residence of bride's father Harwich

005917-90 (Kent Co) Ezekiel COLLINS, 29, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o John A. COLLINS & Margaret COLLINS, married Margaret JOHNSON, 38, widow, Nova Scotia, Raleigh twp., d/o George R. ONEIL & Phoebe ONEIL, witn: G.B. McSPADDEN (McFADDEN?), North Buxton, 3 December 1890 at North Buxton

005477-91 (Kent Co) George COPE, 20, farmer, Michigan United States, Dawn twp., s/o Nelson & Mary COPE, married Sarah Maria McDONALD, 16, Bothwell Canada, Dawn twp., d/o Peter & Maria McDONALD, witn: Peter McDONALD, Rosanna McDONALD, both of Dawn twp., 14 July 1890 at Town of Dresden

005967-90 (Kent Co) Sophrone COUTURE, 30, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Jean Baptiste COUTURE & Marie COUTURE, married Delima CHARRON, 17, Dover, Dover, d/o Leon CHARRON & Archange CHARRON, witn: Alphonse COUTURE, Helene ST. PIERRE, both of Dover, 18 November 1890 at Dover


005719-90 (Kent Co) Patrick COWAN, 26, farmer, Ireland, Raleigh twp., s/o Francis COWAN & Mary Elizabeth B--?(page cutoff), married Annie DEVINE, 22, Ireland, Raleigh, d/o John DEVINE & Mary GORDON, witn: Joseph COWAN, Elizabeth COWAN, both of Raleigh, 22 January 1890 at St. Joseph's Church Chatham

005929-90 (Kent Co) John H. COWELL, 21, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Moses & Philinda COWELL, married Ellen TWIGG, 20, Thamesville Ont., Thamesville Ont., d/o George & Sarah, witn: Jennie BARLTROP, Harwich, Bessy WILSON, Howard, 31 March 1890 at Harwich

006038-90 (Kent Co) Martin COWELL, 25, mason, Harwich, Camden, s/o Moses COWELL & Mary CHASE, married Ann CAMPBELL, 22, Camden, Camden, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Susan YOUNG, witn: Thomas HARRIS, Thomas CAMPBELL, both of Camden, 27 May 1890 at Camden

006008-90 (Kent Co) Duncan M. CRAWFORD, 31, farmer, Orford Ont., Orford Ont., s/o John & Nancy CRAWFORD, married Sarah GILLARD, 31, Orford Ont., Orford Ont., d/o George & Catherine GILLARD, witn: Thomas H. RIDLEY, Mattie McTAVISH, both of Orford, 9 July 1890 at Orford twp

006013-90 (Kent Co) John A. CRAWFORD, 32, station agent, Howard, Vermillion Bay, s/o Alex CRAWFORD & Ann LEITCH, married Eliza THOMPSON, 24, Scotland, Orford, d/o Stewart THOMPSON & Margaret McQUILKEN, witn: Angus THOMPSON, Jennie TAIT, both of Orford, 12 November 1890 at Orford

006006-90 (Kent Co) Charles CRIGHTON, 41, clergyman, widower, Scotland, Romney twp., s/o James CRICHTON & Abigail CRICHTON, married Mary Louisa GOSNELL, 37, Orford twp., Orford twp., d/o Lawrence GOSNELL & Eliza GOSNELL, witn: Victoria STONE, Lambeth Ont., Thomas Egerton HADDLE?, Tilbury Centre, 20 April 1890 at Orford twp


006009-90 (Kent Co) Andrew Edwy CROSBY, 22, merchant, Fingal Elgin Co. Ont., London Ont., s/o John & Mary CROSBY, married Mary Belleville GOODREAU, 21, Montreal Quebec, London Ont., d/o Napoleon & Louise GOODREAU, witn: Charles A. JOHNSON, Florence E. BEATTIE, both of Highgate Orford twp., 29 July 1890 at Highgate

005920-90 (Kent Co) Harry CROUCHMAN, 24, stave jointer, London twp., Mersea twp., s/o Edward CROUCHMAN & Eliza CROUCHMAN, married Lily HASKELL, 18, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Richard HASKELL & Ann HASKELL, witn: Robert CROUCHMAN, Mersea twp., Odelin HASKELL, Raleigh twp., 31 December 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005907-90 (Kent Co) Robert A. CUMMINGS, 30, farmer, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o Robert CUMMINGS & Rose CUMMINGS, married Eva SLADE, 23, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Robert SLADE & Eunice SLADE, witn: Neil T. CUMMINGS, Chatham twp., Fanny SLADE, Raleigh twp., 1 January 1890 at Mr. SLADES Townline Raleigh

006024-90 (Kent Co) Edward CURRAN, 27, farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o Henry CURRAN & Margaret DILLON, married Alta V. RISK, 22, Aberfeldy, Aberfeldy, d/o John RISK & Emily McPHAIL, witn: Thomas COLEMAN, Euphemia, Ada RISK, Aberfeldy, 10 June 1890 at Bothwell

005974-90 (Kent Co) Samuel CURTIS, 30, teamster, England, Romney, s/o Matthew & Myra CURTIS, married Sarah A. CAMPBELL, 27, Ontario, Romney, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Leonard MILLS, Archibel Eva MILLS, both of Romney, 22 October 1890 at Romney

005960-90 (Kent Co) James Ritchie DAVIDSON, 27, miller, Dresden Ont., Farwell Mich., s/o James & Eliza Jane DAVIDSON, married Emma TROTTER, 24, Sheffield Ont., Dover, d/o William & Jemima TROTTER, witn: Edwin T. BODEN, Bay City Mich., Ida Susan BIER, Wallaceburg, 15 July 1890 at Dover

005902-90 (Kent Co) A.J. DAVIES, 24, merchant, Ontario, Tupperville, s/o George & Ruth Stewart DAVIES, married Eliza A. SMITH, 26, widow, Ontario, Tupperville, d/o Bryan & Alice HOLMES, witn: none entered, 20 May 1890 at Dresden 005921-90 (Kent Co) Thomas James DUNLOP, 32, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o John DUNLOP & Louisa DUNLOP, married Sarah Jane JENNER, 27, Morpeth Howard twp., Raleigh twp., d/o William H. JENNER & Susan JENNER, witn: John C. JENNER, Rebecca J. SCAMAN, both of Raleigh twp., 29 October 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005968-90 (Kent Co) Dristille DUPREY, 19, farmer, Province of Quebec, Dover, s/o Alphonse DUPREY & Eveline DUPREY, married Onisine POISSON (POISSAN?), 16, Province of Quebec, Dover, d/o Eusebe POISSAN & Marante POISSAN, witn: Cryille PRIMEAU, Delia POISSAN, both of Dover, 18 November 1890 at Dover

005945-90 (Kent Co) George EATON, 22, shoemaker, Hastings Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Alexander & Mary Ann EATON, married Mary Ellen ATKINSON, 18, Howard Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Robert ATKINSON & Mary Ann ATKINSON, witn: J.H. ATKINSON, Bertha ATKINSON, both of Howard, 5 November 1890 at Harwich twp.

