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Lambton Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


#005347-81 (Lambton Co): James ADAIR, 26, sawyer, Ontario, Brooke twp., s/o James & blank, married Mary KEIR (Kerr?), 20, Euphemia, Brooke twp., d/o John & Sarah Jane, witn: Frederick J. & Mary Ann BENNER of Alvinston, 22 Feb 1881 at Alvinston 5234-81 John Anson BABCOCK, 27, farmer, Ontario, Chatham twp., s/o Darius BABCOCK & Mary, married Elizabeth COOK, 23, Ontario, Dawn twp., d/o Martin COOK & Charity, witn: William BABCOCK of Chatham & Sarah VANSICKLE of Dawn, 20 Oct 1881 at Dawn twp
5375-81 David William BAKER, 36, widower, farmer, Chatham, Enniskillen, s/o blank BAKER & blank WALBER, married Mary CORNEIL, 27, widow, Chatham, Enniskillen, d/o blank HARE & blank PRICE, witn: Tom COULTER of Oil City, 28 Dec 1881 at Oil Springs #005352-81 (Lambton Co): William BELL, 22, farmer, Euphemia, Brooke twp., s/o John & Prudence, married Rachel LEEPER, 22, Euphemia, same, d/o Isaac & Louisa, witn: W.A. & Margaret PARKER of Alvinston, 10 May 1881 at Alvinston
#005503-81 (Lambton Co): William Henry BENNETT, 23, merchant, Waterloo, Petrolia, s/o Israel & Caroline, married Jennie BELL, 24, Sarnia, Wyoming, d/o Andrew & Isabella, witnesses were John S. CUNNINGHAMN & Laura BENNETT of Wyoming, 18 May 1881 at Wyoming #005502-81 (Lambton Co): Isaac BLASDELL, 24, laborer, Beverly twp., Marthaville, s/o Daniel & Harriet, married Margaret J. JOHNSTON, 21, Mount Forest, Sarnia twp., d/o James & Margaret, witnesses were James McKINNEY & Mary LEWIS, both of Wyoming, May 27, 1881 at Wyoming
#005466-81 (Lambton Co): William Edward BOOTH, 23, engineer, Enniskillen, Petrolia, s/o James BOOTH & Mary PHIPPS, married Frances Helen LAIRD, 21, Sarnia, Petrolia, d/o Robert Oyston LAIRD & Helen MORRISON, witnesses were Angus GILLESPIE & Martha ROBINSON, both of Petrolia, June 21, 1881 at Petrolia 5374-81 James Fenwick BRAUND, 24, mechanic, Brantford, Oil Springs, s/o John Quick BRAUND & Elizabeth BECK, married Sophia Matilda MOFFATT, 24, North of Ireland, Oil Springs, d/o blank MOFFATT & blank JOHNSTON, witn: George W. KIRBY & Emma HARRISON, both of Oil Springs, 6 Dec 1881 at Oil Springs
#005461-81 (Lambton Co): Abraham BRIGHT, 29, widower, farmer, Leeds Co., Sarnia twp., s/o John & Rachel, married Euphemia WILSON, 27, Sarnia twp., Point Edward, d/o James & Isabella, witnesses were George DAVISON & Jeannie PATERS, both of Sarnia, Nov. 28, 1881 at Point Edward 5424-82 Samuel BRITTON, 24, mechanic, Canada, Oil Springs, s/o Thomas BRITTON & Mary Jane HORIGAN, married Margaret ANDERSON, 22, Bruce Co., Oil Springs, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Margaret, witn: Richard BLAIR and Margaret, Robert & Porter ANDERSON, 27 Dec 1881 at Oil Springs
