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Lambton Co., 1902

birth place is given before residence


010209-02 - Sabine Philip ALDRICH, 29, farmer, Armada - Michigan, same, s/o Philip ALDRICH and Susan CORBIN married Edna KIMBALL, 22, Berville - Michigan, same, d/o William KIMBALL and Emily FROST, witness - Thomas ROCHE and Mrs. Thomas ROCHE, December 19, 1902, Watford  
9894-02 W.E. ANGLEMAN, 25, carpenter, Thorold twp., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph ANGLEMAN & Viola SHUMM, married Maud THOMPSON, 21, Petrolia, same, d/o Henry THOMPSON & Eliza ANDERSON, witn: John THOMPSON & Aggie TAYLOR, both of Petrolia, 30 April 1902 at Petrolia 10219-02 Leonard ARNOTT, 23, laborer, Brooke twp., Petrolia, s/o Isaac ARNOTT & Jane STUBBS, married Maggie CASHMAN, 21, Middlesex Co., St. Thomas, d/o Joseph CASHMAN (Cushman?) & Nancy McPHEE, witn: Mary R. & Brownie ANDREWS of Wyoming, 10 Nov 1902 at Wyoming
#010196-02 (Lambton Co): Henry BAIRD, 43, widower, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o George henry BAIRD & Margaret WILSON, married Alice Margaret MILLER, 38, Medcalfe, Walford, d/o David MILLER & Jean ROGERS, witn: G. Russell BAIRD of Warwick & Jean MELVILLE of illegible, 26 Feb 1902 at Walford 9739-02 James Arthur BAKER, 30, farmer, Canada, Malahide twp., s/o Samuel BAKER & Emma WILLIAMS, married Alma Maud RUSSELL, 19, Canada, Alvinston, d/o James RUSSELL & Mary Ann STEVENS, witn: Charles W. RUSSELL of Alvinston & Delina WESTMAN of London, 26 June 1902 at Alvinston
9884-02 George Thomas BEASLEY, 23, teamster, Petrolia, same, s/o John M. BEASLEY & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Marie FLETCHER, 19, Petrolia, same, d/o Miles FLETCHER & Emma HANIFOR (Haniford?), witn: Matthew MITCHELL of Back bay - St. George NB & Louisa BEASLEY of Petrolia, 22 Jan 1902 at Petrolia #010197-02 (Lambton Co): Henry Gustav BLUMENFIELD, 31, farmer, Michigan USA, same, s/o Albert BLUMENFIELD & Hannah GUSKECHT, married Laura Maria SHIRLEY, 34, Brooke, Walford, d/o Thomas SHIRLEY & Jane LARRETT, witn: Howard SHIRLEY of Brooke twp & Esther BLUMENFIELD of Michigan USA, 12 March 1902 at Walford
10157-02 William BOWLES, 24, farmer, of Sombra twp., s/o John BOWLES & Eliza JOHNSON, married Clara C. BOOTHMAN, 24, of Sombra twp., d/o Thomas R. BOOTHMAN & Janet CAMERON, witn: Rory HENRY & Gertrude MAITLAND, both of Sombra twp., 29 Oct. 1902 at Sombra twp 9890-02 Lewis BOYCE, 28, carriage painter, Petrolia, same, s/o Lewis BOYCE & Caroline VINCENT, married Harriet A. ALLEMA, 33, bible missionary, Brooklin Ont., Petrolia, d/o Charles ALLEMA & Marion? MANNING, wit: William & Sadie BOYCE of Petrolia, 5 Feb 1902 at Petrolia
#010199-02 (Lambton Co): John BRENT, 24, farmer, Warwick, Port Arthur, s/o George BRENT & Mary NISBET, married Amy R. HOWDEN, 24, Walford, same, d/o Samuel B. HOWDEN & Hannah HARROWER, witn: Stanley BRENT of Warwick & Gertrude HOWDEN of London, 18 June 1902 at Walford 10191-02 George BRODIE, 33, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o John BRODIE & Emma MOORE, married Jessie? Forest FISHER, 28, Lanark? Co., Warwick, d/o John FISHER & Elizabeth STEELE, witn: Daniel BRODIE & Margaret FISHER, both of Warwick, 19 Nov 1902 at Warwick
10071-02 John A. BROOKS, 21, sailor, Northport Mich. Port Huron Mich., s/o James BROOKS & Susanna SPROULE, married Bessie MORDEN, 16, North Branch Mich., Port Huron Mich., d/o Enos MORDEN & Annie DEPEE, witn: Thomas KELLEHER & Miss Ada HOPPMOSTER (Hoppmeister?), both of Port Huron Mich. 25 June 1902 at Sarnia  
10162-02 Hugh Goldsmith BROWN, 22, laborer, Thamesville, Sombra, s/o William BROWN & Effie, married Edith Sophia BROWN, 22, Sombra, same, d/o John James BROWN & Elizabeth Catherine MULLIGAN, witn: Herbert BROWN of Courtright & Evelyn Ann HENRY of Sombra, 19 Nov 1902 at Sombra 10218-02 James BROWN, 30, laborer, England, Plympton, s/o James BROWN & Frances L. HUMPHRIES?, married Ella Louisa HOLLING, 23, Plympton, Wyoming, d/o Thomas & Louisa (Lenna?), witn: George & Susan ELLIOTT of Oakdale, 22 Oct. 1902 at Wyoming
10182-02 William John BRUSH, 30, farmer, Warwick, Plympton, s/o James BRUSH & Eunice MOSWORTH, married Susan Jane SHEPPARD, 23, Warwick, same, d/o Thomas SHEPPARD & Charity HAYNES?, witn: Thomas R. SHEPPARD of Detroit & Annie E. BRUSH of Plympton, 18 June 1902 at Warwick #010063-02 (Lambton Co): Alsom Henry BULLOCK, 27, farmer, Moore twp., Sombra twp., s/o Henry BULLOCK & Mary ABBIE, married Phoebe J. McILWAIN, 20, Oil City, same, d/o William McILWAIN & Sarah ANDERSON, witn: Wilbert J. WYATT of Petrolia & Violet McILWAIN of Oil City, 22 May 1902 at Sarnia
