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Lambton Co., 1876

birth place is given before residence


5128-77 Charles W. ABRAHAM, 28, ash manufacturer, Dunham Que., Sarnia, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Josie HAND, 19, Port Huron, Port Huron USA, d/o Christie & Martha, witn: H. W. THOMAS & Maggie SMITH, both of Sarnia, 12 Dec 1876 at Sarnia  
5062-76 Henry ANDERSON, 23, farmer, of St. Clair Indian Reserve, s/o Jacob ANDERSON & Betsy, married Margaret GEORGE, 32, of St. Clair Indian Reserve, d/o George ASHGUAHMABY & Mary, witn: John SUMNER & Daniel DUMABIN, both of St. Clair IR, 12 Nov 1876 at Indian Reservation 4892-76 (Lambton Co): John ANDERSON, 34,, farmer, Scotland, Plympton, s/o John ANDERSON & Isabella YOUNG, married Elizabeth McCLURE, 28, Dorchester Ont., Plympton, d/o John McCLURE & Rosanna SMITH, witn: John CAIRNS & Jane McCLURE, both of Plympton, 17 Feb 1876 at Sarnia twp
4851-76 Robert ANNETT, 24, freeholder farmer, Euphemia, Brooke, s/o Stephen ANNETT & Jane, married Sarah Ann CAMPBELL, 19, Euphemia, same, d/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Sarah, witn: Dugald & Mary CAMPBELL of Euphemia, 12 Jan 1876 at Euphemia 4846-76 George ARTHUR, 20, farmer, England, Euphemia, s/o John ARCHER (sic) & Harriet, married Elizabeth WADE, 18, England, Euphemia, d/o James WADE & Pamela, witn: James SHAW & Thomas MEAD, both of Florence, 3 Aug 1876 at St. Matthews Church, Florence
  4855-76 Joseph BEATTIE, 36, widower, farmer, Ireland, Gore of Camden, s/o William BEATTIE & Margaret, married Catherine TULLY, 29, Euphemia, same, d/o Edward TULLY & Alice, witn: Joseph ATKINSON of Gore of Camden & Alice TULLY of Euphemia, 1 June 1876 at Euphemia
4975-76 James Alford BELL, 28, carpenter, Ontario, Forest, s/o William & Clarinda BELL, married Johanna ALLEN, 24, widow, Jersey, Thunder Bay, d/o John DOBILL & Mary, witn: John DEW & Amelia KING, both of Plympton, 11 Oct 1876 at Widder 4987-76 William BRAND, 25, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o David & Janet, married Jessie Burns DAVIDSON, 29, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas J. POLLOCK & M. E. VIVIAN, both of Bosanquet, 12 Jan 1876 at Bosanquet
4982-76 David BRANION (Branson?), 22, telegraph operator, Ontario, Biddulph, s/o John & Ann, married Ellen HARRISON, 16, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: George & Mary Ann HARRISON of Bosanquet, 25 Dec 1876 at Bosanquet 4887-76 (Lambton Co): George BROCK, 23, yeoman, Plympton, same, s/o William & Elizabeth Ann, married Jane WILLET, 17, Bryanstone Ont., Point Edward, d/o Arthur & Harriet, witn: John RAWLINGS & Margaret Ann IRWIN, both of Plympton twp., 30 Aug 1876 at Point Edward
4914-77 George BRUCE, 26, farmer, Moore, Moore twp., s/o Donald BRUCE & Janet DONALD, married Sarah ROSS, 21, Toronto, Sombra twp., d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: John McKELLAR & Jeany BRUCE, both of Moore twp., 7 Dec 1876 at Moore twp 4883-76 (Lambton Co): William BULMAN, 32, widower, yeoman, Peel Co., Sarnia twp., s/o John BULMAN & Elizabeth GARDHOUSE, married Ellen CARNOCHIE, 32, widow, Vaughan, Plympton, d/o James YOUNG & Augusta MANCE?, witn: John R. YOUNG & Cassie C. McROBBIE, both of Sarnia twp., 2 Oct 1876 at Mandamin, Sarnia twp