#005480-81 (Lambton Co): William BROOK, 52, widower, England, Plympton, s/o William & Martha, married Jennett ADAMS, 49, widow, Scotland, Plympton, d/o Archibald & Jennett, witness was Martha MILLER of Petrolia, March 17, 1881 at Petrolia #005462-81 (Lambton Co): Robert BRUCE, 26, railway conductor, Portland, Point Edward, s/o Adam & Isabella, married Caroline P. KNAPP, 21, Point Edward, same, d/o Jospeh & Caroline K., witnesses were William KNAPP of Point Edward & Eleanor BURN of Ailsa Craig, Oct. 20, 1881 at Point Edward
#005470-81 (Lambton Co): William Edwaard CLARK, 21, bricklayer, London England, Petrolia, s/o Robert & Susan, married Frances RIGGS, 20, Dorchester England, Petrolia, d/o William & Joanna, witness was Mary A. CLARKof Enniskillen, Sept. 12, 1881 at Petrolia #005495-81 (Lambton Co): Hugh CLIMIE, 22, laborer, Plympton, Wyoming, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Esa BROWN, 21, Ontario, Wyoming, d/o David & Crysten, witnesses were George CLIMIE & Jennie STEVENS, both of Wyoming, 25 Feb., 1881 at Wyoming
005507-82 William COLLIER, 21, farmer, Adelaide, Warwick, s/o Robert & Maria, married Hester J. CLARK, 20, Warwick, same, d/o Thomas H. & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas H. & Bill CLARK both of Warwick on Sept. 22, 1881 at Warwick 5304-80 William COULTIS, 36, farmer, Pickering Ont., Forest, s/o William COULTIS & Barbara LAWRENCE, married Mary McCLELLAN, 28, Hull, Warwick, d/o John McCLELLAND (sic) & Jane HADLEY, witn: Hugh McCLELLAND & Ann HARPER, both of Warwick, 5 Jan 1881 at Watford
  5429-81 (Lambton Co): James COWLEY, 32, sailor, Lower Canada, Moore, s/o James COWLEY & Catherine MONAGAN, married Elizabeth DINNAN, 18, Ontario, Moore, d/o Hugh DINNAN & Bridget MEEHAN, witn: Thomas DINNAN & Mary FINNIGAN, both of Moore twp., 10 Jan. 1881 at Corunna, Moore twp
#005486-81 (Lambton Co): John CRAIG, 25, blacksmith, Mosa, Brooke, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Ann A. McLELLAN, 20, Ekfrid, Brooke, d/o Archibald & Isabella, witnesses were H.E. CHESNEY & John BRENAN, both of Petrolia, 24 May, 1881 at Petrolia 5444-82 Daniel CRAWFORD, 41, widower, builder, Scotland, Hancock Mich., s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Christena MUNROE, 33, widow, Brooke, same, d/o James McINTYRE & Mary, witn: W. D. McINTYRE of Brooke & D. M. LEITCH of Alvinston, 15 Dec 1881 at res of Mrs. Munroe, Brooke
5233-81 Robert CUCKSEY, 28, Mosa twp., Florence, s/o William CUCKSEY & Hannah WIGGINS, married Sarah KNIGHT, 21, London Ont., Dawn twp., d/o Peter KNIGHT & Emma GOODWIN, witn: William & Alice KNIGHT, 13 April 1881 at Dawn #005500-81 (Lambton Co): William CULBERT, 24, farmer, Canada, Plympton two., s/o Thomas & Emaline, married Mary Ann BRERTON, 20, Canada, Warwick, d/o William & Margaret, witnesses were R.S. PRITCHARD & S. BOUNDY, both of Wyoming, June 22, 1881 at Wyoming
5227-81 John CUTTER, 25, farmer, Canada, Warwick, s/o John CUTTER & Mary, married Sarah M. SHOWLER, 23, Canada, Arkona, d/o Thomas W. SHOWLER & Sarah, witn: Peter GRAHAM of Warwick & J.W. JACKSON of Arkona, 9 Feb 1881 at Arkona  