9735-02 Henry M. BURGESS, 37, farmer, Canada, Orford twp - Kent Co., s/o Edward BURGESS & Eliza FEX, married Ida WARDELL, 30, Canada, Brooke twp., d/o Timothy WARDELL & Barbara HENSBERGER, witn: Frances MUXWORTHY & Beulah RISK, both of Alvinston, 5 March 902 at Alvinston 010210-02 - James BURNS, 40, shoemaker, Cincinnati - Ohio, Camlachie, s/o James BURNS and Honora WARD married Ellen DALEY, 30, Forest, Camlachie, d/o Michael DALEY and Marg. Jane MAY, witness - Bernard FORD and Catharine DALEY, February 15, 1902, Wyoming
  10084-02 Joseph CARSON, 28, painter, Iowa US, Missouri US, s/o George CARSON & Martha COURTRIGHT, married Della MORRISON, 22, Iowa US, Missouri US, d/o Shannon MORRISON & Anna SHORTT, witn: Annie & Mary BARRIE of Sarnia, 4 Oct. 1902 at Sarnia
001098-1902 (Lambton Co.) Charles Kury CHOWN, 27, painter, Allica? MI, Flint MI, s/o William Charles CHOWN & Eunice Jane LESTER, married Nanna FANNING, 26, Oakland Co. MI, ? MI, d/o Joseph FANNING & Cornelia? PARK, witn: Mrs C. E. WILLIAMS of Sault Ste. Marie & Maggie W. SMITH of Sarnia, 14 Aug 1902 at Sarnia 10178-02 James CHURCHILL, 23, driller, Enniskillen, Petrolia, s/o Joseph CHURCHILL & Rachel A. PURDY, married Mary Edith COPELAND, 18, Ontario, Petrolia, d/o William R. COPELAND & Sarah J. DOWDALL, witn: Joseph CHURCHILL of Warwick & Sarah DOWDALL of Oil Springs, 26 March 1902 at Warwick
#010057-02 (Lambton Co): William James CLARK, 56, widower, captain of boat, Amherst NS, Pt. Huron, s/o Alexander CLARK & Catherine McMILLAN, married Elizabeth FOREMAN, 61, widow, Liverpool England, Pt. Huron, d/o David MORELAND & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Daniel TURNER of Sarnia & Sarah ANDERSON of Pt. Huron, 8 July 1902 at the Rectory, Sarnia #010195-02 (Lambton Co): William Wesley CLARK, 42, widower, engineer, Warwick, same, s/o T.H. CLARK & Mary J. TOMPKINS, married Elizabeth AITKEN, 37, USA, Walford, d/o Walter AITKEN & Mary BROWN, witn: E.S. CLARK of Walford & Jean MAC-- of Toronto, 8 Jan 1902 at Walford
#010055-02 (Lambton Co): Lott COBERT, 26, farmer, Sarnia Reserve, same, s/o Daniel COBERT & Sarah DYMOND, married Eliza OLIVER, 26, Sarnia Reserve, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: James HOLMES & Margaret McEACHERN, both of Sarnia, 16 March 1902 at Sarnia 10091-02 Joseph S. CONSTANTINE, 22, cook, Detroit, Port Huron, s/o Leon CONSTANTINE & Emma GOODSELL, married Elva WILLIAMS, 18, widow, Oscoda Mich., Port Huron, d/o Jacob SPRINGSTEAD & Eliza GREIGG, witn: Pearl SPRINGSTEAD of Port Huron & Bessie McCAMUS of Sarnia, 22 July 1902 at Sarnia
10085-02 Albert George COX, 26, engineer, Petrolia, Oil City, s/o George COX & Harriet ODELL, married Gertrude DURRANCE, 18, Wyoming, same, d/o Edward DURRANCE & Amelia SMITH, witn: William CAR & Annie McMAHON, both of Sarnia, 4 Oct. 1902 at Sarnia 010213-02 (Lambeton Co) William COX, 21, Sarnia Twp, Sarnia, s/o James COX and Elizabeth FORMAN married Maud LUCKINS, 19, Warwick, Sarnia, d/o Charles LUCKINS and Mary SOUTHAM (or SOUTHERN), witness - Mary LUCKINS and Wilhelmina FINDLAY, June 4, 1902, Wyoming
#010060-02 (Lambton Co): William Hall CRAWFORD, 34, cigar maker, Rochester NY, Brantford, s/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Kate HALL, married Eliza Ann SYKES, 28, Leeds Yorkshire England, Brantford, d/o Benjamin Drury SYKES & Mary Ann GRASSBY, witn: Thomas PRESTON of Forest & Mary Ann GRASSBY of Sarnia, 2 July 1902 at Sarnia 10080-02 Angus Stewart CRAWFORD, 27, laborer, Greenock Scotland, Sarnia, s/o John CRAWFORD & Agnes STEWART, married Della Jane ASKEN, 36, Sarnia twp., Sarnia, d/o George ASKEN & Jean WYLIE, witn: Mrs. John TAYLOR & Mrs. Mary BARRIE, both of Sarnia, 10 Sept 1902 at Sarnia
10093-02 Charles CRONKITE, 18, laborer, Aux Sauble, Port Huron Mich. s/o Delaney CRONKITE & Mary COMPO, married Minnie A. BEACH, 16, St. Clair, Port Huron Mich., d/o James Ed BEACH & Mary A. LABERDEE? (Labadie?), witn: Mary A. BEACH & John PRICE, both of Port Huron, 29 July 1902 at Sarnia 10189-02 John F. CUNDICK, 24, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o Charles CUNDICK & Lizzie BARNS, married Margaret Ann NUTT, 19, Michigan, Warwick, d/o James NUTT & Melissa MANN, witn: Herbert KERSEY of Warwick & Mary WARINER? of Sylvan, 29 Oct 1902 at Warwick
010094-1902 (Lambton Co.) William E. DAVIS, 36, lawyer, Ingram Co. MI, Willsauscon? MI, s/o Samuel DAVIS & Huldah GILLET, married Mina RICE, 36, Indianapolis, Ingram Co, Mich, widow, d/o Egbert RICE & Francis THURSTON, witn: Nellie M. JAMIESON of Goderich & Marion K. McCAMUS of Sarnia, 31 Jul 1902 at Sarnia #009929-02 (Lambton Co): James Franklin DENNIS, 23, teamster, Plympton, Petrolia, s/o William DENNIS & Margaret SMITH, married Maude GOWDIE, 21, Plympton, same, d/o John GOWDIE & Jane DERNICK, witnesses were George E. GOWDIE of Plympton & Margaret E. HAWLEYof Sarnia, Dec. 24, 1902 at lot 13, con 3, Plympton