005973-90 (Kent Co) John Watson FEATHERSTON, 21, yeoman, Romney, Romney, s/o Joseph FEATHERSTON & Sarah Ann FEATHERSTON, married Lydia A. MOODY, 20, Kent Co., Romney, d/o John & Sarah Ann MOODY, witn: Oliver FITZPATRICK, Emma FEATHERSTON, both of Romney, 3 July 1890 at Romney

005814-90 (Kent Co) Daniel FORSYTH, 22, jeweller, Uxbridge, Uxbridge, s/o William Forsyth & Harriet FERRIER, married Lomila HUBBELL, 24, Thamesville, Thamesville, d/o Lyman HUBBELL & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, witn: Oliver FORSYTH, Mereda FORSYTH, both of Stouffville, 25 December 1890 at Thamesville

005954-90 (Kent Co) Theodore FOSTER, 24, farmer, Canada, Wallaceburg, s/o Samuel FOSTER & Victoria FOSTER, married Julia NEMARSH, 16, Canada, Wallaceburg, d/o John NEMARSH & Catherine NEMARSH, witn: Thomas FOSTER, Wallaceburg, Julia JACKAM, Dover East, 29 January 1890 at Dover Centre

005724-90 (Kent Co) James FRANKLIN, 25, merchant, widower, Dresden Ont., Dresden Ont., s/o Ira B. SIMPSON & Martha SIMPSON, married Jennie Christina McNAB, 32, Louisville Ont., Dresden Ont., d/o David McNAB & Catherine McNAB, witn: W.L. McALPINE, Maggie HILLIS, both of Dresden, 30 April 1890 at Dresden

005923-90 (Kent Co) John Martin FRASER, 56, physician, widower, Ontario, London, s/o Donald FRASER & Jane FRASER, married Annie WILSON, 30, Ontario, Harwich, d/o Robert WILSON & Isabella WILSON, witn: Robert FRASER, Westminster, Isabella WILSON, Harwich, 29 January 1890 at Harwich twp.

005734-90 (Kent Co) James Howie GEMMELL, 28, pattern maker, Chatham, Detroit Mich., s/o James GEMMELL & Marion GEMMEL, married Minnie Elize RICHARDSON, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o William RICHARDSON & Anige RICHARDSON, witn: Thomas GEMMELL, Mary GEMMELL, both of Chatham, 11 June 1890 at Chatham

005955-90 (Kent Co) Alexandre GENO, 28, laborer, Baltimore, Marine City Mich., s/o Etienne GENO & Lucie GENO, married Helene RICHER, 25, Dover, Dover, d/o Toussaint RICHER & Julie CHARRON, witn: Ambroise RICHER, Helene ROBERT, both of Dover, 8 January 1890 at Paincourt

005937-90 (Kent Co) Arthur Henry GOING, 29, clergyman, Georgetown Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o George & Caroline GOING, married Margaret Maria HAMILL, 20, Harwich twp. Harwich twp., d/o William & Hannah HAMIL (sic), witn: W.J. SMITH, Toronto Ont., Carrie GOING, Windsor Ont., 19 June 1890 at Harwich twp.

005916-20 (Kent Co) Frank Alexander GONNE (Goune?), 22, commercial traveller, town of Chatham, town of Chatham, s/o William GONNE & Mary Jane GONNE, married Hattie Victoria WHITE, 21, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o Stephen WHITE & Harriett WHITE, witn: George A. YOUNG, Chatham, Annie M. DUCK, Howard, 4 November 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005966-90 (Kent Co) John GRANT, 28, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o William GRANT & Mary McINTOSH, married Viola SMITH, 18, Canada, Dover, d/o Samuel SMITH & Sarah FREDERICK, witn: Lily A. SMITH, William GRANT, both of Dover, 15 October 1890 at Dover

005596-91 (Kent Co) Robert GREEN, 36, farmer, England, Tilbury West twp., s/o Joseph GREEN & Emma S. GREEN, married Emma COTTINGHAM, 34, England, Tilbury West twp., d/o Thomas COTTINGHAM & Mary COTTINGHAM, witn: Thomas BROWN, Henry GREEN, both of Tilbury West., 15 December 1890 at Tilbury Centre

005710-90 (Kent Co) Robert GREGORY, 23, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o John GREGORY & Eliza GREGORY, married Mary E. BOOTHROYD, 23, Ridgetown Ont., Ridgetown Ont., d/o Angus BOOTHROYD & Eliza BOOTHROYD, witn: Eliza COCHINOR, Nellie WEST, both of Chatham, 5 March 1890 at Chatham

005995-90 (Kent Co) George Edmund GROVER, 23, farmer, Kent Co., Chatham, s/o Jabez Baldwin GROVER & Jean GROVER, married Sarah Jane REYCRAFT, 29, Orford, Orford, d/o James REYCRAFT & Philicia REYCRAFT, witn: George Edward WEIR?, Dresden, Ellen Jane REYCRAFT, Highgate, 1 January 1890 at Orford twp

005948-90 (Kent Co) William John HAMILL, 24, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich, s/o William & Hannah HAMILL, married Jessie Ann BAIRD, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o James BAIRD & Mary BAIRD, witn: Joseph BAIRD, Amelia McCORVIE, both of Harwich, 26 November 1890 at Harwich

006036-90 (Kent Co) John HANDSOR, 25, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Pary (Perry?) & Sarah , married Malinda MYRES (MYERS?), 24, Canada, Camden twp., d/o John & Tishe , witn: Alexander MYRES, Permilia JACKSON, both of Camden twp., 9 July 1890 at Camden twp.

005942-90 (Kent Co) Chs. Emerson HANDY, 21, farmer, Howard Ont., Howard Ont., s/o Julius HANDY & Lucretia BRYAN, married Arminda Jane BURKE, 21, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Silas BURKE & Mary TODD, witn: Eva BURKE, Harwich, Sherman HANDY, Howard, 8 October 1890 at residence of bride's father Harwich twp.

006026-90 (Kent Co) Frank HANKS, 26, farmer, Dawn twp., Dawn twp., s/o Anthony HANKS & Sarah McGUIRE, married May McDONALD, 24, Dawn twp., Florence, d/o Coll McDONALD & May Ann GRAHAM, witn: Julia COBB, Minnie COBB, both of Bothwell, 8 July 1890 at Bothwell

005726-90 (Kent Co) James HARTWICK, 28, farmer, Zone twp. Kent Co., Dawn twp. Kent Co., s/o Isaac HARTWICK, Caroline HARTWICK, married Easter MURPHY, 23, Bothwell Ont., Dawn twp. Kent Co., d/o James MURPHY & Easter MURPHY, witn: H.D. McCOLL, Kate McCOLL, both of Chatham, 8 May 1890 at Chatham
005949-90 (Kent Co) John HAWLEY, 21, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich, s/o John & Matilda HAWLEY, married Phoebe BROWN, 22, Illinois U. S., d/o Barney BROWN & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Gilbert HAWLEY, Grace RICE, both of Harwich, 5 November 1890 at Harwich twp.