5409-82 Milton DAY, 33, sailor, Kingston, Moore twp, s/o D.P.W DAY & Alice PRICE, married Maggie STEWART, 24, Moore twp, same, d/o George STEWART & Jane GIBB, witn: Harry FORSTER & J.S. Price DAY, both of Courtright, 14 Dec 1881 at Moore twp #005469-81 (Lambton Co): Alfred DEACON, 22, engineer, Niagara, Petrolia, s/o David & Anna, married Nellie GLASS, 20, Toronto, Petrolia, d/o James & Dorothy, witnesses were Matthew WARD & Maggie DENNING, both of Petrolia, Sept. 12, 1881 at Petrolia
5276-81 (Lambton Co): George DEWETT, 37, farmer, England, Moore twp., s/o Henry & Hannah, married Lizzie KING, 27, Moore twp., same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: James KING & Lizzie MILLER, 5 May 1881 at Sarnia 5285-81 William James Thornley DICKSON, 25, lawyer, Niagara, London, s/o G.N.A.F.T. DICKSON & Fanny, married Annie Watson NEIL, 21, Sarnia, same, d/o William NEIL & Catherine, witn: William GLASS of London & Fred W. KITTERMASTER of Sarnia, 19 Oct 1881 at Sarnia
5274-81 (Lambton Co): Michael DONAHUE, 23, farm servant, Hastings Co - Lower Canada, Moore, s/o Lawrence & Lucy, married Alice HARDICK, 18, Moore, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Mary & E.C. ELLERBY of Sarnia, 29 Jan 1881 at Sarnia  
5412-82 David EDWARDS, 52, widower, farmer, England, Moore twp, s/o Joseph EDWARDS & Mary, married Jane ROE, 52, England, Moore twp, d/o James ROE & Elizabeth, witn: Emmanuel EDWARDS & Amelia SIMPSON, both of Moore twp, 27 Dec 1881 at Moore twp 5279-81 John EGLBERT, 39, livery stable keeper, Ontario, Port Huron Mich., s/o William ELGBERT (sic) & Bell, married Delilah SHOLES, 29, New York, Port Huron Mich., d/o M. SHOLES & W., witn: J.A. CLARIS & C.K. HALL, both of Sarnia, 20 Sept 1881 at Sarnia
5282-81 Peter GRANT, 26, farmer, of Sombra, s/o John GRANT & Margaret, married Katherine PALMER, 19, Wisconsin US, Sombra, d/o Samuel PALMER & Catherine, witn: John & William A. GRANT, 26 Oct 1881 at Sarnia 005508-82 Adam E. GRIEVE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Park Hill, s/o John & Jennette, married Elisabeth RANDAL, 20, Ontario, Williams Ontario, d/o William & Ersuline, witn: William RANDALL (sic) & Ettie PLEIVES (Plewes?) both of Williams on Dec. 22, 1881 at Williams, Warwick
  5303-80 George GUNN, 29, farmer, Scotland, Brooke, s/o William GUNN & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 26, Mosa twp., Brooke, d/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Margt, witn: W.J. & R.F. HOWARD of Watford, 2 Jan 1881 at Watford
5232-81 Albert Edward HALL, 21, farmer, West Williams, same, s/o John HALL & Betsy, married Elizabeth JARRETT, 18, Middlesex Ont., Warwick twp., d/o James JARRETT & Eleanor, witn: E. H. ORME & V. HOSKETT, both of Arkona, 16 Nov 1881 at Arkona 5427-81 (Lambton Co): William HARRISON, 40, hotel keeper, Chinguacousy twp., London twp., s/o John & Mary, married Mary FOOST, 25, Blenheim twp., West Williams, d/o Charles & Hannah, witn: John FOOST of McGillivray & Mary FOOST of Pine Hill, 1 Nov 1881 at Thedford [Frost? Faust?]