10221-02 John DOTTERER, 30, machinist, Paulding Ohio, Sarnia, s/o John DOTTERER & Christena SCRIM--? (Sern-?), married Alice DUFFY, 31, Mount Forest, Petrolia, d/o Francis DUFFY & Rosa GRANT, witn: William WHITE of Marthaville & Anna O'NEAL of Petrolia, 26 Nov 1902 at Wyoming 010208-02 John DOWNHAM, 25, farmer, East Wisconsin, Strathroy, s/o John DOWNHAM and Martha HUNTLEY married Jean SPAULDING, 25, Warwick, Warwick, d/o John SPAULDING and Ellen HUME, witness - J.H. HUME and Ellen GALLOWAY, December 3, 1902, Watford
10156-02 Mathew DOYLE, 31, Dover twp., Port Lambton, s/o Lawrence DOYLE & Mary KEHOE, married Nora May CLANCY, 25, St. Thomas, Sombra twp., d/o Patrick CLANCY & Ellen CASEY, witn: Robert Ernest GORMLEY & Margaret CLANCY, both of Sombra twp., 29 Oct 1902 at Sombra twp 10083-02 Fred DRINKWATER, 21, laborer, South London England, Sarnia, s/o Alfred DRINKWATER & Mary, married Annie E. ARCHER, 17, Sarnia, same, d/o George ARCHER & Elizabeth WADE, witn: William KELCH & Clara ARCHER, both of Sarnia, 1 Oct. 1902 at Sarnia
010212-02 - William L. DUNCAN, 37, merchant, K-- ?, Wyoming, s/o Alex DUNCAN and Jane LINDSAY married Tera A. DUNCAN, 31, Sarnia, Wyoming, d/o Allan DUNCAN and Elizabeth HICKMAN, witness - Milton L. DUNCAN and Matilda DUNCAN, June 11, 1902, Wyoming 10078-02 Charles DUNCAN, 58, labroer, widower, Vermont Mass., Sarnia, s/o John DUNCAN & Matilda STEWART, married Alice LOKES, 33, widow, Sarnia, same, d/o Edward FOLKES & Mary Ann McFAUL, witn: Clara VAIL & Mrs. E.F. SPELLER, both of Sarnia, 16 Sept 1902 at Sarnia
010200-02 - George ELLIOTT, 22, farmer, Bosanquet Twp, same, s/o Robert ELLIOTT and Elizabeth BELL married Bella SHEPARD, 23, Bosanquet, Bosanquet Twp, d/o David SHEPARD and Addie ARMSTRONG, witness - Mrs. Elizabeth ILSE (Iles? Iler?) and Alena TAYLOR, July 11, 1902, Watford #010053-02 (Lambton Co): John ETTOZERICK, 36, widower, farmer, Sarnia Reserve, same, s/o Wampo ETTOZERICK & Mary RAPAYAH, married Annie YENO, 36, Bay City Mich., Sarnia Reserve, d/o Frank YENO & Mary SHAVAUGH, witn: Mary SNAKE & Phebe AYLESWORTH, both of Sarnia Reserve, 1 July 1902 at Sarnia Reserve
10180-02 Lorenzo EVANS, 21, barber, Warwick, Arkona, s/o John EVANS & Catherine BOWES, married Ethel May TANNER, 21, Warwick, same, d/o Joseph TANNER & Eliza PHILLIPS, witn: W.J. EVANS & Alice E. TANNER, both of Warwick, 14 May 1902 at Warwick 10190-02 (Lambton Co) Laurence W. FINCH, 29, farmer, N. Dorchester, Ontario, s/o Henry FINCH & Ann ALWAY, married Anna May YORKE, 25, Warwick, same, d/o George YORKE & Amelia CAMERON, witn: Wesley FINCH of Harrietsville & Ethel YORKE of Warwick, 24 Dec 1902 at Warwick
9970-02 Charles Manuel FORRAN, 25, laborer, Charlotteville Centre, Sarnia, s/o Charles FORRAN & Stickterny? MARKS, married Gertrude SULLIVAN, 19, Yorkshire GB, Sarnia, d/o James SULLIAN & Emily SIBBETTS, witn: George FORRAN & E.P. SPELLER, both of Sarnia, 9 Jan. 1902 at Sarnia 10068-02 Alex R. FOX, 36, labroer, Leamington Ont., Port Huron Mich, s/o Jacob B. FOX & Maria IRVING, married Melinda LOW, 24, Comber, same, d/o George LOW & Catherine BRUNNER, witn: Mabel CAMERON & Ethel SPELLER, both of Sarnia, 1 Aug 1902 at Sarnia
10172-02 Hugh GALBRAITH, 29, GTR agent, Ekfrid, Warwick, s/o Malcolm GALBRAITH & Mary MacALPINE, married Bertha M. HIGGINS, 22, Warwick, same, d/o David HIGGINS & Elizabeth LEITCH, witn: Douglas GALBRAITH of Adolphe & Ettie HIGGINS of Warwick, 1 Jan 1902 at Warwick 10090-02 William GARVIN, 23, brakeman, Toronto, Sarnia, s/o James GARVIN & Jennie PERKINS, married Salina McMURTIE, 27, Point Edward, Sarnia, d/o Andrew McMURTIE & Julia Ann FRANK, witn: Mrs. & Mary McCAMUS of Sarnia, 16 July 1902 at Sarnia
  10089-02 Arthur Wesley GOULD, 29, farmer, Burford - Brant Cp., Enniskillen twp., s/o Charles GOULD & Isabel WHITE, married Elizabeth BRENNAN, 21, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o William R. BRENNAN & Isabella PAUL, witn: James PEEBLES & Isabella GOULD, both of Petrolia, 9 July 1902 at Sarnia
9737-02 Wellington GREENSLADE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Caradoc twp., s/o James GREENSLADE & Emma GILES, married Carrie MORWOOD, 23, Alvinston, same, d/o John A. MORWOOD & Clarissa ESTELL?, witn: Francis GREENSLADE of Delaware Ont & Emma TEMPLE of Alvinston, 9 April 1902 at Alvinston 10155-02 James HAGAN, 26, farmer, of Sombra, s/o James HAGAN & Isabella GRAY, married Idella TULLOCK, 19, of Sombra, d/o James TULLOCK & Margaret WORKMAN, witn: William M. & Edith RUSSEL of Sombra twp., 26 Aug 1902 at Sombra twp