4919-77 James W. CARPENTER, 22, farmer, Sombra twp., Sombra, s/o John & Harriet, married Mary POLAND, 18, Jersey England, Sombra village, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: William TOMLIN & Matilda RIVERS, both of Sombra, 24 Dec 1876 at village of Courtwright 4886-76 (Lambton Co): Thomas COOKE, 26, engine driver, Canada, Point Edward, s/o Thomas COOKE & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, married Mary GILLIES, 24, Canada, Point Edward, d/o Duncan GILLIES & Sarah McNAUGHTON, witn: John COOKE & Jenny GILLIES, both of Pt. Edward, 7 Nov 1876 at Point Edward
4938-77 S. Thomas COPAS, 21, farmer, England, Alvinston, s/o Henry R. & Elizabeth J., married S. Lucy SANDERS, 25, widow, England, Guilford Surrey, d/o William & Susannah [no surname given], witn: Richard J. BAXENDINE & Mrs. R. E. HOUSE?, both of Alvinston, 19 Nov 1876 at Alvinston 4974-76 Alexander CRAWFORD, 22, blacksmith, Ontario, Thedford, s/o John & Mary, married Nellie KERNAHAN, 21, Ireland, Thedford, d/o James & Ann, witn: Samways & Mary Samways PAUL of Bosanquet, 25 Oct 1876 at Widder
4972-76 Alexander CURRIE, 28, farmer, London Ont., Biddulph, s/o Neil & Mary, married Annie McLACHLAN, 27, widow, Westminster, Parkhill, d/o John CURRIE & Janet, witn: Roderick CURRIE of Bosanquet & Mary SCOTT of Parkhill, 21 Dec 1876 at Bosanquet 4959-76 James DANAUT?, 60, widower, gentleman, USA, Port Huron Mich., s/o Glen & Martha, married Margaret BESEUR?, 54, widow, England, Plympton, d/o John & Jane TRUSLER, witn: Alvah & Arthur TRUSLER of Camlachie, 7 April 1876 at Forest
5063-76 John DUNCAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o John DUNCAN & Jacobia SCOTT, married Ellen Johnston McGREGOR, 28, Canada, Sarnia, d/o Peter McGREGOR & Mary, witn: Francis CRONE & Ann HOSSIE, both of Sarnia, 25 Jan 1876 at Sarnia 4967-76 Sandford EASTMAN, 27, farmer, Michigan US, Arkona, s/o Nathan & Seatia?, married Susannah BRIGHT, 27, Canada, Arkona, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Neal EASTMAN of Arkona & Emma EASTMAN of Warwick twp., 9 Aug 1876 at Bosanquet
4936-77 R. G. EDGAR, 21, farmer, York state, Brooke, s/o Robert & Jane, married Luella MILLER, 21, Ontario, Warwick, d/o John & Emily, witn: James EDGAR of Brooke & Mariah MILLER of Warwick, 20 Dec 1876 at Brooke twp 4921-77 James ELLISON, 22, laborer, Sarnia, same, s/o Richard & Jane, married Jessie A. FINLAYSON, 18, Ontario, Sarnia, d/o Rory & Mary, witn: Charles A. FUNK & Agnes DOBSON, both of Sarnia, 5 Sept 1876 at Sarnia
  4850-76 William ESSON, 29, farmer, Scotland, Dawn twp., s/o William ESSON & Jane, married Flora BROWN, 19, Scotland, Euphemia, d/o David BROWN & Margaret, witn: John & Martha BROWN of Euphemia, 14 Dec 1876 at Euphemia
4980-77 (Lambton Co): Maurice EVANS, 28, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Maggie HARPER, 18, Warwick, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: W.J. HARNDEN? of Watford & S.J. HARPER of Warwick, 30 Nov 1876 at Warwick 4981-76 James GALT, 30, shoe maker, Ireland, Watford, s/o Robert & Jane, married Elizabeth BISHOP, 24, Ontario, Warwick, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Sabina & Mary Samways PAUL of Widder, 26 Dec 1876 at Widder
4958-77 Herman A. GORING, 32, mason, Ontario, Petrolia, s/o Francis & Anna, married Sarah Ann McKELLAR, 28, widow, Ontario, Petrolia, d/o Robert O'NEIL & Margaret, witn: John SINCLAIR & Lizzie O'NEIL, both of Petrolia, 6 Dec 1876 at Petrolia 4847-76 James GOURLAY, 24, mason, England, Buffalo NY, s/o James GOURLAY & Elizabeth, married Catherine Ann SULLIVAN, 24, Canada, Buffalo NY, d/o Jeremiah SULLIVAN & Elizabeth, witn: John & Mary SULLIVAN of Canada, 17 Aug 1876 at Euphemia