5278-81 Alfred V. HAWLEY (Howley?), 21, farmer, Ontario, Sarnia twp., s/o Ashael HAWLEY & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth McFADDEN, 22, Ontario, Sarnia twp., d/o John McFADDEN & Elizabeth, witn: William A. & Lucinda GLASS of Sarnia, 26 Oct. 1881 at Sarnia 5277-81 Nathan B. HEATH, 26, reporter, NY state, Rochester NY, s/o Erastus HEATH & Jeannet, married Emma F. HUGHSON, 24, USA, Sarnia, d/o George L. HUGHSON & Ruth, witn: G.L. HUGHSON & John GILES, both of Sarnia, 7 Sept 1881 at Sarnia
5372-81 Malcolm Cameron HUFF, 26, farmer, Dawn, Raleigh, s/o Solomon HUFF & Jane, married Kate McVICAR, 23, Lobo, Plympton, d/o Duncan McVICAR & Mary, witn: Robert R. HUFF of Raleigh & Bella McVICAR of Plympton, 26 May 1881 at Plympton  
#005487-81 (Lambton Co): Thomas INWOOD, 34, widower, laborer, England, Petrolia, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Nancy WIGMORE, 19, Kincardine, Petrolia, d/o Jacob & Eliza, witnesses were Tina WILLIAMSON & Eliza J. WIGMORE, both of Petrolia, 13 June 1881 at Petrolia #005484-81 (Lambton Co): Charles Edwin JOHNSTON, 25, clerk, Ontario, Luddington, s/o John & Ann, married Jessie McBETH, 24, McGillivray, Petrolia, d/o Roderick & Rachel, witnesses were Robert BLAIR/N of Hillsboro & Annie HALEY of Petrolia, April 6, 1881 at Petrolia
5386-82 John JONSTON (s/b Johnston?), 23, laborer, Euphemia, same, s/o Robert & Ann, married Mary Jane MURPHY, 21, Oxford Ont., Dawn twp., d/o James & Ester, witn: William JONSTON of Euphemia & Lizzie MURPHY of Dawn, 2 Dec 1881 at Dawn twp #005463-81 (Lambton Co): William KAUPP (Krupp?), 24, butcher, Sarnia, Point Edward, s/o Joseph & Minnie, married Maria O'NEIL, 22, Brantford, Point Edward, d/o Alexander & Maria, witnesses were Lottie --dall of Brantford & John KAUPP of Pt. Edward, Dec. 27, 1881 at Pt. Edward
005367-1881 (Lambton Co.) George KELLS, 26, farmer, Enniskillen, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Grace WHITEHEAD, 19, Oneida, Enniskillen, d/o John & Agnes, witn: David & Jane KELLS, 2 Mar 1881 at Wyoming 5479-82 Thomas D. KELLY, 24, engineer, York Ontario, Petrolia, s/o Patrick SMITH & Susanna SMITH, married Edith VANSICKLE, 18, Port Huron, Petrolia, d/o Eugene & Victoria BELL, witn: Daniel McCARTY & Sarah HANLAN, 7 Jan 1881 at Wyoming [as written]
5226-81 Benjamin KNIGHT, 25, carpenter, Adelaide, same, s/o James KNIGHT & Jane, married Catherine JARRETT, 18, Strathroy, Warwick, d/o James JARRETT & Eleanor, witn: William WILL of Thamesville & Bella STEWART of Arkona, 25 Jan 1881 at Arkona  
5431-81 (Lambton Co): John KRHOM (should be Krohm?), 47, widower, farmer, Germany, Moore twp., s/o Christopher KRHOM & Mary KADIVE, married Mary LAPIER, 31, Canada, Moore, d/o Peter LAPIER & Barbara DEGUSSY, witn: Thomas O’HARE & Sarah Ann LAPIER, both of Moore, 18 Jan 1881 Corunna, Moore twp (Rom Cath) #005499-81 (Lambton Co): Richard LAMONT, 23, tinsmith, Welland, Minden USA, s/o James & Annie, married Fronia McCONNELL, 19, Manda--, Wyoming, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were Edward LAMONT & Charlotte McCONNELL, both of Wyoming, 11 May, 1881 at Wyoming
#005485-81 (Lambton Co): Hahneman? LANCASTER, 22, artist, Galt, London Ont., s/o Joseph J. & Marriett, married Sarah Jane BOLTON, 20, Bayfield, Petrolia, d/o John O. & Jane, witnesses were Donald McKAY & Alice ERRINGTON?, both of Petrolia, 19 April 1881 at Petrolia 5480-82 Thomas LANGAN, 27, farmer, of Plympton, s/o Thomas & blank, married Catherine O'BRIEN, of Plympton twp., witn: James LANGAN & Catherine O'BRIEN, both of Plympton, 22 Nov 1881 at Wyoming [missing info]
