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Lambton  Co., 1924

birth place is given before residence


12342-24 Iva Clarence ABRA, 23, farmer, Moore twp., 10th Con of Moore twp., s/o James B. ABRA (b. England) & Catherine CRANSTON, married Delilah STEWART, 21, Sarnia, 316 George St. in Sarnia, d/o John STEWART (b. Ont) & Elizabeth PORTER, witn: Alva F. WRAY & Hazel M. ABRA, both of Corunna, 10 May 1924 at 144 Parker St. in Sarnia 12335-24 Hugh Hutchinson ALEXANDER, 22, farmer, Carsonville - Sanilac Co. Mich., same, s/o Alex ALEXANDER (b. Canada) & Sarah HAYES, married Margaret BROWN, 21, Port Huron Mich., Sombra twp., d/o Richard BROWN (b. Madoc Ont) & Mary McNEIL, witn: Muriel GRANT of Becker & James ALEXANDER of Carsonville Mich., 15 Oct 1924 at Sombra twp
12346-24 Frank Harold ALLCROFT, 25, automobile mechanic, Leicester England, 248 Davis St. in Sarnia, s/o Samuel ALLCROFT (b. Leicester England) & Ada PARKER, married Priscilla WATSON, 31, widow, stock keeper, Hickley England, Christena St. N. in Sarnia, d/o John H. SPENCER (b. Leeds England) & Emma SPENCE, witn: George WOOD of 148 St. Vincent Sq. & Ida ALLCROFT of 269 Rockhampton Ave in Toronto, 1 Jan 1924 at Sarnia 12340-24 David Stanley ALLEN, 31, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o Ishmael ALLEN (b. Mosa twp) & Mary Ann ROBBINS, married Helena Irene KING, 24, Ontario, Dawn twp., d/o John Henry KING (b. Zone twp) & Elizabeth Robinson LAING, witn: Vera G. GETTY of Croton & Gordon D. BROOKS of Newbury, 1 Aug 1924 at Croton
12350-24 Thomas Leslie ALLEN, 23, clerk, Bay City Mich., Detroit, s/o Henry ALLEN & Anna KUKLER, married Cecelia GALLERNEAU, 21, Sombra, same, d/o Napoleon GALLARNEAU, farmer, & Mary DIONNE, witn: Clarence & Mrs. Clarence ALLEN of Detroit, 12 Nov 1924 at Sombra 12337-24 William Kenneth ALLEN, 23, tool maker, Sarnia, 1025 Hibbard Ave in Detroit, s/o Edward ALLEN (b. Canada) & Isabel PARKER, married Vera Maretta FIDDES, 21, stenographer, Sarnia, 439 Wellington St. in Sarnia, d/o Louis FIDDES (b. Canada) & Mary MENZIE, witn: Kenneth FIDDES of Detroit & Miss Alice CALLUM of Sarnia, 20 Sept 1924 at Sarnia
12349-24 William AMBLER, 34, pianist, England, Wallaceburg, s/o Robert Shaw AMBLER (b. England) & Sarah LODGE, married May Pearl TEETER, 28, Chatham twp., Wallaceburg, d/o Daniel TEETER (b. Chatham twp) & Elizabeth McLEAN, witn: Annie & Margaret A. McKAY of Sarnia, 24 Nov 1924 at Sarnia 12347-24 Nelles Carrick ANDERSON, 23, teacher, Warwick, Thamesville, s/o Selborne ANDERSON (b. Elgin Co) & Annie CARRICK, married Velma Blanche WEBSTER, 24, milliner, Dresden, Thamesville, d/o Alex WEBSTER (b. Kent Co) & Sarah HANNON, witn: Grace M. WEBSTER of Wallaceburg & Blyth ANDERSON of Forest, 19 Jan 1924 at Forest
12344-24 John W. ANDERSON, 65, widower, retired, Shetland Islands, Petrolia, s/o Henry ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Nellie LAIRD, married Bessie STONEHOUSE, 52, widow, Plympton twp., Wyoming, d/o John STONEHOUSE (b. Yorkshire England) & Rachel ROGERS, witn: Harry & Kate ANDERSON of Wyoming, 20 March 1924 at Wyoming 12343-24 James Lane ANDERSON, 30, painter, Chicago, 1995 Jay St. in Detroit, s/o "unable to say" (father b. USA), married Ruby Joy RAMSAY, 26, core maker, Wyoming Ont., 147 Kathleen Ave in Sarnia, d/o James RAMSAY (b. Plympton twp) & Mary J. BROWN, witn: Elsie JOHNSON & Edgar B. WEST, both of Sarnia, 11 June 1924 at Plympton twp
12339-24 David ANDREWS, 44, widower, teacher, Elgin Co., Colonial Hotel in Sarnia, s/o James ANDREWS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McKEITH, married Helen Parker SWEET, 34, librarian, Sarnia, 223 North Brick St. in Sarnia, d/o William SWEET (b. England) & Isabel J. SYMINGTON, witn: Percy R. & Freda GILBERT of Sarnia, 12 Sept 1924 at Sarnia 12336-24 John Mathew ARCHER, 27, farmer, Canada, Warwick twp., s/o Albert E. ARCHER (b. Ont) & Sarah WILSON, married Ella Lorretta DODGE, 21, Canada, Warwick twp., d/o George DODGE (b. Ont) & Sarah BRUSH?, witn: Gladys DODGE & Edward ARCHER, both of RR1 Wanstead, 11 Oct 1924 at Plympton
12348-24 Robert Hyslop ARMSTRONG, 23, laborer, Canada, Camlachie, s/o David ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Annie HYSLOP, married Marjory Bell DODGE, 23, Canada, Camlachie, d/o James Wallace DODGE (b. Plympton Canada) & Margaret McKELLAR, witn: Neil & Edna Alena WILKINSON of RR2 Camlachie, 19 Nov 1924 at Forest 12341-24 William James ARMSTRONG, 30, cabinet joiner, Camlachie, 280 Mckenzie St. N. in Sarnia, s/o David ARMSTRONG (b. Plympton Ont) & Annie HYSLOP, married Margaret Catherine SMITH, 27, Camlachie, 272 Durand St., d/o John SMITH (b. Scotland) & Mary McPHEDRAN, witn: M. Alice SMITH of 272 Durand St. & Murray ARMSTRONG of Camlachie, 26 June 1924 at 272 Durand St., Sarnia
12334-24 Charles ARNBERG, 23, tool maker, Haliburton, 270 Ville Marie in Montreal, s/o Charles ARNBERG (b. Haliburton Co) & Mary Eleanor McDONALD, married Mary Ellen McRURY, 23, Point Edward, same, d/o Donald John McRURY (McRory?) & Edith POLLACK, witn: Donald John & Edith McRURY of Point Edward, 24 Oct 1924 at Point Edward 12338-24 Lorne Addison ATMORE, 22, farmer, Canada, West Williams twp, s/o John ATMORE (b. Canada) & Frances DOBBIE, married Gertrude May ROSS, 21, clerk, Canada, Thedford, d/o James ROSS (b. Canada) & Maud EVANS, witn: Mrs. E. J. ROULSTON & Mrs. A. J. CHAPMAN, both of Arkona, 15 Sept 1924 at Arkona
12345-24 Herman Ephrem AUBE, 22, battery builder, Crysler Ont., 227 Lochiel St. in Sarnia, s/o Leandre AUBE (b. Canada) & Mary DUCHARME, married May CORNISH, 18, Blind River Ont., Euphemia St. in Sarnia, d/o Cephas CORNISH (b. Canada) & Rose CHENIER, witn: Charles WIGGINS & Irene WATERS, both of Sarnia, 22 Feb 1924 at Sarnia  
12360-24 Thomas Andrew BAILEY, 29, laborer, Chapleau Ont., RR3 Sarnia, s/o Elijah BAILEY (b. Bosanquet twp) & Amelia E. MOSCRIP, married Iola Beatrice YEATES, 17, Sarnia twp., RR3 Sarnia, d/o James YEATES (b. Moore twp) & Emma Amelia SOMES, witn: Kenneth MACKLIN of RR1 London Sarnia [both given] & Emma Winnifred YEATES of RR3 Sarnia, 1 July 1924 at Blackwell 12368-24 Herbert Leroy BALDWIN, 24, shipping clerk, Arkona, 178 N. Forsyth St. in Sarnia, s/o William F. BALDWIN (b. Woodstock) & Eliza Alice EVANS, married Muriel Irene SAUNDERS, 27, Watford, 310 N. Christena St., d/o Alexander SAUNDERS (b. Brooke twp) & Cora REID, witn: John Averil BALDWIN & Myrtle SAUNDERS, both of Sarnia, 14 May 1924 at Sarnia
12357-24 Robert Henry BEACOM, 33, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o William BEACOM (b. Ireland) & Phoebe SHAW, married Hilda Edith BELL, 24, teacher, Petrolia, same, d/o Robert BELL (b. Canada) & Hilda DYKE, witn: Mina WILKINSON & William J. BLAIN, both of Watford, 18 Sept 1924 at Petrolia 12369-24 Clarence BECK, 27, farmer, Manitoulin Island, Plympton twp., s/o George BECK (b. Gaspe Que) & Martha Helena WIEMER, married Grace LUCKINS, 17, Plympton twp., same, d/o Charles LUCKINS (b. Somerset England) & Mary L. SOUTHERN, witn: Gwen M. STONES & Mary A. BARBER, both of Wyoming, 23 April 1924 at res of the bride, Plympton twp
12377-24 John Samuel BENTLEY, 28, railroad employee, England, Sarnia, s/o John BENTLEY & Maria WALSH, married Florence Lilian BATTRAWDON, 29, London England, Sarnia, d/o William BATTRAWDON & Mary Jane McINTOSH, witn: William BENTLEY of 474 Davis St. in Sarnia & Mrs. Catherine MELDRUM of Victoria Ave in Point Edward, 14 June 1924 at Sarnia 12356-24 William Joseph BENTLEY, 53, dentist, Lambton Co., Northern Apts. in Sarnia, s/o John BENTLEY (b. England) & Julia ROGER, married Helen Addah TAYLOR, 58, Petrolia, 193 Queen St. in Sarnia, d/o Peter TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Jean ELLIOT, witn: Mary E. PATERSON & Margaret MACKENZIE, both of Sarnia, 1 Oct 1924 at Sarnia
12353-24 William John BEVERIDGE, 26, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o John BEVERIDGE (b. Hamilton Ont) & Elizabeth EDWARDS, married Winnifred Roberta EMERICK, 18, Sarnia, Enniskillen twp., d/o Frank S. EMERICK (b. Brooke twp) & Margaret DONALD, witn: William R. KEYES of Enniskillen twp & Charlotte PENROSE of Oil Springs, 10 Dec 1924 at Oil Springs  
12372-24 Kenneth William BISSELL, 22, car repairer, Sarnia, RR2 Mandaumin, s/o Thomas BISSELL (b. Niagara) & Sarah NELSON, married Mamie Frances McRAE, 20, Mooretown, RR2 Mandaulin, d/o John Angus McRAE (b. PEI) & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: Flossie McRAE of RR2 Mandaumin & Elmer Nelson BISSELL of RR1 Sarnia, 19 Jan 1924 at Mandaumin 12361-24 George Oliver BISSELL, 21, truck driver, Sarnia, 214 N. Mackenzie St. in Sarnia, s/o Thomas BISSELL (b. Niagara) & Sarah NELSON, married Blanche GRAY, 23, clerk, England, 239 S. Russell St. in Sarnia, d/o Matthew GRAY (b. Newcastle) & Elizabeth MORTON, witn: Elmer N. BISSELL of RR1 Sarnia twp & Elsie GRAY of 239 S. Russell, 30 July 1924 at St. Johns Church, Sarnia
12374-24 Frederick William BLANCHARD, 53, widower, janitor for Imperial Oil Co., London England, Maud St. in Point Edward, s/o Frederick William BLANCHARD (b. Tunbridge Wells England) & Elizabeth OAKLEY, married Annie Agnes FENNELL, 56, widow, London England, Victoria Ave in Point Edward, d/o Arthur PESKETT (b. Arundel Sussex England) & Agnes WHITFORD, witn: Frederick George BLANCHARD of Maud St. in Point Edward & Eva L. J. RHODES of Michigan Ave in Point Edward, 9 Feb 1924 at Point Edward 12358-24 Frederick Pierce BLUE, 29, bank clerk, Paisley Ont., 36 Mentz Apts. in Niagara Falls NY, s/o Laughlin BLUE (b. Paisley Ont) & Catherine LEITCH, married Ada Blanche ALLEN, 21, Sarnia, Charles St. in Point Edward, d/o John Lovell ALLEN (b. Kilburn England) & Rose BRYANT, witn: Louise KERR (Herr?) & Helen ALLEN, both of Point Edward, 30 Aug 1924 at Point Edward
12367-24 Sanford Osborn BLUNDEN, 60, widower, retired, Canada, Forest, s/o Simon BLUNDEN (b. Ireland) & Levena RAWLINGS, married Alena Elizabeth SHAY, 43, house keeper, Canada, Forest, d/o Julius SHAY (b. Waddington NY) & Evelyn TRUSTLER, witn: Richard & Amelia J. MAKEN of Forest, 31 May 1924 at Forest 12362-24 John James BLUNDY, 46, widower, foreman for Imperial Oil, Chippawa Ont., 141 Durand St. in Sarnia, s/o Paul BLUNDY (b. Alsace Lorraine) & Catherine KNAUFF, married Margaret Ann ROBERTS, 48, housekeeper, Mount Carmel Ont., 141 Durand St. in Sarnia, d/o Denis ROBERTS (b. Pickering Ont) & Margaret McCARTHY, witn: Philip & Marie BLUNDY of 141 Durand St., 5 July 1924 at Sarnia
12375-24 James BODY, 24, oiler, England, Sarnia, s/o Samuel BODY (b. England) & Ella SHORT?, married Elida SPINKS, 18, Havelock, Sarnia, d/o Fred SPINKS (b. England) & Eliza LISCOMB, witn: Mrs. Ernie & Mr. Ernie SPINKS of Sarnia, 7 Jan 1924 at Petrolia 12364-24 Basil Lloyd BOURNE, 25, laborer, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, s/o Lloyd BOURNE (b. Brooke twp) & Sarah STYLES, married Elsie MITTY, 17, Petrolia, same, d/o John Wesley MITTY (b. Marthaville Petrolia) & Barbara COLTER, witn: Ray SMITH & Mrs. Mabel Madeline SMITH, both of Petrolia, 28 June 1924 at Sarnia
12359-24 Willard BRAIN, 28, widower, Imperial Oil Employee, Brooke twp., 277 Cobden St. in Sarnia, s/o Henry BRAIN (b. England) & Jennie SEARS, married Emma BLAIN, 29, Warwick twp., 398 Palmerston St. in Sarnia, d/o Albert J. BLAIN (b. Ont) & Catherine CARROLL, witn: Albert J. & Mrs. a. BLAIN of Sarnia, 24 July 1924 at Sarnia 12376-24 Owen Lionel Humphrey BRAY, 21, brakeman, Ilford Essex England, Point Edward, s/o Perry R. BRAY (b. Ilford England) & Jessie CHOATE, married Minnie SMITH, 17, Staffordshire England, 122 Cameron St. in Sarnia, d/o George SMITH (b. Staffordshire England) & Minnie BARBOUR (Barlow?), witn: Clarence H. SPINKS of Point Edward & Nellie SMITH of Sarnia General Hospital, 15 Jan 1924 at Sarnia