005741-90 (Kent Co) Herbert HELMER, 30, farmer, widower, Rawdon Hastings Co. Ont., Chatham twp., s/o Sidney HELMER & Hannah HELMER, married Mary WARD, 31, Coventry England, Toronto, d/o John WARD & Elizabeth WARD, witn: Freman HYATT, Chatham twp., Lizzie DAVIDSON, Chatham, 30 April 1890 at Chatham

006004-90 (Kent Co) John J. HENRY, 29, farmer, Orford, Orford twp., s/o John HENRY & Mary HENRY, married Bertha WALKER, 29, Malahide, Orford Ont., d/o John WALKER & Mary? WALKER, witn: John A. WALKER, Duart, Mary McKENZIE, Aldborough, 26 March 1890 at Duart

006010-90 (Kent Co) Jonathan HILL, 44, Indian, widower, Orford, Orford, s/o Simon & Levina HILL, married Mary McDONALD, 16, Orford, Orford, d/o John & Julia McDONALD, witn: Albert TOBIAS, Mary HARTMAN, both of Moraviantown Orford, 28 October 1890 at Moraviantown

006030-90 (Kent Co) Abraham HOOPER, 21, farmer, Dawn twp., Mosa twp., s/o Isaac HOOPER & Frances HULLY, married Maggie BROWNLEE, 27, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Henry BROWNLEE & Adelia VAN WICKLE, witn: Charles L. BROWNLEE, Camden, Mary Etta HAR--?[cut-off], Croton, 28 October 1890 at Bothwell

006029-90 (Kent Co) William James HOOPER, 26, mason, Dawn twp., Mosa twp., s/o Isaac HOOPER & Frances HOLLEY, married Annie Maria LITTLE, 23, Mosa twp., Mosa twp., d/o David Little & Catherine TUNK, witn: Abraham HOOPER, Emma Jane LITTLE, both of Mosa twp., 16 October 1890 at Bothwell

005912-90 (Kent Co) Charles William HOWLETT, 24, laborer, Kent England, Raleigh twp., s/o Jesse James HOWLETT & Sarah HOWLETT, married Elizabeth MIDDLEDITCH, 26, Suffolk England, Raleigh twp., d/o Joseph MIDDLEDITCH & Hannah MIDDLEDITCH, witn: Charles HAWKINS, Raleigh, Lizzie KNIGHT, Howard, 24 May 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005894-90 (Kent Co) George HOYLES, 22, butcher, England, Chatham twp., s/o George & Emma HOYLES, married Elizabeth CURTIS, 20, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Edwin & Mary Jane CURTIS, witn: Edwin CURTIS, Mary Jane CURTIS, both of Chatham twp., 18 September 1890 at Dresden

005943-90 (Kent Co) John HUFF, 21, shoemaker, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Hiram HUFF & Jane HUFF, married Lois Ann NICHOLS, 21, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o William NICHOL & Eliza NICHOL, witn: John L.B. TOLE, William NICHOL, both of Harwich, 5 November 1890 at Harwich twp.

005870-90 (Kent Co) James Henry HUNTER, 24, farmer, Harwich, Harwich, s/o Archie HUNTER & Christina HUNTER, married Hannah Janette BURK, 19, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Henry BURK & Julia BURK, witn: Ella MILLUS, Clara WILLISTON, both of Blenheim, 25 March 1890 at Blenheim

005740-90 (Kent Co) James Nelson HUTCHINSON, 30, accountant, Clark twp. Durham Co. Ont., Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Robert HUTCHINSON & Abigail HUTCHINSON, married Olive Alma ROGERS, 23, Wallaceburg Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o George ROGERS & Sarah ROGERS, witn: Sarah ROGERS, Helen PALMER, both of Chatham, 14 May 1890 at Chatham

005975-90 (Kent Co) John HYATT, 23, yeoman, Romney, Romney, s/o Oliver & Mary HYATT, married Maggie BELL, 18, Ireland, Tilbury West, d/o Thomas & Mary BELL, witn: Alfred HYATT, Romney, Mary BOWLES, West Tilbury, 3 December 1890 at Romney

005479-91 (Kent Co) Charles S. INCHES, 30, farmer, Kent Co. Canada, Dawn twp., s/o Charles & Mary INCHES, married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 24, England, Dawn twp., d/o George & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Robert LITTLE, Annie GRAHAM, both of Dawn twp., 24 December 1890 at Town of Dresden 005750-90 (Kent Co) John A. IRVINE, 28, yeoman, widower, Hastings Co. Ont., Chatham twp., s/o John IRVINE & Mary Ann Robertson IRVINE, married Naomi MORRISON, 17, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o Charles MORRISON & Ina MORRISON, witn: Adam IRWIN, Bettie MISENER, both of Chatham twp., 28 May 1890 at Chatham


005866-90 (Kent Co) Thomas R. JACKSON, 48, farmer, widower, Harwich, Blenheim, s/o John JACKSON & Hannah RICHARDSON, married Ellen M. WADDELL, 33, Howard, Blenheim, d/o Alex W. WADDELL & Janet MUIR, witn: D.M. McLACHLAN, Lucinda McLACHLAN, both of Blenheim, 21 January 1890 at Blenheim

005982-90 (Kent Co) John JENKINS, 34, farmer, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o James & Ellen JENKINS, married Isabella STEWART, 24, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o George & Maggie STEWART, witn: blank - none entered, blank - date & place of marriage not entered.

005936-90 (Kent Co) Joseph H. JENNER, 30, farmer, Raleigh Ont., Raleigh, s/o John & Hannah JENNER, married Ada BENTLEY, 23, Harwich, Harwich Ont., d/o Jonathan & Susan BENTLEY, witn: John E. JENNER, Kingsville Ont., Kate REYNOLDS, Harwich, 9 July 1890 at Harwich twp.

005727-90 (Kent Co) Joseph JEWELL, 25, blacksmith, Northumberland Co. Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Joseph JEWELL & Margaret JEWELL, married Harriet E. BAXTER, 21, Chatham, Chatham, d/o James B. BAXTER & Charlotte BAXTER, witn: James B. BAXTER, Grace BAXTER, both of Chatham, 23 May 1890 at Chatham

006022-90 (Kent Co) George JOHNSON, 23, farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o James JOHNSON & Ann JOHNSON, married Catherine ELWOOD, 19, Morpeth, West Bothwell, d/o Ace ELWOOD & Mary Ann ELWOOD, witn: John JOHNSON, Euphemia, Maria ELWOOD, Bothwell, 7 May 1890 at West Bothwell

005746-90 (Kent Co) Isaac JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Chatham town, Chatham twp., s/o William JOHNSTON & Maria JOHNSTON, married Lottie H. PEPPER, 22, Wexford Ireland, Chatham, d/o Edward PEPPER & Eliza PEPPER, witn: Louis JOHNSTON, Chatham twp., Bessie CURL, Chatham, 12 March 1890 at Chatham

005930-90 (Kent Co) Adam JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Robert & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Maggie May WALTERS, 19, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Henry & Mary Jane WALTERS, witn: Robert WALTERS, Miss ARNOLD, both of Harwich, 9 April 1890 at Harwich twp

005938-90 (Kent Co) John A. JUDD, 24, farmer, Malden twp. Ont., Mersea twp. Ont., s/o William J. & Catherine Jane JUDD, married Alinda KNAPP, 23, Colchester South Ont., Leamington Ont., d/o Alexander & Susan KNAPP, witn: Joseph M. SMYTH, Bessie SMYTH, both of Harwich twp., 30 April 1890 at residence of Robert SMYTH Harwich twp.