4880-76 (Lambton Co): Sinclair GUNN, 36, widower, clerk, Scotland, Point Edward, s/o Sinclair GUNN & Jane SINCLAIR, married Caroline MITCHELL, 30, Ireland, Point Edward, d/o William MITCHELL & Eliza NICHOLSON, witn: James WIGHTMAN & Mary BROWN, both of Pt. Edward, 11 July 1876 at Point Edward 4980-76 Thomas Henry HARRISON, 22, farmer, Hibbert twp., Bosanquet, s/o Robert HARRISON & Mary Ann MERCER?, married Elizabeth HAMPTON, 16, Bosanquet, same, d/o Charles HAMPTON & Mary BROOKS, witn: Charles HAMPTON of Bosanquet & John M. DUNCAN of Forest, 25 Dec 1876 at Forest
4848-76 James HENDERSHOTT, 21, farmer, Canada, Chatham twp., s/o Christopher HENDERSHOT (sic) & Elizabeth, married Rachel WOODSON, 18, Canada, Mosa twp., d/o Smith WOODSON & Caroline, witn: T.L. McCUTCHEON & Sarah McCOLL, both of Florence, 3 Oct. 1876 at Florence 5079-77 (Lambton Co) Albert Thomas HILL, 25, Miller, England, Plympton, s/o Robt & Mary, married Mattie JARDINE, 26, Westminister, Plympton, d/o Robert and Margaret, witn: Eliza Taylor BARR & Isaac BARR, 25 Nov 1876 at Point Edward
4977-76 George Whitfield HUMBLE, 22, wagon maker, Ontario, East Williams, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Rebecca A. ROSENBERGER, 19, Ontario, East Williams, d/o Abraham & Margaret, witn: Samways PAUL & Margaret DUFFUS, both of Widder, 12 Dec 1876 at Widder  
4961-76 John JONES, 24, farmer, Stoney Creek Ont., Hillsboro, s/o John & Hannah, married Olivia Mary DALE, 20, Canada, Hillsboro, d/o Lawrence & Ann, witn: William JONES of Forest & Charlotte SCOTT of Hillsboro, 26 Jan 1876 at Hillsboro 4986-76 Samuel JONES, 24, farmer, Delaware Ont., Westminster, s/o William & Sarah Ann, married Ann Eliza MOFFET, 23, Ireland, Bosanquet, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Charles & Francis E. MOFFET, 6 April 1876 at Bosanquet
5129-77 James KIMBALL, 24, merchant, Sombra, Moore twp., s/o William & Ellen, married Charlotte CHUTTE, 18, Simcoe, Moore, d/o not given, witn: Israel CHUTTE & Huldah HUFF, both of Moore twp., 20 Dec 1876 at Sarnia 4849-76 David LINDSAY, 30, farmer, London twp., London, s/o William LINDSAY & Olive, married Betsy ADKINS, 21, Lincolnshire England, Euphemia, d/o Richardson ADKINS & Jane, witn: Mary PRESTON & Emma PRESTON, both of Florence, 2 Nov 1876 at Florence
  4881-76 (Lambton Co): Andrew MAITLAND, 50, yeoman, Ireland, Sarnia twp., s/o William MAITLAND & Jane ORR, married Elizabeth HALL, 25, Ireland, Sarnia twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Nealsy? MAITLAND & Aloina ROSS, both of Sarnia twp., 19 May 1876 at Sarnia twp
4970-76 George MALLET, 22, farmer, England, Michigan US, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Susan Elizabeth HICKS, 19, widow, England, Bosanquet, d/o George TICKNER & Ann, witn: George & Mary Ann TICKNER of Bosanquet, 27 Oct 1876 at Bosanquet 4889-76 (Lambton Co): Andrew George MANLY, 23, railway conductor, Perth Co., Point Edward, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Lavinia LEWIS, 19, London twp., Sarnia twp., d/o Abraham & Charlotte, witn: Matthias & William LEWIS of Pt. Edward, 9 Nov 1876 at Sarnia twp