#005501-81 (Lambton Co): Edward LEIGH, 23, hotel clerk, Plympton twp., Sarnia, s/o Benjamin & Maria, married Margaret A. BROWN, 20, Wanstead, Sarnia, d/o Samson & Margaret, witnesses were George JACKSON & Sarah BROWN, both of Wyoming, June 22, 1881 at Wyoming #005488-81 (Lambton Co): George W. LEWIS, 19, carpenter, Dorchester, Petrolia, s/o Oliver & Olivia, married Marian ANDERSON, 21, Warwick, Petrolia, d/o Peter & Catherine, 14 June 1881 at Petrolia
#005471-81 (Lambton Co): David LOGE, 25, engineer, Dorchester, Petrolia, s/o James LOGE & Catherine WILSON, married Harriet Catherine MELROSE, 19, Toronto Gore, Petrolia, d/o Thomas & Anna, witnesses were James & Thomas MELROSE of PEtrolia, Sept. 21, 1881 at Petrolia 5276-81 Martin LYSAGHT, 26, post office clerk, England, Sarnia, s/o Martin LYSAGHT & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Margaret HANNAN, 26, Sarnia, same, d/o Timothy HANNAN & Bridget BUCKLEY, witn: Michael SULLIVAN Jr. & Mary HANNON, both of Sarnia, 16 Aug 1881 at RC Church, Sarnia
5377-81 John MARSHALL, 24, Warwick, same, s/o James MARSHALL & Mary WATSON, married Mary Ellen McILMURRAY, 18, West Williams, Warwick, d/o Joseph McILMURRAY & Margaret MAYHOOD, witn: David MARSHALL & Elizabeth FOSTER, both of Warwick, 17 March 1881 at Warwick 5445-82 James McCALLUM, 29, farmer & carpenter, Southwold, Delaware Ont., s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Jane CAMPBELL, 27, Brooke, same, d/o Donald & Sarah, witn: Alexander McCALLUM of Southwold & Sarah CAMPBELL of Brooke, 6 Dec 1881 at Brooke
5529-82 Joseph McCHESNEY, 30, farmer, Adelaide, same, s/o William McCHESNEY & Jane, married Elizabeth CROKEY, 27, Adelaide, same, d/o Robert CROKEY & Jane WILEY, witn: Samuel CROKEY & Sarah McCHESNEY, both of Adelaide, 23 Nov 1881 at Watford 5379-81 David McILMURRAY, 30, farmer, Ontario, Warwick, s/o Samuel McILMURRAY & Ann, married Martha Jane FOSTER, 21, Ontario, Warwick, d/o Joseph FOSTER & Jane, witn: Robert BROWN of Adelaide & Elizabeth FOSTER of Warwick, 11 July 1881 at Warwick twp
#005481-81 (Lambton Co): John McKAY, 30, merchant, Scotland, Petrolia, s/o John McKAY & Ann McLEOD, married Margaret O'LEARY, 23, Warwick, same, d/o James & Hannah, witnesses were William TAYLOR & Annie McROBIE, both of Petrolia, 5 Jan., 1881 at Petrolia 5370-81 John McMILLAN, 25, farmer, Scotland, Plympton, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Catherine, married Elizabeth McLEAN, 26, Canada, Plympton, d/o Archibald McLEAN & Barbara, witn: Donald McMILLAN Jr. & Archibald McLEAN jr., both of Plympton, 14 April 1881 at Plympton
#005349-81 (Lambton Co): Neil McNEIL, 22, hoop maker, Glasgow Scotland, Inwood, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Elizabeth YOUNG, 17, Sombra twp., Inwood, d/o Jacob & Deborah, witn: Reuben BRIGHT & Sarah COLLISON, both of Inwood, 11 March 1881 at Alvinston  
5530-81 John Edmond MITCHELL, 29, painter, Nova Scotia, Watford, s/o James MITCHELL & Martha TOTTEN, married Margaret DUCK, 21, Watford, same, d/o Patrick DUCK & Mary BARNES, witn: Alex MAVITY & Jane SAUNDERS, both of Watford, 13 Dec 1881 at Watford #005472-81 (Lambton Co): Wilbert MOOREHOUSE, 26, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o Thomas & Esther Ann, married Jane JOHNSTON, 22, Dawn, same, d/o James & Dinah, witnesses were Charles MOOREHOUSE of Euphemia & Margaret JOHNSTON of Dawn, Oct. 3, 1881 at Petrolia