10216-02 Ebenezer J. HAINES, 52, widower, clergyman, Cheltenham - Peel, Wyoming, s/o Ebenezer HAINES & Catherine CARRICK, married Elizabeth PARK, 49, Plympton, Wyoming, d/o James PARK & Bertha CLIMIE, witn: Maggie & Ina RICE of Wyoming, 8 Sept 1902 at Wyoming #010061-02 (Lambton Co): George Morley HAND, 22, railroad employee, Petrolia, Sarnia, s/o Charles HAND & Laura McCABE, married Acilia LA PLANTE, 22, Sarnia, same, d/o Oliver LA PLANTE & Bridget HARMON, witn: Charles HAND & Mrs. J. DAVIS, both of Sarnia, 4 June 1902 at Sarnia
10163-02 Cecil Montague HANNAY?, 35, painter & decorator, London England, St. Thomas, s/o C.J.J. HANNAY & Mary Frances WILLIAMS (Williamson?), married Evelyn Floretta FIRMAN, 21, Sombra, same, d/o Walter Charles FIRMAN & Sarah Maria STEPHENS, witn: Charles F. & Mrs. Charles FIRMAN of Bradshaw - Sombra twp, 21 Oct. 1902 at Sombra twp #009927-02 (Lambton Co): Edward H. HAYWARD, 25, farmer, Plympton, Warwick, s/o Robert HAYWARD & Margaret SMITH, married Annie S. MINIELLY, 23, Plympton, same, d/o Arthur MINIELLY & Minnie McNEE, witnesses were Archie HAYWARD of Warwick & Kate MINIELLY of Plympton, OCt. 15, 1902 at Plympton
9886-02 Walter HILL, 28, farmer, Dawn twp., Sarnia twp., s/o William HILL & Eliza McNAUGHTON, married Mary Ann HELPS, 18, Plympton twp., Sarnia twp., d/o John HELPS & Catherine R. TAYLOR, witn: Martha WILSON of Lucas & Emma OATMANY? of Petrolia, 31 Jan 1902 at Petrolia 10188-02 Calvin HODGINS, 38, farmer, Middlesex, Plympton, s/o John HODGINS & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Ann Allen AULD, 33, Warwick, same, d/o Robert AULD & Agnes HARROWER, witn: Melvin HODGINS of bay City Mich & Sarah AULD of Warwick, 11 Sept 1902 at Warwick
#010751-03 (Lambton Co): Garfield Roy HODGSON, 21, farmer, Forest, Bosanquet twp., s/o Hiram HODGSON & Emily WEST, married Ida Kate FRAYNE, 24, Forest, same, d/o William FRAYNE & Sarah HARE, witn: Mary W. FRAYNE of Forest & Howard B. HODGSON of Bosanquet twp., 25 Dec 1902 at Forest #010198-02 (Lambton Co): Ira Milton HOLE, 24, paver, Durfield Ill., same, s/o Philip R. HOLE & Elizabeth C. CLOES?, married Mary E. APTED, no age given, Walford, same, d/o George APTED & Minnie SANDERS, witn: Samuel HOLE of Durfield & Beatrice APTED of Walford, 23 April 1902 at Walford
10176-02 William C. HOPKINS, 21, farmer, England, Warwick, d/o Joseph HOPKINS & Elizabeth C. BURNS? (Brien?), married Nina Jane KENNEY, 18, West Williams, Warwick, d/o John KENNEY & Mary E. GILBERT, witn: John H. & Mrs. Rose MANN of Warwick, 25 Dec 1901 at Warwick 10193-02 Alex HUCKWITH, 53, widower, farmer, Florence, Sombra, s/o John HUCKWITH & Ann PARSON, married Jessie CARROLL, 28, widow, Warwick, same, d/o James CAMPBELL & Margaret BRANDON, witn: Agnes & John M. CAMPBELL of Warwick, 25 Dec 1902 at Warwick
10160-02 Joseph William HUGHES, 29, contractor, Cambridge US, Detroit, s/o Michael HUGHES & Catherine MILLET, married Catherine W. DOWNS, 18, Port Lambton, same, d/o Michael DOWNS & Caroline CAIN, witn: James WALSH of Detroit & Mary DOWNS of Port Lambton, 27 Nov 1902 at Port Lambton 010206-02 - George Wesley HULL, 23, commercial traveler, Warwick Twp, Watford, s/o William HULL and Sarah ROY married Frances Armentha LEARN, 23, Warwick Twp, Inwood, d/o Henry LEARN and Nancy AERREUL (?), witness - Josephine C. DOWNIE and Rosa REED, October 6, 1902, Watford
9895-02 Ephraim HYATT, 23, yeoman, Enniskillen, same, s/o Solomon HYATT & Mary ALEXANDER, married Florence PRIECE (Pierce?), 18, Brooke twp., Enniskillen, d/o Thomas PRIECE & Eliza HAY, witn: Louise PHILP & Eva DANFIELD, both of Petrolia, 9 May 1902 at Petrolia #010062-02 (Lambton Co): Robert ISAAC, 40, widower, farmer, Sarnia Reserve, same, s/o John ISAAC & Sarah JACKSON, married Mary SAMUEL, 18, Walpole Island, same, d/o Brukirshert? ISAAC (as written) & unknown, witn: Elizabeth REEVES & Phebe AYLESWORTH, both of Sarnia Reserve, 15 July 1902 at Sarnia Reserve
9882-02 Chrysosten JARVIS, 42, Salvation Army officer, Lynn England, res not given, s/o James JARVIS & Mary BARTEN, married Marie WATSON, 30, Moore twp., res not given, d/o Franklin WATSON & Caroline HORNE, witn: Bert GREENWOOD of Thedford & Mary H. FYFE of Goderich, 8 Jan 1902 at Petrolia 10075-02 William C. JENNINGS, 19, hotel clerk, Fall River Mass., Port Huron Mich., s/o Henry JENNINGS & Elizabeth HUMPHREY, married Cora E. DUNCAN, 18, Toledo Ohio, Port Huron Mich., d/o Andrew DUNCAN & Emily WATSON, witn: George LONG & Carmen HACTBAY?, both of Port Huron Mich., 14 Aug 1902 at Sarnia