12370-24 Joseph BREWER (Brenir?), 23, Salt Co. employee, Hythe England, 108 S. Vidal St. in Sarnia, s/o George BREWER (b. England) & Nellie AULD, married Ivy Adelaide LEA, 23, London England, Point Edward, d/o John Edward LEA (b. England) & Elizabeth C. CHRISTY, witn: James W. & Minnie Violet SPRINGSTEAD of Sarnia, 12 March 1924 at Sarnia 12373-24 Leonard BREWIN, 31, Holmes Foundry employee, Birmingham England, 161 ½ Front St. N. in Sarnia, s/o unknown "parents dead when groom was an infant", married Gladys Emily Curtis SIRET, 29, Bath England, Bright St. in Sarnia, d/o Charles William SIRET (b. England) & Alice Jane CURTIS, witn: John Halliday STEWART & Margaret RUSSELL, both of Sarnia, 16 Feb 1924 at St. Georges Church, Sarnia
  12371-23 Gamaliel BROOKS, 56, widower, farmer, Chatham Ont., Appin, s/o Benjamin BROOKS (b. USA) & Sarah Ann SCOTT, married Louisa Margaret SHELBY, 50, widow, Peel twp., 307 Cobden St. in Sarnia, d/o William H. LAWSON (b. Nova Scotia) & Mary A. CROMWELL, witn: Austin & Ethel JONES of Sarnia, 27 Feb 1924 at Sarnia
12363-24 John Henry BROWN, 24, mechanic, Sarnia, 656 Prentis Ave in Detroit, s/o William Alex BROWN (b. Canada) & Martha Orillia TEETER, married Verna Elizabeth VINCE, 26, Point Edward, 188 Alfred St. in Sarnia, d/o Arthur VINCE (b. Canada) & Jessie CAMPBELL, witn: Catherine VINCE & Ernest BROWN, both of Sarnia, 21 June 1924 at Sarnia 12354-24 Harvey Roseberry BROWN, 33, farmer, Sombra twp., same, s/o William R. BROWN (b. Port Hope) & Jenny DRUMMOND, married Ida May JOHNSTON, 24, Sombra twp., same, d/o George JOHNSTON (b. Sombra twp) & Margaret McMASTER, witn: Jane BOWLES & Allan JOHNSTON, both of Port Lambton, 12 Nov 1924 at Becker
12352-24 Cecil James BRYCE, 26, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o James David BRYCE (b. Warwick Ont) & Mary Ann SHANNON, married Velma Jane WESTGATE, 26, Warwick twp., same, d/o Thomas WESTGATE (b. Warwick Ont) & Johanna Ruth Pelemerton BURGAR, witn: Mrs. Pearl E. RAYNER of Watford & Walter RAYNER of Listowel, 31 Dec 1924 at Watford 12355-24 Harry Benson BUCHANAN, 21, CNR employee, Sarnia, 152 Cotterbury St. in Sarnia, s/o Walter Benson BUCHANAN (b. Canada) & May MURRAY, married May Rhoda HOWLETT, 21, Petrolia, same, d/o Lenard HOWLETT (b. England) & Maud TAYLOR, witn: Edith CARROLL of Pt. Huron Mich & William C. HOWLETT of Petrolia, 10 Nov 1924 at Petrolia
12366-24 Owen William BURLEY, 34, carpenter, Canada, New Ontario, s/o George BURLEY (b. Michigan US) & Eliza KIMMERLY, married Annie HUMPHRIES, 27, widow, Canada, New Ontario, d/o Barney LOCKERY (b. Ont) & Millie WALTONBERG, witn: Mrs. William LAURIE & Mrs. H. D. CAMERON, both of Forest, 19 May 1924 at Forest 12351-24 Nathaniel Alfred BURWASH, 45, Ontario land surveyor, Ontario, 44 Hazelton Ave in Toronto, s/o Nathaniel BURWASH (b. Quebec) & Margaret PROCTOR, married Margaret Ada PROCTOR, 42, Ontario, 138 Queen St. in Sarnia, d/o Manfred B. PROCTOR (b. Ont) & Susan M. TURNER, witn: Catherine B. PROCTOR & Annie M. W. BARRIE, both of Sarnia, 31 Dec 1924 at 138 Queen St. in Sarnia
12365-24 Frederick Charles BYERS, 30, West Moncton Ont., 226 Durand St. in Sarnia, s/o Andrew BYERS (b. Canada) & Carolina FRAUL, married Margaret Frieda LANDWEHR, 24, Burlington Iowa, 1713 Lincoln St. in Sarnia, d/o Frederick LANDWEHR (Laudwehr?) (b. USA) & Anna LADEKE, witn: Mrs. Sam D. BOWMAN of Burlington Iowa & Mrs. W. A. ROBERTS of 226 Durand St., 16 May 1924 at Sarnia 12379-24 Fred George CABLE, 23, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o Harry CABLE (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane TURNER, married Annie Irene STEWART, 19, Warwick twp., same, d/o Charles STEWART (b. Canada) & Mary Ethel CLARK, witn: Evelyn Gladys KERSEY of Watford & Henry Albert CABLE of Forest, 23 Oct 1924 at Warwick
12395-24 Robert Duncan CAMPBELL, 26, student pastor, Warwick twp., Forest, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL (b. Warwick Ont) & Catherine TROWBRIDGE, married Jean SCOTT, 24, teacher, Forest, same, d/o William SCOTT (b. Forest) & Annie LIVINGSTON, witn: L. D. SCOTT & Angus CAMPBELL, both of Forest, 14 May 1924 at Forest 12397-24 Duncan Donald CAMPBELL, 25, motorman, Glencoe Ont., Detroit, s/o John Joseph CAMPBELL (b. Glencoe) & Mary Christena MITCHELL, married Isabel CARSWELL, 21, Alvinston, same, d/o John CARSWELL (b. Glencoe) & Mary SHIELDS, witn: Duncan Howard MITCHELL of 2920 Park Blvd in Detroit & Effie McCALLUM of Alvinston, 2 April 1924 at Alvinston
12386-24 William Burton CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o Robert CAMPBELL (b. St. Marys) & Margaret THOMPSON, married Ellen Hazel HANEY, 23, Michigan US, Plympton twp., d/o Robert John HANEY (b. Pickering) & Margaret WATSON, witn: Daniel Roy & Jennie Pearl HANEY of Wyoming, 27 Dec 1924 at Wyoming 12402-24 George CAMPBELL, 57, widower, farmer, Ontario, Forest, s/o Robert CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Agnes BRODIE, married Harriet ELLERKER, 52, dress maker, Canada, Forest, d/o Michael ELLERKER (b. England) & Rachel MATTHEWS, witn: Robert W. CAMPBELL of McMaster University in Toronto & Jennie ELLERKER of Forest, 1 Jan 1924 at Forest
12385-24 Howard Kenneth CAPES, 24, truck driver, Sombra twp., 277 Queen St. in Sarnia, s/o Alfred James CAPES (b. Whitby Ont) & Emily Georgina RUMBOLD, married Florence Priscilla MASON, 20, Sombra twp., RR2 Mandaumin, d/o Robert Richardson MASON (b. Moore twp) & Margaret Agnes COLE, witn: Della Mae MASON of Mandaumin & Henry Ward CAPES of Bickford, 25 June 1924 at Mandaumin 12384-24 Charles George Thomas CARRINGTON, 32, draftsman, Milton Ont., Sudbury, s/o Walter Charles CARRINGTON (b. Middlesex England) & Annie GOUGH?, married Eva Ferral? JAY, 29, teacher, Forest, Sudbury, d/o Charles JAY (b. Canada) & Celia SUPHEIR?, witn: A. Grace CARRINGTON of Roslyn Ave in Hamilton & D.? MITCHELL of 3rd ave in Owen Sound, 26 Aug 1924 at Petrolia
12381-24 Harold Robertson CATES, 23, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet twp., s/o Charles CATES (b. Warwick twp) & Emma ROBERTSON, married Nora Irene ZAVITZ, 23, Canada, Bosanquet twp., d/o Joseph ZAVITZ (b. Middlesex Co) & Marilla HAWKER, witn: Annie ANDERSON of Forest & Lucille ANDERSON of Melbourne, 15 Oct 1924 at Forest 12389-24 John Chester CHAPMAN, 23, farmer, Zone twp., Brooke twp., s/o Edward CHAPMAN (b. Lambton Co) & Adeline McRITCHIE, married Beatrice MacAUSLAND, 23, Euphemia twp., same, d/o Robert McAUSLAN (sic) (b. Lambton Co) & Maud ATKIN, witn: W. G. CHAPMAN of Inwood & Maudie A. ATKIN of Sarnia, 22 Nov 1924 at Parsonage, Florence
12391-24 Maurice Louis CLAEYS, 21, farmer, Belgium, Lot 12 Con 8 of Sarnia twp., s/o Emil CLAEYS (b. Gral? Flanders Belgium) & Mary LAMBERT, married Hazel DERBY, 18, Sarnia, Dennis St. East in Sarnia twp., d/o Charles DERBY (b. Sarnia) & Margaret Jane GLASS, witn: Homer CLAEYS of RR3 Sarnia & Jessie DERBY of Dennis St. East in Sarnia, 2 Aug 1924 at Dennis St. Methodist Church 12380-24 David CLARK, 21, fire builder on CNR, Sarnia, 136 Campbell St. in Sarnia, s/o Herbert John CLARK (b. Hull England) & Alice Eva SMART, married Edith Rose ROBBINS, 18, Michigan, 136 Campbell St. in Sarnia, d/o William Dufferin ROBBINS (b. Welland Co) & Emily PACKER, witn: Frank Patrick & Mrs. Frank CURRAN of 136 Campbell St., 17 Oct 1924 at 229 Queen St. in Sarnia
12392-24 William Edward CLATWORTHY, 20, salesman, Kepell (sic, Keppel?) Ont., 275 ½ S. Vidal St. in Sarnia, s/o William James CLATWORTHY (b. Vaughan twp) & Catherine TURNER, married Ruby Pearl DOUGLAS, 20, Grenville Ont., 233 N. Mackenzie St. in Sarnia, d/o Samuel Walter DOUGLAS (b. Grenville Ont) & Edith Mary SEELEY, witn: Albert Karl CLATWORTHY of 275 1/5 Vidal St. & Thelma Marguerite NOEL (Neil?) of 174 Collebury? St. in Sarnia, 26 June 1924 at Sarnia 12399-24 David Dickinson COBB, 28, machinist, Wilmington Delaware, s/o Cooper S. COBB (b. Brighton NJ) & Clara V. SMITH, married Gertrude Laurena OVERHOLT, 22, stenographer, Sarnia, 223 Shamrock St. in Sarnia, d/o William H. OVERHOLT (b. St. Catharines Ont) & Louisa FISHER witn: Stella Mary & Joseph Clarence FORBES of Sarnia, 14 Feb 1924 at Sarnia
12382-24 Joseph Russell COCHRANE, 21, employee in saw mill, 21, Whitney Ont., 205 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, s/o William COCHRANE (b. Canada) & Theresa McDONALD, married Katie Elizabeth GUNN, 17, Alvinston, 654 Confederation St. in Sarnia, d/o William GUNN (b. Canada) & Marion McDONALD, witn: T. McDonald COCHRANE & Marion GUNN, both of Sarnia, 3 Sept 1924 at Sarnia 12404-24 Herman Michael COLEMAN, 22, drover, Bothwell, same, s/o Thomas COLEMAN & Eliza McINTYRE, married Marie Catherine DUDLEY, 17, Inwood, same, d/o John DUDLEY & Mary Ann BROWN, witn: George DUDLEY of Inwood & Margaret BROWN of Glencoe, 18 Aug 1924 at Alvinston
12401-24 John COLLINS, farmer, 20, Yale Mich., Christena St. N. in Sarnia, s/o John COLLINS & Roxy CLARK, married Janette DALY, 16, Yale Mich., same, d/o Edward DALY & Blanche HOWELL, witn: J. W. & Violet SPRINGSTEAD of Sarnia, 26 Feb 1924 at Sarnia 12393-24 Franklin Harold CONEYBEARE, 25, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o James CONEYBEARE (b. England) & Edith Eliza ATCHISON, married Olive Irene GIBSON, 18, Canada, Dawn twp., d/o Forest GIBSON (b. Canada) & Jennie Bell CLARK, witn: Mrs. W. J. & William J. BOYLE of Dresden, 18 June 1924 at Petrolia
12403-24 Frank CONLON, 30, farmer, Sombra twp., same, s/o Richard CONLON & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Mary MORAN, 25, Sombra twp., same, d/o James MORAN, farmer, & Catherine STENTON, witn: Basil CONLON & Frances MORAN, both of Port Lambton, 18 Feb 1924 at Port Lambton 12387-24 Francis William CORRIGAN, 21, CNR switchman, Sarnia, 414 S. Brock St in Sarnia, s/o Patrick CORRIGAN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Annie BURKEY, married Ester MURPHY, 22, Whitebread Ont., 382 S. Brock St. in Sarnia, d/o Arthur MURPHY (b. Whitebread Ont) & Catherine CORBY, witn: Gordon McKINLEY of National Club in Sarnia & Nettie McBETH of 169 Bright in Sarnia, 15 Dec 1924 at St. Johns Rectory, Sarnia
12398-24 Hector COWAN, 26, barrister, Sarnia, 322 Christena St. N. in Sarnia, d/o John COWAN (b. Canada) & Eliza Ann McINTYRE, married Lillian Henrietta HAYES, 24, Sarnia, 142 Christena St. S. in Sarnia, d/o Dr. Alex N. HATES (b. Canada) & Mary H. ROSS, witn: J. MACKENZIE of Hamilton & Ann COWAN of Sarnia, 22 March 1924 at St. Andrews Church, Sarnia 12378-24 Oliver Alexander CRAWFORD, 28, machinist, Camlachie, 4851 Avery Ave in Detroit, s/o James CRAWFORD (b. Ont) & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Helen Elizabeth GRIMMETT, 24, music teacher, Merritt BC, 1935 W.15th Ave in Vancouver BC, d/o Martin GRIMMETT & Margaret CRAWFORD, witn: Margaret & Rose CRAWFORD of Camlachie, 30 Oct 1924 at Sarnia
12396-24 William Keith CROCKARD, 22, farmer, Sarnia twp., Lot 13 Con 1 of Sarnia twp., s/o Alexander CROCKARD (b. Michigan US) & Emma Beatrice ELLIOTT, married Lucille Estelle TAYLOR, 22, Sarnia twp., Lot 13 Con 3 of Sarnia twp., d/o Thomas G. Johnston TAYLOR (b. Sarnia twp) & Jennet MORRISON, witn: Eva J. JOLLY & Clarence Miller CROCKARD, both of Sarnia twp., 7 April 1924 at 2nd Line, Sarnia twp 12400-24 John CROTHERS, 60, widower, farmer, Canada, Marlette Mich., s/o Thomas CROTHERS (b. Ireland) & Jane LAMB, married Helen E. CAMPBELL, 45, house keeper, Canada, Marlette Mich., d/o Duncan CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Catherine E. TROWBRIDGE, witn: Robert W. CAMPBELL of McMaster University in Toronto & Jennie Ellie REA? of Forest, 1 Jan 1924 at Forest