#005351-81 (Lambton Co): Baltas MORNINGSTAR, 21, farmer, Humberstone, Brooke twp., s/o Ephraim & Lavinia, married Euphemia Abigail LEEPER, 18, Euphemia, same, d/o Isaac & Louisa, witn: Angus McCALLUM of Alvinston & Jennie ROBINSON of Aldborough, 31 May 1881 at Alvinston #005482-81 (Lambton Co): Alexander MORRISON, 25, farmer, Enniskillen, same, s/o John MORRISON & Margaret McGREGOR, married Catherine McTAGGART, 17, Ekfrid twp., Strathroy, d/o John McTAGGART & Mary FERGUSON, witnesses were Samuel & Christina STEWART of Enniskillen, 24 Jan., 1881 at Petrolia
#005493-81 (Lambton Co): George NYE, 24, blacksmith, Ontario, Warwick, s/o James & Ann, married Phebe MOORE, 20, Ontario, Warwick, d/o Isaac & Mary Ann, witnesses were Annie & Margaret SCOTT, both of Wyoming, 10 Feb., 1881 at Wyoming 5381-81 Thomas Jeffers OAKS, 27, builder, Canada, Brooke, s/o Theophilus OAKS & Mary EDWARDS, married Sarah E. BRYCE, 24, Canada, Warwick, d/o John BRYCE & Jane KELLY, witn: Alex BRYCE & Mary KELLY, 7 Sept 1881 at Warwick twp
#005468-81 (Lambton Co): Frederick ODELL, 30, blacksmith, England, Petrolia, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Etta MITCHELL, 20, England, PEtrolia, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witnesses were Samuel & Lizzie ODELL of Petrolia, July 11, 1881 at Petrolia #005498-81 (Lambton Co): Henry ONNEROD (Ormerod?), 23, farmer, Ontario, Enniskillen twp., s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann TAYLOR, 17, Ontario, Brooke twp., d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, witnesses were Benjamin & Elizabeth TAYLOR of Brooke twp., 9 Feb., 1881 at Wyoming
5373-81 Thomas PALMER, 26, cooper, Ireland, Oil Springs, s/o blank PALMER & blank FRITH, married Mary WILKIN, 23, Moore twp, Oil Springs, d/o Joseph WILKIN & Catherine CORDICK, witn Joseph SMITH & Emily WILKIN, both of Oil Springs, 7 Nov 1881 at Oil Springs  
#005483-81 (Lambton Co): Duncan PATTERSON, 26, carpenter, Delaware, Brooke twp., s/o Hector PATTERSON & Catherine LOVE, married Annie Beth McDOUGALL, 19, Metcalfe, Brooke, d/o John McDOUGALL & Jennett CRAWFORD, witnesses were E.E. & Annie McROBIE of Petrolia, Feb. 1, 1881 at Petrolia 005491-82 John D. PAUL, 25, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o John & Janet, married Sophie EWART, 19, Enniskillin, Plympton, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas PAUL & Lizzie EWART both of Plympton on Dec. 14, 1881 at Plympton
5287-81 Albert PICKLE, 28, farmer, Canada, Sarnia twp., s/o Levi PICKLE & Hannah, married Ellen THOMPSON, 18, Canada, Sarnia twp., d/o Ebenezer THOMPSON & Mary, witn: James McCONNELL of Port Burwell & And THOMPSON of Sarnia, 29 Nov 1881 at Sarnia 5380-81 Robert PORTER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o Alexander PORTER & Margaret, married Matilda BRANDON, 22, Ontario, Warwick, d/o James BRANDON & Matilda, witn: James PORTER of Bosanquet & Isabella McELROY of Warwick, 16 June 1881 at Warwick twp
5280-81 William PRIEST, 30, carpenter, Ontario, Courtright, s/o Thomas PRIEST & Mary, married Matilda NEAL, 30, Ontario, Moore, d/o Thomas NEAL & Mary, witn: Mrs. CLARIS & Miss E. MITCHELL, both of Sarnia, 22 Aug 1881 at Sarnia 5371-81 Ira G. PURDY, 26, farmer, Canada, USA, s/o Richard PURDY & Cordelia, married Martha E. HILL, 21, Dorchester, Plympton, d/o William HILL & Sarah, witn: Richard D. PURDY of Westminster & Albert HILL of Wyoming, 25 May 1881 at Plympton