10081-02 Joseph A. JOCK, 28, sailor, Courtright, Detroit, s/o Julius JOCK & Josephine BALLAIRE, married Jane BURDICK, 29, widow, Pleasanton - Manatee? Co. Mich., Port Huron Mich, d/o Thomas BURDICK & Emma KEILLOR, witn: E.B. & Mrs. E. SPELLER of Sarnia, 25 Sept 1902 at Sarnia 10082-02 Joseph JOHNSON, 54, widower, farmer, Montreal, Croswell Mich., s/o Lewis JOHNSON & Julia JOHNSON, married Nellie FRIZZLE, 29, Croswell Mich., same, d/o John FRIZZLE & Margaret GROUT, witn: Miss Maud FRIZZLE of Croswell Mich & C.A. HAND of Sarnia, 25 Sept 1902 at Sarnia
010095-1902 (Lambton Co.) Edmund K. KAIG?, 26, actor, Indianapolis, same, s/o Matthew W. KAIG & Lalii LUDLOW, married Eleanor EARSON, 26, Franklin IL, Waynesville IL, widow, d/o Wesley LEROIX & Mary DE BRUNER, witn: Roland HEIL of St. John NB & Adelaide SECORD of London, 6 Aug 1902 at Sarnia 0186-02 Marhsal L. KENZIE, 28, tailor, Plympton, Forest, s/o Sylvester KENZIE & Mary A. LLOYD, married Sarah Bertha HALL, 23, Warwick, same, d/o Joseph HALL & Christena THOMPSON, witn: James L. BROWN of Brantford & A. Bertha MOSSOP of Thorndale, 3 Sept 1902 at Warwick
10074-02 Ela Robson KENT, 21, farmer, Armada - McComb Co. Mich., same, s/o Charles Wesley KENT & Hannah A. WOODEN, married Esther HARVEY, 20, Rochester - Oakland Co Mich., Armada Mich., d/o Henry HARVEY & Mary HEWITT, witn: Eugene & Rilla KENT of Armada Mich., 14 Aug 1902 at Sarnia #009928-02 (Lambton Co): Emerson KILMER, 26, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o David KILMER & Elizabeth UNDERHILL, married Catherine McDOUGALL, 29, Plympton, same, d/o Donald McDOUGALL & Margaret Jane DREMOND, witnesses were Duncan & Bird McDOUGALL of Plympton, Nov. 26, 1902 at Plympton
010097-1902 (Lambton Co.) Henry B. KING, 29, sailor, Marysville MI, same, s/o Ezra S. KING & Frances E. ROBERTS, married Melissa HAZELTON, 20, ?, Marysville MI, d/o Herman HAZELTON & Jenet SUTHERLAND, witn: Maggie W. SMITH & Marion McCAMUS, both of Sarnia, 12 Aug 1902 at Sarnia 010204-02 James A. LAMOND, 28, machinist, St. Thomas, London, s/o Allan LAMOND and Elizabeth O'BRIEN married Gertrude M. HOWDEN, 26, Watford, Watford, d/o Samuel and Hannah HOWDEN, witness - John C. ELLIOTT and May ARMITAGE, September 16, 1902, Watford
10161-02 Orvel LANCASTER, 22, farmer, Sombra, Dawn, so William LANCASTER & Jane, married Frances Ellen BURR, 17, Plympton, Dawn, d/o Richard BURR & Annie, witn: Amos BROWN of Sombra & Maud CHUTE of Sombra, 26 Nov 1902 at Wilkesport 9883-02 Thomas Edward LAXTON (Loxton?), 22, boiler maker, Petrolia, same, s/o Elijah LAXTON & Eliza QUIBB, married Mary Ann FORSYTH, 19, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o John FORSYTH & Annie McQUADE, witn: Annie BALLS & Olive ADAMS, both of Petrolia, 17 Jan 1902 at Petrolia
10174-02 George Albin LESTER, 22, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o William LESTER & Ellen LEARN (Lear?), married Mary SHANNON, 28, Warwick, same, d/o John SHANNON & Elis CARSON (Caesor?), witn: Oscar LESTER & Mary Jane BRANDON, both of Warwick, 9 Jan 1902 at Warwick 10079-02 John LINDNER, 24, lumber dispatcher, Buffalo, Sarnia, s/o Michael LINDNER & Walberga WERTEL, married Maude KAISER, 21, Galt, Sarnia, d/o Charles KAISER & Mabel DRYDEN, witn: Martin P. JOHN of Buffalo & Mary COOKE of Sarnia, 15 Sept 1902 at Sarnia
#009926-02 (Lambton Co): George LIGHTFOOT, 23, farmer, Brooke, same, s/o Joseph LIGHTFOOT & Elizabeth INCH, married Emma SWARTZ, 20, Houghton, Plympton, d/o David SWARTZ & Emma J. JOYCE, witnesses were Edward J. THOMPSON of Watford & Elsie SWARTZ of Plympton, Oct. 8, 1902 at Camlachie village, Plympton twp 9738-02 George W. LONG, 30, laborer, widower, St. Catharines, Glencoe, s/o Henry LONG & Elizabeth FOSTER, married Charlotte SMITH, 25, London Ont., Inwood, d/o Henry SMITH & Mary FREEMAN, witn: W.B. BRENNAN of Montreal & Mrs. S.G. LIVINGSTON of Alvinston, 4 June 1902 at Alvinston
10217-02 Frederick J. LUCKHURST, 22, painter, Toronto, Sarnia, s/o James & Caroline, married Violet GREEN, 20, Wyoming, Sarnia, d/o Robert GREEN & Eliza Jane RICHARDSON, witn: Isabella WILSON & Geraldine GREEN (Gunne?), both of Wyoming, 30 Aug 1902 at Wyoming #010059-02 (Lambton Co): Thomas Houston MANLEY, 29, book seller & stationer, Thedford Ont., Sarnia, s/o Robert MANLEY & Martha HOUSTON, married Blanche Evelyn BEAU (Bean?), 27, Sarnia, same, d/o Robert BEAU & Margaret IRWIN, witn: Stella E. LOUSE of Sarnia, 12 July 1902 at Sarnia
#010052-02 (Lambton Co): Levi MAPLETOFT, 25, bartender, Peel Co., Marine City Mich., s/o Joseph MAPLETOFT & Matilda ROADHOUSE, married Emma MARTIN, 36, Chatham, Wallaceburg, d/o Peter MARTIN & Annie CRONE?, witn: John & Elizabeth MAPLETOFT of Sarnia, 1 July 1902 at Sarnia 10092-02 Hugh MATHEWS, 21, laborer, Oil Springs Ont., Port Huron Mich., s/o Reuben MATHEWS & Mary WILLISON, married Amelia JONES, 19, Kent bridge, Port Huron Mich., d/o Abram JONES & Hatty WHITEFOOT, witn: Mrs. & Bessie McCAMUS of Sarnia, 23 July 1902 at Sarnia