006031-90 (Kent Co) Duncan KERR, 21, farmer, Newbury, Bothwell, s/o William KERR & Jessie McNEIL, married Rosetta DEPEW, 19, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o Richard DEPEW & Charlotte McKAIG, witn: Julia COBB, Bothwell, Christopher COBB, Glendale, 10 November 1890 at Bothwell

006020-90 (Kent Co) Patrick KERWIN, 28, farmer, Norwich, Warwick twp., s/o Joseph KERWIN & Mary BREEN, married Annie MUGAN, 27, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Augustus MUGAN & Catherine WATERS, witn: William KERWIN, Warwick, Catherine MUGAN, Euphemia, 18 February 1890 at Bothwell

005999-90 (Kent Co) Samuel H. KNIGHT, 33, merchant, Canada, Northwood, s/o Philip KNIGHT & Nancy KNIGHT, married Emma ORR, 23, Delaware, Palmyra Ont., d/o Robert ORR & Ruth ORR, witn: William D. KNIGHT, Northwood, Ada RUSSELL, Palmyra, 30 January 1890 at Palmyra

005963-90 (Kent Co) Honore LABADIE, 22, laborer, Dover, Dover, s/o Clovis LABADIE & Archange BOUCHER, married Agnes EMERY, 23, Dover, Dover, d/o Charles EMERY & Henriette DUCEDRE, witn: Charles EMERY, Moise MARTIN, both of Dover, 30 January 1890 at Dover

005871-90 (Kent Co) William James LAMON, 26, baker, Strathroy Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o John LAMON & Elizabeth LAMON, married Maggie Jane WILLIAMSON, 26, Toronto, Blenheim Ont., d/o Robert WILLIAMSON & Mary WILLIAMSON, witn: C. Sylvester LAMON, Chatham, Emma O. WILLIAMSON, Toronto, 1 May 1890 at Blenheim

005895-90 (Kent Co) John LANGRELL, 36, farmer, Ireland, Dawn twp., s/o Richard & Jane LANGRELL, married Elizabeth BOYLE, 32, Canada, Dawn twp., d/o James & Susanna BOYLE, witn: Ansalem WICKS, Dresden, Flora BURWELL, Camden (twp.), 24 December 1890 at Dresden  

005735-90 (Kent Co) Warren LANE, 23, farmer, Ontario, Harwich twp., s/o William LANE & Ellen LANE, married Emma LEE, 22, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Leonard LEE & Harriet LEE, witn: Summer Lane, Harwich, 19 March 1890 at Chatham

005867-90 (Kent Co) Joseph LANE, 23, farmer, Rond Eau, Sombra, s/o Stephen LANE & Elizabeth LANE, married Annie CALLOW, 23, London England, Ridgetown, d/o George CALLOW & Annie CALLOW, witn: William PICKERING, Harwich, Annie PICKERING, Blenheim, 25 March 1890 at Blenheim

005970-90 (Kent Co) Albert LAPRISE, 20, farmer, Dover, Dover, s/o Edward LAPRISE & Henriette LAPRISE, married Marcelline ROY, 24, Dover, Dover, d/o Lucien ROY & Marcelline ROY, witn: Lucien ROY & Marie BOURDEAU, both of Dover, 10 November 1890 at Dover

005962-90 (Kent Co) Arthur LARAN, 23, mechanic, Province of Quebec, Dover twp., s/o Casimere LARAN & Philomene LARAN, married Auris TRAHAN, 19, Province of Quebec, Dover twp., d/o Julian TRAHAN & Elenore TRAHAN, witn: Lucien LARAN, Leon TRAHAN, both of Dover, 26 August 1890 at Dover


005713-90 (Kent Co) Alfred Le GALLAIS (LEGALLIS?), 24, merchant, Liverpool England, Chatham twp., s/o Charles LE GALLAIS & Jane LE GALLAIS, married Hortense STRINGER, 24, Chatham, Chatham, d/o George STRINGER & Jane STRINGER, witn: John WEMP, Chatham twp., Maud STRINGER, Chatham, 2 April 1890 at Chatham

005745-90 (Kent Co) Julius LEGUE, 23, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp. Ont., s/o Julius LEGUE & Mary R. LEGUE, married Mary ROCK, 17, Baldoon Dover twp., Chatham, d/o Nelson ROCK & Mary ROCK, witn: William BELLAIR, Phoebe BELLAIR, both of Chatham, 1 March 1890 at Chatham

005749-90 (Kent Co) David Alfred LEGUE, 20, laborer, Chatham twp., Chatham Ont., s/o David LEGUE & Mary LEGUE, married Mary BOWLEY (BOLEY), 24, Raleigh twp., Chatham, d/o George BOWLEY & Catherine BOWLEY, witn: George LEGUE, Sarah LEGUE, both of Chatham, 19 April 1890 at Chatham

005478-91 (Kent Co) Oliver LENOVER, 23, miller, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o George & Elizabeth LENOVER, married Ada KELLY, 23, Camden twp., Camden twp., d/o Samuel & Eliza KELLY, witn: John DINES, William John DINES, both of Dresden, 5 November 1890 at Town of Dresden

005909-90 (Kent Co) Richard Alfred LETHBRIDGE, 27, farmer, Devonshire England, Raleigh twp., s/o Garland LETHBRIDGE & Mary Ann LETHBRIDGE, married Victoria May HEARD, 20, Port Hope Ont., Raleigh twp., d/o John HEARD & Mary Jane HEARD, witn: Stanley LETHBRIDGE, Raleigh twp., Elizabeth EDWARDS, Charing Cross, [date is hidden by blot ] February 1890 at Parsonage Charing Cross

005751-90 (Kent Co) Abram LIGHTHEART, 29, yeoman, Chinguacousy York Ont., Dover twp. Kent Co., s/o Abram LIGHTHEART & Alice LIGHTHEART, married Maria JORDAN, 17, Ireland, Dover twp. Kent Co., d/o Moses JORDAN & Elizabeth JORDAN, witn: John ELLIS, Dover, Lillie Agar, Chatham, 4 June 1890 at Chatham


005730-90 (Kent Co) William E. LINK, 26, carpenter, Howard twp. Kent Co., Chatham, s/o Daniel LINK & Mary LINK, married Nellie L. GILLIS, 23, Thamesville Ont., Thamesville Ont., d/o Leighton GILLIS & Mary GILLIS, witn: Ellen LINK, Viola McKAY, both of Chatham, 8 May 1890 at Chatham