4852-76 Robert MARCUS, 37, widower, hotel keeper, Ireland, Bothwell, s/o James MARCUS & Mary, married Rachel KELLEY, 25, Euphemia, same, d/o John KELLEY & Jane, witn: Richard BURGESS & Edward KELLEY, both of Euphemia, 25 Jan 1876 at Euphemia  
5084-77 (Lambton Co) Samuel MATHEWS, 28, England, Sarnia Twp, s/o Robert & Ellen MATTHEWS, married Maria Martin PALMER, 19, England, Point Edward, d/o Walter & Rebecca, witn: H.E. PARKES of Sarnia & Mrs? Asbough of Point Edward, 14 Sept 1876 at Point Edward 4931-76 Andrew MATHEWSON, 29, clerk, Scotland, Sarnia, s/o Peter MATHEWSON & Agnes GLADSTONE, married Margaret HUNTER, 25, Canada, Plympton, d/o Hugh HUNTER & Sarah MILLER, witn: William HONSBURGH of Sarnia & Ann B. DUNCAN of Forest, 29 June 1876 at Plympton
4979-77 (Lambton Co): Daniel Alex MAXWELL, 30, teacher, Ontario, Strathroy, s/o David & Margaret, married Catherine Ann LUCKHAM, 19, Warwick, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William & William J. LUCKHAM of Warwick, 31 Dec 1876 at Warwick 4977-77 (Lambton Co): William Judson McALPINE, 27, farmer, Canada, Warwick, s/o William & Alice, married Elizabeth Selma (Selena?) KENWARD, 24, Canada, Warwick, d/o Thomas & Esther, witn: Thomas KENWARD & Susan SMITH, both of Warwick, 21 Dec 1876 at Warwick
4988-76 Robert Gibson McARTHUR, 27, farmer, Ontario, Stephen twp., s/o John McARTHUR & Isabella GRAY, married Janet Agnes DALZIEL, 27, Ontario, Widder Station, d/o Alexander DALZIEL & Isabella HENDRY, witn: William McARTHUR of Stephen & Mary An LENNOX of Widder Station, 19 Jan 1876 at Widder Station 4963-76 John McCONNELL, 43, farmer, Ireland, Plympton, s/o James & Abigail, married Bridget Maria JACKSON, 27, England, Plympton, d/o Thomas & Bridget, witn: William McCONNELL & Sarah JACKSON, both of Plympton, 24 May 1876 at Plympton
4882-76 (Lambton Co): Charles McINTOSH, 25, yeoman, Plympton, same, s/o Alex McINTOSH & Margaret WALSH, married Emily Isabella WADDELL, 18, Plympton, same, d/o John WADDELL & Isabella MORRISON, witn: Alex DUNCAN & Matilda WADDELL, both of Plympton, 27 Sept 1876 at Mandaumin?, Sarnia twp  
4973-76 Dugald McINTYRE, 36, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o Dugald & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann BEER, 20, Ontario, Adelaide, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Dugald THOMSON of Bosanquet & Henry BEER of Adelaide, 21 Dec 1876 at Adelaide [reg’d in Bosanquet twp] 4915-77 Robert McINTYRE, 27, merchant, Scotland, Mooretown, s/o Charles McINTYRE & Ann MUNROE, married Jessie GALLOWAY, 19, Ontario, Moore, d/o John GALLOWAY & Mary NESBIT, witn: Alexander WATSON of Mooretown & James MCDONALD of Moore, 14 Oct 1876 at Moore twp
4960-76 Thomas McKEOWN, 27, teacher, Peel Co., Iona, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Martha PROUT, 21, Plympton, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: B. F. McKEOWN of Bosanquet & May PROUT of Plympton, 13 April 1876 at Forest 4878-76 (Lambton Co): Hugh McLEAN, 24, farmer, Ontario, Petrolia, s/o Donald & Frances, married Jane KERR, 26, Ontario, Sarnia twp., d/o Thomas KERR & Christena MENZIES, witn: John KERR & George COLE, both of Sarnia twp., 22 March 1876 at Sarnia twp
4971-76 Robert MUNRO, 30, merchant, Scotland, Forest, s/o James MUNRO & Johanna GORDON, married Jessie MacNAB, 28, Canada, Bosanquet, d/o John & Flora, witn: William MUNRO of Parkhill & Mary CURRIE Aldborough, 31 Oct 1876 at Bosanquet 4976-76 Robert O’NEIL, 45, widower, farmer, Ontario, Warwick, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Mary Jane CHRYSLER, 18, Ontario, Warwick, d/o William & Sarah, witn: G. H. & M.D. HOLWELL, both of Thedford, 10 Nov 1876 at Thedford