12394-24 Clarence William Edgar CULLIS, 22, stenographer & clerk, Blind River Ont., 71 East Van Buren in Battle Creek Mich., s/o Albert E. CULLIS (b. Sault Ste Marie) & Susan PURDY, married Kathleen Marjorie TAYLOR, 22, stenographer, Sarnia, 242 Emma St. in Sarnia, d/o John P. [TAYLOR] (b. Mooretown) & Maud E. WERDAN, witn: Nellie JAMIESON & Norman E. TAYLOR, both of Sarnia, 21 May 1924 at Sarnia 12390-24 Duncan Brown CUNNINGHAM, 29, carpenter, Scotland, London, s/o John CUNNINGHAM (b. Scotland) & Flora CURRIE, married Hannah Smith McKELLER, 26, dress maker, Scotland, same, d/o Daniel McKELLER (b. Scotland) & Agnes KIRKPATRICK, witn: Mary & George CUNNINGHAM of Sarnia, 5 Nov 1923 at Sarnia
12388-24 Joseph Emerson CURRAH, 22, Sarnia twp., Con 8 Lot 4 of Sarnia twp., s/o Robert Emerson CURRAH (b. Lambton Co) & Mary Ann MILNER, married Irene Mary CAMPBELL, 21, Plympton twp., 6th con of Plympton twp., d/o Charles CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Mary Elmira PATTERSON, witn: William Walter CAMPBELL & Elizabeth WARREN, both of Camlachie, 3 Dec 1924 at Sarnia 12383-24 Archie CURRIE, 27, farmer, St. Clair Co. Mich, Flinn twp Mich., s/o Alex CURRIE (b. Middlesex Co) & Mary RAYMOND, married Jean PLAINE, 22, Mosa? twp., Euphemia twp., d/o Robert PLAINE (b. Ekfrid) & Florrie HILLMAN, witn: Howard PLAINE of Newbury & Maggie Bell LIVINGSTONE of Glencoe, 27 Aug 1924 at Euphemia twp
12406-24 John Manley DAWSON, 25, farmer, Moore twp., Sombra twp., s/o James A. DAWSON (b. New Brunswick) & Sadie MURPHY, married Lola Grace McGREGOR, 20, Sombra twp., same, d/o Donald McGREGOR (b. Scotland or Canada) & Emma HAYWOOD, witn: D.M. GRANT & Mary E. PATERSON, both of Sarnia, 25 Oct 1924 at Sarnia 12410-24 Arthur Lorne DERRY, 50, trainman, Mount Vernon Ont., 2112 Griswell St. in Port Huron Mich., s/o William DERRY (b. England) & Charlotte NEANOW?, married Celia Jane BARNES, 39, divorced, Elk twp Mich., 222 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, d/o John McCLELLAND (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane MITCHELL, witn: Lucile McNANCE of Lucan & Ruth BARNBY of Sarnia, 25 Aug 1924 at 144 Parker St., Sarnia
12409-24 William DRYLAND, 23, farmer, England, Oakville, s/o William & blank, married Ethel Mary EVERTON, 22, England, Dawn twp., d/o unknown (Home Girl), witn: J.J. & Margaret HARRISON of RR4 Dresden, 29 Oct 1924 at Rutherford 12407-24 Abel DUCHARME, 21, farmer, Stanley twp., same, s/o John DUCHARME (b. Drysdale - Stanley twp) & Phebe DEHOMME?, married Myrtle STEBBINS, 19, Bosanquet twp., same, d/o Dennis STEBBINS (b. Stanley twp) & Julia STEBBINS, witn: Roy & Margaret STEBBINS of Grand Bend, 30 Dec 1924 at Grand Bend
12405-24 James Leslie DUDDY, 22, laborer, Tilbury Ont., Cottam, s/o James A. DUDDY (b. Harwich twp) & Carrie Jane FRANKLIN, married Dorothy Gene CARPENTER, 18, Dresden Ont., Cottam, d/o Charles W. CARPENTER (b. Mooretown Ont) & Iva M. BAVERSTOCK, witn: Charles W. & Iva M. CARPENTER of Alvinston, 27 Oct 1924 at Manse, Alvinston 12408-24 Thomas J. DUNHAM, 44, real estate, NY state, Detroit, s/o Thomas DUNHAM (b. NY state) & Nellie CARMODY, married Anna Maria MURPHY, 38, apartment house proprietoress, Wallaceburg, Detroit, d/o John MURPHY (b. Sombra twp) & Catherine CORBETT, witn: John JENNINGS of Port Lambton & Mrs. Harriet BRICKLIN, both of Port Lambton, 27 Nov 1924 at Port Lambton
  12447-24 Ralph Arnold GALLIE, 26, foreman at Holmes Foundry, Sarnia twp., 330 Maxwell St. in Sarnia, s/o William GALLIE (b. Detroit) & Nancy SCHOFIELD, married Irene Rosetta JOLLY, 20, Sarnia twp., 261 Tecumseh St. in Sarnia, d/o Isaac JOLLY (b. Thorah twp) & Maud SIRVILLIE?, witn: George BEATTY & Marjory DAWSON, both of Sarnia, 29 Nov 1924 at 379 Russell St. in Sarnia
12440-24 Robert GALLOWAY, 23, laborer, Sarnia, 295 S. Vidal St. in Sarnia, s/o Robert GALLOWAY (b. Scotland) & Agnes Ann RODEY, married Vida Mae WALTHAM, 21, Petrolia, 149 Proctor St. in Sarnia, d/o John WALTHAM (b. Strathroy) & Minnie JONES, witn: Laura J. VINCE & Charles R. ALLEN, both of Sarnia, 20 Feb 1924 at Sarnia 12448-24 Robert Harold GIBB, 26, farmer, Moore twp., Con 12 of Moore twp., s/o Robert M. GIBB (b. Canada) & Nellie WILKINS, married Mary Emily WEST, 22, trained nurse, Bosanquet, Sarnia, d/o Oliver WEST (b. Canada) & Mary CAMPBELL, win: Percy & Hazel WEST of RR3 Thedford, 1 Nov 1924 at Thedford
12449-24 Peter William GLAAB, 31, electrician, Orillia, Sarnia, s/o Peter W. GLAAB & Alice MOONEY, married Margaret McFEE, 23, clerk, Sarnia, same, d/o Charles McFEE & Anastasia TOBIN, witn: Norman H. GLABB & Mary M. TOBIN, both of Sarnia, 4 June 1924 at Sarnia 12442-24 John William Stephen GLADWISH, 21, laborer, Sheerness on Sea England, 256 Nelson St. in Sarnia, s/o John GLADWISH (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth SELLEN, married Mary KERWIN, 18, Sarnia, 100 Lydia St. in Sarnia, d/o Joseph KERWIN (b. Ireland) & Maud SHEPPERD, witn: James G. & Mrs. M. C. MATTHEWS of 188 Water St. in Sarnia, 9 Feb 1924 at 256 Nelson St. in Sarnia
12441-24 Cecil Thomas GRAHAM, 32, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o Thomas GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Sarah WHITE, married Verna Robena WILLIAMS, 27, domestic, Dawn twp., Oil City, d/o John A. WILLIAMS (b. Ont) & Mina H. BROWNLEE, witn: G.M. SNELGROVE of London & Miss Aurilla B. WILLIAMS of Oil City, 11 Feb 1924 at Oil City 12445-24 Richard GRANT, 30, farmer, Ireland, Pipstone Manitoba, s/o John GRANT (b. Ireland) & Annie FAIRBROTHER, married Lorena May CAPES, 20, Petrolia, Oil City, d/o Cyrenius CAPES (b. Plympton twp) & Marion ANDERSON, witn: Lizzie MITCHELL of RR3 Petrolia & Annie M. McKAY of Sarnia, 12 Jan 1924 at Sarnia
12443-24 Charles Stanley GRAY, 28, marine engineer, Collingwood, 113 S. Christine St. in Sarnia, s/o Hugh Thomas GRAY (Canadian) & Mary Ella McLEOD, married Myrtle Marie KEMSLEY, 18, Sarnia twp., RR3 Sarnia, d/o William Thomas KEMSLEY (Canadian) & Catherine Teresa McCRAE, witn: J. W. ROBINSON of Petrolia & K. KEMSLEY of RR3 Sarnia, 3 Jan 1924 at Sarnia [divorced 26 Feb 193-? at Sarnia] 12444-24 John Thirtle GRAY, 26, farmer, Mosa twp., Euphemia twp., s/o Robert GRAY (b. Middlesex CO) & Mary Jane DIXON, married Helen Jean ARCHER, 23, Newbury village, Euphemia twp., d/o Morley ARCHER (b. Newbury) & Mary WOOD, witn: Bessie JEFFERY & Duncan GRAY, both of Florence, 1 Jan 1924 at parsonage, Florence
12446-24 John Alexander GUNN, 50, farmer, Dunwich twp., Brooke twp., s/o Donald GUNN (b. Dunwich twp) & Catherine GRANT, married Dorothy Mary KING, 30, milliner, England, Brooke twp., d/o Edward Rochester KING (b. London England) & Pattie DAUGHTON, witn: Katherine HURST & Anna E. MONTEITH, both of Alvinston, 17 Jan 1924 at Alvinston 12451-24 Lawrence Henry HALE, 21, druggist, Marion Mich., same, s/o Henry Foster HALE (b. Michigan US) & Kitty BROWN, married Mabel Isabel PRYOR, 19, Oil Springs, 306 Queen St. in Sarnia, d/o Frederick PRYOR (. Brigden Ont) & Margaret SMITH, witn: Fred & Mrs. F. PRYOR of 306 S. Queen St., 4 Oct 1924 at St. Johns Rectory, Sarnia
12460-24 Joseph Milton HALL, 27, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o William G. HALL (b. Warwick twp) & Margaret JAMES, married Alma Eliza LAMPMAN, 26, Bosanquet, Warwick, d/o T.A. LAMPMAN (b. Bosanquet twp) & Margaret LEAN, witn: Mrs. Alice HALL of not given & Mrs. Ruth BROWN of Parkhill, 6 Dec 1924 at Bosanquet 12450-24 Frederick George HAMLIN, 26, oil producer, Petrolia, Enniskillen twp., s/o Samuel HAMLIN (b. England) & Anna NORTHCOTT, married Lana WADE, 23, tel. operator, Bothwell, Petrolia, d/o James WADE (b. Petrolia Canada) & Clara LOGAN, witn: William & Mrs. Ruby BYGROVE of London, 4 Oct 1924 at Petrolia
12456-24 Francis Wilfred HANNA, 19, Imperial Oil employee, Dresden Ont., 114 Parker St. in Sarnia, s/o Francis John HANNA (b. Ont) & Agnes PHIPS, married Alice Maude ALLEN, 19, Point Edward, 280 N. Vidal St. in Sarnia, d/o John ALLEN (b. England) & Rose BRYANT, witn: James BRYANT & Ada B. ALLEN, both of Point Edward, 9 Aug 1924 at Point Edward (divorced 16 Sept 1932 at Sarnia) 12457-24 Walter Frederick HANSEN, 20, Liverpool England, Forest, s/o Lawrence F. HANSEN (b. Denmark) & Alice EWING, married Helen Marguerite McINTYRE, 20, Bosanquet twp., Forest, d/o Daniel McINTYRE (b. Bosanquet) & Sarah MOSCRIP, witn: C. A. MORRIS of Sarnia & J.J.H. MAYLOR of Forest, 13 Aug 1924 at Sarnia
12454-24 Samuel Bruce HARPER, 22, farmer, Canada, Warwick twp., s/o William HARPER (b. Canada) & Maggie SHANNON, married Pearl KILMER, 20, domestic, Lambton, Warwick twp., d/o Emerson KILMER (b. Canada) & Katie McDOUGAL, witn: Arthur & Annie TURNER of Warwick, 29 Sept 1924 at Warwick village 12452-24 Arthur Gordon HARRIS, 27, farmer, England, Warwick twp., s/o George HARRIS (b. Merthyr South Wales) & Edith J. CHURCHILL, married Florence Emma STEELE, 20, England, Warwick twp., d/o W. E. STEELE (b. Nottingham England) & Gertrude KIRK, witn: Willa E. GARRET & Sarah DONNELLY, both of Forest, 8 Oct 1924 at Forest
12458-24 Thomas Milliken HARTLEY, 22, farmer, Paulding Co. - Ohio, Enniskillen twp., s/o David Thomas HARTLEY (b. Jackson Co. in Ohio) & Alma CARTER, married Edna Grace CHAPMAN, 21, Zone twp., Brooke twp., d/o Edward CHAPMAN (b. Zone twp) & Adeline McRITCHIE, witn: Grace PRATT of Inwood & Albert HENDERSON of Enniskillen twp., 20 Dec 1924 at Alvinston 12455-24 Wilfred Stanley HASLIP, 19, CNR employee, Sarnia, Point Edward, s/o Edward HASLIP (b. Kent Co Ont) & Mary Ann ELLIS, married Ethel PINCOMBE, 18, Argyle Mich., Point Edward, d/o William Edward PINCOMBE (b. St. Clair Mich) & Martha RIVETT, witn: D. Albert LAROCQUE & Amy G. PEACHEY, both of Point Edward, 2 Sept 1924 at Victoria Ave in Point Edward
12461-24 Irwin HAYES, 28, farmer, Sombra twp., Lot 15 Con 12 of Moore twp., s/o John HAYES (b. Kingston Ont) & Lizzie FORBES, married Annie McKINLEY, 24, nurse, Plympton twp., same, d/o Daniel McKINLEY (b. Plympton twp) & Maggie HARTLEY, witn: Mrs. A. W. GAZLEY & Mrs. Elmer CAIRNS, both of Camlachie, 26 Nov 1924 at Camlachie 12462-24 Ross HENRY, 27, laborer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Gilfred HENRY (b. Ont) & Lizzie WILD, married Winnifred SHAKKENCE, 24, Bosanquet, same, d/o Sutton SHAKKENCE (b. Ont) & Ellen ESQUEB, witn: Rachel HENRY & Sydney WILD, both of Ravenswood, 18 Nov 1924 at Arkona
12459-24 Basil Newman HOSKIN, 27, farmer, Brooke twp., Lot 5 Con 2 of Sarnia twp., s/o Josiah HOSKIN (b. Canada) & Jane DENNIS, married Mayme Ann McRAE, 21, Ontario, Town Line between Plympton & Enniskillen twps., d/o Charles H. McRAE (b. Canada) & Kezia LUKER? (Lefler?), witn: Kezia McRAE of RR3 Petrolia & Jane HOSKIN of Sarnia twp., 8 Dec 1924 at Wyoming 12453-24 Charles Leon HOUGHTON, 39, physician, Oxford Co., Wyoming, s/o Stephen HOUGHTON (b. Oxford Co) & Mary LONGFORD, married Margaret Dale EVANS, 20, nurse, Petrolia, same, d/o James EVANS (b. Kincardine Ont) & Minnie KIRK, witn: E. A. HOUGHTON of Toronto & Donna EVANS of Petrolia, 8 Oct 1924 at St. Andrews Church, Petrolia
12463-24 John HUMPHRIES, 38, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Benjamin HUMPHRIES (b. England) & Emma STOKES, married Irene May WOODNUTT, 25, England, Bosanquet, d/o Ernest STOKES (b. England) & Gertrude BALDWIN, witn: Joseph HALL of RR3 Thedford & Gertrude WOODNUTT of 16 Pine Hill Rd in Toronto, 28 Oct 1924 at Thedford  