#005467-81 (Lambton Co): Stephen Edward RADCLIFFE, 37, farmer, Amherst Island, Adelaide twp., s/o William & Rebecca, married Dora Georgina ADAMSON, 20, Sarnia, Oil Springs, d/o George & Elizabeth, witnesses were Robert D. NOBLE of Petrolia & Lucy ADAMSON of Oil Springs, June 29, 1881 at Petrolia #005494-81 (Lambton Co): George E. RANDALL, 27, carpenter, Ontario, Plympton, s/o Jacob & Louisa, married Matilda SHEA, 25, Ontario, Plympton, d/o Daniel & Matilda, witnesses were Theodore SHEA & Rebecca WILLIAMSON, both of Plympton twp., 8 Feb., 1881 at Wyoming
5230-81 William REDDEN, 26, farmer, East Williams, West Williams, s/o Alexander REDDEN & Margaret, married Mary McADAM, 20, Westminster Ont., Warwick, d/o John McADAM & Martha, witn: W.H. STEPHENSON & Amelia BARTRAM, both of Arkona, 23 March 1881 at Arkona  
#005496-81 (Lambton Co): George RELLS, 26, farmer, Enniskillen, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Grace WHEATLAND, 19, Ontario, Enniskillen, d/o John & Agnes, witnesses were Daniel & Jane RELLS of Enniskillen, 2 March 1881 at Wyoming 005610-82 ( Lambton Co.) William RIGNEY, 28, brakeman, Riviere du Loup Que., Fort Gratiot Mich., USA, s/o William RIGNEY & Catherine McINTYRE, married Margaret McNAUGHTON, 25, McGillivray twp Ont., Pt. Edward, d/o John MCNAUGHTON & Rose CONNOLLY, wtn: John RIGNEY & Mary Ann MACKENZIE both of Pt. Edward, on October 13 1881, at Sarnia
#005465-81 (Lambton Co): William ROBBIE, 30, carpenter, Scotland, Egremont, s/o Archibald & Mary, married Betsy RICHARDS, 33, Scotland, Petrolia, d/o Allan RICHARDS & Jessie EASTON, witnesses were John & Allan RICHARDS of Petrolia, June 14, 1881 at Petrolia 5426-81 (Lambton Co): Henry ROOK, 27, mason, Bertie, Arkona, s/o Henry & Maggie, married Eliza BEARSS, 18, Lambton Co., Arkona, d/o Elijah & Eliza, witn: C. & R. KNOTT of Thedford, 19 Oct 1881 at M.E. Parsonage, Thedford
5271-81 (Lambton Co): William ROSS, 21, butcher, Canada, Sarnia, s/o Daniel & Ann, married Sarah MILLARD, 19, Canada, Sarnia, d/o Elijah & Mary, witn: C.E. COB of Sarnia, 6 July 1881 at Sarnia #005497-81 (Lambton Co): C. H. SMITH, 24, tinsmith, Ontario, Wyoming, s/o Henry & Emily, married Eliza Jane WILLIAMS, 18, Wyoming, same, d/o John & Margery, witnesses were D.S. MASER & Annie SCOTT, both of Wyoming, April 28, 1881 at Wyoming
5228-81 Alfred SMITH, 22, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o Alfred SMITH & Margaret, married Amelia Louisa BARNES, 21, Warwick, same, d/o Hiram BARNES & Rachel, witn: William THOMPSON & Sarah L. BARNES, both of Warwick, 23 Feb 1881 at Arkona 5375-82 Hiram Lewis SMITH, 26, bank clerk, England, Forest, s/o Lewis Hiram SMITH & Eliza, married Ellen DIER, 19, Forest, same, d/o Robert DIER & Hannah, witn: Frank WHETTER of Forest & Cassie DIER of St. Thomas, 15 Dec 1881 at Christs Church, Forest
5281-81 Zara Elliott SPENCER, 38, mason, Michigan, Tuscola Co. Mich.., s/o George SPENCER & Jane, married Emily MOORE, 23, NY state, Michigan, d/o Ira MOORE & Lucy, witn: Mrs. W.H.A. CLARIS & Mrs. C.C. CLARIS of Sarnia, 27 Sept 1881 at Sarnia 005369-1881 (Lambton Co.) James STERRITT, 29, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o John & Bertha, married Eliza Ann THOMAS, 22, Plympton, same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: George & Robert STERRITT of Plympton, 3 Mar 1881 at Plympton.