006014-90 (Kent Co) Hiram LOGAN, 26, Indian, widower, Orford, Orford, s/o Paul & Maria LOGAN, married Nancy JACKSON, 15, Orford, Orford, d/o Colin & Polly JACKSON, witn: David WATSON, Dora MILLAN, both of Moraviantown Orford, 17 November 1890 at Moraviantown
005739-90 (Kent Co) George W. LOUGHEED, 22, clerk, Toronto, Detroit Mich., s/o John LOUGHEED & Emily LOUGHEED, married Fannie Maud MAISONVILLE, 20, Windsor Ont., Chatham, d/o Thomas MAISONVILLE & Elizabeth MAISONVILLE, witn: Thomas MAISONVILLE, Maud SOMERVILLE, both of Chatham, 25 June 1890 at Chatham

005720-90 (Kent Co) Aleck LOZON, 26, laborer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Vivez LOZON & Marie RAYMOND, married Philomene BILLIER, 31, widow, Dover twp., Dover twp., d/o Leon BILLIER & Marie LALIME (Laleine?), witn: William EMERY, Chatham, Mary BREEN, Harwich, 3 February 1890 at St. Joseph's Church Chatham

005731-90 (Kent Co) George MALWOOD, 23, brick maker, Kingston Ont., Chatham twp. Kent Co., s/o Sam. MALWOOD & Eliza MALWOOD, married Hannah GIBSON, 21, Kingston Ont., Chatham twp. Ont., d/o James GIBSON & Mary A. GIBSON, witn: Titus E. PIERCE, Wallaceburg, Mary MALWOOD, Baldoon, 19 May 1890 at Chatham

006012-90 (Kent Co) George MANSON, 38, mechanic, Ontario, Exeter, s/o William MANSON & Janet SPENCE, married Sarah McGREGOR, 31, Ontario, Highgate, d/o Duncan McGREGOR & Sarah WATERHOUSE, witn: Peter BAWDEN, Ridg(etown), Annie S. LINKLATER, edge of page cut off , 12 November 1890 at Highgate

005597-91 (Kent Co) James MASON, 32, farmer, Chicago U.S., Raleigh twp., s/o Edward J. MASON & Elizabeth MASON, married Sarah Ann CHARLESTON, 26, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, d/o James CHARLESTON & Ellen CHARLESTON, witn: Isaac BECHIL, Edith CHARLESTON, both of Tilbury East., 15 December 1890 at Tilbury Centre

005981-90 (Kent Co) Alfred Carson McCUBBIN, 29, carpenter, Chatham twp., Great Falls Montana, s/o William McCUBBIN & Amanda McCUBBIN, married Charlotte Christina CRIBBIN, 29, Chatham, Chatham twp., d/o John CRIBBIN & Margaret CRIBBIN, witn: Isaac FRENCH, Chatham twp., Flora POILE, Chatham, 9 October 1890 at Chatham twp

005815-90 (Kent Co) Kenneth McDONALD, 26, farmer, Howard, Howard twp., s/o Braughton & Margaret McDONALD, married Hannah Jane BROWN, 25, Ontario, Howard, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Kate? McDONALD, Aldboro, Josephine McLEAN, Orford, 11 June 1890 at Howard twp.

005813-90 (Kent Co) Justin McDONALD, 21, farmer, Zone, Zone (twp.), s/o Abel McDONALD & not entered, married Edith WELCH, 21, Harwich, Zone, d/o Ezekiel WELCH & Ruth BIGFORD, witn: Agnes BECKETT, Aggie M. BECKETT, both of Thamesville, 22 December 1890 at Thamesville

005934-90 (Kent Co) Sanford McKEIVER, 26, lawyer, Indiana U.S., Strasburgh Nebraska U.S., s/o Madison & Harriet Ann McKEIVER, married Margaret Jane ROSS, 23, Simcoe Co. Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o George ROSS & Sarah Jane ROSS, witn: A.B. CAMERON, Harwich, Frank A. FELLOWS, Blenheim, 11 June 1890 at Harwich

005709-90 (Kent Co) Duncan McKERRICHER, 32, farmer, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o Daniel McKERRICHER & Euphemia McKERRICHER, married Susan McDOUGALL, 25, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o Alex McDOUGALL & Mary McDOUGALL, witn: James McDOUGALL, Harwich, Sarah McKERRICHER, Howard, 26 February 1890 at Harwich twp

005941-90 (Kent Co) John D. McKISHNIE, 26, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Archibald & Julia McKISHNIE, married Mary Elizabeth STIRLING, 22, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Samuel & Sarah STIRLING, witn: Annie McKISHNIE, Walter Duane STIRLING, both of Harwich, 16 September 1890 at Harwich twp. 005747-90 (Kent Co) James A. McLARTY, 23, druggist, Stratford Ont., Strathroy Ont., s/o Robert McLARTY & Mercy McLARTY, married Maud ROBERTSON, 22, London Ont., Leamington Ont., d/o James ROBERTSON & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: Kate TRELEAVEN, Lizzie DAVIDSON, both of Chatham, 17 March 1890 at Chatham

006018-90 (Kent Co) Alex McLAUGHLIN, 27, farmer, Ontario, Comber, s/o John McLAUGHLIN & Mary CAMPBELL, married Cecelia FERGUSON, 24, Ontario, Orford, d/o John FERGUSON & Margaret HENDERSON, witn: William John WEBSTER, Annie McLAUGHLIN, both of Comber, 25 December 1890 at Orford

005932-90 (Kent Co) Lewis McLAUGHLIN, 22, yeoman, Durham Co. Ont., Essex Co. Ont., s/o Thomas & Hannah McLAUGHLIN, married Jennie NICHOL, 23, Harwich Kent Co. Ont., Blenheim, d/o William & Eliza NICHOL, witn: Walter NICHOL, Harwich, Abbe McLAUGHLIN, Essex Centre Essex Co. Ont., 26 February 1890 at Harwich twp.

005986-90 (Kent Co) Peter McLEAN, 41, carpenter, Canada, British Columbia, s/o Alex McLEAN & Margaret McLEAN, married Maggie EVERITT, 35, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., d/o William EVERITT & Jane EVERITT, witn: Hannah EVERITT, James EVERITT, both of Louisville, 3 April 1890 at Chatham twp

005958-90 (Kent Co) Joseph McNIGHT, 22, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o Robert McNIGHT & Rebecca LANGWITH, married Annie JACKSON, 18, Dover, Dover, d/o John JACKSON & Mary RANKIN, witn: W.H. WINTER, Jennie WINTER, both of Dover, 14 April 1890 at Dover

005869-90 (Kent Co) Charles McTAVISH, 22, yeoman, Bruce Co., Raleigh twp., s/o John McTAVISH & Hester Ann McTAVISH, married Mary Ann LEGGETT, 23, Suffolk England, Raleigh, d/o William. LEGGETT & Happy Louisa LEGGETT, witn: Abraham LEGGETT, Raleigh, Lucy LEGGETT, Blenheim, 6 March 1890 at Blenheim

005924-90 (Kent Co) Charles McTAVISH, 22, farm laborer, Ontario, Buckhorn (Cedar Springs) Raleigh twp., s/o John McTAVISH & Hester McTAVISH, married Mary Ann LEGGATT, 23, England, Raleigh, d/o William LEGGATT & Happy LEGGATT, witn: Abram LEGGATT, Lucy LEGGATT, both of Raleigh twp., 6 March 1890 at Blenheim (also 5908-90)