12524-24 (Lambton Co) Frederick Charles MANNING, 20, stone plainer, Greenwich England, Victoria Ave Point Edward, s/o Harry MANNING (b. England) & Marion GRAVES, married Beatrice Maude HERENDEEN, 24, nurse, Sarnia, 145 George St Sarnia, d/o Charles HARENDEEN ‘sic' (b. Canada) & Marion STRONG, witn: Charles Douglas KEMSLEY of Front St Point Edward & Mrs George McARTHUR of 261 Exmouth St Sarnia, 19 Jan 1924 at 144 Parker St Sarnia

12516-24 (Lambton Co) Walter Harding MARKS, 24, farmer, Worcester England, London Road Sarnia, s/o Walter MARKS (b. England) & Elizabeth HARDING, married Alice Emily CHAPMAN, 22, London England, 431 George St Sarnia, d/o Edward H. CHAPMAN (b. England) & Alice WHITTINGHAM, witn: Lionel MARKS of RR#1 Sarnia & Amelia CHAPMAN of Sarnia, 26 Mar 1924 at Sarnia

12519-24 (Lambton Co) George Harper MAXFIELD, 26, barber, Medicine Hat Alberta, Stratford, s/o Fred MAXFIELD (b. Canada) & Ellen HARPER, married Beulah Audrey WARD, 23, post mistress, Oil Springs Ontario, same, d/o James WARD (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: Mrs J. WARD of Oil Springs & Pearl BAILEY of Wyoming, 29 Jan 1924 at Oil Springs

12527-24 (Lambton Co) Stewart Marshall McDONALD, 25, farmer, Chatham Gore Kent Co, Sombra twp, s/o Allen McDONALD (b. Chatham twp Kent Co) & Sophronia LANE, married Margaret Marion WRAY, 26, school teacher, Moore twp, same, d/o Frederick WRAY (b. Moore twp) & Jennie LECKIE, witn: Harvey DUNLOP & Daisy WRAY both of Corunna, 22 Oct 1924 at Moore twp

12526-24 (Lambton Co) Reginald Stanley McGUIRE, 29, garage proprietor, Toronto, 174 Wright Ave, s/o Albert T. McGuire (b. Ontario) & Jane JOHNSTON, married Margaret Rose CANTON, 27, Ontario, Wyoming RR#1, d/o Joseph CANTON (b. USA) & Mary Jane WALKER, witn: William J. CANTON of Wyoming & Effie S. PAUL of Sarnia, 25 Oct 1924 at Wyoming

12523-24 (Lambton Co) William Alexander MEIKLE, 47, widower, general manager auto sales, Parish of Beith Scotland, St Catharines Lincoln Co, s/o James MEIKLE (b. Scotland) & Mary STEVENSON, married Meryol Etoile LOGAN, 29, school teacher, Brooke twp, Sarnia, d/o Thomas LOGAN (b. Brooke twp) & Rebecca GREER, witn: Eulalie Maude LOGAN of Wyoming Ontario & Robert C. MacLACHLAN of St Catharines, 12 Nov 1924 at 114 Euphemia St Sarnia

12515-24 (Lambton Co) William MIDDLETON, 50, widower, agent CNR, Canada, Forest, s/o George MIDDLETON (b. Lucknow) & Mary HUNTER, married Ethel Mary WALKER, 29, clerk, Canada, Forest, d/o Hugh WALKER (b. Alvinston) & Rachel BELL, witn: John WALKER of Forest & Mrs Annie INGRAIN OF 796 King St London, 12 Apr 1924 at Forest

12517-24 (Lambton Co) Grant Earl MILLIKEN, 21, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet Indian Reserve, s/o John MILLIKEN (b. Sarnia Reserve) & Louise GEORGE, married Nora BRESSETTE, 20, housekeeper, Canada, Bosanquet twp Indian Reserve, d/o Daniel BRESSETTE (b. Kettle Point) & Sophia WILSON, witn: Johnie MILLIKEN & Winnie BRESSETTE both of Ravenswood, 5 Mar 1924 at Kettle Point

12518-24 (Lambton Co) John Duncan MILLER, 40, marine engineer, Clavering Ontario, 112 Front St N Sarnia, s/o Thomas MILLER (b. Lucknow) & Mary TAYLOR, married Kathleen WEBSTER, 32, widow, cook, Glengarry, 112 Front St N Sarnia, d/o John D. McKINNON (b. Glengarry Ontario) & Annie ROBERTSON, witn: Annie M. McKay & Margaret A. McKAY both of Sarnia, 3 Mar 1924 at Sarnia

12520-24 (Lambton Co) Alvin John MILLS, 27, farmer, Sarnia twp, Lot 9 Con 12 Sarnia twp, s/o John MILLS (b. Sarnia twp) & Sarah Jane ROTHWELL, married Susan Barbara LANG, 23, Sarnia twp, 123 Samuel St Sarnia, d/o Alexander LANG (b. Argyleshire Scotland) & Isabella EWING, witn: Olive Mary MILLS & Malcolm McMiller LANG both of Sarnia, 24 Jan 1924 at Sarnia