5273-81 (Lambton Co): Henry STONEMAN, 28, GTR employee, Holstein Germany, Port Huron, s/o Frederick & Dora, married Annie Maria DAIRS, 23, Montreal, Sarnia twp., d/o Richard & Harriet, witn: Isabella LAUM (or Larum?) & Frances McENTEE, 4 May 1881 at Sarnia 05283-81 (Lambton Co) Thomas STUBBS, 21, tinsmith, Canada, Sarnia, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Angeline FINCH, 21, Sarnia Ont., Sarnia, d/o David & Ann, witn: Charles FINCH & Elizabeth KIRK, 9 Nov 1881 at Sarnia
#005350-81 (Lambton Co): James SULLIVAN, 28, laborer, Goderich, Brooke twp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Charlottte ROBINSON, 16, Staffordshire, Brooke twp., d/o George & Teresa, witn: George RANSHAW & Ellen PARKER, both of Inwood, 23 May 1881 at Alvinston 5231-81 Thomas TICKNER, 27, watch maker, Widder Ont., Arkona, s/o Thomas TICKNER & Huldah, married Retta NEFF, 24, Lobo, Arkona, d/o Samuel NEFF & Christena, witn: Mrs. G. W. & G.W. ANDREWS of Arkona, 18 June 1881 at Arkona
5428-81 (Lambton Co): Franklin D. UTTER, 23, laborer, Port Huron Mich., Thedford, s/o Jesse & Eliza, married Lydia FRINKLETT, 21, Devonshire England, Thedford, d/o Robert & Lydia A., witn: George SANDERS & Elizabeth SERVICE, both of Thedford, 11 Nov 1881 at Thedford 5272-81 (Lambton Co): Edward VALIER, 22, laborer, Wilmer, Wallaceburg, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Minnie BENEDICT, 18, Chatham, Wallaceburg, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Smedley BENEDICT & Mary C. PERSER, both of Wallaceburg, 12 July 1881 at Sarnia
5275-81 (Lambton Co): David Walker WADDELL, 24, book keeper, Sarnia twp., Toronto, s/o John & Christena, married Kate Rushan DRUETT, 23, London Ont., Sarnia twp., d/o George & Kate, witn: J. WADDELL of Lapier Mich. & Hannah DRUETT of Sarnia twp., 6 July 1881 at Sarnia twp 5286-81 Herman Joseph WALDE, 22, brick layer, Wisconsin US, Point Edward, s/o John WALDE & Mary KRIOCHER, married Martha Jane SAVOY, 22, Port Huron US, Sarnia, d/o Urban SAVOY & Mary McMULLEN, witn: Daniel FEENEY of Sarnia & Catherine BRESLIN of Detroit, 22 Nov 1881 at Sarnia
005368-1881 (Lambton Co.) David WATSON, 26, farmer, Darlington, Plympton, s/o David & Emma, married Hannah H. DODGE, 22, Plympton, same, d/o William? & Rebecca, witn: William & ? WATSON of Plympton, 9 Mar 1881 at Plympton 5284-81 Charles WELLINGTON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Plympton, s/o Daniel WELLINGTON & Elizabeth, married Anne SOMES, 20, Ontario, Sarnia, d/o Jacob R. SOMES & Martha E., witn: Henry & Emma SOMES, 9 Nov 1881 at Sarnia
5378-81 Lot WILLEY, 25, widower, farmer, Ontario, Ekfrid, s/o Lot WILLEY & Catherine McPHERSON, married Agnes AULD, 25, Ontario, Warwick, d/o William AULD & Annie McINTYRE, witn: William WILLEY of Dunwich & Annie AULD of Warwick, 14 June 1881 at Warwick #005348-81 (Lambton Co): Joram H. ZAVITZ, 26, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Esther, married Elizabeth Ann COKE, 27, Hungerford twp., Alvinston, d/o Thomas E. & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas McKAY & Mary BANGER, both of Alvinston, 26 March 1881 at Alvinston