006027-90 (Kent Co) Robert MICKLEBORO, 29, basket maker, widower, Waterloo Co., Bothwell, s/o Thomas MICKLEBORO & Martha WASHBURN, married Julia ANGER, 20, Walsingham, Bothwell, d/o James ANGER & Eliza Ann FARR, witn: Jessie ANGER, Bothwell, Vincent BRADSHAW, Windsor, 20 August 1890 at Bothwell

006005-90 (Kent Co) Charles MITTON, 25, farmer, Howard twp., Howard twp., s/o John Whaley MITTON & Rachel MITTON, married Parasates GIDDIS, 21, Bowmanville, Howard twp., d/o John GIDDIS & Mary Ann GIDDIS, witn: Ida Bell MITTON, Charles Walter GIDDIS, both of Howard twp., 9 April 1890 at Howard twp

005990-90 (Kent Co) Waldo MOORE, 33, farmer, Wainfleet, Chatham twp., s/o Hezekiah & Bernice MOORE, married Emma Jane RIDLEY, 19, Hamilton, Camden, d/o Albert & Agnes RIDLEY, witn: George PETERS, Albert PETERS, both of Chatham twp., 19 March 1890 at Chatham

005743-90 (Kent Co) Amos MOS, 31, farmer, Chatham twp., Tilbury Kent Co., s/o Peter MOS & Mary MOS, married Annie GREAVES, 22, Tilbury Kent Co., Tilbury Kent Co., d/o Mark GREAVES & Isabel GREAVES, witn: 'not given' was entered, 17 February 1890 at Chatham

005983-90 (Kent Co) Alfred E. NORTON, 27, farmer, Kent Bridge Ont., Wabash Ont., s/o Edward A. & Emily NORTON, married Elizabeth DAUGHERTY, 27, Wabash Ont., Wabash Ont., d/o John & Seville DAUGHERTY, witn: Edward A. NORTON Jr., Sarah DAUGHERTY, both of Wabash, 10 December 1890 at Wabash


005940-90 (Kent Co) John Scott PATERSON, 28, brick layer, Bothwell Ont., Detroit U.S., s/o William & Alice PATERSON, married Minnie Laura HOLMES, 25, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Demetrius & Mary HOLMES, witn: Albert BOOTH, Priscilla A. JEWELL, both of Harwich, 2 September 1890 at Harwich twp.

005947-90 (Kent Co) William Henry PERRIN, 25, farmer, England, Harwich, s/o Andrew PERRIN & Jane Ann POOR, married Jennie Esther McBRAYNE, 19, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Neil McBRAYNE & Isabella CRAWFORD, witn: David SAMSON, Lillie PERRIN, both of Blenheim, 20 November 1890 at Centre Line Harwich twp.

005939-90 (Kent Co) James PETERS, 25, farmer, Ottawa, Tilbury East Ont., s/o Richard PETERS & Margaret MORTON, married Cinderella MIFFLIN, 18, Tilbury, Tilbury East Ont., d/o Simmeon MIFFLIN & Orillia BADDER, witn: E.M. JACKSON, near Blenheim, 19 August 1890 at Harwich twp. near Blenheim

005931-90 (Kent Co) Ephraim PICKERING, 21, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o William & Mary PICKERING, married Lillian NORTON, 17, Durham Co. Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Alvin & Catherine NORTON, witn: Charles NORTON, Harwich, Ida STEWART, Blenheim, 12 March 1890 at Harwich twp.

005914-90 (Kent Co) Thomas PRINCE, 26, laborer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Frederick PRINCE & Delyle PRINCE, married Julia HOOPER, 21, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o William HOOPER & Julia HOOPER, witn: Prince CHASE, Maggie CHASE, both of North Buxton, 12 August 1890 at North Buxton

005712-90 (Kent Co) Orville W. RANNEY, 42, sailor, Jefferson Co. N.Y., Buffalo U.S., s/o Lester RANNEY & Mahala RANNEY, married Estella JONES, 32, widow, Cambridge England, Bucyrus Ohio U.S., d/o Robert JONES & Lucinda JONES, Mrs. SIMPSON, Eliza COCHINOR, both of Chatham, 31 March 1890 at Chatham

005961-90 (Kent Co) Frank REAUME, 22, farmer, laborer, Dover, Dover Kent Co., s/o Dolphus & Julia REAUME, married Annie McKENZIE, 20, Dover, Dover Kent Co., d/o John & Emily McKENZIE, witn: David & Mary Ann FRYER, both of Dover, 13 August 1890 at Dover

005989-90 (Kent Co) Albert ROBISON, 25, barber, Canada, Chatham Ont., s/o Cornelius ROBISON & Julia ROBISON, married Estella DUDLEY, 19, Canada, Chatham twp., d/o Robert DUDLEY & Sarah DUDLEY, witn: James RICHARDSON, Chatham twp., Sarah MYERS, Camden, 25 December 1890 at Chatham twp.

005979-90 (Kent Co) Joseph ROE, 27, yeoman, Kent Co. Ont., Chatham twp., s/o William & Margaret Rodgers ROE, married Emma WILCOX, 21, Ont., Tupperville Ont., d/o Charles & Ann Ruble WILCOX, witn: Tillie CHANT, Tupperville, 29 May 1890 at Tupperville


006041-90 (Kent Co) John James ROSS, 30, farmer, Ontario, Camden, s/o William ROSS & Sarah ROSS, married Rachel TRUESDALE, 26, Ontario, Camden, d/o Hugh TRUSEDALE & Sarah TRUSEDALE, witn: Sam ROSS, Wabash , Sadie TRUESDALE, Croton, 12 November 1890 at Croton

005959-90 (Kent Co) William D.A.M. McKenzie ROSS, 23, nurseryman & florist, Chatham, Chatham Ont., s/o William McKenzie ROSS & Marianne WILSON, married Olive DUNLOP, 26, Dover, Dover, d/o John DUNLOP & Louisa OWEN, witn: Charles J. ROSS, Mamie MONTGOMERY, both of Chatham, 25 June 1890 at Dover

005872-90 (Kent Co) Frank SCOTT, 39, carpenter, widower, Scotland, Ridgetown Ont., s/o George SCOTT & Margaret SCOTT, married Ester KEWEN, 45, widow, New York state, Ridgetown, d/o Jeremiah MOORE & Martha MOORE, witn: John MOORE, Etta KEWEN, both of Ridgetown, 4 June 1890 at Blenheim

005607-91 (Kent Co) Robert SCOTT, 28, carpenter, Galt, Aldborough twp., s/o Robert SCOTT & Ann FINLINE, married Edith May DOCHSTADER, 18, Zone, Zone, Mathias DOCHSTADER & Margaret HERON, witn: Alice DOCHSTADER, Zone, William SCOTT, not entered, 24 December 1890 at Zone twp.