12522-24 (Lambton Co) George Alvin MISSELBROOK, 21, farmer, Sarnia, Brooke twp, s/o George MISSELBROOK (b. Dawn twp) & Sarah HIGGINS, married Sybil Catherine ROUTLEY, 19, Warwick twp, Watford, d/o Sidney ROUTLEY (b. Warwick twp) & Florence MAKER, witn: Mrs James STEADMAN & James STEADMAN both of Watford Route 7, 16 Jan 1924 at The Rectory Watford

12521-24 (Lambton Co) Sherard James MOFFATT, 18, basket maker, Canada, Forest, s/o William James MOFFATT (b. Tottenham) & Emma Louisa LIVERMORE, married Etta Mearle ROGERS, 19, box maker, Canada, Forest, d/o Charles E. ROGERS (b. Bosanquet twp) & Lillie Etta KIPP, witn: Birdie LAURIE & Carrie E. CAMERON both of Forest, 10 Jan 1924 at Forest

12525-24 (Lambton Co) Leo James MORAN, 24, carpenter, Oil Springs Ontario, Detroit Michigan Halfway, s/o James MORAN & Agnes Eleanor McLELLAN, married Inez Mary NAPPER, 22, Enniskillen twp, same, d/o unknown & Mary NAPPER, witn: V.J. MORAN of Oil Springs & Cecilia O'CONNOR of Sarnia, 4 June 1924 at Petrolia RC

12612-24 (Lambton Co) Kenneth Matthew RANKIN, 20, farmer, Sombra twp, same, s/o Arthur RANKIN (b. Sombra twp) & Jane LUMLEY, married Stella Florence CHRYSLER, 24, Sombra twp, same, d/o John CHRYSLER (b. Canada) & Leotecia BEAMER, witn: Mrs Florence LUMLEY & Mrs A.M. STUART both of Petrolia, 5 Mar 1924 at Petrolia

12604-24 (Lambton Co) Albert Edward REEVES, 32, farming, Middlesex England, RR#2 MacGregor side road Sarnia twp, s/o William REEVES ( b. Kew England) & Esther Harriet GRANDY, married Helen Pearl CROCKETT, 35, widow, housekeeper, Bothwell Ontario, RR#2 MacGregor side road Sarnia twp, d/o John BROWN (b. Montreal) & Elizabeth COLLIER, witn: Mrs M. VAN WAGONER of Walkersville & Mrs S. BURBY of 190 S Brock St Sarnia, 11 July 1924 at St John's Rectory Sarnia

12603-24 (Lambton Co) Clayton S. REICKHELD, 21, telegraph operator, Rainham twp, Lawrence Station Southwold twp Elgin Co, s/o Peter Paul REICKHELD (B. Rainham twp [Haldimand Co] ) & Clara ARNOLD, married Hazel L. O'NEILL, 20, teacher, Dawn twp, Wyoming, d/o David O'NEILL (b. Oxford Co) & Sarah Elizabeth LOUZON (Lauzon?), witn: Charles REICKHELD of 30 College St Buffalo NY & Laverna J. O'NEILL of Wyoming, 26 July 1924 at The Manse Wyoming

12610-24 (Lambton Co) James Ernest RICHARDS, 21, farmer, Ontario, Scarboro Jct RR#1 York Co, s/o Ernest RICHARDS (b. England) & Mary CREIGHTON, married Helen May BOWEN, 29, school teacher, Ontario, 286 George St Sarnia, d/o George BOWEN (b. England) & Mary LAWRENCE, witn: Marion NEAL of Courtright & A.D. McMURTRIE of Sarnia, 8 Apr 1924 at Sarnia

12609-24 (Lambton Co) Donald Clinton RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, Warwick twp, same, s/o George Thomas RICHARDSON (b. Westminster twp) & Margaret Jane DUNLOP, married Shirley May BENEDICT, 23, Warwick twp, Bosanquet twp, d/o Herbert Clyde BENEDICT (b. Illinois) & Rachael DETWILER, witn: Rollie Robert RICHARDSON of RR Watford & Mildred BENEDICT of Thedford, 12 Apr 1924 at Arkona


12600-24 (Lambton Co) Warren James RILEY, 26, dentist, Canada, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o James Edwin RILEY (b. Minnesota USA) & Lilla Sarah BROWN, married Kathleen Rankin WALTERS, 23, stenographer, Canada, Winnipeg Manitoba, d/o Fred A. WALTERS (b. Lindsay) & Lillian RANKIN, witn: Cyril H. MAY of Toronto & Corona W. WALTERS of Forest, 23 Aug 1924 at Forest

12615-24 (Lambton Co) Leo ROBERTS, 35, farmer, Sombra twp, same, s/o Andrew ROBERTS & Sarah CLANCY, married Mary CALLAGHAN, 21, farmer's daughter, Sombra twp, same, d/o John CALLAGHAN & Eliza MASON, witn: Edwin ROBERTS of Detroit Michigan & Fern CALLAGHAN of Sombra twp, 29 July 1924 at Sombra RC

12613-24 (Lambton Co) Shelby Dungan ROBERTS, 24, special agent Michigan Central Railway, Jefferson Co Tennessee, 2520 14th St Detroit Michigan, s/o Charles W. ROBERTS (b. Tennessee USA) & Alice L. DUNGAN, married Clara Ann SMITH, 22, Wyoming Ontario, same, d/o William George SMITH (b. Warwick twp) & Mary E. LUCAS, witn: Mrs Mary E. BYRON of Wyoming & Amelia CARR of Sarnia, 11 Feb 1924 at Sarnia

12614-24 (Lambton Co) Henry Alvin ROBERTS, 25, teamster, Dawn twp, 105 Lydia St Sarnia, s/o Henry ROBERTS & Jean HUGHSON, married Kathleen MATHEWS nee THOMPSON, 25 widow, Alvinston, 105 Lydia St. in Sarnia, d/o Daniel THOMSON 'sic' & Ellen DUNN, witn: Annie ROBERTS of Sarnia & A.E. THOMSON of Point Edward, 1 Jan 1924 at Sarnia

12608-24 (Lambton Co) Nelson Vernon ROBERTSON, 22, manager Dominion Store, Arkona, Box 1034 Leamington Essex Co, s/o William Henry ROBERTSON (b. England) & Minnie Theresa INNES, married Gertrude Elizabeth CLELFORD, 21, stenographer, Sarnia, 203 Essex St Sarnia, d/o Charles CLELFORD (b. Adelaide twp) & Maude PARKER, witn: Hattie JACKSON of 296 Brock St S Sarnia & H.S. ROBERTSON of 194 Forsythe St Sarnia, 26 May 1924 at St John's Rectory Sarnia

12602-24 (Lambton Co) George William ROBINSON, 28, brass worker Mueller Manufacturing Co, Scotland, 262 Proctor St Sarnia, s/o George ROBINSON (b. Scarboro Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth GLOVER, married Reta Mae BARNES, 22, Oil Springs, 413 Confederation St Sarnia, d/o George BARNES (b. Oil Springs) & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Geraldine JAMIESON of Point Edward & Robert Clayton BARNES of Sarnia, 26 July 1924 at Sarnia

12601-24 (Lambton Co) Murray Ronald ROBSON, 21, telephone lineman, Bayham, 385 Brock St S Sarnia, s/o Robert ROBSON (b. Bayham twp) & Essie WALL, married Lily WOOD, 18, nurse, Liverpool England, 385 Brock St S Sarnia, d/o George WOOD (b. England) & Rachel unknown, witn: Frank SCRIVER of 385 South Brock St Sarnia & Gertrude KIDNER of 48 St Clair Ave Hamilton, 18 July 1924 at St John's Rectory Sarnia

12611-24 (Lambton Co) Ignatius ROSE, 34, farmer, Wallaceburg, same, s/o Joseph A. ROSE & Victoria SHIRKON? married Emma E. FOSTER, 36, Wallaceburg, same, d/o William FOSTER & Clara BLANCHARD, witn: Bertha MILLYARD & Ruth MILLYARD both of Sarnia, 8 Mar 1924 at Sarnia

12607-24 (Lambton Co) Bruce ROSS, 22, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Andrew ROSS (b. Canada) & Mary Jane LOCKREY, married Leona Evelyn BAILEY, 22, housekeeper, Bosanquet, same, d/o Elijah BAILEY (b. Canada) & Amelia MOSCRIPT, witn: Leslie ROSS & Luella BAILEY both of Thedford, 11 June 1924 at Thedford

12606-24 (Lambton Co) Kenneth Stanley ROWE, 21, carpenter, Enniskillen, Mandaumin, s/o William H. ROWE (b. Enniskillen) & Agnes McCALL, married Marjorie Helen EADY, 20, housekeeper, Petrolia, 213 Emma St Sarnia, d/o William J. EADY (b. Petrolia) & Emma HOPPER, witn: Annie M. McKAY & Margaret A. McKAY both of Sarnia, 25 June 1924 at Sarnia

12605-24 (Lambton Co) James Lauraine RUSSELL, 20, butcher, Chatham, 148 Victoria St N Sarnia, s/o Stephen RUSSELL (b. Ontario) & Nellie STIRCH, married Mabel Viola JACKSON, 18, waitress, Sarnia, 137 Penrose St Sarnia, d/o Percy JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Isabel STARK, witn: B.I. Shaver NORRIS & C. Wes NORRIS both of Sarnia, 17 July 1924 at Sarnia


12626-24 (Lambton Co) Francis SAUNDERS, 22, heater, Ayr Scotland, 256 Nelson St Sarnia, s/o William SAUNDERS (b. Ayr Scotland) & Sarah KENNEDY, married Florence Irene LAW, 18, maid, London England, 162 Nelson St Sarnia, d/o Joseph LAW (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Mary L. HINDS, witn: John BARBOUR & Mary SAUNDERS both of 162 Nelson St Sarnia, 15 Nov 1924 at Sarnia

12635-24 (Lambton Co) George SAYERS, 24, butcher, Dresden, 310 Maxwell St Sarnia, s/o William James SAYERS (b. Dawn twp) & Bertha WEBSTER, married Florence Martha (Mae) CLARK, 22, stenographer, Sarnia twp, 308 Maxwell St Sarnia, d/o Gilbert Ruben CLARK (b. Frontenac Co) & Harriet Jane OLM, witn: Ella Mary DICER & Burness Floyd OLVER both of Sarnia, 27 May 1924 at Burns Manse, Corunna

12628-24 (Lambton Co) William Henry SCHRAM, 24, brakeman CN Railway, Sarnia, 228 Mitton St S Sarnia, s/o Ornan SCHRAM (b. Lambton Co) & Susie WILLS, married Helen Jean WILSON, 24, clerk, Blackwell, 151 Proctor St Sarnia, d/o William S. WILSON (b. England) & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Benjamin WILSON of Forest & Eva Marguerite SCHRAM of 228 S. Mitton St Sarnia, 16 Sept 1924 at St. George’s Rectory Sarnia

12616-24 (Lambton Co) Harry SCOTT, 19, CNR checker, Leicester England, Point Edward, s/o Charles Frederick SCOTT (b. Leicester England) & Annie REDSHAW, married Ida Marie DEGRAW, 19, Strathroy, Point Edward, d/o Theodore DEGRAW (b. Strathroy) & Mary WHIMP, witn: Charles SCOTT & Mr C. SCOTT both of Point Edward, 25 Oct 1924 at St John’s Rectory

12622-24 (Lambton Co) Joseph Hume SCOTT, 55, widower, laborer, Ontario, Point Edward, s/o William SCOTT (b. Montrose Scotland) & Sarah LANCASTER, married Annie Marilla BROOKS, 56, widow, Norage, South Park Michigan, d/o James SCRIVER (b. Norwich Ontario) & Sarah WILLIS, witn: Alice McLOCKLIN of Victoria Ave Point Edward & Myrtle Mida RAMSAY of Maud St Point Edward, 27 Nov 1924 at Point Edward

12630-24 (Lambton Co) William John SCOTT, 25, pipe coverer, Belfast Ireland, 59 N Christina St Sarnia, s/o William John SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Margaret CROWE, married Annie Allan DUNLOP, 25, Glasgow Scotland, 591 N Christina St Sarnia, d/o George DUNLOP (b. Scotland) & Annie ALLAN, witn: Norman W. DONALD & Rose CRAWFORD both of Sarnia, 27 Aug 1924 at Sarnia

12637-24 (Lambton Co) John Sandford SEED, 25, farmer, Adelaide twp Middlesex Co, same, s/o Nathaniel SEED (b. Adelaide) & Annie CLARKE, married Elyina Lucille MOORE, 17, domestic, Strathroy, same, d/o George Franklin MOORE (b. Strathroy) & Edith Maude CALCUTT, witn: Mrs Maude HIGGINS & J.H. HIGGINS both of Watford RR#3, 14 May 1924 at Watford