4966-76 George W. PATRICK, 35, farmer, Canada, Westminster, s/o John PATRICK & Roxane THORP, married Louisa A. GREGORY, 25, Canada, Westminster, d/o Gilbert GREGORY & Margaret SANIGAN, witn: Nelson & Mary Ann THORP, 5 July 1876 at Arkona 4957-76 George PAUL, 27, farmer, Lanark Canada, Sarnia, s/o James & Ellen, married Hannah MORRISON, 22, Plympton, same, d/o John MORRISON & Jane YOUNGHUSBAND, witn: Robert STOKES & Ann MORRISON, both of Plympton, 9 March 1876 at Plympton
4990-76 William Shepherd PICKEL, 20, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o Levi & Hannah, married Bell THOMPSON, 20, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Ebenezer & Mary, witn: Albert PICKEL of Westminster & Catherine THOMSON of Bosanquet, 5 April 1876 at Bosanquet 4989-76 Joseph RAWLINGS, 25, wagon maker, Ontario, Thedford, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Hattie TOOLE, 22, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Aaron & Susan, witn: Samuel RUMFORD of Thedford & Sarah WELLS of Widder, 24 Feb 1876 at Bosanquet
5123-77 Thomas RICHARDSON, 28, widower, engineer, Borriscane? Ireland, Petrolia, s/o William & Sarah, married Eliza GREEN, 19, Sarnia twp., same, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Richard GREEN of Sarnia & Letitia RICHARDSON of Petrolia, 7 Dec 1876 at Sarnia  
5061-76 Peter RODD, 22, farmer, of St. Clair Indian Reserve, s/o Peter RODD & Nancy, married Elizabeth NUMABIN, 18, of St. Clair Indian Reserve, d/o Daniel NUMABIN & Mrs., witn: Wilson JACOBS & Joseph PETAHDUE, both of St. Clair IR, 10 Dec 1876 at Canada Methodist Church on reservation 4978-76 William RUMFORD, 24, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o William & Maria, married Louisa ADAMS, 23, Ontario, Thedford, d/o Ansolem & Margaret, witn: Louis FITCHETT & Matilda RUMFORD, both of Bosanquet, 21 Dec 1876 at Thedford
4962-76 Gilbert SMITH, 23, shoe maker, England, Camlachie, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah Jane ROBINSON, 24, Canada, Camlachie, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Robert JOYNT of Plympton & John EDMISTON of Camlachie, 4 April 1876 at Camlachie 4895-76 (Lambton Co): John SNARY, 21, farmer, Dawn, Camden – Kent, s/o Bilton & Elizabeth SNAREY (sic), married Tabitha Kane HANNON, 21, Canada, Dawn, d/o William & Ann, witn: Henry SNARY & Elizabeth CHILDS, 4 April 1876 at Dawn twp (also 4896-76)
4888-76 (Lambton Co): William STARK, 24, shoe maker, Galt Ont., Wyoming Ont., s/o Frederick & Mary, married Maggie Jane GIBSON, 22, Ireland, Moore, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: James GIBSON & Fanny WEBSTER, both of Moore twp., 1 Sept 1876 at Point Edward 4968-76 George STEWART, 26, farmer, Caledon Ont., Warwick twp., s/o William STEWART & Jane DODDS, married Jemima HARRIS, 18, NY state, Bosanquet, d/o William HARRIS & Letitia STEWART, witn: John POLKEY & William SMITH, both of Warwick twp., 27 Sept 1876 at Bosanquet