9891-02 Norman Bertram MacDONALD, 21, engineer, Petrolia, same, s/o A.H. MacDONALD & Fanny BOOTH, married Margaret Calista McKENZIE, 19, Newbury Ont, Petrolia, d/o Peter McKENZIE & Hannah G. EASTMAN, witn: Effie McDONALD & Hattie LAWSON, both of Petrolia, 19 March 1902 at Petrolia 10158-02 James F. McDONALD, 31, joiner, Algonac Mich., s/o Roswel McDONALD & Ann Margaret HOWE?, married Maud STAGGS, 21, of Algonac Mich., d/o William J. STAGGS & Fannie WILLIAMS, witn: W.A. & Mrs. W.A. McDONALD of Port Lambton, 28 Oct. 1902 at Sombra twp
010207-02 John Alex McLEAY, 39, physician, Watford, Watford, s/o Murdo McLEAY and Janet GLENDENNING married Carolyn HAAS, 32, Houston - Texas, Houston - Texas, d/o Victor KIAM and Sarah BLOCK, witness - Florence McLEAY and E. Grace McLEAY, September 24, 1902, Watford  
#009930-02 (Lambton Co): Peter McMILLAN, 32, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Kate PURCELL, married Mary E. HARRISON, 32, Ailsa Craig, same, d/o James HARRISON & Hannah FOX, witnesses were Archibald McMILLAN & Martha HARRISON, both of Plympton, Dec. 24, 1902 at lot 6, con 8, Plympton 10179-02 Francis George MINIELY, 26, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o Arthur MINIELY & Mary McNEE, married Barbara Alice HEYWOOD, 22, Warwick, same, d/o Robert HEYWARD & Margaret SMITH, witn: John A. HEYWARD of Warwick & Annie S. MINIELY of Plympton, 2 April 1902 at Warwick
10214-02 Charles R. MONRO, 31, photographer, Goderich Ont., Valdosla Georgia, s/o James MONRO & Ellen VIDEON (Videau?), married Mary Jane WILSON, 24, milliner, Emmet Mich., Wyoming Ont., d/o James WILSON & Mary Jane KEYS, witn: David MONRO & Hattie E. HARRISON, both of Goderich, 26 Aug 1902 at Wyoming 9736-02 John A. MORWOOD, 63, widower, machinist, Quebec, Alvinston, s/o John MORWOOD & Margaret STEWART, married Sarah MADOLE, 45, Ontario, Alvinston, d/o James MADOLE & Eliza SHAW, witn: Francis GREENSLADE of Delaware Ont & Stella TEMPLE of Alvinston, 9 April 1902 at Alvinston
#010058-02 (Lambton Co): Samuel J. NICHOLSON, 31, telegraph operator, Detroit Mich., same, s/o George NICHOLSON & Sarah J. BODEN, married Elma M. SMITH, 29, Norfolk Ont, Detroit Mich., d/o Israel SMITH & Helen WALTERS, witn: Laura COLLIER of Chicago Ill. & Ethel B. SPELLER of Sarnia, 2 July 1902 at Sarnia 10220-02 James M. O'DONNELL, 32, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o James O'DONNELL & Bridget KEARNS, married Mary MASON, 25, Plympton, same, d/o Eugene MASON & Sarah O'BRIEN, witn: John O'DONNELL & Honora MASON, both of Plympton, 19 Nov 1902 at Wyoming
010211-02 - Joseph O'DONNELL, 28, farmer, Plympton, Forest, s/o Matthew O'DONNELL and Ann HUBBARD married Louisa TIERNEY, 26, Plympton, Plympton, d/o James TIERNEY and Louisa SLEUS (?), witness - Edward O'DONNELL and Mary LANGAN, May 7, 1902, Wyoming 10070-02 Frederick A. PARR, 21, barber, Middlesex Canada, Port Huron Mich., s/o Robert PARR & Melissa LUCAS, married Mabel NICHOLSON, 19, Manistique Mich., Port Huron Mich., d/o Charles NICHOLSON & Julia DOXSEE, witn: Charles F. PARR of Oakdale & Lottie JOHNSON of Eddys Mills, 1 July 1902 at Sarnia
10185-02 George PAYNE, 38, brick layer, England, Ohio, s/o John PAYNE & Mary A. TEMPLE, married Margaret HEYWOOD, 30, nurse, Plympton, Ohio, d/o Robert HEYWOOD & Margaret SMITH, witn: John A. HEYWOOD of St. Thomas & Bessie ELWOOD of Toledo, 30 June 1902 at Warwick  
10086-02 Robert Alfred PEACOCK, 29, insurance agent, Malahide Ont., Sarnia, s/o Robert PEACOCK & Nelita CASCADDEN, married Estella Beatrice DELL, 23, Metcalfe Ont., Sarnia, d/o Sylvester DELL & Emma CALDWELL, witn: William P ^& Mary Melissa HARRIS of Adelaide, 24 Sept 1902 at Sarnia #009925-02 (Lambton Co): Adolphus PEACOCK, 40, farmer, Corinth Ont., Plympton, s/o William PEACOCK & Hannah FIRBY, married Flossie LAWSON, 27, Plympton, same, d/o Henry LAWSON & Amelia TAIT, witnesses were W.M. FINDLAY of Wyoming & G. Wallace LAWSON of Plympton, Sept. 24, 1902 at lot W1/2 24, con 3, Plympton
#010056-02 (Lambton Co): Edward B. PHELPS, 28, electrician, South Norwich, Sarnia, s/o George PHELPS & Ho-- MA-- , married Flora Catherine JOHNSON, 29, Smith Creek Mich., Sarnia, d/o Charles JOHNSON & Flora CAMPBELL, witn: John B. WILLIAMS of Sarnia & Susan McCALLUM of Wallaceburg, 11 June 1902 at Sarnia 10190-02 John H. PICKERING, 25, vet surgeon, Plympton, Forest, s/o Isaac PICKERING & Margaret HETHERINGTON, married Jessie Jean McFARLAN, 20, Warwick, same, d/o Hopkins McFARLAN & Margaret FISHER, witn: George McFARLAN of Warwick & Maud PALTRIDGE of Goderich, 5 Nov 1902 at Warwick