12645-24 (Lambton Co) Earle Robert SHARPE, 27, soda water manufacturer, Sarnia twp, 166 John St Sarnia, s/o Robert SHARPE (b. Sarnia) & Margaret MENZIE, married Reta St.MARIE, 23, Lambton Co, 105 Cobden St Sarnia, d/o William St.MARIE (b. Canada) & Reta MARK, witn; John DOHERTY & Etta C. HALL both of Sarnia, 1 Mar 1924 at Sarnia

12647-24 (Lambton Co) Lloyd Stanley SHIPLEY, 29, farmer, Canada, Warwick twp, s/o John SHIPLEY (b. Perth Co) & Ruth HEATHERINGTON, married Mabel Anna KELLY, 20, housekeeper, Canada, Warwick twp, d/o James KELLY (b. Plympton) & Bessie GILLATTY, witn: Emma KNAPP & Etta C. HALL both of Sarnia, 16 Jan 1924 at Sarnia

12649-24 (Lambton Co) Mitchell Marten SHIPMAN, 19, farmer, Walpole Island, same, s/o Henderson SHIPMAN & Elizabeth JACOBS, married Ella Mae THOMAS, 18, housekeeper, Walpole Island, same, d/o John THOMAS & Eva SHESHEB, witn: H. SHIPMAN of RR#3 Wallaceburg & Olive M. BURGESS of Walpole Island, 11 Aug 1924 at Walpole Island

12621-24 (Lambton Co) James Cecil SIMPSON, 27, farming, Enniskillen twp, same, s/o George SIMPSON (b. Canada) & Emily PEACOCK, married Annie May CARR, 21, Enniskillen twp, same, d/o Charles CARR (b. Canada) & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Charles CARR & Laura SIMPSON both of Oil City RR#3, 17 Dec 1924 at Petrolia

12640-24 (Lambton Co) Clarence Arthur SINCLAIR, 26, farmer, Sombra twp, Lot 20 Con 14 Sombra twp, s/o Robert J. SINCLAIR (b. Canada) & Ruby Ann PURSLEY, married Reta Annie SHERIDAN, 20, Plympton twp, same, d/o T.W. SHERIDAN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BLUNDEN, witn: Russell YOUNG of Brigden & Winnie SHERIDAN of Plympton, 22 Apr 1924 at St Andrew's Manse Sarnia

12623-24 (Lambton Co) Clarence Edward SINKEY, 19, farmer, Middlesex Co, Mount Brydges Middlesex Co, s/o William SINKEY (b. US) & Alfretta NOXELL, married Helen Marguerite FERGUSON, 18, housekeeper, d/o Thomas Gordon [Ferguson] adopted (b. Ontario) & Bessie SANDS, witn: Percy WILLIS & Mrs Percy WILLIS both of Alvinston, 2 Dec 1924 at Alvinston

12620-24 (Lambton Co) Arthur Walter SKIPP, 31, receiving clerk, London England, 1059 Cantor Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o George Edward SKIPP (b. London England) & Ann RANDALL, married Ida Kathleen LANE, 25, Leicester England, 318 S Vidal St Sarnia, d/o William Thomas LANE (b. Leicester England) & Annie HAYWOOD, witn: William Thomas LANE & Mrs T. LANE both of 318 S Vidal St Sarnia, 25 Dec 1924 at St John’s Rectory 188 Brock St Sarnia

12648-24 (Lambton Co) Walter B. SMAFIELD, 33, grocer, Brown City Michigan, same, s/o Franklin B. SMAFIELD (b. Ontario) & Mary M. ENGLISH, married Ethel Lena SINCLAIR, 29, nurse, Brigden, same, d/o Lawrence SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Annie MURRAY, witn: Miss Mary SINCLAIR of 6145 Ellis St Chicago & John L. SINCLAIR of Brigden, 10 Jan 1924 at Lot 4 Con 1 of Moore twp

12617-24 (Lambton Co) Wilford John SMITH, 25, farmer, Canada, Warwick twp, s/o Morris SMITH (b. Warwick twp) & Ida ATWOOD, married Mary Lillian ELLERKER, 20, housekeeper, Canada, Warwick twp, d/o Richard ELLERKER (b. Warwick twp) & Martha CATES, witn: Charles Edward ELLERKER & Ida Grace SMITH both of Warwick twp, 22 Oct 1924 at Forest

12631-24 (Lambton Co) Edward SMITH, 42, sailor, England, Courtright, s/o Henry SMITH (b. England) & Sarah A. PROWSE, married Alice May PAYNE, 25, England, Courtright, d/o John PAYNE (b. England) & S.A. RICHARDS, witn: Mrs James H. SMITH & William SMITH both of Courtright, 20 Aug 1924 at Corunna


12619-24 (Lambton Co) William Bilton SNARY, 22, farmer, Camden, Camden twp Kent Co, s/o Bilton Y. SNARY (b. Camden twp.) & Flora McDONALD, married Ethel Viola McPHERSON, 19, domestic, Euphemia, Zone twp, d/o Charles W. McPherson (b. Camden twp) & Sarah Jane LONG, witn: E.W. HART & Annie REIDER both of RR#4 Dresden, 17 Dec 1924 At The Manse Rutherford

12641-24 (Lambton Co) Ernest Walter SOLE, 20, farmer, Point Edward, Lot 12 Con 6 Sarnia twp, s/o Edward SOLE (b. Sarnia twp) & Lillian JACKSON, married Isabelle Ruth SOMES, 18, Sarnia twp, Con 9 Sarnia twp, d/o Thomas SOMES (b. Sarnia twp) & Mary INGLES, witn: Stanley SOMES & Emma YEATES both of RR#3 Sarnia, 22 Mar 1924 at Blackwell

12633-24 (Lambton Co) Charles SOUTHWORTH, 43, widower, engineer, Thedford, same, s/o Levi SOUTHWORTH (b. England) & blank, married Annie CABOT, 44, widow, housewife, St Helen’s Jersey England, Thedford, d/o N. MOURANT (b. England) & blank, witn: Marion CRAWFORD & J.C NORTHWOOD both of Thedford, 10 June 1924 at Thedford

12646-24 (Lambton Co) Benjamin SPEARMAN, 65, laborer, Canada, Forest, s/o William SPEARMAN (b. Ireland) & Betsy E. SMITH, married Ellen CORE, 62, widow, nurse, Canada, Forest, d/o George GRAY (b. England) & Christina CAMPBELL, witn: Mary HOOD & Annie M. McKAY both of Sarnia, 5 Feb 1924 at Sarnia

12624-24 (Lambton Co) Herbert George SPENCER, 21, laborer, London England, 429 Palmerston St Sarnia, s/o Nelson SPENCER (b. England) & Elizabeth SPENCER, married Helen Christina FARRIS, 16, Sarnia, 429 Palmerston St, d/o William Herbert FARRIS (b. Arkona) & Adelaide Ellen COREY, witn: Donald FORBES of 373 Palmerston St Sarnia & Agnes Mary LARMONT, 12 Nov 1924 at Sarnia Hospital

12639-24 (Lambton Co) Cecil SPINKS, 21, farming, Havelock, Plympton twp, s/o Frederick SPINKS (b. unknown) & Eliza SMITH, married Flossie LUMLEY, 19, Point Edward, same, d/o Peter LUMLEY (b. Moore twp) & Caroline HALL, witn: Ida GORDON of Point Edward & William ANDERSON of Sarnia, 30 Apr 1924 at Petrolia

12644-24 (Lambton Co) George SPINKS, 24, laborer, Havelock, Sarnia, s/o Fred SPINKS (b. unknown) & Eliza LISCOMB, married Ella LUMLEY, 18, Forest, Sarnia, d/o Richard LUMLEY (b. Guelph) & Sarah Eliza BROWN, witn: Mary SHEPHARD & William SHEPHARD both of Sarnia, 5 Mar 1924 at Petrolia

12643-24 (Lambton Co) Henry Levi SPRING, 30, machinist, Greenwood Michigan, Port Huron Michigan, s/o Andrew SPRING (b. Michigan USA) & Jane LOCH, married Charlotte Lucinda Delicey HANDS, 21, Wiarton, Sarnia, d/o William John HANDS (b. England) & Sarah SMITH, witn: Mrs Ida MAGINN & Mrs Eleanor RAITHBY both of Petrolia, 7 Mar 1924 at Petrolia

12632-24 (Lambton Co) William Henry STEINHOFF, 48, widower, farmer, Welland Co, Lot 1 Con 1 Moore twp, s/o Mathias STEINHOFF & Catherine ROBINS, married Elizabeth Jane BEATTIE, 42, Brooke twp, same, d/o John BEATTIE & Margaret McINTYRE, witn: R.D. McAlpine & Myrtle MUNRO both of Alvinston RR#4, 20 Aug 1924 at Con 5 Brooke twp near Alvinston

12618-24 (Lambton Co) Paul Peter STEMPLOWSKY Jr, 26, machinist, Staunton Illinois, 76 Ford Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Paul Peter STEMPLOWSKY Sr (b. Germany) & Kattie ROBNO, married Elizabeth Martha Olive JOHNSTON, 20, Sarnia, 120 St Mitton St Sarnia, d/o Samuel A. JOHNSTON (b. Canada) & Annie EDWARDS, witn: Samuel A. JOHNSTON of Sarnia & Captain A.R. CRAIGIE of Detroit Michigan, 15 Oct 1924 at Sarnia

12625-24 (Lambton Co) Robert James STEWART, 33, Imperial Oil employee, Warwick Village, 385 S Brock St Sarnia, s/o Alexander STEWART (b. Ontario) & Catherine EDWARDS, married Rachel May MOLITOR, 27, dressmaker, Bosanquet twp, 206 Water St Sarnia, d/o Thomas MOLITOR (b. Ontario) & Rachel SADLER, witn: George LE NEVE of 280 S Christina St Sarnia & Opal MOLITOR of 206 Water St Sarnia, 19 Nov 1924 at 144 Parker St Sarnia

12629-24 (Lambton Co) John Alfred STOTT, 20, CNR employee, Shaw Mills England, 480 Wellington St Sarnia, s/o Herbert STOTT (b. Dewsbury England) & Annie HICKS, married Helen Victoria ASH, 23, telephone operator, Sarnia, 192 Durand St Sarnia, d/o George ASH (b. Kingston) & Bridget Ann JACQUES, witn: Willie STOTT of 480 Wellington St Sarnia & Nina CHIVERS of 270 Christina [St], 11 Sept 1924 at St John’s Rectory Sarnia

12634-24 Lambton Co) John Frederick STRANGWAY, 27, grocer, Enniskillen twp, Point Edward, s/o Frederick STRANGWAY & Mary BIRD, married Mary Beatrice SAUNDERS, 22, Enniskillen twp, Oil City, d/o John SAUNDERS & Mary Jane MORGAN, witn: F.S. STRANGWAY of Petrolia RR#3 & J.W. SAUNDERS of Oil City, 17 June 1924 at Oil City

12642-24 (Lambton Co) Alvin John STYLES, 22, printer, Dorchester, 163 Euphemia St Sarnia, s/o Daniel STYLES (b. Dorchester Ontario) & Adeline ROBBINS, married Caroline Amelia BEEBE, 19, Sarnia, 292 Confederation St Sarnia, d/o Edwin BEEBE (b. Smith Falls) & Mary DIXON, witn: Lochlin Alexander CULLEY of 281 Emma St & Mona Salome ROSS of 329 Christina St, 22 Mar 1924 at 229 Queen St.,  Sarnia

12638-24 (Lambton Co) William Kavanaugh SULLIVAN, 31, agent John Labatt Ltd, Chicago Illinois, 202 Maxwell St Sarnia, s/o M.J. SULLIVAN (b. Canada) & Margaret MILLIGAN, married Mary AIKEN, 28, Petrolia, 229 Wellington St Sarnia, d/o Robert AIKEN (b. Scotland) & Jean INGRAM, witn: M.D. SULLIVAN & Marguerite SULLIVAN both of 202 Maxwell St Sarnia, 12 May 1924 at Sarnia

12627-24 (Lambton Co) Arthur Hume SUTTON, 22, Imperial Oil employee, Brooke twp, 367 Wellington St Sarnia, s/o Albert Edward SUTTON (b. Brooke twp) & Emma HUME, married Alma Reta MORRIS, 26, Warwick twp, Watford RR#5, d/o Stephen MORRIS (b. Warwick twp) & Jane MORGAN, witn: Mrs James A. STEADMAN & James A. STEADMAN both of Watford, 27 Sept 1924 at Warwick twp

12636-24 (Lambton Co) Robert Phelps SYMINGTON, 38, farmer, Plympton twp, same, s/o Robert SYMINGTON (b. Canada) & Sarah SMITH, married Mabel Ann CAMPBELL, 36, Plympton twp, same, d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Elizah SUTCLIFFE, witn: Edgar CAMPBELL of Camlachie & Olive POWERS of Sarnia, 27 May 1924 at Camlachie