4885-76 (Lambton Co): Robert STOKES, 26, farmer, Sarnia, Sarnia twp., s/o John STOKES & Mary PAUL, married Isabella C. CHALMERS, 20, Sarnia, Sarnia twp., d/o Alexander & Agnes, witn: William SHARP & Rebecca J. CHALMERS, both of Sarnia twp., 7 Nov 1876 at Sarnia twp 4983-76 Henry SWEET, 35, farmer, Walpole twp., Warwick, s/o Alonzo (deceased) & Sophia, married Martha MAYHOOD, 25, Dereham twp., Warwick, d/o George & Mary (deceased), witn: Archibald McLACHLAN & Elizabeth EDWARDS, both of Arkona, 28 Dec 1876 at Arkona
4992-76 Joshua THOMAS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o Joshua & Elizabeth, married Julia Ann STONER, 26, Bosanquet, same, d/o Jonas & Lucretia, witn: John THOMAS of Warwick & Carrie POWELL of Bosanquet, 24 May 1876 at Bosanquet 4958-76 Alexander THOMPSON, 35, farmer, Beckwith, Plympton, s/o Alexander & Cecilia, married Margaret BRYSON, 18, Plympton, same, d/o James BRYSON & Ann WILLIAMS (Williamson?), witn: James BRYSON & Margaret GRAHAM, both of Plympton, 29 March 1876 at Plympton
4891-76 (Lambton Co): John Allen THORNTON, 29, yeoman, Moore, same, s/o James THORNTON & Rebecca FEATHERSTONE, married Annie BUCHANAN, 24, Lobo twp., Sarnia twp., d/o Hugh BUCHANAN & Flora CAMERON, witn: Edwin THORNTON of Moore & Katie MILLAR of Detroit, 2 Feb 1876 at Sarnia twp 4853-76 Henry TULLY, 33, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o Thom TULLY & Ann, married Sarah McLEAN, 34, Euphemia, same, d/o Angus McLEAN & Mary, witn: Neil McLEAN & Martha MARSHALL, both of Euphemia, 27 April 1876 at Euphemia
4965-76 John VANCE, 26, lumber merchant, Canada, Bosanquet, s/o William VANCE & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Emily VIVIAN, 22, Canada, Bosanquet, d/o John VIVIAN & Jane JONES (Janes?), witn: Samuel VANCE of Plympton & John VIVIAN of Bosanquet, 29 June 1876 at Plympton  
4893-76 (Lambton Co): Robert James WEAFER, 22, engine driver, Canada, Point Edward, s/o Robert WEAFER & Isabella ROGERS, married Sarah Ann WHITTAKER, 18, USA, Point Edward, d/o David WHITTAKER & Bridget GUNNING, witn: Frederick BUCKPITT & Mary COX, both of Point Edward, 30 March 1876 at Point Edward 4894-76 John L. WEBB, 28, shoe maker, Ireland, Point Edward, s/o George WEBB & Frances LANNIN, married Margaret A. McKENZIE, 26, Canada, Point Edward, d/o Alexander McKENZIE & Catherine MATHESON, witn: James MANN & Catherine McKENZIE, both of Point Edward, 1 June 1876 at Point Edward
4969-76 James WEIR, 34, farmer, Westminster, Bosanquet, s/o Alexander WEIR & Ann BROWN, married Annie DOIG, 23, Scotland, Bosanquet, d/o William DOIG & Ann STEWART, witn: George WEIR & Emily IRWIN, both of Bosanquet, 27 Sept 1876 at Bosanquet 4985-76 Albert S. WHEATON, 26, organ agent, England, London, s/o William & Ann, married Susan MENHINNICK, 20, Ontario, Bosanquet, d/o Denzel & Fanny, witn: William & Caroline MENHINNICK of Bosanquet, 19 Jan 1876 at Bosanquet
  4854-76 Adrian H. WHITTAKER, 24, farmer, Malton Co Ont. (sic), Euphemia, s/o John WHITTAKER & Charlotte, married Alice ACKROYD, 23, England, Euphemia, d/o John ACKROYD & Mary, witn: John & Martha ACKROYD of Euphemia, 10 May 1876 at Euphemia
4979-76 Henry WILLIAMSON, 26, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Martha Louisa CLARK, 20, Canada, Forest, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: Henry WILLIAMSON of Bosanquet & W. CLARK of Forest, 25 Dec 1876 at Forest 4991-76 Joseph YOUNG, 24, yeoman, Canada, Bosanquet, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Martha Ann CAMPBELL, 19, Canada, Bosanquet, d/o John & Martha, witn: Frederick CAMPBELL & Janet McINTYRE, both of Bosanquet, 4 May 1876 at Bosanquet