005729-90 (Kent Co) William James SCOTT, 45, carpenter, widow, Newbury Ont., Chatham, s/o James SCOTT & Catherine SCOTT, married Mary S. SEYMOUR, 27, Raleigh twp. Kent Co., Chatham, d/o Joseph SEYMOUR & Flavey SEYMOUR, witn: Mary N. McINTYRE, John FULLERTON, both of Chatham, 24 May 1890 at Chatham

005918-90 (Kent Co) William A. SHADD, 27, farmer, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Garrison SHADD & Harriet SHADD, married Adele SIMPSON, 22, Cincinnati Ohio, Raleigh twp., d/o Henry L. SIMPSON & Emma SIMPSON, witn: Charles SIMPSON, Raleigh twp., 18 December 1890 at North Buxton

006003-90 (Kent Co) James SHANKIE, 27, farmer, Orford, Orford, s/o Robert SHANKIE & Agnes PROUDFOOT, married Mary Christina HETHERINGTON, 26, Orford, Orford, d/o Richard HETHERINGTON & Margaret FRASER, witn: Rob? William McPHERSON, Isabella SHANKIE, both of Orford, 26 March 1890 at Orford

005992-90 (Kent Co) John R. SHAW, 26, yeoman, Chatham twp., Chatham twp., s/o James & Eliza SHAW, married Bertha E. CLAPP, 20, Milford Ont., Chatham twp., d/o William & Jane CLAPP, witn: William SHAW, Olivia SHAW, both of Chatham twp., 14 May 1890 at Turnerville

006007-90 (Kent Co) Charles SLADE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Raleigh twp., s/o Robert SLADE & Eunice BROWN, married Mary Ann McARTHUR, 20, Orford, Duart, d/o John A. McARTHUR & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn: Frederick SLADE, Raleigh, Margaret A. McARTHUR, residence not entered, 16 April 1890 at Duart

005919-90 (Kent Co) Frederick SLADE, 29, farmer, widower, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., s/o Robert SLADE & Eunice SLADE, married Matilda Gertrude WATSON, 28, St. Catharines Ont., Rochester N.Y., d/o William F. WATSON & Margaret WATSON, witn: Neil T. CUMMINGS, Chatham, Fannie SLADE, Raleigh twp., 25 December 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005613-91 (Kent Co) John Joseph SHONLEY, 28, laborer, Ireland, Chatham twp., s/o Martin & Mary SHONLEY, married Annie HOGAN, 21, Harwich, Chatham twp., d/o Thomas & Margaret HOGAN, witn: J. CURRIE, Maggie McKERRAL, both of Wallaceburg, 9 October 1890 at Wallaceburg

005911-90 (Kent Co) George B. SHREVE, 32, merchant, Raleigh twp., North Buxton village, s/o George SHREVE & Elizabeth W. SHREVE, married Lucinda BROOKS, 19, Buxton village, Tilbury East twp., d/o Benjamin BROOKS & Sarah BROOKS, witn: ?? SCOTT, Raleigh, Clitha CROSBY, Fletcher, 11 May 1890 at Raleigh

005617-91 (Kent Co) James SMITH, 22, tinsmith, Co. Welland, Wallaceburg, s/o Rev. Jas. & Rosa SMITH, married Chloe MERITT, 22, Co. Kent, Wallaceburg, d/o Gilbert & Maggie MERITT, witn: Wilfred MARTIN, Sarah MERITT, both of Wallaceburg, 25 November 1890 at Wallaceburg

005998-90 (Kent Co) John SMITH, 27, engineer, Canada, Morpeth, s/o Michael SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH, married Tryphina OLIVER, 20, Canada, Morpeth, d/o Abraham OLIVER & Amelia OLIVER, witn: Mrs. J. HALE, Duart, 10 January 1890 at Duart

006028-90 (Kent Co) Frank Alvin Rise SMITH, 23, grocer, Bothwell Ont., Kansas City U.S., s/o H.F. SMITH & Amitha AMY, married Louise Emma TALLMAN, 21, Bothwell, Bothwell, d/o Cyrus TALLMAN & Mary SMITH, witn: Minnie MAHON, Bothwell, Laura LEMINTINE?, Springfield, 9 September 1890 at Bothwell

005933-90 (Kent Co) Robert STEELE, 27, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich Ont., s/o Burns STEEL & Mary SCHOOL--?(off page - Schooley?), married Emma COLEMAN, 23, Enniskillen Ont., Harwich Ont., d/o Thomas COLEMAN & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: T.R. JACKSON, E.M. JACKSON, both of Harwich, 30 June 1890 at Harwich

005956-90 (Kent Co) Henry STENTON, 29, farmer, Canada, Dover twp., s/o George STENTON & Hannah STENTON, married Mary Jane GLOVER, 17, Canada, Dover twp., d/o James GLOVER & Elizabeth GLOVER, witn: David STENTON, Chatham, Lizzie GLOVER, Dover, 5 March 1890 at Dover

005935-90 (Kent Co) Albert P. STEPHENS, 35, farmer, Harwich Ont., Harwich, s/o William & Mary Ann STEPHENS, married Lundy M. JOHNSTON, 20, Harwich, Harwich, d/o Robert & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: Miss HUISTON, Mr. TRAXLER, both of Chatham, 25 June 1890 at Harwich

005927-90 (Kent Co)  Charles STINTON, 40, farmer, widower, Canada, Michigan U.S., s/o Thomas & Nancy STINTON, married Mary Ellen STU--?(off page), 32, widow, Canada, Iona, d/o Henry KENOYER & Mrs. Henry KENOYER, witn: John MAW & wife, both of Harwich, 18 September 1890 at Harwich twp.

005748-90 (Kent Co) Herbert STREET, 24, farmer, Hertfordshire England, Howard twp. Kent Co. Ont., s/o James STREET & Eliza STREET, married Christina HUBBELL, 22, Morpeth Ont., Chatham twp., d/o Charles HUBBELL & Annie HUBBELL, witn: George STREET, Howard twp., Mary STONEHOUSE, Thamesville, 26 March 1890 at Chatham

005996-90 (Kent Co) Walter STUCKING, 23, farmer, Norfolk England, Mosa twp., s/o JOHN STUCKING & Frances STUCKING, married Elizabeth Maria FLEGG, 23, Norwich Norfolk England, Euphemia twp., d/o Robert & Mary Ann FLEG, witn: Daniel & Andrew CLARKE, Ellen ROSE, all of Highgate, 2 January 1890 at Highgate

005915-90 (Kent Co) George Frederick SUITOR, 28, farmer, Haldimand Co. Ont., Raleigh twp., s/o Robert SUITOR & Mary SUITOR, married Elizabeth A. SUITOR, 20, Raleigh twp., Raleigh twp., d/o John SUITOR & Elizabeth SUITOR, witn: Hattie SUITOR, Raleigh twp., J.F. TOPP, Haldimand Co., 24 September 1890 at Raleigh twp.