010205-02 - Lawrence W. PIKE, 27, farmer, Warwick Twp, Warwick Twp, s/o Berry PIKE and Margaret HARROW ? married Nellie WILLOUGHBY, 23, Watford, Watford, d/o Christopher WILLOUGHBY and Sarah EDWARDS, witness - Harry WILLIAMSON and Flossie WILLOUGHBY, October 1, 1902, Watford 10088-02 Ellery D. PRESTON, 34, advertising manager, Detroit, same, s/o David PRESTON & Jane B. HAWK, married Florence LATHROP, 23, Jackson Mich., same, d/o Arthur LATHROP & Alice OSBORNE, witn: Mrs. D. N. & Marion L. McCAMUS of Sarnia, 4 July 1902 at Sarnia
  010201-02 - Charles E. PURDY, 25, salesman, Straffordville, Sarnia, s/o William B. PURDY and Eliza J. MATTHEWS married Mary Grace TYE, 22, Watford, Watford, d/o James C. TYE and Mary LERNAN, witness - George HAGLE and Ethel M. TYE, June 25, 1902, Watford
10069-02 Roy R. RIGHTMYER, 22, farmer, Northumberland Co Ont., Richfield Mich., s/o Henry RIGHTMYER & Jane ZUEFELT, married Frankie A. WILSON, 19, Richfield Mich., same, d/o Stephen WILSON & Madella BURTON, 2 July 1902 at Sarnia 10215-02 James RIORDAN, 25, laborer, London England, Sarnia, s/o Patrick RIORDAN & Sarah BOLEN, married Annie POLLEY, 20, Petrolia, same, d/o William POLLEY & Mary COLLINS, witn: Maud WESTLAND & Elizabeth RAE, both of Wyoming, 3 Sept 1902 at Wyoming
10087-02 Alvin RIVERS, 41, laborer, Massena NY, Port Huron Mich., s/o Joseph RIVERS & Sarah WOOD, married Mary O'HARA, 28, Battau Canada, Port Huron Mich., d/o Thomas O'HARA & Susan MORRISON, witn: Catherine MILLARD of Port Huron & Marion McCAMUS of Sarnia, 4 July 1902 at Sarnia  
9888-02 Robert William ROSS, 23, farmer, Petrolia, Enniskillen, s/o Robert ROSS & Rebecca MORRISON, married Mary HILLIS, 23, Petrolia, same, d/o James A. HILLIS & Mary Jane TAYLOR, witn: Neilena KERR of Petrolia & Katie GRAHAM of Glencoe, 12 Feb 1902 at Petrolia 10222-02 Robert James RUNNING, 23, engineer, Enniskillen, Petrolia, s/o Robert RUNNING & Amarilla VINCENT, married Emma HEXT, 19, Petrolia, same, d/o Daniel HEXT & Mary Ann NORTHCOT, witn: M. R. & Brownie ANDREWS of Wyoming, 24 Dec 1902 at Wyoming
10067-02 Dennis SHARROW (Skarrow?), 65, widower, mechanic, Pance? Dover Co., Port Huron Mich., s/o Andrew SHARROW & Margaret DELAGRIL, married August LA FORTUNE, 35, widow, Welland Port Canada, Port Huron Mich. d/o George PECKHAM & Crolinda? CRIPPIN, witn: C.F. & Hattie FINCH of Port Huron, 11 June 1902 at Sarnia 10072-02 William Alex SHERER, 20, millinery, Petrolia, Detroit, s/o Philip SHERER & Esther WALKER, married Anna L. CLARK, 21, Sarnia, same, d/o Henry CLARK & Mary E. STOCKS, witn: Thomas F. CLARK of Kalamazoo Mich & Maude A. FINCH of Sarnia, 25 June 1902 at Sarnia
10066-02 Thomas C. SLOAN, 29, carpenter, Belfast Ireland, Sarnia, s/o Samuel SLOAN & Annie CARLISLE, married Ida M. MITCHELL, 25, Sarnia twp., Sarnia, d/o William MITCHELL & Eliza RICHARDSON, witn: Harvey MITCHELL & Fannie SLOAN, both of Sarnia, 18 June 1902 at Sarnia 9733-02 Norman W. SMITH, 26, jeweller, Canada, Inwood, s/o William SMITH & Margaret DOAN, married Cora B. SHARP, 24, Alvinston, same, d/o Henry SHARP & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: John W. GAULT & Margaret E. SMITH, both of Inwood, 8 Jan 1902 at Alvinston
  9887-02 John STAPLETON, 42, farmer, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, s/o John STAPLETON & Mary HUBBARD, married Margaret BOYLE, 25, Forest, Enniskillen, d/o Matthew BOYLE & Anastasia WARD, witn: Henry BOYLE of Montana Territory & Mary STAPLETON of Petrolia, 4 Feb 1902 at Petrolia
10073-02 Joseph STONE, 22, farmer, Michigan, Croswell Mich., s/o Henry STONE & Maria McBRIDE, married Frances CRAKER, 22, Freemont Mich., Croswell Mich., d/o Levi CRAKER & Mary Ann GORDON, witn: Evans DAVIS of London & Mary E. DAVIS of Sarnia, 12? Aug 1902 at Sarnia 10076-02 Charles STRANGWAY, 21, moulder, Watford, Sarnia, s/o George STRANGWAY & Bessie MAVITY, married Pamley Boyle HAMILTON, 16, London Ont., Sarnia, d/o William BOYLE & Nellie COLLINS, witn: Mrs. Harriet TUFFIELD & Mrs. William HAMILTON, both of Sarnia, 21 Aug 1902 at Sarnia
#009924-02 (Lambton Co): George Arthur STRINGER, 26, clerk, Simcoe - Norfolk Co., Wyoming, s/o George STRINGER & Nancy WELSH, married Agnes Bertha STONEHOUSE, 19, Plympton, same, d/o William STONEHOUSE & Mary LIVINGSTON, witnesses were Walter STRINGER of Wyoming & Sadie STONEHOUSE of Plympton, June 25, 1902 at lot W1/2 15, con 1, Plympton #010054-02 (Lambton Co): Richard Alfred SUTHERLAND, 29, butcher, Sarnia, same, s/o John & Emily, married Frances Florence WISE, 22, Watford, Sarnia, d/o Robert & Frances, witn: J.P. FRASER & Letta WISE, both of Sarnia, 19 Feb 1902 at Sarnia