12658-24 Lynford Charles TAPP, 30, teacher, Virden Man., Chesley Ont., s/o Richard TAPP (b. Devonshire England) & Eliza HARRISON, married Frances Edna THOMAS, 24, Lambton Co. Camlachie, d/o John THOMAS (b. Ont) & Janet FERRIS, witn: Irene Mary & Hugh Murray THOMAS of Camlachie, 16 July 1924 at Sarnia 12656-24 Reginald Frederick TAYLOR, 24, dredge operator, Walkerton Ont, 187 Bridge St. in Niagara Falls, s/o Frederick TAYLOR (Canadian) & Margaret ARNOLD, married Rebecca Lucy MANN, 24, teacher, Restigouche Que., 187 Bridge St. in Niagara Falls, d/o Isaac MANN (Canadian) & Mary ROSSELLE, witn: Mary E. PATERSON & Ida L. PHIPPEN, both of Sarnia, 15 Dec 1924 at Sarnia
12664-24 George Winfred TEDBALL, 21, farmer, Thedford Ont., RR2 Thedford, s/o William TEDBALL (Canadian) & Elizabeth CLOSE, married Rhema GRATTON, 18, Simcoe Ont., RR4 Thedford, d/o Cyrus GRATTON (Canadian) & Mabel BATES, witn: Mary PATERSON & Mrs. Sarah M. BATTY, both of Sarnia, 12 June 1924 at Sarnia [divorced 10/8/55] 12655-24 Harold Bowman TEED, 26, machinist, Detroit, 472 George St. in Sarnia, s/o F.B. TEED (b. USA) & Emma McINTOSH, married Edna Marion RICHMOND, 21, telephone operator, Petrolia, 472 George St. in Sarnia, d/o A. RICHMOND (b. Canada) & Martha DROPE, witn: B. RICHMOND of Sarnia & Alida MYERS of Detroit, 16 Sept 1924 at Sarnia
12661-24 William Lloyd TEFT, 24, machinist, Sarnia, Courtright, s/o George TEFT (b. Sarnia twp) & Elizabeth WALLINGTON, married Maggie Lulu OKE, 21, Alvinston, same, d/o George OKE (b. Brooke twp) & Jennet McQUARRIE, witn: Olga M. OKE of Elgin Memorial Hospital in St. Thomas & Erle J. BAMWELL of Windsor, 28 June 1924 at Alvinston 12651-24 John Stanley TEMPLE, 22, laborer, Brooke twp., Petrolia, s/o William W. TEMPLE (b. Canada) & Mary Ann GREENSLADE, married Charlotte Maud WILLIAMSON, 18, Enniskillen twp., Petrolia, d/o Clark A. WILLIAMSON (b. Watford Canada) & Mary Jane LAMBERT, witn: Fred K. TEMPLE of Petrolia & Florence JONES of Wyoming, 29 Oct 1924 at Wyoming
12654-24 Ernest THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Canada, West Williams twp., s/o Thomas F. THOMPSON (b. West Williams) & Matilda WINEGARDEN, married Marguerite JONES, 17 on 10 Oct 1924, Minnesota US, West Williams twp., d/o William J. JONES (b. Lobo) & Eliza Ann SHELL, witn: Andrew DUNNETT of St. Marys & Olive M. JONES of RR2 Forest, 17 Sept 1924 at Ravenswoood 12657-24 Neil Loudon THOMPSON, 28, machinist, Greenock Scotland, 145 Proctor St. in Sarnia, s/o William THOMPSON (b. Paisley Scotland) & Marion Buchanan MacLEAN, married Edith Grace MYERS, 30, Gosberton Lincolnshire, 126 Richard St. in Sarnia, d/o Benjamin MYERS (b. Gosberton Lincs.) & Mary Ann TWILL, witn: Mrs. M. A. MYERS of Richard St. & Mrs. A. CRAIG of Telford St. (both Sarnia), 26 Nov 1924 at res of Mrs. Myers, Richard St., Sarnia
12667-24 Albert Royal TICE, 30, mechanic, Port Hope Michigan, 496 Margaret St. West in Detroit, s/o Royal Albert TICE (b. Chatham Ont) & Mary MICHELLIS, married Hazel Eleanor WALTER, 29, widow, book keeper, Forest Ont., 139 College Ave in Sarnia, d/o Thomas H. GAMMON (b. England) & Edith R. PELKEY, witn: Hilda McINTOSH of Sarnia & Percy TICE of Detroit, 16 April 1924 at Sarnia 12652-24 John TICKNOR, 34, barrister?, Lobo twp., Plank Rd - Sarnia twp., s/o Charles TICKNOR (b. Lobo) & Jane WALLACE, married Annie Vera RICHARDS, 29?, Warwick twp., Plank Rd - Sarnia twp., d/o John RICHARDS (b. Whitslate? England) & Roda CROUTER, witn: Charles TICKNOR of Plank Rd Sarnia & Mrs. Winnifred CHURCHES of Sarnia, 25 Oct 1924 at St. Johns Church
12653-24 Verne Weir TIDBALL, 27, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet twp., s/o Robert TIDBALL (b. England) & Mary ASH, married Eva Estella FORD, 21, Canada, Bosanquet twp., d/o Samuel FORD (b. England) & Martha BIRCH, witn: Louise TIDBALL of Thedford & Mrs. H. D. CAMERON of Forest, 4 Oct 1924 at Forest 12659-24 Albert Edward TOMLINSON, 24, wood worker, Petrolia, same, s/o Christopher [TOMLINSON] (b. Canada) & Emma TITHSCOTT?, married Mabel Jean REED, 23, nurse, Howard twp., Croton, d/o Thomas REED (b. Canada) & Mary McALLISTER, witn: Mabel Hilda & Samuel HOWLETT of Petrolia, 26 July 1924 at Sarnia
12669-24 Delos Douglas TOPLIFFE, 18, farmer, Sombra twp., Con 14 Lot 5 of Sombra twp., s/o Joseph TOPLIFFE & Fannie STEWART, married Sylvia Elinor STOVER, 18, Sombra twp., Con 13 Lot 11 of Sombra twp., d/o John STOVER & Elizabeth WETHERELL, witn: Ruth R. EVANS of St. Thomas & Bertha MILLYARD of Sarnia, 4 Jan 1924 at Sarnia 12666-24 Wilfred Connolly TOWRISS, 22, farmer, Athens Ont., Warwick twp., s/o Benson TOWRISS (b. Leeds Co Ont) & Emma CONNOLLY, married Bertha Blanch STAPLEFORD, 20, Watford, same, d/o Sanford STAPLEFORD (b. Watford Ont) & Rosalie MANDERS, witn: N. W. & Mrs. N. W. SMITH of Alvinston, 17 April 1924 at Alvinston
12663-24 Gordon James TRENOUTH, 24, sailor, Powasson, Sarnia, s/o William John TRENOUTH (b. Washago Ont) & Mary CARRICK, married Mabel Olive CORNEY, 20, Sussex England, Sarnia, d/o William Alexander CORNEY (b. London England) & Mabel GERASE, witn: Harvey L. SIMPSON & Margaret L. FORSTER, both of Corunna, 6 June 1924 at Sarnia twp 12650-24 William Henry TRICK, 26, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o William Henry TRICK (b. Canada) & Jennie WEST, married Mary Louise TEDBALL, 25, Bosanquet, same, d/o Robert TEDBALL (b. England) & Mary ASH, witn: Blanche TEDBALL & Fletcher CLEMENS, both of Bosanquet twp., 25 Oct 1924 at Thedford
12660-24 John Thomas TUER, 29, farmer, Plympton twp., 2nd con of Plympton twp., s/o J.J. TUER (b. Ont) & Emma LAMB, married Margaret Jane McAULAY, 26, Sarnia twp., 4th con of Sarnia twp., d/o Peter McAULAY (b. Scotland) & Isabel CHALMERS, witn: Wilbert & Mary E. MAITLAND of Sarnia, 16 July 1924 at Sarnia 12665-24 Robert Jackson TURNBULL, 43, widower, farmer, Huron Co., Lot 13 Con 5 of Sombra twp., s/o George TURNBULL (b. Ottawa Ont) & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Maysie Maud RAMSAY, 30, Plympton twp., 2nd Con of Plympton twp., d/o James RAMSAY (b. Dundas Ont) & Mary Jane BROWN, witn: Olive Christena RAMSAY of Plympton twp & Thomas R. TURNBULL of Sarnia, 28 May 1924 at Plympton twp
12662-24 Arthur William TURNER, 29, farmer, England, Warwick twp., s/o Arthur TURNER (b. Surrey England) & Annie JONES, married Mary Ann HARPER, 28, domestic, Canada, Warwick twp., d/o William HARPER (b. Grey Co) & Margaret SHANNON, witn: George Carlton HARPER & Ethel Odelia HASKELL, both of Warwick, 14 June 1924 at Warwick village 12668-24 Henry Cotterel TWILTON, 26, Middlesex England, 141 Durand St. in Sarnia, s/o Henry C. TWILTON (b. England) & Emily SMITH, married Ruth MAGGS nee EMERY, 29, widow, Bristol England, 183 St. Vincent St. in Sarnia, d/o Henry T. EMERY (b. England) & Emma DEACON, witn: John PHILLIPS & Mrs. Joseph TURCOTT, both of Sarnia, 26 Jan 1924 at Sarnia
12670-24 Irving John William VYE, 28, farmer, Sombra twp., Con 11 Lot 21 of Sombra twp., s/o Reuben James VYE (b. Ont) & Isabella BROWN, married Lexie Jane WARREN, 24, Sombra twp., Port Lambton, d/o James WARREN (b. Ont) & Lizzie ANDERSON, witn: Moses B. TOPLIFF of Sombra & Carrie JENNINGS of RR3 Sarnia, 31 Dec 1924 at Sarnia 12686-24 Robert Albert WADHAM, 23, machinist, Sarnia, 677 West Alexandrine Ave in Detroit, s/o Albert WADHAM (b. Isle of Wight) & Louisa COWLEY, married Muriel Gertrude McMILLAN, 21, stenographer, Sarnia, 162 S. Vidal St. in Sarnia, d/o George McMILLAN (b. Canada) & Euphemia KYLE, witn: Nettie HOLMES & Harold William McMILLAN, both of Sarnia, 12 Aug 1924 at Sarnia
12696-24 Howard Almond WAKEFIELD, 27, farmer, Sandusky Mich., Plympton twp., s/o Jeffery WAKEFIELD (b. Thedford) & Ellen JARRETT, married Eva May McDOUGALL, 25, Plympton twp., same, d/o John McDOUGALL (b. Lambton Co) & Mary E. WILLIAMSON, witn: Ealba? WAKEFIELD & Catherine J. McDOUGALL, both of Wyoming, 27 Feb 1924 at father's home, London Rd., Plympton 12680-24 Earl Oscar Lamon WALL, 22, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o Christopher WALL (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane ROBINSON, married Olive Irene ROEBUCK, 21, England, Plympton twp., d/o Herbert ROEBUCK (b. England) & Rebecca ROEBUCK, witn: Lyal Anson WEVER & Herbert ROEBUCK, both of Forest, 27 Nov 1924 at Forest
12691-24 William Hugh Gordon WALLER, 28, machinist, India, S. Vidal St. in Sarnia, s/o McLeod WALLER (b. India) & Mary ELLENOR, married Ethel Louise BOOTH, 21, clerk, Mooretown Ont., 133 Richard St. in Sarnia, d/o Benjamin Whitsitt BOOTH (b. Corunna) & Louise LEAPER, witn: Mrs. Alex & Mr. Alex HINKS of Sarnia, 14 June 1924 at Sarnia 12695-24 Albert Vaughan WALTON, 24, Mueller employee, Brighton England, 206 Queen St. in Sarnia, s/o George Vaughan WALTON (b. England) & Alice MARTIN? (Marles?), married Nellie JONES, 25, domestic, Wales, Brick St. North in Sarnia, d/o John JONES (b. England) & Mary Jane NIGENS?, witn: William Robert WALPOLE & Eileen Elizabeth WALKER, both of Sarnia, 15 March 1924 at Sarnia
12683-24 Robert W. WARD, 23, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Duncan WARD (b. Warwick Ont) & Martha BRYCE, married Pansy SMALE, 17 + 8 mon, Dawn twp., same, d/o James SMALE (b. Dawn twp) & Erie E. BOUGNER, witn: Charlotte PENROSE of Oil City & John W. SMALE of Dawn twp., 10 Sept 1924 at Oil City 12685-24 Thomas WARD, 24, laborer, Northamptonshire England, 383 S. Mitton St. in Sarnia, s/o Charles WARD (b. Northampton England) & Ann Jane GARRETT, married Blanche Irene ROBERTS, 23, clerk, Sarnia, East St. in Sarnia, d/o P. ROBERTS (b. Walsingham Ont) & Mary BUCK, witn: George WARD of 180 Sherry St. in Sarnia & Marguerite ROBERTS of East St., 18 July 1924 at Sarnia twp