006021-90 (Kent Co) Frederick SULLIVAN, 23, farmer, Hamilton, Euphemia, s/o Jeremiah SULLIVAN & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Jennie CONNELLY, 24, Moscow, Mosa, d/o James CONNELLY & Jane CONNELLY, witn: Mrs. HOLMES, Bothwell, 26 February 1890 at Bothwell

005738-90 (Kent Co) Joseph THORP, 30, farmer, England, Chatham twp., s/o David THORP & Elizabeth THORP, married Margaret Ann AIKENS, 21, England, Chatham twp., d/o David AIKENS & Mary AIKENS, witn: Lily MORGAN, Chatham, 25 June 1890 at Chatham


005965-90 (Kent Co) Thomas Henry TINNEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Mariposa twp., s/o Thomas & Hannah TINNEY, married Betsey Ann TINNEY, 25, Canada, Dover twp., d/o Joseph & Agnes TINNEY, witn: William A. LITTLE, Chatham, Christina URQUHART, Oungah, 17 September 1890 at Dover

005988-90 (Kent Co) Lucina TURNER, 26, farmer, Picton Ont., Turnerville Ont., s/o William & Sarah TURNER, married Nellie MOORE, 19, Wainfleet Ont., Turnerville Ont., d/o Hezekiah & Bernice MOORE, witn: Alvah MOORE, May MOORE, both of Turnerville, 24 December 1890 at Turnerville

005997-90 (Kent Co) William H. TURTLE, 30, conductor E&H R.W. [Erie & Huron Railway], London Eng., Chatham, s/o William Henry TURTLE & Emma TURTLE, married Della M. LALONDE, 24, Aldborough twp., Muirkirk, d/o Henry LALONDE & Rosanna, witn: Joseph SHAW, Florence KEYCLACHATZ, both of Chatham, 22 January 1890 at Muirkirk

005733-90 (Kent Co) George TWELL (Tivell?), 39, farmer, Lincoln England, Chatham twp., s/o Richard TWELL & Mary TWELL, married Jane WOODS, 31, Harwich twp., Dover twp., d/o John WOODS & Sarah WOODS, witn: Margaret Lilla SMITH, Chatham, 12 June 1890 at Chatham

005980-90 (Kent Co) Jacob ULLMAN, 23, laborer, Ont. Canada, Chatham twp., s/o Benjamin ULLMAN & Margaret ULLMAN, married Martha MILLER, 18, Ont. Canada, Chatham twp., d/o parent's names not entered, witn: Francis MILLER, Martha MILLER, residences not entered, 1 October 1890 at Francis DOHERTY Tupperville

006017-90 (Kent Co) John Dugald WALKER, 26, farmer, Aldborough, Aldborough Ont., s/o Neil WALKER & Anne Eliza NICKERSON, married Elizabeth ALLISON, 25, Orford, Orford, d/o Walter ALLISON & Catherine ALLISON, witn: Peter ALLISON, Orford, Margaret Ann WALKER, Aldboro, 17 December 1890 at Orford

006033-90 (Kent Co) Richard Jarvis WALKER, 27, laborer, Frontenac Co. Ont., Camden Ont., s/o Charles H. WALKER & Eliza ALBERTSON, married Adella Mary HAZZARD, 19, Wellington Ont., Camden, d/o Lot HAZZARD & Lucinda MOORE, witn: W. Jas. SMITH, Esther A. SMITH, both of Camden, 15 May 1890 at Camden

005926-90 (Kent Co) John Thomas WALTERS, 32, farmer, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., s/o Henry WALTERS & Mary Jane WALTERS, married Rebecca SIFTON, 30, Harwich twp., Harwich twp., d/o William SIFTON & Mrs. William SIFTON, witn: Adam JOHNSON, Mary Jane WALTERS, both of Harwich, 1 January 1890 at Harwich twp.

005725-90 (Kent Co) Thomas WANGENHEIN?, 28, builder, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Louis WANGENHEIN & Catherine, married Amanda HORNE, 24, Wolfe Island Ont., Raleigh twp. Ont., d/o George HORNE & Jane HORNE, witn: Nellie CLARKE, Blenheim, Louis WANGENHEIN, Chatham, 7 May 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005952-90 (Kent Co) Wilford W. WATSON, 26, mason, Harwich Ont., Howard, s/o John WATSON & Rosella DELONG, married Jessie COLEMAN, 21, Enniskillen Ont., Harwich, d/o Thomas COLEMAN & Mary O'CONNER, witn: George T. COLEMAN, Georgietta HAN--?(off page), both of Harwich, 23 December 1890 at Harwich twp.

006011-90 (Kent Co) David WATSON, 23, Indian, Orford, Orford, s/o Isaac & Nancy WATSON, married Maggie JACOBS, 15, Orford, Orford, d/o William & Polly JACOBS, witn: Joseph HUFF, Mary HARTMAN, both of Moraviantown Orford, 1 November 1890 at Moraviantown

005722-90 (Kent Co) Sidney Joseph WESTMORE, 25, bricklayer, Ontario, Chatham, s/o Philip WESTMORE & Elizabeth WESTMORE, married Sarah Ann ARMSTRONG, 21, Newfoundland, Chatham Ont., d/o James ARMSTRONG & Catherine ARMSTRONG, witn: Mildred HERBERT, Dresden, John W. ANGER, Chatham, 7 May 1890 at Chatham


006025-90 (Kent Co) James WHITSELL, 57, farmer, widower, Zone twp., Zone, s/o David WHITSELL & Margaret WHITSELL, married Margaret MARRITT (MERRITT?), 60, widow, Ireland, Newbury, d/o William SHEPPARD & Ann SHEPPARD, witn: Daniel WHITSELL, Isabella WHITSELL, both of Bothwell, 4 September 1890 at Bothwell

005913-90 (Kent Co) Edwin WILLEY, 28, farmer, Howard twp., Raleigh twp., s/o George WILLEY & Mary WILLEY, married Martha WALKER, 17, Brant twp., Raleigh twp., d/o David WALKER & Margaret WALKER, witn: John J. WILLEY, Howard, Mary A. WALKER, Raleigh, 14 May 1890 at Raleigh twp.

005721-90 (Kent Co) Henry Wallace WILLIAMS, 26, cook, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., s/o Joseph WILLIAMS & Maria WILLIAMS, married Sarah C. CARTER, 26, Chatham Ont., Chatham Ont., d/o Marcus CARTER & Emeline CARTER, witn: Lizer CARTER, Hiram CARTER, both of Chatham, 25 March 1890 at Chatham

005708-90 (Kent Co) William H. WINTER, 25, farmer, Dover twp., Dover twp., s/o Solomon WINTER & Ann WINTER, married Mary E.J. McNIGHT, 19, Kingston Ont., Dover twp., d/o Robert McNIGHT & Rebecca McNIGHT, witn: Sophie NEVILLE, W.R. PECK, both of Chatham, 4 February 1890 at Chatham
005925-90 (Kent Co) John WRIGHT, 39, farmer, widower, Howard twp., Howard Ont., s/o William WRIGHT & Mary WRIGHT, married Della SMITH, 23, State of New York, Howard, d/o John & Rebecca SMITH, witn: Louisa A. LEITH, Marion LEITH, residences not entered, 10 February 1890 at Harwich twp. 005736-90 (Kent Co) Edward YOTT, 24, yeoman, Ontario, Dover twp., s/o Frank YOTT & Kitty YOTT, married Victoria LABADIE, 18, Ontario, Dover twp., d/o Peter LABADIE & Tennie LABADIE, witn: Randolph JUNOBILLE?, Alexander MACDONALD, both of Dover, 12 May 1890 at Chatham