10177-02 Robert A. TANNER, 27, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o Alfred TANNER & Jennet LINKLIGHTER, married Mary Jane STREET, 23, Warwick, same, d/o William STREET & Mary SCOFFIN, witn: William STREET of Warwick & Ethel McCALLUM of Forest, 5 March 1902 at Warwick #010064-02 (Lambton Co): Charles Henry THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Elgin Co. Ont., Port Huron Mich., s/o Caleb THOMPSON & Ann BARNES, married Rose Ann CARROLL, 21, Petrolia, Sarnia, d/o Simon CARROLL & Mary JOHNSON, 25 June 1902 at Sarnia
9968-02 William John TURNBULL, 32, farmer, Grand Bend, Sarnia twp., s/o George TURNBULL & Betty McDONALD, married Isabella McLENNAN, no age given, Moore twp., Sarnia twp., d/o Donald McLENNAN & Elizabeth WILKIN, witn: Arthur J. COURE? of Fernhill & Ada CHOWEN of Ladysmith, 1 Jan 1902 at Der--? St., Sarnia 9734-02 Joseph TURNER, 22, farmer, Canada, Brooke twp., s/o Richard TURNER & Elizabeth STEWART, married Clara Jean CRAIG, 19, Canada, Brooke twp., d/o John CRAIG & Annie McLELLAN, witn: John & Maggie TOWNS of Aberfeldy, 19 Feb 1902 at Alvinston
10181-02 Ben Crawford WALKER, 31, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o Benjamin WALKER & Mary E. PELLATT, married Sarah Louisa MARTIN, 21, Ireland, Warwick, d/o William MARTIN & Mary HARRIS, witn: Abraham MARTIN of Warwick & Aggie WATSON of Plympton, 11 June 1902 at Warwick 9885-02 Edward Ernest WALL, 25, labroer, Essex England, Petrolia, s/o George WALL & Lydia LAZELL, married Jane CARPENTER, 35, widow, Toronto, Petrolia, d/o Joseph WALLER & Eliza BAXTER, witn: Joseph & Louisa WALLER of Petrolia, 25 Jan 1902 at Petrolia
10187-02 Christmas WATTS, 33, farmer, Adelaide, Warwick, s/o Charles WATTS & Eliza TORRENT?, married E. Ann Melvina DENNIS, 24, West Williams, same, d/o Abraham DENNIS & Emiline BROWN? (Bevan?), witn: Elbert D. MORNINGSTAR of Arkona, 17 Aug 1902 at Warwick 9893-02 Christopher WAUGH, 33, carpenter, Lobo twp., Moose Jaw NWT, s/o John WAUGH & Margaret McARTHUR, married Elizabeth S. MURRAY, 26, Petrolia, Sombra twp., d/o James C. MURRAY & Joanna CAMERON, witn: John WAUGH of Lobo & Annie C. MURRAY of Petrolia, 25 March 1902 at Petrolia
  9889-02 Frederick Peter WEBSTER, 35, farmer, Enniskillen, Sombra twp, s/o David WEBSTER & Mary MORRISON, married Elizabeth CROFT, 35, Moore twp., Sombra twp., s/o John CROFT & Lucinda ADAMS, witn: John MORRISON of Petrolia & Katie GRAHAM of Glencoe, 19 Feb 1902 at Petrolia
10175-02 Mathew WHITE, 30, farmer, Scotland, Manitoba, s/o William WHITE & Margaret GRAY, married Mary Alice BURNHAM, 28, Warwick, same, d/o William BURNHAM & Isabella STEWART, witn: William WHITE of Alvinston & Ida K. FRAYNE of Forest, 15 Jan 1902 at Warwick 9892-02 Alex William WHITE, 32, widower, laborer, Cathalina NF, Petrolia, s/o Henry WHITE & Mary DUFFELT, married Mary E. SHEWMAN, 30, Petrolia, same, d/o Baltis SHEWMAN & Ellen REYNOLDS, witn: Annette HOLLING & Nellie PHILP, both of Petrolia, 17 March 1902 at Petrolia
010096-1902 (Lambton Co.) Mahlon WHITEHEAD, 27, baker, Dresden, same, s/o James WHITEHEAD & Sarah BAKER, married Ethelle DREWERY, 19, Delhi, Dresden, d/o William DREWERY & Emily BURGESS, witn: Maggie W. SMITH & Marion McCAMUS, both of Sarnia, 12 Aug 1902 at Sarnia 10159-02 Herbert Frank WHITMELL, 26, farmer, of Sombra twp., s/o Charles A. WHITMELL & Elizabeth ELWOOD, married Esther? Alberta HENRY, 22, of Sombra twp., d/o Albert W. HENRY & Elizabeth A. CARPENTER, witn: Rory HENRY & Clara CARPENTER, both of Sombra twp., 12 Nov 1902 at Sombra twp
010203-02 - Richard A. WILLIAMS, 29, banker, Barrie, Montreal, s/o Evan E. WILLIAMS and Bessie ALEXANDER married Lily J. DOWNIE, 35, Kingston, Watford, d/o John DOWNIE and Josephine C. ROGERS, witness - Eyl ? L. WILLIAMS and Dorothea A. WILLIAMS, September 9, 1902, Trinity church, Watford 10077-02 Harvey Wesley WILSON, 25, hardware clerk, Waterloo Ont., Sarnia, s/o Isaac WILSON & Elizabeth PLANTZ, married Maggie JENNINGS, 28, Sarnia, same, d/o Edward JENNINGS & Charlotte HARRIS, witn: J.E. WADLAND of Sarnia & Lillian MARSHALL of Port Huron, 10 Sept 1902 at Sarnia
010202-02 - William F. WOODS, 28, labourer, n/g, Forest, s/o Francis and Jessie WOODS married Beatrice GATES, 27, domestic, n/g, Forest, d/o Charles and Elizabeth GATES, witness - I.P. TAYLOR and Lena TAYLOR, August 27, 1902, Watford 9969-02 Isaac WORKMAN, 41, farmer, Mountain twp., Sombra twp., s/o Samuel WORKMAN & Agnes CREIGHTON, married Ida A. JOHNSTON, 34, Huntingdon twp., Sombra twp., d/o Robert J. JOHNSTON & Mary Jane, witn Emeline SPELLER & Fred FRENCH, both of Sarnia, 1 Jan 1902 at Sarnia