12693-24 Charles Jackson WATSON, 69, widower, retired, Ontario, Bothwell, s/o Joseph Samworth WATSON (b. Penn USA) & Abigail A. HENDERSHOT, married Alice WADE, 55, widow, Ontario, Euphemia, d/o John PRANGLEY (b. Ont) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: George PRANGLEY & Margaret GAGE, both of Euphemia, 29 May 1924 at Euphemia twp 12675-24 George Stanley WATSON, 25, Sombra twp., same, s/o Hamilton John WATSON (b. near Belleville Ont) & Elizabeth TULLOCK, married Dothene FORBES, 18 on 17th day of April last, Sombra twp., same, d/o John R. FORBES (b. near Kingston) & Ella FORBES, witn: C. M. WILLIAMS & Elizabeth JONES, both of Corunna, 24 Sept 1924 at Corunna
12681-24 Thomas WEATHERSTONE, 22, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o John WEATHERSTONE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WARD, married Kathleen REDDICK, 19, Dawn twp., same, d/o George REDDICK (b. Canada) & Annie CARPENTER, witn: Mary C. MONDS & Christena J. CRANSTON, both of Petrolia, 29 Nov 1924 at Petrolia 12678-24 Howard Malcolm WEBSTER, 30, Imperial Oil employee, Moore twp., Sarnia, s/o Malcolm GALLIE (sic) (b. Aurora Ont) & Amy BEEMER, married Margaret Alice GALLIE, 28, Sarnia twp., Maxwell St. in Sarnia, d/o William GALLIE (b. Detroit) & Nancy SCHOFIELD, witn: Ralph GALLIE & Lola WEBSTER, both of Sarnia, 23? Sept 1924 at res of the bride, Sarnia
12677-24 Charles WEIR, 25, barrister, Sarnia, N. Christena St. in Sarnia, s/o A. WEIR (b. Canada) & Agnes CRUIKSHANK, married Catherine Cuthbert CLARK, 27, Sarnia, N. Brock St. in Sarnia, d/o W.B. CLARK (b. Canada) & Agnes J. STEED, witn: Norman B. FOSTER? & Margaret CLARK, both of Sarnia, 6 Sept 1924 at Sarnia 12672-24 Albert Edward WELLS, 33, salesman, London Ont., 516 Nelson St. in London, s/o Thomas H. WELLS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth A. GREASON, married Mabelle Olive EVANS, 23, book keeper, St. Marys Ont., 235 George St. in Sarnia, d/o Thomas H. EVANS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth A. LAWTON, witn: Harold SHOREY? of 296 Lambert St. in London & M. LARGE (barge?) of 186 McDougall St., 15 Oct 1924 at Sarnia
12682-24 Richard Harold WERDEN, 24, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Richard. WERDEN (b. Prince Edward Co) & Elizabeth REYCRAFT, married Mabel Aileen CORE, 226, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o Walter B. CORE (b. Liverpool England) & Cathcart MacLACHLAN, witn: Walter A. & Mary CORE of Enniskillen twp., 27 Aug 1924 at Oil City 12671-24 James William WEST, 28, insurance agent, England, 150 Kathleen Ave in Sarnia, s/o William WEST (b. England) & not known, married Catherine Miller PERRIE, 23, Scotland, 304 Campbell St. in Sarnia, d/o John PERRIE (b. Scotland) & Marion WYLIE, witn: John PERRIE & Mary E. PATERSON, both of Sarnia, 19 Oct 1924 at Sarnia
12684-24 Raymond Wilkinson WESTON, 27, druggist, Saginaw Mich., 108 Queen St. in Sarnia, s/o George H. WESTON (b. Canada) & Ada, married Flossie Lillian DEVENNY, 26, Thedford Mines Que., Hillsburg Ont., d/o Robert DEVENNY (b. Canada) & Annie GILCHRIST, witn: William & Mrs. William YATES of Sarnia, 30 Aug 1924 at Sarnia 12674-24 Amos WHEAT, 38, boot & shoe manufacturer, England, Forest, s/o Charles WHEAT (b. England) & Anna GREASLEY, married Florence WHEATLEY, 27, England, Forest, d/o Frederick WHEATLEY (b. England) & Charlotte HUFTON, witn: J. REED of Forest & Annie M. McKAY of Sarnia, 6 Oct 1924 at Sarnia
12688-24 Harry Keys WHITE, 22, basket factory worker, Canada, Arkona, s/o Jaspar WHITE (b. Arkona) & Nellie GINN, married Margaret KELLESTINE, 19, basket factory worker, Canada, Arkona, d/o Joseph KELLESTINE (b. Longwood Ont) & Rose CALCUTT, witn: Jean & Clifford WHITE of Arkona, 1 July 1924 at Arkona 12699-24 Thomas Lyle WILKINS, 22, CNR employee, Mandaumin, same, s/o James WILKINS (b. England) & Alice GRAHAM, married Margaret Alexandria TODD, 17, Plympton twp., same, d/o Herbert TODD (b. England) & Mary WADDELL, witn: Ruth LAMPMAN of Wyoming & Graham WILKINS of Mandaumin, 2 Jan 1924 at Mandaumin
12690-24 Robert John WILKINSON, 26, merchant, Warwick twp., Oil City, s/o William Henry WILKINSON (b. Middlesex Co Ont) & Agnes MONTGOMERY, married Mildred Grace ARCHER, 25, Warwick twp. Plympton twp., d/o Albert ARCHER (b. Plympton twp) & Sarah WILSON, witn: Edward M. ARCHER of Wanstead & Elsie May WILKINSON of Wyoming, 18 June 1924 at bride's father's 12678-24 Daniel Gerald WILLIAMS, 23, manager of Consumers Ice & Creamery, Pond Creek Okla., 2909 Mont Clair Ave in Detroit, s/o Harry WILLIAMS & Mable FRENCH, married Lottie Marguerite DRENNAN, 20, stenographer, Rutherford Ont., 327 Continental Ave in Detroit, d/o Thomas DRENNAN & Jane PARR, witn: G.H. CREASEY of 327 Continental in Detroit & Myrtle HOLMES of Calvert Ave in Detroit, 31 Dec 1924 at Rutherford
12694-23 George WILLIAMSON, 47, widower, farmer, Canada, Bosanquet twp., s/o James WILLIAMSON & Nettie PALMER, married Mrs. Mary Eliza ELLIS, 38, widow, Canada, Bosanquet twp., d/o William NIXON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DECKER (Becker?), witn: Mrs. Elizabeth McINNES & Mrs. Mary McINTYRE, both of Thedford, 10 April 1924 at Thedford 12700-24 Orval Duncan WILLIAMSON, 21, tailor, Warwick twp., same, s/o Richard WILLIAMSON (b. Plympton twp) & Sarah Jane COX, married Mabel A. McNAUGHTON, 19, Warwick twp., same, d/o Robert McNAUGHTON (b. Sarnia Ont) & Mary Jane HEALEY, witn: Miss Verna Orlean WILLIAMSON of Warwick twp & Allan Thomas McNAUGHTON of Watford, 9 Jan 1924 at Watford village
12697-24 John G. WILSON, 25, farmer, Marine City Mich., Arkona, s/o Henry WILSON (b. Huron Co) & Hannah MARIOTT, married Sarah Matilda WILLIAMS, 17, Warwick Ont., Arkona, d/o Richard WILLIAMS (b. Warwick ) & Mabel WAUN, witn: Mrs. E. JENNINGS of Warwick & Martha WILLIAMS of RR8 Watford, 20 Feb 1924 at Warwick village 12679-24 Nathan Stanley WILSON, 34, widower, harness maker, Warwick twp., Lucan, s/o Thomas James WILSON (b. Warwick Ont) & Betsy McADAM, married Frances Margaret NELSON, 41, widow, nurse, of Lucan, d/o Robert Noakes BELL (b. Dover England) & Harriet GARNET, witn: Theresa MOFFATT & K.M?.S. WHEALEN, both of Alvinston, 24 Dec 1924 at Alvinston
12689-24 Earl Franklin WINDOVER, 23, barber, Copleston Ont., 252 Shamrock St. in Sarnia, s/o Milton WINDOVER (b. Petrolia Ont) & Ellen BRENNAN, married Hazel Ruby McKAY, 21, Sarnia, 130 Rose St. in Sarnia, d/o John McKAY (b. Sarnia Ont) & Matilda SHEPPARD, witn: Lauretta ANNETT & Cecil J. REID, both of Sarnia, 1 July 1924 at Sarnia 12698-24 Ira Starr? WINDOVER, 19, farmer, Moore twp., same, s/o Archie WINDOVER (b. Moore twp) & Nettie WILKINSON, married Henrietta Sarah YOUNG, 20, Sarnia, same, d/o George YOUNG (b. Surrey England) & Henrietta FRANCIS, witn: George & Anna A. YOUNG of 406 Christena St. in Sarnia, 7 Jan 1924 at St. Johns Rectory, Sarnia
12687-23 Donald Theodore WRIGHT, 23, taxi driver, Sarnia, 147 Parker St. in Sarnia, s/o Guy WRIGHT (b. Almonte Mich) & Minnie HENDERSON, married Florence Ann STRANGWAY, 19, Petrolia, RR2 Brigden, d/o William STRANGWAY (b. Plympton Ont) & Annie GROWDER, witn: Cora & Leonard STRANGWAY of RR2 Brigden, 12 July 1924 at Bradshaw 12673-24 Lawrence Albert WRIGHT, 26, builder, Tilbury, Sandwich, s/o William WRIGHT (b. Romney twp) & Clara GETTY, married Jean Johnston RIDDELL, 22, stenographer, Scotland, Sandwich, d/o Andrew J. RIDDELL (b. Scotland) & Mary Anderson BEVERIDGE, witn: Eva B. SPRACKLIN of Alvinston & Ross S. RIDDELL of Sandwich, 4 Oct 1924 at Alvinston
  12692-23 James Hunter WYSEMAN, 26, cashier for P.M. Railway, Falkirk Scotland, 130 S. Brock St. in Sarnia, s/o Robert WYSEMAN (b. Polmont Scotland) & Agnes GIBB, married Anna Elizabeth SCOTT, 23, stenographer, Sault Ste. Marie Ont., 133 Essex St. in Sarnia, d/o William SCOTT (b. Galt Ont) & Anna Maria WILLOUGHBY, witn: William WYSEMAN of 130 S. Brock St. & M. WEBSTER of 2620 Norman Ave in Detroit, 16 June 1924 at res of Miss Brooks, Essex St., Sarnia
12702-24 George Stephen Comfort YOUNG, 23, bank messenger for Imperial Oil Co., Gravesend England, 406 S. Christena St. in Sarnia, s/o George YOUNG (b. England) & Etta FRANCIS, married Florence Wilhelmina CHAMBERS, 23, London Ont., 118 Johnston St. in Sarnia, d/o William David CHAMBERS (b. Illinois US) & Wilhelmina MORRISON, witn: Etta C. HALL & Thomas H. KNAPP, both of Sarnia, 24 Dec 1924 at Sarnia 12701-24 William Walter YOUNG, 31, farmer, Bridgen Ont., RR1 Brigden, s/o Robert YOUNG (b. Detroit) & Sarah WALTON, married Helen Christena MacDONALD, 25, Wyoming, same, d/o Malcolm MacDONALD (b. Wyoming Ont) & Jennie KNIGHT, witn: Marion YOUNG of Brigden & Angus MacDONALD of RR1 Wyoming, 22 April 1924 at bride's house, RR1 Wyoming
12705-24 Douglas Elton ZAVITZ, 17, Dawn twp., same, s/o Duncan Herbert ZAVITZ (b. Canada) & Helen Elizabeth DOUGLAS, married Rose ARMSTRONG, 18, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Ida WAGNER, witn: Florence ARMSTRONG of Oil City & Douglas GILSON of Edys Mills, 4 Nov 1924 at St. Andrews Manse, Petrolia 12703-24 Albert ZINK, 32, widower, Sarnia, 172 Mitton St. in Sarnia, s/o William ZINK & Amelia FRINK, married Sevilla WITHOLT, 18, Grand Rapids Mich., 242 Cobden St. in Sarnia, d/o Albert WITHOLT & Magdalena KOLB, witn: Annie ZINK & Bertha MILLYARD, both of Sarnia, 15 March 1924 at Sarnia
12704-24 William Henry ZINK, 25, boiler maker, Sarnia, 172 S. Mitton St. in Sarnia, s/o William ZINK & Amelia FRINK, married Winnifred Isabel CROUCHER, 20, clerk, London England, 323 Emma St. in Sarnia, d/o John T. CROUCHER & Louisa BISHOP, witn: A.M. CARR & Annie ZINK, both of Sarnia, 28 June 1924 at Sarnia